Minecraft Prominence II RPG Day 1 Jetlagg LIVE!

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Hello hello Hello oh I’m live I should go watch that Oops oh that is loud that’s gonna have to get turned down give give it a second here I’ll be right back okay okay I think I’m set up all right all right hello what is that why do I hold my book out like that hold on okay anyway anyway hello uh we’re

Going to play this game RPG mod pack never played anything like this before I want to do it though so that’s what I’m doing I got no clue what I’m going to do for some reason I spawned on this like island in the sky it’s like Village

Up here um and I can’t see the ground so I’m little I don’t really want to just jump down uh for nothing hopefully my stream is working this time I’m gonna hope and pray if anything’s weird you can tell me and you make fun of me and I won’t mind

At all let’s grab this free stuff I just I just put something oops thank you ah okay hello G everybody has names okay oh free stuff thank you this is kind of kind of a sick place to start actually uh even though there’s not a whole much not a whole lot

Of exploring I could do do I’ll have to like jump down at some point and hope that there’s some water down there we’re just going to hope and pray re bed thank you so to be honest I have no idea what to expect with this I’m just going to kind of send it

And yeah that’s all I have to say about that just going to explore this cool little village here First grab all the ooh Twisted blade oh that sounds cool unre wait unique effect chance to hit to increase your attack speed what that’s sick wait need to read what

Else this does hold on consume all Stacks all Stacks like of an item okay I don’t know what that means don’t really want it to consume my stacks but uh okay what else we got spell tone can I use this I learned a new spell I don’t know how to use them

Though um okay little Way Stone thank you what else we got now fair warning this mod pack is huge and it’s kind of doing a number on my computer a little bit but I’m I’m committed to playing it so if it looks a little little laggy here and there uh

We’re just going to have to roll with it wow like that ouch probably not the greatest uh viewing experience in the world okay where am I going here I found two more spell books but I do not know how to open them oink oink I already know this one let’s see

Spells maybe it’s in the controls spell uh alt is that it no okay I will have to look at that maybe there’s a quest book line for it spells spells spells uh is this it okay maybe I can’t do anything with that yet if anybody knows you can tell me because I do

Not you can backseat game all we want um because I know absolutely nothing yeah just going to keep exploring here then maybe once I finish running around this Village taking all of their stuff o what we got okay okay wait this oh this cast spells no it doesn’t don’t lie to

Me we got some digging claws those are going to be good where are those at or they just go hello did I equip them on accident oh no there there’s too many things here I don’t know where they go I swear I just you I saw them in there they were

There right I’m not crazy they’re not on my hand okay well I definitely found one because I got the artifact achievement but they just don’t exist anymore I guess I already looked in there all right good start okay I think the only place I haven’t been is up there maybe whoa

Wait that’s so cool don’t okay don’t fall that is an awful idea wait what just happened okay not going to question it that is the coolest thing ever I’m GNA have to remember that that exists for the future uh more swords free armor I’ll take it why is there an apple on my

Face okay and probably don’t need seeds is that why it’s on my face is it like Auto eating it that’s so cool um kind of out of wait a second I got uncommon iron leggings thank you I’ll take those let me just do this Tada Bo that’s so

Fun there’s a chest over there I haven’t gotten why am I slow am I slower it’s the boots oh I don’t want that why are they both like that I don’t think that’s worth the extra armor minus one Max Health the heck who would want why why is that a thing

Equipable okay look they’re right here I’m going to put them I’m going to take them out of the chest this item is disabled that’s why awesome thank you really appreciate that guys that’s great well I’m not going to even question what’s happening in there hello welcome to the

Stream be warning I’ve only done this what was that that that sound that’s a cool sound what was I say Propel like the water brand okay you can go in there cuz I already have that one Y is there anything else that I can get from up here in this little village area gift no thanks because once I’m done with here I don’t know do I just like jump down probably not to that but I should just jump down into the water below me I

Guess I guess I’ve seen all there is to see up here maybe I should sleep first and grab this feir warning what about feir warning oh did I start a sentence and not finish it feir warning what was I going to say lie that was probably the fair

Warning um do I need any of this uh probably don’t need saplings how about some raw beef instead all right so now that’s daytime is that what I think it is is that one of those mutant skeletons oh oh I forgot I can zoom it is oh

God I didn’t think those just like spawned Norm not excited for that can’t lie okay is it jump down time are we ready kind to scar what if I just die oh he’s he shot at me he’s not going to like drop down after me right okay we’re good o cool

Place pirate ship oh gosh okay this is a my god dude that scared the crap out of me why was that so scary oh man are you guys friendly or not okay they have they’re neutral I think we go shill I maybe I just don’t even mess with

That what about the pirate ship oh there’s a bunch of skeletons on there uh maybe I don’t go over there right now maybe I need like a oh there’s so many Guardians over there too okay so all around us right now now is uh death it seems also if anything’s like wonky with

The stream you can tell me uh because I have no idea what I’m doing so we’re just kind of what is that oh you’re so pretty are you friendly you look friendly what if this just kills me mous Can I mount you wait no come back how do I mount you do you

Fly do you need food uh I don’t have any like apples or anything what if I just hold on no no no no no you want to be friends we’re going to be friends yeah yeah yeah we’re chill um stream’s fine medium size delay in chat though probably yeah that’s probably just my

Internet okay I do not know you want like meat is there maybe there’s a quest page for it there’s not do I Google it wait it worked wait what wait that actually worked oh he can’t fly though wait dude there’s no way all right guys day one I gained

Flight uh I can go anywhere I want to O little lag Spike hang on just uh ignore that all right so how we doing there’s apple on my face oh just ignore the lag spikes that’s probably just the chunks generating this is sick this is not overpowered at

All maybe I should stop flying around for a minute little lag spikes okay I’m just gonna move on well where should I go I guess I should find like a little place to like make a home I do pretty good I do pretty good how about yourself how do you

Do oh what’s that I’m doing really good actually I’ve been playing this game for 30 minutes and I Can Fly already I don’t know if I want to mess with that I need to find like a place to settle down oh why do I need to land he’s going down no we’re good

Okay who said that or should I call Home this seems like a nice spot little open ples area okay are you guys friendly yes you are there’s villagers here yink I don’t have a lead I can’t um can you craft a lead no not lead lead this one uh string slime ball rope straw knife this is how we get straw

Boom I think yeah there is some I just want that care about the seeds don’t fly away no come back no okay we’re he’s not this is why I need a lead excuse me sir your finest crafting table please what was it like that yeah no no no no no come

Back now you can’t go anywhere also is the sound like way too loud blocks maybe it’s just in general sweet well that’s a good start um okay let me set up like a little I got a barrel I can put all my stuff in the bit rate is chugging probably is it

Chugging oh wow that looks terrible oh my goodness I’m so sorry whoops why is it only 360p too I’m so sorry we’re just gonna um what do I do about that oh no I lost it I lost it oh gosh go live hold on a minute yikes what if I just

Like hello I’m gonna am I back are we back let me see I gota wait for the stream to catch up is that better I’m back what happened to the first stream of this um my computer decided to have a field day as it does pretty often and just didn’t want to

Work so I just tried to I did some fixes and it’s still not great but I really want to play this so we’re just why is there music no music oh thank you okay Barrel stuff goes in here pickaxe okay now I’m I’m good I can read

Through these W Stones I know about that chests I know about that claiming I know about that talent tree I don’t know about that talent tree pressing in oink game’s a little quiet okay I’ll turn it up and whoa uh where does this even bonus speed and melee wait how do I

Even I have absolutely no levels okay cool got it Basics Rarities and reforging got it one of the three ores to successfully change his Rarity I already forgot what that just said chest I know how to do that I have no wood i’ say I got a really good start

Here this is going great fantastic even if I can figure out how to walk through door okay I need Wood if you guys are ever this is this is going to be fun this is going to be um all of the things I cut out of videos I just have to like commit to existing on this so all of the things I like mess

Up yeah is this going to be like a 100 Day movie or just serious I don’t know I’ll play until um I don’t I’m just going to stream this on the on the side when I can or when I feel like it pretty much just for

Funsies and if we beat it who knows you know I could what was I crafting a chest yeah that’s what boom get a little chest upgrade two backpack tanks I don’t have a backpack hey a backpack oh backpack is equipped see all backpack Vari okay well I definitely don’t have a

Backpack Bon oh leather sleeping bag okay all right that’s not bad I do have some wool that we got boom boom boom craft me a little sleeping bag now I don’t have any leather so where would that be at horses I’m so sorry for what I’m about

To do but I really need this backpack I think you press a and the quest book and a little pin the recipe sorry guys I don’t know who Juan is but he’s dead now it’s sorry man I need some leather all right backpack to

Time yes yay no what is this oh I need a chest okay I’m not used to um I’m not used to the fabric version of this okay there we go boom one backpack that looks weird uh don’t know what any of those things are backpack icon in the equip menu

Do you go here do you go here do you go here no that’s not what I wanted uh am I crazy probably okay I guess I’ll just never know to equip a backpack quick the equip button in the backpack menu ah now if I had read anything I would have known that

Noted items in the item list show ree yes yes yes okay got it upgrading chests mine some copper do I have any copper not not for a chest upgrade probably what the heck where’ he go I have a distinct feeling my game is about to crash ah chest upgrade boom eight copper don’t

Have it let’s go mining whereabouts should I do that why is there a wither skeleton there no it’s just a normal skeleton oh what’s that over there oh what’s that over there I’m going over here oh God oh God that looks scary I’m not reading it but that looks

Scary what do we got uh let’s hope you find 200 Dr well I already no no I’m not going over there I already found I found a digging claws but apparently they’re disabled so there’s Bears over there I think this is Chill I don’t think anything bad is going to

Happen although I don’t like the whispering I’m hearing right now click the middle piece of the bone staff creepy E I don’t like that sound the bones can be made into a staff what kind of staff okay what was I I was mining yes that’s right we’re going to

Go we’re going to go do a little diggy diggy whole time glad you got the reference full tin ore not really what I need it’s probably going to be very dark brightness boom nice just got the Stone Age with an iron pick yeah you know you know how I

Do I don’t have any coal at all so it’s just going to be dark sorry I also can’t see if it makes you feel better baller yeah I guess that that’s a word that you could o copper hello welcome to the stream how are we doing today

Yeah I don’t like the block sounds how do I get rid of that is that that no it is not I don’t like it no is it just the normal sound players I think that helped okay cool I need furnace so I can smell copper you were right it was players

Boom Oh I do have coal I’m a liar okay it wants me to make an anvil for that Quest but I don’t have that much iron so we’re just going to skip that and move on after this ah there’s a fly what is this mod the prominence to

RPG say in the title little RPG mod pack you know we got hold on dang that thing is huge we’re going to do a rpging we’re going to beat some bosses we’re going to beat some bad guys we’re going to ride this bird yo is it Forge I think it’s a fabric

One I don’t know how to get out of this there we go okay and with that wherever that upgrade went we can get copper chest upgrade boom and finish this Quest page except for that one that doesn’t count now we get to the campaign fart not fart the

Campaign part not fart is this the beginning or is this the beginning compes completion of chapter one okay that’s this one is chapter one the second one in the quest book we get lore I’m hungry I’ll be right back we get some more deep within vast the volcano where everything originated with

Skele the creator of all things you maintains the balance through all Dimensions this fought countless battles to the realm’s destruction but now after eons battles skele is as weak as ever and a new threat approaches a hungry World eating Force known as the void skele has contained The void’s Invasion

For a long time but now with him being at his weakest point that was really difficult to read sorry they are planting and invaded to all Dimensions corrupting what once was peaceful creatures turning the deadly apparitions skele oh wow that was a lot skele has found a source of unbalance in the

Realms all Dimensions power wait I just read that one I can’t do this I just read the once King uh Toria has been resurrected now corrupted by the night L now found surface the Overworld SP water biomes in the Lich Tower okay that’s our Quest it looks like to find the Lich

And and kill him cool all right um boom get a brush there are a lot of things I have this one let me just let me just click through all these first the boring part boom yeah yeah yeah okay we got some combat yeah yeah get that get that free Shield thank

You okay where do I begin what do I do it’s night time and that seems scary I’m going to avoid death and just go in here I’m going to take a wild guess and say I’m probably not strong enough right now to beat up that Lich guy um so let

Me I mean we got a pretty good sword already um I don’t know fried rice I’m yummy okay Shield get rid of all this which is out of your league got it noted not going to mess with him yet what an absolute garbage is that I don’t like that at

All he’s going to mess with me and he’s going to mess with me bad I’m just going to stay in here oh what do you mean I I could take him on I could take him I already looked up here okay he gives nausea and blindness what that guy over there or the

L is he going to he looks scary uh I like spellcast things spellcasting is cool I don’t have that though so I have to admit I have no clue where to start with this um should I just like should I just go mining or something and get some iron

Maybe some diamond is that guy still out there I don’t see him it was a little scary not going to lie I already had a shield I’m crazy huz seems like a good idea let me go get some iron or already have three diamonds should I make a pickaxe and take it with

Me yes I should in case we get get some obsidian action going on seems like a good idea Miss some torches also probably a good idea is Nature’s compass in this yes it is is that how I’m going to find the L probably if so I say find a biome and

Get stuff on the way like the cold biome all right that’s a good idea should Have I don’t have any Redstone though to make a compass so I will have to get that Unfortunately Adventure Time classic yeah all right I like that idea though I can find some redstone screen. Travelers back narrator my bad I don’t know why there’s a button that turns on the narrator but it does okay need torches I guess I can’t twoand The Sword and the torches at the same

Time why is there even a hot key for the narrator that’s a good question and I couldn’t tell you that looks scary there’s a redstone down there red we’re looking for something that’s red and stone like you should get a water bucket I should or just do this and I’m out of blocks

I have severe Arachnophobia I do not like those guys at least they’re normal in this P at least their Ruby makes good armor like those up here did I grab some oh he’s coming for me thank you whoever designed this mod pack for making the spiders not look

Terrifying cuz I hate when mod packs do this Ruby does that make good armor are you a liar five armor for a chest plate you’re a liar I’m just kidding okay it’s not terrible uh was there more I feel like there was oh there’s some down

There oh look at the lag on that stream whose stream is this oh that guy to get it together got a little Stone creeper over there little baby zombies somewhere whoops is that ow rude are they all below me they all want a piece of me they can’t have

It okay here is the game plan not to die that’s usually good idea oh I can’t have this sword and shield Pokemon reference o cool wonder what those guys are ow Rude why did you have a fire a um that’s a good question um I do not

Know because I’m on fire because I’m doing so well and I’m definitely not about to die to being poisoned not at all no no no who said that please stop being poison 8 seconds what happened to my face Abes all right what is it salt ore okay still no

Redstone take some more iron though aha that would be Redstone no it’s not yes this is yeah I’m sorry about that I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do about that let me take a little look see here ah where’ my mouse

Go oh gosh that looks awful I’m so sorry it’s my internet oh gosh okay well I got the Redstone can I get out of here now probably go back the way I came fits my name yeah true sending it oh not the stone creeper not the skeleton creeper or whatever it

Is okay I actually don’t know where to go um back this way aha look at that Jed rude oh he is coming for me please don’t blow up that’s not good okay I’m good you guys are going to experience buffering maybe once I get out of this cave it’ll be better

I think it’s trying to keep up with the bit rate of the darkness okay let me get out of here you the darkness is coming terrifying sleepy time I may just not be able to do it without faster internet maybe my internet just slow right now

Okay now I have some Redstone let’s get that and I just put everything that I needed away and make a little Ruby chest plate since you recommended boom oh that looks snazzy yippee cold um any cold biome specifically or just are we just talking like this did it specify where’d it go this

One night lch cool older biomes is the structure compass in this it is not I guess a cold biome so I can head towards the Lich guy so I can find him and be prepared let me just how about this is there one nearby okay that’s not bad no don’t

If you do the cold ocean you can fight the diver person that sounds cool I’ll fight the diver person oh okay what we got going on here is this a village or just a B on me no not again get down here you get down here right now

Mister this is so cool you’re right it’s so laggy is what it is please come yes okay good boy boom you wait can you attach them to walls I thought you could I’m crazy all right you’re just going to have to come with me for now oh there’s a fence right here

Boom uh what’s this about diver person this diver person this one earth oh that’s Ad Astra stuff never mind Cornelia Great Captain okay we’ll do some exploring there let me explore this area I saw a couple chests I think oh I did not attach you to the fence I’m so

Sorry oh this is going to be boring loot isn’t it if this isn’t good I’m leaving yeah there’s a little village over there though oh now this is going to have good stuff for sure don’t do it don’t do it don’t fly away boom horse armor obsidian you should take the

Wool oh the wool it’s too late iron epic helmet yes please re Anvil I think I already have that spell does anybody know how to cast spells because I found a couple of those spell books but I did not know how to use them helican rubber ring swim

Speed what is this oh it’s a chest plate oh that’s so that’s not that funny but it is for some reason excuse me ooh oh my dork bow unfortunately I have to wear my Ruby chest plate instead a lot of tech reborn stuff I almost tested it on that

Guy and I guess I’ll just take everything crit chance durability and speed nice does it do good damage though okay worth it I guess I don’t know if I want any of the SE and stuff yeah oh I have a backpack I forgot about that I might need to rebind a control

Spell spell heart bar slot one uh or make a Spellbook book uh uh uh I don’t know refer to Quest Quest couldn’t find anything there’s uh this spell casting do I need this the grimore Grim raw oh that’s easy enough think I have a book on me no I do not there’s bookshelves

Oh this is the guide book you’re a liar Quest book Alchemy but for to craft spell Toms okay but I want to use them how can I do that do I need this cast spell upon use okay oh I need the novice wand aha that’s easy I don’t have any coal

Though do you remember what the skill book I think it was this mod I think I just need this wand here and then I can use it I just need to find some coal man that guy is in a hurry okay well let me get out of here

Is there some coal down no there’s no coal no come back no you almost left me and I was about to get shot at okay where was I going by the way this way old Champions remains where’s that at over here I also need to sleep yeah what is that Mr old champion

Yeah don’t fly away thank you uh I do not have a bed unfortunately let me excuse me it’s kind of rude let me head back here and sleep in one of their beds wow there’s a big roll I missed what what what is that

No hey guys can I sleep up here yes I can thank you sorry about the lag I just noticed that I don’t know what to do about that um excuse me the only solution I can think of for that is uh I just need better internet water bucket all right

Daytime now what is happening here is this the old Champions remains it’s a request a for that I don’t think so that sounds good any bad guys in here um you my friend are going to have to go down here oink hey guys what’s going on spell power for my new spells exactly

Huz o I don’t know what’s up with that the Mr Champions remains where my lady just go there we are okay back to uh oh that’s not great I got to say uh yeah that’s um you know not ideal so how we doing I guess I just have to walk back there

Adventure time part two just when you think you’re safe just when you think you can fly around I care in the world suddenly you’re on the ground no food no money no life I’m My Own Worst Enemy that’s true good song Too honestly I’m almost there it’s not as bad as I

Thought B basically almost there I don’t want to talk about it man Living on a Prayer you’re so right food is good since I don’t have that star fruit that’s cool hey guys I just got the all the mod star I just got eat the emerald that’s not a thing don’t lie to

Me just got the all the mod star uh beat the game beat the B pack uh thanks for watching guys K I’m sorry beat the my pack time to get to Greg star I think let’s do it it was so easy to get you did it in another

Oh let me maybe not go to the bear that would be embarrassing I forgot to put food in the oven now I’m hungry just ate the ADM star it’s whatever really not that big of a deal see look at this I’m back already like nothing ever happened my

Bird could you oh he’s coming to me hello friend ow okay we’re back I’m so back let me uh pause this real quick I’ll be right back real fast e boink and we’re flying back to Mr cold biome there’s a house over here anything good in here you think

I see a oh there’s an owl remember to not sneak yeah I got that now thank you there’s another sky village cool cool cool cool maybe I should go up there there was some good stuff before maybe not I’m a liar okay this is a cold ocean maybe

It’s not cold enough though for a l Tower um how about ice is there this nearby 2,000 blocks away how about a tiger okay there’s a TIG it this way that’s probably cold enough for a witch Tower right this feels like cheating this guy there’s no way this guy just like

Spawned right next to where I did this is not a TI guy I need a normal normal Minecraft tiger normal oh snowy tiger maybe okay there is one just kind of far fortunately we have this guy so how’s everybody day going oh just enjoy are we are we enjoying

The the lag spikes of the stream I know I am this is the viewing experience I always want to give okay okay this looks cold stop don’t fall on me okay now we just wait for these chunks to generate maybe I would do better if I could like see where I’m

Going instead of the big wings in my face that’s not good I did not hit shift by the way in we’re curious uh okay uh nice well it is not midnight for me if that makes a difference o this looks cool there’s a little villager in here

Right next to a Pillager Outpost you guys know this is like not safe right should I just play in this mode the whole time how do I get rid of the wind sound okay that was really annoying sorry the sword is like ridiculously huge okay maybe I shouldn’t stay here because it is

Nighttime not a fan of that after I saw those Mutant what Ino world are those little guys okay so basically what we need to do let’s fly around wait for these chunks to generate look for the Lich Tower and then I don’t know commit to the bit spec seems to Be getting promoted by the YouTube Gods that’s unfortunate because this is not the stream that should be getting promoted right now uh this I think I don’t know I don’t know anything about it not going to lie I just saw it it looked fun um I think it got a pretty big update

Recently I’m just flying around I’m looking for this boss Tower right now we’re going to beat him up my stream is terribly laggy just warning struggling with chunk load you can do a force load to a bunch of chunks that’s sounds like too much work sing in across you’re recommended well that’s

Good why is my guy struggling right now you guys see a giant Tower anywhere keep keep an eye out it is all good do my thing I’m going to do my thing plan on it thank you already doing it oh this is another one of these okay not a tower

Oh how do you do that you’re a liar more than one command add I don’t want to do all that I’m seeing a severe lack of large towers I am doing the right thing right you you played this back it seems from what from what it sounds like I Forge load okay I’m

Flying Forge can I type fast nope do it off stream yeah I figured it was going to uhoh ah just Goen okay believe it okay this is a place but it’s not a tower that is a giant mutant zombie I’m not going to mess with that oh that would definitely be

It more common command cross M back trip yeah I’m not going to do it right now okay well that’s definitely it there’s also a bunch of I see a bunch of evokers or whatever illers ice illers yeah those guys um we I should wait to do this

During the day also should have brought like a bed or something so I can get back easily is there some wool maybe that would be nice it sure is a tower you can’t miss miss it yeah don’t worry I’m not gonna do it now oh man um this could be promising there’s

Illers there never mind okay somewhere nearby there’s got to be an ounce of wool does this pack have a bed roll or sleeping bag it does I just don’t have any wool and there’s no sheep Around with the backpack I don’t have a sleeping bag in my backpack um you do know that your your little raft is in in the land right do you have any wool oh hang on hold on a minute you know what you’re right I guess I should

Have I just I want to go into the L toer but I don’t want to like send it and then have to walk all the way back oh is that the mine cell oh cool I have to explore that sometime uh there’s some sheep up here aha there we go now we’re

Talking either the backpack sleeping bag is an upgrade okay don’t fly off without me because I kind of need you that gu was just gonna hey you were killing the Villager not me worry about somebody else pick on somebody here own’s ass no no no come

Back what time is it 5:51 I got nine minutes then oh I have three minutes before I have to go get my thing come back is there a way to like call this guy you know what I should have made a bed now that I think about it cuz that

The sleeping bag doesn’t set your spawn right does it I don’t think so that is not how you make a bed all right Game Time come back come here yeah I figured I don’t know why I made that okay where was I that place not this place this is a different

Place where was it oh way over there okay let me get like outside of this real quick make sure nobody’s chasing me down then we’re gonna I do not have a fence to attach this guy to hang on oops wrong giant Tower I spent forever for looking for it

Hope I could find the right one okay you are going to stay here while I I never tested out my giant hammer okay what if I put my backpack out here to store all my items safely does that seem like a good idea I also have no item storage what if

I get something cool okay I’ll just store so we go away here I go there’s so many there’s so many ERS here find the frost olers castle that doesn’t sound right wait is this not it ah set my spawn I didn’t set my spawn you’re so right thank you good looks

Hey why am I on fire oh it’s that fool I’ll be right back I didn’t die i t oh that’s could to be so fun where is I need a guy to hello oh Lordy I Am rude go ahead come in oh no not good not good hang on I’m frozen he kind of trash wait cast spells from equip spell book I don’t have a spell book okay I think I need to turn this I think I need to put in first person mode chain mail chest

Plate when do I not be frozen anymore because that would kind of be better go ahead come in oh gosh I let too many in now is this like uh I don’t what kind of situation is this are they just going to keep spawning or am I like chill once I beat them

All do I not have any arrrow do oh it just doesn’t wait what this is not good this is awful oh gosh I’m so cold why does it only do two damage sometimes am I weak I have weakness oh because I’m cold what do I do about that how do I not be

Frozen uhoh that definitely isn’t going to help pin cushion just a little bit and I’m a chilly oh this is a sword this is a sword that’s cool insulation on chest plate I think the have the same am does the temp I think it’s just because they were shooting me and ah

Insulation do I need like something warm to wear what if I like cook something I’m going to end up being cold anyway there’s no point there’s so many of these fools I’m scared to go in this Tower okay that’s not great back to my Hiding hole no that’s what made me

Weak ow wait I have to try the Glee but I’m I’m weak so it does not going to do anything crazy anyway ow what do I do yeah shoot each other nerds I I’m getting a like distinct feeling that it’s not the right giant Tower cuz when I got the achievement for

Being here it said I was at the oh that’s not what I wanted to do said I was at the isol wizard tower but there’s no other giant Tower in this biome which is concerning okay I have a new plan I need to I need to get rid of this first

And then here’s what’s going to happen we’re going to run we’re going to run back this way by run I mean walk slowly because I’m slow then we’re going to go all the way back here these guys are going to chase me that’s fine look now I’m all warmed

Up then we’re going to take this guy we’re going to yink and then wrong one wait no don’t leave me now don’t leave me now he’s shooting me no no no please it’s their arrows that are making me weak then we fly away and then we fly up

Here and then we see what’s in this chest music disc name tag I can name my friend I have a feeling this isn’t the right oh think I have to go goodbye that’s going to be it for this stream I’ll see you the next time we’ll

Find the wi Tower uh I know I’m leaving fast but uh bye

This video, titled ‘Minecraft Prominence II RPG | DAY 1 (Live)’, was uploaded by Jetlagg on 2024-03-24 10:27:02.
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hello hello! welcome to a new live series ill be doing on my channel!

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