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In this video I’m going to be uncovering the deep deep dark secret of Minecraft that you probably didn’t even know but it really exists number one the very first secret that are being covered is found in villages well desert villages to be more specific you know if you want

To get to this secret it is found in this particular Castle here so if you get inside the castle you see this long STS going upwards that leads you all the way up to the top of the building but instead of just following the staircase

All the way up to the top you should rather break this bird and the Sandstone below it as it reveals another entrance leading to a secret R room in there you would find a chest with much loot of iron and a poor villager tra in a cage

Well I don’t know why he’s there and how he even gets in there number two the Ender Dragon boss fight sometimes gets really really hard and even way way harder if you don’t have Arrow whether you get killed by these bunch of black R guys or Worse the dragon can even knock

You out of the map during the fight but what if you run out of arrows well there is a secret spot near the end Crystal pillar so when you M the inside of the end Crystal pillar you might be lucky enough to find a secret chest and of

Course you’ll find a bunch of arrows in this chest to give you an extra help to kill the Ender Dragon so it’s cleared secret number three is really simple and really easy to locate and also really really rare you all know the oceans in Minecraft are mostly full of Monument

Together with these creatures Guardians and the Elder guardians but what if I tell you these are just the only things you would find in here well there is a really rest of Within These monuments every time these monuments generate in Minecraft world there is closely 1% chance the spawn is having a single

Diamond block that replaces the brakes so if it happen to see this diamond block then that is a secret number four well everyone knows with a piercing Arrow you can shoot through multiple guys at once but what you didn’t even think of how useful this really is is

For caring Village zombies normally we all know to kill zombie villagers you have to give away the weakness potion and the golden apple but but using a piercing crossbow and a tipped Arrow of weakness you can kill four zombie villagers at once and you can reuse the

Arrow as many times as you want all you got to have is one arrow and the golden apples and you can kill the entire Village number five when you’re in Lea boot you can set up an Escape Route that only you can access using the powdered

Snow now well if you make a wall of powdered snow anyone who try to go inside will freeze to death however while if you’re on Le boat you can scale the wall all the way up without the fear freezing allow you to have either a very impressive base entrance or a perfect

Getaway route number six see on the topic of ice and snow landing on the end portal actually gives itself a burst of heast that can melt all the snow around it well we this one I don’t know how you’re going to use this one but here it

Is number seven arrow shooting has a neat Easter egg that you might not realize well if you shoot a bunch of arrows you might notice all of them get parked a bit to the right of the Crosshair however well if you change your main hand to the left the arrows

Changes and and cluster to the other side see pretty neat and pretty simple number eight the desert temple is a big beautiful structure that generates in desert now as you already know when you go to the bottom there are TNT traps but more importantly four chests you can

Loot and that can sometimes be very terrible and sometimes pretty amazing at least You’ get some diamonds but before exiting the temple be sure to break the left pillar as there is 10% chance to find a chest beneath it now if the chest happens to be there then the loot is

Always very good so make sure to do this and you might be a lucky player to find one and you can also make me lucky well if you subscribe to me as well and number nine strongholds are structures that generates underground in the Overworld and as you already know

Strongholds are primarily used to find end portals to go to the end but you know there is a few rooms containing chest first up we of course have the library that has a lot of books and a few chest then we have the corridor which contains a single chest that SP

All sort of loots from diamonds to Ender Pearls but what if I tell you that the strong God has a secret room with chest yep if you remove the larva on the left in the end portal room You’ notice there is a trapped door leading down to a room

While inside you only find a single chest that has an amount of Ender Pearls which will be super useful for you getting around the end number 10 there are four secret paintings that are added to Minecraft that you can only get with commands these are the Earth fire water

And wind paintings but they are all super cool which makes you wonder why it is so impossible to get it in survival mode well as a than thank you for sticking to the end of this video there is just B secret for you you know that

You can use the crafting grid as an extra inventory space well all you have to do is to go and then change your Minecraft mode to touchcreen and using a number of hot keys to replace the items on a crafting grid you can click anywhere with your mouse outside the

Inventory space and items will still be there meaning you can play the game with four whole extra inventory space and your device don’t even need to be a touchcreen all right guys that’s some cool Minecraft secrets and tricks for you see you in another video thank thanks for watching by for now

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These are rare undiscovered mind-blowing Minecraft secrets that you probably didn’t know but they really exist in 2024. The Minecraft community is a wellspring of creativity, and players have uncovered numerous secrets hidden by the developers. We’ll showcase some of the most mind-blowing discoveries made by the Minecraft community, highlighting the collaborative spirit that makes the game truly special.

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