Minecraft YouTuber’s Shocking Scandal

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There will be 27 levels of increasingly more complex mechanics like sand falls and triggers Pistons to beacons until it literally will order a pizza in real life and then will’ll involve this delivery man Jason and I just spent 3 hours designing this yeah yeah so that was a real intro to a

Minecraft video that was in I recommended and it really just made me realize how terrible Minecraft content has become like it it is it’s it’s all over the place now like I I haven’t actually touched Minecraft in uh a number of years actually like properly the last time I

Truly played Minecraft was way back when 1.16 came out played a little bit of 1.17 and although 1.17 was fine because they had split the update up it just felt like [ __ ] like I wasn’t really playing anything like it it the update didn’t feel like it had a purpose you

Know and that was mostly what my problem was was just it didn’t feel it didn’t feel like a complete update um and that was kind of at the peak of Minecraft I think Minecraft like since then has been in numerous controversies and I don’t think there’s a single update I can

Recall where there hasn’t been something wrong that people have a problem with like as far as I’m aware it’s just problem after problem you know and it’s kind of sad actually and it’s have to say that Minecraft’s bad it’s just one of those things where it’s just it’s so old and it’s so

Complex now that like what more do you do and on YouTube I think that’s exemplified times like a 100 because is instead of people just playing the game normally it’s now become this best of who can do the most over-the-top batshit insane thing just all of the

Time see a village all the way over there see a village over here and I think it’s really a shame like Minecraft is such a fantastic game to just chill to the the fact that it’s called in the you know it’s just the content for it is grown so out of control

That it needs to become more in more insan just to Su you know sustain itself it’s kind of tragic and I think a lot of that stems just from how YouTube is nowadays where every video has to be perfectly optimized to be as engaging as humanly possible the Mr beastify if you

Will I think is what people put it as even though I don’t think that’s necessarily true I don’t think uh I don’t really see that as the actual case for why things are the way they are I think in all reality what happened was just it’s so easy to make content

Nowadays and everyone wants to be a content creator that you have to stand out and the only way to stand out is to make something so addictive that people will click on it and I think that’s precisely what’s happening with Minecraft it’s kind of hit its limit of

Just how much further can you realistically go with this game I mean even my video right now that you’re watching technically is part of the problem because I’m acknowledging it and I don’t think people like that very much people don’t really like to acknowledge a problem or at least when

They do it’s just cuz they’re curious what the problem is in the first place but it’s not like they want to do anything to fix it so even my video and of itself doesn’t really solve anything or help anything and to that I mean know it’s kind of kind of a shame

CU it is something that should definitely be talked about it’s definitely something that people should mention cuz it’s weird it’s very weird how just crazy disconnected everyone seems to be with the internet nowadays at least here in America like just I don’t know very many people who actually get out as much

Anymore I myself don’t Hello very weird and I used to play Minecraft an awful lot as a uh as a kid I used to play with my friends my family my nice like like my friends friends you know like everyone just played the game and it was kind of nice that doesn’t happen

Anymore there’s very very few games that I can think of now Where I actually have people who want to or are playing a game that I own and that everyone else also owns So when Co was around and everyone was playing the same games it was refreshing it’s actually where I met I think the most people I have ever interacted

With even if it was all online even to this day working a job being a cashier and doing all those things and talking to I mean hundreds of people I still think I talk to the most people actively during Co it was unprecedented and it just worked that doesn’t

Happen everyone’s back to their lives everyone’s back to doing things and people grow up people move on from the things that they previously enjoyed I’ll leave you with one Parent so now it’s just kind of this this weird gray area where I don’t think anyone actually knows what to really do everyone’s questioning everything when in reality you should just be enjoying it for what it is that’s kind of why I wanted to do this I just really wanted to play the

Game not have some ludicrous [ __ ] absolutely insane Quest or goal that and know I’m going to have to Trump in my next video that’s going to take me multiple months just to even attempt to accomplish you know that’s the other thing I think um you know Phils of

Minecraft was one of the only people I think who really played hardcore even at the time or especially at the time especially at the time and because of that when he died it became this absolutely I mean massive thing everyone talked about it it was

Huge and it was huge because it also was kind of a turning point of other people being like Oh I wonder how long I could survive you know people actually started giving hardcore a try cuz originally it was just kind of like well why would I

Do this I don’t want to lose my world you know but people finally saw the beauty or like the appreciation or hardcore and that’s kind of unique so one of the very few things I think in this game were the tides that actually turned in a direction that was positive

Cuz even like the S SMP era during Co like the dream SMP and all that jazz it bed a new era of Minecraft that I don’t think many people are very proud of nor actually like I think to a lot of people it’s just

It it’s it’s dead to them of sorts cuz I know for me that whole like SMP thing is still big but due to all the controversy like per usual with this game cuz this game just seems to attract the most I don’t know narcissistic people it really tainted that whole side

Of things to the point where I don’t even think people like thinking about it I know I don’t bir these fan bases who were just actually Insane so weird all of this from a game about blocks it’s weird to think about I don’t know I think people have lost their appreciation for the game they’ve lost the appreciation for simpler times it really is unfortunate cuz man do I miss those times man do I miss the very

Simplistic Act of just enjoying a game with friends I used to play this game with my siblings which at least for my d IC was one of the rarest occurrences I think just ever my my sisters never really enjoyed playing games with me they didn’t really enjoy hanging out with me they didn’t

Really seem to take a k to interest that I had and would actively make fun of me forward and you know mess with me and stuff and you know growing up wasn’t easy for any of us for a a plethora of reasons but it especially wasn’t for me just

Cuz you see we grew up without a dad we lost him when we were very young like I think my younger sister was like four and we had a step dad but he was kind of mean kind of sarcastic and him and my mom didn’t have great relationship and because of

That we didn’t really click none of us really clicked with them and so I was as I said you know it was a lot harder for me because I was kind of the only male I was the only real um there was only a real boy it was only

A real male in my household and in my friend groups and stuff and so it always felt awkward I didn’t know I’d interact with people I still don’t really know how to inter interact with people especially not males I’m terrible with it I can only talk to females

Because they’re the only people I’ve ever really talked to and because of that I was made fun of a lot by pretty much everyone I knew so the fact that we played Minecraft together was just such an a a unique situ situation for me like not one that has occurred since or even

Before it’s always fascinating to me because when I think about that that means this is this game appealed to everyone in such a way that even circumstances like that actually brought us together that’s how powerful this game was that’s how unique it was that’s how uh

Enjoyable it was to to hang out with people and do things with people it was just it was for everyone and it truly is one of those games where I I think I can actually say this game appeals to everyone but not in a pandering like it’s trying to no it just

Does but I think that was also you know part of the reason for it dying uh it’s just because it does appeal to everyone everyone [ __ ] played it and that meant you know everyone playing it also equals everyone making content on it everyone making content on it equals everyone I go on

And on it’s just it is this Loop of everyone trying way too hard to be the next biggest thing on the biggest game I kind of wish things were different cuz as I mentioned before this game is during Co when it blew up is the reason I talked to so many people but

It’s also the reason I still have friends like the only friends I have online or in person for that matter unless you account we’re colleagues are because of this game that’s it there’s no other reason to it there’s no other people um I really connected with since and they’re the only people I

Still talk to at all and I I wish that was even a half joke because it’s just it’s just not that is the like brutal honest truth it’s it’s how I met my ex actually how I met some of my best best friends people I’ve known

For almost 5 years four or five years now and it’s almost sad to think of it in that light because that that’s just me I’m one human on out of you know billions I guarantee there are other people who are very similar there’s another Village all the way over

There and due to that I’m sure there are a significant amount of people who have very similar stories with this game and unfortunately all that just doesn’t seem to be there at all anymore it’s become such a problem on YouTube and for Content creation and for just mental health in general the

Internet that is is that when you take the biggest game and the biggest platform and the most eyes and most people it just breeds this endless loophole I’ve got to do more I’ve got to do more I’ve got to do more and then you do more and then you’re like

Okay well now what can I do and then it becomes even more [ __ ] and then more [ __ ] and then more [ __ ] and then more [ __ ] and just at at what point is it just time to stop at what point is it time to just step back and play it for what it

Is like I’ve seen people try to do that and there are a you know plenty I mean plenty of channels that try to do something like that and they come decently close you know they they really do trying to recreate the nostalgic but that’s the thing don’t try to recreate it just create

It just play it how you want to stop trying to make it something it’s not because as much as we would all love to relive our childhood or Nostalgia or as I’ve been talking to about this video during Co times that’s just that’s gone like those moments that perfect storm

Of creative minds and creative people coming together on one thing because of another doesn’t exist you you can’t force that to exist just because and so when people Tred to recreate the magic of Minecraft it just kind of Falls flat for me like oh cool yeah I you know

Cool but is that really necessary like is sure is that really the best call here I’m not saying it’s bad I do think people should always look back on the past because they can learn from it but I don’t particularly think people should admire it as much as they

Do cuz I don’t know trying to recapture the magic just I think feeds the problem at least it always did for me I mentioned playing games M this boat is two boats that’s weird I mentioned playing this game with my sisters and stuff and although that is

True um it didn’t last as long as I would have liked and so I did try multiple times to get them to you know come back I would make like quote unquote events if you will in our in our in our in our world and tried to encourage them to

Continue playing with me but it just man it did not work and so I look back on how these YouTubers are trying to capture that nostalgic Minecraft uh era kind of in the similar light of you’re trying to make something that is gone you know I’ve even tried creating

Servers you know just a multiplayer server to play with my friends and that’s another real big thing with Minecraft is everyone just plays it for like a week a day a month maybe and then all of a sudden they’re not playing it anymore and not playing it for a year a

Month [ __ ] I don’t know maybe they go on and off every other week like they just get tired of it super quickly burnt out of it if you will and no one seems to have a definitive reason for why that is I mean I think everyone has kind of

Their own theories as to why that would be but for me I think it’s more than likely just we either all try so hard to make it as it used to be or the only reason we’re playing it is because we want it to be how it

Was you know and as I’ve already stated before it’s just never going to happen and it’s either that you know one of those two things or truthfully it’s just we’ve all played the game so much that at what point is trying to you know trying to make new memories of of it

Just falling flat you know like how much could you realistically push from a game might be some funny moments here and there but at one point you all know exactly how to play the game you all know exactly what you want or can and

Can’t do and so you either do it or you give up like I know for me one of my big things used to be I was just able to beat the game in like 25ish minutes on like any random seed maybe 30 or 40 minutes if it was a really bad seed like

I used to speedrun the game because it was 1.16 that was kind of a big thing and so whenever I would join a server that’d be the first thing I’d do I’d hop on just speedrun it and watch everyone and be like oh my God this guy is so

Good and I would just kind of like laugh at it cuz it was just it was kind of funny to me he was like okay yeah sure I am decent but I mean come down it’s not that big of a deal and then I just would go for like

The max armor max everything but I would continue playing on that server even after I did all those things just kind of like cherry-picking random people to hang out with uh I never really built anything I I wasn’t really a builder so I would often just move in with someone

Random that just took a liking to me and then slowly watches that server and everyone who played on it and whatnot just disappeared they would all stop playing they either moved to another server or legitimately just got B of Minecraft in general um maybe the server itself would get shut

Down and it it was like that and it was quick too I mean people would stop playing on those servers I mean within weeks there maybe be one or two people who still played it as consistently as I would but even they would fall off and then i’ would be all

Alone and it happened every time every single time it did not matter how much I tried to get other people to play it didn’t matter how much I tried to not beat the game like I would you know be like ah you know what maybe me beating the game too quickly

Is why people are leaving you know maybe I should just chill you know not be that guy but that’s just thing then someone else would just do it but it would take him much longer and the server wouldn’t last any longer like it wouldn’t change

Anything I bring all this up cuz it was just it was a weird pattern that I mean I would just do that I did that for the majority I think of one of the years of Co cuz Minecraft was really all I could play on my computer so it was all I did

Play I had some FNAF here and there but ultimately it really was just Minecraft it really is a shame to see where the game is gone since then and where it’s actively going cuz where it’s actively going seems like it’s just it’s going to be even worse than where it is already

The last time I think I actually actively spent a decent chunk of my computer time I guess you could say on Minecraft itself was genuinely uh 20 2021 like I have not really experienced 1.18 I I have not experienced almost anything of 1.19 I have no idea what was added in

1.20 1.17 was the last update I actually know anything about and then even then 1.16 was the last time I actually fully played the game 1.18 just honestly it ran like [ __ ] for me cuz it was on my old computer at that time and even on this computer I’m running this with

Um I just save a screenshot don’t worry about that uh I’m running a mod right now you that uses a sodium it’s called like nividium or something basically it turns Minecraft from using openg GL I believe was the rendering engine or no it turns it into openg GL I believe it

Is something like that basically it just it uses your full GPU instead of your CPU for rendering chunks and whatnot and that’s why I’m able to push it to 32 chunks just all across um and not really have any hitches you know there’s a few hitches here and there but that’s fine but

Vanilla Minecraft it just it runs so poorly it’s actually incredibly terrible and I think for a lot of people that’s the case cuz 1.18 they they tried making it Work it’s it’s bad it’s really bad I don’t I only say that cuz I do think that’s part of the reason people have stopped playing this game I really do like it it just doesn’t run the same it doesn’t really feel the same with the new generating

Terrain and I get that I get it if that’s the case so as far as Minecraft goes the content sphere around it the nostalgic feeling behind it the amount of people who still interact with it just everything um it’s all rather disappointing it really is because truly one of the more beautiful

Things about the world and definitely one of the more beautiful things about video games is that you can do and play whatever you want and do whatever you want and no one can say [ __ ] long you’re not hurting other people it just doesn’t really matter and unfortunately I believe people have lost that in favor of wanting their childhood back wanting nostalgic back wanting wanting similar memories to what they had in those moments and I think a lot of the problem

Is people just it’s hard to say okay those moments are gone it’s time to move on and it doesn’t help when you do want to play game and no one else wants to you know so you decide to play alone you don’t really know what to do because you’ve

Done so much and there is so much to do and things are so complex now that it’s really really hard to keep going it’s really hard to play that world for more than a month more than a week it’s hard to sit down and just enjoy it because what’s left for you to

Experience exper what’s left for everyone else to experience what could you do that no one else has even done or thought of you know that’s both like I said it’s both the Beauty and the curse of this game because at the end of the day someone else out there has likely

Already done exactly what you’re wanting to do or what you’re thinking and so creatively it’s really hard to play that game where it relies on your imagination alone to actually go okay yeah let’s imagine something that hasn’t been imagined Before like I think was one of the promotional materials for Minecraft was your imagin like or the limit is your imagination something like that and to that I say [ __ ] because unfortunately the game’s so big and so many people have played it made videos on it and I’ve done so many

Things with it that unfortunately your imagination is now just flooded with what everyone else’s imagination has already come up with it’s kind of why no invention is truly original anymore you know no game is truly original anymore everything is inspired by something there is no such thing as an original

Idea there is every now and then and then it like has problems you know it’s like well it’s not really original is it it’s just weird and I think that happened with Minecraft there’s so much you could possibly do in this game that unfortunately so much of it has been done that now

It’s just like trying to come up with your own idea you kind of can’t so much has already been done it’s everything you want to do or think about doing is already been done so it’s hard to be creative Le that’s how I always felt I do wish something different could happen cuz

Like even this video take it for what it is it’s not original I’m not even going to pretend that that’s the case cuz it’s just not it’s not original I like completely [ __ ] that up I I need to change a key button oh oopsies sorry I’m focusing so hard

I’m trying to do this right I forgot how to do it it’s been a long time a very very long time it’s like that and then that and then you want to clear this anyway I don’t really know what else I have to say about the game

I I’ve really miss it I’m sure that sentiment is felt like I said with a lot of people uh it’s hard to look and play this game without thinking about the past because it was such an integral part of it that I don’t know even you see so many good moments came

From this game but so did so many negatives and I think that’s another thing that doesn’t get brought up a whole lot is see Nostalgia likes to paint things in a better light than what it was and I’m not really a sucker for Nostalgia I don’t really like thinking

About the good you know a lot of my life has been filled with bad so I often think about the bad sooner or more often than I ever think about the good This game for me at least is beyond tainted with negatives I don’t usually use a shield but I just don’t want to die it’s too much too much of a hassle yeah this game is Tainted to the brim with negatives um actually part of the reason I lost quite

A few of my friends back then and even not that long ago is directly a causation of this game okay yeah I lost a lot of friends playing this game for some for one reason or another it it always ended with some massive huge argument over some very minute thing in the game

That led to insults that directly correlated with our real personalities or real lives and all that and it would just end in a dumpster fire of blad insults to each other every Time doesn’t matter how we tried squashing the beef doesn’t matter how we tried changing subjects and what one way or another that is how it would end so whenever I think of this game it is usually not in very kind pictures um unfortunately at that time of my life I was also

Just I had given up so playing this game was my really last escaped from the world and from problems that I had faced and then Co hit and it just tenfold it but I don’t that that was on a level that I don’t even think I don’t think a game has come half

As close as this game has to the level of to the level of just pain that’s involved with it you know curious to know if anyone else has similar experiences with the game or if it truly and honestly is uh unique situation I finally blocked something with the shield that I’ve been

Using I wasn’t getting when I said I don’t use a shield ah nice man you guys are just Not be bullied help oh I’m not oh yeah that makes more sense I don’t have armor it’s hard for me to play this game without thinking of this moments and so because of that my view on this game game is definitely skewed in a more negative tone than I feel most other

People’s probably are and so I don’t really get affected by the nostalgic Factor although I do greatly miss the game it’s just not fully realized for me because I can see the darker half of what it was which was child ignorance I not to say that there was

Never any good moments cuz there was definitely much oh why you can hit me from thing there was definitely a far greater amount of good moments than there ever was bad or negative everything’s trying to kill me I mean I think I can actually vaguely recall how many controllers

I broke when playing this game cuz I used to play it on console and believe me it was enough or if I’m not mistaken ah I’m here for blaze rods even not even trying to do anything else there’s a blaze spawner over there but there’s just you know a million

Other things that are also trying to kill me I remember this game being easier maybe I just I played it so often but this does not feel easier the other really decently disappointing thing about the game was I I I briefly touched on it but the direction of the game is

Gone and the controversies that it’s had it’s made a lot of pretty baffling and kind of shockingly terrible decisions in its recent time um one of those big ones was like chat reporting you know Microsoft safety features remove um Microsoft migration like the removal of Mojang accounts or

Whatever it was called um splitting updates mob votes really really weird changes uh the music was somewhat criticized because it wasn’t made by CJ which that’s a dumb one but it happened nonetheless so people still got mad about it um the overall lack of care that each update seems to have is directly

Correlated to people’s irritation with newer newer updates um the lack of focus in each of those updates it more and more like each update is just a random collage of [ __ ] that they wanted to add for a long time that should have been previous updates that is just in that random update

I stuff like that a and I fully agree with a lot of them Power reporting is dumb um foring get to migrate have quotquot safer accounts was pretty stupid oh Jesus Christ I didn’t particularly like any of their recent updates uh 1.20 like I said I know

Nothing about but all I know is that it it is quite literally just a random collage of things like archaeology and a llama um archaeology a llama random structures I believe the very Blossom biome like it was called like the Wild update maybe it added like the mangrove thing unless

That was 1.19 that’s what I mean it doesn’t I can’t even like I know of some things that were added but I don’t even know what update they’re part of because the Wild update sounds like it would have had the cherry trees and stuff but I’m almost positive the cherry trees are 1

Point2 so yeah the direction that they’ve taken with a lot of the updates have not resonated well with a lot of people including myself like I didn’t see myself going oh dude there’s a new Minecraft it’s going to be so Great and it definitely seemed less inspired I think that was another big complaint that people always had I’m going to try a Hao clutch here I probably just end up dying whatever let’s go I play the last bit of this with Shaders whoa hey sorry I don’t got much to talk about anymore kind of just enjoying enjoying the game me personally I don’t really uh I don’t believe I’ve touched on this I I don’t come back to this game very often that wasn’t clear enough I uh I

Don’t really get that feeling of oh you know I should really revisit this because I miss playing it you know I know full well that if I go and touch it I’m not going to enjoy it because I know I don’t have a sick goal

And I know I’m not a person who likes playing games a them and although that does hold true it does I’m not saying it doesn’t but like it absolutely [ __ ] does I am enjoying myself it is nice every now and then to take a breather from first person shooters making you

Know random videos working doing all that stuff and just kind of playing this playing Minecraft I mean everyone knows that Minecraft is everyone knows what you do in Minecraft it’s very relaxing not a lot of games are I’ll give Minecraft that it is extremely enjoyable to just kind of chill around and

Um so that’s kind of what I’m doing I I wanted to just play the game and talk about it as I attempted to beat it that was kind of my my whole goal um I don’t know if I’ll beat it but um I’m definitely going to try I’ll get pretty far I

Think yes fall into the lava okay my plan worked I’m a genius I need building blocks so bad oh that’s not good so if I try to kill you I’m going to like alert everything to my location and I’m definitely going to die so let’s not do

That and we could do a little old trick I like to call Save reload and it should despawn all the enemies right except the ones I’ve interacted with oh no no now and then we just kind of run in the direction until they despawn I do really truly think that the

Biggest flaw with Minecraft is that it is for everyone and it’s on everything um so whenever they make updates and such I’ve noticed the biggest thing and I mean the biggest one is that it is always not only does it take a very long time but it it’s always things that

People don’t really ask for like people want other things and people actively talk about other things but the what 90% of the reason they don’t come to fruition is not because Mojang’s lazy or Mojang doesn’t want to but because the Overworld is so controlled as in changing it would destroy

Minecraft you know for what it is but on top of that it has to be designed around what everyone else can actually do so it has to be able to be played on the phone it has to be able to be played on the weed the

[ __ ] the PS Vista like it is designed to play on on everything so it has to work on everything so it takes a very long time for them to make any meaningful thing and when they finally do I think that’s part of the reason it feels so Underwhelming I don’t know I think that’s one of the big things that might get neglected from time to time that I do think probably feed into part of its problem part of its uh you know part of its flaws if you will man I really hope you guys

Despawned you don’t really sound like you did I have so many friends die you know I’ll actually let this one play out this is um it’s one of the music this I believe but I always foret what it’s called ah I’m making the way up I was trying to think scratching my eyeball Too I think this is called um wait I’m going trade with these guys so I’m going to get a whole lot of stuff we’ll see how long I actually end up playing on like this single player world cuz I know I made references to it but chances are I’m going to be like

Everyone else and I’ll stop playing It I’m playing it almost entirely for the sake of what I’ve been talking about and just I mean obviously I’m talking about Minecraft so I would play Minecraft I would Hope but I don’t know how much I’d actually go you know now I do know that mining this pisses off everything and like everywhere oh they’re so cute but so horrifying my God what is that this is one of my favorite um tracks actually I think this is a strad it’s

The white disc and it is it’s my favorite or no sorry stall is my favorite the Jazz one whatever makes jazz music that’s my favorite this isn’t it but this one’s pretty close I love this one I want some gold my inventory is such a [ __ ] mess

I don’t really need food I know I killed a whole bunch of pigs and stuff for that I’m sorry look at the Reflections in the uh the gold ingot that I’m holding that’s actually really impressive Wow I didn’t know that could even happen or like the purple glow of the crying obsidian that’s really cool Minecraft could really use an upgrade in its visual presentation and it could really use an upgrade and just how it runs cuz it runs so poorly that’s kind of I was getting out

With my previous remarks it could do better and it doesn’t this is such a nice soundtrack I don’t I don’t think you’ve ever heard this One they really [ __ ] with the trade I mean 1.16 that would have like at least two stacks of pearls man I guess not I must have changed them fact I think that’s why we played on 1.16.1 okay so we’re pretty stacked up now on a lot of stuff you can see why I was trying to go for all that even if it took longer than I wanted it to back to just exploring doing things um we got plenty of blaze rods plenty of pearls we could actually

Go beat the game now uh I mean it’s just you really would think that a multi-billion dollar company could actually you know make stuff like this available to everyone but I guess not cuz this this just gorgeous simply put maybe we’ll mine some diamonds or something I don’t know we find them

Is there another creeper up here kind of want to get a music this that’ be kind of cool oh my God what is with all these mobs this is actually insanity y’all are making this so much harder oh he’s been shot once okay [ __ ] you I give

Up that none of that went as I wanted it to why are there so many mobs this is insane oh waa I in like a aquafer what is this wow I didn’t even know this could generate it’s crazy I love this game I really do I I I realize this

Video has been relatively negative and kind of saying that does contradict everything I’ve been saying before but I I don’t I want to make that very clear I I don’t hate this game by any means of the imagination I adore Minecraft I just wish things I really do just wish they ended up

Different that the light at the end of the tunnel seemed better for this game than what it is currently cuz as of right now it just doesn’t seem like it has much to offer anyone it’s still one of the most unique games ever I don’t think that’s ever going to

Be a question and it’s still one of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences that I’ve that I or anyone can really have I think just in general in not just gaming but in terms of own personal enjoyment um we actually not that far from it and as much as I love making content

And stuff I just I have to poke fun at it sometimes cuz man it’s it’s pretty stupid it’s pretty ridiculous I am not a the way I edit my videos the way I make make content the way I treat content I don’t think is it’s very different from how everyone

Else seems to treat it I don’t care if I get age restricted I don’t care if I get demonetized I don’t care if a video blows up or not what I care about is just making people enjoy like just just providing a little bit of enjoyment while having some fun

While doing it you know again I typ about Nostalgia but man it’s really really hard to not think back about how much simpler and better YouTube and everything like that was when whenever just made a let’s play of a video game and that was it that was the peak of

Entertainment and everything has to be so addictive it’s so rewatchable And like my content is definitely uh more adult oriented there’s a lot of things I post that are very um promiscuous but they do get clicks but that’s not the reason I make them you know they’re just funny to me and they’re fun to experience cuz

Like no one ever talks about them it’s not like anyone legitimately sits down and and makes videos or critiques on those games or let’s plays on those games like there are a few people out there but they’re always so weird as much as I was critiquing people

For looking back and trying to relive their own memories some aspect of this video is exactly that I am technically trying to show that you you really can just make a video of you just just playing a game and talking you know doesn’t need to be super edited it’ll be a little

Edited here and there to cut out the awkward bits and not make it 4 hours long but at the end of the day it’s it’s still part of that’s why I said it’s still part of the problem I’m not helping the case by making this video I just wanted to make

The video to talk about it cuz I love this game I hit the cactus oh it’s trap oh go a gapple what okay uh I don’t need that many buing blocks who the [ __ ] are the Pillager a he shot his arrow through my thing and now I’m [ __ ] poisoned what is

Happening that is crazy see you just you just can’t do something like this in vanilla Minecraft and that’s just it’s such a shame to me that you need to install things and use third party services to get a fraction of what this game could be which is annoying

Like I appreciate the modding scene I appreciate that they let it do what it can but and sometimes don’t you just wish they would try I think about how amazing it would be I finally missed it I did not miss it I’m a liar it is rather poetic that I am deciding

To beat the game after as I previously mentioned that was pretty much all I would do I beat the game and then just mess around with people as like a god who had a you know fully maxed out Trident fully maxed out netherite armor tools you know silk touch God pickaxe

Blah blah blah blah blah and then I would provide everyone else with those luxuries um just in general just cuz it was Fun you know I played this game so much that every soundtrack legitimately has its own memory tied to it isn’t it just poetic I’m sure that’s the case with a lot of people but it really is for me I can tie this to oh so many Memories and every single one of them has its own weird stupid reasoning as to why it existed in the first Place I was I didn’t even have my hand in my mouse at that moment that was dumb to Me All okay Know one thing that’s always really bothered me about this boss fight isn’t so much of how easy it is or how kind of lackluster it is as just an ending bass boss boss boss um it’s how the egg is acquired you see you’re not supposed to be able to collect the egg right

Like like you have to use glitches and stuff right yet it’s an advancement literally like hold it like You’re no one’s going to know I don’t know I hate that I don’t know anyone who ever figured out how to get the dragon egg who wasn’t told how to do it or looked it up so yeah thank you guys so much for watching I actually really enjoyed this

Um I I miss Minecraft I miss just kind of playing it and not really thinking too too hard about what it is I wanted to do I just wanted to play it and beat the Game there’s a good chance continue playing this over time just on my own you know just to relax and have some fun U the last time I played a single player world was actually it goes all the way back to like 2018 probably I probably actually earlier than that cuz

I’ve only played multiplayer um since a couple of years before Co all the way through Co and then towards my end end of playing Minecraft that’s just how it was I I didn’t touch single player so yeah last time I I truly just played single player outside of speedr running was

Today and outside of today it was man it’s been years and years and years so yeah those are my thoughts I guess I don’t really know what those video is purposes outside of just just talking about it pointing out the problems and understanding as understanding why they are the way that

They are understanding why they are a problem so yeah my head out now this game has brought a lot to me and it’s also taken a lot from me video games are beautiful and this is probably one of the best so Yes let’s go dude look oh okay dude that literally could not been more perfect I was listening to stall and I ended up getting stall look how many duplicates I have that’s Peace

This video, titled ‘Minecraft has a Problem’, was uploaded by AntKen on 2024-02-27 08:36:29.
It has garnered 913 views and 31 likes. The duration of the video is 01:05:34 or 3934 seconds.

Minecraft is incredible. But it seriously has a youtube and identity problem. Lets talk about Minecraft 馃檪

0:00 Intro
0:45 The Problems with Minecraft Content
6:16 My Experiences (Covid)
11:49 My Experiences (Past)
15:35 The power of MC and why we’re bored with it
28:27 Why I Believe its failing
35:25 Negatives with MC
40:04 Updates. They aint great.
43:53 Shaders – Game could be better
54:37 I Love Minecraft.
1:01:55 Concluding Thoughts..(Dragon too)
1:05:23 Stal!

Credit to @Wunba for the Beginning Clip (Not hate just an example)

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