Mysterious Mushroom Adventure

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For Good morning mushling hello welcome to the world welcome to Moo stream it’s mushling time with moo hello hello hello welcome jety hello welcome Ben hello welcome Luna hello welcome fonnie good to see you all hello welcome goom hello Wills welcome I’m here apologize llama hello welcome I’m here

I’m glad you could make it llama I hope this time worked out for you oh goodness sorry moo has like of course had I don’t know this illness has been so weird it’s like I’m having like other attacks on my body because my body is messed up from

The sickness I have so I just suddenly my eyeballs started itching and then my fingers have been sore today it’s just been a day for moo that’s all I’m trying to say but I’m so happy to be here streaming I’m sorry we couldn’t do Minecraft ASMR Hope Springs Eternal

Maybe next week we must dream of something my friends we must always dream oh sorry my eyeballs I got to scratch them scratching the eyes but it’s moo time we’re going to stream we’re going to have fun together and that’s going to be lovely because I love

When I get to spend time with you all what did I what did I miss on here Bingo Bingo exists and you guys should compete I think we got close last stream some people said they were close the Bingo my friends is um just little things that often happen on

Stream and uh if you win uh you get bragging rights or something I don’t know we’ll find out no one’s won yet so one you win I’ll find out what the prize is I am on my early streaming type [ __ ] or I’m least trying to set things up

Early I’m getting better with the flow the thing is Ben you’re also talking to someone who has never said they’re the most technologically able and was still learning how to do OBS and now I feel like I get more confident every day and then yeah I’m glad you all can

Make it 4:00 a.m. Ben I’m so sorry I’m so sorry but I hope this is nice for the Europeans of our chat uh oh no Ben f up oh you drunk Ben were drinking is that what happened last night Gio sharp hello welcome it’s 12: in the afternoon for

Me was something from The Grove not me llama well I don’t know llama I hope I didn’t get everyone sick or myself sick or others sick but yeah you did WIS and you’re here and I’m so glad you are because I know I changed stream time and

I wasn’t sure about that sore thingies I am not en yeah they’re a pain [ __ ] a real old pain but we stay strong GI Sharp it’s 1:00 a.m. goodness also GEOS sharp have we had you in chap before I’m not sure we have so welcome I’m glad to see

You here we’ve had you I feel like pretty sure we have anyway I’m happier here now that’s all that really matters oh sorry if I’m still sniffling a lot I’m trying I’m trying we’re still sniffly one second oh then I’m not crazy so welcome GEOS sharp welcome welcome welcome

We are back at it again with some hardcore Minecraft is it getting a night it’s getting a night and it’s raining gosh get faster all distance doesn’t even need to be that high wow it really just slows it down when I stream I’m surprised because it’s so functional when I’m not streaming

Obviously but I should guess that oh it’s okay Ben H I’m hoping the snipples will leave soon we’re doing well so this is our hardcore World we’re trying a new uh approach which is instead of choosing a cute world with like Villages that I can work with we’re building our own Homestead

Out in the middle of the Jungle our house is actually not terrible okay it’s not my best work I also didn’t think it through really design- wise and then we had to change some things but not terrible I got I keep forgetting that’s here we’re trying to advance quickly I

Guess we’re going to have to do a lot of mining though because we got to find our own diamonds since villagers don’t exist here o we’re growing the Pats so we can eat happily and we’re growing the cow so that we can uh cow happily JK we just need their

Leather MO is a carnivore in this run of the game so that’s how serious you know I am about winning uh but yeah no game sound there is okay my desktop audio is on why is it so quiet I know why wait let’s go break grass whoa so I can test

Things could you hear that oh it’s so quiet hold on mve is working on it oh I know why it’s cuz I turned Minecraft down when I’m playing with friends I feel like that’ll be too loud but we’ll see oh God the eyeball sorry friends one moment the eyes they’re in pain I

Thought this was going away okay the key to the eyeball is you don’t touch it h why am I so sick for so long this is so [ __ ] annoying you guys I did man to record an audio there’s an audio coming out after the stream that’s a little loud is

It sorry I’m just trying to check out how okay let me turn down in here we just punch grass as audio testing okay we’ made it work uh Hey BB welcome back Jeffy hello welcome I gave you the sniffles no Jeffy I’m sorry please eat soup drink tea

Relax well no sniffle ASMR today lvas just regular mic I know that’s what I said Ben and then here we are oh goodness Kyle welcome to stream I’m glad to see you again what’s happening we’re on our fourth uh Minecraft hardcore world we had a third one very briefly but it

Lasted less than a whole uh stream uh goodness H but we’re making it we’re making it we’re having fun gosh oh the eyeballs time to sleep after the stream so great timey Mo yeah Ben I mean it’s a little more of a spicy one I’ll say

Coming out after this it’s coming out in conjunction with the patreon audio but you know good times around I you should honestly get a pet GEOS sharp says to me are you saying this to me moo I mean I do have a pet so actually buddy is joining us in the gaming room

Today live from the from the home little boy why do we have so much sand do we want this much sand was this a choice of ours oh we were digging and we couldn’t get the treasure but we’re going back my friends we needed shovels and we have a bunch for some

Reason I remember this do we need a door we need a door we’re trying to dig out a treasure I should always like watch the end of the last uh episode so I know what’s up I think we just go this way right we were down here

Where’s the guy that always comes to Minecraft streams nothing else Jacob Jacob was here last Stream So Wills a thanks goo i d try to stay on the gme I’m sorry H I was so annoying this week being so sick and like just hanging out around home and being like I

Can’t even do anything productive because oh do you guys hear that whistle so I have an inhale whistle when I’m sick and I’ve had oh I have two two of these huh I’ve had it before but I recorded the last ASMR audio that

Got out and I had to cut so much of my talking because I just had these inhales that were like and then there was like a little whistle at the end so that’s the hardest part about recording like when I’m sick is that what is oh it’s the right right

There’s a lot of stuff that I can put out and be imperfect and I’m okay with you know sorry we’re just trying to line our boat up here a lot of stuff I can put out imperfectly and be okay with but oh I have a whistle back anyway the

Fact that I could constantly hear it when I was editing I was like I can’t do this this is going to kill me so I had to cut a lot of it and just we end up going with a lot of like sounds and ear cupping and stuff like

That Dam I miss take him inhale whistle you guys are weird I’m glad you enjoy them though if they make you happy I’m happy all right we digging we digging know we’re praying I just want to find this fing piece of treasure what if we’re standing on it that’d be really

Funny H okay nose trumpet you guys are getting some nose trumpet moments yeah I swear to God I thought this would be easier to find usually I’m pretty fast to find a Treasures infirmary that’s where I need to go oh one second I’m going to sneeze oh goodness

Thank you Ben thank you everyone woo ver com just I was honestly I was like trying to think of I was like since my nose is stuffed up how can I lean into this what kind of ASMR do I do that’s like in my femdom Mommy D range and

Someone’s like oh moon needs to be taken care of by her good boy or something but then I didn’t record it but I’m thinking on it you got to sort of percolate from your situations to make all the come up with all the ASR ideas that I do at

Least that’s how I do it really F3 how I’m overwhelm this isn’t helping me llama you might have given me too much technology oh it can go deeper we have dug up so much sand goodness gracious we at the stone layer why is everything so cruel to us

Okay hold on I’m trying to swim to the spot again it really does feel like it’s right beneath our boat here oh well I haven’t dug the spot out really so that would probably be possible you lost it on greatness no okay if you guys want it I’ll make it

Happen I’m nothing if not a pleaser for you guys oh oh God we’re drowning I just love when it’s a digging simulator When Minecraft is Just happily digging away what the heck let’s just be thankful there’s no drown around here Mo’s emotional state couldn’t really handle it right now what the flipping

Heck it’s okay we brought multiple shovels for this the Mel St could you see it by the way guys I feel like I can reveal this now on February 13th I have an updated model reveal for you all which I’m very excited for my artist went above and beyond I asked for V

Bridger mouth rigging which for anyone who’s not familiar with vtubers just makes the mouth Um are you oh oh no okay we we couldn’t see it earlier we couldn’t see it earlier there we go we found it we did it boys and girl we have one one I think we have Luna here we did it let let’s [ __ ] go there we

Go exciting no diamond but we got IR water breathing that’s cool all right only took us a day but we found our first treasure that so that was fun more sand than we’ll ever need but that’s cool I did find it Ben I knew I would find it eventually I usually find

Them pretty quick I’m usually don’t take this long I remember once my hardest treasure to date to find was the first one I ever found and I was like my friend who introduced me to Minecraft she was like okay like I’m going to show you how this

Goes like you’ll really like this and like oh we’re just going to go find this treasure be real quick it was not quick and I kept telling her I was like it looks like on the map that it’s like in the water and she was like no they’re

Never on the water they’re just like on the edge I was like okay and then I was like finally it was like I’m pretty sure it’s in the water and it was like under gravel too so like did we visit this already already she also was kind of like not suspecting

That we visited this already right yeah is this made of sandstone I’ve never seen them be made of sandstone oh why did I go at this with the hammer all right well anyway cool ocean cool ocean we did that so that was cool do we

Make it in the glow cave yet I don’t think we have okay we should go home we should go home we want to be able to sleep somewhere safe I know benett can’t be H janic hello welcome to stream spaghetto hello welcome to stream Hoy wait is

Hoy what language is Hoy from or is this am I just making this up it’s just like a greeing the internet is taken Baboo welcome to stream welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome oh gosh sorry oh no Ben I’m debuting it while you’re at work I’m so sorry Ben I’m sorry oh God

I’m sad you have worked now during stream times it’s really shitty but I promise we’ll think of you fondly and you’ll get to watch the vods and you’ll get to see it in action very soon after I apologize our time zone difference just really sucks but I am excited for the new model

Well update it’s like it’s still new it’s still not anything crazy changed but definitely some quality of life stuff and my and it was like so nice because my model arst I commissioned V Bridger and I commissioned a few Expressions I was like I just feel like I would like to

Have a little more expressiveness I also got a stream deck for Christmas from my brother brother moo was sweet enough littlest brother moo was sweet enough to get that for me which I thought was really cute he like knew I was streaming he also like knows what ASMR is so while

I’m not super specific about the kind of ASMR I’m doing and and like how it exactly Works he was like oh yeah no i’ I’ve seen like girlfriend asmrs before and I like I listen someone I was like oh wow you didn’t like you just telling me that’s

Cool no I know Hoy is pirat speak but Hoy I feel like Hoy is a greeting in some parts of the world am I crazy maybe I’m crazy oh Ben I’m sorry buddy it’s tough It’s so tough gosh me adult sucks Gio I never say what country I’m from because I’m from The

Grove and I’m sorry I can’t be more specific about that I’m from The Grove I’m a druid I live in the forest in kind of another realm but I can easily pass to the human realm when I want to these days I’m exploring learning thing crazy I was crazy

Once uh crel crel crel is that how I pronounce it welcome back to stream good to see you okay so I think since we are living on our own okay we have a shield do we use the iron for armor oh nose trumpet apologies Friends how do we do this what are our priorities what do you think how do we stay alive staying alive I’m thinking okay we either create a strip mine or we go adventuring what do we think janick see you later whenever ha accented sorry exactly

Kyle a lot of people have said uh GEOS sharp that my accent sounds Canadian you can choose to believe or deny them cranel cranel I got you what do people say cranel cranel sounds very American when I say it that way crel I think um I’m glad I could pronounce it

Properly welcome to stream okay uh strip mine or Adventure how about that mommy there right I love Adventure Time hell yeah goom I’m happy welcome back baby okay I feel like it’s longterm just useful to set up a um little mining space so we’re going to we’re so high up that’s hilarious

Um we’re going to make it cute we’re going to make a cute little mining Hut we’re going to make it we’re probably going to go straight through that thing but YOLO we should make ourselves some nice uh stairs is down the mountain here eventually we got to breed the cows we

Got to breed the cows that’s why we always have uh this stuff on us I forgot sorry we’re doing hard stuff this time he’s a p CR Angels feed the cows feed the cows the cows are growing stronger better faster stronger anyway wait I never told you guys I never

Finished telling you guys okay model update I asked for Expressions brother gave me a stream deck that was really sweet of him so I’m very excited to be able to use more Expressions now um I also asked for V Bridger mouth so it’s supposed to be like a more expressive

Mouth I’m also I’m not using it today but I’m going to use my iPad going forward which supposedly has better facial cap capturing than my webcam and finally uh my model artist wrote back to hiu dear hair dear hair is her name she’s wonderful amazing artist on

Twitter I highly recommend her if you like sort of my cozy story book style um your model was like one of the first ones I’ve ever done and like I’m so thankful that you’re always so sweet to me and like you promote me and stuff um

And so I did a full model update for you and she like fully like it looks not like you wouldn’t recognize me but like different okay it is like amazing gorgeous it’s clearly like an update to Moo um I was shocked when I saw it I’m

So excited to use it and like perhaps it was also cuz if she makes changes in the future like it’ll be easier for her to cuz she was like she’s like you know I’ve learned a lot since like making your model since it was the first like

Human one I did and like I wanted to update it and anyway it it’s insane I’m so thankful I couldn’t have asked for a better model artist my gosh I love love my mama so much uh and yeah so I’m incredibly happy and touched and uh yeah it’s wonderful I’m super excited

To debut it on this Tuesday I hope you all be excited too it’s like this but better a little bit better but I will always love this model I was like looking at my model I was like oh I’ll miss moo so it’ll be fun what do you all say my map looks

Like Sonic did it it does we did sorry Kyle I don’t know if you were here to see that but we did dig up the treasure there so we’re just shoving that back in there I guess we can throw it out Um one two three one two three one two one one two come on boo you’re sick but not defeated um Ben to be fair no one’s hang out with me on Valentine’s I don’t know if I made the right choice but I was like I shouldn’t do Valentine’s Day people

Might have plans you know I honestly I pretty much always take a friend out on Valentine’s Day I like I have don’t think I’ve and my mom always does stuff with me on valent day too so like I am including this year always hanging out with a friend or my mom or something

Like I like it I think it’s very nice it’s fun and I I’ve even even done that when I’ve been in relationships like I’ve end up not never hanging out with like a partner it’s just how it’s been but that’s okay it’s fun I like why is it doubled what

Huh I like being with friends on Valentine’s I like showing love to other people in my life you know it’s very sweet it’s our little mining Shack sorry that’s what I’m building here ah dirt okay there we go have you been to the nether geoshape no I haven’t not

In this one yet I’m doing well Hoy is the high equivalent Dutch [ __ ] yeah [ __ ] I knew it I knew it hi spaghetto we’re learning every day I just couldn’t remember what language or culture said Hoy I was going to say Vietnamese and I was like no I

Literally recently reviewed that it was Chow in Vietnamese Chow I’m not saying that right it’s not like Italian Chow but it’s similar and that’s how I often remember it gosh anyway I just like learning little greeting and stuff from around the world cuz I’m so lucky to have such a like

Um culturally is that the right word I have such a like International audience it’s really fun weirdly a lot from Australia which I wasn’t expecting that was like not a huh I didn’t think this through place I expected to have so much I think we make these walls so that they

Don’t look so weird that’s where we do this and then put a lamp here okay sorry I was just thinking it through dear here is goated happy at the gym on the 14th Jeffy that’s okay spend some gym time hang out with the homies love comes when it comes we could

Be friends Mo Ben we could be oh I get it now sorry that was good Ben Baboo hello welcome to stream also someone else fact fact fiend 1000 ASMR hello welcome to the stream I’m going to call you fact from now on you never been on Valentine’s Day Gio take a friend

Honestly uh shent who is in my server is a good friend of mine and we went on a Valentine’s date one of my best Valentine’s memories was with her and that was four years ago maybe we happen to be we you know we often struggle to live in

The same place nowadays but we were living in the same place and we went out to a movie and dinner and and it was just very fun and we vlogged the whole thing we never did anything with the Vlog but we just did it for our own sake

And now we can look back on the video very happy the PTC evokes emotions with Mo unconsciously it’s very true Ben I always feel stress building a mine never relaxedly built a mine wait is this for there moo Only Knows fear when it comes to mins there we

Go I think that’s how we’ll do it yeah okay cool what I’ve never been on Valentin before what do we got we do so for us we did like um yeah just movies and dinner and chatting with a friend very fun to do Namaste o o that’s fair Namaste both of

Those work aie ay aie o o oii OC gang M gone from vegan kerse cow breeder that’s me baby honestly yeah I’m must taking the wheel I said um I can’t do it anymore my fragile little heart and mindset I wish I was better at fighting zombies though that’s what I should get

Out of being um but I cannot saave off that fear on my own I try my best Shannon moon on said four years ago I know can you imagine us us fools us fools which by the way if you didn’t know uh soothing shent is a new ASM

Artist that you guys should go check out her Channel if you’re so interested she doesn’t quite focus on femdom mommydom stuff as much as I do but he’s got some fun yandry stuff oh Budd he’s on the Move he’s moving little man little man’s

Up oh and he found a new spot to lay down okay sorry I just always like to watch him fascinating little guy uh yeah so shto ASMR if you want to go check it out you found her llama oh that’s hilarious that’s awesome there you go we’re working shaft

CR Angel um that’s okay Gio you don’t have to even have a female friend it could be another male friend it’s like gender irrelevant that’s a nice thing on Valentine’s Day I just take it to me in a day of love I think I’ve also made chocolate

With with friends before cuz that’s like the traditional like Japanese thing to do which I’ve never done but I was like oh like well no I wasn’t like that my friend was like Hey I want to make chocolate it want to come over and I was

Like okay let’s try it I don’t know how it works but let’s go and it was very fun okay putting those back o I need to do some more organization here we have so many extra items here well that’s okay we can do the lava bucket Strat my friends we don’t need

Shears we’ll bring them anyway just in case no what could we need them for keep those in case you need to do underwater mining that’ll go back okay we only need two types of food let’s bring the bread and the cooked mutton okay we’re ready now wait hold on but

We’re digging our shaft out I hear the jokes now I apologizing we need ladders we need lots of ladders we are at altitude 118 so we’re going to be going like at least 200 all right we’ll start with that and then we’ll see where we’re at woo

Okay oh Jet’s so quick with it thank you for linking linking Shanel that’s awesome I’m glad somebody found it I can’t be cheating no cheating llama I accept you listening to everyone as long as you come back from my streams true llama got a point no no no

Guys you’re not cheating on me to listen to other ASM artist I want you all to have the robust fun experience online you want just come back for my streams because that makes me happy it feels like I’m actually hanging out with you guys here well I mean it’s nice to see

Your comments and stuff too I’m glad you listen to my stuff welcome back janick always kiss the homies good night Ben I swear to God it just was my lack of execution I’m telling the lava bucket stra is stra is the way to go that’s awesome janic oh do you hear the

Nose trumpet guys I’m so sorry sometimes you got to take the little winds I swear it’s really important okay we’ll put this here for now but eventually we will upgrade to a to a um uh Lantern thank you uh yeah we’ll do that side that’s fine already hey to

Brute um yeah oh I’m getting a lot of Hearts she has a mommy video I didn’t know she had a mommy video out go Cento that’s awesome uh good Babu that knows what you like it’s so dark it where you are Gio I’m sorry that

Sucks I drunk too much ben okay well I’m glad she helped you shent is a sweetie okay I uh love shanto as my pal oh yeah we got the skeleton spawner here I forgot about that nice tight tight tight tight tight okay well where did our hole go there’s our

Hole okay maybe I’ll dig out some Cobblestone I guess so we can keep the hole going down let’s finish with this one there we go oh we have an iron one excellent we’re making it one two three there we go and we continue down um 2 a.m. there okay Gio you might need

To sleep soon friend pal I use Pals all the time I’ve said Pals before mushling my pals my little buddies R numbers to oh Ben no don’t encourage people she did uh Shino always has big CIS Vibes actually I mean she’s a very caring person nope why am I doing that no oh

God sorry guys the move sniffle so real so rude about that we’re going down friends we’re doing it oh we want a straddle that’s the key to this o a skeleton we want to be aware Sho is very soothing that’s how I would describe her honestly no cheating on moo okay I mean

If you guys want to self enforce you can I’m just saying moo supports you guys and your happiness and whatever it takes to get there I’m not dealing with that [ __ ] right now oh that’s okay Gio oh the world is big but that’s okay you know what

Honestly you can also watch vods like they feel just as I’m just as happy to know people watch the vods or do whatever guys do whatever I I like you guys when you’re here you guys are sweet see you Jeffy whenever you get back oh God sorry my little eyeball okay O hiding from this skeleton woo okay we’re okay everyone we made it oh I didn’t need to do that was trying her best but it’s weak what is her best exactly o good boys J everyone’s a good boy here and girl good girls good good people good babes good mus

Is that the good gender neutral term will’ll use maybe wait so I did need to dig this out goodness Derek hello Buddy’s doing great buddy is actually sleeping in the office with me today he’s been doing it more I like cleaned didn’t redid sort of my

Office I got a new uh cabinet the Ikea calx I honestly I shouldn’t say this cuz this is not what happened but I was I got sick last Friday afternoon that’s like the day my roommate had been sick and I was like please no and we weren’t

Really even being that like I was like keeping my distance to like trying not to get sick cuz the problem is she goes out she gets sick she goes out way more than me she gets sick and then she brings a home and I always get the oh okay well this is good

Uh this is good long term I think this is how you like mine faster to get good stuff right anyway she goes out she gets sick she brings it home I get way more sick than her every single time like every time we’ve had I’ve had Co is because

She’s brought it home to me and it’s been like she’s fine and then I am like not she’s not fine okay it was it was rough for her especially the first time but like I get it worse still it’s just very frustrating where I’m like I’m not

Even going out like at least Le if I go out like at least let me get some enjoyment instead of just constantly being sick you know jck how deep we want to go I don’t know I think we go all the way deep and then we can

Like make little spaces where we want them you know that’s my thought okay we’re doing this to protect uh so budd’s doing good Derek that’s what that’s trying what I’m trying to say like a certain spontaneous stream swich your Ben I’m sorry I switch the stream Ben you’re a good little guy

Buddy I’m glad our server members are taking care of you I’m sorry moo is Moo’s got to put on her own oxyen mask first I had to get up this morning and then I was trying to figure out how sick I actually was today like it’s so

Annoying I’m definitely on the men now though thank God like I turn I flipped a switch Thursday afternoon I took a nap at like 7:00 p.m. and I woke up and I was like I’m better now I can feel that I’m getting better finally after like a

Week of just not even feeling any Improvement so that was good is that a green ore I don’t think so Jan I think it must be like a yeah it’s Vines glow cave over there glow cave we’ve got glow cave sighting on glow cave okay so that’s good we knew there was a

A okay things are getting dicey for you guys wheo I was trying to stick to bravery and talk to chat but moo feels fear okay there’s no need to be her moo we can just fully block off the dangerous places and then sort of go from there guys we’re going to stay silent

For a second while moo just fights through the scary zombie noises this for a second o we are descending into the zomboids there it is not going to deal with that today oh we’re being forced to deal with that today there they are see you know what

Would be helpful in this situation a lava bucket full of lava a don’t let him hit me we’ll fall in there and then we’ll die I’ve seen this Rodeo before moo has died this exact way okay well we made it pretty far and I’m really proud of us for

That we’re going to go back up now my bravery only knows so so much braver ISM you know we protect Who attack that’s me yeah honestly Ben I think she deserves that talking too what you up somewhere well GEOS sharp that’s an option certainly that would take 7.57k of you

Can you [ __ ] where’s my bed did I leave my bed in my house that was not smart oh no it’s night time it is fully night time okay we’re not far from the house just run back moo there we go we made it we’re good the moon mate that does make me

Laugh well I’ll adopt 7.57k Minecraft cows and see how that goes oh no Derek I’m sorry that sucks yeah good reason to work from him I end up taking this whole week off work which is a lot of sick time but uh Monday I was supposed to be in office but I think

I’m going to be working from home but going to work I do protect and I do attack Kyle I’m trying my best Jen that’s the kind of comfort stream I really do need okay babo is just the brat kind we’re learning we’re learning hi po I’m feeling better not

Great I’m having some I only see I see this on like doctor shows they say comorbidities and I’m having comorbidities with my illness which is that my eyeballs freaking out right now and my uh hands are flaring up and getting a little sore but that’s okay we are getting better and that’s what

Really does matter I can feel progress unfortunately no asmrs today because I knew I’d be too Sneezy and sniffly and yeah you got to know your limits and we got to feed the cows we’re trying to do Minecraft and be brave honestly we need a lava bucket everyone

Tells me I don’t need a lava bucket we need a [ __ ] lava bucket I’m telling you guys they’re useful moose PC would just explode oh yeah 7,000 cows that I’ve name tagged every single one of them crazy you’re enjoying the Moose oh good yeah thanks po po I saw you

Streaming cult the other day I’m sorry I didn’t chat I meant to chat but I was like busy and I was like no I want to chat and then I sort of tuned in then I went away but I’m excited you’re playing it and you’re so much better and farther

Ahead than me I also probably shouldn’t watch and get spoilers because I’m enjoying the discovery process Goodness okay now what do we do team what is the most important things I think we have to go get diamonds SL iron cuz we need armor and then just slowly keep growing the cows I think that’s it I think we just pelm until we have all the items we need

Right should we explore what should we do h no let’s go get lava I think that’s oh I feel like this is an insane Choice I’m making I know DK it’s just a weird it’s just a weird little cold I’ve got but thank you for believing in me and wishing me well

I appreciate you all take care your sck girlone a that’s what I was thinking jck honestly it might happen cuz I was able to I have this like nasal spray so yesterday it was so funny because it was like I have to record the ASMR that’s coming out

After this stream today and it’s coming out with like a patreon and YouTube Like You Youtube gets like the beginning before it gets super runchy and then patreon gets obviously the full extension um but uh what happened gosh what am I trying to say hey okay what if we’re just going to

Like Jack up what we can see just so we can see if we can find any lava um I literally had to have like this process of like I walked my I walked buddy because for some reason being outside is really helping my nose and

Then I came back oh no and I took a shower I took a shower because the steam helps like un stuff my nose and then I use this nasal spray that just freaking dries it out and then I recorded and that’s how I basically was able to be

Like now I’ve got a clear enough sound for recording huzzah hello lava I’m looking for you where are You you’re not having a lot of luck with my friends yeah truly goom that was very funny you’re like police comment and then I immediately my video got 18 plused by the way the only reason my videos ever get 18 plus is because of the thumbnails hilariously YouTube Just

Struggles with my uh large cleavage and I can tell that like I basically I think they just think when the boob breast gets like too big boob um that they assume there must be like a nipple on there and I’m like no no there’s no nipple I hit it

Intentionally clearly but okay if you want to think that there is then I will reverse the struggle hey buddy buddy got up and moved so buddy still alive Derek good news but anyway recording to take care of your sick girlfriend listen if I’m still sniffly to this afternoon or

Tomorrow that’s what I’m goingon to do because I need to record some more today got to get ahead of this week and next week and we got some fun Valentine’s I want to do a little fun Valentine audio and yeah oh you mapped with the main content po congratulations that’s awesome like

For that PO goom ma boob mu boob I know right it’s crazy also I mean I’m still I’m going to be bitter forever about the ear ear looking content like so many people use it and then I can’t for some reason and I mean I know it’s like not not the

Most I don’t know I guess I’ve now seen more comments online where people are like making fun of it like uh like oh it’s not like the most uh thought through ASMR content but I’m like I think it can be part of a fun audio we’ve got the lava

Babies babies why did I say that babes we’ve got we’ve got the we’ve got the we got the goods my fave what aite for Sora mu eyes hell yeah now I fall into the lava and die and that’s how we end this round is that a wait is that a village Village I think I see a village let’s go V visit it okay let’s just east west okay so we got to go straight west from whatever this Villages oo we’re not going down there now that looks like a lot of trouble should we use the Minecraft villager message method should we it

Just seems so weird wait what am I going the wrong way I think this is the way I wanted to go no that’s a lava so I wanted to go this way there we go yes oh God the lava hold on we got to go be uh Paw Patrol in the forest or

Something oh God it’s everywhere the fire the fire oh dear okay it’s only one tree great googly you stop that okay we got to remove our uh video settings here lay too high bye Gio have a great rest of your day too much upset the city oh dab on it go

Exactly free the nipple okay I’m not crazy I know that’s not happening anytime soon but for God’s sake I see so much [ __ ] out there then yall hating on the big boobas I can’t help it that thing is natural okay we may have saved the nation our good

Work okay well we should probably take down this tree they hting on me that’s true Ben you tell them I don’t want to fall into the lava while I cut this down I don’t have a water bucket on me OMG okay move save the forest that’s my goal that’s my job

Here and I think I came from that direction so we’re go in this direction okay there we go let’s hope moose killing trees I am Gio okay it’s a des part of forest maintenance holy moly holy moly weapon actually prescribed burns are part of um oh my God protecting against

Deforestation is there a lot of lava here is that why I’m getting confused because there’s multiple little Lava Pits there are multiple little Lava Pits but I think the last one was the one I saw question mark I’m lost guys I I think I have to admit now I’ve gotten

Lost I’ve gotten myself lost oh dear but I don’t think we saw that before so it’s probably but is there a village I saw was I correct oh dear moo is confuzzled my friends I’m confuzzled one second holy moly what Ben I want to know

I W to know can you show me I want to know about the people like me Strangers Like Me sorry what am I saying the whole point of it it’s Tarzan okay I feel like this isn’t the direction we came from we’re also not seeing a village so I was wrong on that

Count oh God o moo you really wristed for the bed there girl really no Villages anywhere hi mules or or donkeys okay that’s okay Ben you don’t have to help me I just need to survive moo can’t stop won’t stop making it forward in life wow just really a open plane here

Oh more jungle this is the most jungly seed I’ve ever seen hey we got some iron good heck yeah huh well we’re back at jungle goodness what do a girl got to do to get a village around here I should have written down the coordinates do we write down the

Accordance of our house I feel like I did I wrote something down in my planner for this I’m really frolicking I am frolicking you know what Ben sometimes you just got to get a good Frolic in to feel better I’m going to be nose trumpeting I’m going to be nose trumpeting with a

Little Frolic in my step that’s what we’re doing let’s increase our render distance for moment feeling we get lost I like how tired that sounds just like I had a feeling we get lost moo okay hold on let’s just check let’s just check where did I put my planner hold on

I specifically have a planner dedicated to streaming yeah there it is okay I did write it down -22 1664 okay that’s good so we can always get back so we don’t have to worry too much we can worry a little Kyle we’re not lost just wandering without a purpose and I think

That sounds lovely don’t you sounds a little romantic just a little bit fun you know that’s just what I’m saying why am I stuck here there we go we’re doing it we’re exploring what direction is home I don’t know yet but if I F3 it I’m sure I can figure it out

Janic 22 wait- 2222 16 60 we’d have to check out the little oh a village we found a village we found a village this is exciting and I will write this down too so we have all these coordinates in our little book of Wonders that way wouldn’t needed we can come back Whoa

Man I feel so slow oh yeah your I love that that was good I like it honestly guys I didn’t encourage like a mod fight over like uh Discord drops but they’ve all kind of taken as a challenge to make little witty ones like meow started

Doing and goom and Jets have been given a good laugh watching them happen go mods you’re lost with moo baby it’s okay I’ll take care of you God I wish I could s more convincing oh Buddy’s on the Move Ione hear his little shiver there he’s staring out the window of my

Office it’s like a it’s like a I have a door to the balcony on the other side of the office ooh wow we should explore here a little if we get some stock might we can grow more lava you can get lost as well Ben we’re all getting lost together going on a

Road trip homies get in the Car a zombie oh zombie failed oo nice where’s the skeleton I’m just making sure there’s stuff underneath the gravel so it won’t like fall away if we do something okay where is that iron there we go he did he did give you a bark for Bingo goom you can take that buddy

Contempla life he buddy you okay hold on one second I have to help him budy come here sweetie it’s okay he gets confused walking around and he’s overwhelmed by butd it’s okay sweetie he’s got to this new thing where he sits underneath my roommates or he just stands underneath my roommate’s

Chair looking at me and I’m not sure what it means oh it’s a zombie I can take you from The High Ground because we’re going to get him guys I promise they say the lava Strat doesn’t work ah am I perhaps the next wave of Minecraft man hunt winners oh

God see protecting us before we even know we need protection he gets lost in his own house a lot but to be fair of that I think he has more dementia than you do good job buddy okay he’s found his bed he figured it out he’s pondering lost the moon needs

Penin penicillin I desperately do Kyle I need to be disinfected fully my herbs and puses just aren’t cutting it at this point it’s gone so bad I’m usually pretty strict about like I encourage everyone sorry where did they get us from we’ve been attacked but from where underneath us maybe I don’t know

There there she blows chiefy welcome to stream hello hello love Str is op CHP I’m glad you know that oh no Bud’s up okay ha see I’m telling you guys see this is the moment it’s okay it’s good in these moments maybe not an active combat maybe that’s where I was sort of

Failing I will say i s oh I try my best I try my best it’s just not the best oh but I do it I do it I’m making it I’m making it but he figured out where to sleep I figured out how to survive with the lava Strat we are all No do we go down there it could be nice to light up zombie zombie I don’t know where but there’s a zombie oh goodness okay let’s just continue getting this iron guys we can do this we can do this we can do this we can do this we can do this

Okay no no chiefy Believes In Me don’t you chiefy lava wall very simple effective yes see chiefy knows chiefy gets it back to the surface there the village and everything it’s true Kyle I don’t know why I’m doing this I’m just when I see Iron I’m like I’ve got to get

It the iron is important no a baby zombie my arch nemesis get in the water get in the water where where is it okay it’s okay we’ve made it we’re alive okay we’re back you know what we had enough of Adventure caving I think we deserve to have some armor before we

Go back to caving tbh and now we have a village with which oh jeez Louise oh God oh God God these cracks really do be making me nervous never have I seen something so Beau beautiful where are the villagers okay there’s good they’re all dead or like worse I’ll stumble into a zombie village I mean usually they’re all dead anyway okay do we make our armor here

Guys do we make our armor here I don’t know why that makes me laugh so much it gives the Vibes of like anything worse than a rapist a child no oh goodness we’re making it we’re on the surface everyone we’re on the surface we’re alive look at all this wheat

Beaten bread for days love me a good Carb boo you have a Fletcher by chance oh they got the armor guy we do not need seeds bread for days bread for days Ben we’re eating bread we’re eating good we got carbs baby one little potion guys maybe I take his little potion thing it’s not like he’ll use it for anything

Good oh jeez L blue blue okay we should eat eating eating eating scared uh what do we do guys okay do we do oh I was trying to get away from villager Strat I love carbs oh no Ben are you not allowed to have carbs on your diet

Recently I’m sorry if that is the case what do we do what do we do do we do it do we make use of them okay first off we write them down in the Great Book of moo my pen that’s an O2 M gron this is 780 177 Village 780 17

17 there we go I wish I was bread Ben these are funny don’t worry bed Ben Bren bed Jesus great googly my brain it’s doing its best but it’s not a lot oh jeez the Great Book of moo the book of yes Kyle the book of Morman you

Guys like that musical I need to do I hope I can do an I need to do Um musical theater car JY soon not that I’d really sing anything from that but that uh show I’m not sure the show I have a ton of songs that would be appropriate for me in but yeah I don’t know I just feel like wandering but we should probably go back

Home and continue working on things this is like how moo dies why am I doing this I have no armor why am I doing this to myself I’m leaving I’m leaving I’m leaving yeah lava bucket it’s true janic and with lava bucket I feel no fear I feel none

At all only safety warmth the glow of Eternal fire you want to hear the alphabet like no we didn’t Kyle have you seen my one horror stream parasocial that I played I had to bring Meo in for the second stream I was so afraid and there’s literally I spent an hour on a

Puzzle that should have taken 10 minutes because I’m too afraid to literally think it was absolutely horrible like oh God I lost years off my life in that whole experience it was terrifying oh it was very okay good Kyle I’m glad you liked it me in tears Kyle entertained to

Be fair I understand completely I think those are fun streams you know if you want to watch someone a fun stream of someone being scared um Hollow Stars they’re now graduated but there’s a stream on mag’s Channel they kept their streams up right did they I can’t remember where he

Plays um Mor Mor Mortuary assistant do they keep their streams up let me see yes he plays Mortuary assistant and um Vesper helps him and like I remember there’s this moment and like you’re supposed to see a scary scene and like something else supposed to happen but he had such good reflexes

Cuz he was so terrified like I am that he literally ran away before like the horrible horror thing could happen and like people were laughing that it just never got to happen with him anyway that’s who I am that’s me Ki stream moo you want

Me oh yes in the K stream sure Ben I’ll sing you the alphabet song like a b c d e FG like that one Ben that’s what you want to see me flustered that’s that’s fair Kyle yeah I’m like I’m always like I hope they don’t mind that you know

Like stream moo is a lot more chill obviously no one can be like fullon intense dmy mommy all the time that’s not possible no no human is that uh I don’t if one side is the word but like consistent we’re all just a lot more complex than

Anything no I don’t know there’s a song called alphabet or by group called alphabet which one is it can’t remember what it is no Buddy’s on the move oh God give me one sec friend buddy wants to leave the office door one moment come here bud the model

Goodness okay you get your ABCs Ben literally that goom that is how I survive I’m not even in the house because the moment something scary happens I’m like nuh [ __ ] this [ __ ] I’m out you know I don’t believe in Supernatural things or like astrology or any of that [ __ ] but I

Also see Zero reason to tempt it you feel okay should we do villager Strat ow we need some uh thingies janic good good yeah most likely doesn’t exist but we also don’t need to tempt fate you know there’s plenty of non- haunted places we could

Be every day every day we could choose a non- haunted place to exist but we don’t well I do okay can’t see [ __ ] down here but we trying our best let’s just pray one of these ends up giving us the good Goods nope that’s sand just need we got one

We did not get a second okay so let us head over this way oh we’re getting buried who was going to sneeze again no I might have scared it away okay I’m alive I’m still breathing I’m still breathing I don’t know if the villag would be happy to be my slaves I feel

Like you guys might be imposing your own beliefs but if it works for me I might as well stick with it oh why is it so much clearer here surely I’ve picked up a flint by now there’s got to be a flint somewhere on the surface

Here give me a flint I just need one more gosh I didn’t think this process would be so difficult this was supposed to be an easy quick little dive Expedition door ah why am I like this move who are you what are you doing girl get it together this isn’t how you

Want to die I’m sorry my maneuver abilities underwater weren’t great okay we’re here give me a flicking Flint All I’ve Ever Wanted all I’ve ever wanted this is my home no thoughts head empty we’re on to our last shovel just doing our best just trying to get a flint

Literally all mu want is a flint okay well I’m going to say we’re going to go look somewhere else I’m looking for a flint that’s all I wanted two flints so we could make a little archery guy I just thought it’d be nice to set up an Archer

Here archery guy so that we could you know trade for emeralds and instead have so far only suffered oh one second goodness goodness friends yeah I’m not I I promise moo is not an optimal gamer but I was not like I don’t know what if I just like dig

Around and hope that a treasure shows up here type guy can’t Archer yeah Archer Fletcher Fletcher that’s what I’m looking for that’s the word Fletcher I’d like to set up a Fletcher y all seeing any we’re looking for that gravel this is my home my father brother Mother gravel more gravel excellent we need one single FL guys and then we’re free oh that are you burning we have so much gravel and we have one Flint yeah Fletcher that’s the word janic sorry I wasn’t being very clear I understand that we got it okay okay it only took us

A little longer than we expected now we can set up in this Village a little bit just a little just test out just do a little we Old Village setup just for fun it’s dark it’s dark it’s dark it’s dark it’s dark we’re asleep now we’re

Safe hey ABB I’m GNA have to give you guys a lot of nicknames with your weird not weird maybe a little uh sensual for stream but that’s okay nicknames you and BB you’re AB ABD ooh I feel like that stands for something worse just had at the had repeat the are you

Serious I did not know that Ben that’s really cool to know well that’s good I’ll use that in future epic hello welcome to stream by the way I did not know that at all I am learning that isn’t oh don’t hurt me is he going to hurt me I don’t think he

Will it is daylight Mr spider wait where’ The Village go how did I do this abdt we’re just calling you abandoned what am I saying silly Billy moooo that’s me just a silly lady doing my silly little things where the hell did our [ __ ] Village go how did I lose them so

Swiftly all right friends we’re going home back to the land from Once We Came we’ve seen a village and that was all I needed to know that oh wait we found the village that’s our village right unless we found another Village which is not impossible no I think this is the same

Village oh I’m losing Nosa sniffily I did I did danic I wasn’t that silly I think my friends I’m going to end stream soon is okay we get someone on the Fletcher ring and then we end stream is what I’m thinking it’s not cuz I don’t love hang

Out with you it’s because my nose is just driving me nuts and my eyeballs driving me nuts and it’s just not great for stream that’s me man I WR down the cords I’m sorry llama but I do promise the good news is that at 2 p.m we have a new audio coming

Out it’s not because I don’t like you guys I love streaming with you guys I’m actually really sad because I want to stream more so tentatively next week we’re having a surprise late night Monday stream 8:00 P.M EST don’t know how good that is for our European

Friends probably [ __ ] oh God that sucks um but I’m going to be trying to pel Mell my way through some of um what do you call it outer Wilds oh I’m sorry well it’s more like a breakfast stream then oh Epic no no okay we’ll keep going for a bit we’ll keep

Going for a bit I’m going to see if the health gets bad I might just it just might be abrupt ending I try to ease you guys into my endings cuz I know what makes you sad I’m sorry but we’ll see I’ll see how long I can this is

Okay we got to get this for all our stuff oh no Jets oh no Jets oh Jets I mean oh God have I gotten better flying yet po what is better really in the scheme of things you know what does that mean what would we say better is

Exactly I’m certainly not worse at it I think I’m getting better it’s small increments though you know okay hold on one second moo has to pause and blow her nose how do I mute this there we go Mo moo muted to blow her nose she’s blown her nose she’s feeling a little

Better thank you LL I promise I’m not just ending stream like that I would never just mute and then disappear unless it was an emergency okay if that happens you know I did I muted guys I said I was muted to blow my nose it’s okay be take two sleeves oh no

Jess oh I’m sorry I appreciate you coming Jets oh goodness we’re going to learn we’re going to learn we’re going to fly better this time maybe hopefully no nose blow ASMR I’ve got a Trum trumpet and everything it’s not very attractive I got to maintain the Mirage guys I know what you’re here

For Moon never makes unattractive sounds in her life he’s going to do it he’s going to do it we got our Fletcher we got our Fletcher he’s coming in hot he’s coming in hot he’s taking it and he gives us sticks hell yeah brother oh villager Strat I’ve missed you

So maybe we should move in here maybe we should I’m just saying maybe we could maybe we could be with the village and not be so alone just enjoy stonks a cry biking I never Le to run a bike in first place oh bye Derek thank

You I hope you all have a wonderful week I mean I’m actually planning to stream on Monday again so I’ll see you all again soon Monday Tuesday stream plus then NE Thursday Friday stream I’m still figured out spicy food I should do that oh my sex well I’ll take that in

Revisement Derek thank you bye okay we got to go that’s exactly it goom goodness stons we’re just cutting down trees to make the village nicer we could just revamp this Village we could just make it all nice like I do literally every time it could be lovely this is my Home oh come on we’re doing it guys we’re doing it we’re going to cut down a tree you and me I’m writing songs they’re not too long about Minecraft yeah maybe that’s it maybe it’s like vacation home and this is the main house Kyle jck you can’t make me build up no

One can make me build up I refuse to be defined by society’s rules and Laws I will do it I’ll try and do it for you guys oh I didn’t mean to do that but whatever ah okay goodness great Googly okay there we go so we’re growing this guy and that means we also need to get a weapon or we need our um armor Smith guy no weapon Smith weapon Smith is the way to start and I think they actually have a blast furnace here because I

Think I saw the guy with the eye patch I don’t know oh we’re using a Shader which I think I mentioned to you all but those you don’t are new to this stream or whatever Canal V2 goo maybe we do it though what if we did do it doesn’t it

Sound nice doesn’t it sound like it could be fun maybe we should I think you’re right goom don’t keep twisting my arm goom of course we should you’re right oh I can’t say no to a mod okay guys I think we have to move in I’m so

Sorry there’s no other choice it’s just so much nicer when there’s little guys here okay we will have to make a trip back to the house for all the good items we have there but for now you don’t have to start out I know I don’t Kyle but also it feels like we

Need to feel that sort of stress the I just want to be able to I maybe I should try and like maybe I do like a survival world maybe after this death if I die we switch to a survival world for a bit we try and beat the world in

Survival and then we maybe start hardcore again and see how we can do what about that how does that feel to us true to our spirit true to our joy because I think seeing moo beat this would already be pretty impressive for moo obviously that’s good that’s good maybe

I’m doing it maybe that’s what we do there any cows here oo whenever I see a thing like this I just can’t help but hanga why you really just sit there’s no buoyancy whatsoever I’m always pressing up the moment I jump into water so I guess

I Jacob Holy H okay Jacob who seems to know how to play Minecraft says that like one of the best way to get mine is underwater oh I hear zombies I think we found the zombies we’re leaving help moo come on you are the help you got this

Buddy [ __ ] this is a death I don’t think I got this in me okay come on moo come on you can do this come on is he Frozen is the game Frozen is he just stuck come on moo get in a jump hit oh come on this is what did we do

It we did it we did it we did it I’m sorry that was so ineffective to the highest amount the genuine fear I felt everyone I couldn’t see you guys are too nice to me this looks bad hi exia welcome to stream do we die or still world five

Jeffy still world is this world five or world four one we lost in two episodes two we stayed in for a while three we died almost immediately and then four this is four this is four is it night upstairs it is we did it we did it I’m so sorry

Jeffy there was a zombie it was complicated because I couldn’t get back out of my hole and this all happened cuz moo got overconfident about the freaking iron moo you numpty I made you yawn oh I’m sorry did I yawn oh no our iron come back oh no you almost died for that

Piece still not out of the woods yet you’re right I shouldn’t say anything the i i scrumped SPH that makes me laugh I scrumped with her look at all the iron we’re getting guys this is good we’re going to need it later because you have to trade it with

The Villagers that’s why I have this like intense fear of losing iron I feel like it’s the most important thing it’s not technically but it’s pretty important yeah that was real Panic guys I cannot express how real that Panic was I tried to sort of like help myself by

Being like it’s okay moo if you die and then okay we’re just leaving that one just go back to service Kyle we’re going back we’re going back Kyle Kyle we have to be brave we have to get braver we have to learn how to fight

Things okay but I will say part of the issue is that we’re very fragile right now cuz we have Zero armor on and I think I think we’ll all feel better once we have full diamond armor and that’s why I think trading with villagers is the right way thank

You for coming to my Ted Talk on why you guys should let me move back into a village which you never prevented me from but moo decided she would be different and she’s regretting that choice now no I don’t Kyle oh goodness okay okay okay look at

All that look at all this iron we got four pieces was that four pieces I just put in there well not as much iron as I might dep but that’s okay we have like no Cobblestone goodness oh all four pie H hello welcome to stream all four pieces of art we worked

Really hard for those oh goodness great googly okay I think I need to find there’s got to be some sort of like little Cobblestone exposed area in this Village right my nose one second we’ll just find the Cobblestone here sh three World [ __ ] off Canal V2 cough cough goom will make the canal

It’s going to happen I think we’re going to be slightly less ambitious about how deep it has has to be well I’ll think on it or we’ll find a similar project cuz the thing with the canal is it had to match with the natural architecture you

Know oh God skeleton already I’d like a break please Moo’s been very brave today I think she’s adventuring finding villages finding out that she actually wrote down the coordinates cuz she has learned and improved no but the glow cave was over by our jungle Place listen if we could

Just just get the armor that would be nice if we could get all our stuff here that would be really useful and they’re not technically that far we could build a train between my house in here look at all that look at all that iron we got good job good job moo okay

Now oh we need two iron because dud oh no we need more but we need more okay m is working through in her head we needed iron so we could make that but we also need wood so we can make that so that we could have the guy who does the

Thing are you guys clear on what we’re doing now Janik why would we make our armor and waste our iron resources when soon we’ll be able to get it for basically one Emerald each from that guy real life sounds cool right exium see we’re making cool projects for the

World we’re coming up with stuff we’re fun we’re fun we’re interesting we’re cool we keep it tight give me that Tree there we go no janic janic you know I’m teasing you right you’re saying the reasonable thing I’m the one saying the foolish thing this is Moo’s very insane way of playing Minecraft it is not at all normal I’ve also been told it’s very clear I started Minecraft after the Villager [Laughter]

Update and also I did start Minecraft pretty late like four years ago five years ago maybe which is late for Minecraft come here villagers one of you must want this position I will take all your jobs away from you what oh we’re missing our shovel that’s what’s happening uhuh sorry man not needed

Right now we’ll get to the weapons later oh bye Kyle thanks for coming coming today it was fun having you here lava bucket strats oh no I’m going to steeze again oh God did we get him we did get him yay come back Kyle no believe if you believe if you Believe oh no we over ordered whatever you do that’s me baby okay give me one second guys I got to mute and blow my nose again H we’re muting okay I’m going to be muted for a second it’s cuz I’m blowing my nose promise okay I’m just telling you so you’re not surprised

Again I didn’t leave I’m back B I’m back times 136 okay the new audio comes out at 2 that’s what I scheduled it for no I don’t need you where is your brethren I need to make more boxes all of these require wood which we could be using for other useful things such

As this is the box of unwanted things CU soon we’re going to be moving past these baby get into that good [ __ ] that good iron [ __ ] and then that good Diamond [ __ ] I’m sure there must be yeah there we go H sorry apologies friends 24 minutes

Ben uh such as wait JX such as what my Cal risks every day it’s a calculated risk when moo exists am I doing oh bacon pancakes bacon bacon pancakes I having no object somewhere go I also like that actually that’s very funny moo I can’t see you I

Can never like just not be on my stream I can never not have my model on stream because you all like run around like little confused Ducks screaming okay see this is what we need the iron for yeah there’s going to be new audio I mean Ben this is not really a night

Night audio you know I’ve been kind of I made new playlists on my channel and I’m doing like a comfy and a spicy one today’s is a spicy one so I don’t know if it’s best for sleep but I mean certainly you can try uh yeah oh

Goodness where did our guy go come back come back who are you you give us Redstone that’s nice if we ever didn’t want to mine live that life where’s Mr goggles where’ he go okay I think I’m going to sneeze again yay spicy audio I will go night

Night yeah it’ll be that kind of night night trying to get that discount yeah I think we’re going to get iron items oh [ __ ] you kidding me man all right well we got a little shovel it goes hard yeah it does go hard guys I really was

Working on my audio editing skills for that one I hope you’ll like it I had fun with it I always have fun with my audios guys promise my audios come from the heart man they are stuff I think of haha I wish someone stuff my face with Pepper please I need to

Decongest one second I got to be for a second okay we back don’t worry musings it was only for a moment hopefully your object impermanence didn’t kicking I want to write little comics about you guys now I turn around to like do something at the Druid Grove and you’re

All like where’s the moon no that’s cute no I’m back B I’m back was only for a moment okay what do I need to do I need to get more trees so I can get more stuff so I can get more other stuff that’s how it works doesn’t it okay I

Want to clear out all the trees that are like in the village so to speak you know if we’re they’re going to be a village tree we’re going going to put them in for for specifically I’m sorry it was a long moment but exid I’m I’m back buddy you

Survived I’m really excited for this Arc to be done I was so excited we set out it was such a great start to February I was like I’m back you know being home has been such a pain on like trying to content create now we’re back and it’s

All good Wham sick and I’ve been pushing through it but it’s just such aain oh I was telling the story earlier and I didn’t finish it but I literally kind of blame my new I got an Ikea calx that’s what I installed in my office to store stuff and I was literally Friday

Afternoon I got sick and then Saturday did we stream or did I cancel I think I I think we streamed and I had to like be like no it’s not this Minecraft ismr I’ve been trying to do for like three weeks now it’ll be three weeks next

Week I was like we’re not doing that well I’m all sniffly but I was like okay like I’ll be better and then Sunday I was like oh I’m getting better this is good and I really pushed myself and made myself assemble this Ikea cix and like

Do all this organization a to get stuff into it and I and I was like a little bit like cold sweaty while doing it and like I was like maybe this is a little much for me to be doing today but anyway we have made it so

Far and I just think I blame the CX cuz I’m like that was it I pushed myself too hard and then I downed myself for the rest of the week I don’t think that’s true I think uh this is obviously not a great sickness or else I wouldn’t be this bad

Today it’s wheelie wheelie sticking around on me but we’re getting there and I’m praying okay we’re getting the emeralds getting the emeralds they’ve reduced in price are we really out of emeralds already we need more trees absolute unit thanks go I’m trying to be I wish my health are

Better I’m usually healthier okay this is more proof that Moon needs to really work out eat healthy eat really good so she’s got a super immune system this spring that’s sort of my other spring goal other than like maintain the channel keep doing awesome things because I’m having so much fun with it

Commit to it all but also I need to work out I need to eat real healthy eating healthy I I’m too too bad actually the thing with vegans you just have to make sure you don’t go all carb and you are getting lots of veggies

In yeah and I need a nap I’m going to go nap after this stream probably guys that’ll probably be how I spend some time healing I’ve been trying to sleep a lot gosh see I’m still tired even though I sleep a lot of hours

Yesterday I like woke up at like 9 to 10 and then I was like you know what I’m just going back to bed and I slept till 1 because cuz Thursday night was the first time I took a nap and I woke up and I was like I’m doing better I can

Tell I’m doing a little bit better and I really am I cannot express how congested I was no don’t ywn with me I’m sorry Jan I don’t mean to be doing this I know Ben I know it’s like 4:00 a.m. your time I’m

Sorry I’m so sorry man uh I wish I had a better time for Aussies eat healthy long you time it’s a peaceful life that’s a beautiful life Jeffy one that sounds very good for the health I could use use that right now all right man give me the emeralds I’m shaking you

Up give me your little magic sticks man okay we are so close we are almost there my friends we are but two emeralds away from success and having our first Diamond Tool unlocked hopefully let’s pray one of these bad boys an Axxe go to the tree come On we’re doing it guys we’re doing it we’re doing it we’re going to at least get to some good uh tools and then next week we focus on our armor and then once we have that we’re cooking with gas ass so to speak and we can sort of make it a slow

Double project okay I did really want to actually try and what’s the best way to farm Endermen so that we can do it yes I’ve been doing lots of herbal tea I do need more fresh air the fresh air is good every time I walk buddy I

Feel better so I’m thinking I’ll keep doing that the food of been eating is not been terrible but I could keep eating healthy healthier really trying to get in those spinach and other thingies that are supposed to be good for you in there’s our little villager stand there it is

Wooho guys how would you feel if I had like surprise streams I’m kind of debating doing more I I don’t often have time for it but sometimes there’s a day where I’m like oh I have time suddenly what if I streamed to be fair a lot of the

Time I just took that time to record and I’m going to try and do that that today but I’m going to take a nap after this then we’ll see okay we’ve done it we’ve done it where are we at now oh hell yeah it’s far out of our

Reach but it exists Ben no surprise streams then I get it it would be too rough on the Australians I am using the uh tissues Jeffy s they’re not secret Jeffy surprise okay Ben I’m going to try as much as possible not to make that happen

Also Ben what is a good time for me to stream for you like Australians in general CU I know it’s not just you though I don’t know if myth hangs out in many streams now so in my head you were the main ones we also have goom though goom and you are

In the same time zone right goom you’re in the same time zone as Ben the path is clear be healthy it’s a secr before it’s a surprise that makes me laugh exium oh cackle guys that was the cackle that’s uh on the Bingo if you need

It gum Gamba I don’t know what Gamba Gamba gambling is that a reference or is it like a language thing goom teach us how to say hello in tongen wait does I assume tongen probably has its own language gambling okay hold on the nose needed readjusting

So it wouldn’t be too bad okay we’re muting I’ll be back soon mushling just clumb together and hide from scary things with sharp teeth good job little mushling you all did so well while I was gone I’m so proud of you you screamed but you maintained [Laughter] formation good job

Everybody I feel like Miss Frizzle oh goodness who’s this that just appeared it’s me it’s me one second guys sorry the boo eyeball is also leaking it’s just been a rough morning apparently it’s the morning that’s worse but I’m back you all did so well Moon’s back

Yay you guys are funny you guys make me laugh I’m happy I need a commission we need a commission an official M uh mushling design come on no we are so far from that okay well we’re working on we’re getting there b show such a great show love that

Show is there any um what other sort of we need a better tree type ACAA are not the one I want to be cutting like this how do we freaking find some spruce okay what if we just well first off slept I loved your design Ben I sorry

Ben I loved your design and we’re going to probably go with your design but I was also going To how does that mow is it like pronounced as it’s written out goom mow L mow L mow L feel like that’s wrong but I’ll make you I’ll make you show it to me in uh Discord maybe but yeah cool okay that’s another one so we’ve got Hoy Meo L mow Meo

L l meow anyway Ben we’re going to use your design like roughly probably I think that’s my planish and then uh my l me m cool I hope that sounds okay I’ll look it up after this stream I’m sure I can find it or mow Mala

Mow this didn’t give me of a few Point as I thought I would get what if we try this everything the light touches Simba Simba oh okay God damn it more jungle I’ve never thought jungle is so rare that I never thought there’d be a time when I’d be like I hate seeing

Jungle but goodness this seed is just only jungle H goodness is that more Forest back there I think there is more more Forest back there that’s a good sign maybe we head in that direction and see if we can find some spruce trees or something oh I understand you Jeffy

That’s why I was like it’s going to be so nice when I do a Minecraft because what I’m going to do well I might find like a lowii beat for this and it’ll just be like the ASMR cuz like do you ever guys do you guys ever watch the

Minecraft long plays and then I’ll talk gently into your ears but we’ll like just be playing Minecraft and having fun we also won’t do anything too scary so yeah it’ll be good maybe we’ll do peaceful Minecraft or we could do this and we just I just commit to not doing anything too

Scary hav deci Eda Spruce is winter B it is ayum which means it’s very hard for us to find I know goom right just a little gentle it would be so nice that’s what I want to give you guys but the sniffles like I know tonight I’m like I have

To IR pause so often like it just wouldn’t makes sense I could really do with a regular water bucket that’s okay zombie would be interesting yeah we just have to avoid the zombies okay maybe we do peaceful maybe I like prepare I could like prepare a world like go get the

Yeah maybe we do a peaceful okay heavy breathing that’s what it would be honestly we could do that just for like a fun like shits and giggles thing po like here we are facing the scary entity and I want you to know you’re safe with me me and I’m safe with you

Which is something I have to remind myself of because this isn’t real even though I want to cry do that that’ll be very funny goodness shaky cry softly like I’m really having such a great time with you all we’re calm we’re safe yeah that makes me laugh Jeffy just

Whispering to you guys but also me we’re also gonna do a uh okay that’s I want to add more zatu Don I haven’t done too many zatu Don okay I’ve been sick I have to come on moo you know why you’ve done this you you think through your schedule

Every week and then you say look this is what I can handle right now we haven’t been doing too many zons because they take a little more brain power from moo and moo is like at a alltime low right now but she wants to keep streaming because you guys like

Hang out with me and I like hang out with you even if I’m not full capacity so um yeah we’re going to do some zons maybe end of next week I mean our karaoke and stuff on February 13th will be kind of zatsu okay so don’t worry

About it like we’ll be able to chat and karaoke and chill and I get to show off my new model well not new model but like a model update again same model generally just a little updated okay friends we are on our way to the good cold biomes hopefully I think Mo needs

To call it quits here we are 5 minutes away from an audio release that will hopefully carry you through the the tough the tough moment of my departure I wanted to tell you all you bring me joy every day I’m here I’m so happy to be streaming I’m so happy to have this

Channel with you all so thank you thank you for coming to stream um I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day Ben please sleep well goodbye my sweet sweet friends oh you know what hold on I’m going to say my goodbyes to you all but

First we are going to to redirect I’ve been wanting to get into this uh Habit and I didn’t do it last time when I said I would so I’m going to try and do it now gosh view your channel how do I do this again I click

Here I click go live there’s the Discord Jess is telling you it was a good stream it was good times my friends oh analytics viewer activity gosh I forget already it’s not it’s not at all intuitive I’m so glad yay chibi I’m glad you could join us it’s always fun when

You’re here live I’m always very excited guys oh CH been cooked Chi’s making such cool I really like the next two um art that he came up with for me they’re really gorgeous gous and you’ll get to see one of them for sure for Valentine so I’m very

Excited okay how do I do this redirect your live streams create a live stream click edit click customization and then redirect add who is live okay who do I want to send you guys to goodness okay we’re going to go to Mino mko who is not necessarily the same sort of um

All toway of smartest as me but she does do fun gaming streams so I hope you guys will enjoy it chiefy is the MVP chiefy be serving us deliciously very well um okay I want to tell you all you’re wonderful you make my day you’ve made me

Feel better even though I’m very sick still but Moo’s about to go to sleep she’s going to keep healing I’m feeding you guys with more ASMR right after this we’re like going to be a minute out I Want to Say Goodbye Jeffy thanks for being here goodbye go thanks for being

Here goodbye spaghetto goodbye chiefy goodbye fonny goodbye janic goodbye exium goodbye Kyle who has left goodbye Ben sweet Ben who made it goodbye epic gamer who made it goodbye spaghetto did I say spaghetto luna was here at some point I think goodbye Luna if you’re still here it’s awesome to have you here

Po thank you for being here goodbye it’s always great to see you all we are raing I’m going to hit end stream I think that’s going to make you redirect I’ll pop in meos chat with chat with you all have a fun time you’re all great people

You’re all good people I hope you have a great weekend good night goodbye see you later talk soon bye friends bye and

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Background by Dear_Hare
Starting soon screen by Dear_Hare
Rode NT1A
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