Noah’s Mind-Blowing Wheel of Games!

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All right all right all right all right let’s get that music going awesome sauce okay all right all right now I need to share the stream you know got to get this got to get this out there I’m going turn the music down just a bit we’ll

Vibe for a little bit while I uh get this all set up you know it it does take a second to uh to get this going so get sharable link there we go now I can now I can get this out okay um at everyone I’m Live on

YouTube Boom all right and now I just copy paste it everywhere else so today uh we’re going to be getting into as I as I go with this I just want to uh start to talk about what I’m going to do today so I made a wheel of streams now this is

A like what what that basically means is I’m going to be spinning a wheel or a wheel of games I mean sorry a wheel of games and I’m going to be spinning this wheel and whatever it lands on well that’s that’s the game I’m going to be playing just

Depending on a certain it does like depend on like say if I have those uh like people or like if I have people to play with or if the game is updated so like I’ll I adjusted the uh stuff based on that but I mean all in all that is

Just kind of how it’s how it’s going um I mean yeah it’s I’m I’m ready to have some fun um I just want to do a little bit more promotion pardon me for this but I’m just I got to do my thing um I just hope

My text messages going to send to people who actually watch sorry I’m I’m waffling a little bit right now I’m uh you know I’m just just trying to get all set up and I need to I don’t have a starting screen so um I do still have to do that

Um but anyway H maybe I’ll Just sh share it on Snap real quick on my private story and then I’ll be done I’m going to be very open about how I do like I’m just I’m just trying to to get it out to people oh the song ended

That is probably the more upsetting thing that I’ve heard today all right uh stream beats EDM I want to go to the ones that we used to listen to yes dude I used to listen to this while we’ve like played so many like or like enter the stream playing so many games

What’s up Crimson what’s up what’s up Jack guys I’m going to explain the wheels of games wheels of games don’t worry wheels of games I can’t stop saying what I don’t mean to say it’s fine um let’s see I need to make sure my output is a little higher because right

Now I feel like it’s not it’s not high enough so we’re going to do that um put it up to 4500 maybe my school Wi-Fi definitely won’t be able to handle this it’s okay though it’s okay uh yeah right now we’re dropping every frame in

The book we’re just going to drop all of them so holy crap the quality sucks okay enough video to rain smooth streaming thank you live streaming uh help okay how can I uh fix this oh okay wow that’s a lot more Okay I uh still working on uh making sure my

Streams are going to be smooth you know as uh as a pro streamer my myself it’s okay it’s fine um I’m just going to really boost this up to like let’s go 7,000 maybe I don’t know I don’t know guys thank you for uh sticking through me on on this um little

Bit of chaos here let’s hope that uh fixed it I don’t think it did anyway that’s fine that’s fine mic gain yep sure I G down or up how’s that this mic has been giving me a little trouble with how much it picks up so hopefully that’s a little better

Just let me know how that how that’s sounding uh when you can yeah YouTube this is my first time streaming at college so I’m uh trying to make sure that it’s all right but it’s it’s definitely uh making it difficult I hope it’s it’s looking decent but I don’t think it is

Stream status is poor that yeah yeah a little blue yeti uh Jack you stream on YouTube all the time what do you suggest doing to fix the uh wow this is epic uh EDM music there I’m going to turn that down a little bit I know I’m struggling this is fine

Um I don’t I don’t like doing test streams and stuff like that so I just kind of I’m very throw it out there and just see how it goes type of person um okay so right now that we’re dropping all quite a bit of frames quite a bit actually holy

Cow this is going going perfect you know okay let’s how do I fix this I could just not fix it you know I could just say we’re just going to send it and um and then send it and just forget about quality but I don’t want to do that to

You guys CU that seems Seems rude you know oh we might be are we fine okay good to know good to know good old good old College Wi-Fi good old College Wii I’m at 4500 tell me if it keeps buffering I hope you’re I hope it gets

Better um okay it is not maintaining receiving it says it’s not receiving enough video so I don’t know what that means but it’s fine okay okay Jack how’s that looking it it still has the error up on my screen but I’m kind of just going based

Off what you are telling me maybe I’ll go even lower on the output um or go just 4,000 it’s definitely College Wi-Fi too I mean it’s at full bars but like the signal strength won’t be great so I don’t really know it I really do anything about that that’s the issue I’m

Hoping I am able to at least stream here oh okay okay excellent connection holy holy okay guys we’re here it took so long I’m sorry um I’m not going to promote this one on snap I don’t really care uh or at least I don’t want to just force feed my friends um

Stuff like that um yeah it it says excellent connection now we should be good okay I don’t like this song’s a little intense can we get internet upload speed no idea no idea I I’m GNA be honest um I really probably should look into it but it’s okay all right wheel live games

Guys there it is the wheel of games so I spent a little bit of time going through my steam library and going through all the games I have on my computer and just throwing them into this wheel so we’ve got a bunch of stuff here I’m glad that

The um the we’re getting people on the stream now that now that um I have the wheel up instead of before but yeah so we’re going to we’re going to take a spin and most likely we’ll play what comes up but but depending on what happens we want like if it’s

Like I don’t know I I did remove most of the games I’m I’m not going to lie I’m hoping for so no hell divers cuz uh I just got back from break and there is no update or or there is an update that I do not have time to do so that’s why

There’s no hell divers um there’s a few updates that the update for hell divers Outlast trials and uh and Icarus so those three will get updates but I just I don’t my roommate’s going to get back in a few hours um both of them so I’d rather do this now because I

Don’t know how consistently I’m going to be able to stream in college but yeah all right let’s have a spin I mean oh that was close that was really close oh that was so close but honestly Dead game Jack yeah you I mean you’re a pretty Minecraft player yeah that’s fair though

Um okay well I’m glad that I went I’m I’m going to go all the way back over to this okay so I’m going to for Minecraft I’ll make I’ll do a little do a little change um I don’t have Championship Island I have I have I have a plan for Minecraft um I

Do not think we should play Minecraft for two hours because again you like you said Jack Dead game so we’re going to set a little 30 minute timer this is how most um wheel streams are going to go so basically dang um so basically with the spin the wheel

Streams I’ll play the game for 30 minutes to an hour if I have people then I’ll probably play for longer but um then also switch to a new game so I I I kind of I like this strategy cuz I can just kind of farm clips and just get get

A bunch of stuff for Tik Tok follow me on Tik Tok if you haven’t okay um um but yeah it’ll be it’ll be fun and uh okay I got to set up Minecraft I haven’t even started okay let’s go back to my FaceCam okay it’s almost like I’m a pro streamer or

Something mhm you’re just looking at stream beats on YouTube yeah I know I know I kind of figured that once I switched to the tab for stream beats on YouTube but I I I fixed it we’re good it’s fine okay okay well Minecraft’s loading um I’m going to

Play I’m trying to think what do I want to what do I mean I have a hard core world that I started on on on stream like a year ago latest release yeah latest release hardcore yeah oh it is called hardcore I forgot about that I thought that was so funny

Misspelling things call up James McCree dude if if James McCree made an appearance that would be F lowkey low key um let’s see get some Minecraft going yeah M Minecraft yeah I said that right for some reason it like registered in my brain just wrong

But it is what it is we can also just like take a look I’m going just all right I’m I have it open now don’t worry it will get better the more um the more times I do this the wheel stream cuz then I’ll have to like

Do less with the games to to set them up but now I can go into uh we twitch scene there we go and where is Minecraft not here new source guys I’m I’m Elite okay Minecraft name is already in use Okay window there we go it’s above my face cam so

I’m just going to real quick okay guys we’re here we’ve got Minecraft going I have the chat over here by the way there so that’s why I’m looking to the side all the time all right 30 minute timer is started it’ll ring at a random time that I’m not going

To be prepared for and it’s going to jump scare me a lot so man yeah this is so intense why can’t it be a little more more chill like I need chill chill stream music but I don’t have anything um and I’m guys is the music I don’t think the

Music Matters as much as I think I’m making it out too um okay I do have a server that I’m not like consistently playing on but I have a video on a server that I’m going to releas soon and after I do that I’ll be able to play

That on streams you know but um wow Shaman test when I was still the neon Shaman split smpp creative testing worlds look at this this is crazy actually look at all the stuff in here we’re going to go and play some hardcore Minecraft though why not why

Not split season 2 never heard of it go in the test world yeah okay um you might see a interesting thing there I won’t lie um oh my okay okay this is actually okay let’s let’s I want to remember I want to remember cuz this is actually a complete

Like this has a lot of history dude this has a lot of history I don’t have the actual world we played on so over here is where I was planning my base so so I was going to take over my I was going to take over this mountain and make a whole

Like Dwarven bunker in my dreams and dude oh my goodness oh this was so much we had so many boats in here dude it was so funny we had like a whole bit we did the boat hole the boat hole dude you got in it and died everyone said oh my gosh dude

This is what did I have was I like let’s see if I was rich I know my valuables chest was oh probably right there no the last one very last one I checked okay awesome um okay this is I don’t know what I was planning here but this is your

Little your little your prank oh man flux cap you just like put a bunch of random stuff in here to to just do random stuff I dude it it did work really well awesome awesome and then right here is where donkey was murdered so that’s a sad thing um we

Have my enchanting setup I don’t know why it’s over there you definitely didn’t get caught no so down here what is was my farming area I actually like did a decent bit on on the server I forgot how much I did I thought I kind of just was

Like kind of existing okay so over here I just want to kind of go and take a look at Lucas’s base CU it was never on camera or anything and it was so fun I loved Lucas’s little area so he had his little like campsite over here near the

Shopping district and then you go this way along this really cool path like it’s just not it’s just a nice path and into this Ravine like base and it’s just so cozy his pantry is here look at that let’s close that for him we don’t want

Rats in there but yeah this this is one of my favorite spots on the server but yeah look at this it’s so nice and oh let’s just uh Slash day guys I’m not cheating or slash uh time set day there we go I’m I’m a Minecraft um over here we have

Oh my goodness was this I think this was James and Mikey’s area I don’t know if they were in the same place I yeah I think Mikey did this and James did this yeah Kella her by the way oh wow yeah I uh I thought the weather was

Going to clear with the night but I app that was a good call good shout yeah this is James kellaher and this is this is Mikey here I wasn’t sure if this was Mikey but I think it was which is awesome um but yeah we’ve got this look how big

This plan was like I was never going to do this I don’t think I’ve ever made a mega base ever I’ve just like made plans for it and then it just goes down the hole um here we can go to the updated shopping district or not the updated the

Opposite of updated so this is the shopping district before it was like anything special oh man look at this dude we had so many cool plans for this server it kind of sucks that it petered out undercut mending oh yeah right down here look at this so we

Had undercut mending yep right here and then it kept going down to here and then a little swear on the sign there oh still on oh wow I forgot about this I I and also I’m not against swearing I just try to make sure it’s kid friendly or not kidfriendly

But like like I I’ve been censoring the S just to like make it a little nicer environment you know um but the anap appropriate jokes are still very funny we got Mesa the classic um that this is very pretty here I don’t know what this is but it’s

Cool um and then we have the legendary this this seed I I found this and I was like yeah this is the one this was so cool to me and then you have toasty and koby’s Castle um I think whose house was this McCree I thought this was mccree’s

House yeah oh yep well that answered cuz we had a super funny recording session with James me Lucas and James where he tried to scam us and then we we scammed him back and it was it was really funny oh yeah there it is yeah but we we we

Scammed him and and then we it was scamming a scammer was what it was going to be called but I never got to editing it because that was when I started to fade out but it was it was really funny well he had his video he released but

I’m not going to lie we had me and Lucas also cuz from our perspective we were the ones scamming him we were scheming for so long oh my goodness um all right uh ooh let’s check out the uh spawn area so we have the bridge which I thought was

Amazing when it was made and I want to check out the little yes down here this took me so long to make James McCree yep look at this I mean I spent a long time on this making sure sure all of these worked making sure this was closed like this

Took me so long and I was so proud of it and I think it still it still works it it look like I yeah oh dude I mhm mhm look at that split season 2 could have been so cool and it’s it’s all right that it wasn’t because we still had some

Fun times on it and it was really fun it was really fun um It’s The Sign of all of us getting old older uh Crimson Craft um what the why is there just why is this here okay exactly that’s what matters it we didn’t have to make cool content so I’m

Not going to show my big plan yet there cuz I have to visit the hole um this is also from uh a recording session we did where we were planning the city where we just kind of made dirt genitalia I don’t know why we did that

But it was kind of funny um down here is the hole it’s been it’s been kind of destroyed but it was beautiful it really was this we I was kind of disappointed when it ended because we put a lot of effort into this like this was going to

Be my area and what was that animal room under construction yeah me Mikey McCree and uh James kaher that was a a great combination of people that one was that was really funny we still have one of the heads in there no foot fetishes and we are not a cult true it’s

True it’s true the council meeting and the bottom of the split ice yeah okay this was my plan for the next thing I was GNA build or I me and Lucas were going to build two massive skyscrapers for shops and we were going to have a business

Except it was only four blocks wide or six blocks wide because of the detailing but only only it was it was going to be a like the interior is two blocks wide and that and the goal was to make the most ridiculous looking building that we

Could and I think we we nailed that and yeah oh yeah look at this and it looks so cool but I was so proud of like this whole design and I I spent a lot of time on this um and yeah it would have been so

Funny dude I I just never never had the I didn’t get to the finish of like I didn’t finish having my drive to to complete it but yeah it would have been really funny and then Lucas would have had a similarly it would have been the

Same as this but decorated red and it would have been next to each other and it would have been going off of the scamming a scammer that would have led into that so just some just some cool little details about uh the S SMP but the east of the shopping district sure I

Don’t know what direction East is but I’m sure that we’ll we’ll find it out somehow I don’t know um East depends on what direction North is I think that was made that that kind of was obvious oh I think it’s this way maybe which way is it oh what the heck is

This I took a screenshot do not don’t just ignore that completely I’m a Minecraft pro I’m facing East okay okay I thought it was this way okay three it’s somewhere over here I’ll find it I I’ll just roam around a little bit is it over here in

This like little area yeah right cuz it was in a river somewhere is it Jack you’re left okay you’re yeah you’re going to have to help me um East what direction is this South oh how do you know the directions I guess you did play on the server a lot more than I

Did North yeah yeah I’m going north there it is oh my goodness this is this is awesome Jack I forgot I remember seeing these in your videos but oh yeah you had a whole parkour should I do that yeah yeah I have to I mean I have to I have to do the

Parkour okay okay I don’t know why that jump is the one that’s getting me you were going to plan a parkour event oh that what that’s awesome though if I fail there Again jack I don’t think you have anything to worry about about your parkour Crown oh dang it oh man okay I’m going to try one more time two more one one more time that was a practice time for the last time okay oh I made the jump dude holy crap that

Was okay all right uh we’re going to do time set day I don’t know how much season 4 is is confirmed yet but I know that if we do a season 4 that would be pretty cool I’m potentially would join for a season 4 yeah that was for Tik Tok get that on

There I can’t do that I think I would be embarrassed I think the shopping district I just want to go back to the actual like main area okay it’s this way yeah oh I wow I like just went the complete wrong way when I was okay yeah

That was tough that was that was bad luck bad luck okay but yeah this is just a quick look it’s confirmed you should join well yeah but I I don’t want to like uh I don’t know uh I I think we need we need to talk more about that but yeah um I

Definitely I mean hey we’ll see we’ll see how the how the little Revival of the channel goes oh man I’m I wish this Mountain Base turned out okay well let’s um uh you have to be main yeah but I’m I am I am him though I’m the main character

Um okay what else is there that is weird I was wondering why you sent it twice but now that you say that I don’t know all this is my test world let’s check this out okay there’s this is from season 1 so this is my house original plan

Uh let’s um forget about that but this is dude so I was so basically the plan with my shop was that it was going to be a skyscraper with lots of different shops on it but I just didn’t have the time for it but this is the plan for the

Second level which is going to be a greenhouse which is awesome cuz basically the ble bubble the btle bubble elevators would send you up and you go in and I didn’t I couldn’t figure out what to put in the middle but like yeah the oh man dude look at all of this what

Was going to be oh this is going to be paper I was going to do paper here yeah don’t don’t judge the house concept Jack what about this greenhouse though like I mean come on I didn’t finish the top but like what it could have been no the house let’s just let’s hide

That let’s go over here let’s just like hide the house this one’s nice this is what it would have been from the front yeah I know the wood one hurts and then this is my old shop this is heartwarming it really is oh man dude I loved this thing I

Recreated this oh wait oh no I built this for the first time on here and then recreated on okay yeah but yeah this one I was proud of this one I really was okay let’s see do I have anything else that’s interesting the one from the icon finale

The opening yeah you guys are on the same wavelength yeah dude I loved that finale so much I had so much fun making that like cinematic but it just took a lot of work let’s just see what is on the hardcore world I I um we’ll we’ll we we’ll spin for another

Game in in a second but so this is my little hardcore house I have um my Farms okay this isn’t bad that’s kind of cool I won’t lie I like all the texture on it um and then I did this because the villagers kept going into my

House but yeah I mean I don’t know why I consistently make my hous is so small that’s why I made this bigger I I always I always go so small like I don’t know little MLG on a path block perfect Let’s uh put that back up there we go yeah the creeper jumps

Scar on Hardcore that’s a different world actually this one I started on Kick I don’t know if you guys remember my like two month or not even like literally two week span of time streaming on Kick but I started that on I started this on there and I had some

Cool streams with Lucas where we just talked about life and answered like any questions which was super fun but but yeah I mean I’m not doing too bad I have no diamonds cuz I’m very bad at Minecraft but that’s okay the neon yeah yeah there’s a

There’s a world where I was a kick streamer okay multiplayer no nothing I still have I still have 2b2 on there I was planning on making that a series but I did not um okay you did you did make a Kick account for that yeah all right just

Face let’s get back to the wheel of games hopefully we get something a little not better but like better for like solo you know cuz like for me it would be nice to get like Minecraft when I have someone I’m um I’m with like recording or like streaming with you got

A Kick account just because of me you’re welcome I mean it probably came in handy so you could watch xqc streams so so or ninja okay I’m going to quit Minecraft where is the cursor okay let’s see what do we get interest we almost got Minecraft

Again I should have hidden it we got OverWatch look at that okay that is quite interesting I’ve been playing a bunch of OverWatch recently not a ton but raft to Raft I mean if it gets selected Jack I’ll do that this one I’m actually okay with streaming for a little longer we

Did 20 minutes of Minecraft but I’m gonna I’m going to do a lot more with um streaming I’m just seeing if anyone is uh anyone important texted me so that we can game but no nope but it’s okay cuz now I’ll actually have OverWatch which is a lot

More I’m going to just you uh oh actually I’ll keep it going until um actually uh in the game you know and have it set up but and we’re on stream beats again I keep doing that I really need to stop doing that do I look like type of I

Watch exec ninja hey I don’t know I’m not here to judge I’m just here to uh I’m I’m just here to the important you’re already here well yeah it’s more seeing if anyone was going to be be hopping on the game or anything like

That um oh wait hold on who is on Xbox right now just look at my Xbox oh they’re playing oh man one my best friend is playing or one of my best friends is playing uh rocket league with his family right now that’s tough I was

Going to ask it cuz he’s the one so him and one of my other good friends we um play like they only have Xbox so that’s why got overwatched cuz it’s a cross compatible game and I’m a valerant guy so they had to get something to to

Join me but they basically got o started grinding OverWatch and that left me needing to do that to join them so we’re going to see me not struggle is that an update that I see let’s see how long it’s gonna if it’s if it takes any more than a minute then I’m

GNA have to respin the wheel which would kind of suck I was I was kind of looking forward to that yeah yeah no okay oh wait is it good it’s not no okay never mind that let’s respin that let’s let’s let’s spin that wheel again okay man it’s so I should have

Checked to see what games are updated or not but I didn’t really have time to update any anyway no we’re going to keep oh oh it’s wow okay I was going to continue to spin because of uh Minecraft it’s only been these three I think this wheel is rigged to be on this

Side but that is a stardew valley craft craft you’re going to be hyped for that okay I got to reopen steam because I just closed it so I can do uh um so I could do OverWatch all right this is I I’ve gotten I’m not going to

Lie I will say start Valley is fun with people but I feel like I’ve gotten some games that are pretty unentertaining without without other other um people in the call I’m just going to check to see if anyone’s online to join but I don’t think I’ve got anyone so we’re going to be

Um trying to make this the most uh this the most entertaining it couldn’t be which I don’t know if it will be difficult but it won’t be easy you could say um okay I’ll do another 30 uh I’ll do we we’ll keep it short you know there’s no reason

Um there’s no reason to like I’m freezing up I’m sorry um my mind as as soon as I try to do more than one thing like I’m trying to make the timer but as soon as I try to to do more than one thing I just like malfunction but it’s that’s fine um

It’s more just an inconvenience for you guys so we’re going to do 15 minutes on stard Valley I actually have a world that we can we can do wow always forget how how loud the sound effects are so it is day four of spring wow that is early on early on in the

Game probably not I’m hope I’m hoping I can I got to really lock in here and be energetic okay is it on okay it is good all right I haven’t played this game in a year at least so this is what I got okay okay

Not bad I I really do forget about like stardos it’s just relax I think I I started this because I was just like I want to chill for a little bit yeah yeah you blew up on a on one sted I think it’s cuz it was like about

Getting drunk and people were like ooh I do that let’s let’s let’s see what he means let’s see what’s going on but beer Jack oh yeah I mean I know you love it right legally don’t respond to that but it’s okay let’s make that chest blue PG YouTuber gets gets drunk like when

Tommy inck got drunk because he’s the the most PG YouTuber I saw that uh thumbnail pop up on my my feed and I was like it’s just an interesting concept to think of him getting drunk because he’s already like one of the most energetic and hard to

Like focus on people cuz he’s just like everywhere and it’s like all okay I don’t know okay I mean I think it’s fishing time you know I never fished because Mikey was a fisherman and Mikey was the best fisherman so we never and he also had a fling with Willie so we

Don’t really talk about that but this is kind of a little throwback to uh the olden days of of dude this was genuinely the first big series on my channel I I mean no I would say the server the server one was that was the biggest that was the big first one but

Um I think stardo Valley was the actual cuz it was the first variety series that I made like a game not Minecraft no that that wasn’t wow oh look at all these wow just no clam wow this is awesome what a all right cool um but yeah this was a an awesome

One I I have a just a feeling that the sound effects are just a little just a little noisy I want them to be audible but not like like I know don’t copy that face all right here we go I was really I’m I don’t think I’ve gotten better at fishing I won’t

Lie so we’re going to see how this goes I don’t know I don’t remember how so that’s a that’s a start I also have one inventory one slot left so I plan to head I’m literally just going to fish the one and then oh okay all right lock in time to

I’m locked I’m locked I’m locked I’m locked I’m locked I’m locked 11 Ines that’s massive cool cool cool cool cool cool awesome awesome I can’t really get angry when I miss the fish because I just know that I’m not amazing anyway so it’s okay I’m just

Going to throw at the sap cuz I want to fish a little more and also the clams are the clams do anything don’t bother with the grammar there but do they do anything cuz if they don’t then I would rather just throw them out and use the space for one more fish

You get angry I mean yeah it’s a it’s a I mean I can’t blame because I get angry at a lot of a lot of different things with gaming too I wouldn’t say stard do Valley really gets me but it definitely they’re like valerant that that’ll get me that’ll get

Me good and uh let’s like there’s some what else I mean OverWatch is is a great example I try not to rage so much because my roommates are right there though my roommate typically rages at Siege a lot okay I’m pretty sure I I heard something there but yeah I mean I

Haven’t even talked a lot about college like if you guys have any questions I’m I mean this is I stream because of the the interactions so like ask away wow that is that is tragic absolutely tragic I’m throwing these clams out film majoring I am not so I am man

Majoring in sports management because YouTube is most likely not going to work out I’m actually going to work really hard because I want it to work out because that’s probably like the thing that I would enjoy most as a career so I’m going to be really working

Hard on the channel so you guys are going to see a lot lot new videos but um I’m doing sports manager because it’s the most interesting job outside like to me like I love hockey so I would love to go into sports media so that’s why I’m

Doing that and I’m at a school that really is good for that I really thought I got a hit there I mean it gave me exclamation point and everything um college is it’s interesting oh baby let’s go um College it it’s B like there’s a lot of uh sorry I locked in there

Um oh that’s not good it’s a lot of chaos I won’t lie like it’s I’m in a threepers bedroom so I had to get used to my roommates and I’m I’m cool with them now we we had a lot of of of strife throughout the little bit but

Like the first semester especially but we’re in the second semester now and it’s been better um but yeah I’m having a really good time in college um just because I’m enjoying making a routine for myself and like sticking to it and like be bettering

Myself and just all that cuz at home I I I just got back from Spring Break and my room is a mess and like everything is just messy and like I don’t have like I was really sure to make this clean this area here clean and organized so it’s

It’s really nice being here and being motivated to work on stuff but at the same time you get homesick and you want to see your friends like like I hadn’t seen Mikey and Lucas since winter break and Andrew and uh Jacob so we we all got together over spring break at the very

End um but like it’s tough you got to oh nice okay um you you really have to like use online stuff wow A 1 inch sardine how do I do that okay well throwing that out and coal sure um Jack uh I don’t know about how massive that

Is also how do I attach bait to a is that crafting no I had 11 episodes on this series but I’m not like you guys need to know I’m not that good um wait if I I didn’t I didn’t put bait on guys my bad I’m trying um that’s that was a

Measly thing okay you don’t know how bait works I’m throwing it out once I yeah okay let’s boom boom boom get that out of here do we have any more yeah we have two more slots okay cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool um but yeah um have you seen a lot

Of YouTuber authentic relax stuff really I haven’t seen that um I’m trying to I’m trying to kind of hit like a a happy medium like I just want to make the content that I want to make I’m not trying to play too much into the meta

But I do find that more enter chaining videos are not the ones that are like huge long stories um for the most part at least um I have some some good story pled oh really I mean good for him that’s good cuz I mean I like his

Videos but I definitely think it would be nice to get a little more time in each area or in each thing he focuses on but authentic and oh that’s let me not drink it yeah nice 4:10 p.m. okay one more fish then maybe go back

Um but I mean if you like longer videos the next one is going to make you very happy um I’ve got a a nice special video it’s it’s not like a it’s just like a I’m really happy I’m really excited for it it’s going to be really funny yeah

Hermercraft has been very back to form for season 10 I’m like very behind on it because I’m not great at keeping up on any YouTube but with hermercraft I’ve really enjoyed the videos so far this season so I definitely think they have been back to form um but oh there we go

It’s just this is a nice relaxing like I’m doing the relaxing content too like we’re just We’re Just Fishing we’re just oh perfect I mean that’s a pretty big sardine like really that’s a big what’s Su Willie Willie uh oh Willie you want my I gave Willie my 4 inch

Sardine yeah season six and seven were definitely the best I liked seon season 9 to a point but I I definit I think you’re right it didn’t capture like the essence of hermercraft and season 8 was definitely I think it was just too short it was lore based too but it was just

Too short um but season 10’s been so good I’m good at generating Clips I have no idea what you’re talking about I just play the game and I I I give some commentary you know I don’t I mean I I don’t think I’ve sent anything weird will you can have another one

Really I don’t want it guess I have to take the 4 inch home for myself okay well I’m going to go back to uh oh you want a 4 inch that’s a man okay all right cool cool cool cool cool I don’t know how to feel about that one

Can’t lie that one that felt a little odd to do at least it wasn’t a child uh anyway so you yeah I saw that you had a like a nice little test stream and I mean you’ve got the uh computer coming soon so uh at some point hopefully you’ll be

Able to get get an even a a nicer stream and I’m really hyped for for that um let’s just yeah let’s sell those well that’s the selling box I think chill trying to get a wife in stardew women are overrated um they cause problems they don’t even cook or clean

Anymore I mean what are you gonna what are you gonna do you no longer have an IRL counter part that is all right cuz obviously jokes earlier but what is real is that you don’t need a girl it is all right especially don’t replace your girlfriend with a stardo girlfriend I

Don’t think that would go over well but obviously things are things things are chilling things are chilling um okay let’s let’s take a little nap how long have I been playing stardy Valley you know what I’ll end it after that day that was a nice productive day

And I honestly don’t have I I was planning I did 15 minutes and that was 15 minutes so let’s get back to the wheel that’s the whole point of the stream to test out the wheel see how it’s going um so let’s uh let’s do a little

Save little uh little little let’s do a little Let’s do let’s let’s oh I think it already saved exit to desktop all all right back to let’s open up wheel of games back to wheel of games gradually I’m thinking not looking for girls and just

Chilling yeah and I mean at our age like I mean you’re you’re a few years younger than me but like am I like I’m I’m 18 like I don’t need to be worried about it I do all the time sometimes but like I’ve been really trying to tone it down

Um I I won’t like hesit like to say this but I’m very I’m I’m a religious guy I’m Christian um um and I try to focus on God focus on all that but whatever you are trying to focus on whatever you’re trying to do it’s just going to be

Better it’s it’s like there’s no reason to stress over there because what whatever’s going to happen is going to happen and you can just be patient there’s the timer all right time for let’s see what game we have next I didn’t remove any of the other games so

It’s probably going to be right in that area oh it’s not updated I really I’m not prepared for this stream at all but it is not updated so uh do you forget you started Young on YouTube and me being 18 is yeah being 18 is is crazy I’m almost 19 honestly like I’m

Getting close Okay so we can’t I’m I’m just gonna I’m just going to go and hide all the ones that are already been selected there we go wow it’s almost like I’m a professional um okay let’s see oh here we go here we go that is going to be something

Okay the game is already kind of dying but it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter we we will go and let’s put in a shift for the company want company in Lethal company Jack come on come on in come come and join yeah come and join here I’ll I’ll

Go into uh the uh the recording wait uh stream VC I’ll go into that okay yeah no who cares if the game is dying it’s fun it is it is fun okay um what am I doing I am on okay I opened lethal company I need to now make a

Little capture for it Jack to do a service to the company how’s it going what how are you I’m doing pretty good you know just just a little chill stream I’m it’s been pretty chaotic with uh oh my goodness um just all the all the trouble at the start that

Was we love college Wi-Fi oh it’s so it’s so good it’s so good you know there we go lethal company stream is okay okay do we have to become steam friends or do we not have to become Jack I think we might have to become steam friends

Okay uh I got to open you got to do to do that onine okay okay okay oh craft you just posted a new video I think craft just post a new video that’s kind of sick here we go here I’m sending I’m sending you a a

Link that I think makes you my friend okay okay let’s confirm those changes oh back I think I think it should work sign in all right I already yeah okay I love I love technical technical issues it’s not an issue I just have to log into steam on like and use my uh

Phone to scan a QR code to log in yeah okay um your new videos in Old looking Minecraft there we go all right add as friends all right now we are friends cool yay and I’ll I’ll I’ll tell you this I’m actually the best player at at Le really

Top top one in the world yeah okay top top one that’s impressive I will collect every single piece of junk that is possible to get and I will sell it for the highest profit I will die no no it’s you’ll get like the secondhand skill CU I’m just so good at

Oh right okay I’m going to invite you okay there you go all right oh wait we have to Def or just mute is do it yeah yeah there we go there we go all right little lethal company stream this is this is where I’ll actually get good Clips like I’m not I

Wasn’t expecting scream really loud and that’ll be for Tic Tac yes okay I me I will never lose my this game I’m pretty good at right right you’ll never okay uh oh oh all right looks like we’re going offense offense I don’t know which one it it

Could be either honestly it could be either I don’t think it matters we have 60 60 coins to spend 60 what’s the like what uh what’s Jack you shouldn’t have done That I’m okay I’m just gonna Nothing where where’d he go where he disconnected shift T where’s friends let’s invite you again oh Jack oh Jack hey I don’t know what happened this game is really weird it’s just like it’s I think it’s called a cabinet kick you go in the cabinet and you get kicked you

Went into the cabinet yes why’d you go into the cab now I now I have the closet oh I mean congratulations thank you okay let’s go let’s go service the company let’s go let’s go okay I’m putting this over here also all right all right so I don’t know okay let’s order

Flashlights by okay flashlight to two flashlights oh well to translate for craft uh torches yeah Craft um this is the what’s this what what are we in now oh crap that’s Minecraft this is the Mesa biome we’re in the Mesa biome know what it’s called bad

Lands no yeah yeah no no no you’re right you’re right right where are the flashlights over here like Mr McCree shop yeah Jack it is it’s it’s a it’s a McCree reference oh I see yeah yeah okay I think I remember where the thing is yeah it’s over

Here you know this is the one map I actually remember where things are well obviously experimentation but like this one’s this one’s easy as long as there isn’t any quicksand I’ll be fine like I said Mr still Noah I am I am the top speedrunner the top player the

Top everything so I will I will get us out okay yeah I mean before noon uh hey where do we go oh follow me I’m following you Mr speedrunner yep follow me I mean you know where it is way I know where to go yep okay uh you press e to climb ladder

By the way thank you you hold W to go up okay I didn’t know that okay uh clearly Let’s ignore the two videos currently on the channel go watch them right no after the stream but oh I oh oh oh I hav what’s wrong I haven’t seen this room before

Why were you crouching in the corner that was really uning this is the one I no I yeah I know I I’ve seen Clips on Tik Tok about this so here’s the plan you go in there and I’ll go over here cuz this is the safer one what oh by the

Way before you go in there this is this is a mine here come look at it no this right no that’s get it close to understand what it is it’s a blinking trash lid uh no oh yeah yeah so you can like if you if you walk on it right anyway

I’m going in this room you cannot follow me that’s not very nice that’s not very welcoming I hate this why did he say wait why was this why is this Jack Jack okay okay that’s cool oh this one was perfectly safe cool Jack you dead I think he’s I think he’s playing a

Little prank on me I’m not going to lie Jack Jack are you pranking me oh stop s CH get some every time anyway I don’t know I don’t know why you die that was kind weird let me bring this engine back now great great asset I’m in college

Like everyone around me just heard me scream great asset I’m going to have people knocking on my door asking if I’m okay of course I’m okay I was just ah great great great asset asset great is ass what is he saying where do I go oh my gosh it’s

This way I’m just messing with I know where to go it’s this way uh and you I use my flashlight oh no I have to get he want to leave why did he want to leave there’s so much good loot in there I was

Going to get all of it in 2 seconds uh where’s the where’s the ship oh there’s pumpkin where’s the oh wait is it this one just a little prank probably the wrong I don’t know where to I’m going to laugh so hard I’m going

To laugh so hard if he doesn’t make it I should stop sprinting cuz I then I cannot Sprint anymore there’s the ship behind please leave please leave um yeah let’s let’s jump in the ship we got to go get more more stuff for the company this this great company he does not have

Time you do not have time it’s going to leave it’s going to leave right now the ship love this ship I can’t use the ladder oh oh quite a predicament you got there there’s the other side it’s like he can hear me there we go we brought back the

Engine don’t leave the yeah okay yeah yeah I forg anything the ship no the ship’s leaving there was like body that was supposed to bring no we’re good let’s go next ship profit yay monitoring player I forgot his body wait wait Jack I’m coming to get you Jack

Jack there’s fall damage in this game Jack um I jack all right first day this is the first day we’re back to day one nothing happened let’s just go experimentation that sounds fun I don’t know what experimentation is uh anyway it’s the the first one it’s just a nice

M I like experimentation I can’t lie it’s probably my favorite yeah I like that one too I don’t know what land ship here we go y it’s like a it’s like a sound bite you have okay yeah oh our balance is 22 how is it 22 I couldn’t tell you that’s I

Only Jack did you what did you buy nothing what’ you buy didn’t did you buy anything no why why are we broke we’re broke now Jack see I didn’t buy anything oh I did but we’re I was going to buy one for each of us now you don’t have one no I don’t

Know how okay you need to climb the ladder and then you hold W good job are you going to are you going to tell me that every time or uh well you got to reind it’s the I’m speedrun oh okay okay so speed we’re speed running right we’re speed running right

Instantly not a fan doing this alone kind of kind of sucks anything up there no oh key that’s useless is that something no cool cool cool cool cool yeah we’re chilling the key in fact was not so not a fan so not a fan so not a

Fan this game honestly just like really un nerves me you know it just it just like takes my nerves and like un un a a yield sign awesome where tattled tattled oh wait I have a key for that this is a trap this is this is just

Trap material like it just like put it in the middle you know but I have a I have a weapon they can’t do anything to me Mike Michael Michael Tucci what on God’s screen Earth is that I uh but okay awesome awesome sauce let’s let’s get out of here

I’m pretty satisfied with what we’ve got you know pretty good little outcome um I’m all set we’re we’re we’re doing well you know that’s that’s a good Hall that’s a good Hall there it is only uh a little early Derek thank you thank you the door is locked by the way guys

So oh wait I need this um okay all right let’s figure this out I I I should probably go back in I can’t I can’t be a little scaredy cat so I got to let’s let’s get a little more I don’t I need to make sure I don’t get attacked from

Above that would be I think this has been a good productive productive uh let’s go charge the flashlight up you know I think that’s that’s necessary Jack I mean I don’t know where he is doesn’t I mean he kind of went off without me on purpose so almost finished awesome

Mike that’s awesome I don’t you okay I won sure all right I mean guys we are we are Trucking away as long after you guys finish leave a like I’m I’ll keep going but I mean I hope you I mean whatever floats your boat I guess um so we’re

We’re just going to we’re going to go back now we’re going to go back over to the uh the place let’s check on Jack let’s see how he’s doing Jack doesn’t seem to be moving he doesn’t seem a custom vid um currently don’t do those so unfortunately unfortunately you don’t

Have you you don’t have the custom vids yet it’s part of the speedrun Strat okay okay um honestly we have it’s 130 we have currently in the the ship wait hold on 42 that’s enough I want to get you back Jack you know that’s that’s the whole point of

It good oh good for you Jack thank you thank you for doing that that’s actually awesome um okay I want yeah I we the main the main goal of this is is a is is to play together so I’m not going to keep you I’m not going to keep you dead

Too long we’re going to we’re going to keep it going um I will say I will say currently Jack currently Jack I have been better than than the professional speed why did you leave I was coming back you were right yeah yeah I was I had like 20 million Maxwells and I was

Going to give us so much money Jack this here this is in a bad spot I’m not sure if you uh oh okay uh we’re going to go on uh off again I like offense confirm nice all right let’s get her landed Jack Let’s uh let’s have a why’

You like that that there is inconvenient that that there is Art well art can be inconen art can be inconvenient there we go sorry about I like this yeah you’re right this is a good spot yeah we’re going to we’re going to keep it over there he’s he’s about to I

Know what he’s about to do and oh I couldn’t do it oh red horse does Jack need uh Jack question for my chat um don’t do that don’t do that this is just a question from my chat do you need to be edged what does that

Mean uh does that what does that mean it it means to not kill me okay oh my goodness Jack that’s a that’s a good definition yeah Jack I would I just brought you back I let’s play little company Manhunt oh boy oh boy okay I need to not die here

Okay like this is helping your speed oh I can’t jump um I’m finished I think I’m finished I need to charge my flashlight Jack Jack you’re not helping I don’t know what you’re talking you’re not doing anything for the company right now how dare you say that I feel so much safer

Already uh you didn’t answer the question though do you need to be edged I’m sorry that’s just chck chat wanted to ask Jack I don’t think chat I’m sorry red horse I don’t think he’s gonna you’re I don’t want to go outside of the room I

Really I really I really don’t want to go outside of no it’s not it’s not docks as long as it’s as as the actual location of the of what school I’m going to is leaked as long as as long as as that remains Anonymous you guys are good

Um besides I mean it’s the best room in the entire building scaffolding the is right there you want to uh press s to go backwards okay move your mouse to the the mouse is the is the okay okay yeah I found the uh which is like a u but there’s two of

Them Jack Jack Jack we got this PR you’ve been you’ve beened you’ve been speed running but you’ve been bad so let’s let’s like not die here the company’s we’re going to they’re going to kill us oh Jack oh oh my goodness all right this is proven to be a safer

Map there’s nothing here it’s okay Jack we’ll find something think there’s a lot of landmines I’m hearing I think one of them is going to get one of us I don’t know are just trash right right right Us location you finding anything uh yep a lot of

Walls good find I don’t know oh that now Jack do you know where I’m lost lost with no home Spider-Man no home that was bad okay good good it’d be really funny wouldn’t it oh it it would be really funny if I if I did that oh

Anyway I think this way isn’t the way it’s not the way hash not the way okay something I remember over there let’s go back this way okay so I don’t know where Jack is but I’m assuming he’s dead just based off the trend you know Oh Jack hello where are you in the ship good okay there you are how much do you have oh we’re good we’re Good no is he coming chat I will yep there you go I’ll do it speed running Jack I’ll do it Jack I’ll do it speed Jack come back Jack I’m going to do it you did it to me I’ll do it to youed oh you’re very intimidating with no with no Sprint [Applause]

Left M I mean I mean I could do it at any Time we this is the the high speed chase that’s ever been done this is going to be in the next fast and F and Furious movie the Fast that’s raph’s movie the the lad should told you that you that only one of us is streaming you know that’s okay that’s True okay all right I’ll put it I won’t kill you jack we need the yield sign to meet Quota okay I did not mean to hit I hit the button with the yield sign like that would do anything but okay okay are we we moving we’re moving I don’t know what you’re talking about we’re in the same spot oh look at that no that’s what I meant by moving we’re

Moving most profitable as usual see I got it looks like it says like right there I got all 608 possible coins possible money did it say that or did I don’t know if that’s what it said I’m not I’m not we are now the company’s most valuable Employees the autopilot to confirm let’s get over there let’s get let’s get over there this was it was the check the company building the company building but why are we going there he’s Blinded By the Light from now on no not that song I’m I was quoting the

Weekend oh that’s horrifying oh wow I mean it is Sunday what is like it’s Sunday so it’s the weekend yeah it is it is the yeah I don’t know what you’re talking about it’s the weekend copyright Jack oh no no wait I can’t press no dang this guy this guy

No thinking oh wait we never landed the ship I was I thought that you were you were you just waiting ha oh oh tragic oh tragic oh no oh where all right okay I’m selling you come here maybe this wasn’t my greatest idea okay I’m going to do some Speed Run trouts

See you okay um okay I think I think there’s no reason to live anymore oh sound behind the wall oh good job actually I’m him I’m him kill me do it yep all right I’m I’m going to let Jack do his thing I’m just going to put my flashlight at the ship see

If oh okay that that didn’t do much okay boom all right now we uh jump off the side wait what oh hey you died going sell the Bol now what what if I kept pressing that Jack there we go how did you do that how did you do that what I I

Know I was doing speedrun strats I don’t know what you’re talking about are you listening to my stream while I’m dead poopy butt that’s what you are a little bit got him h yeah you know if you weren’t listening if you weren’t like listening to my

Stream to see what I was saying then uh you wouldn’t have heard that you also forgot oh yeah oh we reach how did you do that like like the ship it was closed oh the door opens where’s my air horn did you die with my air

Horn I’m I’m I’m how am I gonna be horny now oh might be the stupidest human to ever live I’m so take a look at yourself what do you see I see you cuz it’s clear wait that’s really weird wait what oh wait it’s a magnifying glass not a mirror

Yeah but it doesn’t really magnify anything oh that is wow that is the perfect amount of jackar yeah definitely um oh we lost the Flash oh there it is oh that was smart Okay out oh no well Jack I think I’m going to do one more wheel spin and then

Call it usually I’ll do games for longer but I have to eat dinner and the lunch haul closes at 7:30 so I’m going to play until 700 we got one more game gentle gentlemen and ladies all right Jack thank you for playing some uh some lethal company with

Me I know you’re still in my chat you can actually still hear me um talking to you all right we got Jack starart on here that’s pretty cool he’s got a great old Channel over there if you want to click on his little little guy in the chat go check him out he’s

Awesome um okay so it’s time for the wheel of games to make one last appearance nah Jack I got you dude great content over there CP even though you killed me in the game all right let’s see what’s the last game G to be better be

Good I can’t do it it needs the update that’s the update it’s update I’m sorry Far Cry 3 will be fun though when I do play that oh no oh no oh [Applause] no okay okay I guess I I was I’m going to

Try I want to try to find a way out of it this is a horror game um a horror game and uh I could play something like rocket League or subnotica or I don’t know about that I can play rocket League valerant I could do Terraria I can do phasmophobia Thief

Sim this game this game is like it gets me scared um okay we’ll play it we’ll play it guys we’ll play some at dead of night I haven’t played this game in I actually am really interested to see this when was the last time I played this

Game oh wait oh I did it for a stream in July 30th or on 2023 on 2023 in July 30th all right let’s load this up I’m actually going to restart this game too CU I’m a little far in at dead of night please let there not be an

Existing capture there was not specific window wow that’s loud I know I’m still working on there we go there we go start new game I want to go to settings real quick and just like oh wait uh how do I audio loudness is oh it’s it’s already quiet okay we’ve

Got at dead of night to finish it off we’re going to start a new game oh man oh there’s going to be more I think standard game we’re not doing ex wait I kind of want to like restart everything I want to see the uh cutcenes no cut scenes dang it

Okay so wait what in the world is happening oh I forget everything about I forget everything about this game is anyone there guys guys I swear this is actually this is horrible I I’m in the lobby this is the safest place in the entire map and I am horrified this

Game I don’t know what to do I don’t know what I’m doing I don’t know what I’m doing I forgot this I forgot what this game is how to play I forgot everything I’m just horrified I’m terrified okay okay you know what we move we move let’s go and let’s just

Investigate a little bit can I go in no okay cool cool cool cool cool I’m assuming I cannot leave no that’s fine um thank you thank you that means so much um I have zero brain cells that means so much you’re going to get a

Pretty bad version of me right now as I sweat and am terrified from this game that I haven’t played in a year but I’ll play it more on stream I’ve only got about like a like a little bit left in the Stream cuz my dining hall is going

To close in an hour so I got to go eat soon um but yeah Jack on a scale of civ6 to Geometry Dash has oh on the warcraft chart I’m going to say back to o no um can’t let go the uh sixth level of Geometry Dash so it’s pretty serious is

What that means uh and this I have so I watched markipliers let’s play in my what’s this no I think everything’s locked down here I watched markipliers let’s play on this game in sophomore year of high school that is that okay so I W I watched his playthrough in oh it’s

Amazing I love how well that’s why I got the game but I watched the playthrough sophomore Year’s High School which was three years four years ago it might have been four years ago and when I I was watching an episode I I I was using in

The comments to see when the um oh wait I wanted to go this way uh to to see when the jump scares were and in the middle of class I had finished my work I was watching it and I the the the there was a jump scare that I knew was coming

And I like jumped in my seat and like one of my my buddy looked over to me and was like are you are you good and I was like I’m fine yep and I was just laughing my teacher had looked at me too weird she was like um and it was with

Here so like she couldn’t see that I was smiling so she just saw like my eyes so that was what a fun experience can I play the game I cannot play the game um but yeah so like this this game this game got me good and I even though I

Watched the entire play through I don’t remember a thing I I have completely lost it levington and Friends hello good to have you here too dark and there okay awesome um you’re going to see me squirm for a little bit while I try to get the balls to go to

Another higher floor so I think I believe at this point Jimmy is not hunting me I hope he’s not hunting me um so yeah we’re going to go up we’re going to go up if he was in the elevator I think I would have just just left the game um we

Could go to the lower ground put this off even more I need to find a compass and a scrying miror I think so this is at dead of night it’s a horror game it’s like kind of it’s basically you’re in a hotel with their secrets and you got to

Uncover them and your friends are also all kidnapped it’s Jack you’re close you are very close I have okay oh my goodness okay his name is Jimmy yeah uh okay all right we’re starting this is so related to Gary’s yeah I mean pretty much loving yeah I don’t think he’s hunting yet I

Think I think we’re fine I think we’re fine and just I’m I’m insane that is the item that is the one item that we needed to find or one of two but that was big when that’s visible okay okay that’s good to know um okay and I can okay see Clues locate

Lost Keys compasses and ghost box and stuff like that okay I will say so I really interesting yeah it’s like one of the coins Jack yeah we’re going to find a lot of those a lot of types of stuff like that I will say the width this game several years ago there

Is two videos on my channel of me playing this game as a sophomore in high school and I looked nothing like this I looked extremely young my voice was high-pitched and I got jump scared very good um so I just picked the perfect room I think I I I’m actually a

Genius my you like it’s all there another coin Jack there we go it’s all there hide in the wardrobe yeah we can do that if we wanted only one more Jack I’m afraid there is a lot more coins we can find let’s just um I don’t think

He’s hunting us yet but I’m just extremely terrified right now just sell it for some on steam or eBay oh yeah I could do that imagine he was there imagine he was there I just see his face everywhere I go I see his face I’m going to be lost like I’m

Genuinely going to be lost I hate no no hate hate hate hate hate this room hate this room not not good not good room not good room not good room not good yes I know Spirits are that way I just want to like kind of

Go to the rooms you know I’m I’m looking in the rooms I need to investigate find some so in Off the Mark that is just instantly just unnerving turpentine and a lighter that’s how they say it in the game of turpentine the character voices it like that good horror games to play poppy

Play time oh poppy play time I mean if if that is a game that people want me to play I I might have to get that FNAF levington and friends oh boy whiskey and I found a key okay yeah I need to look at what the key was what

Was the key let me look stairs floor one okay okay so third chapter is actually good um finish half I have completed the first game on my channel so if you want to go and check that out and I’m going to be streaming the rest of them so you

Can definitely see a lot there but um I I had a great time on FNAF uh the first one so yeah and then the third chapter I I’ve heard it’s good I have heard it’s good so I’m I’m glad to know that because I I I couldn’t even watch like

Videos on the first one like I finished markipliers one I was like okay I don’t want to see any more of this game because it just wasn’t it just like it didn’t really get me you know oh that’s not really where I was going to

Try to go I was going to go in this room here 114 so of course of course no no of course yeah that’s fine that’s fine that’s fine Jimmy’s not hunting yet Jimmy’s not hunting yet that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself I’m going to keep just telling

Myself I’m I’m safe I’m safe so safe um all right let’s continue our search for for Clues we’re like Scooby-Doo dude you’re gonna give you’re gonna give Jack a PTSD attack he’s like he’s Mr Minecraft over here again give him a little little shout out he’s got quite a good Minecraft

Channel um just going to say it so oh room 119 is going to give us something all right what do we got in here let’s see let’s see does it have a all okay so what is this is this going to be a a a key store Room Store

Room I know Markiplier was good at this game I’m not going to be I’m not going to be I promise you I I I I give a a promise to you as the viewer that I will not be good at this game and I would say I would try my

Best the goal is to uh figure out what’s going on you want to you want to you want to learn the the secrets of the hotel um oh that made me that made me yeah I peed a little Jack for a different reason um that the mannequin there is awesome

Let’s get out of there please oh my goodness this is this game it’s so unique the it actually scares you in in every way it’s okay try room 23 the point yeah it it is genuinely such a terrifying way to make a video game and I love it like

That’s like it’s so interesting to me how they made this game another store room key okay already had that but all right that that there is abnormal you could you could call that abnormal um yeah the point and click it is so interesting to me how they did

This and it’s one of the main draws to it to me but like the face oh I forgot about the face cam being in an interesting spot here hold on I’m going to put it right oh that’s the game I I think the middle might be better for this

Game we’ll see how that goes we’ll see how that goes I’ll I’ll be I’ll be thinking about it okay that’s just some okay good good awesome none of these make any sense like we’re we’re going treasure hunting we’re not we’re not trying to figure out this story just

Yet um deadlock key oh wait deadlock Deadlock key deadlock key where was never mind I think I’m stupid um recomend zuch chosis not out yet but okay I’ll check that out actually right after the stream stream I’ll go check that out but that sounds I mean it sounds I don’t know what it

Sound I was going to say it sounds awesome but honestly I don’t I can’t really tell anything by the name you know but I definitely will check out the trailer on Steam um okay was I this way yet did I did I check out this yes I did okay so it’s

This time we go this way let’s let’s see I don’t think I went in here no I did not go in here but it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter at all um yeah but I love checking out new games I have a whole list of stuff to

Play um have you heard of a Kino pet cuz that is a game game I’ve already played and I’ve got the keno pet video coming out on oh that that should be coming out later in the month that’s my second March release so that game is is is horrifying or it’s

It’s it was really well made I actually wouldn’t call it horrify it was it was very unnerving and it did a really good job it’s like this a very unique play style very unique game and I really enjoyed it so Cano pet highly recommend when that

Video comes out checking out what I got in there Cookie Clicker terrifying the most thrilling they made Cookie Clicker terrifying I don’t think there’s I don’t have to PE in I actually do um so that would have been nice but I don’t think seeing a bathroom can make

You need a pee more all right let’s go to this side did we wait did we just do it that I started on this side right no no I didn’t no I didn’t no I didn’t wait I did wait I did I started on this side

What let’s go and do the scry let’s go scry let’s Chad I think we need to scry um so we’re going to go downstairs I I learned this from Markiplier this is one of the few things I remember I’m freezing right now my room is like 60° so I’m a little chilly sorry

About my my Shivers I’m not actually scared I’m I’m the bravest guy you know but okay we’re going to keep we’re going to keep keep trekking no no no I get too impatient with these types of games it doesn’t move fast enough for me and then I I just start

Like sprinting through okay let’s scry there’s Jimmy what is that that’s a oh it’s a girl okay I do remember this this part of the story I remember most of the main story points I just don’t know how to get to them which is going to make this playthrough just as good

Like I’m going to get jump scared promise Roblox is a horror fying game ever G gamble savings yeah um I will say we might see some I forgot to put it on the wheel but Roblox will probably appear on the channel um probably not in much of a uh aspect

Except in the game Fusion football 2 which is basically football but when we get so the main stays on the channel like the main like the boys on the channel are Mikey Lucas Jacob James kellerer and Andrew those are the main crew that I’ll be doing videos with and

Um we’re going to do some future in football 2 at some point on stream but I instantly hate this I it’s okay little girl stop crying Premier Pro I hate that game I actually love it but it it really does sap your spirit OB you’re killing it today Jack all

Right let’s see if there’s let’s let’s try the door oh okay I’m going to need to uh I didn’t mean to do that I didn’t actually no no no no no I I I I want to stay here I want to stay here yeah let’s uh let’s just investigate a little more

There’s a door over here I didn’t look at I don’t know why I thought that door was going to work okay I know what I need to do I need to go in the staircase and and use that I have it I have it I think I have the floor one

Staircase key so let’s go to floor one I noted a girl in basement awesome I just want to check okay that jump scare is not covered by my face cam good wow okay oh yeah YouTube shorts unless it’s unless it’s someone from go see go see if she okay

Let’s go check it out let’s go see if she wants help oh I can use the uh spirit communicator and and after we do that I think I’ll I’ll I’ll log off for the for today I need to make sure my roommates aren’t trying to get it

Because I think both of my roommates don’t have keys to the room which interesting choice okay okay I don’t think she is anyone there no no hello boom wait how do I what’s your name oh I’m okay I’m Amy Bell Amy Bell I’m 10 she’s 10 okay ask Spirits about the things

We’ve seen when they reply okay all right girl in the basement in the basement crying who was she I wonder if it was her I I chat I honestly have no idea it was me a called Jimmy lock me in the basement then he started stealing things from

Me okay so Jimmy is so it didn’t go through the cut scene Jimmy is the hotel manager but he’s old so he wasn’t a boy so I I think this is an old ghost um okay so do you know anything yeah Jimmy Jimmy is

A no spoilers for Jack or uh for if you haven’t seen the game or for uh um I know his name levington but no spoilers but I mean hey he’s a menice and also uh oh yeah I should asked that um Jack there’s no option here are you subscribed to still Noah

Okay it’s not going to answer um that was one of the worst bits that I think I’ve ever done all right let’s ask about this diam come from okay okay so that’s not her I I didn’t British no confirmed no I ah yeah we should do I should do a video with

James McCree and have him do an American accent that could be really and do the British yeah that could be funny um let’s ask about the blood thing stained cloth in one of the drawers it could have been mine could have been why did that let’s when you said Jimmy stole

Things from me does accent swap that’s genius I don’t okay no actually never mind no okay it didn’t yeah no that was dumb that was dumb I’m like Markiplier that was dumb um child’s purse I’m assum now just a hunch it was mine yeah okay my accent swap is actually

Genius oh so wait hold on if we relate basement and purse when you said Jimmy stole things from you is that connected with what you said about I think I think I’m I’m I’m I’m putting this puzzle together guys we took it when I wasn’t looking and stole my money told come he

Wouldn’t listen okay he wouldn’t listen oh we got a little scene Here the ground floor is Jimmy Romanian or something oh my god um yeah I don’t know maybe maybe um okay thank you Amy thank you you’ve actually been extremely helpful wait what about oh wait I didn’t ask about this yet but oh wait she didn’t have it okay oh she left

Oh okay so now now instead of continuing the store oh wait we should go to the ground floor at least cuz I don’t want to um forget where we were at but yeah I think it takes a little bit of time until Jimmy starts hunting so we’re good for now we’re good for

Now um okay all right that is going to do it let’s save the current game saved right thank you okay guys thank you for being here thank you for any new viewers anyone who stuck with the Jack I mean whole time dude that is a spicy meatball um you’ve seen way too many

Streamers say don’t worry we’re good and then immediately get killed it’s part of the B it’s part of it Jack you know what I mean I’m Italian I I say spicy meatball okay anyway um I’m gonna stream all of these games more I I I’ll be so I don’t know

How often the streams will be as roommates and stuff like that but I’m the try to do them on weekends when um when people are not here um so hopefully I can do that and um yeah I mean I’m excited to keep going we got a new video

Coming out I don’t know it’ll be before the end of the month two videos a month we’re working with it kick him out you the man I’m a respect Jack don’t say that I’m a respectful roommate I’m a respectful roommate so I’m not going to do that but

I think I will have time so at at least one stream a week during the summer though MH we’re kicking that up we’re K we’re we’re going to cook during the summer but guys thank you so much for being here yeah jackbox 100% 100% we’re

G to we’re going to kick up the gears we’re going to put it in the we’re going to shift it into high gears shift it into high gears de dear High gears anyway guys thank you thank you so much for being here and it’s been a fun

Stream hopefully the first of many all right peace out

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It has garnered 59 views and 8 likes. The duration of the video is 01:54:56 or 6896 seconds.

I spin the game wheel and play the game, it’s pretty simple!

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Minecraft: 15:00
Stardew Valley: 39:03
Lethal Company: 57:26
At Dead of Night: 1:28:14

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