OMZ’s SLIME FAMILY in Minecraft? Story w/ Roxy, Lily & Crystal!

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Oop you’re a creepy spooky slime oh my gosh yes I’m going to bite you hey yo watch your J my boy get out bro that is not healthy oh my God you’re slime and I’m the Slime we are the Slime family today that’s awesome Mar we’re not married I said friend it’s

Possible we’re just friends right stop guys why are you oooing do not hit oo wait a minute oh nor Heather you’re a creepy spooky spider yes I’m going to bite you hey yo watch out jet my boy get out get do not bite me do not

Bite me that’s super Susa hold up guys look around us there’s an island over here and it looks like a pig island Roxy look it’s Pig just like you and Lily oh my goodness gracious guys we have to save our children everyone we’re on mining duties don’t laugh I already

Predicted you were going to laugh oh are you serious that is not funny at all dude that is not funny but guys we have to mine up the trees to collect blocks everyone mine and then pass me the blocks I will organize them yes s ski

And we can even turn them into slabs for even more blocks exactly so right now at oh my gosh seven logs I’m literally grinding right now I’m grinding Roxy I’m himothy I’m himothy I’m himothy you’re not gimy what I am totally gimy himothy and that guy Pala I have 10 whole logs

Everyone slide me your logs I’m at the middle over here throw it on me yes there you go thank you guys hold up are teamwork is actually crazy we have 28 logs and holy gton over a stack and a half of logs now if we use the crafting

Table we could craft up a bunch of slabs oh my gosh I’m going to use like almost all of it for slabs and bro I have two stacks here Roxy take a bunch of slabs for yourself Heather you could take a bunch as well lucus pus take a bunch

Here Crystal take some Alexa oh my gosh take some there are so many Lily don’t think I forgot about you here take a bunch like that thank you no problem now we have a ton of slabs and we’re going to go off to the Slime Island Luke we’re

Saving your children yesari luky junor I’m coming to save you oh my goodness gracious and wait a minute Luke did you have one kid or two kids because you know it’s you and Alexa is there a girl and a boy W we’re on the Slime Island

But how are we going to reach the cage all the way up there and wait a minute Roxy what did you just do it’s like Bounty thing wait what a bounty thing are you sure it’s not wait a minute parkour hold up Crystal I see where our

Kids are they’re back over here in the cage and roxxy’s already cheating really dude yeah going to make a first hey yo can bro Che bro I almost just slipped off did you see that Luke that would have been # embarrassing super newbie I’m not superb

Hey hey Luke are you okay my boy that was newbie that was actually newbie are you okay all right how was everyone going to e it how you got this i got this 360 y what are you guys do oh my gosh Alexa maybe you have a better chance at this

I’m actually the parkour Queen oo that was Sister slay oh my gosh awward I’m going to Boom this girl what the no look she trying to Bo my kid trolled by ro oh y Roxy boom he boom what just happened Heather Are you seriously trying to boo a crystal Jor

Whose child is that it’s my child what is wrong with you my boy Crystal pull up we have to protect our kids from these crazy people yes especially like Heather I know right me and Alexa are going to protect our kids better Noe me and Lily

Are nope no one’s getting to my daughter oh my gosh are you serious right now kisto we have to make our kids so much more secure they’re literally just on this floating block anyone can just come and yeat them from underneath or on top or even on the sides yes just like

Heather did oh yeah she was actually about to boo them you came in W clutch with that axe I was like BR Crystal’s crazy but we have to make our animal family live in a great house and Crystal are you ready for the greatest idea of

All time a b oh my gosh yes that’s why I was born you know yeah cuz we’re animals that’s where all animals are born everyone knows that and for a Bard we have to make it red and the roof is white and the floor is white so let’s do

The floor all right let’s do it some quartz and let’s build down all the way here at Crystal you build on that side and let’s meet up my boy all right bab I’m definitely winning what you are not winning Crystal I’m going super duper hyp speed right oh hello you actually

Kind of won that that was crazy nice job thank you now we have to fill up the entire floor and we could use our hands or we could use the magical wand so let’s grab the first position over here then fly all the way down here and set

The second position like this and make it into to some smooth quart eing oh my gosh Crystal our kids are about to live in the biggest kington ever yes they can run around and play all they want yes oh my gosh Luke you heard that you’re going down my boy

Don’t even try don’t even try no fam my base is going to be way better yeah yeah that’s what they all say but Crystal now we have to pick a red block for the barn and the options are wool Terra cot concrete or Redstone red stone oh yeah

Red stone is busted and Roxy would love red right uh yeah normally but today I like pink oh yeah I forgot you’re a pink pig today not a red pretend to be dinosaur well what is voicey capping about what all right Roxy that literally sounds like it came out of Luke’s head

That is not a Roxy sentence to say my boy L you’re going to have to stop you got to be messed up Luke you’re going to have to stop talking cuz you’re making Roxy talk like you my boy uh what’s the problem with that hey no way Roxy

Normally sounds like this and now he’s talking like what’s good my boy that’s how you sound what’s good hey Roxy stop oh my gosh Luke you’re a bad influencer no it’s a w influence he’s getting Swagger oh my God swaggy sauce now no way but hold up let’s make

A little staircase up to the Barnard over here like that boom and Crystal what stairs should we use oh how about Main Grove it’s red yes great idea all right let’s throw that down over here just like that Yi now we have to make the Barnyard door so let’s make it super

Big like this and we should make it look like the Barnyard is opening up by having the doors open yes and we should make it out dark oak oo dark oak yeah actually that does look right oh my gosh our barn is looking amazing Crystal yes

No way anybody has this much build I know right and oop you fixed up the back oh I love it so much but wait a minute Crystal since our two kids who are wolves are going to live in here we need to make it super duper fun to be and so

Crystal you already know what I’m about to do a TV and but come through on what all right seriously how did you just gu us that Crystal cuz I know you Bab oh my goodness gracious boy ain’t no way hold up let me throw the TV like that then

Let’s fill it all up just like this y eing to now Crystal I know you think I’m only going to put one but guess how many I’m about to put 1 two how did you actually and what the what is that it’s a b a skeleton what the heck get that

Out of here and oh my n now we have four Kung Fu ohes on our kids is going to enjoy this this is liness but we have to make a place to sit and since they are animals we have to make them sit on the floor just please put this floor is

Making my butt hurt I know right it’s mad hard we have to make the children sit on the floor but not on the super duper hard floor but I know exactly what we could use two words light blue carpet okay that’s three words that Crystal carpet is just one word well it’s better

Than three words yeah okay okay okay let’s go around and let’s set a little carpet down in front of the ginormous TV and we have to make it even so let’s go down like this then make it turn and check out this cool little pattern I’m

Doing oh my gosh this is Sister slay right yes l quen oh I are okay but now let’s set down the C after the light blue it’s going to be in a pattern it’s going to be light blue then cyan then light blue again so let’s go all around

Over here boom perfect and wait oh go the pattern goes uh Crystal what just happened oh bab you just have to like that oh IIT don’t no I know what I did wrong I messed up the C now it should be good cuz now we can put the light blue

Next over here then go around this way Boop then throw the S down yes this is looking so sister slay I know right and wa that’s such a cool pattern now we can sit down and chill but Crystal I do want my kids to be animals not just like

Indoor animals they have to be a little bit wild so I’m going to put a little dirt area over here so they can chill in the dirt yes and they can roll around and go like this I I exactly so let’s put some fences down over here just like

That boom and then I’m going to replace the floor all with some super duper dirty dirt yes I need a bite of this dirt what Crystal do not eat the dirt my boy that Crystal what yo no why are you biting the dirt so loud bro that is not

Healthy oh my gosh but check it out there’s so much dirt over here yes now I can roll around in the mud but Grumble grumble well my tummy’s starting to herur oh Nar Crystal what type of parents are we how are we going to feed

Our kids and wait a minute since we are wolves we like to eat sheep so we need to make them eat raw muton that’s what sheeps drop when we boom them yes let me have a bite of that all right here you go take a bunch but kids we have to make

It so you guys can get them super easily and Crystal I know exactly how we’re going to make it so our fridge automatically eats out raw mutton y it’s going to be the mutton feeder 9,000 yes our room is super duper awesome but Crystal I came up with a really good

Idea oh my gosh what’s your idea I want to make a way to get quickly to everyone else’s Island and bro oh my gosh Heathers looks awesome guys all of us made awesome family houses yes sir we did it a few moments later I can’t wait

To do this oh gosh this isn’t a smart idea wait guys what are you guys doing what do you mean this isn’t a smart idea what are you guys about to do we’re going to steal diamonds from Mr snow steal diamonds from Mr snow Roxy are you

Crazy that could like land Us in jail oh that’s only if we get caught if we get caught we’re totally going to get caught Mr snow is very dangerous that’s what I said oh no guys uh I don’t think we should do this m you weren’t even a part

Of this get out of here all right if you guys say so but wait what are you going to steal from him he has 10 diamond blocks wait 10 diamond blocks oh gosh yeah yeah yeah I’m about it let’s do it yeah let’s Rob Mr snow great idea yeah

Guys come on let’s do this oh all right let’s do it I’m excited I’m scared I don’t want to go in Lily Lily Lily don’t worry I’m big and muscular I’ll protect you from anything and after we get rich we can buy everything in the world okay

All right Roxy um how do we like Rob someone I’ve never like robbed anybody before oh it’s really simple you go in there steal the DI and give it to us done what do you mean go in there I I’m the only one doing it yeah you got this

Oh okay all right well I’ll be back in a second oh gosh I can’t believe I’m about to commit like a crime okay okay okay in and out in and out man who was at the are you serious what do you want blue boy well um go oh gosh I’m just going to

Have to take it and leave okay um I’m here to say hello Mr snow man get your bubblegum dumb dumb looking big head self out of my Stow what you doing in here man I just wanted to um oh gosh there’s a chest right there uh I just

Wanted to like you know um check what inside your chest run get out get out get out oh my gosh man come back here what is y’all doing oh my God uses dead HS and Lily and Roxy what to my house guys go go go I can’t believe that works that was

Crazy and guys we got the loot we got 10 diamond blocks baby oh yeah guys that wasn’t a good thing to do Lily Lily Lily are you serious we’re rich we could buy whatever we want let’s go on shopping spree yeah I’m going to get red stone ew

Red stone I’m going to get some blue blocks to make my house bigger what are you going to get Lily I’m going to return the blocks I don’t feel good about this really Lily what don’t feel good about it why not we just stole it it’s not right to steal Lily if you

Don’t want the diamond blocks I’ll take them you can have them back I don’t even want it wow really Lily well okay more for us Roxy let’s go buy the entire store yeah let’s go man come here boy wait what Mr snow ah oh what happened

Where am I wake up BS wait where am I waa guys where are we Mr snow knocked us out and brought us here I told you this wasn’t a good idea oh gosh oh gosh where are we and wait where ‘s Mr snow man hello is the speaker working hello holes

Be quiet he’s trying to talk to us all right all right all right man you really triy to steal from me huh OHS what OHS Roxy was the one that told me to what no it was all you oh my gosh Mr snow how do

We get out of here man you really think I going to make it easy for y’all to escape the only way out is through that Bedrock door a Bedrock door where is that um Bedrock door I don’t see one anywhere right over here guys look waa

Wait how do we break out of here Mr snow open the door please let us out man be quiet Blue Boy the only way for y to get out is if you hit that Target over there Target whoa we have to hit the Bulls ey

But where’s the bows man figure it out I ain’t going to make it that easy Mr snow out oh I think we have to go up the stairs over here the stairs wo this looks crazy but what’s up the stairs any idea is guys maybe there’s a bow up

There oh yeah that would make sense and wo what is this at I want to go first I want to go first wait what even is this room wow there’s just like a pond over here what’s in the chest Rock no no no I

Want to go first what is it oh Z got fishing rod let’s go fishing oh that must be the challenge in order to move on is to fishing I’m the best at fishing no Ms you suck what the you’re not even fishing you’re just hitting me Roxy get

Out out of here I’m going to win because I’m the best oh yeah and wait get your light out of my pond you’re messing me up I’m not messing you up I need a win so we can open the door to move on guys

Oh you have a big head and you stuck at fishing what I don’t stuck at fishing I’m going to get a fish right now and it’s going to be awesome guys Lily wait 1 second I got to beat Roxy in this argument oh they smell like forart what

No I don’t guys what the door’s open oh wait what uh yeah let’s go okay never mind um I want to won the fishing challenge anyways U Mr snow your door is like open right here man wait a minute yo yo yo y’all can’t go wao waa slow

Down let’s go we made it to the next level and wao what is this man this is some deadly dangerous Parco and if y’all mess up you f to die oh gosh this is scary I know um who wants to go first I do you later loser wait wait wait wait

No no I’m going to win move move out of the way Roxy you’re a Slowpoke I’m the fastest get out of here no you’re not I’m way faster ah you fell let’s go oh is the Victor excuse me boys wait what the heck Lily’s dusted us right now Roxy

Ah it’s because you kept being annoying oh if you got out of my way I would be in first place right now wait what slow down and oh gosh I fell watch This Ss this is how a pro does it hi boys wait what lillly how’d you

Get all the way up there this parkour is super easy what a Roxy it’s because you’re arguing with me watch out get out of my way I have to win no way I’m going to let you win get out of my way no way Roxy I’m going to win and boom I’m back

Up and I’m doing the parkour like a bro and hi Lily we meet up again hello all right let’s go wo Lily so good at parkour and you suck Roxy you’re in last place oh that was Ju just letting you guys go first to make sure it’s possible

What a really but too bad I’m a pro and I’ll never fail let’s go in a head hitter jump off be careful all right and just I up thank you liily you’re so sweet and waa we’re almost to the pyramid what is that oh um oh gosh oh

Gosh spooky pyramid spooky pyramid and wait a minute what is this man welcome y’all to the pyramid maze this is only for pros and y’all is some noobs good luck I’m going to win see you wait what no I’m going to win I’m going to go so

Fast guys we should think about this smartly smartly Lily ly ly this is a maze first one wins let’s go see you later Roxy I’m going to totally beat you no way this is the right way wait what that’s the right way hey hey hey slow

Down this is my way get out of here and wo wo wao wo wo we’re actually making crazy progress at what dead end see I told you guys this was the wrong way what you didn’t know that Lily if you really know like then where do we go we

Have to triangulate the Pythagorean theorem ah what does that mean just come follow me all right Pythagorean theorem I don’t know if that’s going to work Lily that seemed like really big words uh no just trust me it’s this way okay and wait that’s the entrance Lily you

Don’t know what you’re talking about Lily where are you taking us according to my calculations it’s the left turn a left turn no way she’s totally just in right now right Roxy yeah there’s no way she actually knows where we’re going and wait what what the heck Lily you did it

Guys I told you I found it wow you’re so smart and wao what’s down there I’m going first let’s go and wait what the heck is this wo guys look at that trophy if y’all can make it all the way there y’all get your freedom and the Diamonds

Back wait what really are diamonds yes let’s do it but um how do we get across this giant gap of like death well that’s why y’all needed the Flying Machine items to make a flying machine good luck y’all to make a flying machine oh gosh

Guys do you know how to do this I know how to but I forgot what Roxy I don’t think you know how to what about you Lily oh you know how to do red stone more than me all right then I guess I’ll try my best oh gosh this is difficult I

Think what we have to do first is put a sticky piston facing this way with an observer behind it like that then two slime blocks is is this right Lily yeah yeah now do the same on the other side okay I’m doing it now let’s break these

Blocks underneath and wait is this it yeah this is the flying machine guys hop on all aboard the Flying Machine oh this thing looks crazy this is going to be really dangerous move out of way guys stay towards the front it moves really quick and we’re off go go go oh gosh

This is really hard with three people but we’re doing it we’re going let’s go oh wake up SS wake up wait what oh gosh we’re back home did you guys remember that or was I dreaming what was that nope that was real and we got all the diamonds back wo let’s go

Shopping and that was an awesome adventure and if you want to join us on our next click right here bye

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    UNBELIEVABLE MODS! PART 69 #minecraft #modsVideo Information This video, titled ‘МОДЫ, КОТОРЫЕ ВЫ ТОЧНО ИСКАЛИ ЧАСТЬ 69 #minecraft #mods #shorts’, was uploaded by Hooper on 2024-03-18 14:45:02. It has garnered 1357 views and 59 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:53 or 53 seconds. Link to telegram in the channel description!!! minecraft Armor mod weapon mod Minecraft mods for minecraft 0 minecraft mods #mods # minecraft #shorts #mods Read More


    INSANE TNT RUNNER IN MINECRAFT!! #epicVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft tnt runner#minecraft #gameplay’, was uploaded by Minecraft Gamers on 2024-01-12 13:17:18. It has garnered 3205 views and 41 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:16 or 16 seconds. Read More

  • Join Wilk SMP now – Free Bedrock + PE SMP

    Join Wilk SMP now - Free Bedrock + PE SMPVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Public SMP – Free to Join ! | Wilk SMP | Bedrock + PE SMP | Minecraft LIVE 🔴’, was uploaded by DEWILK GAMING on 2024-03-28 14:38:24. It has garnered 180 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:10:13 or 613 seconds. Minecraft Public SMP – Free to Join ! | Wilk SMP | Bedrock + PE SMP | Minecraft LIVE 🔴 #games #videogames #minecraftbuild #minecraftindonesia #minecraftonly #minecraftdiaries #minecraftart #minecraftersonly #minecraft #minecraftskins #minecraftdaily #minecraftedit #minecraftserver #minecraft_pe #minecraftforever #minecraftcake #minecrafyuniverse #minecraftpocketedition#minecrafters #minecrafter #minecraftmemes #minecrafts #minecraftbuilds box #minecraftparty #minecraft #minecrafthouse #minecraftmonday #minecraftcreations… Read More

  • BRUTAL Orca Craft Server! What Will I Do? – MINECRAFT INDONESIA

    BRUTAL Orca Craft Server! What Will I Do? - MINECRAFT INDONESIAVideo Information This video, titled ‘[BRUTAL ID] AKU MASUK SERVER BRUTAL ID?? (GAK TAU HARUS NGAPAIN!!!) – MINECRAFT INDONESIA’, was uploaded by Orca Craft on 2024-04-11 11:08:57. It has garnered 266 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:15:03 or 903 seconds. [BRUTAL ID] I ENTERED A BRUTAL ID SERVER?? (DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!) – MINECRAFT INDONESIA HEY I’M ORCA CRAFT YOU CAN CALL ME ORCA HERE I’M A BEGINNING YOUTUBER WHO WANT TO WORK ON YOUTUBE SORRY IF MANY LACK OF JUNIOR COBOYS SAY: “NO NEED TO WAIT TO DARE TO START WHAT YOU HAVE… Read More

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    The Rock's Jaw-Dropping Minecraft Nature 🌳🔥 #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Beautiful nature of minecraft❤️🩵……#shorts’, was uploaded by The Rock highlight on 2024-03-02 15:22:59. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Read More

  • EradicaMC

    EradicaMCTowny – MCMMO – Custom: Ranks, Jobs, Crates – Player: Economy, Market, Auction – Legendary: Weapons, Armour, Tools Read More

  • MCEssence – Vanilla SMP

    Welcome to MC Essence! Are you tired of the chaos on other servers? Join our vanilla SMP for a more balanced and enjoyable experience. MC Essence started in 2021 and is now on its third season. Our theme is old-school Minecraft fun with strict rules against griefing and stealing. We have plugins in place to rollback any damage caused by griefers, ensuring a safe environment for all players. Check us out and see if MC Essence is the right fit for you! Join our Discord: Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Typos in Minecraft”

    Minecraft Memes - "Typos in Minecraft"Looks like someone needs to recheck their spelling enchantments before casting that meme! Read More

  • Join Minewind Server for a Thrilling Minecraft Experience!

    Join Minewind Server for a Thrilling Minecraft Experience! Are you a fan of Minecraft mods and looking to enhance your gameplay experience? Look no further! While watching a tutorial on how to get Fluix Dust in the Applied Energistics 2 (AE2) mod for Minecraft 1.19+, you may have realized the importance of being part of a thriving Minecraft community. If you’re seeking a server where you can put your newfound knowledge to the test and interact with like-minded players, Minewind is the place to be. With a vibrant community, unique gameplay features, and endless possibilities for exploration and creativity, Minewind offers an unparalleled Minecraft experience. Join us… Read More

  • Crafting Memories: Minecraft’s Score

    Crafting Memories: Minecraft's Score Welcome to Eggy Bread XD, where gaming shines, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and more in line. Hit like, hit subscribe, for content divine, Bell icon for updates, so you’re always in prime. Gaming galore, with a playful touch, Minecraft explosions, redstone clutch. Xbox, PS, Nintendo, all in the mix, Eggy Bread XD, gaming fix. Slime Rancher, Fall Guys, Rocket League too, Gaming community, engaging crew. PC gaming, shorts that thrill, Eggy Bread XD, the ultimate skill. Read More

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    Fatal Error: When Your Minecraft House Burns Down When you spend hours building the perfect Minecraft house, only to realize you forgot to put a door on it. #fatalerror #minecraftfail 😂🏠🚪 Read More

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  • Minecraft Pitch Perfect: Crafting Cricket Chaos

    Minecraft Pitch Perfect: Crafting Cricket Chaos Welcome back to Minecraft, where we craft with glee, Today’s adventure, a cricket pitch you’ll see. From laying the foundation to adding the last stitch, Join us on this journey, it’s a Minecraft pitch! Grab your virtual bat, let’s swing and hit, In the world of Minecraft, where creativity is lit. Follow along as we build, block by block, Creating a cricket pitch that truly rocks. Like, share, and subscribe for more Minecraft fun, Stay tuned for the next episode, we’ve only just begun. Diamond Gaming YT, leading the way, In the world of Minecraft, where we play and… Read More

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    Experience the Ultimate Fun on Minewind Minecraft Server! Are you tired of the same old Minecraft servers with boring gameplay and lackluster features? Look no further than Minewind! With its unique blend of survival, PvP, and roleplaying elements, Minewind offers an exciting and dynamic gaming experience like no other. Imagine exploring a vast and immersive world filled with endless possibilities, where every decision you make shapes your destiny. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer looking for adventure, Minewind has something for everyone. Join us today at YT.MINEWIND.NET and embark on a journey unlike any other. Make new friends, conquer challenges, and unleash your creativity… Read More

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    Crazy Gaming Myths! Is Jack_Bhaiya Real?Video Information This video, titled ‘Chhichora Jack_Bhaiya @AnshuBisht #gamerfleet #minecraft #fleetsmp #jackbhaiya #herobrine’, was uploaded by Mythes on 2024-01-14 02:30:02. It has garnered 7872 views and 333 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:52 or 52 seconds. #payalzoneroast #gamerfleet #payalzoneroasted FleetSMP new Member🤣😂😂 Ballu Beta😄 @Gamerfleet hardest mlg 😍😯😳#jackbhaiya #anshubisht #gamerfleet Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and turn on notifications so you never miss a video from us. CREATIVE INDIAN GAMERS in Minecraft 🔴 techno gamerz, bbs, mythpat, live Insaan, fleet, yessmartypie Gamer fleet vs Me MLG clutch @GamerFleet @TechnoGamerzOfficial #mlg #minecraft @YesSmartyPie is All in one… Read More

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  • MooseLands

    Kit PvP server, in need of a developer. Yeah, it isn’t great. It is in progress, and that is what we are making. Read More

  • FroobWorld Semi-Vanilla SMP PvE 1.20.4

    Server Information IP: Discord: Join our Discord Website: Visit our Website Dynmap: Check out our Dynmap About FroobWorld FroobWorld is a small survival server that has been running since 2011. If you enjoy old-school SMP, you will love our server. Rules include no griefing, no stealing, no cheating, and keeping chat at PG-13 levels. Features Land claiming with no size limit Lockette-style chest locking /rtp, /home, /spawn, /tpa, /back commands Long-term maps 32 chunk view distance No donations or prizes for votes Read More

  • Formo Craft

    Formo CraftNon-Premiun Server 100% Survival 1.20.4 | Job | Economy | ProtectionCome in and Invite your Friends, the game is 100% survival. Play a fair game. Read More

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