OP Level 100 Pokemon Catching Madness!

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Welcome to an awesome Minecraft build live stream I’m joined by the buddies and today we have a day full of grunder full of Peace full of annihilation we have Pixelmon Tycoon which is going to be leading off into a game mode that I totally sort of will pretend to have

Invented but in reality I took inspiration from a ton of other things in the past uh it’s called sphere Wars it’ll make a lot of sense when you see it it’s pretty cool I’m very excited about this um oh you band them it’s pretty deser that

Um but yeah I’ll tell you guys more about sphere Wars when that segment comes up but I’m very excited about that uh and then last but not least is perfetti sering it up Cappy’s way which means that based on stream tip amounts we just keep adding in more and more and

More Bots until eventually by the last round it just gets absolutely chaotic all right all right cool I just reset my stuff okay and all right Luke said go so we’re going yay I’ve already got three IR I’m doing it we go here we go five whole iron what you going to do

Steve what would you do if I ran over to your hut and started stealing all your iron uh I would probably scream and shout and let it all out that song in a while yeah I was going to say it’s kind of an old one is there a

Problem no it’s fine it’s fine Steve don’t worry about it don’t worry about it Steve you guys are making me feel bad now my sister tried to show me some songs the other day and she legitimately just played backtack oldies and I’m like what is happening I was just like what is

Happening right there now I feel like I’m having a hallucination what’s wrong with old’s music you don’t like it it takes me back I there’s anything wrong with it but someone with the intent of showing you something new and you’re like buddy I’m let think well one thing it’s

Like it was all songs I used to hear in the in like a resta in like a restaurant I used to like work at and like I was like what is happening right now I’m so triggered what time frame are you calling the oldies I got to know I’m

Just curious oh no I’m talking like oldies oldies I would hear these songs in a grocery store yeah pre 80s and I was like okay okay I was like yeah was getting worried because some people nowadays call like the 2000’s oldies and it’s like no no they don’t don’t do that

No one does who does that I’ll say not my age but like the generation below does think 2000s is like old I mean it is old but I it’s not like genre of oldies is all it’s old but it’s not the oldies you’re all

Sick I what is you none of of us apply to that group what do we do yeah you support this I no not at all behold behold I don’t support it I’m actually offended by it I actually want to fight you like face to face like let’s go this upsets me greatly

Drone yes Dad how much does it cost for me to get exploding Pokemon again uh I think we raised it to 900 no it’s a 55 I think it was more than $900 Hey cap I have one request what not Metagross no just for your first one just your first

One okay I I feel you I feel [Laughter] you what not Metagross you knew k I knew oh my gosh I maxed out one of my iron gens already already by the way luk can we get like 45 minutes I guess for this yeah I feel like when be doing less than

45 I end up going on like weird tangents about talking about stuff and then I don’t actually you know do you guys Rush maxing out your iron gens yeah usually and then I go over to the gold just so you can get the gold started right like the more iron you have the

More likely you’re able to cheese the generators in the beginning yeah exactly yeah usually just go to like a reasonable portion and then just get three stacks of iron and start upgrading you know I don’t know if that’s just me but I got one gold gen fully maxed out

Already I that’s totally fine that’s that’s good you’re beating me then in that case all right I’m just curious cuz we never really talk about how we do maxed out now yep I just maxed out all my iron gens do we have a um what is it called

We have oh we do have the item Trader the held item Trader nice if anyone can think of any other held items that should be in here comment it and hopefully Luke can get some rolling Dylan weatherbe starting us off as captain of the live stream with $150

Hammer he said Pokemon for dropsy and if I can choose I want to give her the lunala and the necros fusion is that in this version no no that Pokemon is that is so depressing Luke this is why we’re supposed to have the new generators why did blade fail us we are so

Sorry L even talk okay there I would never yeah the intern would never guys the intern would never all right I maxed out a gold gen nice now I’m like worried I think I did it wrong I think I like messed up cuz like I have two Max Golds but Luke said

Fusion might all right we’re going to check it if not then uh Dylan if you’re in the chat there do you have any other requests or should dropy just do what she thinks is best no he gets to pick yeah he gets to pick he’s just like Diglett the greatest

Legendary dude I wouldn’t be upset if I got a free Diglett we know you guys think the strongest legendary is Diglett I mean that like you could probably just Google that that’s like a stats based thing is it well or we talking like top of the list because he can turn into any

Type are we talking like lorewise cuz like it’s got to be RC it’s lorewise Luke is trying to show me something Draco King said I’m gen Z and listen to dropsy you might want to TP to Luke you’re gonna be very happy why do I got to TP so we could

Show you some I I guess you could TP to her whatever you want uh Dr King said I’m gen Z and listen to songs from the 50s up to the 2000s I mean fair enough dude nothing wrong with that up to the 2000 you don’t

Listen to any 2010s or new music 50s is right below where I like I I don’t mind 60s rocking up but I don’t think Rock existed in the 50s I’m pretty sure it was more or less invented the truest rock music is caveman in cave th Rock oh my gosh rock music rock

Music we find a frozen caveman bring him into today’s time this is not rock music what you guys probably imagine rock music sounds like but there was there was what was originally rock and roll in the 50s rock and roll is in the 50s yeah that’s like the time of Elvis

And stuff dude I thought that is long let’s see oh yeah in the early to mid 50s D mostly from Rhythm and blue rhythm and blues and El this and all of that was late 40s I got all of my gold gens up and two Diamond gens maxed out nice

You did it right Steve like I always theoretically know how to get the optimal output but I lose focus yeah I’m doing pretty good right now I’ve got one maxed out uh Diamond gen I don’t even know how to use that thing see my thing is if you that’s

Called a VHS take dropy you’re supposed to I know how to use that thing I I I was young enough to go to a blockbuster and my dad would let my sister and I each pick out a VHS bro I miss Blockbuster bro that has got to be the

Oldest thing you have ever said Steve I’m a blockbuster like I’m sorry man but like I’ll go a little further than that I mean I do miss Blockbuster I guess to an extent but that’s where I’m going I’m going a little later and hear me out

Here I have a reason for it I miss the Netflix era when you used to ship out the DVDs because it made movie night actually still feel special you know what I mean like the family be like oh we got like this coming in the mail tomorrow like it felt special I never

Used Netflix when it was that service I only ever used it as a streaming service cuz we would just go to like a Red Box did you know that the Netflix like business model was predicated on them being able they they like ran a test where they tried to send a uh

Like a disc through the mail to see if it would survive and it did but it wasn’t actually processed by the mail system it was because of a random person working that route decided to just run it there straight from his pickup point so the entire Netflix thing was built on like a

Fluke funny interesting I did not know that um Mr inter you can destroy my iron gens if you’d like buddy uh for the s take a lag and Adam Holly with a $55 stream tip said Cappy explode now C think about it I’m just kidding I’m kidding you good dude you good

Imagine uh gosh Man I don’t think alolan Golem is here uh could I get Golem’s in it uh could I get an alolan exeggutor now I do want to go back to the Blockbuster comment the reason why I miss Blockbuster is because me and my friends my friends used to live like you

Know further away and they’d come over for the weekend and we’d always go to Blockbuster we’d spend like an hour trying to figure out what game to rent and then we’d go back with all of our snacks and our game and we’ just play the game for the weekend and that to me

So much I forgot about renting games renting games games with a different vibe I will say that but like that definitely went away because like physical copies of games don’t even matter anymore I would get way too stressed out that I wouldn’t beat the game in time and then well that that’s

What was so fun is it was like it was like a struggle to do everything that you wanted to do before having to return the game so like it put a little bit of pressure on bro Astro with a $55 stream TI cap I have a feeling they’re going to

They’re going to set you up my guy uh he said another C 50 I need rare candies too guys he said just like blade server on front ke I I hope you get the win here oh wa level 50 Luke is he supposed to do that no give him give him a little

Higher than 50 because he’s you’re you’re cook dude we’re gonna have all like every time this happens I’m always just like there’s no possible way give him to him at 90 yeah Luke it’s impossible same with dropsy with her legendary just give him at 90 it’s it’s

Cuz we’re able to go out and catch level 100s so so like I don’t know it’s not Poss you know what I mean like you get yeah thank you Luke Adam Holly $25 stream since Steve looks hungry maybe some steak you know Steve that might help it might help a little

Bit uh I’m waiting for the steak that I don’t want could I get a tal well hold that thought Cappy cuz Adam Holly with a $55 stream tip said another one for cap explode with pride that’s three yeah and Metagross ke you’re literally just going to be stacking your diamonds for the

Sake of rare candies love these guys so I love these guys so much like listen I know I’ve pigeonholed myself into a very Niche gimmick like I know I know what I’ve done so thank you for the support uh Luke if you can uh delete my gold gens please thank you sir

I’m moving on Adam Holly with a $55 stream tip another one another one cap you have two more dude you just start buying rare candies and hope the fans give you sub you get all level 100s okay uh yeah oh God for the next one I mean d

You got to go with a classic electrode right no no electrode actually kind of sucks what about Golem I always liked Golem I feel like he got a bad rep yeah I’ll take a Golem Teo blade Never Dies with the $20 stream tip said could Steve give dropsy

$20 oh allow it dropsy you mind give him your VMO uh n regular gol oh do you want to P youro along to Steve absolutely not bro I got themo I got cash app I got uh zel I got uh that’s interesting I don’t know anyone who uses cash app I I

I don’t know all my friends all use venmo everyone might I was about to say my age I’m so sorry I didn’t mean it like that that was disrespect was so I like oh that’s not how I mean it everyone who’s not a decrepit old fart

Every everyone I know uses cash app they even have a um they have like a debit card you can order that’s hooked up to that account you get like cash back with it my bank actually has in its Bank app has zel like integrated well hold on a

Second here behold the $60 stream tip hope you all having a hope you all have been doing well yeah dude after we crushed you in perfect high starler yeah I’m doing great I’m sorry I’m sorry D that was unnecessary just about finished recovering from my Rec sickness but no

Need to fear cap shall have his rare candies to boost his explosive humor well his Pokemon two sets that’s 20 rare candy so that’s two out of your six cap ready Adam Holly with a $55 stream tip to give you your fifth one my guy yes okay uh

God I let me just I need to consult the list bookmark Kevin’s getting his fifth one and two of them are maxed out now thanks to behold the wiard geez that’s crazy and Adam Holly you are you are pretty much tied for cat or you might

You might actually have the lead no you have the lead I don’t know with Dylan Weatherby you’re both you’re both awesome both of you are awesome all 300 of you people watching are also awesome oh gargle Marissa said I’m J don’t use any type of cash app or venmo how do you

Exchange like money like let’s say you go out with friends for like lunch or something do you just like cash still I mean there’s nothing wrong with that but uh yeah I’m just curious uh Jonas with a 50 stream tip here Jerry the only stream

Tip for now because I want to sponsor my fa streamer but I also need to survive the winter dude focus on Surviving the winter sir get that zard all right we only got three packs left to the City in Flames so we’re opening this one up for

You buddy we’re going to get a zard here whatever your last card is you have to go catch that Pokemon also I caved at of future boredom I got bored of thinking about how bored I was going to be when T leaves town for a few days next week so

Steve I did it I signed up for the PSA grading club or whatever it’s like it discounted prices on grading and I’m going to send a bunch of cards off this uh next week are there any non full art cards that are like worth the sell like of

Modern pack any EXs yeah there are some EXs that are like could still be worth it if they’re well don’t a lot of EXs practically look like full arts anyway like a lot of oh my God uh Adam Holly with a $30 stream tip for dropsy since

She’s the best buddy all right what about wa a minute what about what about what am I chop liver the god king said what do I think about Wiglet disgraceful here we go guys you feeling it you feeling it Mr Krabs and Adam Holly caps

It off for Cappy with a $55 St cap get the whole set oh yeah baby that’s what I’m talking about uh let’s see chat I just muted up I’m going to change the description really quick so now the 55 one is going to be Steve gets a yapping

Pokemon there we go changed it up here give Steve a yapping Pokemon sorry cap I muted up did did did you pick your thing yet I did I chose cyer no oh that’s another good one all right reverse H dragon air reverse H daraka thunderus oh come on dude weak

Weak okay let’s see let’s See oh yes okay I’m getting some good old rare candies here now oh wait only oh not rare candies sorry I’m getting some extras that I could use towards rare candies is what I meant to say Adam Holly with a $49 St nice cards you got there Dr would be a

Shame well that Thunder side just opened up and you are the captain of the live stream here we go easy street over here for me guys yeah you got the whole team now just goty get a real Candy set dude oh yeah but behold took care of a lot of them for you

Yeah like he gave me 20 rare candies so thank you so much for your support guys I’m running out now I got all six of my master balls this necros is insane by the way besides besides it like being a cool what typing is necosmo uh this one specifically because it’s fused with

N uh lunala is psychic ghost psychic ghost W isn’t that quad weak to uh dark type uh typically cool oh ghost Tower ghost Tower there’s not usually anything good in there except sometimes you can get a good held item you might be able to find like a spell tag or something for Ghost

Type Pokemon and every know are big but yeah you want to get further out the further away from Spawn you get in pixon Tycoon the higher the level the Pokemon are that is an old gold de oh is it blocky sure is there’s some Pokemon that it’s like it’s really funny

To look at what they used to look like in this mod you know what I’m just most sad about I can’t even swim a I just float you’ll float too you’ll float too original Minecraft swimming was just terrible yeah you can’t you can break mine anyway that’s fine

Yeah you can break all I mean does anyone care about iron or Gold Gems anymore I already put away extras in case I want to buy stuff with it I only care about my diamonds right now hey Doug Trio Adam Holly with a 33 or $3

Stream tip set here capy get some love too cap you only have to get three of them now thanks to behold and Adam Three Pokemon to level 100 Cap’s going to be bro thank you you’re amazing you guys make me feel so loved I love you guys

Too like you’re amazing you love me of course I love you Jerry but what about all the horrible things I do I mean that’s just part of your charm okay let’s see what the item is up top Bridge mail I climbed this for that oh man I just passed by a level 78

Tyion I would love to get him but I I won’t get that many rare candies the god king said have you seen Monopoly the longest game ever if not you should look it up imagine if there was a DLC to play it online like what do you mean was

That like is that like an expansion pack of Monopoly or behold said that bridge mail was just for you though drum I should have kept in and written the letter to Steve but now it’s to the bottom of the ocean haha oh I didn’t realize this is such an

Old version of Pixelmon I didn’t realize this still had the low tads upside down the lily pads yes I love low Tad I thought it was a relatively newer update to pixelon that had the upside down low tads for lily pads but I guess I’m is there a mover learner around here

Somewhere there should be like outside your base ah okay found it Conor sanui said eat it jome I would I would eat a lotad if I had had a chance probably pretty good is it vegetarian to eat grass type Pokemon no you scare me sometimes I

Don’t know I I don’t oh I ended up bag at spawn that’s awkward Derek Morgan with a $30 stream tip for Cappy to get 10 more rare candies thank you you literally only have to worry about one Pokemon being level 100 That’s crazy dude it’s awesome Kronos is out here trying to

Control the IRS for the yapping tax you think you can control that man Kronos uh I didn’t miss the Wormhole we just agreed not to do it because it kind of just breaks every I mean it’s just I don’t know at that point in time you don’t have to to find specific biomes

You’re just going to get the coolest of the cool Pokemon it’s really not fair to kind of just like ruins the vibe I don’t know uh Rd zg Luke wants to know does the evolution Trader have the leader Crest also Luke reminder we’re not recording so you could talk you know

Yeah oh I forgot about that um the leader Crest uh I typed in leader and nothing shows up you know what’s funny I forgot about it too I was like wonder why Luke’s not saying anything and then I was like oh he probably thinks he’s not allowed to

Talk is that over here I’m in a river biome so this could very well be me I’m also next to a river but I don’t think it’s near me I am nowhere near a river the Cod King said you should put hot sauce on a card and eat it bro

Someone’s already made me do that before was near me and it was not pleasant as cool as it is it’s really tough to use those because they come in at level 70 and you have so much leveling that you have to do the fans can easily change that

Though true they did for Kappy even Cy 50 rare ciesas oh my gosh nice it’s very rare we catch like a like a natural legendary in this I’m getting think that legendaries don’t have a high spawn rate dude that’s so sad I just found a oh Gabite thought it was a Garchomp I

Was like dude if I found a wild Garchomp but it’s only level like 40 that’s so sad oh that would have been sad yeah I mean Gaby’s still pretty sick but I think is it pronounced Gabite or Gabite I don’t know probably gab I say Gab because it’s uh

Garchomp so it’s like it’s closer to the sound what is happening today who’s in the sunflower planes I’m in a planes I don’t know if you’re lying drops stop it I I don’t know it’s me I guess it’s fair cuz you can all hear me but uh I

Made this area in sunflower planes but I can’t see it so I don’t know oh okay so it could be spawn it’s I think it’s at spawn Sam so serious I just entered a planes when that happened I don’t even know what to say Sam H he made up his own

Stream tip but I mean I’ll do it I’ll do it fine I think you got to do it he did he just streamed up $130 he goes hot sauce on a car do it bro all right let me let me get the wheel of dumon set up

I always forget to do this before the stream I’m sorry guys I’m terrible well he gave you a a $5 tip for doing it 75 in the 50 yeah true true like I said I’m not not saying no I just kind of made it

Up he just jeez bad all right here we go God what I have a do we have evolution stones at uh like or metal Co is massive yes why are you trying to fight me okay here we go apply wheel change is yes please be a low one please we just

Got here oh it’s a high one it’s 10 that’s brutal 10 to start it off o oh and the the wheel broke too wait no there we go broke it okay good good good oh all right all right exposion time to pick out oh got a clay

Doll right here there we go he’s going on top of clay doll uh what’s our time looking like Luke you guys are at 18 minutes bro I need I’m extension on that my guy I have no Pokemon no extension there we go number 10 here it is everybody it’s ghost pepper scorpion

Pepper Carol Reaper pepper uh and caps extract number one that hot oh my God I a wild needle Queen oh my God it’s hot nope I the drink oh that is foul oh God do hot sauce not make it better no makes it way worse that is foul

Dude Kronos with a $75 stream dip though spin that wheel spin it my mouth’s on fire right now for that time oh my God there we go our man Kronos always with the weak plays that’s a number five oh confirm the legendary spawn at on oh you found cosmog I found him nice

He’s such a happy little guy but he’s level 15 I don’t know if anybody want say yeah you got a you got a level that guy wait 15 yeah he’s level 15 he’s just a baby hot sauce number five got go to cosm and then Gala or solo

I like the hiccups from at number 10 I got bad hiccups from oh my God who you going to be okay over there bud no dude I don’t know why but having it on the card I think it’s just because there’s no food with it it’s just terrible

Mhm or explosion all right I’m in the level 90s area I’m getting there and luckily I found a desert I could be wrong and feel free to disagree with me but I think in the older versions of Pixelmon like this I think deserts and Savannah op stack oh yeah for sure deserts are

Really good I’m not even gonna lie oh boy palac all right I just muted up do I just get a whole team of Doug trios do I do it do I do I do I do it trio trio trio I’m start poll all right I made the poll you guys

You’re voting on it this is on you in the sense poorly not on me sorry I just had to talk my chat there little had to strategize you know didn’t want you guys picking up on what’s going on here yes oh wait I think I did something

Wrong hold on a second here sorry chat I messed up give me give me a second here I’m new here sorry guys I’m new to streaming T thanks for the $25 stream tip they said STI B on Jerry has every doing today I’m tired as I went to a console oh nice what

Concer did you go to I’m doing pretty good I’m happy peanuts back the big stinks back in the household he was away at boot camp learning how to be a gentleman you sent him away to boot camp for two weeks he’s been gone training what really he’s ready for waro

How did you not tell us about this came back a perfect specimen what do you mean is that picture yeah remember when they put him on blast on Instagram yeah oh okay I didn’t know that he was like away away I thought that was like he dropped him off in the morning and

Picked him up in the after some was just picking on my boy for no reason no I thought it was like a a day thing like you dropped him off in the morning and you picked him up after work oh no no was no he he had to send him

Away I like my other interpretation of just someone decided to just pick on Peanut you guys do have 13 minutes left but I think Jerry needs more time I don’t know dude I don’t know the fans are almost done voting and I’ll give it one more minute but it’s looking not too

Pretty guys for you know the haters y’all are going down and D WEA thank you to you and Adam Holly for being our captains of the live stream you guys are tremendously awesome we love you guys thanks for being here being a big part of this community shout

Out to the almost 500 people watching as well you guys are awesome you all probably smell nice I would have to imagine anyway maybe not possibly not Gamers do have a bad reputation all right guys well I’m locking in the poll that’s that you guys caused this that’s all I’m going to

Say oh no what I don’t even want to know don’t you did you look at the CH how dare you no no no no I just had a thought as to what you probably had them vote on I don’t I don’t have it pulled up I don’t I don’t know what you

Actually did okay all right I have a feeling I Know What You Did are you in a desert right now Jerome no no are you trying to find a desert NOP no completely out of the question hi in chat going all right he lost by all right get out of here then

Scram because you know what last time we did this strategy I won despite everyone telling me I was an idiot I won one just fine you don’t believe in me I don’t believe in you hi more like bye defense right all right anyway um we go boom

Yeah there we go there we go Lili said she believes in me see that’s all that matters Josh Alvarez says he’s believed in me thank you Josh good guy good guy Josh Alvarez all right astral said I do not believe in you all right well you know

What now guys the old this could work really well trade my Pokemon to drop do it do it you won’t I think dropsy would be very happy a feeling as to what you did would be very happy with my team I’m only going to ask one question

About it could you consider yourself a monotype trainer all diglets um toine mono well you have a focus on a type well I okay I guess monotype specifically is not the question I mean to ask could you be considered a Gym trainer with your team you know

I are you cousins with the fisherman on the dock perhaps that has the six Magikarp no I don’t have Magikarp I don’t have Magikarp no no no I know you Magikarp but are you cousins 10 minutes left H you know we have some traits in common how many minutes is left

Luke it’s like I have to reink my entire but yeah is there a way to um evolve a Pokemon if they’re level 100 like to force that Evolution I wonder if slforce Evo works that a command uh it is not let me check uh SL evolve

Steve but make sure you have the uh the items appropriate for it okay are you guys okay if I do that yeah I don’t care if it’s if it’s like level 100 and it hasn’t then yeah go for it yeah blade said I believe in drum but as

Much as I believe in Astro having strong enough TNT to blow he did blow it up last season I’m pretty sure yeah Vernon with a $5 stream dip said hey buddies happy Wednesday don’t say out loud I’m going to say it out loud go team big

No all right let’s see what held items we got here they’re all diamonds that’s that ain’t great news at least this this is a good fail safe item right here guys I like this item a lot okay so now what if that Pokemon needs friendship in order to level up better

Make it love you I know you don’t you can’t force Evo that you can’t force friendship it’s level based you can force Evo but you something like a Riolu that you need to get friendship up no that’s exactly what I was trying to do no have the Riolu out and following you

And you might get it code name life appreciate your V of support uh 7:30 but you know dude this team is all mine I could use some R candies though I only need one more rare candy yes I will not have a full team of 100s at this

Right couldn’t be me but also while I’m waiting to collect these diamonds I’m going to go to the bathroom perfect opportunity cuz nothing for me to do but sit here so chance to I’ve got all these extra diamonds that I just can’t use guys I mean does anybody want some extra

Diamonds in a uh hard stone or a smooth rock mayhaps ah heavy club or it’s thick Club sorry for one of those boost rock type moves I have Rock gems you got gem I think hard stone is like a I know it’s a throwable item I

Know if you use a move that throws the item it does decent damage but I don’t know what it does normally uh I could I could be down for some gems what gems you got uh Rock and fire oh in one ground I would gladly trade a uh oh hearstone

Is a hell oh wait it does all right uh I’ll trade diamonds this boosts rock type moves okay nice uh I don’t really need it if I’m honest let’s go where you at in my base yeah I will give you two stacks one for the rock type boost and one for the uh

Fire gy that’s just one we candy okay you can have two more Stacks you R candy budy come here Captain stink you want to show your face on oh there it is he’s back the boy is back thank you let’s see about moves on these po okay I’m fighting a mega

Pencer then I’m hoping that if I beat this Mega pencer then I Can five minutes left what is this what’s going on here dry this necros is scary all right I think this is is going to be this right here might be necessary on all of them I’m doing it guys I’m literally only getting this item and just putting it on everyone I

Don’t even care I know I know this would be a good item but I I literally doesn’t I I don’t care we doing it my way okay I got a I got a mega band if someone donates to get me uh Metagross iite then I can mega evolve my Metagross oh is

There a held item stream tip in there cuz if so that’s so sick I don’t know man but like like it would be kind of clutch for me I think there usually is but there isn’t this time it’s usually right in there yeah let me put it in

Um item of choice there we go I was going to say we usually do have it in there Ry zg said all your Pokemon have trash Natures all right Arty listen here you know okay you got it understood yeah all right good you know I’ve got a penite if anybody wants a pener

Um I think that would work well with my team cat putting a pincite on him oh that’s crazy crazy that was crazy once oh that’s go okay all of them got to have the same move set i’m literally I’m going to get my team set up perfectly you guys are all going down

You it’s just all sturdy ratas with facade and quick attack you mean Endeavor Endeavor that’s the one yeah was I right what no no no no Kev come what do you think this is dude bro Cod name life said can we turn the diglet shiny on the map all digletts you

Want all digletts forever to be shiny that does make sense dude behold with an $80 dream dip said I shall fulfill Cappy’s dream team go yes give me that Metagross height that’s crazy can someone end battle well I guess I can just end battle behold wizard give me that me girl baby Yes that’s what I’m talking about slon all right suck a Punch Yeah get this team stacked I’m still trying like get this whole move set thing organized but I think I’ve got a good idea about it po it po it I’ve got extra diamonds if anybody has

Like a dark gem or anything oh G williker Batman Willie with a $75 stream tip said this is for what you did in perfect Heist oh is this you mean us dumpstering you earlier today or or was there something in particular look about that you literally got this man to get

Destroyed in perfect Heist and then pay you for it and he R oh my God he rolled a I hate you Willie okay yeah that’s some Vengeance right there that’s your comeuppance yeah you deserve that you deserve that Willie Willie I mean you Deserve will how much one minute ah oh my god dude this is a bad day a five 10 and a 12 the only good one of those was the five everything has been been straight terrible and of course was Kronos who got the weak ply five P pun

Man oh my God and Willie I think he put this through before he saw he had already gotten me another $75 stream I shall bring Vengeance on the very same tikus that you had shaken at me oh no don’t lie you liked what you saw oh my

What it doesn’t work for me I can say that there we [Laughter] go oh all right at least it’s only a two but oh my God the 12 it I should have I should have come out here with with with I should have come milk all right 10 seconds he better go

Well drum needs a little extra time cuz he’s getting his milk one time’s up we still have infinite time to tr to give yeah you guys can trade up get ready I’m just saying you can’t collect anymore so there’s a shiny centr out here oh oh my God the hot

Sauce I’m breaking your diamond gens nothing can stop me my catch that shiny CIT here we go number two you right here yeah there you go I caught a shiny and then you put it in the trash and I put it in the trash Oh I cannot stop having the hiccups right now

Well you got one more hot sauce to go right no I didn’t I rolled that second one it was just the number two so it was that was easy okay nice oh thanks can someone end my battle I’m uh or kick me I don’t know I’m kind of glitched

Up Rome is not in the battle yikes can you kick me gladly Bro dearling I’m gonna kill you luk can we kill all wild Pokemon I liter I can’t the deerling keeps back someone kick me again the deerling just keeps Auto battling me and then I just keep getting jammed all right no more pokem or that yeah kept freezing me in

Battle the deer oh never mind it was good it was still in a battle that’s why it was still alive that was scary all right stream I’m in a good bit of trouble right now stream what move should I give them all night slash next

Let me know night slash yes or no yes or no doesn’t know any moves who doesn’t know moves sorry I just unmuted Riolu because he’s not Lucario so I am in a bit of a predicament all right chat thank you very much good good votes good votes

All right now the last move everyone chat I’m thinking I’m thinking probably this gotta you gotta right I mean what are people’s levels looking like 100 nice sorry if I don’t talk much my mouth is still dying dude you’re having a time of it don’t even

Worry um I am all 100s I don’t know if I clicked my push to talk when I said that you did not but now we hear you that’s awesome they’re all bro this is great well said I don’t know it seems like I have all right William all right William

The only other thing that I might think of instead is maybe chat because of battling cppy with explosion dig might be the move you know what I’m saying instead of fissure dig instead of fissure what do you think dig or fissure just comment dig or comment fissure I want to

See all right now a last second move change up here chat’s voting on it and they uh very clearly want this so yeah you will pay for that Cappy in fact I want to battle you first okay sure S I think I’ve got the ultimate team to beat

You Cappy sure you do Bud let’s let’s see it show me all right come in here so that Stephen drops you can’t you know can’t be sniping can’t see okay okay okay we’re going to separate gos we’re going to get out of here yeah all right cap now we’re in our own private

Call okay Doug Trio okay uh let’s go let’s do it oh players busy yeah just busy plot how I’m going to destroy you team preview on and yeah oh this might be a very undesirable matchup yeah Jerome I don’t know why you wanted to fight me first man like very

What are you even thinking like what are you even thinking man dude this might be very undesirable sir um Jerry I don’t know what you were thinking like oh what’s you g to do caby I live night slash good good job Jerry you did it okay all right let’s try do you

Have just all Focus ashes on these things no and you don’t even have Endeavor or everyone’s yelling at me to do some all right all right this is what you think Chad okay a lot of my chat’s saying to use this move it’s not very effective yeah I think they’re just

Trying to prolong your misery bro No No Cap we’re taking this to the top Jer like I’m even being nice right now how Pokemon is resistant to Everything I Do ha now you’re in my world Punk Sucker Punch BR Sucker Punch it hits before dig yeah but what about some that night

Slash is good night slash is good cat Sucker Punch okay then okay you want to play like that how about some cloy icicle spear oh how about some earthquake ow all my buns yep yep you know what the crazy thing about icicle spear is that it will go right through your uh Focus

Sesh Chad this isn’t going too well dude there’s I don’t think there’s any I don’t know what happened what were you thinking man you heard me choose cloer oh jeez no there you go take him out Diglett dude this digl if this diglet survives it’s over for no

It’s not it’s over bro we never talk about this again don’t you dare tell them my secret I wonder who I’m going to end up fighting Hello friends ciz battle no my Pokemon how could you do this dropsy pretty much sweeped me with one Pokemon oh my gosh

Really what what did you have that like sweeped this CIO oh CIO yeah Fair yeah fair fair what typing is CIO all right you get the last laugh I suppose battle exploded my jolon oh water fighting yeah that’s why it was just that my first throw out was cloer not

The best against CIO and then she was able to get was it Swords Dance or something like that that yeah so okay unfortunate for me cap did you lose all right do you mind waiting this up Steve CU me and you have to have all right Ste everyone can

Stay here Steve we’ll have our losers bracket battle oh you beat him Kev yeah I beat him it was close you beat the all the tri team I’m now battling a diglet no one’s ever done it before it’s wild definitely didn’t use skill link cluster oh my god let’s

Go uh what type is this play doll it doesn’t matter okay well I’m gonna look this up then fine does think it’s dark is he dark but I’m telling you it doesn’t matter Psych get ground guy just straight lies I said I think it’s dark why doesn’t it matter

Exactly because of explosion one HP in a dream Steve I’m gonna keep doing that oh that ain’t too bad all right all right here we go it’s time for for the comeback of a lifetime Stevie Jam this is quite the team I’m not going to lie to you one HP in the dream did you put scarves on all of them he

Did he did that’s actually hilarious he did the only I hate [Laughter] you oh it’s an even bout Steve for both down two Pokemon oh no the CL you too you sicko SK link I didn’t even get to attack did hyd or did it just happen to

Have skill link it happened to have skill link like he just gave it to me and it had skill link you’ve met your match Ste well well well you’ve met your match come on don’t miss don’t miss o go ho Steve I ain’t got to lie dude things

Are looking promising on my end it’s the choice scarf that allowed you to live so many hits the focus sash you mean oh yeah sorry Focus sash how many Pokemon you have left Steve two that’s I have two as well and I’m super effective to you Steve

Yeah my last Pokemon is a nogo either bro chachino we might not come in last place chat over here yapping up a storm for what they mad they mad because I had skill link I think uh GG Jerome rolu yeah he couldn’t he couldn’t learn any any moves cuz he needed

Friendship okay I guess it’s me and dropsy now yeah I kind of want to face dropsy after this too I wanted to see yeah go for it I wanted to see if cap in all honesty I think are we doing team preview we’re do my fight with dropsy

Would have been much different if the matchup wasn’t as bad as it was in the beginning actually drops these CIO is probably just gonna sweep me ah maybe not though because I do have Focus sash Aiden ask how does diglet no sucker punch he has no hands all right that’s

Rude first of all um but a valid argument I’m pretty sure just assume that he does have hands because he has scratch that’s like the first move he learns um really have much to do maybe try this before he’s Gone seed bomb yeah uh this is a good okay come on do I out don’t die just don’t die well it’s paralyzed so you definitely outspeed ah paralyzed so clutch dude doesn’t fisser have like a 30% accuracy or something oh I didn’t mean to spam click that but that’s fine

Actually all my chat has been telling me like do fissure fissure always inflicts exact 65535 hpage wait so you can technically survive fure because we used to have a Minecraft server where there was no limit on the Poke the level of the Pokemon Mega and so you could have like a

Pixelon level like 10,000 that’s right I got a mega band and someone donated for me to get metagrossite oh what the heck well I didn’t make it that far dropy this is not good yo that guy looks sick right cotton guard got to try something cuz none of

My moves are that great against you I can I’m going to try one and see and if not I might just switch out unless you kill me first yeah that’s not that’s not happening yeah I’m just going to let it die it’s easier that way all right time to try out uh this

Guy what is that guy psychic steel or psychic ghost psychic ghost o psych I wouldn’t switch out because you lose the mega no you don’t lose Mega whenever you switch out oh you’re supposed to no no that was the thing even in the game you keep

It I think I got robbed in at some point ah Moon gist beam dang okay here we go tle come on just don’t die tol just don’t die that flare BL did some damage though even though the sun and the fire gym you gave me you know yes explosion I suppose that’s

Fair go cloer cler shell smash shell smash okay fight icicle spear woo man my poor little guy double shell smash icicle spear my dude I think this is a dropsy Um that’s a cool looking Cloyster I’m not going to lie shiny oh necros looks cool too oh yeah I like I like the necros look what what style of necros is that yeah that too much G the dead kind guess yeah I was dead all right dry

Let’s go show me your moves show me show me show me your moves I’m the Weird go earthquake get him oh happy birthday golden Gad oh you think you’re so tough what are you even doing your photo synthesizing over there no probably sword stance you fool ah you know you fool go digle it dig digl dig Trio oh I see you have style I wasn’t expecting this

Oh uh I don’t really have much to do against this um dang so Cy really was just the bane of my existence but I had like a good setup yeah I don’t I do not have much wow you were doing good I just had skill link clister which is like the

Complete counter to focus sash that’s so sad you deserve [Laughter] it the fans set me up for Success this time though is all I’m saying yeah they they gave you a good team well you picked a good team but they gave you the Pokemon so dropsy I

Don’t know what you’re doing over there but you’re you’re scheming something big with the salt area it cotton guard just trying something uh Luke do you mind moving your suspenders are getting in the way doesn’t anything uh oh oh Luke’s not even here wait where did he go Luke’s straight up left yeah

He’s not in here at allo trio trio dude I’m not even making a dent oh my gosh yeah did she cotton guard like five times yeah dude only twice oh it was enough though that was that was something it’s a lot I had to power through with Mega Metagross That’s How Strong it

Was oh no oh no oh I’m not going to be able to kill this Shuckle am I hopefully not Tri oh no dude did you pass or something to the Shuckle she no I killed the uh the alaria okay oh I got lucky there come on let’s go digler dig digler

Dig I can’t believe Jerome did so well with this stupid team it is a great team it’s not stupid it’s no stupid team it’s just stupid players all right what’s necros speaking of St stupid players I don’t know necros type uh psychic ghost psychic ghost okay yes so night

Slash behold he just jumped in he goes use night Slash use night slash imagine you know what they never you know what they never show on Pokemon is those very enthusiastic fans that are just shouting tips at the Players shoose night slash g GG drops all right well that makes me feel a

Little bit better so my team was fine it’s just cppy had an unbeatable force of nature you just chose theong Mega Metagross is dumb dude yeah it’s dummy thick fact that it can learn explosion yeah dude is set for Success my guy mhm the real thing like I I had to

Choose pretty carefully going against dropsy cuz she could have taken out my uh Golem super easily with CIO want to see something what I’ve been hiding her what the heck all right let’s go on to the next game time for my special madear wars yes Spar

Wars Let I don’t want to take credit for it for then people saying like he stole credit for it like I don’t know dude I’m pretty sure like tons of people have done stuff like this in the past but uh either way basically it’ll make sense

In a second once I get the worlds spaen up there and I’ll explain the game mode to you I’m telling you guys Doug TR just doesn’t get the respect he deserves hey man I’m just glad I won for once exploding man showed up today and

That’s all I care about you did it I wonder what this button does nothing wonder what this button does okay what does this button do hit the world border closing again World border closing World border Clos stop pressing my closing hit this one again it doesn’t do anything bruh I got B dead

Dead oh you’re pardoned every day what you think of that hidden secret underneath the ring that was messed up man all right guys welcome so pretty much it’s Hunger Games in some ways uh and not uh so you start off on one of the Bubbles at the edge of everything um

It’s a big world because the game Mode’s supposed to last for an entire stream segment the world border around it closes after 1 hour there’s no rush in killing people for that reason or even leaving your bubble to get towards the middle like I said it takes a full hour

For the border to completely collapse inside of these you’ll find that I think it’s like 1% of all stone is diamonds there’s iron stuff like that uh and then inside of each bubble you may even find chests that have loot in it uh that you can use and they’re all themed on

Different biomes or sometimes like even like that’s a villager’s house with a villager in it so you might even find trades there’s like unique fun things uh along the way and as you can see by hitting tab it’s not just us we got a lot of our awesome mods are trusted

Members of the community we got like Vernon there V Smith we got Behold The Wizard and I would say trusted members but there’s Willie uh so we got like a good group of people here and uh you know that’s all I got that’s it what you Australian is he French Australian

Oh is that we not oi oh it might be oi so are you going to teleport us to one we just choose an orb on the outskirts just choose a you can have this one cuz I know you like this nine 10 I want to say there’s 10 outer biome biomes oh

Great Steve I made one specifically for you but yeah chat if you have any ideas of how to improve the game mode or anything let us know in the comments section it would mean a lot like I said I like I’m I can’t like really take credit for it like this is heavily

Inspired from a ton of different things but uh I don’t know I just randomly thought of it the other day like yeah i”d be kind of s I have a quick question Luke yes are the gates meant to be closed right now you just break the

Glass okay all right behold we have a couple fell teal difficulties no idea how long though no problem we’re not in any super rush because right after this is just perfect Heist which is just kind of for the memes really so like they need another 5 minutes is fine we can

Just stall and cry yeah I can go uh do some tech support down there so I’ll be back too cool thanks for letting us sow behold um cool I’ll probably choose this biome what is this supposed to be like a tiger I guess like a redwood forest or whatever

That’s called or is it red tiger I don’t know TP to me and look at the biome that Luke set me up in it’s terrible TP site this is what I started tell me this isn’t so bad even your chest I’m doomed your starting chest is

Dog water well up you guys start with stuff besides that TP to my starting area to be fair I picked it myself I think it’s a starting biome but oh I don’t know if this one’s where yourest I don’t see any chests uh mine doesn’t have a chest so Steve might have

Gotten one cuz his biome is dog water he literally drops one is only sand nothing else a tree on it I guess water so no ores and he has a fishing rod in a chest with some Stone oh all right yeah it’s dog water oh my

Gosh this will be fun this will be this will be good Steve can fish so he can catch these hands you go be fishing for these hands Steve is that it I don’t want to talk about it all righty all righty now wogie WGY Wy I find the return of Mega Evolutions

Interesting yeah right in the new thing that’d be pretty cool I guess they’ll be giving like new Pokemon Megas that didn’t have it before or which Pokemon would you like to see get a Mega I don’t know which ones don’t have megas most of the ones I would like

Have megas so probably Doug Trio I guess yeah I want a mega Eevee Mega Eevee would be awesome well just think about it normal type has something cool yeah like Mega Eevee would be dope like imagine a mega Pikachu like so you don’t have to evolve to wrich you to get like

A weird problem is though is because you need the stone as a held item you can’t even have eite on the Eevee well yeah but like that could be saiding it that could be set for like uh like some other things too I think like Pikachu has some Z moves that

You can only use say Flygon Mega would be should have gotten one that one is valid Mega dragon is there no Mega Dragonite mega drag there’s not a Mega Dragonite but I would totally be down for that what if it just made him jacked mega mega I think there actually

Is dude if Charizard Z just used water type moves only to be fair you could do chariz Z as a like dark type a dark fire dark type they’ve already got dark dragon they’ve already got a fire dragon they’ve already got fire flying uh what if they made Charizard Z

Fire ground and he just loses his wings or what if he was Ghost fire type I know that already exists with Chandelure but Chandelure is a special attacker so it’ be a physical attacking ghost fire type well you got uh huan tyion I guess but like that’s newer uh they do okay never

Mind yeah that’d be kind of pointless then because it’s also a starter so thanks for just invalidating my entire plan cap it’s fine you’re welcome that’s what I’m here for boo make you feel invalid God dang are we going to have food in this I I I assume

So get to fishing nah I ain’t dealing with that to be honest I don’t know hopefully they’re not having too much problems down there mjp with a $300 stream tip I pressed the button for the server to go boom how mad would BL blow it up before we

Started oh dude very just literally right now BL do it what would you do if I blew up server before we started I love that emoji it’s the best one mjp thank you though for such a heavy Hammer you’re awesome dude and always a big supporter of the channel we

Love you buddy thank you very much and thank you to everyone as well who stream tips and supports the channel we could not do what we do each and every day without your help seriously guys it means the world to us and uh we’re just so appreciative of it like you guys

Allow us to do what we love to do each and every day um and we’re so we’re just we’re happy to do that we’re happy to get to make you guys smile so thank you friends and we will blow up the server mjp don’t you worry let me see I’m trying to

Dude codame life said Mega Snorlax the one and only goat Mega Snorlax would be awesome all right so we’re not having any luck with the other people trying to fix their stuff so we have eight people total with you guys so oh dang what happened to the other people uh

Something weird with Java and Forge versions that we can’t really figure out right now this is blade if you do it [Laughter] all right well guys uh we’re gonna be starting with eight people then Luke if you’re ready my guy let’s do it let me just make sure the mods are

Smith feith willly are we doing food like does everybody get food uh you should have saturation oh okay so we don’t have to that’s sick okay does every starting Island have a chest or no just curious no just the ones that actually can’t function without can’t like Steve got it got it

Just me just me no no behold two I put them in a desert all right let’s do here a little dry that’s what it means all right all right let’s hit it two one go all right all right let’s do it it’s going to be fun excited for this I’m

Scared you should be Steve you’re on a remote Island all right so we have 1 hour until the Border hits the center area Colin said who’s rooting for Willie no dude just put I didn’t realize this was the Willie ASF Channel these guys are ridiculous I want to oh that this is a world edit want I should not use

This it’s a tough call what to do right like do you focus looting the chests that have some of the rare items like there could be golden apples in them things like that or do you just try and get a good set of armor in case you accidentally come across somebody and

You know they decide to eat you I me you’ve got time though is the thing like you should at least get iron okay I got really scared I already made it to the second bubble because mine had nothing in it um and there was a villager here and I thought it was

Somebody I was like who put their spawn point literally next to mine like I mean they could be next to you in theory but like keep mind everyone has to spawn in the outer bubbles so like yeah it was just directly in front of me behold there’s no wood in the desert

Nothing dude you couldn’t even give him like a desert village in there too I gave him dead bushes oh my gosh that only makes sticks mjp let’s go dude with a $50 stream tip said pack of cards as my last one before I have to get back to work

You got to do give me one second to find another like singular piece of iron so I can smelt those three so I get my pickaxe going and then I will open up a pack of cards here we’re going and get some good I feel I’m feeling a full art

I’m calling it right now I called it yesterday when I got a full art and I’m calling it you did call it could we get night vision no I’ve got this Anil for that I really like what did you get a galade you said wait galade isn’t that

Like the one that Steve was the big hit no uh no I’ve got a full art annihilate oh that that I just really like that’s actually sick yeah it’s like honestly it’s probably a very valuable card C cuz who doesn’t I mean it’s like one of the

Coolest new mons to come out right yeah I would say all right here we go Starly tarantula watrel kroo wug Trio judge floatel uh flato Jo reverse Holo maridan e yo that’s what’s up that’s big sick that’s really sick dude I like that I like the look of

That nice let’s go dude thank you mjp that’s a big one dude that’s honestly so sick Tempt with a $10 stream tip said Team wiie Bop no guys this ain’t the Willie ASF Channel toap said I vote to burn any Togekiss we find you don’t like Togekiss your name is toap your evolved

Form that’s literally your Superior Pokemon all right how far to togga tick and then Togekiss right yeah what’s the Evolve conditions for each is togga Tick friendliness or is that to kiss I think that’s to Kiss Steve you having a good time why don’t you go in

There that’s so many mobs in there Luke there’s not a chance I’m going in there coward oh my gosh I I don’t think there’s probably like 60 plus mobs in there oh you should cap out here br oh I’m in a I’m in a be in Honey area there’s plenty more of

Those you’re not going to explore the be and honey area Steve no okay oh hold on actually no it’s okay no I see I see chests I I just couple days on this you know that’s fine Steve pans on these exterior Islands or are you going to make us like move a little

Bit haven’t even gotten iron yet Togepi said I have an Everstone thank you I don’t want to turn to that monstrosity of bir Togekiss is a good Pokemon toek kiss is good what are you talking about especially for like double battles oh really why I didn’t know that

Why is it better than most most fairy types or anything like that are because they get a lot of moves that deal with um like assisting other Pokemon in moves like around and stuff that just do better with multi Pokemon you know what I’ve always kind

Of wanted to do uh with my explosion team uh I wanted to run one Pokemon with assist and all the others have explosion so there’s just like a have an item so it doesn’t die wait what is assist so assist pulls from your entire team and it’ll randomly choose one of

The moves your Pokemon knows what yes okay that’s silly so like if I used it on my exploding team it’ be a normal type that just has a random Ty timed detonation Luke he doesn’t have planks wait could you use that to teach can now

Hear me out here can you use that to teach a a Pokemon any move this is what I mean by that what if you only have a smeargle on your Sidelines with Sketch and nothing else and so you use assist to use that Pokemon’s sketch move oh oh yeah okay I’m seeing what

You’re saying so you have the assist Pokemon just pull from anything and then you just I think it could theoretically do the same thing with a move like metronome oh metronome would be awesome so okay I’m not getting that Chad am I missing something like would that work could you like teach any

Pokemon any move by doing that well it doesn’t teach it it can use it in battle like it’s not going to become part of its move set oh what sketch did well sketch on smeargle does like teach it permanently but like assist I don’t think it would apply to the Pokemon

Because the move it used was assist not sketch if that makes sense that’s what it does in tandom but really depends on if it’s like if it says skdy use assist and then additionally says skdy used said move or if it just randomly goes dude I’m not having oodles and Boodles

Of luck with diamonds I made a diamond you’re already on diamonds I mean I have only a diamond well Steve you started off in in the pit you started off in the armpit sir yeah I’ve just gone to multiple uh islands and I haven’t found any iron yet and I’m like

Struggling this has emeralds but I don’t want to on dude there’s so many mobs in that next area oh come on feel like I should just backtrack back to my uh other Island cuz nothing in your like immediate forward Island uh it’s got a villager and this

Island has a bunch of emeralds on it but like the trades for the Villager aren’t like anything I’d want he’s a slab maker ah dang that’d be a cool update for a future one Luke I guess uh that’s that’s a good little suggestion is maybe make the Traders actually have like I don’t

Know is there a mod that let you customize them like can you make them have like super sick like um they wouldn’t be actual villagers but I will say each villager island is a different occupation that’s pretty sick okay that’s pretty nice so like Steve got a librarian near him

R z said gold for the apples true I could bring some gold with me um you said it’s on Peaceful right yes it is on you just have saturation oh it is on oh not peaceful because mobs are spawning I I took damage and healed up immediately it’s

On so you’re going to have permanent regen mhm so how are we supposed to fight with our swords you hit each other really hard did you put the Border up Luke I don’t see it yet uh it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming okay you just

Happened to Pi one that very edge and I saw it moving in slowly but surely yeah drum you’re in a corner so it’s going to be a teeny bit for it to be closing in on you oh okay cool here take some of these I haven’t even left my bubble yet

Nice you haven’t left your bubble yet I’ve gone through like six different bubbles I haven’t had an need I I started off in a big bubble so like I’m like still digging through it trying to find diamonds out here did you confirm that there are diamonds on your Island yeah I I have

Them I have a diamond pick and I have seven diamonds sweet nice dropsy had a good Island too I dropped her off in a cherry block awesome Island yeah it was nice okay more dude there’s probably I’ve probably skipped over so many diamonds sadly nice more diamonds more diamonds it’s three diamonds so

Far blade was SL nice nice dude such an easy even the chat nice SC nice boom boom nice crushing it over here I feel bad for even making an iron sword at this rate how many diamonds you got eight oh okay okay so you’re you’re doing

Good well I actually moved over to a different Island I started on a savannah but then I moved over to a jungle uh orb and this one is good oo oh I’m hearing mobs I hear mobs through the wall that’s normal good luck they’re out there Cappy they can

Smell me they can smell you and your bean soup is giv you away for yet another time Jerry’s nothing be I’m not going to lie I’m scared I feel like somebody’s going to find me any minute now and just backstab me scared for a different reason I’m scared

That the border is going to crush me have plenty of time I don’t know though I’m up to 17 diamonds now my outer Island 17 weren’t you just complaining about not finding diamonds bro what the heck dude you’re in the best I uh found a good Island you guys got to explore you

Got to get up and go and move I’ve gotten man went through seven islands and it’s like you guys got to go you got to explore Steve I want to give you up so badly but I can cuz like I found a Lapis uh Island

So I was able to get lapis and then I was able to get an enchanting table and I even got like golden like I got a lot of stuff wow all right Steve is motivating me to move out you should you should explore I will I will I still haven’t found an iron

Island but you know it is what it is well if did you just loot the diamonds then because if you haven’t found iron then how did you I started with an iron pick that’s one of the things I started with okay okay I got a fishing rod some Cobble and

Some uh and an iron pick to start to said we joke about Willie being 5 foot no that’s true it’s 100% true what do you mean all right I have 34 diamonds Jesus Steve gotta chill guy all right um put that away it’s good right all right I’ll head out for a new

Island because that’s what’s Steve told me to do Luke what kind of joke is this villager well what kind of Trades he got he he got the meats Trader the cooker Trader oh nice gosh if he had seven pork chops he could get an emerald and four raw rabbit for an emerald uh

That’s fear down here that’s like a mining sphere hold on a second here that literally looks like a mining biome this one I was going to go up but no I’m going down certain Islands do have specific things in them like monster Islands have a little bit of diamonds and loot you

Just got to explore a little bit I’m leaving Minecraft yeah Luke luk look TP to me in spectator what what is this bro I’m not I’m already here go in there Jerome bro you’re sick why would I go in there yeah there’s a chest in the middle there oh my God yeah Luke

You could dig underneath bro I’m drum run drum run you don’t want to go in there drum don’t go in there drum drum did you find the the the mob infested one that I was talking about where there’s like 60 mobs in there yeah this is use a shield on the creeper

Diamonds there’s diamond in the island too I am well I can’t see him from the outside so I’m actually just tanking Creeper explosion the Drone you’re a mad man I’m using the creepers to my advantage come on creepers my only regret is that there’s not more creepers to help

Me hey Luke yes can I ask what inspired you for this uh hay bale melon for for well see I wasn’t originally going to be nice and give you guys saturation oh yeah I think it should be turned off at some point yeah cuz otherwise we’re not going to be able to

Like HT each other’s good food there’s no cows or anything least I so much food I was gonna say I have a ton of food I’ve actually been throwing food out that’s how much I have it’s like kind of a bit late to be making these changes I

Feel like well version two well I mean how else are we going to deal damage to each other by getting in a mosh pit and figuring it out well I took out Blade with three hits with an iron sword okay you’re you’re right you’re right yeah

But that’s also blade he’s you know he doesn’t kind of weak that’s true Luke come look at my Island keep inventories off right Luke by the way because that’d be a shame if someone killed I mean you only have one life yeah but notice anything keep inventory is

Luke what look look at my hand you notice anything oh you’re a bad person you notice anything I don’t know how to make things unbreakable when you place them as a block you’re you’re mean oh someone already looted this chest ographer there any markings for if

You’re near the center or uh yes it will be a mult M biome or multi- treed uh ples looking biome with two light uh anyone nearby melons no I got a ton of emeralds in this thing though but I don’t really think I’m going to Care to get those

Does every Dome no drop are you sure you’re not in melon area yeah that’s why I said no you want me to spoil I’m looking right at you leaving the melon area yeah that’s why I said no only the mobs and the Middle Island have like an abundance of diamonds

Dude the M Diamond by the way you want to tell me aund dude I went to that Island I got three diamonds from oh I meant you have to dig for them I Hate You full full diamond Enchanted Drops make sure uh to you know wait how you

Get or find an enchant table well okay I found it I found where I make my last stand this wonderful oh I see make sure to explore the trees make sure to break your knees anyway um also there’s only redstone on this island what is wrong with

You hey there is all the components that any certain person would need to make TNT bro I ain’t going to find that uh I have 32 gunpowder cat nice hey hey Luke oh man no I’m just I I have a Minecraft question for you yes do you

Know what the purpose of dragon’s breath is yes okay it’s for a potion where what what is what are these loot crates what every item you find should be usable in one way or another okay Luke are you sure the whole potion dude I’m not doing

That dude for real Luke are you sure that all of these have diamonds in the mob ones uh in the mob ones it’s more so underneath oh your boy just got something so op no you didn’t all my diamonds I got for mining I didn’t find them like in

Chest or to give you a certain item because you got that dude that’s humongous what I got all right this one turned out to be a really good Island for me oh cool I got a music disc oh nice I thought I thought Jerry got a music disc so I gave

Him a jukebox cppy you can have a jukebox oh the explosion killed well I’m just sad then what is this area okay nice ah you so look you’re saying that there is diamonds under here potentially yes just they might be unsafe cuz I did randomly make the stone diamonds so be very

Careful where’s Jerry here’s Jerry uh yeah oh looks like I’m getting in a fight oh wait I’m getting in a fight you facing oh no who is it who is Will Wait no way Steve wait Will’s kind of geared up he doesn’t this Willie Jerome did you

Teach Willie how to use a Shields meaning not use a shield wait he’s actually giving Steve the business oh no Steve Steve are you okay no I’m not taking damage I have Full Hearts Luke oh oh maybe you do have to get rid of the saturation thing then

Yeah all right blade where’s your saturation block do give everybody like a stack of steak saturation is going off yes and I’ll give everyone a stack of steak that’s fair 64 there go oh my God oh my God oh my you’re annoying you’re annoying all right I’m sorry about to

Die dr’s been trying to make cobblestone pillars but mobs keep stepping on it so yeah they keep just knocking me off and Willie went our separate ways I I do believe I can take Willie easy peasy but are you wiie believe it while you were getting the saturation

Off he took the time to run coward you’re still a bad person for what you’ve done just in case I get something I have sights on him do you have sight music on him maybe should I take him out your roome Willie what’s up to you man I don’t know

If you think you could take him sounded like you were getting the business though no I wasn’t you were getting hit so much more than you were hitting him you just Steve that’s just disrespectful let the man use his lava I just made it to hytopia nice remember to explore all trees you

Find oh my gosh we need a game all right so you really want me to just be chopping these down like it’s crazy craft slime pet hunting maybe maybe all right all right oh no Willie Steve what’s going on who’s winning there is an epic battle I can’t tell

Willie’s poisoned and Steve was on is on fire oh wow he’s gone he’s out of here how many hearts how many hearts St you tell us I mean I’m still taking damage but I still had five Hearts okay see that’s at least more reasonable you know dang dude probably because you have the

Sad thing is I don’t need any of his loot oh I accidentally broke a chest oh yeah cuz you’re a bad person that’s big I’m speaking to both Steve and Jerome he had the time to run oh who’s that down there in the basala area looks like dropsy

Again I want to find my way to Mid again cap I will uh inform you oh no there were enchantment tables in this area I can’t believe you killed Crow favorite Willie first dude he he kept looking at me funny wait see wow Steve’s blind never mind I’m sorry nothing just you know

Cppy this working eyeballs that’s it oh man do you think they’re ever going to add to Minecraft that you don’t have to destroy a tree to get apples I could see it a farming update would actually be kind of cool oh that would be nice like to be able to like a

Specific trees what was the last like real farming update we had it was probably the when they somebody’s coming down to fight me compost bin was Prett substantial update to it but that was a few that was probably yeah but that was more for villagers that was cuz it came with the

Villager job drops out here calling me a villager I thought it was a nice up uh can we get a time check I mean what do you mean time check the the world border is closing in on you oh oh right yeah the world border that’s a thing

Vernon we meet again you can oh I saw Vernon just a minute separate ways we don’t need this what you just drop what do you drop what is that what is it it’s a it’s a diamond uh oh wait come back I just want Willie to know when

Luke was like oh Steve’s getting destroyed I stopped fighting because I wanted to see if the hearts were still going to going to generate faster than he could deal them I love that you can climb vines now like whenever they’re not just on a block whenever they’re just

Hanging thank you Willie with a $30 stra said give Steve the fish I was going to have him dead that first fight if it wasn’t for saturation and those meddling kids sorry were you on a bridge Steve no it oh I was about to be on a bridge and

Then uh I was looking out at behold who was looking at me who who was looking at him was looking at you yeah exactly I’m glad you understand but uh Vern had the fish pushed me the other direction I would have been destroyed by I’m just saying guys

Commerce is totally a thing in this I I just traded with Vernon I gave him a golden apple and he gave me like a diamond so that was pretty sick he also didn’t oh who has an elytra wild stole mid’s Beacon I didn’t I just blocked okay that’s fair that’s

Fair I was like this group could have been anyone stealing beacons uh did cat find a chest in mid is that what I I missed dude I oh if you’re not if you’re not here to fight then yeah pop off Willie I really wish that that would have killed Steve like

Knocking him off the Floppy Fish bomb can not that would have been amazing what’s the point of this you need to put it on obsidian oh where do I get that I don’t know man this island right here is Right Diamonds though dropsy like very there’s a lot of diamonds on this island

And there were that island that island is where I got all my diamonds oh dropsy has an [Laughter] elytra sure beholds live your life yeah I’m pretty sure you can do just about anything you can imagine yeah I was wondering if I should make a stipulation that you can’t do that but

I mean Steve didn’t do it and just bum uh like booked it to the middle so oh there’s the world border I finally found it hey I mean it’s an hour so it’s going to take a bit but a lot of the um biomes that you guys started in are not in

Mid your biome is completely taken over yeah you’re gonna have to team on Steve I think Steve that powerful pandas I don’t think so I don’t think I’m that strong you found panda yeah did you just shoot at me as I ran away yeah what about it you would shoot

A man in the back yeah you would you would present your back oh someone’s already been to Panda land apparently Panda land who can ler battle day in poo rolling up around and then the panda bear to Panda Land land Willie’s dead okay cool he thought for a second that he was like creeping up on looked behind him like n just the ghost of him is he’s just looking at you like hi Willie I found my second of the honeybee islands and I’m getting many

Cakes has Willie been the only uh elimination I think so yeah what’s going on guys hey it’s a longer game mode dude that’s fair all right this thing’s already been looted for sure I’m just going to go above it Rd zg wants me to go to the end Island I

Feel like what could I really get from there maybe there be a chest with more ender pearls but DRS you got an elytra there are only two end Islands sure are like sure are I got both elely found an area where the steps are so steep I have to use a like a

Cobblestone to climb it yeah I did that Vernon cap oh if you did that up to the end Island there’s no point GA to trade I have one gapple what do you want sorry there’s no point going up there drop there dude I shouldn’t have left my

Starting Island and trusted Steve or he was like check out the other Islands you’ll find tons of diamonds I’ve like not found any diamonds since go to Mid drum there’s a ton of diamonds I don’t know where mid is dude it’s it’s a maze all you had to do was go inwards

From where you started uh I mean so you know I could see how he could get lost is that you with an iron helmet and iron pants and a diamond chest plate all right don’t be rude is that you cuz you’re nearby mid oh I am nice you you

Saw the end Island didn’t you yeah that’s right above mid mid has been picked clean by the way there’s still a lot of diamonds underneath Ste wanted me to get killed oh here’s gold land yeah ask Willie about how that went for I think goldland has been

Looted oh yeah go over to melon land that who’s on top of end Island there’s someone up there I want to guess I want to let you guess one of I’m on top of one of the islands I think dropsy is probably on top of immediately yes oh oh

Vernon he has started a settlement on top of the end I figured it would be you dropsy with the elytra so that you could like get away if you needed to I mean I can’t go up easily I have to build centopia I found centopia someone’s on top of centopia though

Al uh hi cap I come in peace my face shot me shot me I think you meant pieces you literally shot me in the [Laughter] face hello Cappy I mean you no I mean you harm let’s go down down this way really liking the be biomes huh you wouldn’t believe it oh

Gosh you all right I went to one of those monster islands and the chest was only string yeah someone got the diamond out of I mean I could use string right now I made a bow I made a bow already I’ll tell you what I’ll give you

My bow Steve if you just give me all your diamond armor literally everything what about an enchanting table o that’s that’s do you even have lapis to use it though I do I have lapis up lapis solely so that I could be ready for this

Moment well you want you want to make a deal Steve has some enchanting tables to spare ench how do you have plural enchanting table I have five enchanting tables internet Steve tell them Steve tell them what you did there was five enchanting tables at Mid when I got there let me tell you

There are none now bro I stole all the enchant tables from mid oh my yeah I have a monopoly on them Jerome Steve why have you done this sorry I’m willing to sell you one I don’t want your pity table all I require is a bow a bow for

An enchant table is pretty good deal it is but I don’t know a bow is actually pretty hype right now G I’ll just I’ve got string like oh Jerry’s got string too I need need the string oh then uh nah you good Steve Mr Enchanted I’ll make the trade with you I

Don’t think I want to make you stronger right now it’s giving me the tips here yeah Steve I’m afraid of you oh there we go so when you said that mid’s been picked clean you meant Steve picked it clean okay now Jerry I’m saying this because I want

You in particular to be careful I may have destroyed some of the glass on the pathways to Mid so you sick I warned you I warned you C just like a little bit a little bit subtly as all dude that’s so I love it oh my gosh I just hurt someone C

IO ah oh my head where did you get an anvil from I’m from mid oh yeah there were anvils [Laughter] there BR just Anvil me don’t come at me bro don’t come at me I’ve got anvils hey can’t you know what I have though what wait who is that up

There I think that’s dropsy just hanging out I this wait your Shields enchanted with what Unbreaking oh okay did you do that I think he cheated to do it I was going to say normally Cy here look out a zombie ow oh God it oh my goodness cap cap you almost

Got me with the the the bridge dude I saved it get someone with that for sure 100% dude that poison been devastating good thing I have another oh hit me too oh God oh God Gabby a horrible mistake using it yeah back up you know what cap it’s okay though cuz I have

Another back off cap I have arrived oh no again I hit him G I’m not here to interrupt this fight you’re going to kill me no GG bro too long without anything happening take theil now I have an enchanted sword it’s only got sweeping Edge ke you had a lot of

Bows yeah well I couldn’t fix the durability on them so figured make multiple I had a lot of arrows too cuz I had a Fletching Trader on my uh Island so I got the trade emeralds for arrows I’ll take your Unbreaking three Shield that’s pretty sick yeah so where

Is this border I’ve still yet to see it the bo I can increase the speed if you want ah The bord Border’s coming in let’s see uh no Village uh Trader should be accessible anymore and the monster islands are St starting to be taken over was there ever oh so now none

Of them are accessible so it doesn’t matter was there ever any good villager trades or no there were uh every single occupation that a villager can have there is an island for Blacksmith would have been the best one I think yeah and there is a blacksmith Trader

Somewhere maybe in version two I only put useful occupations had I thing huh didn’t know that was a thing huh had I had more time in the emerald area I could have gotten bookcases which would have then allowed me to get better enchant uhoh Anvil Anvil oh that’s right you have the elytra

Oh you’re lucky wait it’s kind of cool how your cape is the elytra yeah yeah rats now be careful dropsy oh right right isn’t that nasty oh my God almost got a got anim from the grave dang that elytra is GNA make it difficult to kill

You I’m gonna have to your drop is gonna have to be a last like like final person kill probably at this point that’s the go it’s just the four of us left right meu dropsy behold yeah and blade we’re all blade’s not actually playing we’re all here beholds up on the end

Island dropsy was nearby she’s on the nether Island Jerome’s mid I’m in another Island we’re all here hey Steve did Vernon and behold just make settlements on top of the end Island seems like it oh my God they have The High Ground you’re a menace what I’m just looking at it’s

Like so nasty isn’t it that’s like you you can’t see it coming because the way it works is uh if you’re looking through glass it removes the back face of it from your vision you can see other blocks through it but you would never be able to see

That ledge like coming you know yeah hey jeram hello where are you I am in mid as well je but I’m on top of the mid got any golden apples for sale I have two I don’t know what you I mean I guess you could offer me your enchanting

Table I can give you one of five all right I’ll do it hang on I’m his lawyer give him four or No Deal all right no deal take him out a cherry what all right thank you sir Steve just pleasure doing business with you here you can

Have a cake too oh that’s iron here you can have that is not cake oh that’s big I had to choose there between knockback and uh Steve how are you just going to creep on Jerome enchanting well I mean I feel like it would be very

Uh disrespectful to uh go and kill him while he’s enchanting I had to choose between knockback and sword it’s a really tough call to be honest but and then I’m also afraid to leave mid right now cuz I don’t know the glass Bridges dude Cappy is diabolical for that

One I am genuinely scared to leave mid I don’t know where to go for me that was a diabolic move yeah there we go but like eventually we got to make moves on behold who’s up on that top Island no we don’t the circle’s going to

Close on us eventually he’s got to make moves on us yeah you I have a little bit of a treaty going on here Jerome no okay do you want to fight to the death oh I see I mean yeah I mean yeah you want you want you want the smoke you want the

Smoke I’ve already taken oh God poison arrows yeah how do you choose which to use cuz I have poison arrows I just only have poison arrows right now it’s like in where it is in your inventory as to what Arrow it chooses if I keep it in my will use

That yeah there might be a left to right thing yeah oh you had another one of those poison potions too I had a few the poison potions with 45 seconds on them and I used them on cap cap didn’t really stand a chance with that one sadly yeah the Anvil was funny

The Anil was great oh Steve had more golden apples oh Stevie this is a good one uhoh took some fall damage from that one yeah but it gave him enough time to get some steak off so I’ll probably heal him back enough oh my God you have another Golden

Apple my guy dude this is an intense one what’s going on the has a hanging B why do you did you actually harvest the honey blocks that’s funny oh he’s making he’s making a bunch of Honey blocks oh no what’s he doing with all that honey I

Don’t know I’m assuming not making the they can’t move oh Steve this fight has been going on me and Steve are going at it ah no way you had more golden apples Steve I feel like Steve has completely forgotten this entire fight that he has pushed the No it’s it’s genuinely

Difficult to push to talk and battle at the same time okay I thought you you just completely forgot and we’re just like talking at me oh dude no uh golden carrots to be honest what are those are those have good saturation right uh yeah good saturation oh no yeah that’s what I do

Whenever I have to use push to talk Budd GG good game sir you have a book there an enchanting book going on here Steve what you had a sharpest two diamond axe how’s that even possible I found an enchant book oh my gosh look out a zombie wait Diamond X why is this

Diamond X so bad behold the bro no did he get cied what with the glass did he just get cappi no no worse he just walked off the globe oh he sted it you didn’t get cied oh no he just he just walked up oh no so it’s just me and dropsy left

An enchant table up here no I have them all now bro anything fun up here o poison anything else here I feel bad for behold man that’s that’s a rough way to go I’m so sad that uh I feel like if I had wared you guys at least one of you

Would have died to the bridge 100% dude I don’t think you understand cap I caught it on like the last piece of glass of the sphere you almost killed me to it yeah and I warned you about it you did have a little bit of a crazy

Idea get crazy with it I’m going to you got to get S with it I don’t have don’t the levels to pull off what I wanted to pull off I’ll have to settle for that I was going to make a power three bow but I didn’t have the levels for

It how dare you poison [Laughter] me oh that was a shortlived one I must have gotten lucky with my 45 seconders that I use on Cappy yeah don’t do that that’s not nice you’re going to have to leave that tree at some point yeah don’t shoot me that’s not nice I’m doing

This the Lumberjack’s way could you imagine if V Miner was on hey doing this the Lumberjack’s way goodbye say goodbye to your Force oh jeez oh my God fire aspect yeah Steve had a book I don’t know what he was thinking I yeah I I got it and then cap took the

Anvils so I couldn’t ever put it on and cap dropped the Anvil on my head and I remembered where it was the G much that was good G yeah honestly I think I would have lost if Steve hadn’t dropped that fire aspect book that was just raw lucky luck honestly

Yeah GG all right guys well like I said let us know if there’s any changes you think for the future um you know in the live chat happy to whatever but that that’s kind of the game mode I don’t know it’s you know like I said I I can’t

Really take credit for it because I took so much inspiration from other people who have done this many times in the past but I’m just glad it kind of came back you know got some life in it so uh anyway we’re moving on to the next thing

Which means that Jerry is GNA go pee while Steve gets the server set up for us all right I genuinely thought I got kicked from the Discord cuz I heard the Bop noise but but is someone else leaving e I’m booting up uh sphere world again or

Sphere Wars all right to to blow it up right yes sir how you going to do it that’s a good question I’ll leave it up to Jerry I think Minecart rails might be the play chat what do you think you like Minecraft uh Minecart TNT rails or Minecart TNTs all

Righty Hello friends oh Jerry we got to blow up the server I did forget to blow up the the server you’re right all right let me go well it’s too late said we got to move on to the next segment oh no oh no we don’t you settle down

There you said it’s time to move on to the next segment so we can’t we can’t go back it’s gone I’m loading back up now so what do we got at our disposal we want a lot of bots right J oh I’m already uh I’m already starting

Yes lots and lots and lots of bots more bot better bot all right I lowered the price of bots good good hello oh we’re doing here too let’s let’s get Cappy cap this is a Cappy special the arm go cap oh I didn’t put many yet so we got

To is that a lot oh okay okay yeah yeah once the arms start lagging all right there we go cap you’re the uh you’re the expert on this uh Luke’s not lagging for me yet so just keep going yeah you guys are pretty good so far sorry the cloud isn’t having issues

Yet we have to keep going oh okay the cloud yes yeah got someone distract Zeus kination said Jer I’m back can we get an R2-D2 for the fans it’s not just constantly going anymore I think we’re almost ready I don’t want to I don’t want to annoy peanut peanuts nearby it

Would hurt his ears about Our we’re almost there okay we’re kind of getting there yeah okay yeah we’re good all right C just for a good measure though uh near 30 glass TNT my gosh okay Jerry do you want you want to do the honors you want to like you go you go this is your domain sir

Okay okay Jer Co oh I’ve got a map up and operational I don’t remember if we’ve streamed this P it let’s do it uhoh don’t worry C I’ll save it oh my gosh what is it doing I crashed uh the whole server closed oh yep it errored out it

Died blade thinks he’ll survive against astral’s TNT attack astral’s TNTs are weak do you want to know what number he has has how many I’m going to guess 50,000 cold 100,000 cold 200,000 150 oh my gosh it’s not going to be enough I think 150,000 I wish that Minecraft servers were rated

On how much TNT they could withstand you know I’m about to do like a like a series where it’s like I log on to this server and This Server can handle 1 million TNT before it breaks Cy can just review server hosts based on their ability to withstand levels of

TNT I downloaded this hack client to give myself TNT and now we’re going to see how much Hypixel can handle I don’t remember if we’ve streamed this one or not Elizabeth Fosters that was really interesting why don’t we see more of that that’s cuz I just thought of it recently and by that

I mean like I said I don’t know I just randomly remembered an old game mode we used to play and I was like oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh that Wall’s blown up are you moving in game me yeah oh yeah um sometimes I do this um I may

Have to do display capture then if it’s going to be doing that annoying thing yeah all right that’s fine I’ll just make sure I have everything on the other window here cool there we go Ryan to answer your question probably dropsy hey he asked are the Buddies excited for Final Fantasy

Tomorrow not even tomorrow it’s tonight it’s it’s today uh get healed kid am excited no I got healed the um sorry my face is it’s 6 hours 34 minutes and 20 seconds you count over there for the uh release and they did an event in 14 and I already did that

Too jelly Vlogs than the $5 stream we should do more more booms more often I agree also how many fingers does a wild Jerome have they have Diglett what what did they even mean dude trio trio trio um easy me oh Steve you you mean you’re going in in on this I’m just

Delete everything pretty much besides yeah I I wanted a lot of bots so yeah how much what’s the price like talk about it let’s go uh $10 $20 and $30 for easy medium and hard so for $100 you can get 10 easy Bots yeah we’re crashing the game today

Well I mean let’s do it I’m I’d be real interested to see like a 100 Bots like I got to like be careful when keeping count of how many Bots are spawned in hey I’m back welcome back I’m just changing up the description here there you

Go all right cool oh we ready we’re going this is it all right stream let’s make it happen give us like a 100 easy Bots let’s do it dude I don’t even care that it’s lower down Ste I want I want this to go crazy I want this to go crazy

Crazy I know I want to I want to spawn in all the Bots all right guys I made it up to the top floor blew open a hole up here as well so pretty much oh my gosh guys now everyone can have an easy exit Point all right yep up Top’s all good

Helicopters up here now there’s also in case you wondering a bank vault right here that I will so great open up for us thank you yes sir uh and I see people asking Bots are permanent so once you bu you buy one they stay they they show up I thought it

Was per round that’s no it’s massive so it’s going to be absolutely Silly I might need to move the helicopter a little bit I’m scared all right I’m going to reposition this helicopter back a little bit you’re all good there is a Julius Caesar where’s this smooth jazz oh it’s coming from the speaker guys um it seems like they’re not coming up to the top floor what is that shooting I hear Steve’s fighting the inventor what floor downstairs okay bottom floor all right being doesn’t seem like they’re coming

Up to this floor I’m just going to take this money and run out here there you go thank you for the backup dropsy I appreciate it you’re welcome astr the right time for him to not see me do it BL thinks TNT is weak but what

He doesn’t know is that he is the one that is weak I mean yeah I think he already knows that though I hope he’s not that not self-aware you would one would hope all right top Vault has been stolen there’s another top Vault bro you’re kidding me all right we’re going to blow

This one up guys you guys got to get up to the top floor honestly okay the inventor is puppy guarding the very bottom Vault so you guys don’t have to worry about them okay cool cuz I’m body blocking the door how do we get up there to you Jerome dude I

Don’t know chicken man on this map is just broken though there were two separate vaults that I was able to access yeah I don’t know if we can get to you Dr like 30 grand on the floor that’s enough to win C because I just took all that fact here you know what

I’ll do I could take that and chicken man back up to the roof ready let’s go going down hold on took the money going up uh inventor’s coming up I just opened up another Vault dude that’s so silly I’m about to drop this in the helicopter now

Bro yes strippling warrior with a $30 stream said let the chaos begin $30 for three easy Bots Steve we need all right we get three easy Bots all righty so we’re keep chat yeah team Jerry three easys so funny dude oh my gosh all righty let’s see I think I’m going

To go airplane I’m letting you guys know I’m going to go back up every time so when they inevitably kill a cop I can hopefully report the body back nice nice funny and then you get another bot right yes and then you get another bot then

You do it might not work might work on you guys which means another one this could like quickly get out of hand if we just get a few more $10 donos oh yes definitely dude dude they’re going in all right I need some boxes I’m glad this map isn’t broken

With the Bots either I mean I guess it might break eventually that has happened to us all right ASAP we need to figure out how to get to the top floor cuz I’m promis you that’s going to be such a terrible place for us I’m going to have

An airplane so I’ll be able to oh there’s stair going all the way around Jerome if you follow the signs okay kill a nation with a $10 stream tip so we get another easy bot next round so now we have four nice let’s keep stacking them guys he wants to know

If the mods versus buddies is the speaker next uh Luke do we have any do you know it’s l grapples me this time okay Steve do you know when the next mods vers buddies event is we’re three and0 oh down where’s my boy I’m running to him

Back up back up uh Friday we have monster Factory oh let’s go dude it’s got to be 4 and0 chat 4 and0 against the mods all right straight up I I can’t figure out stand chance oh I can heal you dropsy yeah I’m coming back inside so you can drop I

Know I’m dumb but I just I just can’t figure this out about how to get up there monster I’ll have you follow me in a second I’m in the main Lobby C did you get sniped from outside yes I see him Target acquired I am lost

Willie with a $30 stream tip said since no one wants to help the mods give them bots so the mods get three Bots and we get four next round this is going to get chaotic I love this oh dude behold has been eliminated thank you Willie appreciate you

Buddy oh I finally found the staircase up oh c okay oh hey Jerome he this is serious I’m a doctor I don’t like you hey you crash that yourself why do I keep hearing all this class oh my God I’m overhealing big yeah overhealing is the thing with this class where’s that glass

Breaking oh my gosh bald Mr Weston said give the mods two more Bots then Ryan said more Bots he didn’t say for who so I’m taking those so the mods get five Bots we have I guess six and then killer Nation said another bot for your team

Jerry so we get seven Bots dude let’s go that’s what I’m talking about we got a fire sale going on right here seven bots on us five on them okay I hope you guys are keeping track yeah I am cool uh all the glass in the jewelry is

Broken thanks team they must have a silent cutter now it’s not silent it was very loud okay it’s all broken I’m running up here to darn you jome nice I’m probably I punched into you and it put it right into the ground I got 15 seconds on my heel okay we’re

Going to need a lot of doctors next right as the robbers all I’m going to say oh know this is this is my hacksaw Rich J one of my favorite moments will always be like helping you like get Reviving like 20 different people and they’re just all dying around me and I’m like

This is my hacksaw Rich there you go dry thanks hey Raiders and Recorders thanks for becoming a member dude yay Colin said six Bots from I don’t think that’s true I’m pretty sure we had seven the sniper right yeah yeah yeah that was behold I got

Him I’m calling here seven Bots for us five Bots for them things going get more wh what what help you’re blasted Punk weak there there we go next round and Ryan said the bot was for us awesome Ryan thank you I I assumed already don’t you worry considering everyone in the chat

There’s three different numbers that are floating we’re going off of Jerry math okay on Cops uh they said six didn’t they seven and six seven and five don’t that’s say don’t listen we’re no long we’re not listening to the chat because guys you got you guys can’t even agree so we’re

Just going to pick a number I’m not even on the right I’ve been wunning it down okay okay okay drops is in charge of keeping track we’re going with that as soon as drum says it out loud I I add it you’re gon to be a firefight I wonder if I can convince

Them to take the uh the mafia boss’s weapons oh they want me to play the new class the the cop class I can play it next time yeah I can show you guys what that looks like Serge he’s pretty cool all right so there is a destructible wall

Outside if you guys want to follow me wait let’s see I got a good idea they take the tommy guns I got I think B robbert easy did I think they actually did take those Weston with a $20 stream tip the mods need this win the mods get two more

Bots next round also all I’m going to say is if you take out the bot cops uh it’ll waste all their lives so if they die they die oh that’s so sick uh yep that only works if you actually kill them and there’s not like three of

Them I wonder if picking you up would trigger these bot cops definitely you could probably blow him up hly Jerry nice and Casual Jerry nice and Casual oh my gosh I just walked into even get M wait how do they not they they didn’t get mad they didn’t get

Mad you’re back oh yeah boy thank you hey Cat what’s up unload one I just unloaded on two of them ni can I get a heal up oh that’s the opposite of a heal up where is he H the doctor’s out front guys I am so scared bro you didn’t know it was

Me a that’s so sad cap get him I got him nice don’t worry drop drop I’ll cover you cap r with a $10 stra Dip set let’s get Jerome’s team another bot that’s another bot for our team there you go so they get two more after for this

Round from Weston and we got one more from Ryan cap need to heal up need to heal up 104 so it’s now 8 and seven okay you got one incoming you got yeah help it was hot sauce man huh oh no oh no C oh I didn’t realize you already

Brought me back oh drop it no drop it I’m so sorry I I didn’t realize he just walked up and killed me at the ambulance which I feel like is cheap but whatever thanks Willie said uh he’s gonna be switching it for Togepi next round nice

Face and you’re back oh no they got me I’m down we can do this guys there we like I literally can’t revive people fast enough oh I got requested back BR drum he’ll never know never know he’s running around be careful oh he’s in the building now it’s the firefighter in the

Building though so they’re dead they’re dead oh my gosh C this is a disaster they mad everyone that we know and love is dead cppy they M I bet you they’re going to guard this area and you’d probably have free reign to steal money inside yeah to

Be fair let him let him cook out there Cathy’s going to get all actually never mind they all went back told him not the camp ambulance go go go go go Cy what oh no oh c they already shot me they poisoned me cap I’ve been poisoned help I’m still getting poison

How long do poison last what is this got him C I’m I’m going to get poisoned to death thank you sir I got you I got you I don’t know if there’s an antidote C but I might I might just be out of luck dude it can’t last forever Skyland $30

Stream tip said he wants a hard bot on us next time too Steve all right taking not all right so you got the two for us next round the uh no two for them next round one for us and one hard yeah nice we got to make moves cuz I think

They’re hiding at this point so we got to actually get money the firefighter is downstairs chaos company to $30 stra and three more for the Jerry team let’s go oh my goodness there’s so many Bots dude this is going to be incredible I partially blew up the

Firefighter you should be got him yeah I one left hey they’re out of lives yeah I’m going to go revive a uh oh wait can I use this other ambulance there’s only one of them left but we need money oh I was going to hack the stuff here but go for

It I need to find oh that’s big any ambulance works on this map I’m going to be hacking these ATMs in the hopes that some of these robbers start taking a hint uh they will I don’t know where Steve is I’m not sure if I can reach you second floor B

Of top oh God nice nice oh my gosh dude exactly how many do we have right now dropsy I have it in chat nice and private uh chat’s wrong we got three more added to that oh when just now because if so it wasn’t said out loud it was said out loud it’s

Uh you you were you were actively alive yeah we’re up to 11: but I’m not going to have time to add all the B so reset just restart start just got to ready up so I I love this I wish there was a way to increase

The timer so that I had more time to add all these Bots I don’t know if I have time for this okay let’s go eight 10 nice and then seven for them okay Jerome join us join the team no one of us okay you got to make sure

To join so it doesn’t do something funky all right all right all right I’m here I’m here yeah I don’t know what I want to do um yeah this is about to be an interesting one I’m not gonna lie there was a fire fight I don’t even know if I

Should be Julius Caesar there’s just no need for more guards Chad you guys are nuts oh the new class that’s right you guys want me to do surge here’s Serge yeah be Serge Serge is an interesting fella so basically what he does is he

Has a power up right so I can use that and it’ll tase everyone in my vicinity and you look at the bottom middle of the screen that little battery bar has to recharge um but yeah amount of cops reminds me of one arm robber also when I have full charge I

Can reflect bullets why did bot cop easy explode also keep in mind uh we’re probably going to lose our lives pretty quick cuz they’re just going to take out the bot cops fck up oh God it’s a firefight get him cops get him oh my goodness dude bot cop easy

Just lit them up dude ah well uh and then he does that well that’s so funny this is now the war among Bots I got one okay cronis is down dude the great bot war attack of the Clones dude this is so silly ah dude two bot cops are camping the

Bomb way to go bot cop Camp those bomb bags for us oh my God Bop hard K theop hard just destroyed them dang dude dude there’s only two of them left it’s just Willie and Vernon bot cop hard doesn’t mess around D Willie vers Vernon on this

One I think I’ve seen this Die Hard movie that was a lot of kills for two minutes into the game I can’t wait for this amount of uh bot cop B robers I think I heard a vault no maybe I just hearing things oh bomb buggy just went out the front

Door oh oh they’re trying to bomb buggy them yeah trying to dwindle our numbers down one by one but it’s going to take them a while at this rate yeah I don’t think they have that much time there’s two of them left dude look out by the bomb bag look

At how many Bots are just camping the Bomb Bag I just heard a yeah nice you guys got him burn and here let me heal you let me heal you there you go this will overheal you too like you you’ll be buff like you’ll be so jacked very

Hands I tased him and that is the power of surge there guys literally pulled it out all right tase Serge is pretty sick and that that was literally a prime example of how to use surge to your advantage you know if we all go actor we can get four more Bots super

Quick or I could go like arm stealer and we could get some cash and just drop in a few more D I don’t think we need more at this rate capap more no I’m Let’s uh I’ll go actor do you think if I go around as a box the cops won’t shoot me

I’m try out yeah they don’t know man well if you move but like if they just see you as a box I don’t think they shoot if you move though will they move as the box I think they’ll shoot you have to find out test this

Out Franco Conor with a $70 stream tip bro said seven easy Bots for drop’s team that’s us that’s the Buddies my you that onto the list dropsy sure all right next round we’ll get seven more that’s 18 Bots plus our hard bot yeah okay guys right now I’m going around as a a

Box and I’m hacking the ATMs here it’s working I see a bot cop right nearby me and I don’t think he even car dude they do not care if you move as a box that’s so funny there’s I didn’t go doctor on this one so I’ve hacked three ATMs already

Guys I’m just out here trying to stay alive I’m going to be completely honest I think our Bots are just built different I think they’re just better guys I have $30,000 and I’m boxing around oh my God Jerome what is that oh he start there too much going on for him

To keep track of it wait he stopped though oh no he didn’t he can’t hit me though he’s too bad bro bro funny Edie right got arrested dude fck up oh I got lit up oh the buck up easys aren’t happy guys I need backup they got me they got me they’re

Standing on my body yeah did you body D oh yeah you’re alive I can’t get up funny um I’m trying to find Steve but there’s lots of bots to cycle through there he is is I can’t get up there’s three I can pick up that money I have a drone let me

Take care of that I don’t know I wonder if they’d get me this hasn’t become about money anymore it’s not about the money yeah I’m going to try Steve you’re in a suit I want to see if I can chick him man to the roof and get a no

Everything’s fine don’t don’t worry about me oh you got it oh big nice I wish those B robbers would pick up the bomb did one just I think one just pick up bomb I grabbed I grabbed 30,000 dude I can’t wait for this 18 bot Round 19 bot

Technically can someone start a fire for me We Didn’t Start the Fire I think it’s just you and drop yeah there you go oh my gosh Dr they immediately oh no it’s still there that was very well timed nice nice dropsy no nobody come here just are you

Trying to open up all the vaults is that you oh no that is not you no that was her now she’s just blasting through the oldfashioned way is there even enough money in there I don’t think there is a that was not worth it what a Ply Vault

Yeah there’s two vaults up here but unless you have a way to break the second one it does kind of beb dang right I think you shot him in the butt lost you know oh there’s a oh that was immediate Veron turned on the aim hex how did they not catch me

There how do I go up oh that’s the room I needed I’m just saying Steve if you die the next round we get uh 19 Bots and we hey immediate all right Steve good luck getting the bot bots so it’s 18 one and easy one hard start with the

Hard and then seven easy bots on the other [Laughter] side you have to scroll down bro they’re cooked oh my gosh oh my goodness they literally don’t say a chance isn’t there like a Marx one where if you get more people like you get like Buffs themar the $10 stream tip said add

Another easy bot for us dropsy please um if you don’t mind add another easy bot for the next round dropy and what’s your opinion on doing a Terraria run they wanted to know cppy oh Terraria run is fun like 2D Minecraft yeah he’s not the only one

That plays Terraria well dropsy is like the OG with Terraria I’ve been more public about it dropsy mik and ninja games tell me they’re not looking at my steam page where I have almost 400 that is true some people do follow my steam page Mike a ninja games it’s

The $30 stream tip you got to let us know do you want three easy Bots and for what team you got to let us know what you want buddy but thank you so much my man bro look at them go it’s gorgeous dude they’re just going dude these bot cops Jerry’s team

Three easy Bots put it on there four for next round and next round will be the last one guys guys don’t worry I got this one Julius Caesar will not stand for this oh jeez this is chaotic I saw where he is he’s um he’s on this roof oh no mik nin just

Wants one hard bot okay one hard bot not three oh he’s on a roof yeah could you ping it for me away so that I got him I got him nice I’m also a plane oh cppy I see your plane flying I didn’t even see that yeah yeah we’re also playing

Dudes mind Steve’s podcast coming out plane dudes oh my goodness dude their Bots got destroy a Massacre where is he killing the Willie oh nice i cho Willie to bits thanks being a six month member buy ninja oh I’m hearing glass break that was me well there’s one regular like one of

The mons and then one bot mhm Terell Duncan thanks for becoming a supporter dude reminder this is next round is the last round so if you’re adding Bots don’t add any more next round this is that’s it this is the last or next round is the last round it’s

Going to be a chaotic yeah the cut off is once the round begins a lot of broken glass over by me and jewelry there are these Hooligans oh it’s just one oh there two actually one Robber like bot and one actual player now where is Kronos and one random bot

Robber bro look at how many bot cops are just hanging around this like this area right here there’s so many bot cops on the screen dude I don’t I don’t know where like I feel kind of bad I don’t think he has much of a chance

Here oh hey this is B Bop hard I think is a different glass okay oh really does the Bop his suit his suit is green got nice they just opened up a door in front of me as a plane All right now there’s just one we got to show him oh hello there dropsy hi we got to show him 21 bots on the robber side found him he’s on me got him nice nice job give the old stabby stab Elizabeth Foster yeah we could totally have something like either on

The community server to do the sphere sphere Wars on the community server would actually work it wouldn’t be difficult to set up really my god what have we done uh is 21 in two two hard Poots or one two Steve join no oh he got balanced I thought we lost

You buddy okay if you think I’m not going it auto balances off the players not off the Bots I think I’m blowing open the two top faults again for us yeah do it uh I’m going to just look pretty all right let’s do this guys let’s go

Don’t oh hello there Jerome oh hello Steve would you like me to blast open this uh wonderful wall absolutely yeah let’s go all right here you go buddy spare one of these in case you oh you’re already uh I’ll be able to get the next one open too they’re on the

Roof stve watch out they’re on the roof okay jeez there they are Steve how do I be careful how do I get upstairs there’s two jetpack men on the roof how do I get upstairs is there I was able to rob that Vault Jerome I got the Vault good working

Steve wo we man that was a that was a mission yeah Jee dude listen to all that gunfire they are shredding our B terrifying they’re just shredding through our Bots f up easy arrested you like that what is bot robber easy doing right now bro what are you

Doing nice cap I saw that dude he’s trying to shoot them through the wall bot robber Easy’s trying to oh my gosh dude this is sad I want to get the Drone but it’s just so difficult okay I just revived a bot robber I don’t know if you can get to

MEAP I appreciate it though bot Rob watching the bot robbers at work is amazing D it’s hectic it’s crazy I’m going to steal the Queen’s Crown nice a I missed it I missed it I have some money bags outside you can also just Perma kill her Steve if you

Want I actually just took her out a minute ago h Steve no don’t do don’t let it happen like this oh my gosh Steve the moves Steve the moves Steve make your way that was crazy bro no come on there money up there okay I’ll grab it uh

Eventually man that was such a good getaway too that was sick I was right all around sick dude it was so unfortunate when I turned around to shoot I had one bullet left ke you’re a natural buddy yeah I just don’t know how to get to you I don’t think you

Can are you on the roof I’m literally on the roof yeah oh God where’s Steve I I can’t see him through all these bodies uh I died on the rooftop bro there is there must be a way cap CU I blew a hole open in the wall actually so if you know

How to get all the way upstairs you can I I don’t know how to do it though I stra just don’t know how to get up there maybe there is an exit no that exit sign leads over there HR department no quiet three quiet Well uh you guys oh drops yet break those oh they’re already broken some of them are nice cap oh cppy the Inside Job Cab’s pulling off the Inside Job 40K there we go the Queen’s coming towards you they know they know yes too bad you can’t steal her crown

After you kill her wait I know right don’t have a crown I am the queen equip employee clothing there we go oh my goodness and then there was just one and he’s on the roof no he’s not he’s right there oh wow that was crazy oh secret files secret files

Secret files secret files that’s right look that bar secret files really hard to killr files secret files secret files anything else in here bot robber easys in a vault with 30k are you kidding me right now dude there’s no shot there’s no shot this guy pulls us

Off God the exit was right there where are you going he doesn’t know okay he’s scared Court bro bro bro what are you do just go oh my God he’s going he’s going big guys guys he’s about to do it if he makes it we win he won’t deposit the

Money he’s sitting at the van no he did it he did it [Applause] yeah g g have a nice day everybody we’ll see you tomorrow with another awesome live stream peace out byebye

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Catching OP Level 100 Pokemon In Minecraft Pixelmon Tycoon

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  • MythiCube

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    Welcome to WhyNot SMP! This is a vanilla (or perhaps semi-vanilla) Minecraft server aimed at bringing players together from around the world to make new friends. Our server values peaceful gameplay and prohibits griefing. Rules will be provided in our Discord server. The server will open this week on the 5th and will run 24/7 with occasional maintenance. Although based in Australia, we strive to create an enjoyable experience for players worldwide. The server is open to those aged 14 and above, and anyone not following rules or causing issues will be removed. Join our Discord to get started! We… Read More


    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.16.5 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.16.5 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: mc.anarhix.ru:25992 (GL HF) Read More

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