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All right of course dog starts barking outside as soon as we go live that’s fine with me say some nice Ambiance really set the mood you know set a nice tone for the stream you know the loud ass dog barking outside really really nice Vibe really glad we’re going for

That glad we all mutually agree to this no backing out now all right thumbnail is up oh and it’s daytime beautiful Coco how you doing homie so great to see you we just got chat up guys Ethan how you doing dude great to see you foot awesome wonderful to have you

Mate oh so this is Satan’s current house that’s nice holy [ __ ] this thing is humongous well I’m glad you found it Gilbert that sucks it took so long sadan great to see you homie hi welcome to stream damn Coco I’m sorry that sucked I did not realize Eman was like

Upgrading upgrading this astral welcome I got to check this baby out what the [ __ ] drug Factory upstairs ean’s bedroom wow I love the tree it’s a nice touch I feel like he might have showed me this already but I didn’t notice how big and crazy the roof

Was ignored you last stream what do you mean eeman what do you mean ignored you last stream are you talking about the Dead Rising stream I didn’t know you were there I didn’t know you were there at all how do I get out of here sounds good Satan sounds good what’s up [ __ ]

Ethan what the [ __ ] how do we leave Ethan doesn’t even know how to leave how the F oh perfect that’s really cool you can hide the button behind there stuck forever yeah that’s usually how Killers start out really overpowered then get nerfed along the line oh man astrals here

Let’s see who all is online who wants to come and play gir’s online heyo no yeah I’ve noticed the decoys I have heard that little tidbit of info I I don’t know I’m not too crazy on the whole decoy thing I think the killer looked cool enough to where I didn’t

Need a whole like superpower like I think that’s kind of lame hi Ethan ain’t [ __ ] I could have swore I had more stuff stashed here um I can’t say for sure Coco Minecraft is typically our most unplanned series like I just kind of do this whenever I feel like playing it

Um I would say it’s going to be probably on like Wednesday next week and that’s not like definite but I would try to have it sometime by then I feel like building something we got to we got to work on something we got the unfinished store down there

We really got to finish this but I don’t know how exactly I want to go for this outer design we definitely got to get like H gir how you doing baby so great to see you dude guys be sure to drop a like if you’re just getting in netherite grinding eeman look

At you ean’s about to get beefy I got you Wy I don’t see you Wyatt damn yeah I don’t know Gilbert I never knew axel lles were banned in America why are they that seems really dumb like we allow so much stuff but we can’t have Axel are you dead ass I could get an AR-15 easier than an axel

Lottle K how you doing tonight my boy you got a gir send them on your way now oh looks like Astro left that’s odd oh Connor’s online what Connor come play some Minecraft with your boys guys let’s get that like bar Skyrocket in has Ethan just been following me this whole time

Well I think it’s about time I get to work let’s stop by my house put all this [ __ ] down hello fart foot your mouth looks wonderful on your forehead today oh thanks Eman I appreciate that really bringing that Ethan energy carrot hell yeah Coco go you got this [ __ ]

Man no Eman you’re not kidding at all I can tell seriousness when I hear it uh what do you mean by that exactly K are you asking like how to join the smpp or how like PlayStation invites work why hello sir how are you today oh [ __ ] Jesus outside of my own home

Had to join the server well K the best way to join the server is to just stick around and get well known Enough by everyone to make sure you’re not a hacker exactly it’s all about gaining trust it’s all about being cool with other members and Kai you’ve already

Been a pretty chill dude so like you’re already doing a lot of the first steps being in the Discord is also a bit of a requ requirement because it’s the best way to let you know when we’re doing the smpp I’m not sure if you’re in the Discord or not my

Friend I think Ender’s in the UK but I’m not positive oh no wait Ender lives like in the US yeah yeah I know where I know where Astro lives yes saying Ender had me confused I don’t know why but yeah Astro Astro lives in the same state as

Me Coco what a great idea oh my goodness that’s such a great idea I think I need to spread the word damn Iron Golem [ __ ] a zombie up that’s great good for him I guess I’ll take these boots out and wear them Jose what’s going on Chief you can’t join

Wyatt that’s weird it’s like almost no one’s in here right now let’s let’s go a and exit the world and come back don’t worry guys doing a quick server reset gonna get everybody in oh foots and internet crashed I got you is that what you’re saying

Astro damn Ethan well when you put it like that maybe I just shouldn’t even play maybe I shouldn’t even be alive wow ean’s got to update his PC before he can hang out with me oh [ __ ] he’s like damn I can’t let Shaz see this primitive [ __ ] meth

I feel as though I’m being framed what do I do Ethan I this isn’t mine I don’t know what that is what in the actual [ __ ] am I looking at uh bro is a door dude foot stand in front of the uh stand in front of the Minecraft

Door see if you can blend in oh [ __ ] pressure pad you’re not even like facing the right way and it was already kind of working that’s [ __ ] nuts like from all the way back here I wouldn’t even like immediately realize that’s you you’re going to kill somebody like

That I’m just going to drop all this random [ __ ] in this random [ __ ] chest uh I have no idea Wyatt I’ve never seen a drug in my life YouTube crashed mids sentence you poor boy we in baby you’re damn right girf a South Park pinball machine dude pinball machines are such an awesome

Aesthetic I would love to have a pinball machine in my room did Minecraft get an update because it looks like chat allows the first letter of cuss wordss now unless Wyatt typed it like that all right so let’s see not going to lie I kind of want to go mining what the hell

Happened impaled to death by drowned off foot no I’m still waiting for armadillos too bro every day every day I ain’t got [ __ ] W Trust and Believe where oh where God is my supervisor what the [ __ ] that’s such an odd thing God damn what’s really cool oh you got a

Mini pinball machine for Christmas that’s cool dude uh did you Wyatt well good it’ll put a little hair on your chest man I just have no tools at all there’s just not [ __ ] in here oh wow that’s really cool coco I guess I got to go back to

Spawn oh wait no no no what am I thinking what am I thinking God damn it we’re going to spawn I don’t have any iron here we’re going to get some tools who wants to go mining with schnaz anybody mining time I might take you up on that Wyatt I’m

Going to see if I have any at the house and away we go I’m so glad we almost finished this hill looks so much better um what’s your Gamertag Coco just so we’re all aware guys C is already a member technically he just has not ever been able to join in a game

Officially you may come Wyatt yes jeez I got jack [ __ ] here oh here we go this is where I would keep my [ __ ] broken diamond pickaxe that’s great isn’t that just great uh Coco if you sent your Gamertag you might have to retype it spaced out cuz

Uh YouTube blocks them sometimes icy pop homie tell me you’re getting on Minecraft yeah let me borrow some uh iron white I’d appreciate it Italian inspired Coastal vill oo gir that could be your big project thank you Wy I appreciate you dude man dudes I’m getting hungry as balls

There it is Dizzle 1311 you got it Sergeant how you doing homie oh we’re already friends there you are um Sergeant I don’t think you’re a member of my server yet but you’re more than welcome to join the uh wait list you’ve been around for a very long time

So I trust you more than enough to go on oh what the [ __ ] H okay you are a member of Wee’s world so Sergeant’s a new member so be it but you got to come write your name so Coco I need you to sign here and I need Sergeant carabar to sign

Here where did a Coco go was is coko able to join oh damn I’m sorry Koko well no kok’s always been a member uh Jorge and Sergeant carebear has been playing dead by daylight with us for months he’s on weepy server so Sergeant can just be our new member for the day

But Koco’s been a member for a long time this has not been able to join oh my God Van’s watching me play Minecraft how are you dude Sergeant Care Bear hell yeah well Coco just so we remember you’re welcome to make this more original whenever you’re able to

Join I’ll put chck as well just so there’s no confusion punch you if you insist well I got a door that was pretty goddamn good dude I’ll admit I I was speechless for a second there I’ll be damned let me just place this door down oh

There he is great why is it walking around ug I no bangu Ethan what the [ __ ] oh my goodness Swifty is here people the one and only homie and we are now full Ethan told me the police were about to show up at my door yes so what exactly do add-ons entail

Can you just add anything to a world now oh hang on Jorge I got you pardon me damn it there now we’ll invite Jorge where’s he even at Eman I don’t see you online either Chief but welcome back great to see you there he is it’s all good ghosty it’s no rush you

Don’t got to play every time we play hope you’re having a great night homie how you doing a gravestone when you die that’s kind of cool I like that a lot that’s really cool so guys I’m planning a really cool stream for the month of October we’re going to play a game

Called orgon Trail if you’ve heard of the Oregon Trail that old school game where your goal is to get to Oregon by and survive there’s a the zombie version of that and there’s like five characters you give them all a name and you just got to drive from point A to point B

Across the country and survive the zombie apocalypse and I think we’re going to play it and I’m going to include five names of five viewers I already have like a pretty big handful chosen but it is going to be awesome when we do it awesome Coco now it’s all good ghosty you will

Not see me on Fort until the next OG chapter but when when that happens I’d love to play with you who in the hell all right everybody that’s coming mining with me let’s roll the Roblox stream a [ __ ] dude you missed it already I already went live with it and

Then I privatized it and I’m never doing it again ever because ah no for real that is really cool Ghost uh Coco that they don’t require you to pay cuz it’ be really stupid like to not be able to play a game the way it is

Entailed to be at all if you just don’t pay enough money that really suck I know Eman I can’t believe you missed it I couldn’t believe you I was personally offended sadan welcome back homie guys be sure to drop a like if you’re just getting in we’re already

About to past 10 thank you very very much Jorge have you checked my [ __ ] there very well could be a horse up there what what the hell am I going to eat then eeman forget about our dinner you don’t offer to pay for somebody’s dinner and then say never mind I’ve been saving

My appetite all night for this the devs that thought that’s a good idea IDE yeah well we’re here I’ll watch you oh now I’m upset I’m hurt off to a good start already look at this never mind that ain’t [ __ ] hooray we got three pieces of iron mining a deep slate is garbage

Bro your 3DS broke did you just find that out did you just discover a 3DS crushed beneath your ass Coco have you guys ever seen that old meme it’s like literally like it’s made to look like it’s from like a manga and it’s like her ass is crushing my

3DS funniest [ __ ] meme I ever saw swear to you ean’s making the big assumptions here oh we got Redstone [ __ ] oh we got Diamond [ __ ] everybody suck my balls I’m first man to find diamond easy peasy thank you everyone thank you thank you you’re too kind all right Wyatt since you gave me

All the iron for these pickaxes that means you get three of these diamonds and these are the only diamonds I’m splitting with you I’m splitting these CU these are the first ones I found so those are for you 12 a night freaking the [ __ ] out cuz I found some diamonds you’re welcome Wyatt

Enjoy them kill Wyatt and steal all of it back what a great idea Jesus it’s everywhere all right we’re going down this way man dudes I don’t know what sounds better right now like a bacon eater a thing OFA S tacos or ice cream doesn’t sound bad either

What time is it 12:30 man I can’t walk to the store at 12:30 for ice cream if I got killed going to the store to get ice cream at 12:00 at night well I guess I couldn’t kill myself I’d be dead hell yeah you can join saden we

Have one spot left I think too if it says we’re full let me know and I’ll change the cap to 11 oky dokie and dudes we hit 627 subscribers I don’t even know how we did it Marilyn man was stabbed 36 times on his way to get ice cream no one knows what he was thinking when he left the house tonight wait wait I’m sorry let me let me do this

Right and we are now live with Steve nordon at the scene yeah hi Steve here um we do not know what this guy was thinking tonight leaving the house for Rocky Road only to end up face down in the road YouTuber schnaz was found dead tonight at almost 1:00 a.m. in the

Morning going to get ice cream of all things his saggy ass titties flopped right on the asphalt in a bloody puddle cuz he was executed his fat ass on his way to get some cookies and cream for God’s sakes I don’t know what he was thinking back to you Janet thank you

Steve man what a [ __ ] idiot who goes for ice cream this late at night anyway now with the orphans down on [ __ ] uh Eighth Street you’re going to cut my hair off what did I do to deserve that but I’ve honestly been thinking about it myself my hair has been like the biggest

Pain in the ass lately try get the stuff up in a bun it’s like it’s a real pain it’s truly a shame what the [ __ ] Brodus gave himself an entrance I’m going to get a thingy whatever it’s called and cut the right down the middle right down the middle what are you going

To like cut my head in half what’s the plan I feel like eeman lives in Massachusets not going to lie I forgot you were [ __ ] there it’s pretty huge are you able to uh are you able to duck and still be in cover oh no it [ __ ] it up a little bit what

If you like spun around ah nah it’s gonna buff you out it’s almost perfect needs a little bit of Workshop the things barbers use what are they called like the hair buzzer but like what what’s it called same state as Ethan [ __ ] where is that I know what state Ethan lives in I

Just cannot for the life I me think of it electric razor yeah yeah yeah there we go Illinois Illinois that’s it thank you Wyatt um I don’t know Coco you kind of strike me as a bit rural so I think I’m going to go with uh either Wyoming or

Massachusetts bro is doxing me I’m calling the police right [ __ ] now Ethan I found his location damn why you been busy are you dead ass Coco which one was it dudes I literally just assumed where Coco lived bro that’s kind of dangerous what is this

Power [ __ ] I dropped my phone oh oh my God say it ghost you don’t be a [ __ ] I bet you forgot where I live you live in like Texas or some [ __ ] bro or no why you don’t live in Texas your cousin lives in Texas you into

Visit him Alabama is where you live yeah Ender knows or wait is it oklah it is Oklahoma then okay I don’t know why I had Alabama on the brain I guess cuz they both end with like M I also live in Maryland Jose welcome back dude uh fart

Foot you probably live in like hm I’m going to guess like either Virginia or Connecticut it’s not a state but I think you live in Connecticut you love on Saturn dude confirmed girf lays hella pipe on Saturn you said you live in Canada how did I forget that foot I’m a

Dumbass but let’s be honest Virginia is just the United States of Canada Connecticut is a state I thought Connecticut was like a place in a state well aren I a [ __ ] idiot dudes we are almost at 630 subs for the month of February that is nuts dudes I keep finding diamond under

Redstone holy [ __ ] I am the second man to find diamond and the first I’m going crazy dudes let’s [ __ ] Go 11 Dions now Wyatt I’m pretty sure I’m the first and the second I know what I’m talking about I am the diamond king oh red stone no n no diamonds this time I just might ghosty you never said that mean thing damn I don’t have any food holy

[ __ ] who are you calling a nerd dog don’t make me come over there Oh is that right I would like to see you try stly talking to me you would need to tie me down Chief sergeant if you could remove yourself from my [ __ ] I would appreciate it Sergeant is just processing oh God not the sparkle damn Ryan she gonna beat your

Ass yeah okay e-man now we’ll see about that dude I actually took Muay Thai and I’m actually an expert in jiujitsu Minecraft disagreed with that statement did you guys hear that I’m actually a pro heavyweight boxer that is not how you spell Muay Thai but all right you’re new to

Minecraft where did you get armor at Sprite is not the best soda that’s a terrible take Connor I can’t agree with that cocacola is way overrated in my opinion are you [ __ ] for real yes you will sadan Sergeant what the [ __ ] are you doing Sergeant I don’t think this was a good idea

Sergeant until you learn a little bit more about Minecraft I got to put you on the wait list moving you right to member was obviously not a very good idea I just dropped my controller he stole a bunch of stuff and it just kind of reminded me why I have the the

Weit list in the first place yeah Sergeant it needs to it needs to be common sense not to just randomly walk into something someone built and take a bunch of stuff out of it I would have had no idea about any of that stuff I’m not going to ban him because he’s claiming

Ignorance so this is not a banable offense in my opinion but it is a you’re not an official member yet sentence you need work before you can join I’ll do whatever the hell I want I’ll slam this controller on the ground dudes oh my God I accidentally spent

$100 last night on the PlayStation store by complete utter accident I just found more diamonds oh my God I am insane I am literally the King of Diamonds I am Diamond Champion I am champion of of diamonds you’ll buy some stuff off of me Wyatt yeah you can if you got any

Diamonds to spend on me sorry my standards are a little high I have I wear Diamond Gucci my [ __ ] is studded with diamonds you bought MW2 today nice man I’m going to assume the new one but the original is my favorite in my opinion well it’s obviously my opinion if it’s my

Favorite it’s the better game in my opinion that’s what would make sense oh the remastered very nice very nice so it is the original now highrise is 10 out of 10 it’s like the best map at all Call of Duty old MW3 was great I used to play

Survival on that with my cousin for hours dude Modern Warfare 2 had like some of the best like Side Stories it was almost kind of like an adventure mode sort of yeah I’m a woman that loves stutting her I don’t even know what sentence this

Is I feel like I’m saying a crime right now dudes thank you so much to everyone that’s dropped a like and we are almost at 630 subs for the month of Jan February it’s February Eman are you excited for the Rick and Michonne show premiering Sunday nights that I can’t watch yet because

I’m still watching dumbass Fear The Walking Dead rise of the Ronin sick dude wow what a terrible Sheriff didn’t even stop that drug deal oh yeah Satan’s Walking Dead is kind of on the rerise right now they’ve had like three new shows come out oh did I just find a cave dudes I

Found a cave I am just going balls deep tonight oh God so is this guy he said did somebody see balls deep I don’t teleport unless there’s a good reason why it you know that yeah now he was very polite this like the nicest creeper I’ve ever

Met Astra how could you say something so ominous I just got scared shitless by that like who the [ __ ] behind me thank you guys so much for 14 likes we are almost halfway to 30 that is nuts I will get some food as soon as I

Can ghosty and I hope you have a wonderful night manic mouth how you doing Chief wonderful to see you dudes I did not just find more diamonds I did not what is going on with me tonight did I take a [ __ ] potion I am just chief of diamonds

Dude uh I don’t know why there’s not a lot of things worth diamonds to me have a wonderful night ghosty sweet dreams I’m just the best Miner out here yep I’m the best underage guy there is man being underage was so much fun illegally drinking was so much better than regular drinking

The server economy n don’t worry I’ll just keep it all hoarded to myself I can’t I won’t let it all get out there diamonds are going to be a finite resource no matter what if I can help it I’ll M every single diamond yeah underage kids that was not

Your cue to go drink mind you this is not an advertisement for illegal Activity thank you Jorge underage kids shouldn’t drink and you shouldn’t drink underage kids lapis horse was shot by Wyatt Wyatt what the [ __ ] are you doing Wy what the hell are you doing dude

Minecraft take it easy Chief I don’t feel like [ __ ] myself right now believe it or not I’m not in the mood I know the Wyatt needs to speak up soon damn what’s going on Chief so server is full and we are currently a private SMP but hope you’re having an awesome night bro

And we allow people from chat to join you just got to stick around long enough to where we know you’re not a hacker and people know you and can trust you word man yeah we’ve just dealt with too many hackers in the past so it is what it is

Everyone keeps reminding me to find some food I will do my best D thank you so much for stopping by and have a great night dog well that was nice guys nice little little random man coming to chat us up all right let’s go get some food

Though everybody’s got a great idea with that it’s about time we head back to the surface feel like a damn crab person down here that’s not because I’m from Maryland yeah why that’s why I always say you got to chill with shooting arrows and [ __ ] at people

It’d be really cool if they had like sliding Windows Windows you could like open up and then close back that’d be tight oh no oh no we’ll be fine doesn’t even matter booah oh iron what I’m working on a girf he likes going downstairs you man why

You got to keep him why you got to keep him in one damn room let that man roam dirty [ __ ] you’re lucky I didn’t make a sword yet oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] what the [ __ ] what is it that lag that lag was some stupid ass [ __ ]

We survived but I thought that lag was the death of me holy nut sacks it really is isn’t it weepy holy crap he’s here weepy be sure to drop a like my boy how in the [ __ ] Holy balls dude what is this cave you getting off fart got his ass

Ender crashed your game what the [ __ ] yeah stream’s going okay weepy glad to see you’re alive and doing well what do we have here jeez I’m going deeper Leo what just happened oh my Lord everybody don’t ask for context but drop a w drop a W for WEEI

Everybody just drop it just drop it so he can say thank you Ethan you have no idea what you’re Elling boys it’s not my context to give but everybody just put a fist in the air for your boy I was going to say Astro why were you attacking foot before

G hope hope you have an awesome night bro foot hit your horse or he killed it because people hit me and [ __ ] all the time and I don’t kill them for it so hitting is not a killable offense so there’s your first red flag

Um astral I hate to break it to you dude but we have rules so that we can discuss things that happen that make people upset by saying everybody be quiet it’s just Minecraft really downplays everybody’s play playment on the server I don’t even know how to how to say it

Oh I got you kle the Discord is right here I’ll post it in the chat Dame you’re welcome to join it as well my friend G to go ahead and drop a link right there in chat and razzled Dazzle [ __ ] help yourselves I was going to say so

Astral I gave you a full pass on killing Wyatt because he killed Ethan’s horse so be it that was punishment dealt out by someone standing nearby but astral you the reason you killed foot is stupid don’t do that defensive action and killing are very different you can hit somebody away or

You can wait to see what they do after they hit your horse he could have just been trying to get your attention for all you know stream’s not lagging I was just standing still for a while let me take a look back well we’ll this leave it at that was

Payback for shooting death Bane with a fire arrow but ashal no more killing people randomly it’s literally the equivalent of what we get pissed a Wyatt for doing it gets rid of people’s exp [ __ ] everything up it’s not worth the [ __ ] for everyone speaking of exp I am [ __ ]

Climbing well why I don’t know what I don’t understand why you’re so genuinely upset about this you kill people all the time I already said something to astral let’s drop it it’s the end of it if it continues to happen and it becomes a problem like it was with like

It was with you in the past I will continue to say something about it that’s different yeah me neither op it’s probably didn’t even happen Eman what the [ __ ] I didn’t give you permission to leave without giving me a kiss weepy you should tell me the news yeah baby

Ow what we got down here where asro it’s awesome dude for H see yeah weepy if you’re still in stream I do work at 9 to5 tomorrow yeah I work 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. that’s how it feels like it’s been lately now I work 9 to 5:00 p.m. my

Friend believe it or not Bros this area is tight as [ __ ] woo that was close Saving Private Ryan is such a good movie something’s wrong with my door oh no not again a oh Fu did you crash again ah AT&T got hacked uh Costco just got hacked too that’s crazy yeah get

[ __ ] oh no little bastard go [ __ ] yourself for now I’ll take the experience points then [ __ ] it I don’t need a [ __ ] ass Redstone anyway oh someone’s been here for H oh what’s this see a Skelly in there oh no uhoh it’s time to get back to the surface JJ what’s going on

Chief we have to find find a creeper first so if you don’t subscribe you might not be around long enough to help us find one man I just killed the skeleton JJ you got to subscribe bro looks like I win welcome to the stream JJ it’s great to have you bud

Hope you’re having an awesome night let’s get these diamonds back to the surface oh I will Jor don’t you worry dog nah there’s no way JJ’s a bot JJ’s way too real for that oh no oh my gosh I almost pulled a huge rookie mistake that was bad

The lone wander why does that name sound so familiar are you a Fallout fan my boy I feel like we’ve met before yeah I wouldn’t say I’m known for my Minecraft skills but I am known for being a ballsy risk taker that has no regard for his own life so digging

Straight up isn’t the worst thing I’ve done bro called me a noob yeah I actually take being called a noob as a sign of respect dude cares enough about me to give an opinion let me steal this experience oh yeah almost level 18 guys we’re almost at

630 Subs that is crazy for this month we are making a whole lot of progress in the year of 2024 already so thank you guys very much December 23rd 1954 what kind of content do you make JJ what happened Ethan if you’re able to relive the events

J I’m looking for your ah I see 4,000 blocks away with no idea which way to go back jge I can’t necessarily give you a Teleport because you took yourself there you know what I mean like if you were glitched and woke up in that spot that’d be totally different

But why don’t you just use the uh coordinates bro ashro found diamonds good job dude I used to know a girl named Suzanna I almost asked her out on a date one time but I chickened out because I was a little [ __ ] I was going to take her to see

That my hero Academia movie that was in theaters at the time mostly random stuff okay well guys if you like random stuff that JJ finds on YouTube be sure to go check the boy out homie is a young strapping lad getting ready to make his big break on the YouTube

Format we’ll use this as a shortcut whoa ocean it is where the oh cool you see the cherry blossoms help us us find our way home that’s cool JJ yep our server is called schnaz Fields we’ve been working on it for almost a year I think May is going to

Make it one year on Minecraft guys so three more months wow what’s all this random Cobblestone sticking out of your Castle now that’s wacky JJ well why there’s still a lot of work to be done with this thing so I hope you’re not just abandoning it over here all right let’s roll

Good Wyatt good I will now kill –an dudes we are one sub away from 630 for the month of February that is nuts this is a nice area out here oh my goodness look at all this the girf got done okay gir’s Castle is actually going

To be one of the sickest things in our entire Skyline that’s awesome Connor hope to see you back in soon man hope fortnite is going good holy [ __ ] girf you freaking madman bro this is going to look incredible that’s awesome Connor good job man oh thanks JJ I appreciate you bud

This is not going to stay like this but girf said he’s going to make an awesome bridge that extends from this corner all the way over to this mountain and it’s only just getting started Dam our boy gir can build a castle like a mad lab well that’s why we need a

Bridge let me go pick up my stuff and I can show you Dame our server is called schnaz Fields but we are private we only allow trusted members to of the Discord server to join in I forgot these trees got cut off by the Law Firm I forgot all about the fact that

This was put here I’ve really got to cover up this stupid arena thing and just capitalize on this path way thank you for the fs Dame thank you thank you nine months that’s correct man there I am does that prick have my armor no he doesn’t oh wait no he’s definitely wearing

Something get a load of this [ __ ] oh in the day work where’ I get another diamond sword from oh Dame bro thank you so much dude guys thanks to our boy Dame we are officially at 600 and where’s this [ __ ] ass 30 Subs

So a big old W to our boy Dame a big fat ass W to our boy Dame germ how you doing dog guys be sure to drop a like if you’re just getting in we are almost to over 20 why am I just trying to kill myself on this mountain right now

Thank you so much K thank you very very much what is this massive thing of dirt right here what the [ __ ] who did this why I feel like the freaking janitor gotta love the new weird Minecraft genen eat ass and skate fast for what the [ __ ] did I just

Witness oh [ __ ] they got it locked up a witness [ __ ] you mean a witness oh hell no get out of the car chief sorry I got to kill your kid too he’s a witness not today not today oh the Dock’s right here it’s convenient wow you know the dock being right here

By the factory is kind of a perfect aesthetic uh guys I’m going need you to keep your distance G guys guys guys the [ __ ] oh Jesus guys I’m being pursued a gang oh my God a gang witnessed to me witnessing the murder they were

Committing oh we got to go we got to go oh my God he’s got a car too holy [ __ ] he’s not the best at lobbing is he oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] the [ __ ] Avengers were just standing behind me holy [ __ ] that was [ __ ] crazy what the [ __ ] is going on here bro

Oh my God I’m going to drown because of Wyatt oh my God I’m going to die because of Wyatt Wyatt take those stupid [ __ ] shoes off oh my God what the [ __ ] is this what the [ __ ] is any of this [ __ ] oh God oh my God Horsemen of the Apocalypse Horsemen are here

Crazy Unbreaking punch projectile protection three nice oh what the [ __ ] why W you’re just really on a roll today man h for H you know I kind of have a really cool idea oh we will JJ don’t you worry buddy if you look at our Minecraft playlist we’ve done about like 80 of

These something around there oh I don’t have like any dirt what the [ __ ] where’d my shovel go okay well this is just a stupid waste of time at the moment I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself JJ that’s what it’s all about man I’m looking forward to seeing you around more often my

Friend oh we got coal you thought you had me water for all right uh astral take it easy buddy have a good night ashro as long as you’ve learned your lesson Wyatt going to leave that there you’re trying to rise your R up your crush all this new lingo is great trying

To rise up your crush let’s see I don’t know man just got to tell her you know she’s the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen tell her you’d love to get to know her better tell her you want to know everything about her ask her what her favorite candy is

Then surprise her with it but don’t tell her you’re going to surprise her with it when you ask you got to ask smooth like hey what is your favorite candy by the way my my my my buddy Jason was wondering you like Twix you look like you like Twix

Astral always a great time having you bud thank you so much for coming in you’re welcome Wy oh never mind you were talking to Ethan well guys my girlfriend is officially awake and on her way over at almost 2: a.m. for bad artist what’s going on bro so we do

Not have a realm code believe it or not this is not yet a realm we just have a lot of members a lot of them have left already but umu if you want to end up joining the server at some point you would just need to be a subscriber and

Be a part of the Discord server and stick around long enough to gain some trust with our members but we are right now a private smpp sorry to say yep K I’ll see you next time as well buddy thank you so much for stopping in I’m able to add Microsoft

Accounts but um I’m on Playstation myself oh God Ethan’s about to start writing what happened in 1954 guys I’m actually about to go do a late night Taco Bell Bell run with my lady so we’re probably going to go ahead and get ready to end things off here but

As always thank you all so much for coming by and dropping a like dropping a subscription and encouraging us on building up our beautiful beautiful world as always this has been the schnaz and we will catch all of you beautiful wonderful people next time peace

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