Shocking First House Build in Minecraft!! 馃敤 #Koroyopi

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H and welcome back to my channel is the one and only and you may call how you all doing I am joined by a little friend he’s the only one I could save the rest of my axelos are dead they’re dead they are dead CH they they’re all gone they’re all dead They’re

All Dead how you doing how you doing today we’re going to have a very chill stream very chill stream okay I will try my best not to get overworked but my uh my throat is a little bad however we’re going to have fun we will be taking a little trip into

The Nether we’re gonna grab as much quartz as we can because I just I just learned that the blocks I need are quartz and stuff but how are you all how are you all I have been having a lot of fun with ff14 but today is a

Break or rather more of a more of a if I don’t take a break from ff14 I will become the ff4 yes yes oh my Bobs are dead push me to the edge all my Bobs are dead now push me to the edge Now Yeah hello Nico hello Zia hello Sergeant hello Jun if you ever need any help please do make sure to uh type it in the Discord chat okay I won’t be able to see in the chat here uh but one of my moderators will probably be able to help you much faster

Uh in the Discord chat in the cor SMP Channel and hello K bxa hello Boku hello Tio hello Pride hello P hello s hello Shaggy Scooby hello hello hello Li hello hello hello I wonder what happened to them too I have no idea what happened to them but when I did uh come

In the glass was gone and the axelos were gone too yeah yeah it’s a it’s a sad day for the axelos but this little Bob I save this little Bob at least okay it was a mass breakout now why would they run away from the KO why why

Would they run away from the qu thank you for the I got you it doesn’t make sense for them to run away from the Coto does it it does not it does not does Not as a dragon I don’t need to be I love you I eat you if you don’t make me happy that’s it’s as easy as it can get CH it is as easy it could possibly oops as it could possibly get don’t you think don’t you think don’t you think

I’m a jig I’m a jig I think so uhoh the Minecraft isn’t starting there we go now it’s starting yeah mode I go down into the corner into my corner of Shame let’s see uh game mode yeah survival there we go okay so this island this big island

You’ve seen I made it a while ago I made it a while ago remember um I can’t hear my game let me fix the a audio levels chat let me fix audio levels for you guys too cuz I think it’s all going into the same audio thing as well oh my friend

Are I push me to the hello hello the corer of Shame and then okay do you guys hear it can you guys hear the game is it too loud oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] why is my uh why is it uh like this oh there we go okay there we

Go okay okay it’s all good it’s all okay do I have any I do not have any at all at all oh no I don’t the fire works oh but I can still fly with my elytra there we go there we go there we go there we go there we go there we

Go oh no I don’t have a bed oh no it’s okay anyway I have been working a bit uh planting my trees around as you can see as you can see got lots and lots and lots of trees got to make it a littleit more cozy you know a little bit more cozy

Yummy I got wel in we hear the chomp Chomps that’s good that’s good how is the Koo today Coro is actually my my throat hurt a bit I don’t know why but it does there was was an extra bed here was it not was there no bed no bed bed son

Bed where’s my bed I can’t remember where I put my bed oh no no bed for Co I got to sleep I can’t have other people sleep I have to sleep is bed in here like look at this so the lizard Bobs are still all here but they Do No where’ they go where’ they [ __ ] go they’re just sleeping they they’re just they’re just so sleepy so sleepy they’re just too sleepy anyway anyway um we have to we have to make a little there we go oh someone’s been making hearts for me that’s so sweet oh I love

That thank you I think it might have been drunk dwarf thank you drunk dwarf there normal firework Rockets that’s good I got to see how much quartz I have I got to see how much quartz I have I got to I got to get whoa wait did you guys see this bed

Earlier it was not there right stupid bed stupid stupid bed oh I have a lot of actually I have a lot of um I have a lot of quartz so that’s good what about smooth part oh actually maybe we don’t need to go into The Nether using Tom storage mode yeah yeah

I worked very hard with RoR we worked very very hard on um the mods I was very adamant we needed like good mods you know and and Quality quality of life mods was very important for and perhaps maybe maybe if I have an extra bed let’s see bed no

Let’s just take this with us like just in case there we go just just just in case just in case and since we’re building today let’s have a proper building h helmet not the baby Toral helmet let’s see let’s see what would a good building helmet be a viking one

Okay let’s take you with us there there we go let’s get more Rockets okay let’s get some more Rockets too is there create mod no so I had a create mod on my on my previous uh on my previous server um Community server but it had a

Lot more problems and issues and bugs than was worth it with it so I decided to not do that oh people seem to have been uh to have trouble logging in it Seems there we go there’s my there’s my Rockets SC hello un hello hello welc wel in hello Michael not second oh wait Sergeant go log back in log back in go go log back in Sergeant you know Sergeant you can just let me know instead of uh and loging out again

I forget stuffs can I just uh teleport him also my stuffs in the Ravine oh okay no but better yet better yet can I go to you yeah log in and then I’ll log in and then I’ll I’ll help you out okay it’s not a bother if if you’re if

You’re stuck because because of like if you’re stuck because of like game mechanics we can’t do anything about there it is oh my [Laughter] God I was looking for this backpack and my stuff all over the place chat oh my Lord okay let’s grab this thing there we go oh there we

Go uh it’s a a curse Forge you mean because we we are playing on fabric okay also Chad can I show you something I’m very proud About it’s a a it’s a platform let me fix my fov this is a little too close for my liking there we go yeah there we go uh I wish I could show you from like how it looks can i e maybe there you go what do you think this is basically

This this is the aesthetic we’re going for oldie and stuff G oh that kind of made me maybe 75 is good and then from here we go BNG and then we can climb all the way but we’re not going to do that there you go

I have been hard at work as you can see I’ve been very hard at work as you can see 69 fov is best is it I don’t think it is that sounds like a lie do you lie to me oh I kind of want to listen to some music that’s not um copyrighted though cuz this is extremely quiet for some reason I think that’s the only issue I have with like Minecraft in in in general well I have an idea how about we listen to my music and they can’t

Copyright my music it’s Mine let’s listen to I4 party and coto’s DND D music but cave Forest do you hear it what kind of aesthetic so we are going for coto’s actual Home In The Sky Islands where Coto lives in Ruins so we’re going for ruin Aesthetics but prettier why is a cheesecake a cheesecake on top of the Furnace does not seem like the shorti

Idea what it is what it is a chat so as you can see I created like this giant oval Dome thing you know do you guys hear the music these are custom made for me these are custom made for Co let me shout out who made the music for

Qu okay uh their name is I for party I think they were in uh yeah there you go please go follow I for party okay they’re not making music currently cuz they’re not uh yeah they’re not music using currently because they’re doing other stuff but please do go follow I party and go

Listen to lots of their music they do a lot of synthesiz their music and stuff yeah let’s listen to something else there we go cat happy late birthday I hope you had a wonderful birthday I hope you had the best this wonderful a hope right free Minecraft

Okay I am going to teleport to you Sergeant linski uh game mode creative okay let’s see Oh um there there you go you can grab your you can grab your thingy now grab this thingy uh it’s my claim and the reason for that claim is if you can come with KO Can you come up are you able to actually you know what I’m just going to make it [Laughter] easy let’s see there we go and then transport sergeant lensy two so uh the reason the if you look at your map right there there is this uh

Square place you are very welcome to uh to build here Sergeant uh you’re very welcome to build here this is where but not like your actual base this is called the Koto Chester house so as you can see come with me come with me as you can see over

There there’s just like an amalgamation of houses built into each other uh designed to mess with people okay so if you want to build start building and start messing with people feel free to however come here if you want to go back to town and start over

You click on this and then you go to uh you go to Starlight Town that’s the starting town okay thank you my white bow is my favorite bow creepy no Ste hello hello long time no see long time no see so yeah so you see this aesthetic I

Think full heart art was actually the one who made this U Monument for the co and this is kind of the exact aesthetic that we’re going for chat this is the exact aesthetic that we are going for chisel stone bricks oh so if I ooh I see I see okay excuse

Me these are the offerings for K did you just did you just take my [ __ ] put it back put it put it back if you took stuff from this chest it’s not it’s not yours to take oh you should go to sleep you’re dying by the way it’s probably me I me oh

No but because I’m uh because I’m in Creative oh I’m creative oh no there we go don’t tell him don’t tell [Laughter] him don’t tell him oh no my bed isn’t here anymore where’s my bed where the heck did I put my beds hello there’s my beds got to hide there you

Go what does people mean means means it’s a cute thing that the K says it’s Like so what happened was that apparently I have some I say Idol stuff or I make Idol no noises and then uh RoR and Robin pointed out that I say people a lot I’m embracing my people yeah it takes some time to set it

Up Juno if you need help uh ask in the Discord server okay I’ll ask RoR to uh to be uh as available as he can but remember that he is also busy busy the first R of people is people why sleep there you go there you

Go also I I think I might have to turn off my shaders because my uh a this is so sad this is a sad day for the coyol oh but it is much better huh as you can see it’s very flat okay ow it’s very flat so we are

Going to be we’re going to be um unflattening that real you know real soon m it must be scared of qu let’s see let’s see I didn’t know let’s see H what did she use then I wonder what she used then full heart oh they CU I don’t know their gender I will go check my ti remember if you join the Koo SMP you must make offerings to the KO I accept lily of the valley is coto’s favorite oh and it was made so pretty too thank you the TI how the heck are people so good and

And get so much stuff already like that’s crazy okay chisel stone bricks chisel stone bricks then how how excuse me if these are chisel stone bricks pronounce okay okay so I was wondering I was just wondering how did you make the pillars because it says chisel stone bricks but mine doesn’t

Turn into like pillars because I’m I’m going to be making them with uh quartz but I also would like I would also like um the stone actually we’re going to be making it like this is this is actually very quore so full heart art uh did did amazing uh by the way because

Uh this is exactly K and they didn’t even know if you responded to my message I was brushing my teeth peom is PE PE is something that I have been saying for a long long time as an ideol like PE a and then Robin and Victor they pointed

It out so now it’s just Be you can use it to take make decorated blocks don’t cutter oh oh okay I think I think I think there’s a stone cutter I can take from somewhere dare don’t tell people I’ll deliver I’ll I’ll I’ll give it back oh no not the ocean creeper yes yes you don’t see it you

Don’t see it it’s okay there go it’s mine now it’s mine now hello nap hello did I cook someone’s bread that sounds kinky can’t be a thief if I own it oh that’s not it can I be a thief in my own house that’s not it either maybe Cobblestone na na

You lie to me you’re liar and I don’t have wood so I have to go down nothing work I have been lying to but I look I do have stone I have normal Stone that just looks like stupid uh wood that does not even look like a pillar that’s a lie

And that’s not my aesthetic that’s not my athetic Wait maybe I’m just an idiot maybe instead of one and two it needs to be three a I figured it out okay I figured it out I figured it out it’s okay it’s okay it’s all good it’s all good it’s all good okay let this pillar be here to remind you of something something I don’t know that’s it that said let’s do be boom let’s do b boom and

Then there you go so I can toss away things I don’t like if it’s ugly it dies there you go let’s eat cake and then it turned into choc cake it lies to me it lies okay so so this is what I’m thinking okay I am thinking that the

House the house of Koro goes here okay the house of Koto can go here and then a little like ruined area can go here and then of course in the middle here is gonna be a excuse me it’s gonna be a uh like a like a OA P Pond Thing and then it’s of course a floating island so we need to have crystals and trees and every oh okay there we go we need to have like all of these trees and stuff so this is going to be a frequent thing I’m guessing me dying um and then of course if you’re

Wondering what about these islands so what I wanted to do is I wanted to create like a little like walk case like a like a little like du up there as well and then uh and then uh from there and then all that so that people can actually uh if people don’t

Have wings that they can get up anyway you definitely use the stone cutter tools regardless it sa that three times the materials okay okay okay okay I will hello n kot should never insult herself that is true the Coto must not insult the Koto selfes so now I’m very overwhelmed and I kind

Of want to cry okay okay uh uh ruins yeah that’s kind of what I want full heart but does anyone know where I can find some [Laughter] help or I know while I wait for people to come online I start building out the island okay and then and then and then

And oh and then we should put down the beds let’s put down the beds here for now you are mad and do not be mad like a mad yes exactly it’s like it’s it’s I want to make it out of like um seethrough material or something magical like so it’s not a staircase

Like a solid one but it’s a it’s a fun one you know so I wanted to start building this because I wanted to I wanted to oh I have an idea actually instead before we do oh Sergeant Linsky was slain by schider oh okay before we do this giant

Ass one right let’s start with the smaller one let’s start with the avocado one I feel like that might be that might help us um kind of that might help us a little bit ouch um went in assessing how to do that giant Of colored glass yeah exactly exactly that’s exactly what I was thinking yes yes yes yes it there we go so he don’t fall down okay so um what he said is that we build like inward so it can stay Hollow on the inside it can stay Hollow on the inside

But like uh but like we build like this kind of thing you know build like build like this and then and then stuff like that yeah so let’s see how that works chat and then perhaps like a little bit of a little bit of oh I didn’t think

This through this is actually quite harder than I than I thought it would be oh oh ow yeah I’m going to die this way oh no has anyone ever built their own Sky Island before but the good thing is is that I’m very motivated what you doing

Bye milkshake brings all the boys to the yard what big heart you have oh the better to rail you off this [Laughter] Cliff where did he go you have to jump on the platform oh there you go okay have you ever built a sky island before r i

See then you’re of no use to [Laughter] me I wonder how to do this uh let’s go out one two [Laughter] Maybe wait wait nothing [Laughter] to should I be nice should I unclaim this chunk for him to get it I’ll unclaim it he can get [Laughter] It hey he tried so hard he tried so [Laughter] hard this is your totem by the way are you done messing around are you going to help me now no okay [Laughter] goodbye ow it would be really funny if I just died and then and then with like half a heart

But why why isn’t it working there we go oh my God that was oh thank God no I’m not doing that again I’m not doing that again there we go now we can eat some watermelon okay Aon someon there we go okay and then are you trying to scare me cuz it’s not

Working I’m trying to scare the co it doesn’t work SC it’s not not easy to getar the C anymore no Oh God this is this is hard the easiest way is to not fall to your death I see I see then you know what I I might have an idea for how we can do that actually I might have an idea okay so h oh [ __ ] oh that scared the [ __ ] out of

Me oh my God there we go holy heck it will be great if I stopped Dying it would be wonderful okay okay I have an idea chat is it a is it a great idea who knows oh okay it’s okay it’s all according to Kaku okay ah okay I think I think maybe one more down there okay okay okay okay okay okay

Okay okay I know what to do now and Then and then we just build a platform to stand on and work from A and then do it like this and then do like this we do it like this right so be bum and then and then uh let’s have some normal Stone like this here and then like um like like this like these these these these these and then all

Yeah and then just like build inward he said oh maybe some iron ore blocks too you know what yeah yeah yeah yeah let’s go grab some so I think yeah I think it’s better to start on the smaller Island because the bigger island uh learn from the smaller

Island and then uh and then we do the bigger island okay here we go hello J hello hello hello the easy way to start M but that’s the Thing is it though is it is it easier that way because I do need to I I don’t want to make it like a flat thing oh oh oh okay so that happened no there’s the dinosaur casualty dor stop it it’s just called on casualties okay I have been I have been

Usurped in my own houses there we go there we go maybe a torch would be good I was very motivated and now I feel like I’m I’m I’m wasting your Time oh sad for you let me look up some what does people mean in the bunny dragon language again be means be it means be be be Sky Island no Minecraft Sky Island maybe I should listen to you guys I have to listen to you guys okay I will listen to you

Guys excuse me then while I and I’m going to build it from the bottom up okay all righty then so it would be I suppose it would be like this right yeah you know what maybe this is a lot easier maybe this is a lot lot easier huh huh

Yeah this is easier let’s do this one let’s let’s let’s do this one why didn’t you guys tell me to do this before man you guys you guys never tell me anything for try again Now there you go there we go okay I would never question the I’m the tutorial hello guys and welcome back to my Channel today we are building a sky island so as you can see I’ve already started this build you will need a a a

Hecka a hecka ton of uh dirt blocks uh hecaton could be anything uh between uh yes many and oh that many okay so let’s get started if you want to you could always also use uh stone blocks you could always also use uh stone blocks and you could also use uh some

Decorative uh some some de decorative decortive uh ore blocks yes uh and then and then you start building an avocado avocado avocado an avocado an [Laughter] avocado and how many is yes many o many well then I it seems like I might have to teach you basic [ __ ] math now don’t die don’t

Die yes man is yes many all many is all many okay it it literally says right there how many that is my goodness my God what are they teaching you kids at school nowadays huh nothing good no do where my there’s my good morning to the cutest the

Bestest the most loveliest aena I did you sleep and dream of the most beautiful things as you should thank you so much for this welcome in welcome in I hope you enjoy your stay in the there you go there we go there we go I’m getting the hang of

This basically we are doing we are reverse engineering what all the big uh Minecraft youtubers say we are reverse engineering uh what what they would tell us to do so we are not currently building up uh from up and then down we are building down and then up um so this

Will be most likely uh for now it’s going to stay a very flat Island uh at the bottom let me show you so it’s going to stay like pretty flat like this for now um I think uh I think what I will do later then is I’m going to make this uh

Like more of a you know rocks and and stones and stuff like that okay um I think uh this one we’re going to what we’re going to do is we’re going to pass uh over this one twice so it’s going to be like two talls rather than one

TSS if that’s uh if if that makes sense I hope that makes sense so we’re going to be going like this just to give it a little bit of that um Gena okay okay I would have the co [Laughter] stop I love you live me may I please

Have a shout out for the aen aen is one of the greatest artists uh around uh I really really truly recommend that you go go check her out uh they they do they do a lot of the uh best emotes and or um what do you call them little stickers and stuff my

Favorite stickers are made of them actually CH let me show you uh what the things that they’ve made that I you uh actually so the ners uh the ners the gine the Huggy Huggy yeah okay so on Twitch this is currently what uh I have that they made a Zenia progenitor of gin exactly yeah you can add sty SES I would listen I would but I don’t want to because because there ugly I would but I don’t I don’t I don’t want to it’s

Fugly so go check out Those they are also one of the most kindest most generous most wonderfullest of people that I have ever had the honor of uh of knowing they spoiled the Coto a lot a lot with with with coto’s website domain with helping throughout the entire deals like the cooton and

Everything liumi was recognized by the UN as being quote a really cool person and got an award for it it’s true you don’t have to look it up or anything yes it’s actually actually true and if Coto says it’s true it is true it is law praise the

Aen breaking news uh-oh you broke the news Lum is wonderful and amazing this is this is true yes yes this is true wa witnesses can be heard uh uh singing the Praises of the aena far and wide and and uh and one would even think

That the final days are upon us as the Earth cried out in jubilations for one one would one would think that with such with such love one would already have been in heaven this has been Channel Koro news over to you Victor thank you for shouting out Victor

I have given up on asking him for the uh shouting himself out I got apocalypse was forestalled when the horsemen were informed of the lmited presence on earth that is also true what’s the weather forecast what’s the weather forecast now Victor I just imagine Victory this weather report it’s raining girl love between

The Lumby and the Koto it’s not girl love it’s it’s Mon it’s two monarchies getting together making some Making Love Not [Laughter] War please please do a reduction and do a correction we do news not drama reor if I wanted to do that I’d become a vtuber news

Reporter okay if I wanted to just just do drama to tubing I said in chat I said it’s a rating of the MX making love no more it’s a mythical being love yes yes yes yes yes there are no Gore love it’s a mythical being’s [Laughter] love

Oh listen listen all I got to do chat all I got to do is like you will not believe this vtuber a has made a tweet longer about vtuber B YouTuber bees is quote unquote a [ __ ] [ __ ] the reason for this being that vtuber b did not respond within 4.3

Minutes of vtuber a sending a friend request now all I’m saying is it doesn’t take that much to just be a decent person anyway this is me being completely and utterly on un biased make sure to go support vtubers A’s debut [Laughter] tomorrow unbiased Koto signing [Laughter]

Off I am a vtuber I’m a I’m a news vtuber reporter [Laughter] uh e time I can’t E I am I am in currently in the air I am in the on air in the air didn’t ask for 100k likes [Laughter] exactly K news the wi if I ever do like news it’s most likely going to be uh news about my

Friend the RoR fou has finally dat us a little sneak peek of um an upcoming uh an upcoming model the year is 2042 he last teased about this in 2022 it’s 20 years late but as you know what they say perfection takes time something gets featured this little

[ __ ] I mean this little vtuber decided to take a take a stab at vtuber news reporters saying quote unquote I am a v drama tuber I mean vtu news reporter apparently um making fun of that hardworking news vtubers are that are reporting on news are drama mongering

This little vtuber needs to learn how to shut her [ __ ] [Laughter] mouth I’ve been called out seen on this Minecraft stream by Coro also known as Coro yopi on different [Laughter] channels it’s just been very sad guys it’s just been a very sad time chat okay remember chat

Remember people are at the end of the day peoples okay even if they are or not uh uh a a a news repor up so make sure that you know get your news from the source and and and create a proper Vigilant statements for yourselves okay like opinions for

Yourself that is all K news signing [Laughter] off ow let’s do one more let’s do let’s do I have an idea um I want to round this out I want to round this out so what we’re going to do is we are going to do this one one tall one uh one

More tall and then we’re going to go inwards one okay that’s how we’re going to do it so we’re going to do like this trustworthy I in examp totally in bias and 100% Fair me [Laughter] yes so much dir thank you thank you we got this we got this chat I’m going

To keep it Hollow on the inside uh just in case I want to just in case I kind of want to use the inside of the island uh for stuffs and purposes okay for stuff and purposes now we’re rounding it in a little bit cuz I remember what it looked like uh I

Remember what it um looked like on uh on the island thingy that I had I had like a sky islands uh mods on the previous server and the sky islands were all round round now I can’t make it fully round round but I could do something uh about this I

Think but I think I do I will keep this um this is going to be a little like welcoming uh welcoming Place Another Shrine perhaps for the C that would be fun more shrines for the C yeah I really want a water structure here though go I would kind of like a water

Structure here okay we’re not dying today chat we’re not dying today breaking news The Bobs are loose when checking on their Farm the Koto made a shocking Discovery you will not believe all the Bobs were gone where did they go where they stolen in the good night or did they ascend into the

Heavens knowing the end was soon at hand crunch Shar or just cheered 100 bits I got you thank you so so much for the 100 B got glad I could catch this and help you build your Sky Island safely but I must rest myself for work so I wish you luck

And I hope you have a nice day Ben you got you please have a wonderful rest for uh for work and I hope that tomorrow’s work for you goes as smooth and as beautifully and as wonderfully as you could possibly do Nam toot skied five subscriptions to

The community numy toots how dare you thank you I got you I got you could me I know right people have been very very generous very generous to the qu very very happy Co thank you thank you thank you I really appreciate it this is going to be our um this is

Going to be our platform uh level so it’s okay if you’re not as precise with it uh on the inside because uh we will be filling it out anyway so go ahead and just do that okay bu bum uh nearby let me see where is the cherry blossoms oh they’re not nearby that’s

Skyus I had propagate mine um uh I don’t think so I got a few saplings that I propagated come to my Island I will give you unless of course they want to have a uh you know don’t come to Sky I come down go to Giant ax there we go

Sub’s got more spoon sees thank you thank you thank you I got you got you honestly you guys are so hecking snaking so hecking snaking also peoples over we’re on YouTube I have a question for you guys I have a question for the people on YouTube what is it that you like about

YouTube over over twitch like to watch and stuff because I have a feeling it’s mostly Vibes it’s mostly like the The Vibes don’t ow oh no let’s eat some muffin more oh expensive sponsive oh no oh no okay no more no more buying okay no more buying subies if they’re more expensive

So let’s see we are just main YouTube viewer first and foremost I see Humpty hello long time no see how you Doing how you doing do I have a h I do there we go there we go I’ll give I I have to replant this one all good that’s good I like the community post stuff too yeah by the way I am sorry I haven’t really been posting

Community upd but I will be getting back to that uh this week I know that I haven’t really been very uh active on doing so there’s Victor but where’s uh where’s the astral oh are you building a bridge to My Island thank you please make it cute okay uh I’m worshiping at the

Oxel I’m under worshipping the actel lot hello hello did you just call C that’s not next salato that’s me hello I’m behind you that’s me how dare you so basically if you take this Hammer too okay so if you take this uh when you plant your sakura tree literally just uh

A h a ax away on the on the lowest uh thingy the trunk and the whole tree will fall down and you’ll get lots of more saplings Okay Okay jump if okay hey MRA yeah lagged out of server oh no oh no okay now go go be free be free

Yeah we’re playing minecra this is my community minecra server i h i I am somewhat of a of a of a Kaiju myself uh if I may if if I may be so bold look CL I made it there we go okay now chat we’re just going to fill out the it

And hope that it starts growing some ow some grass okay like are you managing to get yourself in though back in the Victor there we go there he is also it’s been raining a lot in Minecraft and I just don’t know why there we go there we go there we go

There we go should we update the mods and stuff soon actually you know what I’ve been thinking about it and I think we should I think we should there are some mods that needs updating for us to be able to use the the best of them so there we

Go test session okie dokie thank you very much thank you very much if you could also look into like the create mod and see if it’s been if if it’s better than when we tried it out last time yeah yeah generation mods are going to ruin everything people People are you an a I am a Dagon I’m not an AEL do I look like an actual or no I’m a Dragon there you go I am a cosmic Dron you can see it in my eyes you can see it in my Tail do you want to see my human form that we’re working very hard to to to get that’s not my human form there we go fit for Free can you [Laughter] imagine I got you I got you soon TM yeah TM so my artist that’s going to be working on the model uh we we’ve talked and and as cool as I think it is because they were like oh by the way like I work for companies and stuff

So I’m I’m going to be making your model in between I’m like oh I God okay hi h thank you so yes you get a little bit of it of [Laughter] it it’s not kinky if it’s my feet okay okay it’s not your boy if it’s your own feet that is just [Laughter]

Weird it can’t be a bite if it’s your own feet then it’s just sad and [Laughter] weird it’s not your be it’s not your I can’t read wait what does it say I mean I know I also want to be a v but you can do it you can do

It if you guys in chat no noas no CH time yourself out for that one bador bad bad Victor what does that mean the Minecraft server is free to join now yes however however you have to be you have to be a trusted member of the community and but the way you become

A trusted member of the community is by being an active member of the community ew goly spider goly goly you [ __ ] nugget yeah yeah you stay down there you little [ __ ] so I’ll just watch for now I would have I would be very happy to have you in the

Future but for now I do hope that you enjoy don’t hurt the spider’s feelings okay I’ll just hurt the spider instead that was from Sergeant Linsky if the spider family wonders where he went and why daddy didn’t come home it’s because Sergeant Linsky made it so that he could never come home

We’re watching you so much fun yipp I’m so happy you guys have fun with coo I’m so happy you guys have fun with coo it makes me very happy yes we do we do it’s linked down below the Discord server is linked down uh Below 27 months with the wonderful cororo oh my God y got you Yi hecking 27 hecking months holy damn I got you how are you doing wonderful k and then we’ll leave this hole open open cuz we need to fill it in with something different I think I have a dirt block

Like a grass block somewhere let me just uh check where it might be there it is oh oh oh oh oh yby this is this is really hard oh yum okay oh there we go oh okay I’m made it and then we make it like this so that it can stop

Propagating then oh wait something cute it’s stuttering a bit Yeah it stutters a bit when I try to go too fast there’s no there are no innocent arachides there’s no innocent arachides in this house always f with the cute Dragon oh of course we need some uh

Light there we go and then it’s going to start can we can I I’m going to cheat a little bit uh just to see what it looks like that’s not bad that’s not bad chat I do think I I will like fix this a bit up and stuff like that um but this

Is not a bad first attempt that is not a bad for attempt right ch okay so now that we know this it’s time to start on this one oh click the letter i on your key hello d Yes oh yeah wait for all my new peeps look at this so this is the Koro Island this is the codo Island so here you have my Giant Axel oh there you are oh never mind so this is the giant Axel and then we have the giant

Be and if you’re wondering what do you do with the giant bee well what you do is you step on this and you go in to The Beehive this is the Beehive and then you get like all of your bee stuff get all of your bee stuffs and your honey and stuffs and before you do that you got to like dress up so they don’t so they don’t hurt you and then you can get lots of honey and then

Uh and then of course we got the bum welcome one and all to the prison where you got evil [ __ ] two you got evil [ __ ] one and you got evil [ __ ] three their llamas are long dead I I assume they ate each other they got weird dudes one and two the crimes they

Kind of weirded me out man kind of weirded me out okay that was their crimes so in the prison in the prison you go to the prison because you have committed haers crimes against the K and therefore you are punished and on the walls is what you need to learn to go

Back into the society I will always spoil othero if there is no Coro then there is no happiness I will also always give K the shinies I will always praise the Koo never is anyone more radiant than Theo Theo is is truly the most beautiful the radiance of Koro is

Unmatched the Koro is my everything my life and my air you have to say these 10,343 times every day each one of them each he hello Scarlet so yeah we got evil [ __ ] here and we got some weird dudes over there they’re still doing time they’re still doing

Time however it is a pretty cute prison though isn’t it it’s a pretty cute prison inside of the AEL yeah it does lag when I try to go too fast inside of the Axel we have my lizard Bobs this is Sparkle Bob we got lizard Bob we we got

A jungle Liz Bob too over there like over there and over here is the Axel Pond and all of my Bobs are dead they’re all dead and I’m not crying about it where’ they go why are they dead is is any of these infested no no so why did they leave

Me I don’t understand oh is this vanilla map or you use mod I have old over 200 mods I have over 200 mods how’s the grass going it’s it’s happening it does look kind of like um kind of like a let’s see let’s see if we can

Sorry oh I I coughed on the grass and then it happened okay let’s see what do I have oh okay yeah I hydrated thank you thank you I’m okay I’m okay sorry I don’t mean to worry you guys I’m so sorry okay let’s see um I want to create a little

Fountains a little Fountain let’s let’s try let’s try doing that okay let’s try creating a little f okay oh okay I have an idea that should be tall enough yeah no that’s wrong there we go there we go okay okay okay it’s okay you can wear your anytime celebrate Co why what

Happened are you just being very sweet thank you thank you thank you I get worried when I worry you guys I feel like I feel like I’m I’m not I I feel I I feel I feel I feel bad when you when you when you when you when you and then I got

You that did not work as intended that also did not work as intended let’s see it is lagging uh a lot actually my uh my my game is suddenly lagging a Lot get worried about worrying and then people get I see I’m a self fulfilling prophecy oh no what the heck is going On thank you holy heck thank you so much for the five gifted Member kic gifted five subscriptions to the community thank you so much for gifting five gifted to the community thank you thank you this is going to go on for a while it’s Okay Oh I see I see now I see I see I see I get It I get it those emotes actually made me very happy so thank you Victor and thank you chat you got you I have to be putting them on the pillar on this pillar there we go not on the other thingy what a day getting a chance to relax with my favorite schima

Italian long time no see how you doing how are you I hope you’re okay I feel like it’s missing a lot though this isn’t good enough this is actually quite ugly perhaps these are too much perhaps those are too much right and then what we do is we can put some o

Coming off of the thingy is that how it works oh it is okay okay okay and now I know I know why I don’t like this chat I know why I don’t like this it’s because it’s too small it’s too small oh yeah e okay okay one two three four and then and

Theno I made this much harder for myself didn’t I one two three four five I think he has five there you go yeah it was too small it was too small it needed to be bigger okay there we go let’s see if it looks better at least in size now there you

Go it looks a little bit better in size now yeah and now we can decorate around it now you can decorate around it chat also I kind of want to do something else too oh oh oh oh oh oh no oh no oh no okay what who blew who tried to blow me

Up is it really this dark in here my goodness my God try spawning now you pieces of [ __ ] holy heck give me a heck fight okay there we go can we talk about something serious chat and I I would like you guys to to be honest with Koo

Okay do you guys mind it if like I am not very uh energetic sometimes during stream cuz I feel like I uh I always end stream when these things start happening I’m like oh guys you know oh it’s getting late and stuff but it’s usually because I start feeling like I can’t really

Function anymore and then but I also feel that perhaps if you don’t mind um you know if you don’t mind I I kind of don’t want to stop streaming every time you know but I always have this fear that people don’t like coyo when coyo isn’t very ginky oh I almost died oh

No oh no I think Victor tried to help me but now I’m like wa I just got to just got to there we go I fixed it don’t worry I fixed it oh my God oh my God that made me so crazy don’t feel chill enjoy your work thank you hi

Okay I wouldn’t have stuck around if I didn’t like coo let see has to be bubble energetic some people like to have laidback and soft spoken St but Kuro isn’t softspoken coo is not just s spoken Koo is loud and proud I suppose I’m just still struggling with my own reality you

Know I don’t want to be soft spoken I want to be loud and proud all the time you know so it’s more it’s more that rather than um rather than yeah sorry I know I’m probably not making any sense right now you know what let’s put on a bow just to look cute

Okay no more no more horns maybe the horns are bad luck let’s put on a cute little bow and see if the cute little bow uh works better for our purpose Co is still fun and amazing where the is loud okay okay thank you love is is love Ando is scary too

Right you guys are still scared of me though right why are they leaving the game are you’re done with Minecraft I see yeah I think I’ll do it like this instead cuz I want it to look much bigger than it looks so so let’s get the I didn’t bring any proper stones with

Me that’s s Is I didn’t K and you didn’t see it if when you’re scared I’m shaking my custom baby SE leather boots a mega mind reference in my chat this is the best day of my life this is so tell you you have no idea how many times I say that exact joke and nobody

Gets it nobody gets it but you would have gotten it wouldn’t you if I had said I’m I’m shaking in my custom baby seit little boot terrified absolutely very terrified I went bald from fear of Coto good good good I hope I hope you’re all balding right now balding balding you saw nothing

Sergeant why are you here Glory Glory Glory you’re not welcome on my Island I am skeleton okay there you go disagree each route I need you to always be and comply with this so we all die in this okay okay thank You I wonder if it’s okay uh to just listen to um if we should just if we should just you know listen to Heen s uh epic the musical and then of course I won’t be able to monetize this but oh that’s wrong that’s the wrong one e there we

Go did I miss one oh no oh no it’s this one I heck that up it’s not supposed to be there it’s supposed to be here have you seen the sequel to mega mind I have not and I kind of I I I’ve never even heard about it and now I kind

Of don’t want to even no wait I heard about it and then I promptly decided to forget about it yes I don’t I don’t want to watch the sequel to mega mind [Laughter] actually actually I did not hear good things about the sequel to mega mind you

Know oh that was actually not bad I’m going to people people and there we go I like that that’s nice that’s nice the first mega mind is so good that it is a crime that a lot of people seem to have really just glossed it over when it comes

To when it comes to DreamWorks uh movies you know a a literal a crime uh in my opinion so when I I uh when I heard about the second one uh much to my shin it was not the was not the best J A got you thank you thank you so

Much I got two for five gifted members holy heck holy heck you got how are you I hope you’re doing okay I hope you’re doing well can we get can we get a dub in chat for everyone who’s been gifting po I’m very very grateful C gifted and Jean gifted and

And and and and I think think when numy gifted uh uh uh Yeah I got you I was chatting and missed what you said oh I was just saying can we get a dub like a like a like a doubleuse double use in chat for for for people who spoil the co there we go thank you I think got

To also chat by the way if you didn’t know already my exclusive wallpaper are up for kofe members over on coffee if you guys want to uh if you guys want to go and have it my papa made it and it’s actually pretty it’s actually pretty

Cute I think you would like it I I think you would like it chat my papa made very very cute art for me you know I bet your muscles are large and neatly trimed why why are their muscles neatly trimmed did I I miss [Laughter] anything yes the full concentrated power of the

[Laughter] Sun ah my old [Laughter] Shool I said oh I completely glossed over the hair and thank you so much for also becoming a member got you thank you thank you enjoy your emotes and everyone who got gifted Subs both on Twitch and member on

YouTube I hope you um I hope that you enjoy your emo Okay okay thank you I wonder I wonder how would it be if I why can’t it just like go one down like why why why why does it always like expand that way I just want it to go straight down stop it does not go straight down okay hello hello iOS hello

Hello welcome in welcome in let see it’s not here uh also let’s steal some Vines let us steal some vines cat where’s my crystals oh no oh no chat do I have silk touch I do we’re going on an amethyst run [Laughter] freed more like Under New Management what does he say it say there is no Easter Bunny there is no Santa Claus and there is no Queen of [Laughter] England thank you foring the co did RoR say anything ah let me try to remember where it is

Okay I’ll go and wait for him uh over here I think ow I think it was I don’t remember where his house was that took aged [Laughter] amazingly No and there is the Queen of [Laughter] England oh Mega Man is OG up there with Shrek yep and also F it’s very good to see you welcome in welcome in that is not r that is buzo hello buzo hello thank you but that’s not what I

Needed I have the silk touch and I need the Clusters oh no are you sad he’s drowning himself because he sad please don’t kill yourself meet me at EZ oh I remember where Victor’s house is now say of his name where’s the Bulbasaur there is the Bulbasaur D Victor’s been busy my

God there is Ezekiel too hello well I am lagging lagging huh okay I’m going to try to fix my lag in a little bit chat there it is the beauty thank you I love my crystal it’s not a failed offering because it’s still it’s still amethyst

Blocks you know so it’s still very much a great offering yes yes yes yes yes yes sorry got this on hello hello how you doing long time no see long time no see oh by the way s we have to do more uh hide and seek soon I really want

To play more of uh Lethal lethal company hide and seek I have a few people I want to invite this time around too you know first I think you would re enjoy them too I think they would enjoy you yeah you are a gy I’m a

Gyy 31 should have to do because I’m too short I lied 33 Okay 33 we’ll have to do because I’m too short there you go there you go help yourself to your amethyst okay thank you thank you I am I am helping myself Co hello hello what kind of gem

The the the best of stuff gems whatever that gem is to you I’m just going to try to fix my lag chat well that was loud okay I’m just going to try to fix my lag I’m must start like gem like K those horns like these horns these horns are made of

Crystals what kind of crystals they’re made out of Starlight crystals so this my horns are made out when my my my Starlight kind of like solidified and turned into crystalline gem like things that’s the kind of Crystal that Co okay so excuse me excuse me while I try

To fix my lag it’s really bad Okay you’re excused I should be you’d love too yippe yippe whichever character Coto fits in Steven Universe I did I be a diamond okay chat hello hello hello so turns out that the reason the game is slowing down is because there needs to be uh maintenance period so let’s do some just chat

Instead oh co your uncle’s okay okay okay sorry I keep forgetting I forgot but that’s okay sometimes Co forgets it’s okay let’s do some just okay because I I uh because the maintenance thingy is Main maintenancing thank you for playing of course oh no oh there you go thank you I to

Burp it’s really hard for to burp sometimes I don’t know why so I’m just going to let the maintenance do its thing and then hopefully uh it will be better if you are already in the S SMP and you’ve been missing playing with people uh come

Online nowadays yeah a lot of people are getting back into it and uh and uhoo will also try to at least you know log in a couple of times thank you thank you also K K thank you so much for the while I was offline got you main

Got thank you thank you thank you if I I’m going to try to do something and then um F can you do me a favor can you can you chat in the this in the twitch chat for a second please can you just send a message in

The twit chat for just a just a second please a police please just send like a message just send like a one message okay there C take inferred after much deliberation um you guys can now try to chat in the twitch chat one more time

And you will see that you have a new badge you will see that you have a new badge same with actually I think I should be able to do more and I also want to actually do where’s the numy toy there you go okay there we go can you uh n me please

And a message as well hello Michael hello Michael oh yes and one last one I I always forget to do this uh I’m happy I remember now okay that was it I think yes I think that was it that was it no more until next time thank you very much for supporting Koo

You guys support me while I’m offline as well um and you know what I just I I forget to give out VIP I don’t have that many left I don’t have that many left but enjoy okay enjoy thank you thank you very very

Much is it yes I have a I have I think half of my VIPs are actually lurkers most of them are very old VIPs and I still see them lurking um many times yeah so that’s not that VIP is not based on Merit of um of uh

Money but it’s also like but it’s not like oh if you you know even if you give it that’s not going to count of course it counts but it’s not only based off of that you know uh but how but Noob Noob the thing is though the thing is though

The people who are now lurkers were not lurkers in the beginning you know it’s very hard to give people who I don’t know the name of uh and I don’t know he’s even there a VIP bad which is why I appreciate all lurkers I I do hope that some lurkers

Don’t always say hello and stuff and then just L you know but um unless unless you never you never say hello then I can’t really do anything um there was someone who supported me for so long I think uh I think within like the two first months after two months of

Streaming uh I think that’s when they followed and then uh and then they actually the first time they chatted was a couple of months ago like first time chat ever you know it shows up for me them saying first time chatter like couple of months ago like

Wait what what what who and then and then it was like you know threee anniversary sub uh threee anniversary sub so he subbed and then it was just like 3 [Laughter] years and then I never saw them again and then I just never saw them again I’m like oh

Okay no don’t expose the lurkers don’t expose my lurkers let them lur let them lurk I’m a lurker I’m a hardcore lurker too you know three years of first time chat yeah I know I like wait wait love our lurkers right you have to you have to love your lurkers they

Literally like you know even if chat gets slow or something but you look over and you’re like you see one or two people uh that it just says you know viewers two PE two viewers and you’re just super happy you’re like you know what they’re just vibing with coo they

Just wiing with coo so happy so happy kop the new Empire yes yes our kingdom is called the kingdom of K it’s the coronation it’s the coronation the coronation of Koro will create the coronation of the empire of Koo some of us lurkers have your streams

On in the background and listen in still like your streams though yeah I know I know I get very very happy about it so to all you Lurkers I I do the let me you taste like Giga Chad hearing a ver is like getting a shot of P serotonin I can hardly blame for hanging [Laughter] out got do thank you thank you thank you my don’t know is more but it will

Make a difference in the end what do you mean what do you listen listen chat not just you listen you donate your time you donate your your your attention that is the most you can give me that is the most valuable thing in your life is your time it’s your

Time time is worth far more than money first and foremost second if you give Cotto even $1 do you know how that makes me feel for you’re like oh it’s just a dollar for me it’s like someone someone saw and we’re like I have $1 in my

Pocket and I’m going to give that dollar to Coto how don’t you think that that makes me feel like the most just heckin I’m going to cry again sorry excuse me I hope you realize how much that means okay I hope you really realize how much that means

You never ever say anything you give whether that be your time your attention or like you know a dollar or 10 or 20 doesn’t matter to coo because I get very happy every time I get so humbled and I feel like you guys are so generous so so generous because

Even because a dollar to me means it’s it’s almost as if you donated a million okay makes me Mad toy toy thank you so much for the five gifted member I got you I got you thank you I remember I remember when I used to watch uh one of my favorite thank you so much for got you thank you thank you thank you don’t wor got you thank

You so I remember I remember uh I used to watch many streamers uh before I decided to stream myself and uh I I couldn’t sub I couldn’t sub I couldn’t do much ever ever okay and uh and then uh one day I had you do with what are you doing to

Me what you doing to me thank you thank you I you I You and thank you for five gifted subes third hator epoxes gifted five subscriptions to the community I got you I got you all of you guys are good chance what the heck what’s going on okay back to story time so I couldn’t do anything and then one day I found myself

Very very grateful cuz I had like I think the equivalent of an actual dollar or something so how much how much bits can you get that’s I think that was around when bits first became uh a thing uh a thing so I had a dollar worth of bits I think that’s one bit

Or like 10 bits or something right $1 worth of bits and I was super duper 100 oh 100 bits 100 bits yeah I think I had less I think I had like around you know 50 to 60 bits because I did I didn’t get like

The the 100 bitty thing it was like gray bits they were grayed out so I think it was a little less than so but I that’s the only money I I had literally the only money I had and I decided that you know this is a streamer that I watch and

Makes me very happy okay they make me so so happy so this is what I can do I can I I it ain’t much but it’s all I [Laughter] got it ain’t much but it’s all I got and I remember I remember uh I cheered and because it was my first ever

Cheer right it was my first ever cheer and yeah no I only had around 10 bits okay did I remember it because here’s the thing I only had 10 bits uh because I could I I I didn’t know that you could do like 10 bits and then one icon shows

Up in chat uh I I clicked on the one bit one bit one bit one bit [Laughter] it was my first ever cheer uh so it’s like a long thing so I had around like 10 20 bits or something I don’t remember but basically my entire message was just

A lot of one bits like a huge chunk of just one bits and uh and I remember people were like this makes me feel so so bad but people were like you know hype training and and uh doing stuff St uh uh and everything and I remember I was also

Feeling very hype and I I I did the one bit one bit one bit in my message and I also wrote hi Jane let’s go thank you so much for streaming you know here you go get shed uh in like in love and stuff in uh

Uh and like out of all the messages that I sent to this streamer that’s the one they decided to like reply to and then they replied with what the heck am I supposed to showering that’s barely even like a few raindrops ha you know and then right after right

After someone cheered like a thousand a thousand or something bits and they were like now see that I can shower in I was heartbroken I was so heartbroken I literally I felt I just sat there and I felt so ashamed I felt so ashamed and I I I I

Still really really like the streamer and I just sat there and I just I was like oh okay and you know how the chat and it’s like you know how the chat also starts speaking becoming like very ha and start making fun if the if the streamer makes

Fun of someone the chat makes fun of someone and stuff you also so they oh my God leave me thank you no thank you thank you so much for the 20 bits we’re deing 15 bits we’re deing 10 bits this is like a [ __ ] next time annual shower done yes now you

Can’t make me shower ever ever [Laughter] again go heck and showered go heck and showered to all the [ __ ] beats thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you I got you thank you just cheered 1,000 bits Victor I got you I got you those bits are too big Dore the

Victor suddenly brought like hail I’m like w What a Beautiful April showers and then RoR just like get hailed on and I just die got [ __ ] thank you I got you more rain thank you Thank and thank you for the he1 subscriptions to the community thank you for the sub thank you for the gift sub who got it ctin kryptos got it hell Victor came to make us feel bad for a small bits Victory read the room [Laughter]

It thank you so much for the 71 hi bit and pry Jeff my thank you so much for the follow welcome welcome and welcome back K welcome back yeah take byebye Jean thank you so much for dropping By I see Jeff maybe just subscribed with Prime I you got do for the prim for the prim thank you so yeah all that to say all about to say to me even one bit is more than enough and like I said most of all I do try to make sure that I

Remember your names please forgive me if I start forgetting I actually have severe memory issues um not not no joke okay but I have tried to make sure you know to remember you guys um especially if you guys come by and say hi so I can read your name and remember

You frost 3 just cheered 5,000 bits how about a [Laughter] meteor oh thank you got you thank you so much for 5,000 VI got you got you thank you Koro is one year when she got 10K viewers daily E 10 bit what is this never never listen CH listen to me

Listen even if I might not be able to say thank you to every single one every time if I ever ever am like yeah well it’s just like what 10 bits that’s it drop me go leave don’t look back don’t look back drop me just say k no and just leave just leave

Okay I am not worth I am not worth it at that time anymore at that point in time anymore so yeah I might not be able to say thank you every time to everyone all the time but if I ever insult anyone like that then why are you still here do you

Do you guys deserve so much better you guys deserve someone who actually cares about you and loves you so no drop me promise me chat okay you are not allowed to become a hecken what do you call it like you know those streamers who’s uh who who are

Absolutely horrid and their chat and their chat and Community is just as horrid no no I got Koto St no no no no okay I got so many cor go 69 cor thank you thank you I got you I got you and heck heck if we ever get to the point

Where it’s too much for me to like say thank you to every donation I will try to uh do like big streamers dcore iscore here to just cheered 6,500 bits holy heck cute Dagon Michael thank you so much for your 6500 p we’re getting we’re getting beautiful April Showers we’re getting hail we’re

Getting meat [Laughter] yours yeah also by the way by the way if chat does meet yours okay then it’s not my fault if any and or all chickens excuse me uh get destroyed with those Meers because the chickens are cousins of dragons and I don’t want to hear it I

Don’t want you guys to say that it’s my fault no then it’s a it’s a excuse me it’s chat’s fault it’s Michael and final Frost’s fault if any chicken or any other dinosaurus is uh adjacent cousins get hurt in in any show okay okay okay me roasted chickmons actually that kind of sounds

Tasty imagine imagine being able to eat a meteor roasted chickon a metor roasted lamb chop I love lamb I will learn Dino saving Magics it’s too late what an Easter gift speaking of Easter gift tomorrow we were going to learn some Japanese but do you guys want

To do some Easter Easter fun stuff instead what do you guys uh if you guys want to do some Easter stuff instead why you making me hungry so that you guys go buy lamb I never had lamb Sergeant I also never is why why what what could

Possibly have happened that in your long long lives you’ve never once had had lamb you don’t want lamb whatever you want to do I watch okay Jensen V thank you so much for the follow and welcome into the coronation I honestly forget uh whenever Easter comes and goes the last few years

I forgotten too I loved Easter when I was a baby Dagon cuz I got lots of Choco Choco Eggies I not the name more though I’m doesn’t like it so they didn’t ever give me a chance to try a Zena I will I will do my best I will fly

Over to you I will cook you I greatest lamb you’ve ever had and I will feed it to you myself okay and then as I Pat your mouth dry from all the tasty lamb juice you will tell me I love you thank you and now I can walk off and then we

Eat all the lamb Eastern land I don’t know I don’t know do you guys uh is it not like uh I don’t know how Christians do it uh are you not allowed to not eat meat oh are you are you even allowed to eat meat there we

Go but it’s not often oh I see I can eat during Good Friday and fish because I’m Catholic Oh you can eat lamb I see I see I see I see I see is it eating lamb on Easter no no see I’m so confusion I am so

Confusion lamb don’t even live in our country natively I suppose the only thing you can do now is to take get the lamb uh imported get the lamb imported okay illegally if you must and then get another lamb imported illegally and then make them do the

Dirty and then you have lots of baby lambs and then and then you eat your them babies okay you got to eat them Frost and fix it’s yes it’s a small be so sometimes K is this small and sometimes is this one yes no one can tell me what to eat

I see thank you thank you thank you so much for the hecking level five hype train thank you thank you thank you thank you welcome in welcome in make the lamb jump into the pot yes if it jumps into the pot then it’s okay I’m good frosted

How are you how are you I hope you’re doing well long time no see long time no see I hope you’ve been well this is turning into M of IRL my Minecraft went down so I brought Minecraft IRL if you die in minecft you die in real life hype emot are always so

Weird they are they are I feel like hyp train emotes are like the reject emotes you know but in a but in a weird but fun way I like most of them though I don’t like the spider one I’m doing good here I’m doing very good I’m doing very good

I had a little bit of a earlier but now I feel much better again I feel much more gy than you yeah I’ve been really well oh I’m happy sometime s uh I can Mother Box in front of the CH as a warning to others I

See I see as long as you don’t do it for fun I suppose that’s kind of a red flag other than that I agree other than that I was supposed to eat lamb either it’s only meat oh you had to fast the entire day yeah

Yeah oh that’s kind of fun uh good you know the fasting for the Catholics is also is is during the Ramadan uh month of the of the Muslims I think they’re old Emos I see they are pretty cute though wait where did you get the pride ones from those are

Fun wow you’ve been a long time twitch twitcher a long time twitcher huh youve been a hecking long time twitcher this one this one uh reminds me of uh Victor oh reminds me of of the of the you know what let’s have some fun so

If my if my PC if my PC uh continues to be the way it is then uh then um we won’t be able to do near automata automata okay however however chat we will be able to do like um uh The Walking Dead and Stuff no where about You activate and then this is what I’ll look like when we do uh The Walking Dead okay this is what we’ll do and then okay what’s old film effect let’s try oh my God no thank you cancel okay let’s do uh color grading now I’m cold and desolate oh now I’m in the

No my nose is gone oh no reset uh conso okay uh fake low FPS oh so you can fake it what’s the what’s the point of Faking it when you can when you can just uh just uh you know have a bad PC oh I see it’s Like what’s that song again what’s that song again the ads have released me and might have sold me on a hose I yeah don’t fall for it don’t fall for it freaks next they next next up they’re going to like sell you sell you on your on your grandmother’s life insurances

And stuff but listen listen to me freaks if anything you have to give me your grandmother’s life insurance I could never get to Dr smly even with big specs oh I see did yeah why fake SC when you have SC at home K left outside the window let me in let me [Laughter]

In let me in I promise I promise I won’t I won’t tell your grandma that you really does need a life insurance because you never know what’s going to happen and I and I promise I won’t say and day no Grandma I prise let me

Y and I’ll only eat I’ll only I promise I will only eat the person everyone can agree is talking too much not the introvert but the unassuming extrovert okay we will eat that person okay [Laughter] where go where head oh no it disappeared chat it just disappeared it just [ __ ] there we Go I got it it disappear again okay I guess it is what it is now we all have the snacks to Ourselves comeing call your house and treasure to war you okay okay I went to with my aunties and we visited a cemetery where we cleaned the gr and brought flowers for the pots oh that’s actually super nice that’s so nice I’ve seen some like videos of people who do that and there’s

A lot of people who are mad about it but I actually I really feel like that’s a just sweet thing could I recommend two games please do please do dang for nno you I see I see mm that said we must finish undertale first so uh next week let’s hope that th you

Know my switch works fine uh so we can finish undertale or like continue undertale and then after we will be moving on to our next game I think what we’ll be I will be doing moving forward until I actually have a scheduled uh like a proper schedule again is my default

Thank you so much for the thank you got you got you have my Grandy’s life insurance thank you as you can see buzu is the only one amongst you who is a true who is true to his his his nation of the coronation okay he is the the only one

That is true to the laws of the Co I was also promised by Nana that when her time comes I will get me and my brothers to continue the Traditions oh honestly I’m so I’m so happy you did that and I hope that and I hope that you do continue it and I hope that you learn

About the people who are no longer with us and that you can you know find their stories inspiring and lifechanging because sometimes sometimes people you know we we can learn from those who are no longer there to tell us their stories you know hand over all life enjoy into the yes

Hello hello welcome in welcome in honestly p is a real chat here for doing that honestly yeah but we have plenty of them we got plenty of Chads I wonder actually I wonder how many people have stopped naming their babies Chads and Karens I wonder no insurance I give you Grandma numy still

Healthy it’s took a nummy you can give me your life insurance and then uh after you give me your life insurance I need you to take a trip to a to a city that has like a a an alarming amount of [Laughter] trons this is my baby giga middle name

Chad I just really wanted to give him like a chance at a successful life you know I’m just a food no you are the F you’re not just a FD you are the FD fix that sentence F or else I will revoke your uh uh revoke your license to live the the

The spon I hope I hope that you uh I hope that you have a wonderful night no not just F the the f I am the F license to live sounds like a bond will be title oh okay I wasn’t going to uh announce it like this but since we’re

Already here uh you know how the the rumors about who’s the next Bond um is going to be yeah that’s that’s me that’s me cat they were a little worried about like my my small stature but you know I told them listen short is King okay short is King and then were

Like you know what you’re so right you’re so right welcome aboard Coto and then I was like no names BN James [Laughter] BN anyway Dragon Dragon’s Dogma dragons these ball on your on your face or dragon’s doging my balls on your face isn’t that the game that has like a bajillion microtransactions on

You D7 is back and she’s more ferocious than ever it’s yopi C yopi licens to be [Laughter] silly who is that that that’s yopi Koro yopi with a deadly Mischief uh streak behind her you would do well not to cross her line of sight lest you lest

You have a whoopy cushion stuck in your ass for the next 14 [Laughter] days uh I don’t remember what the goal range is on the cofi I it’s not there to be it’s not there the reason I didn’t put like the amount up is because it’s

Not there to be reached as a goal it’s just there so people know that we are saving money um because currently honestly I’m looking for a rigger still I I have uh I know the budget now for my model I have my model artist all lined

Up I don’t have a rigger yet I don’t know how much that’s going to cost I don’t have overlay artist yet don’t know how much that is going to cost I don’t know how you know if we’re going to be getting like custom uh like stuff made

You know with chat boxes and stuff don’t know how much that will cost uh and and other things I have no idea how much those things will cost so it’s kind of a little harder to do uh the math Kore fallout4 just shared 100 bits Hoya Hoya

Thank you so much for the 100 P are you got you at you of course you can recommend but I just always I just always want to proface this by saying that I do take recommendations very seriously in a sense where if I don’t choose who you recommend it’s never anything

Personal okay but I do have a I will be I will be treating them just as any other riger uh so just so you know just so you know um so yeah yeah Kai k yeah also speaking of Fallout speaking of Fallout I up iy wake up Heyo I got [Laughter] scared I got jump scared hello drit yeah you did you did scare me chy wake up I don’t like this chy wake up I am awake no I’m so sorry ly that scared the heck out of me too that scared the heck out of me is

Robin live is Robin live is our little Robin live I see I see oh yeah yes that’s right oh I’m so [ __ ] happy you said it that’s actually who we were going to be raing anyway cuz I forgot okay okay okay okay okay okay we will be not reading on the

Uh we won’t be reading on YouTube actually let’s just read myself over on YouTube so that’s fine and then over on Twitchy let’s get ready she is celebrating 1,000 followers chat so this is how we’re going to do it uh what raid message should we do on twitch 1K followers for the best

Hecking B Be bum bum boore 4 just cheered 150 bits beep bam boom be bam boom take these quickly you got you beep b boom beep b boom thank you thank you thank thank you okay so chat here you go this is going to be the raid message please do

Copy this okay and remember she is Robin is my bestest bestest best friend forever okay and honestly Robin is going to make it big I know it Robin and noie there we go so are we ready to celebrate the 1K followers for the best hecken BB

We I got you I got you please go celebrate my lovely Robin and make sure to celebrate her make sure to have fun with her make sure to to shower her in love in Praises in everything okay okay make sure to do so and uh and uh use if

You are not subscribed use whatever emote you have that is not to working of course Okie doie I love you all take here let’s have fun with Robin and uh I’ll see you all tomorrow goodbye bye-bye Bye-bye For

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  • EXPLOSIVE Late Night Stream with CRAZY RNG!

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