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Hello are we live hello hello little piggy oh my gosh okay I think we’re live we should be live we should be good we should be golden we should be golden all right let’s see oh I got my own live notification let’s go all right all right all right let’s see how how

This works let’s see how it goes yo ultimate memer what is up my dude chickens anime what is quacker Yo yes Michael what is up yo what’s up what’s up you guys oh my gosh I wasn’t expecting this many people oh my gosh also the liking feature for the vertical

Streams are a little weird yo smees what is up my dude okay so we are not we are not I didn’t like die or anything I didn’t like lose the world but okay hold on we are starting a new one all right all right we’re starting so we played

Version 1.0 we played the oldest version we beat the game but we’re going to beat the game on the newest version okay and then we’re going to keep that world going like keep updating it until like you know I don’t know stuff like that I think I think we we’ll have fun with

That by hardcore hello yo what’s up purple turtle what is up you guys how is everyone doing today also we are we are five subscribers away from hitting one or 900 900 not not 1,000 not 1,000 yet but we’ll get there we’ll get there hold let me read

Chat um yo what is up you guys not the hardcore world the title what oh my gosh let’s go yes so we’re going to be making a new world just saying hi can’t stick around have fun okay I will see you later purple turtle except the this lime

This this time oh I I read I read lime let’s go except this time you’re to make a massive base okay I should definitely I should definitely make um an like an actual base not just a castle wall you know cuz it’s all I really did um what

Are you doing uh to close the world so I’m thinking my recent short so my recent YouTube short that just got like it was like 8.8 th000 views which is insane so my dog died my dog cat died so we’re going to build a little statue for

It for for for Mr Cat all right let’s place Ed world all righty here let’s so let’s see I let me check I don’t know how this looks um hold on let me see um oh oh you have the flu chickens dude chickens animated bro my little brother

Has the flu right now it is it it it stinks I’m so sorry bro I’m really sorry about that he’s got he’s got the stomach flu and it’s it’s horrible all right let me see how does this look Oh wrong one oh jeez what in the world just happened

What just happened why can’t I close this out no no stop why OBS Studios you you’re you stinky there we go okay anyway that was weird hold on why can’t I move it pop out I want to pop it out what just happened what in the world just happened

Technical difficulties a there’s there are multiple yuras there are two yuras let’s go let’s go you guys are seeing some technical difficulties I’m sorry guys um hold on let let’s see that should be fine there we go that that’s fine that’s fine you guys you guys

Should be able to see it cat the dog rest in peace cat the dog I am very sad to see them go also okay can you guys see the whole screen or is it only showing like well chat is covering up part of Minecraft okay that’s I don’t

Think I’ll be doing vertical streams for a little bit I don’t know maybe maybe we’ll just do this for like chatting streams or something um but hold let me read chat um can you make it a video series uh but then just sometimes stream you working on it I don’t know I don’t

Know videos take me a long time to actually publish and I feel like streaming is a lot more fun for me and a giant bucket of chicken wings as your base nice oh my gosh I’m going I’m going to miss it yo what’s up cheese boy rest in peace cat the dog yes

Um you’re the Paradox yes oh my gosh I’m literally watching two streams at once right now let’s go Grace welcome to the stream how are you doing how are you doing tonight um why you streaming like this so I’m trying it out um apparently vertical streams pop up in like the

Shorts feed so I don’t know if they’re better or if it’s possible POS that they’re better I don’t really know um but yo nicely Mas what is up my dude is okay it is really hard to read chat when it’s when when like the game play is

Covered by chat it’s so weird um yo Commander blue what is up my dude welcome in everyone uh uh it’s going good Yura how are you doing I’m doing fantastic I I got off work a lot earlier today so I’m very happy about that also

So we we beat the dragon in the the last episode on my birthday and we have the egg just in a little water fountain so I I figure we can we should make hold on last time I had like 85 there we go I figured we we can make a little statue

Thing for our our little cat dog that be I think that’d be pretty cool um U I’m in another W in another W streams yo Redstone Steve what is up my dude what happened to the world vertical did you die no no so I’m in the world

Right now I’m just I I’m not going to be playing this world anymore cuz in version one once you beat the dragon there is literally nothing to do you can’t like get mending or like go get an elytra there’s nothing to do so we’re going to make a brand new world all

Right um how did I miss you beating the the dragon oh you missed it big boy oh no I’m so sorry yeah so it was my birthday stream and yeah we we beat the dragon um but I will I will be turning um the the the like okay I have an idea

Okay I’m thinking about turning the entire like live stream series um and like like trimming everything up into like a 10 to 15 minute video and it’s just like me doing like a voice over of like everything we did um basically throughout the whole series I think that

Would be a pretty cool idea I don’t know if it’ll work great but I think it’d be cool um will you die in the end uh to end the world should I I don’t know I don’t want to die die cuz then I won’t be able to like access the world oh is

That music in game music oh I need to turn off the music hold on let me actually um shoot why okay I OBS is still why can’t I move OBS how do I how do I pop it out I’m so confused it won’t let me move the whole thing

Why is it doing this okay hold on let me let me go to the vertical there we go no it’s just stuck this is the big dumb oh my gosh oh my gosh two Yas yes two you’re now watching two yuras how many viewers we got 14 14 viewers that’s

Actually really good oh my gosh legendary idea yes no the stream froze oh it’s froze uhoh um two year is yes smees there are two of me now now you have entered the Paradox the I don’t know something like that um all right let’s see luck and he

Crafts his entryway to the stream let’s go dude welcome in luck dude I I love the little the little like the entries to the streams it’s so good um here let me see let me put on some Minecraft music Minecraft music is fun I like

It I like it a lot okay there we go and now so now so now I I I’m just stuck doing this until I can tools on settings how do I pop out I don’t know how to pop it out okay I I need to be able to move this because

I have to I have to manually click the the um screens so it’s really it’s very weird sorry guys um you can access the world and spectator if you want after you die okay okay maybe maybe I’ll do that I don’t really know I don’t really know yeah

Well it’s it’s the old it’s version 1.0 so I don’t even know if you can that’s that’s the thing I’m worried about also I’m level 108 and dude my armor my armor is so broken it’s so low it’s so good it’s so funny oh man yeah I’m thinking I’m thinking about

Just doing a like like a normal a normal live stream thing because the vertical thing it doesn’t seem to really get any new people I don’t know I’ll stream this for like like an hour and see how it goes um but I really don’t know how it’s

Going to go so we’ll we’ll we will see we will see how do you use 1.0 it’s not in my launcher um so you have to select the version you have to like go that like you click like installations and you go like way way down to the bottom

To 1.0 it’s crazy I’m in to VC with some friends so if I’m not chatting as much that’s why okay all good Grace no worries thank you for being here though thank you for thank you for moderating being here oh I got stone bricks let’s

Go what else do I have from the I don’t think oh I have some endstone let’s go very cool I’ll just put I’ll just put them on the corners let’s do that oop oop oop oh yeah oh I forgot that one it looks so cool guys look at this yes yes it’s beautiful

Um I’m at work right now oh all good Michael dude I don’t even I it’s it’s no worries bro yo purple juice what is up my dude welcome in my dude um no I know how Minecraft works it’s just not there I mean it should be there are you are

You playing on Bedrock it should if you’re if you’re on Java it’s it’s possible to play version 1.0 you just have to find it I guess I don’t know so have an Eye of Ender okay so for the dog oh you know I don’t have I don’t

Have a like a sheep a sheep farm should I just use like Cobblestone for the dog I don’t know or should we oh you know what we should do maybe we should just no I don’t I don’t want to die I don’t want to die cuz I might I might want to possibly

Come back to this world hi SP hello there all right but um I don’t know um yo Garrett the carrot oh I dude I love I love how that like highlights your your your your your channel name with like the check mark thing that’s so cool but yes we are unfortunately saying

Goodbye to this world we have beat the game we built the cool castle we went to the nether went to the end beat the dragon but we are starting a new hardcore series in the most recent versions um so we’re going to be doing that I think it’ll be pretty fun not

This stream but in a future stream because it’s it’s very late for me right now but yo Garrett how are you doing bro I hope you’re having a fantastic night also don’t mind to the vertical version of the stream it’s meant for like I’m testing it out it’s a new feature for

YouTube where like it might it might pop up in like the shorts feed for people so I don’t know if that’ll like work but I’m testing it out so I don’t it’s not like confirmed I’m going to be doing every live stream like this but you know

Yeah um doing good how about you going to work soon nice dude nice oh man I I kind of yo nice yes nicely hi Garrett yes Redstone Steve yes the gang’s all here oh my gosh it’s Garrett yes Michael he’s my homeboy also don’t don’t mind I I hate

That that clip was made of my last vertical live stream that was great do not do not do not pay any attention to that that did not happen um okay how are we going to build the the cat dog statue should we build it on like on top of this mountain or

Something that’ be pretty cool oh I’ve never seen like the top view of the castle hold on oh that’s a cool little view my little island my little nether portal island is really ugly but you know what oh well oh my gosh yo welcome welcome back

Big Boy wait what what just happened are we at are we at 896 Subs hold on let me see H I can’t I can’t see chat ah I’m this is weird it’s I’m I’m not used to this I’m sorry guys I think no I can’t oh I’m not fast

Forwarded in the VOD the preview thing yes we’re four away we are four Subs away let’s go let’s go okay but anyway um I I’ll save the overe exaggerated reactions for the um one hitting 1,000 we’ll definitely do try to do that live uh like live on

Stream that would be cool yes we’re so close all right uh work time see D bro Garrett have a great rest of your day bro I hope work goes amazingly have a fantastic day bro hopefully it’s not a super long shift I hope man I went through a lot of steak oh

Yo is it did that pop up oh uh it’s at the very bottom is that UTC Outcast shoot my chat was covering it I’m so sorry but whoever just subscribed you are a legend uh out I think it’s Outcast I don’t know but yo welcome into the stream if

You’re here in the Stream I apologize I am I normally stream horizontally but I’m just testing it out right now we will see how it goes uh G the gar the gar that’s great is a nice nickname we must call him uh This Way starting right

Now no okay so um in Terraria when we play Terraria I’m um I’m Yap pooki and he’s G bear so it’s it’s perfect it’s totally not weird at all oh my gosh it’s great but yo magic gamer what is up my dude oh bro what happened to the screen so this is this

Is the vertical vertical form of live streaming I it’s a very new YouTube feature I am currently testing it out I don’t know how well it’s going to go I don’t know if I’m going to do it like a lot why did that just switch to my that

Was weird anyway um I don’t know if I’m going to do it like for like uh from now on but I just wanted to test it out so we’ll see gar that’s cute the stream does show up in shorts just so let you know oh it does oh okay

I cuz I might do like just chatting streams like you know like q&a’s and stuff maybe I’ll just do that in the vertical form or maybe maybe just Minecraft streams because um it’s it’s pretty visible but you you can’t get the whole screen you can’t see the whole

Thing which really stinks I don’t really like that like I want you guys to be able to get the whole the whole thing you know I don’t know but we’ll see um uh you’re what what did you what you did to this screen it’s a crime is a

Crime oh no I’m glad I’m glad I made you upset IM magic gamer I’m glad okay hold on you guys you guys should I risk this you want to see if I survive you guys Chad Chad does this uh does this make you uncomfortable uhoh my finger

Slipping yeah in my short feed live stream uh rarely comes up so I I think if you pause if you pause a live stream or if you pause a short and then um if you pause it there’s a live stream tab you can click on to scroll through live

Streams which is kind of cool hookie and Bear yes let’s see it let’s do it let’s do it for of Scotland okay I survived I didn’t die that was U that could have been very bad was that too loud I hope that wasn’t too loud for you guys I’m sorry oh man

Should I should I make a new hardcore series now or okay should I do a poll I don’t know okay so should we should we make a new hardcore world in the newer versions of Minecraft this stream or should we wait no you know what I need

To go to bed in like half an hour so yeah let’s not do that tonight but should okay how do you guys how do you guys like the vertical form of live streams do you do you kind of like it or do you prefer the uh horizontal oh it was Outcast okay cool

Stream elements is so slow at responding oh my gosh imagine he died right oh my gosh um did did you did you lose your hardcore world or something no no I haven’t lost it yet I’m playing it right now um it actually is a YouTube it’s yeah ex exactly it’s a YouTube short

Live it’s very interesting me yeah so yeah I don’t know how to feel about it you’re the Pooky yes big boy yep imagine a zombie pushes him off Y is y is ever do this to your streams what oh if I ever do this to my streams

Again I will start a riot perfect I’ll do it every stream now do every single stream no but I think I think if if someone wants to watch a live stream they’ll they’ll find the live stream tab you know so I don’t know yo toys yo

What’s up dude I like didn’t you like just subscribe dude or like you commented earlier dude toys how are you doing bro this is a very um this is a very experimental vertical live stream that you’re watching in so I’ll probably be doing a normal live stream in the

Next stream but but dude welcome to the community man how are you doing that bro um please remember me when you’re famous dude I will I will try not to I will seriously try not to I I I have a hard time forgetting people but like if it’s

Like if it’s like like someone comments and then like never comments again then you know it’s kind of easy to forget but but but you’re in this live stream so I will not I will not forget that you know I will not forget that toys but dude welcome in I’m I’m doing

Fantastic uh kind of hours my brain wait what yeah so maybe I think I’ll do no why say goodbye so okay so so stuffy I beat the game I have beat the hardcore world so there’s nothing to do I I would if I tried to play this world anymore or

Like build some like um weird builds with no like updated techniques um I would get very bored but I think we’re going to start a new world we’re going to start a new a news hardcore World on the newer versions of Minecraft so that’ll be fun also since

Yura is old and forgetful I announced the live stream and it’s under oh thank you magic gamer I appreci I completely forgot about that not even going to lie I forgot that my Discord server exists I’m about to upload a funny YouTube short if you want to watch it um so I I

Don’t know how I would be able to watch it on the stream I don’t think you would I don’t think it would capture for the whole thing but but I will definitely check it out uh Toys here let me subscribe to you um oh 7 710 subscribers now let’s go toys let’s go

Dude um but thank you magic gamer I appreciate that bro oh that’s sick yes yes we’re going to start a new world um I just need to yeah let me let me say I’m going to say goodbye to my jumping cows uh saying goodbye to the yes four Subs away Grace

We’re four Subs away um Redstone doesn’t exist uh shouldn’t have started the world in the first place no Redstone exists um it’s just that like the building like the building techniques don’t really they’re like not as updated um I’m about to oh I already read that um Redstone is in the game it’s

Just I don’t think that you could really do a whole lot see I’m a good M admin yes sir you’re you’re the best admin you’re the only admin but you’re the best I’m closing I’m closing at the store I work at what should I say over

The PA say subscribe to Y the pain dude if you’re if you have access to a PA system dude just record yourself saying subscribe to Yap pain and I will literally like buy you a Tesla no I’m just kidding I can’t promise that cuz I’m poor but um yeah

Dude that’ be crazy don’t do that though do not do that you you will lose your job probably I don’t know oh man no I mean you can’t make you can’t make the internet what oh with redstone like the I think I remember seeing videos of that

Where people like will build like make the internet out of redstone all right goodbye jumping cow friends I’m going to slaughter a couple of you though okay you’re You’re gone now goodbye well I guess just one okay now let’s say goodbye to the zombie spawner all right let’s say the goodbye to

Them um wait you’re subing to me yes sir toys I subbed I subscribed I have subscribed to the toys YouTube yes sir that is what I have done her FR here kind of but I’m kind of a weird voice I don’t even I don’t even know what

Character sounds like that it’s like a mix of Kermit the Frog and something else I forget all right goodbye Mr Mr Mr uh zombie spawners or two zombie spawners next to each other goodbye my friends I will miss you dearly yeah you guys I will eventually

Make a video where I just kind of do a voice over and like show you guys the key moments of like this entire series like like live stream series it’ll be fun um clip if he doesn’t you can you can sue him oh no I mean you can’t make a 100 kilobyte Ram

PC with redstone in that version so it’s not worth playing true KW me BR is kerit that’s interesting uh that now this stream is vertical yeah it’s kind of weird huh Grace it’s kind of weird wait so why are you ending it um so I already

Beat the game toys I beat the dragon but in this this is version 1.0 of the game so it is there’s nothing to do after you beat the dragon there’s like unless you want to like I build more houses but there’s really nothing else to do like villagers can’t really do like good

Trades and stuff like that um but we’re going to start a new one the new world on the new uh new version I have 14 other accounts I’ll get them all to subscribe to you and see what happens oh no no wait Redstone hold on please

Please do not use Al accounts um YouTube I think I think I figured out when when people like say they they’ll do that they like they’ve done it before in the past and um you YouTube like removes the sub the subscriptions it’s really weird like they they remove them I don’t

Really know how it happens but like like they’ll all like they like they’ll be like oh I just subscribed on like two of my ALT alt accounts and then the next day they’re all like all those subs are like like five Subs will be just gone like non-existent which I don’t I don’t

Think it’s people unsubscribing I don’t think so but it might be I don’t know um jump jump yes the jumping cows all right I’m going to head out um I’m dizzy oh my oh my God body AES oh yeah you you should definitely get in bed chickens animate um sorry I couldn’t say

Very long to see um you on the uh so uh see you on the next uh stream you’re the best bro chickens anime you’re the best bro you’re the best man you got some good animations on your channel bro why is it vertical um so this is the vertical form of live

Streaming it’s like very different I don’t know how how I feel about it it it’s kind of it’s kind of like it’s like a Tik Tok live stream pretty much that’s pretty much what this is um but um I think I’m going to go back to doing

The horizontal because it’s you know if people want to find live streams they’ll they’ll find them pretty easily you know uh do a modded one no no I want to do vanilla a vanilla uh latest version latest release hardcore world you know something like that be pretty cool uh we

Need to call um y can I spend three minutes typing out a moto quote Oh a motivational quote I don’t think I don’t think YouTube like the live like the chat will allow it but I don’t know oh yo what’s up Coopers uh Cooper tiger yo welcome into the stream

Bro how are you doing tonight uh please go back to horizontal it’s hurting my head okay yeah sounds good it’s it’s very it’s very like like the screen is all yeah I don’t like it either it you can’t even see anything you know um but yeah what is up Mr Cooper hope

You’re having a fantastic night I have my sister’s account I’ll sub on that no please please do not do all the accounts no please also if you want to know what the YouTube short is uh it’s like a meme actually I’m not going to explain it

It’s too hard oh it’s all good it’s all good toys yeah there’s a lot of funny like um short memes and stuff like that uh guys we need to we we feel that it’s a Prime and we will ensure Yura never does this again I watch streams on my PC

To me it doesn’t matter okay okay that’s good to know um good thing I waited for your response thank you thank you yeah because I want to hit 900 subscribers authentically not with an account that will never watch a video of mine you know um flip the YouTube chat wait

What can you turn the stream vertic horizontally no no you you’re stuck vertically and chat is just there unless you you tap the screen then it kind of no that’s oh that’s super weird super weird also what do you think um what do you think

Will oh who do you think will hit 1,00 uh first out of me and you I have 710 and you have 896 lately I have been gaining a lot of subscribers like every month um I mean I don’t really know how fast you’re growing though like how many

Subs have you gained in the last month so that’s that’s the real key to figuring out how to you know who’s going to win we could do a little a friendly little like YouTube race that’ll be fun um flip the YouTube chat what oh my gosh but yeah we’ll definitely well

Actually do you guys do you guys want me to end the stream now and just like start up a horizontal one I could do that pretty quickly probably I don’t know if you guys would enjoy or like you know I don’t know I have seven channels I can do some Tom

Foolery no magic gamer no uh Sam I gained 246 in a week uh but that was only from one vid wow 246 subscribers from one video what kind of video was it oh my gosh that’s crazy dude um that’s awesome I wish I had a like my recent

Short it got like almost 9,000 views and only 10 subscribers which is insane to think about like like why but I don’t know I’ll take as many views as I can get so oh well all right but um but dang the well it’s weird the vertical live streams do

Get a lot of views I’ve gained you Cooper was in the chat I think that was a new new new U viewer but I don’t know no one else has really been subscribing so I don’t know I don’t know how this is going to go it was a

Meme okay so it’s a meme it was a meme that got you all the all those subs that’s crazy that’s awesome yeah I had an I have an idea so after you’re done streaming uh call me up okay sounds good uh what’s with the new live stream format I don’t

I don’t really know so I’m testing it out currently greenhart but yo welcome in bro welcome to the stream um oh my gosh we’re at 897 dudes we are three away that is insane oh my gosh um so the new the vertical live stream it’s it’s supposed

To people are supposed to be able to find the live stream through the shorts feed um but I don’t know how well it works and I don’t know how if it’s worth it I might just use vertical streaming for like just chatting and like q&as and stuff in the future but I don’t

Know um there something to my school account oh no Mac no I thought that was a person no please please you guys do not use alt accounts Mac can you please unsubscribe with the other account please please bro it it’s I swear like the algorithm it like tracks everything

I think I’m pretty sure it tracks like everything so if no you won’t unsubscribe oh my gosh dude um I gained 210 from a video with 13,000 views but 246 from a video with 4.4 th000 wow that’s awesome no yeah this guy needs to to yeah guys this needs to be true Subs

Exactly yeah cuz if YouTube hears that like you know they’re they’re always listening um if YouTube hears that like people are subbing with all the accounts it’s it’s not going to be good it’s not going to look good for the channel for sure um I’ll be right I have to close

The store okay but Michael did you say subscribe to your Depo over the PA oh my gosh here going to we talked about this if you tell people on the internet to not do something uh to not do something if you’re being genuine they will do it

That’s true you you said on your school account cuz I rewatched streams in class oh okay that’s kind of fair if you actually use the account no I no I don’t want to I don’t I still don’t want to um support that uh could I play on a server

With you um so I don’t have I don’t currently have a Minecraft server at the moment when I technically have an SMP that literally died out and no one plays on but how would how would okay how would you guys feel if I started a a Minecraft another Minecraft SMP like

Just a chill one that like we just kind of play on like no I don’t want to do that cuz it’s it’s it costs a lot of money to run those and there’s always hackers and people stealing and griefing yeah I really don’t want to deal with that I’m sorry I’m

Sorry maybe when I have okay maybe when I when we hit 1,000 subscribers then maybe I will start another SMP I don’t I just don’t know I’ll have to do it differently I’ll have to do it much differently than how I used to do it

Um how many likes for you to dab again oh my gosh um if we get to how many how many likes does the stream currently have I don’t know can someone tell me how many likes it has if if we get this stream to um to 20 likes okay 20 likes

On this this stream I will dab I will dab for you guys um I I I won’t be very um I I I won’t be very happy with it but I will dab oh my gosh uh I could play on your other one yeah so it’s it’s still active but it’s

Just not I really don’t want to go back on that SMP you know I just I I have to cancel it make an S&P and and have people sign up for it okay that that might be interesting cuz then I could have like people that like I trust more

Oh no oh are we we’re at 898 oh no oh my gosh you guys please please do not use alt accounts okay maybe I should I should stop I should just stop saying that like never even mention the word alt account that’s two words but anyway um besides that’s besides the point um

It’s that 13 likes okay okay if we can get it to 20 20 likes on this stream I will dab on stream and you guys can clip it and turn it into a little short edit thing Tik Tok edit make me you know just get famous I don’t know that’ be fun

Come on true Subs yes now 15 15 likes I love the reactions you guys can like put little like hearts and like little like you know funny like faces and stuff I warned you you’re oh my mg you you you crazy you’re crazy man um all the count doesn’t exist

Exactly that those words do not exist in the in these streams I sent it to Gamers react what’s Gamers react is that a YouTube channel or something that’s funny yeah I love the little reactions like oh wait can I I could react to my own stream I’m putting

The 100’s I’m putting the 100’s like oh yeah this dude speaking straight facts 100% man yes sir oh man bro I can host the server if you want wait would you actually host the server Mac um green green liked with all alt accounts wait what I’m confused how many how many

Likes do we have it only shows one like for me I guess it’s not wait live chat settings oh oops I’m sorry guys I turned off live chat do do not is it working okay there we go um I don’t know how to view it

Does it show it oh yeah it shows on my on my on my computer screen it’s 16 likes let’s go four more likes you guys and I will dab on stream I will dab um I don’t mind I won’t be oh yeah what is that face I don’t even know dude

What what is that press the three dots yeah no so it shows just like the one like that I did I like yes I like my own streams it’s great let’s go okay how many likes we get we get 18 likes 18 likes and I will dab two two

More likes you guys can you give A okay um can I have a moderator banam you’re banned you’re banned son ban him ban that boy did that work yeah that could have been bad if I read that out loud that would have been bad uh green is pure evil for making you dab who’s green oh

Greenart why did I not think of that I’m I’m I’m a little slow okay but um um hey nerds uh I’m back I’m back from my never used Channel nice right right in time magic gamer we we we had to ban someone gamer react is a big

Channel for funny or cool moments on a game okay been doing streams about uh Geometry Dash oh nice he’s gone that’s that that comment I know yeah let’s let’s not oh oh yo what’s up um oh hold on um yo what’s up uh uh Flo Flo

Uh yes it is a new thing it’s um it’s like the vertical live streaming it’s it’s like a Tik Tok live stream hold on I’ll be right back you guys I have to take a call my dad is calling me so I will be right Back Oh and I was muted my bad my bad my bad I’m sorry guys I’m sorry my boys boys and girls oh also ear reveal let’s go okay um well that’s cool yeah it’s kind of it’s kind of interesting it’s like the it’s like the um Tik Tok live streams 19

Likes o yo flio what’s up my dude you like friendly streams uh um yo we’re we’re we’re both 208 let’s go yeah two more subs and we’re at 900 guys sub on all no no no magic gamer Dev no please no yo um shoot I forgot I forgot how to um you

Told me how to pronounce your username I it’s Russian though right um is there an English version that I could use instead but yo welcome to the stream bro glad to have you back bro um oh yo what’s up Oscar how’s it how going man um welcome in Oscar

Gaming yo welcome in dude how are you today how many likes now we’re still at we’re at 18 likes you’re at puky we’re both two away let’s go let’s go dude let’s go dab now is it at 20 yet okay it’s at 19 we need one more like I already

Thought I’d miss the stream oh no worries bro no worries no gamer dead have it if you oh 899 oh my do not subscribe if it’s not a real new person please do not subscribe um hold on let me let me change the music real quick cuz um I can’t be

Playing Minecraft music without actually playing Minecraft on let’s place this song it kind of stinks but oh well it’s not it’s not copyrighted so it’s good oh my gosh we hit it we did it Bros let’s go let’s go you guys oh my gosh 900 we are literally okay it’s literally

The countdown one 100 more people and we hit 1,000 it is insane um hold on let me do you do you remember donum oh I do oh wait hold on are you are you Maisy Massie Maisy yeah I remember yeah donum he he’s my old friend um I haven’t seen

Him live on Tik Tok or Twitch in a long time it’s been a while but yo uh 900 let’s go you guys purple VR yo welcome in purple yo what is up you guys congrats let’s go okay n n it was what was at 9001 okay 20 likes let me

See is I think someone keeps subscribing and unsubscribing okay we are now at 20 likes you guys ready for this got to get ready Let’s do let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it oh yo sir clucky games what’s good bro okay someone just keeps subscribing and unsubscribing it’s

It’s so much fun yo um how did how did he get like 10 plus Subs in the last like 20 minutes or something I think it was it was only five but I think people are using alternate alternate accounts it’s it’s it’s tin VR just changed my

Name oh tin VR y okay purple purple VR welcome in my dude that’s a little suspicious okay you guys please please please no sir clucky I appreciate it I appreciate it bro I appreciate you you’re awesome thank you for doing that but I do not I can’t use alts alts are

No no they’re not good they are not good for for subscriptions no no no okay please do not use alternate accounts please you guys please do not use alts I appreciate we got 20 people in here you guys are absolute Legends um uh 93 is at 95 now please you guys do

Not use alts it’s bad for the algorithm it is not good please please if you if you did that unsubscribe on your alt accounts I only want real people oh yo um tic tag uh yo welcome in um hey I’m from South Africa do you want to see if you can pronounce my

Name um that sounds like a troll but let’s do it if it’s not something I don’t know that’s risky that’s very risky but TIG tag welcome to the stream bro welcome in bro okay um yeah we’re still at it’s TIG tag oh okay I I said it right right I

Mean did I say something bad I don’t know oh my gosh time to summon my 5,000 no do not do it do not do it I said it it’s like Tic Tac but Tic Tac is it bad I kind of um I kind of know how my

Nickname translates okay um it’s time to time to dub dub I’m I’m going to do the dub I’m only 21 away from 1 th 21 away from a th000 subscribers sir clity dude that’s awesome everyone go subscribe to everyone in chat right here go subscribe to sir clucky he’s an absolute

Legend um oh I just realized my phone stream is always like behind not there we go do a dab maybe maybe it’s not an alt it’s my sister’s okay okay I guess that’s okay I guess do you think you could say my brothers um I

Could try I could try Tic Tac um but okay if we’re actually 290 away let’s go dude dab okay okay let’s do it all right goodbye you’re banned son you’re banned actually no it’s just a it’s just a I’m just going to remove that comment you

Know cuz I don’t know if you’re like an actual troller kid I don’t know did someone ban him I hope not I don’t know I I I I like to give people a second chance but I’ll be like queso and just be like yep you’re banned you’re

Banned get him out of chat get him out of chat yep you’re banned um I that’s obviously a troll I’ll call you a tag I don’t want to I I don’t that sounds weird all right we we’re at 20 likes so we we have to do the dab you guys are you guys

Ready let’s do it let’s do it I just dabbed on stream for literally no reason and you know what you’re welcome you’re welcome you’re welcome guys I hope you loved it I hope that was um entertaining for you um peasants all right um U maybe I shouldn’t have called you

Guys that I’m sorry I apologize for some reason I like the stream but I’m Russian that’s that’s really cool you’re from Russia dude that’s really cool battle Battleground Enthusiast do a backflip now do a backflip oh my gosh at okay okay if we get to 30 likes on this live

Stream I will do I will attempt to do 30 push-ups in a row okay okay 30 push-ups for 30 likes okay let’s do it only 19 away let’s go sir Cy yes everyone subscribe to Sir Cy games he’s got some amazing content I’ve done a collab with him before playing lethal company great

Guy how long are you streaming for I have no idea um I really should be hopping off probably in like about a half an hour um just so that I can go to sleep I have work tomorrow probably be another 10 to 12 hour shift but that’ll

Be fun um do I have a Discord server I do have a Discord server it is linked in the description I don’t know if it’s even possible to pull that up on this vertical thing oh no it is possible but the link doesn’t work that’s weird I don’t know why that’s

Happening but oh well um learning English with the streamer dude that’s a that’s awesome dude that’s so cool um yo what camera do you use I use the Nikon z30 it’s pretty good um the the disappointment is immense after that y painfully average I’m sorry

I didn’t I didn’t see you in uh in chat I’m sorry bro welcome in you guys U let me let me read every message hey y can you help me with my Spanish test I need to pronounce this I use alss on you no

My gosh oh my gosh we should all VC no I don’t want to do that um was he actually banned I don’t was he banned was that one guy banned I don’t know maybe he was I don’t he shouldn’t be trolling okay um get him to 30 likes we are currently

At 21 likes we’re going to need a lot more likes in that Um okay you can pin it oh that’s hold on hold on let’s see let me try to pin the message how do I pin it h there we pin message did that work oh it does it does kind of work I kind of like the way it does that that’s

Cool okay let’s let’s go um send in chat please okay um magic gamer or painfully average can you guys send the Discord invite Link in chat so in case anyone wants to join whoever whoever joins the Discord server is a true legend because you guys are part of like the real community in

Other words we just say good morning to each other every day and just like talk about like memes that’s all we really do but it’s it’s fun it’s fun um we yeah seven we have seven seven more seven more likes and we’re we’re doing 30 push-ups I I guess this turned into this

Changed from a Minecraft live stream to a uh a like challenge stream I don’t really know let’s go oh yo what’s up Aaron Aaron welcome to the stream bro how are you doing today bro hope you’re doing absolutely fantastic 17 away let’s go sir clucky dude let’s

Go by the way um did you know that um he is he is Russian and now lives in Georgia oh that’s kind of cool um I don’t want to say the the name um because it’s a it’s a cuss word but um he’s like the guy that does the ski

Toilet right skiy toilet all right um I’m sorry let me let me just make a little little um apology video right here I apologize you guys I have messed up I said skib toilet on stream and now I have been banned and um my dignity is

Gone I apologize I’m sorry guys I’m I’m going to do I want to shed a fake tiar okay that was pretty funny um seven more likes let’s go we uh six more likes and we’ll do 30 push-ups LS and shorts don’t work what about in chat does it work it should

Work oh it doesn’t it doesn’t work in the shorts the shorts form live streams okay that stinks well it’s in it’s in the About Me section on the YouTube channel itself if you guys are interested um if you guys don’t like I’m going to cry Battleground that’s great dude that’s

Great defog boom yes I I’ll I’ll call him duug boom 40 like 40 likes and you must watch all skibby toilet on stream I don’t am I able to watch other YouTube videos on no that’s that’s kind of like the reaction stuff I think DM me after this about this about

The server okay I will thank you thank you Mac um in advance if we do end up doing that Mac I would I would sincerely appreciate that um uh L streamer he say SK six more likes and then 30 pushups yo what what is UPS Aaron welcome in bro um the the

Stream might be a little be a little bit delayed if you if you tap the screen and then fast forward it has the uh the VCR version where like you could like fast forward and Rewind so that might be what’s going on clucked is a menace exactly Redstone

Absolute menace to the YouTube Society no I’m just kidding he’s awesome um and we we have also have a lot of people who analyze and make theories and there is one YouTuber nemi um he does the voice over for skib toilet I do it too but these are

Subtitles wait what oh you do like the subtile well I’m I’m confused um I love you I love you bro bro b Battleground I love you you too bro you’re you’re the best absolute Legend um if it’s not in advertisement wait so you actually do do you actually do you

Actually do that like the subtitles or voice over or whatever is that what it is that’s kind of cool if that’s true why am I so ignorable I don’t know I’m so sorry bro what did what did I miss what did I miss I don’t I don’t see

Any messages that’s weird um Theory as in game Game Theory it’s just a game theory oh my gosh um what happened to car carile what happened to Carlile wait what happened I missed it timed out that guy for spamming oh if he was spamming yeah that’s not cool but um uh definitely I’m

Glad it was only a timeout hopefully they’re they’re fine with that how many viewers do we have 11 viewers let’s go you guys are awesome thank you so thank you so much for sincerely guys thank you so much for the 900 subscribers you guys are no it’s just insane like in the

Within the last month we’ve gained like 150 it’s just insane to think about we’re going to hit a th probably by March um March March 18th is my Channel’s three-year anniversary if we could hit 1,000 subscribers by then I’ll do something crazy I don’t know I’ll do something I’ll think of something

What okay what should I do chat if I hit 1,000 subscribers before my three-year mark on YouTube what should I do H let’s see was spamming spammed Happy Valentine’s Day for some reason oh I mean that’s not that’s not that bad Happy Valentine’s Day Happy Valentine’s

Day um I’m surprised you don’t have more subs bro I love your stuff bro Battleground I appreciate that dude I I sincerely appreciate that oh man that dude that that that made my day have you so are you like a new subscriber or I don’t I don’t recognize the name I’m

Sorry um congrats you’re bro thank you so much through Clocky make me mod Mac I should be able to trust you with moderator but I don’t know just remember everyone that’s just a theory a game theory it’s so good if you get 1,000 Subs cry in front of a camera thank you

Guys so much for 1,000 Subscribers okay um when you hit when 1,000 watch all 70 episodes of skibbidy that’s very tempting but I have a dignity to uphold so I won’t oh oh man um make a YouTube apology for having having stream with this aspect ratio honestly maybe I should maybe I should

Apologize okay but do we actually have Al alt accounts that are still subscribed to the Channel please you guys if there are alt counts that got me to 900 please I’m I’m going subscribe I I appreciate it but I don’t I like they’re going to get removed either way YouTube will find out

You know um this message is help for you what happened man who is who is spamming stuff I’m confused you should get Retro pink and black glasses when you hit 1,000 o upgrading my glasses would be kind of cool that’d be kind of cool we know

Better than to trust with you with with Mod you don’t know me you have you have dignity all right you know what magic gamer you’re getting your mod mod perms revoked for that stence um statement I said statement and sentence at the same time all right um no please do when you

Reach a th000 do 100 backflips I used to be able to do a backflip off like like into a pool but I’m not doing that standing up no sir all right um let’s ban this guy magic gamer can you do the honors I can’t I can’t seem to see chat

Oh come on why can’t I see chat why can’t I edit oh my gosh all right hide user why is it not working there we go okay it finally finally it worked oh my gosh YouTube needs to up there uh moderation stuff wow that was that was something to

Read I’m sorry guys I really do apologize yo what’s up Rand dude what’s welcome in bro how are you doing man I’m sorry guys I’m kind of just chatting right now why can’t I scroll what in the world okay anyway that’s weird but yeah I banned him

Um oh wait yeah so okay so so you yeah you have to hide them so Banning them is hiding them from the channel it’s really weird it’s very strange I don’t know how it works five more likes yeah five more likes you guys and we we’re doing 30

Push-ups on stream let’s do it thanks for taking the blame oh my gosh um I hid them first okay doing good I’m I’m doing great brand dude rande thank you for being here bro thank you for being here in this stream game plays hello Internet welcome to Game Theory oh my God gosh

Um we’re going to talk about mushrooms and if they have can have sorry but you have to you have been legally advised to not finish that GT episode opening nice uh thanks again for the shout out you’re to you’re a legend no you’re a legend St clucky you’re awesome bro 907

Oh that keeps okay now it went down I don’t know anyway anyway anyway toys yes we are at 97 let’s go hey Y how do you make people a mod for your in your channel I think well in in the live stream you just like tap on

Their name and it like gives them like add as moderator um I think you could even do it in the comment section I think I think something like that but um or you could do it in your channel settings and you just type in the it’s like the URL to their actual

Channel um and and it’ll add them like off off stream it’s pretty cool um how hey you’re still welcome to join um what do you wait what is that so you’re you’re playing Minecraft right right purple I’m confused so are you playing a server I I don’t know

Um we’re all legends on the inside yes I’m going go now uh y thanks for thanks again for just being epic bro you are epic bro thank you thank you for being here I will see you later bro have a good one um all right I want to see a raise of

Hands uh of people that have watched that episode of Game Theory and wanted to end the life wait what I’m confused I haven’t watched I I’ve watched I I watched the fin Night at Freddy’s game theory stuff but not the new stuff Mac for mod Mac please it was

Funny like three like two years ago when you were asking for mod but but like now you just keep spamming that oh my gosh the finger point is your new thing you do yes that is my thing it’s actually it’s it’s been my thing for about five months at the end of

Every stream I just go you guys are legends or right here I’ll do the focus thing it focuses in I’m just like you are a legend you guys you guys are legends yes sir uhuh uhhuh you guys are legends H oh that’s a great Mickey Mouse you’re

To please clip that if you can it was pretty bad but oh man it’s not new Mad Pat Uh what I’m going go now it’s 12:38 p.m. here and I haven’t eaten lunch all good Redstone have a great rest of your day bro it is like 9:30 p.m. for me so

That’s crazy yeah sorry I’m not I’m not new Simpsons cast wait what oh what a million out of 10 impression let’s go it was pretty good L I heard my knee skiing today after the adrenaline uh Rush War off I felt every bit of it oh my gosh oh my gosh you’re

The W hashtag wait what happened oh # don’t give Mac mod he can’t be trusted maybe I’m not he he’s like he I think he’s he’s the one with he’s been following my channel for two and a half years so that’s pretty insane right there Al okay we we still need five more

Likes you guys let’s actually let’s actually do something um let’s actually stream a little bit of Minecraft or something am I still I’m still in the game that’s funny hold on um can I can I finally close this tab hold on what why is it like this I don’t understand hold

On no I don’t want to open it I’m so confused anyway sorry guys um all right see see you y I need to sleep it’s 11:00 p.m. and I have work tomorrow dude toys have a great rest of your day bro I will see you later I am the OG yeah I think

You’re like you’re the most OG out of everyone I know um or that I can remember you still can’t be trusted I don’t know what I did to you no I think uh Mac Mac is just kind of a troll by heart you know I could definitely trust him um just I don’t

Know with moderator I don’t know you to yeah I’ll see you see you later toys you know I just met you today and you’ve been you’ve been nothing but a w you know all right here let’s um got to quickly vertical scene ah there we go

Now you know I I’ll I’ll have the stream set up a little bit better I I’ll do it vert uh horizontally next time as well so it’ll be a little bit better there we go but still we have hit 900 subscribers I can’t believe it um W mod right there yeah let’s let’s

Not spam a bunch of emojis it um it definitely floods the chat a lot unless I say like unless I say like you y bro spam like all the Emojis you could possibly do honestly let’s do that let’s do that you guys um yo you’re got to go

I I got to go good night bro nice amation have a great rest of your night bro all right you guys I want everyone to spam a bunch of emojis like crazy just Spam just Spam the the only time I will let you guys do this the only time okay

Just Spam a bunch of emojis I’m the only one with a big with with a the big chat wait what I’m confused oh no popcorn yellow striped smile wait what I guess I was expecting more people to do it but oh well won’t let me copy

And paste oh I see yeah I think it’s only the YouTube emojis or like you might be able to do the normal emojis too 94 more subscribers yo Marty yes dude 90 only 94 more subscribers and we will hit 1,000 I literally can’t believe it it’s going to be crazy

I I love the YouTube emojis they’re so good they’re so good honestly they’re so great all right I so I I think that is good we we got we got some emojis in chat thank you guys for doing that hold let me um let me put some Minecraft music on

Again that we’re cuz we’re playing Minecraft it’s only it’s only fair it is only fair that we do that I’m so happy for you Marty dude I appreciate you man I appreciate you a lot bro thank you so much Emoji yes that is exactly it Mr Battleground

Enthusiast also if you type between the world the word awesome wait what if you type the colon between the word awesome it does that oh that’s kind of cool is it actually a thing oh my gosh appreciate you no D Marty I appreciate you bro I keep forgetting I don’t have

The proper screens pulled up whoa you guys this stream has gotten 192 views and I’ve only been live for like an hour that’s actually insane oh my gosh what too many emojis my goodness yeah oh well new record I don’t know that’s that’s like a very very high view count for a

Stream that has only been live for an hour that’s crazy I don’t know if it’s a record though I think I’ve hit I think I’ve hit over 200 before I don’t know that’s Bonkers purple juice yes yeah it worked us mods over here like like like Emoji spam exactly

Um what what was blocked uh um that’s a whole lot of views that’s true that’s true yeah that’s crazy oh my gosh you guys you guys in chat you guys are awesome just want to say that thank you guys so much it’s been an hour I I do need to

Drink some water thank you Mr painfully average we have accomplished nothing during this stream except for say say goodbye to the jumping cows and that’s pretty much It I don’t want you guys to hear me drinking water I feel like it’s kind of weird so yeah all right but anyway um we we need four more likes and I will be doing uh 30 P 30 push-ups you guys four more likes on the stream um thank you for making hilarious

And amazing cond of battleground nothing but a w that guy’s a w right right there how can I change the quality uh in my screen you’re blurry uh 8 bit Yura so I think I think you should if you set the resolution to 1920 or I guess it’s 1080 by

1920 um you have to actually manually set it to 1920 you know um or like the HD CU sometimes it’ll do like Auto like it’ll it’ll automat automatically like change it to like a really low setting for some reason I really don’t know why but oh

Well two okay okay we we just hit 202 views that is crazy Bros that is crazy wow very wow ma is about to appeal a blacklist to a back a Black List what in the world thank you my jumping cow friends for being okay uh so uh Grace

Since we’re ending this world I’m going to slaughter all of them I’m killing them all no just kidding I’m so evil oh my gosh um I will hold this compliment for the rest of my life no Battleground okay Battleground when I when I have like a 100,000 or like a

Million subscribers one day then I’ll let you I I’ll let you keep the compliment but right now you know what just just just know that you’re awesome you know even CU well actually no no you’re awesome because you’re in a stream you’re in a YouTuber stream that literally doesn’t have like any

Followers like you know I mean like I have a I like not like in the grand scheme of things compared to like the people with millions of them I have like barely anything but you know you guys are here you guys are here to witness this and watch me run around in

Circles and you you know that’s awesome that is awesome I appreciate you guys so much um I’mma head off just have uh one more thing to say oh no oh man never mind oh yo local local yo saw you the other day on Goliath’s stream thought I’d come but yo local

Welcome in bro oh my gosh welcome in yeah I I um I actually do remember you from uh from his stream that was pretty cool dude yeah sorry this this stream formatting is a little different with the vertical live streaming but I will I I will be getting back into the

Horizontal streaming um in the next stream um but dang it’s it’s been a lot of views lately it’s kind of crazy but um I appreciate you guys and and local welcome to the new community bro welcome to the community um be right back all right bet um that

Would not be very nice J if you do that my to my jump C friends I think it’d be pretty funny I would find it hilarious I need to sleep on um literally feels weird not doing anything about it oh about about the um the Emojis feels feels so odd to see this

Spam and not doing anything thing oh back in my day you only had uh 100 followers on Twitch dude yeah it’s crazy we got up to like over a thousand followers on Twitch and then we came over to YouTube that’s awesome that’s so awesome um except for that one part where I got

Scammed that sucked but anyway that’s a story for another time I’ll keep that I’ll keep that in the confines of the twitch days for now um luckily it’s only when he says yeah bro welcome yes welcome in local welcome in bro I’m not doing a whole lot right now

But I remember trovo dude trovo I kind of like trovo not going to lie you uh you got the confidence uh and organization of a 1 million plus Channel and I respect that dude bro local that’s a w comment right there dude thank you that means a lot bro

I just reread it dude like that that means a lot I really I’m really trying I maybe maybe one day maybe one day you guys will see me hit a million subscribers but I don’t know I don’t know if that’s going to happen took me 3 years to get

To this point but we’ll see we will see maybe maybe cuz that’s the thing with the internet you could jump from 100 to a million within like a month and not really know why you know oh man um you’re the uh you’re you’re my man keep going you will make it to 1

Million if you if you keep trying keep moving um and please uh just believe in yourself please know that you will make it if you believe you can do something if you believe you can do something you can keep going respect respect D I respect that dude

Bro thank you so much thanks for being there for us and don’t me m a mat Pat and quit no I don’t think I don’t think I’m ever going to quit you know I’ve been doing this like that’s the thing I’ve been doing this

For 3 years and I i’ I guess you could call it success by like having some people watching but I’ve never really been like successful but I still enjoy every moment of these streams I enjoy every moment of making these shorts you know I’ve I’ve worked a 12-hour shift

Came home and done a a I’ve done a 2hour stream after a long day work of of work just completely exhausted because you know what I enjoy everything of this and all of it I just I just love it all when you get big remember me mac I dude I

Don’t think it’s possible to forget you you’ve been here for like two and a half years man it’s crazy um you’ll need to make that sub counter real big right um if I if I ever get like if I’m ever at like a like if once I’m getting close to a th000 I’ll

Just do like a stream where I’m just watching the counts go up I don’t know that could be bad though um oh also don’t forget to call me after okay sounds good yo uh big boy don’t disrespect M mad’s name no he he he loves Matt Pat he was

Just saying like don’t quit you know like like he did you know yo rat skill what is up my dude welcome in bro um uh please please don’t forget us you’re I will not forget you Grace why is the stream all weird one sec so this

Fixed oh fixed it oh so this is a vertical stream it’s a little different from the usual streams that you might be like seeing a lot um oh we’re at 29 likes let’s go um but anyway um so this is it’s like it’s like a shorts form live stream it’s different

But I kind of I’m I’m liking it for now but I think we’re just going to do this for um what are you doing out he’s dead now sorry Grace but um I think we’ll be doing the vertical live streams for um uh just chatting streams or like q&as and stuff

Like that I think it be uh it’ be pretty fun I’m sorry but but why are we yelling yes uh just opened a regular stream okay I see one more like for a push-up we are at 30 likes you guys um I’m a little worried because now I don’t

Know how to set up the camera to be able to capture it shoot um hold on let me let me save and quit real quick um there we go okay how should I do this should I record myself no that would be weird I guess I could I could

Probably move the camera I just have a lot of junk on my floor you see everything you see here is shown on purpose while everything on the floor is hidden away so you guys don’t like judge me oh my gosh yeah we’re literally at 30 likes let’s go

Um yeah I won’t forget about the server Mac not the cow the vegans are now very upset oh no red stone I’ve upset the vegans oh my gosh um okay now I need to stay um what the I legit don’t know why we’re all in caps

Wait what are we doing so we hit 30 likes so I’m going to try to do 30 push-ups in a row live hold on let me I don’t want to play Minecraft music while doing push-ups let’s play Let’s play a somewhat decent song is this one

Okay that one’s kind of okay I guess I don’t know yeah let’s see um I could try let me move my laundry I have a laundry basket so let me move that and then we’ll do it I’ll do them with you dude let’s do

It let’s do it yo I just got back just in time yes we’re doing the 30 push-ups so let’s go let’s do it you guys okay um let me I’ll be right back okay so uh don’t mind the um the Amazon packages on the floor um that’s definitely there that was just recent

That definitely didn’t just happen to be there for a long time and I just haven’t moved it do heavy metal for motivation I I don’t it it would most likely be copyrighted so I don’t know but maybe uh maybe local your voice is so calming bro I appreciate that Battleground I I did

Invest in a pretty expensive mic I hope it sounds really good he dabbed i i dabbed two times you guys I dabbed two times for you guys hope hope you enjoyed that oh we’re at we’re at 97 let’s go let’s go dancing dancing robbit man yes I’m

Robbit yo bro dabbed let’s go what happened in the hardcore world oh I died so I jumped off the cliff rage star um I was I was doing it off camera I jumped off a cliff and thought I would land in water but the water uh somehow glitched

And killed me we lost the whole thing lost the whole world no I’m just kidding I I we’re starting a new hardcore World in uh in the in the in the new versions jeez um nothing your mic is so nice bro I I appreciate that bro thank you uh he

Wants to make a new yeah exactly how dare you lie okay let’s do the push-ups okay um hello hello will it go further uh oh the cords are too short I don’t want to mess with the cords uh oh hold on I think that’ll work uh

Oh tighten it there we go okay now it’s locked all right you see you see my junk on the floor uh yeah you’re you’re welcome you’re welcome for being able to see that I got just got amage on I a random cords yeah literally Amazon packages just on the floor it’s

Beautiful I am so organized it’s so great uh when you run for a for a mic I’ve been thinking about making an actual content oh what do I run for a mic uh it’s the Logitech blue Sona it’s very expensive but it’s very good amazing view okay let’s do It oh I got to 29 and I I gave out oh my gosh okay you’re welcome guys I failed you’re welcome you’re welcome ooo is that a good angle no there we go that’s better I think all right let me re chat I’m out of breath man um he is

Speed beat oh no purple turtle on my feet let’s go this is great thing to watch right after waking up very inspiring you already got muscle finish strong dude I literally I got to 29 29 no do one one more in 10 minutes dude I I am like sore right

Now okay anyway um let’s let’s not Flex on stream that’s just weird um do one do five more let’s call it good okay let’s let’s do that in in five minutes I’ll do I’ll do five push-ups we’ll call it even oh my we got 14 people watching that that’s great that’s

Fantastic that felt good haven’t worked out since last week I got sick oh man I haven’t worked out in like 6 months um I did the last one for you thank you purple turtle but I’ll do five more well I can’t do it on I don’t want

To set up my camera again that was annoying do a little bit closer there we go all right the dogs purple did the last one for you yes okay let’s count that I did I did 29 and A2 okay I came I almost went back up I almost did

Okay okay I’m going go now don’t forget to call me up after the stream okay I won’t be able to do that actually it’s very late um but I’ll be right back you guys I have to my dad’s calling me again I’ll be right back Forgot I was muted I am still so out of breath oh my gosh officially unblacklisted from the global chat nice oh my gosh um I flopped to the floor yeah can someone clip the Flop to the floor also was it was it not focusing on my on Me on the ground I

Don’t know if it did okay um I’m I’m going go now don’t forget to oh yeah never mind I already read that okay CH I’m here for the entertainment knock KN there the chicken silent he never he never answered the knock dog joke let’s go you’re W yeah I

Am back someone clipped the flop yes okay but um I actually do it is it’s almost 10:00 but I think we officially hit hold on is this actually set up no I it’s it needs to be centered more more like that there we go there we go all right but um we

Officially hit 900 subscribers so I appreciate you guys so much um I’m very tired now and out of breath still um but we are going to hopefully stream soon um I’m going to be working the next 4 days but if I get off at 8 hours I I should be able to

Stream again I think I’ll have to see um when I finish when I finally finish building my my streaming setup I hope we can play a game get a collap dude Redstone I’d be totally down dude you just hit me up when you’re ready for streaming I will definitely play a game

With you bro that would be awesome um you should change your channel colors and LEDs for each each months for the color oh that would be cool I think I should be able to do that that’d be cool though but I do kind of like just like the red and blue in the

Background it looks really good also my I can’t change the color of my my microphone and chair so I don’t know but that’s that’s a good idea though my knock knock joke won’t be finished let’s go oh keep up the good work bro love your stuff bro Battleground I appreciate

I got to go my phone’s about to die well that’s that’s good cuz I’m about to I have to end the stream so let me just do the last little thing let me turn on the music so you guys right here I’m still out of breath um I appreciate you guys

You guys are awesome you you guys are great I hope you enjoyed the 30 little push-ups at the end of the stream and I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day all right goodbye guys goodbye goodbye see you later how do I end this thing hold on I

Wasn’t ready I was not ready 244 views okay bye bye-bye

This video, titled ‘Saying Goodbye to my Hardcore World’, was uploaded by YertaPain on 2024-02-18 17:11:51.
It has garnered 338 views and 32 likes. The duration of the video is 01:26:52 or 5212 seconds.

We have beaten the first Version of Hardcore Minecraft, now its time to say goodbye, and then we’ll start a new Hardcore world on the newest Version of the Game! (next stream)

I hope you enjoy this stream and be sure to subscribe if you enjoy the fun!

If you want a Text to Speech Message displayed on my stream click this link to donate! – this is the streamlabs tipping page!

Join the YertaPain discord server here! (300 members)

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