Shrek Craft: Maizen and Mikey buried alive! Storytime!

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So I can fix the restaurant give me money I’m sorry but we don’t have money so bye I really enjoyed spending time with him and now he’s gone they were very cool I will miss him and then I woke up today I slept well and that’s cool the weather outside

Is also cool I feel even better this Way boy someone is calling me I wonder who it is and why they’re calling me so early hello it’s Mikey I think we need to go driving cars today it’s a good weather today Mikey I’m very glad that you invited me for a walk I really like riding cars I

Like it too we haven’t ridden them for a long time so it will be cool we finally have good weather I hope that she will be like this for a long time and we can ride for a long time and then you will need to buy something to eat oh no Mikey

Time to slow down oh no Mikey it looks like we seriously damaged the restaurant I’m shocked I don’t don’t understand how this happened what have you done now you need to pay money for all this so I can fix the restaurant give me money I’m

Sorry but we don’t have money so bye get out of here mikai I don’t want him to beat us I’m really shocked I don’t understand what I should do now and how I can restore everything I’m really shocked it’s good that we managed to escape from there I don’t want to pay

Him money I do not want either bye Mikey I hope he can handle it on his own it’s not too bad there and here they are at home good thing I found them I hope they give me the money I’m angry hey go outside I

Want you to give me money for the broken restaurant I don’t want to pay for it myself leave me alone I won’t give you anything and I have no money so don’t come here stupid waiter I’m really shocked I hope that at least he will give me something I need money hey come

Out I need money because you broke the restaurant I need to fix it give me money I have nothing so get out of here I won’t give you anything I’m really shocked well that’s okay I will take revenge on them for doing this I have an

Idea I’m glad he’s finally gone I am very happy I told you I wouldn’t give him money I don’t have any anyway so give them to him H I don’t understand why they need pizza so late it’s a Pity that I have to drive in the evening but I could sit at home

And have a great time but that’s okay I love driving around this city it’s cool here this is my last order and now I can go home I am very happy my working day is over hello someone ordered you pizza and it’s already paid for so you can eat

Wow I am very happy if you know him then we tell him thank you for me now we can have a great meal woohoo I didn’t think that someone would order us pizza just like that it is very tasty and I like it I’m glad oh no Mikey

Something is happening to me I’m shocked I’m glad they ate my pizza and now I can do what I intended let me think that someone killed them they are actually alive there’s just poison in the pizza that made them pass out and now they will be buried

Alive I am very happy Let Them Suffer everything really looks like they were killed everyone will think so it would be better to return the money look this is Mason and Mikey and it looks like they are injured I don’t understand who could do this you need to

Call an ambulance I hope they arrive quickly hello someone attacked our guys and stabbed them with a knife come here urgently I hope they are alive and here come the police and ambulance I hope that they will help them and find the one who did this please help them quickly I really hope

They are alive I don’t want to lose our guys what’s there hm MH I examine them and I can say that they died I’m really sorry the police will find the one who did this I’m shocked stupid killer I don’t understand why he did this and how

Will I live without masan now I will find it don’t worry I really enjoyed spending time with him and now he’s gone they were very cool I will miss him I’m very sorry that this happened I hope this stupid killer is caught and punished don’t get

Upset I don’t understand how I will live now without my beloved Mason I didn’t think that something would ever happen to him and especially since someone will kill him I feel very sorry for him he’s really young what happened to us what kind of place is this really shocked wait is

This land where are we Mikey what happened to us I do not understand anything Mason looks like someone poisoned us with that pizza and then buried us I think so and what to do get out of course Mikey we can’t sit here I think we need to dig to the side and we

Will get somewhere it’s a Pity that we can’t reach the top because it’s high I hope it takes us Somewhere that was very disgusting I didn’t think I’d have to swim in poop I’m shocked I didn’t think they smelled so bad it looks like it’s a sewer and all we have to do is go great that was very disgusting I didn’t think I’d have to swim in poop I’m

Shocked I hope we find a way out of here soon I’m tired of walking on these stupid poops Mason we have no choice it’s a Pity that there are no other options I don’t like it here either let’s get out of here quickly Mikey look it’s rats and they

Eat someone it looks like someone walked and died here too H Ma and they want something and it looks like they are able oh no they are coming toward towards us get away from us stupid rats Mikey we need to kill them all I don’t

Want them to eat us hit them harder I didn’t think that rats would ever attack me hooray we defeated them I am very happy now let’s move on we need to get out of here let’s go I hope we don’t meet anyone else I don’t want to fight again

H here again there is a dead end and stupid poop I’m shocked we need to sail through them again I don’t want to but I have no choice Mikey I see the light and it looks like this is the way out I am very happy we

Finally got out of this stupid sewer I’m very happy too but now we need to get out of the forest and somehow find the city let’s go don’t worry McKay we’ll definitely get to the city I can navigate a little in the forest so we

Can get out of here we need to go that Way hey hello we are lost and we need to find the city where should we go you need to go that that way and you will come to the city thank you very much for helping let’s go quickly Mikey I really want to go home and soon we will be in

The city it looks like we are in some other city and how can we return to our city now do you know this city no I don’t know this city Hey look it’s a bus we can use it to get to our city I am very happy we really got here on time

Let’s go see him quickly before he leaves we need to take revenge on the waiter who did this nice to meet you you are so cool when you have a day off we will have a great time together I also like communicating with you you are very

Beautiful it is for you Mikey I’m shocked now he gives gifts to our girls we definitely need to take revenge on him let’s give him the pizza he gave us he’ll like it it’s good that we only ate a little he definitely won’t guess that this is

The same pizza and then we’ll call the police and they’ll arrest him hey Mason look it’s a courier you need to ask him to give the pizza to the waiter he’ll like her hello Courier we want you to give these pizzas to the waiter just don’t tell him from whom it’s a surprise

I’ll tell him this I think he will be very happy with such a gift you are great for making people feel good I’m very glad that he agreed hi waiter they asked you to give the pizza and it too has already been paid for hold it and

Bone Appetit thanks a lot I really like pizza I’ll try it now I like oh no hooray he fell and now we need to do everything that he did to us and you will also need to call the police and say that someone killed him looks very

Cool I like and now you need to call hello police a waiter was killed in a restaurant and now we can leave here he will definitely regret what he did I’m glad we made it a few moments later Mason you’ve finally woken up it’s very warm outside so I think it’s time

For us to go to the beach and have a great time fine we’ll go to the beach so pack your things let’s have a great time I hope the water’s already warm woo we really haven’t gone swimming for a long time need to travel more often I like

Swimming Mazen I’m very glad that we went I also like swimming and sunbathing on the beach and then you can go for a walk in the park a few inches later and here is the beach it’s really really cool here I think I need to sunbath the

Little first and then let’s go swimming I hope I don’t fall asleep while I’m lying there it’s really warm here I don’t understand why there’s no one here it’s cool here but there will be more in Place Mason stops sleeping it’s time for us to go swimming otherwise you’ll sleep

All day and not take a bath went we’ll be cool it’s really really cool here I like oh no I’m starting to drown Help H where am I I really don’t understand anything who are you where am I I really don’t understand anything Mason you are dead and went to heaven and there are two roads to heaven and hell you are a demon so you are going to hell in terms

Of how did he die and why am I a demon I don’t want to go to hell it’s really not cool there I want to go to heaven but in general I want to return to my family you have no choice you need to go to

Hell no I don’t want to go there it’s very bad there and there’s a lot of lava and it’s also very hot there I don’t understand why exactly to hell I won’t go there Mason I can’t send you to heaven and I can’t bring you back but I

Can shelter you if you want you can live with me hooray I’m glad I’m not going to hell I really don’t want to go there thank you very much for hosting me it’s a Pity that I can’t go back to the girl I had a great time with her I hope your

House is not too long I want to rest a little look here is my house it’s not big but there’s room there and I also have two children and one of them is also a demon wow I didn’t think that a family of angels could have a demon son

Kids come out here hello this is my friend his name is Mason and now he will live with us he is cool so you will like it hello we are glad to see you you’ll like it here and now you’ll be our dad if so that’s very cool now we’ll have

Fun yes now he will be a Dad wow I didn’t think I’d be babysitting I think I can do it I am hungry I think we need to eat I’m really hungry I think that then we can go for a walk and have a great time I hope there is something

Interesting here of course have there are slides here and they are very cool so after we eat let’s go ride them so eat up we’ll be cool I hope they are very tall I like to be on top I’ve never ridden them I hope it won’t be too

Scary yay we ate so let’s go to the roller coaster I really really want to ride them I think you want it too and here are the slides they’re big and I really enjoy riding them I’ve ridden them many times but every time I’m I’m scared and that’s cool they are

Huge I thought they would be much smaller looks like I’ll be scared too it’s a Pity that we didn’t have such slides in our city I would go ride them every day and we go to them every day because they really lift your spirits Go

Kids get on the Maze and trolley now you will be scared this is really very cool oh [Laughter] no H what is it I can’t even imagine looks like a springboard for a jump absolutely right from here we will jump demons into lava and Angels into water it’s fun too

And we all love doing it this sounds cool I hope it doesn’t hurt it’s really high here I thought it would be much lower well that’s okay I’ll still jump from here I’ve never jumped into lava but it seems that now I have immunity to

It wow it doesn’t hurt at all Mason I told you it doesn’t hurt at all we still still have a lot of fun so you like them let’s move on we’ll walk until the evening I’m really curious what else is there it will be interesting to watch

Let’s Go quickly I’m very interested in Walking In Paradise there is a lot of interesting things here and here’s our house I didn’t think we’d be out until Nightfall kids it’s too late so it’s time for you to sleep tomorrow we will have a great day again

Everything as you like and now to the rooms mom I really liked it I’m glad that now we have a dad became much more interesting with him good night Mom and Dad good night tomorrow will be even more fun it’s not too late yet so I

Think we can go for a walk or just have a great time and watch the sunset and then go to bed I’m really glad you didn’t send me to hell I really like it here and I also like spending time with you I also like spending time with you you are so cool

I’m glad we met and I really want to kiss you the sun has already set so it’s time for us to go to bed it was so cool spending time with with you we’ll have fun tomorrow too I’ve never spent a day so quickly mom and dad wake up this stupid

Demon destroyed our whole house I really don’t understand what’s wrong with her she’s just crazy what’s going on here oh no I don’t want to live in this stupid house in the clouds anymore I want to return to Earth to my family take me away from me I’m really shocked I didn’t

Think this could happen I could normally say that you don’t like it here and we still won’t be able to send you back to Earth I’m tired of demons living in our house so I’ll send you to maze in hell we’re all very evil I don’t want demons

In my house I don’t understand why you’re mad at me I didn’t do anything to you you’re really weird this is some kind of test from trampolines and there’s a door at the top I really don’t understand what’s going on there but I can use them to

Escape from her I don’t want to go to hell at all I hope she doesn’t catch up with me I don’t understand why she was so angry with me only one trampoline left looks like she’s far away from me and that’s cool I can hide behind that

Door hoay I managed I’m really happy now she won’t catch up with me H there’s some kind of hole here I don’t know where it leads but I think that I still have no choice so you have to jump I don’t want to go to hell

Wo it looks like I’m on the beach I’m really happy Mason you’ve finally woken up I’m very happy let’s go swimming and have a great time I’ve been waiting for you for a long time no I won’t go swimming I don’t want something hey what

Are you doing oh no I told you I don’t want to swim don’t you understand me nzen I really don’t understand what’s wrong with you you invited me to the beach yourself swim and have a great time I changed my mind I won’t set foot in the sea anymore something is not good

For me h h what what where are these children from I really don’t understand anything what’s happening how did you get here I do not understand anything can you already tell me what’s going on here or you’ll remain silent hey what where did you come from I do not understand

Anything what do you need from me answer masan thought you could run away from me you’re a demon and you belong in hell so you need to be caught I don’t want to go to hell go away from me I could calmly spend time with a girl but

Because of you I have to hide you still won’t catch up with me I’ll run away and you won’t find me

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    "Unbelievable New Mob Found in All the Mods!" #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘All the Mods Ep 6. “Devil with a Blue Dress” #minecraft’, was uploaded by Leafy McTreeface on 2024-02-26 16:00:21. It has garnered 55 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 00:16:04 or 964 seconds. The focus for today is on Occultism! A Magic Ritual mod where you can summon demons to do your bidding and make an amazing storage system! Leafy’s Discord: #minecraft #modded #moddedminecraft #ATM #livestream #live #streaming #stream #streamer #gamer #gaming #funny #leafy #allthemods9 #playthough #letsplay #gameplay Become and Official Member of the Garden! Read More

  • 🔥 EPIC Minecraft Stream – Chill, Chat, PVP/SURVIVAL 🎮

    🔥 EPIC Minecraft Stream - Chill, Chat, PVP/SURVIVAL 🎮Video Information This video, titled ‘🔴│LIVE│ – Minecraft Stream CZ/SK !! Chillec, Pokec, PVP / SURVIVAL 🔴’, was uploaded by StenPlayz on 2024-01-13 04:25:57. It has garnered 12 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:07:53 or 473 seconds. So Hi, to those who don’t know me, my name is Stan, I play under the nickname StenSk, I also had a StenSk channel that I renamed to the TRAPDOGZ channel, but it doesn’t stop me from constantly streaming and playing at the same time, that is, who is new, I will be very happy if you subscribe…. Read More

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  • Ram Nation

    Ram NationFun 1.8 kitpvp server, simple server with FFA and 1vs1. Roleplay and parkour in beta Skywars will be added. 1v1 your friend with Differend Kits! Play in events to be featured in videos! Have Fun! Up to 500 players! Read More

  • The oasis SMP Vanilla smp Anarchy 1.20.4 No Whitelist

    Vanilla Minecraft Server If you’re looking for a true vanilla server without claims or plugins, look no further! Join our active small community where you can enjoy everything Minecraft has to offer and interact with other players. The server has a peak of 4-5 players during business hours (around 6PM EST). With a mix of past artifacts and a young environment, you can easily catch up by joining now. The only rule is no cheating or hacking. Server Details: IP: Join our Discord: Read More

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    Crafty Castle: Minecraft's Mighty Fort In the realm of Minecraft, a fortress grand, Inspired by Olaf’s Tower, in Vyborg’s land. With history deep and legends bold, A symbol of strength, stories untold. I craft in blocks, each detail precise, Capturing the essence, a building paradise. With your support, my channel grows, Like and subscribe, as the story flows. Join me on Discord, Twitter, and more, For updates and news, I have in store. Music from games, a peaceful place, Setting the mood, with every grace. So come along, on this building ride, In Minecraft world, where dreams abide. Fortress in Minecraft, a tale to… Read More

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    Mountain Makeover: Minecraft Base Build My Epic Minecraft Base Transformation Adventure! Introduction So, like, I stumbled upon this totally rad Minecraft video about transforming a mountain into a base and I was like, “OMG, I have to watch this!” Frame At first, I was like, “Wait, what’s happening here?” But then I saw the mountain slowly turning into this epic base and I was shook! Jumps care There were some crazy jumps and I was like, “Don’t fall, don’t fall!” But the builder was a pro and made it look easy. Interior The interior design was on point! I was getting major inspo for… Read More

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