Sneaky Acorn’s Debut in Minecraft SMP

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Hello so uh we will need to wait a little bit as um the server hasn’t been opened yet but as you can see you’re going to be playing with people I’m so excited what do I do when my mods S One I would be honored to draw you absolutely but today that’s not what we’re doing we’re going to be playing Minecraft with a bunch of people a bunch of content creators H such as myself um now we just need to wait a little bit

Longer and then uh we I will get dip um of course it’s wh listed so uh even if you guys tried you couldn’t get in yeah but I think that that’s pretty cool Crea world be much more my interesting survival world it’s going to be survival world indeed it’s going to

Be a survival world it’s going to be like really fun and if you guys want I have a harmonica nearby so I can play it to you whenever you ask me to I can bring it out right now and just prove that I have it there we go a beautiful

Harmonica like two minutes more and then we can start I guess I think I’m so excited this is going to be my first SMP that I’m going to be in I mean it’s quite a big deal for meand sandwich oh damn I’m actually going to be um your

Whoa whoa whoa a little bit more relaxed okay okay uh so actually I am going to be a Farmer Boy so it’s going to be a really fun experience okay one more minute one man left I’m so excited damn well um yeah is the server nope it’s still not on damn

It I’m so excited I can’t believe that it’s finally happening when where I’m actually in a server like an S SMP I have I have always dreamt of being in an S SMP uh I’m really excited I can’t believe it’s finally actually happening okay okay it should be

Um we when is IP IP please where’s the IP please Um now I’m very very scared that I’m not going to get in time or some somehow but it is how it is you know got to be a little bit more patient or maybe I just start nagging them finally I miss you all these years has it been that

Long I don’t think it has been this long it’s so peaceful this music I can’t with this peaceful music is too peaceful it’s too peaceful okay okay I’m so excited but I don’t know I don’t know where it is they haven’t sent it to me yet so I’m pretty pretty scared

So as you can see this is my skin oh my god oh no I’m so sorry you to hear that you know what I would appreciate that but in I will make one last sandwich that’s going to be a giant sandwich in in your honor to show that your legacy was also in

Here so I’m going to make like a giant structure of a of bread and say and I’m going to write this to the sandwich Lord an offering the final offering I’m so excited you did not pull that on me oh no just got to sit here and wait patiently

Is cousin that you basically ate what I have never wait what is in the Same sandwich not the sandwich oh dear um so now I’m wondering if they left me on red this is one of my worst fears being alone please someone help me you get in I’m going to ask B fishy because fishy is also going to be with

Us which is going to be pretty awesome I think oh no I really do want to play right now I can’t I can’t stop stream the stream doesn’t lag sandwich sandwich sandwich indeed I really am wondering uh when are we going to receive the IP oh no I really want to play

Refresh oh no this is bad this is going to be okay um I do not know what to do right now I mean I I thought that we were going to start on this specific time okay wait um what they’re playing garic phone this can be serious oh I mean they’re having fun

Which is pretty nice I mean first of all let’s just uh introduce you guys what introduce you guys to um some of the things so let’s just show you the things so I also put a much more nicer um texture pack because I’m not about to have um the you

Know the the Char coli thinking face yeah but I’m not I don’t think I’m going to have I I’m going to put this texture pack that I already have on which is Bare Bones my favorite texture pack because it makes everything much more simple and it’s the only way for my

Mind to comprehend something okay see how nice this this is It’s Bare Bones so like the trees look nice um yeah look how nice the trees look look how look how good the grass looks this is really high graphics see look at the graphics amazing Graphics okay

Um let me just get back in the server oh and by the way we also have emotes I can show you one of the emotes so one of the emotes these are all the emotes that I I have these ones these two I got for no reason uh these ones are for

Free no what no what sit magloop poen species um not really I don’t think so uh what what are they are they also some type of slugs or are they like not slugs at all spinning spinning around spinning around and I bow down and I bow down

Again and I bow down again and then I can just repeat myself very much there we go okay yeah but I think this is like a really nice uh pack like look at this trees okay look how nice these look look look at this Graphics it’s the best

Quality Graphics you’re going to ever see ever beautiful just amazing and the music Bas everywhere oh okay then then yes I have heard of them of course I have heard of them I love mouses they’re little sneaky the little sneaky rats mouses actually when when I

Was a child I actually met a very chunky rat uh it bit my friend’s friend in the uh finger later on he had to get really quick to the doctor’s office which was okay yeah but he had to go quickly to the doctor oh and also I have gotten this really nice

Looking um I also have gotten this really nice looking uh uh self all right huh God damn it a pet toad I think that would be interesting at toad I’m go I’m not going to lie uh this year year uh I basically what I did uh

No it was last year yeah because it’s 20 24 now what a crazy year right so last year I what I did I in summertime uh we have nearby a very nice Forest right and so we were looking for mushrooms uh to make a stew type of thing right and uh

So every time I saw a frog I picked it up and put it in my hair so in the end I had three three frogs in my in my hair and I called them all different names one was um Tony the other was Tyrone and the last one was

Jimmy what the what’s this what’s this ooh every every second when it shows back to game it’s because um I get out to feel like uh when are we actually going to start because I’m super impatient good your goow but I just got to get this relief of punching cows here

Because in in the server I will not harm a single soul zombies villagers or or even cows careful Master because are very dangerous really so many so many frogs right yeah uh I know that there’s a lot of frogs that they are dangerous but in my country there’s um literally it’s one of

The most safest countries it’s not Canada I can tell you that it’s not sandwich indeed but it’s not can it’s not Canada uh but it’s a pretty safe one we don’t have uh no dangerous snake zero of them um we have one deadly bug that is only in the summertime and it’s

Uh only if you go in Tall Grass you know I don’t remember what they’re called um yeah yeah uh to be honest uh I have found a lot of different mushrooms in my day right and uh of course they’re like pretty like some of them are interesting

And some are not but at the end I’m like I’m pretty sure that um yeah I’m just Um oh it’s a it’s an insect yeah it’s a it’s an insect it’s a I think it’s an in insect it’s basically what it does that little bug you go in tall grass right and then it’s it’s only appears in tall grass so it can leech

Onto your uh skin bite you and then uh basically uh suck onto you and it’s going to slowly suck your blood uh and uh if you’re not vaccinated there’s a this disease that it can give you which is pretty dangerous that can uh make actually make you die but I mean I don’t

Go out much so so that’s not really my problem okay there we go I just sit on the here let’s sit here damn it let me see it let me see it right here there we go ah very nice got to stretch I’m just waiting for them to

Start and I have already been waiting 22 minutes which might not look like a lot of time because it’s not but I’m still really I’m I’m waiting I’m waiting wait it might wait wait wait oh oh my God we can start we can start we can start we can start we can okay

Listen okay look look look look look we have gotten into the server we have gotten into the server and don’t try even going into it because it’s private it’s uh whitelisted please say that I’m wh listed oh I’m here yay hello hello hello hello Fire oo no damn you look kind of handsome damn okay I got to get in my own head too I want to be bigheaded this is really fun I want to get my own head want to get my own head wait yeah there we go where did I spawn where where’s my head

At where’s my head everyone keeps stealing my head wait is my working is my mic working is uh mine working is mine working hello is mine working hello is mine work working oh wait wait wait let me let me check something push to talk on how do mods um resource what’s this essential

Settings uh that’s not it um music sounds device system default audio on what does this mean hello hello hello does anyone hear me um directional audio uses encour simulation s and based on head with headphones is my is my is my mic uh is is my mic is my mic working is

My microphone working is M working am I working fish stick fishy am I still I’m am I working am I working am I working am I working uh um I don’t know oh oh shoot you can mute disable settings what does this mean does it work now does it work oh

Shoot select microphone uh this one is it working hello is is is it working is it working is it working is it working please tell me I need approval it’s uh setting uh no voice okay is it working now it should be working yay is it working yay yes finally I’m so excited

I’m so excited oh my God I can’t believe I am finally an SMP uh no worry I can sit on ground I can sit on ground no worries uh there’s the emotes press press R uh if you you can go into the to the shop and you

Have good one good one I also got this one I also got this one just to be yeah okay okay okay okay nice nice nice oh oh wait okay what one second you do that up at a oh wow sorry I can’t do that let me okay they can hear me

Now time to start Speed running run run run hey get back here run run run I golden help me we already got the I I already got the bread I already got the bread from this Village oh no I need to be a farmer I need to be the farmer sandwich okay

There we go we are farmers sandwich okay there we go guys there we go W come back come back W guys okay time to be a peaceful um so is it okay to hear for anyone in the chat hopefully oh D it I can I your yeah go all right I’m I’m

Going to do the server announcement and then we rest start I won okay okay okay yeah yeah yeah I’m so oh conspicuous wait is wax pulling up ooh ooh ooh I like fire oh oh okay okay can I have one of mine I know that there was two two of

Mine but question are they allowed to hurt you because if you can hurt anyone that is dangerous oh yeah yeah yeah we can hurt each other it’s fun you like my outfit I’m a business man give me a second I want bus things hey hey you like you like my outfit I’m a

Businessman no no picked up my head that’s crazy crazy hello who picked up my head greetings know oh that’s nice I don’t know honestly hey guys like to make an announcement shut up this is too chaotic tomato tomato tomato I’m literally electing you as president piggy piggy hershe

Piggy hello you’re you’re AC come back a come back here okay okay why what are we doing what why we’re starting oh we’re starting okay we’re starting let me just let me just let me just there we go welcome to Hershey craft uh this is Survival series uh you’re allowed to do

Whatever you want that’s basically what it is yeah yippee inspired by I’ve never seen to okay time to time to start off so first of all let’s go get our El some wood not hurt any sheep or any animals oh we we’ll need eggs we’ll need eggs to

Make uh um cakes because I’m going to be a nice farmer and uh being a nice farmer depends on also being um a pretty good um how do you say this okay that’s the start I can I can still make it okay let’s oh my first tree that’s going to

Be my first tree we cannot let the unbelievers kill you we can’t let them kill me I don’t think they they were going to kill me oh wait there could be wheat in the village right there’s wheat in the village no there’s not let’s go get that’s my first

Tree almost fell down and I and I would it would have been my fault okay it’s getting night time okay time for the tree boom boom boom boom break the tree break the tree bre break the tree break the tree break break the tree I have to break the

Goddamn tree I like to break this tree the tree the tree I got to break the tree I like this it’s a fun server right now St in the serers those beds in the village is Master oh should I go to the Village to get a

Bed I should okay I’m going to the Village to get a bed or to sleep in a bed hello Mr Cow I would not be killing you today because I have sworn a duty that I’m going to be a villager where hello there hello so hello good sir would you

Like to would you be interested into two be TRS yes I whenever I play phasmophobia the ghost can hear my keyboard and it kills me come on parkour okay there we go don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t dud chill dude chill listen listen there’s was not chill there’s a more

Civil way there’s a more civil way there’s a more civil way there has to be he has done nothing he has done nothing wrong he has done nothing he has done nothing wrong setting up the server he attacked me I I no no he’s innocent yeah

He pleads a thft I’m stuck in the goddamn block help me how you stuck in a block okay now I’m not I don’t think so oh never mind I’m still teleporting to that one place help me help me help help no no no please please please no no

No let him live let him live he doesn’t deserve to die he doesn’t deserve to die no no no no no no no no no no no get I got the iron I got the iron I need one iron I really just need take take the

Iron take the iron there’s like there I been um the Villager has it the Villager has it not me V yeah yeah yeah no no I need wood listen listen this is his flower I’m going to plant it somewhere nice you’re not going to have I have a I I already

Killed one before this you’re a monster how could you he was he was extremely chill he didn’t do anything bro he started beating up a villag must save this Village when they all it’s our own Nation there’s a there’s a function in the game for some

Reason where if a villager gets a little too close close once when someone attacks it it AR on the Villager instead of the player D attacking a villager no way I don’t believe that he was innocent he was not innocent he was very innocent he was too innocent in

Fact what do you mean he was two innocent he plead he pleads the fifth and you killed him he plead not how that works I’m pretty sure it does I’m I’m not I’m not uh Lear Mur yes it does but for anything else you can’t plead the fifth he did M but

He did though okay yeah okay I’m going to start making my I’m going to start looking for a place to make my farm somewhere okay it has to be a good place oh shoot I have no food I have no food you want bread what yeah yeah yeah that would be

Nice that would be very very nice thank you I will I will repay you I will repay you someday by the way just so you guys know I have been uh I have gotten an oath that I’m not going to hurt a single entity in the

Game oh that’s going to be so hard for you it is I have done it once before have fun okay I will does that count does that count with uh like zombies and stuff yes yes indeed I have done that I have done that once before and survived quite a lot long

Time so I’m pretty sure I can survive a little bit more good luck with that I will I hope the new place is so beautiful re next toy next to a river for next to a Giant Mountain and his easy stuff in the flat place with some Futures and you can cut

Him down to grow new ones I I will try doing that hello creeper my first little guy oh uh sir you might be stuck in the hole would you need me to help you out uh follow me sir follow me yes this way sir whoa whoa whoa no no no no please please

Please you’re a no no no no I’m inside uh make it so like one person can sleep okay that’s just come out it’s not safe to come out it uh who is it hey oh he shot the Villager he shot the Villager he shot the Villager J his eyes J his

Eyes yeah oh my Lord oh well yeah I also got a zombie head and I got head how do you get a head how do you get head I yeah I died I died guys I had a shield I could have done That you know what you know what I’m I know what I’m goingon to do game rule I’ll do it I know what to do only one person then I can do it um you know what I have a great idea I’m going to make use of uh the Golem’s uh

One iron and I’m going to transform it into a shield and I’m going to honor its name that they appear they attack anything the mobs and the players so I bet this challenge will be hard with my needs to freaking get off me I mean

Yeah g Violet okay I’m going to go back to the other thing okay where’s the Bell you can’t run away from that no you can’t oh zombie let me eat your R and flesh because I’m a plant boy and I need substenance where’s your rotten flesh yes sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich

Sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich no let me tell you the downfall or downside they can group up 1,000 plus they’re literally can kill you I tried once and they killed a warden I mean I’m not going to kill

Anything so I I’m peaceful I’m going to be peaceful I’m going to be peaceful to any animal I I don’t condone I don’t condone violence I’m I’m cooking chicken right now you want too bad it’s mine they’re eating chicken chicken all our food keeps blowing up I didn’t kill nothing okay just making

Sure was it just like burn uh no no because now’s I found on ground so it probably did Burn yeah it burned yeah burned zombie very nice very tasty the creatures have a short help with the boss Of there’s but 100 Bond herds of them H interesting interesting hello there good sir would you mind showing me the way to your your friends no well that’s fine with me sir this world okay sheep sheep sheep sheep sheep sheep my sheep this is my sheep it’s my

Sheep just getting a nice little thing next to me is the Sheep plus the creatures can go through a block size of one the bosses had to go through two blocks the little ones had to go through one block that’s how big they are huh really sandwich sandwich sandwich

Indeed I’m going in actually insane because uh I sometimes I can I uh never mind actually where’s fishy is calling me sorry I have to take this okay okay okay no problem no problem what do you want go away how staring at me I was hoping forhe I kind of want head from

[Laughter] villager I have no idea what that means I wait if I would actually like kill a villager would actually yes there’s a chance down let’s go down let’s go down I got some of it for you why not you don’t hurt anything not even the players

It will be the hardest thing you ever do right I’m not going to I’m not going to kill any of them ooh coal Coal I need the coal I need the coal I like the coal I like the coal ah I’m blind I can’t see anything I need light I’m blind most of

The time what’s going on over here hello hello don’t you know the Ru never dig straight down but it’s much more easy to dig straight down oh what’s have a fish I like it thank you very much let me continue on my journey down to Hell ooh thank

You it’s fine I can just make an iron one thank you yeah anyways I will repay you don’t worry about it don’t worry about it I will repay you I will get in to who please tell him this if you dare message my master I dare your

Life it’s okay there’s no need for such violence I mean I could tell tell them that but I’m not in threats ooh iron ooh iron why does this look so strange you scared the [ __ ] out of me sorry oh it’s a cave here I just noticed it

Now that’s what makes two blocks long like make it like two blocks wide you go on the other side and go to the other side and mine the other block and then the other block I’m saying so you can tell it there Pizza hamburger pizza hamburger what’s that there’s diamonds

That what’s this what’s this can somebody tell me what’s this hello hello what’s this what’s this I want to I I don’t what’s this I don’t really know what it does but it’s zinc special or yeah it’s zinc rhymes with sink o oh oh help me I can’t attack

Them I’m vegan you’re a vegan I guess so I can’t attack anything or kill anything oh lapis that means that there’s diamonds nearby what oh my God I’m missing are you alive are you okay oh shoot run run run run okay why is there four of them okay

We got we got to teamwork get here get here get in here get in here get in here get in here there we go we’re safe we’re safe said yoube off let me H through the walls are you wait let me oh shoot are you I am oh no wait dig

Back dig back dig back dig back okay wait okay let’s I’m digging I’m digging I’m digging let’s go let’s go here we go here you go go go go go you’re going to be safer there you go who is [ __ ] manically giggling oh I got a cooked salmon from

Where ah help me help me No no attack the skeleton please just somebody else died no my God you guys are useless I just T all those [ __ ] liability no I need help no I don’t like being vegan some carrots oh yeah yeah please please oh carrots I like carrots thank you thank you somebody fell

Down damn it I’m so blind here we go oh uh I got somebody’s head can I have it can I have it oh sure where are you I’m coming everyone wants to collect them heads I’m up here ooh what is this hello a bat a bat wait where did Envy go here’s a

Bat I got en’s head oh you did oh yeah that’s the one that’s the one I have here’s a bat okay a very nice one oh iron iron I have no idea where anyone went oh gosh uh water oh hello hi Hershey and I use big brain and we use water that way

I’ve got three of your heads now yeah hello people stop throwing me in the goddamn game I don’t know what’s yours I all I had all I had an Empire as Stone one stone sword one stone pick one stone Axe and then some Cher diamonds diamonds diamonds diamonds I found

Diamonds I need help there’s there’s skeletons I found diamonds listen listen listen listen I found diamonds I found diamonds but there’s a skeleton protecting them it’s right down there it’s right down there it’s right down there right down there you have a sh though yeah I see the issue yeah that’s

The issue it’s diamonds o iron Iron’s more important than diamonds for me it depends on who you ask wait where is it it’s down there I need them I need that I need This need the iron I want this iron don’t worry I’ll give it I want the iron so many iron I I got the diamonds and nice very nice very nice uh not for you there’s not it’s okay my I like it iron I like it iron don’t go I [Applause] no no

Iron I lost one piece of iron hold on hold on in here in here in here there you go where’s the diamond o diamonds but I don’t need diamonds I don’t need diamonds here you go they could yeah I I’m going to survive off of uh no never mind

Now yes I know what’s a ltha thank you for asking crazy no they had locked me in a room once you know if there’s lapis there’s should be diamonds nearby creeper behind you behind you watch out watch out watch out creeper watch out yes where where creeper where’s a creeper

I don’t see a creeper might be in danger because ah well uh that was a little bit of lag I got scared saying do you know the giant prehistoric cation sperm Wells called leavens no I do not wait no never mind I do probably mostly definitely probably o

What I’m back I’m back guess who’s back I lagged a little bit I lagged a little bit that’s why honestly I have no idea what’s yours uh I tried to go jump into the way creeper did I right in your stuff oh no I’m I’m telling you right now look at my

Ping look at my ping press tab oh my God it’s a really nice it’s a it’s really nice okay I don’t know what else is yours no it’s okay I have enough I have enough that’s okay I have enough oh wait I had the shield I had the shield

Somehow somewhere yeah I don’t have one in my inventory oh no I I I don’t I can’t lose that Shield I don’t think so I didn’t use that that much did it get like blown up I don’t maybe but but that Shield is special to me it was to it was the iron

Golems I still have its flower but you know poor guy yeah it was to a very innocent very very very beautiful man uh do you want to do you need to SM the IR that so sad damn why is Minecraft depressing I don’t know oh my God should we keep going

Downwards I mean at some point we’re going to die if we keep going downwards let me check no I say no oh it’s so deep the egg went like all the way down there it just disappeared it did it did that’s just scary oh wait I’m blind

I can’t see anything where am I you know what amazes me but My Little Pony Panton is weird and still active and they are making much more terrifying [ __ ] I mean there are little good artists in it yeah yeah that’s cool o uh wait are you going upwards okay let’s go upwards

On wether the rest of this oh yeah yeah sure sure sure hello I’m going up hello I’m going up hello huh I’m outside oh why I don’t think there is egg I mean I saw I saw Hershey down there but I don’t know if he’s still down

There Master do you are you on your own or in your group I think right now I’m in might be in a group oh sorry if I keep talking to myself it’s just that I’m talking with the chat because I have like a tax of speech for them oh that’s cool

Yeah just a little I sometimes it gets crazy because there’s this one sandwich guy that always makes me make sandwiches for him but I mean I don’t I’m not mad about it I’m I’m happy to make a sandwich I just realized he still have his head on yeah I got used to

It oh my Lord oh I also have this one [Laughter] now damn so happy [Laughter] handsome oh my gosh I’ve got like a collection of them for now I have gotten no heads okay I have an extra spider head if I don’t think that would be necessary

Right now oh yeah you’re yeah it’s just going to say that I have killed some even though I haven’t yeah true I mean I can punch did I just got oh my God okay I’m back sir do you want me to sacrifice blame after they spoke to you

They kind of left so like you know wait oh that’s just I who is the real one who’s the real one I get it who’s the real one oh wait am I deafened yep there you go okay nice nice yeah how much Shields do you have yeah

Okay got it Shield much Shield I just have this one it’s green still mhm but I can make another one you need no no I’m looking for my one Shield that uh was uh from an iron Golem yeah a very innocent man I took one iron from uh the one who

Killed it I forgot who it was I have terrible memory after one does not have breasts I don’t remember was it you who killed the Iron Golem it was not Hershey [Laughter] D oh my Lord I just want your head man okay peace peace peace those

Radishes it’s all pe oh no those are it was a it was a prank hey I got head guys head okay let me Just guys it was a prank can I get Jacob’s head got a pot who’s Jacob potato good morning I have no idea who I’m impersonating uh so basically wait do you want a potato yes very much I need to grow them to make uh a farmer Empire that’s what I’m thinking of

Doing do you want his head sir do you want to trade I would gladly take his head okay here you go my inventory is still full o what that’s one way to do it I mean I need I need food I’m suffering over here please sir SP please sir SP some food please

Sir you want to make a St oh shoot the pig just grew right in my face already have your head so there’s no sir poker the third can you tell me the way to the Village Chief show me the way with your head are you the villagers Chief

Heting pointing This Way start walking over here okay let’s go here let’s go over here I mean if if he lived here it’s probably the best that he’s gone oh poor piggy poor yeah I think we should find uh something better like like uh more iron or more

More items do not tell that he the of the over here no young one of your king I will not do tell that he’s the anel deity of ancient times okay what what I have this thing like all this where uh I didn’t actually look through it down okay what’s this what’s this

What’s this what’s this but just he stop if he’s still on your crops against stop up there still on your stff what is it what Crim what is it Crim site yeah o okay it’s getting night time we have to get into safety we got to get

Into safety uh hold on hold on hold on we don’t person wake up wake up I help I help yes yes indeed wait midnight chip says hello hello hello that’s how I write that’s how I’m going to start to write so yeah okay here like look at this o I have no idea

What it is it looks like uh flesh or something I have no idea let me try it let me try it it looks like it belongs in the nether it does it really does they have advanced pretty far I mean this cave also looks pretty

Promising not going to lie mhm I mean we have a water source to get out of it and we found lava found lava right here it’s lava it’s a ravine it’s a d double Ravine or something oh my gosh hold on hold on wait and there’s more more of that thing

Oh I forgot what it was called right there the thing up there yeah are you talking about this over here uh that thing up there yes ooh what is it it’s jelly Master zinc yeah it’s jelly Master okay if if I keep saying these things I

Hope you realize that isn’t me they keep telling me that I’m their Master Okay I I I didn’t make that I didn’t make that nickname for [Laughter] myself okay yeah oh wait I have to actually smell some uh of this uh yes I have to smelt some of this iron

Definitely absolutely oh I have I have two uh furnaces oh I was about to make another one okay let’s just there we go perfect you want to do half and half yeah I was going to just do that yeah do half and half yeah I wonder what the zinc does uh

Probably we can build like Contraptions or something let me just let me just take a sitting position let’s just sit there we go I’m waiting spinning in a circle spinning in a Circle it’s crazy how we’re both plants I mean not not really not really because mushrooms fit their own category yeah yeah mushrooms are like a fungus yeah they’re fungus Fungi okay it’s is it ready nope not yet not yet I’ve got to wait a little bit longer okay got to do this I have two Stone pickaxes for some reason oh shoot I can do a wield them I bet if I as in the ancient prophecy said the ancient Cornelius the ancient

Brother Corel the third has built a farmland farmland okay they also call me Cornelius Cornelius II yeah because that sounds hold on that sounds really familiar I’m Cornelius III even if I am supposed to be called Acorn ooh Lava I see Iron oh I I hear zombies oh shoot let’s get them iron uh you take your part I already took my part oh okay and no problem I got to get rid of my dual act dual wielding I want to like I’m gonna

Uh oh my gosh smelt the zinc I want to see what like kind of recipes I get from it yeah it could be interesting because it’s a whole new material mhm ooh oh my God I got the most coolest thing ever tell your girlfriend to make a

Shine of you okay Master tell your hey no no no no no no we are not no I just met her I just met her huh I’m telling you uh don’t pay attention no no no they’re asking me to uh for you to build a shrine of me

Yes you don’t have to you you’re not obligated I’m also not going to say it would be funny it would be it would be but uh personally I do not want that oh flowers L to be honest why do I have a chest in my inventory why do I have a chest where

You at where um I’m in a cave hi fishy I am in a cave she’s in my chat now fishy’s in the chat uh I am in a wait let me let me let me show you to make the most gorgeous drawing ever a giant Temple o wait

Photos I can take photos okay these are my cords these are my cords fishy if you want to kill me which hopefully you don’t wait there’s a free cam there’s a free cam thing o oh yeah I forgot I forgot what button mine is it it I it is

A F4 just press F four yes I’ve got a we can fly through the skies and check every single uh place and crevice oh my gosh I found zinc I found more zinc you found more I found a lot of zinc wait I’m confused where I am at

I’m I I am I am lost I’m I got lost for a second meish if you’re reading this make a giant Temple for him a giant temple built in Gold no there’s no need there’s no need they’re asking fishy to build a temple now a temple for

Me I guess they see me as a god of some sorts for some reason I have no idea what iron iron iron ah ah ah ah ah No no no okay let me see my U my uh okay let me see z uh this way nope the other way this way with four Or uh This Way hello I’m going on a mission back to the place to get all my stuff you died yes very much I a a skeleton shot me down from uh trying to get iron take sword o bet I can’t use it yeah yeah I’m vegan okay let me check let me check the

Cords I’m vegan right now I can’t I’m sorry how’s your veganism it it’s terrible uh yeah but that doesn’t count that doesn’t count I I haven’t killed anything I don’t get it how does how does veganism apply to mcraft uh I I can’t kill any mobs I can’t kill mobs that’s what I’m

Mean like any mobs the main goal or are you like restricted to kill yes yes exactly that’s what I’m doing right now no explain I can’t kill anything like you physically can’t or you’re just physically or or mentally or anything anyway yes I’m peaceful Master is vegan because he’s saving all of his

Energy to destroy Johnny cocky oh my gosh I’m here is it is it ooh rocking flesh come on die die please die please die please die hello I got I got it hi a baby zombie I heard a baby zombie run I know I know I know R wait where’s

My stuff I the roll didn’t get burnt the rose didn’t get burnt or the or the iron pix or the iron pickaxe and Shield hold on some your stuff was over here uh uh your carrots carrots I need carrots I I hear them they’re everywhere they’re in the walls they’re in the

Ground oh red stone I need red stone ah where where where they coming from I don’t know maybe from the back or the up or the down hold on hold on second I’m making bread no problem I I am uh shielding you wait where did you go I’m blind I’m up here oh

Oh wait where now I know the direction yeah over there right literally right in front right in front right in front it’s not down it’s right in front where another pickaxe oh it’s right there mhm ooh I need to freaking turn my brightness I have no brightness oh also it it’s also

Mentally yeah wait how do you turn on the brightness let me see oh I found it I found it I found it okay 70 I I think about 70 is good yeah this is much better Master we need a shrine that’s in the sky that world we need a shrine we need a

Shrine uh I don’t think we need the shrine I don’t think we need the shrine at all no I don’t yep right there right there right there I’m so blind I can’t see anything still no don’t don’t go further out in front of me right there okay I can’t see anything I need

Torches okay oh there’s two get him get him get him get him get him you didn’t die that’s fine you just fell okay I’m still blind oh torch torch iron iron iron y 5050 always 50/50 just like communism it shows that you exist I love that okay um wait see

Trying is uh for your exercise it shows okay hey thank you wait hold on iron yeah you can take I don’t have and zinc above you yeah I’m trying to I’ll thr away the dirt I don’t need the dirt I need the iron it’s the Enderman the relative of Slender oh

There’s two of them there’s two of them I’m trying not to look at it did you know that if you look at its eyes and don’t break eye contact then it won’t attack you until it’s it starts moving no I I I’m dead serious I can

Show it to you but I will probably die when I break cont home if you build yourself a home that clearly will become TR at our current state this is not a good idea it will be if I build a house it will become a shrine they say oh my

Lord oh oh my God I’m still so BL blind help I yeah I turned my brightness on like complet full full yeah okay let me try it let me try it let me try it bright okay still I can’t see anything but okay at least I can see some

Blocks o i baby zombie kind of yeah maybe they’re in the walls just like probably yeah oh more zinc it would be nicer if they called sink honestly we didn’t get the goddamn Redstone no oh wait where is it it’s down there really down deep oh right there right

There oh hold on yeah I I need Redstone I love making redstone contraptions that’s the only thing I’m good at in this game o red stone red stone red stone yeah okay thank you thank you very much artifacts are completely powerful to the point that they destroy the world

My artifacts are so powerful that they can destroy the world they say I don’t have artifacts oh jeez what if I look at the Enderman right now I think he’s going to get mad probably should I test it out maybe if we get a bit higher oh yeah yeah yeah definitely further

Away bam parkour I got I don’t know where I am right now oh we made it outside and somehow alive and I only died once which is surprising o what was that what was that oh there’s another way there ancient life form times you had a sword called

The Acorn of death and the shield could literally destroy the world and also destroyed galaxies as well huh gal what somebody called you Acorn of death no they say that I used to have a weapon called The Acorn of death also a shield oh shows how much they learned

History I’m just a common old man SP wait we’re at spawn wait herebody over here oh hello Acorn uh what who’s speaking who’s speaking who’s speaking where you can’t see me where is okay let’s just continue I guess okay uh what should we where should we go next sandwich sandwich sandwich

Sandwich no somebody else is over here oh let’s go let’s go let’s greet him let’s greet him I get rid of hello hello it’s it’s my favorite piece full blood blood I mean Redstone potato did you found food yes potato I love your skin you hey hey hey hey guys

Guys I must I must bring yall I don’t must but I shall bring y’all over here so we can take a look at something get rid of who as you can tell from my skin I am a businessman mhm very business and I love

And I love I love beer okay and so with this country that I’m bringing us all with with chob you know cuz heason number one we shall we shall have yeah exactly we shall have we shall have endless beer and and Fortune so if y’all want to join this

Country I’m just a poor boy from a pop nobody will you do the T very very frightening Galileo gal I’m not about to wait was I here before I think I wasn’t yeah there could be Iron let’s go inside I mean I haven’t been here so have I been here I don’t remember

Remember I’m going to get out of here I have no idea why I went back in in a cave I mean I just got out of cave I I mean it’s a new cave probably but I mean I that’s the first time I have seen that

Cave so I have no idea why I went back to to a new cave even if I oh cave don’t hershy hershy is anti jaacob Master can’t wait to see your house my house oh I have already a plan for a houseand and we are we are vegan friendly here are

We yeah I mean do you see any do you see any meat on me I mean you are kind of made out of Flesh you are too n not really do you see any meat on me you know look I’m I’m all for the environment see see you can

You can ask Manny over here a tree grew behind me I’m literally the goddess deer from the Greek myths um really then what’s that that’s yours that’s not mine why was it in your pocket I don’t have pockets what you mean that’s what they all say you see

Any pockets on me I don’t have any me don’t you have pockets where where were you hiding the meat I wasn’t in the meat I mean I am a businessman after all and I I like to entice my where where where were you I would never

Hold you know what it’s not it’s not very vegan friendly of you to be holding meat listen and listen well I mean vegan by I’m not going to kill any creature or thing uhhuh yeah not like I’m not going to eat I’m I’m going to eat rotten

Flesh I have a gift for you made of the plasma cells he made cell without any flesh huh wait what gift if you come down here please yeah gift what’s the gift what’s your favorite color yellow perfect a flower for me got yes it’s for thank you thank you very much first time

I actually get a flower really oh no not really flowers you know here you go a carrot very nice trade you perfect exchange yes indeed and you you I’m guessing your favorite color is red because you’re wearing red so it’s but thank you I’m sorry it’s country meet me

Beauti me I hope you’re not threatening Master because if you did we will be coming for you oh my God no no oh dear I’m going insane uh now they’re threatening if anyone threatens me they’re going to threaten uh they’re basically threatening you guys or or

Other yeah yeah it’s okay we’re a whole country we’re good we’re a whole country but you don’t know what they’re capable of you do not know what they’re capable of what’s uh it’s okay we got we got we got Jacob as our ruler and he’s he’s a tough cookie I like

Cookies cut of meat leg meat onone all tough cookies are good cookies exactly exactly ah oh my Lord I can’t keep watching this no no got to plant some back no I didn’t do anything uhuh what’s this what’s this totally what’s this to hey hey Hershey yeah I need you know that you

Are on on on my property it’s I’m I’m not I’m not telling you that you can’t do this I’m just saying that by making this right here that would make the it’s the country NE portal I like obsidian obsidian is a pretty block I want

It you just tried to kill him that is my Ally if you if you hurt him that makes you an enemy of the country I like obsidian obsidian’s nice oh did I get it did I get it where is it where is it where is where’s the where is

It oh maybe maybe it fell in the lava eating plant matter Master is becoming strong enough to destroy universes so he can take care of Johnny cocky and the evil Gora eating plant matter gives me makes me stronger oo wait a minute why can’t I break this meat this

Is I can move or else I’ll die I just wanted some berries you can right click them no I can’t yeah you can’t right cck how did you do that I the only of the server I move I die that’s that’s op that is

Op okay if I move I die if I move I die don’t punch me don’t do anything if I move I die F then I’m sacrificing you to master I didn’t I didn’t think that you could push it’s okay I’m sorry I’m so sorry I didn’t take any of your stuff except

For your head oh iron wait where’s my where’s my oh we I’ve become a murderer the flower I can’t I no before what I lost the flower I placed it down accidentally and it disappeared open your I lost my purpose go into your inventory then click click

The spot where it was what master I want to know who it it’s up here magic join your country today it’s magic I got it yay wood time for wood sorry brother tree I must chop you down to survive this Cru cruel world thank you for understanding meet on bone cut of meat

Poultry leg dring face what’s going on to the chat oh Lord I’m sorry tree I’m I’m truly I’m truly sorry tree you’re like a cousin to me but I have to do what I have to do to survive believer I’m saf iing him to you master I found a believer I’m

Sacrificing him to you a non-believer oh my God they’re sacrificing a non-believer from my chat oh no I I’m I’m used to it by now which is not good what’s going on am I getting kicked what’s happening is the world Frozen uh maybe oh no it’s not okay everything’s

Good I don’t need this chest right now a chest yeah give me a chest no you didn’t give me a chest thank you tree for your assistance to this dropped I just dropped it up here up sandwi meat on bone cut of meat poultry Le droing face grapes melon watermelon Tangerine

Lemon banana pineapple mango red apple green apple pear Peach cherries strawberry kiwi fruit tomato coconut avocado egg plant potato carrot ear of pornot pepper cucumber leafy green broccoli garlic onion mushroom peanut chestn face o ooh I found something perfect jump we must go on it’s crazy how I found haven’t found

Fishy yet where is fishy I miss fishy fishy where are you let me just whisper to her we no I can’t uh waiters here’s the souls of the D wait am I lost I think I might be lost the thing that goes to my mind when I’m going through water it’s it’s just

Um life could be dream life could be dream should be boom shom a life could be dream if you could take me on a paradise of above if you were only only one that you know oh she’s at spawn let’s go at spawn okay uh opposite direction where we were yeah

Right yep there oh I wrote really bad sandwich meat on bone cut of meat poultry leg dring face let’s go to the spawn real quick it would be faster if we created a boat I think I also have got I it seems like uh the

Chatters are uh are right now um how do I say this extracting soul from each other and and giving them to me for some reason I have no idea what that’s about I’m honest I honestly I have no idea it just started as a fun thing when there when they started calling me

Master now it’s started now it’s literally a a worshiping thing ban mango red cherries strawberry kiwi fruit tomato coconut avocado eggplant potato car good day pepper cucumber leafy green broccoli garlic onion mushroom peanut Chestnut dring face dring face o NE portal NE portal portal our country let me get in

Thisone me see this place let me see this place let me see this place what is this place where do I go now got to go back down oh you’re going oh yeah it just cut off it just cut off and I don’t have my pickaxe oh oh don’t go down don’t why

Not cuz it’s just lava oh I didn’t see that oh no okay okay A little platform doesn’t hurt wait do you think I could jump on the Strider and survive okay hold my things hold my things okay I don’t have enough don’t worry you just got to I was

Going to make a chest real um uh sure but I don’t I don’t think that’s I’m just going to throw them and I’m going to get I’m going be right pear green apple red apple mango pineapple banana lemon Tangerine watermelon melon grapes Chestnut peanuts mushroom onion garlic leafy green cucumber H pepper of

Corn carrot potato drooling face GES got get my stuff back Japanese ghost alien monster space Ander ghost sandwich meone yeah meat ring face uh please stop with the those comments the oh got my stuff back and I literally did you see how well I did that I I didn’t even

Die totally yeah I I did it perfectly I landed on the Strider not breaking a single leg easily now I got up here because uh because meanwhile I killed an Enderman an Enderman oh wait I I couldn’t have killed an Enderman uh a piglin killed an Enderman yeah that’s what happened totally

Toally oh thank you really thank you thank you so much oh this part’s going to be difficult over here is it is it oh because it’s Soul Sand right I have no idea where I’m going to build my base talking about um I’m mainly talking about uh well actually getting over there in

The first place it’s easy just jump down monster space invader Goblin Japanese ogre Japanese potato carrot ear of corn pepper cucumber leafy green broccoli garlic redle banana lemon GRE watermelon melon grapes Chestnut peanuts mushroom onion green apple carrot Peach cherries strawberry H fruit tomato coconut avocado eggplant drooling face folded

Hands pray please consume Master uh lava I wouldn’t have touched that that is shiny what if I just oh oh my God I got delayed a little bit my reaction time has not never been so quick I I saw how fast you jumped up there I I thought that you would have

Died at that one time okay hold on hold on let me just let me just F yeah yeah yeah oh that’s what I was going to do there we go hold on hold on I’m saving you o you teleported behind me I got scared gold gold mhm damn nice that’s really

Nice I have no idea why we are at the nether it’s too dangerous yet for now I serve you I helped you consume all the fruits and all the dead Souls monsters and goblins and ores and I save you m i serve you master what what oh magma boy hello little buddy pal

Would you like a scrumptious pink pallets of flowers here you go sir I know that you haven’t gotten any flowers since your arrival to the nether so I thought that this would be a nice sentiment for you do you like it I mean you’re looking it looks it’s looking at

It and it’s not doing anything look he likes it oh are you threatening me or are you just sniffing the flowers oh never mind he’s stting me in your inventory maybe he would like something else like an egg do you like eggs more nope he doesn’t like eggs either uh what about

Wheat okay no wheat I guess oh okay okay okay okay it broke wait can it oh does work with the wooden pickaxe it does work with any pickaxe oh beetro wait I just toss it down I love me some beetroot do you love some beetroot little

Guy I mean you’re not moving so I guess yes oh shoot oh okay let’s go back outside of here it’s too dangerous right now we’re we’re like in beginner levels we haven’t wait where oh I I sorry sorry for not understanding the directions it’s okay ooh I got I almost

Fell oh I hate head hitters I hate this head hitters like I well I just hate like hitting my head oh yeah yeah yeah I’m back I’m back who guess who’s back it’s me where is fishy fishy oh fishy sorry I accidentally M fishy hi fishy wait what’s the name of the

Country aoria okay yes I join y hello fish hello good day to you how wait what’s otes again r r it’s R but it’s there’s like a lot of free ones there’s a lot of free ones oh yeah wait let me I mean you start with like th000 I think coins and

Uh I got both this one for 300 you think and this one for 700 or was it the opposite get more but I I’ve not really added them to my wheel yeah I need to edit my have all the free ones hi yeah hi okay not to be pushy but y’all y’all

Can still take time but I was just wondering if y’all wanted to join still hi uh join I’m joining o I love you I I immediately when everybody’s like a country starting I’m like I against it then I heard the name I’m like sacrifice new person for our Master uh no no don’t

Please don’t please don’t please don’t be kind to the new person I me please be my base is probably going to be like pretty far away it’s okay you can still be a member and not live here huh oh yeah no my base is like the other side

Of that mountain so I’m not that far thank you for telling me fishy I’ve I’ve cut out a piece of land on adventure I go I go to an adventure to go to fishy’s house so peaceful sometimes like it just gets quiet and all o lava lava lava lava laa

Laa how are you laa hello laa how you doing laa hope you have a great day laa you’re a good day have a good day laa got to escape from this from this uh um DJ G no DJ G no indeed oh and I’m I’m great by the

Way they will never find me in here I got to hide from the humility what should we do where do I put the sacrifice do I put them in the dinosaur pin or do I put them in the hoed Predator pin because they’re already dead don’t don’t please be please be

Nice okay I think they’re gone by now I think they’re gone by now never mind never mind they’re not gone yet let’s see I need a quickly double check of time oh my goodness it’s midnight I need to jump off soon I have school tomorrow so let me tell acorn acorn yes

I’m jumping off soon because it’s like midnight and I have school tomorrow I have a test Tom tomorrow I don’t so I’m going to stay until the day and then until the sun rises okay yeah so have fun with that yeah I won’t wish I do that but I have a

Test yeah good luck on that I’m from South Africa oh very ni okay yeah you guys have much different time zones than me uh uh no figuring out like they’re like yeah CST time and I’m like okay Google tell me what CST time go to South African

Standard time is and I’m like okay Google Google you’re not giving me the right answers you’re giving me websites I want to know where yes or no answer please Google no yeah no for um time thing mine is 2 hours behind uh nice my time right now is 1200

A.m. you you here a.m. yeah mine is also 12 a.m. it’s freaking midnight I need to get off so I’m going to just quickly say goodbye to uh the Duos a PE sure mine’s two hello hello hello hello greetings have you guys seen a house St anywhere

I’m I’m just coming in to say I’m gonna a I’m G to hop out doesn’t that look like a no Noe doesn’t that look like a chicken leg if you think about it look it looks like a chicken leg look it has the red feet look it has a red feet

And it has the the the leg part it’s a chicken leg leg oh it’s a chicken leg I can see it it is a chicken leg indeed chicken egg night good night girl look over your shoulders I swim out there with a shovel do you think that chicken died

Doing the whole vegan approach I’m doing the vegan approach vegan approach the vegan lovely lovely oh that’s you good night okay I get it now I get it now good night indeed he’s also not going to kill anything yes I’m vegetarian I’ll be sure to carry some extra vegan friendly food on me

Yeah sure hey I might run into you and you might be hungry so I no I just don’t teach meat I just don’t teach meat in uh right now vegan options vegan options bye guys bye bye bye byebye wait oh oh shoot I need to eat something I got beetroot D LS loudly

Cry pumpkin if you get more eggs and get sugar can we can oh I have sugar cane I have sugar can wait oh hi hello what the [ __ ] oh my Lord God have mercy please allow me to ball I got lucky indeed you want to

Share extra you want to see my items you want to see the items I have I have I have wheat I have sugar cane I have STI three sticks redstone raw iron uh uh flowers uh planks a pumpkin a beetroot Oak and a pink pellets I just I just theave and I just

Ran around in it the most we have is two diamonds that’s it yeah that’s something at least I have lapis if you want to borrow hey wait wait a second wait wait wait wait wait a second I want it can borrow the lapis what what will I do with the lapis

Though I I hav enchant something but what I I can’t ATT anything oh pickax o o my Lord thank you so much thank you very much oh and I have one level so I don’t think I’ll be yeah need it uh I don’t wait then how

How are you going to get levels then if you’re the full like um full of wheat and uh wheat and uh I think it was coal that gives a lot of uh XP also quartz just mining yeah mining yeah exactly all right well I’ll be seeing you around

Okay Mark Wait what let him bow down to me whoa whoa whoa whoa so far behind we are very far behind I think we have to start taking this a little bit more serious okay oh okay I actually I don’t have anything to bright up you know I don’t

Have Cal so time to find some coal those horses know the way surely they do horse I ask of you to tell tell me where the coal is that’s way thank you very much horse wait where where where did she go okay I already lost my app uh my

Food I made torches very nice I have heard from this horse right here that in front of us there is uh coal let’s go that way and he was probably right because look at that it’s an island o a very fancy one oh there oh there’s some here

What there’s some coal right here where oh I guess he was right right he was he was very right and more zinc too zinc let me get some of this zinc you know what what I think we have to start getting diamonds same ooh Iron God damn it I’m I’m I’m telling you right now when I’m going to wake up tomorrow or actually l no when it’s going to be uh day I’m going to be so goddamn tired I won’t be able to concentrate so much sugar giant monuments of yourself in the server everywhere bigger

Than the average building he wants me to make uh giant statues of myself all over the server oh my gosh you know or technically you could literally just like just like uh just die over and over again just like uh making more of these yeah and then just

Placing them all over just placing them all over yeah exactly but I actually have I think I have like a great idea about uh the heads so we can use the heads to make a game of guess who that is such a great idea right I think that’s that could be really

Interesting a nice little cave there could be some iron in here I’ve got to be careful I like I have like barely any food I have no food oh so we’re oh de okay let’s go backwards I’m walking I’m talking I’m walking zinc more zinc I think zinc

Isn’t such a good material if it’s everywhere right uh probably I I mean I don’t think uh it’s used for like any um well anything that damn I just think it’s it it’s I can I get food right now if I’m a vegan right now in this game what can I

Do I mean okay I I do have some potatoes and carrots and I also have sweet berries yeah also probably save some for Farm yeah I think yeah you going to be my farming buddy sure tit we going to be size dinosaurs bigger than a f Story

House holy moly I just got the Titanic sours are known to be Titanic siiz dinosaurs bigger than five story houses what huh what imagine if I actually spoke like this in real life imagine how everyone would think I’m insane actually they big is four stor buildings actually they’re four story

Buildings my mind commits suicide yeah everyone’s wondering what what what’s he talking about think that’s epic wake up wake up okay um okay what already a frame plus one of the titanosaurs are bigger than the others and this guy is known as the world’s largest dinosaur

Hon I think we should um start Speed running no I well I mean kind of I honestly was going to say like set up like a like a small like camp and then like a smaller farm so that we can actually food I already to be honest I

Already have like an idea of a really nice hut that I basically made in a different world oh really yeah I I I really enjoyed uh I think it was yesterday when I made it I just really wanted to make something uh you know and I was like

Wondering I wanted to make like a little Hut and it turned out never roared and dinosaurs have lips dinosaurs have dinosaurs have never roared and dinosaurs have lips [Laughter] okay uh but uh yeah so I made the little Hut right and I like it very much because it

Has like this tree sticking out of it like basically INR and this looks really nice a different a different guy now says why are you talking about dinosaurs oh my God I think I think I’m going insane I think I will need to put like a

Like a limit of the things that people can write and if they want to to like no but like um your your Hut actually kind of uh in a way it matches uh what I was doing I was planning to do yeah I was going to kind of make like an

Like an enchanted forest area oh yeah oh I ran out of Sprint oh no that’s really bad I think we need to go look for food let’s go on an adventure to look for food let’s go I mean we could basically be neighbors I mean I I already basically

Said that to fishy that we could also be neighbors so I think we could like be like a triangle type of situation you know yeah because I want I don’t know what like fishy said uh yeah oh my gosh what’s that I want to get the goat horn I I

Dibs on the goat horn dibs on the go dinosaurs are not related to Raptors at all instead of claw on their hands and they with them and their big isn’t rexo but smaller public size okay we could have we could we could have made a pumpkin with pumpkin pies oh really damn

It wait but there’s chickens nearby I think wait let me look for chickens I’m pretty good at looking for chickens because I am one okay let’s see I mean over to over the hills I usually find the chicken and I like chicken okay let me do my call I only sheep and

Pigs dinosaur fossils have been found on all seven continents all nonavian dinosaurs went extinct about 66 million years ago there are roughly 700 known species of extinct dinosaurs so I think we there’s this thing we should do where it’s we we place our uh bed close to The

Outpost right and we click on it so we have the respawn Point nearby it right okay yeah I think that’s that might be the best idea to get the stuff we want I mean you can get the crossbow and [ __ ] stuff like that if I remember

Correctly uh is there only a chest like at the top I think there is only the chest at the top yes I think that’s how it worked okay so let’s uh put the bed b right there where you are at can’t we literally just like build across

Wait I mean we can but they can still see us and I’m slow right now uh can you play please place the bed so we are safe I I am very paranoid all the time thank you very much thank you thank you bro stop okay I don’t have any

Blocks oh they’re mad at me no no I have done nothing wrong I am a poor boy um don’t please hurt me I am very very sorry if I cause you inconvenience no they haven’t shot me a single time familiar years ago I didn’t even say that going there should wait there

Should be carrots there too okay yeah I I blocked the entrance or the exit and I’m grabbing everything oh no there’s nothing good here I think somebody looted this somebody has looted this a dang it yeah I think so because I found Cher Cherry Cherry chicken God damn

It God damn it’s indeed there’s a lot of pillagers pillagers assemble so I have noticed that all of you keep uh being uh very mean and I want to change this so let’s maybe talk about respect respect is a thing where you care for someone and you you admired your opinion so in

Conclusion if we ever uh uh listen I am trying to educate these pillagers okay I’m trying to educate them so being mean is not as good as being nice because if you’re nice people like you but if you’re mean people don’t so in conclusion yeah yeah so understand it pillagers you you

Do understand what I’m I’m talking about right pillagers oh there’s another one tiny then say hi to aurus dinosaurs are than just one just imagine a on a dinosaur body oh noodle on dinosaur body that could be interesting really interesting in fact I think I might be

Stuck I mean they they still want to hear my speeches blocks uh yeah 33 do you want them um do you want the blocks uh no you can just like uh start building towards uh the bed the bed right right where’s the bed oh there’s the

Bed oh shoot never mind never mind never mind yeah I was I was giving a very nice public speech I told you no guys remember what we talked about I got eggs oh shoot guys remember what we talked about being nice is better than being mad I’m I’m at a heart oh no

Worries remember guys what I said before being bad is not good being good is good they not [Laughter] chasing I have no Sprints okay there we go thank you pillers for understanding my conditions they’re so nice I mean they haven’t shot me a single time they

Haven’t shot me a single well you’re not about to look behind you oh shoot they’re all coming for me they’re all coming for me I’m dead I’m definitely dead hello sir please kill Me ooh I got my head finally it’s about time I got my Sprint back okay okay ooh HOH try me try to catch me Mate m- nuh-uh you ain’t killing me okay oh I found a way to kill them oh oh my God yes oh my God they’re killing each other uh look behind you oh shoot I think we should take the bed somehow and run right but after we die die one time

Wait no I’m not wait wait okay I’m good get your okay I’m good I’m good I’m good okay let’s go let’s go let’s go hey you take the bed you take the bed okay I take the bed okay I’m getting I’m taking the bed okay let’s go run I’m with the pillagers don’t

Worry run run just keep going this way yeah let’s just go okay I’ve got three eggs I got three of my heads why don’t you just hit them with your sword I have my own head it I could be like a bobblehead now oh damn why don’t I hit them with a

Sword one of the persons in the chat says I don’t hit them with the sword because I’m vegan I don’t I won’t I won’t kill anything it’s against my morals okay okay okay okay okay uh uh what’s that Diamonds oh my Lord that actually such a beautiful

Cliff look at it look at that place it is hold on hold on hold on wait so do you actually have sugarcane I do have a nine of them okay I’m making uh I’m going to make some pumpkin pies just don’t use all of them we we need them oh never

Mind here’s more oh you found more yeah right here we are we are the ones who are called Farmers We Are Farmers wait so do you have eggs or no uh not really no but I can find a chicken I’m really good at finding those okay uh there’s a lot of skeletons and

Zombies oh now it’s daytime and they burning zombies try to reach me try to reach me without D okay wait okay now try to reach me without dying I think they’re going to reach me wait wait see I told you they wouldn’t reach me I told you now my food source has been

Provided okay rotten flesh doesn’t count rotten flesh doesn’t count I already started reading it it’s a habit by now same as spider eyes yeah spider eyes don’t count they’re not they’re not food I can’t think why is this such a pretty place to build like look at it it’s

Beautiful like on top of the mountain right uhhuh let’s let’s let’s let’s check it out maybe that could be our home what should I uh get rid of I don’t know I can’t pick up oh I’m going to grab it okay thank you oh yeah Master remember I discovered a new species of

Fungus I think it is a trunk going down our string connect to the roots in the bottom and a thing connecting to the leaf that looks like a leaf that looks like a leaf uh one of my CHS says that they found a new fungus like that they

Think they found a new fungus they might have found a new fungus and it’s Circ black thing is black the thing is black and it looks like a leaf like a Le do you know such such a mushroom a fungi oh my Lord it actually is gorgeous up

Here no this like the best place we can go higher hold on higher I thinker okay I just want to see like it’s still going still beautiful it’s still pretty still gorgeous still still amazing there’s snow back here there’s freak snow oh that’s the snow ruins it the snow ruins it oh there’s

Goats we can get a screaming goats horn let’s get that do you know how to get the horns or do you not all right uh you have to like like make him try to run into you and then make him hit a wall yes exactly so

Let’s do it let’s get the hole fast wait I think I found one I found I found one it’s this one did you see how it jumped was like mm wait wait let me che check something we should probably wait let me let me see something yeah wait we we should we

Definitely should we do that we do that okay so uh you should probably put the bed down though oh yeah definitely play definitely play oh wait do I have the bed right I do have the bed oh shoot I think all of these are screaming goats

Which which is really good wait let me make the wall was it wasn’t it like you needed uh specifically a stone wall I think so look it’s Gerald give me a kiss what oh it’s just any hard block any hard block occurs naturally where goats spawn does this work oh but it’s usually

Probably going to be Stone so let’s just get some of this let’s smelt it right Master having heard of bear dogs Master having heard of bear dogs bear dogs bear dogs do you know what’s a bear dog bear dog no neither do I ooh there’s a cool Cliff but I really

Like that one side I I would really like to make my base right there it’s really pretty really pretty I think I’m going actually to make it there Mark I might make mine uh kind of like the flat area like a kind of a cross

Yeah yeah I want to make my own trees yeah I think that would be cool I think we could be like um yeah yeah I think I know where I’m going to build I do not know if you’re going to uh I do not know where you’re going to

Build but in case if you will need any farming things I am going to be your guy I can give you any food any no not meat food me meat meat doesn’t count as food in this scenario I understand this is full of like all yellow flowers sandwich sandwich uh what what yellow

Flowers ooh it’s really pretty yes yes it’s really pretty oh shoot you teleported okay so I have the the stone smelting right now is there a desent cousins frogs and wolves basically the whole K9 species desent cousins and they eat bones and flesh and their

Okay so uh it seems like bear wolves are just big wolves who are like cousins of just wolves oh it’s like a dir wolf right it’s a dir wolf situation I guess wait okay so I’m going to make the wall I’m going to start making the wall I

Think for the the thing all right Bam Bam Bam Bam sheeps come get me wait what I got three more blocks in my hand what they disappeared I’m going mental let me put another block here okay I think you need to show their butts towards them right that’s how it

Worked are you killing sheep I I don’t I’m I’m up here what oh okay so I’m going to do it like this so like they are going to run into only Ram unmoving targets they can see within a range of four to 16 blocks okay okay really good information really good

Information okay I have gotten my stand and I’m not going to move I’m going to use free cam and just like look around the place you know okay oh damn it I hear I hear a zombie okay yeah I’m going free cam mode it look it looks so weird looking

At myself with a big head no oh so I I got it wrong okay let me just look around the the base that I’m going to think of making yeah I think it looks cool yeah even the mountains make it look actually cool I like it it’s really nice so many different mobs

Really I think I need to somehow L lure the goats to me somehow amethyst um three cam is fun your ancestors to canines and wolves but not part of the species or relatives or they’re not part of the species or relatives huh I’m so wait I think there’s a v v

There’s a village nearby there is yes I I saw it this way that that way look it’s this way how do you how do you know free cam baby that’s what I call it and a ravine it seems oh wait our stuff still up here uh

No worries we’re going to come back for it I need that horn I need that horn well I got teleported back a space or two that’s okay see I told you oh no and it’s such a pretty Village and it’s such a pretty one the Iron Golem still there that

Oh that’s really good that’s really good we actually can get bread now yes we have food we have food food and even better a bell let me get that let me get that let me get the Bell oh you’re going to get it okay I like the where the where the Bell

Go huh huh again very laggy what happened I I got this oh there okay oh I’m back what what has happened while I was gone oh we definitely we need to check this out like we need to clear this up because I don’t of my my civilians getting injured pineapple

What they areally close but not in the same species like two different branch coming from one branch from another species that is what I’m trying to say oh okay I think I understand it oh my God the lag is unbearable you can cross a road why why did the chicken cross the road

Oh shoot so oh my God that’s also a very gorgeous view it seems like flying is not available on the server h Oh my God I’m lagging very much wait where did you go help help help help me okay I’m lagging the heck out I’m flipping out hello this I was on a a hay block right you broke it and then it kicked me because it said no flying

Available you were on one I was on the Block and I bro and you broke it and then I it said no flying allow basically my screen you w even on a anyways I’ve got 29 hay bales I got 15 okay actually I think I will need to

Renew this Village I like it very much and also I saw really master and also there’s like really pretty view over there look do you think you would like to build there uh probably actually like probably around here is actually pretty good yeah yeah I mean you’re close to my

Place I mean it’s it’s my place wait I need to I need to uh basically say that it’s my place by putting uh I don’t know something okay let’s go back really fast I got to get there fast oh oh you’re coming with me oh shoot oh

No his head was short though fishy business you should go mining mining I think I already went mining a while ago and I’m not going right now to kill myself so uh not not yet who help help Crazy it’s lagging so much I’m alive God damn it I need help please please help stop laughing at me brother’s on McDonald’s wifi I’m not on McDonald’s wifi they told me that I’m on McDonald’s Wi-Fi oh shoot we sinking we sinking okay I’m going to have hypothermia

This video, titled ‘Playing in a MINECRAFT SMP for the first time’, was uploaded by AcornDoesStuff on 2024-02-18 22:54:03.
It has garnered 80 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 02:20:51 or 8451 seconds.

#minecraft #vtuber #smp #live
For the first time im playing in a SMP

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  • FroobWorld Semi-Vanilla SMP PvE 1.20.4

    Server Information IP: Discord: Join our Discord Website: Visit our Website Dynmap: Check out our Dynmap About FroobWorld FroobWorld is a small survival server that has been running since 2011. If you enjoy old-school SMP, you will love our server. Rules include no griefing, no stealing, no cheating, and keeping chat at PG-13 levels. Features Land claiming with no size limit Lockette-style chest locking /rtp, /home, /spawn, /tpa, /back commands Long-term maps 32 chunk view distance No donations or prizes for votes Read More

  • Formo Craft

    Formo CraftNon-Premiun Server 100% Survival 1.20.4 | Job | Economy | ProtectionCome in and Invite your Friends, the game is 100% survival. Play a fair game. Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – You’re mine! 馃槈

    Looks like this meme really struck gold! Just like in Minecraft, it’s always a good feeling to find something valuable with a score of 74! Read More

  • Mickey’s Minecraft Mayhem: Terminator Time!

    Mickey's Minecraft Mayhem: Terminator Time! In a park, Mickey Mouse felt a bit bored, But a portal appeared, oh what a reward! He jumped right in, to a Minecraft land, Where dangers lurked, oh it was grand. Meeting new friends, facing the night, Mickey got creative, built a robot so bright. Armed to the teeth, with guns and missiles, Defending the village, against all thistles. Impressing the locals, with his engineering feat, Mickey showed them, how to beat the heat. Leaving behind, his creation so grand, Mickey’s adventure, left a mark in the sand. Friendship and innovation, the lessons he taught, In a world… Read More

  • Minecraft Meme: The Hottest Blocky Banter

    Minecraft Meme: The Hottest Blocky Banter “Why did the creeper break up with his girlfriend? She couldn’t handle his explosive personality!” #minecraftmemes #relationshipproblems 馃槀馃幃 Read More

  • Crafting a Fridge in Minecraft

    Crafting a Fridge in Minecraft My First Impressions on “JAK ZBUDOWA膯 LOD脫WK臉 W Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #viral” Introduction: OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube and came across this Minecraft video titled “JAK ZBUDOWA膯 LOD脫WK臉 W Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #viral” and I was like, what even is this? But I clicked on it anyway because why not, right? The Video: Okay, so the video starts with this dude named Wojan trying to build a fridge in Minecraft. Like, who even thinks of building a fridge in a game about mining and crafting? But hey, it’s kinda cool to see how creative people can get… Read More