Stealing Catnap’s Secret Diary in Minecraft!

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Hi it’s TV and today katab is being really weird what is katab doing katab katab what wait bethanie what are you doing wake up Huggy Huggy I want to play beanie come on I need your help leave Huggy wuggy alone oh okay look Kat Up’s being really weird

Katab what’s going on canab are you a what’s wrong why you being Su where you going hey hey kab’s up to no good we need to find out what he’s up to maybe we should ask Mommy long legs for help oh or we can ask Huggy

Huggy Huggy wake up we need your help no just leave Huggy wuggy alone it’s fine okay he’s probably taking a nap or something we’ll ask Mommy Long Legs Mommy we’re coming inside Mommy what Mommy there you are what what look you’re both pink hi Mommy stop waving to

Everyone oh my gosh we’re both pink slay girl slay oh oh my gosh SL it look so cute great okay guys Mommy Long Legs what’s going on with cat now why is he being so weird he’s not acting like his normal self oh I I actually don’t know I

Was wondering that before he was being so sassy recently sassy as well sus and Sassy this isn’t like catnap at all we need to find out what’s going on how do we find out oh just take his diary or something and rate it diary you can’t do

That that’s private yeah you can’t do that yeah you can’t if you’re not a wuss you know what I I double dog dare you be need to get the diary I triple dog dare you I don’t want to get in trouble well I quadruple do you well I

Um what’s the fifth one it times I quadruple dog dare you times infinity squared a you got me okay fine why don’t we both do it we have to find out what’s wrong with CAD daav maybe his diary says what’s wrong okay okay I just don’t want

To get in trouble yeah yeah you’re not going to tell on us right no no why would I tell on you I I ain’t no snitch okay we’ll be right back good good let’s go bethanie okay wait where where would his diary be it’ be in his

Apartment so we have to go through the event uh do you mind of spiders and cobweb um I don’t like spiders they creep me out well we have to climb through the event to get to catnaps apartment so uh you might want to as long as it go really fast yeah yeah

Close your eyes and just like go as fast as you can yeah but then I can feel the cobwebs ew okay here we go just follow the blood don’t worry about the blood wait wait you said to close my eyes yeah yeah just follow my voice follow my boys

There you go come this way there you go oh yeah yeah yeah just be careful don’t bump your head oh I got a spider in my mouth no ha I did it haha okay at least there’s no spiders though we’re okay okay we just have to get that diary we

Got to get kab’s Diaries his his secret di there rats ah let’s right go get him go get him run from the rat run from the rat I didn’t know there were rats I don’t know which way to go I want to die is it this

Way I think I went the wrong way oh quick this way I think it bit me it bit you oh no you probably a rabies now oh no we have to get you to the hospital actually I got my Raby shot not too long ago so I think I’m good oh

Perfect okay uh do know wait wait wait I know how bad at popour you are so I’m here hurry hurry go go ah go hey look I ow I helped you ha smelly rat bye stinky it had like evil eyes too that was so scary e i okay well let’s go to cat

Poppin let’s go can up can up aren’t you go with cats why don’t you go first okay wait w what is this look at this big tub of like purple liquid what you I said look oh sorry look at this tub o very sus let’s let we we’ll probably come

Back to that later Let’s uh let’s investigate the apartment okay wait if we’re going to steal his his diary he can’t know we have to be very sus I mean not I mean we are very Su we have to be not sus but we have to yeah he can’t

Know that we’re here yeah yeah yeah okay all right wait um I can be the distraction if he’s in here wait no no no no no no no no if he knows if he knows that we’re in here he’s going to be on to us and he might hide his diary

Okay just just follow Follow My Lead okay just follow me we’re got to be super secret okay wait uh make sure you crawl okay like this really I don’t want to get cat hair on my onesie oh wait there he is he’s on the tower oh I see

Him you could Crouch at least do something okay okay all right I’m crouching yeah I found the wall okay I’m being I’m trying to be sneaky sneaky do you see where his diary is no it’s probably in his bedroom wait a second what is this channel member Sky role

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Get bloopers so exclusive videos that is not available for anyone else uh free books if you live in America and also loyalty badge and emojis so yeah check them out oh where’s catnap doing what’s catap doing still there okay this might be a good chance uh okay no that’s the

Bathroom not that way go this way go this way oh it’s the other room yeah yeah yeah yeah uh okay wait he’s drinking the milk we got time we got time oh this quick okay pH uh wait why is that full beds in cat naab’s Place yeah I was

About to say does catnap have siblings or something I don’t know oh wait he has a sister he has Kitty nap he has a sister maybe his sister visits oh okay um I’m not okay have a look for the diary do you see the diary yeah I’m not

I’m not finding it I don’t see it either maybe there’s another room I don’t see it yeah maybe that maybe that was the other room maybe this was just like the guest bedroom yeah okay go go go go go go go go oh oh yeah

Look check it out in here wait is this the diary ooh is it algebra oh no that’s the dictionary okay uh no that’s not a diary that’s the DI e oh wait I found it canab secret diary we got it we got it we it’s

Locked wait get it won’t open oh no oh it’s got one of those like little key things on it yeah we got to find a key now wait look have a look around for a key uh I don’t see it in the TV and yeah check the pillow check on the bed okay

Did you check on the bed yeah I’m I’m I’m oh now you’re crawling the floor under there now you’ll crawl on the floor you got cat AR of your onesie no I need one of those lint rollers wait I feel like we’re being a bit too loud I’m

Sure hoping that catnap didn’t hear us I think uh-oh uh Hey catnap catnap checking out your room cuz how cool it is yeah we just came to visit you and not take the oh wait what is this uh yeah this I did ow run run

I’m sorry I’m sorry Ken we need to know what’s what’s going on Bey where you where come on Bey go go go I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying can’s chasing us can’s chasing us quick this way this way we’re got to get back to the main room

And get back to Mommy Long Legs scratch beever quick he’s got nine lives run go go go go quick uh quick to the lab to the lab over here this way to the lab Cab’s chasing us can Up’s chasing us go run run run run are we still are we safe

Are we safe wait that’s can up wait wait the door is lock it wait go to the bathroom hide in the bathroom hide in the bathroom the boys room come on the boys room I’m going to go to the girls room no you’re got to go to the Boys

Room quick we’re going to hide the girls girl okay fine I’ll hide with you okay where Bey are you in a stall I’m in a stall yes I’m not I’m not looking I’m not looking I’m waiting I’m not going to the bathroom I’m hiding okay well I it’s

It’s rude to look at ladies in the bathroom I’m not looking are you did you watch your hands wash your hands I didn’t go to the bathroom you’re still it’s still covered in germs do you know how much that door handle has germs okay what about you then you should wash your

Hands too I didn’t touch the store door handles my gosh we good okay uh I think kab’s gone let me just have a peek uh yeah kab’s gone perfect pH are you okay that was scary yeah he kind of scratched me a little bit but I think I’ll be all

Right H we need to get into this uh diary oh maybe inside the lab there’s something that we can use to get into it like maybe there’s like another key or like a a tool yeah like Pig locking like a lockpick do you know how a lock pick

Is there like a laser lock pick we could use that’d be awesome wait wait wait let’s we can quickly look up a guide how to lock pick a a lock uh oh no this video is 24 minutes long that’s too long oh no I can’t do

That we can’t do that I have a bobby pin in my hair maybe I could use a bobby pin H you could try that uh I’m going to have a look around and see if there’s any other tools oh there’s a wrench do you want to try the wrench here try the

Wrench as well oh yeah that’ probably work a little bit better but the bobby pin I feel like the bobby pin will probably be better uh maybe here I’ll I’ll do a little yeah try both I’m having to look uh I can’t find any other tools there’s nothing else how’s it

Coming along uh it’s pretty good did you get out get come on I heard it click I heard it click no that was your hair you’re just flicking your hair oh I got it click the lock no that brittle okay I just washed it okay wait

Smooth all right give me give me the diary give me the diary okay here we go okay it’s not working maybe mommy longlegs can help us cuz she wanted in the first place right so maybe she knows a way to get into it oh wait speaking of

The devil there she is hey Mommy Long Legs hey we got it look we got it oh hello hi you got it yeah we got it it was all uh it was a scary chase scene your cat was chasing us she scratched be he scratched Bethany yeah oh what oh

Life or death situation yeah we hid in the girl’s bathroom it was gross yeah it was so gross hey wait it wasn’t that bad yeah girl bathroom is not gross you should see the boys bathrooms don’t ever see the boys bathroom it’s gross guys comment down below isn’t the

Boys bathroom gross boys answer this question the boys bathrooms are so gross nasty anyways uh if you can help help us out uh here you go we we tried to Ranch in a bobie pin but nothing was working yeah you know cuz it’s locked we don’t have a

Key yeah I see you know I might have some in um you know like the in the make a friend room you know I might have some tools that I can work on it for you know oh cool do you want to come with or Oh

No you’re good just uh keep an eye out on catap so he doesn’t attack Bethy again okay bye see you later bye bye by bye Mommy Stephanie is she acting a bit weird as well why is everyone acting weird today I feel like she has a secret agenda yeah

Her telling us to stay here you know it seems suspicious yeah kind of maybe she’s got something up her sleeve yeah come with me uh let’s see if we can find catnap uh and mommy and figure out what’s going on H or she’s got at the grinder then uh maybe oh no maybe

There’s something inside the diary that she wants that cat up didn’t want us to see oh like a secret yeah well I mean it’s a secret diary yeah where is catnap totally maybe we should ask catnap maybe like maybe we just did a really bad thing catnap wait the cat’s going to get

Mad if we maybe it’s going to be a good thing oh wait there catnap wait wait hey catb I know okay wait hide behind me hide wait hide behind Huggy Huggy keep you safe okay Huggy okay uh hi catnb what’s wait no stop stop stop stop listen listen listen listen we’re cool W

Cool listen uh I’m so sorry for stealing your diary I know that was super wrong of us uh but look it was are you waving again okay wake up okay I need your help cat up is going to hurt me please yeah so momy long legs has the diary now is that

Okay wait what what do you mean there was a secret formula inside the diary well I’m sorry that I’m sorry for stealing it I’m sorry that secret formula ow stop it wait you specifically you specifically didn’t want Mommy Long Legs to have it uhoh uh ooh oh that’s

Why you hit it I’m sorry we didn’t we didn’t know you you we just yeah we were just wondering why you were being so weird and being sus because you’re trying to learn how to become a mutant and wait if Mommy Long Legs has the secret formula she

Could become a mutant Mommy Long Legs oh no that sounds even bad that sounds worse yeah that’s that’s that’s really bad well we need to stop it she went that way quick K up we need to team up and get up I’m so sorry we need we’re on

The same page now I promise Mommy Mommy Mommy L what are you doing no nothing I just have the secret formula now from cadb so I can become a mutant well you can’t because it’s locked and the only person who has the key or knows where the key is is cnab

Cnab do you have the key on you bu any chance like what is do you have the key like what is what is happening wait oh wait the key hey I have the key haha you can’t get the diary without the key that’s fine then I guess I’ll just have

To take you down then wait what guys guys back up back up no take this m take this take this they got me they got me I’m try I’m trying you’re not being very slay right now yeah you’re you’re not being slay with that ugly onesie yeah I said it

What ugly ony I full whe cool yeah yeah I said it oh my gosh that was so where are you going where you going you’re V running away why are you running away ow ow jeez okay I’ll break it I got you I got you she got the diary she

Dropped the diary I got it the diary no the diary no you’re you’re you’re actually not that heavy for like a giant mutant spider I thought that you would be a lot heavier but honestly like good for you have you been working out yeah no I definitely have I’m so glad you’ve

Noticed oh my gosh good for you I’m so proud of you thank you I appreciate it okay die oh my got we did it woo we did we stopped m l legs wait stop waving she went in the grinder I was saying goodbye okay wait canab did you have the diary

Who picked up the diary you picked up the diary I I found it okay wait throw it to me throw it to me ooh wait canab is it cool to look inside the diary yeah yes okay perfect I’m going to unlock it and unlocked and can have

Secret formula oh it’s it’s a code yeah it’s a code it says cat and then DD and it’s a bunch of numbers oh so you use this to become IM mutant what is this dog day is cute well you don’t want me to read that bit oh sorry there you go

Wow oh my wait so we have the secret formula wait we could turn you into a mutant now o uh we should go do that be you going to come with yeah I mean well actually I don’t know this room’s pretty cool I kind of want to make my own

Friend oh okay why don’t you go do that then yeah cabet and I’m going to wave at them be like hey yeah yeah yeah uh hey canab why don’t we go uh to to muted then uh let’s go this way all right bye beffy bye okay canab let’s go turn you into a

Mutant let’s go hi it’s TV and I’m stuck with mutant catnapp and Mommy Long Legs oh no what are you guys doing what do you want from me I want us to be one big giant Family TV wait what uh I don’t know what if I

Want to leave is that okay oh no no you’re not going to be able to leave ow what who who you a cat oh no you’re so terrified oh my gosh you’re so creepy looking wait do you want to be part of this too wait no wait wait wait what did you

You do to him I well he wasn’t very Cooperative so I turned him into a mutant wait what wait wait wait you what I don’t want to REO you going to turn me into a mutant if you keep fighting me oh no but I don’t want to be a mutant I

Don’t want to be a mutant cookie oh also today’s Christmas Eve hey happy Christmas everybody yay we are also going to be taking a break from uploading for a couple of days after this video uh but I hope you guys all have a a great Christmas happy holidays

And this is the last video with the cookie I know you guys all love the cookie but go back to a TV I’m a TV anyways mommy please don’t do this to us oh wait I have an idea kab you know what you’re just as strong if not stronger

Than Mommy Long Legs why don’t we just ditch her and make her own family what are you saying yeah yeah get him get him get get let’s get out of here let’s gra can let’s go let’s go let’s let’s close the door here ah ha you can’t get out ha

Oh really run run run go go go quick way quick we’re going to hide we’re going to hide hide around this corner she w’t see us go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go okay just R here just R here C

Up okay quick she wants see us no got oh they better oh they went to the vent didn’t they perfect okay right and she is struggling she’s just Str and then she’s gone hey catnap hey it’s just you and me you know what she wants us to

Have a family so you know what why don’t we become one big happy family but I don’t know how to be a cat um don’t know anything how to be a mutant cat do you think you could teach me why don’t you adopt me and I could be your

Son yeah oh my gosh yeah but I’m not there yet we need to learn how to be you like how do I do you see the family resemblance cuz I sure do yeah okay what’s our what’s our first thing on the agenda what should we do first wait don’t you have like a

Apartment like a house maybe we should go check that out and like through the wait for the event wait cats like to climb through events oh yeah that’s a great idea why don’t you teach me how to like climb for the EV there you go so how do you do it

Even as a mutant oh my gosh wow you even you’re just bumping your head oh my gosh are you oh wait cats get lost oh I get it oh oh wait we have to be careful cuz I think Mommy Long Legs went in here we have to be very careful okay just keep

Going just teach me how to be a cat look I’m being a cat yeah this is so weird Okay climbing through there you go there you go you kind of know where you’re go right it’s like senses like your cat senses is that a thing cat senses you know your your

Senses are tingling yeah yeah that’s a that’s a thing I think I think I don’t know oh we’re going to jump we’re going to jump we going to jump wait where did Mommy go I think mommy left mommy went back to I think to try to find us I

Think she realized that we didn’t go this way wait do you hear that do you smell that I smell dogs do you smell uh-oh there are dogs nearby where wait over there where oh look where there are dogs there’s there’s dog day and and Rocky my dog

Rocky and is that what is that who who is that Digi I don’t know what you mean I’m I’m doing all the dog stuff you’re telling me to do Rocky uh oh TV did you’re not supposed to see me this way what are you doing don’t look at

Me monster well I’ve been wait a second I’m learning how to be a cat and are they teaching you how to be a dog yeah that’s right the they teaching me how to be a dog Rocky is a great teacher Rocky Tau me how water he’s so

Smart are you guys playing with your dad’s wallets yeah dog what’s going on here I’m teaching Digi how to be adult did you guys know that you guys sound the similar very similar no we don’t soundike at all nope not at all TV completely different people mhm

Different yeah sure anyways oh wait wait we’re cats versus dogs which means as a cat we need to be fighting the dogs yeah yeah take that take that fight the dogss fight the dogs get him get him I’m not going to hurt my dog but I’ll get dog day dog day

Come here get hey leave me alone dii get dii he’s a dog no no no no please I’m not a dog I’m just a human or marshmallow in a dog suit wait I think that I think that do what was that I said nothing that was digy ow wait oh no

You’re going to knock me off no no no get out here huh all right time out time out we’re equally match also not to mention that we literally have a mutant catnap so you guys can’t win okay you guys are just have to come back later

When we’re not as strong uh you know what no no no no no why did you why did you do that dog day what’s wrong with you I’m aad dog all right you know what you guys got to go you guys got to get out of here you know what

Yeah we’re leaving anyways come on Rocky let’s get out of this this place Dum cats wait what about Digi oh no we don’t want him oh yeah you’re not a good dog you’re a bad dog oh okay go bye Dad bye yeah see you later losers CP up some hair

Uh okay Didi do you want to hang out with us yeah I can be a cat dog and I came perfectly prepared for that too I got myself some cat ears wait I want to see what what do you mean oh wow and they like they match your skin like your your

Marshmallow uh-huh ooh woo raar wait what about a tail you got to work you got to work towards a tail I’m a tailess cat a wait you died but you came back cuz cats have nine lives oh oh my God can you teach me how to have like nine lives

Too wait wa wait how do I do that do I just like jump or do I do I wait you got to throw me why why would you go really high cuz I and then I’m going to have like nine lives right yeah okay right you going to pick

Me up okay right let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it are you sure this is going to work yeah ow ow oh it worked hey look at that oh my go Digi you try wait throw Digi do me do me do me yeah throw him throw him

This is great yeah death death did you oh it work for you too I’m alive oh it’s great being a cat wow I actually like being a cat oh speak of a cat let’s check out at cat naab’s apartment he’s got to teach us more cat stuff since you

Didn’t work out being a dog you can join me and being a cat but I hope I look like a cat too I want to look like catnap maybe with the less of the mutant pop though I was going to say probably a little bit more CU whoa whoa who C no no

No back back no he didn’t mean it he didn’t mean he a he’s a dumb dog he’s a dumb dog now he’s my bad dog come come this way did you let’s go let’s go inside cat apartment it looks so cute in here I can’t wait to be a cat we’re

Going to be cats guys everybody watching hi are you a dog person or a cat person do you have a pet cat do you have a pet dog do you prefer cats do prefer dogs but cat can you look away real quick can you just turn around turn just turn

Around there you go I’m a dog person and I love dogs and I have a dog called Rocky he’s a border colly he’s super cute and he’s fun uh I don’t actually have a cat and I prefer dogs uh but you guys let me know in the comments below

But today I’m being adopted by catnap so we’re going to learn how to be a cat so it’s going to be super out of my comfort zone but you and me and Digi and catnap we’re going to figure it out also leave a like And subscribe if you haven’t

Already dig what about you you’re a dog person or a cat person I’m a Kad dog person a Kad dog yeah what’s a Kad dog I like cats and dogs oh I didn’t know there was a name for a dog guys are you

Both too are you a a cut dog let me know it’s funny he believes that’s a word hey nice tail ooh hey I’m working on it okay I’m working on I’m working on it it’s growing okay it’s puberty yes wait look look there’s a

Bunch of fish and milk o is this what we supposed to eat as cats okay all right uh Digi come sit next to me come sit next to me oh okay you’re my best friend Digi and I’m so excited for you to uh have a good Christmas this year H me too

I can’t wait for you to have a good Christmas also I thought you’re going to say me too I can’t wait to have a good Christmas this year I’m not that mean of a cat you know I’m a I’m a self oh you’re not that kind

Of sassy cat yeah yeah no no okay wait so let’s let’s eat these wait this is roll I don’t know if we could eat this like I don’t I don’t I don’t like it yeah we don’t can we get some like you know seasoning like some

Hubs you know can we like get get it sweet can we get it cooked at least what what do you mean no no cat eat it roll no okay just just swallow it okay just maybe just wash it down with some M okay I ate it done I did it oh yeah let’s

Let’s let’s drink some milk too oh that’s worse this is whole milk oh disgusting oh lactose intolerant are you lactose you knew that while you drug the milk I yeah yeah let me help you out let me just go it’s okay just just open your mouth there you

Go okay speaking of which I think it’s time for the bathroom I think Didi really needs the bathroom I really do I need to now have to drink all that milk I need uh let’s let’s is the bathroom oh the bathroom’s in here okay we use the

Oh no it’s just a little box wait are you sure we have to use a l box oh no uh Didi you know what you go first catnap an i way out here I don’t want you have to do you have to okay uh how

Do I okay all right uh we’ll look away we’re looking away I hope you’re looking away are you yeah yeah you’re in the other room it’s okay we’re looking the other way how’s it going it’s going it’s it’s very uh difficult make sure you kick it as well when you’re done make

Sure you kick it like you got to hide it remember oh oh right right right right kick it okay and all right done I kicked it all you did it do you want us to come in and look or like are you look at my masterpiece oh what have you done what

What is this I kicked it no you’re not supposed to kick it out of the little box ohat can you do me a favor and attack him a few times wait what no please no oh wait cats still like water we don’t like water no no water no bath

Time all right what’s next what’s do you feel your tail coming in yet oh I um yes I feel it no I feel it so we learn about nine lives we learn how to eat fish and drunk milk and we used the litter box so I feel like we’re getting a little bit

Closer wait what what is it I have one more thing what is it wa a laser guy no no no who who whoa whoa wait a no no no no no hey look wait also look I’m have a cat on top of the fridge wow look over there

Laser wait where’ it go where’d it go where’d it go I don’t know where did it go right where is it where did it go where’ it go where’ it go also look there’s a cat tower hey look I’m on the cat tower no you see you

Don’t use the cat tower you scratch on the couch oh you’re right like this yeah you don’t use the thing the human gets you C is are we doing cat wait hold on guys something feels weird something feels weird something feels weird my tail oh my gosh look I’m turning into

Canab and I have a tail look at that floofy tail wow did you wait turn around you got one too I’ve got my tail wait what kind of cat are you you look like a like a mix of a Chihuahua or a pitball fireball wow I really like your music

Pit thank you thank you wait do you hear that wait was that the front door uh oh wa who’s that wait wait is that mommy where are you you are wait mommy wait look see uh cat’s now my dad see he’s adopted me we don’t need you Mommy

You’re not my mom get out of here scram that’s run did you run run run every run scratch it scratch your eyes out go go go she she chasing us go run run run run it’s okay Chago through doors go go go go go go quick we’re going to go

Back to the generator go everyone out of the generator room go go go go go go go go run run run run run run run run run run run go go okay everyone go everyone come on come on come on one by one one by one we’re going to hide in uh the

Power room over here go go go go everyone hide everyone hide and hide before she shows up come on we can chew all the wires now ooh honestly slay all right I don’t think she saw us come in here everyone hide behind this wall just in

Case right here just in case she comes okay she’s not coming oh I see it okay where are you you can you can r no I no I don’t want to play Mar PO with Mommy no okay I don’t think she’s saw us okay pH guys I

Think we’re safe for now but she’s still after us we got to find a way to stop Mommy Long Legs wait if we keep teaching us we could just all be cats and just take her out I guess maybe oh we’ll scratch her and then infect her wounds and then she’ll die from

Bacterial infection brilliant what is wrong with you sorry that was a bit too much can you go away in the corner yes sir okay I hope you’d learn from this sorry cat is very very violent quite violent okay wait katab mutant catnap you were turned into a mutant catnap

Against your will you know because Mommy Long Legs did this so we should try to find a way to turn you back into like a normal catnap and we could be one big happy family yeah oh my gosh that’d be so much fun okay but first of all we

Need to find a way to like stop mommying so why don’t we look around this power room I’ve never been in here this looks so much fun what is this danger maybe don’t touch the thing that says danger D you can come join us now okay H everyone

Uh check in lockers and check in the cabinets to see if we can find anything useful W we’ve got thumbs yeah we have oh oh it’s a rat oh my God it’s a rat ah it’s a rat it’s a rat get the rat get the rat get the rat

Get the rat come here get it come here get it get it get it I’m hitting it a few times get it get it get it get in the corner yeah yeah we did it look at that guys honestly we just took down a

Rat we are so good at being cats oh my God we’re the best cats we’ll leave the dead carcass in front of the door for mommy to see genius why don’t you work on that we’re going to keep looking around what just just look for it I’m sure the body

Somewhere okay here mousy mousy mousy mousy okay we’re going to keep looking around all right I don’t see anything uh katab do you see anything I don’t see anything time to gift WRA you for Christmas give wrap for oh wait I have a book what is this book it says mutants

101 oh this could be useful can have this this could be useful for you um how to turn animals into mutants throw them into the goo how to turn mutants back into animals throw them into the goo it’s just the same thing wait oh do you guys remember at the generator room by

Katn Up’s place there was like a big tub I think that’s the goo we just have to go back to the generator room and throw you inside the goo and it’ll turn you back to normal there we go yeah and then we can be one big happy family or just

Cats like a little pack what’s a group of cats it could be a pride is it a pride a pride of cats I know a group of cats a murder of cats I think it’s a pride of cats I think it’s a pride I think you’re right I have

No idea well I I still want to be Pride let’s go I didn’t pay attention to history cat class uh we I feel like we should definitely go to cat class before I you know what I feel like we’ve actually learned a lot from cat now I

Feel like we we literally turned into cats look at us like so I don’t have ears though be so proud oh yeah I don’t have ears where are my ears where are my ears I can’t hear anyone not good enough yeah I’m I’m just fine I I’m the most hideous cat look at

Me love love okay okay okay okay let’s get to the generator room without Mommy Long Legs finding us so everyone go this way okay very careful also we could probably just try to throw in this for the grinder would that be a SM idea I don’t know if that’s

Going to cure catnap no two two two separate figs One Stop Mommy Long eggs two save catnaps those are that’s plot a and plot B all right did you read this SC no I can’t read English anymore I’m a we don’t use scripts anymore it’s all improv what what who’s breaking the FL

Four let’s go oh wait do you hear that uhoh wait did Mommy where are you guys you got she every every for the EV cat scatter cat scatter scatter no come here there’s a rat in here ah quick follow the rat get the rat get the rat there’s

A rat in here there’s a rat mouse come back here get the mouse get the mouse get the mouse leave the rat alone and just come here no you’re scaring us Mommy we don’t want you to adopt us we want mommy cat not to adopt us oh the

Cat’s attacking me I me the rats attacking me you don’t get you don’t get catnapped Mommy get get over here no I’m choosing my family I choose catnap saes sa e l shut up cat’s rules and Mommy rules oh take that mommy the rat I’ll just I’ll

Just I’ll just end you guys that’s fine no keep going can I run I’m getting attack from both ways from Mommy and this rat you know what rat die die rat die die yes okay no I need to wrap it up for presents oh come on come on come on

Come on everyone go go go guys guys guys guys wait we’re cats we could stop mommy charge get she doesn’t have she doesn’t have lives she doesn’t have lives she’s not C she’s not a cat go bye momy bye guys guys we did it we did it we

Stopped mommy long legs and she’s not a cast she doesn’t have nine lives which means she’s gone forever we did it w all right little hands in hands in guys hands in pause in pause in pause in all right one two three go cats go cats go

Cats go cats and you know what I want to take a nap you know what it’s it’s napping time it’s napping be Thunder Cats where’s my lightning rod lightning lightning literally no one knows what we’re talking about did you just age us no why did you no where you go oh wait

He has lives he’ll come back he’ll Spa over here right DJ oh there you are I’m here I just couldn’t deal with the the age wait where’s Puss and Boots we need Puss and Boots to come save us we need a Latino cat okay this is the goo catap

All we need to do is you need to jump in here and it’ll turn you back into regular cadap okay oh wait there’s the oh no that’s the dogs again wait we’re going to save we’re going to turn catnb back into normal catnb and then we’re going to take our strength and stop

Those dogs okay good idea okay right can up all right good luck it’s been fun hanging out with you good luck you going to jump in you turn into canop okay all right 3 2 1 go woo yeah I think it’s working it’s working oh wait did you so

Happ wait something’s happening to us wait we’re all connected somehow wait what’s happening what’s happening homie Mommy way it hurts hey hey wait what happened we’re no longer cats wait you lost your onesie your dog onesie it was just a onesie I wasn’t an actual confused wait

Oh cat out your back quick come over here kitty hey come on oh wait can you not oh yeah yeah you’re back to normal you’re not a mutant anymore wait which means oh no we’re not a family anymore we’re not adopted by mutant Cadet which means we turn back to normal oh

Man uhoh wait the do dogs uh-oh wait are we strong enough to stop the dogs all right Rocky let’s go get them let’s teach those cats who’s boss right uh-oh dogs roll the cat’s drill oh no run dogs roll the cat’s drill run run no we’re

Not strong enough to stop them wait no Rocky my puppy don’t hurt me Rocky get him Rocky hi it’s TV and mutant catnap has a crush on me oh no please mutant cat D please leave me alone oh no why are you so for me wait what do you got for

Me a fish well I thank you so much why is catnap so why does mutant catnap have a crush on me we got to find out and my suspicion is Mommy Long Legs I feel like she’s responsible somehow yeah hey at least I’m not going to lose the cat

Since you’re not going to leave me alone come with me mutant catnap oh wait little I got you a gift too hey it’s a it’s a fish there you go yeah wow you are so terrified I mean you’re so beautiful look how beautiful you are look at those

Look at those eyes look at those eyes yeah yeah oh Mommy Long Legs H mommy long legs are you in your shower no uh I don’t see do you see him do you see her mommy long legs do you see her no h maybe she’s on a date with

Daddy Long Legs oh wait no I heard that they’re having issues I heard that they’re uh the scene other people currently oh that’s a shame uh let’s see H nothing in here Mommy Long Legs I’m going through your wait what is this what what is this mommy chemo X love

Potions and carrots what is this what does this mean what does this mean wait a second chemical x wait maybe that’s what turned you catnap into a mutant catnap cemical X we got to find Mama long legs and talk to her about this list where do think

She would be maybe in her lab that’s where she works right yeah oh gosh please don’t lean into me like that yeah come here kitty come here yeah there you go okay the lab is just over here maybe she’s working at her lab yeah and I feel like she’s responser she has the

Shopping list but a love potion and carrots oh I see her freaking out what she Mommy Mommy we at the window hi oh hi hi hello Hi how are you why okay let’s go talk to her mommy I’m coming in mommy long legs what’s going on what’s wrong do you need to relax

Quick catnap give her a fish uh no uh hello catnap totally wait he seems to be affectionate about you too wait hold wait what uh okay wait what’s going on Mommy what’s going on with this list then why are you freaking it out do you have

Something to do with this uh maybe just a little bit um I I I you know was was playing around with a different type of love potions and um you know accidentally put Chemical X in it um which um I turn wait what so you put Chemical X and love potion together and

It created a mutant catnap who loves me um yeah just just a little bit oh no okay well we now know how this happened those eyes are terrifying oh my goodness uh okay but what’s the cure you can fix this right um I I actually don’t

Know about the Cure wait what wait you don’t know what a cure is why would you make it if you didn’t know what the Cure is well because it was two different types of potions that weren’t supposed to be mixed together and and then now

They are and now it’s um it’s uh yeah oh wait wa wait carrots it says carrots you have carrots maybe the C’s carrots here you go mut and catap yay there you go just eat those carrots it’ll make your eyes um bigger maybe maybe we don’t need

Them bigger no thank you wait did it work did you eat them oh it didn’t work oh no wait I have an idea why don’t you um get inside the yellow test tube yeah climb just climb in just bend down a little bit there there you go there you

Go this will work I’m going to be a scientist watch check this out I don’t really I don’t trust you don’t don’t I don’t know what I’m doing uh you’re going to break you’re going to end up breaking more things probably wait did that work uh I don’t hear anything wait did

Did you press um control delete did you try that no are you trying to get me to delete myself no I’m trying to okay catnap sorry this isn’t working we need another idea we got to figure out how to turn catnap back to normal not a mutant

And not in love with both of us oh gosh okay hi hi terrified hello guys what do you think would would you do you like mutant catnb cuz I you can have him I’m just kidding I’m just kidding I’m just kidding I’m just kidding wait ow wait the prison cell there’s a prison

Cell up there maybe there’s some confiscated items we could use ooh maybe that’s a good idea yeah okay follow me guys I mean I have no choice right catb if I tell you to go over there would you listen no you can’t even see your head you got to bend down

There I hate I’m so tired mommy this is your lab why did you make it so ow you you’re both struggling I’m so glad I’m 5’9 what yeah cuz you guys are like at least 6 foot right uh I think I’m like more that I feel like I’m more like

Seven guys I need to know Heights where are my short kings and queens at I’m 5’9 I’m B literally basic basic basic basic okay everyone we’re at the prison cell let’s look around and see if we can find anything we can use wait C maybe you

Should go in here there you go there you go we lock inside yeah we going SC we can oh wait what oh you broke the balls I was just kidding I was just kidding that was a joke it was it was B I’m sorry I’m sorry sorry I’m sorry I’m

Sorry okay everyone look around look there’s a vending machine I see a vending machine I want Doritos I want Doritos mom you move your butt Sun Chips no Sun Chips I want no you know what I’m taking it with me what how yeah like lunch D grab the soda grab the soda grab

The soda okay there you go yeah nobody tell the police that was stealing the vending machines you’re in a police station I feel like it’s quite bad for us to like steal from the police right no guys guys everyone watching with you you saw nothing okay you saw

Nothing all right check their drawers check the bins check the bins check the wait look there’s a ton of items in here wait what So Random all these confiscated items there a chicken sword maybe I can use this guy what did it work did it work I don’t know you tell

Me did it work ow ow okay okay okay maybe I hurts it hurts right mut cat now did it work no oh okay fine okay what about snow do you snow any item nothing ow okay a jukebox I can play some music jam out yeah check me

Out yeah Dancing Queen ow sorry I’m sorry okay look he has a creeper head I don’t think this is helping no none of these items are really useful ow dead bush cact a ladder anything vending machine vending machine another vending machine why are you hitting me ow it’s not just

Me ow okay this is not working seriously yeah wait if you love me you do what I say hit Mommy Long Legs where are you trying to hit me yeah get him get him get him get if I have to get beat then you’re getting beat by that’s not fair

You know what guys we have to ask someone for help who could we ask maybe someone else knows yeah let’s Crouch down in the corridor H this is awful who can help mommy do what about daddy long legs maybe I know you guys aren talking no we don’t shut up talk

About daddy long legs right now we don’t talk about daddy long legs okay fine fine f is he on vacation with with baby long legs you know we do not talk about Dy long legs all right we step away from the situation catap are you good I can’t even

Tell uh you know what I know bonso budny we should talk to B budy buzo bunny might know you know what I agree let’s get away from this topic yeah it’s uh he’s over here he’s in the game uh is it like the game station or something about

That game station’s over here look at this look at the train hey so cute choo choo I Love Trains did I tell you that did I tell you did you know that about me no cuz I I no cuz I didn’t ask did do you see what I have to put up with

Everyone guys you guys I Like Trains did you know that I bet you didn’t what do you guys like are you guys a train fan too or you guys more dinosaurs I feel like everyone is either trains all dinosaurs right I feel like this I I

Feel like not anymore like that’s like a very like for the boys you know the the boys everyone like we’re either trains or dinosaurs right what about superheroes that’s like oh but a train okay yeah trains or dinosaurs what about a super dinosaur okay go walk in the room what

What do you mean lock in the room okay wait bunzo is not here bunzo what bunzo bunzo are you up here with the claw the claw I don’t see kpp have a look around do something useful no Sor oh hey thank you so much I

Thought you going to hurt me thank you I you’re great you’re so terrif want to find that cure so bad I really do to wait there he is oh thank you for the I’m struggling with this so much I don’t know what to do maybe it’s not a one

Player game why is he over there and noded his game you know what let’s let’s go ask him I don’t know hey bunzo bunzo bunzo bunny hey bunny bunny boy come here oh it’s you guys what why are you a cookie oh cuz it’s Christmas it’s Christmas are you guys excited for

Christmas I’m excited for Christmas um yeah any what do you what do you want Oh look so catnap is a mutant because Mommy and he’s also in love with us because of mommy so good job well done congrats it’s your fault I didn’t I I just shut

Up okay well why is this my problem well we’re trying to find a cure to save catnap do you know anything that can help us H well I don’t but I know who can oh great who is it I’m not going to tell you unless you going to help me

With my game wait what what wacka wuggy what is this what do we doing here well it’s simple we play tag basically tag me three times and you win ha good luck wait what are we already starting uh guys come on wait where did he go he

Went in here oh whoa oh there he is he went this way guys oh gosh I don’t know where he went where did he go did this oh no did he already jump out wait where when did this become a thing wait I don’t I’ve lost him where did he go

Buzzo maybe you went down this way buzzo oh my you can’t get me did you find him no where hello where did he go he just ran did he is he waiting up oh there he is there he is get him get him get him

Get him get him we need to tag him three times how are we supposed to tag him three times oh bunzo you’re being too slow I mean too fast for a rabbit hey buo get back here wait you got him I think so I got maybe one wait wait yeah

Go that way and I’ll get him this way yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah alarm alarm out low him out low him out o I see him I see him yeah yeah keep keep chasing him yeah yeah keep keep chasing him B I’m going to get you

Hey that’s one tag good luck wait still going to get him wait wait you keep going that way do that we do it again do it again keep chasing down that way and I’ll go this way okay okay okay ooh this is fun I kind of like this okay so if

He’s going to go that way I think he’s going to go this way uh he’s probably going to come down this way then wait wait yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m going to get him yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m going to get him I’m going to get him I’m

Going to get him he right oh God I miss yes I got him that’s two one more to go oh Mommy we’re doing it we’re doing it okay you chase him out again and I’m going to wait for him over here okay all right where did catnb go

Muted catnb are you good oh there he is no no no get him get him get him yes you got him you got him oh lucky hit good job guys you won and thanks for playing my game this isn’t your game this is Huggy wuggy game what look do

You want to know who to who do ask or not oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay go talk to boxy Bo in the generator room he’s got some weird goo I think it might help weird goo do you know anything about this Mommy uh what no I don’t I

Don’t know anything about boxy boo what who who’s that what huh what happened why why are you being very weird about boxy boo I’m not being weird about boxy you’re being very weird about boxy Weir you look like a cookie you look like a cookie ah it’s Christmas I’m a

Gingerbread man not the gun drop buttons do you know that do do you know yes get off me look this isn’t forever I’ll be a TV again like in a couple of days okay all right we are going to go find uh okay bye Bonzo see you later okay so

We got to get to the generator room which means we got to go for the event oh wait what’s that catnap wait you oh no oh oh thans you know maybe we should just tell him that we’re not interested right mommy you go first this is your mess

Yeah okay um catnap we’re not interested we’re not interested oh oh no I’m sorry oh go I’m so sorry can oh gosh he hates both oh no I’m sorry it was Bobby L get her take her it was her oh no this is your fault what do you

Want from me this might be totally my fault but I had a nice way of telling him that I that I that we didn’t want anything to do with him you f go go go go I don’t do subtle oh God wait go run I don’t do subtle I’m very blunt yeah I

Can tell take her take her ow TV I’m trying to run here I’m trying to when you keep looking back at me cnab I’m just kidding we love you cnab yeah yes we love you we want to we we we want to be with you forever

Just me just me not Mommy Mommy hates you what I you know I’m going to throw you I’m going to throw you off I’m going to throw you off throw me off where he’s right behind you he’s right behind you run keep going keep going keep going keep going oh God we’re going

To jump we have to jump we have to jump jump jump jump jump jump wait mommy cat up C up wait wait wait wait wait wait we were just kidding hey no we’re so I we we like you so much look here has some milk we love you yeah we love you so

Much yeah you’re a good cat okay wait I think he’s cool I think he’s cool okay are we cool I think we’re cool pH okay oh thank goodness cat now that was okay we was just kidding yeah I don’t know why Mom said that I don’t

Know why mommy would say that that’s so crazy okay that’s it no don’t throw me don’t throw me oh don’t throw you don’t throw you thought said I could throw you up somewhere it’s like wait look that’s boxy hey boxy boo hey oh you guys what

Do you want I’m busy here oh uh we see the the thinger with catnap wait mommy what are you doing what what I’m I doing what you’re being weird no I’m just fixing my hair look hi boxy boo oh wait Mommy Long Legs is here too oh I’m oh hi

Wait a second wait wait a second hold the chemical x was for catnap you want carrots for like ingredients but the love potion on this what why did you if the Love Potion wasn’t supposed to be mixed with the Cel X why did you have a

Love potion um I just I just um I you know um had had had had one yeah yeah that’s so crazy that wait you had a love potion wait who was that for someone else other than me um uh possibly not wait a second The Love

Potion was for you boxy boo we who oh I must admit that I had a crush on my long legs but she was she was with someone and I didn’t want to jump to those feelings but he she had a love potion that she was going to use on you which

Means momy do you have a crush on boxy boo I I possibly have a have have have a crush towards foxy yes oh wow wow what a you know what that’s a Twist that’s that’s a everybody’s going to dance now o yeah there you go wow

That’s a Twist there you go can quick dance for me yeah there you go woo yeah everyone loves each other yeah okay can we use your goo wait what no wait what what why because why do I get out of it uh you know what why don’t we help you and

Mommy Long Legs go on a date and if the date is success then we can use the goo to help save catnap I mean look at catnap oh gosh yeah uh you know what deal Let’s uh let’s go on a date and if I like the date and mommy and I hit it

Off then you guys could use my goo yay did you hear that mommy do you want to go on the date uh yeah totally definitely yeah okay let’s go this way I think this guy takes us back this door okay open the door we’re back we’re back

The cafe does my is is my outfit okay is my outfit okay wait wait let me have a look okay wa wait uh maybe boxy Boo and canab you guys should go inside the cafe I’m G to talk with Mommy real quick okay all right bye okay Mommy so listen here no matter

What even if the date’s wrong we need that goo okay so no matter what happens you have to say you love it okay see I love it that’s a isn’t that that’s a little you know this is great acting I love it I’m so glad that you’re in the

Zone even though you absolutely do not feeling it I’m glad that you’re part you’re a team player I you know uh but you said love I don’t I don’t know that like I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t oh I mean you guys have a crush on each

Other and catnap has a crush on us and oh okay okay let’s just let’s just do this let’s just do this okay all right oh okay uh we will be your waiter oh wa wait cat up you’re going to be in the the kitchen okay we’re going to help

With the date there you go hey oh wow you guys look so good together oh uh mommy may I help you with your seats or something oh to totally oh than thank you so much w we we could do better than this guys follow me there’s a bar over

Here do you guys want to be in the bar instead check this out this would be so much better you know what and uh we can break this chair we can we can break this chat sorry you’re really no no no I’ve been working out I

Promise oh there you go foxy could you me favor and like just eat this cha oh yeah here you go hey wow very strong I’m so embarrassed with how you should be yeah uh I’m just going to put this chair like here or something okay there you go you

Guys can wait right here hey we be right back oh what would you like to eat you know what let me get you the menus let me get I’ll be right back so you guys stay right there sure hey catnap what food options do we have what’s inside

The fridge we have nothing and wait nothing wait a second oh no that’s nothing uh let me find out what they want okay katab you stay right that okay oh no uh okay uh so you know what S surprise me let’s see uh what you guys

Want and then uh we’ll talk about it oh I really want spaghetti what about you oh you know what I was in the mood for spaghetti too oh and Tacos oh spaghetti and tacos have you ever had spaghetti tacos tacos oh no I haven’t had a spaghetti taco that sounds amazing yeah

We’ll take six spaghetti tacos each okay six yeah okay bye oh no wait spaghetti and tacos spaghetti T I don’t even know if that’s a thing uh Hey so we need to get spaghetti and tacos so uh what are we supposed to do we have no

Food or anything okay now this is going to be a disaster we need that goo from boxy boo I’m a rhyme oh my God wait oh spaghetti wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait oh my you’re just puking this up wait I don’t know if this is uh oh

Okay thanks wait they wanted six could you spawn in could you puke up a little bit more could you yeah there you go yeah there you go and then one more one more will be good he there you go and then a couple tacos this is six already but uh there

You go we’ll just do we’ll give them more yeah had to show that we care this is eight now good job catnap maybe we don’t tell them that you uh this came from your gut but uh yeah we just let’s go talk to them hey food’s ready Oh yay here is four

Tacos and four spaghetties and you guys can like mix and match them together and share like one plate oh my God this is really oh my gosh wait can we get some some music music yeah no I don’t think we can oh come on uh music okay wait can why don’t you

Go behind the bar I will okay this one is for the love birds what the love monsters what Love Shack Give Me Love Shack Love Shack Give Me Love Shack boo you suck boo boo give us give us something else are you throwing food don’t throw food okay I’m sorry I’m

Sorry you suck if you want that goo you got to work for it okay God dang it uh okay yeah yeah I I know something else never mind I find someone like you I will pay you to stop I wish nothing but the best a dollar for you

Oh do you do you see that do you see do you see your audience clicking away do you see that oh okay well first of all I never said that I was a singer I better on piano oh look see oh wow this is you’re actually

Really good on piano why didn’t you just do that in the begin with yeah why didn’t you just do that I’m sorry okay I can’t hear you playing music uh enjoy your day oh Mommy Long Legs oh this has been such a a beautiful day a magnificent day what about you uh yeah

Honestly I was a little bit worried but I’m having a lot of fun yeah i’ I’ve relaxed I think you’re super cool whatever oh thank you I I think you’re cool too well like whatever or just or like or whatever yeah I guess yeah okay cool okay you know what we’re ready

We’re done we’re done with the we’re going to go home wait you guys uh oh hey so we can use your goo right oh uh yeah absolutely and in fact you know what this is such a successful date I want you to have this wait what what is this

What is a grapp a grappling hook what you gave me a grappling hook yeah you did such a good job just maybe don’t sing though oh okay don’t ever do that again okay so you guys are good so uh mommy I’ll take catnap to the goo get

Him back to normal you guys could just stay here and enjoy the rest of your date uh there is no one playing the piano anymore but enjoy oh that’s fine bye see you later TV bye bye thank you bye kab look I have a grappling hook now oh gosh oh God I’m getting

Dizzy but look we can take you to the goo and get you back to normal now yay we did it this is going to be so easy and you know what I can grapple over that too oh did you see that did you see that I flew I literally

Flew that was so cool that was so cool okay so we have to go back through the event okay wait there you go this was awesome honestly as a mutant wait how does it feel to be a mutant I know you probably can’t see right now wait a

Second I wonder what happens if I become a mutant you know what I feel like that’s a pretty solid video idea guys everyone watching do you guys want to see me as a mutant mutant TV let me know in the comments below let me know comment down below mutant TV as a video

TV becomes 100% mutant in Minecraft I kind of want to see what I would be like as a mutant that’d be funny uh okay let’s go this way and you know what maybe I become friends with catnap what do that I think catnap would like that uh all right so

We’re almost at the goo we’re nearly there just got to jump around this corner and then we’re going to make this jump perfect okay taada okay be careful and then jump down pu hey you doing it’s like you’re a cat you can like do jumps yeah oh you’re

Still super close to me oh and you’re giving me uh yeah you know what I I I feel like I have to be honest with you like I can’t do this anymore catnap I don’t actually love you you’re just cursed under a spell and I just need you

To jump in here to make you better wait what do you what do you mean no no no yeah yeah it was never love you’re just kind of being forc love like with a love potion ow no I’m this is good for you ow no stop wait oh no cab

Wait no no no cab I’m sorry this isn’t even you oh no kadab this isn’t this is just toxic love you’re like a crazy fago now oh gosh quick I’m going to hide in this apartment hide in his apartment can that please this isn’t like you at all

Oh gosh where do I go I’m going to hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide cat up listen I know that we’ve got off on the wrong foot but or the wrong pull whatever cat’s have but if you could give me a chance to explain

Oh oh gosh okay don’t let him see me guys what am I supposed to do I got to get him inside that goo so we can get back to normal so he’s no longer mutant but I don’t know what to do unless I can lure him to the goo with my love

No that won’t work uh fish maybe fish hey there you go okay wait I just going to wait for him to turn around he’s just stuck there okay there you go I got to find out is that kicking chicken uh maybe there’s something inside here no and H some fish why is it

Not in the fridge does he he doesn’t even have a fridge canab you don’t have a fridge did you know that ah ah run uh I got you some fish like T yeah ooh delicious yeah there you go delicious oh so good what about that one get to move

With there somehow oh no hey you know what I think I think we should like go on a date as well like boxy Bo and Mommy lle yeah that’ll be so much fun and then uh here you go there you go okay okay uh then jumping around here and then

There’s like more in here yeah yeah Go Get It Go Get It Go Get It yeah yeah yes it worked it worked I’m got to jump down I got to jump down uh oh gosh wait I can’t see catap mutant catap are you okay oh no mutant catap please don’t

Tell me you’re you’re dying mutant cat catap katab is that you come out come out buddy are you okay where are you there you are catap you’re back to normal hey oh my let’s let me help you down let me help you down okay ah there

You go can up I can’t get to on my head are you okay oh goodness that was a disaster but you don’t love me anymore right ow I’ll take that as a no ow okay okay okay I’ll take that as a no pH but I’m glad that you’re

Okay cat wait who’s is that CN where are you it’s Poppy wearing a crown why are you wearing a crown because I was waiting for catnap for our tea party and he never showed up wait where have you been you have no idea what just happened

No what happened uh you know this was so much fun k you were just cat cat sitting you just uh where’s my dollar you know I was cat sitting okay a dollar yeah yeah give me the dollar I was cat sitting yeah I was taking care of your cat see your cat’s

Totally fine every bad happen I remember this it’s okay bye enjoy your tea potty okay let’s go kitty cat party you know what I’m going to help you your door here you go thank you won’t hurt you yeah by bye catnap we did it we stop catnap from

Loving me which is honestly if a mutant loves you it’s it’s time to wake up and decide your choices in life but we did it we saved catnap from a mutant and we fixed the love and Mommy long leg and Foxy boo honestly slay love that ship good for them anyways guys

Make sure you leave a like And subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you in the next video if you click on your screen now we’ll see you over there so yeah click on your screen now for another video so so click it you haven’t

Clicked yet what are you click it we’ll see you there we’ll see you there okay bye see you in the next video

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TeeVee Stole Catnap’s SECRET Diary in Minecraft! Catnap is HIDING something and we need to find out why he is acting so weirdly!

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Edited by: Raidu
Actors: Skye, Kie
Skins: ForgottenJohn
Models: LittleBear, Ended

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