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All righty how’s it going y’all it’s your girl Melissa and welcome back to prominence 2 uh last episode we built this cute little starter house we found our wayist Stone uh we geared up and looking mighty schnazzy if I do say so myself in this episode I kind of want to

Go caving and see what we can find down in the underground and I also kind of want to get a proper food source uh you know explore the croptop mod and whatnot and maybe we can figure out a little bit of a better storage situation and work

With iron chests today so something that we haven’t done yet is actually look at our Quest book I completely forgot about it um so let’s go ahead and look at that real quick looks like we’ve got a couple of things we had to find a fruit or

Vegetable so we get some experience for that we got a was Stone empty scroll craft a chest blank chest upgrade oh my gosh you’re kidding me it just gives you oh my Lord all that work for nothing and then let’s see our talent tree by pressing K we can look at that

Real quick so we’re able to reforge our tools using amethyst so I’m glad I picked up a couple of amethysts but we’ll need an anvil so we’ll go pick up an anvil um there’s this cool story behind everything there’s a scalak the creator of all things so this big boss

God man and basically he’s weak and the void is creeping in to the dimensions and making really scary beasts and it’s our job to go ahead and well basically free all the beasts from our from the voids grasp the first boss is not the Ender Dragon it’s actually

This the night L which has a tower in colder biomes so we’ll have to keep a lookout for that and if we find one we’ll mark it but I think this will be our first goal new mechanics oh check it out you can hold attack button to keep attacking continuously that’s kind of

Handy simply swords it looks like we can complete this we get some tablets and whatnot obtain a unique weapon we’ll have to keep a lookout for that so yeah there there are tons of quests tons of quests so very cool very cool so I have this chest upgrade copper chest

Upgrade yeah that’s what I figured it was very cool okay I need a chest do I have a regular chest yeah I do okay let’s put one here if I go like this yes very cool very cool okay and now let’s go ahead and complete that Quest we got some more

Levels so since it is night time we could go mining I think I might see where that hole leads that one that one cave that I was a chicken about yeah if we go let me see I think it was down this way yep here it is okay we can it looks

Like there’s nothing in there right now so we can definitely go ahead and jump down see what there is to see we can find some amethyst that would be sick here’s some iron perfect wa look at that block what is that looks like scales it’s just like a

Dragon like stuck in the wall I also think there’s Bane mining in this pack it’s just it’s an enchantment though so we have to enchant our pickaxe with vein mining in order to have vein mining I have my way Stone right yeah I do okay cool cool cool cool we can look into

Trying to or double I think there’s a couple of things in here that we can uh double our ores and that would be pretty helpful a an what is that an antimony antimony macaroni oh also I was doing a little bit of research on the mod pack

And things that are in it and um so the armor trims right the things the particular materials that you trim your armor with actually will give you special effects like how freaking sick is that I think I might see some amethyst on my map here oh there’s some right here

That’s that’s continuing on this way okay we can do that oh yeah we can look at our skill tree too real quick we do have one point ooh we can choose we can choose speed we can choose Health Firepower Arcane Frost so so I was thinking about it and I’m kind of

Feeling the range route um I’m feeling kind of Huntress wizard from like Adventure Time kind of Vibes so we can dabble in Magic but mainly will be ranged it could be really fun and really cool so I think we’re just going to go ahead and do that yeah we have 20 resets

So we can absolutely like change if we want to there we are okay we found ourselves the J break into this sucker hello my pretties o yes look at all that so let’s definitely grab up all this Jazz so on our map as we can see we have some pretty interesting

Structures looks like there’s a pretty big cave where we’re coming up on a pretty big cave over here I guess let’s keep going here we go all righty get some do all right what do we got we have a cave okay okay okay okay oh my God what what what what what what

What what what what is that what is that what is that what is that what is that what is that what is that what is that what is that oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my freaking God oh oh

Okay okay stay dead yep yep stay dead oh my gosh what was that okay oh my God what that was so scary what in the world was that I don’t even know I didn’t even get a chance to look my cheeks are all h hot and red now is so

Scary not sure why but my auto jump keeps turning on and it’s really annoying I’m perfectly capable of jumping on my own thank you very much oh hello there’s that noise again oh what is that who is that ooh diamonds sweet sweet diamonds love to

See it ooh wait this is a rare diamonds it’s the one in stone oh well it’s okay it’s only two that’s kind of poo poo see what’s this way I guess it’s like a perfect little staircase down to probably death no no okay almost got suffocated love to see it ooh

Shiney oh this is for the souls like thing okay yo that zombie is like blinged out you see that there’s so many ores so many different ores to see in mine and we’ll need a good backpack upgrade next time we come down here okay so I think there’s a super fun thing on

The map right now ooh hello stone bricks heck yeah okay we’re in to whatever this is uh there is a spawner I don’t like that away there we go okay sweet no more spawner I think we’ll go maybe down this way first is that a stupid idea it might be

Are there any chests Anywhere nope nothing down there there’s nothing down here okay well then I guess let’s head back up here ooh there’s chests over there let me take care of this though first why do I have a really bad feeling oh yeah okay yep all right yep yep yep

Yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep haha you got yourself with your own thing Dude you can’t get me with slowness I’m already slow I don’t like this witch I don’t like it I don’t like her she was not very ni nice sneaky so sneaky ooh there’s like a door Let’s uh check these out though first I think yeah they’re not they’re not ooh a

Golden apple I got a broom sweep your enemies off their feet with a cackling broom that looks wild uncommon sword on a STI what is this tears of the Kingdom there’s like a like a room there’s an enchanting table oh my gosh there’s like everything I could possibly

Need in here I love this oh I love this so much I feel like this is cheating but I mean it’s not so oh what a win winner winner shall we continue there’s another door ooh there’s a chest it looks kind of Trapped I’m not going to lie yeah you

Are not today Golden Apple some more gold oh oh yes I love it so much we have another Golden Apple more gold and four more diamonds oh heck yeah so what were you all going to drop me into what is down here oh there’s another chest probably trapped not trapped another

Diamond and sharpness three okay dang it just keeps going down don’t it and there doesn’t seem to be anything over there okay it’s really tough to see but I definitely see diamonds right there have to remember that o hello not crazy much okay yeah I think we’re going to

Actually head back oh my gosh what is this we’ll definitely check this out at some point in time there’s this what what is this wait is this a Foundry oh my gosh they have some pretty op gear and also some pretty op uh piglins so we’ll definitely need to be geared up

For that I think we’re just going to um head back let’s start smelting up some stuff and putting some stuff away okay cool so it is daytime now they there were a few anvils in that graveyard that we looted we can start ourselves an orchard with all these croptop

Trees okay yeah so we have we got one here it’s a little damaged but so am I so it’s okay oo thank you oh my Lord what is coming in right now ooh there like cute little house hello bear I’ll take it wow yall F oh my Lord I don’t even need

To make a diamond pick epic iron leggings okay ooh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah dude anything this way ooh a coal block I’ll take this yep I’ll take the stone cutter for sure this looks kind of ominous arrive at a lighthouse okay what a gorgeous

Lookout whoa oh look at that that was cool o okay I see a button do I press button that is so cool o I got a I got a skill point wait Hey it said I got a skill point it Loy to me okay let’s yeah let’s head back and uh

We can make our enchantment set up we do have 36 levels I like how I’m just like expecting to die at some point in time so far so good knock on wood I mean this is particle board but I’m going to pretend that it’s wood okay we’re home okay first things

First let’s go ahead and I think try to um reforge so let’s go ahead and put this down somewhere let’s just put it right here I guess so we can click on this reforge gear so put this there I guess oh do I need the material that

It’s made out of I don’t think I have any more rubies well that’s kind of stinky we could try to make diamond boots let’s do it you know what screw it um okay reforge sorry I’m just kind of like getting used to this okay cool

Yeah well at least the the speed was the slowness was taken off bruh uncommon you know what I’m going to take that I’m going to take that oh yeah okay let’s see if we can’t make the enchantment set up so let’s go ahead let’s find a little place we could do

Like right over here you can just clean this area up right quick yeah all right well uh-oh there we go okay alas I had to reload here let’s go ahead and do this let’s grab our lapis and see if we can’t enchant a couple of these things feather falling ooh feather

Falling I like that efficiency efficiency ooh and Fortune One some of the clothes these zombies are wearing just make me laugh definitely fight some of some of these mob mob mobs like that and get our skill tree going in some more skills speaking of skills um let’s see stamina

Ranged stamina hell yeah stamina okay so I kind of want to try to make since we are going path of the Archer rare bow so if we wanted to reforge this bow what would it take sticks string oh string okay bet I can do that holy crap dude wow okay let’s see what

Kind of uh enchantment we can put on this wild rage I don’t know what that does let me see oh shoot okay so wild rage it gives um it says it gives uh mobs a chance to be hostile towards everything so they would just fight everything that’s actually kind of sick

Oh that is so sick it just needs Infinity really let’s go ahead let’s let’s surround this with like a cute little something somethings yeah I think that’s a pretty good idea there we go that looks pretty cute and then we can kind of like go something like this around here boom

Just kind of like that I think and then we’ll connect up our paths here love it love it love it okay now we’ve got like a super cute little little enchanting area for us I love that oh every time I eat one of these it gives me a bowl I was wondering where

Those bowls were coming from let’s actually focus on a little farm or something wow that is actually so annoying I can’t do the dirt the path block on these I have to like replace them down it’s actually super annoying so I think we’re going to make

Make a little farm kind of like over here we can also make one if we cut down a couple of these trees over here we can make one over [Applause] Here Okay so it’s raining and that sucks but I think we’re ready to plant some things so we have some bellana we have tomatoes we have wheat um we have some potatoes we have carrots so let let’s go ahead plant some of this plant some ters we’ll plant a couple a few Tomatoes

Over here and I don’t know what this does but we’ll plant it it’s from be witchman um so let’s see I want to look at croptop and how we get these saplings oh so we need two two of a kind and then a sapling okay okay cool let me see if the peaches

Work with this sapling it does okay okay so we have a peach tree now we should we should definitely make like behind our house like a little Orchard about to chop down all these trees little deforestation but then we’re going to like reforestation right okay so I think this

Will be our walkway right down the center ooh we can keep this big old tree that looks amazing let’s go ahead and plant our Peach sapling so we can start like over here right here wo sweet okay we have a peach tree now we can just Harvest up all these

Peaches we have the start of our Orchard now super neat super cool very exciting something that I kind of wanted oh hello let’s test our bow why is he why is he waving he said hello I kind of feel bad now he didn’t even try oh well he lived a good

Life uh a death he lived a good death okay so something that I kind of want to do is actually go and see what other Foods we can do looks like we have lemons so we could definitely make a lemon tree so let’s go ahead and uh Venture

North and see if we can find any more uh fruit trees and hay bales I would really love pour some hay bals okay we got one right here avocado I actually don’t like avocado very I’m sure it’s an unpopular opinion but it’s a texture thing for me

It just doesn’t have a it doesn’t have a taste and the textur is just like ooh pears don’t have that oo cute star fruit very delicious fruit what’s this ooh oh oh oh vinery heck yeah we got this the we got vinery stuff disturbing the Dead who did I

Disturb I’m sorry I’m just going to like take these bodies I apologize if there is any banging uh my husband is um working on my office right now so yay ooh Ruby I definitely want this oh wait what am I doing doing I want to use

Fortune what is that you see that what is that oh is that the thing that like attacked me earlier in the caves can I snipe it oh my God it’s so ugly oh oh my gosh oh my gosh it’s so ugly there’s two two of them

E Walking Dead okay so they they they’re like zombies okay source of evil corruption am I going to get corrupted right now do I dare go into that graveyard now then kind of tempting oh there’s like another oh hi I see you what are you doing all the way over here

You guarding the graveyard I’ll let you be here but oh my gosh did you just see that I see some hay bales over here that I’m going to steal we’re going to make toast with Jam that’s going to be our food right now the first Omen let’s see

Day 106 the days have passed in the blink the ordinary ordinary of this Village and its daily routine were a blessing for my tired bones for him it is the opposite each day that passes makes him more tense and quick tempered I think it is time to

Move on soon day 107 one of the villagers got sick this morning and this condition worsened with each minute his skin was covered in perent rashes and his eyes started bleeding yesh he died within hours we will stay for the funeral May he find peace kind of spooky

I love the look of this graveyard though let’s go looting boys let’s go let’s go leather wo wo wo wo wo wo y’all wo y’all was not aware you could get diamonds in here a pleasant surprise to say the least what is that that looks so sick common Twin Blade Soul

Siphon oh my gosh this is so cool listen I know we chose Archer but that’s pretty sick okay what is that uncommon slumbering Lich blade oh my Lord tortured Souls radiate from you damaging any nearby enemies listen I only have so much space oh my oh my goodness oh my goodness oh

My gosh guys guys I don’t I don’t have enough space what is this uncommon Diamond great hammer we’re getting all the things dude diamonds yes oh my gosh yes this is great I kind of wanted to head up to the sky village but gosh darn I’m all full up already again what

Is that it’s 64 emeralds and a cookie it’s a music disc but it looks like a cookie straight up here let’s I got to out my new my new thing okay let’s go expand our Orchard I’m pretty excited about that all right here we are home sweet home at rest we

Also want to start making some toast so bread and then we cook this up and it should make toast okay so we have toast now which is so sick and then let me see Peaches okay so we need a cooking pot and some sugar okay easy easy so this is this is

Croptop what we’re doing right now is the cooking pot we’ve got our toast which is much better than bread okay so let’s open our backpack and let’s make a few few more uh things to add to our Orchard real quick so let’s do this Orange k Plum starfruit purr limb and Apricot sweet now we got the starts of our Orchard and now what I need to do is I need to go find uh some sugar cane right quick so that we may make um some Jam holy moly that’s a lot of sugar can all right so we have some sugar cane

I’m going to keep some to grow and the rest will be made into sugar and then we need sugar peach peach jam and then we can put our peach jam on our toast we’ve got toast with Jam it really wasn’t hard to make this but that’s a pretty good source of

Food like early game source of food Am I Wrong um let’s look at our Quest right quick oh I need a full Anvil that’s stupid simply swords I know let’s see we got this we got another Lich blade okay what’s this empowering Remnant interesting okay okay I’m not entirely

Sure what that is but let’s go ahead and do something real quick let’s see if we can get a flint or two so that we can make a chest upgrades I see you have come to taste my twin blade okay so let’s make a couple of

Upgrades co co let’s do iron let’s do iron upgrades this time I know we did copper for the last one but we do have a decent amount of iron now surrounder with iron looks good and then we can go ahead and maybe click on

This oh okay so it does have to be it has to be copper first okay you know what I can do that I can do that okay it okay it doesn’t work on the spruce chests good to know oh all right love to see it oh we have expanded our

Storage quite a bit we got tons of left like tons of space now to fill up with uh all of our junk all righty I think that’s going to do it for this episode today lots done we got a lot done we have a pretty cool

Um source of food right now uh right now toast with jam and we went mining we found a cute little dungeon um fought some very terrifying things made our enchantment set up made a couple little farm patches and we also started on our Orchard also thank you guys so much for

All of the love and support on the first episode super happy to have you guys here and join me on this awesome adventure if you all did enjoy this episode go ahead and hit that like button that subscribe button they don’t bite and I’ll see youall in the next one bye

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⋆☆ Episode 2: In this episode we expand our storage, discover a dungeon, make an enchanting set up, find some seriously cool weapons, fight some ugly beasts, and start a solid food source! ☆⋆

⋆☆ Modpack: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/prominence-2-rpg ☆⋆

⋆☆ Music provided by Epidemic Sound. Artists used include Bonnie Grace, Adriel Fair, Deskant, and Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen ☆⋆

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    Insane Minecraft DemonSlayer Sword Review & New Abilities!Video Information This video, titled ‘รีวิวแอดออน “ดาบพิฆาตอสูรสุดเจ๋ง มีปราณสุดเท่” ใน Minecraft มือถือ?🔥 (DemonSlayer) | Minecraft Addon’, was uploaded by Koontang GamerZ on 2024-03-02 12:34:41. It has garnered 5180 views and 159 likes. The duration of the video is 00:13:30 or 810 seconds. Review of the Demon Slayer add-on. You can customize your own character in Minecraft mobile..very cool!! I’m back for an Addon review after a long absence. Hope everyone will like it. #Minecraft #Minecraft #MinecraftMobile ————————————————– —————– Please press Like & Subcribe as well. So you won’t miss any new clips from us =w= Demon Slayer Addon download link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EaBQPNHBxE&t=0s&ab_channel=Frogdog… Read More


    INSANE DUELS & BEDWARS MADNESS LIVE WITH MANGOVideo Information This video, titled ‘Playing Bedwars And Dueling Viewers LIVE’, was uploaded by Mango on 2024-03-17 15:41:35. It has garnered 253 views and 32 likes. The duration of the video is 02:29:43 or 8983 seconds. JOIN THE DISCORD! – https://discord.gg/Hujy8vMPGG #minecraft #hypixel #Bedwars Read More

  • Win a Minecraft Mod on Spidermonkeyvr Server!

    Win a Minecraft Mod on Spidermonkeyvr Server!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft server give away for mod’, was uploaded by Spidermonkeyvr on 2024-01-07 21:34:34. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Read More

  • 🔥 EPIC Minecraft Herobrine Encounter! #GoneWild

    🔥 EPIC Minecraft Herobrine Encounter! #GoneWildVideo Information This video, titled ‘Herobrine #minecraft😍😍😍😍 shorts video #music’, was uploaded by #Minecraft444 on 2024-02-18 02:39:57. It has garnered 2759 views and 221 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:13 or 13 seconds. Read More

  • DuckMC

    DuckMCWelkom op de Minecraftservers.org pagina van DuckMC Network. DuckMC is een minecraft server die zich focust op, Training, PVP en andere Minigames. De server is 24/7 online en is te bespelen in 1.9x t/m 1.16x Dus waar wacht je nog op? Speel alleen of met je vrienden op play.duckmc.eu! Populaire games die onze server heeft zijn: The Bridge, Bedwars, Duckhunt, Parkour en nog een heel groot aanbod van Arcade Games. play.DuckMC.eu Read More

  • Artic SMP – smp

    What is Artic MC? Artic MC is a free-to-play Minecraft server inspired by the Lifesteal SMP. As a big fan, I was heavily inspired to create my own server. This server also has plugins that allow you to do what you want, such as blowing up houses, becoming the strongest player of the SMP, raiding bases, and much more. Mods: – Minimaps – Voice Chat – Gravestone And many more! Join now and experience the excitement! Discord: https://discord.gg/fZwRxygaqf Read More

  • =(====( PIXELMON BRASIL )====)=✯ TOURNAMENTS » pixelmonbrasil.com.br « RANKED ✯

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 2.0 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 2.0 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: pixelmonbrasil.com.br (GL HF) Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Still not enough tho (spicy)

    When you finally gather enough diamonds in Minecraft but then realize you still can’t afford that enchanted armor you wanted. Read More

  • Minecraft Clash: Crafting Chaos, Building Wars

    Minecraft Clash: Crafting Chaos, Building Wars In the world of Minecraft, Clash of Clans is the game, Where warriors battle, seeking fortune and fame. Join the fun, build your base, and fight with might, In this epic clash, where victory shines bright. Subscribe to Fanatic, for Minecraft delights, With updates and news, to keep you in the light. Join the Discord, for a chat and a laugh, With fellow gamers, on the same path. Threads and Instagram, for more fun to explore, With memes and music, to keep you wanting more. Fanatic is the name, gaming is the aim, Join the journey, and be part… Read More

  • HOT DIGGITY CREEPER! #minecraftmemes

    HOT DIGGITY CREEPER! #minecraftmemes When you spend hours building an epic structure in Minecraft and your friend comes along and blows it up with TNT: LOOK AT THAT… friendship gone in a boom! #minecraft #gaming #minecraftmemes #funny #clips #meme #reels #shorts Read More

  • Unbelievable: Raid Farms Still OP in Minecraft 23w13a!

    Unbelievable: Raid Farms Still OP in Minecraft 23w13a! Minecraft Snapshot 23w13a: Raid Farms Unaffected! With the recent release of Minecraft Java Snapshot 23w13a, players were quick to notice changes to the Bad Omen status effect and raid mechanics. However, amidst the panic and speculation, one thing remains clear – Raid Farms are NOT nerfed! What’s New in Snapshot 23w13a? In this snapshot, Mojang introduced some tweaks to the Bad Omen status effect, making it more challenging to trigger a raid. Players now need to defeat a captain to obtain the Bad Omen effect, which adds an extra layer of difficulty to the game. Raid Farms Still Effective… Read More

  • Unleashed in Minecraft Hardcore | Ep. 1

    Unleashed in Minecraft Hardcore | Ep. 1 Welcome to the World of Minecraft Hardcore! Episode 1: The Beginning of a NooOoOoOoOB Hey hey heyyyyy, it’s ya girl KRAFT SQUAD – INSHORT – KRAFTY here, and let me tell you, I am a total NooOoOoOoOB when it comes to Minecraft hardcore! But hey, we all gotta start somewhere, am I right? First Impressions: So, I stumbled upon this Minecraft Hardcore video titled “MINECRAFT HARDCORE BUT I AM ALLOWED TO DIE” and I was like, wait, what? How does that even work? But then I clicked on it and oh boy, was I in for a ride! The… Read More

  • Creepy Spider Man CALLS JJ and Mikey at 3 AM?! – Minecraft Maizen

    Creepy Spider Man CALLS JJ and Mikey at 3 AM?! - Minecraft MaizenVideo Information This video, titled ‘Why Creepy Spider Man CALLING to JJ and MIKEY at 3:00 am ? – in Minecraft Maizen’, was uploaded by Raizen on 2024-03-16 21:00:17. It has garnered 43250 views and 200 likes. The duration of the video is 00:30:35 or 1835 seconds. Why Creepy Spider Man CALLING to JJ and MIKEY at 3:00 am ? – in Minecraft Maizen This is not an official Maizen channel, we make fan videos with Mikey and JJ. Our channel is exclusively for fans of Maizen. We’re not trying to impersonate his personality, we just want to add new… Read More

  • 100 Days Surviving Hollow Earth Minecraft Hardcore

    100 Days Surviving Hollow Earth Minecraft HardcoreVideo Information This video, titled ‘I Survived 100 Days In Hollow Earth Minecraft Hardcore!’, was uploaded by KixCharms on 2024-03-09 13:00:16. It has garnered 1151 views and 26 likes. The duration of the video is 01:11:34 or 4294 seconds. 100 Days – Hollow Earth I Spent 100 Days in Hollow Earth In this video, I survived 100 days in Minecraft on HARDCORE. But this wasn’t a normal survival, I modded this completely and was inspired by Luke The Notable and Forge Labs. I survived 100 days in modded Minecraft. Zombies, Skeletons, and even pigs would destroy me just as I… Read More

  • INSANE gameplay on HARDCORE server! ATM9 #MC #letsplay

    INSANE gameplay on HARDCORE server! ATM9 #MC #letsplayVideo Information This video, titled ‘HARDCORE All The Mods 9 #ATM9 #MC #letsplay’, was uploaded by Monsieur V on 2024-04-05 12:20:52. It has garnered 9 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 01:07:02 or 4022 seconds. Today’s livestream we are playing modded minecraft with the modpacked called all the mods 9 installed. We are trying to play hardcore. If you would want to see more make sure to go to the main page 🙂 Read More

  • Insane Minecraft House Build Tutorial by Fevel

    Insane Minecraft House Build Tutorial by FevelVideo Information This video, titled ‘How to build a modern house in Minecraft’, was uploaded by Fevel on 2024-01-12 07:30:04. It has garnered 25 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:09:06 or 546 seconds. Support me to complete 1k🙏mambers❤️☺️ #minecraft #modern #easy #house #tutorial →Minecraft: How to Make a Modern House – Tutorial →Thumbs up & Subscribe for more =)https://youtube.com/@Fevelyt →Interior Tutorial Video: Minecraft: Large…=)https://youtu.be/OVHBVg01Kek ▼More House Tutorials▼ 👉https://youtu.be/rpWKd79v1Ao👈 👉https://youtu.be/OVHBVg01Kek👈 👉https://youtu.be/cUBUYgjadlc👈 👉https://youtu.be/9AZZbnUuIRY👈 _________________________________________________ MINECRAFT _________________________________________________ Minecraft is a highly popular sandbox video game where players have the freedom to build and create their own virtual worlds…. Read More

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    ZERANDO MINECRAFT com MOD do FLASH! 😱 #viralVideo Information This video, titled ‘Zerando o MINECRAFT com MOD do FLASH | #mod #minecraft #shorts #zerando #flash #viral #novo’, was uploaded by Five Players on 2024-02-28 17:21:33. It has garnered 61 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:27 or 27 seconds. Read More

  • FrendlyEmo faces Minecraft chaos with viewers! Pillars, Blocks, & Egg Wars!

    FrendlyEmo faces Minecraft chaos with viewers! Pillars, Blocks, & Egg Wars!Video Information This video, titled ‘PLAYING MINECRAFT SERVER GAMES WITH VIEWERS!! (PILLARS OF FORTUNE, LUCKY BLOCKS, EGG WARS..)’, was uploaded by FrendlyEmo on 2024-03-22 01:43:09. It has garnered 72 views and 6 likes. The duration of the video is 03:31:16 or 12676 seconds. Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/frendlyemo557 Read More

  • Insane Gamer DESTROYS Minecraft Server LIVE!

    Insane Gamer DESTROYS Minecraft Server LIVE!Video Information This video, titled ‘MINECRAFT LIVE STREAM PUBLIC’, was uploaded by Arata gamer on 2024-04-12 22:37:44. It has garnered 5 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:20:49 or 1249 seconds. Hey folks! Watch me play Minecraft! Join my Club on Turnip Aditya: https://profile.turnip.gg/uWGMnsmsfTJtmHfz7 Thank you for watching my Minecraft stream. And for all the support you are showing! 🔥, If you liked my stream, please like and subscribe. It motivates me a lot. 🙂 And share my channel with your game friends. 🙂 See you on my next stream!!!, Become a star streamer – https://get.turnip.gg/become-star-streamer… Read More

  • THUNDERHUN: Craziest Minecraft World Generation EVER! #shorts

    THUNDERHUN: Craziest Minecraft World Generation EVER! #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘A LEGFURÁBB Világ Generálás a Minecraftban! #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by ThunderHUN on 2024-02-19 17:55:56. It has garnered 31166 views and 1522 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:38 or 38 seconds. Read More

  • SHOCKING: ItzDavidMC Ruling Over Government in SMP

    SHOCKING: ItzDavidMC Ruling Over Government in SMPVideo Information This video, titled ‘Enforcing Government Laws to this minecraft SMP’, was uploaded by ItzDavidMC on 2024-04-09 15:35:28. It has garnered 74 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 02:56:46 or 10606 seconds. Live stream WWWW Links: My discord: https://discord.gg/NZEQHcGRuX tip me: https://streamelements.com/itz_david/tip Setup: Mouse: Glorious Model O & Razer Basalisk Ultimate Keyboard: Razer Huntsman mini Microphone: Razer Kiyo Pro Built in mic Headset: Turtle Beach Stealth 600 G2 GPU: GTX 1070 CPU: i7-8700k Ram: 32gb Tags (ignore) Minemanner is cool, minemanner song, iusehuzuni, i use huzuni, ricefarmer11, rice farmer 11, rice farmer11, ricefarmer, ricefarmer 11,… Read More

  • AtpPrisons

    AtpPrisonsThis server is a multi functional prison server where you can PvP! We will also add more games that youc an play like Kit PvP! AtpPrisons.minehut.gg Read More