The Ultimate Minecraft Adventure

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Yeah it’s all good there we go looks like we are live hi everybody well nobody’s here yet but we’ll be in a minute okay looks like I got a lore one and then luck of the SE two and that’s the best I got I can give you uh well give me a second

All right I think I’m good yes all right back to game I am currently farming for eight for experience points I got I gotta make up the diff cuz I’m actually pretty low on my levels it’s okay just uh I can take care of a lot of this pretty

Easily it’s just a thing it’s just a thing wa is that that Sky strike the happy little things to do stuff and things oh hello hello stino welcome to the stream I don’t know when shak’s gonna come on in she decided to end our RP session early for

Something so I don’t know what the [ __ ] she’s doing yeah we’ll see I’m a little bit pissy but that’s only because she cut it pretty short and didn’t do [ __ ] yesterday so I’m like well looks like today is just a noo week Rosita mama I know I know baby

Girlies 29 I need one I need a few more levels I’m sorry if you guys hear my dogs barking in the background they’re currently having fun by which I mean one of them is bullying the other so you’re going to hear a lot of barking and

Yipping yeah we all know how it goes maybe some Gremlin noises too CU that’s all I’m hearing behind you right now just the sound of Gremlins going to war yep whoa I almost just thinking about it I think it’d be good if um gravine maybe talked to him

Because we’ll see as I’m going right now I have to catch up on all these [ __ ] commissions but I get what you mean it’s probably a good thing he is older so he should probably chill the [ __ ] out a little bit oh Checker’s here yep you’re mute so we can’t hear [ __ ]

It just kind of matters more if you plan on still having him with the I’m the ultimate life form thing going on or not I was planning to have him act more like his 06 self where he’s kind of aged and calmed down a little bit got out of his

I’m the ultimate life form face but I guess I can keep some of it they they used to use that very strongly in um the IDW Comics so they use it strongly in general it’s one of his main character traits being proud of being the ultimate life form or if not

Proud of it boasting about it at least he just needs to convince himself that he actually is the ultimate life form that’s why he keeps bringing it up that’s my head Cannon I’m sticking with it he has performance issues yes exactly he’s got anxieties I mean it wouldn’t be inaccurate

All right I got 30 levels exactly I’m going to go make myself a fishing rod I’m not sure if checkers can hear us or not but we are currently I’m preparing at least to go take on an my hand anyway you do not need to listen to the running

Water like I was saying like I was saying uh we’re probably going to take on either an ocean Monument or a Bastion today uh we can do a Bastion you’re more scared of the [ __ ] monum than you are a Bastion dude I [ __ ] died three times

In a Bastion and not a single time in a monument it’s only scary because you did it alone and you did not have keep inventor that’s the only reason chick I was I was laughing when I [ __ ] died well then why is it scary I do not fear death in Minecraft anymore it’s

Just a thing that happens in Minecraft did you hear that you’re not scary well it’s just like that’s just the thing with Minecraft like whenever you go and do dangerous things you make sure you leave your most important stuff at home so you don’t lose it keep inventory oh speaking of important stuff

I should probably make that those ender chests now oh yeah n we don’t need them I already made two so I’m good I must say I’ve already done something that my mother explicitly told me not to do was it smoke weed no she told me it when I got the

Headset don’t suck dick I don’t know yep oh Checkers oh my H I’ve made a gra error and I’ve done it multiple times dude this is just a [ __ ] this is just this is just a repeat of when you [ __ ] encourage that one do the wink while I’m call in Stream

NBC this time is a lot more involved why I have problems it’s sad that I don’t even have to [ __ ] guess I already know what you did pretty much feel like a parent scolding my child this what you basically are I didn’t want no kids till 30 I already

Had to raise my sister [ __ ] that [ __ ] sorry to make another chest for some reason the majority of them are also meilus mans I think this is a bad sign yeah it is this is basically just a repeat of [ __ ] last year this is literally like the same

Repeating cycle even to the point where I’ve gotten mad at you at some points during this year over the same over the same [ __ ] too so it really is just a repeating [ __ ] Year dude it’s a ditto year ches no it’s a it’s a groundhog

Year oh okay I see how it is all right o I got a crossbow from an illager what is this one I’ve killed so many illagers and I’ve never got a cross but I’ve used like my my sword and everything I mean I killed I

Killed I killed this one with a with my bow oh yeah I was going to get some more obsidian so I could make you some Ender Chest death I have plenty of Eyes of Ender if we ever want to look for the end portal failed to connect to server

What do you mean it’s active we’re on there I know I know it’s saying to relaunch my Minecraft launcher this is fun hooray but yeah don’t stop sucking dick I didn’t just do that either stop licking [ __ ] what the [ __ ] else have you been doing eating ass

No what there’s this funny term called bumping uglies why checkers don’t be that cringe person who [ __ ] on VCR just don’t I wanted to at least give it a try that there are just some things in life that are very depressingly sad and that’s one of

Them what’s wrong with trying it at the very least it means you’re lonely enough to attempt it in the first place and that’s like a dude admitting to [ __ ] a sex doll hey at least the sex doll’s alive no it’s not it’s a rubber toy well it’s a silicone toy she’s talking about

The VCR [ __ ] people and by the way Checkers have the people on their [ __ ] lie for all you know you’re [ __ ] a 42y old that be two people lying to me then at the same time I’ve That’s Not Unusual yeah well is it what do you want

Me to [ __ ] do about that to maybe have some self [ __ ] control there’s a very quick way to tell somebody’s lying about their age you ask them what year they graduated from high school because a lot of people have to actually think about that as to also think about that cuz I’m

Bad at math no you want exactly if you want to know how old someone is and if they lived in the United States ask them for their student how many digits their student ID is from high school nobody’s gonna know that no they will I don’t even know dude I haven’t I

Hav’t don’t even know what it was Checkers I have not been in school in high school for almost 10 years now and my point is I don’t even know I still remember my student ID number I didn’t have one is if you want to know back when I was

Younger it was only six nowadays there’s 11 [ __ ] digits in that number my point wait hang on they might have they might have introduced that the last year I was in high school no it was by it was in aada so I’m not sure what the [ __ ] your state was

Doing but point is is that that’s a good way to do it because a lot of states have the student nighty [ __ ] all right the thing is that I don’t even know what mine is no one does you at least know how many digits

Are in it no I don’t they don’t make you [ __ ] memorize it anymore and that’s also a way we can prove it because you guys have too many numbers for us it was just six numbers now they make you guys [ __ ] have it on a card

That you scan at the lunch table or whatever the [ __ ] yeah that’s probably why I never I had one because I always had just home lunches and whatnot where’s death I don’t know I need to give you your ender chests oh I was just in my hole oh of course you

Were all right I’m going but yeah if a person can tell you there’s how many digits are in their student ID or even tell you their student ID they are older than 25 unless you’re death and your state is [ __ ] weird well to be fair there was less

Than 400 people at the school I was in that’s probably why yeah hi da have fun yay time to go put in the Ender Chest of gifts uh so I guess we’re doing the Bastion in which case I got to prepare some fireproof potions I got to go

Hunting for magma cube I can help if you want right now let me go ahead and grab the ones I already have in my chest I think M my pickaxe so I’m ready I only have these two left there might be more in my in the mob spawner if you

Want to go check that out Checkers sure if I can remember where it is it’s literally a big ass hole in the ground leading down into the the the XP Farms um I don’t know where that own just look just just look for the watermelon they’re literally next to the watermelon patch

Uh it’s literally right next to the watermelon patch where’s the watermelon patch go where the bamboo is looks where it is oh it’s over there I went right past it that’s lovely you’ll see some sniffers between the sniffers and the watermelon you’ll see it oh there’s a staircase there yep

There’s just a hole in the ground oh Enderman just love visiting me 10 11 17 17 Enderman visits yeah oh wait I can get magma Cubes at the uh at the nether fortress speaking of the nether fortress I actually managed to get enough skulls for us to fight the

Wither like four three more times nice so I have something else we can do today um I had thought so seeing as we can’t just play Minecraft forever for these streams I have been thinking about a game to play and I was thinking maybe I could play some Dragon

Quest that’s an option it’ be a nice tribute to Toyama and I actually like Dragon Quest Dragon Quest 8 is available on emulators for the 3DS so I could just do that it’s one of my favorites in the series anyways there was nothing in those chests down there I know look for chest

I’m looking for things no next by the Nether wart oh yeah you’re talking about the potions yeah just the nether W it’s just right there if you go in there’s a lot of empty chests down there to store all the crap we’re going to get from those

Farms you got like three or four large chests now just full of arrows and Bones I just just throw away the arrows well no I guess we can trade them yeah we got instant Health fire resistance okay how many one two three four five six tra ARS

11 we got 13 fire resistance potions yeah well I guess we’ll get rid of them I’ll get a few more just because I’m paranoid also I need to be careful because with skeletons like to come up and shake my ass all right I’m going to go hunting

The there’s a bath Sal biome right next to this Fortress so I’m mostly just going to hunt in here I’m going to have to try and figure out where that is when you go up my portal you’ll see a tunnel right to the side that leads right to the nether fortress

And if you walk around the entrance area you’ll find the bath Sal yeah and it’s half slabbed all the way to the entrance so well you kind of get put in the entrance so yeah what do you want little gremlins I’ve only been streaming for like five minutes and you’re already

Being a little nightmares what do you want I love my dogs to death but I will be the first to withit their whiny little B bastards they’re bats that’s new well yeah have you seen those ears I mean I’m pretty sure silver is a chip of

Cabra a gas just spawned at the very entrance of the goddamn Place wonderful why because [ __ ] you that’s why pretty much oh I bring any building blocks I’m have to figure out how I’m going to navigate this place so I told some friends I’m deciding to get some perfume and just

Try to find some scents I like and they gave me so much [ __ ] about that I’m like guys why out of all the things you gave me hell about why is it perfume I want to smell like a flower exactly I want to smell nice and all those colog and stuff you

Can get they just smell like nasty artificial stuff some of them smell pretty nice but you got to find specific kinds it it’s you got to dig for it yeah ow do where specifically are you I’ll go to my portal and I’ll lead you here hold up I got make sure there’s

Nothing that’s going to murder my ass okay Mimi we finally did it what we got a fully repaired chain maill set of armor woo you think that’d be a lot stronger armor it’s not even worth getting W you get diamond no it’s not it’s easier to get diamond

Armor but considering just how much effort we put into that it is impressive that we just finally got it yep now we’re going to put mending on it and most leave it on display and never use it yep never touch it again what I do to the skateboard them I

Just started watching random anime I did find some good ones that I really like and it didn’t invite me that’s all good I mean if you want we can sit down and watch one of the ones I’m watching right now which is well there’s delicious and dungeon and then there’s the

Path show I can’t pronounce his [ __ ] name aarthy it’s the person who studies poisons Diaries ath something like that I did not hear that word until this year and now I’ve heard it multiple times Checkers look behind you down here I didn’t know this was the right

Way it’s the only tunnel next to my portal like I said is half slab all the way to the um to The Fortress so made even a little bit easier I overthink I heard the dogos yeah my Gremlins Rita’s being a little rat she wants my Rosita wants muddy to play with her

But Muddy’s an old dog who doesn’t really play that much anymore so she’s just barking and bugging her to try and go her into playing Ah that’s so fun we love it so you’ll hear her her little Gremlin growls that she makes when she’s frustrated I’m also noticing something kind of weird

What I am becoming oddly interested in being methis now I think it’s because I got spooked out of being silver for a bit okay I mean you do you f oh careful oh got him this is where I hunt for my wither skulls anyhoo makesense H this is the biome for

Magma cubes do you want a fireproof potion or are you going to just leave Roy Jenkins this [ __ ] oh you already have one okaying all right I’m trying to get to the top of this place great might think a like I see um is there anything in that not in the

Place we’re going where a silk touch pickaxe would be nice to have uh I already have one mainly just for Ender Chest purposes oh I’m almost out of food I’m going to have to go back eventually I’ll give you some of my steak it’s okay

Cool thank you all right I saw a m over there we can kill so I’m going to go get him I have to build a little bridge I’m just kind of winging it cuz [ __ ] it the bridge oh we’re surrounded Oh no you’re not surrounded environment

This is also why I want find a Bastion a bigger one we could probably get like a little slime farm going Magma Cube Farm I can’t get a single one off that that’s fun that’s weird usually I get at least one cream oh yeah I got zero what the [ __ ] that was

Weird ow ow ow okay I got two I’m getting some now okay good little bastards they’re little bastards apparently now yeah these guys are always little bastards ow especially when they’re bigger because then they just [ __ ] Crush you they’re annoying because they can do double damage both uh ah God damn

It I wonder if the radioactive noises that the Bastion makes are oh Checkers did you look at them did you look at an Enderman well it was aggro and I hit it so now it’s aggro to me girls I swear silie come on oh this is why I hate you this other

Biome come here there I got one Magma Cream how riveting I wonder if the sounds they made were like just some guy slapping some goo in a recording studio it’s possible why’ you say the same thing I did or like they’re slapping something very squishy like a big ass tummy or ass

Or some [ __ ] Y what they could have done they could have grabbed a thing of meat and slapped against the counter mean that works girls Sylvie silver I mean it’s honestly surprising how many horror effects you can get just from just from a Chun of meats there they go I am backward the

Spot where we found the three big guys I don’t see you hi lava keep an eye on your potion by the way mine just ran out I only brought two I don’t think we’re going to need that that many I have yeah I didn’t bring that many

Where there are no magma cubes in this biome this is where they’re supposed to spawn naturally too maybe it’s because the ground isn’t very flat so it’s having issues well that’s the thing they still spawn here either way I hear one there’s one down below but there’s a lot of lava as

Well [ __ ] it ow probably should have landed in the lava that doesn’t do anything yeah we can swim in lava no like the lava doesn’t stop you from getting fall damage though oh does no I thought it did I landed in it it didn’t change anything I don’t see

Any [ __ ] over here Checkers what are you talking about one and it was a little little Cube well I got nine cream how many did you get uh one all right there’s another place we can go to get more I’m going to have to go through

The this might not be the best area to go hunting for them go back to the Fortress if you can okay making my way over now making your way down to yeah walking fast you want me to go to the assault area at some point just kind of level it

Out see if that’ll help uh I don’t think more than two people will actually cause more spawns to show up so well I’m talking like a little bit later like off stream or something to go in and level out the area so we have a higher surface

Area for things to spawn yeah that might not be the that might be a good idea uh all right Checkers I’m waiting for you in the Fortress all right I’m making my way down makes the same joke again totally oh damn went down low no that’s why you started seeing that

Weird remix that somebody did where where are you going they like the instrumentals of downt of oh of that song but then they had back and black in the for the vocals hi there’s another section we can break through my trail to get more bath salt stuff the girls hurt somebody

Go where are you going where are you going well I didn’t know you were going to turn I’m breaking through the wall there’s more bass Sal biome over here oh goodbye death there’s also some more on this side I’m good oh this one’s on that side this

Is actually not the best place to be hunting for these guys I think with nine we should be fine if I extend them but if I need more I’ll come back for more later let’s go back I only the dogs out we’ll be right back they want to go

Out okay okay okay okay I hear you go oh my gosh these dogs all right I’m back beening you closer to our destination there we go huh so trying to see if I can bust through into the rest of the bassile biome cuz this bassle biome is actually

Pretty [ __ ] big but it’s vertical instead of horizontal H lovely I have to like look back and make sure you’re not tunneling into the wall what you I’m fine I’m I’m good you get here when I’m doing it money why are you opening my

Door they I I let my door open just the crack so they can come in and out and then one of them just opens it all the way [ __ ] little dogs I’ll get up here in a second I they my mom and my little sister just came back from dinter I could

Really I haven’t eaten anything except two cupcakes today yeah she went out with her with her boyfriend and her boy her her boyfriend’s mom apparently their moms want to talk to each other I don’t know about what but they spoke to each other and that’s all I know I don’t Know gra more steak for my if you want some Checkers feel free to grab some I’m kidding if you want I already have four of them you sure yeah I’ll come back and grab it later lady went down under I’ll be making potions so I know oh my stomach does not feel happy

And I don’t not know why what did you I have an idea I didn’t eat anything of my point I ate two muffins not muffins cupcakes earlier that’s it that’s all I’ve had to eat is doing the fun thing again where he’s going from zero bars to full

Bar I don’t know what’s going on I don’t think it’s the server because the server is working fine no it’s um it’s the same thing that happened last night with my connection no my connection was ass too last night I’m not sure what the [ __ ] happened it’s it’s still not the best

But at least I can stream now hi I stole your spot yeah I noticed my my pickaxe is almost fully healed so hit a skeleton immediately get five bones yep guess all three of us down here the spawns are going to go crazy yeah I’m standing next to the spawn

Spot I’m not going to lie somebody kind of spooked me out of my silver Avatar which is really sad why I don’t know for some reason I only go into silver if I’m really comfortable and feeling pretty good but uh I did not feel pretty good once I got yelled

At doesn’t help that I got yelled at earlier that day too me it’s great I love it it’s so fun I love getting healed at it’s not terrifying at all for me no not at all what do you mean yeah unfortunately that’s just part of life yep being yell that happens all the

Time at work oh yeah oh man so yeah my little brother is severely pissing me and I just do not care it’s great I that is he still bugging you yep like no I will not do illegal stuff for you you’ve already did paperwork and stuff for that vehicle I’m not going to

Go and do that and then he demanded for me to put the because we got and fixed a a flat for him and I didn’t put and I didn’t put the T the wheel back on his on his uh car and he demanded me to go put it back

On his car and I told him no did you tell him to suck dick see it works much better for him if you just tell him as little words as possible so single word responses piss him off even more than if you actually get into a fight with him so well I

Didn’t say get into a fight with him just say eat dick and then walk away yeah then again I’m just saying what works better so yeah my family functions in a very dysfunctional way what are you doing I can hear you I can hear you little dog what are you

Doing being a little Menace she’s being something she’s being very extra well it’s almost time to go and start throwing all that into the smelter all right we’re going to have to split these guys evenly so that we have a good amount of time I have to locate the

Bastion so I have a few things I got to do I’m not going to lie the only games I’ve been interested in playing aside from the obvious as the aisle and left for dead but both are multiplayer games that’s crazy mhm play Left for Dead single I can’t man but it’s not as

Fun part of the fun is the chaos that comes from a group I’ve been trying to like slowly collect a group together I found three people on one of the uh sonado servers that I joined that do have the game but they’re busy so fun yeah they probably like me and have

A full-time job all right let’s see how many fire ions we have two of them are practically married at the other is just a person 14 15 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 each of us gets 10 of these then oh sweet I

Already have ‘s wait wait wait before you start throwing before you start hold on huh let me throw them all yeah I don’t have any more inventory space uh okay fine just take the 10 I’m going to give you let’s make it even it’s not going to

Be it would be even Ste if we got 10 each just grab them all and put them in this this this chest right this chest here okay I’ll count how many they are and then we’ll divide them uh okay all them just throw those ones in that I picked

Up off the floor there we go how many do you have Checkers none okay one two one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 10 by 40 we have 42 and all I don’t think that’s divisible by three so we’re each going to start off with 10 each of you grab

10 I have one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 that leaves nine left so each gets three more so if I did my math right we’re each supposed to have 12 potions okay so I recommend furthermore to get a lava bucket so go find some lava in the

Bucket and when you guys are ready just let me know oh if you need lava I know where to go don’t worry I got my source it’s hell yep oh it’s convenient we’re going there anyway y so just bring a bucket uh you got to let me have one

From your own house or do I have to supply my own I mean if you can find one in my house you’re free to it all right I’ll it wonder if I should make some more food before we leave one sec guys yeah it looks like I’m have to go

To my house all right oh there’s a creeper outside that’s all right I’m alive I’m back back did you find a bucket no I have to get my own just a creeper nothing major there a creeper I have four buckets in my house I did not find them so I’m just

Gonna get my own plus I can get some more stuff I am bringing my ender chest with me if you guys you prob you guys should probably bring yours too just to be safe I have they’re gonna have to navigate manually to this Bastion because I

Haven’t actually been to it yet for all I know it’s going to be garbage like everything else we find is just trashed the first one we find of anything is janky as [ __ ] yep yeah everything in this [ __ ] world has been broken to hell it’s great I love

J City but it’s not like broken in a funny way it’s just broken in a weird way I don’t know why but it was oddly nice looking at my house and going oh yeah this is my home okay 84 500 850 to 550 well good news we’re mostly heading

In the same direction we did were for uh the first Fortress roughly that’s good I am stupid that’s lovely any I bring plenty of food I recommend a bow and arrow I got an infinite bow so we’re good let’s see how much sugarcane I have

In here I haven’t checked in a while you want to know what really sad what the amount of Knuckles vas are really small yeah hey Mimi has Mimi ever eaten anything that people normally find strange but she happens to like yeah but only because she doesn’t have the same food versions some people have she looks at something and someone tells her it’s food and she’ll try it after all and what do go do also just

Like you grow up and you use certain things and when come from a very isolated Place everything’s new to you so it’s always exciting The Good the best example that [ __ ] Shadow think she’s crazy for she likes to mix ketchup and soy sauce what the [ __ ]

Yeah it okay then it has the Tangy of the tomato and the salty of The Bean fermente Juice silver even won’t be able to look at her straight he’ll be be like what the why because it tastes good that can’t be good for you I mean that actually does some pretty good

Honestly that sounds so salty that’s why you don’t use a lot of it yeah that’s why it sounds good yeah just a little M it’s fine you just see meim me look so sad it’s like you guys haven’t even tried it silver tries it his nose like scrunches Up it’s really salty you put too much you’re not supposed to put that much on it I thought it’ be like half and half besides the ketchup wouldn’t add saltiness it would add the a hint of sweetness to it vinegar and yeah you just burn your [ __ ]

Lawn let’s go to hell death are you ready or you need or do you need a little bit more time just planting stuff real quick all right I’m get my game’s lagging on me I have good news what you don’t have to travel to the ground to get some lava ow that hurt

What go get the lava quickly I’m good girl I’m girl I don’t need the drink a potion before you do that I’ll just grab one from oh wait wait wait there there there I have more buckets you only need one bucket of lava I have two actually just in Cas all we

Got wait for death to show up and then we’ll go to Seb basan I’ll throw a bucket out of w done with I’d be done with this if my connection was we me has a habit of eating nonf food things I say eating she more chews them than eats

Them figure out if it’s food or not she’s discovering the edibility of it does it taste good or like I have to chew on it first well there’s plenty of stuff that taste good when you chew on it but you should not eat it plastic Plastics taste nice she she

Once tried to look antifreeze that was a fun day for oh no she was just going to do a little she was just going to do a little lick but then she got yelled at by Shadow for being stupid GE I wonder why I have to tell

Her that it basically melt your stomach and she just see her little face like it it smells sweet though it’s not it’s deceiving a liar it’s a dirty liar okay I can’t tell if that’s just m saying okay or if that’s her Mimi saying

Okay it can be both but no Mimi would be a little bit sad she’s like well then what can I eat uh gives her a little blade the donut yeah okay she’ll be happy with that she like sweets a little sugar addict yeah why do you think Connie gets

The gains a few pounds oh that’s lovely thanks for uh thank you well considering that a little bit a oh we should probably get some gold yeah yeah how much gold do you need I’ve got we stack we have enough gold to get uh some

Stuff uh but back to the point to be fair she almost immediately has twins after living in the castle with Galahad so it’s not like you lose weight right away from that she’s not as energetic as Mimi is yeah she was inside a cabin most of

Her life and not if not that then just vibing in general well Connie was all was on the road for most of her life she only really recently settled in camel lot do you need gold yes are you going to make yourself a helmet yeah that’s broke look behind

Look over there look over there oh you gave me some I apologize no make yourself something to wear excuse me there we go I guess I guess story update right now G had and are trying to catch up to Connie cuz she decided to pull a runaway snuck out the window and everything

Yep because she doesn’t want to be used as a asset to the kingdom fair enough even Galahad and lcot didn’t feel too good about that hey hey hey death there anyway oh nice I know for a fact that you didn’t have a bucket then uh I have a bucket I was going to

Go and fill it up when you guys when we got near lava well just keep it as a backup I guess uh I had a thought and I lost it it’s not so much that she doesn’t want to be an asset it’s just the fact that if she uses comply a bunch

Of people are GNA [ __ ] die which hence why they didn’t feel too good about that because they know gaha didn’t like it cuz you know that just felt wrong and Lance didn’t like it because of wait what that we have a bridge going that way no guess we’ll follow this I don’t think

So there’s a gas inbound well then shoot it it’s fine I got a bow no you know be funny what if I accidentally smacked one of those oh look you little [ __ ] I’m cursed my right through it what no stop I’m good I’m on fire I know but just give me

A second I’ll get better get over it all right so we got quite we have quite a bit to trk so I recommend you guys stay behind me okay also avoid lava as best you can a damn it that’s a problem down there with a baby ster on it

Oh that we didn’t bring any Saddles saddles or anything ah damn it how am we supposed to get down there you might have to go back can get some pickaxe let I’m backtrack and see if there’s another way to get over there oh another another G literally spawned

Right in front of me oh that’s great aha [ __ ] got it wonderful shot him back with his own thing cuz [ __ ] him love the return all right let’s see oh you guys you got a drop noas from the last I got maxed up feather falling so I could honestly

Probably jump down and be fine I mean if you want to jump down and build a bridge up to us that’s ideal but how about this I guess that’s one way to do it just over there because you do have quite a bit of a

Track to go so it might be a good idea for us to Mark our way back all right let me just do a little Compass check yep we’re heading in the right direction direction sounded like erection I’m so says a dick sucker anyways person that you p with me

Anyway yeah but it’s the characters that suck dick not us yeah yeah why do you think I was silver and they were mephis anyway I thought you didn’t like that ship friend has forced it to grow on me because of the rapy Vibes no th meilus did like a whole oh they

Were reborn and now silver is teaching teing them how to exist and that’s cute so might as well that I like the other one [ __ ] that hell no I mean I guess they each their own I’m just saying like how you warmed up to that

One but I’m still trying to get you to like Shad Amy that one’s been an Endeavor even though that would actually makes way more sense when you look at when you look at things I’m neutral to it I do not dislike it nor like it I just feel okay be careful when lighting

Stuff behind me it makes me think a lava thing is going to fall on top of my head that’s what I thought I’m like oh I got I’m sorry I just like look look a quick way to know when when we’re coming down okay you guys can put a

Torch down now while I’m paused oh looks like we’re another bass saw biome yeah I kind of looked over and I see one so we’re going to have to be careful then because we might get lava falling on top of us bass salts are [ __ ] annoying for that yeah I’ll stay clear back

Here don’t worry I’m maintaining my distance so I don’t endend up accidentally killing everybody is this my for this is my silk touch pick what am I doing you are silly for that all righty you’re lagging and that’s funny to me I’m not lagging I’m trying to actually go slow

Uh all right so we’re gonna have to we’re gonna have to do a thingy I’m G use the bath Sal first look at the cute wh Strider if you guys see any magma cubes please don’t let them knock me down actually I should probably drink one of my potions just for safety it

Might be good ide yeah no speaking of [ __ ] once we get this once we I’m sorry you’re fine once you know they catch up to Connie Galahad and Connie are basically going to have themselves a fun time they need a dresser a detox even yeah Connie’s just going to straight up

Tell him she’s not going back to the castle right away she wants to go to her home like I’m not sleeping in the [ __ ] Castle okay I don’t know I I know I’m willing to mention what that situation between me and that friend was I’m not going to say their name just for

Their sake but there’s a block up behind there’s a few blocks behind me you two do not jump on the bridge uhoh I think one of them’s going to commit suicide so I think we’re good I got to Bow it’s fine hold I got to switch over to another resource I use this

Blackstone you don’t have any I do but I’m trying to get rid of uh other stuff I’m not going to use I’ve been collecting nether rack to make brick for a special project oh oh oh back up back up back up oh Jesus [ __ ] Christ okay that scared

The crap out of me oh that’s right we have I forgot we have a I know have but still I’d rather not get burned because the fire is the fire is annoying it’s very annoying all right now you just wait for this to go away Flames there we go it’s annoying because

It’s hard to walk through let me see where we are real quick all right we got to get to 850 negative 850 first so let’s keep going now it’s time to back the B out if you want I can share what the situation between me and that one friend

Was if you want to that is completely up to you friend so oh wait hold up question from chat speaking of the Hedgehog has Shadow ever admitted that he likes his I I cannot see the second part of that because of the stupid heart thingy on

The CH I hate uh the edgehog as Shadow never emitted to hang on yeah that’s why the little heart thing friends or does he keep it to himself that his chest is Fluffy as like always okay I I don’t I wow I felt like I was having a stroke when reading

That I’m doing so well I’m you’re I’m trying to understand what they’re trying to say too you’re not alone okay that would a little you might want to word that in another way because our brains are pulling error messages right now here we’re also in a very um dangerous

Environment so I’m trying not to fall to my Doom so I’m paying attention to what I’m doing yeah all right so we’re close to when we’re going to turn hold up got to turn off my thingy I can’t really see that well when I have my coordinates

Up you guys are going in this direction I’m Maring okay I’m just been marking with torches so we know which hole we’ve been coming out of and stuff all right I mean we all came out of one hole Yeah well that’s a joke that my [ __ ] friend made once like we all

Came out of a hole we’re going to end up back in a hole our lives are just holes that is that is very true honestly we’re mole people apparently M at heart okay you’re about to back up into a wall there you go a damn it lovely hi

Lava I’m just keeping an eye out for magma cubes in case one decides to jump on us let me just make sure I got about 3 minutes left of this potion keep an eye on yours too ah shoot we’re going to have to go over okay I’ll use a potion eventually

It we’re going up here I’ll move out of the way so you can take care of that if you want I’m trying not to push you off just back up I’ll back up yeah I’m trying not to push you off I’m sorry okay here we can

Start let’s fill in that hole so we don’t drop all all the way down there that does not look very pleasant I guess we’re training places again oh my God they’re mag everywhere I’m try and take care of so these guys cuz they are they are tall enough to jump on

Us whoa yeah that is a big jumper there okay geter not concerned who sorry Checkers I I didn’t even hit I didn’t even aim for your head I don’t know how that hit you I want to get those uh creams so give me a second you’re good all right little guys let’s take

Care of the trash Magma Cream is magma cream hey it’s cream we eat it regardless this might be a better biome for hunting I think we’re good for now we can continue on the road okay we’re not jumping off here okay no I’m trying to I was trying to keep those guys from

Jumping on us because when they’re big they jump pretty high however there is one that’s way too close there we go got when they’re smaller they can’t jump as high so they’re less of a danger I just wanted to know does he think that a little group of his as his

Friends or not that’s all he’s trying to see if there are any friends that shadow will like openly admit yes these are my friends I mean I imagine he would at least acknowledge team dark as his friends yeah I would think so Amy maybe yeah cuz am is like one of the

Very rare people that could just talk him down like hey you shouldn’t do this and he’ll actually stop and think about it it’s like yeah okay she gives she gives him a Vibes yeah just with a big ass hammer and musles God I I still love that opening

Comic battle where she just sitting there holding like a 500 lound weight for war for morning warmups oh from this ISO comic well you’re going to like when I recreate that cuz I’m probably going to make the white weight bigger yes great you working out in her garage you

Just see her carrying around this [ __ ] thing bigger than her oh we’re going around with the with like weighted like weighted stuff all the time oh yeah we’re going to be going probably through another two biomes cuz we’re about 400 blocks away still see a Soul Sand biome after this

Yep if you want you collect some of the alternate Soul Sand our potions are about to run up by the way and mine left I’ll put it back on here in a minute I don’t like how you’re looking at big guy uh I had a thought and I

Completely lost it oh yeah that’s another thing I’m going to have to remake but probably not now I have too much on my plate to focus on and I got to take bite size of stuff before I go back to the buffet for more yeah I probably not mention that one thing

Should I what thing and you know the thing I mentioned earlier today we had to get them you mean n I’m not sure how that’s related to what I said I was hoping that we weren’t going to talk about his name get shot at trying to find a way to

Get to bridge there’s a gas clear over there I’m trying to get it before it decides to tnk at us go past you then so you can have better a better view all right hold up guys I’m trying to yeah I think it might have despawned or I

Actually hit it with there’s another Fortress over there another Fortress or a imagine it’s connected it’s there I this is not the same one I promise you guys want to back up a little bit cuz I’m going to break that part of the bridge so I can make a

Steps and waste all my blocks but basically when I was talking to some friends on chat I mentioned how okay you’re good oh wow that just spawned right in front of us sorry uh we keep interrupting each cheers go ahead but I was talking with some friends and I mentioned how internet relationships

Ones just are not working I just don’t going to check out that place I just don’t feel super like connected or involved with the person like I should yeah hold up and so I’ve just decided that like maybe it’s best I don’t do those and NES was near me when he heard

That and apparently he’s been hoping that he could possibly get a second chance with me at some point when I got my headset hence why he was so excited we’re just gonna be digging through it looks like Checkers so we might go over actually because I have a

Feeling this is directly to Lava okay let’s just see that’s understandable I mean me and me are basically in the same boat where it’s like yeah I don’t want to do online or long distance cuz I’ve done that before and it never ends well if not for the bad relationship

Thing at least for the distance [ __ ] cuz it just doesn’t like fulfill all the needs I need in the relationship I’ll just constantly feel like there’s something missing which is the I’m here physically and I can like hug you and [ __ ] yeah doesn’t really me well it lead directly to up like I

Thought but not in the way I thought all right well it’s okay oh it’s helpful enough just make sure you break the blocks behind me as I go all right gets into the r out there’s something so unner when you just look down there and just see a

Endless pool of lava I think that’s the whole point of the nether in general I know I know I should probably drink another potion before we keep going me back up a little bit yeah I’ll use a potion eventually I don’t mind wasting them sorry we’re going to be in the Bastion

For too long hopefully yeah you you guys just keep running out in front of me so I’m like okay whatever whatever lava we hit you guys are going to touch it first so see how it is it’s true by the way I don’t have Hast so I’m going to be diing

A little slower I’ll give it to you here in a second it looks like we’re going to go back into a tunnel here in a minute I prefer a tunnel over there anyways because it’s safer how much do you love goats well being a farm man for a number

Of years I got to know them they are some of the smartest dumbest animals you’ll ever find they’re like cat level of just weird aggression they’re strange creatures I personally I I like them a lot because when I was little my dad used to live in this trailer park that for some reason

Had a little group of goats and I thought they were [ __ ] cute that may or may not have been the first inspiration for meimi outside of my dog just the random [ __ ] goats that my dad had for a while okay let’s see where are we we losing track of the story anyway go

Ahead sorry um but du to the fact that he felt like he had you know a possibility of getting back with me I I kind of had a feeling after a while there was a bit of a bu he doing all this just because he thinks he

Can possibly try again oh oh looks like you hit all the biomes in the sweet I suspect we’re underneath the red Forest then yeah continue Checkers come on um so he told me that since he heard that I’m not going to be doing online relationships just at all period um he

Was really sad and that he felt it was probably best he’d tell me at least I guess he felt bad for not saying and as I suspected that’s why he didn’t like it when I would be affectionate to any of my friends like just any sort of affection

It could be the simplest thing he would get a bit I don’t know if You’ say jealous or posive but one of the two and I noticed it and it it did bum me out because I like being affectionate towards my friends and he clearly didn’t like

That so I would try to just not uh you guys wait here I need to check something out okay I’ll be back and yeah look right there’s the edge of the red Forest CU I have a feeling something’s being weird about this area keep going keep going Checkers you’re good uh

He’s threatening me with a what the hell where is it what’s wrong I’m looking for that bash oh I found it never mind I’m an idiot okay good I was about to panic like you better not be a [ __ ] dud uh trying yeah stop mining up just mine

Forward I’m scared you’re G to shoot me no shooting each other listen he pointed the arrow at me hi hi black the B the just m then we’re mining up well as for your friend there Checkers I guess that’s just too sad for him yep sometimes guy

Yeah you can’t just Pine after somebody forever well you can but it does not do any good gentlemen some tips from from somebody like me I’m people generally find it much more attractive if you keep up with your hygiene oh I hear the pigs one sec yep we’re we’re literally

Right on top of it okay we need to go down we need to go this way now and start going down as soon as we go down though we’re going to probably break right into it so be careful yep yep there it is take your potions

Now okay I already did mine’s still good I’m going minutes I’m gonna leash some lava I have eight minutes I’m ready to go okay we’re good that’s my sword too many particle effects I can’t see what we’re doing all right checkers can you move for a

Second you can go ahead and do that while I take care of all these extra mobs that are going to get in our way I’m just trying to see if I can get a view to also help shooting all right just aim for the guys in the

Black they’re the ones who are going to give us the most issues I see a chest I already see a chest these brutes here are the ones that are going to give us [ __ ] all right we’ll mark our path with Netherrack so we can find our way

Back I hear I hear them they are not happy yeah I’m looking oh there they come oh they’re not aiming for us they’re aiming for the pigs I mean the bigger pigs the regular guys won’t really really recognize us with the gold but it’s the ones in Black that will go after

Us and soon as we T down they’ll attack us should we just take care of him right now in that chest area so you’re going to have to be very careful I think we I think death took care of him actually maybe no I hear him I think he’s still in

There hold up hold up hold up yeah hogin growls angrily he’s in there the arrows are hard to yeah he’s in there he’s in there I see him he hasn’t just seen you yet as only thing run run run how did I get the achievement already

Jesus you okay death yeah that hurt I went from Full down to half HP yeah that’s why we bring the lava bucket I’m sorry about that death I didn’t I was trying to hit the guy but you want to come rejoin us or oh they still have three

Yeah nice murdered all right yeah that’s why I like this bow it just one shots almost everything it’s great all right let’s see already let me get my let me get my ender chest out so we can just put stuff in there instead of having to carry it

All with us uh there is another scrap who’s allowed to have that as a question uh for now just put it in the in just hang on to it or put in the nether chest and we’ll split it up later here grab my if there’s anything else in there let

Me know I want to try and keep the chest off the ground as much as possible yeah I’ll keep an eye out I’m so glad I decided to bring like two stacks of food with me oh that was close oh did did somebody sneak up on

You well someone was about to sneak up on us okay looks like this is just the bottom that is dark down there um hi child that doesn’t lead anywhere so we’re GNA have to go back up oh yeah I see that oh wait no looks like this one one of the more

Fallen apart ones not one of the big guys so we’re probably not going to find a trim here we got to go down I got refresh my potion really quick I still like four minutes all right I’m going to write my lava down okay I’ll burn for a minute

But I don’t mind being I wish that they would take away the actual fire on your body when you have Fireproof he did not appreciate that I think well yeah but they won’t attack you if you kill them that way know they want attack you you just

One shot them so there is not a lot here who got that I don’t know I will take the lamp because the lamp is cool is my lamp now you can go ahead and take the lamps I think more most oh I think I found the way

In I right next to you death other side other side over here over here looks like there’s a way to go in here oh no this is back up where came this is circle from here I okay yeah you’re right this is a very small thingy let me

See if there’s more to this place I was going to dig through a wall and see if we could find anything oh well this one the Bastion is pretty well exposed we’re actually pretty low we can go up so we’re going to have to find a way to go

Up I did find big chests in here so where I’m over here I’m up I’m I’m above you guys or above you death I not sure where Checkers run off to I’m right next to Oh all oh I put all my blocks away in the [ __ ] thingy of course I did I’m a

Dummy I have some hold on I have wait when when did I get like five stacks of Netherrack what what happened there I put it in my in my Ender Chest so I have free inventory so we want to go up over there just breaking we got baby child

Ow I’ll let you m s you want to well I live haste but you know you said you were going to give me haste a while ago I’m sorry I got distracted there I don’t recommend coming up here just to murder the kid no he be he’s

Fine he’s just vibing okay he’s chilling well there’s another one who’s going to join us in a minute oh wait do you need to use silk touch to pick up the Ender Chest yeah yeah you do I have mine you can just use mine oh we found another chest room oops

Me just make sure we got everybody found him the in here all right we got debris and we got an upgrade I I man to find uh another one too an armor snout nice all right let me go ahead and collect this stuff and then we’ll go

Ahead and throw it in our take the chest too so we don’t end up oh you guys already were put down the Ender all right everything that I find I’m going to put in here I’ll take this stupid I think more of them just [ __ ]

Died H where my silk touch one of them’s mad ow one of them survived oh my God yeah good oh there you go he died he’s dead he escaped yeah he’s good at invading the lava wow he’s just running there we go we got him you guys

You guys want to take this guilded gold stuff oh you you can silk touch it it’s just like regular nuggets oh but you can’t smelt these down I don’t got I don’t got my silk touch pickaxe with me I have a Sil touch I have a Sil touch

There’s not really a point since you can’t really do anything with that all right that that just leads outside they’re decorative true let me go ahead and get my touch one again I guess we’re going to go down well we got what we came for we mostly just wanted the uh

Template go ahead buddy I see you thank you ow I stabbed myself you silly goofball how dare you I hear SN you have your lava already so I’m not worried these ptions I swear to God oh we hit the uh Black Stone part there’s no more there’s a point going back

Here up here I think that’s this entire place we can go down well going down will just lead us towards uh the bottom of the Fortress which doesn’t have anything yeah I was it wait hold up let me see to the side I’m going to take a quick look see

Before we leave because I don’t see any other chests in here just like everything else in this [ __ ] seed this is super small and janky to kind of wish we have a different seed oh I found another chest yay it’s actually here let me see

Let see if it can navigate us to it from where we are trying to find you guys where’ you go I am still okay so we got to go down here okay of course I’m so death where are you I fell oh no do you need our help oh I see

You hear a lot of angry not my fault it’s okay you’re in going in the right direction anyways we have to go down oh so my falling actually did serve a good thing for once yeah Checkers are you all right no where are you uh below oh you fell

I don’t see you anywhere I’m below oh you fell all the way down M are you in the lava no oh I see you I see you over here behind you or to your side a lot a lot of pigs just charged at me that was not

Pleasant Checkers uh don’t go up I’m over here oh wow that is delayed my connection is not doing well at all I need another fireproof hold up time out time out I know where the chest is I can go get it oh you’re over there okay I’m just

Putting myself in the corner so I don’t end up getting mooded all right how lovely that is I think it’s in there in here somewhere careful there are a bunch of pigs in there yeah I canar where’s my bucket where’s my bucket there it is there some it’s somewhere in this

Area but I don’t remember exactly where the wall Prett blocks the black stone blocks yeah yep there it is there’s the gold this is one of the treasure rooms oh well good thing I I guess I remembered where it was roughly oh I think I found it oh

Ow stop going in front of me I’m not trying to I didn’t know you were digging that way oh wait no this is just an empty room oh [ __ ] he didn’t like that I dug up the gold he was very mad there is a chest somewhere nearby

Here though so let me just do one more time but on this side okay so go back out I know where it is so we’re going to go back outside let’s build back up basically what happened this wall over here is where it is past like literally past this wall over

Here I have an idea let’s like not hold on let me let me hold on it’s in there is there I think there it is yeah that’s just below oh it’s in it’s in this area so I guess just dig around no it is down here I’m

Stupid lava first lava first there’s no piglins I saw a hoglin in here okay now I got I’ll get it I don’t know where death run off to but he is gone dead he disconnected oh all right ready yeah my connection not good well goats are what they want

To be okay just like witches they just do things whether those things are good or bad is completely up to interpretation oh somebody’s aiming on something they are not happy at you Checkers yeah I know oh hi thanks I think that’s all the chest you guys

Want me to take one more lookie just to be safe careful hoglin hoglin oh [ __ ] goes into the lava I kind of had to do that okay let me know when they’re dead I’m taking I think so I think death got him taking one more no they’re

Not taking one more quick Pixies I mean I found another gold oh no it fell and killed me so uh can I be teleported back give me a second I did find one more chest but it’s super isolated from everything else you want me just to grab it yeah go

For it because it is like completely isolated from the rest of the Fortress sure uh here I’ll teleport you to death tell death be somewhere that she won’t instant die I don’t know where that exactly is just Solid Ground we’ll go right here this is solid there thank you all right

Uh nothing really good in here but you know might as well trying to spot hidden away in a dark corner somewhere well this thing really isn’t like in a dark corner we never would have found this it doesn’t have anything worthwhile anyways so I’ll see the chest in here it’s not

Like we’re ever going to find this all right let me keep looking around I think we got everything in the small Fortress oh wait there’s one oh no there is one more chest I CH there’s a pig over you I just see it oh that’s fun I love

Falling you guys know where that treasure room was with the gold basically we’re going to dig straight up from there okay but let me go ahead and um get back to you guys I think I knew where that was was that it’s here I’ll follow you guys back oh no I think we

Yeah we’re too far down we need to go up that’s like delightful okay so we basically go up here no I don’t have any torches somebody has to put down torches I don’t have any I got torches okay I got lava ready you just mine be careful cuz they might drop in you

Might want to take a potion I did no death okay I have to oh [ __ ] I think we got bigger issues on our hands they hate me they [ __ ] sieged you holy [ __ ] yeah they did not want me around any long they completely ignored me that

That was the funny part yep just went straight for me did not care for either of you me it’s because you just you were the last one to open a chest Checkers inter view the one that I went to was isolated didn’t have anything around it I can’t see anything [ __ ] it I’ll

Throw it down torch um right take a potion I’ll just give myself more if I die I’ll just go back to my base it’s fine I’ve been lagging so bad anyways it’s annoying okay we’re outside now we just keep going sounds like he wants to perish

Maybe he does just let him do his thing it is his namesake like I’ve like every time I shoot an arrow it takes it like two seconds before I see the arrow fly and do damage so yeah all right just be careful not great try and just navigate up as naturally as we

Can got him ha death death death Death yeah you see what I told you now all right grab your lava good timing too oh no don’t grab your lava yeah I very skilled with the way of drinking potions don’t you worry about me come on get in the lava

[ __ ] wait do I not have a I did yet hey buddy how you doing okay that works too yeah that’s why I like this bow it’s great it takes forever for it to actually oh there are so many golden carrots in there holy [ __ ] all right no there’s not here

Here’s the nether the chest go ahead and fill her up the good thing about have doing the Ender thing is we each have our own inventory in there so we don’t run out of space I’m out of space well give me the the leftovers and I’ll go ahead and put them in in

Mine nope I’m also full s death it looks like you’re going to have to put it in yours next we wait forever for it to register that I’m picking stuff up let me just go ahead and throw away some of this nether rock I don’t need so

I have some space to work with what if I just like punch you well it wouldn’t do anything because I have all right let me go ahead and grab my chest let me do one more look see and if I don’t see anything else I’ll go ahead and just go all the

Way back to the portal and teleport you guys to me okay I mean the only valuable thing I see left in here is a single gold block oh well more gold blocks do you guys want the gold blocks or are we good we got like over a stack of gold blocks at

My base I fine all right well you guys stay put I’m going to go ahead I’m going to die again oh I’m going to wander in the forest I think try and stay somewhere saish until I can teleport you guys cuz I didn’t take the coordinates back so I’m have to follow

Our Bridge all the way back okay I’m in spectator mode and thing about spectator mod don’t worry I’m in spectator modes I can move extremely fast let’s just say that I got pushed off the ledge and into the lava but I have fire resistance so I’m to survive just keep drinking

Potions I’m on 16 minutes so that’s how long you have okay I’m going to be there right long before that if you see the stream I’m ruining so fast I’m actually having trouble trying not to go too far beyond where I’m supposed to to go oh well looks like they reached me

Anyway I love how they just drop in on my face it’s delightful as you can imagine well death I guess I’m only teleporting you yep I went running into the red Forest I am safe well actually no because a lot of P of hoglins like to spawn there all

Right everybody convene at my house yeah but it was so um it was so CR already working on it I say that was fun quick to bed kind of not really because I died like three times I like how you’re still less afraid of the Bastion than you are the

Monument the monument is so much easier there’s so much more space to work with Brea no but Brea negative that’s why you use water breathing all right yeah let me find an empty chest here okay the top chest up there’s going to be where I’m going to

Dump all the stuff that we got first time me get rid of all this I’m almost there I’m literally at your portal so a minute B grab anything that you got from in there and here the very top one this guy here I don’t know why I put that down

Down considering that I uh I have one already put down in here but whatever no not that one this one death all I’ll let you guys choose the whatever youall want look at your mind for the smithing templates if you’re going to take it try and make copies for the rest of

Us I don’t know if you need black stone for these or what do you need for these specifically um the ne upgrade so try and not steal thate thank you looks like there’s two of them oh there’s another yeah the you should probably take that there’s two of

The smithing templates but only up yeah you might want to make a bunch of copies of those who’s getting the netherite scrap and who’s getting the ancient debris well I think death should get the scrap because he did the most kills you can get the scraps I can just go get my

Own or I can find another Bastion take it on myself which I usually do anyways just want the first one to be the three of us all I really ask is that I get a snout template or anything else I don’t really give a [ __ ] about you got it so so speed

Three oh yeah if you put down Soul Sand that that [ __ ] makes you move a million miles a minute just keep adding stuff on I’m probably going to do a poll on Twitter after we finish the end in in this realm I’m probably going to go ahead and uh stop streaming Minecraft

And do Dragon Quest so we still have some time for Minecraft because I plan for us to do a lot of stuff before we go to the end though I might try and find the Fortress just so we have it the Fortress the stronghold all right Checkers you got what you

Wanted right let me go ahead and take my she’s back basically anything that stays in there I assume to be mine so if you want something take it now you know what just Prett much out of space it might so well there you go do you want me to make you another ender

Chest while you’re here because I have the materials to do it yeah because I didn’t know that you need to use a Sil touch all death hey did you take one one of the ones I made here you go death I was to give it to yeah but that one was

Mine there’s two yeah because I carried two one for the house and one for my inventory why did you put two down on top of each other because my inventory was overflowing for a second get all this Netherrack and start smelting it pretty sure you guys aren’t going to want it

Anyways yeah maybe if I’m building a giant crimson base or something but at that point I just do my own mining what did I there it is I want to start making uh drip stuff I haven’t put much down here yet I don’t know what to put down

Here aside from Storage but I can use my upstairs as storage all right well I see a lot of gold stuff that I’m going to have to smelt down so I’m going to go take care of that now uh you don’t want to take the ancient debris Checkers you can take

That all right whatever floats your boat if you want one of death go ahead like I said you did the most kills I me okay I guess if you want that’s I’m GNA be timing out again though it’s completely up to you besides I’m going to go mining for it soon enough anyways

Because there’s something I want to find in in the the nether which we didn’t find here have to find another Bastion for it namely I want to find a pig step oh the disc yeah it’s one of the best discs in the game I also did the liberty of putting

An ender chest down in the XP farm so we have that here you all right there Checkers oh death died again I’m gonna go get some pizza because I am starving all righty I’m alone you’re not I’m just going toity but whatever okay we got so much

Magma Cream we don’t have to worry about fire potions again ever yeah I don’t know why my connection is horrible at the end of the day it makes zero sense the internet provider I guess sleeps on the router they don’t like you death you did something what did you do he’s spit on

Them I’ve done a lot of things did you Ste some of it I still pretty proud of did you steal their wife did you piss on their wife the Hedgehog I think that’s more of a penny reference no it’s a snap Cube reference somebody had the audacity to

Ask me if I knew what snap Cube was so I broke up my silver Avatar and do you think I know anxiously nervous silver um yeah I know it’s na cuis I’m not a [ __ ] dumbass anyway [ __ ] you I’ve made him save some the weird I

Have curious like Snap Cube would do for like a Mimi version uh it would just be me talking hi I’m Mimi I speak for the trees I’m like the I to say oh my God no no no it’s me with Danny dito’s voice just I speak for the

Trees you cannot sit there and tell me that’s not genius it that’s great we’re so funny should join them oh no my voice acting skills is ass and you don’t need to be good have you heard their aiming you just need to be funny twinkle twinkle see it’s more of I’m not very

Good at on the spot improv like what they can do for hours yeah they can I just need good people to bounce off of then I if if they ass then I can’t really do it let me go ahead and clean up my I just start cleaning up my storage room you

Do I just need to start cleaning I’m in general I’m G expand my basement so I can make a storage area see that’s what I’m planning on doing I’m planning on just making this giant hole I have here into a GI storage area and hopefully be good on storage for a

While you can ask Checkers I usually end up with a pretty big storage room by the time I’m done I know cuz I built it yeah last time I taught you well in the ways of hoarding I’ve always been a yeah but you didn’t have the organizational skills for it [ __ ]

You never throw away anything rule number one and if you throw away anything you have to buy five more of those things mhm yep you have it what but you have velcro at home like I need more but what I can’t can’t find it I clearly don’t have

Enough I have a feeling we’re going to make a lot you’re too heavy to walk around you need to L some stuff alone in the [ __ ] holiday you oh yeah it’s gonna probably be implied a lot because she even regular Mimi has a has a tendency to kind of just hold on to

Stuff put her in an environment where that shit’s encouraged these are way more Enchanted they have any right to be it’s great oh my God you just would constantly be holding on to what it’s long and wet a pool noodle no well anyways n her hoarding tendencies get

Pretty bad all of her companions complain about it um silver leaves her alone after like the two first tries he’s like yeah that’s just normal don’t worry about it my wife likes every single object she can you can use this to make mods for a gun

And then I look at her maxed out [ __ ] weapons that can already annihilate somebody in one shot mhm I didn’t say they were from me no you never know what if my gun jams looks at the pile of guns she already has Bas Palm I feel like Shadow would be

The one to give her the hardest time him is oh yeah they complain about it a lot because she make eventually if she carries enough stuff she doesn’t want to get rid of guess who has to help her carry it yeah [ __ ] and moan about it constantly it’s like either you help me

Carry these [ __ ] cans so you’re not going to get another bottle of that hair conditioner I found angry growling from both of them silver it’s okay I’m used to it this point she asked this Scrapper perk she just finds [ __ ] mhm like oh hey shadow look I found a bottle of lavender

Shampoo do you want this you see his eyes diate give me does the sparkly cat I think the grabby hands yep immediately wants it for scar she just for scar she just finds crates of alcohol mhm like oh scorge look it’s a [ __ ] 200y old AG bourbon you want

It [ __ ] yeah give that over that’s what he’s going to be sipping on for the next two days yep it’ll not leave his lips for a long while yeah you can complain all you want about my hoarding but my hoarding Al also often finds things that you

Want they just kind of give her the side eye and then continue enjoying what they got what would she get silver uh um what would like floofy things that are warm cuz I’m pretty sure for him he’d just be happy with her rewards of snuggles and hugs

Why do you think I said some fluffy things ah oh my God he built a nest Oh no just a nest of stuff to keep her home more mhm gu let be fair he probably gets upset when she doesn’t take him with her yeah he tries to encourage her to sleep

In there with him so that her smell just gets all over it and he’s like I feel like I’m being held yay sniffs the blankets he’s like I would find This creepy if you weren’t cute I get lonely when you’re gone for days on end leave me

Alone I’m sorry this was a mission for just Scourge she doesn’t like when I take you with me because then we never stop hugging I apologize you cut out no he’s like I’m sorry I want to bring you with me but Scourge doesn’t like it when we hug constantly it was his

Mission he thinks it’s gross sound like a villager now just imagine silver putting a pouty face on that’d be adorable I’m sorry it would be adorable mean you would just go oh she spoils her companions okay she might make them carry a [ __ ] ton of junk

At the end of the day they get more money and guns out of anywhere else that reminds me okay so if we’re going to make Sonic mccre are we’re going to give Sonic just a random Sun um cuz that’s that’s mcc’s whole thing that he’s trying to find a cure or

We can make it that he’s trying to find a cure for Tails o you know that makes more sense so that instead of him having a son he’s just trying to save his friend tails and that means we can actually bring tails in I guess I would

Explain why Tails isn’t in the airp toward till towards the end because he was at the capital We Stand sick we found cure and you can come join us yeah having ack measuring contest as usual oh just I have ideas cuz I’m like hm what can we do because of course if

We’re going to put Rouge in the railroad and Knuckles in the uh Brotherhood they’re going to be at ODS with each other exactly that’s the point I imagine that Rouge knows but Knuckles doesn’t know which organization she’s a part of so he’s constantly side adding her like what the [ __ ] are you

Doing oh yeah before we forget uh hey G people when did you lose your haste this time we both lost like Checkers was asking for it so oh well you got off just a good time uh all right so we can do that I was thinking about that for a while cuz

I’m like Sonic wouldn’t have a son though the hell would that work yeah like just help Tails his little B little buddy then everybody can get worried CU like oh [ __ ] tals is super sick sad I mean I can see Sonic becoming a mercenary to try and save his

Friend his little bro yeah yeah go ahead check uh death ta tails is Three Dog except you just call him three Tails oh my God the radiation made him grow another tail oh no oh no got got a thir tail hey you can fly better now tricopter yep he finally got some

Stability with him oh my God he’s like a [ __ ] drone at this point yep yes yeah okay we solve that issue cuz I don’t think any of the casts would have a kid yeah except for for some reason his voice is also just just deep and silky

Too you just hear the radio and you don’t realize his Tails until the till he shows oh my god oh [ __ ] what what happened to’s puberty Happ tell the truth no matter how much it hurts one of my experiments went wrong one of my experiment went wrong or very

Right oh yeah this is not a centered room oh well whatever it doesn’t need to be centered cuz I don’t think any of the staff would have a kid I guess except for Mimi but that’s a part of her story line I heavily debating if in the Sonic Au if

Um’s wife would be a r not if she died in something she probably would have died of old age the reason that all the characters are still around is because of Eggman doing some [ __ ] Mimi is the only exception because she was cry Frozen in a I’m just talking normal ve you cut

Out yeah my connection is [ __ ] right now it’s okay we got the gist though kind of just go ahead and make this area pretty how do we make this man even more tragic than he already is with with just aako do we just make it so his wife died

In like child birth or something I mean that’s your character that’s just can’t get a break bro let him be happy for like two seconds please it’s his character he can torture him as much as he Wants yep why did I do that okay I decided to mine out a piece of stone by hand like a dummy don’t ask me why I don’t I don’t question Myself it doesn’t take that long doesn’t take that long no it does not funny enough because Shadow is still organic in this one technically speaking I guess he’d be the closest one because Nick does technically have a wife SLG girlfriend situation going it’s just that Nick is a synth

With no with no you know dick yeah much too many people’s dismay a lot of people want to [ __ ] that for look it fell off a few hundred years ago I can’t help it and then he has you know wire fingers so most people don’t want him to be uh doing stuff up

There owie yeah got to be ex yep other than that no I don’t think any other cast would have a kid so it’s probably better that we revise the whole Sonic thing what do you mean he’s not saving his kid he’s saving Tails or trying to save Tails

Ah doz a creedy kid get something called the Blue flu which technically speaking adults don’t really get but it could be like a mutated thing that Tails CAU well I guess he could still just be kind of young in this maybe it took him longer to wake up

Maybe he mechanic was sleep they couldn’t fix it cuz no one else is a mechanic no they he probably still be proportionally young these characters haven’t aged too much they were stuck in cryle sleep too probably like MiMi was he’s just like 16 or something yeah

Imagine they all men they all came from the same [ __ ] Vault they they won’t they’ probably be like a separate facility that Eggman had or something I’d say like there’s three different vaults that the majority of the Sonic cast came from yeah cuz everybody else because then they would know each

Other from the beginning and that would just make the story a little bit weird except for silver because he was naturally born into this world yeah silver is the one exception he’s the one that surprised everybody they were like H you don’t remember us confused face oh you’re born in this

Okay sure oh right you came to the [ __ ] up world the normal way oh that’s right you’re supposed to be 200 years in the future I forgot about that oh [ __ ] we came to you this time hey yo freaky they you just he’s so confused like what the [ __ ] are you guys talking

About he just looks kind of like H what do you mean oh I understand anything oh my God you just see me Mimi’s face kind of get confused like oh right you were in the past I guess that was a different you of course he’s going to show up in

Newspapers like she’s seen him before I like oh yeah right I think that was a different new I think we [ __ ] something up uh oh I didn’t know the other you so we’re we’re good looks really just unsure of what’s going on confused imagine that story line that

Silver CH to steal current Mimi from current silver when the goat goes into heat everyone knows it yeah mostly silver but she smells like a flower field if you SM suddenly smell roses I think you’ll know yeah unless you’re in a rose bush or something that’s how she hides she

Just sits in a rose bush the entire time it’s like nothing’s going on leave me alone growl silver do you want to help yes is that where you’re trying to communicate all right come here come on bedroom right now fun times yay confetti oh I actually have an idea man

What if you use um stone brick walls instead you mean these no um oh walls you mean yeah okay we’ll see walls walls it look cool we’ll see I’m mostly just doing a very plain design nothing too fancy it help it give it some depth and make it pop a little

Well my idea is I might put some of this copper in here let it oxidize some copper and then put it down here look NE mainly because I have no other use for this [ __ ] copper true speaking of you just mind some I know I have more in the in the

Mine I need to get more coal to feed my smelters eventually and I imagine for m companion she always has places to go and depending on where she’s going that determines which companion she’s going to bring if she doesn’t just bring silver and somebody else like for example if she she’s going

To go down to a liquor store guess it’s going to be the first in line fashion skirge we need to find vodka why well first to distill into alcohol for wounds but also so he can drink it points at Scourge he just like looks at them smiles and does a little finger

Gun you you know the ghosty would love that by the way he liked the gift so he’s happy oh yeah I’ve noticed as long as he’s happy that man’s had a shitty [ __ ] year so far he really has it’s been [ __ ] I don’t know anything about going on with that [ __ ] he doesn’t

Talk about it much but I’m assuming it’s still a bull [ __ ] I bet I mean in good news um those people that decided to be dick to him I haven’t seen them anywhere I haven’t seen them at all none of them people mostly don’t even know who they are like

I found one person that knew but that’s because they were used to be in the older groups dude I wish I would I I could not what happened in the end but I’m not going to ask ghosty about it it feels like it’s probably a a raw subject to bring up

For like a year from now I’ll be like what the [ __ ] happened to those [ __ ] do you know look I like tea okay I mean so do I which is why I’m also tempted to ask maybe later on I’m surprised he hasn’t decided to join the stream he he

Seemed pretty gungho to join us maybe he just doesn’t know maybe I stream every Sunday I’ll let him know another time because we’re about to finish anyways G at him it’s already almost 7:30 so I’m probably going to jump off here in a bit not even just

After well if I chitchat after then I’m not going to get stuff done besides today’s been pretty slow day for a lot of stuff I want to do well GE I wonder why it’s almost like we’ve been role playing a good majority of it not really you been pausing a lot

Discord is ass like most of what we’ve done today is mostly just you pausing and me sitting there waiting on you like I said it’s not sending me any notifications so I have to just kind of guess there’s been a couple times where I did actually like find it as soon as

You texted I’m like okay now what do I do and then I get stuck for way too long I mean yeah sure but the point still stands we haven’t actually done that much today dude we haven’t really gotten that much progress done in the RP itself

Either but that aside I do have to do some commissions too and I don’t like recently I’ve haven’t really had a taste for drawing with an audience in fact it’s been making me very anxious I don’t know why don’t ask me why I’ve tried to figure it out my brain

Just does not want to function with people watching brain just got ah basically that wasn’t always the case though that’s why I’m more confused because it wasn’t it didn’t used to be an issue stream AR stuff yeah hey did someone say something about you’re drawing while you were

Doing it I don’t know honestly I don’t know like I have no idea why it happened all I know is that it happened and it’s annoying because now I can’t do like live stream stuff oh I have an amazing uh image sure we all have amazing images each

Ourselves I’m probably going to finish this room and then I’m going to call it need more there you go something to chuckle at I’ll go ahead and check it out here in a minute oh yeah the M&M image you got love it yeah good mean template yes yes yes

Inde you can’t go wrong you can’t go wrong with m&m and Dy ttty Kitty bitty come Kitty bitty yes much disame on their I want to cry fun it hurt man it doesn’t really matter what I put on these walls cuz they’re going to be covered in chests but

Whatever here we go that looks nice I should probably do something with the SE ceiling with the it breaks into the river so I’m going to have to figure that out it looks like your connection is just not going to work with you today death yeah it really

Doesn’t assuming you can hear me right now I just don’t know why it I just don’t know why it does that I don’t know dude probably hates here or some [ __ ] I don’t know I don’t know what you did the weirdest part is just how it flickers that is

Weird is it goes from full bars to nothing back up to full bars again and I’m just watching it just do it just go full nothing full nothing full nothing I don’t know what to tell you my friend it does real suck Though I wish there was a way I can make it that your haste doesn’t go away when you die there probably is you need to look it up yeah or the very least set up a command block ooh I can’t wait for the up uh updates where you can actually do like

Different CER block Cuts they look like they cool finally a use a use for the cou block I’m surprised I don’t use use it more in Redstone stuff it feels like that would be the best application for it yeah my only guess as to what happened

Is that they were counting on the M wanting to do the copper Golems but then that didn’t happen so they got delayed cuz that seems to be the only real use that they had planned for these outside of aesthetic proses and the lightning rod pretty much and it’s not a really pretty building

Block so I mean it looks nice when you oxidize it I wish there’s a fast way to oxidize it though oh maybe that’s what maybe that’s what they’re going to use the little wind thingies for the wind charges oh maybe that’s possible also Checkers jokes jokes on

You I can’t finish my Works in progress if there’s no Works in progress I haven’t actually sketched anything yet oh good on you well I probably should I’m probably going to have to start one today so I have it ready for the client wait you didn’t finish the

Unicorn though that’s a work in progress yeah but that’s not making me money that’s a that’s a side fun project what you didn’t pay me [ __ ] what did you say where last time I checked you didn’t pay me anything for that image I gotta finish the pain stuff

First or else I’m going to get Iris fine do you get that joke oh [ __ ] you might not get that joke Irish Irish is that what you said no Iris Iris I’ll explain it to you later it’s a I don’t even think death knows that joke it’s just a stupid

Insight joke with to my friends and I forgot this is not the group of friends it’s four it’s actually kind of a mean joke but to be fair the person who we’re joking about kind of earned it so anyways I think that’s going to be it for now yeah you’re talking about that

Person that ghosts that ghosts people as soon as they commission something oh yeah yeah I think I told you death yeah that was a whole situation but yeah now it’s an inside joke with our friends for when you’re not doing your commission like oh be careful you’re going to get

Irised like [ __ ] oh from Iris I was like huh it’s I get it okay I see I first thought you said the I like IRS yes you get in trouble with the IRS oh no [ __ ] that I’m not that stupid not even the Joker messes with the government well a specific branch of

Government imagine the to Joker does his taxes I think he does I like I think he actually does the Ducks how much his schemes cost yeah just mostly because that one joke that U Mark Hamill’s Joker did have where he did actually do his taxes

I mean I guess not even I play that game there are lines even the Joker don’t cross yep you should probably trade away these ink sacks but listen he’s at he’s at ‘s goam City not the government look I want to destroy property I don’t want to get arrested for tax fraud

Those are two very different are scary did you see what they did to Al alone I don’t want to end up like that [ __ ] yeah yeah that’s how they got Al Capone was tax evasion everything else came later yep and some stuff came never

Yep all right now I at top of my tree I am going to end the stream for today thanks for joining me you guys it’s been a blast uh I am going to discuss probably put a Twitter poll to see if next game you guys they want to do is

Dragon Quest because that’s what I’m feeling it’s something I can actually play and I have a feeling you guys will like it the story is very good I’m fine just chilling and watching all right well thanks for joining me bye stream bye

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    Unbelievable MUST HAVE Mob Armor Add-On | Prowl8413Video Information This video, titled ‘MUST SEE Add-On! Great Value! Mob Armor | Minecraft Marketplace’, was uploaded by Prowl8413 on 2024-04-15 12:00:21. It has garnered 2572 views and 196 likes. The duration of the video is 00:20:33 or 1233 seconds. Add-ons are starting to appear in the marketplace now, and some of them are really good! Looking for a great quality Minecraft server, at a great price? I recommend using Sparkedhost! All Prowl servers are hosted on Sparkedhost! Link: Code: Prowl All the links! Visit my website at Become a member to get access to perks: Follow… Read More

  • Mastering Minecraft 1.20 Advancements LIVE

    Mastering Minecraft 1.20 Advancements LIVEVideo Information This video, titled ‘🔴 Getting ALL 1.20 Minecraft Advancments with @PandaForceGaming LIVE’, was uploaded by Cush on 2024-01-17 02:07:15. It has garnered 103 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 02:48:03 or 10083 seconds. My friend Jordan and I will be attempting to unlock EVERY advancement in Minecraft 1.20! Neither of us have played 1.20, so this is going to be an up-hill battle. Drop a like if you enjoyed the stream, and subscribe to the channel to help support me! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Join my Discord server and follow my socials for… Read More

  • INSANE Minecraft Jumpscare Prank! 😱 #shorts

    INSANE Minecraft Jumpscare Prank! 😱 #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft : Jumpscare Painting Prank! #shorts #minecraftshorts’, was uploaded by ARONTEX GAMING on 2024-03-29 11:06:44. It has garnered 10453 views and 263 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:29 or 29 seconds. Minecraft : Jumpscare Painting Prank! #shorts #minecraftshorts IGNORE TAGS minecraft,minecraft secret chest,laptop secret chest in minecraft,minecraft laptop,minecraft tutorial,minecraft mod,minecraft tips,minecraft hidden chest,minecraft secret chest tutorial,minecraft but,minecraft shorts,minecraft challenge,minecraft build hacks,laptop minecraft,minecraft hacks,minecraft build,best secret base in minecraft,minecraft tricks,minecraft secrets,minecraft manhunt,minecraft build tutorial,minecraft 1.18 secret,minecraft shorts,minecraft,shorts minecraft,minecraft animation,minecraft but,shorts,minecraft memes,minecraft funny,minecraft tiktok,minecraft challenge,minecraft build hacks,build hacks minecraft,minecraft parody,minecraft sad story,minecraft challenges,minecraft ai,minecraft mod,minecraft… Read More

  • Unbelievable: Surived 200 Days in Hardcore Minecraft!

    Unbelievable: Surived 200 Days in Hardcore Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘I Survived 200 Days in Amplified World on Minecraft Hardcore (Hindi)’, was uploaded by Gabbar Gaming on 2024-01-17 07:30:11. It has garnered 822 views and 20 likes. The duration of the video is 00:24:39 or 1479 seconds. I Survived 200 Days in Amplified World on Minecraft Hardcore (Hindi) stampylongnose minecraft, minecraft music, minecraft lets play, minecraft fail, hunger games minecraft, minecraft videos, minecraft stampylongnose, chimneyswift11, minecraft house, minecraft 1.8, minecraft captainsparklez, minecraft harlem shake, ihascupquake minecraft oasis, revenge minecraft, minecraft texture pack, roosterteeth minecraft, seananners minecraft, minecraft servers, paulsoaresjr, stampylonghead, minecraft antvenom, minecraft xbox, minecraft… Read More

  • Mind-Blowing Minecraft Myths Revealed! 😱🌟 #minecraft

    Mind-Blowing Minecraft Myths Revealed! 😱🌟 #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft myth 😅⭐ [Part-2] #minecraft #minecraftguide #shortfeed #minecraftfacts #mincraftlogic’, was uploaded by GYG SHORTS on 2024-01-08 02:30:23. It has garnered 1683 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. Read More

  • “Unbelievable New Mob Found in All the Mods!” #minecraft

    "Unbelievable New Mob Found in All the Mods!" #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘All the Mods Ep 6. “Devil with a Blue Dress” #minecraft’, was uploaded by Leafy McTreeface on 2024-02-26 16:00:21. It has garnered 55 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 00:16:04 or 964 seconds. The focus for today is on Occultism! A Magic Ritual mod where you can summon demons to do your bidding and make an amazing storage system! Leafy’s Discord: #minecraft #modded #moddedminecraft #ATM #livestream #live #streaming #stream #streamer #gamer #gaming #funny #leafy #allthemods9 #playthough #letsplay #gameplay Become and Official Member of the Garden! Read More

  • 🔥 EPIC Minecraft Stream – Chill, Chat, PVP/SURVIVAL 🎮

    🔥 EPIC Minecraft Stream - Chill, Chat, PVP/SURVIVAL 🎮Video Information This video, titled ‘🔴│LIVE│ – Minecraft Stream CZ/SK !! Chillec, Pokec, PVP / SURVIVAL 🔴’, was uploaded by StenPlayz on 2024-01-13 04:25:57. It has garnered 12 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:07:53 or 473 seconds. So Hi, to those who don’t know me, my name is Stan, I play under the nickname StenSk, I also had a StenSk channel that I renamed to the TRAPDOGZ channel, but it doesn’t stop me from constantly streaming and playing at the same time, that is, who is new, I will be very happy if you subscribe…. Read More

  • Minecraft Finale: The CRAZIEST Gamer Reacts! 🤯 #minecraftshorts

    Minecraft Finale: The CRAZIEST Gamer Reacts! 🤯 #minecraftshortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Playing minecraft for the last time 🙁 #mimecraftshorts #minecraft #viral #subscribe’, was uploaded by GAMER R8 on 2024-01-03 05:12:07. It has garnered 4175 views and 121 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:42 or 42 seconds. Read More

  • Revisiting Childhood Memories in Minecraft’s Past

    Revisiting Childhood Memories in Minecraft's PastVideo Information This video, titled ‘I want to go back (Nostalgic Minecraft Mix)’, was uploaded by CharScar on 2024-02-03 15:07:31. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Hope you enjoy the mix! I do not own any of this music. All credit goes to the amazing composer C418 … Read More

  • Ram Nation

    Ram NationFun 1.8 kitpvp server, simple server with FFA and 1vs1. Roleplay and parkour in beta Skywars will be added. 1v1 your friend with Differend Kits! Play in events to be featured in videos! Have Fun! Up to 500 players! Read More

  • The oasis SMP Vanilla smp Anarchy 1.20.4 No Whitelist

    Vanilla Minecraft Server If you’re looking for a true vanilla server without claims or plugins, look no further! Join our active small community where you can enjoy everything Minecraft has to offer and interact with other players. The server has a peak of 4-5 players during business hours (around 6PM EST). With a mix of past artifacts and a young environment, you can easily catch up by joining now. The only rule is no cheating or hacking. Server Details: IP: Join our Discord: Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Whattttttt!?!?!?

    Minecraft Memes - Whattttttt!?!?!?Looks like this meme really hit the jackpot with a score of 21! Must be some high-quality pixelated comedy. Read More

  • Crafty Castle: Minecraft’s Mighty Fort

    Crafty Castle: Minecraft's Mighty Fort In the realm of Minecraft, a fortress grand, Inspired by Olaf’s Tower, in Vyborg’s land. With history deep and legends bold, A symbol of strength, stories untold. I craft in blocks, each detail precise, Capturing the essence, a building paradise. With your support, my channel grows, Like and subscribe, as the story flows. Join me on Discord, Twitter, and more, For updates and news, I have in store. Music from games, a peaceful place, Setting the mood, with every grace. So come along, on this building ride, In Minecraft world, where dreams abide. Fortress in Minecraft, a tale to… Read More

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    Spicy Minecraft Memes for Gamers Why did the creeper go to therapy? Because it had too much TNTsion! #minecraftmemes #dadjokes Read More

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    Boost Your FPS with Shulkercraft Mods Boost Your Minecraft Experience with These FPS-Boosting Mods Are you tired of lag and low FPS in your Minecraft gameplay? Look no further! These mods are here to save the day and enhance your gaming experience. From Optifine to Sodium, these mods will not only increase your FPS but also improve render distance and overall performance. Optifine: Enhancing Your Vanilla FPS If you’re looking to boost your FPS and enhance your graphics, Optifine is the go-to mod for many Minecraft players. With Optifine, you can customize your settings, improve performance, and enjoy a smoother gameplay experience. Sodium: Taking FPS… Read More

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    Mountain Makeover: Minecraft Base Build My Epic Minecraft Base Transformation Adventure! Introduction So, like, I stumbled upon this totally rad Minecraft video about transforming a mountain into a base and I was like, “OMG, I have to watch this!” Frame At first, I was like, “Wait, what’s happening here?” But then I saw the mountain slowly turning into this epic base and I was shook! Jumps care There were some crazy jumps and I was like, “Don’t fall, don’t fall!” But the builder was a pro and made it look easy. Interior The interior design was on point! I was getting major inspo for… Read More

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    EPIC Minecraft HOMEBowo Part 1: CRAZY Adventures!!Video Information This video, titled ‘More minecraft :D’, was uploaded by HOMEBowo 1 on 2024-03-18 11:28:00. It has garnered 18 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 02:33:52 or 9232 seconds. #minecraft #gaming Read More

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    Danny D discovers hidden wonders in Minecraft Modded - part 1Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft – Modded Playthrough (No Commentary) – part 1: early exploration’, was uploaded by Danny D on 2024-02-18 01:44:12. It has garnered 61 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 01:57:43 or 7063 seconds. In this video, I start a new modded Minecraft world, explore the immediate area, and build (part of) a small base. I just got back in a Minecraft mood, so I set up my 200+ mods and waited for a day when I could try them out again! Most of these I’ve played with previously, but many of… Read More

  • Unleash Dinosaur Mayhem in Minecraft! #mod #mcpe

    Unleash Dinosaur Mayhem in Minecraft! #mod #mcpeVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft dinosaur mod mcpe #minecraft #mod #mods #mcpe #dinosaur’, was uploaded by Natan$ on 2024-03-19 02:45:41. It has garnered 462 views and 9 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:16 or 16 seconds. Read More

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    Insane Minecraft DemonSlayer Sword Review & New Abilities!Video Information This video, titled ‘รีวิวแอดออน “ดาบพิฆาตอสูรสุดเจ๋ง มีปราณสุดเท่” ใน Minecraft มือถือ?🔥 (DemonSlayer) | Minecraft Addon’, was uploaded by Koontang GamerZ on 2024-03-02 12:34:41. It has garnered 5180 views and 159 likes. The duration of the video is 00:13:30 or 810 seconds. Review of the Demon Slayer add-on. You can customize your own character in Minecraft mobile..very cool!! I’m back for an Addon review after a long absence. Hope everyone will like it. #Minecraft #Minecraft #MinecraftMobile ————————————————– —————– Please press Like & Subcribe as well. So you won’t miss any new clips from us =w= Demon Slayer Addon download link:… Read More


    INSANE DUELS & BEDWARS MADNESS LIVE WITH MANGOVideo Information This video, titled ‘Playing Bedwars And Dueling Viewers LIVE’, was uploaded by Mango on 2024-03-17 15:41:35. It has garnered 253 views and 32 likes. The duration of the video is 02:29:43 or 8983 seconds. JOIN THE DISCORD! – #minecraft #hypixel #Bedwars Read More

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    Win a Minecraft Mod on Spidermonkeyvr Server!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft server give away for mod’, was uploaded by Spidermonkeyvr on 2024-01-07 21:34:34. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Read More

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    🔥 EPIC Minecraft Herobrine Encounter! #GoneWildVideo Information This video, titled ‘Herobrine #minecraft😍😍😍😍 shorts video #music’, was uploaded by #Minecraft444 on 2024-02-18 02:39:57. It has garnered 2759 views and 221 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:13 or 13 seconds. Read More

  • DuckMC

    DuckMCWelkom op de pagina van DuckMC Network. DuckMC is een minecraft server die zich focust op, Training, PVP en andere Minigames. De server is 24/7 online en is te bespelen in 1.9x t/m 1.16x Dus waar wacht je nog op? Speel alleen of met je vrienden op! Populaire games die onze server heeft zijn: The Bridge, Bedwars, Duckhunt, Parkour en nog een heel groot aanbod van Arcade Games. Read More

  • Artic SMP – smp

    What is Artic MC? Artic MC is a free-to-play Minecraft server inspired by the Lifesteal SMP. As a big fan, I was heavily inspired to create my own server. This server also has plugins that allow you to do what you want, such as blowing up houses, becoming the strongest player of the SMP, raiding bases, and much more. Mods: – Minimaps – Voice Chat – Gravestone And many more! Join now and experience the excitement! Discord: Read More