Tiny Terrifying Minecraft: 3 Pixels Tall in HauntedSMP

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I Chad chat I am alive I’m livinge got to reenable all the redemptions so but I’m alive I’m here the baby had a hard time going to sleep but the baby is now asleep both kids are asleep I’m in my comfy Blan of hoodie and I am locked in for some [ __ ] Minecraft

All right I wouldn’t use a tomato before you’re [ __ ] inside you’re wasting your tomato here come on inside first let me refund you so you can learn how to use your Tomatoes properly how about you get in here you wait till we’re talking and then you use your

Tomato how about we be reasonable and we do it that way he chat yeah 20 bucks on Amazon get get yourself a blanket hoodie it’s comfy it’s comfy hey everybody dreaming Muse welcome Max welcome welcome Lord Kim Kim kitchi godd damn jelly well welcome in well hello better than Caleb on YouTube

Iron defg Man crisscross all the homies are here oh [ __ ] I didn’t do what I’m supposed to which is make a pin for each all right yeah I deserve that one Lord Kim kitchi just followed on Twitch hey thank you for the follow very very kind all right YouTube’s pinned is

Done pin that message we go and copy this hop over twitch say also live on YouTube Casey’s looking to cause trouble I’m not going to let him shoo shoo go away SHO hey well I’m on both uh being on Twitch is an old and new thing I used to be on

Twitch primarily and then I switched over to YouTube and now I’m doing both but doing both is fairly recent so you’re not out of the loop or anything don’t Worry clouds I actually did one today it was members only though um what I’m thinking I want to do a lot more of them the so if anybody missed it today earlier today I did a work along stream where I was just editing video the video for this week

And um it was just me silent with like Loi and you could hear a little bit of the video while I’m editing it um it was a fun time I think I want to do a lot more of those cuz it made me work a lot

Faster um but I don’t want my YouTube theore _ Nexus blade just followed on Twitch thank you for the follow very very kind I think the best way to go about this is I’m just going to I’m going to do them not on a strict schedule cuz it’s when I could have time

To work and instead of doing members only on YouTube and Subs only on Twitch it’s just going to be a twitch exclusive so that way cuz YouTube right now gets the Saturday videos all to thems the Saturday stream all to thems so the Saturday streams will be a YouTube

Exclusive and the work along streams will be a twitch exclusive which I think makes sense because I feel like a work along stream makes a lot more sense on Twitch than it does YouTube I think that makes sense so if you so next week I’ll be doing a lot

More of those and if you want to be on those streams make sure you’re following the twitch keep your notifications on cuz who knows I think it’ll be Tuesday and Thursday night and then randomly throughout the week um but that way you don’t have to pay to be able to enjoy Them Sor welcome also for those on Twitch we have a new uh Channel Point redeem called clean it up if anyone would like to learn what clean it up does feel free um I did showcase it earlier today um but it is now turned on so you able to redeem it it’s expensive

Though I understand I’ll I will the first it is Sky I’m refunding it for you in case I make a a off colored joke or uh something gross happens in a horror game y’all can now clean off the screen um and since I what I was going

To say is I’ll refund the first person who does it so you don’t so that that way uh someone would do it what was that it was me cleaning it’s the it’s the unsee button it’s clean that [ __ ] off the screen don’t know how you feel about two

Rise uh I can make it three I’m glad you like that I want to do more stuff like that it’s just I don’t know what else to add besides tomato throwing at me and cleaning off the screen I don’t know what else I could add I can’t so if y’all can think

Of anything feel free to throw it in the Discord or uh tweet it on9 just followed on Twitch hey thank you for the follow very very kind burp hey well welcome in Fenix Hawthorne just followed on Twitch uh I’m popping into the server now looks like there’s only one other

Person in there right now but you know it’s Friday night who knows people may or may not show up add salt that could be fun um cool I guess we’re good to who’s on right now actually dags huge win um all right let’s hop uh let’s hop into the game shall we five

Ads that’s crazy sorry about that Jesus Christ we didn’t even get in game yet I’m glad you like the transition fire Wings all right so the the the stream title is not a lie today I’ve got some spooky shaders on and there’s a hell of a lot of mods on This Server so that it’s Spooky For example when you just followed on Twitch hey thank you for the follow very very

Kind um there are some custom monsters custom mobs Custom Door Heights as you can tell uh hold on let me fix my fov that’s better um and I myself am three pixels tall which is something that makes me very happy I also yes I am a Pikmin um

So I one of the main mods in this server is called Origins plus darkened unor Tiara just followed on Twitch thank you for the follow very very kind of you um and I and it basically you get to pick a starting species that augments your abilities and what you can do I picked

Flea it makes me this tiny I cannot eat food but um my basic punch sucks blood which allows me to gain food and random perks and if I crouch punch I inflict disease which is just I give a random debuff to somebody I can also I don’t take fall

Damage I can climb up walls and I jump real high Pig I need to eat come here There it is huge what’s the name of the mod being tiny so technically it’s a full mod pack called Origins Plus+ that lets you do different um uh like species but one of the species is flea so if you get the origins Plus+ mod through Fabric or

Forge um and then pick flea you will be tiny um also I have a soundboard now and one of the sounds is you know I had to all right so we just followed on Twitch thank you for the follow very very kind um I don’t I haven’t been on

The server the server officially opened Wednesday and people played a lot like Wednesday Thursday and a little bit today so people are kind of getting set up and I don’t know where they’re getting set up at so I’ll try to build near other people but I kind of I want to start

Um like a Gnome Village essentially cuz I’m not the only um species in Origins that is small there we go this button um like there are inching there are spores there are storm just follow I want to make like an area that is kind of suitable to all the smaller

Races um and the idea I had for it was kind of like a lush cave setup where like you go in towards this like f just subscribed on Twitch hey with those subers incredibly kind thank you so much you me very very kind tonight um but and then like you go through that

Tunnel and it’s like a big open like to us big and open but any else a kind of small and cramped uh grassy flowery area I think it would be fun Spore oh yeah the Spore is really fun I almost picked Spore um I just like

The stuff you could do is flee a little bit better because I can give people rabies and stuff I’m going to see the guy I like on Sunday should I ask him out if you want to um just remember dudes ain’t [ __ ] so like don’t think don’t think you have to ever feel

Obligated also there’s proximity chat in the server which is hype so I’m not on it I’m I’m in a Discord server and all but I’m not on like a Discord uh voice chat because there’s proximity chat I mean I guess the hill next to this spawn area is as good as any to

Start building in wow it’s dark holy is it dark is that my fault I know I’ve got a Shader pack on but [ __ ] what video settings brightness Christ I mean that’s a little better it doesn’t help that I have three lights in my face can you guys

See let’s go go back to the Torches for a bit Jesus Lord whose house is this oh this might be Quinn I know Quinn was big on farming oh we also added Farmers Delight which adds a bunch of new crops and food you can make whose house is

This there’s got to be a door somewhere here we go no signs what are you a barbarian where’s your bed I need to sleep oh I didn’t know it added like cooking stuff too that’s crazy all right well at least use your crafting table while I’m in here

Um wooden staff of healing oh yeah I forgot that’s the thing I wanted to do so there’s also the m evil weapons pack which added new uh weapons like a staff of healing I want to be like a little uh flea cleric I also picked the that’s my

Origin how can I see my class oh here we go this is your class so yeah let’s go through this flea nasty nasty little blood sucking pest it’s my house now no I’m not taking over the people’s houses the Eric um climbing I’m able to climb wall

Any kind of wall uh like I mentioned the blood sucking it basically gives me a random Buff when I punch somebody diseased bite if I crouch punch I give a random debuff I’m three pixels tall I can ride on the shoulders of other players um prickly pants High prickly

Plants High Falls and crash landing Zone hurt I only have four hearts and I cannot eat cleric um this is the class I picked so I’m able to produce better enchantments at the enchantment table and as a last step in potion brewing I can double A potion’s duration with

Water from a cauldron so I my idea was I wanted to be a magic user and there isn’t really like spells but I can make a lot of potions and make them really effective so that’s where I that’s kind of the vibe I went for what makes this server scary you’ll

See won’t you um do you have any Cobblestone so I don’t have to cuz I’m sure you’re not missing your Cobblestone I’m not here to steal your iron or [ __ ] oh [ __ ] you don’t have Cobblestone okay well I guess I won’t be stealing your Cobblestone bundles oh this is huge that

Had a whole bunch of [ __ ] huh rope hello does the Discord yes my Discord does have a Minecraft server um I would ask about it I think she knows the most let’s go get some Stone in the pitch black darkness the bed is right there what do you

Mean oh you’re right I’m sorry I’m so by the way I can fit underneath beds and in between chests it’s hard to do it from above yeah I can fit between a chest and a wall it’s huge hideand-seek hard mode for real I am kind of a hob okay that’s

Huge it is now daytime I can see again so what I was saying was I feel like this mountain is close enough to spawn that it’s a pretty good spot to build Gnome Village I feel I can put it right ins set in this little Forest here like here or

Something I would want a flat entrance though so I guess I’ll go this way by the trees that I chopped down I guess oh wait hold on hold on huge look at this perfect little hallway path goes that way so path can continue this way and make an entrance right

Here probably too wide feels good thought I already did the village so this we had to um in all the like updating the mods and everything we did have to start a new world so that is why uh we’re starting the village over again let’s get a shovel too but that’s fine

Because now now that we know the blueprints of what we’re doing we can make it bigger and better oh [ __ ] Mr David Baron has joined the server huge the echo in here is crazy I should see how deep I have to go before I can start raising the

Roof probably to be safe start raising here 5.56 I can start raising it okay gee I wish I could see anything in here still going straight right yeah it does look like I’m dying this does look like I’m seeing the the tunnel at the yeah this is FNAF too

Ambient sound the 300 Bitties though thank you so much is very very kind yeah for anyone who doesn’t know the um Channel Point sound alerts most of them you can do with bits as well okay this deep is where we can start extending the roof up and I’ll make that nice and pretty

Later don’t go into the light too late where is David I have no idea I don’t know where anybody is tobh I just hope I’m close enough to where most people spawn sounds some night bin I guess I should put on some music it’ll kind of ruin the spooky Vibes but it’s like

Deathly quiet um do you have to burn a logged for yeah you do okay yipp I just want some charcoal CU I I mean I don’t have coal I need something for torches you know horror Ambience true okay huge I can see now Evil’s note bag just followed on

Twitch hey thank you the follow very kind all right we can see huge I am on Twitch welcome welcome is it Evil’s snot bag or Evil’s not bag that’s really important to know what if we just hit it with the Luigi’s Mansion OST evil snapack okay I didn’t want to

Assume cuz if it wasn’t evil snapbag and I said that I would feel mean I’ll just Shuffle the oh no I shouldn’t do a I should not do a playlist because ads because I have YouTube premium on my personal YouTube account not the official one Z vorts just followed on

Twitch what about Spotify I’m not trying to get this thing copyright all the things I hold adjust to my size so when I hold a staff it tiny when I throw a chicken egg the chicken hatches tiny who farting foul huge phone guy in chat true all right this is not working I

Need a different video spinology just followed on Twitch think of the follow spinology here we go I found Luigi’s Mansion lowii hip hop let’s try this video out see how it is hey okay we’ll try this out see how it goes I you’re welcome to hang out

Although do try to sleep it’s good for you the gamers are joining I need to pull up the circle chart I don’t know my [ __ ] Minecraft circles it’s a good title right Krypton honestly K you’re not wrong like 21 is probably big enough we’re actually getting some in-game

Music so I guess I’ll shut off the LOI for a bit it just took a second cuz this is pretty nice too how’s the volume on it what’s the horror of this and what mods are turned on $5 from g hi I hope you are having a good stream

I’m a big fan and it was my birthday last week I got a couple piercings yesterday and they hurt still LOL well [ __ ] happy birthday very very kind um we got some spooky stuff in the server just just trust okay oh [ __ ] none of the circles are even numbered they’re all odd

Numbers so I guess we’ll just Center it here let me just mark this down so one two three one two okay weird one the [ __ ] was that I saw someone’s feet I swear all right anyway one two three one two one beine spooky Steve maybe two three n Cory by being phone

Guy one two three and then seven one two 3 4 five 6 7 seley that’s crazy you did not just yell [Laughter] feet I guess it’s night time out there uh let me ask before I get to invested in this are people generally staying near that brick Square by spawn

Oh there goes the music poor all the true that sucks man I love Flygon is like top 10 Pokemon for me losing trapid hurt shmebulock why do I know that from somewhere is that what what is that a reference to my pickup radius is so small hey Gravity Falls you’re

Right one two three four five six 7 so it’s 721 11127 7 two batron huge one one one where did my torch go I broke it and it’s just gone I should I’ll break this one then oh there it is wild put it like here so two one one One two yeah next Bean I’ll do a Gamba did I miss something no Okay one 2 3 4 five 6 7 one 2 one two I can’t see anymore oh coal huge one two one two three Cole is actually such a [ __ ] game changer for us light I don’t care what’s here I’m digging all this coal up right now this is a lowii remix of louigi’s

Mansion I don’t know from what though this is such a good day for us right now I’m avoiding there’s a Bean okay uh uh who said that fenny Fenix it was there for a minute I didn’t see it all right listen I wasn’t avoiding [ __ ] I just didn’t see it all we’ll do bean and we’ll do a Gamba for the gamblers yeah yeah okay you only did it for the gamblers for sure

I’ll give you guys a minute to vote while while I set everything up what will this Bean be good Bean or bad Bean so somebody uh YouTube chat if you don’t know how Channel points work somebody on Twitch just redeemed a bean boozled where I take one of these

Beans and I eat it half of these beans are normal jelly beans the the other half are purposely nasty the one I just picked up is either strawberry banana smoothie or dead fish Jesus [ __ ] Christ we’re starting off with dead fish that’s insane we are starting with dead fish here’s the

Bean I can’t really see it because the green screen oh God why did I let you guys just give the to me why why did I just give you guys the ability to [ __ ] do this okay is the Gamba over I want to wait until the Gamba is

Over there’s an ad in progress we wait till after the ad don’t worry we’re waiting twitch got an ad for the next like minute excuse me I never tweeted that we’re live oops all right I I’ll keep digging tell me when your at is over guys no sense of just sitting here

Waiting that was spooky rut R hey allay welcome welcome and for now you will be Cobblestone cuz none of this stone is staying probably this is huge though what a game changer no torches to have a stack we love to see it okay where was I FanDuel casino

Gambling I do not endorse gambling with your money but Channel points that’s fake money that don’t count at all okay so two one one one two one two 2 3 4 5 6 7 one two you guys still have an ad okay one’s okay tuxler is done one two

3 one [ __ ] okay we’re going literally on the last Rock our [ __ ] pick broke I think I saw a name tag though we might have friends hey hey hey hey tight down here well I’m not done yet it’ll be about three blocks high when I’m done that’s great that’s awesome here have some

Healing have some healing thank you thank you very much have some rabies oh that did you have some kind of defect I’m blind I can’t see so are you swimming or crawling I’m crawling that’s a thing huge I’m crawling I’m I’m I’m crawling around down here what’s

Up who the [ __ ] uh I’ve been visited by uh an apparition while I was here so far an apparition some kind of spooky Spectre like Steve but not Steve I only saw feet so so maybe possibly oh yeah I’m thinking this whole thing’s going to be like a a lush cave Dome kind

Of situation that’s the goal we’ll see how it goes I know I’m late to the server how’s it been so far my origin that I pied I thought would initially just make me a humble Trader uh I am the most powerful person on the server right now huge and not

Because of the netherite my axe does 40 damage on a crit that’s crazy yep I can uh Austin DS has almost maxed out netherite and one ax Spirit btom down to half a heart that’s wild I can just murder anybody how’s your uh how’s your health going you full

Health oh I’m full health all right what I’m holding you see what I’m holding see what I’m holding here Soul Lantern if I I don’t know what that is it’s a soul Lantern if I if I put this down I can’t die okay thank you I was hungry yeah don’t

Worries I’m actually the perfect solution for you cuz if I do this I literally can’t die huge cuz I get Max saturation from that my goal but that’s one of my random Buffs is saturation so I just need to get the buff where I get to eat oh yeah um my goal

Honestly is to just be a spellcaster in the only way I can which is a lot of potions so I picked cleric good uh so I the goal is to play Minecraft like that [ __ ] Call of Duty player who just magic Missile magic Missile Fireball so uh staff of healing is the

Way to get there so far you want to come see my place sure I’ll ride your shoulder I got to eat a bean boozled so I’ll do that while we’re on the way chat made me oh oh huh the [ __ ] was that so I have learned something I can’t use my Trident while

You’re on my head good to know [ __ ] you what the find you how long were you here I no I just got here oh okay all well anyways yeah I can’t us on my head usually I don’t see people for long all right well I’m on your head

Don’t use your Tri all right yeah no reason to now good to know good to know all right I’ll eat this Bean Boozled while we’re riding chat remember it is either strawberry banana smoothie or dead fish God I don’t have any soda with me so I really hope it’s [ __ ] strawberry B smoothie

Bam let’s [ __ ] go that’s all there is to it that’s all there is to it a winner just like that we’ll be right back what a lovely strawberry [Applause] banana Believers always win chat all right all right let me get back in game okay there we go oh I added something to

The soundboard oh yeah amazing anyways welcome stranger this is my shop this is a big [ __ ] ah big [ __ ] shop yeah I I can sell you all SS of wees strer uh I have two pumpkins and rocks that’s awesome man that’s all I’ve got so far here come on come on come on

Back here back The Echoes of villagers long way are kind of Intimidating this is only beginning oh my shaders make this PL look this place look [Laughter] horrifying this is going to be a beautiful place when it’s Done it’s going to be and you look over here in these uh in these little Windows here uh I can’t really see them here people down there oh [ __ ] Yep oh I think they’re working on it right now you fall down I was in your walls oh I see that I am I am the unknown oh no hi yeah hello this place right now got got a few got a few guys but it it’ll

Be well be improving it over here we cows cows you two cows that’s that’s about it actually the opposite of huge coffin [ __ ] yeah that’s sick as hell got a sof this one’s of my rare the uh I think I I noticed hold on I walked in that block for a second

Yep the way they they didn’t consider that I might be one pixel tall when they made this block right over here you check out this oh [ __ ] the sound effect is Peak I’ve been grinding I can tell Jesus transport station for the vill for the villagers who are actively making more villagers yep making more children make children Oh Lazy uh and Mills oh I lost you I those working on a mod at a currency item for the game and that currency um I give myself like a or by going out and killing high value mod you want High Val hold on okay the music got so loud I couldn’t

Hear you anymore oh yeah so by killing like Guardians and illers and whatnot you can get coins to spend here or or or p and then also out here there’s another object that will be in that you can’t and you get spanel by doing things on my bounty

Board and spel can be used to buy the more uh valuable objects I mean [ __ ] the Bounty sound valuable so I I that makes sense uhhuh get this and you can get some really nice stuff the [ __ ] is a skeleton staff oh that’s a mod thing I love playing modded Minecraft

After only playing like vanilla Minecraft four years ago cuz I don’t know what’s a mod and what’s just something I didn’t know about yeah the skeleton staff is pretty crazy when I get my hands on that I will become Unstoppable healing I don’t have terior motives I just want to be a little

Bastard so if if being a little bastard helps you be unstoppable so be it this is this this will be a be the start of a beautiful partnership that’ll lead to me being Unstoppable and you being irritating a little bit yeah very irritating M like I said calling card

Isn’t anything I leave behind but it’s people going a man what the [ __ ] your chat someone saying he’s just the Resident Evil Merchant did the entire shop not clue that in that’s very clearly yes duh yes that is what I am doing that is the bit in fact oh isn’t

There like a wasn’t something in the Shader pack like turns off armor or something I so there’s a mod uh if you go to the mod section you can go to the config of it and uh have hide it it’s called Uh the mod’s called show

Me your skin oh that’s what it is okay yeah you like mouth yeah there we go yeah and then click the like netherite chest play at the top and then you can set things huge that that was always a pet peeve of mine is we have all these nice skins we

Can’t [ __ ] see them yeah true yeah it’s me the merchant want to buy my wear stranger white wolf that’s why I’m not playing [ __ ] Minecraft with you someone in chat you should steal people’s [ __ ] for David [ __ ] no what if I really good stranger there’s a difference between being

Annoying and being like a pain to play games with there is a [ __ ] line it is really funny though how killing people in Minecraft is less of like a crime than stealing 100% I would take someone especially with the tombstone mod that we have I would take somebody killing me

A thousand times before like deleting a chest of mine now yeah the gr thing your stuff doesn’t despawn so there’s really no like like oh wait don’t kill me don’t kill me don’t kill me put my diamond it’s in my gravestone I have to

Go back and get it RDM RDM RDM I might actually put B I will say if you put bounties on people as a flea I’m I’m focusing on healing and [ __ ] but you know how hard it is to hit me oh yeah hey you you are very bouncy you are so hard to

Hit ow ow I jumped into your [ __ ] fire yeah you are insanely hard to hit especially if I just get a bunch of splash potions I’m going to be unstoppable yep I might I might be able to like one shot everyone but you just can’t be you

Can oneshot me with most things that’s that’s the balance uh I think the thing that does really [ __ ] with me also is area of effect so splash potions the uh wyvern breath that sin has that that’ll just knock me out yeah not the flat I’m cooking Something Brewing you want me to make

Them better for you what do you mean if you have cauldron water I can make your uh potions last longer oh this doesn’t need last long I’ve got um I picked cleric so my enchantments are better and I can I can like lengthen potion effects with uh cauldron water

Gotcha what are your thoughts on frag grenades I’m I’m picking up what you’re putting down are you I love I will say one of my favorite mods you added honestly is the one that I’m seeing right now where I just see you in a menu it’s very funny I love this mod so

Much hey uh Ry yeah you want to not move for a second ow how much damage I do three hearts here wait I can actually test out my staff I need to get a so I can get it took so long that I healed naturally

Anyway huge yeah it is a wooden staff so I’m sure it like speeds up and does more the more I level it up oh I’m sure I’m sure I was I I was trying to look up the medieval weapons mod to be like all

Right how the [ __ ] do I make a staff and what gems [ __ ] do I need and then I couldn’t find any videos on it I get in game and it was like just put two blocks next to a stick it’s huge where hi where are

You hey hi what’s up here I have an egg sandwich oh now I feel like an [ __ ] ow ow ow ow ow sorry about the rabies you did nothing it’s fine have an egg sandwich eggs I cannot eat food but this is wonderful oh you

Can’t at all no I can’t eat any food I think I almost picked farmer because I do do really like the idea of producing as much food as possible and not being able to eat any of it the Tiny Chicken Farm will happen cuz I do think the best nuisance is placing

Tiny chickens and I’ll let you know your tiny chicken is going in here great I’m so happy about that you know I could also just do that under your bed it will be then no I’ll open it up I’ll open it up sorry that’s what I thought I [ __ ] that’s what I

Thought oh you are so are you under the bed right now no I’m under ceing what the I was I was on top of your little uh this thing you are so hard to see if you put like a darker skin on you will be actually invisible I was thinking about

Changing my skin and I realized if I’m not white Pikmin how the [ __ ] are people going to see me yeah you can BL e very well the leaf in the eyes give me away but if I’m like sideways to you yeah yep I I I would

Not I wonder if I can go in between I know I can go in between the chests can I go on top of it is the question I I think I climb too fast to hit that L Mark what if you dropped on the chest in between the chest that’s what I

Mean like can cuz I can get on top that’s fine I just meant I wonder if I’m small enough to get in between two chest blocks like I don’t I think so I can help you do that easily there you go oh huge well small actually turn off

Climbing damn it well um the the only other way I can think to test it um put h put this chest in front of the top chest over here uh where like in front of the top chest right here uh in front of the top chest like

Here I don’t know if I can I think I think that I think I might be too tall cuz I’m one block I’m one pixel wide but I’m still three pixels tall yeah I cannot fit like I put a block here I cannot fit under this block oh oh yeah um we’re

Learning yeah I’m crouched wait what would happen hold on I want to test something now stand right here for me I thought he like force you to to like crawl or something but nope you just kind of just go through it no I’m just kind of in it kind of if I position

Myself correctly it won’t look weird I I stand like right here oh yeah right yeah out of there what are you doing here hello I wish to purchase that someone got bonked as hell huh God the Tombstones are so big Albert Wesker will not take this lightly what the he

Stop stop is really good what the stop see1 every just subscribed on Twitch what is your problem problem David why did you say please do that’s F Al just gift membership Jesus Christ okay first off thank you so much cele for the sub very very kind of you Mr TBH F Al gifted

Rihanna members Mr TBH with the five gifted memberships that’s crazy thank you so much and cryp with 12 months are kind obnoxious I saw the piss talk I had voice chat on I didn’t want to say the piss talk in Good Company I’m reading chat Mr TBH I didn’t know what the but

Gifted Boston a members I just wanted to go say hi to my friends and and you’re just be be to death stop listen listen listen don’t kill himh okay of hisy then mred Pokemon PJ membership do you want to live with rabies for the rest of your

Life mate actually yeah kill me Gio Blitz became oh God it was infectious now you have rabies oh no you know what you must do you stupid idiot you fell for my plan you have rabies the one hit is crazy Annabel became so what about being a merchant makes the axe stronger uh

Because for some reason I have proficiency with an axe huh and also if I have leather on I do more damage across the board interesting yeah hey man hello please leave me no no no no get healed dummy stop stop stop stop stop go away get healed stupid something

There you really tried something there I tried I thought it was him I Wasing myself for a second with the merchant stranger I can’t there’s actually nothing merchant do you think do you think instead like we shouldn’t have Leon S Kennedy be the main character of ar4 just get the merch he would

Handle as Glam actually Graham would be safe bro all right right here’s what I’m thinking right here’s what I’m thinking I’m I’m going to go away before I get smited again okay okay here’s what I’m thinking right your tiny stature makes you impossible to hit right yeah how would you like to

Become my official Hitman let let me know if you can hear me cracking my Knuckles oh I can hear it all right that’s your [ __ ] answer let’s go who am I killing boss Point your finger point your finger and they’ll be deleted fou McFly let me get you equipped with

Something stronger than your fists heard here come on back come on to the back all right right here there we go all right happy this I should I do huge okay let me quickly go farm the Villager to get a million XP and then we’ll get you equipped with something very

Bad or the bookcases are crazy right second option okay yeah second option here you could Al I could also give you a dagger for your sides and then you could just be like a little cuz the dagger has a very high attack speed so you could just be spam clicking I do

Like that can so wait are to change um are orb of Origins also for class uh yes okay cuz the more I think about cleric the more I’m like hm maybe it’s not great with your little stature you know what I think you would really benefit from huh

Rogue let me let me read this [ __ ] let me [ __ ] you want an orb yeah what’s the Home Depot theme that was the [ __ ] NFL that was not the Home Depot theme are you on my head I right clicked I think I am you forgot blowing again stupid I [Laughter] [Applause] forgot

Okay I will do my best good Rogue is crazy right Rogue it is yeah all right let me get you a knife let me get you a knife stranger so chat we just swapped a rogue and what that means our name plate is never visible through walls even when not sneaking

When I’m sneaking for 10 seconds I enter stealth and when in stealth I make less sound deal extra damage when attacking from behind I exit s when I stop sneaking or attack I’m still small sh all right where are you I’m right here you’re perfect here I also apparently deal

Extra damage while I’m still in stealth use a a shift punch while I’m stealth well didn’t do much to me but you know well yeah all right are you ready here is your bestowed weapon as long as you are my Hitman you shall use this Oh we’re so back so don’t you deal extra damage if you’re behind someone if I’m in stealth yeah that will deal even more damage if you’re behind someone go behind me well Mr Invincible Merchant you want to take a hit yeah let’s do it here’s the here’s the hit that did a

Heart and a half that’s crazy that is insane and because I’m stealthed I automatically do the debuff that’s huge now what if you crit what if you crit is it just random uh no crit is when you’re falling so if you jump and you hit while you’re falling bet all

Right hold on I got to rest stealth it takes 10 seconds for me to enter all right ready yep oh my gosh four Hearts that’s great you are the perfect Hitman I am hungry I’m going to go uh how what’s your health at oh okay cool I’m

Hungry thanks no problem all right I got lucky hey where where where does this man live uh well he’s like foul is literally blowing so all right well right now actually well once he comes back I’ll I’ll find out where he lives and I’ll make sure that’s where where he dies for

Now since uh since I’m on the server how about you go kill one Austin dag for me heard any any uh general direction Austin DS lives pretty much directly this way across the mountain Chad we have hit we have Hitman orders now this is huge directly this way across the

Mountain the littlest Hitman who could [Laughter] possibly the dumbest chat message I’ve ever sent I don’t know how to whisper h 43747 200 550 huge oh I’m oh way too far how did I end up in a hole this way can you check people’s coordinates where did you see that

I just know where he lives oh okay huge oh I am in another hole dead is night [ __ ] I’m trying to be quiet and stealthy trying to be quiet and stealthy um that’s still this end SMP Delta Rosa it was just more fun for everyone involved if I wasn’t trapped in

The water but this still changes up the gameplay in a significant way to make it fun for me personally yipp all right we’re getting close am I [ __ ] in the Snow get the [ __ ] out of here I’m too small for this [ __ ] Jesus Christ that’s terrifying no no no I’m too small for this I keep sinking Christ no no no no no no no no no is this all just I can’t walk on it [ __ ] that

It’s powder snow can I not walk on Powder snow well I just killed an armored skeleton in two hits need leather boots the [ __ ] is this okay we go around it I guess I wish I could have just the coordinates up having this in all this nonsense up is crazy can’t see

[ __ ] positive 200 negative 550 ain’t no [ __ ] house out here horse with a saddle hold on Chad you see that chimney that looks like a Dag’s house if I the merchant sens is regards what I said the merchant send his regards whoa what the

Hell what I do man what I do please my levels only business only business sir can I please explain why I’m being murdered at least I it’s boss’s orders ouchy all right Chad wasn’t that bad wasn’t that bad I was [ __ ] tired he had full armor I did my [Applause]

Best slowest was awkward hit ever it look it took a little bit of doing uh Hollow night is perfectly fine on switch or steam deck it’s not a super intensive game the [ __ ] is my spawn make rope hello shouldn’t have said anything well I mean I don’t want someone to just I

Mean in the future I won’t but it was the first one I got excited where the [ __ ] am I going feel like it was this way generally oh I’m hungry I need to punch something huge I do remember remember another Snowy Mountain either that was an Enderman or I saw

Civilization oh wait civilization that’s a farm which means I don’t know I’m going to do it now where the hell whose house is this I’m just gonna where the [ __ ] is spawn glad you don’t gamb on hits now oh I should that’s actually a great idea to

Gamble on hits although I feel like you should just always bet me kind of stacked kind of goed 300 550 okay this Way oh there’s the bookshelf Tower I’m on my Way this way there it is welcome back I look boss I’m a little rusty it was my first it was my first gave him time to calm down and try to talk it out that was just the next one I’ve I’ve learned that I shouldn’t as I learned I

Shouldn’t uh announce the hit before I do it that was one of my that only works about like one shot or two shot them not 50 shot them yeah I kind of forgot about that next time I’ll just type it in chat so they can see it in the afterlife got [Laughter]

It technically I almost felt bad because like it it went from like oh what oh please stop oh oh man oh you just still beating on him mercilessly it was it was it was hard to watch man it did it did switch from what’s Happening to ow come on it was it’s really

Sad if there’s I’m sorry I’m in love with if there’s any artists in the chat please draw the Resident Evil uh four Merchant talking to a Pikman holding a knife on a table this scene is great oh man okay well there’s no more hits to do right now but I’ll give you

Your standed spinel until it actually understood understood work sure this will there you go where are you there you are all right understood fantastic good good work hit man back to the mines yeah Goodbye keep in mind it’s the white Pikmin I don’t know if y’all played Pikmin oh my pickaxe my tiny pickaxe phew I found it he really did go come on man uh okay I’m officially lost hold on where’s the bricks if I can find the bricks I can find no

Village here’s Ellie’s house ah no no no that’s Quinn’s house I believe okay here’s the path all right we’re there we’re there we’re there we hit it huge chat we’re home we made It see what the [ __ ] is straw hold on let me go through this book I’ve got here organic compost that’s crazy search light Hello mailbox is huge handle hello that’s fun do I throw small javelins oh oh we’ve made a wonderful discovery I could just use tiny weapons they’ll never see it coming my arrows and javelins are tiny they’ll never see it coming may you for now it goes

Here where the [ __ ] did that oh here it is my throw is so [ __ ] it goes two blocks and then the javelin how does that that do okay the javelin kind of throws the francisa does not throw they’ll never see it coming Chat so what I need to do is get a bow cuz at least that’ll like shoot a trash can can void items that’s huge what do I need for that oh this is great these mods are [ __ ] sick canvas huge next kill play Penis music can I’m just put this in here for

Now GP one two three four five six 7 one two huge chat we made a circle correctly this is huge can others get into a boy place maybe hide under beds I can hide under the bed wait I forgot I’m using voice mod I can play [ __ ] through my microphone I

Don’t have to say this one’s for the merchant I just start playing Penis music through the microphone as I start the kill I really am sloth from F maybe right now hello Emerald okay huge a package all right all right G thanks boss I’ll keep that

Safe oh is that what the post box is is the outgoing I need your skin I’m going to tailor you a suit I hated how you phrase that but yeah I can send it I it’s honestly it’s just oh oh this is actually so cool um it’s just white Pikmin but yeah

I I think it should be in the description um I’ll just put the file on the Discord I guess Art it should be this one and if it’s not that’s the one that’s backwards cuz one of them was backwards for some reason oh I’m hungry as [ __ ] I’m going to go punch some livestock be an actual pest chickens huge thank you I want to I want to watch a flea

Play sloth simulator Delta Rosa the VOD will still be here go to bed God yes boss it’s 7 o’ I swear to [ __ ] God it sure is boss this music is so bleepy and bloopy the bonuses for this job are awesome true hold I’m still getting used to the way

That I have to type this it’s very yon spy it is pretty YY and spinky yeah How we doing tonight chat surviving what did you accomplish today I want to say something they accomplished today finished long paper huge what 100% cold to the land that’s crazy all mechanical bosses huge one whiffle ball okay kept doolingo streak huge hey we love booking our appointments chat did everybody take

Their medicine drink water today and eat at least two full meals you better have medicine check everybody supergo 6357 o just followed on TT follow very kind huge Chad don’t talk about it yeah 38 3838 just followed on Twitch wait you’re so right I think the follow huge send that back

Crisscross that’s a great Idea let’s go you should make hits in Auction Service the one sped is the one that offers more I’m just a [ __ ] peon I look I’m literally I’m literally a little guy I’m not caught on the shots I hate that feeling tuxler I wish you the luck on

That is that a white Pigman in the thumbnail it’s a white Pigman playing Minecraft thank you very much Chad if I Min Emerald with a stone pickaxe does it get deleted I am hemman probably thanks thank you Chad the problem with this setup is that

I can’t have a house and then start like Mining and [ __ ] until I at least get this circle done anything above iron ore will disappear makes sense what button is the Pikmin button I think it’s this one it’s not this one I found the Pikmin Button just a little fella a little Guy the wet echoing smack of picking up rocks in a cave don’t let Ry be a radio producer did I tell the story about how I was almost a radio producer but I kept sleeping in on my shift all right this will be taller eventually but I can’t be [ __ ] to do

That right now I built the [ __ ] place I get to have first dibs on my house location story time I SAR I’ve told this story before but um at my college uh it was it wasn’t for like a it was for a College radio station to be clear um

They held um interviews and stuff for being on the radio for the like College radio station and I got through all the interviews I got my internship but my shift was 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. and uh that’s my EP time I EP at that

Time so I I slept in two shifts in a row and they just stopped texting me but like is it really my fault that they gave me the hon Shu M Mei shift like let’s be reasonable here bro is not Alistair Correct where did the leaves go what just happened there were leaves there right chat what the [ __ ] Minecraft at this angle is bizarre right it’s such an interesting way to play Okay it’s got to be a mod that like instantly despawns leaves when you take away the tree which like great mod if I if I if I have to say it’s a great idea to have the leaves instantly [ __ ] Off oh get a cat you got it Probably enough wood for Now One two Three Definitely just put myself in something I’m not supposed to be what the hell oh I see what happened did it the wrong Way go three back just so I don’t to deal with [ __ ] my little home [ __ ] Little home all right let me go grab Cat beans little toe beans I actually don’t need to add um um a I don’t need to add trap doors because one of the mods gives us one block tall doors the question is how do we do that is it just automatic cuz I should add those to the

Front new hit just unlocked menacing I make a small Door Oh wait okay I only know how to make a tall door gardening table that’s Adorable that is a healing a staff of healing it’s part of the medieval mod pack on the game we need like slabs oh yeah my knife I do need more wood though it’s for chest though so I can [ __ ] up this Birch and not feel bad about it

Have I played Battle Cats I don’t even know what that is I’m about to battle my cat for me a b bastard over there quit [ __ ] around with the ethernet cable Casey I see you plotting quit plotting quit plotting quit plotting you won’t stop plotting Chat what a Menace B Hello nebuli just followed on Twitch hey thank you for the followers very kind D [ __ ] every in there make some room I make a barrel again slabs and planks okay I can make one huge Storage doesn’t come small so you do the best um make it red cuz it would match my eyes is it already red huge TMD I know you meanwhile but delectable is a wild adjective in that sentence hey crypted welcome oh you have been here I’m just kind of

Stupid I I bring a sort of dumb vibe to the function that people aren’t super crazy about oh the saplings baby huge 12 saplings is great cuz I want the entrance to be like a lush area I don’t want it to be like sparse of trees and stuff cool I kept one [Applause]

Shovel huge uh this Fortress Prime I’m pretty sure torches lighting the way while I’m holding them isn’t a mod more than it is a Shader cuz I am using a Shader pack to make things look spookier and then one two three four huge and then with Barrel floor that

Should be enough storage to keep me going oh I forgot that this can be a little way that I can get to other places huge or small I should say and this will go this way and this will go this way huge I love being a little guy making little tiny

Homes that’ll go probably to the bed room iron hello huge I didn’t think I’d get this yet I don’t need more stairs I guess we’re cooking iron first and then more Stone I guess this will actually be where I start the mine I think is the move let me dump start digging J Faster not going to need that where I’m going beep So how do I there’s a couple things I want to make immediately dagger for sure thought I made a dagger [ __ ] what I did it again okay I’m not crazy the the mods are just overlapping good to know know about the chiseled mod doing the chiseled mod on a server this big would

Absolutely kill the mod knife knife works oh we can get that Emerald fun we have an emerald this is version three yeah I yeah if someone’s made the piece already that’d be crazy but sure all right we begin the mine we pray we land into some kind of

Cave and not lava which will kill us Instantly oh was that coal oh [ __ ] yeah immediately coal and let me switch my skin as well where did you put it inano I give you permission can you pig me streaming Clips okay never mind I got it The Giant Eyes are perfect I love that

Yipp slap that right in actually if do I have a I do have a trapo make my life a little easier here secret tunnel second account is Planet Minecraft huge Casey [ __ ] off I hear zombies hopefully I hit something I’m looking for a cave that’d be great cave is what we’re hoping

For cave let’s go chat for – 416 585 remember that we’re off okay I know the fog is spooky the fog needs to be a little bit less I can’t see [ __ ] dude all right that’s better I bet we could make cuz I bet yeah I can walk straight through these

Guys we can make flee only things by using stalagmites guess I’ll just grab some dripstone I can Farm it back at the place guys not two Creepers I do need to eat though so is that a skeleton creeper Crazy Josh and one just followed on Twitch yeah they are the follow very kind well I ate I did eat that’s was the goal chat I ate the ads are crazy can I put torches in the off hand ooh hold on you’re smart let’s see what the hell I don’t know what these

Are oh you just made life way better what is haunted smpp it’s a somewhat horror themed modded out SMP ran by David Baron with a lot of fun folks all their links should be in my description if you don’t see a giant list of links then let me know when I can update

It coal is huge coal and iron we are [ __ ] diamonds right now we are here for coal and Iron all right you need a be list they’re huge uh I don’t think David is streaming right now cuz he was streaming earlier today he usually streams around 2: p.m. from what I’ve Noticed apparently the staffs of healings also do Damage I don’t know how to use those yet [ __ ] off you hurt me and it made me scared Huge Oh are using a dust pan to wipe the window I didn’t have a squeegee okay it looks like a squeegee a little Bit AFA I mean as far as I know Cory bite what’s eight minutes gulp oh I heard you yeah I do like a little Cloud attack with this stuff ow Mobs with the [ __ ] auto aim man huge I guess I should be placing some torches huh so I can find my way back Home it’s a big open cave huh we find some iron that’s I’m really hoping for we’re getting a lot of good coal iron is what we ask and he shall receive let’s go Okay coal okay the [ __ ] the meme Noise that’s crazy yo Minecraft got way better since I last played no not the the meme sound effect scaring you o iron no copper damn it I don’t really give a [ __ ] about copper unless the mods added some [ __ ] to make me care about copper but as far as I know copper still

Sucks I mean I guess I’ll grab some cat Huge find a good place to hang out and chill for a second decor decor decorative almost said decorative that’s all right it’s decorative well I don’t need a lot of decorations I’m kind of small if you haven’t Noticed we got at least three iron which is the important thing all right let me go grab a cat CH cha Chaa Did that tomato not fire okay I’m pressing one now just to make Sure Iron on the floor is actually so easy to miss oh until you can leave work that makes sense I was wondering what you’re were talking about oh it’s a big cave huh lot of dripstone in this cave oh huge that’s a crazy sound effect the Reverb echo on the zombie is crazy

Well to be fair philli keep in mind uh I’m dual streaming so I’m also on Twitch and also remember it’s Minecraft and a lot of people are here just for horror games so when I do a spooky Minecraft server not as many people will watch it which is

Fair but I’m having a lot of fun so whatever I’m flea is my origin so I’m tiny and I can climb walls and I can like suck blood and give rabies it’s fun it’s it’s got to be from like over here it sounds so close There he is look at that the staff Works huge staff is great ceiling coal yeah exactly Phillip like is this going to be the biggest stream I do this month by far no am I going to have a lot of fun doing it yes and I think that’s

What matters most for these stream I think I’ve come to so if I wanted to be efficient I the idea would be to stream specifically to use that footage to make into a video for like a second Channel that’s the most efficient way to stream but I found that like I would

Rather just like make sure I’m having fun so the streams are kind of just like a reward for me if I’m doing well you know what I mean well the the streams are I did good this week I get to oh wow oh I don’t want to go down there

Yet I did good this week I want to hang out and play video games a little treat exactly I’m a big advocate of a little Treat I fell in a hole all right we got to find our uh got to find our [ __ ] now that was a lot of cold I’m not about to lose it oh well thank you for the subie that’s very kind we got to go find that we got to go

Find those coordinates for my grav Stone it’ll have all my [ __ ] in it exactly Shantel have all the [ __ ] like the mailbox yeah my Tombstone if we retrieve it will have all my [ __ ] in it which is huge and a wonderful mod the problem is it was very twisty turny

It wasn’t like it’s not like I can just go to those coordinates cuz it was a lot of like who is this little fella is that a [ __ ] Goblin also iron I missed apparently I should pick up a torch and bring it with me can’t see [ __ ]

Definitely not going the right way cuz I there’s a lot of like ore I straight up missed yeah I thought so was [ __ ] iron when I don’t have my pick of course no we didn’t do stuff like the Mind dweller because the problem with the a lot of horror mods for Minecraft

Is it’s just like random ass enemies that kind of look a little creepy and instakill you when you see them and that’s really [ __ ] annoying to play with so we we opted for more like spooky kind of mods like horror Ambience rather than creatures if that makes sense

This feels more correct although I missed a coal what’s wrong with me Iron Man all this Ora cuz I’m not finding my [ __ ] correctly so this is the right why but I need to be in 500s for x and z honey beans o 823 just subscribed on Twitch hey thank you for the

Sub thank you for the sub that’s very very kind enjoy your adree viewing got to go this way oh we’re getting closer oh [ __ ] there it is son of a [ __ ] that actually was not hard at all let’s go and there’s iron right here huge win oh yeah honey Beast thank you so

Much for the Subscribe that that supports so much an ly let’s go back there was a lot of [ __ ] by my drop point that I just didn’t have bro here’s the real question did anybody remember the coordinates for how we get here like the my my little mine hole wait this is

Familiar and the little Goblin okay we’re getting close a torch huge I think I wandered my way back we did it let’s go drop off our [ __ ] yeah that way hey I did it I didn’t deserve it huge my mind hole Dam it guess it right 416 585 hey hint correctly Yi

Oh I get in easily cuz the slab oh that makes sense three people guess correctly other people guessed it correctly sky mallerie is close enough who else guessed it correctly oh crisscross oh [ __ ] A bunch of people did bad 17 iron is huge Make this a block dump for now the [ __ ] cave Ambience was that you house is really coming along ooh I should make a bed I’m going to need wood axe I will organize my chests do not worry it’s midnight already [ __ ] time be a little parasite

Huge and I am hungry so I’m just going to surely one of you thank you speaking of being a little parasite should totally start my own Farm rice only harvest the upper half beat your cabbages I can’t eat food but I like having a farm you know carrots

Wheat tomatoes right click to harvest potatoes yo this is crazy I will have a chicken farm that’s for certain and that’s because I can have a tiny chicken farm a there and it’ll grow back I mean that’s the thing right my my like I guess code of ethics on public servers

Is like if I’m going to steal [ __ ] the only thing I’m going to steal is like wool if I sheared it and crops if I replant it you know what I mean I mean stuff that like realistically if they’re not actively playing they’re not going to miss

It how long am I playing tonight probably another hour or so having a lot of fun and I feel like we’re just starting to get into the meat of it you know could trade with the merchant I don’t think the Merchant’s online right now yoink realistically I’ll probably just

Stream until the baby wakes up I shouldn’t say things like that cuz I look down and he literally stirred Huge we another the pickaxe before Forget bed let’s go bedroom Time oh does it have to be interesting now I’ve from what I from what I remember this is the smallest I’m able to make a bed and have it not like just not spawn me correctly any smaller than this and it just did not work right I guess we’ll find Out Huge Oak cabinet what’s a cabinet Do hello can I make a trap door and Just wait am I being stupid here there it is what is This yo is this a Mod cuz that the flooring on that looks way Better than barrels TBH so far I think it’s just me but I know fact was small in the last server I need more Oak there a single Mushroom in the stone that’s funny my trees have Planted hey bendy dmy Pony stong doing dishes cuz lazy I feel that you’re not lazy you’re Human by the Way did I mispronounce your username hold On is not bendy my Pony I don’t know dude it’s 1:00 a.m. what do you want from me what song is this this is still the Luigi’s Mansion Loi if you like has not just followed on Twitch almost got our game crashed by spooky Steve I was leave for the follow it’s bendy my pony you said bendy

Dimpy Pony or something ah I’m tired [ __ ] [ __ ] off I’m trying to get wood bendy my pony just followed on Twitch I have a follow by the Way Trying to get wood stored My Life True Make some Woods out here for real I guess I should bring these guys inside Not really for the whole town it’s for Me who the [ __ ] was that Oh baby’s awake well baby’s up so you know that means chat hold on I [ __ ] Up oh farted we just got in the cafe um it’s been fun stream it’s a good old almost three hour stream um we will be raiding let me let me check twitch make sure we’re raiding Somebody who’s live Who’s Live Who’s Live oh oh I know who we’re raiding we’re going to raid Ally cuz she’s playing doky DOI literature club and that sounds really funny so we’re doing that um so the way raids work if you’ve never uh been on a twitch stream before uh the stream is ending but essentially all of

Us in the twitch stream are going to go to another chat and I’ll be in that stream watching playing game I’ll be I’ll be in chat for a while cuz I’m not going to bed but I’m just helping the baby um but I will see you all there um

The stream is over it’s not the stream is not continuing but the the party will continue over on Ali’s Channel she is super fun y’all are going to love her um but I will see yall tomorrow with the pre-stream and the video but until then have a good night and stay toasty

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This journey is going to be HUGE (and by huge I mean small) …

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    Crafting Chaos: Ohio's Minecraft Showdown In Ohio, Minecraft reigns supreme, With builds that make us all dream. From castles to farms, and dungeons to explore, Ohioans in Minecraft never bore. Redstone creations, minigames galore, Ohio’s Minecrafters always want more. With creativity and skill, they craft with delight, In the world of Minecraft, their talent takes flight. So join us in this Ohio Minecraft show, Where the fun and excitement always flow. From memes to mods, and everything in between, Ohio in Minecraft is a sight to be seen! Read More

  • Mining Mayhem: Lunigirl’s Hardcore Minecraft Adventure

    Mining Mayhem: Lunigirl's Hardcore Minecraft Adventure In the world of Minecraft, Lunigirl takes a chance, Attempting a Hardcore World, in a daring dance. With hearts on the line, and mobs to fight, Will she survive the challenges, with all her might? Exploring caves, crafting tools, and building a home, Facing dangers and challenges, wherever she roams. But with skill and strategy, she’ll conquer it all, In this hardcore world, she’ll stand tall. So join her journey, as she takes on this quest, In the world of Minecraft, she’ll give her best. Stay tuned for more gaming fun and delight, As Lunigirl’s adventures take flight! Read More

  • Crafty Smiles: Homework Time in Cube Xuan

    Crafty Smiles: Homework Time in Cube Xuan In the world of Minecraft, where blocks reign supreme, Fang Fangxuan brings animations that gleam. With humor and memes, each video a delight, Bringing smiles and laughter, shining so bright. Cube Xuan’s channel, the one and only true source, For MC content that’s full of fun and of course. No pirated copies, no unauthorized spread, Just original videos to watch in bed. So come and join us, for happiness galore, Subscribe and follow for more and more. In the world of Minecraft, where creativity thrives, Cube Xuan’s animations will surely revive. Read More

  • Crafting an ARMORER Villager in Minecraft

    Crafting an ARMORER Villager in Minecraft My First Impressions on How to Make an ARMORER Villager in Minecraft My First Impressions on How to Make an ARMORER Villager in Minecraft Introduction OMG, so like I was scrolling through YouTube and I came across this video on how to make an ARMORER Villager in Minecraft. I was like, “Wait, what? Villagers can be armorers? That’s so cool!” Video Details How to Make an ARMORER Villager in Minecraft – TUTORIAL (Easy & Quick) How to Make an ARMORER Villager in Minecraft – TUTORIAL Java/Bedrock/PE and works in all Versions Key Points This video teaches you: How to… Read More

  • Minecraft Battle Royale: Mutant Zombie vs Freddy vs Jimbei! 馃敟

    Minecraft Battle Royale: Mutant Zombie vs Freddy vs Jimbei! 馃敟 When you’re trying to have a peaceful day in Minecraft but suddenly you’re caught in the middle of a mutant zombie, Freddy, and Jimbei showdown. Talk about unexpected guests at your virtual house party! #minecraftmayhem #unexpectedbattles Read More

  • 1,000 Days in Hardcore Minecraft: Surviving the Challenge

    1,000 Days in Hardcore Minecraft: Surviving the Challenge The Epic Journey of Surviving 1,000 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft Embark on a thrilling adventure as a hardcore Minecraft player recently hit 8,000 days in their world. To commemorate this milestone, they have created an epic movie showcasing the madness of god apple farms and bedrock farms. So, grab your popcorn and witness the incredible journey unfold before your eyes! Celebrating 8,000 Days of Hardcore Survival Surviving in hardcore mode in Minecraft is no easy feat. With limited resources and the constant threat of permadeath, every decision matters. The player’s dedication and skill have allowed them to thrive for… Read More

  • Join Minewind Minecraft Server for Epic Sand Art Creations!

    Join Minewind Minecraft Server for Epic Sand Art Creations! Welcome to NewsMinecraft.com! Today we stumbled upon a mesmerizing YouTube video featuring Satisfying Minecraft Sand Art of a Creeper with a Golden Retriever Hat. The pixel picture created by stacking sand on torches and then breaking them to reveal the final image is truly a work of art. While watching this video, we couldn’t help but think about the endless possibilities for creativity and expression in Minecraft. If you’re someone who enjoys unique and visually appealing creations like this sand art, then you’ll love the Minewind Minecraft Server. Minewind offers a vibrant and dynamic community of players who are… Read More

  • Shaggy’s Insane Minecraft Adventure: DAY 1 Hardcore Livestream! #badboy4life

    Shaggy's Insane Minecraft Adventure: DAY 1 Hardcore Livestream! #badboy4lifeVideo Information This video, titled ‘DAY 1 HARDCORE MINECRAFT // DON’T MINE AT NIGHT #badboy4life [MINECRAFT] [Livestream]’, was uploaded by Im Shaggy on 2024-03-06 13:25:59. It has garnered 53 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 04:04:28 or 14668 seconds. G’day Barrels, Please Consider Subscribing xx 馃帳Join the Discord馃帳 https://discord.gg/YAFum2Ue Shaders: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/shaders/bsl-shaders Resource Packs: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/faithless Read More

  • Ultimate Minecraft Mobs Battle

    Ultimate Minecraft Mobs BattleVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft |Mobs Battle| Corrupted Champion VS World of Bosses’, was uploaded by 100 Hundred Plus on 2024-03-21 17:06:31. It has garnered 1117 views and 48 likes. The duration of the video is 00:23:48 or 1428 seconds. Hello My Friends… I Hope You’re Doing Fine 鈥lease Be Happy And Subscribe To my Channel and Give me Your Opinion in Comments … Thanks Mods : The Graveyard Link : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-graveyard-forge World of Bosses Link : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/world-of-bosses My Main Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbXa_x18VwNM8KEjnAEupew/featured The Twilight Forest Cosmic Fiend Archaic Sentinel Mutant More Mutant Beasts Blue Skies Summoner Farseer Vanilla Mobs… Read More

  • Unbelievable: Skibidi Toilet in Minecraft #Shorts

    Unbelievable: Skibidi Toilet in Minecraft #ShortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘skibidi toilet in minecraft #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by Spar1er on 2024-02-17 03:00:01. It has garnered 6809 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. skibidi toilet in minecraft #shorts #minecraft minecraft,minecraft but,minecraft mod,minecraft challenge,minecraft funny,minecraft update,minecraft but challenge,minecraft survival,minecraft seed,minecraft how to,minecraft facts,minecraft,minecraft rarest,minecraft hardcore,minecraft,minecraft speedrun,minecraft pero,minecraft memes,minecraft shorts,minecraft tagalog,minecraft bedrock,minecraft 100 days,minecraft but i cant touch grass,minecraft meme shorts Read More

  • EPIC Subscriber Avatar Build – Minecraft Status

    EPIC Subscriber Avatar Build - Minecraft StatusVideo Information This video, titled ‘my subscriber profile photo build in Minecraft world #viral #minecraft #status #trending #proplayer’, was uploaded by ak gaming on 2024-02-04 14:06:29. It has garnered 88 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. Read More

  • UNBELIEVABLE MODS! PART 69 #minecraft #mods

    UNBELIEVABLE MODS! PART 69 #minecraft #modsVideo Information This video, titled ‘袦袨袛蝎, 袣袨孝袨袪蝎袝 袙蝎 孝袨效袧袨 袠小袣袗袥袠 效袗小孝鞋 69 #minecraft #mods #shorts’, was uploaded by Hooper on 2024-03-18 14:45:02. It has garnered 1357 views and 59 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:53 or 53 seconds. Link to telegram in the channel description!!! minecraft Armor mod weapon mod Minecraft mods for minecraft 0 minecraft mods #mods # minecraft #shorts #mods Read More


    INSANE TNT RUNNER IN MINECRAFT!! #epicVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft tnt runner#minecraft #gameplay’, was uploaded by Minecraft Gamers on 2024-01-12 13:17:18. It has garnered 3205 views and 41 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:16 or 16 seconds. Read More

  • Join Wilk SMP now – Free Bedrock + PE SMP

    Join Wilk SMP now - Free Bedrock + PE SMPVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Public SMP – Free to Join ! | Wilk SMP | Bedrock + PE SMP | Minecraft LIVE 馃敶’, was uploaded by DEWILK GAMING on 2024-03-28 14:38:24. It has garnered 180 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:10:13 or 613 seconds. Minecraft Public SMP – Free to Join ! | Wilk SMP | Bedrock + PE SMP | Minecraft LIVE 馃敶 https://dsc.gg/dewilkforce #games #videogames #minecraftbuild #minecraftindonesia #minecraftonly #minecraftdiaries #minecraftart #minecraftersonly #minecraft #minecraftskins #minecraftdaily #minecraftedit #minecraftserver #minecraft_pe #minecraftforever #minecraftcake #minecrafyuniverse #minecraftpocketedition#minecrafters #minecrafter #minecraftmemes #minecrafts #minecraftbuilds box #minecraftparty #minecraft #minecrafthouse #minecraftmonday #minecraftcreations… Read More

  • BRUTAL Orca Craft Server! What Will I Do? – MINECRAFT INDONESIA

    BRUTAL Orca Craft Server! What Will I Do? - MINECRAFT INDONESIAVideo Information This video, titled ‘[BRUTAL ID] AKU MASUK SERVER BRUTAL ID?? (GAK TAU HARUS NGAPAIN!!!) – MINECRAFT INDONESIA’, was uploaded by Orca Craft on 2024-04-11 11:08:57. It has garnered 266 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:15:03 or 903 seconds. [BRUTAL ID] I ENTERED A BRUTAL ID SERVER?? (DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!) – MINECRAFT INDONESIA HEY I’M ORCA CRAFT YOU CAN CALL ME ORCA HERE I’M A BEGINNING YOUTUBER WHO WANT TO WORK ON YOUTUBE SORRY IF MANY LACK OF JUNIOR COBOYS SAY: “NO NEED TO WAIT TO DARE TO START WHAT YOU HAVE… Read More

  • The Rock’s Jaw-Dropping Minecraft Nature 馃尦馃敟 #shorts

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  • EradicaMC

    EradicaMCTowny – MCMMO – Custom: Ranks, Jobs, Crates – Player: Economy, Market, Auction – Legendary: Weapons, Armour, Tools play.eradicamc.com Read More

  • MCEssence – Vanilla SMP

    Welcome to MC Essence! Are you tired of the chaos on other servers? Join our vanilla SMP for a more balanced and enjoyable experience. MC Essence started in 2021 and is now on its third season. Our theme is old-school Minecraft fun with strict rules against griefing and stealing. We have plugins in place to rollback any damage caused by griefers, ensuring a safe environment for all players. Check us out and see if MC Essence is the right fit for you! Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/KMBgfKVD Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Typos in Minecraft”

    Minecraft Memes - "Typos in Minecraft"Looks like someone needs to recheck their spelling enchantments before casting that meme! Read More

  • Join Minewind Server for a Thrilling Minecraft Experience!

    Join Minewind Server for a Thrilling Minecraft Experience! Are you a fan of Minecraft mods and looking to enhance your gameplay experience? Look no further! While watching a tutorial on how to get Fluix Dust in the Applied Energistics 2 (AE2) mod for Minecraft 1.19+, you may have realized the importance of being part of a thriving Minecraft community. If you’re seeking a server where you can put your newfound knowledge to the test and interact with like-minded players, Minewind is the place to be. With a vibrant community, unique gameplay features, and endless possibilities for exploration and creativity, Minewind offers an unparalleled Minecraft experience. Join us… Read More

  • Crafting Memories: Minecraft’s Score

    Crafting Memories: Minecraft's Score Welcome to Eggy Bread XD, where gaming shines, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and more in line. Hit like, hit subscribe, for content divine, Bell icon for updates, so you’re always in prime. Gaming galore, with a playful touch, Minecraft explosions, redstone clutch. Xbox, PS, Nintendo, all in the mix, Eggy Bread XD, gaming fix. Slime Rancher, Fall Guys, Rocket League too, Gaming community, engaging crew. PC gaming, shorts that thrill, Eggy Bread XD, the ultimate skill. Read More

  • Fatal Error: When Your Minecraft House Burns Down

    Fatal Error: When Your Minecraft House Burns Down When you spend hours building the perfect Minecraft house, only to realize you forgot to put a door on it. #fatalerror #minecraftfail 馃槀馃彔馃毆 Read More

  • Discover the Ultimate Minecraft Experience at Minewind Server

    Discover the Ultimate Minecraft Experience at Minewind Server Welcome to Newsminecraft.com, where we bring you the latest updates and trends in the Minecraft community! Today, we want to introduce you to a unique way of learning German – through Minecraft. In a recent YouTube video titled “Finally Home again!! [Comprehensible Input German],” Monday Morning showcases how gaming can be used as a tool for language learning and entertainment. By immersing yourself in the virtual world of Minecraft, you can pick up new words and phrases in German while having fun at the same time. If you’re looking to expand your language skills and enjoy gaming, then joining… Read More

  • Hugy Wugy’s Golem Smackdown! 馃敟

    Hugy Wugy's Golem Smackdown! 馃敟 Hugy Wugy may be cute and cuddly, but he’s no match for Every Golem in Minecraft. It’s like watching a teddy bear try to take on a bunch of rock monsters – spoiler alert, it doesn’t end well for Hugy Wugy! #squishysquishy #rockyroad Read More

  • Physics-Bending Minecraft House Prank!

    Physics-Bending Minecraft House Prank! Minecraft: Exploring Realistic Physics in the Game Embark on a thrilling adventure in the world of Minecraft where the laws of physics come to life! Dive into the realm of realistic physics and witness the magic unfold as you explore the game like never before. Unveiling Realistic Minecraft Physics Imagine a world where every block, every structure, and every movement follows the rules of physics. In this unique Minecraft experience, players get to witness the impact of gravity, momentum, and other physical forces on their creations. From building towering structures that sway realistically in the wind to watching objects… Read More

  • Experience the Ultimate Fun on Minewind Minecraft Server!

    Experience the Ultimate Fun on Minewind Minecraft Server! Are you tired of the same old Minecraft servers with boring gameplay and lackluster features? Look no further than Minewind! With its unique blend of survival, PvP, and roleplaying elements, Minewind offers an exciting and dynamic gaming experience like no other. Imagine exploring a vast and immersive world filled with endless possibilities, where every decision you make shapes your destiny. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer looking for adventure, Minewind has something for everyone. Join us today at YT.MINEWIND.NET and embark on a journey unlike any other. Make new friends, conquer challenges, and unleash your creativity… Read More

  • Discover the Best Seeds for Minecraft 1.20.4 and Join Minewind Server Now!

    Discover the Best Seeds for Minecraft 1.20.4 and Join Minewind Server Now! Welcome to NewsMinecraft.com! Are you a fan of exploring new and exciting Minecraft worlds? If so, you need to check out the top 5 awesome seeds for Minecraft 1.20.4 featured in the latest YouTube video “Top 5 AWESOME Seeds for Minecraft 1.20.4!” These seeds offer a variety of landscapes and structures, including mountains, woodland mansions, villages, cliffs, temples, mushroom islands, and more! If you’re ready to embark on a new Minecraft adventure, make sure to visit the Seed Coordinates provided in the video description. Each seed comes with its own unique features and challenges, making gameplay even more thrilling… Read More

  • Crazy Gaming Myths! Is Jack_Bhaiya Real?

    Crazy Gaming Myths! Is Jack_Bhaiya Real?Video Information This video, titled ‘Chhichora Jack_Bhaiya @AnshuBisht #gamerfleet #minecraft #fleetsmp #jackbhaiya #herobrine’, was uploaded by Mythes on 2024-01-14 02:30:02. It has garnered 7872 views and 333 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:52 or 52 seconds. #payalzoneroast #gamerfleet #payalzoneroasted FleetSMP new Member馃ぃ馃槀馃槀 Ballu Beta馃槃 @Gamerfleet hardest mlg 馃槏馃槸馃槼#jackbhaiya #anshubisht #gamerfleet Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and turn on notifications so you never miss a video from us. CREATIVE INDIAN GAMERS in Minecraft 馃敶 techno gamerz, bbs, mythpat, live Insaan, fleet, yessmartypie Gamer fleet vs Me MLG clutch @GamerFleet @TechnoGamerzOfficial #mlg #minecraft @YesSmartyPie is All in one… Read More

  • Insane Mashup! Top Hits vs Minecraft Remixes

    Insane Mashup! Top Hits vs Minecraft RemixesVideo Information This video, titled ‘Popular Songs Vs The Minecraft Version Part 1’, was uploaded by DerpDurCake on 2024-04-14 18:19:42. It has garnered 439 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:43 or 43 seconds. Jake Paul It’s Everyday Bro Vs. the Minecraft Version It’s Every Mine Yo! Who did better? comment below It’s Everyday Bro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSlb1ezRqfA It’s Every Mine Yo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gzghHaVFkw Read More

  • MooseLands

    Kit PvP server, in need of a developer. Yeah, it isn’t great. It is in progress, and that is what we are making. MooseLands.minehut.gg Read More

  • FroobWorld Semi-Vanilla SMP PvE 1.20.4

    Server Information IP: s.froobworld.com Discord: Join our Discord Website: Visit our Website Dynmap: Check out our Dynmap About FroobWorld FroobWorld is a small survival server that has been running since 2011. If you enjoy old-school SMP, you will love our server. Rules include no griefing, no stealing, no cheating, and keeping chat at PG-13 levels. Features Land claiming with no size limit Lockette-style chest locking /rtp, /home, /spawn, /tpa, /back commands Long-term maps 32 chunk view distance No donations or prizes for votes Read More

  • Formo Craft

    Formo CraftNon-Premiun Server 100% Survival 1.20.4 | Job | Economy | ProtectionCome in and Invite your Friends, the game is 100% survival. Play a fair game. Read More