Transforming Into a Mermaid in Minecraft?! 🧜‍♀️

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And greetings everyone hello hello hello I am monster to mermaid and this is Minecraft that’s what it is yes it is Minecraft with mine colonies mod I’m going to change my view I’m very excited so in our earlier show on Twitch we started um doing some things

And I’m going to show them to you right now um even though the sun is about to go down um as you know we needed um we didn’t have a hospital yet um we need a glass house we need a mechanic and all of those things and we’ve got Building

Look at the buildings in on the mountain whoa but all of those things um required us to need another Builder oh people are going home and so yep I see people going home and so because of that uh we started building another Builder and if we need another Builder

That means we need more housing now we did get another Builder a builder that’s up there ZF Z welcome gasu gasu wonderful hello hello and um I’m going to make this a short night oh how pretty though look how pretty look how pretty that looks that actually looks really pretty and

Then look at this one but the moon over this tavern always looks so pretty it looks beautiful poy say sta sa ZF how are you um and I don’t know whether I got a chance to say thank you AF caristo for the coffees that was so sweet thank you so

Much that was such a lovely gift thank you and thank you for including Vin centus thank you that was very sweet of you and um let’s go to sleep and then we can look at all the new stuff that we did at the earlier stream the twitch stream this

Morning and let’s come here I’m going to go to sleep look I’ve got a Christmas tree I got a Christmas tree and we found some fun things um we still have um some decorations to put up but we’ve been having fun doing that so one of the

Things we did was that we need Elise to stay in this area but she was still using Emory’s Old Wagon remember that that old comedy show Seinfeld is amazing you’re watching it good I it’s one of my favorite shows it’s actually one of my favorite shows because it’s about New York during

A certain time and that New York is enshrined in that show it absolutely is so um Emory’s wagon was sitting right here actually right where this is and um and so we decided we would put in we were trying to find something that would fit between um in this space because the

Hospital is going to remain here yes I totally agree I totally agree um um friends was kind of weird for me because I lived in New York and you couldn’t live the way they lived in New York I mean it’s it’s it was one of the

Things that was sort of a giveaway I know people like that show and they just love that show but that show was not in New York City whereas Seinfeld that the way the way they treat each other and everything about that show is the way it

Is in New York City and that’s why it made me laugh so much because it was so funny because they just got it and it was really fun to watch um right here um so postco is working on that Elise wanted to work on it herself but there

Wasn’t enough room for it so you never saw much of it just random episodes on your TV yeah yeah I’m glad it had a good run and it was it was a good show and it was and um so we the only one that would fit in this space zap is the

Fortress that I I haven’t made I think since um Wow since 16 I haven’t made a fortress Builder so yeah so this is kind of really fun being able to make that Builder again it’s changed a little tiny bit yes yeah for sure for sure and so when he gets done El least

Will have a brand new um shop and like I said postco had to work on it because he had the room for the resources um elely didn’t have enough room because all her um her place was gone the wagon was dismantled and she didn’t have any place to put anything so

He’s working on it and we’ll come back to him when he’s done Elise is going to start the hospital and we don’t have a hospital right now um Suzanna is um researching at the library that’s our doctor and if someone gets sick I’m going to have to I’m going to

Have to take care of them because we do not have a hospital until this is rebuilt and Elise is going to start working on that in a little bit and postco I think he is going to put in something else for us but I don’t know what just

Yet however Dawn us oh yeah look we got two new little cute little houses here well that’s interesting that is interesting I think it’s just because because they’re more realistic than friends um and but that is curious that definitely is we we put two little houses here and I don’t know what to

Call this street um it’s certainly not Littleton because this street is Littleton back here oh no it’s okay I totally understand I totally understand so this is 301 and this is 302 and this is 303 Littleton so this street is Littleton so what it name is this street

That would be this street right here this street needs to have a different name and the 90 Fashions yeah yeah yeah um what do I do with this Street what should I call it what do I what do I call this street all the industry is in this area what

Should I name this street Mr villager oi Mr villager welcome welcome welcome KOA how are you how are you and H you took that down but he didn’t take this part away and he didn’t take it away because I actually put that there um let me see if I can find some

Dark oak does he have any let’s look here I should have looked here hold on he definitely yeah he has 83 good let’s get four dark oak from here one two three four is that dark oak or is that Acacia that is Birch that is an even dark Hook is this dark hook

Don’t tell me he doesn’t have any Jace do you not have any dark oak let me look he’s got one one yikes all right I don’t think he can grow just one I don’t think you can and and all the places where it needs to grow are gone we could grow a

Dark oak right here let’s grow it here let’s actually grow the dark oak right here we’ll put it right there and there we go so that was from him and we’ll leave that there and hopefully they’ll grow and um what do you think of Hillway Hillway oh Hillway is good I

Like Hillway let’s do that so we will call it Hillway and let’s come here let’s change the sign and this is actually the West so we can call it West Hillway and let’s come down let’s see come down to here and let’s erase this

And make it h i l l w a y and this is 301 Hillway done so that means that this is 303 Hillway actually this should be 303 because it’s going west let’s do make this one 303 so let’s bring this down to here let’s come back here

Three oops that’s not a three three West St there we go west Hillway and that means that this is 301 West Hillway well it is 301 but it’s not Hillway so let’s change this did I get it yes we’ll take this away H I’ll give away one and there it

Is to the bem Mr villager good so these are our two new houses right here we actually have a house over here as well eliana’s sitting in the doorway um we have two people living here who will move where I don’t know yet and that’s one of the things that

I’m going to have to try and figure out where they’re they’re going to go I probably need another house but what it won’t fit here and up on the hill look what we’re doing up on the hill Oh I was supposed to be recovering this wasn’t I

I didn’t fully recover this part where the crusher is down below but we don’t need this to be showing and we’ll let the flowers grow back in but over here we’re actually working on housing on the hill and there it is this is going to be so lovely

Here so it’s up too high the sides are up too high we’re going to end up taking the sides down um at least to here and it’s night time so you can’t see I think I’m going to there’s only one person living here so far let’s see

And that is Issa Issa is the only person living here right now um I’m going to bring some other people over and just a little bit to live here but since no one is living here yet um I’m going to borrow that bedroom right there and Dante n is

Working on this but we’re going to bring the sides oh I’m using my hands again no we don’t want to use our hands I’ll hold on to that for a second we’re going to bring the sides down all along this part right here we’re bringing them all the way down one to

One all the way across here and all the way across on this side bring them all the way down there we go and then we’ll bring this part down right here because it’s just too tall and this has to come back this part right here and then this comes down it’s just

Too high high so there we go and let’s take this side over and let’s take that away there we go and this part this part and I think that’s going to do it okay so the plants will grow back so we’re not worried about that uhoh you see who this is

Um I don’t think these belong here but we’ll find out oh it’s shy those might actually belong so those might get returned to this area these little ones here but let’s take them away for now and let’s see if they come back cuz it might not it might not come back so

We’ll see if it does that’s fine we’ll just take it down later so there we go so this is um housing on this side and oh wait and he’s still working on it so oops so we know that um this is going to be to

Here I need this I think come right here yeah there we go all Right and yeah and then we have this that’s Parts okay let’s do this right here and we’ll just have to take that part back okay all right um so there’s our Hill um there were some trees in this area and we will probably fall in the Minecraft mod Vault

Hunter but didn’t understand how it works oh Vault Hunters is cows um um mod yeah but he’s spent he’s probably spent about a year and a half working that mod um he has people working it with him but yeah Vault Hunters it is an interesting mod the um who are they the Hermits

Hermitcraft they do that and it is very curious yeah um it’s just a challenge beyond the nether Beyond uh the end it’s like um you can find those types of things in the cave but the fact that the server coordinates oh were de deactivated oh that’s a new house which

One which one are you saying is a new house oh yes so we were talking about these right here these are new houses right here right at the cave entrance and then um there is a little house right here but two people are already living there and so I’ve got to figure

Out oops I’m using my hands again I’ve got to figure out where I’m going to put um Davis and Joey because they’re still um living in that yurt and there isn’t any place for them to go um in the house um those two hous houses right here these two houses um this

Is let me see who Moved In These are roommates in this house is tank and Susanna they’re living there the website then sent the blog site you knew yeah and then this one is Charlie if I’m not mistaken Charlie and Elise the Builder are living here now technically they’re

Not supposed to be over here M Salo Charlie and Elise work on this side of town and I was wondering should I put in one more house right here um he’s not really using this area to grow trees I know he’s got some trees planted here but they’re not growing

These trees aren’t going to grow in and we could just put in one more house and that would take care of Elise and that would take care of Charlie because Elise works right here or she will when postco is done and Charlie um this is Charlie’s balloon right

Here so this is um if I’m not yep it’s Charlie’s balloon so they have no business living on that side of town they’re actually living in Susanna and Tank’s house and Suzanna and tank are living in in um Adam and Joey’s house this is going to be Adam and Joey’s house this is

Going to be Suzanna and Tank’s house and we’re going to have postco do Elise and um Charlie to live here so everyone’s still remaining I have a couple of couples but the people that I’m putting in houses right now are not couples they’re actually singles and um but we need the housing

So this is going to be interesting because this I don’t know whether I I don’t think I want it to go down that far so I think I’ll build it at this level so it comes up here the road’s here um yeah I think I’m going to have

The road go down right here so let me do this oh uh tan I was going to ask you how you were Massa and that’s good did you have a good day did everyone have a good day the fact that I am here doing this stream is to the degree that I had

A good day today cuz my sister had a doctor’s appointment and it did not interfere which was really really really cool as iscal would say let’s come here for a minute I am going to put one more house Elias activated the coordinates and now you’re exploring the world more

Easily yay and understanding better where you are I’m glad to hear that I am I’m making a Littleton neighborhood right here I actually am they’re just working I don’t know why but they’re just working really nice in this location so we’re just going to add another one right here and let’s come up

And let’s move this house into this spot right here let’s make it level five so I can see what it’s going to look like when it’s done and let’s find the door there’s the door I want to be down one so we’re going to put this here vincentius is

Fast asleep he is fast asleep he definitely is um but Z he’ll be really happy to hear that you’re enjoying um you’re enjoying uh sefo cuz he definitely liked that show too so he’ll really be glad to hear that um so here we are right here let me um

Assign a builder am I too close no they’re just going to be good neighbors how are these guys they’re they have a little bit more space between them we have a little bit of space here we can bring it to the end of this building this is the road right here that’s

Hillway um Mr Villager has named this road Hillway and so we don’t want it to go past this so it can’t move over any anymore um because it’s going to be right on the Block and here we are we’re going to come here we’re going to assign

A builder and I am going to put poco’s name on this house postco has been really good about building them build options the Builder is going to be postco when he gets done Um did I just realized something hold on for a minute cancel cancel oh it’s an upgrade ah she can’t do it she can’t do it yet I don’t think um we can try and see let’s see if Elise can do this she is excellent she’s not working on hers um and the reason

Is oh you’re welcome you’re welcome you already have your first dark coca and Spruce saplings and today same day you arrived in a village and now you’re looking for villagers to recruit excellent yes he’s fast asleep it is vampire nighttime so he is sleeping yesterday was the longest night

Which is a Vampire Holiday it’s funny the movies who um the movies about vampires that realize that um there are places in the world that have six months of night and those would be like places where vampires would go because night all the time so um yeah

That is a that’s a very curious thing of course food would run out pretty quickly but but um so um what I was doing Massa was showing the the tetris that I was doing here um where we were able to squeeze in a fortress Builder to replace

The Wagon train that had been sitting here um between this building the town hall and the future Hospital which is going to go right here and Elise is going to start working on the hospital um we do not have a hospital right now so if people are sick I have

To I have to take care of them what do you need you need carrot and potato okay so I’ve got carrots I’ve got medicine Suzanna gave me medicine so I’ve got medicine to give to everybody I’m giving him too much let me put that there put that there they only

Need three and I’m giving him a whole lot okay so he has his medication and yeah so Elise is going to start on that oh no rain poor Elise look at this it’s dark in here um let’s see she needs some things this is I think a level two look

What it looks like those are level two pieces so we should have a lot of that stuff already and she’s just going to have to it’s going to take a little bit for her to get all of that delivered to her new place and she actually likes it

So you’re going to test some buildings and actually you built a nice little Mesa Hut in your testing World good but you’re still thinking about about it nice you’re going to going with the colonial or your own Litton Town Littleton is interesting when I first saw it it was

Like and now I just kind of I the housing um when I first saw the housing and I think you will even remember that Mr villager and zap I was like nope nope and and yet it when I realized that I could make them into Little Couples

Houses I just really really love it so it’s raining so we’ve seen all the work that’s going on in town um D denas is working on this building and it is probably going to be a little bit before it’s a full level four he might need some stuff but while he’s waiting for

That and since it’s raining let’s see and yeah look at this oh it’s a shame that it’s raining look at Overlook the Mountain Overlook Overlook mountain look what’s happening look at this the Guardians will come in a little bit and I don’t know how you and Matt LOM did this

Massa but they are not having as much trouble building as I thought they were going to have you’ve really done a really good job and um they can build really really easily and um I was concerned about this I knew I could get her up here but I was

Concerned but she gets up here she gets up here she’s fine and um the work is getting done that is the new housing going on on the hill and um it is really really nice um but then you were noticing that it was really an interesting style it is

It is an interesting style and he did sort of make it as a um as a what would you call it as a partner sort of like a partner for Colonial or calonia it works really well with those uh-oh yay we have thunder and lightning just mind calling code just like an underwater

Cool um it’s really interesting I’m pretty amazed I’m pretty amazed at how smoothly that is working out so it’s afternoon but we’re going to wake up the next morning because it started thundering and usually when there’s a thunderstorm everyone doesn’t sleep well so um they go home and they toss and

Turn do stuff stay up and read books and all that kind of stuff and they don’t work and so we might as well go ahead and um go to sleep so here we are we actually need a couple of people um we just don’t have any place

To house them and that is is the problem we still don’t have any place to house a glass maker and a um mechanic although I’m thinking about putting the mechanic here so here’s where we are Massa on this mountain we did push the boundary back and this is a guard tower that we

Use to push the boundry it’s a level one of this guard Tower I’d like to get the level two so that they’re not sleeping in the rain there I like that you that the balloons are not do not have beds on them um that they are just um convenience for travel for them

Remember we made the water go away up here let me find that piece of redstone are we up above it ooh no there it is so this is where the original water came out but the Sawmill has a water wheel and so this is the new waterfall and Messa was saying that um

The new um the new version will correct the fact that the water um creates a waterfall but we don’t want it to correct it here um we know that it will but right now we’re quite happy with that waterfall because there was a waterfall here and it makes it really

Good um we have this balloon we moved in because we couldn’t put anything here until we had that balloon and now because of this we can go all the way around it’s a little skinny over here and so we might need to do something that’s a little bit skinny

There but other than that I think we’re good so she is working on on this and look how close she is to this so this will probably this housing will probably be for the enchanter and The Alchemist and yeah well there was a waterfall this um piece of redstone was

The waterfall coming down here and making this Lake here this Lake Area here who’s that is that um oh it’s Valerie Valerie doesn’t have a job yet and she’s walking on the other side of this hill we do have wolves but the Wolves aren’t bothering up uh it’s a good thing I came

By here hold on for a minute we have to do some something here I cannot have this um so we’re going to have to come in here I’m just going to take a minute to fix this um the house is actually up farther than I thought and we are going to have this

Empty place um underneath and I don’t want to have that so I need to bring this part up let’s see if I can bring this I have to get be able to reach back here there we go and come there and we’ll just close this part in here all the way across and

That and that and I see you and there okay and so then this is here is this too high I don’t think it is it’s acting like it’s pretty high nah not really so we’ll just bring this side over right here bring this side over

Here and I think we’re going to have to bring it up to yes we are so let’s bring this part here do I have a grass piece I do not let’s bring I see that drip okay and there we go okay so he is yeah he’s

Bringing it all the way around on this side we’re going to lose this giant because we actually need to close this in right all the way to Here and one more One Step Beyond okay this is too low and so we’re going to take that away I’m not going to take that one away but I’ll take that all right did he run out of dirt he might have you might have oh Elise I’m sorry I forgot postco

Is not working on this eles yay so El is working on this while he’s working on hers wo look at this look at this remember she had a level five wagon so when I picked up the um Hut block it was a level five Hut block so he is just

Putting back um what she had um it’s just not a wagon this time it’s just an actual real building and she is very happy about that so see this this is the hospital right here coming all the way over and yes you’re seeing that right

This is going to take off the border on this building um when they start working on it but um it’s just a border and we’ll see if we want to put it back um it’s not going to interfere with the hospital so what’s going to actually happen is that it can be

Repaired after the hospital is built and that’ll be fine and um so even though it’s a tight fit it it’s um going to be okay I it’s going to be uhoh somebody seeking the hospital Orion this is Orion our new Dyer he runs the D shop

And what do you have you have the flu okay so let me get him some medication um three and I think that’s enough usually three is enough so um I’m just filling this in for a minute what’ I do with that it disappeared um I probably made it go

Away um so yeah so and then Elise is going to work on the hospital and postco is going to work on housing now I’m I have built that um one set that I have and I’m still wondering I need room for a mechanic room for a glass [Applause] shop sorry take I’m

Sorry I’m sorry okay that part is fixed and see the road is still here this one that goes this way so we have a road here this road is still here the road that goes up the hill right here wait you said you don’t have a hospital right

Now yeah I don’t have a hospital right now so um Suzanna So I placed the hospital see see that outline I placed the hospital where the old hospital was and because I did that I needed to pick up the hospital Hut block so I could place the hospital so that’s why this

Says it’s a hospital level one and she’s like um is it okay I think she was going is it okay if I move now I mean I see you still throwing dirt so yeah all right so everyone’s going home let me think about a mechanic I’d almost like the mechanic to be

Here I think that the magical people would consider a mechanic a a magical person I think they would we could have two why don’t we do that I think I’m going to do that I’m going to have two mechanics I’ll have one there and one over here it’s the glass shop

That we really need we are importing glass a lot of glass and we should not be so let’s go sleep I’m just going to sleep here remember I was going to turn this around and I haven’t done it yet I have not done it yet and I’m

Supposed to be looking for some more Druids we actually need three more Druids and one of them needs to be here I could help you to design a new one in some way I don’t know it’s just um what are you expecting for the new one the new one of

What which new one are you talking about Mr villager are you talking about the new glass house or the new um the new uh mechanic see this spot right here this is where all the other smelters are oh this is going to go away right here

And it’s too small to put a house there so there isn’t going to be anything in front of that little house there and we put some um fireplace fencing around this um just so that everyone would actually not fall in uh Hospital which one are you talking about U Mr

Villager are you talking about the hospital cuz I have a hospital Um [Laughter] yeah t and postco has completed it look at this wow I haven’t built one of these zap you remember do you remember new mongu and and we had all those buildings that was the first time that pagota was available and um we had combined Fortress and pagota mostly and that’s

What we were using and so this is the first time in ages that um we have had this style this Fortress style and I would have to get a different that’s a flag a colony flag we’re not having them and look you have a light right here but there’s starting to be

Electricity and I think we’re going to actually put in some decent lights here but before I do this postco is not working on anything and she is has she finished the about the hospital yes no it hasn’t said anything yet okay so um what I think I’m going to

Do did he cut oh he did look at this he’s in the process of cutting down a tree did grow there and he only planted three which means that nothing will grow back um but we’ll check on that in just a second Elise is supposed to be working on this

So I know what I’m going to do here cancel let’s come here and let’s cancel upgrading the residence we’re going to start Elise on this new project right now cuz we need a hospital and so um build options Builder is El leas upgrade the building now this

Is a level two this hospital so we’ll see yes you’re offering to help with the hospital you have a small experience with that oh thank you but I I chose one already and um and it fits in this space and that was the thing that needed to be

Done is that it fits in this space right here and um so yeah so that’s the one we’re going to use and we’ll start seeing it in a little bit I don’t even remember which one it is but of course if I go here and look it is a mine colony’s original

Hospital and it fit perfectly into that spot and it’s actually quite nice however it is we are actually going to have the other hospital and it’s going to be built here and I think I had us placed it but I don’t know where it is I thought I had placed

It but make yes I have wait that’s the mechanic I placed the mechanic here here so I already did place the mechanic oh good okay um let me look for a second and see if she’s done that looks like a level one is done it has torches on it let me

See so this is going to be where Valerie lives because Valerie is living with um um Emory right now but she’s going to live here Valerie is a new Builder and she is going to help Emory with building out this area um and I need to start her but we don’t have a

Building for her yet so this is what we need to do wait how does it look what’s it look like you want to see the hospital H the cliff hospital is uh I know and that’s the reason why I want one it looks gorgeous and I absolutely want one here and I

Think um since the mechanic is going to be here am I changing my mind about putting the mechanic let me see how big the hosit hospital is um how can I do this let me see how big the hospital is um I thought I was putting that there but apparently I was

Putting the mechanic there um it looks very comfortable yeah let’s touchdown here let’s switch packs there’s the pack I want let’s go to fundamentals let’s go to hospital and let’s rate it up off the ground pretty high so that I can see the whole thing and I’m just trying to see

I’m going to come over here and see if it’ll fit in this hole right here cuz if it will I might put the mechanic with the other Industrials and have this zap do you remember when I had a Pleasure Island remember um in new mulangu when I had

That that town and there was that that um that lion that lion that was part of pagota this huge lion statue and um it was the beginning of that area and it was really cool okay I see that so that’s this oh look everybody’s jumping on that’s that let’s come here and

That’s this it actually fits here it actually fits here but does it fit above the let me see here maybe I could put it oh look at this I think I can put it above the mechanic that’s the mechanic right there I could actually put it above the

Mechanic let me see where the where these are so there is a road piece right there for the mechanic and there is The Sawmill so both of these are on this side and is The Sawmill going to be too loud for the people who are using the pools it might

Be it might be too loud on this side you have to go oh okay cool see you later have fun have a good G game and let’s see I do have space to do it um the only thing is is that the walkways are going to be up really high

And uh now I don’t know that I want to I forgot that the Sawmill was there it would be better if it was here right here so let’s bring it over here let’s come this way and then let’s come this way and there it is it’s coming all the way over let’s

Turn I think it’s going to fit above the lava I think it will um thank you for being here have fun uh oh this is going to be an interesting fit is the mountain wide enough yeah it might be okay good um yeah we can’t put it there and we do

Need um for the mechanic to go there because the Sawmill is actually here so we’ve got a couple things here here um that are needed um I’m going to I’m tempted to go to sleep right here let me look for a second I think I’m going to Breeze place

For a minute we’ll come over here and we’ll go in and her door is open interesting um we’re going to she doesn’t mind she leaves leaves um lots of blankets and fresh pillows and sheets in this chest and when I come in I just remake the bed and we’re all good so

There look at that all right so um there might not be enough room here because this is this this is here oh there there they are okay I’m like where is it so what is this coming over here what’s this what do I have here did I set it

Already no that looks like housing again is that actually oh it’s all right restaurant I forgot about the rest I keep forgetting that I put things here um hold on for a second let’s move this away this way for a second the restaurant is actually right here right above the lava

Flow is a restaurant right here it’s either a restaurant or a bakery let me look and see that looks like a restaurant that actually does it doesn’t look like the bakery I have a bakery so um that’s why I’m saying it looks like oh yeah o

Ooh that is going to be so fun okay so yeah so we can’t put it there um and I wonder see this right here this is super narrow right on this side and this Is we maybe could put it here maybe I think it’s too wide your back you crashed okay welome back wait you crashed meaning that you’re done playing you can’t play is that what happened this is really flatter and it would be fine to put it here it’s just

Noisy because the sill is here the mechanic shop is here and it would be like here but this is really where we need to put it right up here it was RP ah a well I’m sorry about that ah I think we still need to put this

Here I think that we’re going to say the sound travel up I don’t I don’t know let’s say there’s enough I’m going to bring this back and see if we can start it right up top right here so let’s bring it all the way back over cuz we still have the

Alchemist we have an alchemist to get here and the hospital I definitely want to be here because it’s a spa and it’s looks like some place um it looks like a magical place that people would come to um and look at that shall we match them let’s

See no bring it out one bring it up one bring it up one bring it back One and then all right so there is the house housing sitting right there there is this sitting here we’re going to lose that tree how far down is it we have a problem there so we’re not going to be able to match the the walkway to because this is going to come

Up two so it’s going to three going to come up three so it’s going to come up three blocks to keep um to give room for the um the mechanic which is sitting right there it can sit right in between these two and on this side that’s going to be interesting we

Probably that means that we’ll probably have something up above the guard so what you missed was I thought I wasn’t going to put in the hospital on this side because the Sawmill is here and the mechanic shop is here but this is actually the best place for it and it’s the

Flattest and it actually works really well in this spot right here see let me pull this out let me pull out the pool that pool right there is supposed to be out of the hill and let’s look here let’s pull it out that doesn’t look like it’s supposed to be out of the

Hill but it definitely is look at that so let’s pull it out to here and then if we need we can trim off some we’re a little bit far from that part and we might have to do something about that but I think I want that water to be

On the outside you want to look at it let’s look at it two yeah three four five all right Um I definitely need this to be in the mountain that one piece right there so let’s look at this here yep too far so let’s push this back one and that’s good and then we’ll just have it come down to we’re just going to have to make a

Circle here look see this part right here we’ll have to make a wrap a circle ramp that comes up to this and that’ll work when the time comes now before I make the mistake before I make the mistake let me come here let me get a pickaxe and let’s

Find the hot block which is in the mountain and let’s see what we’ve got those are heating those are fires to heat there ah it’s not in the mountain look at this it’s right here I can see it plainly so um when we do this um I’m

Going to change the inside a little bit because it’s not going to act so much as a hospital as it’s going to act more like a spa and so we’re going to do a little bit of changing on the inside and they’ll still be able to use it as a

Hospital it’ll still have a doctor attached to it um but it will be different so right here assign a builder and there it is so now we have a problem Houston we have um a builder who does not have a place to build and we have have a

Builder who is not doing anything right now and I think I would like her to work on the mechanic first so the mechanic is sitting right I should have put in a little light but I didn’t there it is right here and let’s do build options the Builder is em

Build the building so let’s see how she’s going to get here one that’s one two 3 four five 6 7 okay those are good and then down to here and then she’s okay she can actually come to here and then come down and then come down and there

Was uh one pie piece here but it’s not here anymore we might need that piece to be here are you slabs oh uh-oh see this that’s why let’s put this over to this side right here and I think it needs to be up so we’re going to have this little walk

She took away the rest of it and so we’re just going to put this in I know you can’t see and she just went home good okay um so let me wait for her to go home for a minute let’s see if our other little one

Can find her way home see this right here she’s going home so this is how this is going to work until we no don’t go that oh all right I didn’t think that was going to work it didn’t work I didn’t think there was a

Way I did not think there was a way for you to get there from there um and she’s not going to go back so I’m going to call her home for a minute I’m going to call her to here and then we’re going to have to fix that for

Her um there we go there she is this is her first night I think in her new place and now I’ve got to figure out how to get her down if she comes to here she’s coming she wants to come to some place right here let’s not use that let’s put a

Light right here for a minute I’m going to make temporary and um let’s come here and let’s see one two and one two there it is poof um yeah we don’t want her to do that so let’s move this and I think is there enough room I think we can have

Her just come to here and I’m going to see what I can move here so there and here here and then here this is too far down so I still need something there I know you can’t see I’m sorry let me put a light in this corner so that I can see

Even all right so that’s that let’s come here is who’s that sleeping there it’s one of the Guardians okay and then she can come to here oy dokie so for right now until um we actually are able to build the roads and I just need to wait um we’ll put her

There what’s wrong with you why aren’t you going to the bed what’s the matter you have a bed this is your house oh you’re up for the night okay wait there’s something I know you need a job yes I will work on it go to sleep go to

Sleep she’s not going to go to sleep probably because she doesn’t have a job so here’s the thing what do I do I need the build Builder balloon and I am trying to decide if I put a builder balloon here do I want to move dandas over here to build

It and have um Valerie go over with um with postco and Elise in town and I’m not sure that’s what I’m thinking about but we definitely need another Builder cuz all of these are like level ones and another Builder will make it possible for us to do something let’s look at Builders

Oh Massa did you say that there was another Builder balloon did you add another Builder balloon because if you did I’m going to wait for it um vincentius has been busy and our schedules have been a little off so I did not get to um to update um the style

But if there is another Builder balloon I will wait for it I already have the one builder at Rose uru I have that one but I want to have um if there’s a second one but Messa is not here right now so we’ll just wait we’ll wait until he comes back and

See so it’s morning and um there she is but she doesn’t have a job so she’s just walking around and she’s not going to walk off the edge and who is this this is Emy and Emmery is going to take this tree down yes she is poor tree it’s a big one

Too how far down is she going to take it if she doesn’t take the whole tree um we might be able to save it we might be able to save the tree so we’ll see what happens uh I don’t think so I think as she yeah she’s going to clear it away that’s

Okay we can put another Tree in maybe later for that but yeah yep I think that tree is going to go and there she is so she’s not going to have any problem and construction tape here don’t a construction tape but probably right now no while this is like

This we could put that one there I don’t want to put one here cuz she can almost reach this one in case of an emergency or something we’ll have her be able to do that um well how is she let’s do something here let’s bring that one up let’s bring that one

Across and then let’s bring that there we go okay so if she needed to she can get there and that will be good she’s not she seems to be okay we fix the bridge and this one here also she can’t do anything with this not so much worried

About her put this here for right now put that there for right now and we’ll put one here for right now until we turn this around look at our little blue jays a this is where their tree used to be we’re going to have to put a tree

Here we are now we put this tree here but that was while ago and it’s not tall enough apparently they like it it’s nice and warm and sunny I think they’re going to build a nest above the Sawmill that’s what it acts like that they’re going to build a nest

There you know how birds build build nests in buildings and that’s what that seems like right there let’s do this let’s make these go away and there we are all right so that’s them let’s go over here and let’s see what’s happening with our hospital I don’t think anything is

Happening yet I don’t think he’s gotten enough materials to start working on it he has not and I forgot I forgot about the fact that I’m the doctor so I have to keep checking on them good to see and it’s luckily it’s just the flu and so let’s come

Here spog is our Stone Mason and so there we go and there is a a is that Kyla that could be Kyla Kila there’s Alamar Alamar is okay and Valerie is with Tucker um nope Valerie is getting a book this is Valerie from the mountain she’s at the

Library getting a book and talking and finding out some information about town and Tucker should be around in this area Okay so remember the Thing remember the thing about out um let me see what’s holding him up we have almost everybody except a glass shop and a mechanic so glass and um and things that the mechanic makes uh it is not showing him working on that so I don’t think I actually oh wait no

He he’s not working on that he’s working on this and he finished it so we can move um Elise oh my gosh we could move them both in yay wait that’s the wrong one they’re already there oh where is it oh it’s not done yet he’s

Not oh I know what I did I didn’t start it so I wanted to eat release to finish and postco is really fast at working on these so he’ll get it done he’ll get it done really quickly and this is still down too far see where that is let’s take um no not

Grass I’m going to fill this part in CU it’s down one too far and and um I don’t want it to be no they’re not going to have a basement okay and this one here where we have that piece of tree and there we go okay so um that part is

There and he and there he comes he likes building houses he definitely does I think I might move um Jace and Orion down to this house and it’s like nah I’m thinking about it though Jace is right here or Ryan is right here Elise is back there and Charlie is over

Here so that makes it that elely and Charlie should live here and Jace and Orion should live in this house until we see what kind of Partnerships form cuz right now um we don’t this is only a level three so I know the tree um I could fix the tree for now why

Don’t we fix it just for now they’ll have to take the tree back again when they start doing the part but let’s say the tree grew back on that side a little bit and just have it not be so cut off I know I had that tree for ages being here

And um and being the way it was but that’s okay we’re going to take this back there’s something going on with this tree is this more than one tree did you grow another tree he sure did it’s like what is going on with that tree it’s not the same tree that’s what it

Is and I know I don’t have to take these away I’m just actually just um doing that thing that happens sometimes so let me stop okay here we are you were ready to ask to take a look at the cliff style mystical site but it’s better we don’t

Do this um keep this a fun puzzle yeah just for now but see the top of the mountain I think that’s what I’m going to put um it depends on what it looks like but if it is suitable I would like to put it up here

I would like to have it be here oh and the other thing that we didn’t do that we absolutely need to do we’re going to go to sleep up here right now cuz you can’t see and I do have one on me so I’m just going to go to sleep it

Wasn’t you could look at it but it will not help you resolve the puzzle Oh cool um so here’s the enchanter um this is the restaurant um that’s going to wait wait wait we’re on the wrong side we’re on the wrong side here’s the enchanter right here and then we have a restaurant that is going to go in right here Massa

You’re back so Massa um remember you were saying that you updated the um you updated the uh style and did you say that you added a new Builder added a second balloon for um for it do you see what I see people where is the restaurant oh it’s up here where’s the

Restaurant oh it’s really up here okay I’m absolutely going to have to have a light here because I lost it there it is it’s right there okay yes you did yes yes yes um so I can’t build the new Builder just just yet because um I didn’t the incentious

Primus didn’t get a chance to add the new style but I’m going to wait for it because we have um one so two new balloon oh I love it thank you that is so wonderful yay yay yay okay um how much time do we have we have uh we have about five

Minutes we have about five minutes and then we’re going into Rosa Oru where you’ll be able to see one of the balloon one of the balloons that Keanu started working on and uh this morning stream for twitch and so you’ll be able to do that you’re confused um Mr villager let me see

Something thing um there is an enchanting Tower yeah you’re confused about there is no new Builder ah I see I see I see yeah there’s just um two new oh yeah nah I missed it Mr villager you’re right I missed it I missed it I did no don’t go anywhere Mr

Villager we’re going into the next place we’re not the stream’s not over I still have the other part two of The Stream so um we’re going to the other place oh I missed it there’s no new Builder okay so let’s look at builders for two seconds I’ve got five minutes left here

So let’s look at Builders yeah no I’m not going anywhere I’m going well I am I’m not going to be in proo anymore I will be in Roo uru and we’ll go there but right now let me look Cliffs is up let me come to fundamentals let me look

At Builders so we have the Builder and the Builder balloon so whoosh I apparently need it to cool off okay so the Builder balloon is this balloon right here and we we have um one in the other town already um because I need two Builders here I

Think um no worries you feel like you have to add a new you feel that you have to add a new Builder a second uh hm that would be interesting that would be curious um um level five of this Builder right here this is the one that has the crane on the

Front and it has a fairly big balloon cuz of course it’s heavy and it is coming around now I’m wondering if I should put the Builder balloon in this narrow Corridor right here I think I might want to do that but now Mr villager is saying now you have [Laughter] to he just

Kidding no you no he’s not well he’s kidding let’s come here let’s let’s see how close I can get am I across the border I am so I can’t fit it between in this little sliver of mountain which is where I wanted to put

It um I would have to have a guard Tower over here now it would make sense that I would have several um because these are out all Lookouts so this guard is looking over the Maple Groves we could have a guard looking over the tiger and then the

Guard um looking over the bay looking over this this part of the river here and then of course the Guardians themselves at the top here looking at the Mystic Grove um we could put in another guard right above here if we want it but I think it would be a

Balloon so I think we’d put another balloon like right here right in this corner part right here where the house isn’t and we’ll see how that works out but right here Um we cannot put anything more on this side because this is too close except a different type of guard Tower let’s um let’s go to the Garden Towers for a minute and let’s see what we’ve got up one minute we can do it one minute let’s

Look we’ve got a bunch of guard towers and we’ve only used a couple of them and I just made them go away I know I wanted to turn around here for a minute so we have an outer which is the one that we’re using on the other side we have an

Inner which looks like this ooh ooh because of how narrow this is over here that might actually be okay um I think the outer is going to work better because it’ll wrap around this hill here and I think we might want it to do that this is the

Inner um this is just a guard piece and um this uh right here is just a regular flat guard Tower right here and I’ve got that Um this is almost flat enough right here that’s why I kind of like the idea of it hold on for a second let’s turn this here let’s look at this for a second should I go should I stay or should I go it’s probably going to take

Me too long to make a decision on this so I probably should I’m just trying to see if it’s even possible to put it here because it has to be at least this hold on it has to be at least that deep into the hill so it would see where that is

That’s the guard Tower right there all the way back to there I don’t think I like that so we hold on yeah sorry about that had to do something for my throat I think we’re going to wait I think we are let’s X um let’s come here I’m going to stay right

Here it is going to be nighttime here but it might not that was Emory going to her balloon house but it might might not be nighttime in Rosa Oru and here we go save and quick to title so now we’re going to go to um what used to be my twitch

One and which is Rosa Rosa or oraa Oru I’m trying to pronounce it um Brazilian Portuguese Portuguese it’s Portuguese for for gold um Pink Gold Pink gold and there’s is the one that’s here Perfect Look at that so this is a level two of this um this uh

Builder’s boat and Keanu has fallen in love with this boat so this is where Keanu is working out of up here but when he started working on the boat um we thought he was going to be working on it for someone else but he’s like he loves it he wants it for

Himself so hold on so we have two Builders working up here Omar is actually working up here Omar is working on this house cuz we need it and that’s Omar going down to his place right now and and this is his this um this is U Mesa um a Mesa what is it

Called Mesa housing Mesa why have I forgotten I have forgotten what the Mesa is hold on for a second let’s look here I’m just going to look and see lost Mesa City that’s why no it’s it’s Portuguese it’s actually Portuguese um it’s probably maybe the same for for Spanish but it’s actually

Portuguese um let me see cancel cancel cancel so let me show everybody what we did in twitch this morning so in twitch um we actually had a young person a woman uh who came into town and she claimed she was a builder and she had all the stats and

The minute we accepted her um her stats changed and so um she wasn’t strong enough to be a building she couldn’t be a builder and she couldn’t do anything else that we needed so we gave her this second Plantation technically she is not quite it’s a Tana she’s not quite skilled

Enough for the second yeah she has 27 um agility but the dexterity you know how I like to match the yellow and I know it’s not supposed to work that way but that’s the way I like it um so so um I try it’s a challenge I try and get them so that

Both these numbers are high and I that’s how I do my towns and so since she didn’t have it um we’re giving her the second Plantation so this Plantation is I believe a level one two okay so this is a level two Plantation right now um we don’t have

The housing out in this area yet so she’s living in this yurt right here and our Fisher is living in this yurt right here and she’s actually a good neighbor she’s made friends with a um Davis who is the Fisher and she’s also made friends with Kaa up here and Kela is Our

Shepherd and and um we’re going to have to go get them all and I I can’t decide sometimes I think it’s easier to just go ahead and um and coax them back with um food but sometimes I just don’t feel like it because they can decide

That they don’t want any food so it’s so much easier since we don’t have any um we don’t have a sheep dog um we have to bring them back every once in a while and we’ll just put them all right here so there they are um wait let me

Take this away and let’s take that one off and there she goes when they come within the the space then she sees them there’s a border um let me go to sleep and I’ll show you the border on this and we’ll continue we’ll continue looking at these but I’m going to go to

Sleep in the saloon for a minute so we’re going to come down here and I know it didn’t sound like Spanish um I know it sounded like Spanish the way I was pronouncing it and that’s why I was trying to get a better pronunciation of it just like um zap was

Able to to help me with the pronunciation of prasino praso which is the other town that we just came from so here we are this is um this is what’s happening over on this side anley who’s a builder out of this shop right here is working on the level four of

This um this building this is a residence and this is one of the residences and she’s working on the level four um our mechanic is over here she’s got some Christmas decorations yay and um when anley is done we’ll put put some Christmas decorations on that house and then this is our Fletcher

Right here and there she goes in right now this is our sifter right here and I love that I love that and then this which is going up right here is the D shop and this die shop um is a level one right now um I think she’s still working

On it no look at that it’s got It’s got torches that means it’s done yay so what do we need let me see for a second let me see for a second there’s a mechanic I need glass and I need a die shop owner and the die shop owner needs

To be creativity and dexterity so that’s creative and decks okay so that’s a die shop um we don’t have anyone to fill that right now and dexterity is too low and so we’re going to look for someone and do we have any place to put them that’ll be interesting so um um

This is Lindsay who is one of our one of our workers and one of our Builders and she just finished that the sifter is uh the crusher is right here but this um until there’s a level four completed of this building Julie is still living here so we can’t have

Anything yet I don’t think there’s any place for her I don’t think there’s any room in this house here we still have a couple people in yurt that’s left over from the fact that we actually had wagons when we first started out and you can go back no

That’s the problem and that’s why I’m putting them on YouTube as well as on Twitch cuz you can’t go back what is the name you forgot it’s Rosa Oru Rosa Oru is the name um r o s a and then o u r o r Boro borro if you’re a

Fer um yeah yeah yes o o u r o It’s actually an o i I know it’s sounds like I’m saying an A on the on the end of that but I’m actually saying O ooh or o o um portuges RS are really curious and I’m still trying to work them

Out I would just say Rosa Oru but um but but that doesn’t work Oro think that’s so somebody from other countries would say it oro oro o o right it’s o o yeah okay I accept that VIN centus Primus everybody that’s vincentius Primus being awake awakened it’s like it’s like we go to

Munich go to Munich we don’t go to munin munin no we go to Munich yeah so they would yeah so Florida we don’t go to foren no that’s true we go to Florence we don’t go to foren yes so it would be Rosa Oro they would say

Oro okay all right all right we go to Bast Ireland we don’t go to Bast [Laughter] IR H vincentia Primus everybody um Mr villager is saying hi good morning Mr [Laughter] villager and let’s come here let’s look and see I need Lindsay to work on something and I don’t know what I want

Her to work on zap says hello hi zff and you remember zap gave us coffee I do thank you for the coffee ZF that was so fun that was really fun and and let’s see here what what do I what can I have um Lindsay work on for a

Minute somebody minino is not really happy and I just don’t know how to make her happy why don’t we she’s a level three already um we could bring her up to the level four but I don’t think I want to because she needs a BN no she doesn’t need that much she needs

A button and um we have someone who can make a button right now let’s have Lindsay upgrade her to a level four and let’s see if that makes Makino a little bit happier Makino is actually an artist and she wants to make dishes and pottery and art pieces she does not want

To do industrial stuff and so we’re probably going to have to have another industrial um Mason and maybe we’ll put them in the mountains and that’ll be good and um let’s look here and let’s see yes so Lindy is going to work on that building let me make

Sure that our mechanic can actually make a stone button because she’s relatively new let’s come in and and let’s see is she here this is Chloe and she’s probably walking around in the mountains right now but let’s look at her buttons crap no no no Oba was swimming where was she swimming

What the hell why was Oba swimming yes yes that’s what she is oh no was Oba Crossing this River where in the world was Oba hold on let me look at something for a minute that’s not what I wanted I wanted this um right here um 15

6449 let’s come here I’m going to do it this way this time um 15 60449 um teleport to nah I can’t do it I forgot how to do it 15 60 1 15460 15 we’re at 14 that means she’s over on the other side 1504 where could she have been this isn’t even

Moving 154 where in the world could she have been hold on this is 13 this is going out to 15 so she was out here why why would she have been out this far let’s look 1568 how can you drown at 68 eight where was she so let me come over this way nope whenever I do I’m going the wrong place 15 I don’t have any water at this height oh 60 okay 1504 60 1 15460 154 so she was over here she was over no see it’s going away was she actually down in here all right hold on it’s dark let me come here for a minute I just have to find out 1504 60449 329 449 see when I go this way I can’t so 1504

15 vincentas come here for a minute please you’re growling I know I’m sorry I forgot how to do this so I need to find this I want to teleport to here 1504 60449 I can’t drown I’m a m you’ve already got a slash there so oh um I

Want to transport there so there are two ways to do it okay um if you can find it on the map um no not that way no not that way no Escape escape this way there you go so oh I can find it on the map no why

Can’t she key it in you can but if you can find it on the map yeah you can just right click and teleport but and how do I find it without doing that okay Escape Escape go back to where you were slash slash TP I think is teleport TP uhhuh

Space5 to mermaid oh no at it’s showing you monster to mermaid oh I see I have to do that next space okay space and then um it’s going to be look Uhoh 1 154 nope that’s not right there’s something else that needs to go there yeah it’s probably coordinates first and then coordinates and then the at so the coordinates come in first before the TP part let’s see 1 154 n doesn’t like any of that it is uh rather than rather than TP

Mhm uh do the whole word teleport do the whole world word teleport okay t e l e p o RT and then at then the at right you don’t need the at I don’t need the at okay so we’ll erase all of that do

Uh X Y and Z what SP between them X the the numbers oh 1504 space 60 space 449 okay and then hit return yes all right so here’s where she drowned where the hell is she oh she was TR okay so Houston we have a problem so

The border is all the way across the river now people have been going back and forth here but nobody’s drowned before and I mean I’ve had kids going back and forth across here this is what I thought it was in the first place thank you Mr villager thank you very

Much I appreciate that I see it I see it thank you and and um orado and let me see so this this area here they come here because the border is over here they’re crossing the river to come over to this area and I’ve had when I say kids I mean inexperienced visitors

Coming way over here and then swimming back and I’ve seen the guards do it but I have never lost one to that that is so strange and yeah um the things are probably gone because it took me too long to come down here and look how far

Down um we are look how look at this I wonder if this if she got caught don’t these pull you I don’t know I would like to know something but there isn’t anything to know we just lost um one of our Guardians um one of our Druids and that is

Unfortunate so this is really interesting everybody so this is the REM you know what this is right here this is the fishery that’s right this is the fishery so you remember Adam and losing two Druids in proinos proino proino um near the fishery in the same in the same way they

Drowned and it was like how but it was the fishery too this is a fishery mystery fishery mystery I don’t know how that keeps happening this is her Tower right here and we’re looking at the numbers and yeah she was definitely at 15 three which is right here and this is

Where they want to they want to swim across from here from this Edge from instead of the boat and it’s not going to make a difference if I build a bridge will they take the bridge that’s the interesting thing they might not even take the bridge if I build

It if you build it they will come I know zap isn’t that strange Serenity Now oh oh vincentius yes Zapf is watching is watching Seinfeld and he is loving it it’s a great show yeah he just said Serenity [Laughter] Now okay it’s it’s only 2 o’clock in the

Afternoon and it’s pouring down rain and that’s why um some of our um couriers are going to our couriers are not level five so they’re going to take the time off um our Builders ask fidil what are you doing down here I don’t even know how she got there hold

On did she actually walk off the cliff hold on let’s get as Asphodel out of that hole recall the worker thank you what were you doing let me see what she was doing now it’s possible she’s the farmer it’s possible that she was wandering down here and she got swept

Under um do I need to put something at the end of this Boardwalk I can’t because it’s in the process of being built um I know how I can do it let’s do it this this way let’s bring this out um right here I think I’m going to

Need a piece of something there in order to put that there and I’m not going to be able to um I’m not I don’t want that to come out this is beyond the build this part right here um I’m putting this here so that I can put this

Here and have she’ll take it away if it’s a part of the build if it’s within the build um pieces so I’m just putting it here I don’t think she came from here I think she actually went down where that went down where those stairs are right here because this water actually

Does wash out to this this area right here they’re connected and I don’t know let me see if I can find it um let me use a lantern for a second and see if there there doesn’t seem to be a way that she could have done that

So she actually fell in she actually fell off of somewhere okay that’s scary as Fidel works here she works here and there she is and she lives here now if she was going to take uh if she was going to go home she can’t come this way

She would come out this door and I know you can’t see really well but she would come out here and go this way go around here and all the way around and I’m going to have to yet OBO sat see sat’s down here too cuz when it rains they go all over

The place they walk all over the place I like that that that happens so I’m not upset about that I just have to make precautions for them an ley’s door is open see Julie’s coming back from the saloon interesting and people are going home we still have a couple people living in the

Saloon um right now um that’s something that we’re still working on so we still have four people living in the saloon so we don’t definitely do not have enough housing I’m going upstairs um everyone should be pretty close to being in bed and I’m going to I need to write down on oba’s

Name and we would not have been able to save her anyway if we had a um graveyard that’s what it was saying um and that is obay yeah b a m a i but it does bring us back to having a graveyard and and I have a tendency to

Leave them to too long graveyards too long and I don’t know if I was going to put one somewhere I would probably put it in the bad lands I would probably put it up here we have enough of this up here there’s some blank spaces here like here

We could do that we could make catacomb h s I haven’t seen the graveyard oh look look at the balloon we still need a glass house and we’re waiting on uh Fallon and Fry is helping Fallon right now because the library isn’t there and you know something I didn’t do

What I said I was going to do people is show show you actually what we did this morning um let me look here for a minute look at technology I’m going to be really careful cuz I am still a mermaid but I want to see if we got our no and

There it is and we didn’t get it um yet let me see why we’re not studying that do we have any glass do we have any glass here um let me look here and see let’s look and see if we have glass yes we do there it is okay where is

It oh there it is I missed it it was in this rack hello and here we go let’s have um I’m going to have to turn um I’m going to turn into a survivalist because if I don’t um they’re going to automatically do it so

Um I just had it Blank Spot there um survival and there we go all right so right here now that we’re in Survival let’s go back to technology and let’s go up here and let’s get this um lungs and there we go so it’s probably going to take 2 hours but maybe

It’ll take an hour let’s check we’re just going to go back and check for a minute and see how long it’s going to take and it is going to take an hour so it will be done just when we’re done but that’s so that we’re not importing glass I think the glass shop

Is the last one that we have the last shop that we have um that we have to worry about oh let me do my mer self oh I see that look at look at this look at all of these beehives um is she in here yet no she’s

Not let’s come in here and let me change back into a mermaid I’m using this as my telephone my telephone booth um there we go so I don’t think that she’s using these other two let me see here select no I know that she isn’t that’s a beehive that’s a beehive and that’s

Beehive hi let’s look on the outside and yeah those are hives and not nests we have so many of these nests that we’re actually going to have to export them we’re going to have to give them yay Keanu Keanu is done I’m just taking up

The beehives okay cuz we have a bunch of them all right um here we go let’s go up and See now Keanu is a level five Builder and so he can bring this up to the full level five and let me see what we’re looking at what is this Keanu that you built here let’s come down here and let’s look and let me see um we can come to here there’s some

Storage and stuff this is the um oven for the Builder and then right here this is this is a level two wow this is a level two Builder so we’re going to have keano work on the level three upgrade the building he’s a level five so he can do that

And this is the level two now um what we noticed was and we were sorry we couldn’t do it um there’s a um see that right there I would have loved to have had um the walkway on that side but we couldn’t and so we do have a temporary

Walkway right here um it might go away because it’s attached to this house um this residence right here and um he’s working on this residence huh is that stash actually a part of this residence it must be so this is two of two and it is in the middle of going up

To a level three we need this to be a level four to house the academics they’re all going to live here um we put in a bakery we don’t have a baker yet but Omar actually put this in really fast this is the level one Bakery and look at this how

Convenient those two matched and and when we go inside here who was the guy over there which guy over it might have been Omar weird there was a well-dressed dude oh it’s miramac maram um is not working and I’ll show you why we’ll come back to the bakery I had an interesting

Idea so remember this is the library right here and it was going to be fright sw’s uh bookstore and so we started to look at a bookstore because I couldn’t decide on a library and I figured that maybe the bookstore would be faster because it’s going to be smaller so fright swiy and

Fry and marac worked at this bookstore right here and we ended up having to put um a fire screen around here when I saw two of them get injured right there so we put a fire screen up however something really interesting happened I looked at the dark dust library and it

Matches the dark dust B bank and I realized that if I put the two of them together it would look like fry was the banker and marac were the bankers and so that’s what I’m going to do um so if you if you have twitch you can go to Twitch and watch this

Morning’s stream and you’ll see me putting this here that this wall is going to come down right here and extend into the bookstore and the bookstore and this building are going to be together and that is going to make the bank legit people will actually come to the bank it’s

Wonderful because the bank is going to look like um there are so few books in the dark dust Library that it’s it makes it really look like those books are in the bank so it’s going to be really cool and then after I decided that I was going to do that I

Went back to here these two Yurts are empty um the academics are living in Omar’s house up here until um until until we find them some housing this housing right here is where they’re supposed to be going in however I might put them in these houses

I’ve decided to put in shires in this area here but we would have to wait for Omar to be done with what he’s looking at you want to sneak peek at what at the um at the dark dust Library sure let’s do that it’s night time we can do that really

Easily so let’s come here let’s go to dark dust dark dust and let’s select and let’s go to education let’s go to the library I’m going to X because it’s not here let’s go to education go to the library there it is and let’s come out for a minute so this is the

Level one of the library let me get it off of this restaurant and we’ll I’ll show you so this is level one of the dark dust library right here and level two looks like this but level three four and five look like this and it’s like this is this isn’t a library this

Is the bank so I thought these these sides are open um here this side’s open and this side is open it’s dark dust I’m not sure why maybe it’s a part of the University but what it doesn’t matter because I’m going to close those parts

Up so the way this is going to fit I thought I was going to fit it in lengthwise like this but I’m actually going to fit it in this way so part of it um let me come this way so it’s going to sit right next to this

Building and it’s going to fit lengthwise right next to the town hall this is dark dust’s Town Hall that we’re using as the Bank building and when we decided we were going to do the Cliff’s Town Hall we took the B we took the town hall out out of the

Bank they don’t use it anyway so we took it out of the bank so that we could set this here and I’m just going to bring it down and show you what it looks like when the two of them are together this is what it’s going to look like and

We’re going to match up those two pieces so see these that part right there is going to match this part right here and it’ll come here and and it’s going to come right up next to it so it’s going to look like this see that oh it just it just locked

Itself in there it is that’s it right there um because I have the other one in the way but that’s it right there and that’s what it’s going to look like it’s going to be sitting right there but we’re going to close it we’re going to close that entrance they are going to

Have to enter the town hall and go through the wall which won’t be there and that will be um that will be it so the restaurant will have a nice look yeah the restaurant oh yeah this restaurant is going to be lovely when it

Is uh level five even as a level four it should be really really nice across the street from the bank and from that area and this is The Courier right here I am going to take advantage of the fact that there is some sand right here and I’m going to go to

Sleep I’m disappointed um in losing Oba Oba was a new Young Druid she was a young Druid and I’m just sorry I know Louise is going to be sorry because she gave Louise gave Oba her Old Tower right here and um Louise moved into this Tower up here but I’ve

Seen the other Druids swim across here also so it’s not um it wasn’t just her and that’s why that’s so strange so there is Louise right now taking a shortcut over to her guard Tower um for a moment and um let me see what’s happening and um Lindsay is going to

Work on this she doesn’t have everything yet that she needs and um there’s one other thing that I wanted oh yes that’s what it is um we still need I know it is you stayed a bit curious about I had said it’s perfectly it fits perfectly in the size in the other Town

Ah yeah um not the rest Oh you mean the hospital or the library so after I put this library in right here this Library oh yeah I don’t have a library yet in proo and I need to do something about that but this right here is going to be

The library for this area and I’ll do it again I’ll do the preview for a minute so you can see for a second let’s come here um it doesn’t matter but I think it’ll be easier if I use just a road piece so let’s let’s use a road piece

Yes let’s use this long one and sure enough everything just blinked on so this is the University library right here I’m going to put this down in the ground so that it’s not in the way um this is um what we’re going to use for the University Library it is

Actually original it’s the original style and it’s going go in right here those are the Yurts that are still there but it’s going to fit it’s a tight fit but it actually works and we need something big because this is the University and the university is not

Coming on but this is the hospital so when the hospital is done this is what the hospital is going to look like and the university um isn’t coming on right now let me move move this over for a second let’s move this um walkway over and get the university to come on at

Level five so just a sec and this is I think this is a level four anyway this University so it’s pretty close to its completed level five look right there right now and so so these three buildings are going to be here like this because the school remember the last time we were

Here and maybe I didn’t that was day before yesterday one of the academics looking to me I love that I love that isn’t that fun um I don’t know I haven’t noticed that in any other buildings but theor has it so that they actually look at the window when they are facing

Wherever he has them facing um they end up looking out this window and they can look out this bottom window here it’s really fun to see them looking outside I’m going to make this go away okay and when this is done you saw that that this Hospital comes all the

Way up to the side piece here so there really isn’t going to be a big space there when Omar is done with this level um this is the level three I think I need a level four of this first um but I might let it go um just have it

Be the level three for now since there H housed already here I can I can leave them there you saw miramac this is who you saw right you saw him right I think that’s who you saw cuz he doesn’t have a job Mary Max waiting for the bank to open um we could

Have Omar work on this but we need a library so I think I’m going to have Omar work on the library shoot I could have had Lindsay work on the library I’m going to have is that too far away let me see I could have Lindsay work on it she’s not working on

Anything yeah I know this is how Makin gets you know upset because it’s like um I don’t want want to work here I know I’m going to have to find her another another Mason should I find her the should I make a Mason up high for her who whoa look at

That wow okay we’ll have to fill that in WoW it’s sitting out from this corner and so the corner um we’ll have to fill the corner in when this is done we can start filling it in when we’re not doing anything but that’s okay I’m fine with

That mountain being there it’s going to come out to here and um that’s fine we won’t have a problem with that that’s this this is the die shop here the the only thing is I don’t have a way for them to get up to the die shop yet let me

See let me get a pickaxe for a second cuz I think I’m going to have to make way are you when are you terraforming but then you’re TI let’s look here Umm I’m going to see if I can get her up here get somebody up here I see them up here all the time but this is broken a little bit now they can come up to Here For example they can come up to here and then this is where

They need to be able to come to let’s do this so why am I doing this because I have um the roads um I don’t have all the roads made for all these different places yet and so that is why I need to do that um can they walk along here if I

Put something there I don’t want to put something there let’s look on this side and see if there’s an easier way for them to come um I just wanted to see how deep this is okay Um they can’t come from here because of that wall that just got put in uh unless I break it down which I don’t want to do right now so I don’t have any way for them to get up here unless I bring a piece unless I make a piece of

Road to fit right here but it’s going to be within the build so see this is the um this is the uh Crusher right here and the crusher is going to be right in between these two and fills this Gap and then we would be able to

Figure out how to do this you know you guys guys it’s just going to be a minute I really I’m almost tempted to move Julie it would be a shame to do this Julie would be sort of upset Jed is here right now let’s get jet out of

Here um unassign Jet Jet’s living here because um Julie and as fidil were living here and and let’s move Julie out um although Jed is saying it’s not necessary but Julie’s actually okay with it um Jet’s going to be here j u as fidil and Jet are a couple actually and

They’re going to have their own house eventually we’re going to put Julie in the tavern and we don’t have any room I know so let’s come here here um Chloe um Bal is probably in the best position Bal or Choi um let’s have Bal live with um the new

Uh there we go let’s have Bal live out in the valley she’s a minor and I think she’ll like it for a little while um being able to live out cuz she spends her days in the mine and this will give her a friend for right now I’m a little worried see that

Water’s moving that water wasn’t moving before like that um let me get whoa that’s what I’m worried about did you see what I just did and I was underneath that um Um let me take this away let me go to sleep let me put B here cuz she doesn’t have a place so we’ll bring B over here um we have to do something about that I don’t want to Let’s cover it with wood so let’s take

Um let’s just cover it with Oak and I’m going to go to sleep as soon as b gets here I should see her coming down but maybe it was too late I bet it was too late everyone went home yeah I think it was too late cuz she should be

Coming yeah it was too late okay let’s go to sleep and we’ll wake up in the morning but right now wow I first of all this water is moving there’s a problem so let’s get water um which means that they can be swept under um this water should be up to

Here it should actually be up to here right here like this this was actually um water that was here at the time and so I’m just going to make sure sure it’s still here if I can let me look at this side right here that water’s quiet good okay so if

They fall in now they’re just going to go to here and then if I want just for now because I don’t want them falling Beyond this point um we can we can put sand wait put the sand right here because that’s actually legit right there but this that goes down to the

River um we’re going to have to close it this is a well and they’re getting fresh water from there so I don’t want to close it off completely just yet until we build a house there and so we’ll leave that for right now and one of the academics yeah it’s really is

And terraforming but then when you are making terraforming yeah let’s look for a second let’s leave these for now I’m not going to um this resource scroll is for the new place and let me put it up here um I think it’s already um resource no Builder I don’t need that

One okay um let’s come here where did I get that from I picked that up from somewhere I’m still trying to figure out how she drowned I really am I wish I could figure it out how she couldn’t get back up the only thing I can think is that maybe there

Was because she wasn’t here see she wasn’t underneath that’s not 15 it’s almost as though she got pulled down by one of these giant squid I don’t know I don’t know I I always obsess when that happens um let’s see how he is doing this is Omar who’s working on this

House this is a different house I haven’t built this house here yet um and in uh proo this house is only a level one so far so um this one’s a level going up to a level three so we’ll begin to see the other places for for this one and then

Instead of doing anything more when Omar is done and I think the way I’ll do it is this let’s come down here and let’s have him build options the Builder is going to be Omar I know I was talking about Lindsay doing it I think I want Lindsay to work on it

And what we’re going to do is come over here I’m going to run and I’m going to cancel makino’s upgrade right now she’s a level three stone Mason so she is okay and let’s cancel that because we don’t have a library we can’t have we can’t have a school unless we have a

Library mirror fled what’s the matter what do you need you need framed Oaks don’t you have don’t you have um hold on here let’s look here let’s look at this ah you don’t have framed Oaks uhuh does anyone have any extra let me see if he does if he has he does he

Has seven where are they they’re down here let’s hold one of these if I hold one of them then I can put them as the um I don’t think he has them either let’s look no so we’re going to add these framed

Oaks m e d o a k and there it is framed Oak planks and I just did one let’s add that again let’s add four frame do frame do plank select and there we go and there that’s added this is mirror flood right here let’s add to

Hers yes there are three miners all working these mines here level let’s do four stacks and there we go framed Oak and and there it is and let’s go to Bal and let’s look at hers also so we’ll come in here and sure enough that’s probably what she’s yay we

Can make a glass house yay um required nope right here oh and she doesn’t even have Cobble so let’s add Cobble four stacks of Cobble first c o BBL e and let’s do that and add that and then let’s add uh the framed for stacks of framed and am Oak o a

O o a k there we go framed Oak planks and there we are and what did you actually want she wants everything so she’s not asking for um she’s not asking for an axe or anything so that’s actually good so they’re waiting for minino they are waiting for minino to do

Part of it and then they’re waiting for Julie to do the other part and let’s come down here to where Julie is there’s Julie and this is Julie’s place here and um she has Spruce and dark oak but she doesn’t have any Oak there she does have some Oak it’s not quite

Enough and I think that’s probably it um but hopefully she is going to work on that for them because they’re all waiting ah so when that happens sometimes I’m going to take one of them and cancel so we’ll cancel mirror fled and let’s see if that helps um get them

Started so cancel cancel and let’s see if then um our our um three couriers we have three couriers right now and we have um um Rory so this is interesting so Rory um was here when I hired Rory I hired her at the end of a stream and I didn’t

Really look at her and um so I didn’t think she was a she um until she talked to me one day and it’s like wait you’ve been living with Keanu and you’re oh Adam Mana must have been hot to Trot because I’m sorry I thought I thought I

Thought she was a boy I’m so sorry adamanta is so in love with Keanu and that see where she is see where she is she’s spending her time now granted this is her Tower here but she did not use to spend this much time in the Hills she started spending much more

Time time in the hills and much more time with him specifically jackon is coming down right now from the hills because we moved Jackson over here and let’s see hold on a second Um you have to go okay okay oato for being in chat I’ll see you soon and there’s Jackson we actually moved him to this point um because he wanted to he wanted to be up high so when he first got this Tower um this Tower was up higher than anything in this area

Believe it or not but now it’s not anymore because we built all these houses and we built this um Greenhouse for the florist and so he likes this Tower and he comes here when he wants to rest or when it’s raining he likes to be here when it’s raining this

Is a really nice Tower and it has a nice bedroom and stuff and when he got assigned to this Tower he stopped getting sick he used to be getting sick all the time and now he’s not but he wanted to move up here because of

The view so he is now in this guard Tower which we put here to expand this Border in this corner so that we could use the land that uh you can’t see this is Terra Cotta this is grass let’s go to sleep no let’s go to sleep

Sleep to sleep not a light to sleep there we go okay did I lose zap I didn’t think I did but I probably did he’s watching he’s having fun so it’s late where zap is and where Messa is um they’re five and six hours ahead of where I am so it’s pretty late

At um in the evening for them and um Mr villager is down south from where we are um so it’s um we’re almost in a similar time time zone Mr villager uh is and yeah um so he’s working on this but but there’s a lot of supplies that have to be uh

Gathered for that and I just saw one of the that looked like a courier it’s it’s turu so turu um just came out so she was bringing him some things hi Keanu let me look here and see what she need he can get a chain um he’s not

Going to get any Crimson or any shroom light we don’t have those yet we have a Dy shop we just don’t have a Dye worker should I make him work wait for those I think I might lime wo I think I’ll have him wait um cut copper we actually have

A mechanic so we can get those you’re here but you stay late even after the stream okay you’re staying up late tonight this is the holiday weekend it started this is the 4day weekend Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Christmas Monday and so this is a really big holiday and

A lot of people are going to start traveling tonight to have more time with family and all I know Keanu you just have to wait until I find a d shop uh someone who wants to do dyes oh someone’s back with some more stuff for him so this is

Good and let me see if she started Lindsay she might have not have started yet um not yet she’s going to wait until she gets some pieces that she needs um she’s going to start up high because she actually needs to take away uh the

Sand there you’ll not be able to see the stream for a few days a that’s okay I completely understand and no worries I’m actually going to stream um I don’t stream Mondays anyway so I’m not streaming Monday um Sunday and Monday but I but I will be streaming tomorrow and I’ll stream on

Tuesday and so Sunday and Mondays is normally when M Colony team streams I sometimes stream Sunday morning if I’ve missed uh twitch day I’ll stream twitch on Sunday morning but um not uh not this week I’ve been pretty on schedule so we won’t be streaming at all on

Sunday and Monday my Colony team streams on Twitch on Sunday and Monday is their regular schedule um they might not be streaming right now I’m watching that visitor for a second I just wanted to see what was going to happen there they can drown visitors can drown too let me look at

Her there’s a dexterity there’s a dexterity what do I need for a diee I need creativity does she have it no but look at these numbers dexterity and stamina those look familiar dexterity and Agility and dexterity is a sugar farmer but it’s going to be a long time before the second

Farm I should really have her as the sugar farmer Kaye and um sifter Focus do I have Focus hi I see you yeah I know you’re getting ready to go knowledge wow she’s got knowledge which is so hard knowledge and Agility but I have a mechanic already

And um but I think I might need her I think I’m going to have her take a Tana’s place atana is going to be a little upset about that but I’m going to have her take a Tana’s place right there because she is better Plantation

Um that was Kaye right that we were just looking at she’s better Plantation owner now so look at these numbers so she’s got dexterity and she’s got what’s the other thing that I need for the sugar farmer agility she has 26 agility and 24 dexterity so let’s see what happens when

I get her right now there’s aana and here she is and this is my because I’m embassador this is what I do so Kaye is staying and I’m going to have her live here um she’s going to live with um oh she can’t uh-oh uh-oh valy is there she

Can’t live there because B is there because Julie isn’t in her house um let’s see who’s here this is Davis let me see I can put her for momentarily in um with key so now I have a Kaye and a key I can put the two of

Them in here they’ll have to share a bed but I could put her here for right now just until we have uh time and a Tana is going to show key what’s going on so we’re going to Kaye not key Kaye what’s going on so we’re

Going to come down here now the reason that I want to keep her is because we have another Plantation and that Plantation there we go that’s more like it that’s what happened with atana is that she didn’t have that um we have another Plantation that we’re going to build it’s on the

Other side of the city this is the poppy fields right here and so to keep the poppy fields from being contaminated um we are having greenh houses so our Florest is a greenhouse and these uh Farms here are all going to be green houses this is the

Steampunk uh Farm which is all green houses and right next to it we’re going to actually build a plantation all greenhouse and that little Plantation down there is only going to grow that little bit of sugar right there because it’s on the poppy fields that Plantation

Is actually going to be the poppy field Plantation these plant this Plantation here is going to grow the stuff that plantations grow and this is interesting because I just thought about something so all the other Farmers all the other plantations I’m going to come out here and touch this let’s go

To steampunk all the other plantations let’s go to horiculture and let’s go to Plantation let’s go to level five I’m going to rise up and because I just want to look at it for a minute um I want to try and understand how they’re going to do this so let’s

Move it completely away so that we can separate it from the farm this is the this is the plantation this is so does that mean that these fields are going to work the way the other fields do that they have to be researched and then they can plant

In these fields but they can’t plant in these fields until after they’re researched or are all of the these Fields sugar Cactus and bamboo cuz that’s what it looks like right now it looks like we’re growing huge they’re all sugar they are sloa happy New Year hello how are you welcome welcome

Welcome I think they are all sugar Farms so if we wanted to grow something else we would have to put in one of those new fields in order to do it and uh steampunk have new Fields what’s up why did I do that steam how are you thank you for the

Wishes and let’s come here let’s look at horiculture um there’s a greenhouse but this is actually meant to be a farm this greenhouse and that is not um the same as the fields that are supposed to grow um the extra things so we would have to pick from

Another from another group to get the other fields if we were going to grow like coconut um not um uh cocoa and Vines and things like that they would have to be um I’d have to do something different about that that’s what I thought that’s why I was looking at it

But that much sugar that’s actually fine because that’ll be bamboo and sugar and C caus and we could actually use a really nice big farm like that it’s sand here I’m going to go to sleep and there we are for right now thank you and thank you um Massa for um telling me

That I appreciate that so I won’t look for you I won’t look for you I I I imagined if you hadn’t shown up you know that I would probably figure that you that you were doing things but that’s very sweet of you to tell me and um so this is one

Of my favorite things about this about the cliff builds is when you have these Waters coming out of the mountain I just love that I I love that so much and that’s why we will probably make the spa here as well because I really like the Spa

Also the hospital spa and I like that too I left her door open but I haven’t seen her here she can get here unless she can’t get here anymore now that would be interesting if the connection got broken it might have look at that no she’s there I see her she’s in

The other room she’s in Um there is no other oh let me come down here and see this is how she gets in so let let me see if she’s someplace here where is she didn’t I just see somebody where is that that’s a person let’s go upstair we are upstairs that’s Chloe what in the

World well she’s not dead so that means that there’s some sort of cave or something right there let’s call Her that is weird there she is so Chloe where were you and I’m glad she’s not dead but that was weird wasn’t it I could see her name was she in this corner maybe and I didn’t see her is there something open back there I don’t know all right I’m going to have

To watch her and make sure that she can actually get home I’m going to watch her go home going to try and remember watching her go home um we will connect these two um for a little bit but she’s only a level one and I don’t want to

Real look at her she’s making things she’s making buttons weren’t we supposed to check and see if she could make a stone button here we were let me see how many buttons she can make that’s not Stone and teach recipe let’s teach Stone button b t o and there’s a stone button there so we’ll teach that um let’s teach the um I think it was it looked like that was an oak button if it is it won’t be be repeated a spruce button is more than likely

Something oh and there we go she’s out of room so and she has the extra five from um from the fact that we uh did research and I should do some more how much time we don’t have any time no no we’re all almost done no well we’ll

Be back tomorrow we’ll actually be back tomorrow a miassa is not going to be back um but we’ll be back tomorrow M sassa are you traveling are you traveling for the holiday are you going to family for the holiday I’m asking I if you are then have a wonderful trip

Trip and that is good um we’re done for the day um it is uh 2 minutes before the end of the the end of the stream and there’s marac in the fields and I’m just going to come down here and you are so welcome zap you are welcome

Aaro thank you for being in in the chat it’s so fun when you’re here and thank you I’ll be here tomorrow and you’re going to family yeah I I kind of figured and even if you even if there was a PC I totally understand so there’s no worries there

And so everyone um this is it for today thank you for watching I’ll be back tomorrow if you are here m uh uh Noel Jo Noel I might not be play saying Joy joyous right um you say but Noel is Christmas yes yes and um and then I will see you

Soon and um Mr villager is is gone but we’ll say afo to him for being in chat and ZF um afo to you Mr villager Obrigado AF caristo and uh K Nika Boni miasa or bonsoir and abantu and safe travels and here we go everyone else um sloa thank

You for being in chat I appreciate that everyone thank you and I’ll see you tomorrow I’m glad you’re enjoying this and here we go this is going to be the end music music I hear music Music

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It has garnered 80 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 03:01:18 or 10878 seconds.

– Squeeze –
The village and the gold mining town are growing.
In Prásino the last builder wagon goes away and new building on the Overlook spreads around the mountain.
In Rosa Ouro, Keanu gets his builder balloon and work continues that will expand the bank building.

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