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Amy Amy have you found baby Sonic yet no have you no I just had to battle at spiral Hill against Eggman wait what yeah it doesn’t matter though listen I can’t find baby Sonic anywhere I know but I did find this what what’s that chocolate milk chocolate milk baby Sonic

Loves chocolate milk exactly wait Amy what’s that up in the trail I see something else is that another chocolate milk I think so it’s like it’s a path this going to be leading us right to him look there’s another ahead wait it leads to that house come on Amy we got no

Parents there are no rules we don’t even have to go to school I love since my parents have been gone guys this has been the best ever you don’t think your parents are worried about you though maybe we should at least tell them where

They are no no no R I’ve been having the best time with the two of you and I’m never ever going back home I don’t care what my parents have to say baby Sonic uhoh baby Sonic I knew it what are you doing here and Ray oh hey Sonic and

Green hedgehog guy oh what’s up my name’s manic what is going on here baby Sonic oh hello Mom listen I I moved out no you ran away from home okay yeah but you guys don’t care about me we’ve been looking for you everywhere do you know worried me and your mother have been

Listen you have of a worry I’m hang out with Ry and manic we’re going to move in together what baby son you’re way too young to be moving in with these strangers hey I’m not a stranger and you Ray oh he said my name no I’m mad at you

Oh wait why would I do ray you didn’t think once that you should tell me that my son has been with you you know where he I been I thought you supposed to be my friend Ray well I wanted to but baby song didn’t want to and you thought you

Just go along with it I’m very disappointed in you Ray I don’t even see you right now what but Sonic that yell right he deserves it dude cut him a break ke oh this is the guy you want to move in with he looks like a dead be

Dude I’m not dead be I’m a rock star oh no no no no no no this is unacceptable baby Sonic we going home right now no questions asked and you are grounded what that’s right grounded until I say so you can’t do this we’re we’re these

Are my best friends we’re going to move in together nuts Over My Dead Body you live under my house and you’re going to go by my rules but you guys are so unfair we’re leaving now Ray yeah I’m so disappointed in you Ray don’t come by

For a long time I’m sorry Sonic where are you going I’m sorry guys my parents stink you’re going home Mister you’re in huge trouble yes you are you forget you guys take a with my friend like that I can’t believe it what what’s wrong Ray Sonic yelled at me I

Was supposed to be his friends maybe I did do something wrong man heck no they tripping listen they shouldn’t have done that at all man how dare they B to my house like that take with my friend it is their son they were just worried I

Knew we should have told them now Sonic hates me y you got me man you got got to worry about no Sonic it’s going to be fine it’s going to be fine no I’ve never had someone this disappointed at me before I don’t know

What to do come on man me and you will take a walk you’ll feel better okay I hope so do you have any idea how dangerous it is to run away and live with strangers I was having fun which is something I never do here at home all

Right all right maybe we should all stop yelling stop yelling our son ran away we found him in a stranger’s home with someone I thought was my friend and he didn’t even think to call or tell us where he was we’ve been worried sick baby Sonic well I was is having fun not

You guys care about me or anything care about you we looked over the whole world just to try to find you well I wish you didn’t you don’t mean that baby Sonic that’s it Dad what are you doing I’m locking you in here you’re grounded you’re not allowed to leave but Dad this

Is so unfair I’m sorry this is for your own good you’re not allowed out till you change your ways baby Sonic you’ve been acting ridiculous well you the wor Spirits ever uh you want to make it worse for yourself fine you’re grounded for 2 weeks now two weeks sorry BBE

Sonic you have to know that we’re doing this because we love you I hate you all right Amy he’s a lost cause let’s go cool off Sonic let’s go cool off okay I hate you guys I have the worst parents in the world I wish I never even came

Here now I’m grounded I can’t see my friends can’t have fun anymore this is the worst this is the worst day of my life I hate my life can’t believe my son ran away absolutely ridiculous I can’t believe I have to deal with this stuff Sonic Amy dinner will be done in a

Second no it’s not that Sonic what is it then Amy well Sonic I’m starting to think we went a little bit too hard on baby Sonic what little too hard on him listen Sonic he said he hates us he hates living here and you know we really

Haven’t been the best parent we’ve been doing the best we can we pretty much took him inside our house he’s not even a real kid Sonic don’t say that it’s true we’re just trying our best here Amy and he really scared me I know he scared

Me too Sonic but listen don’t you think we were a little hard on him yelling at him like that he’s only going to hate us more he needs to learn his lesson but yeah maybe once we have all cooled off we’ll have a better talk with him

Tomorrow thank you Sonic of course let’s just try to forget about this for now okay I just hope BB Sonic’s okay ah what a lovely night for a surprise attack and the best part is Sonic will never see it coming before the attack I’ll do a quick perimeter sneak make sure Sonic doesn’t

Know my presence all right let’s go see I can’t believe it I’ll never see my friends again oh I’m so sad well well oh uh hello what Dr egman oh uh you didn’t see me you’re dreaming I know I’m not dreaming Dr Eggman oh uh well um are you

Attacking my dad’s house uh yes yes I am well I don’t think you should probably tell me that well what are you going to do about it you know what absolutely nothing wait you’re not going to like tell Sonic that I’m attacking him nope why is that cuz he’s a big mini doooo

Head sonic yes he is a big dooo head I actually agree with you well I hope you win Eggman what okay good luck uh um goodbye bye H well maybe that will solve all my P issues hopefully my dad is dealt with my Eggman then I can skip out of here and

Live with my friends well that was kind of peculiar but oh well whatever on with the invasion all right egg pawns the time is now Sonic will never see us coming now attack so are you enjoying the movie Amy it’s pretty good Sonic but I’m still thinking about baby Sonic yeah me too

But don’t worry everything’s going to be fine what the heck wait what’s going on egg bonds absolutely everywhere what’s going on Amy let’s get out of here okay Sonic Sonic Sonic what the heck is going on I have no idea Amy what the Eggman hello Sonic Eggman what are you doing

Here uh well I’m here for a surprise attack what during our movie night Sonic that’s the point of a surprise attack to be a surprise duh oh no Amy Sonic they’re coming get down Amy get down well looks like it’s time to kick some egg Bond butt starting with you yes

Sonic Sonic help me I’m completely surrounded yes egg pawns get what the heck Amy don’t worry I’m on the way what uh-oh got an opposition in the way get out of here yeah yeah yeah yes Sonic help they gumy ah ha we got your girl Sonic she’s not my girl Eggman but don’t

Worry Amy I’m going to rescue you all right let’s see out these eggp uhoh oh that’s a lot of egg PS oh man I need backup I need help my Dad’s getting to F it so I can move in with my friends baby Sonic baby Sonic oh baby Sonic eggman’s attacking

Us oh yeah I know he came by before why didn’t you warn me oh I could but I was grounded what B you could come out to warn me uh what what do you need I need your help son you need to fight alongside me to save your mother and defeat the egg

Pawns oh what what is it oh you see I’m kind of grounded baby baby Sonic sorry D I can’t come out you said you said to yourself I can’t leave I’m grounded but baby Sonic not now sorry Dad can’t hear you you can hear me young man fine I’ll

Do this without you I’m grounded what do you want me to do whatever oh got to find a way to do this come on Sonic time ticking your girl’s life is in danger okay once again she’s not my girl but oh man what am I going to do there’s too many of them

Sonic was one of my first friends you know so it’s really hard I know you but he’ll forgive you eventually I wish there was a way to make it up to him help me help me today is your final day Sonic no there’s too many egg BS what am I going to

Do Sonic dude he looks like he is in trouble oh we have to help him he yell you why we help him oh I have to son is my friend whether yell at me or not come on manic okay let’s go all right Eggman it’s over I’m overpowered you win yes

I’ve been waiting for this day for so long Sonic you can’t give up I’m sorry Amy I just don’t have it in me I Surrender Eggman not so fast wait what the green hedgehog dude it’s manic time to take care of these BS yes wait what

The heck what a green hedgehog how is that even possible incoming what the come on Amy get down here oh okay I’m fre no don’t worry Sonic we got your back what Ray you came back even after I yelled at you that’s what friends do now let’s take these

Boos out yeah let’s get him come here you stupid eggp yeah yeah take that and that oh into the water oh eliminated wo nice work manic oh thanks Sonic oh there’s one right here oh don’t worry I’ll deal with this guy come over here yeah nice W wao nice job Sonic

Thanks Ray uh guys I’m getting that again oh no Amy don’t worry Sonic I got your girl H she’s not my girl y take that and that oh yeah what you had backup so unfair curs you Sonic the Hedgehog I’m getting out of here I’ll fight you another day

You okay Amy I am now thanks Ray wao you did it dude we k your bik can’t thank you guys enough for coming back for me but why did you I told you Sonic that’s what friends are for I know I just SM you man but I could just tell you being

A good father well I can see now maybe I was wrong about you guys guys maybe you can protect baby Sonic where is baby Sonic he’s grounded okay we’re not allowed to hear little buddy I know you’re not going to let him move in with

Us but we just want to see him one that time you guys can come see him come on follow me oh man why does this pin my stomach I feel like maybe I should be roing for my dad oh I hope he’s okay baby Sonic what Dad you’re okay R medic

Hey little buddy what’s up dud uh they came back they helped save me oh well sorry for not helping you save you Dad well I did ground you so that’s what I was trying to say I’m glad I could see you guys one last time though yes too

Buddy listen I know all our plans are going to work out of us like moving in together and everything but we’re really going to miss you we’ll come visy yeah as soon as you’re not you’re done being grounded oh I’m really going to miss you

Guys bring it in Sonic I know Amy listen baby Sonic that I see now that Ray and manic they’re good guys I see what your friendship means I’m sorry I didn’t see before I was just angry you should have told me but if you’re really unhappy

Here Dad then no way dud I don’t understand what’s going on right now you can move in together dad tell me you’re lying tell me you’re lying no we’re serious baby Sonic oh my God nothing could surpass pass this moment except that they brought the Travis Scott meal

Back and I don’t even know if that could surpass it so Mr you see it we can do it we can move in together yep as long as you promise to protect my son and don’t think we’re not going to visit very often you guys can f whatever you want

Guys do you hear that dude we’re getting our house this is the best day ever thank you so much Mom and Dad you won’t regret this we’re going to miss you so much baby Sonic we love you you you know that right I know guys I’m going to miss

You guys too but you can come visit whenever you want my little baby they grow up so fast be good son be good we will you guys ready there’s a whole world out there baby Sonic and it’s waiting for us let’s go te it up have

Fun guys my baby’s moving away it’s okay Amy you still have me you’re not him though oh dang it Bye Mom bye dad time to start our new life where are we moving and how are we going afford a house oh yeah shoot dude Ray hurry up you’ve been here forever please respect

My privacy I’m trying to bathe myself guys this isn’t working you’re telling me there’s not even enough hot water well listen when I said let’s all move in together I didn’t me in my house okay this isn’t working we need something else well we don’t have enough money to

Move in anywhere else dude I hate to say this but you two need to get jobs us two what about you I have a job I’m official gzy inspector look just got to make sure the Mustard’s on right everything oh yeah that’s good that’s a good Gizzy

Right there right that is not a real job it is if I believe it is manx right we all have to get jobs exactly so should we go look together it would be fun working all together so we’re going to do this guys we’ll all go get jobs make

Enough money and then we can have our own house house um how long does it take to get a house with a lot of money was in this economy dude I’ll be lucky if we get in like 80 years there’s got to be a fast way to make money we’ll figure it

Out come on guys let’s go get a job all right a few more adjustments and he will be perfect father why are you creating this creature again oh well daughter we need money to fund all my projects but I don’t have time to go out to get a job

Myself so you’re making some someone to go out to get a job exactly but not just any job he will be my scheme creature he will make a money through various schemes that will make me very profitable what do you think totter isn’t that wrong wrong I don’t care

About what’s wrong and right let’s just finish him up and there he’s done hello huh where am I what am I your name is infinite step down don’t be shy come on over here and why am I here well I have created you to make me lots and lots of

Money you are a scheme creature a scheme creature interesting Eggman I’m not sure about this it’ll be fine Sage listen infinite are you ready for your first task yes of course sir you are to go out and you ought to make me as much money as possible possible come up with the most

Optimal scheme that gets people excited and gives you a lot of money yes I will do just that I’ll return to you with the Mooney all right have a good day oh look at him so polite as well egman I’m really not sure about this guy don’t

Worry daughter soon we’ll be rolling in it mountains of cash all right guys we stay in a place that’s looking for employees well come on man we got to find something quick out when we do it’s a cool place what about this place it’s a store all about

Food the grocery store man I want to go to the grocery store but but it’s awesome look help wanted that means that they must need a resident eater to taste all the food dude that’s not a real thing man oh dang it all right let’s just go see guys time

To act professional uh excuse me is that is anyone working here oh I am oh no what baby Sonic what are you doing here um do you know this woman yes I do guys manic Ray this is cream cream Ray and manic it’s very lovely to meet you it’s

Awesome meet you too see we’re looking for work no go we got to go somewhere else I don’t want to work for CRI actually you’d be working for my mother oh color down no don’t do that oh Mom uh yes cream is someone here oh good

Customers it’s been so long oh uh hey there my name’s Ray um nice to meet you Ray and my name is manic and that’s baby Sonic I know baby Sonic he’s a terrible influence on my daughter your daughter’s a terrible influence on me what how so I

Don’t like being around her that’s not being influenced whatever guys let’s get out of here no way um miss beautiful lady vanilla um we’re really looking for jobs oh I’m sorry boys I wish I could help but man you got help why shine on the FR door well listen I can’t pay you

Guys you know someone’s been stealing all of our crops it’s making it really hard to sell anything someone’s been stealing your crops that’s terrible maybe you need a strong man like me to try to stop them um I I think we’ll be okay all right well if you need a really muscular man

With a gut of Steel then you just let me know uh thanks yeah Mom scared we might go out of business yes it’s getting bad but that’s not these boys concerned uh good luck finding a job elsewhere boys ah don’t worry I hope things get better

Not for you cream I don’t like you but for you miss vanilla um wow well thanks I guess baby Sonic all right well looks like we got to go elsewhere oh Ma’am do you want to take down my number just in case I think I’m okay right all right

Yeah yeah yeah no no worries no worries oh you see that guys I’m playing hard to dig out oh dang it well guess we’ll have to look elsewhere all right let’s try and figure this out all right perfect the perfect scheme I’ve been stealing these fruit from a certain Farm I spray

Painted them different colors so people think they’re from an alien world and I’m marking up the price and doing false Flames like they’ll give you superpowers I’ll make so much money in no time now to get some customers step right up magic fruits here all right Amy let’s go

Find something to eat okay Sonic all right magic fruits sold here what magic fruit what do you mean they’ll give you Powers uh Sonic this sign over here says gives you powers like Sonic what I never signed off on this what kind of scheme are you you running here they’re not a

Scheme they’re from npace npace I’ve never heard of that but that sounds awesome yeah that sounds really cool you see when you eat these magic fruit they’ll give you a brand new power just make sure you do so in the uh comfort of your own home by the way no

Refunds oh well I don’t know come on am come on Sonic we get new powers uh I guess so all right we’ll take one each how much $50 $50 that’s a lot of money well you want superhero flowers for free oh well I guess that does kind of make

Sense yeah they would be expensive so what do you say hand over the money and you’ll each get one all right I want some new superpowers I love being powerful here you go sir all right one for you and one for the Miss thank you for shopping have a great day come on

Amy okay Sonic oh man I can’t wait to see what our powers are suckers I can’t believe the pet store wouldn’t give us a job well man you tried to eat one of the turtles I thought it was turtle soup it was alive oopsy finding a job is harder than we

Thought BB Sonic BB Sonic is that you oh hi Mom H dad well what are you guys all doing here we’re trying to find a job so we can pay for a house a you boys that’s so sweet yeah it’s not really going too well man we keep running into a lot of

Issues like no one will hire us and R keeps ruining things what no I’m not yeah guys finding a job is hard well you guys deserve a snack you should go get some of this awesome alien fruit that me and Amy got it gives you superpowers yeah oh what food that gives you

Superpowers yep that’s right some gu telling him how to stand over there oh do that seem like like a scheme man I thought so the guy seemed very legitimate and the cost was high so that’s how you know it’s legit I don’t know about that well we’re going home so

We can see where our new powers are all right talk to you guys later uh okay bye Sonic baby Sonic can we please go see the magic Fruit Stand dude it’s definitely a sham it’s right over there fine we’ll go see it step right up get

Some magic fruit uh hello sir you want that s my mom and dad some magic fruit yes they give you Powers wait it’s fruit ew that’s disgusting I thought it was like you like hot dogs or McDonald’s or anything uh no sorry just the magic fruit well are you sure that this works

Yes it does work so you boys interested fruit is gross I’m not interested yeah we’re good what $50 yes well it’s not cheap to get superpowers oh man all right see you later guys I wish we could make $50 per piece of fruit yeah dude I bet they

Don’t even give you superpowers it’s probably like a big scheme wait a minute that guy had a lot of fruit right yeah why well I hate fruit but besides that fact didn’t cream and vanilla just say their Farm has been robbed of a lot of produce oh shoot you’re right this

Random new SC comes up saying magic fruit guys I think this is bigger than we think wait I have an idea you guys go distract it for the front right just make a bunch of nonsense I’m great at that oh excuse me mister all right let’s

See what this guy’s really up to I’m going sneak for the back steal a piece of fruit cuz ain’t no way I’m paying for it and we’re going to see what this is all about out all right let’s see here so sir are you sure you don’t have any

Glizzies for the last time we don’t have any glizzies well they’re the best food all right I got it let’s get out of here okay so now we have the fruit we can test to see if it’s actually magical if not I think we have a case I think I

Know what’s going on here all right so we should really get going man get me cies get away from my stand whatever guys guys we should probably go home now oh all right I’m watching you buddy whatever I got it guys I got the magic

Fruit dude let’s go get you out so who gets the powers I doubt there is any powers that’s the point come on all right Amy you ready to try our fruit I’m ready Sonic I hope I get super jumping abilities jumping abilities ew that

Reminds me of this guy I do not like I hope I get a super strong punch like Knuckles oh well let’s just try it out Sonic all right 3 2 one m oh that was good so feel any different nah mine tastes like an apple what about

You mine just tasted like a peach let’s see if I jump really high all right Amy go ahead here goes nothing 3 2 1 yeah uh Sonic what the heck I can’t jump really high well can I punch really hard I’m not having you punch me wait did we get

Ripped off I don’t feel anything Sonic that guy was he was a scam well he said no returns ah we got ripped off dang it look at all these gold rings Eggman will be so pleased with me I’d say my scheme is working perfectly oh what are we going to eat

For lunch today dude let’s find something new we always have the same thing as long as it makes me feel safe why don’t you guys try some alien fruit that gives you Powers aliens aliens are definitely not not safe dude I love aliens Oh please how much how much are

You sure this is legit it seems like a little bit of a sketchy operation and sketchy things make me feel very unsafe okay I promise you it’s 100% safe so like what part of space are they from what kind of aliens too well they’re from the n space dude I’ve heard about

That oh come on riy we have to buy these um okay if you say so oh I don’t know about this $50 each dude I’d pay a100 fine $100 each are you stupid or something Pongo why would you just say that now we to do more money dude it’s

So worth it we give me my alien treats all right here you go one alien treat for the both of you dude oh my god let’s go try these out I don’t know about this It’s like taking candy from a baby eat it eat it eat it dude come on just do it if that it does give me powers it’s not going to it’s a stamp I know it I hope you get cool powers like farting abilities that’s not cool right it would

Be cool like me after chili well listen listen okay fine I’ll try it no what does it taste like tastes like a raspberry but like with pains wait a second give me that um okay let me wash this off what is he doing I don’t know what

Just what I suspected look wait a minute that’s just a raspberry and it was pink and blue to look alien like so it was a scam it was a scam this guy’s ripping people off and he probably stole this fruit from cream and vanilla holy cud where like detectives maybe we get a

Jump with Team chaotics wait a minute this isn’t right come on guys we’re going to go tell that guy what’s for yeah I can’t believe we crunch a schem dude I know me to dude this alien fruit is so bad tasting but so awesome it’s

From outer space Oh I still feel like we got ripped off what reub Pono oh hey baby Sonic long time no se Oho baby Sonic would you like to try some disgusting alien fruits dude you guys SP that St too it’s a lie it’s all a lie

What is he talking about Ruby Pono it’s not real alien fruit yeah we watch it off and look it’s just a raspberry what he lied to us it’s a conspiracy man exactly well I want my money back I would also like to be reimbursed so come

With us let’s get all of our money back yeah let’s do it excuse me mister uh I said no refunds I’m so sorry about it but you can’t have it but it’s a lie you stole this fruit from cream and vanilla didn’t you I don’t know what you’re

Talking about this is alien fruit then how come when I wash it off it’s just a normal raspberry that was painted over dude are you trying to scam us or something don’t make me use my bizzel bazooka on you Bizzle bazooka listen kids you better back up before

You get really hurt you’re a liar and you’re a cheat and this gold isn’t yours it belongs to the people that you scammed oops got to go what the heck he disappeared did I get him with the bizel Bazooka oh I don’t think so riby I think

He just left dude he just left oh he just not even get responsibility for his actions or any sort of consequence and what are we going to do with all this gold well I think you guys deserve it you’re the ones who brought this Injustice to light and I think the gold

Should go to you yeah thanks guys I’ll never get scammed like that again come on riby let’s go find some real food oh pick the place this time I don’t trust you yeah yeah yeah whatever uh guys dude uh do we get rich man guys look at all

This gold we did it we got rich wait wait wait wait guys guys guys guys guys guys we need to return this fruit to rightful owner no what dude you’re right we have to shall we cre now know exactly what’s been going on it’s the right

Thing to do but we can’t take the gold right oh yeah this gold is ours we’re going to have the best house ever well this all worked out cuz we’re Good Samaritans all right let’s take all this gold and allink the fruit come on D let’s do it yeah all right guys that’s

All of it let’s go kill them let’s go kill them I have the gold don’t worry guys guys H you are back again my lady we have something to show you what’s going on guys we figured out who’s been stealing your crops what you have yeah

Look wait all of our fruit where did you find it turns out this evil guy infinite he was thrwing it and selling it into alien fruit but it was just tiey versions of your guys fruit yeah he spray painted it over he was up charging and ripping people off oh my goodness

Well this will make up for all the money we lost but the the money you lost yeah sales have been really down but at least we could make it all back now yeah uh guys we have to do the right thing right oh dang it that’s our house money um

Vanilla cream he we have all the money he made off your produce what you do oh my my goodness that’s amazing we were going to use it to get ourselves a house since we’re kind of homeless but we we could give it to you guys you you can

You boys are so nice mom they they saved us wait you guys are homeless well we were going to use the money to make a house for all three of us that’s big enough but it’s it’s okay we’ll just go back to our little house um I’m glad we

Got your fruit back uh yeah come on guys let’s go look for another job wait yeah listen me and cream are well off we’re doing just fine I want you guys to have the money what you too yeah you guys solve the mystery and you got

All our crops back you guys deserve it so you’re saying it’s all yours thank you boys for returning our produce and getting down to the scene of the crime and figuring out exactly what was going on so it’s of our money enjoy get yourselves a nice house yeah thanks so

Much oh thank you thank you oh wait I don’t want to hug you cream thank you so much you’re welcome just be safe okay oh we will I promise oh do you want my number too that’s still no all right well the money is good enough guys we

Have enough money for the house we can make our TR house let’s go we did it yay ah why is he not back yet Sage I need that money maybe your plan didn’t work father it worked trust me Eggman I am so sorry but the plan has failed what why did the plan

Fail these kids exposed my scheme these annoying little brats got the best of me what who was it one looked like it could be a younger version of Sonic oh you must be talking about baby Sonic then baby Sonic infinite your new goal is to eliminate that annoying nuisance yes sir

I will get it done but still make me money though yes two objectives even better than one I won’t let you down again sir I promise uh are you sure you want to do this Eggman yes baby Sonic and his little friends have ruined my money-making scheme it’s time for them to

Pay guys I’m so excited to tell my dad about our new house so love the new house you’re going to be so proud of us they’re going to be really confused how we get that much money that quick it doesn’t matter oh I can’t wait to show

Them that we’re responsible we have our own house I don’t have to live in that stupid bedroom anymore yeah that bedroom is small and new house is awesome can we just show them dad mom what the oh hey baby Sonic my baby’s home oh have you

Been do you have any scratches are you going to come home finally no no no we have some news for you guys news good news or bad news like the best news ever oh yeah we have our new house what oh that’s so awesome guys you found a nice

Little house ah little what so it’s not little oh I see it’s like the opposite of little oh Amy they’re kids listen they probably think it’s like a really nice house okay go okay let’s go see your house guys oh they’re going to be very surprised come on follow me where

Is this place spring yard Zone what that’s so far from us yeah but it’s awesome come on I can’t wait to show you guys baby Sonic Are we almost there yeah I want to see already I don’t like looking at the ground all right we’re almost there all right guys you can open

Your eyes in three 2 1 Welcome to our new house what what the what the heck yeah you like it it’s huge how did you guys afford this yeah we got pretty lucky we actually cracked open this gamee and we got to keep all the money

So you guys it wasn’t like robbery or anything what no we’re good kids we wouldn’t Rob anything but how did you afford Sonic this is way nicer than your house but but I just Dad pick your jaw off the floor and let’s go inside I just don’t understand how you guys got this

Cuz we’re awesome man yeah man we got some serious Casta look at this place Amy it’s beautiful welcome inside all right where do you want to go first we’ll go to the kitchen what you have your own kitchen such just in the corner like in my house nope this is our

Kitchen Oh My Gosh Sonic yeah this where I’m going to be pretty often you know eating all my food up man you better not eat all the food Ray I I I just can’t believe this oh there’s our pantry in here you have your own Pantry yep we

Have our own Pantry oh that’s our fish H this our fish tank doesn’t have any fish in it though what their own fish tank Sonic uh Sonic maybe it’s time for you to get a job what these guys don’t even have a job yeah we had a job for like 3

Seconds actually we never even had a job yeah we just kind of got really lucky over here we have our library study area ooh education what I just can’t believe this I cannot believe this well uh there’s a lot more so you better start believeing buddy over here we can have

You guys over for dinner cuz this is our dining room oh my gosh I wish I had a dining room to host tea parties in oh you can rent it out I guess rent it out baby Sonic I am your mother I will come over whenever I please oh yeah okay Amy

Scares me let’s just invite her you come over whenever Amy all uh this can’t be real are you guys is this like a prank show or something it’s not a prank show come on there’s so much more to show you all right let’s go over here this this

Is our living room what look at that TV Sonic that’s bigger than your TV how do you have a TV bigger than mine um we need to watch the best movies ever in high definition yeah exactly oh my gosh I could watch like fast in the Furious

On that fast in the Furious no man the trolls movies are where it’s at or like Despicable Me pretty much anything Dream works yeah we’ll watch all the movies here maybe well guys have you guys open for a movie night oh my gosh uh yes yes

Yes yes please oh man you even check out the arcade over here the the arcade yes awesome come check out I got my own GJ Booth oh my gosh then we got classic games like Sonic 1 we got some Halo over here oh yeah man break it down those

Funky beats the manx laying this is incredible guys they they have their they have their own game room I we have bean bag chairs I want bean bag chairs Sonic don’t be jealous I am a little jealous Amy I’m a lot of bit jealous a you’re about to be a lot more jealous

Because if the arcade in a living room wasn’t enough we have our very own hangout room welcome to the Bro cave bro cave we got darts darts we got pool tables pool tables we got a full candy bar candy bar and we have a bar bar wait

You have a bar with soda oh okay good good good good good this isn’t this is this is like something else I have never been more jealous look man I’m even on the wall and uh that’s my buddy that’s my buddy manic I mean not manic That’s

Mighty I miss Mighty so much well you’ll have to invite Mighty over cuz he will not believe this yeah you know just kind of how we be living over here exactly do you guys want to see the upstairs there’s an upstairs with what just like your bedrooms and stuff oh no no no

Father follow me oh my gosh I cannot believe my son is living here I’m so happy for you baby Sonic are you happy for me dad um I’m just so happy why does he look mad dad are you jealous no I’m not jealous at all I think it’s awesome Sonic you’re

Very jealous I can tell well come on I’ll show you around Ray oh guys this is my room this is bigger than like my old house oh sorry buddy got my Travis Scott Burger do not touch it and my exclusive Grimace Shake do not touch that either

Is there anything I can touch books I hate books but I just threw a couple in there they’re actually just McDonald’s cataloges of like the different things they’ve have over here plus some DVDs of the Troll movies uh nice well Ray I like your room very much it’s very sweet why

Thank you Amy dude you guys guys check out my room over here man look how sweet this is I got my my own shage with a drum K got my bed and I got a TV in my room the TV in your room manic is bigger

Than the one in my living room uh I think a s man I don’t know what to show you yeah sorry Dad this is kind of his setup you know what I mean his setup oh yeah there’s more to show you watch we have our very own bathroom bathroom complete with shower

Toilet mirror to brush your T towels what I don’t even have a bathroom I be outside I’m an animal Sonic calm down oh yeah I’m going to be rubbing in a dub over here baby got to get Mr Ducky we’re going to have some good times I just

Can’t believe this is real I can’t believe this is real well father please believe it’s real uh this is actually the most interesting part of the house oh this was my request welcome to McDonald’s you have a McDonald’s inside your house well I couldn’t think of

Anything else to do with the room you guys have so many rooms you don’t even know what to do with them I wish I had that problem but we got a fully working McDonald’s in here so I can come here anytime what can I offer you Big Mac

Some hash browns what about some McNuggets fries crey shic uh I’ll have some McNuggets yeah me too oh coming right up yeah give me a Big Mac yeah man did is sweet I am going to get a lot of weight with this in the house I’m not

Going to lie well it’s awesome to have our very own personal McDonald’s in our house house I I don’t even know what to say at this point this is just unreal wait where’s my where’s my Big Mac um sorry we’re out what you’re I see

It right there oh I’ll get it you jeez anyway guys follow me cuz now we have my room what there’s another floor Yep this is my room okay this is definitely bigger than my house I got all the essentials over here I got a little play

Table over here I got my bed a couch little reading and my with train and car and stuff like that and over here I have a chocolate milk dispenser a chocolate milk dispenser yep see what what the heck chocolate milk yep even though that doesn’t have the chocolate you have to

Add that in separate what I cannot believe this plus look at the view from up here I mean it’s not much yet because I’m not we don’t have many neighbors but spring yard zone is a great place to live I just can’t believe this how could

This house be any better oh we didn’t show you the backyard yet there’s a backyard oh yeah there’s a backyard come on follow me I just can’t believe this at all what better start believing Papa because this is our house everyone come on down here Welcome to our backyard

What okay okay this this is just a joke this is a joke are you’re not proud of us Dad no I’m so proud of you guys this is amazing I mean I’m definitely jealous now come on we’ll show you around oh that’s the springyard city back there

You have a beautiful backyard uh this is just amazing yeah Green hillon is nice but here is our outdoor eating section ooh nice little patio exactly mom we got some shade for you as well oh you guys check out this over here man this our own trampoline yeah trampoline wa this

Is awesome Yep so we have our own trampoline over here obviously we have our pool this is not a pool this is like a freaking Resort pool it’s so big oh uh we also have some high dives we’ll off those later but we also have a

Juice bar out here a juice bar of course we need a juice B man oh how we going get our juice I I just can’t believe this yeah we got all the stuff out here pretty awesome all right ever grab my burger by the way um no oh whatever

Right uh we got some just different things out here oh he my VI back door over here look an outdoor seede for summer vegetables yep outdoor St oh my gosh uh what is that by the way oh that um I know it’s hard to see but it’s

A cannon shooting out a giant flying Gizzy that was a that was really idea oh yeah that seems unnecessary it is but it’s awesome up here we have a little bit of a watchtower so we can like kind of see what everyone’s doing ooh this is

Like the mom spot so you can make sure you kids are drowning yeah sure sure yeah yeah and then come over here with me this way cuz we have our area oh just come over the uh pool by the waterfall but I I mean the you mean the bridge

Yeah the bridge by the waterfall but you have all your own waterfall yeah oh look look look come check out the view from up here oh my gosh I’m not sure if I want to I my brain might explode listen look that’s the view of springyard city

Oh my gosh yeah Red Roof sh’s right behind there that’s where I used to live but obviously this house is way better you know you got to move up in the world can’t be in a small house forever you know yeah I’m starting to figure that

Out anyway over here Dad as you can see we have a slide oh my gosh this is awesome yeah it’s just a little water slide you know every backyard pretty much needs a water slide yeah apparently so so then that’s pretty much the whole house what do you

Think what do I think what do I think I think this is the best house ever baby Sonic can I please move in with you I mean my house is just so small Sonic the whole point was them for them to be independent but if you had a room for me

I wouldn’t be mad sorry Mom sorry Dad ra McDonald’s took up the last bedroom oh my bad guys well I don’t care I’m coming over often baby Sonic this is amazing you know that now that I don’t live there anymore you could kind of demolish my old room maybe make your own house

Bigger uh yeah I might need like an actual bathroom and maybe an actual bedroom and you an actual kitchen don’t worry man you know if you work hard you could be just like us you guys go this house enough money for one in one day well you sometimes you got to get lucky

Get in so this is the brand new Sega fun house what do you think well I already said it’s amazing I’m very jealous well guys you can come over whatever you want cuz our house is here to stay and the memories are going to be wild woohoo hey guys what’s going on it’s

Your boy baby Sonic I’m manic man and I’m Ray and welcome back to Sega fun how woo guys we are almost at 2,000 subscribers so come on man make sure you subscribe it would make me so happy if you all subscribed but guys today we are

Having an amazing pool day cuz we just moved into our new house and we want to test out the pool and all of its features oh yeah and I think first we should do the high dive yeah man the high dive would be so much fun oh I was

Hoping to go on the floaties first wait a minute man don’t tell me your afraid to hi dive what I’m not afraid of the high dive it’s just I don’t really like it that much o are you a chicken I’m not a chicken H there they are those good Forno children that

Ruined my last game were with eggman’s new plot to eliminate them I will do just that how with this get them my spider and eliminate them one by one yes go go go they don’t stand a chance now to go to springyard City and cause Mayhem they won’t be there to stop me

This time you’re a chicken you’re a chicken come on man let’s do it fine okay I’ll go off the high dive oh man I’m so nervous I’ve never done the highd before come on we’re all we waiting for you come on man that’s you’re too scared

Then you have to do the climb back down our same okay I can’t let peer pressure get the best of me also I don’t want my friends to think I’m a little chicken baby I have to do this oh look how high it is here goes nothing just jump already wait

What well that wasn’t too bad yeah man you get it you did the high dive now I only have one other question what’s that right what’s that thing behind you what’s what behind me waa it’s like a big spider I don’t like that man going to scar the spiders well uh

It’s going to be like right for us right I’m going try to pet it I want to pet it too are you guys stupid well listen Oh Come here little spider oh where’s it going oh it bit me what the heck oh oh oh try to calm it down I’m going to try

To calm it down come here little spider oh look see it’s very calm ow a p again what is wrong with this stupid thing oh it bit me too don’t get that thing away from me I want to get beit I want to get

Beit oh guys how do you got to help me get rid of it okay dude I got you I got you I got you come on you stupid spider stupid spider help me guys oh it bit me dude okay this it’s fine no sing so bad

No s just get R it stupid spider stupid spider is everyone okay um my bike kind of feels funny yeah man mine goo whatever just a stupid spider bite all right guys I’ll be right back I really have to pee Oh I can’t hold it what what

The heck uh Ray you’re you a girl a hot girl wait D don’t say that well seriously Ray Ray D guys something weird going on I know right where did Ray go guys I’m over here no you’re right in front of us you’re go what the heck dude

R over there what w w hey why did you do that who dude I think I just saw Ling on my fingertips what right do that again Crouch again um okay sure yeah oh let’s see R what Where’d I go dude JP about this is I did it again tell about this

Ray Ray un Crouch Ray where are you oh I’m right here who Ray you can go invisible um I guess so and I can feel Ling guys I think you guys have super who baby Sonic guys I’m web sling through the air did you see that dude

That was so cool man do you guys know what this means we got bit by that spider and now we’re superheroes the coolest of the coolest superheroes ever yes you know that R stop doing that ha I’m behind you right guys we can see cities we can be like

Real life superheroes or become super villains and use our powers for bad what the heck man I don’t want to do that look we go to the city right over there oh shoot you got to control your powers well what about you well watch this

Watch this oh all I can do is turn invisible oh guys I’mma to do the high dive psych I’m Spiderman dude what the heck that’s so awesome wait guys if we’re going to be superheroes we need super suits man uh r inv b again right oh hey what the heck right all right

Guys let’s go make some super suits what do you I say oh yeah let’s do it oh yeah this is what I’m talking about from this day forward my name is Baby Spidy oh yeah well my name is Ray Stacy right that’s a girl why I could be whatever I

Want to be well man you ain’t ready for this cuz I’m manic Morales guys together we’re the superhero spider punch yeah why didn’t we be the H doog Bunch two or three of us are H doogs cuz then I would be left out so that’s why we’re all spiders plus

We look super cool right yeah I guess we do look pretty cool all right guys to the city oh dude we can’t web clean like you can too bad oh dang I guess we’re walking oh let’s go all the way to the city yeah yeah oh man web slinging is so

Much fun I got the best power ever oh my goodness oh that was so many stairs man why a we got to flying powers um it’s web sing whatever all I can do is turned invisible like this well guys don’t worry cuz we’re going to fight crime we’re going need all our powers

Together so let’s look for some crime oh bother what a relaxing day in the park uh excuse me sir do you have the time oh yes it’s 12:30 ah could you check again I told you it’s 12:30 no it’s time for you give me all

Your money well oh d it I’m being robbed here’s my wallet wow thank you oh yeah baby cashola oh help me I wish there was a superhero that could help me oh B Jing man no crimey hly yeah this is boring let’s not be superheroes let’s be villains no we’re superheroes right

They’ll be crime I know it someone help me my wallet has been stolen oh look there’s a guy who needs our help you know what that means spider Force out let’s go yeah you K citizen my wallet has been taken by a robot well have no fear man we’re the spider Squad and

We’re going to get it back um aren’t you just manic Ray and baby Sonic well way to R all our fun riby and plus those are our secret identities guys we can’t focus on this which way the perpetrator go um that way I Believe come on guys ow

Ow go go go I think I see him he’s right there stop right there criminal uh are you talking to me you better drop that wallet right now I don’t think so no kids in Halloween costumes are going to stop me oh we’re actually superheroes I

Don’t care I’m out of here man he G away spider Squad go all right where did that perpetrator go oh look I see him I see him stop right there criminal oh I don’t think so you better stop or me and my super friends are going to destroy you

Oh which way I can go oh shoot um um this way no I’m going over here what the hell yes get back here stupid kid that was too easy stop right there wa what the heck give me back that wallet oh yeah what are you going to do this

Well hey pretty lady how are you you wait where’ that kid go though I’m right here what the heck no manic you go Bel there he is yeah wa that was awesome guys good job thanks I give we take him out so going to give up that wallet now you guys are

Like the best heroes I’ve ever seen this is not worth the effort here take the wallet I want to go home that’s right don’t cause crime in our city I promise I won’t bye bye to you later dude we like bring him to jail or something nah let him go right oh

What what do you need something what oh I’m over here all right hello Rippy um is that my wallet yeah we got your W back oh we’re the brightest superheroes ever right riby I mean you guys are okay thanks for my wallet though no problem citizen all

Right guys back to the building no dude I do not want to go up all those stairs again no so you guys should have got better Powers then dude my too late you want too L at you uh no not really okay watch this I will W don’t do that well whatever see

You guys at the top no oh my gosh my hair looks so on point today oh it’s it’s like golden hour okay time to take a selfie for all my fans wao that girl she’s so beautiful I have an idea every super villain needs a superwoman beside them if there’s two of

Me baby Sonic and his stupid friends couldn’t stop my schemes I have a plan excuse me excuse me what oh ew don’t talk to me oh wait cuz you have to get the perfect picture of me oh sure but first I’m going to put your number in my

Or my number in your phone what ew don’t do that oh I would never as if listen you need to be my girlfriend ew I am not being your girlfriend if you won’t be my girlfriend willingly then you’re coming with me what put me down help somebody help me

Yeah yeah oh yeah B Spiderman is so awesome oh that’s the best ever what the heck how you guys beat me up here hey watch where you’re slamming buddy yeah cuz this building at elevator man and it’s a little bit faster than your web singing Whatever all right let’s go look

For more crime oh my gosh help help dude look over there is that Sona Sonia that’s my sister wait your sister what she doing up there with oh no well well well if it isn’t Sonic and baby version by the way cuz not you’re not even the

Real Sonic I’m not baby Sonic I’m baby Spidey yeah and I’m race Dy and manic marish man okay so you guys just dressed up as like superheroes well you’re not stopping my e a plan I’m marrying this beautiful woman marry my sister man help me like

Why are you doing manic you and your little stupid friends were over here and rescue me oh that’s not going to happen and why is that we have super heroes because today you die wait what the guys what is that what yo we got to get out of this jump

Off jump off W my goodness is everyone okay oh man um I want to disappear for a little bit that really hurts oh my gosh what are we going to do man he’s so powerful oh if we want to defeat him we got to work to get ready to come back I

Don’t want to I’m scared oh guys we need to work together and defeat him all right man yeah we got to get my sister back I didn’t know you had a sister well things happen and plus man IC Morales never reveals a secret we we know who you are whatever

Listen we have to say my K to okay all right let’s do this here’s the plan I’m going to sneak up be invisible and grab the sister you guys have to distract infiny well how are we supposed to do that well you go up there use your web

Slinging and then you’re going to like distract him he’s going to throw a fireball you and you have to dodge it okay good and then while you distracting I’ll sh with the lightning Bol and that’s when you take my Kicker away all right Spidy T break let’s do this thing

Woohoo all right let’s get to the top of this building oh infinite waa baby Sonic I guess you do have some sort of power yeah I Doo we’re going to do about it same thing I always do I’m going to eliminate you and your stupid friends well that’s if you can catch

Me wait what the heck come back here this instant I don’t think so that’s it if I have to shoot you out of the sky so be it come on try to hit me buddy oh I will hit you and you’ll be eliminated oh I’m right here oh I’m right here what no

Get back here get back here come on you can’t hit me I want to eliminate you oh my God that superher is like totally toying with you shut up I got this where is he there he is yeah dude he’s like totally distracted man it’s my time to shine let’s do this

Thing what the ow oh that really hurt they’re like totally kicking your butt no they are not okay oh hey there what the heck I’m going to fire you right off this building Ray um yeah just just give me one second please what one second

What the heck what why’d you turn into a girl that’s your superpower how lame is that what hey come with me okay um okay yeah yeah yeah come on quickly quickly oh that’s such a wait where’ the grill go what the wait where’s my girl what is going on

Here nice work R I guess we’re not kids with stupid costumes are we what the heck what the no no no we did it no they defeated me once again my tactics have to get stronger more brutal more evil they have not seen the last of infinite I’ll be back I’ll

Have my revenge I can’t believe it did it we’re the best Ser ever guys did you see that we totally didn’t my plan work yeah so man we’re like the best superheroes ever oh my gosh like thank you so much Manic and friends for saving

Me any time citizen I might need to move closer to you manic oh yeah yeah you definitely should I’m not going to lie like I would not like uh I would not really mind having you around hey that my sister man W I was just sing oh dude

Go invisible right now dude uh sorry ring get the phone right now dude yo I’m going to beat you up I’m going to beat you up oh got to go dude you guys are like really funny aren’t you dude don’t be my sister man well I’m glad that we

Saved you you guys are my heroes we’re the best heroes ever yeah we are Ray get over here Ray are they always like this yep I love him for it come on come on yeah oh beat that right oh that was a good shot I’m

Never going to be able to beat that you guys I got winner I call it all right sounds good wait what the heck who’s at the door don’t worry guys you stay here I’ll go get it all right you better come back don’t kick it out well I won’t I

Won’t ah oh my gosh uh hi you’re like baby Sonic right like you guys save me the other day uh yeah you’re manic sister what are you doing here uh do you mind if I come in I really have to talk to manic uh sure yeah come on in ah

Manic manic what you to scared you chcken out uh Sonia what are you doing here oh Sonia oh it’s your sister hello Sonia I’m Ray we haven’t been formerly introduced yeah very nice to meet you right listen manic I have to talk to you what are you

Doing here Sonia you know you’re not supposed to come visit what uh why yeah that’s weird if I had a sister I’d let her come over all the time would be best as a friend that we eal izes together yes well me and son have a very different relationship right

Sona oh I know but big bro I had to tell you I move next door you K what I want to be closer to my bro get out of the Red Roof runs of the world and get into springyard Zone that’s great that’s so excited now you’re a neighbor oh

Neighbor dance neighbor dance yes that is great so like do you guys want to come over and see my house right now like I really think you guys would love it oh yeah I want to see it I want to see it oh excuse me can I talk to Ray

And baby Sonic in yourk please oh whatever why you so weird about things uh what come over here um what’s the uh what’s the matter guys uh guys where’d you go oh oh oh you been this arcade yes listen listen listen uh guys you cannot come over show house um why yes invited

Us listen okay I don’t explain but me and my sister just have a very different relationship and I you guys can’t come oh so you have to make him excuse they can’t go it’s going to look weird I really want to go too bad list you have to

Fine I’ll go tell her H Sonia uh yes you guys ready to go unfortunately um me and Ray have to wash the glizzies what yeah wash the glizzies really Ray yes you have to watch the GES for dinner so I’ll just go over and use this okay all right follow me I can’t

Wait I hope you guys can see it sometime yeah us too don’t follow us dud uh don’t worry we won’t what the heck was that all about I have no idea why can’t we go with them Ray they’re hiding something and I’m getting suspicious I’m getting suspicious too do

You think we should dude definitely we’re going to be spy wait wait wait wait you think M would be mad at us no he can’t be that mad plus I want to know the Juicy Secret yeah go I know it too all right let’s do this thing all right

But we have to be careful come on I told you not to come over well whatever they’re going to find out eventually well just not yet I have to find out how to kill them oh my gosh the love of my life Sonia I will make her my

Girlfriend wait but she’s with another guy who is that time to do some investigating all right friend you ready to do this thing yeah what right over here what right I’m camouflaged right okay I don’t think we need to be that sneaky you could never be too careful all right come on

Listen we just got to go look through the window see if we can hear anything oh yeah good idea good idea all right sh right through look look look look look look look I just don’t appreciate you coming over like that okay I’m sorry I

Just want to see my little bro it’s been too long all right all right we can do some catching up but we got to talk about it too don’t worry we will just enjoy your tea it’s a chai Lotte I love it so much Fred you get all this write that

Down loves chai lattes got it got it all right let’s hear oh are you like still that garbage music Taylor Swift is an icon I’m going to be a Swifty till I die It’s All About to Rock and Roll she’s a Swifty right write that down Swifty

Swifty got it got it all right let’s see what else we can hear whoo whoa whoo What the what was that uh uh is that infinite what the infinite you’re going to blow our cover what are you doing here I’m trying to spy on the love of my

Life so yeah uh did you try to kidnap her in the last episode I did but listen I’m trying to be more romantic now well listen uh I was going to say don’t spy her yeah but we’re kind of doing the exact same thing what I hate you guys

And yet we’re doing the exact same thing are you thinking what I’m thinking um we work together the spying them together I was thinking I kill the both of you and then just go do what I was supposed to do but that that sounds better that’s a

Lot less violent what the heck all right let’s let’s let’s go with your plan okay all right all right come on let’s go let’s see what we can see she’s garbage she is a queen oh never mind I’m never going to get SC you listen uh I got to

Go take a shower cuz like I moved all the stuff in today so I’m super sweaty so you just go like hang upstairs all right but then we’re having to talk all right sounds good guys you see that she went to the shower dude we cannot spy in

Her as she’s in the shower yeah but maybe we’ll go spy in her when she’s getting ready after the shower yeah that’s less weird I think all right R you got the book still dude this is like sketchy bro made straight upstairs keep your voices down we don’t want to get

CAU oh what a great shower time to do my hair make sure I look perfect as always oh my gosh guys she’s right there listen in all right come on you stupid hair where work with me I have to work beautiful all the time little bit of

Makeup do my hair all nice right right down very full of herself she’s not full of herself look at her she’s beautiful oh I am the most beautiful creature in the entire world no one comes close to my beauty okay she might be a little full of herself full of herself into her

Looks all right time to go talk to manic about this guys hide quickly hide hide hide oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot manic I’m all done coming upstairs now okay guys I think they’re about to talk about why they don’t want me in R there well

We got to get them to talk about like their Crush okay like I don’t know if she’s into me or not dude she’s definitely not you don’t know that Ray oh this is why I hate you guys I’m going to eliminate you right after this no no

No let’s play nice We’re All in This Together come on let’s go see what they’re saying okay so can we talk about this now if you really want to all right cuz we really have to soia I cannot believe you okay you can’t just come over my house you’re going to blow the

Cover ah he has no idea okay stop neither of them can ever know why can’t they like I don’t understand like it’s not that big of a deal dude I haven’t even told him yet how am I supposed to explain this to baby Sonic and Ray I

Know I know it’s been a long time but we’re going to have to tell them eventually I know it’s just I can’t do it yet okay we we need to find good way to do it and they find out before and it’s going to be really bad so you need

To stop coming around well we could just act normal wouldn’t that just be less like weird than us doing this they’re probably suspicious right now oh you’re probably right I’m such an idiot I’m sorry I just saw you and I panicked they just they can’t find out the truth Sonia

They eventually have to I know just give me a little bit more time okay I just need a little bit more time all right whatever you say you want to go upstairs and gossip now oh yeah yeah that’s so fun let’s do it let’s do it oh shoot

Guys I think they’re coming go go go go go oh my God cuz I have so many juicy secrets to tell you oh okay away little shiing go ship oh that was a close one yeah for real dude they didn’t even talk about me one time what is this big

Secret maybe she has a crush on me and she just want me to know I really doubt that it’s that but they clearly don’t want us to know what is it he said specifically they can’t let Ray and baby Sonic know I don’t know dude but this is

Fishy whatever they’re hiding it’s not good do you think manx a criminal I don’t know we got to find out all right let’s try to go upstairs spy a little bit more good idea man good idea yeah have right behind you let’s see if we can hear the juicy gossip oh my gosh

You’re so weird infinite all right sh all right so uh what kind of Gossip you want to talk about oh my God so like who is your least favorite of the two roommates so far dude what guys these favorite they’re both awesome listen baby Sonic he more like adventurous and

Well sometimes you could be a little bit of a brat and he kind of rude but I love him for it and Ray oh man so funny H so there’s no like drama there n we kill we kill what about you oh my gosh okay you

Don’t want to hear this from me but I have a big crush on someone oh my gosh this is it oh wa you can’t tell your brother that kind of stuff please I have to tell someone I don’t many girlfriends oh fine who is it I don’t want to tell

You you just say you were going to tell me okay can I just describe him he’s handsome and brave and oh oh my gosh he’s so cute his eyes oh my gosh she said his eyes and I only have one of those wouldn’t she say you’re

Ey yeah he’s just like so amazing I just I hope he notices me I do notice you I notice you Sonia what the heck dude what the infinite baby Sonic Ray ah what are you guys doing here um nothing oh you can’t see me oh Ray I you with a bush on

Your head Ray get back in right now oh dang it what are you guys doing here I thought you didn’t want to come well I didn’t want to come because mic said we couldn’t come what mic why would you say that because well you guys need are talk

About your little secret that me and Ray can’t know about yeah what’s up with that plus we have all the secrets on you Sonia you like Taylor Swift you drink tea you’re in yourself a lot you talk to yourself in that mirror a lot what you

Guys were spying on me when I was in the shower dude that is not cool no it was after you out of the shower we’re respectful yeah we’re not weird you are SP you are spying on me okay yeah we’re a little bit weird but Sonia I feel the

Same way way what you’re not my crush what I’m not no ew you kidnapped me that’s disgusting that’s like a weird stalker Vibes what but I thought it wouldd be like romantic what if I perform Taylor Swift hey I don’t know about you but no no no no get out of

Here no please it’s a Cru Sumer get out now dude it’s time to leave I’ll be back sorry if it I’ll be back for all of you Sonia will love me we will be boyfriend and girlfriend leave um manic we have to talk all right won you take that stupid Bush off your

Head listen we heard you guys talking about a secret that me and R can’t know uh yeah about that it’s um that we have a pet dog that is definitely not it dude sh you it’s over I’ll deal with this guys I’m very mad at you for spying on us but

I’ll tell you come on are you sure about this manic yes come on guys I’m so sorry guys I’ll see you later bye son you come on dudes I have to tell you something manic we’re sorry for spying on you and your sister it’s okay dude I know I was being really

Really weird you were being weird I like when we have secrets from each other yeah we’re supposed to be friends I know listen about that thing I was supposed to tell you what is it are you a criminal what no I’m not a criminal listen listen um I can’t exactly tell

You but I can promise that one day I will tell you it’s just it’s really hard right now why can’t you just tell us it’s just really complicated dude it’s a big secret that could change everything well if you’re not ready to tell us then

I’m sorry we tried to pry yeah as long as it’s not something that’s like really mean or like you’re actually a criminal I’m not a criminal man why I think I’m a criminal okay sorry just I don’t know what the secret is I really want to know

What the secret is but I respect you at the same time thanks I promise I’ll tell you guys one day there’s just a lot of moving Parts well that’s why you know I was being so weird with Sonia I thought you just didn’t want to hang out with us

Yeah no you guys you heard what I said about you while I’m guessing you did yeah you’re talking to be me sometimes which I can’t be so good for you you told the truth oh okay well listen guys you guys are like my brothers I promise

I never do anything to hurt you you just have to trust me on this all right now come on I’ll go make some gles inside okay we’ll be right there oh baby Sonic are we okay with this I want to know what the secret is right but sometimes

Good things take time we’ll find out eventually yeah I guess we will what do you think it is though I have no idea

This video, titled ‘SEGA FUN HOUSE MINECRAFT! | FULL ORIGIN MOVIE’, was uploaded by Tripolar on 2024-03-02 19:11:54.
It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds.

This is the Minecraft Sega Fun House Origins FULL Movie! Join Baby Sonic, Manic and Ray as they go through 5 episodes …

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