Ultimate Market Battle: GameBotPocket vs. Rivals

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E E N The All right all right all right hey what’s up uh what do you guys think of my new loading screen I’m I’m pretty proud of it uh I think it could use more animation I think maybe I might uh in the future add like more details like I

Could add like fun Easter eggs or weird things that show up and then disappear uh because right now the only animation is like blinking and you know that’s not that’s not very engaging visually I don’t think so uh but yeah and check it out I can I

Can turn on this uh light whenever I’m ready yeah um you know I I did this whole waiting thing in part so I would have time to eat and I’m still eating so you know and then I I guess the argument is like I could have just kept it going until I’m done

Eating I mean I I could I feel bad making everyone wait that long but I also feel worse having everyone listen to me like eat you know it’s kind of gross all right all right I’m back all right let’s uh start the game and we’re going to we’re going to steal

Everyone’s armor trims yeah I’m not going to steal anything don’t worry all right game started right what which I need that that hey what’s going on Gamers all right ah got something stuck in my teeth that’s so gross all right all right all right cool let’s open the

Game and then real quick stinky cutie yeah true I do smell actually how did you know ah frozen pizza hell yeah I’m doing pretty good how about yourself how you doing popcat all right I’m GNA do my my totally not scummy thing of leaving my ALT account watching the

Stream uh twitch if you’re listening that’s a joke that’s satire ooh nice uh what kind of tournament like like for a game I assume or all right game showing up OverWatch nice uh except the OverWatch part actually nothing about that’s nice GH OverWatch GH uh but yeah Gamers you read the title

Uh if Walter if uh you you uh if you’re curious why I’m in a completely different place um or just generally why there’s like VA continuity issues which I I doubt you are because like all of my viewers are like you know like it it’s it all seems

Like regulars but uh I I deleted a VOD it it was kind of a mess of a stream so I just deleted it it never happened um we’re out in the wilderness now we are uh yeah I mean honestly like I don’t think it matters that much considering

That like I die like constantly so like I’m re I’m resetting my location like every few episodes anyways so I don’t see it as a big deal um to be honest I think most of the trims on This Server are like already taken I should starts building that

Base damn it you know maybe maybe I would die L if I had a base I think that’s a big part of it I think everyone gets a base I live nomadically and then I don’t light up anything and I don’t I always hang out in the darkness like I

Feel like if I had a base then I would have a safe like kind of spot to not die in you can live with me popat uh maybe for now I’m going to uh I don’t know who to live with there’s popat I was living your flower mother but to be

Honest I think I think she’s living with like dwindle kid now I don’t think I need to worry about uh that offer anymore sorry flower uh and then I got fi I mean like all else fails I’ll I’ll live with Fi like Fi Fi is my homie I don’t

Know we’re still allies yeah not Partners okay yeah yeah of course of course we’re on good terms no that’s fair I’m cool with that I I don’t I I don’t really want to make my b face uh oh also flower mother never specified whether or not

Um they found silence so I’m a little worried that they have silence already that’s true I’m not important enough uh yeah it’s it’s not that popcat actually no it is that I’ve uh I’ve known I’ve own five for like you got all the silence on the server [ __ ]

You I need proof before I buy a claim like that legitimately damn found like two or three God [ __ ] damn it all right there goes the most exclusive one that’s fine yeah I don’t know how I expect to do this oh I saw very big cave I want you

To come explore with okay I don’t know how I expect to get like a a a monopoly when like I I have like no resources and I’m just constantly like destitute don’t sleep okay all right I need to find some fish or something I am starving to death and that’s not great

Do have a shield what’s your cords uh pretty far out like 6 70 500 negative 500 I’m trying to find food hold on okay if I get killed by this spider that’s going to be [ __ ] embarrassing but I wasn’t I I did lose want me to get on uh not not yet not

Right now oh [ __ ] somebody’s already been here wait am I going backwards see if I ever get lost I’ll blow God damn it I am so dead what the [ __ ] how did how did you manage oh all right well I didn’t have anything cool anyways an exciting start to the stream

Did you see how many like did you hear that did did you hear how many times my like Shield was going off it was like and then like I it just that’s that’s insane okay yeah popcat I did lose the the trims that you gave me from that uh dig because I left

It in spawn chest because I mean realistically if I had had them on me I would have lost them so yeah what the [ __ ] like no wonder I die more than everyone else the the the mobs are all owed to get me I swear all right okay no you you you definitely

Haven’t done that but damn have you guys gotten all the trims I need to know this cuz if you have I might really like the jungle one ah I I go off the server I go offline for like one [ __ ] day I mean all of them yeah that that’s dwindle for you I

Guess it’s okay I can find another archaeology I mean I know where another archology spot is actually that still sucks cuz also you’re not guaranteed to find all of them in one oh hey you got 40 deaths huh so so you do oh my goddamn

Mouse is it hard mode it is now it should be yeah yep uh where was the archaeology spot it was like in the forest somewhere ew oh my God that is that is awful speeder chalky ych all right let’s see if I can find the the archaeology spot it was like snowy

Tiger oh hey that’s rare what stash of what I mean I you you know obviously don’t tell me but I get it keep your secrets ow ow ow ow it’s fine I’m fine it’s fine h I I feel like you’re doing this as a bit so I have

Like so like you guys you guys the Villager Mafia stole it I feel like this is definitely a bit to get me to try to look for all the trims anyways I think I’m going to do it anyways just for like the fun of it but because we got some hostage uh yeah

That that’ll happen damn the Villager Mafia I mean they’re pretty brutal yeah BRB all right all right po out ah yeah yeah no retribution you know they’re upset at you oh I do love the snow it’s a little hard to see through but it it is very pretty all right

Uh oh my God I heard that I [ __ ] heard that this time oh my God not a spider again ah this is what happens when you you run around with like no armor no nothing you know but if I ran around with armor I’d just die slower feel like doesn’t make that much

Difference for me hey well welcome back rain what’s up H where did I find that trail Rune because I I found one recently and then I didn’t like think to save the coordinates or whatever oh that’s tough but it was in a snowy tiger it

Wasn’t this one I think I think it was a ways out it was like when I was going uh Northeast I was going to say northeast God damn it I would I would have looked so smart if I had okay which not very good she poisoned herself I love when they do That where did I die oh I could check the footage h i mean we got to check the footage for like where we found that trail runes Trail runes anyways it’s it’s footage only I have access to ow think I might have gone this way B slowness not great

There we go where was my stuff I think this was it right cuz I just had no that’s just a random unaffiliated creeper hole you’re not affiliated with me oh [ __ ] me oh my God witch [ __ ] off dude was it was it just there was it just

Here maybe that might this might have been it no I had more wood than I don’t [ __ ] know does it matter I’m obsessing over stuff that like just does not matter best interesting interesting what could that mean oh [ __ ] the witch is still following me that’s right poison yourself dip

[ __ ] oh my God I can’t I can’t believe she’s still chasing me what a goddamn creep what a goddamn weirdo what the hell is she doing here she doesn’t belong here oh yes best exactly she’s a creep oh my God I hate when the game does that

Where like you’re sprinting but the game has to cancel your Sprint so it does that weird shaky fov thing oh that’s I hate that so much there it is I found it oh my God okay cool and it’s funny it’s funny just like listening into like people’s chat conversations about like getting stung

Chased by bees 50 holy [ __ ] you know one of the things that suck about Pepsi is they use citric acid for like their [ __ ] and I feel like it it makes it more I feel like it’s more corrosive than like Coke is like Coke is already awful

For your teeth but like Pepsi I feel like I’m drinking like acid I feel like I’m like actually just dissolving my teeth in real time when I drink Pepsi and it also gives me more heartburn I don’t know if that’s just like Placebo but it feels like it’s more acidic is that a

Chicken I think I heard a chicken and then I then I lost it mama had a chicken mama had a cow how do you anger that many uh like industrial scale bee farming I wonder if Rel logging gets rid of that I’m curious what they mean by the

Villager Mafia it’s it’s got to be like a joke right there’s no way like what the [ __ ] would the Villager Mafia be like it wouldn’t be people surely I refuse to believe that they they don’t have every trim on the server now it kind of convinced me that’s okay

We’ll just have to snatch up the more of them chicken let’s go right egg lay egg do we care do we just kill it there’s a chicken here I’ll just kill it there we go all right and I lost it all right it was on the edge I I can find

It was like right it was near it was near the pumpkin patch I thought right so it’s like yeah right there I can make a campfire I don’t know so yeah we’ll get some armor trims through the trail runes I would not doubt that Windle kid and flower uh

Flower girl mother uh got like all the trims in like a night goddamn dwindle kid you know oh it goes into the that’s so cool [ __ ] [ __ ] Mouse no mouse don’t fail me don’t oh my God no you heard that my mouse disconnected shut

Up God I hate my mouse what the [ __ ] is wrong with you dude what oh all the all the insulation being stripped off the wire oh that makes it hard to function is a mouse wow excuses excuses [ __ ] you ah damn they’re starting a be Army that’s

Pretty smart we’re gon to have a war on this server and it’s going to involve bees releasing on villager Mafia that’s got to be like a Breaking Bad reference right gave back you’re talking I had to pay them off now my chat messages are reportable I’m going to report I’m going

To report you flower Garden I keep misremembering it as flower girl but like flower garden makes flower girl is like a wedding thing right that’s like what people do with their weddings I don’t know hey what’s up what’s up uh JoJo sorry about your leg I’m sorry to hear that I never broken the bone I imagine

It’s not very fun I don’t know if that was like secret information I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone but [ __ ] ah I need sheep I need wool I need a bed or someone needs to sleep one of the two thank you right much appreciate ow wow dripping the logs how

Indecent oh they fell off the the side of a hill damn that’s that’s a weird uh you’re going to strip me right wow wow sexual harassment wow death threats I can’t believe my audience toxic audience imagine if you could like smelt iron on like a campfire somehow wouldn’t that be insane I think

That was natur I think that was like part of the structure all right I’m not going to break a single I’m I’m not joking I’m not going to break a single uh gravel I’m not going to break any any suspicious gravel accidentally this time I swear it’s the first time I’m going to

Do it like completely right without it with the exception of like the ones that fall automatically that I can’t do anything about is ah so I I immediately broke my [ __ ] oh my God I couldn’t even [ __ ] last a few seconds how am I such a failure I already broke it

I promised myself I was going to like not break a single one this time I can’t even do that oh what the [ __ ] oh well they never put the armor Trims on like this level I I feel like there this shouldn’t be that hard take oh yeah yeah P it’s good idea

Everyone makes Muses yeah true yeah see there’s a mistake that wow thanks guys wow that that’s a death message you don’t see every day I’m going to repeat that in my chat damn that does suck though Jojo yeah what the [ __ ] is up with that twindle kid that’s [ __ ] up I’m sorry about

That I fixed it okay I fixed the grave I think maybe I was the one who vandalized it without realizing it I filled in like some dirt that was like displaced or something it looked displaced at least maybe it was like that on purpose damn poor Jeffrey for real

All right we’re going to save the artifacts uh yeah honestly just put a bunch of [ __ ] in here I I don’t need any of this stuff on me for all right signs that say dick it spawn hell yeah it’s what we like to see on this server

My dog what the [ __ ] oh my God it came back after killing whle kid [ __ ] yeah good dog wait that actually was that actually was my dog did it get you oh my God I’m I’m sorry wow now the first time I’ve done archaeology with a dog goddamn

Mouse yeah I think I need to buy a new one you got to go by all right bye rain see you around who assume you’re talking to a other guy I mean you can do a smiley face when you’re saying bye rain it just means you’re you know I don’t

Know wishing me well I don’t know it means you’re gay True all right we’re making a bunch of stone shovels oh not me I don’t need shovels hey welcome back DWI kid man Pepsi is okay Pepsi is so okay so mid it’s it’s not bad by any means you know it’s a soda soda’s cool I guess sometimes but like

H I’m going to taste it again see how how I feel about it okay Pepsi is not bad it’s it’s it’s you know I feel like it says a lot that Pepsi from day one has been a knockoff of Coca-Cola I mean technically not you know cuz it was like Brad’s drink or

Whatever the [ __ ] but like you know Coca-Cola came up with the concept of a cola first it’s called a cola because they used the cola nut Pepsi calling themselves Cola as if that’s just the name for a [ __ ] type of drink like oh my God brown candle

Oh hey free crafting table I didn’t need to make one I guess can you imagine if like actual archaeological dick sites went like this just people like sifting through gravel with their big ah God damn it okay that one would have been hard for me to find though shut up

Man I’m still embarrassed with how I like reacted to that one Connect 4 PVP match night you know I I can’t believe I let some like kid you know make me insecure you know make me being used and like a loose like obviously I don’t blame I’m just saying evil gamebot Arc

True like what the [ __ ] do I care if like somebody’s better at 44 I I swear to God if you surpass me this is the only thing I have being that the having the most deaths on the server if you surpass me in that I I am going to take that

Personally uh but no I like I don’t know I don’t know why why I I care so much whether or not like I’m good at Minecraft PVP true see I’ve played Minecraft for years and I’m still not a professional it’s funny I I’m doing this as like yeah not dwindle I’m talking about

Um that one guy the like uh One V one me on the PVP Legacy I don’t know damn George Washington George Washington ass all right let’s get that from the outside cuz it’s like yeah oo I am starting to get tired that’s not great I why why is

That I shouldn’t be tired that’s not allowed am I having fun I am I’m just really tired I’m not falling asleep because I’m not having fun I’m falling asleep because I uh didn’t get much sleep because I uh I had to wake myself up earlier for like

Something I was hanging out with one of my friends friends and all of my friends have sane person’s sleep schedules you know at least relative to mine so I had to like actually wake up on time oh I know pretty awful it’s all garbage for

Man I should play more I don’t know I think okay so I have a few ideas for like I don’t know streaming ideas for like what I could do I I I’m thinking I might do like months where it’s like this month I do this type of game or I play this

Specific game or something like that you know maybe even just split it into weeks it’s like a smaller thing I don’t think any of my audience would like appreciate it but I think I think I might do like a turn-based RPG month where I just like

Play as many of those as I I can maybe like my birth month because that is like my favorite one of my favorite game genres possibly my favorite oh of course I find Razer now [ __ ] [ __ ] me silence [ __ ] science [ __ ] that makes way more sense that’s the Breaking Bad

Thing I thought I was being told to shut up congrads than be you stand for you the honey [ __ ] 9,000 holy [ __ ] lamp oil rope bombs you want it it’s yours my friend as long as you have enough rubies ooh oh that hurts a little the ones in the houses are the

Ones you don’t want to break either cuz those always have the trims in them speak of the devil okay cool that’s like shaper or whatever yep I hate that I can recognize that ooh it leads into to a cave again it’s kind of nifty wow that this is interesting it like it

Leads into C imagine you know I I want to see like what these look like if they generate in like an open like a fully open cave that’d be cool I want to see that goodbye forever I don’t don’t recreate 911 true that is one of the server rules

That’s true you’re you’re getting banned now dwindle [ __ ] you I I literally it was stated explicitly it was like weirdly explicitly stated for some reason I just had the foresight to add the rule no recreating 9911 um all right and caffeine is [ __ ] it’s supposed to make you more

Energetic or you know keep you from losing energy it doesn’t do anything except give me a headache drink more caffeine [ __ ] you flower mother you know what I’m going to stretch and then we’re going to have energy or something toxic streamer true true I mean my audience is toxic too so

I blame it’s your your guys’s fault hey what’s up popcat just in time to get back for me not talking and stretching for like a few seconds damn I thought I was off camera you can’t change fate my friend true all right maybe I’ll be less tired if

I’m less you know bundled up less cozy I swear I’m not trying to take my uh shirt off on stream on purpose believe me I got nothing to show want I go mining after this sure yeah let’s go mining together might Beach over a true true oo hey there’s there’s other structures

I get to see them it’s so cool ow that did a heart that did like another heart oh that guy’s gonna kill me this is so cool oh my God how am I alive what the [ __ ] there’s an identical one there there’s an identical guy down what the [ __ ] oh my

God that’s a different guy right or is that the same one no it’s it’s they’re just twins they just wore the same outfit how embarrassing wait that is a separate Guy where is it no I think that’s the same guy I think it just has a way of getting around

Somehow oh don’t get blown up the sare is awesome time to piss eat more no kidding okay I can kill this guy now drink more caffeine it’s good for you I’m not a huge caffeine guy but okay no ah [ __ ] 81 deaths that’s a lot of deaths it’s a lot of

Dying I’ve already doubled my like single player world number of deaths that’s [ __ ] see my jet in Minecraft chat I didn’t I saw you talking about 911 Oh you mean like in the Discord server uh also no well if you say so you are my mother I

Guess all right I’m going to brush my teeth soon because I I can’t let this soda sit on my teeth my teeth are like bad enough they’re going to rot out of my face it’s going to be pretty gross do you need it I need it too right

Do you need it it’s good for you need it I need it to love that do you need it it’s good for You that’s right I fell down here then I went this way I guess and I did not go that way then I went this way glad I didn’t lose those armor TS I really should have put them in a chest all right we need some

Coal so we can make more torches so we can not have this issue iron would be ideal too for like I guess so yeah [ __ ] oh what how are you doing that damage what the [ __ ] [ __ ] oh it was multiple zombies like how how the [ __ ] did that guy like hit me that

Hard all right we’re back to boarding boarding oursel in holy [ __ ] that’s what it is that side this time that’s just light all right oh my God true my uncle works it most J this is true it was confirmed oh I wish I had iron it’s all copper now what the [ __ ]

Is wrong with this world bring me back to the good old days wow again this is why I never get elra you can’t count on nobody but your own good self all right this cave is pretty pretty nice it’s pretty convenient you know going to help me out a

Lot T why don’t we eat a little bit more maybe maybe we should eat perhaps maybe that’s an idea Ash right torches whatever a strength spider that guy can [ __ ] me up how much I I’m I’m morbidly curious how much damage it would do to me but no thanks oh

[ __ ] skeleton skeleton skeleton it’s going to be spider it’s spider iron perfect oh my God I needed that thank you cool God is smiling down upon me God is looking down upon me with the look of overall indifference oh my God hey it’s popcat welcome hey

Popcat I got to finish this uh this thing and then we can go mining oh my God a brick honestly if I see junk items I could literally just break the gravel block if I was really like that you know callous I don’t need all this junk I

Could ju I could just destroy it who cares about historical artifacts who gives a [ __ ] you know [ __ ] it just kill it all oh I’m so close to having enough wood damn all right iron pickaxe I’m tired of making like new stone pickaxes every 5 Seconds

You ever think of how you ever think about how weird it is like just the concept of toys I that’s kind of weird that like humans are like I don’t know why are why are like young humans tricked by that why why are like why when we’re kids do we just like

I don’t know we see like a toy and we’re like oh my God what the [ __ ] window kid I you’re not wrong but you’re also out of line going to experiment in Creative all right good luck oh my God she’s she’s going to make a meth lab in

Creative she’s going to make meth in creative mode figure out how to make it in Minecraft finally meth it’s like the image of the guy with the like test tube isn’t semi- Charmed Life about meth the song I’m almost certain it is I think they literally say like

Crystal meth if I if I remember right I I I was just listening to it last night at my work they were playing it uh and I’m pretty sure I heard him say crystal meth and it’s like and I bumped again and I bumped again like you know it it’s it’s it’s

About crystal meth right I I don’t know I feel crazy for thinking that but that’s that’s totally the case right uh want something else to sell to villagers I don’t know I never claimed to be a singer I don’t think I have at least oh my God popcat probably has actual

Resources I always feel bad like breaking the artifacts but I totally could just like every time it starts uncovering something that I don’t want I could just break it it’s always an option I feel like plenty of people do that and then that way you don’t have to

Worry about your brush breaking either [ __ ] there’s the there’s the ones that have to fall those are the ones that I can’t control it’s out of my hands I hate things that are out of my hands hands I don’t don’t apologize man like nobody’s obligated to watch my uh my

Streams I I appreciate you being here um but again if if anyone has to leave for any reason uh it’s totally fine that being said check the viewer count awesome view viewer counts great holy [ __ ] six yeah I’ve never broken a bone in my life

And uh I don’t know I I I don’t intend on uh you know breaking any bones if I can help it sounds very painful just a coal what the [ __ ] armor trim let’s go wayfinder yeah let’s go wayfinder we just need one more just one more holy

[ __ ] it is you can’t be on stream if you do if I do what if I do what stream tomorrow oh yeah that’s fine no I I completely get I I don’t know if I’m streaming tomorrow but holy [ __ ] okay fin finally we’re finding all the gravel yeah no again I I totally

Especially now like I would I would understand it if like you just didn’t want to watch stream that day I get it but like especially like if if you have like a broken leg or like some sort of Life situation like no I don’t care that you

Broke your leg you better be here tomorrow or else I want pictures of Spider-Man on my desk tomorrow morning holy [ __ ] jackpot we just got we got a lot of these and most of them are pointless but you know that that’s something Yahoo all right let’s get these before I break

Them on accident and forget that they’re here oh come on a another wayfinder God damn it hey Jojo what’s going on uh you did not miss much and you you you did not miss much cuz I didn’t stream so you missed nothing what you chose a good

Day to break your leg uh it feels like a pretty horrible thing to say but yeah no I I was not streaming yesterday so you lued out uh sure and somebody’s being being a creep what the [ __ ] dwindle better not be making my uh my viewers uncomfortable arm is a little better

Depends on your break I think yeah I feel like leg would be worse also whenever I go to school people treat me like I’m freaking dying like I just broke my leg Yeah I never got to have people treat me well because I was like I was dying maybe not

Well maybe well is the wrong word but must be nice having people care about you cuz you broke your leg you know I don’t care that you broke your elbow that’s a reference I I’m referencing something thank you oh my God not fast enough how far west what you’re not talking to

Me H it’s mostly just inconvenient at this point feels better when it’s a cast in a cast TBH yeah I would I would imagine your bones not like displaced it’s going to be nice not to downplay the your accomplishment popcat but I feel like getting a like maxed out bow is easier than

Like other things because you can just fish for it but if you didn’t fish that’s impressive you know the stupidest thing is when you you have suspicious gravel anytime you sass me it’ll bring up your death count fair enough damn JoJo you can’t fly in real life only Minecraft and only when you

Have elra equipped everyone knows that come on oops I want something else get me through this you let me and dwindle kill one person without repercussions why why why would you offer me that like that’s stupid I’m just going to die with my elra material possessions mean nothing to me yeah also one more time I get op deal what does that

Mean oh you get op I see I have to op you if I die one more time no because I I am going to die one more time yeah I I get what you mean now like operator that’s that’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard cuz you know I’m going

To die and you’re going to get up that’s just a raw deal for me damn it I thought that was close don’t sass me old man also JoJo you were like the last person I trust with OP if I’m giving op to anyone it’s going to be someone who’s

Too boring to cheat with it I I know if I give you up you’re going to immediately like try to do something interesting with it whereas like I gave it to like f and F’s you know done nothing nugget a it’s a candle you can ban people you don’t like

H I think but butter is technically already soft Bann because they uh everyone’s like the whole Whit list thing I don’t know I don’t remember Sans is banned yeah oh yeah JoJo you missed out on that good news that the one person you didn’t like got banned

So they just so happen to do things that can you birn down his house I guess but make sure it’s a controlled fire I mean I I I don’t know I feel bad about that situation in general I feel like I should have had the rules more laid out I that feels

Like my fault to be honest but he had really really [ __ ] takes about the Russia Ukraine war ah yeah yeah H is it so bad if I unband them I don’t know I felt I also felt pressured into that decision don’t get me wrong like it wasn’t great the whole Russia thing

But I I feel like like everybody was like kind of dog piling on that guy I don’t know I always feel sympathy for people that nobody else sympathize with you know I feel like people were maybe a little bit too harsh on that guy I don’t

Know hey which do you like more chicken tenders or Burgers um chicken tender th% all right Windle wow JoJo’s cheating I can’t believe it let’s [ __ ] go you’re my favorite streamer of all time thanks yeah chicken tendies wow Jojo I can’t believe you would cheat on my server what the

[ __ ] I think I think that thing is technically flagged like a lot of People honestly I don’t I don’t know how you it is it flagged that one guy forget I forget the username but there was like one player who joined who was like actually cuz cuz a lot of it I blame on just like lag Revenge that was it yeah Revenge had

Like a suspicious amount of like stuff but I I can never I can never tell also if it’s like just really bad server lag I don’t know how it actually works yeah flower but you’re good at hiding it so that’s okay you’re allowed to hack if if

You’re good at hiding it if you can get it past me that’s the rule then again I’m I’m really terrible at noticing so I don’t know if that’s fair actually everyone on the server is hacking except you that’s oh my God that’s why I have the the most deaths it all makes sense

Shaper I knew it oh my God I I’m Vindicated finally you had anti I did add anticheat but I don’t think it automatically bans anyone it just tells me someone’s cheating and I can decide what to do from there you hack but you’re just horrible at

It that’s that’s fair dwindle kid I I always knew you were hacking how else could you be so good no other explanation honestly true that’s why the Villager cartel took it away they’re actually uh I I programmed them they’re they’re an AI they’re they’re the enforcers he had an anti-che

I don’t know how to use it please don’t ban me you guys are my only friends no you’re good JoJo that’s sad that we’re your only friends though you need to work on that buddy you go out too much yeah Windle does not have an ego I feel like

Every human has an ego right that’s just like that word just means like what your self-image right yeah dwindle dwindle [ __ ] deserves to have an ego excuse me but if anyone deserves to boast it’s dwindle kid dwindle is doing great imagine going outside could be me that’s why dwindle is so

Good if you want to be good go if you if you want to be good at this game you can’t go outside ever that’s uh Pro tip hey what the [ __ ] hey cut it out no what do you guys oh my God what what are you

Doing time is 30:2 it’s not even it not not even close what where is it getting that it it’s ah why is it like the servers in Illinois in Chicago Illinois like I I don’t why would the time be like 3:00 a.m. there’s a bed I like this

Area oh my God it’s Ethan I mean money man 220 5 uh no sorry I’m I’m I’m going out to get a feather okay somebody already got this all right byebye please eat yeah fair enough I wish zombies still drop feathers feathers are kind of hard to get when you actually need them

Why do I need feathers for uh brush for a brush so I can do the archaeology oh God I’m getting tired what the hell I feel like I’m going to pass out I I did not get enough sleep tonight to be fair iron there’s an iron farm holy [ __ ] should make life

Easier [ __ ] you bird not even a feather I don’t know why I’m searching the tiger that’s where the chickens are likely to be killed you got fancy food from the hospital hell yeah hell yeah gamer give me feathers please here’s the beach the beach is

Cool all all right I need that’s a river god damn it I need feathers if I can get a shipwreck damn I should break my leg so I can get fancy food that seems worth it oh suspiciously gunpowder shaped stomach I don’t know where the gunpowder

Went give me a chicken please for the love of God Fox you have a chicken you don’t [ __ ] you oh my God why the [ __ ] am I so tired like I I get that I missed out on sleep but come on what the hell oh my God I hate chicken

What what is what are the odds of that chicken this must be how oh my God I got have four chickens in a row without feathers that that’s insane ah this is how the my ancient H hunger gather ancestors must have felt oh my God ow there isn’t like a carbon monoxide leak

In my house is there the [ __ ] I feel so tired and we’ loop back around somehow that’s cool oh my God that’s a lot of Health to lose from a Barry Bush are you kidding me it’s insane do I even have a base yet Brian I I

Don’t I’m working on it okay I’m doing so much work on it all right I’m going to stretch or something holy [ __ ] for spe y he all right I’m back yeah I feel like if I had a base I wouldn’t die so much for oh stream crash what oh sorry um I was

Also thinking about it it also makes sense he has 50 of those suits and 50 of those hats with how many times George like ruins them and he just like like is wearing the same one in the next episode he has stream’s still down the hell there we go yeah it’s working again

Cool nice seven viewers that that is excellent holy [ __ ] mine’s a black screen that’s cuz you I banned it from you’re banned from watching my channel it’s true you have to get rest so your broken arm can heal it’s leg I broken leg God damn it I’m I’m

I’m like somebody’s out of touch like dead beat dad it was it was your arm you broke right oh your leg Yeah I knew that that’s that’s me right now what was your birthday uh uh June 22nd oh it was July 7 17th oh I see C

I think that’s enough coal I don’t need to get the rest of that for a second I was like Oh no I got to go back and get my stuff before it despawns then I remembered I went to spawn of my own bition I actually walked

To spawn I didn’t just die and appear there it’s crazy I I actually walked there dwindle why do you waste your life hypocrite true I can’t change dwindle oh I should have brushed my teeth when I was gone oh well I’ll get around to it eventually

All right do we have copper we do pause for weeping Edge sounds slightly echoey and it wasn’t echoey before Oh I know why God damn it yeah I I’m getting used to having audio input capture or not the the I I have like window capture and then headphone capture is that

Better or is it like my mic that sounds echoe ha penis yeah that’s a good one ah I’m going to break another one in there there’s nothing I can do about it that’s frustrating I hate I hate how it does that it like I can’t even control it

Better is yeah it was well game audio was echoey but you’re going to go all right bye dwindle kids oh I feel bad cuz I promised to mine with popcat but I’m I’m feeling like oddly tired also I got to use the bathroom so I’m at

Least going to take like a like BRB you know break I think I should take breaks more often I think that’s that’s a big thing like I I really don’t take like any breaks while I’m streaming and that’s kind of I okay that wasn’t my

Fault that one was not my fault that one specifically L do I have a bed okay some bed cool hey check it out my bricks if I got TNT would that make this faster check me out noticing that before I broke it look at that do you have the gamer skill to do

That I don’t think so I didn’t think so I knew I was disconnected all right Wonder durability check it out H the shovel breaking noise always freaks me out a candle I thought it was an armor [ __ ] you oh my God last one last one please please

Please ah razor I already have that one I think all right Gamers I I’m G have to go AFK to like uh use the bathroom because that’s the thing humans have to do apparently all right I’ll I’ll be back I think I’m I’m just going to pause I’m G

To do like the BRB screen on my stream all right then we’ll we’ll just we’ll just change this text real fast I think it’s funny if it’s like there we go we’ll play some music because you all are little babies and you can’t handle just five hours of silence or whatever I don’t

Know I didn’t capture the whole thing all Right N N N N N E E To W E E all right is any music playing I think I think the music stopped yeah I think my my playlist ran out D hey what’s up welcome back Gamers all right I’m back I’m back at it again it ended just as you came back damn I that was on purpose yeah yeah you

No of course no I timed it that way what what do you mean haha oh yeah yeah you know it damn it yeah I always I always hate when like this is why you don’t tell anyone you’re using the bathroom cuz then they’ll like time it and they’ll be like Oh but yeah I’m going to get all the armor trims we’re going to get all the [ __ ] hey there we go yeah Pottery let’s go creeper I could use these oh you got two more K hell yeah oh what what kinds what what do they look like is that a [ __ ] Warrior Cat’s

Reference I legitimately don’t know but that sounds like a warrior cats thing flame point or is that a legitimate like normal cat term oh is that is that a [ __ ] let’s see razor wayfinder host host host nope razor okay that sounds like a warrior C that sounds a that sounds like a Warrior

Cat’s character not sure if you know what that is popcat but it’s like a book series candle H the candle always tricks me I always think oh armor Tri no magenta stained glass pain excellent you looking it up yeah yeah I I don’t know it’s it’s very it feels very much

Like a weird kid like book series it feels like the like fell off after the first few Saga is interesting I uh I’ve never read it no I grew up on real [ __ ] like the B Bionicles books or a Dear Dumb Diary ah it is it is again I wonder why it

Plays it like I feel like you would think it play it would play like in perfect sync right like you think that’s how it would work but I don’t know maybe you wouldn’t think that maybe you’re smart and you don’t think that but I think that I would think just having two

Sources would like be fine but but it isn’t the problem is having headphone capture is legitimately useful for like some games but not most of them all right all right ooh Castle you’ll have to show me that I’ll have to show myself that going a freaking bed all right fair

Enough hey what’s up don’t mind me a very nice very nice I I like the floor pattern oh hell yeah hell yeah I see why you get attacked by 50ps holy [ __ ] I wonder is this the one that I found is this the Cherry biome that I

Found or is it a different one there are plenty of Chariot biomes in the world I don’t know I wasn’t here I was never here um wait oh [ __ ] well see if you give me something it’ll be me exploiting my but sure sure I mean I could have walked here

Anyways it just would have taken forever ah new moon oh nice thank you to be honest I if this were like earlier I would have cared about handouts I legitimately cannot bring myself to give a [ __ ] about handouts at this point I’m like okay I’m tired of [ __ ] grinding like constantly yeah

This is is nice I’ve gotten over myself thank you flower mother appreciate it have have a good rest sleep whatever you know armor so you stop dying good night everyone yep good night flow mother nice nice w Ethan let’s go that’s fine everyone’s doing better than me that’s fine I’m okay with that

I’m at peace with that yeah it’s fine finally have armor I hopefully I shouldn’t die as much dead Bush Yahoo I’m so lucky hot oh music music disc okay that’s that’s cool enough I probably lost the last one I got anyways damn I got two viewers all right I hate to two viewers

Yeah I I hate to seem like you know corporate or cash grabby or what you know greedy but I I might end stream here just to save my [ __ ] analytics so I can get affiliate nothing person Know I’m just waiting for you yeah I’ll I’ll still go mining with you popcat just not on stream and also I don’t know if I’m overreacting like it could be the case that somebody like joins later on in stream but to be honest I’m not really

In the mood to make like those Gam at this moment so I think I think uh I think that’s going to be it for today I think that’s it for today’s stream yeah thanks thanks for watching the people who did it’s like a 2 hour 40 minute stream you know that

Something yeah yeah all right good night Gamers goodbye goodbye I’ll I’ll see you later popcat I’ll I’m going to keep playing I just yeah hey if you if you want to see me like play this game uh go on the server I don’t know that sounded like passive

Aggressive I didn’t mean that in like a like mean tone of voice I just like yeah all right

This video, titled ‘Scrambling for control of the armor trim market on my public Minecraft server’, was uploaded by GameBotPocket on 2024-03-04 04:07:26.
It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds.

If you want access to the server ask me for whitelist. IP: I do read YouTube chat but cannot display it on …

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    ULTIMATE MINECRAFT SOLO STREAM! JOIN NOW 🔥🎮 #TurniPalsVideo Information This video, titled ‘English Minecraft : 👍 Good stream | Playing Solo | Streaming with Turnip’, was uploaded by MEDEIROS MEDEIROS on 2024-01-12 06:45:10. It has garnered 1 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:17:48 or 1068 seconds. let’s play Minecraft: https://profile.turnip.gg/1TdKKQfZd1HcbpX57 Thank you for watching my Minecraft stream. And for all the support you are showing! 🔥, If you liked my stream, please like and subscribe. It motivates me a lot. 🙂 And share my channel with your game friends. 🙂 See you on my next stream!!!, Become a star streamer – https://get.turnip.gg/become-star-streamer… Read More

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  • JoinCraft

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