Ultimate Minecraft 1.20.4 Adventure

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Hello hello I think everything should be working early stream today or earlier stream today cuz College in the afternoon and then I just finished my last assignment work before having to do finish of the day so we’re back on this again continuing from yesterday uh yeah I Bally just trying to get

Through to-do list shall we CU this to-do list is going to take me a while we get firstly so hello welcome to the stream hello J cheese OB here from right so why did I leave off to yesterday okay uh right what thing I’m going to add on here and

Uh I’m just going to put one these back on because I thought going be any streaming early yes I am streaming early because usually i’ have my girlfriend over until 9: but today I don’t tomorrow I will so tomorrow is going to be a later stream Wednesday I won’t Wednesday

And Thursday I won’t be streaming all and if I do stream again it’ll probably be Friday and it’ll be later on again so yeah actually put some Tores on here be nice right okay so let’s look at this armor so what I missing I need a farm for that for the

Find for I think I got that yesterday actually uh let me Che next stream Friday the next stream from now next stream from now will be tomorrow it’ll be late tomorrow out face no no we go so next stream will be tomorrow evening and then past that point it will

Most likely be Friday evening because I my friends doing coding like nor do right oh yeah F in all these spots uh oh yeah Hector I know if if you can still hear me while you’re doing a raid um remember how long it took me yesterday to get a protection 4

Book it took a very long time I think it took roughly about 30 35 minutes of Non-Stop sing out a villager for a uh a prop 4 book it was a very long time yes you remember well after you left the stream not long after that I think it was

About 10 minutes after you left the stream I was going for the feather falling 4 book if you remember so I was going for feather falling 4 and in the process of getting feather falling 4 I found another prop four book within that 10 minutes and it was like a quarter of

The price so I killed the old villager and uh I got I got the new one the the old villager that that sold me the prop for 4 but for 45 emeralds I got rid of him and locked in one that SES me one for like 27 I think it is now or

Something which is just ridiculous it’s just nuts at how how long it took me to get that book and then I just get one that’s like half the price like bro hell very boring day college today that’s why I’ve decided to come on and do a stream cuz well I can’t be honest

To do anything else but so [ __ ] it I might do a valance stre R pending half you cuz I need to S into I’m practicing for Wednesday I got my tournament match on Wednesday Together forever why is need some wood for emeralds yeah okay welcome to the stream monkey uh I also I also wonder why your name isn’t monkey on YouTube but I guess it’s what we call isn’t it not your actual name to be thee on fire cuz I don’t want to chop it

Down I do not want to chop that tree down so a is another the big tree is no I refuse I think be up that’s it that’s all I’m taking the rest of it can Bur I know I’ll try and change I me it’s fine if not it’s fact that it’s just I’m

I’m used to calling you monkey so un identifying rat is a bit you know I’m not not used to it but there I on fire this is where we get pass me while you better try again I know I have a light but I’m going up this way because I’m going to

Try and get rid of it without causing too much of a mess Minecraft is so relaxingly stressful yeah can agree yeah oh watch I getting up here without causing as much destruction and end up causing more I want leave one bit of obsidian there and

I guess I’ll just C the rest of cob Stone this is where it starts this is where uh everyone had a good day I guess so trying to start some conversations up while I’m mining away this Cobblestone waterfall I’ve made yeah so that’s good to hear good to hear say college today was extremely boring and I couldn’t be bothered still

Did it like the work the As and everything but Jesus Christ I’d rather do anything else K himself I do the same if I had someone chasing me down trying to steal a totem I’d probably do the same thing I just jump up and kill myself not letting them get the

Satisfaction of killing me I do anything for col to fair I didn’t want to but in the end I ended up doing it anyway because it was just like the the better thing to do shall I say so I I did it anyway cuz it was like I was sat watching

YouTube most of the time but then like re would say oh yeah do a task and I just get the task done cuz it would it would just like it’s so much more worth it just getting it done so I did yep completely normal oh that’s caught by

It that is just the most normal thing I’ve seen all day is the wood going to get destroyed or is the fire going to get put out what’s the predictions which is going first the Fire or the wood we’ll find out in a Second so either I’m going to have I’m going to have a a random FL piece of wood or it’s just going to be nothing there depending on which this it decides that should be the Cobblestone clear up can you stop please oh gone the the fire

One what I’m going to do means I’m going to uh yes Lo three I need some more Gunpowder a nice no no no no no okay okay Jesus Cal down man that b hurs a lot I can already tell tell it’s that bow it’s going to hurt yeah be funny see take this guy out nice I need more gun powder not eight not

B the witch over here uh I guess I’m just going to bom Rush the witch nice them off actually know actually take them cuz they don’t have any yet that oh missed oh no no no no no no children no children God damn it children no

The most scary thing you’ve seen in the game a child why is a chicken now end Creeper Creeper Creeper come here run nice there’s end stay alive CU I really cannot bother going TR c kid zom enemy very true zombies are always what the hell are you Doing I want 10 gunpowder that’s not too bad I’m just going to run through the middle of this field here see find any more these things I love to get that creeper but there’s a chain full chain mail skeleton gold suck s that skeleton P oh P gentleman

Fair enough it’s not bad too Fair it’s a nice name come on nice nice I will take this chain armor cuz getting chain mail is not easy oh it’s Traer sry TR stop playing Purple Cactus nothing useful show something useful don’t use that you knock your out clean stupid what the

What N I ain’t dealing with that what the hell what the hell is that you concern me oh so you run run run no spider you can affect llama Spit with your hands I did not know that away away Nice smoke no ow okay don’t try what I just did there cuz it hurts come on come spider jocky oh no ow ow D Ass miss one shot die don’t you start first being is what you get being useless [ __ ] you oh aey not to me nope free me trade alarm

Villager H don’t even no stop it stop it what sort what ench you got a p sharpness hurts children [ __ ] not a child oh God yeah I’m hey creeper oh [ __ ] goodbye disappear ow you have a bow and AR it’s Enchanted please don’t hurt me ah die dumb ass oh de

Oh John SE his ass I don’t want to fight you you no don’t no don’t just stop finish the r I’m just Scar the sh on the three vectors yeah that’s normal I think the night’s over which means I got my not g p a lot of 19

Honestly not too bad I’ll take that yeah H burn [ __ ] burn oh creeper ow why are you always spawning in full gold armor why I don’t want to deal with you yeah bread yeah H the bread yeah I’m I’m Bre Bre Bre I’m imagine getting hit killed by Bread couldn’t be

Me going to keep it spawn he well that’s not too bad I’ve been to this before spider thank you for your service goodbye I’ve arrived welcome Zach you still alive this cursed being excuse me sir I don’t know what you are what what are you take some what are you what is this

Oh miss [ __ ] it come here go in this hole go in the hole in the hole ow go in the hole over there come on get in the hole I’m not dying to this no I don’t want to die this thing the only should that survived the murder standing there menacingly

Give me Mr skeleton all ah I got him in the hole no stop Hey ow what am I meant to do about this guy I’m getting pinged on Discord Jesus called stream some mod m what’s going in chat just now forever it’s not just you J on Discord

It’s also my cousin if wants to do uh a modern Minecraft stream and I said not right now but I might do later my’s going to die soon as well you sir yep very fitting when to something yeahor his you should give him a name tag maybe

One day but I think for now because he picked up my my head I think he’s just going to stay there I H despawn I don’t think he’ll despawn ah I have an idea that’s good D it yep really go in hi mate come here get in the mineart this

Guy oh I forgot I have this ow get in the mine get in the mine get in the mine get in the mine get in the mine get in the mine get in this sir please get in the mine cart get in take it

Out like an you see like iron or of a diamond or D yeah God sake I leave diamond is best true very true least you’re not going to get a limited back Jesus this guy is making my life so difficult go just stay in the hole just

If you despawn you despawn I can’t be bothered just stop I’m feeling like the honored one a group of P just spawned again but there was a cool down by so I can’t start raid oh yeah netherite is good don’t get me wrong but it’s you need so many diamonds

Now to make netherite is ridiculous okay right what was I doing I totally forgot cuz I got sidetracked uh first all probably make some bread cuz yeah uh also I need to make some fireworks SP armor the chain goes like that we back into here make some paper not all of it into

Paper cuz I need some sugar cane left Farm you in my opin we never need netherite I mean it’s true but I do like the fact that there’s now something on top of diamond now that brother fire off from 2016 mod was the best you a bit about some weird yeah

About Emerald emerald armor um you if you ever seen like crazy craft or anything like that they had like ultimate armor and ultimate or and stuff I got another message best Minecraft why you got a message about a Minecraft Rainbow armor yeah if you’ve ever

Seen uh say you ever seen like um Crazy Craft WS likely we a chiseled copper stairs yeah true it’s just the longest thing in the game by far I can go shov a head to my collection yeah this is the Villager that overpriced me for my

Emerald from my prop four books so he he learned his lesson um right let’s go and trade then shall we I like how they still made Diamond use instead of need eight netherite in say you need a lot of netherite to make an Ingot to make it an upgrade but

Also you now need to make need more diamonds now as well because it’s like you need an upgrade trim or an upgrade plate and to duplicate then need seven diamonds per duplicate which is ridiculous need more stick to doing that give me a second buddy have

SS I hardcore all together I don’t like hardcore as much as Everyone likes hardcore they like the all the hardcore stuff I don’t like it because I like being risky and doing stupid stuff and obviously with hardcore I can’t do that because I get punished I know how I’ve heard that yeah

Hardcore is com to bedro the only thing is I don’t like hardcore like I’ve never liked it because of the fact that it’s just so like reliant on you need to stay alive early game and then once you get past the early game then it’s you know

Or get a raid farm and get infinite totems and then that’s it yeah there’s more I mean there’s already multiplayer hardcore now it’s just the fact that it’s you have to host a server on Java and it’s just a bit me still I don’t like it that much I

Prefer to do a normal survival or a heavily moded like a fun Modded Survival cuz like I’ve seen like uh if I I think I’d have fun doing like a modded one uh but it’s like you know like like a mod called like PCO and immersive portals and stuff like that where you

Can just change your size or like uh a size changer mod where you can change your size and you can Al like a shape shift like a mo a mo mod that’ll be fun to do a stream on I think I’m planning I’m thinking of getting some whatever

What was the video title that we made years ago Minecraft series I honestly don’t remember I think you um I think yours was meeting Betsy and I can’t remember what uh I called mine how much did I give me a second guys hold on or just about that I’m

Back I’ve got some Curry next to me and I just have to go and grab it right what I doing right going to check for how much I need from the feather falling book falling B this one 31 I’m so close yet so far over here and just mine some more wood

I just need enough to get uh that yeah that’s definitely enough you never D with those TOS about say once I get once I get a bit further in the world I get towards end game I’m going to make a raed farm and then I’m just going to have infinite totems so

Dying would just never happen right where are these guys here nice you for the point4 fine Okay all right so I got that what am I missing so prop for mending feather falling for Soul Speed 3 to get the maxed out boots so these feather falling mending Soul Speed 3 prop four those are the four books I need to max out those

Boots yep that should be fine El I think I’m putting on breaking for on that as well I I kept my favor villagers in my basement I keep my FV I give space that’s fair I don’t care about giving them space they they work to give me

Stuff so you know what yeah so that’s two that’s 12 why is that 12 four two but why is it so expens we got two four four okay four nine 50 why 15 Jesus I reckon we both host server where we let anybody who seems responsible to

Join and see who can build the coolest bigger things a bit like hermitcraft but open to viewers that could be a cool idea to be fair um I reckon we get more popularity on Bedrock because from what I’ve seen on here cuz I’m already planning on making a survival

Think it’s j Hector and Emily but it’s going to be a survival so it’s going to be survival it’s going to be Bedrock I believe that’s what we’re doing because Hector’s Bedrock Emily’s Bedrock she plays on PS4 and then J’s buying it for both I mean if monkey if you want to

Join too that I’m more than F we’ll just keep adding more I can get Minecraft on April 10th that’s bit far away but he well right I guess we’ll do the nine first that’s expensive though to be fair and now I need 18 right a chees want to Jo too everyone

Can join if they want to as long as like obviously we’re going to have some base rules on the server so no griefing no no being a [ __ ] shall we say in in nicest way just basically just don’t don’t be dumb but oh No Stealing no griefing have a nice a nice server

Obviously okay want me to try setting up a comp server right now um yeah if you want to try and set it up it won’t be it won’t be launched until uh probably like a week or so’s time I don’t know when when was it I don’t know when J is getting Minecraft

At the moment I don’t know if if cheese has it I know J said he’s getting it on I think it was the 8th of March so it’ll probably start then if that’s something you don’t want to do cheese has it okay soit it it just be Jad in for and monkey

Can join at a later date uh what ly can join ear ler dat once we’ve got the um once he’s got Minecraft himself but we’re waiting for jar and then we’ll start it obviously once we start this new server I will still stream my single player world this world isn’t going to

Die out anytime soon I will do uh I will do that if you’re going to send ideas that’s fine I’m just going to mute the conversation for an hour so I don’t get the pings that’s fine though oops do oh well B my food start yeah okay right so my

Idea will most likely be that I’m going to um I’m going to work on I think probably the Enderman Farm cuz like as much as I I like having like all these ref that shouldn’t be too hard to finish that’s I’ve got a schematic four that I’ve got a schematic four that I’ve

Got schematic 4 these two are not even things for it that I can just look up a video should take me like 25 30 minutes 4,000 v-bucks spell for B pass in fortnite fair enough you do you I’m about I’m not really I don’t really like

Fortnite it the game the only time the game was fun recently was when they brought back OG season soon as they removed OG season it’s it’s gone again Then it’s like oh yeah we’ll be added you know Lego fortnite and rocket racing and Rhythm whatever it is and I’m just like no just just no and especially Battle Royale I do not want to play Battle Royale ever again really fortnite Battle Royale is just

That it’s it’s no what ble Royale is just full of like young kids screaming and being toxic and being sweaty and it’s just not fun you play fortnite to piss out with your mates but if you have no mates then yeah Festival is the best

Mode in in my opinion the best modes go uh Festival uh it goes Festival uh Lego for the sandbox then racing and then Battle Royale I don’t I just don’t like Battle Royale Festival is the best mode especially because of the fact that I’m really good at Rhythm games so yeah yeah

Right one plan plan uh first of all a good plan is going to be restocking my armor zero build cry so if I was to play for again I’d probably just hop on zero build as it’s literally the best mode because it’s just there’s no people just

Seeing you and instantly cranking like a million 90s if you get what I mean it’s just the most the most calm version of that Mode right okay let’s think right what I’m going to do is uh what I’m going to do guys let me join call in like 30 45 minutes yeah that’s fine uh what I’m going to do is I’m going to uh first of all we continue our music because that’s start to pause

Itself uh I’m going to get some I’m need some more of my food and um yeah so I’m I’m going to eat some more my food because well why not uh it’s next to me I’m going to eat it I’m also going to look up a

Um I’m also going to look up an Enderman farm so I can get the materials and build it because I really need XP cuz that’s L all I’m missing right now for my for my stuff I need XP to enchant a diamond helmet so I can combine it with

That one I need XP to combine those two and then that’s fully maxed out cuz so far what I’ve got on it prop for death three and falling four okay so I can take off that cuz I’ve got that take off that cuz I’ve got that all I’m missing is literally

Uh Missing Jesus Christ uh Soul speed there you go there that the end farm you built on our last server with the lads was fire yeah I remember doing that because I was the only person who could actually like sit down and put the ls into Builder farm so

I just did I’ll probably get that video up again to be fair it’ll probably appear my recommended as like the best Enderman farm so I’m missing these three books but I can always buy another mending book and Aquin respiration is not too hard I think out of all of these I’m missing

Levels uh yeah so levels and then this I think that’s going to be the hardest one because I’ve got to go to an ancient city for it and I really don’t want to like I’m I’m talking I really don’t want to go out to an ancient city right now

It’s it’s going to kill me but yeah so what I’m going to do is pause this change over from Minecraft to display capture M there we go let just get this up so you can see uh YouTube right what I’m going to do is Ender Farm 1.20 Java there we

Go 2.4 best design is is the exact same as the one that I made I I reckon it’s still the exact same one I made uh oh God not port radio Z I hope you know I listened to that entire 10 hours like I’m not even joking I listen

To the entire 10 hours because I felt like it right let’s see there’s definitely one that I’ve watched before I just can’t remember I think it was that one was it what do you think the 5 Mark I can’t see what it says behind that what do you

Think the 5 Mark are you about the Easter egg you want about the Easter egg that uh they give you about the not an Easter egg here kind of thing if if you’re about that then yeah sorry it was it’s funny point I really don’t care about

Their pearls I care about the XP medium this seems about right okay that’s not too difficult a bunch of blocks I have I have a ton of uh leaves yep LS fences fence carpet that’s not too hard I can know she some sheep bunch of redstone components but I

Think that’s probably the hardest thing so far the ender pearl I’ve got that already as well which is nice don’t if we refer the same thing let’s let’s have a look it will probably will be on my hom page yep there it is let’s see if we refer to the same

Things like are you want about this thing hey yo that if you have then yes I have uh I have I have listened to this entire thing there are no Easter eggs up here go away no it’s not I’m glad you don’t know what I’m referring to honestly yeah

That’s fine fair enough but right so what I’m going to do is I am going to uh mute my microphone I am going to mute my microphone so that I uh so you can’t hear me I’m just going to let this video play out so you can see what I roughly

Have to do when I get on the world while eat my food I apologies but I’m just going to leave this to run my you lot uh like this let me join call all you’re not fair f fair enough fair enough I’ll I’ll call you now hello hello

Hello good evening I’m not even on my computer right now I could tell you’re on your phone it sounds a lot worse than you know a microphone just give me a second my computer I’m glad you wasn’t aware of the portal music about I know there was a Easter

Egg in the one iist listen to the 10 hour one and I just yeah I’m going to send you a link so you can watch it but I I don’t I don’t recommend watching it on stream I probably won’t but I mean you can decide you can decide right oh

I’m going to mute up in Discord and on stream uh I’m and I’m going to let this video play in the background feel free to entertain everyone I guess hell yeah I will do that all right let me switch over on my on my computer

Oh that’s fine right um speak yeah see a bit stream yes now I can take over I I am I am hold up let’s me have a look at the chat real quick let me see what y fellas are saying see ha hello everybody yes hello Hector hello

Oh how is everyone doing today yes hello J nice to see nice to see everyone is being cheese man hello hello Emily oh loveely Community ow hell no I a dealing with that um how are you my M my see I was I’m thinking right soon as

I’m going to be um some other guy says EA Sports It’s in the game thank you thank you um so soon as I’m going to be making the server for you for you all for everyone here today I just wondering right because I am going to I’m going to

Make it compatible for boat why am I so quiet let me let me see if I can turn myself maybe Tyler has me turned down I don’t I don’t know um I don’t does everyone else in become quiet or am I okay no it was you okay all

Right so I’m going to make it compatible for the Bedrock and Java so everybody can join every everyone ever on on computer Xbox PlayStation Nintendo Switch Mobile everyone’s getting a chance to join don’t don’t don’t you all worry about that I’m going to sort something out yeah hell yeah everyone’s getting

Hype yeah that’s how that’s what I like to see I’m going to do it right now I’m going to do it right now I’m going to let like the process I got to let it cook I don’t know how much it’s going to cost me but it doesn’t matter because

You’re mean so much to me you don’t I’m not putting a price on any of you I never never let’s have a look have a cheeky little Ganda a b of of this a bit of that if you have Minecraft on switch you could you might be able to join I I’ll

Try and sort it out for you all don’t worry about it I just realized the video that he’s playing in the background doesn’t even have any nights so yeah Dam hell oan hello is that ocean I see is that the man the myth I believe it is I believe

So why is it not let me sign up what it what what is it doing ocean my guy hello it’s been a while um okay what are we wanting the server to be called come on let’s get some brainstorming ideas what what what should This Server be Called could could be a many many things Cosby land that’s a that’s a good name that’s pretty good uh TR of think CU because if this is like um say say the Maui Maui Mansion the founding fathers that is a good one pretty good see C him P yes

Yes I like these these brain Tommy ideas these are good the this is good going to see what Tyler thinks when he gets back see see what he thinks should be violent Village yeah neither can I he it that’s why I’m I’m putting it in your hands I’m terrible at coming up with

Names all right um hello oh Tyler hello me and your chat’s just brainstorming ideas for a server name all right what we thinking so we’ve got Cosby land the founding fathers violent Village the planet ocean said the plantation Jesus Um I see I want something that will include everybody not just like yeah I something that I’ll have variety means everyone can join or every every trust every trustable yeah there will obious be rules which I’ll probably put in like a description or something that people can read before we

Join yes exactly by the way um I’ve just I I only realized earlier I’m not even in the Discord server which one the uh one that like J and stuff I I can add you to that uh it’s called Minecraft which is basically called is me Hector Emily J and I’ll add

You yes and also I think monkey whatever his name monkey that’s that’s that’s the guy that says that’s the gentleman guy oh gentleman so I a fan of monkeys so one of my favorite animals ever and cheese you forgot cheese and cheese too yeah I need to add them to

Friends though before I can even miners SMP now I’m not going to lie Hector that is not a very good name well I mean it’s not a very good name until you really realize how put most of them are no just the word miners just doesn’t seem like a good idea Uh I sent both of you a friend request uh cheese and uh monkey I send both you to the request so I can add you to the group chat Wicky feet okay okay gentlemen we go oh oh I am in oh it’s a group I

Thought it was a server we haven’t got a server unless unless we’re going to make a server for it then for now yeah yeah all that J mix J makes all the servers so we’ll just let him get that I will um yeah Mincraft Mincraft everyone everyone

Always says Min mcraft m mcraft whatever Hector is in English where is is Hector heor is uh it was from can’t remember exactly where he said it was from but I think he said he was um I don’t even remember Malaysian how was it Malaysian yeah he hect Malaysian the rest was Engish

Hector is the only one here who’s not the same time zone Malia that’s pretty cool oh J has created the server what I’m going to do I’m going to leave this on that screen and we’re going to swap back to Minecraft that I’ll let Zach be in charge of

Reading chat while I watch the um the video to get the mat teals for this Farm oh yeah oh God I’m going to have to mute This Server I’ll Join This Server too but I’ll also mute it for a bit mute for 3 hours we

Go this R the rules are that J said don’t be a piece of [ __ ] the rues don’t be a piece of [ __ ] yeah that’s that’s that’s about it if don’t be a dig yeah gentlemen I am I am Zach Zoro is Zach that is me hello is that monkey gentleman is monkey

Uh can you be a donkey not a pig what does that imply I don’t know monkey you’re you’re not okay on earth does that imply why would have be rather be a donkey than a pig what I don’t know right I’m going to get to collecting all of these materials

So uh we can fit in a shle no can fit in two sh boxes okay that’s fine I’ve got twox right here so for the first sh box I just need a a thre Leed fish I think a two legged fish would be strange enough got two exra three that it would

Be an unbalanced fish three of these and extra ST how have to hop everywhere uh I also need two stacks of leaves oh [ __ ] can I tell you I always check the creepers oh oh no that I always always check for creepers and they always get

Me [ __ ] sake he didn’t tell me I lost anything useful no you didn’t I got both shers um oh no I did bookshelves God’s sake oh my God my bloody bookshelves man I need to really light up this area here because people keep spawning and it’s just an absolute nightmare I even cheed

Around he wasn’t there but he he was as well it’ll be fine you didn’t really lose anything that no I know I didn’t lose much but just a pain in the ass to get these shells back um T do you want to know fun fact

Go on my friends do you know you know Oscar yeah Friends by the way stream his Nan’s dog actually got hit by a train by a train yeah it got hit by a train but it survived it survived and now it’s it got hit by like four or five years ago maybe

Uh and now it just has three legs so every time I go to my friend’s house and I see his dog it’s just just hopping about everywhere I always make it sit down and I got po oops sorry Jesus Christ it’s quite funny just seeing a like a

Dog no no no the dog loves me unbalanced dog yes exactly the dog walks like a wheelbarrow let’s just put it that way oh my God he just hobbled on his front legs PR it just slides across the floor rabbit funny rabbit it’s a

Rabbit we pass a leg with a wheel no cuz it’s funny seeing him limp Jesus funny man funny guy the dog really trained his feet oh so what the how many rose bushes Jesus Christ C here not need that much red to my Bedroom ow okay give me the books how many do I need again one two 3 four I need five bookshelves I think I can afford five yeah I can got my book back 1 two three four five I can hear my dog having a seizure downstairs or something what’s wrong with him

Seizure it’s not actually all right there we go okay I like how J put in the rules don’t make fun of people badly like he clarified not to you’re allowed to make fun of people just not badly rules don’t be annoying or rude don’t make fun of people badly be respectful no

Yeah I mean what’s it called the um the what no jar monkey and cheese are all and Emily are all part of the server of me I’ve seen into it uh I know especially if J monkey and another person called bear that we know all of them get into arguments all the time

Well like genuine they they argue all the time with each other to the point where like this server just gets disbanded or something it’s just like one we need two stacks of leaves that’s fine I’ll just gra the Cherry leaves I’ve got this time I’m just going to

Check before look in the Shar boxes to make sure I don’t get blown up again cuz I don’t want to have to repair this this is not what I want to deal with right okay yeah um a stack of ladders why what why I don’t want to have to craft a stack of

Ladd nine 48 I’m not I’m not too far off 51 uh7 I 63 wal more wmart go oh I had oh I already had like 39 laders in the chest [ __ ] sake blow me out I am stupid oh well I guess I I guess I have a lot of laders

Now oh it’s fine cuz I just need I just need 32 fences as well let me check do have any fences okay I have one fence ass uh we want it all be playing on the most recent server like the recent version of yeah probably 1.2.4

Yeah you are you saying if it’s a uh ja Bedrock compatible then that means I can put my mods on on my quient side mods anyway so like my so like my essentials and my like M and stuff maybe I don’t 32 i’ used Too Much Wood

No oh Essentials X is the essential plugin for Minecraft servers so I can do that 31 I need 32 uh we could do yeah but is it just because of the fact that uh I I like use I’ve been using essential a lot recently OB because obviously on my world I’m not

On at the moment in the description of my stream I’ve got the mods of got included mods installed sodium look sodium is just like like sodium yeah it’s basically no sodium sodium is just like a Bowman’s boost it makes the game Run better like you can see in the distance

Itun light I’ve never heard of that before schematics it allows me to it allows me to use my magic wand also another stick and if you see in the bottom left but yeah in the bottom left we’ve got like a a stick that allows me to paste schematics and stuff so then

You can build cool stuff yeah cuz then I can blueprint that I get to place anywhere which is nice see I’m just if it’s both bedrock and Java I’m not I’m not sure we can add mods uh well I don’t think it be mods I think it would just

Be like a client all these mods I’m using now not really like all these I’m using now a client sides cuz this load I started in full vanilla like the only thing I had was OptiFine then I removed OptiFine out of these mods in nothing changed the only thing that’s changed

Now I can pay schematics and the game runs smoother and then OB essenti by what do you mean by client side like no one else can see what I do so ah unless you have an essential installed no one can see my my OptiFine would be client side yes OptiFine is

Client side yeah so kind of like resource packs then so I’m sure it should be allowed it’s just it’s still on my PC that’s how it Works what are you on Forge right now uh fabric fabric the server would be running off of paper like paper bucket that should be

Fine I think are you using a turn off or you using one uh I’m using Aaron which is the paid version oh right so then we get better like trunk loading and frames and stuff yes CU our experience with um a turn not is not the best I’m just looking it it

Says Fabric and quilt and Forge and stuff is used for mods and then you’ve got like buckets spigot paper purple I why spig raal word now spigot is another word for a tap I think like a like a for it up also like I hope you know that

The the farm that I’m getting now or the farm preparing is the exact same as the um one I made on the lad server oh no way yeah it it’s still very effective to this SP cuz it still gets your crap ton of end that’s pretty cool Hello sheep

Please give me your wool I need carpets carpets please carpet do you remember the United Nations server we had oh yeah that that was was fun and Johnny had what did he have he had that server oh it was a bedro in Java server yeah cuz we played on Bedrock didn’t we

Yeah well first we played on bedro then you move to optify and you was able to Java sorry and you was able to use opy and shaded yeah did you reckon you’ll be able to um you know what did Emily just say in chat good person but not as well and she

So she was on a very low level oh she’s doing auto correct thing she was doing this yesterday she’s basically just doing she’s basically just doing this thing where um it’s she just keeps spamming the one of the buttons middle button yeah she did it yesterday one of them was about

Was involved about me her children and something else I don’t know it started with my name and then ended off with having a child and I was very concerned as to what’s in our AO what on Earth are you on about gentleman Ty like correct him or tell him off I

Don’t know what he’s chatting about guys he’s joining hard Zach is joining you hard what does that even mean he’s not even speaking English oh thank you ocean I don’t even know what’s going on we had what on Earth we I’m in aever dream right now

The I think I’m I think I’m in a fever dream I think smoke too much z uh I need I need observers observ obser observers I need oh this all my quartz can come in handy my like over half double chest of quartz don’t question why don’t ask why

I’ve got over a half just full of qual accept it I’ll blow up feels like so this could be May and take a shot of Hennessy I know I’m not that but you could be the Remy so let me play My V for you I need 12

Hoppers that’s a lot of iron 12 Hoppers okay 12 Hoppers I need some wood then for that that’s six that’s not enough uh of course how much does this get me six okay well half way there was on our chair let’s go think that’s also a drop running as

Well OB back I can see chat what’s going on in Oh my days what is going on Z where have you gone don’t don’t leave me here what is going on have a look he fish are aquatic vertebrae animals that have gills but like lims with digits have fingers are toes we

Call that vertebra animals with internal backbones Jad can we call I don’t know if we if we’re going to call or not Jad but uh we’ll let you know in a bit when Zach gets back if he ever turns back up uh fish aquatic vertebrae animals that have gills but like limbs with

Digits and fingers of toes he just said keeps repeating the same thing oce weird hello welcome back description the tallest land M with her neck as long as six feet the giraffe is also well known for The Unique brown and white pet on its coat page and its lengthy eyelashes and

Legs Hector is watching a film with a Brazilian accent in a call and then the kids will have a look on my new Titanic and the village Saddles and I can get the animal and one of the swamps means to go out my SE turtle is wearing a b TI and

Tuxedo what the actual [ __ ] is happening honestly I’m concerned for all of you in chat right now I’m I’m really I’m not I’m not in the right head for this in a minute confus me um I quite scared my mom is just kiding out my phone why Hello my share of losing Now I forgot my pet fish in the toaster why have you put a fish in a toaster God I’m in a fever dream Jesus Christ and may I say not in a shy way oh no no not me I did it my what is a man what has he got if not

Himself then he has no not to say the things he truly feels I know the words of one who Kns the record shows I took the blow and did It go beautiful singing songs and chopping wood that’s all we’re doing I’m um currently I’m revising for my theory test because I my theory test tomorrow oh yeah SCH for that I hav I haven’t studied or anything oh dear don’t like big trees who likes big trees in Minecraft you do your weird

Up my test time is at 300 p.m. tomorrow I believe so what if you pass your theory then it goes onto the driving doesn’t it yeah PR no so after I’ve done my theory it I can I can either wait a month or two or something like that then

I’ll do I reckon if I pass my theory I could be driving in about three months that’s not bad at all but I say you started what you started your driving your sessions when you turn 17 because you could you could afford to pay for it

I I would have liked to do that but I still don’t have a job to the St so as much as i’ want to I can’t afford to pay for my lessons my parents will be able to pay for the first few but past that

Point I have to pay for my own and I can’t so well I’ll be able to drive one day I’m just always thinking at the moment like when I’m walking about like well being a to drive would be so useful true cuz like I can just drive to

Anywhere I need to be like for example like I walk almost every weekend so far last like three weekends I’ve walked me girlfriends every morning to go and see it and it’s just like oh yeah well I’d love to be able to drive here it take two minutes what on

Earth get out of my face yeah I think everyone in stream heard that too screaming at my face about this stupid app I don’t care I a here to hear a Yap I just want to get there why are people going around about fish and sharks in chat

What bro’s watching driving test no you’re not watching your advice for it there’s a difference if you could watch a driving test and and get and pass it that’d be Sor I’m not doing that now I’ll do that way this just just keep mind you know this area that I’m walking through now

On stream this all used to be FL driving yes yes br br 1 almost 8 what do you mean of course of course of course you get start for driving I’ve what three of a zero almost no so you obviously you have to practice the driving your set itself like that’s

What you’re driving lessons are for then you have to do a theory test which explains like like how the road works and stuff and like hazards and so you kind of have to do a bit of everything you also have to learn for some reason about medical

Stuff like or if someone if someone crashed the car what was the first thing you would do or die stuff like that if someone cred a car you’d be dead you also have to know like like if the anti brakes came on what would you do or like

Stuff cry and crush the car right just so you know Z you know that one the the bit I’m just flying away from now area I just flew away from no I’m not I pause stream by accident all right well the area I’m looking at now not yesterday but the day before it

Used to be yeah this used to be fully full of trees what all of this area used to be full of trees all of this all down here as well used to be full of trees and it’s now just gone God damn [ __ ] Mr Beast am I

Right hey Mr Beast I’m so glad you did so much for this community I reverted it all in two seconds sh like anti Mr Beast I take people’s money and burn I take I take people’s I steal and I burn down off and just I kill every single animal in

Sight sorry Emily but it has to be that way yeah first time I ever met Emily I killed like 15 Penguins on power yeah she just watched and disappear she like no I dare you like she was just like just sitting down and she looked at the screen there was a penguin hanging

From this I was like thought it was normal I was like yeah there is a penguin hanging from this water just just made a hanging machine the Penguin and do you know that uh there was something that I I end up doing on another world when you weren’t there so

I made another one of those hanging traps right and I hung I hung some I think it was one of the cat viers the cats I hung one of them up and then put a campfire beneath it oh so was just roasting them at the

Spit the first thing I did as soon as I loed into power world was beat a penguin my poor my bear yeah I know like come here kicked off a cliff fly red don’t mind um I Reon probably not for a bit J if if we’re down later on then maybe who’s Benji

Bob what who’s benj what do you mean rounds with nice people he’s calling I haven heard from his group in ages this group anymore Benji B was me friend from home yeah it just said calling a group chat with me and Jamie but I used to

Play rounds with I used to play with Ben all the time and then I left school so so it doesn’t even say you’ve left this group chat you’re just not in it anymore no cuz I probably turned on I probably turned on a thing that made it

So that it was invisible so it says I’ll left not showing people cuz that’s an option that I always do true so doesn’t ping any everyone when I do it why does em hate power world so much because it has animal abuse in it good actually I actually prefer animal

Slavery I feel like Emily’s the type of person to prefer human slavery over animal slavery hey yo not what you’re King you could be a God I got a lever uh eight trap doors and a rail okay well I just do that serve the poor chickens you beat beat up in

Power I beat up and then give him a better place to live I just beat him up and leave him to die leave them leave them suffering and gasping for a yeah don’t kill birds except the mute no no no no y the the best Birds to ever exist is

Is crows I think crows are pretty I mean a pack of crows is called a murder which is pretty cool yeah I think crows are so sick tokens tokens go hard tokens are listen to music Ty yeah I just I can’t put it on stream can of because YouTube will [ __ ] murder

Me thanks YouTube appreciate the fact that I’m not all listen to music on stream I’m listening to it myself but I’m listening to it on stream so everyone can hear me because they would get or not they but I would get murdered I’ve seen people eatting PL the feathers

Out of the beautiful and colorful birds oh that’s quite sad I got one pluck the feathers and watch them scream out in pain the feathers and watch them die yeah you seen Chicken Run it’s just a basically a je they have chickens honestly yeah ow stupid skeleton I need lava

Is Emily vegetarian or vegan uh she may as well be yeah well she’s not how do you explain that Emily explain that one yeah I say she’s not cuz she will eat chicken that’s it she doesn’t like beef she doesn’t like pork she doesn’t like any of the meats

That is that is so not Halal Emily that is so not Hal so not Hal mod is hello good or bad I can’t remember I don’t even remember I don’t even know what it is for to be fair I think it’s just like types of food that

People certain people can eat what on Earth did this guy just send I don’t know I’ve got everything muted because I’m on stream duck turning into soup same oh rest in peace all right I’ve got all of the blocks I will need for this uh thing

Time to go to the end and build it yay I’m Sigma so it’s okay okay why have I got so many phone oh my God I forgot I put this budy song on my list it’s a je called he I think Daniel used listen to it and I remember he just put

Some this one day IED it see I am currently flipping around a switch blade right now I’m currently I am just currently mining away extra layer of this ooh I found the taste I found the taste of ducks disgusting I’ve had it before for I know for a fact Tyler

Likes you want to tell them the story or shall I you can do it you take your credit okay so story time um it was my what was it my last birthday my 17th your last yeah 17th birthday 17th birthday I was uh went to Cosmos oh yeah I was 17

Death and I we went to Cosmos all you can eat Place uh for my birthday Zach came and the rest of family came and I remember how many placees did you have Zach you had like four like four five I ended up having about seven plates of

Food and the final one was a plate stacked like two foot high just full of duck I remember you could even finish it you look like you were about to EXP about I was cuz it was my seventh plate and I ended up filling an entire plate

Full of duck I had to help you I had to like finish it off so not only had I eaten seven plates full of food but then I was almost exploding from the fact that I was I start I had to eat some dog hey okay we’ve made it back to the

End and the good thing about being here now is the fact I’ve got an elytra so flying is fun what I’m going to do I’m going to grab some blocks I’m going to bridge out a bit up here first so that I can actually it oh my

God I really want to play a server and get like cool stuff I don’t know I haven’t gone netherite Mining and done do know the armor armor stuff in a while what’s it what’s it called the armor plates new thing the shs yeah I haven’t ever used any yeah neither

That’s why that’s why I’ve decided to stream this because um I I’ve never I never used them before netherite is so much hard to get now by the way like not theor itself but the armor see it’s so weird because we’ve we’ve both been playing Minecraft since like 2009 2010

Yeah so and we haven’t even done something that’s been out for like two years so we’ve fallen off I know it’s nuts I want to come we create a server together so I can join so we can see how fast we can get with two people uh probably to at some point

Yeah I still haven’t made this other server yet I forgot I need the leaves I think y I like comically right uh go hard an real quick Z you’re going to be in charge of chat again because I need to have a look at how to build this farm so I’m not going

To be able to see chat okay okay chat now you can just chat the most terrible [ __ ] about Tyler right now not I keep checking I just not snitch you can say horrible stuff I’ll just not snitch someone said just smell like poo oh that’s nice I’m I’m joking I’m just

Still talking about ducks are you what start interested dog I’m white what don’t got a white family got to tell you something this is entertaining boys duck head is so nice I’m sorry but who’s going around eating duck head that’s very true what the [ __ ] it’s so peculiar I’m from ID do

Duck it h Al like you know you know because I got um Essentials yeah yeah look at my elytra oh my God that’s pretty cool because I’ve got you because you got capes we essential I uh I’ve got an elytra with it I could also change it to

The other one I’ve got which is uh this one it looks it’s not bad I just like the other one better but yeah I I’ve got I like the suit that I’ve got on so I’m going to keep it on they want to live it’s like eating your pet well some

Pet I’m not going to be I just tried to mute while I was sneezing so I don’t know if you heard anything no we didn’t hear anything fine oh my God I muted on time do know that feel when you’re about to sneeze and oh yeah a really fast reaction I just zoom

To myish sentence n I’m good I’m not going to finish that sentence wait what was the sentence you was going to say uh I don’t even hear the beginning of the sentence I’m not going to say it because me girlfriend’s going to [ __ ] kill me what was the beginning of the sentence

It’s it’s a it was a response to Ms say it’s like eating your pet what you going to eat your dog no no dog I don’t know S I don’t want it cuz you’re going to be annoyed at me I can’t even remember what what was the

Beginning of the sentence Oh about a rabbits oh Emily I will finish no it’s not no it’s trust me I promise you it’s not about your rabbits it’s just a it’s just a generalized statement I was going to say what would happen if I actually what how many rabbits has she

Got got uh seven seven seven seven rabbits you shouldn’t be annoyed then if I chop one up and turn it into a stew should be too bad it’s an even put it back to six even number I don’t even know you’re rabbits but I’m sure I’m sure I’m sure I’m sure

The rather nice looking like don’t kill my rabbits you monster they’re going to a bad place in my stomach Jes no not rabbit it’s you what you rabbit for I like I’ll like um tie it to my keychain and I’ll just have luck Everywhere I Go I don’t know if that’s going down

Anymore or not I don’t want a black rabbit though I don’t want a white one I’m on the of Glory rabbit yes you can you you actually can eat RAB rabbit J that is that is an actual thing listen if it was a live or die situation they are in my stomach no

Hesitation we do this yes Emily say you was on an island right and you you was just about to die right you have no food all you have is just seven rabbits would you eat your rabbits that’s all I’m saying I was if it was life or death if you say no

You’re lying if you say no you liar you’re lying you are so lying you just starve because that means that not only a you rabbit is gonna starve a a slow and painful death they’re going to starve as well you could easily put them out their misery straight away and keep

Living would you just rather let your rabbit starve as well as yourself wow how cruel Emily that’s so cruel I I would have those rabbits for breakfast dinner and lunch hell I’d even eat my dog if I had to I don’t I was going to say something life or death I know exactly

What you was going to say say something but we’re on YouTube YouTube don’t kill me half my bunnies are s babies well that that means that they’ll not really fill you up but they’ll uh you know say no cuz one’s one’s messed up in one sense and one’s messed up in a Ral

Sense the black bunnies can offend for themselves that’s was I was going to go for the about your dog the dog oh yeah no that’s what I was going to say but yeah I going to say in the back I don’t know what is em about

Say I was about to say it’s still German oh my God an ambulance just went down the street or police car one of the two I just heard it y I can actually see it my window right now I just saw the blue lights wait it’s gone rabbits a

Vegan I I thought they were a vegetarian well kill our be killed mate they ain’t eating me I’m eating them easier it’s easier for me though I swear vegetarian Zach what are you on about being ha like 15 minutes ago I swear that was way longer than 15 minutes

Ago but I’m not Hal so you know I’m not really that bothered you it’s chill nothing what song are you singing Japanese one bro Z I thought you was her bab B you the B I need to make a 9 by I need to make a

9 by9 platform I poop a rabbit ear by accident on the island what on Earth are you on about monkey I need to go back up here cuz I’m not risking losing this Sher box and all the materials it’s okay h b it’s okay oh for God’s sake because i’ a lad

Ow can we get this gentleman is strange they’re all strange mother father gentleman you’re so white you don’t know what her BB means I know for real you are you are so white Ty oh thanks I will no I I I am your hibi actually I don’t know how old J is that

Would be weird I’m not anyone’s hibi right so it’s one one two three four I think it’s four one two three four because min oh my God this is nuts uh because I use Cherry leaves as the blocks to bridge out with every single leaf is now producing

Particles that’s just floting up into the abys that’s pretty cool so two three four five six seven eight nine one two three four five six seven eight nine and then I’ve just so my desk in half how do you manag that I told you I’ve been playing with a

Knife I saw my board in half can animals live in my stomach the fact you can shove a raccoon up your your your booty hole and you can actually have two up there without d that’s true it’s cursed any more than two you can’t have three raccoons up there you can have two

Though true Fox hello Tyler hello yeah I’m still here I’m just watching something oh on I’m just watching something so I can actually get the measurements and stuff right Sigma stay at the hotel I know tell I don’t think we can have Cent side mods on the server [ __ ] godamn it yeah that’s

Fine it’s like it’s is it no not really what the hell oh my God I left this platform for two seconds bro I left this PL off for two seconds and look what I come back to oh make a server like right now with of I want to make a server right now

With loads of C Mod I thought D but I’m streaming this true true it’ll probably be on fabric though cuz most time yeah fabric mostly CL side yeah what I’m going to do is I’m going to run over here I’m just going to look at all the

End get platform actually know what I’m going to do first is I’m going to fly back up here before I do anything and grab these two Sher boxes so I can actually place them down there so I don’t have to worry about uh anything okay right now fly down here

I got to be careful I go look all these end and I’ll run for my life oh my God oh my God Jesus Christ I made a a dog I made an error in my judgment I made an error in my Jud judgement oh I did miss you ocean I

Did a bunch of black men chasing you my biggest dream help my plan did not work as intended I’m going to land here come at me [ __ ] that’s one that bomb oh [ __ ] okay jees now Emily is on smoke she do she doesn’t like abuse to animals but she doesn’t mind keeping a

Bunch of SL that’s my girlfriend for you what about animal slaves does that cross the line yeah slaves n it’s fine animal slaves too much SL is are easy money you angry at me still no we chill right good we chill I’m going to slowly clear out the end

Jesus Christ what is wrong with her get get a leash on this woman monkey I will skin you Jesus com it we’re on YouTube I’m currently going a bit de why oh okay can now what you saying I’m going for a drink know is I want a bit death because bloody end

Yes let no momento don’t don’t miss me too much I’m just going to build this [ __ ] so okay okay that’s not too hard to build build so we’re going to need a block here Observer facing that way Observer facing this way at a l so I can stop ticking that’s

Nice now I need some my carpet cover up these carpet if you kill rabbit I take your family okay well can we just like not continue talking about rabbits eating rabbits or anything like that b what else I need to do okay 9 by9 plus 3×3 in the middle I’m assuming

Yep double a carpet weird but okay and the out of two rings okay we’ll start with that so oh my God mini love you don’t need to take t for me when you already got your own you I will take T I don’t care he would care I mean

If if she tried taking me I uh she’s not wrong I I would not care if she if she genuinely tried taking me for something I genely wouldn’t care why do we stop from taking rabbits eating taking that taking my dad why my dad where did my dad come into through this there’s

No no Dan to be mentioned at all why was why was a dad even mention to begin with on why no leave my dog alone the Vieira welcome to the stream thanks for tuning in I don’t know who Charles is but welcome to the stream anyways Be Be Nice

Guys people in stream are a bit rabid today so apologies for the them being weird children need to behave themselves I am back I’ve arrived hello did you miss me did everyone miss me well someone said the C dibs on you oh God someone’s probably talking about taking

My my D people take dibs on Trixie and I don’t know what’s hands off of Trixie about say she’s my dog if anything there’s one person who wants my who wants trick Mo and anyone’s mom she don’t she’s scared of me oh no not anymore she used to

Be trick actually loves me cuz when you went on holiday i l f after her oh you you came down you every single day cuz your was either so I came out every day and fed her and let her out yeah I honestly don’t know what’s going on anymore the fact that people

Are just being very me a dog why is this man’s obession with guys guys guys guys guys guys guys please Stop stop talking about eating Ducks stop talking about eating other Pets Stop talking about stealing people can we have a normal is conversation than stealing people’s friends and family and eating [ __ ] that you should eat come on guys like Jesus Christ man right let me just

Look up see what I need to do next this Farm oh my God I just got notifications from weather spoons what I don’t know right gentlemen I’m going to time you out in a sec weird little guy why is wrong with you what is wrong I I don’t get it what

Is your favorite type of poop what everyone just needs just stop guys you’re going to get time off for being weird guys you said no that’s not normal I said somewhat normal that there nowhere near a normal or somewhat I’m sorry right what you do that for Ty 43 huh what did

You do that for do what I saw what you did what did I do did you not delete a message no no deleted no that might be YouTube that deleted a message oh self regulated I’m just s bu making me m I thought you deleted that Charles’s

Message no I’ve not I’ve not done anything I’m making a message not message a f what wow wow what is radnar fiz does bro not R his bro not living in the UK the hell radar is is goated bro if you if you if you’ve ever been to a UK

School at all and you don’t know what run off is is you haven’t gone to a UK gool run off hiss favorite colors well okay so we got yellow purple sarine whatever the hell that color is my favorite color is s that sounds like a bleach it does sound like a

Bleach looking this up what type of what is it there is something wrong with that guy like I genuinely believe that there like there is something going always have something wrong with everyone no but who says sakine what type of stupid dumbass color is sine the flesh color the color of it

Looks like some skidded undergarments like that is what what what is wrong with this guy it’s a green gray I think it’s like a beige color it’s like really beige it’s like a it’s like a light like a a piss colored white oh my favorite piss colored

White I want one they’re bullying me for my favorite color no I’m bullying you because you’re weird my favorite color just weird 43 so need to remind myself level 43 Scarab i s that’s an enemy inter terara it’s literally a be your favorite col is a

Beetle right what is what is going on here oh it’s like a dark BL to be fair that is quite a nice color that is a very nice color I want to die don’t we just don’t get me started on colors me and have disagreements all the time on different colors and

[ __ ] I’m going to look up oh po list of cool calls I’m about to pick my favorite color live on stream my second favorite is ver bro just say red just say red it is literally SC is Al all right bro who do you think

You are names who do you think you are SC that is literally just what Emily said that is the exact same one uh yeah my favorite color is pastel blue deep Teddy wink per Winkle purple Emerald turquoise Rose fle bable that’s like my favorite color of all time time

Smaran is me bro he’s just copy and pasting his Clos name off a website definitely smar it looks like broccoli look like broccoli col it’s just Emerald it looks like how meth smells why why is that a representation it looks like how meth smells huh um watch Breaking Bad I’m Aid Breaking Bad Watcher we also live in a place that’s full of it not meth we yeah not MTH 22 CHR i’ got a long way to go hect nobody knows what gentleman is talking about I’m not going to lie yeah no one knows what honestly

Monkey just chatting [ __ ] at this point I honestly don’t know what’s going on we resulted to chatting [ __ ] while I bought an Ender Farm animal Goose that’s a fact everyone knows my favorite animal is a goose I wonder what my favorite animal is I bet nobody would know no I

Don’t I actually have no actually don’t say anything to I want to see if Emily can guess what what my fav animal is go on Emily what is my favorite animal come on I’ll give you one guess anyone in chat go on what is what do you think my favorite animal is just

Give it a a little a little guess what nobody actually gets this now what does it start with Emily look at my name that should be a big hint big him look my name most basic ass animal ever my favorite animal is not an aie is this are you all

Right same my favorite animal orange apple apple apple your favorite animal is a Haan black cred Gibbon what the hell is wrong with this guy right stupid ugly monkeys okay that’s not too hard then yeah it’s a a fox a fox is my favorite a fenic fox I I’m actually going to get

One in future you can actually get a fenic fox in the UK and it’s only like the same as a dog so search search up shaved polar bat okay okay I’m actually going to do that oh my God what is that thing oh oh no what is that

Thing that is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life what is that that is the ugliest thing my favorite is fat birds accidentally killed one when I was younger the hell have you ever killed an animal before IRL uh know I think I have I think I’m still clean in real

Life I don’t think I have think I don’t I’m not sure about I think I’m still clean in real life I don’t think I’ve Ked anything video gam well yeah I mean insects yeah but do they really count as animals I think so if they do if they do I’ve

Killed tons of spiders and [ __ ] but yeah I don’t kill animals anymore I I don’t kill many animals other than insects because they I just don’t like them no I’m we cannot get a spider I’m scared of oh yes I want a spider as well no we’re not getting a spider I’m scared

Of them gentlemen um what don’t know what that c is just is just just it just said that my favorite color is what theone 48C that is the color of a cigarette packet what FS what is wrong with this guy why do you know that um not you gentlemen that’s I won’t

Be surprised if I I won’t be surprised if you knew it you know a lot of random [ __ ] no general knowledge off the chat compared the rest of this did you know that if you hold a sheep by its nose it will piss itself the true fact uh I did not

Know that and honestly I didn’t want to know that well you do now oh yeah I almost kill my cat because it was biting my too so Emily do you do you like snakes are you a fan of snakes Emily D you know a group of robits is

Called a fluffle than are epic anyway did you know I actually have I own a snake I actually have a corn snake you had one as well how how how old is how old is tail Tyler decently think she’s about four now she has one as

Well well no had one oh she dies she dies a couple years ago are you in the future or something oh okay same rest in rest in peace peace rest in peace snake you can you can you can have a you can hold you can hold tailon uh I

Remember Tyler Tyler don’t really like her I don’t think Tyler have you ever held her before I held her before yeah the only reason why I haven’t held her in a while is haven’t been over a lot and be never really get her out I’m I’m not the I’m not like the

Biggest fan of snakes but I can’t I I’m not I don’t mind them like if I if if you give me up a hold one I would mind I like I like snakes and spiders remember when we went to SK and you held a massive one in the night as well what

Give context with that please P the snake we went it was it was a python went it uh yes we both we both had a python I do remember that do you remember when we went to that random market and then there was like a fox a baby fox and like a big

Tarantula oh yeah no I said far away from that tarantula yeah and I held the big tarantula a group I know you surrounding me everyone was like everyone was like this guy has ball solding this massive asant like my arm my face I just I just stood there like

Yeah this guy’s got balls I am I am him I heard you can eat snake Hearts Garden R 81 why would you eat snake sounds nice it’s almost as bad as the French eating snails I don’t think it’s almost as bad I think that’s pretty normal well I mean it’s nor in friends

Everywhere in the world it’s a bit weird what you have fa te now IM if SpongeBob was French we going to go work at Gusty crab Gary Gary Gary is my shadow [ __ ] go wherever I go Gary just gets eaten a lot have you heard glob

Before glob glob go should put him on I don’t think it’s copyright on you oh yeah fun fact did you know you know the portal radio yes not copyright is it not nope I played it on a stream and it was not copyrighted Mr M is under my bed

I hope he is not who’s Mr mine pokem Pokemon the Pokemon Emily’s two favorite Pokemon is Mr mime and licky tongue licky tongue I wonder why I wasn’t going to say that but I am I think my favorite Pokemon is um I probably say digler I think looks cool I don’t really

Have a favorite Pokemon I used to say like charm or Charizard or charmand for years but I really just that’s just cuz it was the main one I always picked other than that I really don’t know like a favorite I probably don’t even have one

I just pi you just play Pokemon cuz it’s fun I think my favorite Pokemon Gary the snail that’s that’s a great Pokemon I’m not going to lie Gary hidden With what’s my name you you you I know nothing on Pokemon I mean that’s fair enough it’s not like it’s the most well-known thing in the world like basic bro bro knows everything single color in the entire dictionary of the world but doesn’t know any other any other Pokemon than

Pikachu the scientific name for a cigarette packet but not e n big dig B though big dick B three Flor [ __ ] there a that we even know [ __ ] referencing as well oh [ __ ] it h everybody knows that’s big dick B everybody knows it’s big dick B oh that right there that’s Pikachu oh

That’s piku right there what was it almost uh almost a wor or something like that I don’t even know uh I can’t remember I just remember big dick being three FL [ __ ] oh FL that’s three FL [ __ ] oh my God that was that was brilliant right finally done with this bloody platform dos

We always fall Tyler I’m about to send you like 21 client side mods and we’re going to install every single one of room oh God it’s going to be so cool favorite food pizza for s favorite food mine is talino mine uh yeah I think so I’ll give you a hint you

Can get it at a place that isn’t McDonald’s and KFC but it isn’t over a fast food restaurant burrito in it yes inde say Taco Bell yes burritos you love you you love your legendary anything inside of a wrap even even poo no that’s

Oh hold on anything in a rap is god tier like honestly you’ve never had a burrito well Emily next time if you ever come over I make a burrito honestly I have I’ll make very nice burrito burrito right okay what’s this next step on this uh I think I’m getting close to

Finishing this Farm now so you put trop doors in the middle go up to two up to the middle one ey okay I’m not I’m not going to T chat for a minute guys hold on two there one two one two one take that and now what an iron bar favorite place

O that’s in my bed here go an iron bar and you need to make a box of both so that favorite place I’m my I yeah I actually don’t know I probably don’t even have favorite place cuz I uh yeah I just don’t and if I do it’s probably my bedroom

I okay now comes the fun part which is the block that middle one is on which is this one rail Minecart now the fun part it’s endite time I probably should get some food before doing this right let me put music back as well decid to just turn off for some

Reason bring this back up my your place what the one I bought you yeah I’m glad you like it I mean I knew you wor them a lot so like [ __ ] it you need food 360 y food please anything uh see the specious ju see what they give me don’t

Boost okay that’s not too bad I guess this one blindness thanks Minecraft needed that yeah monkey an udy is what we would call like a big jumper so it’s like wearing a dressing gown but it’s like a jump a fluffy dressing gown AIT a fluffy jumper uh yeah it’s a fluffy jumper and

It’s it just goes over your entire body it’s like three times bigger I need food really badly that’s one thing I’m always running out of food I guess I could have some apples for now I definitely need to get a farm go like a how far I’m going or something

So I can get in Ste because I’m running L on food almost done with the end F though which is nice Tyler yep Tyler yep didn’t I say we got um Cent side mod stuff would you want a mini map or not I’ve been done Min map in useful obviously for obviously

I’d have to put the mods in like as soon as I finish this because I’m want using the file for these mods the what so obviously the client side mods that you’re installing mhm I’d have to wait until I’m off this world to be able to use

Them because I’m using mods currently I put in all right end please please please might need to over here M might please just I get in the mine cart bag I just wasted name need to get in no no no uh Le have the hard part to get him

Into place and make sure he’s locked there and move all the Box around him and set though I’m on the final stretch now this end farm the was definitely the hardest thing though if had to learn a language order be none or English I’d probably prefer you to perfect English first because every

Every country uses English i’ want to learn Japanese so I can watch anime undubbed oh trust me I um I have a what’s it called I’ve asked me friends before like oh is it worth learning Japanese no yeah CU they have three alphabets but so you could just learn it straight away

I mean I I even me myself said it’d be cool to learn Japanese so that I can watch anime uh I mean I already watch anime undubbed anyway I probably would want um what else would I want think if I had to learn any language at all I’d say just like Kazakhstan or

Something you Spanish or Latin um I want say yes Latin I I did a bit of L I don’t if you remember that I did liting for a few years and I forgot everything because well stopped to stop doing it I remember a few things but to fair

Lating was a really good experience for me because when I learned Latin it allowed me to uh it allowed me to perfect my um translating skills like the table the conjugation shall I say over languages it made it so much easier for me to understand them what the Farm’s already working

Okay well this already looks like a success the [ __ ] that got to remove these [ __ ] B memes I’m smart aren’t I oh dear I would want to the never Italian or a tribe Lang why a tribe language Perfects okay actually been SP done actually turn this on and it should just be spitting them out the void yep it’s rainning ender pearls yayaying Classic I’m going to just go and turn hostile creatures down a bit as well cuz as much as it’s nice having the them really loud but that should be everything that I think that is the farm now fully complete so all I do is come here bring the sword and grab all the XP level 20 that’s not bad think the last thing for me to do really is bring over I think an anvil and enchant table I’ll probably bring a spare though cuz there’s no point actually bring my actual one but I’ll bring a spare and I’ll put it like

Here but if I was to put it there I definitely need to put like either string all over the floor or I would have to uh I string on the floor so it doesn’t get covered in end or build it on slabs but yeah that’s the bu end farm I

Can now go check off my list that’s a dog person dog as much as I like cats I’ve had dog for longer so definitely a dog person before I even think about looking into any creepers where wait gentlemen I thought I thought Eid was on April 9th not

10 I even realized I just looked at chat so I just kind we get it on Minecraft on April 10 that’s when Eid is it’s on April 9 what is e it’s a religion based ah okay that makes sense so really oh oh it’s Ramadan right it isn’t Ramadan Ramadan

Is like could before I believe and then it is like the celebration afterwards I think I’m not a big religious guy we go it’s raining claw out of the sky ask Why rain same oh Tyler this would be so sick to stream just you wait until I’ve got all these mods just you wa Buster what is mine Little Pony I don’t I don’t know if I know what I want to know what this is hell no how will not getting this my

Own little py let me guess it’s l just like everything has turned to like a py or something pretty much oh god oh I the sign my boots got destroyed oh you laax is attractive he is he is very attractive that is two you got some competition buddy oh [ __ ]

Right well that is two of the four armor pieces maxed out I’m only missing two now one that I can enchant using levels which is fine and you I don’t like you I don’t want to go to an ancient city I don’t I don’t want

To but it’s the only way for me to max out my armor so my crush is a grandar from right okay granny armor my name is Granny I’m old and I got gray hairs I remember when trees were everywhere no one had toay why why h no why are you going to

Pay for air cuz that’s what the have you ever seen theck I have it’s been a very long time hell no hell hell no we need to watch LS we need to watch a lot of things you’re forcing me to watch a lot of things

Man you need to watch that [ __ ] I mean I have watched it before the Haven watch it in a long time she she’s said to me like we need to watch a lot of stuff so like oh Jad got it early let’s watch logs tomorrow that’s a shout go on you you

Need to watch it tomorrow LX is so good God hell no tyby what what John you got Minecraft early I’ve heard that’s that’s good we can start the other server soon um Let it go Let it go I thought I still for I still I’m amazed how I found two enchanted golden

Apples in one chest oh that actually is it was when I first started this world I went to a desert temple and there was two enchanted golden apples in one of the chests like huh how was that huhi huh I you probably won’t get that probably Not that one just annoying okay uh I need emeralds because I need uh yeah I need bookshelves schematic placement no don’t place any schematic down what is the S thing for you know about the rhin stone I have finally down downloaded every single client side mod I don’t even know if they’ll

Work how do I download fabric I I cannot remember for the it’s just fabric install press download it gives you a version to choose from okay doing that now Over the Hedge ver that’s not a movie over the HED is a movie i s children where do you

Think Verns come from I know that picture of that turt it looks like I know yeah that’s from the game actually but that’s not a point for the game yeah there’s Over the Hedge of game what the hell man it’s sick H get got the result my favorite film is

Over the head and you don’t don’t know what it is that is shame on you didn’t even know it was a fil Bo was a children TV show shame nah I say let it let it it it come on now who women it I don’t know yeah about that’s Fine give me this give MRA we Watching Over the Hedge I mean okay w r over the HED My Little Pony has been AEL anything else we the list of things we need to watch has been Hotel yeah there was a bunch of stuff I um trolls okay that’s one I might have

To be trolls I’ve already seen trolls and I don’t want I don’t like it and the FNAF movie can get [ __ ] FNAF movie is actually sick I’m not watching the FNAF movie can get [ __ ] well that’s just why not don’t like all any horror you know it’s not even

Scary there’s literally a scene where they’re all standing around a bunch of chairs and they’re like let’s go Faz gang all I know is that um from what I heard people just say that the FNAF movie was literally just uh jump jump scare that’s what it was it was just a

Fil jump scares there’s no jump scares at all from what I can remember Emily is now suggesting saw films Friday the the 30 of it’s one and two you ain’t getting Tyler to watch them yeah good point I’ve been trying my entire life don’t we what you don’t yes good

Go so watch watch some horror movies we’ll G we’ll gather like a bunch of people just f no what the hell hell no how have I drunk this already God damn oh I enjoy movie time you watch what three guy in the Mario movie one night oh those are actually terrifying

To be fa the Mario movie is probably the scariest movie I’ve ever seen in my life no it’s the fact that what Emily and a brother hadn’t seen the Mario movie and I hadn’t seen fre guys so we decided to watch off ah that hurt what’s MLP

My Little Pony oh God Tyler you need to watch a horror movie or living through hell I’m already going to R taking through hell she no matter what she says by watching a horror movie or watching all 9 of My Little Pony it’s going to be B I’d rather watch my

Little some horror mve is just so boring actually I tra that sham and all horror movies are boring SC I haven’t seen one horror movie that’s actually been entertaining D actually call that D what are these random ass suggestions Sonic one and two actually not a bad

Shout CU I know Sonic 3 is coming out this year I think is it I think I think son I think son it’s like shadow in it I think whatever Sonic should be voice for the guy who does I mean to be fair I mean to

Be fair I watched Sonic one a while back and I haven’t seen Sonic 2 so that that would be a shout to watch true Sylvania you know what that’s not even that bad I wouldn’t mind watching hot Sylvania cuz I’ve seen I’ve seen before not thats I do not say blah blah

Blah blah blah blah [ __ ] I do not say blah blah blah I can’t Even I need to shoot someone of viol is good I haven’t seen it I said I was going to watch it when it came out and then I just never I never saw it I just got an email from Louisa saying hi zor Mythic Fox it’s your friend reply saying piss off [ __ ]

You so piss off piss off Lisa actually my boss is called Lisa so I’m just not going to say anything just in case for the odd odd very slim chance so the odd person is your boss and you just just go to your boss piss

Off I have told my boss to piss off quite a few times they have annoyed me right I’m sending you a folder I will look at it in a bit on I got all my bookshelves and [ __ ] and once you see that folder I want you to download it and add

It if if you’ve got enough PL like mods that don’t change the game too much so you make it so it’s the game’s not modded that badly it’s just like oh you know it’s not bad then I might add a few extras to my this world like for example mini map I wouldn’t

Mind having a mini map on this board it be quite useful yeah I have a mini map installed um it says it says blocked for security reasons what reasons is it to block I lit made the folder it’s never said that before me watch Interstellar gentlemen

That is an a shout honestly I I wouldn’t mind H I’m able to join your lovely world um bro it’s not stamping no that that ended bro hello this is Stampy and welcome back to cos is a lovely world that’s not the right person but uh this world I’m on now no

This is single player don’t uh other than that I don’t know you can join the one that I’m making the one that you’re making for what to no no like everyone yeah everyone one everyone can join we don’t care the more the more the better I guess you can invite me

That is J this is not how it work that’s not how it work you can’t invite people on Java my friend Chad I would say yes but I’m currently not on Minecraft so um it’s going to have to be a no my apologies what’s it called we um making

It’s weird we uh with Java you either play with your friends on a server or you install essential and then you can invite people but even then it’s still really boogy because you’ve got to run off of one person’s PC it’s not really worth it to me that may spread viruses such as

Mes that include executable files or certain links More Than This did it m I was another singing this song while chopping trees what is in this file it’s blocking Bedrock better well like I said before bedrocks good at some things but also good at other things same with Java

There’s no real like exclamation saying oh this one’s better than the other it’s just a preference me personally I’ve I’ve played both so I can give my opinions on both and I I like Java better just purely because of the fact that you’ve got the possibility of mods and you’ve got

Access to more servers and you don’t have to pay for a skin true and you don’t have to pay for a skin it’s very true as well whereas uh in Bedrock there are some things that I like but I like the bridging in Bedrock where you don’t have to look at the edge

Of the block and um the uh the comp the friend comp compatibility so like the being a to just join your friends straight up on like Xbox party or something that I like better about vrock but other than that not really too first because Java can do those things in a

Different way and better like just being able to mod the game on its own just makes Java just instantly so much better like being a to add your own custom mods is so much nicer brother just said Java ass you never like like a like a like a

Maggot I’m not going to lie you you can say B bear ja ass but until you play both of them you can’t make a decision Java is goed I’m not on the moment but no it’s the fact that until you’ve played both of them for long enough you can’t really

Turn around and say this one’s better than the other one you you’re just in a way you’re biased because you’re um you’ve only played one if you play if you played both and then you said that then fair enough is you can play back up your your argument

This I will take banana he’s yours anyway you just leave him at my house why is it doing this and your mouse and keyboard well no that is mine you’re not taking them I will take your mouse and keyboard no I don’t think you’re realized the

Fact that if you take my mouse and keyboard you won’t be getting any of these streams anytime soon he said that the banana duck is yours she gave as a gift I appreciate that and I mean I do take care of and I look she sits and looks at me all the [ __ ]

Time I think we call a g don’t remember I see youl anyway yeah that’s fine but taking my keyboard and mouse results in no more streams so I recommend not doing that I just into the floor so I just sent you a link to download my folder oh yeah transfer we

Transfer I swear I have a we transfer bloody account already I already have a we transfer account I swear I don’t think you need one I don’t think we need one but I think I have one already so don’t know I am not sending viruses gentle man I’m sending mod

Packs I can remove this now as well there’s someone in award I can join sadly J no because you’ve got me playing my single player Zach’s not on it Emily’s on PS4 so you won’t be a to join her anywhere I need to load up Hypixel yeah hi pixel shout right CS mods

Downloaded yes CS stands for Cent Counter Strike Counter Strike mods for Minecraft I love my Counter Strike mods on Minecraft do know about you Hector’s straightforward I’m in my world but I don’t trust you J that was very to the point it’s very blond but also you don’t know him

Soir right tell I’ve loaded mine my mods I reckon I reckon you do what you need to do with these bookshelves and then we hop on for a bit so that’s fine yeah just I actually want to like I don’t I want to have it progress I want to get

To the end but not like the horror one where we were just [ __ ] just running about running about dying constantly because you made it way too difficult nobody saw that either cuz it was like late was the morning yeah no one was on which was a shame because it was a really funny

Stream remember when you like threw the armor sand at me and it actually made actually right you yeah yeah good stream good stream I’m I’m also going to stream as soon as we go into this world that’s fine I’m not I’m not going to say my stream name though

Because I’m not going to let these little y y viewers go onto mine I’m going to keep it quiet so I can just G my own oh honestly I won’t be surprised if they get your stream now yeah but I’m not going to because I don’t how half these people come from

Discord anyway cuz they know who I am that’s good then that’s very good I need another I need another feter villager hello villagers one of you needs to get kidnapped so I can why she doing that stupid [ __ ] again I don’t know I’m am very happy person I think

That you will have a baby I know that you have a lot of money and you can make me feel better when I get a job you can also use it for a few months to be able for yes that is how I think same I come from my mom not

Discord I I could say something yeah C I’m not going to say anything I’m going to keep because it’s a m I am your M was say anything em you never told me mother I am I am your mom that would that would be a bit weird to say the

Least that that that would be strange she’s 17 was your she was your mom or their mom I who’s she talking to I don’t know who she’s talking to I don’t I if she talking to you gentleman hell no I have like 35 kids why do you have 35 kids why does she

Have 35 Lids that’s a lot of a lot that’s true why do you have 35 Lids God damn I need a stick what is gentleman 12 oh crap oops let me see what you oops let me see I’m watching stream catch up oh oh go down there I don’t I don’t want

To see you did you just that’s that’s that’s like MAA that’s like MAA taking control that and there there’s only one way to get rid of it just shove it in a random block and leave it there what do you mean 12 I’m 81 how rude young man sorry sorry

Senor they already oh my god I’ve maxed them all out I want to be a PC of Shey PC of P foul language Chey yes oh Sho make elev music the me Tyler who’s old me or Emily uh you I’m old so I’m old but not but not by much get [ __ ] you’re old Than Me by 3 weeks and then em Than Me by I’m old than Emily by two months last F to look at me Hector don’t refres stock

Man Chad really wants to get into Hector right now he’s Bor that’s why I guess which vill sells book I guess can get some 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 N9 seven no seven bro refresh your St gles man probably freshman come on so what are you trying to do right

Now Tyler you trying to get shells you I just craft them Sur you have I could but I don’t have any books well not many books anyway [ __ ] off who you talking to V look at the V like [ __ ] off Emily I’m not talking to you oh oh no because as

Soon as Emily put obviously there’s a a delay yeah but I’m not talking towards you I’m talking towards stupid ass villager it’s a fact all villagers in this game are [ __ ] true all villagers I will beat you God damn Jesus man I will find you and I will beat you

And I will kill you I will change you down I will find you and I will K you I will I will check I getting so many notifications I don’t even know what that is here I I will find you I will check you down and I will kill

You the Frog becomes a serial Killer actually humans are Homo sapiens actually actually I don’t give you Fu literally humans are Homo same got and B what should I do in Minecraft uh kill [ __ ] I really don’t know else you expecting me to say I will take your affection for Vi don’t do that I like having privileges

More the BL me I’ve got eight book shell for my name I need more than eight yes yes gentlemen I saw know I’ll take your human rights and become a dictator War CRI em calm down respect oh not the Soviet Union oh God I just bed a while I do what I’m Doing Play with me no TR not happening you’re a Minor playing Minecraft in a cave looking for Diamond that’s funny I’m in the same cave looking for miners what how long is this going to take I want to play this modded really lad uh should too much long I’m just trying to see how much I can get my arm

Upgraded playing Minecraft in a cave looking for diamonds funny I’m in the same cave looking for miners a cupid hit for once a hopeless romantic I guess you could take it cupid in ages I’m really to my play while there I have a playlist specifically for live stream I

Don’t you stream on Twitch though so you’re allowed to play songs and not have to give [ __ ] yes true I do not have that privilege what have you done no I just sent a gift but I I regretted it so do okay that should be too bad for now

So I can get more book shelves High protection to Aqua Affinity try to book that’s just weird all right um gentleman that is one of the best XP Farms I’ve ever seen in my life oh en head mint give me that who give me that Ender head

Boys how have you got an end head from what cuz I got a data pack added on which which allows every mob to have a drop chance to drop a head wait how do you do that have that tomorrow it’s a data pack when you make the world you

Add a data pack for the world how do that I will send you uh I’ll send you the things I’ve got I’ve got uh dat packs one I’ve got what’s it called a document Cod on it for Minecraft a packs it’s got armored elytra which I forgot how to do which I

Probably should do at some point because I can put my elytra on my bloody chest plate which be useful yeah uh cauldron concrete which basically make so if I throw concrete powder into a cauldron it instantly turns it on to concrete ooh okay chunk loers don’t have how to do

Them yet but that’s on there elevators but I haven’t got that there yet uh more mob heads which is the mob heads one which gives every mob a chance to drop the head it’s like a percentage chance and then silence mobs basically makes it

So that if I can if I put the word silence or silenced silence me or something like that on a mob it will just make then make no noise okay that’s sick so send me that uh we transfer yeah yeah whatever so what do I do I add it to a

Mod pack folder no basically when when you make a uh let just yeah so just leak my email eh it’s fine you can just if anyone message you just P spam I’m not bothered it’s my it’s my public email anyway so I don’t like title it’s lucky I didn’t

Give you my PR private one does sodium just basically work as optify yes so no essential essential Essentials optify oh okay so okay that’s how that’s all that works so I don’t need optify with essential no cuz it won’t work anywhere cuz if you’re playing on fabric it doesn’t work oh

Yeah true true I tried getting a mod to work where it’s called like Opti fabric I think it was and it allowed me to use optify but then I realized I could just put a central on I do the same thing yeah get a link but I don’t even know why I’m trying

L I think Emily’s just I I don’t know if she’s refer huh oh she’s just put random emojis I just called you a nerd I won’t be surprised she’s she likes insulting me thank you for the data part yeah um download them okay you’re going to have to show me how

To do these because I’ve never used a DAT hey basically the data packs use them when you’re making the world yeah yeah yeah um yes when you have in the DAT packs for FL well it don’t really matter I I always say call the British when have a

Water bottle of water bottle of water a bottle of water actually all push start Ching off the edge that’s is still working no ST chucking all the end pears off the edge I um I’ll be one second I’m going to call my man all sorry manager I’m

Not actually before I go Tyler make sure uh you can put those mods in I I know how to put the mods in it’ll be fine once I finish this I’ll swap the mods out temporarily and uh yeah okay I’ll be I’ll be uh right enchanting a diamond helmet

Aqua affinity you know what it could be worth it so we’re going to do it one two three than fire PL four much it’s nice no Unbreaking three uh is it worth it maybe I don’t know what I’m missing I’m missing bending aqua affinity and Respiration Emily you’re ready for college tomorrow no fa don’t blame you wait for retirement bro’s retiring what the f can’t wait to uh stop I want to sleep all morning same it’s fine you know when you come to mine tomorrow after college you can sleep then I don’t I don’t care

We’ll probably sleep then it’ll be right but I need luy me what guess who so I called up the restaurant I was like can’t come into guess who picked up the phone who it was my mate’s girlfriend and girl and they picked up I was like oh hello and I was

Like hi Z like yeah I can’t going to work like that’s fine prop with cuz she know like yeah fa enough you’re meant to working tomorrow but you’re not going in no cuz I’ve got my fa test yeah that’s fair I will not on you fine I don’t I I don’t

Mind I’m breaking three respiration three not bad I aqua affinity I for real be sending emojis to my boss no my my boss is on do not disturb how do I make it daytime SL time set day all right I’m moving the message potentially hasn’t seen it I’m going to message my other

Boss the same thing what I’m going to do that one’s fine I’m going to en another helmet much this one’s not bad no so I sent it to my other boss that was a risky I sent so I’ve just sent it I I know none of you really care but T I’ve

Just sent it to the boss of the boss of the B I have sent it to the high Authority boss that I can’t come to work like a a oh my bad D I’m going to get sucked what’s the command well have you got cheats turned on for starters you if

You haven’t got cheats turned on it it won’t work I think it’s so cool how I can just I could pick up the phone instead of having to be like proper like Posh and like um hello it’s Zach speaking I picked up the phone I was like yo that I

I picked up like I like talking to one of my maze so weird I know I not having my enchantment table at the Enderman Farm it means I have to keep flying all the way back to the end every time I need to use it so what are you doing now then like

Are you just I’m just trying to get my my armor sort out finally so many pearls put my back on do you not use them for trading what pearls no it’s the opposite way it’s emeralds to pearls not pearls to emeralds otherwise I’d be rich as hell this Farm makes so many pills

Unbelievable I to get a resource part that changes Villages into like oh wait I I’ve do not here and no I oh I’m going to get us to level 34 veggie villagers oh yeah ni this is my last time coming back here without uh using fireworks I only got like two fireworks

Left see that one looks good that one goes hard back all I’m going to do is I’m not going to lie so I’m to B it that it’s fine prop four we’ll try prop four shall it four breaking three not bad but it’s the exact same as

That helmet so I’m going to get rid of it that one my final one prop for oh my God no way dude I just got the god helmet Over The Mending no way I just watched that that’s the one thing I was hoping for so

I can now just get rid the rest of these helmets you lucky Bast so all I’m missing on that is mending which is fine cuz I I can get a book BL quite easily lucky me so I got that uh what else I missing so here and now take this one off and

This one off I’m getting extremely close to getting the god Set to be fair right I need two book I need two mending books so fine D I also need to my emeralds and I need to get more emeralds I don’t know I think I need about

I I need 32 emeralds I think to be able to fulfill all The Mending needs I also need to kill some creepers so I’m going to head down to this cave as well imagine no another right armor I’m getting there I’m I’m just getting all the enchantments for it first cuz

There’s no point enchanting for netherite armor get you get netherite once you’ve got all the enchantments I could quite easily get another armor I was waiting to get fully enchant I’m die oh dear right I see we hop on I’m going die out I need am Jesus money v

News throw remember IED it cuz I fell and rolled down a hill walking back home yeah T can you remember Village and news yes Village and news I really need more fireworks now you have enough netherite for all of your armor I know you’re saving obviously for you to I’ve got full I’ve

Got six and three but I’ve got four templates so I could upgrade I could upgrade if I want to but I’m waiting and then another land as well is uh there’s a certain armor trim uh called silenced which I’ll which I’m going to put on my phone thether right armor as well

Because once I’ve got my armor maxed out I’m going to then decorate it see there’s one there’s one armor that I love my favorite my favorite silenced I know what they’re all called there there’s well there’s one that obviously you find in the ancient in the

Ancient city and it’s called Sans I love it it cuz it does the most of the armor and then I can eventually get out of this armor stuff this iron stuff even because I’ve been wearing Iron since the beginning it’ll be nice to finally get out of it did I put my armor

You don’t want like one full like armag though you want to you want to mix them I mean I guess but also I I I do like the full set of silenced the full set s is really nice not J what would you put with it

There I’m not sure what looks good on Enchanted it depends what looks good on Enchanted netherite maybe Redstone maybe quartz or iron maybe Emerald could be a shout green on it I don’t know we’ll have to see when I get around to making it maybe I’m a fist I might go over a

Purple which one’s one um I think I I think I’ll leave this Bo oh that one is nice about it s is one of my favorites but yeah I think I’ll leave this Bo here for tonight and I’ll hop I’ll get the other mods installed and I’ll hop on another

Stream so tomorrow stay tuned stay tuned yes over and Emily cuz you’re going to bed soon she she go to bed 10: on night she’s got cold in the morning oh crack so every Monday night and Thursday night she has to go she has to go to about at

10: oh well every actually is fine though which is a lot better than what it used to have I tried to see if I can stay that’s fine if not then no worries I’ll see at C tomorrow anyway so yeah before I come off OB there is I’m getting extremely close now

I’ve been working on this armor for B four days now I’m working on this armor I got all the diamonds for it the first day started getting the villagers across on day two I started doing other stuff on day three and then four this is day four where I’ve built the

Farm and I’ve got I’m getting extremely close levels aren’t really a problem anymore so I’m literally missing fireworks so I can get around the place mending on the helmet mending on the legs and going I need to find an ancient city so maybe tomorrow night might be ancient city looting time

Yay so yeah I’m just going to log off here thank you for staying tun me this stream stay tuned for the next one that’s probably going to be up in the next fiveish minutes yes I will be here as well yeah Zach’s going to be in the game this time

As well so hell yeah thanks for staying tuned as well and uh we’ll be back soon all right cheers in a bit bye a these so that

This video, titled ‘Minecraft 1.20.4 Experience 8’, was uploaded by Kospyy on 2024-03-04 21:56:55.
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