Ultimate Minecraft Battle Royale with King_Noah!

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Let’s okay all right this is the best setup anyone’s ever set up so what what’s uh what seed are we doing dude this is such a good thumbnail thanks what’s the thumbnail is it like the is the one from before uh no it’s a different one okay

It’s like you a bunch of zombies oh oh dude I love that what’s the seed yeah what’s our seed right now Ryan sucks no please no we we don’t have to make it something true make it like Ryan doesn’t suck no R do uh so like spaces no capitals but like no no

Punctuation yeah Ryan Ryan doesn’t suck Paul balls is the last word can someone just put it in Discord so I can copy and paste it because I’m afraid of messing it up wait no spaces no spaces yeah one person type it and just put it in Discord some I’ll put it

In okay just to explain to the stream real quick what’s happening so I’m the bottom right uh Minecraft window and we are all going to start a hardcore world and on the same speed speed seed not the same speed someone will be faster and we’re all going to try and beat the

Ender Dragon first and I didn’t do it right oh that’s rough I put it is the world name not the seed give me a second to back out oh my gosh so bro this is what we mean by Ryan anyways I won’t say that L that’s I no I

I accidentally Stopped My Stream so hopefully that didn’t up gosh Minecraft is so lagging uh you should start your stream again cuz I have no idea if that m it up or not because I can’t see it I did I did start again oh yeah oh Cassidy’s here

Cassidy just so you know I’m live streaming I know okay good she’s very aware all right so Ryan doesn’t suck balls um is that true the world generator see okay are you ready wait no I was what’s your Twitch I’m ready I’m ready what’s my twitch yeah um he’s on YouTube man I’m

On YouTube oh YouTube okay are we are we starting the world now also I’m ready starting wait wait I’m I’m checking the oh I’m also starting my bad no that’s fine Caleb will just be behind okay sounds good he deserves it I do I haven’t even started the world

Yet that’s fine wait did you guys start the worlds I started my world I’m standing still though I haven’t moved yet okay yeah I don’t think my screen is on your stream Noah I don’t think um yeah I think you’re right I’m gonna start that’s rough

On that might have been me honestly wait should should we pause the speed running for a second yeah so I’m going to start creating my world right now real quick because it’s going to take a long time I’m just I’m just paused uh at spot

Okay same I did not look in a circle I promise I like I like I like jumps twice Caleb Caleb dud that’s too much literally yeah you’re literally cheating at this point Ryan what does your world look like like where did you spawn looking at um like uh regular Forest on a

Mountain yeah we’re on Ryan and I are in the same world at least person I don’t know who’s in top right that’s a funny statement to make like outside of Minecraft we’re in the same world at least so true it’s kind of a funny statement to make in Minecraft too yeah

Dan that’s the same as M cool yeah I didn’t think I’m just gonna I’m just gonna watch watch danane at the same time see how he’s doing br br okay so my world is created but I’m gonna fix the formatting now to make sure that oh my gosh so also I can’t see

My cursor while I’m in Minecraft for some reason so that might be an issue pretty soon uh it’s going to be come nighttime soon you can pause your G you were able to pause your game if you escape you uh you pause yeah I forgot I didn’t think

About that okay I’m to fix this formatting this is a little bit annoying all right there we are why is it what why are you saying my name I’m making sure like the uh okay boom and we should be good now all right boom it’s perfect the setup is

Not questionable what do you mean did I just show your private information online maybe what did you do I I just had your Discord Thing Up by accident so like someone might be able to friend you oh no people how do I okay are are we good to go then I

Think we’re good to go yeah back to game begin begin two oh is everyone in is everyone in no I’m on 0% loading but it’ll be okay okay okay can we move yeah just just start just start uh Ryan just say you know it says oh you’re good yeah you guys go ahead

And start and I’m in okay cool I have no audio oh no I have audio oh my gosh that’s so true oh I have other people’s audio wait I need to mute the Stream okay you might not be on the then then that’s rough Dane you can’t you

Can’t be doing that wait doing what stopping streaming oh yeah no I was trying to mute whoever’s audio is cuz I had someone else’s Audio Oh that’s rough Cassidy are you here uh I think she’s muted in she is muted okay oh my gosh we how do we have

Seven viewers oh hey I am here sorry I’m just watching the stream okay just from a more intimate angle Abby Keener says Abigail Keener says she loves Cassidy’s voice could you read my comment too please um it says hey uh that’s not actually what it says

Exactly what does it says hey it says he he yeah all right also Dane your your screen is no longer displaying because you sto screaming streaming for a second so I hate to inform you I found doggy I can try and we try and fix I can’t fix it at I streaming

Again yeah it would be it would be a no end thing yeah it would be my end thing but it would also be a major time inconvenience and I don’t want to keep pausing you guys I found iron I think I mean for projective I think we could take like

How long do you think it would take couple second BS it’ probably take about 20 seconds which I don’t have that time to spare you know I be Minecraft in in 18 minutes all right ready I’m pausing to what oh you’re pausing paing okay pausing to fix spring

Then I’ll do it how do you guys have much iron yeah can you shut up Caleb like actually I how much wood do you have r um it’s in my inventory but enough I’m right now killing sheep H I haven’t found the Sheep okay it should be updated so we have everyone

Now all right we good to go yep unpause go where are the chances the Sheep are sentient 60% 60% that’s crazy you know it if AI ever becomes self aware they should add it to video game so you can abuse AI whoa that’s I think that’s that’s gonna be a

Thing Ryan why would you say something like that I just think it’s a funny thought I don’t actually think AI will ever be able oh my gosh he’s like but if it is but but if it is yeah okay I know what my first order of business would be I’m already at half

Health yeah you really are running only another this is so bad I don’t have a cursor so I crafting is really annoying honestly I’m gonna play Super chill the first day I’m just going to get like a good basis you know basis why do you need bases

Colors D and what’s what’s wrong with that huh many things know many things Caleb calm down okay whoa that’s a cool cool place for a house you’re making a house oh my God I see a a room another hello who is this is this Sean Sean please never do that again that was

So loud Sean I actually that kind of enjoyable if you want to join a call with me privately sometime I’d be down okay what okay no Brian mess up again wait did ran actually leave oh yeah he left my gosh oh my gosh you know what

Happens I feel like I should just leave him out of the call now like he doesn’t deserve at this point I’m so sorry I he called me and I forgot that it did the thing you’re so dumb you’re so dumb more time it’s definitely your fault and not mine for having a bad

Setup I screen shared again I screen shared again well it’s Ryan you know how this works I we we just have to do a quick pause guys it’s part of the game so true also I just realized I have everyone else’s sound as well this is I

Paused I paused and that is the last time I will make that mistake are we are we pausing again okay are weing yeah yeah all right and I’ll turn you guys’ sounds off too because that was I just I almost thought I got back on for my own game because I don’t have

My own sound and it’s gonna that’s so funny badly all right uh uh where is MP MP okay Sean I thought you’d like something to say to me or something and that’s why you called me if you want if you want to yeah no I I get the joke

Now yeah it’s really bad all right unpause in three two one king Noah is a really bad guy in history he did a lot of bad things do not it’sing Sean why is it bad you can find thanks for sharing wait did you say like Minecraft

NOA or just King no no plays Minecraft and plays PS4 I don’t think that’s you what’s your YouTube I a uh are this is thanks I lost my Sprint I’ll give it back to you not in like a weird way anyone that anything like fun nope I killed a lot of

Sheep what did you do to low birth Believers exactly I watched D that was pretty good tomorrow I’m excited I just realized I don’t remember how this game works what am I supposed to do again Village let’s Go just to get through each like World until you get to Bowser at the end Sean Sean yeah yeah not quite what do you mean oh I’m thinking that yeah sorry um you’re supposed to collect all three pieces of the Triforce Sean Sean what am I doing oh my

Goodness what game am I even playing at the moment I need someone that’s not Sean to tell me oh I heard a mob so what you’re doing is there’s 100 players you’re trying to be the last one live I love those games oh well unfortunately we don’t have a server at

The moment so we can’t do that so what you’re doing is there’s the Spartans and you have to basically go in this giant ring world and kill all the aliens Oh yeah it’s really fun when you get to play the I’ve completely lost track of which one I am oh my gosh huge drop I almost just fell into I blame lag guys it’s Iron Golem time dude yesterday Dane was going crazy with iron golems can you guys hear play guitar

Directly behind who’s Evan sounds like you’re like a party or something kind of I can hear do I need to M or is it chill chill it is wonder wall it is noticeable but it’s okay we should actually compliment him on his guitar playing skills I think for us facts you’re good at

Guitar good at guitar and I love a that was soine actually take take the last back Take Back the Night by Sean if you play League the village is actually so good because you also find a village yeah is it like a like one in PL with bunch of dogs yeah oh my go at the same Village I think my gosh you guys should totally send the coordinates guys cords carts I’m good I’m good thanks too actually

Hey man I think 30 should be in I got the whole 64 I’m just getting the oh the blast furnace is actually so nice just to like will I be spending my first night in a dirt Hut probably she No I’m not good at this game I’m just the facilitator for other people to be good at this game no I really think we should play fortnite together sometime I think it’d be really funny I think it’ be really funny probably but I think that would be too much of a public

Embarrassment what no people like if you’ve never played before there’d be no expectation so it’ just be funny be it’ be a public embarrassment though not that I don’t already do that on purpose yeah I don’t think there’s someone who away from that what is there a sheep

Anywhere anyone here believe the Earth is round any anyone else these I SPS ice spice what ice spikes oh there’s an ice spikes what yeah ice it’s like it’s like directly west of the village where’s the village I’m suffering just keep on talking and turn that are relative to

The Village so no one never finds it except for Dan I mean the ice spikes aren’t really relevant to but not but I’m curious though okay pumpkins too which is relevant for later maybe I don’t remember how to win this game so we’re just gonna one of the cool things about hard

Is that like there’s no spawn points you don’t really care if you just go wherever you know yeah unless you place your bed wherever yeah it’s kind of like light you know and it like you die you’re done the ocean yeah whatever it’s worth Caleb I don’t know if we were in the

Same I found a really cool hill I didn’t hear what you said when I went to yeah the ice yeah I don’t know how it sounds on the stream but if you could like um you’re very loud and I could probably turn you down no you’re audio sounds

Fine for me sounds fine okay never mind ignore it says have fun enjoy the rest of your night breaks who said that mingling I don’t know who that is but I have no idea who that is never heard that name you could try have a wonderful name you too

Dude are you able to like turn down his user volume maybe I I can probably do that I turned down my I turned down my inut volume a little bit that’s a lot better thank you hopefully I didn’t just like unre unnecessarily like make it super quiet

For the stream but I think Ming’s Cassidy so have a wonderful night do not die oh hi Cassidy Cass leave the call uh I don’t know if she left the call but I I I think she did I call you did yeah she said she said good night so

Wizard dude having no audio in an abandoned mft is terrifying that’s rough that’s funny no what are the chances you stop speedr running end up just trying to map as much of the world as possible like 85% yeah give or take no did you do that last time oh there’s an ocean Monument

Over there I did not do that last time but it’s because I died within minutes huh I just found a burning bush wait Caleb relative to the relative to the village where is the ocean Monument uh it’s like Northwest wait but I don’t even know

Where that is cuz I don’t know where the village is oh that sucks oh my gosh oh my gosh Ryan why do you sound homosexual whenever you talk please shut up okay not that it’s a bad thing but like no no he’s got a point who has a point me saying no shut

Up Noah like it is a bad point or like oh no like Noah what Noah is saying is like a point like he’s like I understand why he’s saying it oh found where is it did wait did you find the village too I didn’t find the

Village oh my gosh found an igloo how’d you find the how’d you find the ice spikes if you didn’t find the village the ice spikes is relative to the Village whoa I just got lucky I guess whoa I don’t have any iron so I don’t

Know how I’m GNA like I’m in a in a cave and I’m very scared because if I encounter any enemies at all kind of done for yeah what are the odds that I hit one of these polar bears wait he’s chasing me already why is he chasing me

If they have a if they have a kid they chase you oh it’s just like people real life I found a treasure map you better go catch it dude that was such a good job thanks I try my favorite part about the setup is the fact that it just says live and has

The three dots and has the little microphone next to all of you guys’ streams and mine so yeah for anyone just joining because I know there’s so many of you so many of you we are uh how many we have oh five and I’m not sure if there’s

Anyone that we don’t know so um we are currently traversing the world trying to basically not die whoever whoever beats the Ender Dragon first you can if you die you can restart on the same seed but whoever beats the Ender Dragon first wins dude we might be here a while are

Ice spikes the equivalent of like the great ice wall in real life because if so if I get past this I could find like Atlantis or something no no no so Atlantis isn’t real that’s made up oh what no it’s it’s real the edge of the world

I thought that the ice wall was I thought Atlantis was in the Atlantic Ocean no it’s outside of the ice wall how do you know you’ve never seen it I’ve seen Maps I’ve seen Maps oh okay yeah I’m almost to the uh what are you almost to the the berry

Trevor is that so okay I walked into the Iceland like I don’t know oh Dan go don’t get blown up by creepers hoping to get out eventually and I’ve just been running in here forever without anything imagine having audio diamonds you have diamonds yeah I’m convinced that Caleb

Just has a permanent buff in Minecraft oh I also have diamonds actually would it be cheating if I turned on a x-ray pack or no no that’s good you’re good yeah I think I would no I don’t mind I am the overseer of this challenge

That’s okay I permit it I don’t know if I have updated one it’s only because I’m trying to get something from Ryan who said that what actually R what what but actually don’t do that where I’m I’ve dug all the way down to deep Slade and I do not see any at all

Anywhere well iron is less common in deep slate I am slightly above deep slate wait what is Curse of Vanishing oh curse of Vanishing doesn’t mean anything in hardcore actually it means that it’ll disappear when you die oh oh I see I see like the ice SP skel and

Icy what’s skel and icy I don’t know it’s copyrighted so dude the the second verse of overcompensate I don’t know what any of it means I’m so confused whether he just said words or whether he actually put like thought into it what oh yeah no if they go on

Tour again would you want to go Absol freaking lutely yeah can I also go yes as long as you pay your own ticket oh my gosh no no no no oh oh me and Mitch me and Mitch are gonna go to Weezer in September bruh that’s gonna be

Fun in September can I come with you how much are the tickets I don’t know yet they pre-sales going on tomorrow uh and I’m going to buy them tomorrow let’s go okay let me know how much the tickets are tomorrow and I I might also go I found a second

Village cords cords I’m still walking in the ice B I have not escaped yet dang AB thing is I don’t think unless unless they’re like $75 I don’t think I have enough money right now in my bank account to to buy three tickets okay why why are my frames

So no Caleb I was thinking I could probably if I bought them separately I’d still be able to get them next to you guys right uh it depends I have the Pres Cod so you would have to like get on to okay yeah and if they’re more if they’re

More than $75 I probably don’t want to go particularly but if they are $75 or then absolutely even if they’re like the nose bleed seats I’m not super super interested in Weezer but they’re good was yeah they’re they’re playing the entirety of The Blue Album which is

Pretty cool let’s go it’s like the uh it’s like that one YouTube video that’s the guy singing The Blue Album from memory it’s it’s well it’s because it’s the 30 Blue Album that’s sick 30th Anniversary oh my gosh guess I get more dude imagine being that

Old true that’s going be you and like imag imagine being River imagine being that guy who he’s just that Rivero the Andrew Cuomo Rivers bro why do you have to get all political all of a sudden what the heck yeah imagine being that guy why have I found more gold than I found

Iron I found zero gold I found you so what what is happening we’re playing Minecraft hardcore right now yeah so control is my Sprint and there’s like other buttons I’ll hit randomly all the time and they end up doing random commands and I don’t know which ones do which you have commands

Activated bro that’s cheating no like computer commands Pi I found a golden pickaxe with Fortune two on it and then a golden shovel Fortune three on it brother in the chest who even are you has silk touch on it and I’m very sad because I just died to so I jump scared

By all right restarting whoa whoa but I have any sound so I haded suddenly a zombie Corner me and I was not like aware of that at all ahead of time that’s rough I’m going to turn hostile mob sounds all the way up completely unrelated to whatever you’re

Just saying that’s so valid why do you have sounds off D I don’t know just happened there’s no sound coming out yeah kind of does that sometimes um so just rolling with it but that is I blame that for why I died because I did like hardcore jump scared

That that is fair I have yet to find a lava pool or a working room portal I’m doing okay because I was not honestly I wasn’t doing great are you in real life doing great whoa what are the like super tall pillars called of ice I don’t

Know guys this is like a different ice B I don’t know what it is but that’s sick all right I’m probably going to die the super tall pillars you can look in your F3 menu see if see what it is why why are you going to BU Ryan I’m

About to go into this thing with all the angry villagers why why uh ice it’s a ice Spike biome oh like you don’t have to Ice Bike yeah ice spikes has pretty wide variety they’re very diverse just like MSI University campus that’s well actually actually it’s pretty accurate though because

There’s like mostly white and there’s some other like it’s like it’s like an ice Spike’s biome in that way yeah that’s funny remember don’t ever expose not the white part that’s so true facts white people are worthless I agree well no no I think I found a lava

Po let’s go finally Caleb if it was you versus a lava pool would you win I don’t know what that means Brown so basically he’s saying if you’re going up against a lava pool like in a in a battle or like a duel of some sort it is daytime all right time to

Time to leave when it’s time to oh gosh no Dage cros do do you reckon why did you just say do you reckon what do you mean what are you freaking British bro you got a bottle of water your teeth doing okay I actually floss every night and

Day no why you brush your teeth on average when do I brush my teeth yeah what you say right literally brushing my teeth is the thing that I procrastinate doing for like three hours before going to bed but I I’d say probably once or two twice a month I miss brushing my

Teeth another time how oh my gosh as say I brush my teeth pretty often um maybe yeah I was going to say maybe once a once or twice a month I miss it usually once I mean like no I’m asking what time of day so I can

Come visit you as you do it I’m dumb I I get the reference now um it varies so much it could literally be between like 11:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. just come for the whole time and it’ll be fun you can have a good time um

No I told you I found a la that’s why I’m in NE oh that’s so true or maybe because you want to progress quickly and you have the aura of you have the aura of imagine not dying true that’s so cringe your your Minecrafting ability is

Insane I have watched you play and I’ve just watched you progress in your worlds you’re just insane at this game I think I appreciate that although I don’t think I’m very good compared to most of the people that I watch play like yeah I was going to say that that’s the thing

You get inspiration from the best and so you’re the best version of yourself this is so cool wow oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh Brian’s about to die I play fortnite he does play fortnite I can confirm although this version is

Harder dude I found this super large like flat open like a flat Cavern almost and it’s open to the daylight so it looks really cool cuz it’s like eliminated almost I feel like I haven’t really been playing I’m GNA actually start playing now he’s like all right 20 minutes into

The speed on this time this is the time to start I up a cliff nice you should try doing that but like actually come come through I feel like that is a unwise decision well you know me with anticipation for precipitation stack the rainy day nope as Rihanna close though

In a lot of ways yeah I mean in interviews people ask Tyler like where is your inspiration for your music come from he almost always says Oprah what it’s it’s obviously a joke I was gonna say that sounds as you go further back in their interviews like in

2011 and 2014 or whatever the interviews the F farther back they are the more genuine the answers are which is really funny to me because eventually they just sto carrying I try not doing that I’m alive and well I would just like to let you all know oh okay that’s

Fantastic I that’s surprising Ryan I didn’t just almost die by falling off a cliff I that too oh Ryan Ryan did you just wait did you die no no I’m alive but I fell off a cliff and got to 2 Hp it was crazy that’s really

Funny I thought I was like in the air calculating whether or not I would die and I was uncertain because I usually don’t play hardcore and I don’t know what the damage is but oh there’s a skeleton that could one shot me right now can I one shot

You that question makes me uncomfortable sorry I’ll I retract my question what did you mean by it um I think we’re currently live right now I don’t know if I want to answer that question I think future employers would not enjoy my my honest answer to that question there’s no way future employers

Are going to look through all your videos though Noah they definitely are I would say make them watch all like dude that’s a good way to get YouTube views just apply to of jobs and do background checks I I don’t know if that’s sufficient way I think I think it is I

Mean how else am I gonna force people to sit through this subcribers here just like throwing that out there Dane what I’m answering your question oh yeah no I do so I think I know what I’m talking about get w got him I don’t really know how to do bash

So I’m just going to use this end thing the watch us kill actually just wins this he say there’s no way he’s not winning no offense to you guys uh I think he might die I I think I might die too I think he might die but at the same time he’s

Still gonna win oh you think he’s gonna die and then come back again yeah just like Jesus whoa whoa Jesus you’re my superer you’re my star my best friend oh my gosh Mr Skelly bones please do not kill me had int I found a like nether abandoned nether portal that literally has enough

Obsidian to like go to the you just need like diamond pickaxe and that’s it and that’s so crazy you should do I found I found a few that uh that didn’t havean or lava cuz a lot of times you can use through nether portal to just like go to

The nether with lava but uh yeah there was no lava around either yeah I was1 GS hey no copyrighted music on stream yo I just got the achievement sweet dreams you can’t catch up with me guys we have one viewer right nowb that’s not true I didn’t see it

Happen my current world is not in hardcore do I need to restart um if you die just delete the world okay but let me check the difficulty as long as it’s in hard some disadvantages too cuz there’s less mob spawns it is now hard and it’s locked yeah so hard hard mode is

Technically less difficult than hard like lower difficulty than hardcore but it’s fine we’ll we’ll we’ll make an exception no worries I can also where are all the end in the end bi they’re not here oh I heard one D let’s be real you’re not winning dang whoa whoa

Kaa just trying to stir up some controversy here I mean it’s not controversial it’s just rude good point Noah oh thanks I try is the the same all right I should work on preserving my life me when I should work on preserving my life you can drop a pearl that’s

Guys what do you think I should do with the TNT that I have why do you have TNT bro uh the uh bird treer you are so much further I’m still trying to find iron wait if you break oh never mind I’m a pear guys I made the advancement isn’t an iron

Pick that’s crazy I made that six years ago no stop running away stop it where’ he go I hear skeletons I hear zombies but I don’t see any I’m very concerned yes I got one in a bro that’s that’s not true there’s no way bro is about to go to the

End wait did you did you get a blaze and stuff and like I haven’t a foress okay dang you’re really falling behind it’s the only thing I’ve got to I’ve got like iron tools and Diamond Sword be like that we should all um so Caleb you’re to bottom left

Cuz you’re in the nether you’re the only ones in the nether right uh probably I don’t okay then I’m trying to figure out Dane are you are you like in a village right now or is that Ryan I was I probably am in a village so okay on the

Stream and then Ryan you’re in like the Deep slate area I’m top left I believe okay yeah so Ryan’s top right I just realized because I haven’t really said that to the it’s good bro mag keep do so much Dam correct are worst that’s not true cancer well when they add Minecraft to

Cancer hey hey hey you can’t J don’t joke about that no I’m saying when like they add like Minecraft nope nope that’s not going to happen do you think anyone ever who has had cancer has played Minecraft before no definitely not what about Noah dang no yeah sorry Noah hard way to say

This I didn’t want to find out this way that’s so rough please take it back why’d you give this to me Ryan oh my gosh this is such a cool view dude Ryan did you give no can I may have Ryan I don’t want this okay I did not

Consent oh by the way Dane I’m not letting you uh eat berries or any cherries or anything like that underwater and I’m going to tax you that’s rough wait wait wait why hold up hold up hold up I just don’t think you should have that freedom whoa this

Isica yo I love that to the stream last night what is that a deep cup reference to the stream last night they may have been oh my God guys make sure to go check out the previous episode before this one yeah in which spoiler alert I die

After getting very close to the Nether and getting like seven diamonds no that’s now they can count the number of diamonds and know when the stream’s about to end well actually I got more than that but I just lied to make it seem like I was just being humble you know I

Found a astion I’m very scared to go in you should you should go in I definitely didn’t die there last time wait if I go to the same I think I think I can avoid the bruts if I use my but I see natural light over there we’re

So deep when I see natural light this is insane oh this is my last food we head back now we head back what’s you guys’ strategy for winning other than kill which is just to win um I’m taking it slow and getting some armor I’m going into a cave first

Before I like I have access to a lava pool and I can go now TR to be about it let’s go I got return to oh my go I feel really well for how like short of a time I’ve been trying to I shot I shot the fireball back let’s

Go I found diamonds that’s my other plan I have no charcoal that’s kind of bad my hope is that this is the bridge fashion I can just steal all the it is don’t you love running away from skeletons in a zigzag fashion to avoid their Arrow shots it’s like you’re running away from

A school shooter I I just got blown up by a freaking Creeper that’s rough did you die or you still alive I died I’m gonna rewatch this on the stream that was rough all right that sucks yeah caves and hardcore is a i all right so what is the what is the seed

Again it’s in the chat yeah Ryan doesn’t suck balls okay that wasn’t like saying that but that’s a lie that is a lie no guys I promise what if I what if I set you definitely do what if I set the world type to Amplified instead can

I do that no I don’t think you can what if I set it to super flat I’m oh wait where’s my sword I remember setting a uh setting a hardcore world to name to it’s hard back when I was a kid I did not think about that at all I didn’t have mental

Capacity to understand no that’s such an epic name I’m gonna go to the bathroom while my world loads better not Noah hello Noah he already went guys make sure to subscribe to M on YouTube for the best uh content also there’s Ryan subscribe to Vox rain Studios as

Well um you could do that animation content very different but Minecraft related still like do you like Minecraft yeah you do um I have a couple Minecraft videos on there and you should also subscribe to MP of course yeah yeah he makes top quality fortnite content right

Yeah and also IRL Channel new video coming out tomorrow by the way oh my gosh really can you send a link to it yeah I will when it comes out there’s a gas inside this Bast that’s crazy that’s wild I don’t remember asking though roasted in toast boed more like so

Many luckily Pig Bo die in laa who won the last one uh I did but we only like no one died before me basically so it was like a kind of weird win oh was it only just you two yeah and neither was speed then Dragon cuz we weren’t we were just

Playing to whoever like died for us basically before but I got into a Bastion and died to big yeah I don’t think the Bastion is worth it I think they can be but you gotta you got to know how to do it right I think finding a fortress is a

Much better idea and then just getting pearls over time well you can get a lot of gold from Bastion yeah but gold isn’t useful unless you unless yeah I don’t know this also Bastion and I’m like I don’t mess with the treasure Bastion because there’s so many freaking BRS in Treasure

Bastion accidentally just lava why’ you do that do thatz it was in my pop bar eating bread I took the look at ad hello hello have you won yet Caleb think he for Caleb do you know why lwig has like three different channels called like Mogul male and then lewig and then

Lwin this uh L one is his like Cliff’s Channel L is like is like like almost like voice critical type Channel where like he talks about random stuff like much critical does to it and then uh lot main Channel yeah that’s sick I’m becoming a forest elf in this in this run through

Let’s go into The Nether boys are you for real yeah I’m in the nether now we going to the ne going to I lava immediately you should do that sounds like a good idea did you imagine there are lava pools in real life like just lava sitting on the ground there

Are yeah there are those are real but like just like sitting there like there’s not a source beneath them it’s just a lava pool you can make that true you probably good oh thanks I don’t right all right where do I want to go in

This hey do you want to like do you want to tell me the cords of that Bastion you had uh no that’s not cords that was a statement so actually no I think what he meant by that was like he’s not going to tell him the cords wait but he asked for

The cords but then he said no but no isn’t cords wait you have a good point actually why did you say that yeah explain yourself yeah CU I didn’t give him the cords wait I don’t get it so I was trying to trick him by giving him the wrong cords

Oh can you guys give me the cor to the Village near spawn oh Noe I found that second time accidentally I haven’t found it yet I’m poor boy I’m currently my CES arega – 2696 negative 1750 why would that be helpful case one of you wants to come kill me or something we’re

Not brother we’re not MERS not unless what about lust I said unless what about lust we don’t we don’t do that here no I found a Stony Beach that will probably contain iron hopefully maybe probably maybe I hope what’s the most attractive race there are too manys I need to kill

That I don’t want some tech actually learned the other day you use the chart to find very true he going he’s going techn I’ve known about that for a while but I’ve never been able to implement it what can you use to find Mob Spawners the pie chart in the F3

Menu pie chart really yeah oh just you see the the mob the percentages go up I I found a friend secret base using that before cuz they had a mob spawner in it or no they had a chicken F mob spawner well same thing oh my gosh there’s a spider with a

Skeleton on it am I going to get super greedy and try and go for that iron that I definitely can’t get without dying yes death means nothing to me in this world oh my gosh I literally just need a lava source and I’m Shilling no you’d actually be very warm then and there’s

Some I am thousands of oh my gosh if you die you’ll respawn back at oh true I’ll just I’ll just kill myself real quickly hey hey we do not promote suicide on this channel I meant in Minecraft oh are you just saying that to get out of it like

You’re just saying that as like a cover up I know you meant like I see trees on fire this is Huge you take so much damage from me even just like lightly walking into lava that’s how I died last time dude not having audio is so scary in the ne just turn on your audio I can’t it’s not working oh oh my gosh I was in my inventory and I

Heard did you survive I’m half a heart oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh hey stop saying bad words I said oh my gosh oh okay I know where you stand someone asked in an interview question with them when I talk about like them not caring eventually with

Interviews it’s really funny to me because one time someone asked like so why do you end every show with with trees it’s like if you know if you if you know that they end every show with trees you’d think you’d know the answer to that cuz it’s like

The song itself kind of gives an answer to some extent it sums up a lot of the themes in their songs and all that was really funny and so his response was wait we do That that’s crazy thanks time structure why won’t you give me your ARS Mr Man first boy howdy am I glad I don’t have a webcam right now let’s go that’s one closer to beating game oh my gosh I’m going backwards you said of beating D that’s rough yeah D

I’m gonna beat you in like a fun way or yeah nice well is that is that is that what you said though uh no guys should I take on an Ender honest opinion should I take on an Ender to do that with with a boat yeah

That is also true I was just going to dig into a wall no because then he’s just going to teleport all over you and kill you no like I was going to dig into a wall like two blocks high oh yeah might did they like patch

That as a thing no do that no it should it should work but I would use both I’ve never done that before so I don’t know how I feel about it if you get them into a boat like there’s a boat next to them then like push like oh like before angering

Them okay until hente huh am I that one guy that joined your server or that one server that you joined at nowhere that was that was really funny how Ryan actually convinced him that he was from like Peru or something dude it’s still me that we’re following someone the person from

Mexico yeah what that was really funny wer from Mexico I don’t think she was from Mexico Bianca yeah I thought her no she’s American yeah her parents are from Mexico though right oh yeah maybe maybe I was just listening better than you guys I don’t know you probably saw like woman and you

Were like oh my God memorize facts not woman she’s 17 technically girl okay so just 17 completely uninterested OB except whenever brought Caleb brought up that fact I was 18 and so I made I we’re going to stop that conversation right now don’t want to turn into a Minecraft Youtuber oh wait I

Have which one do I not want to turn into have you found a fortress yet no I have not um May you work on that yeah kind need to do that SK standing cowardly I can feel oh my d right I was thinking that exact same

Thing yeah how if you put one two doors next to each other but the ones like on the placed at the wrong side it doesn’t go on the line right why are you placing door building my house why do you have a house yeah uh why don’t you have a house

Noah cuz I am a 19-year-old college student who has not acquired the funds to put a down payment for a decent house house yet oh okay give me like I don’t know six years there’s three have you started building your credit score yet no wait you didn’t invest in a house and

You were like seven when the housing market was good bro um I hate to inform you complain that like it’s too expensive nowadays like why didn’t you just buy one back then seriously sir sir people are so stupid I’m gonna ask you the question why didn’t you why didn’t

I oh I guess I should finish my question why didn’t you invest in a house oh I did oh dude this house that I’m living right now was bought for me for like my second birthday no that’s insane I’m so happy for you sign on my

Bir it but like you know was like pretty close yeah it’s just a minor inconvenience but I just don’t have a cursor it’s very strange oh I don’t have it’s like I have to figure out where my cursor is every time is that like only in the crafting

Menu yeah inventory it’s inventory and crafting yeah want to go for the actually no there’s no reason for that my inventory is B and apparently control B also is what changes the narrator options so I always say control B and the narrator comes off is there a way to change it to not

Be that uh it’s I use it for a lot of other games I just saw this zombie bck when like riding down the lava like it’s a slide me and you D you found the for yet not dude this is a rough nether to navigate hly it is did did you go the like Ender or the Ender way like the like blue Forest yeah yeah like red and bl Forest face for the blue Forest I think guys I

Think I might start have to start mapping out this world have you found a map yet yeah well not exactly I just jumped into a pit OFA you should try that out see how it goes for you I found some much better terrain I see that sound wonderful do you want to

Coordinates you you guys are just try hards anyway like I didn’t even want to be in the yet well no you were almost in NE last time what happened true then I fell in lava would happen this time um I got blown up when will the attention seeking Behavior stop wait did you

Die yeah no one said you died a sir def definitely remembered that are you not paying as much attention to my world as your own the heck gas has been good do you guys do you guys find the desert no neither did I for the chances my

Portal leads straight to the thing dang it I just got killed by a hogland 65% do you actually get killed oh my gosh yeah that’s rough D I was doing so well and then there was a hog underere I couldn’t hear them at all dude is so rough what is no

Sound yeah I’m sorry I might not I don’t think the amount time I’m take to get back to that that’s fair if we just pull our knowledge about the world though we can help you get back to it actually wait no I’m yeah that is a thing every time you come

Back you have knowledge of what you already knew so yeah that’s true in real life too right like I know where is nether portal now I know where there are lava pools oh my gosh why are you shooting me hello here wait actually I want you to give me your gold

I can get back Mr I can get back like Ryan or no get back to the ne hey man come here get in this hole of gold waitan are you in the nether yeah she asked me how much gold do you have Ryan uh I have a lot but it’s not uh in

Gold form yet plus 20 I have 26 gold what’s six plus 20 26 is that true I found it I found it oh my gosh I found I think some needs to check the math on that I don’t I if that’s accurate wait hold up I’m actually so these guys are just not

Dropping the pearls if you had pearls would you want to drop them if a nice man came along and killed me yeah sure Fair maybe I’ll have to try that whenever you get pearls hey bro I got some more gold for you how manys are you uh I have five pearls right now

So we’re not quite there yet are we there yet I’m mining iron in the least efficient way possible oh snap is it a safe way though it is a safe way then it’s I don’t I don’t know if that’s accurate I also am doing playing this challenge in a very inefficient way cuz

I just went really far away from Spawn to get my stuff not thinking about the fact that oh then I’ll have to go back there if I want to do it again I at like whatever this oh I at like 300 blocks away from Spawn I think I found the Bastion you

Guys were talking about not 300 yeah I found it too Bas yeah it was really scary I ran away that was probably oh I can’t I can’t to do that can I owie hey that’s a bad word I can twoot you guys just so you know what I have six pearls

Now can I be a nice man and come along and kill you um if you can find me in the jle mighty jungle Noah did you find a jungle uh maybe in the jungley jungle s pears can I have some please may I please please have a water

Please I don’t see any Villages anywhere nearby or ruin portals there’s one o what ocean I I think I might just be on a different seed honestly yo Pigman not going to lie you kind of sold this is all horrible stuff sir yeah the pro rates are really bad in 1 after

1.6.1 guess what Ryan he might have sold but you bought so no cap D yeah also my render distance kind of has to be really low or else I won’t be able to R stream it’s a little bit of a disadvantage what my R super low anyway I uh hated it high

I just can’t see how low is super low though uh like four chunks oh same yeah I just set it to six and now it’s blowing up oh I think mine is six actually I set it to six so I could see like a little bit farther do you guys find the swamp

Yet um I am away I’m at like 900 600 you are oh yeah I think I think the vill was like that’s rough that that makes sense 200 300 something like that that’s really funny well I’m Fire charges I’m going even farther in the opposite direction because I want

To swamp Villages aren’t a thing right you guys find the Birch Forest bir dang I’m really far ahead of you guys you guys even haven’t even found the swamp either I’m really far ahead of you guys or or you guys are just doing the progression out of order and you’ll

Be disqualified because of that I have no starts making up rules this for is so much better than one I before dude you’re already at the warp Forest I think that’s the next biome on the list so I’m pretty close let’s go the rates are picking up

Now how many do you have my Amazon Warehouse in uh manager person whenever I start disobeying the rules to get higher rates how many do you have Nows what the he’s literally gonna he’s literally going to be Minecraft in like two hours or less and I’m going to be collecting yeah you

Found I think the basion I at was a different one than you guys cuz I’m I’m really far into the nether cuz I didn’t realize myess I found one I don’t know has one or not I found one dang it yo I got this

End angry at me by looking at him and he disappeared and I don’t know where he is now and I’m kind of scared guys you should not die Ryan I think Ryan I think you’re gonna die Dian I think you’re gonna Ry if I did it in the nether does

That mean he just despawn he’s he’s going to come back are you sure yeah oh oh my gosh Ryan are you dead sounds like Ryan might be dead I think Ry might be dead too I might be dead honestly theing on that was really bad whatever he just did you should do that

Same thing no I’m I’m putting him in boats I’m I think I’m probably G to step down guys keep keep your stream going though that way the the it doesn’t get all messed up on on the stream okay what you’re quitting Ryan dude I literally I I was just starting to feel

Like I was catching up that’s minutes I I doubted Caleb’s words I was like there’s no way it’s coming back you know where you’re at get back to where you are because like I’m getting back to NE pretty quickly know right yeah come on Ryan challenge like I might just like

Die in the end and be like screw Caleb I’ve never seen you die in Minecraft the only time I’ve witnessed you dying was by by Ryan’s hand I’ve seen Caleb die when we spawned her with her that was funny did you die to the blast we died both of us died so many

Times to so many things oh got it that dude we like lost everything both of us and we’re like you know what maybe we should restart the server did you yeah that’s funny yeah we rolled it back I don’t think we were even supposed to be doing the Wither

Anyways what do you mean supposed to I don’t see any caves cuz I think you’re going to like do other I see all right I am satisfied with my 11 pearls from that forest or well now I I don’t even I literally don’t even see a cave I have

I just so Ryan I’m not actually mapping out the uh I’m not actually mapping out the world but I’m literally just exploring at the moment nice I think that’s just a view yeah it’s pretty much the same thing I in this gigantic swamp how the

Heck I wish there was like some kind of like vehicle that allowed you to move faster in the water cuz swimming is just not fast enough oh my gosh oh the rain is so bad for my frames I wish we could disable rain this is so bad if I start a new

World may I disable rain oh you can go into your like video I can I didn’t know there’s an option how where is it I don’t see it yeah I don’t see it I don’t believe you unless it’s like an optify thing oh it might be yeah I should get

Up toine like there’s no downsides to that oh my God gosh dude this generation’s crazy kill these fogs Whoa should do like a uh should do like a a slideshow of all my Minecraft screenshots for a YouTube video wait I think foress let’s go I found a fortress dude you’re insane you’re upit didn’t you didn’t you already find one no I found a bastard I mean this really butly I

Really hope you die way dang Dane you’re really wishing death upon our friend not like like in Minecraft oh like in Minecraft okay definitely not just saying that to like make it ad Advertiser friendly not at all all the streams at once oh my gosh what’ you say I’m trying to

Watch it’s not possible well you can watch them on Noah’s YouTube okay but it is delayed there like 30 seconds is what yeah you just like mute it so you have to listen to us like twice true no you should listen to us twice I’m sure you definitely want oh I hear

Dane’s audio Dane you don’t have your own audio nope I’ll be your ears from now on okay what I’m gonna be your ears Ryan that’s not how that works what do you mean like wait can you hear his audio but he can’t yeah he can’t that’s so funny yeah

So UB is would useful for me but like if Ryan’s like oh I hear a keeper around like 30 seconds I have 30 seconds of Delayed Reaction Time right here is it really 30 seconds of delay on Discord no not on Discord oh not on Discord

Why what you say like cing hay bales right now just got the last one right Caleb I don’t know how to make it not delayed on YouTube I and I think I think if I made it not delayed my laptop would not be able to handle that’s a lot of wheat thank

You I found a blade spawner Dan if there’s a creeper you’ll just hear me start screaming okay be great apprciate it I have my own music composition stuck in my head this is horrible I hate it I mean it’s kind of a good sign but

It’s it’s a neutral sign so I did an experiment wherever I played this horrible ugly sounding Melody and like Harmony and stuff on the piano over and over again for like hours and then the next day I had it stuck in my head and it’s like yeah this is a neutral thing

Interesting all it was was a really was a hn except the right hand was a half step higher than it was supposed to be B I like that you know that the villagers around the village are going h dude I haven’t found a single Village or like anything helpful I

Literally have not found a a cave wait how do so many diamonds already Dan is that just from the village no there was like Ravine that I knew sick dude is do I need to hunt him down information and that is kind of huge you’re kind of huge I think I don’t know

Right now okay you want to change that yeah I want game dude I should send my grandparents the link to the stream after after d Caleb is far oh that’s scary though no Caleb’s doing so C absolutely cracked at this game all right I’m dead that was horrible timing a blaze a

Blaze spawned behind me and I just couldn’t see it you had two bars of armor as well holy crap dude okay get out of here are you trying again or are you done um I guess I’ll try I feel like you’re still going to win this no dude no offense gr like valid

But still I am currently cooking beef and cooking my first Iron I’m getting back to Nether that’s yeah I think oh this is I think Dana and Caleb are only hope for finishing no offense Ryan I’m not playing so sucks or Brian doesn’t suck that was that was the problem

Facts if we could just change that like I think that would solve a lot of our issues yeah I don’t think there’s enough time for The Blaze blazes to spawn again no how much would it mess up the stream if I stopped my stream uh try wait actually

Don’t try it yet I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be that bad it would just be a little bit awkward because it would just be like a triangle instead of you can stop your stream if you want to go for it where comes to we all pause for for a minute

Right honestly I’m I’m just having fun right now not actually true but be okay Ryan I’m trusting you yeah Ryan I didn’t screw it up that much so you’re good because I can’t hear anything so there’s like gas I’m GNA I’m going to need your help it’s better

What I’m looking at Noah stream this is actually a really nice stream setup thanks I spent like 20 minutes in you witnessed this trying to get it set up this way if only I could find literally any caves that weren’t flooded with water yeah you want to know my coordinates I at 960

860 no offense the third chep just ran away he disappeared gas don’t spawn in this biome right no they don’t uh I think gas spawn every yeah they kind of do no offense wait only Spa in like the red and like like I I’m in

Like the like um I I think they spawn in every bom yeah I think so pretty cringe you’re pretty and cringe too mainly pretty though where we’re from with no one I’m so dumb I mean it was my fault oh my go my PC is burning the freak up I’ve been using 100% of my memory for the last wait is that no you get a desktop should get a desktop sounds expensive though how much money do you have available to purchase a

Desktop uh none because whatever I have is supposed to go to college because otherwise I have to go in into de which I do not want to do you for not going at all hey man wouldn’t be possible without my parents so I’m it’s not like I’m in a

Yeah yeah no I think you going pause pause just like kind of screwed you over you’re saying I should start over wait is it cheating if I start a new world and then keep this one open just in case you would have to die on purpose no

No no no no no like I just exit this world and then like keep it so that I can I I think the only way you can reset is dying one event just kidding like not to likeone giving up but like just St no that’s starting to look like a good option

Actually well like wherever you’ve been he pretty bad oh my gosh I found oh he has a trident he has oh that’s a fishing rod so we’re good I’m going in the deep end what you know the stone ax update oh my gosh I got a fishing rod from a from a

Drown also currently if like if we stop this before be the game uh Caleb wins because he’s gotten the farthest yep true yeah I had like I think four blaze rods and 10 pearls yeah yeah that’s definitely part Uh starting to think not having a cursor is more than a slight disadvantage because I keep slowing down really fast is the is the gravel with like stuff special stuff that you can wipe off like the brush off is that important to keep or is that not important to anything I’ve

Never don’t want to throw away something useful oh gosh can I know open this chest oh bury treasure map anyone else feel like an astronaut in the ocean right now as that’s the oh no oh heck oh gosh okay guys I got the sweet dreams achievement this time and what what’ you

Say I think it might be a good idea to be cook food and bread this time dude Deja Vu is so especially when it’s real like it’s actually happening before yeah or at least like like yeah end I’m in the nether with an end pear let’s go you’re cool last life

Honestly that’s so sick all right I’m going to bed hey Ryan I hope you have a wonderful night I hope you don’t die to a hoglin thanks man of course bye or please thanks for stopping by all right so what the death then I got killed by Blaze I bl by a

Creeper I’ve got killed by hogin and by a zombie both sne behind he died tce yeah he did are we not paying attention um how did Ryan die um other than not being loved Enough by the one he loved oh he got killed by an enemy oh

Dang that was great he was like oh oh yeah this was the most car I don’t know if that’s a word feels like it is Maybe oh my gosh I got diamonds for the first time in this entire okay what should I do with the TNT that I have any thoughts suggestions death

Threats pears let’s go um can’t really do anything with that though what Rend pears uh no the diamond it’s just a singular Diamond I’m sooud of you do prismarine crystals do anything probably not they give you what a pretty sick light source oh why would I want my light SCE to be ill

Almost I was just about to jump off a cliff and start flying with elra that was bad muscle memory no not quite I’m literally backtracking and just going back to where I was before honestly this is probably the best decision I can make right now I would love know wion this honestly

I would also enjoy that I know where the furry what about furries I got your you hear what you want to hear sorry did you say Dane making out with me what why would you say that Caleb uh sounds like you’re protecting though hey man so this is an interesting thing about

Gay jokes to me like in so many like regardless of the friend group or like the culture gay jokes are just like so Universal at this point in time which is really weird because they definitely did not used to be that way and I only know that

Because how my dad reacts whenever he hears me say something like that he’s always like why would you say that I think it’s because it’s like oh kind of T I guess so but like I hear my grandfather say stuff like that I say about oh what did

I just throw I just threw something oh oh gosh whatever I just throw is probably not worth losing the run to because there’s a trident right Trident round um but I’ve heard my grandfather make lots of jokes that are kind of like gay jokes except they’re about women that he

Also that he un ironically finds attractive I think it’s very strange I don’t know if that was like the old Norm like that was seen as too creepy and now it’s like no longer a thing yeah it’s that same kind of joke but socially acceptable yeah

Cuz it’s like oh I’m definitely not gay I wouldn’t actually like think that about you so it’s funny funny that’s an outlet for all these very over centralized that’s so true oh my gosh there’s literally a wait this is the same this is the cave I went to last run oh did you

Die uh no no no the I only died once I think I just found the same cave that I went to the first run I might be wrong no this probably isn’t this doesn’t look anywhere similar gold Apple I hope it does also if I die again I honestly will

Probably do one more and if I get far in but if I get far in one then I might I’m probably St yeah I was say if I get somewhat far in one of them then if I die then I’ll probably just like hang out until until someone wins

Or someone gives up and then the other person wins by default my my computer’s just been woring for the past two and a half hours just trying to trying desperately to not be overloaded I’ve been at 100% CPU usage for the entire time yeah

The oh my gosh I wait I think that might be the same buried treasure that I just nope there’s a pirate ship there it’s not the same one and I was able to find it without the map good work another one in the words of Kanye West and another one Set all right I’m going NE nag because I want to find this I’m like Aaron bur and Hamilton I’m like I want to be a part of all this I see y’all I see y’all discussing see y’all plotting I want to be part of this negative negative so positive

Huh so positive no no no no no no no we’re not multiplying we adding here dude that’s so ironic I was having a conversation with someone the other day about Dimensions my argument was that time is the fourth dimension it’s like it’s not a spatial Dimension but it

Pretty much is but it’s easier to call it like a separate Dimension but it’s still the fourth dimension and he was saying no no no no no no because you’re adding dimensions and I’m like who said I was adding Dimensions he’s like you got to multiply Dimensions I’m like what

Does that mean I still don’t understand what he’s telling me but multiplying Dimensions we’re talking about negative negative so you multiply them it’s like oh that’s actually not accurate negative negative is not positive what I don’t know man no that okay I’ve got 10 obsidian so I can

Make another portal back to the over world do it got six from oh no I just found a the portal that I mind sick however I have a um lack of armor that is rather concerning hey man I don’t mind I do not mind one bit I’m gon to be

Our back to get water there’s so many ener do golden app fire resistance regular one still that’s the amount of iron I had before hello welcome um what you say me welcome it’s a good one never heard that one before just kidding um I just realized I I invited someone

To come to my house at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow so maybe I should push that back to 12:00 pm yeah I have to get up at like 11:30 I finally found the village that you guys are talking about so much is it the one in the

Ocean it might be is it the one in the plains it’s right next to spawn right in the plains also there’s a creeper on top of this house I think well the the one next to the ocean is like there’s like docks and stuff there’s docks it’s like it’s like right

Next to you it’s on that’s sick cake by the ocean what were you guys exploding about this Village isn’t even that crazy it’s just good for food for food yeah dang and the Iron Golem that’s nice I was singing and going absolutely Ham on on high notes all day and my voice is

All dead how has your break been going Caleb just work I found a I just punch this Iron Golem for fun did you die no oh I’m swimming away very quickly I getting his iron is pretty good no I have like 30 iron in my inventory I don’t need it I just thought

It would be funny oh that house looks like it could have some I put IR what 12 under pears really yeah I call hacks have you found the nope you definitely cheated I only vaguely know where work is it’s not true don’t know where the lav I so that might not be for

Okay I really just need to find a another Fortress dude why am I such a capitalist this is horrible what do you mean I I just keep killing these cows I don’t even consider what they want for their family or like how this affects the economy I thought going to college would cleanse

My capitalist ways I don’t think it no wow what happened oh I found lava pool yay yay yay more like gay got him just kidding that actually wasn’t an offensive term because I just because gay people are very strong and and powerful and I love them they’re awesome like

Dane what I said you’re awesome oh thank you of course strong words from Lee someone ought to hold him to no I didn’t imply that you’re gay when did I say that no didn’t no Y what are those sounds me that was from me I made that sound are those

Sounds I just told you it came from me I made those sounds what are they supposed to be was like my voice I I just produced those sounds with my voice Dane what is not clear about this what were you mimicking Caleb can can you help me I I don’t understand how

To explain this to him I think Dane has a lord name I’m just kidding just kidding just kidding just kidding what were you gonna say I was going to say I think you have a very special heart and love people very deeply of course and also have a learning

Disability but I was just kidding it’s not actually a thing you where are you finding these lava pools I don’t see any uh it was It was kind of far away was it a negative negative um maybe in normally in Minecraft worlds I’ll find like six freaking ruin portals per

Chunk no I do not see any no we are not dude I have 18 right now Caleb did you just get Return to Sender again did oh did Dane get that why oh I just saw it on the stream that’s why yeah I got it again I’m in the freaking ocean I don’t

Where are you guys finding place es well the village was NN and then um there’s a r know where it was if you go like if you’re in most of the village if you’re on the part of the village that’s on land and you go from there

Towards the do part I found the ice spikes East don’t know those no oh this is the frozen ocean I have no clue where those are yeah that’s where Ryan was 550 900 yeah I definitely wasn’t over that way I went to the right of the

Village so I don’t know which way that is but I don’t know I think right is a relative term like for example if you’re talking about Ben Shapiro if you’re looking if you’re looking at the ocean I went right I don’t I don’t remember whether the I

Think I think the village I found was the Ocean Village but I but I didn’t realize it at the the time I found a fortress good work many pears what how many pearls do you have whoa is that is that from end or from Trading uh end I think I got maybe

One or two I was just camping out in a like blue Forest thing for want to get like flame resistance potions from Trading IDE that’ be great so I can die to the End Dragon I can’t open the chest I’m lagging oh gosh oh gosh I’m in the ocean trying to

Sleep I have found view wait I’m trying to March to the ocean to fall asleep dude that song’s so confusing cuz it makes like complete sense until the the very last line he’s like once again I will be on a March to the Sea it’s like wait I thought this was a freaking

Salvation story what March to the Sea like the entire song it makes so much sense until the last line dude it’s so how do you how else would you read it um I haven’t read into that much hon brother you want me to recite the lyrics to you

Now is this what you’re going to do great miles have land in front of us we’re dying with every step we take we’re dying with every breath we make and I’ll fall in line A stranger’s back is all I see he’s only a few feet in

Front of me but I and I’ll look left and right sometimes but I’ll fall in line no one looks up anymore because you might get a raindrop in your eye heaven forbid they see you cry as we fall in line and about this time of every year a line

Will go to the ocean Pier walk right off into the sea and then we fall asleep it’s the first verse it’s like that’s pretty pretty gloomy right let’s um let’s see as we near the end of land uh ocean graves are just beyond the sand I ask

Myself the question why I fall in line then out of the corner of my eye I see a spaceship in the sky and ask a hear a voice inside my head says follow me instead it’s like this is very clearly a Salvation story I think no I definitely interpret as something to do

With and then it’s like then the wages of War will start inside my head with my counterpart the emotionless Marchers will chant the phrase this Line’s the only way then I start down the sand my eyes are focused on the end of land but again the voice inside my head says

Follow me instead and then he just says follow me instead a lot really loudly um but then he says take me up and seal the door I don’t want to march here anymore I realize that this line is dead so I’ll follow you instead so you put me

Back in my place so I might start another day it’s like everything up to there it sounds like it’s a Salvation story him turning away from the world and like being like following God instead I am going the wrong way um but then the last line is once again I will

Be on the march to the sea it’s like wait how how did we get there you know Kaleb that’s exactly what you were thinking right oh definely resistance potion Gast are terrify dude oh my gosh I’ve gone in a circle looking for this very treasure map that’s probably

Not even worth finding just like a love that’s probably accurate it’s fine how are you doing though dude I don’t know if I want to talk about this live on stream it’s just the internet it’s so true I search the world it couldn’t F me empty pra trees

Never song’s really funny to me because it’s like when did you search the world when did you do that everyone that I’ve ever heard sing that song has been a Christian most of their life it’s like when did you search the world to see if it could fill you I feel like being

Raised into Christianity is weird I feel like it’s all that like you should raise your kids not Christian if you are Christian yeah I I think it makes more sense to the thing is like you should be an example to your kids in Christianity if you are a

Christian that just makes sense at the same time though it makes more sense to be Christian if you were not raised as oh Christianity is the only correct thing and if you find that out yourself or if you like you know Discover it through your own meditation I got Splash

Push resistance that’s not a song I never heard that am I just uncultured so good oh that’s I search the world dude I got three diamonds let’s go what do I do with them I just realized this is not really like something that I can will particularly help me I mean Diamond

SW diamond sword yeah I mean diamond pick yeah I guess it’s good should I fight polar bears should I just go fighting polar bears right now have you gotten Sher boxes yet world yeah um dang you’re really far behind dude these Glaciers are so cool also KB did I tell you about the

Comment I got on one of my videos that was concerned for my mental health no this is really funny to me because I’ve posted like three or four covers of self-titled songs and there are multiple other ones in the in the works that are like all about suicide and depression and doubting your

Religion and then I post a Taylor Swift cover and that’s the one that gets a comment on it that says are you doing okay the lyrics are kind of kind of rough that’s great it was one of her sat songs [ __ ] did you say a bad word D that might be the first curse word on my Channel all right I gotta killed by an Enderman I was further I thought I was further away than I was that’s rough if in terms of progress if we’re going based on who is um who is farther in the

Game say I’m pretty sure Dane is made more progress now yeah got 22 um end pears but if we’re if we’re going based on how far away you are from Spawn like kind of rods how many BL rods do you have d uh none currently oh I thought you found a

Fortress I’m in the Fortress right now getting blaze rods he’s still alive though so I think that makes it so that he wins like cuz he’s well if he gets if he gets more than four blaze rods then he WIS oh or if he if he gets four blaze rods or more

Right yeah I have more yeah no I mean like if he gets four blazs are more because he’s still alive therefore if he gets the same am well he has more pearls than I did I only have like a l good luck getting that before I before I beat the Ender

Dragon because I’m really close I wish I wish Ryan M had not made the joke about me mapping out the world because that’s the only thing I’ve been doing is exploring okay I’ve got two Blaze right now don’t die to a blaze on the fourth one like I

Did the f one I guess no I could still very much I mess this up I can still in the words of Dane that’s rough buddy I do like what my um I forget what he’s called the guy who leads songs in my church I like what he

Does though he just exploring the deep dark um it’s kind of funny D Caleb already got the ability to fly he’s way ahead of us yeah what are you singing uh are you going to be my girl by do that I said are you going to be my

Girl wait how do armor CHS work brother why are you worried about armor trips CU I just found one so you have to get a um a little heavy workbench or something I don’t remember what it’s called you have to get a special crafting table I stopped streaming now the stream’s a

Little bit scuffed but it’s fine no no all right I not even ask D to pause because there’s no point wait k did you restart or you no I’m okay I need two more blaze rods and then I win true technically technically unless I also get to that point without

Dying but I don’t think that’s going to be happening I’m G to put my little face cam in the bottom I’m G to put it on yours to make it seem like I’m the one that’s winning what if I just cover it up you’re your stream with my face no one needs to

Know how are you not found a blaze spawner yet G I saw one I’m trying to I’m playing it safe at this point that’s actually completely valid do I make a diamond helmet no that’s right I want see if I can get a table whenever the stream updates Kaleb

You should tell me how how you like the the setup yeah looks good no in like two seconds whenever it upates to be funny there just one that one but there we are three minutes might right now I just have worship song stuck in my

Head D I don’t think you’re going to be able to spawn any like places like that I life just flashed before my freaking eyes because I started suffocating in a wall my solution now is to just go to go down to the lava pools at the bottom of the world because then I

Can then I can just go to the nether I don’t want to be here well I can actually dig down like this be a daredevil try hard man do I have Flint I don’t have Flint oh gosh oh no you I have wood so I can technically like light still

All right the stream setup’s bothering me I’m updating it again to be a little bit less cringe Dan if you keep standing there like that and let the blaze spawn like that there’s just going to be so many that it’s going to be so much harder to kill them I flame

Resistance huh but still there oh D you’re doing so well got six B rods one so Dane wins unless I I mean until until I wait that’s overtaken no I actually wi there’s a chance the chaning question I am below the lava pools I can’t even find lava pools down

Here where there are lava pools this is so depressing what’ you say life is depressing I mean yeah especially when you can’t find lava pools in Minecraft okay got Lo Bas rods yeah give me another obsidian please why is there no Lava anywhere this is so depressing I found

Diamonds did not find any oh I forgot I made a diamond pickaxe so I can’t actually pick them up yet emeralds I won’t use those for anything who the heck I gota be my ticket to fame let’s go that’s night correct good observation I’m g go back is it cheating if

I use spectator mode and just look for things like if I make another world with the same seed maybe how is there no I found diamonds twice before I find lava this is I just need lava dude I don’t have lapis what do you need lapis for I was

Enchanting stuff I was about to enchant stuff and then you’re so many leagues ahead of me in multiple ways where the heck is anything okay I have subtitles on and the lava hasn’t even showed up on there it’s just nut nothing I have everything I need to make a make a map

You know what I’m making a map the prophecy is coming true I’m going to head out now hey Caleb I hope you have an amazing night thank you for Joining I will see you very soon I’ve never beat really well first for everything yeah a big say I mean it’s not completely legit because I it’s not a random well that’s that doesn’t really matter well but I already had experience from last Dane I got like that

Dane you are so good at criticizing yourself thank you the best even it’s not a good thing all right we are mapping today oh I don’t think I have enough to expand it actually oh I do just once just once I actually have exactly enough of

What I need to for a cartography table and then to expand it once I’m doing all the side quests right now you thanks oh wait it’s a cartography table so I can actually just like keep keep expanding it and do it all this is so cool oh the heck I gota Be I showed that 13 14 minute musical to my brother and he’s like yeah that’s pretty much the entire War on Drugs in a nutshell and I was like dang what 13 14 minut music uh the uh 21 chump Street which is the one where the undercover cop goes into the

School pretty much makes the drug dealer by being beautiful and then asking for drugs and this dude is like going to college he’s on the honor role he’s like doing really well and then she comes in and is like hey you should give me drugs and he has to go through this whole

Process to like find figure out how to get them and then gives them to her and she’s like actually you should give me money because to it’s a felony to sell drugs it’s not a felony to give away drugs I guess or to have them and he’s

Like I don’t want your money actually and she’s like no no no take the money and she’s like and he’s like no no I don’t no no it’s just for you like I don’t even I don’t even need your money and then eventually she just puts the

Money in his hand and and convicts him of a felony and he can’t go to college it’s like wow that sucks I don’t think that’s true I it kind of okay how would it work what isn’t that ilal on her it it it is but it’s like she’s an undercover cop so it’s

Okay no no that’s kind of I don’t know the historical accuracy or like the actual accuracy of it but that’s I’ve heard multiple people be like oh yeah that’s kind of accurate I don’t know and then she goes on and like seriously these kids need to learn there

Are consequences in life I’m doing my job doing it right making life safer one school at a time it’s like you are not making anyone safer or happier um I have dug for hundreds of blocks I have found diamond four times I’ve not found lava or even I have subtitles on

So if lava was anywhere near me I would see it m this is so rough oh let myself on fire where are you right now you can I’m over I see I I looked and that’s why I was asking I’m trying to find I’m so bad of cling

Fortresses are you looking for a for a stronghold yeah you’re really far behind what are you up to also I just realized if I go to the nether I’ll be nowhere near anywhere you guys were because I’m so far away I’ll be like 300 blocks lava lava oh my gosh okay

Oh my goodness time to jump in found it nice you found the for you found the stronghold yeah you’re so far behind bro you got to catch up to me look I haven’t found yet but you got to you got to slow down a bit give me a

Chance what happened might still to the End Dragon that’s possible true in which case I will probably still lose pretty handily and if you die at this point I be completely honest I probably won’t have the patience to actually like catch up to where you are so

That’s dude I’m doing the speedrun Strat to build a portal I’m so fast except remove the S just kidding just kidding I don’t actually have mod this morphia it’s just a joke calm down oh my gosh I’m entering the nether I might as well craft some diamond armor because I have excess

Amounts of diamonds at the moment you know that’s so true I do not have have any gold though so that might be a problem oh gosh what if I created oh no what did you do I accidentally did one of you know those lava things that

Are pouring out I made it so that one of them pours out like to the side instead of just going straight into the pit I didn’t think that gold would be helpful later on I was sorely mistaken I don’t know what you just said but I agree oh I said that’s not how

Minecraft works anymore really like you are like gold is valuable so true got this just for you keep your money nothing I do for you I come through for you I made the advancement ice boys I spy with my little TI eyes tiny as a fire that picked up last gold Oro let’s

Go in the words of Tyler Joseph let’s go what there’s like a so there I don’t know I’m really deep in the in the rabbit hole but there’s like lots of clips of him online like the start of Guns For Hands is what I’m thinking of I was like let’s go

Um but to get the audience hype and all that but there are versions of songs like there’s someone that made a version of overcompensate like edited together to make it sound like live kind of and he used that sample I was like oh that’s so cool H oh okay armor

Are so true assuming you didn’t say a bad word whatever you just said was so true I said armor trims oh yo wait an Infinity book would be so huge right now actually no it would actually be the same size as the other books make for

I already had a chest in my inventory bro okay we are professionals you better watch out Dan I’m kind of catching up to you I think you are you better better watch out H I need more so true get infity should be so dang it okay it’d actually be about the same

Size as other bows but yeah it is 2:40 a.m. holy crap yeah if you be somewhere you can go no you’re good I think it’s funny more than anything I I’m in the nether but I don’t even know where to start now what am I doing here there’s so many piglins holy crap

Bro is there like a certain amount that that needs to spawn immediately and if you have a low render distance it just like wow Wow that’s insane I’m considering committing self die right now in Minecraft I bo b not realize those are permanent what is it uh Golden Boot C well that’s that’s fine though right well I just found iron boots though yeah but also like they’re golden boots so they break really easy

It’s not like it’s a cursive binding pumpkin or something that’s this is such a cool nether Terrain getting dual lingo notifications again should I do my dual lingo I couldn’t hear your answer I said yeah you should okay should I pause my game or not um I wouldn’t I’m gonna stand on the

Edge of this cliff and play dual lingo I think this is a good idea not like the very edge but like the corner somewhat all right time to do my Spanish you’re great what do you mean is that true not true it’s hard to tell I’ve never made

Soup I want to pause my game this is too scary for for ago pan con queso dude 100% 2 minutes and 45 seconds that was insane uh my dual lingo that was crazy okay back to Minecraft I was hoping it said something super out of pocket that I could share

But I didn’t really say anything that crazy are you getting close to the uh Fortress the shold I got into the Fortress but dude wait we played with two players and then we played with four players and you still won both times whoa where is this

Whoa I cannot see the bottom of that cliff I drop off oh my gosh this isn’t even even a sheer drop off this is like it curves back behind so there’s just nothing this is scary I’m scared let’s go oh gosh I see Enderman Bo on me but I can make one

Dude he dropped eight ender pearls that was crazy I didn’t even know they could drop that many didn’t yeah the the single Enderman that’s you just got trolled he didn’t actually drop eight ender pearls you believed it too haha you just got trolled dude I’m so tired you’re in the stronghold dude oh

My gosh you’re about to win I can’t find freaking happens every time dude you got to catch up bro you’re falling behind love is just a game I know we’re winning but you’re in my arms so this feels like a beginning I just realized having a four render distance is a huge

Disadvantage in the nether so for finding fortresses so I’m going to turn it up even though it’s going to be lag there’s literally a fortress right there it was right in front of my eyes just now originated right in front of your eyes if you can’t see I am Clancy

Prodical son done running come up with Josh done Wanted Dead or Alive pick who you serve bow of the masses get kicked to the curb pass in the classes half empty half full save half on your taxes overtake your for myself I should not have done that now that exists on the internet

Forever how did you get fire resistance before fighting blazes um dude I got a wither skeleton skull what’ you say dang you’re about to win except if you die the game’s still going but I’m going to sleep this is too much dude I just want dude should I ever drink a water bottle

Water breathing potion what I think drinking a water water breathing potions move okay I should be able to get an Infinity bow oh my gosh boy I’m more here oh Mr magma or I guess Mr Cube oh my gosh the nerves the nerves am I going to do am I going to

Die if you die you’re still winning well I know but this is my first time being Minecraft oh that’s so true not yet I’m trying to make these nerves as bad as possible for you really conserva yeah I’m get that’s going be helpful great dude I ever wonder how like

Industrial like workers managed to be happy they probably didn’t for the most part well then why did they exist um against their will like were they all like that I don’t know so working at Amazon a lot of people exist like for external purposes like oh I heard

This one guy I’d come in and be and they’d be passing out VTO and then he’d be like child support says no and I was like dang that’s rough um I didn’t say that but that’s what I was thinking and then yeah you just like and want to survive because most people apparently

Like a lot of depressed people are not suicidal which is really interesting I just discovered that recently so a lot of like depressed people can get super depressed but still have the mindset of like life is better than not life that’s genely so interesting do not understand so

True I might be at the same I might be at the same glowstone formation that you were at earlier in the middle of the hallway in the middle of the nether hallway oh were you in another Fortress Yeah it’s probably the same one oh congratulations I didn’t know that I’ve

Been here for a few minutes but wait are you still streaming yep have not found a blaze spawner yet oh oh my gosh there’s very much a blaze spawner here somewhere oh gosh oh give me that Blaze Rod give me that give me that oh gosh how do you craft a brewing stand

Again I don’t have what do you need magma cream for a fire resistance potion honestly I’m not winning anyway there’s a raw dog it still in what world actually Dragon the end dragon fight quite quite fight is quite easy can TNT blow up um spawners it can can in fact blow up

Spawners I have six blaze rods so technically technically I have enough to to go to the end although that’s not going to happen because I get I need to get very lucky that’s doable it is this is also the farthest I’ve gotten in Minecraft hardcore D congratulations thanks

Took quite a while to get here but I want to thank my parents dude an open section I haven’t gotten here yet this is so good I got another Blaze Rod how do you find Enderman again oh probably bartering right right you can bar or you can do the blue

Yeah that’s crazy cuz I literally had the thought coming in here like oh gold is kind of useless oh you’re fighting the Ender Dragon I am but he’s doing a lot of his dragons breath it’s really not because it’s difficult but it’s because like it’s very easy to

Choke on that I hope that the Choke On Smoke stop smoking them at the basement this is not rap this is not hip hop just another attempt to make the voes stop Bo nothing writing to say something because I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t R to say nothing this doesn’t message right

Now I got a really crazy minded clean that song means literally nothing I don’t like how meaningless that song is what have you dirty s yeah what do you mean there’s there’s one line in that song that sums up the song in my mind now I didn’t understand anything you said the dragon

Stopped really all I need right now is a beauty and a beat that can make my life complete I have not going to sleep before like 2:30 a.m. this entire week and this was supposed to be like like I sleep plenty but I just still wake up really late

Also hearing my voice on recording sounds pretty peasant also how are you Dane hopefully I can distract you enough to kill you oh my gosh what just was digging and it’s just a sheer drop right after like dang I did not expect that just died Dragon flew straight you didn’t did

You actually just die no I didn’t almost just died I can’t see CU there’s a delay I was at fours so like I should yeah I love how the dragonage that oh my gosh true I that is great that’s kind of funny please don’t

Die I mean it I have like like end spot and then it got destroyed by the End Dragon realiz that dude he is bur into so much that could be us just kidding thought was serious I have no idea how many on average gold ingots you have to trade to get enough

Pearls so no idea what I’m dealing with here what quite a few that’s rough oh oh oh this is where I started I um just took half my health in and fall damage dude I’m almost halfway I’m more than halfway through this diamond pickaxe is insane for

I think this is a great time to remind the viewers if you’re watching this and you’re not subscribed make sure to hit that subscribe button um for more sporadic updates and videos with literally no schedule or theme I can’t even find any piglins to trade with are you winning

Son yeah close you want to watch the stream I’m not dead like the last oh your thing is probably more important than mine though hold up no you also important a thanks bro go get him get him oh my gosh kill it kill it don’t get thrown away really fast and

Take a lot of fall damage and die please that means you win the challenge you did it good job you are the best I will shrink my camera in celebation now we need to watch the entire credits what wait you want to see any trick cool

Trick you said get the dragon a get the dragon a you didn’t even get the dragon egg though go back and get it later that’s so true oh my gosh you did it I’m so proud of you you are amazing watching doing this we can because it’s kind of slow it is very

Slow okay I’m gonna get to a safe place in my world and then I’m going to save and and quit and I’ll probably come back to it later good job Dane that was actually impressive I fully did not say I did not expect anyone to actually like get to a point where they

Would win at all hey man if I so do I just throw the Golding gets at them is that how this works I just a new uh yeah you I don’t want black stone bro uh uh nothing nothing are you going to sleep oh my gosh wait why is there so

Much dream delay there’s so much yeah I I don’t know it’s just how it is it’s just set up that way I guess I wasn’t watching the stream well I it had me it was showing me back it was showing you what it was showing me in the stronghold

Still and I was like what oh yeah you did not it’s not that much yeah that’s what I was saying like that’s so much didn’t are you still alive yeah I’m just trading with piglins this is just a me stream now D how long how much longer are you going to stay

On um you co yeah I haven’t gotten any uh any good trades any ender pearls yet yet so I’ll just I’ll leave it here I will I will leave now I hope you have an incredible night you thank you for joining that’s voxel rain Studios on on YouTube

Subscribe so he has a lot more subscribers than me but hey have a wonderful night Dane do not die

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Minecraft, lmfao.

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    Fisherman's Hut Grand Opening! Minecraft Just Survival - Episode 11 BALIKÇI BARAKASI HAYIRLI OLSUN ! Minecraft Just Survival Türkçe – Bölüm 11 Merhaba Minecraft hayranları! Bahayo, LoSerhat ve ShareCarePare ile birlikte Minecraft Just Survival Türkçe serisinde yeni bir bölümle karşınızdayız. Bu bölümde yine tuhaf olaylarla dolu bir maceraya atılıyoruz. Ne tür sürprizlerle karşılaşacağımızı merak ediyorsanız, hemen videoya geçelim! Tuhaf Olaylarla Dolu Bir Macera Bu bölümde Minecraft dünyasında karşılaştığımız tuhaf olaylar bizi oldukça heyecanlandırdı. Hayatta kalma becerilerimizi kullanarak zorlu durumlarla başa çıkmaya çalıştık. Minecraft’ın sunduğu sonsuz olanaklarla dolu dünyasında nelerle karşılaşacağımızı keşfetmek için sabırsızlanıyoruz. Destek Olmayı Unutmayın! Videoyu izlerken eğlendiyseniz ve bize destek olmak isterseniz, YouTube kanalımıza abone olmayı unutmayın…. Read More

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    Revenge of the Minecraft Animation Boy: Part 39 Minecraft Animation: Creating Original Content with Love Creating Minecraft animations is a labor of love for many content creators, including the talented individual behind the “Minecraft animation boy love// he come for revenge” series. With a dedication to producing original content and a commitment to improving their craft, this animator has captured the hearts of viewers with their unique storytelling. Learning and Growing Over the course of two years, the creator has honed their skills in Minecraft animation, striving to set themselves apart from other channels in the genre. While acknowledging that there may be imperfections in their work,… Read More

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    Crafty Castle: Minecraft's Mighty Fort In the realm of Minecraft, a fortress grand, Inspired by Olaf’s Tower, in Vyborg’s land. With history deep and legends bold, A symbol of strength, stories untold. I craft in blocks, each detail precise, Capturing the essence, a building paradise. With your support, my channel grows, Like and subscribe, as the story flows. Join me on Discord, Twitter, and more, For updates and news, I have in store. Music from games, a peaceful place, Setting the mood, with every grace. So come along, on this building ride, In Minecraft world, where dreams abide. Fortress in Minecraft, a tale to… Read More

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    Spicy Minecraft Memes for Gamers Why did the creeper go to therapy? Because it had too much TNTsion! #minecraftmemes #dadjokes Read More

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    Boost Your FPS with Shulkercraft Mods Boost Your Minecraft Experience with These FPS-Boosting Mods Are you tired of lag and low FPS in your Minecraft gameplay? Look no further! These mods are here to save the day and enhance your gaming experience. From Optifine to Sodium, these mods will not only increase your FPS but also improve render distance and overall performance. Optifine: Enhancing Your Vanilla FPS If you’re looking to boost your FPS and enhance your graphics, Optifine is the go-to mod for many Minecraft players. With Optifine, you can customize your settings, improve performance, and enjoy a smoother gameplay experience. Sodium: Taking FPS… Read More

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    Mountain Makeover: Minecraft Base Build My Epic Minecraft Base Transformation Adventure! Introduction So, like, I stumbled upon this totally rad Minecraft video about transforming a mountain into a base and I was like, “OMG, I have to watch this!” Frame At first, I was like, “Wait, what’s happening here?” But then I saw the mountain slowly turning into this epic base and I was shook! Jumps care There were some crazy jumps and I was like, “Don’t fall, don’t fall!” But the builder was a pro and made it look easy. Interior The interior design was on point! I was getting major inspo for… Read More

  • EPIC Minecraft HOMEBowo Part 1: CRAZY Adventures!!

    EPIC Minecraft HOMEBowo Part 1: CRAZY Adventures!!Video Information This video, titled ‘More minecraft :D’, was uploaded by HOMEBowo 1 on 2024-03-18 11:28:00. It has garnered 18 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 02:33:52 or 9232 seconds. #minecraft #gaming Read More

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    Insane TNT Run in MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft TNT 🧨 Runing #minecraft’, was uploaded by FAHD GAMING on 2024-03-02 11:13:28. It has garnered 2294 views and 32 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:12 or 12 seconds. Minecraft TNT 🧨 Runing #minecraft minecraft, minecraft 100 days, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft house, minecraft song, minecraft legends, minecraft 1.20, minecraft jj and mikey, minecraft civilization, minecraft videos, minecraft aphmau, minecraft animation, minecraft april fools 2023, minecraft asmr, minecraft armor trims, minecraft automatic farm, minecraft ancient city, minecraft ambience, minecraft animation movie, minecraft allay, a minecraft parody, a minecraft house, a minecraft… Read More

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    Danny D discovers hidden wonders in Minecraft Modded - part 1Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft – Modded Playthrough (No Commentary) – part 1: early exploration’, was uploaded by Danny D on 2024-02-18 01:44:12. It has garnered 61 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 01:57:43 or 7063 seconds. In this video, I start a new modded Minecraft world, explore the immediate area, and build (part of) a small base. I just got back in a Minecraft mood, so I set up my 200+ mods and waited for a day when I could try them out again! Most of these I’ve played with previously, but many of… Read More

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    INSANE DUELS & BEDWARS MADNESS LIVE WITH MANGOVideo Information This video, titled ‘Playing Bedwars And Dueling Viewers LIVE’, was uploaded by Mango on 2024-03-17 15:41:35. It has garnered 253 views and 32 likes. The duration of the video is 02:29:43 or 8983 seconds. JOIN THE DISCORD! – https://discord.gg/Hujy8vMPGG #minecraft #hypixel #Bedwars Read More

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  • DuckMC

    DuckMCWelkom op de Minecraftservers.org pagina van DuckMC Network. DuckMC is een minecraft server die zich focust op, Training, PVP en andere Minigames. De server is 24/7 online en is te bespelen in 1.9x t/m 1.16x Dus waar wacht je nog op? Speel alleen of met je vrienden op play.duckmc.eu! Populaire games die onze server heeft zijn: The Bridge, Bedwars, Duckhunt, Parkour en nog een heel groot aanbod van Arcade Games. play.DuckMC.eu Read More

  • Artic SMP – smp

    What is Artic MC? Artic MC is a free-to-play Minecraft server inspired by the Lifesteal SMP. As a big fan, I was heavily inspired to create my own server. This server also has plugins that allow you to do what you want, such as blowing up houses, becoming the strongest player of the SMP, raiding bases, and much more. Mods: – Minimaps – Voice Chat – Gravestone And many more! Join now and experience the excitement! Discord: https://discord.gg/fZwRxygaqf Read More

  • =(====( PIXELMON BRASIL )====)=✯ TOURNAMENTS » pixelmonbrasil.com.br « RANKED ✯

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 2.0 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 2.0 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: pixelmonbrasil.com.br (GL HF) Read More

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    Creepy Spider Man CALLS JJ and Mikey at 3 AM?! - Minecraft MaizenVideo Information This video, titled ‘Why Creepy Spider Man CALLING to JJ and MIKEY at 3:00 am ? – in Minecraft Maizen’, was uploaded by Raizen on 2024-03-16 21:00:17. It has garnered 43250 views and 200 likes. The duration of the video is 00:30:35 or 1835 seconds. Why Creepy Spider Man CALLING to JJ and MIKEY at 3:00 am ? – in Minecraft Maizen This is not an official Maizen channel, we make fan videos with Mikey and JJ. Our channel is exclusively for fans of Maizen. We’re not trying to impersonate his personality, we just want to add new… Read More

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    100 Days Surviving Hollow Earth Minecraft HardcoreVideo Information This video, titled ‘I Survived 100 Days In Hollow Earth Minecraft Hardcore!’, was uploaded by KixCharms on 2024-03-09 13:00:16. It has garnered 1151 views and 26 likes. The duration of the video is 01:11:34 or 4294 seconds. 100 Days – Hollow Earth I Spent 100 Days in Hollow Earth In this video, I survived 100 days in Minecraft on HARDCORE. But this wasn’t a normal survival, I modded this completely and was inspired by Luke The Notable and Forge Labs. I survived 100 days in modded Minecraft. Zombies, Skeletons, and even pigs would destroy me just as I… Read More

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    Insane Minecraft House Build Tutorial by FevelVideo Information This video, titled ‘How to build a modern house in Minecraft’, was uploaded by Fevel on 2024-01-12 07:30:04. It has garnered 25 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:09:06 or 546 seconds. Support me to complete 1k🙏mambers❤️☺️ #minecraft #modern #easy #house #tutorial →Minecraft: How to Make a Modern House – Tutorial →Thumbs up & Subscribe for more =)https://youtube.com/@Fevelyt →Interior Tutorial Video: Minecraft: Large…=)https://youtu.be/OVHBVg01Kek ▼More House Tutorials▼ 👉https://youtu.be/rpWKd79v1Ao👈 👉https://youtu.be/OVHBVg01Kek👈 👉https://youtu.be/cUBUYgjadlc👈 👉https://youtu.be/9AZZbnUuIRY👈 _________________________________________________ MINECRAFT _________________________________________________ Minecraft is a highly popular sandbox video game where players have the freedom to build and create their own virtual worlds…. Read More

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    Insane Gamer DESTROYS Minecraft Server LIVE!Video Information This video, titled ‘MINECRAFT LIVE STREAM PUBLIC’, was uploaded by Arata gamer on 2024-04-12 22:37:44. It has garnered 5 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:20:49 or 1249 seconds. Hey folks! Watch me play Minecraft! Join my Club on Turnip Aditya: https://profile.turnip.gg/uWGMnsmsfTJtmHfz7 Thank you for watching my Minecraft stream. And for all the support you are showing! 🔥, If you liked my stream, please like and subscribe. It motivates me a lot. 🙂 And share my channel with your game friends. 🙂 See you on my next stream!!!, Become a star streamer – https://get.turnip.gg/become-star-streamer… Read More

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