Ultimate Minecraft Hardcore Guide – Aegis_Tix Destroys All!

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Okay welcome guys we’re doing Minecraft hardcore me and my friend on that tree over there you see him he’s over there just chilling on a tree like he does but hopefully we can make it a bit further than the last four attempts this is the fifth I believe four or fifth it’s not

Gone well I’m not going to lie mining when you don’t have armor is really upsetting so um we’re going to do the basic Minecraft stuff once again mine trees get a bit of coal get a torch in my off hand go mining get iron get Shield that time

Kind of stuff and um hopefully it goes a bit better this time because I really really want to build the house and I’ve tried for the past like week and it’s just not gone well but you’ll see if it goes well or not to be honest well if

You see the video it went well so um yeah I’ll give you a nice little time lapse of me destroying trees with my bare fist so I hope you enjoy it that is easily the best way to get stone just steal it from your Friend right we need to get a bed so drip we need to find some sheep let’s go find some sheep come on it would be nice to get dark op as all but we probably won’t make it very far in this so yeah oh there’s three sheep come on find

Sheep edit that edit that out please please edit that out okay oh I Was Made A M I made a m nice one sheep two sheep three sheep boom got enough for a bed I’m going to make it now to save myself time right drippy you ready for a cave not yet why

Because there’s nothing else to do we need a cave we need to get some more food first oh true actually forgot about food so this is why you’re here carry me oh cave oh it’s not a cave so I canot spin anymore okay well it’s kind of cheating

But if you look at your map the yellow things are rare animals yeah oh there’s a lot of animals over you can survive zombie already first mob kill boom I’m grab a pumpkin for future endeavors just one pumpkin pumpkin I only need one right should we um just jump and get some fish

All right we’re cooking some food because we’re going to go caving and hopefully it doesn’t go terribly like it usually does but it probably will so but like I said if you if you see this video it’s something to went right but once something might have went

Decent so we’re just going to have to see what happens to be honest I’m very scared that dri’s going to get annoyed at me if I die again because I’ve died three times but you know your food’s ready come get your dinner he’s a good boy no he’s a good boy choo choo

Train a I’m on two hearts he that okay so hopefully drip doesn’t carry on with his Shenanigans because it’s not fun I’m going to take his furnace FL actually he took my furnace well I kind of deserve drip follow me I found something on the map make a whole video about this Lo

Boom that mending chest you might want to collect some mushrooms yeah but then don’t have to carry him around with me oh hey you didn’t tell me there was a zombie behind me how am I meant to know there’s a zombie behind you I hate this guy man hate

Him Guy arguing man you shut up how am I meant to know there’s a zombie there or wherever it was I know she got Shield right we’re going to look for a cave cuz I’m a cool guy that needs to go mining so day 4,01 we have not found a

Cave this is I’m going to do a 100 day video 100 days trying to find a cave in Minecraft why are you attacking me it’s day yeah has he gone oh there he is your Skin’s so bright just walking around okay okay I we’ve got some food cuz I got no

No food is all trying to find a cave we can’t even PL That those both just throwing our crap on the floor no l let’s go going down my Face I found lots of ir a obviously has a steing on my I can smell iron oh no you can hear me there’s a dead end as well ah at least you I thought you could smell IR I could but you got it no I don’t watch you mine it it’s got a sword

Who no I windowed out oh my God I need can you get it please I’m I’m don’t trust myself oh my this I got I got so scared I pressed Windows key and I was just stuck in the m and you standing right

Next to it there a good job I hit it is it yeah no no right um I’ll get right you go I’ve got no food so if I get hit anymore I can’t heal I got some melon don’t want your melons go in the video oh iron thought smell it sh it’s

Going to come in no just Dr on the ceiling no man thank you I’ve only got 14 I don’t have food to heal so if I die now it’s your fault you want a fish no there you go where’s a fish what’s down here Nothing As it’s just turning die as well right we’re out of the cave we’re safe we got full diamond armor each we’re doing absolutely amazing I trying I was trying to speak to the video no man I’m going the wrong but I have saved drier’s life it me thank you all right doing

Good we’re doing good okay we don’t have any diamond tools unfortunately but we’ve got um pull diamond armor cuz that’s more important in hardcore but I think the next goal is to find a village and we do want to build a house at some point but I’m not very good at buildings

You’re going to have to bear with me a little bit when that happens but uh you know we we’ll see what happens I’ll do my best I promise but just don’t laugh too much unless you want to laugh in the comments then I’ll laugh with you

But yeah I will um I’ll see you in a minute we’re going to look for a village you’re not talking hello Hello why does this always happen we’re always like right this is a nice bit of L we’ll go look over here and a village straight away basically the plan at the minute is for me anyway I’m just going to get an absolute T of wood and then I’m going to use thou that

Thou wood to make thou stick and thou stick will then turn into thou emeralds magically I’ll just give it to one of the people and they’ll be like yeah he’s an emerald mate and then thou emeralds will turn into thou um enchanted books and um Enchanted tools and it it be a

Lovely thing a nice nice easy way of getting Diamond TOS without risking Our Lives Where you at I guess I’m watching You I guys okay this is actually really creepy oh I actually couldn’t see you and you went on the map or nothing hello hello um yeah I may or may not have stolen from your chest oh did you actually I may or may not have took one

Extra o clog oh I’m not even playing you’re going to do that not playing me you came up to me and you ruined my whole tree mining Montage mate no it didn’t just Ed it led me on a quest for me to come all the way down here to

Distract you to make you come all the way down when you find out there’s nothing wrong went all the way back up and a head is all part of my plan I know you were until start whispering oh I opened your chest and you R back down when this halfway mind

The tree my axe broke yeah I use three iron pickaxes by the way pickaxes axes I wonder pickaxes in a tree mate how much water i m did you mine this much I mined quite a lot but I’ll kind of that to use stone tools cuz my iron

Pickaxe iron ax see you said pickaxe I I got 9 10 11 11 and a half stacks of wood logs I got like eight it’s just Eight All right guys so basically with u me and trip have made the executive decision of not building a house in this episode because that’s kind of a lot to do and we don’t not exactly sure where or how we’re going to build the house yet

So um if you’ve not seen ji’s video he built a iron farm I’m not 100% sure where that is I’m not going to lie what he told me you built an iron farm somewhere um so I’m going to go find that and I’ll show you that and then if you want to

See it built you can watch dy’s video but I be back when I found his all right so that didn’t take long I literally found it the second I said that so I don’t know if I’ll cut it what 10 Diamonds oh I need that as well and not

I’m just going to R drip F thank you very much there you go it’s working I’m not 100% sure how we did it and how efficient it is but it looks like it works so yeah I want to get a lock without ruining it because this is half I’ll fix

That all right so very simple actually he’s got three fishermen I’m assuming the buttons are so they can’t get in the barrels I don’t know and then he’s got three beds with a zombie scaring the life out of them which spawns an Ang Golem right in the only place it can

Spawn I reckon I’m assuming so so that’s actually uh pretty smart I’m not going to lie I’m not sure which video we used for that but I can guarantee he did use a video another one I don’t know if it’s that efficient there’s little 20on in it

But to be fair he did build it and then go off so this is the only time it’s really running but I going to build a well the plan is I’m going to build a villager breeder um I don’t know how efficient it’ll be I’ve never built one so I’m not sure if

It’ll even work I’m not sure if the village is going to be too close and it’ll ruin it something but I think I’m going to build it right up here um so we will find out if it’s as simple as I was hoping but first i’m going to smell all

Of stone because I want it to be made out of I don’t know is it smooth Stone I don’t know if that’s what I think it’s smooth Stone I don’t know if I’ve got a cobble to course he does right so I will be back when this has

Smelted right I’ve got enough Stone but I don’t have enough coal to make it into smooth Stone so I’m thinking just doing it Stone to be honest because I can use stone bricks yeah I use stone bricks stone bricks are nice anyway we like stone bricks right so I’m just going to grab

All the materials I need I don’t think it’s that much to be honest I believe it’s just a composter torches blocks need a bucket of water I don’t think I’ve got see if dp’s got one he doesn’t have one so this is why we need the iron farm I’m going to go

Over to the iron Farm grab a enough iron I’m probably just going to grab all the iron to be honest cuz I’m greeder but I’m going to grab the iron I need a new Shield as well well uh yeah so grab the iron make a bucket get some

Water and oh this actually is very fast in the little bit of time it took to smell the uh Stone we got 27 is iron and it only took like 5 minutes so that’s actually pretty efficient if you ask me right Buck it get some water from

This Farm I put potatoes here so I can get enough potatoes for the farm but I don’t think it worked very well I’m not sure how many potatoes I need but I’m I believe the villagers will um replenish the farm anyway I also flatten this land out enough um so I can

Actually do what needs doing right so I’ll put the water here looks middle is get of the torch and then I’m going to do a little time lapse to me building it so hope you enjoy it it should come up Now And there we go guys it took a while I’m not going to lie and it’s not finished cuz I can’t I don’t have the potatoes for it yet but there is a baby and from what I watch on the video it’ll run in I place this so the villager moves he

He went in the only thing I’m not sure of is if he’ll actually end up in that little room will not because he’s a baby H right I’ll be back when I fixed it hold on guys hold on okay I’ve just placed it exactly how it

Was and now it works so maybe the villag just had to be jumping but there we go we have a a villager breeder I’m not 100% sure that they’re not just going to jump back down the water but at the minute this is the where they’re all going to end up if

They go back down the water I’ll fix that uh at some point but we do have a villager it works I just need to put the more potatoes on it but I’m not sure if he’ll do that actually maybe he will if not I’ll do it at some

Point but everything should be working now I hopefully it’s lit up and off I don’t think I’ve left any block so zombies can get in this should be all right this is the first time I’ve ever built it so it’s probably terrible but um I’ve done my

Best okay so I think that’s my video done guys my uh my episode one I’m surprised we made it as far as we did to be honest but we did I’m going to eat some bread cuz I’m hung right but um I think me and dri have done a very good

Job I’m not going to lie like I said this is the fourth maybe fifth attempt trying this and this is the furthest we’ve got so uh hopefully next episode we’re going to get some better enchants and our armor maybe even go for netherite I’m not sure yet it’s a bit scary because

You need a template which is worst addition to Minecraft ever makes it 10 times harder but um yeah that’s going to be it for me guys um I appreciate you are watching make sure you like And subscribe if you want to if you don’t then don’t want like you know I just

Mumbled i’ said it wrong but you know if you don’t want to don’t do it it’s fine but if you want to I’d appreciate it and it shows load and support so I appreciate everyone here thank you for watching and goodbye

This video, titled ‘Mastering Minecraft Hardcore from the Start!’, was uploaded by Aegis_Tix on 2024-03-19 14:00:11.
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This is my first Minecraft video! Hopefully you all enjoy a couple of noobs trying to survive on Hardcore. We are 100% not terrified every time we log on…

Big thanks to @Driipify for helping and make sure to check out his channel!

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