Ultimate Minecraft Mods Update – Must See! (1.20.1)

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Royal variations is a delightful mod that introduces enhanced Royal variations of vanilla mobs into Minecraft these Regal creatures boast unique characteristics and drops offering a refreshing twist to your adventures royal zombie has higher stats and always appears accompanied by two regular zombies also during battle it has the ability to equip nearby zombies

With a special Knights helmet and an iron sword boosting their defense and damage capabilities and its attacks apply the effect of the chosen victim to the Target granting a speed bonus to all nearby Undead Royal staff is a rare drop from the royal zombie when wielded and the

Right Mouse button is pressed it temporarily boosts the defense and damage of all nearby players and controlled creatures such as tamed animals apart from its supportive function the Royal staff can also be used as a melee weapon and repaired using gold Royal skeleton shots pack a powerful punch capable of knock back and

Head shot a head shot not only damages but also weakens and slows down the target making them easier to track through blocks additionally when engaged in combat the Royal skeleton employs evasive tactics jumping back and moving away from its attacker Royal bone periodically drops from the Royal

Skeleton with its help you can instantly tame a wolf and you can also make royal bone meal from it the Royal creeper boasts increased health and movement speed additionally the Royal creeper is enveloped in toxic spores which it releases upon detonation players caught in the spores suffer from poisoning and

Slow movement while monsters gain a temporary boost in speed and damage however if the Royal creeper is eliminated before exploding the Spore effect only affects nearby Monsters the Royal creeper drops Royal gunpowder a special crafting material used to make the Royal bomb this explosive device is a powerful tool in Your Arsenal capable

Of turning the tide of battle in your favor the spiritual Crown Shard is a rare drop from any Royal mob which is a crucial ingredient for crafting the spiritual Crown a powerful item that allows players to transform regular mobs into their Royal variations with a single right click the Royal KN helmet

Is a rare drop in its broken form occasionally obtained from zombies equipped with this helmet due to the aura of the royal zombie despite being damaged it still provides good protection and can be repaired with iron plushy buddies is a mod that adds plushy variants of vanilla mobs to get

Your hands on cute plushies you need to find a Shepherd villager and get him to Master Level then he will start to sell you plushies [Applause] Another dweller mod introducing the dweller Prince a Terri in entity that lurks in the caves creating unsettling sounds that keep players on edge explore the caves cautiously for the dweller prints could be lurking just around the corner this creature uses suspense to its Advantage ensuring that it always has the element of Surprise withering away is a unique infection mod centered around the Wither in the theme of withering the mod introduces a new gameplay mechanic where players must contend with a spreading infection effects of the Wither the withering zombie is a basic yet formidable foe while not exceptionally fast or durable compared to typical

Enemies its sword wielding capability adds an extra layer of challenge for players encountering this Undead adversary the withering creeper serves as a unique support class with 20 Health points and a minimal one damage attack unlike typical creepers this very does not explode to deal damage but instead provides beneficial effects to nearby

Wither mobs and the crawler is spawned either by the explosive demise of a withering creeper or when the spreader splits presenting a formidable challenge for players the withering spider is a speedy adversary with 25 Health points and a six damage attack true to its arachnid nature this enemy moves swiftly

Adding a dynamic and agile threat to encounters the withering Enderman is a formidable support class enemy this unique creature provides beneficial effects to wither mobs within a 50×50 area making it a valuable Ally to them the withering Golem is a formidable adversary as the strongest of the

Infected mobs this Golem serves as a formidable tank capable of absorbing significant damage while dealing out powerful attacks the spreader in is a stationary unit that provides beneficial effects to wither mobs in an area smaller than that of the withering Enderman but larger than creepers its effects are akin to those of the

Withering Enderman offering strategic advantages to nearby allies and as for the attacker this enemy is a basic but improved foe that focuses on attacking players additionally when a Golem is infected by multiple crawlers it undergos a significant transformation The Infected Golem gains increased speed and a stronger knockback ability making

It a more formidable opponent The Blob is a unique and formidable enemy boasting 100 Health points and comprising a combination of infected wither mobs this monstrous entity poses a significant threat as it periodically spreads wither blocks around itself additionally its ability to spawn random infected mobs such as zombies spiders

Cows or creepers upon the death of other mobs near it adds an element of unpredictability and challenge to Encounters with the recent snapshot introducing the mace a melee weapon that deals increased damage based on the player’s fall distance a new and exciting form of combat has emerged this mod brings this Innovative weapon to previous Minecraft versions complete with with falling damage mechanics the MA’s damage accumulation from falling is

Unlimited making it capable of delivering a single hit kill to a player wearing full protection for netherite Armor after falling just 15 blocks and even taking down a warden after a 97 block fall better Weaponry is a comprehensive mod designed to enhance the vanilla Minecraft Arsenal it introduces 18 new

Weapon sets nine additional enchantments a new Shield type and equivalence crafted from copper amethyst and emerald for each this mod seamlessly integrates with better combat ensuring a cohesive and enriched gameplay Experience this mod adds a new custom boss the wise mystical tree of wisdom this boss has three ATT two of which are punches and a smash attack where he launches his Target into the air and ignores Shields Additionally the boss can be found very rarely in sunflower

Ples Cherry Grove and Meadow biomes upon defeated players receive the wise enchantment which can be applied to a helmet giving the player a 10% chance to gain a small amount of bonus experience Point in the latest update iller additions has added a new mob Royal Guard the royal guard is an iller Soldier equipped with heavy armor and wielding a war spear while slower than other illagers the royal guard has high armor value as an advantage against players additionally their attacks can

Launch players into the air it’s a good idea for players to use ranged weapons to deal with them when encountered in the early stages of their formation in addition other illers have been balanced compared to previous versions such as they now have better balanced armor and damage so they won’t deal excessive

Damage to players the guard is more agile compared to the Royal Guard they both have the ability to launch players into the air but the guard has the ability to retreat after attacking making them harder to hit by players however the trade-off is that the guard is more fragile than the royal guard

Samurai is an iller known for its strategic prowess it always maintains a safe distance from the player and consistently jumps back after each attack this Behavior makes it challenging to engage in close combat however players can gain an advantage by cornering the samurai as it limits their

Ability to retreat and makes the battle more man ible the Cowboys damage has been slightly reduced despite this they can still continuously shoot at Players after shotting it needs to reload bullets temporarily reducing their combat capability this presents a strategic opportunity for players to Counterattack during these moments of

Vulnerability beam logger’s Health has been significantly reduced despite this reduction players should still prioritize defeating him quickly due to his absolute attack power beam logger has the ability to defeat any creature that stands in in his way making him a formidable opponent his devastating attacks make him almost unbeatable so

It’s crucial to act swiftly and decisively when facing him in combat as the highest damaging illager the beam logger’s magic also has the ability to reduce player speed and even imprison players therefore being hit by him will significantly increase the difficulty of subsequent battles all illagers have a chance to drop their

Armor and weapons and some weapons allow players to use the special abilities cosmetic armors is designed to enhance the visual appeal of armor sets in Minecraft while ensuring they remain practical for survival gameplay in mod packs each armor pieces protective abilities are balanced to match its crafting cost and visual design allowing

Players to express their style without sacrificing functionality and it is recommended to use just a not items for crafting recipes and to consider installing cosmetic armor reworked or similar mods to further enhance the Cosmetic aspect though these are not required for the mod to function fishing upgrade is a mod that

Adds four simple enchantments that can be gotten for fishing rods and these enchantments are incompatible with each other the extra fish enchantment increases the chances of getting extra fish while the arinder enchantment provides a chance to obtain rare materials the meat Gathering enchantment improves the yield of meat from fishing

And the Trashy enchantment increases the chances of obtaining extra trash items additionally shift right clicking a fisherman villager with a fish on your hand will allow you to apprise the fish in exchange for one emerald and receive an appraised fish and shift right clicking a fisherman villager with an

Empty hand will open a GUI that will allow you to either cut or sell your fish for emeralds these features provide players with more ways to engage with the game’s economy and enhance the overall fishing experience accessory Treasures is a fantastic addition to Minecraft offering players the opportunity to enhance their

Adventures with a variety of customizable accessories the inclusion of mob specific accessories adds an exciting element of Discovery and interaction with the game World encouraging players to explore and engage with mobs in new ways you have eight slots to equip any accessory you want and some accessories are only

Accessible through these mobs the aim of this mod is to keep it relatively vanilla frle without changing the overall World massively this mod adds loot boxes the mod is meant to help mod pack creators adding an animated element to their Creations by requiring gecko lib you’re ensuring compatibility with a popular

Framework for creating animated models in Minecraft this mod has the potential to add an exciting element to mod packs offering players the chance to discover unique Rewards or Surprises Bloxy structures is a mod that unveils the captivating Adventure realm dimension in Minecraft within this Dimension you’ll encounter unique structures challenging bosses and formidable Enemies Meowing is a mod that allows players to pet cats when you right click on a cat you will be able to pet it and hear purring Sounds are

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14 New Minecraft Mods You Need To Know! (1.20.1 and others) 0:00 -Royal Variations 1.20.1 —— 1.19.2 (Forge) …

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