Ultimate Saw Mill Build & Base Decoration – Minecraft Survival

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What’s going on everybody how are you all doing today so nice to see you all sorry I wasn’t able to stream yesterday had a lot going on IRL but I figured we would make make up for it today uh so we’re in the chill survival world today

We’re going to be hanging out I think we’re going to finish up this build a little bit and Just Vibe uh there’s currently for some reason a thunderstorm that’s supposed to happen over here and I’m really hoping it doesn’t affect power or anything so I don’t know how

Long uh we’ll be live today but we’ll stream for as long as we can and we’re just going to Vibe and hang out how are you all doing so nice to see everybody azy uh Raph welcome on in Damon Angie Aya welcome welcome how you doing uh divian welcome on in how you

Doing so nice to see you so nice to see you all how how has your week been I mean it’s only it’s only Tuesday so but still how how has the week been I’m going to start things off by going over here to feed up some cows and stuff cuz

I’m I’m in need of some food so I think we’re we’re going to like kind of just work on General Base maintenance in between as well and just hang out today all right let’s go over here get some wheat rainy day is the perfect day for a

Drift stream honestly I’m drift and I feel that honestly though it’s like the perfect day for me to even stream and stuff you know haven’t um I was super busy this morning and I wasn’t able to get much uh like video making done but super excited because I have the

Rest of the week to do that I am currently uh working on a 100 days chat another 100 days this is going to be my first solo one I’m very very excited for you all to see it it’s going to be a super super fun time I’ve really been

Vibing with it been wanting to do 100 days for a while just haven’t been able to like slot it in amongst other videos but um I do have a couple of other cozy long plays in that Lighthouse world that we’ve been working on on so I’ve got a

Couple of those scheduled and ready to go uh so those will be coming up shortly probably going to post that tomorrow for you all and I’ve been really vibing in that world as well I’ve been having having a great time with what we’ve been doing hope you and BT BTD are doing

Great going to get into my single player world and keep this in the background heck yeah hope your single player world is going well and thank you me and BTD are doing great we are just absolutely vibing um super busy lately but that’s that’s okay that’s okay we’ve been uh just like

Chilling in between you know playing fortnite all that stuff Minecraft all day every day oh yeah even the cowe he’s like spinning in excitement all day every day this week has been a little crazy currently taking a a break from arranging music like composing music and stuff hope uh hope

Your week chills out a little bit more though I I know I know the that feeling of a crazy week can sometimes feel a little bit over overwhelming pretty fun can’t wait I’m going to challenge you to make small things for each animal wait for my 100

Days hi drift hope you’re having a great day oh Chloe thank you so much I appreciate it and thank you for popping into the stream I hope you’re having a great day as well oh my gosh look at what we got here look at what we’ve got we’ve got a froggy Channel membership

For 17 months what 17 months holy thank you so so much I really appreciate that chat you know what to do big big big swags in chat for froggy it smells like stinky in here well I can’t deny it any longer I do smell so I’m I’m not even

Going to try to deny it anymore you know glad I was able to finally catch one of your streams a holler thank you so much for po popping in I really really appreciate it oh my gosh and we’ve got ourselves another drift Channel membership Aya thank you so much

For becoming a drift Channel member thank you so so much I really appreciate that enjoy all of your emotes and all that stuff thank you so so much big big swags in chat big swags I really really appreciate that all right I’m going to start by um

So what we have to do today on this structure is just kind of like add a couple more details to it I really like it it’s very nice I just want to add some uh like Oak to some of the beams I want to add a chimney to get a little

Bit of like movement and fire and stuff here cuz like who doesn’t love a good chimney you know you need a good chimney so we’re just going to do a couple more touch-ups on this base and then probably just like hang around gather up some resources and all that stuff just super

Chill Vibes today honestly super Chill Vibes on this like weirdly rainy day what is going on chat what is going on with that why are we getting rain in February huh what the heck is is that you know wait do I have oh yeah I do have scaffolding let’s

Go big fan of you lots of love from Malaysia oh thank you so much I appreciate it really appreciate it what’s my time zone I’m EST and I’m uh I’m in Toronto not on Twitch today no we’re on Twitch on uh Fridays and Saturdays are

Our twitch days so if any of you feel like catching any of our twitch streams uh I think if you do ex exclamation point twitch you can find my handle there and feel free to join us it’s usually just like lots of shenanigans and stuff super fun time on Twitch I

Also have uh if you do exclamation point second I have my VOD Channel up so if anybody uh wants to catch some of the vods you’re not able to make the twitch streams no worries we’ve got the vods up on the second Channel now probably got another couple coming at you very soon

Soon could be snow listen I heard thunder I heard thunder not too long ago I heard the Thunder it is going to apparently it’s going to be a down downpouring of rain why why I’m kind of hoping it snows instead though you know I’m kind of hoping they’re

Wrong okay maybe second doesn’t work thank you for trying froggy okay Azie Azie is The Unofficial unofficial um what is it link Giver thank you so much I think I think stream elements has has checked out again got a bad cold watching you to cheer me up a person I hope you feel

Better soon hope you feel better soon let’s get some texture on these beams too ooh doing homework while watching the the lives I hope the homework is going well hope it’s going well sorry sorry chat my bad let’s do a little bit of texturing right

Here a little bit of this a little bit of that you know thanks ay [Laughter] bot such a nice roof thank you yeah we added in a bunch of leaves I want to add in some like Lily of the Valley and stuff honestly I I might try some of the

Lavender that’s lavender right yes I think so it might look a little bit goofy but we’ll see it would tie in with the pink you know so I’m kind of considering that I know we need to organize the new bot it’s definitely definitely becoming a bit of a problem eh I’ll I’ll look

Into getting that sorted this week for sure yo block down homie how you doing so nice to see you so nice to see you what you up to all right I need like lily of the valley thought I had a bunch though what the heck you know I would

Not be opposed to going on like just a little little Adventure it’s been a while since I’ve like adventured outside of this base I know we did like a quick little Adventure the last stream but that it hasn’t really been part of my Let’s Plays recently so I’m kind of like

I would love to kind of like walk around and see what’s around you know watching your videos lately really love how you build and talk during streams oh Nita thank you so much I appreciate it and thanks for popping into stream today feel bad for missing the last two

Streams oh no worries whatsoever life life be like that life be like that I appreciate having you here though Aya thank you so much and thanks for the the belated birthday wishes yeah chat it was my birthday uh what day was it on the 22nd so I hung out um with some friends

Had a really good time and it was it was awesome I was super super happy it was a nice weekend we did some like C celebratory stuff over the weekend it was super fun super chill good time all around yeah I only have two lily of the

Valley I feel like we need to change that maybe we’ll grab a boat and go for a little bit of an adventure where did I put my boats I know I have oh there’s one I was like I know I have boats like hidden around this base oops no

No happy belated birthday thank you so much I appreciate it thank you so so much I appreciate that are you going to decorate your new stream room heck yeah heck yeah I am I’m hoping it’s going to be a little bit smaller but I think that’s a good thing

Cuz I just had so much like excess space around me that I didn’t know what to do with so definitely going to be decorating the new stream room trying to like cable manage a bit better because honestly chat like my cable management situation is atrocious right now so once

I set up my computer it’ll be like an excuse for like a new Fresh beginning and hopefully it’ll I’ll be in a better position than what I am now cuz it’s pretty bad s thank you so much for becoming a drift Channel member thank you so much I

Really appreciate that big big swages in chat for spee thank you so so much I really appreciate that all the hype in chat please want to see it big big swags I almost fell your birthday’s in one week let’s go happy soon birthday make a tutorial of your storage

Room in your cozy let’s play World honestly if I could I would that was that was made out of sheer panic and anxiety I was like if you’re talking about the one where I made like the Dome the Dome ceiling where you like fly through honestly a lot of that was done

Kind of like Freestyle and there was one day where I was like learning how to make a dome and I was just purely panicking that’s the problem with some of the Builds on stream I mean I’m sure I could replicate them but a lot of them are

Done like very free style now so it’s just like replicating it sometimes might be a little bit tricky Cable Management stream when oh my gosh that’ll be another stream where I cry I don’t know what I’m doing see the thing with cable management is I’m like I get it in

Theory but then I’m like well what if I have to like get rid of a cable how do I get rid of that that cuz it’s all like twist tied together and stuff like how do you solve that I guess maybe the trick is to not use uh zip ties which is

What I’ve used before I think maybe I just need to use like velcro ties and stuff the circle is 27 yeah that was the meme uh with that storage build making that Dome the circle is 27 mom can you help me I’m scared oh foxy that build sounds super

Nice potion brewing area I love that isn’t it funny when you intend to build something and then you look at the structure and you’re like I actually think this would be better suited as something else and it completely changes I love it hey Aya good advice good advice wa

What’s this chat chat what is this are we du for a caving Adventure are we due for a cheeky little caving Adventure me thanks me thinks yes oh my what’s down here listen I love caving I could do this all day oh my gosh he has a sword though what bro

Bro all right I got plenty of torches I can torch this place up iron don’t even need it anymore don’t even need the iron anymore oh no I do need some coal though until I make a lava Farm which is probably going to be next on the list

For chill survival I’m thinking I’m thinking lava farm and super smelter cuz having to constantly replenish coal can be very very timec consuming at times we go through a lot cuz that’s like my primary fuel source so I’m thinking we switch things up soon it’s going to be a while until we

Do that though cuz I’m currently working on 100 Days my cable management or lack thereof is hidden between my Monitor and the PC itself see that’s kind of what I’m doing I’m like hiding it behind the monitor I can see it right now I have like hundreds of cables hundreds of cables it’s not looking good there’s just so many like

Components that I have on my PC now it’s like you got your stream deck you’ve got your go XLR you’ve got your camera you got all of that stuff how do I even have enough ports for it all chat I barely do azy bot’s so good I need that on my

Streams yeah azy bot is probably the most reliable bot there is I’ve got to be real uh let’s see let’s I don’t want to get taken down by a creeper today oh I only had two arrows oh no okay operation find diamond and name it frog crafting that’s the operation we

Are on right now still have not found a dark oak forest what the heck really honestly sometime isn’t it weird that sometimes depending on the seeds some biomes can be so tricky to find oh no and oh my gosh thank you so much for the 10 Ian thank you so so much or

Should I say tootes thank you so much hey drifts uh Hey chat Sunny much love to you all hope you all had a great weekend oh thank you so much for the 10 can I get some big big big swags in chat I really appreciate it and I hope you

Had a great weekend as well so nice to see you hope you’re taking care I need an Infinity bow I really do I think I need to get the Infinity enchant enchantment next to be fair I need to get a lot of enchantments in this world too I still need I

Think I’ve got no I’ve got mending I’ve got Unbreaking I need to set up basically like a hall at this point cuz I don’t have anything yet I’ll mod you for my once a year stream azy please make it regular block down please make it Reg regular make your streams regular make

Your streams regular I don’t know why I’m doing this chant all right oh there’s some more coal here there’s some danger too but that’s okay nothing I can’t handle let’s go ow not nice honestly I’d also like to I should probably grab some more like granite and

Stuff maybe we’ll do that at a cave closer to us cuz I just find that whenever I’m uh making stuff in this world I’m starting to run low on like random resources like that it is also raining I feel like I should sleep but I’m always like having to run into the

Caves while I’m making stuff I’d like to kind of have a little bit of a a supply of like andesite and Granite is what I find I’m always collecting during episodes would be awesome if block stream too well it’s your lucky day because block down did his first YouTube

Stream the other day go check it out chat go check it out D Dorito was watching your long plays earlier drift and he was asleep on the bed and had them playing I asked him how he learned how to turn on the TV and then Glee said

He did it cuz he likes your voice Dorito Dorito wait Dorito likes my voice or GLE does or both is that’s so sweet well send send my love to Dorito and also Glee if Glee is the one who actually turned it on but I I I’d like

To believe that it was Dorito who turned on my streams if if Dorito was my biggest fan I would be honored you know I feel like he has like very particular tastes so it’s going to be 20 minutes of drift shouting B’s brother jimothy for the

Infinity trade oh my gosh so true that was wild the other day in our long-term world I was struggling so much chat trying to get one of the enchantments I ended up getting so frustrated that for some reason I just ended up naming the Villager bathy but

You know what it worked we got the enchantment like shortly after you know you think both froggy oh my gosh I have two fans I am honored so honored it’s probably because you use it a lot oh yeah granite and andesite are very very common um resources that I use

In my builds for sure I’m going to put some of this stuff away then I think we’ll go through these caves really quickly grab a ton of granite uh a ton of andesite and hopefully that should kind of help us out cuz they’re just like my main texturing blocks at this

Point and constantly running out is not not Great we oops what are you doing down there buddy what are you doing all right let’s go home really quickly I am stuck wow I did a really good job of fencing some of this off even I can’t get through it honestly Angie thank you so much for the

199 I really appreciate that my first super who better to go to than drift oh thank you so so much I really really appreciate that chat you know what to do big big swags in chat thank you so so much I really appreciate that all right let’s pop in some of our

Resources coal and and charcoal can go here Cobble can go how are we doing for Cobble we are running pretty low on Cobble too that ain’t good chat that ain’t good at all and then various Stones I mean we’ve got like a little bit of granite but we could definitely

Use more andesite we actually not as bad as I thought still use a little bit more I would love to eventually disenchant this shovel though cuz I do have like efficiency on it great mending I hate silk touch on shovels though sometimes I don’t know what it is I’m

Like I’d prefer to work with dirt especially because there are some recipes you need dirt for like let’s say I wanted to make coarse dirt on a whim you know what I mean it’s just I find it’s very frustrating having grass blocks instead so I think I’d like to

Disenchant that one day when I have uh couple more levels and stuff what else do I need I have mob loot mob loot going to have to make a storage uh area soon too chat we have lots of projects to work on all right let me just hold on a second Chat perfect thank you sorry about that my cat may have no clue what Minecraft is but I think she enjoys watching this she’s simply silly oh that’s so sweet okay my cat Ruth loves watching stardew Valley especially fishing but like it’s there’s something about like the way that the um the

Foliage kind of like rustles when it’s like windy in the game or whatever like the the animation of the foliage she is obsessed with it and she will literally literally like fight the TV she’ll smack it because she’s just like so entranced by it it’s so so funny I don’t know about Minecraft

Content she doesn’t really focus on that much but honestly I’m thankful for that cuz if she was like smacking my screen while I was playing games I don’t know what I’d do also funny videos thank you so much for the seven 49 oh my gosh thank you so so much I really really

Appreciate that chat you know what to do big big swags in chat thank you so much I really appreciate that how’s Ruth taking the move okay Ruth is actually like we it’s funny cuz we always look at her every day we’re always like you have no idea you’re

Moving Ruth you don’t even know you just know things are a little bit different cuz stuff’s in boxes and she just looks at us like huh but um I think day of the move she’s honestly probably going to be fine the last time we moved with her she

Was actually just like she was was so curious she was sniffing everything she was running around it was her first time actually trying stairs because we have stairs in this apartment and we didn’t in our old one and um she was like I I actually wasn’t there for that uh Big

Tiny duck was cuz I was at the old apartment getting stuff settled there but she said that like Ruth was literally like jumping the stairs and learning how to like run on them and stuff once she figured it out she was so excited so I think once like honestly

Once we move like she’s actually a very chill cat in the sense that like as long as we’re like around her she’s fine um I think we’re very lucky for that she is very chill about stuff like that like we’ve even had to take her to

My parents a couple of times uh over the past year and like we’re there the whole time we don’t leave her with them and she’s just like vibing you know even in the car she’s vibing she’s like whatever she only whes when we’re in the

Car if she knows that she is going to the vet if she knows she’s going to the vet she there’s something she can tell she can tell she’ll still get in her carrier but she’ll she will literally give us the cold shoulder like on our

Way to the vet like big tiny Duck is usually the one that holds on to the carrier and I’m the one who drives and she will literally give both of us the cold shoulder she’ll like turn away from us in the car it is so funny she’s like you have betrayed me we

Were talking about this like last night but me and Big Tiny duck were like I feel like a common like Ruth feels betrayal more than she should like for no reason though like Ruth is a cat where she like for some reason one of her emotions is

Betrayal and she’s so silly though we’re very lucky that she’s like super good um about stuff like that though cuz I know it can be really tricky to bring your cats to certain places like I know my sister told me that like even bringing them their cats to the the vet like it

Is just like it’s stressful so we’re very lucky me cats are banned from my room cuz they act like uh they own the keyboard oh my gosh Ruth thankfully doesn’t like she doesn’t always step on my keyboard she’ll sleep in front of it though she hasn’t done that in a while

Though and I’m a little bit sad about it she used to literally nap in front of my keyboard but it kind of prevented me from having like full full Mobility for my mouse but like I found the tradeoff to be worth it I was like I get like a

Cute cat having a nap in front of me like while I work like what’s better than that you know your cat just gets in the carrier I have to trick Pandora into the carrier and pick her up yeah no literally if I bring it out I mean like I’m actually

Worried that one day she’s going to stop but like if we bring it out she looks at us and she’s like oh guys what the heck and then she gets in it anyway like if I pick her up she’ll literally just let me put her in the carrier and then that’s

It we’re done with it it’s bizarre but like I do worry that like one day like what if that changes and she’s like you know what I’ve had enough of this I do want to put up a fight yeah my food is late betrayal I think that that was actually one of the

Things last night where um I think that’s why the topic topic of conversation came up was because we were um we’ve decided to kind of change her feeding time a little bit cuz she gets wet food and dry food at night and uh they’re like pretty much like close to

One another like by like 20 minutes apart however we feed her around like 5:00 and I we were like I just feel like that might be like too much of a gap between her dinner time and then breakfast in the morning so we’re going to like we were like okay let’s just try

Like feeding her the wet food a little bit later so she gets wet or sorry wet food at 5:00 dry food at like 6:30 or like 7 and last night she was not happy like she was genuinely very upset and I could tell she felt a little bit

Betrayed by us because she kept like running up to us and I felt so bad but I was like you know what I feel like she’s going to be so much better off if we do this but boy oh boy I I felt like we had definitely betrayed her a bit you know

You always get weird looks from the receptionist if they’re new and take the cat to the vet oh why why also Cass welcome on in so nice to see you you have this thing where I have to remove her paws from the edges of the

Carrier to get her in she clings to her Freedom oh I’ve seen cats do that before oh they’re like trying so hard that happened um actually when we first got Ruth that happened with her litter her litter box she was like clinging to the edges of it and we

Couldn’t figure out why and then finally we realized like some of the packaging of litter is like really weird where like it’s just like overly descriptive so you don’t actually know what it is we thought we just got her basic unscented litter but then we read the Box a little

Bit more and it actually had a scent and I didn’t even notice like you could barely smell it but obviously like it bothered her and we I felt so bad the poor little thing she did not like it at all and then we switched out the litter

To something like super unscented and I kid you not chat that that day she laid in her litter box like it was a bed and she was rolling around in it it was fresh litter she wasn’t rolling around in like poop or anything but I’ve never seen a cat do

That like what the heck chat Britney so nice to see you hope you’re having a great day as well oh I fell your cat’s name is mouse I love that you got the stair this morning cuz Pandora had to wait for me to get home

From the gym before I let her out a poor thing poor poor thing see that’s a thing sometimes when like you’re on your own schedule and not theirs they’re like excuse me Nicholas so nice to see you welcome on in builds are so inspiring do you mind

Showing your creative world I love your building style oh my gosh thank you so much I really appreciate it okay so my creative world is on a different instance right now but if I can show it next week I absolutely will absolutely all right I’m going to put

Away some of this Stone and stuff and then we’ll kind of finish up the uh The Sawmill I had a cat roll around and clean litter before he was an odd one that’s for sure that’s how I would uh describe Ruth she’s just a little she’s just a little weird you know she’s a little weird but she’s Charming she’s Charming that’s okay please collab with seev she’s so

Funny oh my gosh seev me and seev have uh we have been on Castaways together we were on Imperial together Bloodlines if you haven’t checked that out before uh those are some of the series that we’ve collabed together uh before and honestly I mean there will always be a

Collaboration with seev in the in the future seev is a really really good homie of mine love Sev to death Sev if you’re listening shout out to Sev honestly so funny there’s sometimes like seev will say stuff that just like so out of pocket but like in the funniest

Way and like she cracks me up I like actually makes me cackle oh wait I need some coal cuz I’m going to make a couple campfires anyone else love when cats get the Zoomies oh my gosh yes it kills me it’s so funny they’re just trying so hard you know they’re

Running around with just like they’re just so busy it’s like what are you doing what are you doing one of your cats can’t even jump over the kid stairgate uh we might I know I don’t know how to pronounce that word but a poor thing so clumsy a it’s

Funny Ruth is like she’s clumsy I think she’s clumsier than most cats like she can jump up onto stuff like pretty much okay so sorry I’m just going to Che Clear My Throat really quickly sorry losing my voice a little bit but Ruth can like jump onto stuff

Like pretty okay but like walking on to things she’s genuine not good at it like she’s falling everywhere if she’s like trying to crawl from like or walk from the table like onto your leg and they’re like next to each other she’ll fall you named your puppy Dora Dora’s a

Great name for a pet I love that that’s so sweet SE is just wild no exactly SE is so wild she’s so funny though honestly actually cracks me up you you never know you never know what she’s going to do you don’t know what you’re going to get

With Sev but I mean that like in the best way possible cuz she is actually so funny chat so fun to hang out with I was watching her the other day and you popped up in her video I was so shocked a yeah I I kind of love it when um some

Of like some of you haven’t seen like some of our collaborative videos and it’s like a nice surprise for you all you know that’s awesome I love love that going to break this pretty quickly let’s do maybe like that yeah okay golf games person I love golf

Games me and Big Tiny duck got on a Mario Golf kick for a while it was it was brutal but in the best way like we were really into it we couldn’t stop playing it was hilarious such a fun game though all right let’s get a couple

Campfires what are we doing today so today we are just finishing up our uh little logging area right here pretty much like honestly I’ve got most of the detail that I want on it I’m pretty happy with it um and then we’re just kind of going to going to kind of hang

Out and do uh just some like Base maintenance and stuff like that just Vibe it’s supposed to rain here in Toronto I don’t I’m kind of concerned that it’s going to be like a bad thunder storm so I don’t know how long stream is going to be I’m a little bit worried the

Power is going to go out because I heard like a big old like some Big Thunder earlier and I was like what the heck I was not expecting that it’s pronounced dis dyspraxia I think I got it I want a rottweil I found for adop adoption called zon okay that’s

An amazing name sweet sweet Zon I love that name it’s so cute all right I think that’s looking pretty good chat let’s take a quick little look see here yeah I’m pretty happy with that now that there’s like a little bit more texture in place it looks a little bit

More complete you know what I mean I think we’ve got ourselves a proper logging Mill look at this we got all of our like little botney section for the trees we’ve got the upstairs I really like the upstairs too with like the banister we got like a gallery wall

We’ve got like a little storage area it’s super cute it turned out really nice heck yeah heck yeah me likey all right so that’s done I wanted to add a little bit more detail to this area today as well cuz the outside of it is looking pretty good

It’s just the inside of it is looking kind of bare I want stuff in the corners like maybe we could do like a little wagon or something like that we talked about that last stream I feel like a wagon would look good here some piles of

Logs and stuff so I feel like we could get started on that I’m just going to start chopping down a couple of these trees just to get like a little bit more wood as well oh stream elements nice to see you thank you so much for popping

In oh my gosh so late so late it’s been like 41 minutes and it just uh finally just popped up amazing my cat nety gets violent uh gets really happy she violently flops and rolls around which usually results in her FL linging herself off the couch oh

My gosh Ruth does that too where she like fights with her own tail cuz she can’t control it so funny what’s my favorite song to use in videos ooh that’s a good question honestly I think it just depends on the series cuz there’s actually like so many um there’s

So many good uh songs cuz I I use epidemic uh I have a sub subscription for epidemic and that’s what I’ve always used for my videos and they have like a really good library that will honestly give you like pretty much any genre I don’t know that’s [Applause]

Tough but yeah I’ve been I’ve been using epidemic since like I think since like I’ve started this channel not sponsored by them or anything just literally have been using them as a loyal customer for like like three or four years now if you like golf games there’s this

Game for mobile it’s called Nico golf I’ll have to check it out I love a good good Classic golf game every once in a while thunder in February right that’s what I was saying I was like this is kind of concerning at this point like what the

Heck you want to go back to Toronto in May oh my gosh Ian Ian what are you going to do in the big to aren’t I I feel like I remember you talking about how you were traveling to uh somewhere within Canada as well I think I remember you talking about

That listen Canada’s got some really beautiful spots feel like I have not explored enough of Canada though though all right I’m going to get those bundles ready with like where you bundle it with like the rail carts hit the wrong button and started watching a vid you did with block down

And I was like this is such an odd stream what that is so funny you’re like why why is she not interacting with anybody what is happening that is so funny yeah stream elements have become like a meme you can place hanging signs like that yes as long as they’re like

Next to like an actual like I think like log you can pretty much hang them like that isn’t it cool super cool little uh like banister feature Julia welcome on in how you doing yeah the thunder in February is like really throwing me off chat really throwing me off here

Oops I think this looks kind of cute I like that we could get some leaves in between and some lanterns or something maybe like a little Lantern here yeah and also do like a little saw beside it or something I think I also have like an extra supply of uh what’s it

Called those saw things why can’t I think about it think about it think of it you’ll know what I mean when I when I go grab it my I’m having a brain fart right now chat I was surprised that the UK hadn’t had Thunder yet and we have everything but

Thunder have you even gotten some like snow and stuff too or just like every like rain thing you got the lightning well you wouldn’t have lightning without thunder never mind I retract what I said my brain chat my brain AJ welcome on in how you

Doing yeah it’s kind of wild to me that you all like UK peeps get like thunderstorms like any time of the year for us it’s like we’ve gotten these weird like snow thunderstorms I think we had one last year it was really bizarre and it like it doesn’t look natural

Apparently they’re like very rare phenomenons and like we got one last year and it kind of scared me not going to lie okay well I don’t even have that thing that I needed the storage and workbenches all right well I’m going to grab stone stone going to grab some Stone I’m going

To grab a little bit of iron and I’m going to make it’s a stone cutter I could not think of the word for the life of me the stone saw Cy thing oh my gosh I want Mojang to please make one for wood I need cheap trap

Doors I love to use Adriel flare music as it’s really chilling fantasy Adriel Flair’s such good uh music I use that a lot in Bloodlines I think cuz it was just like the perfect Vibe it was very like Whimsical and stuff you Know I’ll say it before anybody else says it classic drift so true so true and deserved you had a tornado recently oh my gosh that the the threat of tornadoes was something that really scared me as a kid even though I mean to be fair in Ontario tornadoes can happen and there

Have been some bad ones but for the most part like if you live kind of close to the city it’s not much of a a threat I would say but when I was little I was very concerned about the possibility of a tornado I think because I watched

Twister too much when I was little I watched that movie like far too much anybody else see Twister anybody else see that movie Twister I should rewatch that movie see if it actually holds up baking with Ela welcome on in how you doing here I thought this was just a

Video upload not a live stream Wayward welcome welcome so nice to see you oh there’s the Stone Cutters I was looking for jeez classic classic drift am I right let’s get I need a couple chests as well it’s a good thing I made a ton of spruce and some barrels would look really

Nice let’s make a couple of chests there we go and then let’s have a little snack KD welcome on in so nice to see you hope you’re doing well you have like five on record for tornadoes yeah they’re pretty rare here too oops actually let’s do this something like that perfect

Then we’ll get like another Lantern there and I need a couple Spruce leaves I was going to put these around see if I could hang them anywhere but they literally like quite literally have to be hanging I think so it doesn’t really work that’s okay Twister legit caused me to have

Nightmares with tornadoes and it still get them from time to time same literally same when I was I mean I think I still have like a very overactive imagination but like that was like a very prominent trait of mine when I was younger was like overactive imagination and I would

Stress about like the possibility of like tornadoes and stuff whenever it rained I remember like looking at my parents like they were just like during bad thunderstorms they would just be like vibing they’d be like oh the power might go out and I was like looking at

Them in anxiety being like don’t we have to go into the basement like why is nobody panicking about this like why is nobody running towards the basement honestly if I told them that now they’d probably laugh a lot they’d be like come on what’s wrong with you in Northern Sweden it starts snowing

In the end of October oh my gosh listen I love snow but that’s that’s a long winter that’s a long haul ’90s disaster films are a whole mood and that mood was climate change anxiety oh my gosh boy oh boy absolutely absolutely Ely all those films caused me extreme stress when I was

Little lots and lots of stress I feel that uh let’s make a couple of Oak trap doors I’m going to make like a wagon now we deal with earthquakes and Atmospheric storms here that’s see that sounds really like really scary honestly very very scary I was talking to I think um Brooke

About uh like earthquakes cuz it’s common where she is and I was like a little bit this is very high I am not meaning to do this um we’re talking quite a bit about that and I was like dude I if I lived in a place that had like earthquakes like

That I don’t even I’d be beside myself like I would not know how to handle that and she was like I don’t know like it’s scary but it’s okay and I was like what do you mean it’s okay it’s terrifying got to get back to work but

I’ll keep you uh you on in the background oh Angie thank you so much I appreciate it hope work goes well after watching jamanji at the cinema when I was eight I couldn’t go upstairs on my own because we had this huge shelving thing in our bedroom that

I always could see a stampede coming out of it oh my gosh jamanji that movie was like yeah that’s another one that kind of fueled like the uh the anxiety with like active imagination anxiety I would say that’s definitely one that was like wo there’s a lot going on here and I’m scared

I remember the dude that like chased them I forget I don’t even remember what actor it was I I think I realized after it was like a pretty um pretty like prominent actor who played that guy the one I don’t even remember who it was was he like a

Colonel or something it scared me so much though that dude was terrifying but also like wasn’t it like his dad at the same time time it was just like an interpretation of his father in some sort oh jeez that movie that movie we have like 3 months of Summer uh but

In umia where I live we don’t really get spring the flowers start blooming well there’s still like snow left interesting interesting listen I never thought I’d be this person person but like I’m kind of like itching for spring now I’m not like a huge like I

Love snow but this year has not been snowy it’s just been very um it’s been very dry no snow and just like very gloomy like you don’t really we haven’t really gotten much sun and I think it’s just been making me like a little bit

Sad and I’m like I I think I could tolerate this more if it if there was snow but there’s nothing chat there’s nothing and I’m just like I kind of just just want spring now I want to get over this you know not into it movie night when I know I know

There’s so many like good movies we could watch including and not limited to school of rock and also camp rock that was like another kind of like Trend like very um for like kids movies rock and roll oriented I would Say you also like this as a child during any uh tornado warnings you’d hide see you get it you get it I’m sorry we were all like this but honestly doesn’t even shock me that we were all literally the same like this you watch twister literally all the

Time as a child now I’m terrified of storms I live in South G uh G so tornado happen often here oh my gosh it just fueled like an anxiety what what was up with all of us watching twister when we were like way too young to be watching twister what is

That why did we do that earthquake sounds scary I cannot same I I’ve like experienced maybe a minor earthquake if anything uh in Ontario like they do happen every so often but I’ve never experienced like a true earthquake and I feel like it would absolutely just like terrify me so

Scary there we go that’s looking good the jamanji Remake and the sequel are my comfort movies okay I saw the first one that I actually really enjoyed it like I I didn’t think I would cuz I was like oh no they’re modernizing a classic and then I was like you know

What this this one was actually pretty good I think the cast is what like made it so good Camp Nowhere I don’t think I’ve seen Camp Nowhere ooh Mean Girls has anybody seen the Mean Girls like the musical remake movie I actually really enjoyed it I thought I thought it was pretty good

JRE you’re not wrong you’re not wrong honestly honestly I think we’re all drawn to this game because it’s such a comfort game you love Twister the movie and the ice Lolli are you talking about okay they’re called Cyclones here they’re like blue raspberry lemon and Cherry and they’re

Almost like a sorbet texture like I wouldn’t even say they’re like fully like a popsicle they’re kind of like yeah they’re like a sorbet texture and they’re so good those are still one of my favorite uh sweet treats would you love to attempt a massive custom Village project like it’s Marlo

Did oh absolutely I really want to do a village transformation I was going to do one for my 100 days but I ended up doing a different idea instead so that’s kind of been tabled at the moment but a village transformation is definitely on the table also Marlo is such a talented

Builder Big shout outs to Marlo I love I love love his content I think in the back corner here we have enough space for like a lean to or something you know so we’ve got our wagon here we’ve got a bunch of space back here so I

Could do like a like a big old lean to or something sorry my my voice is going again I might need to refill my water soon anyone else watch Dante’s Peak oh my God okay I haven’t seen that movie since I was like very young so it’s so much of a

Blur for me but I do remember it evoking a lot of fear within me because that movie was like was definitely scary I think I just ended up watching way too many movies that were arguably like too mature for me when I was younger like um like scary movies and

Stuff because I had older cousins and an older sister and obviously like I wanted to fit in with them and I was like let me watch too so I’d end up watching like really scary movies at such a young age my imagination was totally overworked I remember watching this

Scary movie a long time ago called it was called dolls and it was about like a bunch of dolls in like a mansion that had like become almost like sentient and they like took over and they were like Super Evil and from then on I was terrified of porcelain dolls

Literally so scared of them I had one in my room and I remember I was really afraid of it and I eventually like had to get my mom to move it out of my room and into hers I was like I can’t deal with it being here also love how I like

Threw my mom under the bus with that doll cuz if it was like a sentient porcelain doll then she in fact would have been haunted by it not me I was like sorry Mom you got to take one for the team here can you put this in your room because it’s really

Terrifying oh my gosh classic my sister was uh terrified of ET I think that’s a common fear amongst kids though um ET was hers that she was really scared of and subsequently I became afraid of it because I was like if my older sister is

Afraid of ET then obviously I need to be afraid of ET and then I recently rewatched that film uh she still can’t even she can’t even look at a picture of ET without like getting scared I mean fair enough he is kind of scary looking but I recently rewatched it and it’s a

Beautiful film I was like shocked I mean I shouldn’t be shocked cuz like it’s it’s a classic but you know what I mean chat I was like oh my gosh like I didn’t realize it had like the tone that it did and like I don’t know was just like a

Really really nice film to watch do does anybody remember the movie Mannequin no I don’t I do not Moon welcome on in Senti and Dolls we’re talking about things that scared us when we were little and porcelain dolls was one of my fears cuz I watched the movie dolls at like too

Young of an age it was about like killer porcelain dolls very scary movie your mom had around 30 porson dolls I would never go into her room I feel like it’s like even without that movie there is something that’s like a little bit unsettling about them you know what I

Mean I feel like those are the types of things where you either love them or you really don’t like them it scares my friends but we’re besties see here we go perfect example scares my friends but we’re besties you’re both like I’m picturing you like your friends like cowering in

Fear and running away and you’re like fist bumping the doll what about the Chucky movies I feel like that’s what made a lot of people scared of dolls yes Chucky was another one oh my gosh that’s another movie that we watched recently like I re-watched into adulthood and I was like you know

What this movie kind of slaps like this is a this one’s pretty good I mean he’s terrifying and like the some of the scenes like for the ’90s I was like wow this is like pretty pretty wild you’re working on a mega base interior while watching this cool Vibes heck yeah

I hope that’s going well hope that’s going well actually no I want this to the edge your boyfriend’s afraid of ET you can you can tell them that it’s completely fine because drift’s sister is also terrified of ET you can let him know it’s okay he’s not the only

One you know what I get it like I said I do understand it now I got to look up a mannequin cuz you all are talking about it you should see Mack and me oh my gosh Nicholas my I remember I remember the day my dad like was it yeah he rented it

For us and that movie scared me so much so so much but it was also one of those movies that scared me but then also I was like can I watch it again I don’t know why I was so scared by it but I was like um any chance we can rent

Mack and me again and I remember my sister being like I don’t know about this movie not sure about this one and I was like I know but it’s kind of good that one yeah that one is uh I would say that’s nightmare fuel it’s

Just like the way like the way that the um what would they be called they’re not animatronics puppets are they puppets they’re just like very unsettling in that movie there’s just like something not right there you know not right just woke up nice nice hope you had a good

Sleep the first time I saw I thought ich was cute guess that was I was quite the unusual kid you know what I can see it now I can see it now I was just like I was scared because my sister was scared I I followed the path of my

Sister oh Jurassic Park that was another one that scared me that one was terrifying but like in a good way that one was good you know but I remember watching that as a very young age too I think it like fueled my fascination with Dinosaurs though yes azy you remember macking me

Oh my gosh yes you had it on VHS oh my gosh yeah I that was one that we definitely rented so funny chat that you all remember these I’m obsessed I see that in McDonald’s too remember when they go to like when they go to the restaurant they’re like doing

That big dance there Interview with a Vampire is one that I’d never seen I really wish I have though I I I it’s on my list I heard it’s really good I heard that’s like a a classic that needs to be watched The Last Unicorn yeah that one

Was scary too does anybody remember Princess and The Goblin Goblin Goblin that song from from it that movie scared me but I like would insist on watching it all the time like it was really creepy but there was something like so cool about the animation so I like I always wanted to watch it when I was little that one was a good

One need some more plant pots ah here we go if you watch something scary go watch K’s pixels the oldest view here on YouTube okay you got you got to DM this to me so I remember you got to DM this to me what kind of vibe we talking about here what is

It pet cemetery wasn’t pet cemetery was like one that I really wanted to watch and never got the chance to like I always saw it at the video store and I was like I want to watch this and my mom was like you are not renting that you are not renting that

One I miss renting movies so random but like I really do miss it mmad welcome on in how you doing ooh 12 Monkeys okay 12 Monkeys this is such a random tidbit of information about 12 Monkeys that is so irrelevant to everything but when I was was um younger I hadn’t watched 12

Monkeys but my dad had rented it and he was like for some my dad is notorious for just falling asleep um when he’s like watching movies he just cannot stay awake and guess what I now have that trait I have that trait now great amazing so I never see the ends of

Movies he tried to watch 12 Monkeys like I not even kidding like 20 times but he could not make it through he absolutely could not make it through 12 Monkeys no matter how hard he tried no matter like he literally had on like on multiple occasions he rented it multiple times

And we were like stop trying to watch this movie because you’re never going to finish it like you’ve done this like three times already and he’s like yeah but like the beginning’s amazing and we were like yeah but like you’re not watching it you keep falling asleep the

Amount of times we rented 12 Monkeys and he never finished it and I’m sure if I brought that that movie up to him today he’d be like I have no idea what you’re talking about what is that what is 12 Monkeys Arachnophobia I don’t think I

Saw that one but I remember going to see eight-legged freaks I think that’s what it was called the one about like the big mutant spiders my sister my poor sister is terrified of spiders and she went to go see that with her friends I remember she was like I hated

It Wayne welcome on in how you doing it’s nice to see you oops I don’t really know what I’m doing here just kind of trying to make like a little bit of an edge on the paths there we go just a little bit just a wee little one Paranormal Activity movies

Scare me to death okay Moon so we watched what did we watch oh yeah we watched those um Hell House movies right terrified me like I’m not even kidding I still have nightmares about those movies it’s I’m like I’ve never been super afraid of clowns but that movie has made

Me very afraid of clowns now um and next on our list my friends are are insisting they’re like can we please re-watch Paranormal Activity and Big Tiny duck really wants to as well and I actually like told them I was like I’ve got to be honest like I actually don’t know if I

Want to because those movies scare me so much I remember watching those I remember seeing those in theaters I couldn’t sleep for weeks when I watched them and I was like I actually don’t know if it’s worth it at this point and I even told them I was like the only way

I’m going to watch this movie is also if we don’t watch it at my house like we have like we’re going to my friend’s house and we’re watching it there because I just cannot deal with it and they’re like please come on we need to watch paranormal activity I’m like

No also I’m building an out house if anybody’s wondering what I’m doing I think every little like tree chopping area you need an out housee but if you got to go you know if you got to go you got to go okay I heard killer clowns from outer

Space although it has a goofy name is a scary movie every Thursday I used to have a store called video box and they used to have a thing called rent a video for free day so we always used to walk to get a VHS tape and uh order pizza wasn’t that the

Best wasn’t that the best I honestly truly missed that a lot I miss that so much chat or like for the weekend your parents are like all right you can you can um you can rent a video game of choice this is a really big out house I

Think I need to go trim this by one block actually probably fine yeah yeah just need to put a door on it when I was little I was terrified of the Snow Queen from Narnia that’s another thing where you’re like terrified of certain aspects of like movies that aren’t scary when I was

Little I was terrified of that furnace in the first home alone I think you all know which one I’m talking about but I remember whenever that would come up on screen I’d have to like Shield my eyes I was so scared let’s put this I think it would

Make more sense in the middle possibly yeah I feel like trimming this look better anyone watch Misery oh boy oh boy I’ve seen misery and let me tell you that movie is really scary what’s what’s the actress’s name in that movie I mean she’s incredibly talented so talented but also so terrifying in

It I forget her name you read the book it’s worse that’s what I heard too I heard the book was somehow worse wild the furnace in Home Alone was horrible wasn’t it it was so scary I think now like there’s like a little bit of like residual scariness to it like I

Still get a little bit just a little bit creeped out when I see it you know you got nice designs oh Wayne thank you so much I appreciate it I appreciate it Catherine Bates yes Catherine Bates Honestly though okay Sophia you say Olivia Coleman I feel like if

They did a remake of misery Olivia Coleman would be perfect for that I feel like she would actually be so perfect for the part like at that point it would be like almost like an obvious casting choice you know there we go you all got me to watch movies all day

Same I haven’t watched um like we watched a bunch last weekend I just haven’t had time to watch movies uh for like the past week and a bit we’ve also been re-watching Broad City which has like taken up a lot of time uh but it’s still like a great show

To watch but I need to I need to watch some movies this week misery was nothing compared to the Mist I don’t think I’ve seen the Mist what is that about Kathy bats Kathy bits there we go that’s who it was chat it sounds like we’ve all had

Very similar like like childhoods and stuff growing up if you like jamanji you probably like zoraa too and the robot terrified me as a child it was my brother’s favorite movie and we always had to watch it classic classic I remember seeing zoraa advertised but I think I was like just

That tad bit too old where I was like I don’t want to watch this and I’d probably like it now though yeah Olivia Coleman is like fantastic in everything like pretty much everything she does she knocks it out of the park there’s something I watched her

In recently and it was like a shocked to see her there I forget what it was though where I was like oh my gosh Olivia Coleman I wasn’t expecting to see you and then she just played such a good role yeah I’ll have to check out the Mist The

Shining such a classic oh my gosh yes I used to watch that movie A lot it was my dad’s favorite movie so when I was a little bit older we would always watch it together such a good one I’m just making a toilet I think I got to get a sink too

We’ve got iron for that what about trip wire though probably make that how do you make trip wire oh easy all right yeah new age jamanji is good space version of jamanji yeah I got I got to watch it I’ve got to watch it I feel like that it’s one of those movies

That’s kind of become a classic I’ve got I’ve watched James Bond Skyfall the other day and I got to give a shout out to Mr bond007 for not folding like a cheap camping chair in front of Javier uh bar bm’s villain I actually have not seen that but that sentence is

Hilarious shout out to Mr 007 you know makes it sound as though you saw just saw Olivia Coleman at the coffee shop listen if I saw Olivia Coleman at a coffee shop I’d probably pass out I wouldn’t even know what to do I I would just immediately pass out oops no no no

Flusher goes on top and we’ll have a sink there honestly this is an ouse though I feel like this should be a pit I feel like this should be a secret pit that leads into a layer should we have a secret toilet layer you know what I mean

I don’t know where it would lead to though I hear the rain by the way chat it is there’s lots of rain outside Stephen King is my favorite author only two screenplays I dislike were night shift and Sleepwalkers I don’t think I read enough Stephen King I

Think I maybe read one book when I was like arguably like a little bit too too like I wasn’t mature enough to understand it so it kind of like flew past me you know seen a bunch of it like the movie adaptation though Netflix made TV show version of

The Mist the old woman from the church turns into a moth what okay I need to check this out Tremors Tremors is great oh my gosh I that it was my first time watching that this year it had always been on my list cuz it fell under one of

Those movies that was like a cult classic and do you all remember that like point in like the early or like early mid 2000s I would say where like it was really cool to watch cult classic films that was one that like my friends always talked about and

I never saw and I recently watched it cuz Big Tiny duck told me to she’s like Bro you’ve never seen Tremors like this movie was made for you and we watched it and I was like oh my gosh how did I not see this before it was so good

How would you react when if you saw Dwayne The Rock Johnson at a restaurant I would go I would do a double take like this huh is that Dwayne The Rock Johnson eating at the same restaurant as me well that must mean it’s good then because Dwayne The Rock Johnson if he’s

Eating it then you know it’s good huh and then I’d be too scared to approach him the pit would lead to Christmas Village and the tragic memories of sham wow so true so hitting too close to home jod come on what if we had like a little

Panic Room in there a Panic Room in the toilet wouldn’t that be hilarious we could do like a little trap door with like a button so you press it and then you like fall in there and it’s like a little sneaky base wouldn’t that be fun I feel like that would be very

Fun Dwayne would throw you that look and the vine boom sounds would play in your head wait what Vine boom sound huh the huh okay what if we did like an iron trapo hear me out and like a button right just a cheeky little button if I

Have stone on me I mean I guess it doesn’t really matter what button it is and then like I heard a zombie yeah I don’t think I could I don’t think I could approach somebody either I think I’d be too scared I’d be like I don’t want to bother

You okay this is perfect perfect oh no it’s not perfect oh dang it okay well what if I instead of doing iron trap door I just do like the OG oh my gosh that’s a that’s a big pit what if we did just like a regular Oak trapo that I could fall

Into all right let’s do that and then we could do like kind of walls maybe we’ll go Moody for some reason I’ve decided that I’m making a secret toilet layer met a popular German comedian in McDonald’s once and he looked so tired being a Fan’s cool but these celebrities deserve a break too

Yeah I feel like that’s like one of those things where if you could see like they’re it’s like they’re almost having like a rough time it’s like I will I will respect seeing you from a distance my friend favorite wood type I would say favorite wood type oh my gosh

Is if I fall into a pit here okay I’m good oh look at that it’s like a nice Lookout this could be like our little way into this cave system too um favorite wood type hm I would say spruce Spruce always but honestly like I think each wood type just like has its

Strengths depending on the build but Spruce is like a classic for like um like structurally you can’t go wrong with using it for like beams and stuff to be honest how did Wing Stop end up oh my gosh so good so good I really like that

Place I’m so happy we got it in Canada we had it like I think a couple times over the past couple weeks I usually get the like honey garlic and like medium Buffalo secret toilet layer sounds like something a Nickelodeon villain would have literally I guess I’m now a

Nickelodeon villain though I kind of my voice sounds like a Nickelodeon protagonist but in fact I am the Nickelodeon toilet villain that’s me the Panic toilet needs a throne literally I think we need to like build out like a throne room in here though you

Know it leads to like a very like lavish secret base this is nice I’ve got like a nice view you know oh the respawn spot I’m crying that is so funny Wing Stop was pretty good I like Wing Stop every once in a while it’s good that is so funny oh my gosh

Yeah the Wing Stop in game okay chat on Friday on Twitch we created this um this build called The Wing Stop that is actually hilarious that I like so earnestly answered you that way um but we created this uh build called The Wing Stop because I died at spawn and I had

To like Trek back to my base which was like at least like a good thousand blocks took forever and then I had to like go back to the raid I was doing it was awful so we’re creating the spot where I can like suit up with an elytra

Get out of there quickly and then um and then like kind of carry on with my life at the base but I mistakened it for I thought you meant how was Wing Stop because I did have that recently too that is so funny Chloe welcome on in so nice to see

You how you doing all right what if we did like do I have any more terracotta I feel like a cool patterned like terracotta wall would be nice make this all fancy you know you have a cool voice though thank you I appreciate it apathy welcome in so nice to see you

How you doing ah I’m stuck all right I’m going to see if we have terracotta cuz I want to do like almost like wallpapered walls like striped walls and then I think I’m going to do like a checkered floor of some sort I was so proud of you drift you

Only screamed continuously for half the journey home I tried so hard I’m so happy thank you for being proud of me it was very hard I literally almost died like five times getting home too cuz I was so hungry I had no food I’m getting so much better thank

You I know I’m getting so much more confident watch I’m going to die today classic do I have black stone I’m sure I do you know what that could be nice though what about polished we’ll bring some deep slate with us actually and then terracotta oh no

Chat we have a conundrum I kind of need more terracotta like do I go Venture for it it’s very far though I’m talking like if we went to venture for terracotta we’d be gone half the stream you know but I mean like we have I’ve kind of just lined up another project for

Us if I go get this terra cotta today next week we could begin building the secret toilet layer did you finish packing um not everything yet we got a lot more packed the other day uh we got like all of like our records and stuff packed up

Just like things that we don’t need anymore we still have like kitchen stuff to do although Big Tiny duck did like a couple things from the kitchen that we know we’re not going to need like our like mixer and stuff but we’re still in that awkward in between phase where we

Have to like kind of wait in order to be able to start packing more stuff up but I feel so much better already we got like a lot done this weekend and I’m like okay I actually do feel way Better I just hate that awkward in between phase though where it’s like I I can’t even pack up like half of my computer stuff yet um because of course I need it still like my setup and stuff so until I get all of that stuff hacked away I’m not

Going to feel like 100% soon though I think we need more height there we go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 okay this room’s a solid seven going bring it over this way too 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 m one two three four five I think five’s

Fine patch us up really quickly okay welcome on in how you doing so nice to see you do we have the shaders command here I’m not sure I think we might we may but yeah the shaders are um the shaders are turn off Bloom that’s a big

One it makes everything super hazy turn crank up that saturation chat crank up that saturation and Vibrance that’s how you get like just like the super blue sky the very rich greens all of that and also one thing I discovered recently was turn up your sharpness a bit on your

Shaders they look very um muddled if you don’t that was a recent change that I made like only a couple weeks ago cuz I was like I had I was like in post I kept having to sharpen the images of my thumbnail so much and then eventually I

Looked into the settings and I was like oh my gosh there’s like an actual sharpness setting and it made a difference ooh add some like dripstone lava cauldrons and stuff that’s a good idea that’s a good idea I like that Wayne we’ll catch you later thank

You so much for hanging out I appreciate it also Nitro welcome on in how you doing and yeah we’re going to have to fix up um sorry if some of like the bot commands are not working today stream elements has been really weird on YouTube lately just got to dedicate the

Time to switch over and then we’ll be good good good to go chat all right I’m going to drop some stuff off I feel like I need a terracotta run I need to make a run for some terracotta we’ve got some time today yeah we’re only live for an hour 32 so

We’ve got lots of time today to do this dirt Stones Cobble wood terra cotta more dirt and then copper storage we’re pretty much good I’m going to have to get some more food before we go though needs netherite honestly I haven’t even fought the dragon in this

World yet and I don’t I know if I intend to for a while kind of just vibing with uh what we got right now this is more of a slow paac series and um honestly if we do get to that it’ll be it’ll probably be quite some time from now just wanted

To stop by and say thanks uh to your long plays they help me fall asleep many a time oh Daniel thank you so much for popping in to say that I appreciate it I hope you’re having a great day yeah well we definitely get it sorted out soon azy for

Sure all right I’m going to feed the cows a little bit and then we’re going to dip and go on a little bit of an adventure Cass we’ll catch you later thanks for hanging out after Fe the cows were going to go for a quick little break

Chat here comes the thunderstorms I can hear the rain too it’s wild what the heck it’s February why no snowstorm what’s happening I’m actually like concerned my power might go out too cuz they like the rain sounds pretty crazy right now and I heard like some pretty ominous uh

Thunder earlier that ain’t good chat ah so many mumo so many I like having slower world like yeah it’s fun to go fight uh dragon stuff but it’s like just need to take it slow yeah exactly exactly I love like I love having different styles of play for like

Different things you know what I mean like this world I kind of like that it’s more slow paced because it kind of makes me I don’t know approach the series a little bit differently if that makes sense but then it’s nice in our like long-term stream world where we do like

Longer term projects and also have more time then it’s like like nice to have wings and stuff you know put your mic by the window honestly if I could I would it’s on a it’s on a boom arm it’s too far oh I can hear it yeah there’s the

Thunder when you start a new world on 120 uh 121 it’s going to be it’s going to last years heck yeah that’s going to be so exciting especially cuz you have so many projects mapped out azy you’re going to have so much fun all right how about we take a

Quick little break um I’m going to go refresh my water cuz my voice is kind of messed up right now and I’ll be back very very shortly chat all right go stretch your legs and stuff yo what the heck we got a big storm big storm all

Right we need to Adventure a bit before we start any other project I need some terra cotta and maybe some Sandstone like the orange one so we’re going to go on a little bit of an adventure yeah I am I’m a little concerned for the power I was downstairs

Refilling my water and the light flickered a bit I was like oh no oh no not good chat oh scary so if we go this way just like thousands of blocks we’ll hit a Mesa desert time or should I say dessert time we’ve been watching um okay this is wild

We’ve been watching like a live stream on Netflix those are a thing now who knew our friends told us to watch it it’s David Chang’s cooking show and he basically has guests on and like interviews them while he cooks for them pretty cool concept but it’s live which

Is wild it’s so wild anyway he’s been like making these desserts um where it’s literally a fried Crispy Cream like fried in a pan just warm up with ice cream on top and I told BTD I was like instead of cake that’s what I want for

My birthday and we tried it and oh my gosh chat lifechanging absolutely lifechanging it’s weird though because I thought that it would just like the sugar crust on it would just kind of like melt if that makes sense but it’s turn it turned into like um like a hard

Like hard sugar like hard candy or something it’s weird it like turns into like almost like strings of uh sugar it’s so bizarre but it was so good mixed with the ice cream oh my gosh absolutely delicious I love some good stormy Vibes honestly like now that the the bad

Weather is kind of here this morning I was like it’s so gloomy and dark what the heck but now that it’s raining I’m like I’m kind of vibing with it even though it’s weird that it’s in February why not set up a mud conversion to Clay spot get that passive background

Farm going honestly very good idea I just need to learn how to make one Terra cot him more like Terra got to get more got him got him I don’t even know if I’ve taken you all this far to be honest I’ve traveled this far on my own like in a Let’s Play

Episode but I don’t know if you’ve all come along with me to the Mesa here it’s quite far and I’m not sure sure there’s one closer to be honest you could check chunk base to see if there is I might be wrong but this seed is like kind of

Weirdly distributed if that makes sense what kind of ice cream we went with just like plain old French vanilla ice cream and you know what it’s slapped make sure your devices are charged in case of an outage good shout my phone I just on my phone to make sure

Cuz that is the usual suspect my phone depletes so fast cuz it’s so old it’s all good be nicer in the actual Springtime cuz then I can look forward to plants and flowers coming back no agree agree right now it’s just like what’s going on what is the next project so on stream

We’re going to be working on a secret layer where you fall into it via toilet and in terms of uh chill survival like episode wise are our next project is going to be a super smelter and lava Farm because I’ve been going through a lot of coal and it’s it’s become a

Little bit too much you know o you got tea what kind oh hello bye-bye you make it almost identically to the lava Farm except instead of lava on top you make uh you make it the mud block huh really that actually sounds so much easier than I thought I thought it’d be

Like difficulty in terms of like a tree farm would be cuz I know those can be really complicated want to say I really appreciate your cozy long plays right now 38 weeks pregnant and the Cozy long plays calm my anxiety oh gloud I hope everything’s going well for you and I’m

I’m so glad my vids are there to to help with the anxiety and stuff like like that sorry you’re going through it but I hope hope everything’s good and of course I hope the pregnancy is going well as well drift streams help my uh and content help my anxiety and sad stuff

Too a Chloe thank thank you so much for sharing that I appreciate it really really appreciate it I’m so sorry you’re going when you’re going through it as well but as I said before chat makes me so happy that these videos are here for you all if you ever need them for

That what’s everyone’s favorite kind of tea I like sleepy time tea that’s my favorite that or like a spearmint I like minty teas that giant Arch is so cool yeah this area is actually I haven’t seen an area like this in a hot minute I feel

Like I don’t come across them as much as I used to I think these are called like wind swept Hills or something like that these feel kind of like a pre 118 thing they’re just they just don’t see as seem as common anymore and I actually really like this little biome zo zooy

Mama my are good chai peppermint or double bergamont Earl Gray I haven’t had double bergamont Earl Gray that sounds good that sounds good I like an Earl Gray too I literally I need to get back into drinking tea for a while we were in the habit of like having sleepy time tea

Before bed every night kind of fell out of it for some reason I don’t know why just I think I just kind of stopped craving it a bit and then kind of forgot it existed oh stream element so nice of you to pop back

In I don’t like te hides Cloud I I was in that boat I was in that boat too I totally understand it for the longest time I was like it is literally just water hot water with leaves in it who would like that meanwhile I’m drinking

Coffee which is just beans like what the heck but big tiny duck helps me find the teas that I like and it’s mostly like herbal ones took me a long time though to understand it and like actually like it but at the same time maybe you just

Might not ever like it you know it just might not be your thing which is totally fine too I have a lot of friends who don’t like I love coffee more than anything but I have a lot of friends who are they’re like it’s just not my

Thing I get it though I get it we’re in an old growth B Birch Forest I was just kind of like trolling around to see if maybe there was like an archaeology spot I wish they made them a little bit more obvious they’re kind of hard to find I’m

Not going to lie I think like the one that we found in our long-term stream world I’m not going to lie we ended up um I think we had to chunk base it cuz it was just like super inconspicuous the sleepy time bear is so me the hon shoe bear absolutely me

Too the double bergamont is just like an extra strong Earl grade without the astringency that comes with over steeping it oh that sounds good me likey why not stream on Mondays it because you’re moving yeah we had a bunch of stuff come up yesterday

Um so I wasn’t able to make it on time so I figured I’d just push it back a little bit going to try to keep like if the schedule gets kind of messed up I’d rather like do makeup streams throughout the week than just cancel them all together especially cuz like when we

Move like things are just going to be so busy and have to set up internet and stuff so going to try my best to just like keep the streams going I’m a barista that actually doesn’t like coffee I feel like that almost helps you in a way because like

Then you’re like I need coffee 24/7 and you’re like at at the place that sells the coffee you’re like I don’t even have to worry about this constantly shunned by my co-workers recommend doing 50/50 juice with tea like Arnold Palmer but don’t limit yourself to Lemonade that’s smart

Actually I never thought to do that cuz I mean like that’s literally what iced tea is except Americans have different iced tea than us your iced tea is very bitter we have like super sugary iced tea I feel like it’s like fake style I or like what is it called like

Sweet tea or something in the states I remember when I went there on a trip once like a school trip and I ordered an iced tea it was not what I was expecting and I was like oh my gosh what is this I feel like I’d appreciate it more as an adult though

I knew today was Tuesday And yet when I saw the stream I panicked and I was like wait it’s actually Monday honestly fair so fair cuz we’re actually we’ve been like pretty consistent with streams and stuff oh you went to visit every t- room in your state and it’s been lovely I

Feel like that would be super fun when you mean t- room is it like no it’s not like a classic like UK like High tea thing right do you mean like sampling like different types of teas and stuff cuz like the UK tea time thing is a bit different that’s where you get

Like Biscuits and stuff right oh the smell of coffee yeah I wonder if people who don’t like coffee do you like the smell of coffee cuz that stuff is like so good I’ve always loved the smell of coffee when I was like a kid like

Very young I used to like bet my mom to let me drink coffee actually well this is a great story this is a great segue into the most embarrassing story of my life but you can’t say anything because I was only like four or five years old

When I was little chat when I was little I liked the smell of coffee so much that I got a hold of like a coffee bean cuz I wanted to smell it and my parents were probably like ah whatever like what’s the worst that can happen I wanted to

Smell it and I loved the smell of coffee so much that like I I sniffed the Coffee Bean and it got lodged in my nose and literally like it wouldn’t come out the Coffee Bean would not come out of my nose and my parents were like oh

My god what have we done it was literally like jammed up there like they were like they were like trying to get me to blow it out wouldn’t it would not come out it was jammed so they had to take me to the doctor and I remember the

Doctor like took an x-ray my head and like you could see like the Coffee Bean just lodged way up in my nose just stuck there and they were like okay like we’re going to give it some time and if it doesn’t come out like she actually might

Have to go get this surgically removed because it was too big to get it with tweezers and I just had to live with this coffee bean in my nose I don’t remember how long I’m too young to remember the details of it but one day I

I remember this I was just like vibing I don’t know just hanging out at home and I sneezed really violently and the coffee came out yeah I was a gross kid I just really loved the smell of coffee though like I was I was like a coffee Enthusiast at like age five

What’s wrong with me it was just so I couldn’t believe that it was just lodged up there too I just had to live with it for a couple days like that was the solution also it was the ’90s so like who knows how they would have handled it

Today oh my God a bead yeah I feel like beads were common as well so common that’s just like such a kid thing to happen like always like putting something up your nose you’re little you used to like the smell when you’re little now you don’t like the

Taste or smell you only drink it with milk 70% milk and 30% coffee no I get that I get that it’s not for everybody it’s it can be like very acidic you know and if you’re not into that like totally get it as a toddler I got a raisin stuck in

My nose oh my gosh did how did they get it out did they had to tweeze it out or did did you have to just live with it like me until you sneezed it out oh my gosh Jody Jody I used to what’s wrong with us as

Children I used to do the same thing I used to do the same thing with I’m crying I used to do the same thing my parents would like if they saw me going for the glass they they would literally have to run they’d have to run an inter intercept me they were like

No they couldn’t have it on like tables near me a quarter siiz chunk of foam ball Urgent Care had to get that one oh my gosh I bet as a parent like that is actually terrifying so terrifying like as a kid you’re just like what it’s not a big

Deal and as like as a parent you’re like oh my gosh what is going to happen Okay I’m glad I’m not the only ones we got some M&M’s we got some foam balls we got some a rock a rock sounds painful you have to go to the ER and

They manag to get it out I imagine like that must be like a common Occurrence at like an ER is like kids just like randomly putting weird items in their noses yeah we’re unpacking a lot this stream all right let’s collect a bunch of this terracotta got to get some orange some

Regular we’ve made it chat we finally made it we had so many travel stories along the way coffee isn’t safe in my home my 2-year-old will do anything to take a sip oh my gosh hard relate hard relate just don’t leave any coffee beans around them

Okay don’t want them to end up like me I don’t know what it is I think it’s because it’s like the smell of it is so good and then as a kid you’re like this must taste good but then it doesn’t I’m the oldest of nine kids I’ve seen a

Lot but not being able to get the foam piece out I was up the whole night waiting for Urgent Care to open oh I bet the stress for that would be unreal unreal I’m glad they got it out though I had a piece of chicken stuck in

My throat when I was in college and throwing throwing up every 2 minutes oh my gosh they had to go under to get it out that is a okay that’s like a actual fear of mine still cuz like eating chicken sometimes you can get one of those like sneaky

Bones in there that you don’t like realize are there and then before you know it you swallowed it by accident Sky you swallowed quarters oh no how like do you was something like that do you just have to wait for it to pass or is that like more surgically

Intensive oh my gosh apathy yes the classic like graphite Mark I remember kids having that you can do some serious damage at work we sell both chocolate covered coffee beans and then the almonds and have to warm parents what kid grabbed the wrong one oh my gosh

Yeah no totally that’d be like that wouldn’t even be a caffeine kick that would be a caffeine jolt honestly even dark chocolate affects me sometimes I remember I tried it’s like are they called like the Brookside chocolates they’re dark chocolate and then berries like dried berries and I swear like

Those things like give me the Jitters cuz like I think dark dark chocolate has like a little bit of caffeine in it and I would just like eat a bunch of those and not feel great Moon oh my gosh legendary I could not I simply could not Brookside chocolates yeah they’re super

Good but like if you eat too many of them that like caffeine kick will kind of mess you up your wife used to work for the distributor oh my gosh I bet that was like that was dangerous reminds you of the terrible TV show that used to be here in the UK and

For some reason makes you think of Grange Hill I have wait which which TV show is it like called Brookside in Canada in the US it’s a delicious chocolate don’t eat too much though high caffeine content while we’re here actually I’m going to start collecting some

Cactus cuz I don’t have a farm yet I mean I could easily set one up but I need a little bit More oh gosh Over from wax but he just died in his hardcore world what no what hold on hold what also we’ll catch you later uh kite thank you so much for hanging out is he on Twitch right now no did he log off or is he on YouTube right

Now cuz his last stream was yesterday on Twitch no chat please do not tell me this is real you got it second hand from megie oh it wasn’t even live or was he was he at least streaming in on Discord what no it was on Twitch apparently what the

Heck what happened I can’t see the oh no rip dude rip no videos his last one was yesterday unless maybe it’s like hidden or something which I don’t know why it would be he just raided Magie and broke the news I wonder if he it’s like hit for

Like video or content purposes cuz I can’t see it or maybe it hasn’t shown up yet no rip big rip um chat can we just get a moment of silence please for wax Fraud’s hardcore world i’ I’ve got to be honest that is one of my favorite

Hardcore worlds I’ve ever seen like that world has so much life to it it is so beautiful he’s worked so so hard on it that thing has been around for like I don’t even know well since the cuz I think when he started the it was

Mangrove right like 119 and then he died and then restarted and then this was his other one wow that’s like that’s so upsetting I know whatever he does next is going to be incredible because it’s wax you know what I mean like in a way like it’s just

Like well I’m excited to see what he does next but like I’m also like very devastated cuz I really love that world he puts so much life into all of them and like I don’t know that one’s so special such a bummer it is one of those

Things though where it’s like yeah it’s hardcore right so at the end of the day it it could happen at any time and it’s always the most random thing that gets people in hardcore because it’s like I feel like it’s just one of those things where you almost like let your

Guard down in a way it’s in the moments where you’re just like kind of vibing a year and a half he did so much in a year and a half he’s just like so wildly talented 07s in chat for waxy big 07s in chat so so

Sad I hope uh I hope I mean I know what he’s going to do is he’s just going to take this as a new beginning and just make something just absolutely stunning with whatever he does next but I mean I’m sure it’s rough you know well that world is one of the most

Beautiful things I’ve seen in Minecraft me too it’s so his style is so so unique too where it’s like I just haven’t really like he just has such a specific style and a way of going about building where he does like very like structured and like calculated builds but then he

Adds so many like Organics to it so it’s like everything’s like super geometrical and then also like so organically beautiful and it’s like such a fascinating combination you know the way I would just sit there and cry oh same same I would absolutely just like be

Like all right I’m just going to take a day or two or maybe three ma new world have plentiful resources exactly exactly he’s off to the gym and doing a night stream I should probably catch that tonight then honestly I feel that though go to

The gym work out for a bit clear your head and then you’re you’re good to go I wonder if he’s going to restart on on the night stream the one that was over 9k day 900k is it 9k yeah it be 9k not 900k you know

It’s wild yeah I was just looking at his channel the other day and I saw that he’d had like 9,000 days I was like oh dang he’s so close to 10,000 like that’s wild I don’t think I could play Minecraft for months after um after something like that see I feel like it

Would just be like yeah I don’t know I feel as though I would have to like literally just take a a quick little step back cuz that’s the thing like with hardcore like you know what you’re getting in through into but like when you have a world for that long and then

Something happens it’s just like I don’t know it’s just like I think you grow super you you’re obviously going to grow attached to it right even though you know you signed up for hardcore it doesn’t mean it’s not going to be easy just because you know what you signed up

For especially when you have something for that long yeah I’m going to have to check out his vods or something after see when that happened apparently it was a Magma Cube Chloe on the bright side’s good opportunity for people to get to watch one of his world from scratch that’s

True cuz I’m sure like so many people have like popped in throughout the series so kind of seeing Like A New Beginning would be uh would be nice for some uh some viewers as well all right got to look at things on the bright side as well even though like and

At the end of the day it’s like look at what he’s accomplished too just freaking Masterpiece honestly even in a normal survival world to have to take a break from a rough death death oh I get that even like especially if you don’t fully recover everything that you’ve lost it’s

Brutal I think I would love to try hardcore one day but I really have to think about like what I’d want to do I play with keep inventory on um no way I could do a hardcore world yeah it’s definitely not for everybody honestly I love that they have like keep

Inventory on and stuff it’s just such a good feature like I don’t know I still like really believe that Minecraft should be played how you want to play it and just the fact that they have have those options it kind of sucks though that like they put that under cheats

Though so then it kind of like that word kind of sets the pretend where it’s like well it’s a cheat but like it’s not it’s a play style it’s like the same thing with having um like your game on Peaceful you know like I all of my long

Plays used to be peaceful just because it was like if it’s no commentary then like I find that I don’t know I just found that like the zombies and stuff were a little bit distracting now that I’m doing commentary long plays though I like having Survival on but before it was

Like I don’t know and I actually ended up really vibing with peaceful my only gripe was that you I wish I could like I had to like control my saturation level like eating and stuff that was my one gripe with peaceful cuz I like cuz I was like what

Am I breeding cows for and stuff like that cuz I don’t I don’t have to eat them Joseph and Mom here watching from the UK we loved your Cherrywood build oh thank you so much thank you so so much I really appreciate it and welcome on in I

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day and thank you for popping in I need to build with Cherrywood a little bit more I really do I appreciate the nice comments though your full netherite set despawned and I was crushed it only took me a

Month to get uh it took me a month to get back uh another new set okay that would crush me as well netherite is not easy to get not easy to get big rip he lost his bet for finishing Rainbow Mountain wait what was the bet I’m like chatting with you guys so

I’m going to take a boat so I don’t fall off cliffs if that makes sense there we Go next idea for Long play so right now I’m working on the no or sorry the with commentary Island Long play and I do have two videos scheduled set to go they’re related to um enchanting so those are the next two and then after that I have a little bit of a

Bigger build plan for that Island as well I’d like to ideally just like build up that as much as I can even like getting some docks and stuff with like builds around the docks I I I intend to like well this is a wild area what the

Heck I’m surrounded by mountains um I definitely intend to get that keep that Series going for a while cuz I really like it I love that Island it’s super fun I lost my first diamond set of armor and tools due to a desert pyramid oh no did you walk into the

TNT those are the worst and then there’s always creepers in there too always he’s making a new world oh my gosh I need to watch the birth of the new world honestly if he didn’t fish he would have to um oh do like gifted subs and stuff I see I see

The idea of cheating in Minecraft is so funny to me like by whose standards the entire point of Minecraft is you can play however you want unless you’re in some sort of competition no exactly exactly like I get it if you’re like um kind of like selling a series as like

You’re like I am doing everything in hardcore mode and everything’s legit like if you’re like absolutely stating that like everything’s legit and if I die I die and then like somebody guess like cheats their way back out of a backup or something if they die like I can see

That if you’re like setting parameters and not living up to that promise but for the most part like you said like Minecraft is an open concept game so yeah it’s just like there’s not really such thing as cheating in a game like this unless you’re setting those parameters

Right my very first temple my La triggered the TNT aise man I can’t get behind aise I’m sorry I’m sorry chat I can’t get behind them they cause too much destruction I could never do hardcore losing a world I’d spent all my time on would crush me

No I totally get it I totally get it that’s the thing it’s like Azie like you say that and it’s like I feel like you would actually be fully capable of doing a hardcore world like you would have no issue of it but like it is that thing where it’s like well eventually

Like most hardcore deaths they are like they’re a result of just like becoming very complacent because things like are just going so smoothly that like it’ll catch you off guard it’s almost inevitable in some way right you’re going to slip up at some point and like

I get that if like that’s like the reason you lose a world it would just be crushing we already went over what those dang LA’s what did to my cat I know what the heck Chloe I felt so bad for you so bad I am having a lovely time just like

Traveling around this world I don’t I said this before but I haven’t really explored lately cuz I really haven’t had to outside of the base pretty much have like most of what I need so it’s nice to kind of like I don’t know just just see like what’s around and stuff having a

Great time today with Y all boat chat yeah good old boat chat definitely going the right way home I think time to go pick up my little cousin from school stay safe and have a good rest of your day oh thank you so much I hope you have a great rest

Of your day as well and I hope it all goes well time is flying by chat oh my gosh a squid a squid let’s go this way how on Earth do you keep track of where you are okay so I mean I don’t want to it like watch me get lost after

I say this but in general I weirdly have a decent sense of direction I mean like honestly if you get lost a lot I really recommend uh Zero’s world map and mini map cuz you can make like um way points and stuff on a map very handy I have

Gotten lost before but for the most part like I kind of know the general direction of where things are in this world after I travel them like once or twice and I kind of just clocked that I went like all the way up in a straight

Line and kind of around and now I just have to go back but I do get that I used to get lost a lot more in my um other Minecraft worlds like when I before I started making content I think because I would just like abandon them really

Quickly and then I wouldn’t know the terrain I used to I used to set up a base and then like literally not be able to find it after but I think it’s cuz I’ve been in this world for a little bit longer so I kind of understand like what biomes I need to

Like hit and stuff Sky darkened around me the air grows cold chip bag rustles looking forward to a time where I can have my shaders my computer’s too old oh I get that I get that I remember I um used to play on my old laptop and

The shaders were like it looked scary chat it was not worth it and when I finally upgraded my PC it was ni Roo and fora to get your uh your upgrade definitely Roo and for you you build landmarks uh with your coordinates and you still get lost

That’s a really good idea too yeah keeping track of coordinates helps a lot especially your main base like if you’re um looking at your coordinates to get home as long as you know where they are you can you can find your way through that too I think landmarks is a really cool

Idea though I like that I think we’re like way like so much closer to home than I think cuz we’re at this Plains now which is so weird it feels like it took forever to get to that Mesa I think I took a long way around but I feel like

Getting home has been so much quicker oh oh my gosh I almost fell it would have been water not a big deal I turn shaders on my laptop and it sounds like a Saturn 5 rocket that’s a my laptop it would get really hot too oh my gosh I’m crying all right I

Think this is our base flower Forest let’s go there’s so much like cool spots around here that we could build stuff too good old flower Forest yep I see my little build that was scary do a tutorial series on landmark building at some point can’t stream cuz

Rig’s too old but you could record content ooh that would be really cool that would be helpful for a lot of people too eh all right we’re home home look at that home sweet home we need to do like a lighthouse here or something you know so many builds so little

Time all right let’s get our stuff put away home sweet home I’m going to start burning up some of this Cactus though uh let’s get a little bit of this put away and then sand Cactus so much copper that was from when I was building all of those like oh Big

Thunder Big Thunder that was when I was building uh all the like the iron farm farm and stuff honestly this will come in handy for later oh I’ve got so much now nice love to see it my cooling ring is I put an ice pack from the freezer under my laptop oh my

Gosh what level do you strip mine diamonds at mine’s at um 58 and I don’t know if that’s the best level yeah I think I go I go to like the block above bedrock and honestly I find that um I find that diamond distribution’s like a little bit

Wonky like I feel like you get kind of like less diamonds lately I think they’re changing that though for like 121 they’re going to distribute more diamonds especially cuz they’re more useful now like you need them for templates and stuff so O can you make a stone statue in one of your worlds oh yeah I should try that in the uh survival world like our long-term one I would absolutely love to I’m not good at doing like organic statues I would love to learn though especially for like little details like fountains and

Stuff is this Pizza Hut am I doing the Pizza Hut Colors oh no am I making an underground Pizza Hut by accident I increased my render distance when exploring to try and find a Cherry Grove and my laptop was going through it but it held on felt found the biome okay

That happened to me too I think I was like trying to take a screenshot or something so I did a really high render distance and then I went to play in the world and my computer was like it ended up figuring itself out but I was panicking in that moment for Sure I feel like I find so many diamonds just finding a big open cave in deep slate somewhere agree big agree I find that like I have more luck just like crawling through a cave and finding diamonds that way honestly oh yeah the BTD statue we really need to we must right chat

Will be building your now post birthday villager to Lava interface device next stream you know what jod yes that thing was awesome next Friday while we work on the uh the Wing Stop we’ll do that as well go to chunk base and look for fossils that specifically say diamond

Fossil it’s not going to give you the Y level so you kind of have to trust and dig straight down wait is it a fossil just made of diamonds I remember somebody told me that fossils existed in this game and I was like nah no way but they do I had no

Idea that’s wild 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 let’s go Here Yeah we have a queue of statues to do first up BTD God she’s going to be so happy having her immortalized in my world like that don’t don’t give her that chat don’t give her that is diamonds mixed with bone blocks what I need to find one okay you know

What we should do next stream on like this one or actually no Let’s do let’s do maybe on Twitch probably be a better twitch stream um we should try to find one of those fossils in the survival world in the Stream world that would be super

Fun I’ve never come across one before I mean I’ve heard they’re rare but still Azie I think uh stream elements tapped out again I think it’s gone it tried it tried and then like swiftly gave up uh let’s Go o what if I did no hold on a second my deep slate I don’t know what I did with my deep slate oh there it is it’s back running out ideas for my builds in long-term survival world so far I have a village a mansion a farmhouse and some

Animal barns any idea for what else I could build if you’re into Farms I recommend like you could like kind of focus on expanding your Farmland so you’ve got like a space for um like animal barns right but then you could add other like kind of adjacent Farm stuff like a sugar cane

Farm honestly even if it was like not red sted you could still have it manual like I’ve seen wax he has one that’s like outdoor and it has like strips of sugar cane this is this one’s mine and it’s like a little bit smaller but it

Does the job for like what I need like I’ll never use any more sugar cane than this it took a while to build up but that’s plenty enough for me so you could add like adjacent like types of barns you could do like a logging facility um and then if you’re doing

Something like a little bit more industrial you could do like an iron farm green houses are nice rip stream elements I know it’s just like so on and off here I don’t know why o a lighthouse or a windmill would be nice too I love making windmills now I

Used to be very like intimidated by making them but now that I’ve kind of learned how to make like different styles of like blades and stuff like that they’re really fun said you were going to get tea but I’ve been laying in bed oh my God me me o a watchtower is Good swamps have the highest concentration of fossils interesting I’m going to have to look into this for our next stream then cuz I would like to dig one up see what it’s all about you Know all right let’s get some stuff in here let’s go polish deep slate let’s make our little layer fancy JJ welcome on in how you doing yeah I think scattering like Towers all throughout your base is always a good bet as well oops all right let’s make like an like a

Fancy little floor or something you know what do we got here let’s see this is very satisfying actually oh look at Ah that’s a lot that’s a lot that’s a lot of you know what I might be able to salvage this though hold on I wanted it to be

Really goofy looking but that’s like almost like too goofy I’m kind of thinking if we do like a trim just above that like wallpaper it actually might work it might work chat if not I’m going to have to get rid of one of the floors the floors or the walls we’ll

See what the heck oh there we go you have a fossil suspended in midair by natural generation I can share in the Discord oo I would love to see that that’s wild oops I like it with a border much better I still don’t know if that’s the answer

For the flooring might be a little bit much yeah it’s kind of busy right even if we separate them it’s just like too much like this is definitely giv Pizza Hut Vibes you know and I don’t think I want this to be like a Pizza

Hut I can just do a different type of flooring honestly like even like um Mangrove would be nice dark oak favorite thing to do in Minecraft is collect all of the things and animals and blocks you know what I used to like not really be like super big on doing

That like I never set out for it but ever since we’ve done the cat one I had such a fun time and now I’m like this is great this is a good time like I get it I understand the achievement hunting now you know I didn’t fully understand it

Before and then I I kind of got into it recently and I was like oh I can’t get behind this green terracotta is your favorite me too I love the green one yeah we could do like a larger square or something on the floor instead or maybe we could just like make

It honestly just like classic Spruce flooring it’s giving evil Pizza Hut no exactly and I just don’t think like that’s the vibe that I want although that’s like hilarious I’m like do we really want to be giving evil Pizza Hut Vibes I just don’t know chat I just don’t know

Know it’s just I just don’t know see this is just too boring that looks that looks cheap maybe just dark oak you know keep it super classy your curtain saves all about achievement hunting I have like I I get it now I get it okay here here it is this is the

Vibe simple understated but in a good way now this is like fancy piz Pizza Hut you know fancy Pizza Hut it’s giving Freddy Krueger it’s giving Freddy Krueger wow you’re so right and you know what it literally is oh my God I’m never going to unsee

That I’m never going to unsee that I’m just going to call this Freddy’s place holy well I can’t unsee that now I’m going to cry it literally looks like I’m broken I’m broken rip wow under different circumstances if this was like around like Christmas time I’d be like it’s giving Santa’s Workshop

But now it’s it’s just giving Freddy kruer oh my God this is hilarious we’re leaving it we we’re leaving it I don’t want to change it I don’t want to change it for a thing now yeah you literally broke me that’s great Freddy’s there oh my oh I still have some more

Dark oak Perfect Can’t unsee it I can’t unsee it now God oh God John welcome on in how you doing that may have been the best observation I’ve ever heard that’s incredible oh my gosh absolutely incredible well yeah Freddy’s Pizza Hut let’s go Freddy’s Hut you know what once we have

Decoration in it’ll look less like Freddy Krueger and a little bit more like cozy Minecraft I miss the days when you could do custom biome sizes in World Generation did they take that away I remember like there’s large biomes right I think I did I tried out large biomes recently did they get

Rid of like being able to do small biomes and stuff too Frederick Krueger why you why you giving Freddy his full legal full legal they did take away small biomes boo boo I wonder why they did that I wonder what the reason was maybe like it somehow got

Broken over time with some of the updates they were doing just wasn’t like generating properly or something Frederick Freddy spot I need some more dark oak chat especially for the walls oh there we go perfect heck yeah there we go let’s pop in a couple blocks here couple blocks

There and I have to do a full block here boom Oh I don’t like that I don’t like how on this side it’s going vertically but then on this side it goes horizontally what’s up with that huh what the what if I did this what I don’t understand the logic

In this what’s going on can I not do that oh no well I can round that off with something else I suppose H oh yeah we could just pillar this off you’re right we could probably just like do a pillar on this wall or something something like

That yep just adding a little bit of lighting to this area no sweat no sweat it’s how my orientation is oh can it be changed I’m so confused huh wait how does this look as a block as a unit I’m trying to figure out put a block between and then place

The block against that one in between oh like wait if I do it like this come on no what if I do it like this no how does one do this properly I am so confused maybe I have to do it off to the side like that what okay now I’m getting real

Confused with the full blocks it’s always going to be wonky a man maybe I’ll just take the L and do this you know dang you know what I bet you any money there’s a vanilla tweaks for that you know there’s got to be I feel like House of

Krueger needs a window you know so I’m going to have to like put a window here at some point actually to be honest this is going to have to come out more anyway oh my gosh this is so funny so funny what a hilarious thing that I’ve done

The house of Krueger all right well I guess with the house of Krueger kind of half done that’s probably a good place to uh leave the stream today we’ve been live almost 3 hours so I think that’s a good point to stop it next week we’re going to continue working on this little

Bathroom situation that we’ve got it’s basically chat if you haven’t um seen this yet we made an out house that goes into a secret layer and the secret layer belongs to Freddy Krueger um so that’s that’s the story of this area the crew crew yeah exactly it’s

It’s a clubhouse you know it’s very very uh particular who they allow here so what was that noise oh my God no sir you’re not allowed in here House of Krueger you don’t have a membership if there’s no membership you’re not allowed you’re not allowed here I didn’t see your access card so

Sorry sorry dude had to happen all right the Panic poop Hut yeah this is this was originally supposed to be a Panic Room for what I don’t know but now now it’s a Freddy Krueger fanatic’s house if you’re a fan of Freddy Krueger you come on

In all right chat so thank you all so much for hanging out with me today thank you so much all for the memberships uh for all of the super chats and just for hanging out I had so so much fun with you all today so um I’m going to be

Getting a video for you all tomorrow so definitely look forward to that and um with that I think on Friday we’re going to be streaming on Twitch and if you don’t if you’re not able to make it to the twitch streams I will just be back here on Monday the schedules might be

Like a little bit messed up I’m still going to try to get my uh my streams done every week but as of right now it’s looking like we’re good to go for Monday so once again thank you so much everybody for hanging out with me today

I had such a blast with you all and I will catch you all later goodbye

This video, titled ‘Working on the Saw Mill and Decorating Our Base – Minecraft Chill Survival Let’s Play’, was uploaded by InfiniteDrift on 2024-02-28 08:22:37.
It has garnered 4298 views and 191 likes. The duration of the video is 02:36:55 or 9415 seconds.

Today in our cozy 1.20 survival world we are going to hang out while we continue building a logging facility. Thank you all so much for watching the stream and I hope you enjoy!

Find me here!

Minecraft version 1.20
Shaders: Complementary Shaders
Resource Pack: Jerm’s Better Leaves Add-On

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1. Be respectful
2. Do not share any personal information such as age or location. Use internet safety.
3. Please refrain from heavy or sensitive topics
4. This chat is English only for safety and moderation
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  • Raw Charms – Vanilla Public SMP 1.20.4 – Active Community – No Limits – 30 Slots

    Server Information: Server IP: mc.twotimesacharm.com:25566 About TTAC: TTAC is a vanilla server with a friendly community and active players. We promote cooperation and reward players for bringing friends. Join us on our growing server! Server Features: Friendly Staff World Backups 24/7 Support No Lag Dedicated Server Discord Server Rules: Permanent Ban: No Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, Racism, Lag Machines, Threats, X-Ray, Bullying, Inappropriate Chat Allowed: PVP, Teaming, Farming, Griefing, Mob Farming, Redstone Machines, Building, Chunk Loading, Stealing, Raiding Additional Information: Spawn Protection: 100 Blocks Worlds Backed up Daily Read More

  • F

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20.4 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20.4 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More

  • &lAetherMC

    &lAetherMCWe are a custom survival server with a lot of custom plugins, u can fight custom bosses with our custom gear. Level up your skills to become the strongest on this server. I dare you ~owner Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – They’re as useless as a dirt block

    Minecraft Memes - They're as useless as a dirt block“They’re as useless as a shovel made out of diamond… wait, never mind, that’s actually pretty useful in Minecraft.” Read More

  • “Starting my day in Minecraft like a spicy hot potato” #meme

    "Starting my day in Minecraft like a spicy hot potato" #meme When you start your morning in Minecraft and realize you’ve been up all night mining for diamonds instead of getting a good night’s sleep. Who needs rest when you have virtual riches, right? #priorities #minecraftlife Read More

  • Outsmarting Death Ball in ROBLOX

    Outsmarting Death Ball in ROBLOX Minecraft: A World of Creativity and Adventure Exploring the vast world of Minecraft is an adventure like no other. With endless possibilities and opportunities for creativity, players are immersed in a virtual realm where they can build, explore, and survive. Building Blocks of Minecraft In Minecraft, players are given the freedom to create their own worlds using various building blocks. From simple houses to intricate castles, the only limit is your imagination. With a wide range of materials to choose from, including wood, stone, and even lava, players can design unique structures that reflect their creativity. Surviving the Night… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Build Tricks!

    Insane Minecraft Build Tricks! My First Impressions on Minecraft Crazy Build Hack… #68 OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube and came across this Minecraft video titled “Minecraft Crazy Build Hack… #68” and let me tell you, it was LIT! 🔥🎮 Description: 🌟 Ready to take your Minecraft builds to the next level? 🏰 Whether you’re a seasoned architect or a beginner looking to enhance your structures, this video is packed with game-changing build hacks that will blow your mind! 💡🔨 In this in-depth tutorial, we’ll guide you through a variety of innovative building techniques, secret tricks, and creative strategies to make your… Read More