Ultimate Zombie Craft Basement Battle in Minecraft

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Found new locked basements in Minecraft subscribe to the channel if you want to save tvom baby I’m watching you hey guys I’m Sam back with you today let’s take a look at the new closed basements see here we have these characters police minion SpongeBob Mr Beast purple rainbow

Friend and fire well let’s get started I say we go from the very first basement and look at each of these characters let’s go purple basement oh look I think I’m stuck up there no hey no hey I’m here hey zombie I’m not going in there yeah I know they’ve got me surrounded

There’s mom long legs and other monsters now we’re going to beat them all listen zero there’s a farmer stuck up there who needs to be rescued how did the monsters get him in the monsters have thrown fur upstairs will save you okay let’s go try to deal with all these monsters first

And save our friend Frasier but those cruel guns of course I have the same ones as you awesome then we can definitely handle him by the way let’s grab a burger I’m really hungry now wait you can’t get a bite with burkers what’s wrong with them they need to trade the

Trampoline at the girl’s place because we as a Farah save what’s a girl seeing a girl there she is look in the tree over there Adam and the tree girl lives in guys okay all right well I was just going to bite let’s just take all the

Burgers and give them to this girl wouldn’t she say trampolines yeah we’ve got to do something to save it oh yeah so I got some burgers come on let’s get in and there’s no scares here how to get to her on the other one well I found

Staircase zero let’s go okay all right let’s get out here and now jump over to her hello girl I’d like to trade you for this juicy burger let’s trade oh and she gives me trampolines great you know hold the burgers and eat up well let’s go with the trampolines we should probably

Put them here right well yeah sure it’s specifically for the firefighter I’m going to try you know like jumping from tree to tree how did you get up there in that tree I want one too okay now I’m jumping you can do it you can do it you

Can do it oh look I didn’t make it you should have jumped all right I’ll get out of this one shall I oh I see fire hey all right guys we saved you that’s it he’s already thinking probably going into the portal okay rollers I’ll

Probably go too I still have a lot of interesting challenges to watch aak bye come on guys I’m moving on oh where are we look Hearts everywhere is it just me or is there uh guys how tasty are the Flies it’s a purple rainbow friend I think he’s asleep he’s dreaming about

Something all right let’s go over there gently see what’s going on oh he’s defending very well here look how many saws there are but that I can collect Hearts they’ll protect me look he’s yawning he’s sleeping we have to be careful we’re hiding carefully okay that slab over there will probably help me

Because I couldn’t go through on the left there would be a drog but I guess that gold plate right there will save me okay Let’s uh go around gently press the stove and what do we have please oh what’s up uhoh guys there’s guys open we’re getting away who the hell are you

What are you doing here you’re doing I think we woke up the violets quick hide he’s coming for me all right the passageway is open let’s hurry up and get out of here ouch the purple one will leave me alone come here he opened his

Mouth he wants to eat me it’s faster so what’s in here oh a l yep and an electric Cannon purple and ready to fight me come here I’ll eat this I’ll shoot you with a cannon you’re not Not Afraid are you no no no no no ate the

Whole Burger guys okay but a gun like this here you go it hurts yes all right we beat the boys in purple and we won big time oh great what do we have here there’s some kind of secret garage what’s in there it’s a millionaire look how cool this giant diamond is hello

Come on you’re free now you can run faster home I’m going to move on he had the guys cover the place with vines so I couldn’t find the Portal but we ran on oh guys what did you shoot me with oh hey that’s great oh Mr baa hi why are

Your eyes r why do you want to take my test too I’m not taking any tests you’re not Mr B are you but a new challenge jump jump jump jump I’m not jumping anywhere you’re challeng I said jump you uh you’re the monster not Mr Bist you’re

Lying to me aren’t you jump I said Why That’s it it’s a new challenge trials uh so Glide the lava like a challenge or something I’m not nursing here guys he kidnaps some other girls look standing up there man how do I save them he has

Magical snowmen here okay I have an idea we’re going to go upstairs first these are the a snowman what are you doing ah I got a snowball thrown at me I’m a very slow Walker he froze me out guys it’s so unfair okay we got to do something to

Stop them I have an electric Canon but it doesn’t do much for them okay better snowman Mr B I’m going to weaken you now got it I’m relxing you’re relaxing me you want to take another test I’m not taking any tests we have to we have to

I’m going to go beat up all your snowmen oh I said it stand over here yeah you’re going to lock me up I’m not getting out of here you’re not getting out of here this is a cool new challenge um how am I supposed to get out of here you fool the

Guys you trapped what am I supposed to do now my pickaxe won’t break this iron great let it out come on this is a new challenge for me hauh it’s funny yeah I can’t even get out of here oh hey and come off hold some kind of top hey I’m

In the total dark guys what the hell is that guys I can’t see anything I’m really blind I think I’m out you see a mushroom and I can’t see anything further Mr best let me out of here no get out oh what’s going on in there guys

I’m dizzy okay well the blindness will go away soon enough but how do we get out of here oh it’s open at the top all I need are blocks so where do we get them let’s see if we can dig up this block oh that’s great and I’m still

Short on blocks of wool I can dig up oh that’s great I can’t reach it that’s not fair okay I can’t get this one either hey heard me okay great I found it in the blocks now let’s try to get out of here this way this way okay we have to

Defeat these magical snowmen they’d probably give him strength here he go whoops Guys these snowmen are unusual they’re slowing me down quite a bit come on Snowman and all the guys I destroyed his magical snowmen did you get it hey where am I I just did a commercial of

One Island for $1 versus $1 million what do I have to be offended about okay bye wait wait Mr Beast he’s gone but look at least we cheered him it’s not Mr bz anymore he’s normal now a now I have to save these girls how do you get them out

Okay all right listen I found some kind of trunk what’s in it old ladders it might help us this place is empty all right let’s try this at least for now all right a couple G here and a couple G there now let’s get a rock and save

These girls oh that’s great we’ll put one here and we’ll take the other one out and put it here all right guys I’m going to save Mr biz’s wife and go shoot a video and we’re going to move on how do I get across I need a ladder now

Let’s take this ladder and here’s where the portal opened with you see let’s go to him SpongeBob where are you SpongeBob one of those Fireballs hello hello hello oh great Spanky py one of those Fireballs flying around I’m Patrick thank you you’re not Patrick you’re

SpongeBob come on I can see that no I’m gry I think he’s losing his mind you’re fine recipe recipe recipe where’s my recipe har wait wait I thought I heard it you lost your prescription burger what what a recipe I’m SpongeBob’s a little crazy guys no I want the recipe

Oh what kind of witch is that I want the recipe guys sleeping beans are a little bad okay hope you put likes and he’s cured all right let’s try to take these guys down first look you tell me what to do why am I here I’m Patrick recipe

Recipe where’s my recipe I’m P maybe he was Bewitched by those wites yeah he’s useless now okay well let’s try it now ouch I got hit with another Fireball well you rich take that I’m Gary guys he’s thinking with his snail he actually had his memory stolen from him by these

Riches got to beat them all to get his memory back in his head he thinks he’s a snail that there’s something wrong with you oh it’s closed protein hello everyone squirrel okay I found the guys I think the last ones cutting nuts I want to cut nuts the only thing left to

Do is to defeat the last ones and then the memory will probably go back to sleep we get it get it witches and you too there’s some kind of Fire magic going on here so what’s the magic of the valley SpongeBob what basa what’s wrong hi I thought you’d lost your mind you’ve

Forgotten everything you thought you would Gary what am I a SpongeBob what kind of Gary am I well it’s just that you’ve been running around bumping into walls I’m a bendy no I couldn’t do that I’m SpongeBob I know that that’s all I Remember by the way the recipe is yours

Take it the recipe by the way I was just looking for it what happened anyway what squirrel SD what a gar well it’s all behind us now you remembered everything that’s good all the monsters we destroyed it’s the witches they just put a spell on you you’re a weirdo Lana I’m

The weird one guys it’s called weirdy all right okay as long as he’s okay let’s go to the portal oh look how many Bandits there are Ming and policeman hello oh my God it’s those Bandits again I’m going to take care of everyone in a

Hurry let me help you I got guns I make videos let’s go you got a permit to carry a gun at all huh permission no I’m a YouTuber I have monsters to fight kind of you YouTuber gun you need a permit in our state what is it oh and you can give

Me a piece of Pap give me all the guns threaten a cop with your guns all right all right here’s all the guns take them yeah I don’t need them oh yeah you picked it up I didn’t see and I don’t have anything picked up I have a bow and

Arrow I’m AR I’m just a sport I’ll help you beat those Bandits hopefully sport these things they’re here what gangsters I can handle it I’m a cop what are you looking at and I can win too all right easy easy easy easy he gathered more Chi

You better get rid of these spikes man they’re bothering I’ll clean it up now but it requires a special wrench tool guys I don’t even have any guns left hopefully there won’t be any more monsters because I have to fight them so I broke one saw we’ll break some more

And mat’s out of order too oh she went there now I’m going to break it down for you and you’re going to confiscate it all it’s all these thugs isn’t it of course man those Bandits were making traps around here but that’s okay I caught them all okay I broke all the

Saws I think there’s one last one left I don’t know the password the bandits tried to hack into the password by the way 1 2 3 wow that’s a lot of stolen gold awesome don’t touch it all right all right all right I realize yeah I’m not a criminal all right everybody come

On goodbye or I’ll put you in jail for a couple years for carrying a gun and here’s the tool you want a couple of years I went to jail don’t I’m fine all right all right go on come on I didn’t see anything you didn’t see anything goodbye goodbye policeman I’m certainly

Sorry to be without guns all right I’ve got a cool sword and a bow and we’re going to move on Wow look guys the Menin have gotten kind of red and you’re not evil huh oh hey no I’m not an angry lunatic and Bam Bam you’re still some

Kind of half red they’re all tomatoes so what Who you calling Tomatoes you yeah you for being so kind have you changed what’s with the tomatoes you hear all right I’m sorry I didn’t mean to what’s gotten into you what’s wrong okay okay we’re good right it’s oh and there’s

Another one look up there this is my friend his name is seroga what’s he doing up there I don’t know what he’s doing there let’s try and rescue it from there like this let’s jump in look I’m a pro forehead see also now I’m oh I

Jumped why don’t you come with me show me a Master Class okay I’m going to have to show you let me show you oops whoops well you’re a new B I’d sooner Watch Who’s faster what are you some kind of super professional or something sure

That’s it I’m here what how did you do that check this out I’ll be doing a couple jumps right now too okay I’m here C I was the last one to fall and you got it out of there got it here what’s that who’s that weirdo attacking me who are

These people some kind of divers oh my God what are you even saying that for get out of here you’re in a mood good evil what’s wrong with you huh the point of what happened to me I’m fine are you look we have a reed hanging in the air

It’s hanging right there even in a Savage tree look I think guys I think these minions were infected by these underwater divers they should all be defeated now and then they will hopefully become normal guys I think I figured out why they’re getting so angry it’s all these divers that are infecting

It ouch who attacked me what are you doing it makes me Ang I hate myself I love it so much weird weird minions need to be rescued faster let’s beat all these divers a minion hey you want me to help you help me beat these monsters

Right here so you told me you’d help me not me helping you well I’ll help you how can you help me if I’m a monster to destroy well you’ll find out later but I can probably handle watching them now we’re going to surprise you now wow surprise surprises I love surprises you

Like a surprise you like surprises don’t you yeah I love surprises what’s that a new iPhone about Max okay that’s it I hope it worked I feel better what was it what happened you’ve been infected by these underwater divers they’re the ones who brought in all sorts of contaminants

From the reservoirs and turned you into red angry embittered minions K kind what are you talking about well I’ve already cured you I defeated them all and now you’re good pathetic minions again I’ve always been kind I’ve never been what are you talking about nothing you can

Watch my video later rewatch it and see how red you were all right well we’re moving on hey hello spatch Bob yeah what are you guys doing here what kind of secret prison is this who’s sitting there and we we along with my friends stole the da Vinci map what what are you

Robbers or something that’s not good like a road cost $3 billion what a billion million billion dollars once SpongeBob how can you not Rob like that are you saying that’s a bad thing well that you’re being mean also on your team no by the way I don’t know what he’s

Doing there let’s try to get your friends out and then we’ll see if you did the right thing first we need to free them up I’m kidding I’m kidding did you believe it right away were you going to help you no I wanted to help you and

Then we’ll deal with it later oh my mom’s long legs attacked me look they’re monsters they probably have the keys I wait you’re going to help in the frame get back yeah SpongeBob I trust you you know you couldn’t steal anything well I told you that you trust me which is what

You get for trusting and it turns out that you realized we were thieves you decided to help us anyway is it like not making dogs well well you’re my friend well jeez it’s like the S goes if the whole world turns against the other I’ll turn against peace with my friend yeah

Uh yeah look we’ve almost beaten the poopa let’s go free your friends after all Liberties now by the way it’s actually a proverb you know here’s the whole world we’ll stand against a friend and I’ll stand with the of course vasia I wouldn’t be friends with you it’s like

You’ve become a traitor I’m just kidding Cal look there’s no smarts here it doesn’t need to be released right let’s keep looking I don’t know who that is oh you’re Jess oh yeah a friend stealing a painting hey what are you guys doing don’t make fun of me oh man of course

You don’t believe it yeah Ben come with us you don’t belong in prison probably just set you up huh yeah they were planted by monsters of some sort I’ve been locked up you’re lucky it’s a good thing you stayed free this is where she’s on your team too oh in your

Faction and yes on our team Oh Come Legas come on get out I’m going to go see what’s in the fourth oh Angela oh he’s fighting right away but the evil monsters are all over you I found some apples apples are good you’ll have an apple sleep Bob how’s it going what’s

That this is the painting but what did you steal yeah here it is how’s that look I believed you all right come on come on back to prison what are the robbers B let’s go hey where too a SpongeBob’s changed guys I don’t know maybe it’s not the real SpongeBob maybe

It’s a fake WR in the comments do you think think SpongeBob could have robbed in art gallery all right let’s keep going oh guys what kind of abandoned place is this is anyone here oh what a cage is there some someone in there help help me who’s that talking all right

Let’s try to cut through there see who’s in there help me what no I won’t save you I know you’re an evil and horrible ketti monster no I’ve gotten over it I’m normal yeah of course the police put him here because he’s doing something bad

Again no no no no I’m fine seriously I don’t know if I should trust you all right well let me give you one last shot I’ll trust you but if you Che on me I’ll turn you into the police and you’ll be locked up forever oh my God the bathtub

Okay thank you very much yeah that’s great look but you’re going to be good right oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m good oh what were you doing why did you remove the cage what if you’re evil why what’s with the cage well in case you’re evil

You’d have to put it back in no no no I’m kind I said I’m going to whine well look look okay then I’ll go yeah yeah yeah yeah go go go here take it take it you tricked me my head hurts oh how’s the headache Dad where I woke up oh he

Hit me so hard in the head am I missing something di oh you man you are evil well of course when I’m being kind you forget I’m John the scary and terrible I’m going to get out of here and I’m going to get to you and I’m going to

Destroy you you got it I will bye he’s even higher up guys we got to get out of here let’s try to dig him and catch this gon maybe we can put him in prison for life what is this look this could help us in the battle with the genie is and

Boom so let’s try these things maybe just maybe we’ll be a lot stronger than the genie himself because he’s really easy to beat I thought this omnipotent ring would help us okay this is where you guys have to carefully pick up the last artifact and defeat it all right

We’re taking everything all the artifacts have been collected and I’m not afraid of you anymore but you get it oh that hurts there you go I’ve gotten a lot stronger take that and I’m okay you what are you shooting acid over there oh come on I’m such a killjoy all right

He’s destroyed folks we defeated he and himself ooh let’s see if the cage is back there we got to get out of here somehow all right let’s go this way Angela hey Angela what are you doing here yeah hello dogs oh thanks for saving me it’s all human it was bod who

Kidnapped me you ate it and got me out of that confinement thank you you’re welcome of course I’m always happy to help I’m glad I’m for real okay I’m going to cut the C son who’s talking where is it it’s me who are you what not nothing for you he’s real hello hello

And you’re what are you doing here I’m just jimmying around for saving Angela I’m willing to give you $20 million but no okay I don’t need any money I’ve had enough of Angela’s gratitude and your recognition oh look wow those are some cool guns then hold the cool guns so you

Can save the whole world even more well done much I appreciate it oh those are some grenade launchers all right I’ll move on thank you so much I am very happy that I have helped Humanity bye goodbye goodbye God that’s really cool Angelo you know okay I’ll move on I’ve

Got a lot of interest and challenges ahead of me let’s go waa look he’s a real wizard Tom oh Talking Tom great hey there big girl can you really talk no no are you under a spell or something uh it’s the evil wizard after all yes it’s

VI kbet wizard he’s Bewitched Tom guys he can’t talk anymore let’s try to save him and be this time right now tell him you listen to me do you understand me uh no oh yeah come on help me geus Wizard over here and we’ll save you come on

Let’s give it a try okay now we’re going to destroy this monster and take out well we’re going to spell you he must have spelled you and you can’t talk okay now we’re going to beat him on you wizard come on get the monster come here oh something fell off him Tom you’re

Splitting up in there you’re kidding me can you talk where the hell are you meow meow meow you’re a Talking Tom have you forgotten meow meow meow meow guys we’re talking tom okay let’s go swimming with me and see what’s in there guys okay I don’t know

Maybe we need to find something to completely unbind him but defeating the wizard didn’t work what I’m trying to say guys I don’t really get it let’s go let’s go tell him let’s go oh be careful come on I’ll swim for you what’s in there a meow meow meow meow meow okay

Now wait till I surface to see wow what kind of generator is that they put a spell on you come on let’s get the greens going can you do that on come on oh I can finally say I ate them magic pill yay look there she is vau threw it

Down it’s a real bite look I’m really glad you’re out ouch thank you so much zct you safe I’m already tired you don’t understand me when I cat call only of course only cats would understand oh look there’s a diamond here and then there’s a passage the other way maybe

That way we’ll float we’ll see oh I don’t know come on come on I knew the pill was in here it was The Wizard over there who hid and took my voice could only Meow in my own way oh well it’s a good thing we rescued you and fixed you

Up all right let’s go break break it down run swim I hope there’s something fun in here too okay we’ve got ah it’s empty look maybe there is something run where run run ah it’s a trap that’s when the dynamos went bang it was all a trap

Chest oh we’ve been set up Tom okay we need to get out of this room now okay bye to the tank before I get spelled again oh wait I haven’t gotten out yet I’m getting out now too and I’m going to be Spellbound okay I’m out of here let’s

Keep the boys moving oh look it’s a real mine oh orange rainbow friend hello to you too what are you you doing what kind of green eyed zombie do you think I am I have blue eyes actually you’re just you’re a green snot that’s what you are

Well you’re oh not F of course you are oh I found a pickaxe I’ll get to you in a second I figured it out like this hop hop a couple blocks or that’s it and I’m going to touch up with you come here uh

No it’s covered by a tree I don’t have a top hat hey hello why the most uncalled for name calling goes from here get out of here you snot I’ll catch up with you in a minute hello young lady do you happen to have an axe yeah well I can

Trade but you get me some mushrooms what kind of mushrooms okay come on give me five mushrooms that’s easy we’re taking five of these five of these five of these are great we’re about to trade guys oh I don’t have a place to pick all these mushrooms okay we did young lady

I’ll trade you all these mushrooms for a hatchet and that’s it and I’m going to catch up with you that orange and I realized that’s how we break things down hey come here no no no no no you’re not going any break it all down my hop hop

Hop that’s great also covered it withs but I already have a pickaxe I’m fine with that ha lava lava how do you pass I’m scared how do you get past that I don’t burn in lava in the chapter you don’t burn a step well maybe yeah well I

Got a plan and Jack out of here I’ll catch up with you now Pavo I’ll start shooting there you go take that hey guys look you can’t help me oh that’ll help us yeah that’s what we need first of all we’re going to fill this place with

Water and two we’re going to beat this orange guy okay we’re flooding here now we have to break it down I’ll catch up with you got it orange yeah sure snotty get out of here you know what play in the cube you snot yeah calling names is

Fun sure but I will destroy you what are you saying lobi’s not on fire you’re get it drowned in the water yes friends the orange Rowdy has been completely defeated let’s get it in the water what I’ll be back ha oh the remnants of the voice how oh look guys the blue cordial

Seems to have changed a little bit what are you doing in there what kind of dinosaur is that super strong guys he’s gotten a lot stronger look he’s riding some kind of hellish dinosaur what is this what kind a monster is that he’s shooting at me come on he’s mastered

Some kind of super magic that gives him these Powers he’s summoning some powerful Monsters ah they draw me to them all right all right all right that’s enough he’ll leave me alone okay guys we’ve got to deal with them and too much what’s that super light bulb guys

Maybe she’s giving him strength and I can’t break it don’t touch my light bulb it’s still her okay I’ll get there dot it okay guys we have to destroy his monster somehow so what do we do where to hide okay I got to go upstairs from here on the monster valleys are too

Strong I don’t know know at all oh wait what if they’re caught in a rock whoops I can catch them in the kadouch but there are too many of them okay I’ll try it now they repel me I can’t even go near them too strong monsters okay come

Here green lizard haha dot them all oh there’s more look what kind of Giants are these how do you stop them in the first place he’s hitting the ground guys what do we do oh there’s some Professor coming out of a portal and he says something to me I’ll come to you now

Okay I just have to get to him somehow I have no ladders nothing it’s the same way to get there okay blue as as long as you can’t see me we need to pick up a couple blocks here and go upstairs all right let’s pick it up and go all right

Let’s go to this little portal okay where did we guys end up there’s some creeper paintings in here oh okay I got it guys I found some kind of super axe in the chest it’s all glowing it’s lightning you can shoot anyway let’s give it a shot oh he’s blocking the

Passageway guys we got to find a way out of here now we’re hey where do you think I’m not getting out of here or something now we’re going to break your light bulbs and that’s it and uh dies they don’t break what’s the matter hey what a

Weak savoc you are blue joyful friend you’re too strong guys how do we stop him oh no I don’t even know or maybe we should just put out the fire on those bulbs and then his strength will run out so I made one there’s more to come and

What monsters are superpowered get out of here cripper oh guys I especially stopped well how am I going to get up there I got to put this one out come on great put it out or else ah what head’s rainbow friend where are you weakling that’s it we stopped him he’s dissolved

Guys yay we defeated this rainbow friend yes friends his forces have been destroyed guys let’s dig up the passage and move on oh look it’s the ltic hey lunk hi don’t look at me don’t look at me wait cantankerous is there something wrong with you you’re handsome what no

I’m not that all over your body look I’m sick with wait ltic what kind of disease is this e what kind of fund this is that oh you’re not contagious ouch I don’t know don’t look at me I’m under attack by some zombies look okay hold on I’m

Not Afraid wait I’m not afraid of getting infected let me help you get better no I’m ugly I’m not pretty at all don’t worry I don’t care what you look like I’ll help you heal and yes lenig oh I figured out who’s causing this contagion look infected zombies come

Here boob b b decided to close wait a second wait a second wait a second wait a second you can’t see my yeah now you’ve got shingles too look you’re covered in shingles doesn’t matter I’d rather be this way than this horror are you only one of you infected or are

There more of you out there The Roots the Roots are sick with something too it is urgent to rescue or cure because you will forever be so infected I guess I don’t know listen I found the chest of some kind hey fish can do something

About it well I guess not listen I read in the news that fish can cure shingles but for your warts you need some kind of potion a special witches potion okay let’s go find out where your roots kovich is hiding and try to beat this disease look how many viruses have

Spread around here it’s spreading from all sides isn’t it yes they’re powerful very terrible oh I’m scaring you with these zombie monsters but I’m not infected I can’t stand any kind of contagion oh the trunk potion look I found some potions come here come on

Come on here I have two potions one must be applied first negative effect gives the second then cheer some strange lentic what well because I’m very ugly so you can’t see what’s under my face okay we’re going to fix it so how are the roots of corny rich I’m confused we

Must be that way that’s where we need to go all right let’s see oh more zombies there he is they’re the ones who infected the monsters but you get this I saw someone in there oh look he’s got shingles on his head too w why don’t you

Give him a fish you told me well let’s try to get fish fish all nine of them I hope it helps you so what he ate something you think lentic will help oh look he’s cured treated oh it’s passed all right here’s to the fish because

You’ve made him sick too I hope it helps you too what’s with all this clothing well let’s try to cure warts then I did that on purpose no I’m scary take off your clothes I can’t see what you’re wearing Don’t Be Afraid don’t be afraid

I have to see what to treat away or I’m not a disease myself so let me throw you the first potion in 5 seconds get in help yes treated by Heaven handsome as it used to be wow show me really all those pimp warts all gone gorgeous

That’s it I don’t need those clothes anymore great tick I’m glad you’re cured and so is corny corit all right nice have keep the potion if anything you can heal with it all right I’ll move on I still have some interesting tests to take all right guys let’s get through

This confusing Maze and into the portal oh look guys it’s weird Mr baa hi there hi oh you’ve got a problem with your leg did you break your leg or something yeah I broke it with a pal from this tower building my own trials oh it hurts too

Much well what do you think yeah that must have hurt look I’ll try to heal you now don’t worry we’ll find it ouch what kind of monsters are these look there’s a witch she’s probably the one who conjured up all the monsters in there oh it’s a warbler in here I’ll deal with

Him now and heal you Mr Beast don’t worry it’s just another monster okay all right we got to do something to beat them Mr B just don’t move or your leg will get worse then I’m definitely not going to tear you I can’t move my leg is

Broken let me see if I can find you some medical supplies there’s a portal or something that says medical staff a secret room with a bed with a stove first aid kit I’ll mister I found the first aid kit I’m going to fix you now okay who’s there stepping on me I’m

Going to fix you and you’re going to help me don’t go with too strong oh it’s very painful to deal with monsters I just tried they’re too strong they run fast I can’t catch up with them here let’s try to beat the witch come on come

On oh I’m running out of ammo before I beat her so which where’d you go all right one gown Mr baa okay I’m going to get this one too come here he’s on the guys dry hiding very active we not hiding Mr baa you can I’ll fix you up

First no I have to fight them or they’ll break my leg again well you said you just built in power and fell on top of it well exactly well they can rebre my leg and I got scared and fell oh that’s it I’ve defeated all the monsters all

Three are defeated let’s try to heal the first egg kit now shall we you’re afraid of shots no all right everybody let’s put it over here here are the bandages so great everything oh treated well now I can move on with the trial yay yeah just be careful Mr baz you’ve hurt

Yourself again all right look let me get the first aid kit again fix you up the first aid kits here aren’t infinite so be careful okay uh-huh oh you and your videoos sure are careful to be careful okay everybody let me fly you out with a bandage on this leg something lighter

Okay Mr Bay please be careful not to make any more of those serious motion jumps all right I guess I’ll move on yeah good zombie just wait a you better wear armored pants so you don’t break anymore you remember that at the end of all my PM videos it went off I thought

You gave me the money at the end of the video yeah okay well that was fun look it looks like I’m mining for some diamonds not for some diamonds all right come on let’s get all your vigs in there I’ll go further into the portal let’s go

Look guys what kind of bank is this what’s that thing he’s got in there hey banana what have you done oh hey yeah hello to you too what guys a little less what are you doing here for a scary ordeal there’s nothing to go through is there of course you’ll never get through

Them at all I’ve already put a billion lasers in here you’re not getting through I said I don’t even have a pickaxe to break it all down look I don’t know but I can beat it got it machine gun bam what’s with the traps that you won’t pass any of these tests

So I found a guy’s which trunk is the stick look I’m going to hit you with a stick okay I don’t care if it’s a bailout nothing what are you doing with this laser trap Miracle I’m supposed to jump over I’m not a gymnast for you I’m

On you with a stick you won’t get through I’m not going to pass man I’m going to try I’m going to put on the mask I’m wearing a mask too I’m a super mega ninja you pass these lasers here you lean over here you have to lean over

Here you almost hit it that’s how we jump here between here and here this is the way through a little more ban ban ban I’ll get to you got it okay everybody on here almost got hit by lava here take this get out of here from here

Okay guys now we’re going to make something in the workbench like this everybody’s standing the out a flamethrower and this might help me what you’re afraid of fire ban band ban come here there you go hey clean this up I don’t see what’s going on with your

Lasers here at all all right come here come on and I’m hiding you won’t find me there he is guys jumping amongst the lasers over there oh man how am I supposed to break lasers how to get through this okay well I can burn the place down you know I’m going to burn

Your whole room down hey don’t touch my room you’re on to him get CH and that’s it folks we’ve been destroyed the monster is distant yes we can take the mask off all right we’re doing great you and I now let’s try to carefully go through it again okay here’s the bottom

Here under the lasers here put so many lasers on top guys here’s where you can just climb over the top all right that’s it banana and destroyed Pali onward guys I think we’re in some kind of Bullseye world oh oh minion why are you scaring

Me have you come to help me what can I do to help which one of you is the minion it’s a minor or something not a minion I see and this is also a minion shakor there’s more PR minions out there uh how many of you are there look how

Many minions are cool cool what are you do have you come to help me yeah I don’t mind what do we do I don’t know how to break Brock have to find the secret passage in this room to break the rock well we’ll get the map right away okay

Here’s where we’re at and this is where we have it secretly marked in red well look it’s not that easy I don’t even know when to get here come on and you’re not going to help me Minion you seem kind of weird today look for it I said

Look for some weird minion guys he’d never talk all right all right all right I’ll help I don’t mind helping the minions anyway hidden in a a corner somewhere right right there how do I know I don’t know oh I found some ladders what kind of ladders can I get

Up there where are the ladders this I found the secret staircase that side I guess anyway and there are stairs here too why W look look there it is that’s the secret passage and you didn’t realized the stairs were open it’s a dead end it’s a bullpen see turn around there you stand

Minion and there you go come on chest are you the treasure chest yes yes let me see how much money bye what did you do minion minion he threw me down minion I’m a minion hey I mean what’s with a minion guys it’s a red minion he tricked

Me he found the treasure so he tricked me and threw me down a man shaft oh you might need a dollar on you bye you’re a liar let me out guys were in some kind of abandoned cave and now there’s going to be zombie monsters and skeletons okay

We got to get out of here and how am I not going to get up there I even have a portal block I didn’t even notice him there’s another portal here guys okay a portal you say there is no portal anymore portal let go I a minion give me

A portal as I go home and I don’t know how you’re not going home apparently I mean guys that minion didn’t just take the only exit yes ah I’ve also got a monkey but thank goodness I have a flamethrower and now we’re sectioning them up okay we’re out of ammo come on

Minion that’s not fair there’s lava in here I’m stumped wow that’s a lot of zombies that was not our agreement by Mion that wasn’t the deal that’s it I’m gone guy he’s embarrassed of me how do I get out of here how do I get out of here

I don’t have a pickaxe or anything all right well we’ve got to beat these monsters somehow I’m a zombie too too but I’m the good ones but all the evil zombies from The Cave we have to destroy them all oh you minion took me

Tricked me and set me up threw me in a cave uh I won’t trust any more strange minions I thought he was just being kind though okay we’ve defeated all the Minions we got to get out of here come on guys open this door and jump into the

Portal let’s get the boys back in there that’s how interesting our basements turned out today I hope you enjoyed the video support with a like subscribe to my channel been Z back with you and see you again and bye-bye [Applause]

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    Insane Minecraft House Build Tutorial by FevelVideo Information This video, titled ‘How to build a modern house in Minecraft’, was uploaded by Fevel on 2024-01-12 07:30:04. It has garnered 25 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:09:06 or 546 seconds. Support me to complete 1k🙏mambers❤️☺️ #minecraft #modern #easy #house #tutorial →Minecraft: How to Make a Modern House – Tutorial →Thumbs up & Subscribe for more =)https://youtube.com/@Fevelyt →Interior Tutorial Video: Minecraft: Large…=)https://youtu.be/OVHBVg01Kek ▼More House Tutorials▼ 👉https://youtu.be/rpWKd79v1Ao👈 👉https://youtu.be/OVHBVg01Kek👈 👉https://youtu.be/cUBUYgjadlc👈 👉https://youtu.be/9AZZbnUuIRY👈 _________________________________________________ MINECRAFT _________________________________________________ Minecraft is a highly popular sandbox video game where players have the freedom to build and create their own virtual worlds…. Read More

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