UNBELIEVABLE! Fluppy Completes Our Minecraft Farm! 😱

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W Oh Feel He Com Is Hello hello hello what is going on everybody we are back back some more Minecraft today uh yesterday we had a huge day of progress we got all all of this done this whole Barn is finished now because of yesterday which is kind of incredible um there’s a few small things I think we

Can do to make it better um I’m seeing like the top corners definitely need some more stairs and I could help round it out some more but all in all it’s looking really really good and so today we’re just kind of going to hop in do some simple tasks around the farm that

We still need to do some simple you know housekeeping things uh we have a potato growing over here so we’re going to try to expand our potato farm out this way some once that’s ready I I think it’s ready but I don’t really know um and

We’re going to build a to-do board so I think right here right off of the the bridge we’re going to build a little to-do list uh or like a to-do board that we can keep track of all the projects we have going on I just realized there’s a

Block that’s wrong up there we also need to fix that so there’s just a lot of little things that we’ll do today um that we’ll work on um to hopefully make the farm even better but yeah that being said this will be a more relaxed chill

Stream um we’re not going to be going anywhere crazy to farm for anything or mine for any ore or anything like that we’re just going to be kicking back kind of enjoying the little farm that we’ve started to build up here and uh yeah going from there we made may get some

Bees later if we’ve got time I don’t really know you know we’re just kind going to feel out today really just want to get this to-do board up and then um go from there but yeah if you guys stop in or see this at any point time in the

Future thanks for watching appreciate you being here it’s going to be a good time so let’s go ahead and get started shall we let just jump in here so over here what I think I’m just going to do the to-do list board first because my

Brain it’ll help my brain so I think I need Oak Spruce and that may be it something just beeped I think it was actually my computer doing something and then lanterns and fence I think that this is all I’ll need I’ll definitely need some more Oak though so let’s go ahead and do

That and we’ll go ahead and take this Spruce and we’re going to turn half of it into planks just to oh we need slabs we’ll need some Spruce slabs what am I doing some slabs okay this should be all that we need I think for how I want to build

This we’ll also need to mine out that tree and I think we’re going to take the tree further away from the the area so that way we’re not getting podz here because I really don’t want this to be podel so we’ll see Walt hello hello welcome back man welcome back to another

Stream today is going to be uh we’re working on a few small things today we’re going to build a to-do list border right here got the barn over here in the distance looking mighty fine need to do something with the this like area here but it’s going to be good it’s going to

Be good everything’s come together really really well um my voice is a little off as you can tell just a little under the weather today so not going to be a super long stream but still wanted to hop on and do some things so let me

See here what was I going to do I think I think that I wanted something like this I think I want to strip these I tried to look up some like inspiration for stuff like this uh not sure how well it’s going to go or

Not but we’ll see we’ll see and I think in the middle I just want something like this and then underneath of it maybe more stripped we need to sleep and then we’ll we’ll come back for it I’m actually going to pull up the inspiration I had too so I can see how

Everything’s looking in comparison to that I normally don’t try to do too much inspiration you watched the short video it was hilarious I’m glad you liked it man I’m glad you liked it yeah I don’t think I want the ones on the bottom I’m glad you liked it cuz I want

To feel like a sign so if it just looks like a wall it’s not going to look right let’s go grab these from back here which one did you watch were you watching the with the Bee or the one with the cow cuz the one with the cows happened yesterday

They were kind of crazy they were being there’re being something all right let’s see so we want the stripped logs I think I’m going to try the ones on top up like that and then those ones like yeah just like that I think is kind of what I’m going to try and then

You just got done working on the farm cool yeah that’s okay I don’t know how I feel about this I’m just throwing stuff down and seeing what sticks right now and right there and we’ll see how this to-do board sort of comes together here maybe add some like fence posts in here

Somewhere can I put one in there oh you can that looks kind of nice there I’m not going to lie something like that maybe looks kind of nice kind of liking that and maybe on the corners we can hang more lanterns okay that’s not that that’s not that’s not terrible

We’re throwing it together real quick that’s not that bad we do need some signs on it and we may roll with that for right now let’s take the oak I don’t remember how to make a sign there we go was a stick and some planks two three boom

And we’ll just kind of go ahead oh we don’t want that there kind of like that I don’t know how are we feeling about it let’s maybe put some more fence post there that’s too much that’s too much I feel like that looks really simple it may not

Match the rest to the farm well enough though cuz we don’t have a ton of Oak down here we’ve used a ton of spruce and Cobble oh don’t know it’s not too bad I don’t love this little like thing here I think that that’s one of the housekeeping things on our

List just to take out this area it doesn’t need to be here and then we’ll remake the path going through we’ve outgrown it cuz what I’m thinking then we can take our shovel kind of pull our path over here like that but then it can also come out this way

I should make a house so I do have a house that I had built I don’t think I want that one like that hold on it is up on the hill so that was shoot huh hold on that actually kind of looks kind of nice add some different texture to it hold

On I’m not going to do it for now but we can’t I did the same thing oh my gosh what am I doing so anyway I have a house on the hill uh let me go kind of point to it for you probably the next step is to you know

Reset and to redo the house a little bit it was one of the first things I built in the world there’s a whole video on it on YouTube you can go find the video but it’s up there that’s a house it’s a I’m really proud of it for the first house

Ever that I built but I will say that I feel like it can be a lot better now especially with what I learned building the barn so taking some of the things I learned from this build and transferring it to that build and I think it would look drastically better so that’s kind

Of the next step is to move the what we took here up to the top so we’ll definitely be doing that in the future um and we need to so we’ve got our little to-do list board here now we can actually write stuff on it

So what are some of the things I need to do in the world finish interior Barn Decor yeah so we got to finish the barn Decor we need to oh one of the honestly one of the first things we need to do now is we need to do some

Enchantment so that’s going to be like build table r do room Medieval Minecraft Mobs that sounds cool we do room in the house yeah so for the enchantment table we need to build a table and then we need to take one of the rooms in our house up there and make it an

Enchantment room I also have another idea that we could do um somebody mentioned last stream um build handcrafted tree so I think right here this will be like a little forested area and I think right in the middle of it so like right here we have a big tree

Sprouting out next to our barn that could look really cool um or Minecraft or mods that’d be really cool actually it sounds really awesome I don’t know what kind of medieval mods there are but that could be a lot of fun to kind of delve into some different mods and

Stuff I’ll probably do another video soon on um I think I actually want to do something like that yeah yeah yeah that’s too much though meant to say or Minecraft horor mod oh I don’t know about horror mods I’m going to be honest I’m a little bit

Of a baby when it comes to horror things so horror four mods kind of terrify me you guys I’m sure would get a kick out of it but it sounds pretty terrifying so let’s finish this um let’s do this this block that’s on top of the

Roof over here I think it needs to be dark oak which I don’t think I have so let’s grab some dark oak it’s either dark oak or Spruce so we’re set now let’s go fix oh I was in the wrong spot this one how did I miss that

Interesting and toss you down so I was also thinking as I was like looking at the barn off stream I feel like like what if and I don’t know the dark oak looks really nice but what if we didn’t do dark oak and instead we did some like cobblestone

On the edge there would that be too much probably oh it’s like adventurous and scary I mean that may be better if it were if it had some sense of adventure but if it’s like needlessly scary that’s not my cup of tea not my cup of tea all right heading back

Up okay so we need to shoot well we placed them both wrong all right we’ll fix it no big deal there we go I lost those ones that’s all right yeah and it’s raining that’s all right and we just head back down let’s pick up all this dirt oo almost ate

It all right and then so next thing on our to-do list well I guess I need to do that to the back so before I get ahead of myself let’s head around back here I can’t really see because of the rain but I’m pretty sure that still needs it

Yeah it does toss you in there and you in there and you oh interesting okay so the back roof is I need this rain to go away so I can see you would see me pee a little bit what is different about this than the other

Side apparently I wasn’t as done as I thought that was I don’t think I have any dark hak slabs do I go no I don’t H well rather than running all the way back let’s make some I think that’s right we’re going to sa this for now just nobody looked too hard you

Know and to bed we go there’s our house on the hill actually it looks really nice I’m pretty proud of it and here we are so I want to make some barrels and I think the top part of the barn is going to be entirely for storage of barn related

Things to make barrels oh yeah we can make a couple of those was that it yes all right so let’s uh see how many of these I can make I can make two more if you’re a br yeah no I knew what you meant that would definitely be uh

Quite the the startle there I ain’t going to lie these freaking pigs and chickens just want to get out of here they just want to escape I’m not having it I need to think through what I want this storage to kind of look like it’s not super not really big enough I

Need really need it to be one more wide I wanted it to have a ton of storage but what if we just did like some stacks of barrels in the corners want to place the other way I need to stick it on the wall for that to happen

H i how I get to do that put on top there we go yeah I think that looks nice hey on some of the corners absolutely yeah there will definitely be some hay on the corners no I’m doing it again I just need to I need to go and actually get

More of the hay in order to do that I think it looks kind of nice kind of looks like the top of a barn up there we’ll put some hay in that one um over here let’s that’ll have to work collect all of this stuff that I had and transfer you to the

Barrel this is part of my problem I have stuff in so many different places I have to go find it I need to get it all organized and like put into one spot cuz I have tons of Oak here so let’s take the slabs let’s just actually do that

And can only make one more and take this five six 7even 8 nine 10 make the slabs and this way some hay bells yeah we will do that I really want this one facing up yeah it looks pretty nice that looks pretty nice and hay Bell’s over here

All right do we want any barrels down here yeah what if a barrel stuck out there I like it I like it I like it I like it then here copper is useless in in the game I think they should make you know the first mate

Scuba I don’t know what you mean by first M scuba I’m not going to lie Walt they should add that but it’s made of copper I not super familiar with that okay and then underneath of here I’m kind of thinking maybe just throw some barrels and stuff around I don’t really

Know I don’t like that don’t love that I drawing a blank here I think we leave this as is for now we’ll put more barrels there later let’s now we’ve got all of this stuff together let’s go ahead and collect some wheat this is so much wheat good night so

Much I mean I know some people have like whole Fields but it’s so much right now in game I just break that I didn’t good all right let’s plant meant to say like you like the first made scuba gear you know oh oh oh oh yes I know what you’re talking about

Oh that would be cool they get like scuba diving gear that you could use to go underwater that could be pretty cool I wonder how you like used it would be though because you do have can’t you make like water breathing potions and stuff once you get the right stuff in

Game so I feel like most people are going to be just doing that probably still but it still be cool to have like decoration wise all right let’s go check on our potato I think this is done okay how do I harvest a potato I just punch it it’s

My only potato so if I lose it it’s just gone oh it did I got four potatoes now okay potatoes are expanding that’s what we like to see is what we like to see and then we take this wheat so I have enough bread right now and we make hay

Bales I think I want someone to another one in the back at least one something like that maybe that looks a little funky all the ho does that so fast we’ll stay with that for now it’s not even but I’m trying to not like force myself into everything being even

Yep okay our Barn’s kind of coming together yeah I like that I like that a lot we had been having the idea in the past coming around back here oh gotcha yeah so let’s uh break that put you that way there it’s like a big hay hay

Pile that’s not going to work that’s all right I still kind of like the idea of having a hay Pile in the back here I think it looks kind of nice A little Intentional and then some hay here we add some more coming out there oh is a campfire I thought I heard something burning and I got so scared got so scared man okay um and we can toss all these seeds in our seed Barrel what’s in this one oh all my

Clay don’t need to be holding on to you really don’t need that either but we’re going to keep it there I want to bone meal some stuff I would love to get a tree that has a beehive on it that’d be amazing but I don’t think that’s going to happen but we’ll keep

Trying I need saplings though um there’s Oak part of me wonders if Oak is better than or if like Spruce is better I think I’d prefer the tree itself be Oak so we’re going to go with Oak no no beehive oh shoot I don’t think that had the Beehive either did

It like launched me into the ground though that’s the goal Walt so longterm that is what we’ll be doing is heading to the Nether um but we’re just kind of taking it one day at a time uh early on I would just like go into the caves Non-Stop and

I died so much but so we’re kind of slowing down setting up shop a little bit trying to get some uh some food rolling oh I just broke my axe try to get some food rolling and then we are heading to the nether we do know where nether fortress

Is so you know that’s a good start but outside of that don’t have much the next like big step in regards to like beating the Ender Dragon for the first time CU I’ve never done it yet is um you know it’s going to come to me is

Enchanting so we do need to enchant some things and that will be what we do next not today probably but next time for sure so hello buddy all right I really just want to get a a beehive but apparently it is like super rare is your destiny be a wizard and

Curate potions good to know we’ll have to do that as well then who am I to argue with Destiny right well I did not get many saplings there that’s sad I got like no saplings out of those trees H what a shame okay well I guess we still still have some

Cooked meat here that we can eat if we need to let’s go get a bee let’s go find another bee and bring it over to our uh our hives we have room for two more and then we can really start getting some honey I don’t know what I need honey for

But we’re going to start getting it all right is there a be over at this Hive there clearly is but he does not want to come out and play right now got a little Barn in the distance I mean I say little but it’s really not tiny it’s a big old big old

Barn it is a honker of a barn it’s crazy all right toss you back that bee was not present oh I have 19 lanterns holy cow where did these come from you can go to Village and get a bruin a brewing oh a brewing stand hand

Gotcha it took me a second because of the typo but we we’re on the same page now all right I guess I need to start killing cows we can start to make more but first I’m so sorry I know I Know I’m aware I’m aware just ignore it I also need to get more chickens I think it’s seeds I actually I’ve never done it with chickens I don’t know if you even can but we’re going to find out all right chickens yep they stared at each other oh it was

Seeds oh that little baby thought was slick oh did the egg despawn but I’m going to need to make a lot of arrows so going to need lots of chickens out here I was going to say ain’t no way wait can you breed bees then hold

On let’s see cuz they come to you when you hold a flower so if I have more than one flower can I like sounds really messed up but can you do that let’s take both of those I need you to come out y’all come on out

Here it’s too late it’s too late for that they were grown I at least waited till they were grown I kind of like having the grass out here I think it makes it look so much you know more lived in and full maybe not this much it’s a lot of grass but I

Love I love this look of like this like forested area with the bees all right they’ll come out eventually and we we’ll see what we can do until then let’s go see if the cool down area period is over you guys ready no sorry y’all nothing I can do

Nothing I can do nobody nobody’s ready they’re out all right come here no way no way you can make a baby be oh you can make baby bees it’s so so freaking adorable why did nobody tell me that was possible this dude is losing his mind right now oh my gosh you good

Man what how much longer can you go okay he’s done he’s done that was insane we have a freaking baby bee that’s amazing all right we need to get the honey out there so we can actually uh do the rest of our stuff do I have shears yes shears and the

Campfire I need one of those and that let’s throw a campfire there and we can even make another one we can keep making more we can have lots of bees rolling around out here I am I’m so excited so happy so so happy all right let’s see so another

Hive three of those and some planks easy so I forgot it’s it’s right click gosh darn okay there we go and then we just spread those out oh we’re about to be oh shoot I didn’t mean to make slabs we’re about to have so many bees this is going to be amazing

Oh it’s going to be so good and then we just bone meal the grass some more to get some more flowers oh man I have turned in the farmer fluffy right now what is that’s inappropriate But there we go we still have the seeds I put my seeds away I should fight the warden listen some of the other people in chat have told me about wardens and they just tell me that I’m going to be terrified when that happens I’m so scared yeah no you guys aren’t

Leaving I need you to grow up what’s happening hello why are you just eating you just ate all of those seeds holy cow man was hungry how about you guys anybody ready for this again gusta what’s going on how you doing how you doing oh is there anybody

Else who wants it anybody else oh oh shoot buddy let me in hey everybody come back this way oh my gosh it’s a whole herd tricked you but they have their Fortress has crazy loot you can get like 15 golden apples shoot that sounds awesome but gusta

Thanks for stopping by glad you’re here you’re still here hope you’re having a great day all right get the getting I need to get some more potatoes so we can get these uh sheep rolling oh I fed them all my uh my seeds got go get some more you subbed thanks

Gusta I appreciate it I appreciate it be sure to check out some of the videos over there we have a video where we started this farm and kind of just like mapping out our way through uh through Minecraft so glad you’re here oh my gosh there’s like zero

Turnaround on the on the chickens they can just go for it all right oh and you get XP for doing this look at all the cows we have there’s so many oh we’re cruising now we are cruising now on a roll okay oh we need to find our bees

That’s the next step we need to keep getting bees rolling come on out boys oh let’s go look at the baby bees it’s amazing oh my gosh there’s so many baby bees lurking train thanks for being here man hey hey I don’t know if you saw the the uh

The Ws are hard the um VOD but look at her Barn look at the barn oh playing the Sky Block frog won frog did win I think the frogs poll is over it’s a week from when it posted so the first polls are done now so I’m going to update the the

Bracket and then I know I posted some polls on Wednesday and then the week got away from me and I posted some afterwards but yeah this was yesterday I hope you had the safe drive going to pick that stuff up but this was what we did yesterday we made some massive progress

Here we got some animals rolling this pig P just wants to escape but he can’t he just stared at me oh we have lots of cows we got some sheep rolling it’s looking good yeah man it’s looking so good oh and we just did this today we have a little um to-do

Board so I’m not I don’t know how this works how how I feel about this yet but this is our little to-do list um for this and then this pathway is going to carry out along this River this way way so we’ll kind of map it through

Here and a couple next steps as well this whole area everything in front of you is going to be like Farm Fields there’s going to be a I want to build a big like mill in the middle out there and then those be Farm Farmland as there’s a path that path

Continues all the way up there up to the house so big Ideas we just have to be able to make it happen now so we’ll see kind of just slowing down a little bit for right now to really make sure that we get things done right and then

Probably not today this stream won’t be super long um probably roughly in the hour and a half range uh for a stream today but then uh the next big project will be to uh do an enchantment table sorry my voice is gone this is why the stream

Will be short today cuz I’m feeling a little rough but uh enchantment room so we can start enchanting things now that we have like 30 levels and are going from there so before I die again going to start enchanting Things okay let’s see you guys ready anybody there we go anybody go ahead Get Wrecked where did the eggs go oh they’re right here thanks man I appreciate it yeah me too I hope I get to feel better soon too but thanks for lurking thanks for being

Here as long as you want to be here no chicken no dice oh you thought you were slick try hard Sky Block all right have fun have fun I’m going to start killing cows here in a minute I need to learn it hey well once you have a better grasp on

It you can teach me too you can you can okay who’s ready there you go we’re going to need to uh to do some uh some purging here in a minute so I apologize to you all I know it’s not what you want to hear you don’t need

Those all right and then we have a lot of bees over here we’ve got like six different hives hopefully they’re all moved into and nobody just left otherwise I’d cry we do need make two more campfires one two boom I think it’s that then sticks and then that then we

Got two more let’s go please did they move in over here oh they did I heard them all right let’s take some more bone meal these two flowers pop it on you pop it on you oh my gosh so freaking cute the baby bees are so adorable holy

Cow what are you doing all the way over here what are you doing be careful ah man just like went for it they’re all going for the same flower all right well it may be time for uh some cows to uh go bye-by I was really hoping they’d

Be more grown up by this point I don’t think they’re going to be so sorry I know I know maybe some sheep too all right there we go I probably could have uh salvaged some of the sheep but and just like sheared them not worth it and seeds who’s ready give me

More my gosh you have so many animals now this is amazing so many animals so many little baby bees over here it looks so good oh our potatoes that’s what we were coming to check on man they have not grown very much oh we need to do some some flowers over here that’s

Right all right that should bring some of the bees this direction and hopefully start to pollinate the plant some hopefully that’s the whole goal anyway I may even go ahead and just start doing this even just kind of bringing this pathway down along the river say here cuz that’s where the

Potatoes will start going oh careful be kind to each other guys are valuable we are going to have so much honey so much honey I have no idea what to do with all this honey though you have 33 what do I do with it honey I can make a honeycomb

Block okay what do I do with a honeycomb block what do I do with this is it just decoration I have no clue you know what to do with a honeycomb block let me know cuz I do not know okay we don’t quite have potatoes ready all right come here gosh the cows

Take so long to grow up no not ready we have so many baby cows all right yall going to let me gosh be nice all right it’s all looking really really nice but yeah this is kind of going to be streamed today just kind of hanging

Out doing some of the basic stuff around the farm nothing too crazy um just really felt like I needed they to do this I don’t know what to do about these guys Julie suggested moving the farm because they like to eat fish and that’s why they’re just hanging

Out in the side of their cage so I mean I guess I could also like take these guys out and see if this helps come here oh you’re still alive okay maybe that helps them not just want to sit next to the edge no they’re still just right

There what happens if I throw this in there then will they eat it no never mind all right let’s go sleep all right let’s check on our Potatoes nothing oh wait is that one done I can just bone meal them what am I doing we could we could make this process go really quick we have tons of bone meal and Tes and do that do that oh this is easy all right let’s go get the pigs rolling Hello spider

Really R oh chill out hello Klo how you doing thanks for hanging out glad you’re here we’re just going to go you know breed some pigs normal stuff I think they take somebody told me potato oh they do let’s go potatoes and carrots here we go it’s a little baby

Pig oh you want one you want one too bad feels brutal all right chickens you ready holy cow you guys got eggs everywhere good night look at all the chickens oh my gosh we have so many animals that happen so fast come over here there you go you not ready yet There you go so many okay progress that’s what I like to see right there all right um still don’t know what to do with this honey block no clue what’s up CL how you doing thanks for being here hope you’re having a wonderful day I do I do we’re just kind

Of hanging out doing some simple stuff around the farm that we built yesterday today nothing too crazy just kind of expanding our our animals and uh our Farms that you see here so yeah it’s pretty good it’s pretty good I’m a little under the weather today nothing too crazy get out of

There get out of there yeah nothing too crazy just a little bit you know scratchy throat things like that so been a little bit better better let’s cook that up let’s toss you in there and the bone meals over there let’s go get the rest of these potatoes farming thinking probably something like

This not a crazy potato farm I’m trying not to like over what’s the word make it so it’s like over symmetrical that’s not right but that’s like the only way I can think to describe it like too much symmetry to where it looks too formal I want to have

Somewhat of like a natural kind of rustic feel along the water it’s kind of what I’m hoping for as we do this so these turned out really well okay what is next sprinkles what’s next tell me cuz I’m I’m getting lost we’ve accomplished most of what I wanted

To to get done today it didn’t take very long guess we can cut down these trees you can always use more Spruce Wood right always use more spruce Nailed it and boom and a didn’t reach so close and two more I need to count my bees cuz I don’t remember how many bees I have right now and we need to see how many we have in the hives so we know if we can get more

I just think they’re so freaking adorable it’s the whole thing I want and there we go all right I don’t think I want more trees in this area these were really just placed down cuz I needed the wood earlier and then I ended up getting Mega trees to grow all right any chickens

Ready any of you look at all the baby chickens good night there’s so many all right and any cows over here got to be one then there you go listen I don’t I don’t need anything else we we are good when it comes the Sheep now I just want the cowch for the

Leather but there’s taking forever to grow okay well all right so we’ve got one stop you got to be careful my man I think I could do at least one or two more before they go in the hive yes oh that’s a baby though I need an adult I don’t think

That that seems incredibly gross I guess it wasn’t a baby it was an adult it’s just so tiny okay cool more bees how are ax lados doing are they have they left the corner now that I killed the fish no they’re still right there I don’t know what to do about that

That’s so sad they won’t go swim around we’ll keep all of our food in here probably go ahead and smel up that iron and check our to-do board so we still have some interior in the barn to do but I need to look at a little more

Inspiration before I jump into that I just don’t know too much about it I guess I could work on the tree you know we could work on making our own tree so in the middle of this forest with all the bees I’m thinking like right

Here I want to do a big oak tree like handcrafted oak tree is kind of what I’m thinking I’ve never done it before so it’ be brand new but that’s kind of what I want to do but again I may want to like not jump into it right on stream and look for

Some inspiration first give me the sticks he that’s right we’ll see we’ll see for now let’s put the wood back drop off those things add it to our wool collection and check on the potatoes doesn’t quite look like any are ready yet that’s all right I’ve got time to kill

And if I don’t I’ve have got bone meal and potatoes just to get it started here all right and that’s pretty full I don’t know that I want much more than that going on with the potatoes but now we at least have everything we need to continue need to mine some diamonds I

Desperately need to mine some diamonds so the problem kop is that I am absolutely awful in the mines and so every time I go into the mines I end up not doing well cuz I’m new to Minecraft so this is kind of my first place through I have some videos on YouTube if

You want to go check those out and see my journey through up to this point um but part of the problem is like combat in general I’m just so bad at and uh so the only diamonds we’ve got we’ve got these I’ve got eight diamonds maybe some up there so I’m a

Little nervous to go mining for diamonds right now until I um enchant something because I don’t want to lose all these levels although it probably won’t be hard to get the levels back now that we are like have all these animals that we can do stuff with cuz I’m leveling up like crazy

Here maybe time to to purge some cows Anybody okay so sorry so sorry oh I think I okay we just have a lot of babies now that’s all right you guys good and take those toss those in there and continue adding to our Diamond collection our iron collection I even have more in here

And oh wait why are there seeds in here there are not supposed to be seeds in there we’ll take those flowers for bees tomorrow perfect we can go into a small mine maybe try to find some diamonds today what could go wrong right nothing nothing could go

Wrong yes wait till I get another friend to come there you go I got two more you don’t need it I need one more I need another B oh that’s sad I missed it I missed my opportunity I did I did okay well we made some massive progress over here

Today so I’m actually really happy with this it may be Klo well you may be on to something it may be time to go mine some diamonds I’m not going to lie hopefully nothing bad happens let me put all my stuff down just in case um but we desperately do need some

More you can go strip mining let go one straight line I haven’t set that up yet that’s the problem I could make a strip mine right now that’s for sure that may be what we need to do that may not be bad I had the idea I

Had for a strip mine let me put my stuff down and I’ll show you I don’t need that leather like I had leather somewhere else yeah don’t need to carry those or that I will take all of that with me though so the idea that I had for a strip mine was to

Head back towards our house so this path long-term thinking here in case you weren’t here when I said it earlier is this path is kind of going to run down through here across the river and then over towards the village over there and then along the river this way out into

Who knows where but this direction the path is going to carry off this way obviously into our barn but then it’s going to kind of round itself around over towards the house on the hill so again the house on the hill needs to redone that was the first thing

I ever built I honestly think I can say ever in Minecraft not just in this world but like in Minecraft at at large so along the pathway as it runs this way I think I want a strip mine cuz we have this massive Ravine but we’ve kind of been

Through this a good amount everything on the surface we’ve probably collected but then I’m thinking over here there’s a strip mine that starts like in the side of the hill and then just Burrows underneath into there and then big windmill massive Fields all of that so I

Just have to figure out where I want the mine to start it’s probably the best spot maybe here while it’s already like a little bit of a lower point maybe this is where it could start we just take these trees out I don’t want to just like go nuts I want

To still kind of match the way we’ve built the world so far but I also am kind of needing diamonds right now let’s take these leaves because I want to use some of them for decoration later anyway and I think right here’s our little strip mine I think this is it and

I think we just start going under again the pathway is going to come down through here anyway but then right off in this little Cove can be our strip mine okay and I realized it’s all right we can do this and we’ll just set up a little shot right

Here probably right there for now what I want to do is I want a barrel I don’t want I don’t want that I think I like barrels way more than I like chests at this point and we put a barrel there and we can keep the leaves we just took down

There I say we go for it okay so let’s see here it comes into here I hadn’t thought this through yet I didn’t plan to do this today on stream so I have to kind of like think through it now if it comes over here I kind of like I think it just

Burrows in right here I kind of wanted it to go into like a main room nothing too crazy nothing too big and we can terraform around this some I’m thinking like a big Stone like room here yeah like a bigstone room and then you have like your

Drop almost like a m shaft in a sense it looks very squared off now but we’d add like some Stone around it to kind of make like a cave entrance in a sense and I think the we go a little bit further back here maybe even one more further

Back just to be safe I’d rather be too big than not big enough for what I want and we start mining down probably right in the middle here is a 2 by two a good uh A good rule of thumb here or should I do

More not two by two uh but like two wide or should I go three wide oh I kind of like the idea of going three wide I just need to expand it one more over cuz if I go three wide there could be like a mine track down the middle and

Like stairs on the side yeah I’m doing it convinced it’s going to take a little longer to do but I’m doing it yep convinced myself of it okay there we go and we’re hungry and we’ll go back one more before we start going down and really hope that we find coal

Cuz I did not bring any with me and down we go well immediately found some iron so that’s a good start okay did I do that right or did I already mess it up I think I already messed it up hold on in order for it to look super neat I

Guess that would be what it is cuz it’s four tall here right one two three I only did three tall but I guess four four that’s all right I’m overthinking it at this point all right I think I’m in the Rhythm now I’ve got the

Groove now we can kind of turn our brain off and just roll so how low am I looking to go like what’s the Y value I’m trying to get to we’re trying to go like until we hit the bottom or what’s the what’s the game plan cuz we’re just chilling now

So if you’re new to the channel which I think most of you guys are who are here at this point or Klo I know that you are for sure new we do have a joke of the day every day you’re welcome to use the command jotd and it will pop up for you

Uh there’s also a Discord server if you want to hop into Discord with some pretty awesome people you can do that and uh it’s really cool it’s a lot of fun it’s really awesome we’ve been having a good time over there celebrating people’s birthdays and sharing our Minecraft Builds all that

All that fun jazz it’s been really cool I think somewhere along the line no we’re right we’re right on track and if you are on Twitch I’m also live on YouTube right now you can have to YouTube watch me there or watch any of my old videos there it’s a pretty cool

Time we’ve got some stardy Valley stuff on there if you’re into that we just started playing Minecraft as well so there’s a lot of Minecraft on there it is a fun time but we are just cruising making our way down still don’t really I know that you

Can make copper like blocks but don’t really have any idea what the use case is for copper right now if I’m being honest more dirt 58 is the best place for diamonds where are we now I’m still okay we got a ways to go we are above y

Level we got like a 100 blocks to go down so we got some time to kill we’ve got a good bit of time to kill here so we’re just uh kind of I guess this is this is life now I’m just just holding a button with my finger on my mouse and we’re

Moving what is that that what block is that hold on oh wait no is that this cow site am I dumb it’s diorite what is cow site oh that’s the stuff around the the amyst things the geod that’s right it’s also like a whitish color like this though we’re getting

There this is probably something I could have done off stream but you know what’s the fun in doing that this is how you know it’s real you know how you know it’s real and he guesses on where we’re at it’s probably I’m going to say we are only at like y 40 uh

34 34 only like 80 more blocks to go we’ll get there eventually what was that sound that was terrifying oh it’s a good block diorite is a good block or calside is I’m going have to go empty my pockets here in a minute coal let’s

Go I forgot that my uh the shaders I have on will oh that’s also a problem gosh darn it the shaders I have on will make it so it doesn’t seem uh dark in the caves so that’s why I haven’t even felt like a need for torches di right

Gotcha okay so couple things I need to do I need to go back over make another pickaxe and then probably bring a bed over here cuz we’re going to be here for a while just dump all of that straight into there and I have an extra furnace we’ll go

Ahead and bring that over here too got to dodge all these people and hope that lets me sleep in my bed gosh there’s three creepers here listen I just don’t go near my barn stay away please be far enough away so I can sleep ah let’s

Go I think they’re all gone okay we’re good one two one two three one two three let’s see and then I need anything else I know I mentioned I needed something else but I’ve already forgotten what it is oh a bed a bed we’re going to take a bed

Over okay and let’s go ahead and just make this right here and get back to it why are you still here shoot gosh darn it gosh darn it why are you still here oh let’s go I like in real life flinched backwards trying to block it from

Happening all right over here drop you in there oh the furnace I was going to bring the furnace over it’s all right we’ve got I think we’ve got enough cob Cobblestone to make another one and we’ll throw you right there and you can start smelting boom and nope

No why is he there of all places he could have spot get the freak away from me uh-uh uh-oh why are are you did he see me I just about peed myself he can’t hit me here right not like this you can’t okay come here I’m looking right at you

Oh we about to kill our first Enderman it’s our first ender portal that was absolutely terrifying that that was AB okay I need to make torches for sure even though I can see down there with the shaders on I need to make torches that was absolutely

Terrifying okay once we get this I have sticks yeah once we mine this coal we’re making some moreo and I probably don’t need this now oh this was a massive vein of coal look at this we’re set we can make so many torches okay let’s like reset with the proper spacing here that

There don’t need those two just don’t want any mobs to spawn where there’s going to be gaps 64 a whole stack okay and we’re moving what world version am I on this is 1.20 that it was the one that was the the the newest one that was available

Whenever I started my world because I didn’t know any better I just started on that one and that’s what we’re playing on I think it’s like 120.4 or something maybe I think that’s it I can look it up for you real quick actually fn3 120.4 yep more dirt

Lovely oh not my shovel too gosh my shovel is almost gone I didn’t bring anything for it gosh darn it have to go all the way back up we have the iron that’s melting we can just make an iron one I don’t need a diamond shovel just annoy that it’s dirt right

Now more iron let’s go it’s just that one second too long that I keep moving off of it I’m not used to the timing of it that’s probably close enough all right got getting close to zero right we’re at 11 we’re almost there we’re almost there slowly but surely oh we found some

Granite that’s nice at least something different I’m like having a beat in my head to kind of map out the timing uh oh we’ve hit deep slate how you know you’re making progress right is that zero is that where deep slate starts spawning let’s see oh around four not in full deep slate

Though oh it takes so much longer yeah it’s going to take so much longer to get through this stuff now I do love how this block looks though the Deep slate I want to find a way to use it in my builds more I just I haven’t messed around with block

Combinations enough yet to see how they work I don’t have enough time for that right now the time I get to spend playing I typically try to stream I don’t even have any other worlds that I mess around in what the freak was that noise what is that so you said

58 got like 50 more blocks probably I’m suddenly regretting my 3×3 decision you said good luck good luck getting all the way down or what my finger hurts from holding it down for so long oh yeah no we got time we’ve got a good ways to go

Here I’m kind of surprised I haven’t ran into a cave yet I know there was like a Ravine and stuff near the house so I was kind of expecting to bump into that it’s probably better that we didn’t but still kind of shocking that’s the cave

Monster well well I don’t want to hear that I already almost peed myself when an Enderman showed up in her cave I don’t need to know that there’s a cave monster outside the warden that we still haven’t seen or encountered yet oh we’re getting there oh my pockets are full again gosh darn

It well before I mine that I might I better go empty my pockets this is going to take a minute to get back up if I mine it right now though I have no inventory space so I’m going to go empty my pockets up here and honestly

Probably craft a bunch of stairs so next time we come up we can use we can put one side with stairs on it boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom holy cow it takes so long is Warden yeah I I’ve had some people in

Chat tell me that they can’t wait for me to find the warden and I think they just want to see me in pain and the all of that get away from me okay and then boom boom there we go so I they’ve told me to watch out for

The warden and that if I find him to just run but I feel like from what I’ve heard from other people if I find him I’m just it’s too late it’s too late at that point how do you make a stone cutter again oh I need an iron bar good thing I have

One and three smooth Stone I don’t have that but we can get it the warden is way down don’t worry that makes me feel better all right we’re going to get a stone cutter and uh make our way down some more with stairs get those diamonds and then stare our away back

Up hopefully we can at least like get down to the level today boom boom all right yeah and like I said we’ll kind of like build a mound around this kind of around the area and see what we can make happen put the granite in there

Too perfect I think it was that and that right yes so here we’ll just put you right here let me grab uh two stacks of those throw it in hold on do I want Cobble stairs or do I want different stairs I kind of feel like Cobble looks nice

What do deep slay stairs look like oh that looks really sweet though use the white block diorite oh and you said if I put four in a row polished diorite but I kind of like The Rustic look I feel like this looks too too like almost too polished for how the

Rest of the world is shaping up like that looks so neat compared to let’s take one of these one of those there’s so many options one of those I know I can probably make like polished ones okay there’s that oh that’s look kind of nice H we’ve got a decision to make

Honestly kind of like this one right here I’m not going to lie I kind of like this this uh polished deep slate stairs that may be my favorite you know what I’m going to do I’m going to put them all along this wall and put a

Pole up in this Discord and we’ll go from there that is what I’m going to do not today we’ll put the pole up and then I’ll actually do it next time I think I like this the best that’s my choice obviously you can just do stone stairs too but for today

We’re just going to mine down but yeah we’ll uh we’ll uh take a screenshot of this actually real quick hold on give some lighting to him did that do it yeah I did okay and we’ll take a screenshot and put it in the Discord and see uh which one we like

Best all right let’s empty the rest of my pockets that’s no good well actually I guess we can do stone brick stairs as well and uh yeah we’ll see which one wins that will be the game plan back down we go all the way to the

Bottom it will just take us a minute to jump back out it’ll be okay though it’ll be okay oh somebody posted something in Discord oh hello Mr Roblox skull all right here we go further down we we Trek into the unknown that’s you well welcome to the server man glad you’re

Here it is a pretty fun time so after this stream I will post that screenshot and and we will just uh get everybody’s opinion that way I can hear from everybody and we’ll go from there I do my only concern with the uh diorite the polished diorite is that the polished

Diorite just looks a little what’s the word um too shiny maybe feel like we have a pretty rustic world going on right now when you look at the rest of the builds we’ve got in the world and so I don’t want to like detract from that that if that makes

Sense so I want to keep a similar theme throughout and I love the more like medieval kind of Darker blockes theme a lot of spruce and dark oak definitely use more deep slate as well now that we have a lot of it also really sad that that diamond was

Just one ore or one one yeah one ore that’s like super sad all right let’s see where are we negative 18 hey that’s progress right there that is some progress if I can get enough Diamond before this pickaxe breaks to make a new pickaxe that’s how I’ll know we’ve made

It I still have sticks I do okay look in Discord I can do that you made a text hey that looks super cool man I like that that’s actually really nice that’s awesome I love the colors too that blue really pops shoot that’s sweet yeah I love that like the way it

Kind of like is bright that’s so cool did you do it in Photoshop hello King of the Mind Sumi hello welcome Welcome to our lovely uh our lovely mining stream right now we kind of did some stuff at the very top we’ve made some progress oh I killed an Enderman too you

Should be proud to me I didn’t die I killed an Enderman he spawned in our in our minds I almost peed myself but we did it something like that gotcha CL gotcha yes we are sui that is the game plan now cuz I feel like I need more

Diamond like I’m ready to start pting things next probably not today I don’t have a ton of time today and I still I’m not feeling great so my voice is like a little in and out so I don’t know how long I’ll be streaming for um but I also

Don’t want to just go running through caves because I uh I don’t want to die we got 34 levels I don’t want to die so but we’ve got tons of animals at the farm now started some potatoes all the wheat’s gone some more diamonds it’s a great

Day we also have clap here over on uh on the side in case you have to go up so we were already I didn’t even think about wooden stairs that’s a genius idea klopp and I were just talking about of what kind of stairs we wanted so I took a

Screenshot of a couple different kinds of stairs and uh we’re trying to um I was trying to decide which one I wanted to go for but wooden stairs may actually be the best call cuz that’s going to match the world the best probably oh that was three

Good so if our pickaxe breaks down here well never mind I didn’t bring a crafting table so I have to go back up anyway go for wood so yeah I like the wood but I took some of a deep slate like the polished deep slate stairs I’m

Not going to lie I think they look really really cool they’re kind of like a darker color so well my my concern right now is I want something that kind of match is the theme of the of the world because I’m going to um I don’t know if you were on

Stream yesterday when I talked about it I’m going to like decorate the outside of the cave don’t mind me I’m going to take the outside of the cave and create like a like a dome thing um like like a rock face in a sense so that way it looks

Like it’s built into the side of the mountain and then uh the pathway that will run from the farm right next to the mine on the way to the house and it’ll kind of be integrated into the world so I don’t want it to feel like it’s like just thrown together

Like I want to take my time with it kind of how we did the barn but we’ll see we’ll see don’t mind me n s I value your opinion you guys are just as much invested in this world as I am at this point so but we’ve got the stairs up there those

Noises always get me and we’ll see which ones we like I was going to post in the Discord and see what people thought as well so I’ll add some stairs to some of the wooden stairs too to get some opinions right now I think I know my choice but I want to

Hear from everybody what height am I at- 33 25 more apparently to get to Peak Diamond potential but yeah ass me the thought I told Klo the thought is to have like some m tracks that run up the middle all the way up to the top I need to torch

Up and then stairs on either side going down that’s the Thought but this has been life for the last how long 40 minutes probably has just been this yes I mean thanks I’m really excited like it’s just kind of like starting to piece together in my brain how I want to look so the big wheat Fields with the windmill the barn turned

Out so nice I think the barn has been like a big like confidence boost for me because like I had it in my mind and was actually able to make it look like how I wanted to in the world and so I think that’s just giv me some confidence to

Maybe even dream of some of the next steps to kind of piece this place together so super excited super excited eventually though we do just need to jump into the to the nether we’re going to have to do that soon well not soon but eventually eventually we’ll have

To thank you I mean the Deep slate really tied it all together though like I I knew it felt like it was missing something with just the granite and the polished Granite but the Deep slate was like that was the missing piece oh we’ll do that we can to once we

Hit the bottom here where are we at we’re at 41 58 is what klopp was saying is good for diamonds so that was kind of the the target area here but once we hit that we can absolutely go check out the barn later cuz it turned out so nice I’m

Going to think about the interior some more and do some more interior decorating but even then like we did a little bit yesterday and I think it turned out pretty well I just need to work on the floor adding some mud genius to me hey more diamonds let’s

Go oh that was a big one oh my gosh there’s more let’s go from RX to just for real we are coming back loaded I mean you wouldn’t believe it but at one point in time like I think right before I started the first stream in Minecraft I had had like 40 diamonds

After our first cave trip and then I just died so much and burnt through all of them cuz I had no idea what I was doing it was like two stacks only Ur in the B oh gotcha so that’s why it’s important to get low 49 nine more

Blocks well let’s uh let’s hope that we can get loaded here here keep forgetting and we’re torching like look at this we’re crushing it right now before anything personally I know some people on Minecraft space say it’s not worth it but it is well it definitely feels a lot safer I’ll say

That much I can see maybe if like you’re super solid good night there’s more if you’re like super solid at combat and stuff like I can see how maybe you wouldn’t feel like you needed the strip mine but it’s definitely like I’ve I’ve had no threat of dying and I’ve already

Found now 13 diamonds at least if not more 13 13 it is so definitely feels a lot safer anyway where are we at 53 technically 54 I think I’m going to leave the rest of that gold there cuz I do kind of like

How it it kind of makes the K like the M shaft feel more like a mine we left some copper up there too some good YouTube video on the side and then just listen to music and Vibe it is definitely more peaceful and relaxing it wasn’t a second ago we

Started the strip mine down and then I had to go back up cuz my pickaxe broke and I had to make a new one but I didn’t bring anything with me to do that and when I went to go back down the strip mine there was a uh an Enderman just

Chilling and I about peed myself but we took him out don’t worry we took him out we got our first Ender eye ender pearl what whatever it’s called Eye of Ender terrifying oh what is this oh is that the the bottom stuff are we there oh

We’re here we’ve made it should I stay one up or should we come all the way down to 59 run into a lava pool so you can fill it and remove the lava oh good to know good to know know we’ll definitely be doing some more

Strip mining um I’m going to just do a little bit right now not too much I think I want like a main hallway that goes out this way like a main 3×3 hallway eventually we may even open it up there oh you can’t remove it so like this one

Gotcha but then off of this 3×3 hallway once we get far enough away and now I think I want like shoots off the side here so like once we go far enough like a boom and a boom and then that way is that kind of the thought here

Make a main hallway y I’ll do this good to know I’m I’m tracking now I’m in the right I’m on the right on the right steps two blocks in between the shoots that makes sense cuz like if I go like if let’s say this were an

Offshoot I can see all of that and so then I’d want the next one to be there cuz then I would see this one in that hallway and this one in this hallway so let’s go ahead and map this bad boy out some people use three blocks but then you may miss stuff

Right Technically when you miss things and should I go two blocks high or three blocks ey like should I mine this one or should I leave it oh yeah you’re right actually look at that we are well lit well lit and the way we go we rolling well this really is just like

Therapeutic cuz when you were going I actually had to think a little bit on the stairs but here you’re just kind of cruising no thoughts just Minecraft my brain is empty so how far in One Direction do people typically go oh I would personally light up one

Hallway but you can optionally remove it again once you leave the hallway and then just dirt block oh I think I’m fine with this and then just have the hallway still here cuz you could I guess technically I could just like infinitely go in One Direction right

Well right now I’ll probably go until I hit lava and then be done because I don’t have any sand or anything to block it up and I’m not about to risk it we’re just mining honestly my finger kind of hurts you can experience lag from torches interesting I did boost my memory usage

In the launcher so I have 32 gigs and so I do have more memory usage allocated to this so maybe that helps me with the lag cuz I’ve not really experienced any of that the one thing I’m potentially thinking about messing with is uh the fact that my

My settings on OBS for streaming I potentially thinking about making those higher ah so yeah so torches definitely could do that huh we found some gold but we’re here for diamonds well we found a ton of diamonds on the stairwell we’ve not found any Sense the good news is stream far is on YouTube is fine okay that’s good to what the freak [Laughter] Julie how’s it going we are strip mining today hello hello welcome to the stream this is you’re looking at it it’s in it’s really you know crazy gameplay

Today seeing me do some crazy outplays oh let’s go good luck it was Julie oh my goodness it was a massive one longer than I wanted but it’s all right I feel you I am not feeling great today I’ll be honest feeling a little rough under the weather so wasn’t even

Sure I was going to stream um but then decided you know what let’s go for it for a little bit and uh here we are here we are that was a six one there was six diamonds in that mine I think it’s just a cold like allergy based the weather’s been crazy

Here fluctuating up and down so I don’t think it’s anything serious and anytime the kids that I work with get sick that means I’m probably getting sick as well and there’s been stuff going around school so I’m sure I just picked up a little cold nothing crazy oh my

Goodness only had to change cotton ball twice for my ear first time in ages last night shoot that’s a full eight hours look at that I’ve decided I’m going in this cave either until I hit lava or my pickaxe breaks and then we’re headed back to the barn to show it

Off that’s amazing though glad to hear it and hopefully tomorrow everything gets better too yeah once this pickaxe breaks we’ll head back to the barn to show it off and check on our animals what’s the best flavor of ice cream that’s a that’s a that’s an intense question right there there a lot

On the line here I don’t know if this one was asked yesterday I didn’t change it because I didn’t remember it getting asked on stream but if it was and I missed it I do apologize also yeah it did work didn’t it lemon ice cream are we talking like a

Lemon like more like sorbet based ice cream or like sherbet chocolate chip mint interesting solid bold Choice I’ll be honest I’m not a huge fan of mint chocolate chip I’m not going to lie it’s not my favorite it’s not it’s not I do though love me some cookies and

Cream and like sherbet yes so good so good oh I hear lava I think it’s to my right oh it’s gurgling all around right now I’m so there it is oh look at that those reflexes did you see that we’re so fast spaming space hey that’s there’s no no no issue with

That boom okay now we just got to walk up all these stairs and we’re going this is it for a while that was the end yeah the pickaxe is almost done too so we’re going to call that a pause for now take these 19 diamonds back up honestly maybe make some diamond

Armor I’m not sure maybe I’ll hold on to him because I do the next big thing is I definitely want to get a enchanting table right that’s the word and try to enchant something but I want to like make it I think I have an idea oh yes Julie so

We’ve already talked about this I actually am going to post it in Discord because I want your guys’ opinion on what stairs I want so big term big big plans here there’s going to be a mine rail down the middle and then stairs on either

Side yes 100% the next time we go down we will have stairs with us but I wasn’t sure what stairs I wanted to use and I was like I was super indecisive I couldn’t make up my mind so up here you’ll see we have these stairs I don’t know I really honestly

Like I think I like these a lot those are the polished uh Cobble deep slate or something I don’t know there’s so many options or wood you also have wooden stairs but I think I really like the like the darker look of those I do but anyway we’re going to

Build like a little Hut here out of stone around this so like it’s like an entrance into the caves going down and then like a m shaft all the way down that’s the that’s the game plan but uh let’s um I’m going to need to make another Barrel that’s all right

Yeah I love the the color of deep slate it looks so nice there we’ll do that for now ah hitting wrong buttons like crazy deep slate what about the gradient from the stones to the Deep slates like doing multiple of them is that what you’re saying take the Deep slate out and throw

It up there P our iron and we’ll we’ll smelt our copper over there this one here or this one that’s just Cobblestone this is just deep slate this is deep slate blocks that’s polished deep slate stone slabs whatever and this is the the polished I don’t know I don’t remember I’ll be

Honest imagine going from light to dark just like the deeper oh that could be cool so like start here at the top and then as we go further down like make our way like this one to this one to this one at the very bottom that could look really cool

Actually that would take a lot longer but it would look really cool I kind of like it oh we need to we need to sleep actually may I put a bed over here Stone Cobblestone Cobble deep slate then the other deep slates yes I’m tracking I’m tracking what you’re saying

I think that would look nice I like it we will definitely be adding that next time we go down there’s the barn in the distance look at it looks so nice Julie I don’t remember if you were here when we finished it up yesterday or not

Oh we also we got like I found out you can get baby bees in the game I don’t know how I didn’t know you could get baby bees but we have a ton of baby bees now we have like 10 bees over here at this point look at all of

Them look at all of them all of our bees it’s amazing it’s amazing all right let’s toss this stuff back in here and let’s look at the barn here’s our barn it’s not perfect still feel like there’s a few things I need to tweak and work

Out but this is where this is where it is I think it turned out way better than I expected it to yes yes Julie in the task wall we added a task wall today this was the first thing we did I’m not sold I I’m going to keep thinking about how to

Make it potentially look nicer but we tried some stripped Oak and here so if there’s anything else we need to do all right here here’s my three things that are on my list right now here’s my three things we need to finish the interior of the barn the top floor that’s the main

Thing we need to build an enchantment table I have an idea I’m not going to say it yet cuz I’m pretty excited about it but I also don’t want to lock myself in because it may be a massive undertaking and then we need to build a

Handcrafted tree so I kind of think in the middle of this little like forested area where the bees are like maybe like here we build a a bigger not massive but bigger handcrafted tree maybe even having like a little tree house in the middle of it not not sure

Yet I’m just thinking out loud you know but yeah here’s the barn let’s go inside welcome welcome to our barn we have lots of animals lots of little chickens here go collect the eggs Hello friends got one more we have some pigs just started getting them to to move around go ahead enjoy

Yourselves shoot stay in here nailed it I don’t think I have any Wheat so I can’t do anything oh villager breeding yes listen I’m going to need lot to help with that one I had some amount of an idea for this and how to do the animals I have no

Clue how to do the Villager stuff but here we’ll add it on here V villager Bread House sounds really really odd you don’t know Minecraft that sounds weird but it’s okay and then actually let’s go ahead get some more bees rolling look at that we leveled up

Too also we’re going to get so many levels now that we have all these animals that we can breed this is crazy crazy and look how tiny he is oh my gosh they’re so cute so cute good night okay and we’ll grab this stuff oh and seeds

Two really get crazy here look at that we’re going to have all the arrows in the world all the arrows it’s going to be crazy a mob farm all right you’re getting a little crazy here Julie getting a little crazy oh we just did the pigs they’re not going to be

Ready okay okay I know you all are excited but chill Out stay there actually I need the XP basically you make a dark box with a tunnel leading down to their fall and you swipe oh cool so um I know it’s really cute to me but we do have to do what needs to be done at some point

In time with these cows they’re getting a little out of control Here right in front of the children too I can’t believe I just did that y’all are so obnoxious good night okay and then this is upstairs this is where we’re at up here so we got some hay bales some barrels there’s nothing in them yet but this is what the top

Looks like in a little crafting area with the building materials we had it looks nice I don’t I don’t fully know what to do with this I think it kind of looks nice just as like a little overhang but maybe some fence I’m just not

Sure I’m just not sure but it turned out so nice like I’m so like thrilled with how it turned out it looks so good so we had talked about an outdoor staircase as well that maybe came up to this back door but I just don’t know how

To make it look right without it feeling out of place so that’s the only issue I Feel Like Anything added to the back just feels out of place and then in here there’ll be some hay and some gates that come out here as well long term so but yeah the texturing brought

It looks so much better had some fence post here feel like there’s still some more stuff I could do but I’m happy with it for right now you good bud okay yeah he’s fine he’s fine all right let’s add mob farm over here Julie apparently wants me to die what happened what was

That also Julie I saw your comment about the Axel and now I feel awful about the fact that we’ve just had them stuck in this cage staring at what they want to eat with no way of getting to it it feels really wrong but there’s nothing I can do about

It right now so there’s kind of stuck all right let’s um throw some more food up there yeah we went from like having nothing in this world and me having no idea what I was doing to suddenly I have more ideas than I know what to do with real fast

So I don’t know how we’re we’re going to be doing this for a minute so hope you guys are buckled up and ready for it cuz yes I read your comment about the ax lles being stuck in a cage and just staring at the fish that they want to

Eat but having no way of going to get it feels really wrong but it’s all right so but yeah there’s lots of ideas up here now it’s just a matter of getting them there oh I didn’t even add the other ideas over here my uh hold

On I don’t have room okay okay these are the most important things all right let’s do this let’s um the um the the next like big big build that I think we’ll do is a windmill and I think the windmill so this path will follow along the riverbed

Here all the way down I think it we’ll extend it out here some all the way over here and then there’ll be the other one that way but out in here there’ll be a big windmill with some Farmland around it that will be the next like big big big build not just like

Small like the M shaft thing is going to be pretty small like I’m excited with how it’s turning out but it’s not going to be huge this will be the next big one it’ll be like right here it’s going to be really cool we’ll just need to do the pathing first and

Then go from there what else was I going to say I also want to find a way to like incorporate you all and those who join the stream and things like that into the world in some fun way I don’t know how to do that yet and I don’t know the best

Way to do that but if you’ve seen other people do that on like a stream or a Channel or something if you want to let me know what they’ve done so I can start thinking of ideas that’d be great I don’t really know exactly what it is but

I’d like to find some way to like commemorate your guys’ help with all of this into the world so oh the music went off you are correct give me a second we’ll fix it it has to reset every so often so if I don’t reset it it’s like an hour and a

Half of music and if I don’t reset it it’s just not there oh ideas for um like I need to go back to the game now ideas for sorry I had to yawn I had to like commemorate like you all in the world as well like you all’s help with the world

Things like that for me hasn’t fully come up my screen yet but I want to find something I don’t know what it is 50 houses for my first 100 Subs 50 houses would take me a while right now Julie that’s my only problem but I like the idea

Though especially as we like we’re not there yet we’ve got some some time beforeand i’ actually need to check now cuz we had some shorts that were kind of popping off for a second yeah we are at 8:30 Subs so I’d love to do something for that like

Thousand Mark I just don’t know what it would be you know so but we are at 8:30 right now Sumi you’re back still not done with it that’s all right that is all right but yeah that’s kind of what I would like to try to think through is

How can we do something in here like with a thousand in the next probably 3 months I would say is a safe time frame but I would be thinking about it ahead of time so I’m ready for it when it happens thanks sui yeah we kind of just

Walked around through here looked at all of this and the upstairs and okay it may be time to take out some of these chickens I’m not going to lie is there a better way to get like is there anything else to do with the eggs first

Off can I cook the eggs or do I just throw them at the ground Jackson what’s up man welcome welcome there subs and patreons Ah that’s a good idea you guys have definitely helped me name stuff I just need more name tags in order to do that we’ve definitely lost track of which

Bees were which at this point make a cake genius so we’ll keep some of them and then oh yeah I do need To so sorry but and then is there a better way to make sure I get feathers a difficult recipe cake sugar egg and milk the music stopped again hold on no it didn’t it’s still there it’s just quiet in my ears I don’t know what I’m talking

About yeah it’s um I just had it pulled up see here sugar eggs wheat and milk yeah wait you can make a boat with a chest on it that’s crazy and then how do I do this oh you need bamboo and string to make scaffolding somebody was telling me I need

Scaffolding I do have music I have it turned down right now I listened back to one of the streams before and I felt like it was way too loud like I have it so it set where like when I go to different scenes within OBS it changes

Volume so like if I go to my like BRB scene or my ending or starting scenes the music is louder than when it is in game so I don’t know know I don’t know dirt over scaffolding interesting interesting yeah I just I felt like it

Was too much so maybe once you can hear again you can give me some input as well on what you think early game Storage Solutions gotcha I’m really loving the Barrel idea though the barrels I feel like look really nice super cool okay I have no clue what’s

Next I guess we can well we’ll see um we have some barrels chests some ingots some glass is there anything else that we need to do here can’t work with scaffolding oh well maybe I don’t need scaffolding then you guys have convinced me otherwise you have you have I just want

To like look at it all day like it just looks so good how many bookshelves can I make what do I need to make bookshelves I need books how do I make a book I need paper how do I make paper paper oh yeah so I just need to make a bunch of

Paper then okay well we have a lot of paper now has tiny window frames oh yeah Julie we do need to connect our path that’s true and little tables interesting or chairs huh so I do need to look into something all right book oh it’s all that in one leather

Gotcha where’s the rest of my leather at I can make 18 books 19 books so we have 20 books I also think I have some books up at my house I could get the enchant setup going yeah so I have a I yeah I just don’t know where I guess

We could do a basic one now I can make it better after so bookcase bookshelf my bad where did I put all my books put them all in here I want to um ride up to the house because I think I have more books up here too did I get my le

Lead yeah I did just a tip about the enchantment setup here’s our strip mine gosh I can’t relocate it interesting can I make like a second one or is it just the one I can later once I have silk touch gotcha can you just make the one

Enchanting table then the game not let you make more than that let’s just get up this mountain yeah so I have kind of what I’m thinking I have an idea I just have to make it work all right stay here honey we’re home books books books books books I thought I had some

Books oh I had more Diamond up here look at that you guys literally said the exact same thing at the same time you were off by like barely seconds I’ve tried jumping with a horse but this doesn’t work well for me I always feel like I still bash my face off of

Things okay books books oh yeah I had 19 books here so oh gosh oh yeah I have some wood good I have 10 bookcases so me jie some horses are higher jumpers than others another fun fact interesting okay well I think for the current time frame I’m thinking something like here would

Be like a cool enchantment area until we can move it with the nether portal there obviously we have a lot of work to do in this house to make it look as cool as the barn does but for right now we’re here so what’s the proper setup for this i’

I’ve heard of it before I know it’s like what am I hearing no lightning here what the heck am I hearing oh what’s up is it the wandering Traer guy is he here for to give me more leads he is have anything good first what is that that’s such a bright color packed

Ice ooh actually I may take that jungle sapling we can grow some jungle trees I think I have the emeralds should I take the jungle sapling first though I feel like like I should that feels like it’s a a win you discorded me let’s see boom oh I see I

See yeah I’m taking the jungle we’ll take two of them thank you for doing bit now you thought I didn’t see you over there huh you thought you were slick right come here did I get them I didn’t get the leads or did he oh no they

Did because there’s still one there okay which is an unpopular opinion well now I have some saplings that we can use I don’t need that Birch yeah yeah yeah nobody saw that um okay I saw Julie sent okay so it’s uh it’s looks like that

Oh it’s oh it’s not going to be even in my house this is not not good for my brain that makes me want to throw up but this what it’s going to have to be I I kind I break it it just G me okay I lose the wood but

I get the books back I can live with that cuz I don’t love what that was looking like but I don’t have the wood now gosh and all my wood is down there really all right yeah I just learned my lesson there we going to go get some more

Wood look at these pretty flowers lesson learned a creep yes is where we’re headed and honestly that would be enough but we’ll get one more just in case did I leave this tree half cut who am I early on Levi had no idea what he was

Doing in the end it’s just a block game nothing that worry about a block game you’re right Sumi it is just a block game a game of blocks ow that is what I’m learning I think that was my biggest problem before when I always tried to play Minecraft is I

Always tried to like have this like perfect vision and was always so frustrated whenever it uh like didn’t go exactly how I wanted it to and um then would want to restart it so that was my biggest problem and also while I’m thinking about it just to prevent the whole creeper situation

From happening again boom torches torches mess around and find out okay so let’s try this that’s not going to work either I love my Green carpet hey thanks sui thanks I worked really hard on it that wouldn’t work either maybe that’s not the I also have

This room like I could do it I wouldn’t work in here either super well the idea I do have I think would look really nice once it’s done oh wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait I’m dumb I forgot that this house Happ had

This we can do it in here maybe basement just do it right here hold on I just made this house in such an awkward Dimension did not map out any of this space we may just do it up top for now and then once we get silk touch we’ll move

It and because this is not going to be the long-term solution for this hold on I got to look at this build again it’s so this makes a square is that the correct dimensions for what we’re looking at here cuz I may just do it right here for right now like this is

May be what we do with the fullon intention of moving it later too much one two three that’s what it looks like on Julie though and the picture she sent oh these ones are not needed so it just needs to be that well if that’s the case do I even have enough of

This is it like you need a certain number of bookcases around it is that the thing I’m Googling it I want to see some options here enchant table setup oh wait I see some different options that could work hold on ideas cuz then that would just be four that’s not

Right it’s five across that’s the problem and my brain is trying really hard to make this make sense just took a pick from Google one two three five okay would this work what did they then do I think that person also then did someon the floor like here and

Here would this work cuz I could live with this in the house I even have what I need to make an enchanting table diamonds a book and obsidian right wouldn’t this work check Discord on it three and then is that three on the side oh it’s three and then

Two um once once we have the stuff we need Jackson um I don’t I don’t have a time frame necessarily right now wrong spot so so this yeah I definitely have a little ways to go all right and then over here go ahead and make the table and then

Here oh I’m going to be one bookshelf short no I need one more piece of leather do I have it I do oh let’s go no I’m not I need two more pieces of leather cuz I need three books we’re still good oh my gosh I thought I thought we

Have to like go look for all this other stuff previous fluffy was thinking ahead and then it goes right here right in the middle or do you have it in the back you have it there I’m not going to place it until I know here like against the

Bookshelf I’m scared you guys said I can’t move it once I place it where is it here here it’s so hard to communicate like this cuz in the picture you sent it looks like it’s against the back it looks like it’s right there it needs one block of space all

Around it so here then okay boom I also need lapis don’t I and then how do I do this do I just like slap stuff in there and go and a grindstone I make a grindstone how does one make said grindstone I have an anvil how I make a grindstone

I don’t think I’ve unlocked that crafting recipe yet can’t you cra like enchant books too I guess let’s make a fresh pickaxe to enchant here we go so I just right click noral stone slab do I not have any Cobblestone up here get out of here what I don’t have any

Cobblestone I can’t make a stone slab up here I’m going to have to go get cobblestone all right we’re sleeping what a deal so I don’t need the grandstone right now though I can do I can get that later I can go ahead and try to get

Enchantment going to right click and see what happens here double torches how about that three torches boom or torched I’m going for it so I throw it in here and I put the lapis in and then I’m good Unbreaking efficiency efficiency one what the freak was in my ear did you

Hear that I feel like Unbreaking is good but efficiency feels like it would be better but I don’t know these enchantments like you guys do gosh there is a piglin in the other room piglin Unbreaking yeah or should I not do it then do something else it it’s far away

I feel like Unbreaking the other tools it’s the same stuff so do I go ahead and do this what the freak get out of my house man cuz it’s all the same stuff I’m breaking efficiency efficiency all right I’m I’m doing I’m doing Unbreaking can I do another

One no oh I got silk touch too look at that crushed it efficiency three Unbreaking efficiency three just efficiency three get out of my face brother um I feel like I need to make another shovel I feel like I don’t even understand how uh how good that enchant was Am I lucky or do I not need it anymore there’s also Fortune I feel like Silk Touch is probably better on a shovel cuz you want to be able to move grass right Unbreaking three in silk touch all right well we have some enchants now so we’re

Good do I want to do anything with this pickaxe oh you can re oh you can repair them okay so I can enchant this one then just repair it I’m tracking oh but I need level 28 to do that okay so I guess we’ll just repair it for

Now hold on is there a way for me to get a level and a half real quick I have anything I can smelt oh that’s a genius this is quite genius Soul Sand dirt I don’t know of a way to get a level and a half real quick on this mending

Books I guess I Could Just Kill these things right you get stuff from killing them right yeah not much oh get over here this dude holy what man put me on skates that’s such a sad noise the problem is I have nothing to smell Julie

Man all right we have to get some more levels but we’re not going to get anything here real quick cool well we made that go can I kill this dude or is he going to like decimate me if I try to kill him you can just make new tools

Again but it really depends per player we all have different styles I got you well I’ll look through the enchantment some and see the ones that like I think I’d really want to try to get and go from there but I am probably sadly but I got this oh no if you got

Confidence I Got Confidence let’s do it let’s get this guy out of here you see this you see this yeah yeah he’s scared that was easy I was I was worried for nothing worried for nothing okay well we got a little enchant setup going here got this going all

Right still definitely going to do the bigger project I think I’ve got with this one so this is Unbreaking three in silk touch efficiency in that but I am going to have to call it for today um I did um starting to feel a little cruddy

Again and don’t want to push it for too much but I appreciate you guys hanging out for as long as you did um and helping out again it’s amazing so we’re making some massive progress the barn looks great we’ve got a strip mine we’ve got all kinds of stuff but you guys

Enjoy the rest of your day um there’ll be a video coming out in the middle of this week either Wednesday or Thursday and then we’ll be probably doing another stream on Saturday but appreciate you guys and I will see you next time Bye

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Come along as I build my first farm ever made in minecraft! I’m currently playing through minecraft for the first time and I’m loving it! So sit back, relax, and enjoy some cozy exploration!

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    EPIC Minecraft Live Subscriber Showdown | Day #2Video Information This video, titled ‘MINECRAFT LIVE WITH SUBCRIBER | LIVE LIFESTEALSMP | JAVA+BEDROCK | SMP DAY #2 | STREAM #21’, was uploaded by RockyisLive on 2024-01-07 02:58:35. It has garnered 66 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 02:07:25 or 7645 seconds. Hey Everyone ! This is FIROZ here! Welcome to “RockyisLive” YouTube Live Stream Channel! Please SUBSCRIBE to RockyisLive, Thanks. Subscribe to our First YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/@UCoICO6suh5meJjtSG7bDyQw Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/@RockyisLive0509 Discord : https://discord.gg/3Y84JcaC Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ig.rockyislive Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rockyislive_05 Twitter : https://twitter.com/rockyislive_05 About : RockyisLive is a YouTube Streaming Gaming Channel, where… Read More

  • Unleashing Dark Secrets in Minecraft Roleplay Series

    Unleashing Dark Secrets in Minecraft Roleplay SeriesVideo Information This video, titled ‘UN PASADO ENCARCELADO| FRACTALS (Cap 8:VIVIR O MORIR PARTE 1) SERIE DE MINECRAFT ROLEPLAY’, was uploaded by SoyRagam on 2024-03-24 20:00:06. It has garnered 69 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 00:49:00 or 2940 seconds. “Curiosity killed the cat” ======================================================== ==================================== ►Don’t forget to join discord so you don’t miss any news:https://discord.gg/W5FQhUXm2s ► SOCIAL NETWORKS: Twitter:https://twitter.com/ragampley Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/ragamplay/? TikTok:https://www.tiktok.com/@ragamplay ►Mi Bio:https://ragamyt.carrd.co/ ►Canal de Twitch:https://www.twitch.tv/ragamplay ►Canal de Kick:https://kick.com/soyragam123 #video game Read More

  • Insane Remix of PGT Team by Mannin! #MinecraftMadness

    Insane Remix of PGT Team by Mannin! #MinecraftMadnessVideo Information This video, titled ‘PGT TEAM, DE ELÉGETTEM REMIX #mannin1337 #2okos #pgtteam #pgtdani #icehavok #kds #minecraft #twitch’, was uploaded by mannin on 2024-01-16 11:44:19. It has garnered 8189 views and 534 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:59 or 59 seconds. You can find PGT TEAM on Soundcloud and YouTube BUT I’M ENOUGH REMIX #mannin1337 #2okos #pgt #pgtteam #pgtdani #icehavok #kds #minecraft #twitch Read More


    EPIC HOLIDAY SURPRISE in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘TATİL YAKLAŞIYOR ! Minecraft Survival Games #214’, was uploaded by Centipede on 2024-01-17 15:31:13. It has garnered 368 views and 39 likes. The duration of the video is 00:10:12 or 612 seconds. Greetings, I’m Pede, today the holiday is approaching, I shot a survival games video, I hope you liked it, muck :* Our Guild: https://www.craftrise.com.tr/lonca/b53059da-552c-4ad1-89ac-67e13dcb7052 Friends, do not forget to come to the discord server, leave a comment, tsk tsk ———– Centipede pack: come to discord ————- ———- Server ip: craftrise ———– DISCORD: https://discord.gg/ycHkE28rHt https://discord.gg/ycHkE28rHt ———————- Minecraft Nick;Centipede1,redmarlboro ——— — credits: I do not… Read More

  • EPIC Zoro x Luck Fusion in Minecraft! 🌪️🤯

    EPIC Zoro x Luck Fusion in Minecraft! 🌪️🤯Video Information This video, titled ‘”Minecraft Sonic Fusion: Clandestina (JVSTIN Remix) with Reverse Drop 💝🍇⚫🟨”‘, was uploaded by zoro X luck on 2024-01-05 07:46:00. It has garnered 5196 views and 257 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:38 or 38 seconds. “Minecraft Sonic Fusion: Clandestina (JVSTIN Remix) with Reverse Drop 💝🍇⚫🟨” “Embark on a fusion of beats as Minecraft’s reverse drop dances to the rhythms of Clandestina (JVSTIN Remix). Immerse yourself in a visually captivating world painted with the dynamic contrast of 💝🍇⚫🟨, creating a mesmerizing short video experience. Join the rhythmic journey in this pixelated realm of passion… Read More

  • Varonix

    VaronixUn PvP Faction Farm2Win revisité avec une dizaine d’items inédits et de très gros projets pour l’avenir ! play.varonix.fr Read More

  • Ethis SMP – Semi-Vanilla SMP 1.20 – Tight Knit Community – 16+ – LGBTQIA+ friendly – Whitelist

    Welcome to Ethis Community A warm and inclusive community where everyone can be friends. Here’s what we offer: Thorough Applications: Ensuring a fun and inclusive server environment Voicechat: Chat with ease using our voicechat mod Shopping District: Contribute to our cyberpunk district and start your own shops No TPA/Land Claiming: Keep it simple with vanilla mods Gamenights: Join our weekly gamenights for a change of pace Regular Events: Stay inspired with in-game events A history of 5 years: Join our long-lasting community for fun and friendship A variety of players: All are welcome, no expertise required To join, DM for… Read More

  • MINE AHIHI ► Refer to Website: MineAhihi.com -+-+-+-+- 2023 -+-+-+-+-

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: mineahihi.com (GL HF) Read More

  • ~OLC Factions ~ NEW FACTIONS SERVER 1.20+ ~ In Game Shop ~ Leaderboards ~ Prizes

    OLC Factions is minecraft’s newest Factions server. The nostalgic feel of Factions. Play with friends or meet new players apart of our community. We have an ingame shop where you can farm and sell items to buy more gear to accelerate your growth. Make a faction and choose to make alliances or wage war. Become the biggest faction on the server. Leaderboards coming soon for Time Played AND Best Faction. Every month the winner of each subject will get a free donator rank.IP : au05.empowerservers.network:7065Join Now! Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Realms Beyond: Survival Mode Sucks

    Minecraft Memes - Realms Beyond: Survival Mode SucksThat’s a high score for a meme, do they give out trophies for meme-lympics now? Read More

  • Minecraft Battle Royale: Mutant Zombie vs Freddy vs Jimbei! 🔥

    Minecraft Battle Royale: Mutant Zombie vs Freddy vs Jimbei! 🔥 When you’re trying to have a peaceful day in Minecraft but suddenly you’re caught in the middle of a mutant zombie, Freddy, and Jimbei showdown. Talk about unexpected guests at your virtual house party! #minecraftmayhem #unexpectedbattles Read More

  • 1,000 Days in Hardcore Minecraft: Surviving the Challenge

    1,000 Days in Hardcore Minecraft: Surviving the Challenge The Epic Journey of Surviving 1,000 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft Embark on a thrilling adventure as a hardcore Minecraft player recently hit 8,000 days in their world. To commemorate this milestone, they have created an epic movie showcasing the madness of god apple farms and bedrock farms. So, grab your popcorn and witness the incredible journey unfold before your eyes! Celebrating 8,000 Days of Hardcore Survival Surviving in hardcore mode in Minecraft is no easy feat. With limited resources and the constant threat of permadeath, every decision matters. The player’s dedication and skill have allowed them to thrive for… Read More

  • Join Minewind Minecraft Server for Epic Sand Art Creations!

    Join Minewind Minecraft Server for Epic Sand Art Creations! Welcome to NewsMinecraft.com! Today we stumbled upon a mesmerizing YouTube video featuring Satisfying Minecraft Sand Art of a Creeper with a Golden Retriever Hat. The pixel picture created by stacking sand on torches and then breaking them to reveal the final image is truly a work of art. While watching this video, we couldn’t help but think about the endless possibilities for creativity and expression in Minecraft. If you’re someone who enjoys unique and visually appealing creations like this sand art, then you’ll love the Minewind Minecraft Server. Minewind offers a vibrant and dynamic community of players who are… Read More

  • DIY Abandoned Mini-Games Lobby: Ruined Fountain

    DIY Abandoned Mini-Games Lobby: Ruined Fountain My First Impressions on Minecraft Video My First Impressions on Minecraft Video Minecraft: How To Build The Abandoned Mini-Games Lobby – Episode 1 – Ruined Fountain OMG, so like, today I watched this super cool Minecraft video on how to build an abandoned mini-games lobby! It was all about editing the classic lobby Fountain to make it look all spooky and derelict. I was shooketh, but in a good way, you know? First Thoughts When I first clicked on the video, I was like, “Whoa, this is gonna be epic!” The YouTuber was so chill and funny, and I… Read More

  • Shaggy’s Insane Minecraft Adventure: DAY 1 Hardcore Livestream! #badboy4life

    Shaggy's Insane Minecraft Adventure: DAY 1 Hardcore Livestream! #badboy4lifeVideo Information This video, titled ‘DAY 1 HARDCORE MINECRAFT // DON’T MINE AT NIGHT #badboy4life [MINECRAFT] [Livestream]’, was uploaded by Im Shaggy on 2024-03-06 13:25:59. It has garnered 53 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 04:04:28 or 14668 seconds. G’day Barrels, Please Consider Subscribing xx 🎤Join the Discord🎤 https://discord.gg/YAFum2Ue Shaders: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/shaders/bsl-shaders Resource Packs: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/faithless Read More

  • Ultimate Minecraft Mobs Battle

    Ultimate Minecraft Mobs BattleVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft |Mobs Battle| Corrupted Champion VS World of Bosses’, was uploaded by 100 Hundred Plus on 2024-03-21 17:06:31. It has garnered 1117 views and 48 likes. The duration of the video is 00:23:48 or 1428 seconds. Hello My Friends… I Hope You’re Doing Fine …Please Be Happy And Subscribe To my Channel and Give me Your Opinion in Comments … Thanks Mods : The Graveyard Link : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-graveyard-forge World of Bosses Link : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/world-of-bosses My Main Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbXa_x18VwNM8KEjnAEupew/featured The Twilight Forest Cosmic Fiend Archaic Sentinel Mutant More Mutant Beasts Blue Skies Summoner Farseer Vanilla Mobs… Read More

  • Unbelievable: Skibidi Toilet in Minecraft #Shorts

    Unbelievable: Skibidi Toilet in Minecraft #ShortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘skibidi toilet in minecraft #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by Spar1er on 2024-02-17 03:00:01. It has garnered 6809 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. skibidi toilet in minecraft #shorts #minecraft minecraft,minecraft but,minecraft mod,minecraft challenge,minecraft funny,minecraft update,minecraft but challenge,minecraft survival,minecraft seed,minecraft how to,minecraft facts,minecraft,minecraft rarest,minecraft hardcore,minecraft,minecraft speedrun,minecraft pero,minecraft memes,minecraft shorts,minecraft tagalog,minecraft bedrock,minecraft 100 days,minecraft but i cant touch grass,minecraft meme shorts Read More

  • EPIC Subscriber Avatar Build – Minecraft Status

    EPIC Subscriber Avatar Build - Minecraft StatusVideo Information This video, titled ‘my subscriber profile photo build in Minecraft world #viral #minecraft #status #trending #proplayer’, was uploaded by ak gaming on 2024-02-04 14:06:29. It has garnered 88 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. Read More

  • UNBELIEVABLE MODS! PART 69 #minecraft #mods

    UNBELIEVABLE MODS! PART 69 #minecraft #modsVideo Information This video, titled ‘МОДЫ, КОТОРЫЕ ВЫ ТОЧНО ИСКАЛИ ЧАСТЬ 69 #minecraft #mods #shorts’, was uploaded by Hooper on 2024-03-18 14:45:02. It has garnered 1357 views and 59 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:53 or 53 seconds. Link to telegram in the channel description!!! minecraft Armor mod weapon mod Minecraft mods for minecraft 0 minecraft mods #mods # minecraft #shorts #mods Read More


    INSANE TNT RUNNER IN MINECRAFT!! #epicVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft tnt runner#minecraft #gameplay’, was uploaded by Minecraft Gamers on 2024-01-12 13:17:18. It has garnered 3205 views and 41 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:16 or 16 seconds. Read More

  • Join Wilk SMP now – Free Bedrock + PE SMP

    Join Wilk SMP now - Free Bedrock + PE SMPVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Public SMP – Free to Join ! | Wilk SMP | Bedrock + PE SMP | Minecraft LIVE 🔴’, was uploaded by DEWILK GAMING on 2024-03-28 14:38:24. It has garnered 180 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:10:13 or 613 seconds. Minecraft Public SMP – Free to Join ! | Wilk SMP | Bedrock + PE SMP | Minecraft LIVE 🔴 https://dsc.gg/dewilkforce #games #videogames #minecraftbuild #minecraftindonesia #minecraftonly #minecraftdiaries #minecraftart #minecraftersonly #minecraft #minecraftskins #minecraftdaily #minecraftedit #minecraftserver #minecraft_pe #minecraftforever #minecraftcake #minecrafyuniverse #minecraftpocketedition#minecrafters #minecrafter #minecraftmemes #minecrafts #minecraftbuilds box #minecraftparty #minecraft #minecrafthouse #minecraftmonday #minecraftcreations… Read More

  • BRUTAL Orca Craft Server! What Will I Do? – MINECRAFT INDONESIA

    BRUTAL Orca Craft Server! What Will I Do? - MINECRAFT INDONESIAVideo Information This video, titled ‘[BRUTAL ID] AKU MASUK SERVER BRUTAL ID?? (GAK TAU HARUS NGAPAIN!!!) – MINECRAFT INDONESIA’, was uploaded by Orca Craft on 2024-04-11 11:08:57. It has garnered 266 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:15:03 or 903 seconds. [BRUTAL ID] I ENTERED A BRUTAL ID SERVER?? (DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!) – MINECRAFT INDONESIA HEY I’M ORCA CRAFT YOU CAN CALL ME ORCA HERE I’M A BEGINNING YOUTUBER WHO WANT TO WORK ON YOUTUBE SORRY IF MANY LACK OF JUNIOR COBOYS SAY: “NO NEED TO WAIT TO DARE TO START WHAT YOU HAVE… Read More

  • The Rock’s Jaw-Dropping Minecraft Nature 🌳🔥 #shorts

    The Rock's Jaw-Dropping Minecraft Nature 🌳🔥 #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Beautiful nature of minecraft❤️🩵……#shorts’, was uploaded by The Rock highlight on 2024-03-02 15:22:59. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Read More

  • EradicaMC

    EradicaMCTowny – MCMMO – Custom: Ranks, Jobs, Crates – Player: Economy, Market, Auction – Legendary: Weapons, Armour, Tools play.eradicamc.com Read More

  • MCEssence – Vanilla SMP

    Welcome to MC Essence! Are you tired of the chaos on other servers? Join our vanilla SMP for a more balanced and enjoyable experience. MC Essence started in 2021 and is now on its third season. Our theme is old-school Minecraft fun with strict rules against griefing and stealing. We have plugins in place to rollback any damage caused by griefers, ensuring a safe environment for all players. Check us out and see if MC Essence is the right fit for you! Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/KMBgfKVD Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Typos in Minecraft”

    Minecraft Memes - "Typos in Minecraft"Looks like someone needs to recheck their spelling enchantments before casting that meme! Read More

  • Join Minewind Server for a Thrilling Minecraft Experience!

    Join Minewind Server for a Thrilling Minecraft Experience! Are you a fan of Minecraft mods and looking to enhance your gameplay experience? Look no further! While watching a tutorial on how to get Fluix Dust in the Applied Energistics 2 (AE2) mod for Minecraft 1.19+, you may have realized the importance of being part of a thriving Minecraft community. If you’re seeking a server where you can put your newfound knowledge to the test and interact with like-minded players, Minewind is the place to be. With a vibrant community, unique gameplay features, and endless possibilities for exploration and creativity, Minewind offers an unparalleled Minecraft experience. Join us… Read More