WARNING: Deadly Sigil Traffic in Minecraft Mario Party!

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Hi dudes welcome back to another Mario party I found another Mario Party man we haven’t done so we’re doing it all right uh you guys know how works you have 10 turns to go around the map you get Stars you get coins you get the coins you get

The Stars after every round you do a mini game to get more Star Coins to buy stars with the coins and the stars and just hit the like button are you a stroke hit the Subscribe button it’ll be fun uh Z what’ your roll sorry it’s my

Turn I sent be back and then you started the game okay I’m sorry I thought you were being sarcastic when I said are you ready and you said yes and then I said I’m recording and then you said I’m Captain America why are you Captain

Amica I’m going to get a I’m going to get a 10 oh crap wrong button yeah this one is a drop they’re all different I told you it’s six okay yeah that’s pretty sick Bro here we go I’m going to get a 400 excuse me I had a grae and now I

Have to burp oh with the eight 36 no scope you can’t no scope why is everybody switching hands let scope all right you’re allowed to roll seven you’re allowed okay yo I’m player one will you guys please call me player one from now on player four cuz he

Rolled a four idiot can I have my normal I don’t like being sigils what okay can I have a different color too I’m yellow got to let me have my grapes bro a three okay why are you eating grapes in the middle of your video don’t worry

About it one are they green or purple or green I want a green grap thing right now no I do care zud zud what this is is we’re giving them a behind thes scenes access okay they get to now experience eating and filling our gullets yeah

Man it used to be YouTubers didn’t have legs they didn’t eat Biff there’s the only one way you can go he’s really studying that [Laughter] board how how small is my brain pretty small you’re wait so I can just go anywhere it literally changes oh that’s

Cool oh every turn it changes oh oh my oh my god oh cuz oh there’s street lights look look it’s an intersection oh shut up I go this way okay and I can and I can choose to go wait this is actually kind of sick okay why did you go

Straight you headed towards the I think there’s more than one star by the way are there mini games in this no don’t look at me it’s always steeve says it’s always says okay well cool who called it Captain America the one that what none of us said all right I see you’re

Stuffing your gullet too I’m eating blueberries I’m eating qu every oh wa to ready up in this one how do I ready up no one that joke never get told guys you have to drop all your items yeah to ready up ready yeah hello just hide cuz you’re scary I

Have a texture pack on take off your texture pack weird why am I a zebra yeah we’re all zebras Park ow they D it can you D armor you can oh no you can at 120 you can let’s get S out right away this get for making

This on Among Us come on get him nobody knows what that means on Among Us literally been lasered get him get him hi get off me are you kidding helpy help Sandy help want work together team they’re trying to fight us come on let’s together together in girls

I don’t need you I don’t need you we’re still working together right yeah we’re still working together 2 one you idiot I don’t need you oh I hit him he’s really hurt I don’t need you as he runs into his cave I hit i h him I H him kill

Biff will this break it I don’t need you I don’t need you how I don’t need you what is happening he’s going full pirate mode right now what is this I don’t need you I don’t need you what is this what he almost won oh my gosh he almost how

Much heal did you have I was like only missing one heart hey Biffle are you okay I only got three hours of sleep last night it’s showing but like maybe do it more because you get better at things when you only have 3 hours of sleep that’s not true that’s not true

Okay my poop this morning wasn’t better what does that mean how does you know I can help you with that this is full behind the scenes huh this is what he wanted this is what he wanted is it is it what I said you said you wanted one behind the scenes too

A among after Mario Party shut Mario party after Among Us or whatever I don’t know I don’t see guys are so toxic us us look at you no look at me look at me I’m going to get put in his off hand again yeah did where

Do I go anywhere you go into the intersection go straight into the intersection green light you can just go anywhere and it’ll tell you now oh never mind oh never mind you not know how traffic works I don’t play in it doesn’t drive okay why is it going the opposite

Way oh there’s more multiple Stars yeah there’s mult okay oh what cuz this is multiple Stars so this is a I’m literally three like away from it you’re like that’s all I hear from you card comes my mommy loves me more than she loves you found I agree no I agree let him

Cook one two you know if you drop the head in your inventory it teleports you to him really wait really oh it does That’s So skiy yeah what do you think it means when it says teleport that’s that was close wow he’s one away cool what what do I do about

This fire thing and I’m going to steal coins from you idiot father no it he hits it no matter what oh one coin no why was it so for the next turn all rewards and losses will be doubled okay okay why you is there mini games not hide-and-seek not hide and

Seek hide-and-seek is like impos wait no hide-and seek no wa hideand-seek is a good one dang it slime time what slime time I have no idea what is this what he how how are we ready up uh oh oh we have to just control it and then get them to

Kill him just get him just just Corner him bro what I’ll give him blindness give him blindness no give him blindness Corner get on spin in circles know we’re going toly walls close in walls are closing in we’re good we’re good you guys so sweaty dude he’s trying to go my side

He’s going through the middle no damn space you go faster I was so CL wait hold on all right no exploiting no no bro this looks insane no oh gosh get up boys what are you doing I’m trying I’ve never needed this more in my life oh if you spam Sprint

Too get up boys this is so stressful dude there’s a bunch of powerups in the middle too just TP to him no no no no don’t don’t you dare don’t you dare don’t you dare stay on weirdos oh my God this so dumb you’re dumb I’m eating my

Blueberries okay well I was eating my grapes what’s next you 20 Co for since the double oh great yep I can’t even afford the star wait we got oh my gosh get the grapes out of your mouth sorry you guys oh great got a one you deserve so did

You no I got a 10 give me zero give me a zero give me a zero surely you get zero Sunny go to the casino where is that don’t go to the casino it’s right it’s right to your right go forward to the right star

Seller oh I only have 14 can I give you my coins wait wait make some money and then you buy the star oh wait how do I get in here I don’t go in there you have to land on It Dummy there’s not a space there hello walk in there proba open

It’s probably not open today oh yeah maybe it’s closed it’s typically closed on a Thursday afternoon maybe because it’s a Thursday Among Us day and we’re playing this you’re really like milking this zud and I’m going to remember this what I didn’t say anything Captain

America yeah you can just go in a circle yeah wait you can you actually go right back over no no no you do no youn the next game I’ll let you win the next Min game you’re not going to let him Biffle we’ll all let you Biff yep Biffle everyone to

Get today what does purple do with the SPID uh wait why am I not turning into a block I think it can give you a star that’s what’s next dude that’ll be minus six who cares next next Min game you’ll get oh traffic lights you should have gone you should

Have gone you’re not going to be able to get there okay this map’s toxic I didn’t know but now I know wait are there mini games zi get out of your mini your inventory he tabbed out yeah oh no tab it speed Builders oh you got this what

No he’s parkour he can’t build parkour kind of I canot do this this is impossible oh how do I up this is this is the one that bble just gives up on I’m literally I don’t how do I ready up can you guys do it for

Me am I supposed to M everyone keep talking don’t concentrate everyone keep talking come on yeah you’d like that wouldn’t you Z you’d like that wouldn’t you keep talking don’t just concentrate come on um don’t concentrate or concentrate wait concentrate I am actually concentrated I thought you said

Never mind I don’t actually I know too much about this and I don’t doing this on 3 hours sleep I’m do the first one me too how bro I’m so slow no I’m not actually done with the first one oh okay I’m just meing bro which blue is it hey

I’m done with the first one I’m done with the second one this is such a high Concentration game ipated what is constipated wait am I supposed to this one’s not work one bivel when you get one so did I do this wrong I did all four you guys on the

Second one still the third one I’m on the last one look at this one so is this wrong to your left uh you did it backwards bi hole oh sorry oh sorry we literally have minutes to do this how did I do this so fast I don’t you’re freaking stupid that’s how

Oh yeah you can’t oh go oh my gosh jeez uh that’s so behind the scenes button is that the new that’s so behind the scenes that’s so behind the scenes of you I did it what happened B still on the third one don’t worry apparently for to be done yeah

They’re like yeah go ahead go ahead viel go ahead you know I’m going to catch this grap in my mouth watch oh my God that’s so behind the scenes work behind the scenes this is what they’ve been asking for this is what they wanted stop rolling

Ones wait Su you can actually get it duel what cool me duel me duel me now yeah no man I’m I’m duing biffl take him down just destroy all of us in that PVP yeah but zud’s in a mood and I don’t want to deal with that what

Mood it doesn’t have to be PVP sometimes see look it could be button search he’s not fight fight fight fight please please not fight fight button sech oh it’s this one they one V1 in this one in the past two beautiful I’m sorry guys if

It was a fight I would have been good okay okay once you place it oh okay how you ready up didn’t I win this last one yeah you did yeah you did just hide it wait he never found it just hide in that spot again do you have coins no you’re

Not stop this he never found it the other time all I’m putting it where it was last time did done actually no I’m going to play somewhere better okay I got in a good spot I got mine I really like this game suay cuz we just kind of sit here and do

Nothing with our Liv I’m going I’m going to look at uh my wait hold on I got to Tab out can you tell me where it is so we just joke you can’t say that yeah can you tell me where it is you can get it

Over with no no no you have to look to your left or right piffl doesn’t do that what if I look down into the left that would work Sig’s button how how how how how 3 hours of sleep migrain out of my mind brother also you put it in a room

Just in we played like a thousand find the buttons you put it the obvious place at least put it where I put mine which was where the campfire smoke is for next time no no I I’m going to tell him the campfire with the smoke going up I put

It where the smoke lands stop telling him I hate him I’m going to eat a grap I’m going to eat a grape what that’s so aming are you going to roll 10 coins I don’t want to spend 10 coins with Master pee no Mr PE yeah but then you probably

Get more back no shut up he doesn’t get any do it do it it’s always worth it it’s always worth it oh God catch a fish Before Time runs out good luck what 30 seconds to catch fish that’s easy no what if I get like a Dun donuts oh not a

Donut it in so early yeah he does it a lot this is riveting the game play it do be riveting this is true be this is minecft you going C fish there 10 coins wait you just won’t you going to you going to I don’t think I think you I

Think you have it in the shallow yeah why’d you pull it back no it needed to be yeah I think you great great thanks Mr masterpie thank you Mr Mr Dr pepp that was a fun one no no no go left go left why I don’t know one he

Goes I don’t know he literally just goes I don’t what is wrong with you can I not go that way no you can’t I don’t care anymore okay he said why’ you say that’s really behind the scenes are there mini games in this no P why’ you pil stop it B at

Stop looking at me I’m watching you please be Runner I’d be so happy if it was Runner please please no oh I’m good at this one I’m good at this one yeah oh it’s light light we a lot of color games aren’t we how do I ready up

It’s all right CH never it’s all right uh go move how do you know when it’s red light I did that jump wow how do you know when it’s red light green light green light oh no bye zad bye how do you know when it’s red light I got

No I didn’t move your mom doesn’t love you she loves me true s is barely moving oh my gosh scary I hate it you get off me oh my gosh okay no no okay ICI good good su’s sending it by the way yeah I

See that I am out like a light my man hi s get away from me great no my mom and dad called me Pooky hi Pooky what P wait B’s going to win yeah of course he is and it’s your fault you you don’t need

To move you’re fine on thin ice no he does if he doesn’t make it I think it goes by whoever was farthest probably I oh would you look at that huh yeah all right I know sabotage and he got no coins dude and then I saw

What he did and I did it right back why’ you do that have seven coins keep that in mind has more coins than me now we turn on him that’s not how this works I’m on B Team what yeah # team zip gang what what behind the scenes zip

Gang behind the scenes cool not even a thing how do you get over there just can’t anymore oh oh cuz they changed oh no I’m going to scream that’s so and yeah sick dude I hate this are you kidding are you kidding right now that

Is so funny no this is going to be my turn where we’re halfway through and no stars no stars and no items bro we’re just all losing money it’s small numbers this is where I rally okay rally Pooky and you know what I’m going to change

The you just went the other way Co man you’re welcome that’s messed up that’s so mean that’s really messed up that’s so what is wrong with you can someone tell me in the comments down below so then when s gets close to it I can move it you should have got start

Stealer that’s a good idea po you’re poor too you little games in this sh Captain America I’m throwing no we got this no B you and I have most coins together T of coins I hope it’s maze navigator that would never fail so amaze me dang it

Tanks Z we have to win this they have many love tanks I know we need coins Bing tanks how do we start shoot you it’s this one where you need to go nuts while I drive us you Auto attack you have to Auto attack all right you go you

Go nuts bi youo attack you hit him with your sword help why are you just sitting there I you said you said that I drive what where are you driving you’re not driving stuck you’re not stuck they were just sending it into you go the other way I

May be on 3s sleep but you have 3 hours of brain power staring at me was swinging my didn’t go into my like first SL I didn’t yeah I even said to swing I know wait Swap all the coins to night don’t do it don’t do it oh no oh oh you I

Forgot don’t what do we do do not make stars single Ed Stars Oh get Chang chance Time Chance Time Chance time first one CH first no first one I don’t have the coins to even buy one so I’m doing the that’s lame czy make the first one crazier yeah cool get out of here oh now it’s night time remember sigils won because of a chance

Time or somebody did yeah and I’ll do it again no I’m going to do it that’s what you think I’m going to do it where are they I don’t even see them that was a dumb thing ad why’d you do that sun you told me to oh so you just listen to me

Now yeah you’re my mom hello sweetie hello sweetie hello hello you had a lot of moms today oh BTS BTS BTS BTS that’s a spoiler behind the spoiler behind the spoiler it’s my turn I can’t I hate this not to spoil this oh my bi’s winning you’re going to

Get that star’s going to win this game yeah dude and it’s all one two oh yeah straight does he make it well only the light let lets him go straight it will cuz I changed it back Ian I will try to go to the casino

Try to go to the casino since it’s night congratulations congratulations oh it’s open oh my God no there’s I’m just kidding I’m kidding I’m kiding can I pay an entry fee there nothing to do star hello I have a star let me in he’s VIP let him in VIP dude very important

Biffle oh go to slots yeah go to slots go to slots go to slots that’s fun go to SL go to SL go to SLS please be open go SL gambling is step right up step right up I already gambled once and lost do it again yeah but you just keep going till

You win that’s how it Go Gerald lose gambling when you quit okay five coins 20 coins 15 coins 10 coins uh slot start slot machine cost five coins okay do 10 a machine he we’re watching this look at it go watch oh you get to like choose

What oh this is easy get the golden Cho it wait how do I stop oh I stop I don’t know man get the golden apple stop it I’ll tell you when to do it I need the golden apple in the middle golden apple is 20 yes in the middle yes it’s middle

It’s coming now now no oh it goes from top to bottom on I got this hello that’s 10 coins that’s fine that’s fine that’s fine oh you Mak your money kind of back oh oh what my man I just watch you can only use machine once get congratulations where do I go

Now straight was it this way yeah yeah that way who knows man oh you’re changing the lights wait I’m I star that’s my star get out of here it’s mine now oh I have a star mover I’m not going to use it yet cuz I

Don’t want to move it you look like a little smoother big numbers ni what was that I can’t why does it keep I know it’s only to get me are are you kidding me I don’t have enough coins thank goodness how you like you mini game though can I

Have three coins you get a free item coins cool chop oh I’m put it right before the star no I’m going to get it no I’m going to get it are there mini games in this no devil fell asleep me me slap me slap me slap me slap BTS yeah

Mix up what does that mean to you why is he so man I don’t what slap oh it’s just tag okay got it one players slap another meat oh is this like uhing bombs no what’s it called they could have just called this tag why is it meat slapped

No this is uh P the Z has the meat Z has the meat he’s like Arby give me the meat my hide seek yeah he is no one’s no one’s hitting with meat that’s what’s happening right no bi for Biffle what do you I’m tag what you mean why are you chasing me

Then why are you Ching I went to spectator I went to spectator I know where bi is he’s on here where is he away from me rat can’t call me a rat dude hi that’s not I’m not Biff what what what I hit you wait where did he Go’s behind that

Rock right there sun behind the rock right there I see him I’m on S come here’s over there over there’s right there why me why meat I think you mean why am I losing so bad that one’s targeting ah my mommy not your mommy not your mommy guys this is easy where are

You guys are you hiding he’s right next to you s he’s like right below you he’s in the bed I can’t hit him when he’s in the bed that’s the dumbest exp boy ever T out TP him out TP him out T out real

They added beds TP out all I’m in a bed I’m in a bed I can’t L I literally can’t no I literally can’t go away bble bble go away he’s right [Laughter] here he said bro that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my

Life I was like wait can I get in this and then I could it just hey no he lied wait got him he lied but how’d you get him out oh you TP him no I TP him did you TP me you cheater

Say the guy in a bed they put it was in the map it was in the map cheater I don’t care well so you got me that’s in that’s your fault not mine yeah that’s your fault yep that’s my fault that’s my fault suy stay away from my

Side big numbers here we go thank you wait no sidles is coming sidles go away no dude it’s for me dude no he got it got my star this put Thea down yeah sounds fun I’m me add at you now yeah you should be you got a g d me no stay

Away from me stay away from D me for a star no Biff kind of scares me right now the way that he’s being you already D me I don’t really want to you already do what okay why you Z wait oh I have to

Duel you cuz I landed on you no you I want you right clicked the side I watch no it’s that I landed on you no you’re like you’re the BET okay no I you’re right and you’re so good at Pig pushing yippe why did he do that with his why

Did he say yippe all right don’t wor blindness I’ll give Z blindness thank you didn’t you do that last time he still lost yeah he’s still lost yeah why is he so good at he’s pushing dude’s already gone I don’t understand how you’re this good like what do you do in

Your spare time talk to me I’m concentrating distract give him give him constipation give him consternation my pig is walking my pig is actively repelling to tell you this but he’s better than the chickens are revolting the chickens are revolting literally double you dude he’s like triple bro how

Is he this good at this I don’t what I don’t understand get in there piggy welcome home bro he’s you didn’t give him blindness once no why would I what what’s wrong with you I wasn’t you have a star Loser yeah I yeah he a why you m

Like grow up and grow I TR you receive an ice trap cuz I we’re on an item thingy are there mini games in this no I hope it’s raft Racers pear I hope it’s skyfly okay thank you what is raft Racers well think about it it’s a raft shut up what do you

Do nothing R I’m getting lag oh God Z lag hacking me Z’s lag switching me Z’s lag switching me not me oh this is not the best this is hard why am I spinning in circles uh cuz you’re not good at this is easy boys this is easy

This is easy Devil’s killing it this is easy boys what do you mean’s killing it just running now no I fell running fell I Beed my boat he’s just running this is easy you never rafted before the boys day leave over here dude there’s no

Way eud I’m so far behind I don’t even care anymore I hate I hate ice Bo I don’t move you little chunky boy you go to water soon so it’s fine I’m I’m through the water oh no there’s more like a nice stroll together yeah we’re literally just relaxing we Lally

Just relaxing how many laps are there dude it’s probably like probably three most things are don’t worry guys I’ll I’ll send it oh sigil are you wait wait we just SL sigil just slapped sigil no way that bad I’m just stuck on everything just plug your controller in

You’ll be better please just win I don’t even want to be here anymore riveting gamep playay guys you know what no you know what Bev don’t don’t finish the race let’s what let’s do all laps before we finish yeah I think won S at the end sit at the end

IIs drop the Min game button to be honest oh yeah we could just do that I’ll do it what what the heck I just got three laps well you shouldn’t have taken this video hostage still going no I I finished it’s it oh yeah I finished okay

Cool wait I think we have to wait for you guys oh my God I’m going to go take a nap I’m almost done are you player no way yeah you’re about to catch up to him no he’s updating his lap count he’s updating his lap count he’s

Cheating Sig later loser you monster no they just somebody just kicked me out of my boat dude yeah I tpd you great I don’t even care get me out of here oh my gosh get me out of it that was miserable that was the worst thing that ever

Had great time yeah I bet you did yes you did that’s all you okay don’t worry wow nice crap I think he has to land on that no it’s if I passed it that’s not true it is I I SC over it any fo that crosses the Trap loses half of their

Current role wow you know how to read that’s crazy shut up they know that was behind the scenes come on hey do you want duel another duel hey hey you want to duel me hey hey you want to duel me hey why I have to win one duel I have to

Win one Pig pushers I swear if it’s Pig pushers dude Turtle ho Turtle ho turtle turtle hocke is miserable in this video betris what is Tetris oh I remember bet bet is fun if you know what you’re doing I remember this I don’t remember I don’t

I don’t know how to play this the game you’ll drop 2D pieces from the top into the gray the pieces are made up four blocks each okay yeah remember my God okay drop piece jump soft drop Crouch okay left scroll left what scroll right move right he cares a lot it’s just

Tetris just send it how do you go oh you scr did you guys watch tet mie oh Is throwing I’m not sizz is throwing it’s just touches look Z side oh my gosh no I messed up uh how do you I just I hate the movement that’s not you how crazy this is to see play Tetris in Minecraft sigils what is that catastrophe abstract art what is this

Let me live oh my gosh I’m ID I win even though I messed up like 10 times no it was the wrong button dude oh my gosh what am I watching this is actually embarrassing shut up is this m embarrassing for him dude Tetris is easy I have

Pattern wait I don’t have a single row yeah you need to clear that that thing yeah there you go still won’t Work don’t okay I’m learning the I’m learning how to do this I’m learning he’s learning patterns guys oh that’s good what is he for he knows his colors now okay wait speaking of patterns um I’m cracked at Tetris be honest I’ll be honest with you I’m cracked at Tetris no there you go

Bro dude that took me so long to figure out the controls man oh that Hur give me more coins more coins oh I didn’t like that that’s so confusing oh I roll what you rolled in one die thanks man I’m really glad I use dice did I get

It he gets whatever he wants does no he really does dude he’s cool like that what you got it it’s right there Salsberry sck steak and sauce blueberry th off you wait did Sunday take take my star Sun are you going no I can’t yeah

But it doesn’t matter you land on a red either way suck not another duel bro I I love dels are there Min games in this game no how many coins does Sunny have how Co do I have it doesn’t matter take s down

This is one of you has 19 is the max by the way I don’t know why you asked Sunday this is my third Su going to be a part of he S I don’t know why people don’t du me more of that’s not true zud’s literally winning you’re a fighter aren’t you what

Oh gosh I’m like a rabbit oh not fight fight how do you ready up you can’t funny for the 17 time BTS they’re just so sweatily shooting at each other through the trees well Z the spammer by the he really is I know yeah how’s this going Ian how’s this going

For you Ian how’s this going for you how does he hit that what am I supposed to do can you shoot through leaves he was heading you the whole time yeah cool was that F I didn’t have I didn’t have I had a I could you have fancy

Leaves oh you oh you I could see you but you could have see me a can I have more coins no I just lost three no we can do this sun we have to win this we have to win to win this he fell asleep I hope it’s hockey I hope

I hope it’s hockey okay okay you’re the bomb and I’m so TNT Q by default oh okay Sun throw oh Sun they’re aiming at me they’re aiming I don’t see I didn’t see anything on the ground I there’s nothing on the ground oh ow hey can you

I’m not feeling too good here you hold this idiot my house I just bought this off of eBay you’re you’re a home not eBay you’re like an e FL so an e girl yeah I am BTS stop saying BTS BTS oh I hit a tree it’s a good oh I

Do he to the right side he’s to the right side hit him on the right okay I’m hitting on chill man I’m call S is falling no I’m not I’m not falling for your games oh that was a good throw do better getting snip no I died I’m so sorry we

Got this we got this we got this we got this if I just keep moving they don’t know where shoot I know I keep hitting our side it’s like invisible wall please stop invisible Walling us oh we hit I almost got him okay we almost got come

On you got this oh dude I’m literally crack I’m literally crack right now bble he’s on like nothing no oh I’m not on anything I hit as I fell well I was on nothing I hope you would hit that I hate you going to give us 900 coins we’re going to win

Hate is a strong word enough use despise please both of them don’t don’t take my name in in rice grain oh I could have brought way now no you have like two oh nice roll sigs you can buy it can I’ll drop my coins on the ground I not buy it

It’s not that hard oh you going to go that way okay that’s a really good roll have 42 coins or 65 IDE does this work oh he’s going to the other star he wants the other one t what are you doing you cheating coins he lost more

Coins I needed that M to be there oh I have to win this next one I have to win this next one wait Z switch the lights too wait did he did no I made it no I’m good I’m I’m on Green what Green Oh I thought you rolled no mini game communism

Oh oh wait s needed that exactly Biff I could kiss you on the mouth no I only have 11 cuz you DED me yes cuz we dueled yay this is bad this how do I buy it got it you can’t actually it’s closed how shut up no you Z I switch the lights

Z I swear I wa no no I swear I’m not sure wait a minute that if that just cut me off from the start I’m going to screw I hope it did be please be Runner says be horse race that like 10 game please I love it

Yeah why I hate that game dude that game takes oh this is where we run through Lava and stuff right oh hour long why is this a thing doing new Mini gamees that was stupid all right wait are there mini games in this no there’s no mini games

That’s a good question tedious task so working with videos let’s do that what that definitely hello isn’t this one I always like pop off on no oh Z do you pop off on all of them you stupid ugly idiot you’re just mad that you don’t pop off pop off how

Do you ready up it’s funny every time dude that’s silly I’m comedy comes in 500s so he’s got a point well fly fools fly I’m just trying to follow zud’s movements the concentration of everyone just going silent I’m just trying to fly follow Zed’s movement that’s all I’m

Trying to do Z how are you so smooth dude he I heard hit a wall I already hit no I hit a wall no no no no no oh I made it further than Biff shut up you’re dumb oh wait hey I see your head through

The wall oh was that hit a wall all right don’t worry guys I’m still going what’s uh what’s it like to be the best I don’t know so what is it like it’s really awesome so thanks for asking did he just ask himself a question and then

Answer he did yeah okay are you upset by that yeah yeah you that you shouldn’t be wonder if he’ll be the best at his career someday I doubt it I’m not sorry are you kidding are you kidding wait did it switch are you yeah it

Switched to the last turn oh my God you switched the last turn I mean that messed me up too by the way but yeah I was going surrounded by two star Sig oh yeah I’m I’m next to two stars I can’t touch and you and you have to walk away from both of

Them that’s pretty sad that is amazing that’s pretty a sad Sig’s moment right there wait is going to come down to the random Stars no that has way more well I mean yeah but that has way more coins than but coins don’t matter they may not

Pick that one if we tie no no if we tie though on the stars and it takes where do you think I should go guys it doesn’t matter D try to dual S no oh you can’t he could no no no go now go left oh no

You can’t you have to go straight oh oh I have to go straight never mind you ruin the whole thing sorry where to go yeah classic me all right well final game CH spots that I added in really came in CL this wait wait wait wait wait look recap Sunny has no stars

And eight coins I know could have just not played could have just not played priority prity what is that that each player were given a key and a prompted of the random end scavenge for don’t care oh I wanted this one how do I ready up okay he said is probably s is

Probably going to Sprint jump even though we have like speed 10 I would never Emerald key I you can also see it this one’s the emerald one by the way all right you don’t want to share that no I saw I saw an Emer block remember he’s a 40 why do

We both run into ah oh the pattern oh no this is uh no this is uh prismarine wait so if prism Marine’s here I’m prismarine shred how do I do it do I just click a button the key on it did you get it no idiot I did it yay I

Can’t find the netherite I need the netherite Ingot yeah me midle where’s the you’re remembering these patterns very hello uh Biff do you uh what’s your number not like phone number but like well my phone number oh diamonds is far right side of the map oh more patterns where is this where is

This where is this where is this more patterns it’s not a pattern I’m just found emeralds more patterns what’s my next one okay what’s my I know exactly where that is dude where is netherite oh I know exactly what netherite is the whole right side of the map is in there

So to the left side of the map wait where’s uh where’s a nemal s found netherite that’s why he went quiet I don’t know how to tell you this but I really don’t want you to win I don’t how to tell you this but I really do want to

Win so wait where is it Z you got to tell me I’ll give you a I’ll give you a hint where’s R I know where it is okay okay I know where that is too that’s winning Yeah man so tell me where Emerald is Biffle it’s back at spawn oh

Oh thank you we we have 2 and a half minutes oh my God I’m stressing I’m stressing it for the Bing why are you stressing what does it matter the last minute game no one cares you are bald what oh god oh my gosh hello prismarine

Oh I know where to go Zs okay now I know exactly where this I need nether where’s Emerald uh back at spawn got to go got to go got to go to to how many are you on uh two and I’m about to be on three I’m about to be on three I

Win oh dang dang dude I got third found all the items but I never patterns I knew where everything was but I didn’t know I didn’t have item wait bble knows all the patterns and he’s four that’s a Min Game Dude kind of cring wait they

Might have the lowest amount of coins to Star NOP oh wait okay here we go bonus Stars W the player with the highest coin c okay wait who gets this one I think 70 70 70 70 yeah all I wonder that’s the only star cool sick awesome great amazing

Incredible they yeah they do but they’re not guaranteed great so I won probably again hit the like button hit the Subscribe button I’m going to go

This video, titled ‘DANGEROUS TRAFFIC Mario Party in Minecraft (Insane)’, was uploaded by Sigils on 2024-02-28 00:47:12.
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Today @sigils @BiffleWiffle @SSundee and @Zud play Mario Part in Minecraft
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Minecraft Adventures is a series where Sigils and his friends play mini games in Minecraft with custom forge mods to earn random loot and then fight to the see who the ultimate champion is!

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DANGEROUS TRAFFIC Mario Party in Minecraft (Insane)


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