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Oh Grazy I can’t wait for this vacation it’s going to be so fun I know right warning warning storm detected crazy what’s happening there’s a bit of turbulance I don’t know ah the plane is sitting on fire I think we’re about to crash pilot pilot you need to save us

Get us off this plane uh yeah sorry M I’ve only got one set of Electro wings so you guys are your where are you going czy what we do I think the pl’s about to fall down it’s on fire she just ditched us we jump down into the water

Below oh wait there’s an island below we can swim there come on where are we graci get out the water you going D I almost died what just happened huh we’re on this spooky island look how foggy it is wait you’re right and plane oh no it’s completely destroyed wait this is

The plane how are we going to get up this island this crash landed there’s someone over there wait what come on JY we got to run she’s a murderer wait calm down where she’s nice calm down calm down back I’m not a murderer I accidentally teleported here what she

Teleported here well then why can’t you just teleport back out oh it seems my magic powers aren’t working something on this island must be canceling them out um okay okay but if this is the island I think it is then we must be careful if you scream this Minecraft seed gets more

Scary wait what I don’t understand how does that make sense what is that dinosaur over there crazy don’t scream oh no mutant zombie run run run run run that mutant zombie spawned because you screamed are you silly what oh know but we shouldn’t scream again right we

Have to keep our voices down guys in the forest in the forest we need to get away from it do you see it anymore I think we got away right yeah I think it’s gone yes I think we’re far enough all right well we have another predicament on our

Hands in 24 hours this island will be completely submerged with water just like Atlantis are you serious not only is it an island ex scary stuff when you scream but it’s also going to be submer in 24 hours well an hour has already passed so we have to get out of here in

23 hours wait I saw something behind you I saw something oh Gracie it’s just a fog it’s making you freak out calm down there are no monsters and nothing’s going to hurt you in the fog don’t worry the trees the trees are going to eat me

I’m scared I’m scared guys let’s have a look around and see if we can find anything wait a second Gracie I know what you were seeing in the fog you were just seeing these statues look it’s a monster it’s a monster I’m going to scream don’t scream don’t scream wait

Look how many of these statues there are they’re everywhere I keep seeing the monsters in the fog what I’m going to break it I’m going to break it I’m going to break it don’t break the statue they might be statues of some deity and we don’t want to anger any Gods please

You two have to help me get off this island I don’t want to stay here forever well our broken plane is down there perhaps we can fix it I suppose it couldn’t hurt to look let’s go all right guys let’s have a look around this plane

Does you think we could fix it I’m not so sure uh I don’t see anything around here all the redstone’s completely detached yeah and half of the plane is missing so yeah I think this is unfixable oh this is terrible all right guys if we have no plane there must be

Some other way to get off this island you know what we should head Inland and see if we can find something in the middle of the Island come on follow me all right guys look here’s the forest we should try and explore this um is that a skeleton attached to of

Tree do not scream I’m St trying not to it’s so hard all right guys come on let’s explore this Forest there must be some clues in here there seems to be some sort of pathway do you see it oh yes the dirt of the gravel a monster a

Monster caught me someone help me I’m going to scream it’s a monster it’s SP do it’s a cobweb Gracie please oh oh sorry you must remember that the fog is influencing what we see although I don’t understand why Gracie is so frightened of it CU she’s skittish don’t worry guys

Just keep looking around there’s got to be something around here um hello wait guys look over here if there some sort of weird statue I want to break it again no please remember that these could be belong to the gods oh my goodness this fog is making me feel

Funny do you guys see that big banana oh it looks so tasty I want to eat it so bad let me come over here nom nom nom step out of it step out of it banana I don’t see a banana no there a banana wait a second where did the banana go am

I seeing things am I delusional yes it’s the fog it’s making you see things that aren’t really there it’s trying to get you to scream all right guys I think we should craft some tools and some uh weapons how about we make some pickaxes and some swords come on let’s break a

Tree I’m on it I’m on it too let’s have a little race let’s see who can make their sword and pickaxe first well I’m going to be first cuz I’ve already got all the things I need boom boom boom boom really boom boom boom boom I bet you don’t have enough

Wood I bet you don’t have enough wood and then I I can create a pickaxe like this and a sword like this I I win I win I win I got first I got it first I got first got it first I got it First J we all made a crafting table that’s b a waste wasn’t it anyway guys we’ve got some weapons we’ve got some tools how about we keep heading this way uh I think we should leave this Forest yeah I hope I don’t see another giant banana look at this I almost screamed

What is that do not scream it’s some sort of skeleton head this place is spooking me out I’m I’m leaving I’m leaving follow me guys oh my goodness wait there’s a monster inside scre don’t scream I’m wait to this way we don’t want to spawn no mus

Zombies in again come on okay I’m closing my mouth yeah close it tight all right guys there is a mountain here I think we should try and climb it you know all right perhaps we can find something on top there’s more of these statues here I really want to get the

Materials from them but you think there’s some sort of ancient statue witch yes do not break them wait guys look there’s a cave here we can get some better tools everyone let’s get some Stone and make some Stone pickaxes and stone swords this is scary scary Gracie stop

Being a scary cat it’s not going to hurt you there’s nothing here to hurt you I’m making a stone pickaxe and a stone sword there we go both now stone tools but wait there’s iron right here I’m going to get some iron as well guys I’m going

To get some iron we’re going to be stacked up yep we’re going to need the resources if we’re here for the next 20 hours then we need to make sure we have the gear to get off of this place who knows we might have to build our own a

Plane I’ll make you a furnace Jamesy yeah make me a furnace Gracie here’s some more Stone there you go I see more iron over here let me just take some of this yes class does anyone see any coal oh right here I found it I don’t need your all’s

Help there we go two pieces of coal to smelt an army worth of iron and I see some all Iron down here where’ I see it guys did I hit the M Lo there’s so much iron right here wait over here too there’s tons just suspicious guys I’m

Scared no Grazy do not scream this is perfectly normal nothing is going on here just be careful do not scream cover your mouth and be normal for once please oh if somebody comes up from behind me and touches me without my knowledge then I’m going to get really scared and I’m

Definitely going to scream no one’s going to do that Gracie don’t worry all right guys I have 30 iron ore I’m going to come to the furnace and I’m going to smell this stuff come on let’s get some iron armor and iron weapons yippee I

Have 12 iron ore all right I have 15 to add to the pile come on guys let’s smell all this iron does anyone have any coal or just me I don’t have any coal unfortunately this is amazing oh but I found some more coal over here I’ll get it um guys

Spire I scream we just screamed that’s not good we just screamed why did the wall just turn red guys why is it just turned red in here I don’t know I don’t know I’m scared let’s just leave the iron guys we don’t need it follow me follow me follow me this way this

Way wait there’s another pathway here yeah where does this go should we go inside there’s a door open it quickly wait what is this place oh no the spot is following us let me just go like this ah I locked ourselves in oh no they’re right outside I can’t believe it that we

Screamed it’s only going to get more scary now the scene is going to get so much scarier but wait a second look guys look where we are appears maybe there was someone here before us wait this island must be inhabited after all but you know what I don’t care about L let’s

Just get the gear God guys put it all on I want the purple one uh there’s crates do they have anything in no no no this is amazing I have thought never armor I’ve only had a better weapon though cuz a stone sword sucks well I happen to

Grab some of the iron before we ran so you can try making some weapons out of these wait a second I know the weapon I can make guys this is going to be perfect look I’m going to go in here I’m going to craft there we go I just

Crafted a gun for us each wait gun no way this is going to be way more powerful than my wooden sword oh yeah this is perfect well guys there’s another door over here should we keep exploring yeah let’s go deeper is this a maze guys it appears so

This is kind of creepy I almost creeper shoot it shoot it shoot it shoot shoot shoot shoot creeper all man that wasn’t a scream that was just a yell that’s different guys that’s different that’s different all right guys let’s keep oh dead and all right let’s try this

Way oh that was spooky oh this is really scary there’s more there’s more which way do we go there’s a lot of creepers in here behind you behind you behind you there too wait guys I think I saw something this wayer Grazy are you okay run run run I

Just screamed this is bad this is bad separated from you guys I’m shooting the Mutant Creeper but he’s sucking on me ow I’m on the other side there’s so oh no witch witch oh no he’s about to blow up witch don’t blow up don’t get blown up I’m trying to run

Guys that was way too scary I think I screamed and it spawned even more creepers oh my goodness guys we all just screamed you know what that means the scene got more scary oh who knows what’s going to happen next we might get attacked by aliens or something try not

To think about it too much we just need to find our way out of this maze all right uh yeah let’s just keep exploring guys there’s got to be a way around here all right you two explore over there and I’ll see what’s on this side all right

I’m looking this way it’s a creeper head it kind of I think it thinks I’m his dad jum to me I’ll take it back wait the witch the Witch go go go what happened to her she just screamed oh Gracie she just screamed she made the scene more

Dangerous now I think she got kidnapped Jamesy there’s no way to find her anymore no no no we’re going to find her don’t worry don’t worry we’re going to find her just don’t get sucked in oh my goodness witch where are you J where is

I got the egg I think that’s why they’re angry I got the egg I got the egg get away from me you you a I’m going to kill your baby if you if you explode I’m going to kill it oh what what all right you know what let’s just complete this

Maze let just ignore the creepers okay I bet she’s somewhere here we just need to find where she was taken they had to have completed the maze in order to take her somewhere else yeah wait how do you you know she was taking Gracie are you part of the mafia or something she

Screamed and we didn’t see a body so they must have kidnapped her oh oh I found the exit the maze over here over here over here this looks there’s someone over there scary monster what have you done with our witch did you kid her oh dear you enter the sacred

Battleground without my permission oh look I need to escape this island okay do you know where our witches you have a gun or entering the Battlegrounds without my permission first I will kill you both and then I will eat you come on just tell us how to get off this island

I refuse to help trespassers okay I think he doesn’t want to play I think he just wants to eat us let’s find an exit to this battle room oh no I don’t see an exit I don’t see an exit you two have no escap it’s chasing after me I have an

Idea follow me follow me follow me follow me come on come on come on I have an idea we’re going to go to the entrance to the maze when I say now I will would just shoot him in the head look you see here ready crazy three two one head died forever oh

Oh no we defeated his totem grae he’s now useless one more shot and he’s dead that’s right buddy the jig’s over all right all right I’ll tell you the location your witch friend is locked inside the prison next to this Battleground and uh I think you’ll probably be needing some of this and

Then she told me she found a village that you should go to on the island oh she got some information Gracie come on let’s free her from the prison over there come on come on come on all right grae this way look we here and we’re in a prison

Um wit where are you oh jamy Gracie is that you oh my goodness we found you oh you’ll never guess what happened did you bump into that rude Blue Monster like I did yeah don’t worry don’t worry stand back everyone stand back everyone she’s about to blow

James I don’t you know about this St back oh that was a lot of TNT yep just the right amount all right witch where do we go now I heard you have some information that’s right we must to the village that I have heard of what’s in

This Village that’s going to help us well I learned from that monster you two previously met that there’s a vampire queen who might know how to get us off this island and somewhere in this prison there is an underground passage to get to her Village amazing remember guys we

Have to get off this island in the next 16 hours before we get submerged in salt water so let’s work together and see if we can find that tunnel does anyone know where it might be wait what’s that over there perhaps try this way I don’t know

I blew a hole in here right so maybe oh there’s a ladder is it up the ladder tunnels shouldn’t tunnels go underground I don’t know wait on the other end over here guys follow me follow me follow me follow me follow me doesn’t this look like a secret tunnel you’re right where

Is it going somebody definitely carved this spoon I don’t know all right come on guys maybe the village is up here we have to find what is it the Vampire Queen yes the Vampire Queen all right where is the village it must be around here somewhere then at the top of the

Hill um village Village oh over there guys you see it there’s a village just a village right we found it we found it um guys I wouldn’t worry with the cream right now this mutant skeleton we have to kill them we have to kill them wait guys if

You head shot them you do more damage you just have to hit them in the head oh come on quick scope quick scope yes head shoted oh Cris yes there they getting destroyed I knew I should have don’t worry I’m killing him oh no I’m getting

Low I’m getting low I’m getting low I’m getting low someone heal me someone heal me help me help me oh my goodness to be kill them all yeah I think so I don’t see any more muted skeletons they must have been protecting the village guys can you believe it if she’s not here

Perhaps we could find some Clues on her whereabouts yeah you said she was here right but maybe she left to get some milk or something let’s take a look around vage yeah maybe we can the first house I just checked the first one in here look there’s a book should I open

It yeah of course Elder of this Village was buried in the graveyard wait what do you guys think that means maybe we should go to that Tombstone where they buried him I heard that digging up people’s dead bodies is bad luck we don’t have to dig up his body we just

Have to find some Clues all right fine now where would he have been buried does anyone have any ideas no I see skeleton bodies maybe we should follow the witch this way this way looks more promising wait I think I found it there’s tombstones here which one’s the elders

How would we know wait there’s more Tombstone over here yeah there are more tombstones over here all right you know what make some Stone shovels and speed this process up here I have a crafting table you can use this all right I have a shovel you guys make your your own I’m

Going to see if I can figure out if there’s anything underneath this Elder’s Tombstone this one looks the same this one looks normal too does anyone have anything yet nothing yep yep just check underneath try and dig at least three blocks under if you can what about these

Ones here there’s got to be something underneath these I want to call this a treasure hunt but is that bad taste uh yes Gracie all right I think I know the problem we’re not digging deep enough come down with me guys we’re going to go

Into the hole here and see if we can find something okay all right I’m going come on there’s got to be something here wait a second I think I found something what is this oh wao where are we I don’t know guys we’re in some sort of

Underground mine wait a second and look guys it looks like there’s a secret password in order to open up the store yeah there’s a secret pathway we need to go down there but it’s locked with this key combination does anyone know the password all right guys clearly we’re

Going to need 1 2 3 4 five more levers to get through this but where would be find find some levers in this room perhaps some of these blocks are not what they appear to be guys I found something in here in here I found some

Levers wait what how it was a secret chest it looks exactly like a normal block all right if I place these all in here and then we flick them down like this on the door worked excellent work let’s head down here head down here and where are we the secret tunnel

Underground mine come on this way off we go team oh don’t look down it looks so deep I can’t even see cuz of the fog this is crazy all right uh we have to get down there guys follow me we need to be careful okay all right

I’m coming we have to go up this way B the parkour there we go wait is this a dead end how am I going to get down there I think I need to dig through here be careful jansy what did the ground fell out from beneath us it’s not going

To do that Gracie this is really suitable strong Stone follow me down here guys come on come on come on a I almost fell I was going to scream just now we need to speed up we only have 12 hours left until we get stuck on this

Island forever and we drown oh no if I fall down I’m going to die I’m going to scream this might be crazy but J wait I can’t really see much oh he’s jumped I suppose we see his water oh my goodness I saw some water that’s why I

Jumped all right there’s a lot of pathing this way guys follow me there’s got to be a way to get down lower okay passage way through the middle here how are we going to get through I can’t break this and we don’t have a key well

Let’s look around for a key then it must be around here somewhere mine is ginormous how would we ever find a key just plenty of water I think this must mean that the water is rising as we speak oh no soon enough this Island’s going to be completely submerged it’s

Got to be around here somewhere guys there’s got to be a key uh wait I think I found something right here over here over here where what is that the key it’s a grave Master’s key if I’m not wrong this should open this up yes all

Right who wants to jump first J you go first go go go go I’m coming down oh this is scary this place looks pretty safe there’s a lot of cop webs here ah it’s not safe it’s not safe shoot the spiders oh there’s more over there go

Over there guys don’t hit me by accident skeleton did we get all of them did we get all of them I think that’s it for now all right guys I think we’re in the under ground mines right now in the second floor I don’t even know this

Place is too scary for me but I can’t believe we just screamed again now everything is going to get even more scary wait guys I found a potion of fire resistance all right that might be useful all right let’s go this way there some sort of secret entrance this way

Guys what does this look like look at this room there’s tons of obsidian stall in here this is kind of weird now one all those things haven’t Comon I think it’s trying to point us to the nether I don’t know but let’s just keep going

This way oh no wait lava Gracie is that fire resistance potion splashable yeah yeah it is here everybody come next to me and boom let’s go we only have it for a few seconds come on come on go on swim over The Lava swim swim the fire resistance means we don’t take any

Damage to the lava it was genius guys I think the Vampire Queen went this way yep there’s another door does anyone have a key on nowhere we can find one there’s got to be someone around here come on let’s look perhaps it’s in a hidden block just like last time oh oh

Oh guys look the lava it’s moving it’s moving I bet it’s hidden inside of the lava oh no it’s not in here all right guys I’m going to go back to the room that we were just in to double check okay that we didn’t miss anything all right skeleton yeah little Redstone torches

Skeleton guys it’s right on the side in here are we blind oh no how did we miss that hurry up hurry up let’s go we have to find that vampire queen so she can help us out yep we need to get this island I feel like we only have about 10

Hours left until we do drown down here down here wait guys look there’s a boat do you guys see this this is a boat I don’t know isn’t that suspicious it’s almost like wait a second guys maybe the Vampire Queen knows that the Island’s going to get drowned which is why she

Built a boat wait you’re right exactly the whole island is overflowing she knew it maybe she planned this wait a second there’s a NE portal here do you think she fled to the nether she definitely did all the clues are leading to the nether all right great all right let’s

Look around can we pick up any of these obsidian blocks I think I might be able to if I break it using this gun like this um no need wait no need Gracie I just found a diamond pickaxe in here oh wait seriously perfect yep all right

Guys help me mine out a bunch of these obsidian blocks and we’re going to complete the portal there we go I have 17 obsidian I think that’s enough right guys should be enough all right place that right there let’s not make any mistakes now and and then I just light

This up like this and there we go all right guys I have a really big sneaking suspicion that the vampire queen is hiding out in the nether because she doesn’t want to get flooded right yeah so let’s go find her wo where are we where did we just get sented that was

Really fast and the Portal’s gone guys the Portal’s missing oh it appears that we’re now stuck here all right um I guess we’ve got to go this way let’s make some jumps on these parkour guys I’m coming I’m coming wait wait we still have never resistance we still have fire

Resistance how long do you guys have I have 2 minutes I only have 18 seconds well then you better hurry up witch come on on that way if we fail at least you will die from the lava we need to run as fast as possible these jumps are really

Easy though you just have to keep running and just not let go you’re right you’re right I’m going I’m going I’m going come on come on witch come on witch over here we’re almost at the end we’re almost at the end woohoo we made it to oh it appears my fire resistance

Has run out but it’s just a little sing nothing to worry about oh my goodness but guys we only have 6 hours left until the world gets flooded looks like we’ve reached a castle yep I have a seing suspicious that this is a demon Castle wait well it’s the Vampire Queen I bet

She’s in here somewhere this thing looks huge though I think we should split up and look for Clues okay I’ll go this way Gracie you go that way and which you go that way all right all right um Gracie you know what I’m going to come your way

I’m going to miss you otherwise are you serious gra slow down I’m behind you slow down hurry up I ain’t got no time for this oh no I think the the witch just scammed again the P me she just got kidnapped a second time we have to find

Her but she also made the scene more scary now do we know where she is Gracie come on let’s look around oh come on Gracie it’s got to be around here somewhere we made it into the castle oh is this I see somebody over there and it’s not the witch vampire queen hello

Children welcome to my humble oh she seems really nice Gracie so hi vampire queen we’re just looking for our friend witch oh you’re a witch friend I have teleported her to a secret chamber within the castle I think she’s a bit crazy um can you please let her go

H i could consider it if you beat me in a game of split she just changed personalities again she just went into a sassy Queen I don’t understand we I think we need to analyze this situation uh no not needed Gracie I can easily beat you in this b battle let’s do a

Challenge though if I win you have to release the witch all right that sounds fair but if I win I get to trap you two here to play sleep with me forever um okay let’s go wao is this the spleep arena it’s absolutely humongous but there’s only one layer Jamesy wait

There’s only one layer that means I can only mess up once all right and in the chest there’s fire resistance so that if we fall in the lava you can drink it so that you don’t actually die instead you become a prisoner for you for years and

Years exactly I love that you’re on my train of thought all right well Gracie are you going to be The Spectator yeah I’m going to be the commentator okay so Gracie I’ve realized this vampire queen has dual personality disorder I’m going to use that to my advantage okay how uh

You’ll see all right Queen are you ready to battle oh yes I’m so ready to kick your Bot come on then let me snow you up looks like James’s closing in on the Vampire Queen I wonder what’s going to happen you’re just separating us I don’t know what

You’re plan is I’m making a circle around you so that you’re trapped why he’s creating a circle but this is a risky move for him cuz he’s going all out all right look she’s escaped to Circle vampire queen you know you’re looking really cute today actually you’re looking better than

Gracie really you think so thanks I tried I’m suffering up Gracie wait a second he’s trying to use her dual personality against her I’m fighting with her wait vampire queen you know what let’s just stop fighting come here let me give you a kiss a kiss

From a you boy oh my goodness close your eyes though it has to be special okay all right my eyes are closed than you I got you oh all right fine I guess you two win yes Gracie do you see that that is called W RZ a you you almost got me

There all right well V Queen teleport us to the secret Chambers where you’re holding the witch well all the sple has tired me out I don’t have enough magic power to teleport us but I know another fun way to reach the chamber oh my goodness Gracie I guess we

Don’t have a choice we have to follow her right this is suspicious um vampire queen where have you taken us this is not the secret Chambers this roller coaster will take us to the secret Chambers isn’t it fun we just want free our friend the witch all right czy I’m

Pushing you well then you better get in a my cart no actually I kind of like this I haven’t been on a roller coaster in a long time really we went to a roller coaster like a year ago that’s recent enough right Gracie why you stopping at the top of the

Tracks going it’s not my fault oh my goodness always blaming it on the Machinery I’m going this way guys it’s going under the ground I’m see you later all right I’m coming as well let’s go I’m coming Gracie I’m coming Slow Down slow down oh why did you do that Gracie why did

You get off the track cuz it’s the end look oh wait that was a short wordquest we could just walk that R by Queen is this the secret Chambers yes this is it Welcome to My Secret Chambers you should be able to find your witch friend here

What a shame we can’t play more SP though are you leaving she’s G oh my goodness so rude that woman had serious issues all right well let’s go find our friend come on all right Grace where is the Witch she’s going to be around here somewhere witch wi cross in the in the

Little hole over there I knew it wait Gracie are you just a poisonous I’m not dying yet maybe I’m going to have radioactive babies who knows um let’s hope not Wich wake up oh my goodness oh yes yes yes I’m awake I am awake what’s that in your hands are you

Okay oh I’m quite all right Darlings I found this book here in the secret chamber wait what does it say what does it say there’s a portal hidden in the secret Chambers wait the portal can teleport us wherever we want we can teleport home wait you’re right we need

Free artifacts all right guys where is the portal it’s hidden in the secret chamber somewhere does anyone have any ideas what’s that lever doing over there you’re right there is a lever over here should we open it yeah maybe we can finally get off this island and this

Deadly sea wait the wall the Wall’s moving the Wall’s moving the wall is coming down wait three artifacts though does anyone know what it could be those things over there next to the pillars remember we saw them when we came in first you think it’s that are you sure I

Mean it’s worth a try just Icey why did you make me scream what get we’re scary oh god let’s get out of here let’s get out of here go go go go go go go go go go portal to the portal to the portal put them in put them in put one

In go go no way the PO came in look look look look quick guys we need to get off before it submerged get off silent and go home let’s go home oh let’s get out of here and if you guys enjoyed the video then make sure to watch the next

Your screen Bye by bye

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If You Scream, This Minecraft Seed Gets More Scary…

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    Crafty Copycats: Minecraft 2024 Showdown! In the world of Minecraft, where creativity reigns, Players explore, build, and use their brains. But what about the copies, the games that try, To capture the magic, to reach for the sky. From Lokicraft to clones, they all have a place, In the gaming world, where players embrace. So join me on this journey, as we explore, The top copy games, and what they have in store. With high graphics and fun gameplay too, These games like Minecraft will surely woo. So grab your pickaxe, your sword, and your bow, And let’s dive into these games, let’s go… Read More

  • Exposed at Event! Minecraft Challenge Island

    Exposed at Event! Minecraft Challenge Island ¡¡ME FUNARON EN ESTE EVENTO¡¡ ISLA DESAFIO MINECRAFT Hola como están la calidad es una MRD pero bueno sigo vivo y este video lo demuestra, el video esta medio en crudo sin casi editar pero bueno es mejor esto q nada. MonsterCoon #totaldrama #minecraft #minecraftbedrock #minecraftpe #skyblock #skyblockserver #bedrock #minecraftpe #minecraftmemes #elite #minecraftshorts #elitesmp #skywars miniatura hecha por: mine15k Redes: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Monster_coon Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/monster_coon Discord: https://discord.gg/zytSH4uuUC Instagram: https://instagram.com/notmonsterc?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== Read More

  • Minecraft Madness: Episode 585

    Minecraft Madness: Episode 585 Minecraft Episode 585: The Journey of Lờ Đờ Vờ Welcome to the 585th episode of Minecraft, where we follow the adventures of Lờ Đờ Vờ as they strive to conquer new challenges in the blocky world. Despite facing criticism, Lờ Đờ Vờ remains dedicated to creating engaging content for their gaming channel, focusing on the rapid development of Minecraft themes. Exploring New Horizons In this episode, Lờ Đờ Vờ embarks on a quest to explore uncharted territories in the vast Minecraft universe. Armed with determination and creativity, they set out to discover hidden treasures, encounter mysterious creatures, and build… Read More

  • Mind-Blowing Changes in Minecraft! Can You Spot the Mistakes? Easy 102

    Mind-Blowing Changes in Minecraft! Can You Spot the Mistakes? Easy 102 My Minecraft Adventure My Minecraft Adventure Introduction OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube, as one does, and I stumbled upon this super cool Minecraft video! It was all in Japanese, but like, who cares, right? The visuals were so captivating, and I just had to watch it! Video Details Video Title: マインクラフトでマイクイズ!なにがかわったかわかる? Hashtags: #shorts #マイクラ #マインクラフト #minecraft #マインクラフトでマイクイズ Experience So, like, the video was all about finding differences in the Minecraft world. It was like a quiz, but with a twist! Things were changing slowly, and you had to spot the one place that was different. It was… Read More

  • Mastering the Minecraft Difficulty Switch

    Mastering the Minecraft Difficulty Switch My First Impressions on Minecraft Video Welcome to my Minecraft Adventure! Introduction Heyyy guyyys! So, I was scrolling through YouTube and stumbled upon this super cool Minecraft video called “Difficulty Switch in Minecraft” and I just had to click on it! Let me tell you all about my first impressions, it was wild haha! Video Details Difficulty Switch in Minecraft Minecraft Animation #shorts #minecraft #minecraftshorts #minecraftfunnymoments #minecraftshorts #minecraftanimation #minecraftlive #minecraftstory #minecraftfunnymoments #minecraftmemes The Story So, in this video, Alex and Steve are out there fighting monsters like creepers, skeletons, zombies, and spiders at night. It was intense, they were… Read More

  • Blindside Blitz: Flash Bombs in Minecraft & PUBG

    Blindside Blitz: Flash Bombs in Minecraft & PUBG In the world of Minecraft, flash bombs ignite, Blinding your friends, a sneaky delight. Just like PUBG, they’ll dazzle and stun, In the heat of battle, a prank well done. But can ten thousand guardians take down the dragon, In seconds flat, like a lightning wagon? The challenge is set, the stakes are high, In the realm of Minecraft, where legends fly. So join me, Mengxuan dada, in this MC quest, Unraveling trivia, putting skills to the test. With each rhyme and line, we’ll explore and play, In the world of Minecraft, where dreams find their way. Read More

  • Surviving 100 Days in Solo Leveling World Challenge!

    Surviving 100 Days in Solo Leveling World Challenge! Minecraft Solo Leveling: Surviving 100 Days in Sung Jin Woo’s World! Embark on an epic journey in the world of Minecraft as you attempt to survive for 100 days in the shoes of Sung Jin Woo. Utilizing the solo leveling Minecraft mod, players start from the E rank and progress through dungeons to strengthen themselves, aiming to reach the coveted S rank. If you’re intrigued by this challenge, the mod link is provided below for you to experience it in your own Minecraft world. Challenges and Progression Starting with the awakening phase, players dive into their first task of… Read More

  • Fool’s Gold: Crafty House Build in Minecraft

    Fool's Gold: Crafty House Build in Minecraft In Minecraft land, where blocks do reign, We build a house, not for fame but for game. April Fools’ Day, a time for jest, Let’s build a house, a simple quest. Gather the blocks, in colors bright, Arrange them well, in the soft moonlight. Walls and windows, a roof on top, A cozy abode, where dreams can hop. No need for grandeur, just simple charm, In Minecraft world, we mean no harm. So follow along, with joy and glee, As we build a house, for all to see. With each block placed, a story told, In Minecraft world, where… Read More

  • MooseLands

    Kit PvP server, in need of a developer. Yeah, it isn’t great. It is in progress, and that is what we are making. MooseLands.minehut.gg Read More

  • FroobWorld Semi-Vanilla SMP PvE 1.20.4

    Server Information IP: s.froobworld.com Discord: Join our Discord Website: Visit our Website Dynmap: Check out our Dynmap About FroobWorld FroobWorld is a small survival server that has been running since 2011. If you enjoy old-school SMP, you will love our server. Rules include no griefing, no stealing, no cheating, and keeping chat at PG-13 levels. Features Land claiming with no size limit Lockette-style chest locking /rtp, /home, /spawn, /tpa, /back commands Long-term maps 32 chunk view distance No donations or prizes for votes Read More

  • Formo Craft

    Formo CraftNon-Premiun Server 100% Survival 1.20.4 | Job | Economy | ProtectionCome in and Invite your Friends, the game is 100% survival. Play a fair game. Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – You’re mine! 😉

    Looks like this meme really struck gold! Just like in Minecraft, it’s always a good feeling to find something valuable with a score of 74! Read More

  • Minecraft Meme: The Hottest Blocky Banter

    Minecraft Meme: The Hottest Blocky Banter “Why did the creeper break up with his girlfriend? She couldn’t handle his explosive personality!” #minecraftmemes #relationshipproblems 😂🎮 Read More

  • Unbelievable MUST HAVE Mob Armor Add-On | Prowl8413

    Unbelievable MUST HAVE Mob Armor Add-On | Prowl8413Video Information This video, titled ‘MUST SEE Add-On! Great Value! Mob Armor | Minecraft Marketplace’, was uploaded by Prowl8413 on 2024-04-15 12:00:21. It has garnered 2572 views and 196 likes. The duration of the video is 00:20:33 or 1233 seconds. Add-ons are starting to appear in the marketplace now, and some of them are really good! Looking for a great quality Minecraft server, at a great price? I recommend using Sparkedhost! All Prowl servers are hosted on Sparkedhost! Link: https://ad.sparkedhost.marketing/campaign/prowl Code: Prowl All the links! Visit my website at https://prowl8413.live Become a member to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/@prowllive/join Follow… Read More

  • Mastering Minecraft 1.20 Advancements LIVE

    Mastering Minecraft 1.20 Advancements LIVEVideo Information This video, titled ‘🔴 Getting ALL 1.20 Minecraft Advancments with @PandaForceGaming LIVE’, was uploaded by Cush on 2024-01-17 02:07:15. It has garnered 103 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 02:48:03 or 10083 seconds. My friend Jordan and I will be attempting to unlock EVERY advancement in Minecraft 1.20! Neither of us have played 1.20, so this is going to be an up-hill battle. Drop a like if you enjoyed the stream, and subscribe to the channel to help support me! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Join my Discord server and follow my socials for… Read More

  • INSANE Minecraft Jumpscare Prank! 😱 #shorts

    INSANE Minecraft Jumpscare Prank! 😱 #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft : Jumpscare Painting Prank! #shorts #minecraftshorts’, was uploaded by ARONTEX GAMING on 2024-03-29 11:06:44. It has garnered 10453 views and 263 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:29 or 29 seconds. Minecraft : Jumpscare Painting Prank! #shorts #minecraftshorts IGNORE TAGS minecraft,minecraft secret chest,laptop secret chest in minecraft,minecraft laptop,minecraft tutorial,minecraft mod,minecraft tips,minecraft hidden chest,minecraft secret chest tutorial,minecraft but,minecraft shorts,minecraft challenge,minecraft build hacks,laptop minecraft,minecraft hacks,minecraft build,best secret base in minecraft,minecraft tricks,minecraft secrets,minecraft manhunt,minecraft build tutorial,minecraft 1.18 secret,minecraft shorts,minecraft,shorts minecraft,minecraft animation,minecraft but,shorts,minecraft memes,minecraft funny,minecraft tiktok,minecraft challenge,minecraft build hacks,build hacks minecraft,minecraft parody,minecraft sad story,minecraft challenges,minecraft ai,minecraft mod,minecraft… Read More

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    Unbelievable: Surived 200 Days in Hardcore Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘I Survived 200 Days in Amplified World on Minecraft Hardcore (Hindi)’, was uploaded by Gabbar Gaming on 2024-01-17 07:30:11. It has garnered 822 views and 20 likes. The duration of the video is 00:24:39 or 1479 seconds. I Survived 200 Days in Amplified World on Minecraft Hardcore (Hindi) stampylongnose minecraft, minecraft music, minecraft lets play, minecraft fail, hunger games minecraft, minecraft videos, minecraft stampylongnose, chimneyswift11, minecraft house, minecraft 1.8, minecraft captainsparklez, minecraft harlem shake, ihascupquake minecraft oasis, revenge minecraft, minecraft texture pack, roosterteeth minecraft, seananners minecraft, minecraft servers, paulsoaresjr, stampylonghead, minecraft antvenom, minecraft xbox, minecraft… Read More

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    Mind-Blowing Minecraft Myths Revealed! 😱🌟 #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft myth 😅⭐ [Part-2] #minecraft #minecraftguide #shortfeed #minecraftfacts #mincraftlogic’, was uploaded by GYG SHORTS on 2024-01-08 02:30:23. It has garnered 1683 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. Read More

  • “Unbelievable New Mob Found in All the Mods!” #minecraft

    "Unbelievable New Mob Found in All the Mods!" #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘All the Mods Ep 6. “Devil with a Blue Dress” #minecraft’, was uploaded by Leafy McTreeface on 2024-02-26 16:00:21. It has garnered 55 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 00:16:04 or 964 seconds. The focus for today is on Occultism! A Magic Ritual mod where you can summon demons to do your bidding and make an amazing storage system! Leafy’s Discord: https://discord.gg/AxR9pkRxcT #minecraft #modded #moddedminecraft #ATM #livestream #live #streaming #stream #streamer #gamer #gaming #funny #leafy #allthemods9 #playthough #letsplay #gameplay Become and Official Member of the Garden! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNeqUlA4JmvHSQ6i3MHarmw/join Read More

  • 🔥 EPIC Minecraft Stream – Chill, Chat, PVP/SURVIVAL 🎮

    🔥 EPIC Minecraft Stream - Chill, Chat, PVP/SURVIVAL 🎮Video Information This video, titled ‘🔴│LIVE│ – Minecraft Stream CZ/SK !! Chillec, Pokec, PVP / SURVIVAL 🔴’, was uploaded by StenPlayz on 2024-01-13 04:25:57. It has garnered 12 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:07:53 or 473 seconds. So Hi, to those who don’t know me, my name is Stan, I play under the nickname StenSk, I also had a StenSk channel that I renamed to the TRAPDOGZ channel, but it doesn’t stop me from constantly streaming and playing at the same time, that is, who is new, I will be very happy if you subscribe…. Read More

  • Minecraft Finale: The CRAZIEST Gamer Reacts! 🤯 #minecraftshorts

    Minecraft Finale: The CRAZIEST Gamer Reacts! 🤯 #minecraftshortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Playing minecraft for the last time 🙁 #mimecraftshorts #minecraft #viral #subscribe’, was uploaded by GAMER R8 on 2024-01-03 05:12:07. It has garnered 4175 views and 121 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:42 or 42 seconds. Read More

  • Revisiting Childhood Memories in Minecraft’s Past

    Revisiting Childhood Memories in Minecraft's PastVideo Information This video, titled ‘I want to go back (Nostalgic Minecraft Mix)’, was uploaded by CharScar on 2024-02-03 15:07:31. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Hope you enjoy the mix! I do not own any of this music. All credit goes to the amazing composer C418 … Read More

  • Ram Nation

    Ram NationFun 1.8 kitpvp server, simple server with FFA and 1vs1. Roleplay and parkour in beta Skywars will be added. 1v1 your friend with Differend Kits! Play in events to be featured in videos! Have Fun! Up to 500 players! Rams69.aternos.me Read More

  • The oasis SMP Vanilla smp Anarchy 1.20.4 No Whitelist

    Vanilla Minecraft Server If you’re looking for a true vanilla server without claims or plugins, look no further! Join our active small community where you can enjoy everything Minecraft has to offer and interact with other players. The server has a peak of 4-5 players during business hours (around 6PM EST). With a mix of past artifacts and a young environment, you can easily catch up by joining now. The only rule is no cheating or hacking. Server Details: IP: jamysmp.dedimc.io Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/2dBJAH24Na Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Whattttttt!?!?!?

    Minecraft Memes - Whattttttt!?!?!?Looks like this meme really hit the jackpot with a score of 21! Must be some high-quality pixelated comedy. Read More

  • Crafty Castle: Minecraft’s Mighty Fort

    Crafty Castle: Minecraft's Mighty Fort In the realm of Minecraft, a fortress grand, Inspired by Olaf’s Tower, in Vyborg’s land. With history deep and legends bold, A symbol of strength, stories untold. I craft in blocks, each detail precise, Capturing the essence, a building paradise. With your support, my channel grows, Like and subscribe, as the story flows. Join me on Discord, Twitter, and more, For updates and news, I have in store. Music from games, a peaceful place, Setting the mood, with every grace. So come along, on this building ride, In Minecraft world, where dreams abide. Fortress in Minecraft, a tale to… Read More

  • Spicy Minecraft Memes for Gamers

    Spicy Minecraft Memes for Gamers Why did the creeper go to therapy? Because it had too much TNTsion! #minecraftmemes #dadjokes Read More

  • Boost Your FPS with Shulkercraft Mods

    Boost Your FPS with Shulkercraft Mods Boost Your Minecraft Experience with These FPS-Boosting Mods Are you tired of lag and low FPS in your Minecraft gameplay? Look no further! These mods are here to save the day and enhance your gaming experience. From Optifine to Sodium, these mods will not only increase your FPS but also improve render distance and overall performance. Optifine: Enhancing Your Vanilla FPS If you’re looking to boost your FPS and enhance your graphics, Optifine is the go-to mod for many Minecraft players. With Optifine, you can customize your settings, improve performance, and enjoy a smoother gameplay experience. Sodium: Taking FPS… Read More

  • Mountain Makeover: Minecraft Base Build

    Mountain Makeover: Minecraft Base Build My Epic Minecraft Base Transformation Adventure! Introduction So, like, I stumbled upon this totally rad Minecraft video about transforming a mountain into a base and I was like, “OMG, I have to watch this!” Frame At first, I was like, “Wait, what’s happening here?” But then I saw the mountain slowly turning into this epic base and I was shook! Jumps care There were some crazy jumps and I was like, “Don’t fall, don’t fall!” But the builder was a pro and made it look easy. Interior The interior design was on point! I was getting major inspo for… Read More

  • EPIC Minecraft HOMEBowo Part 1: CRAZY Adventures!!

    EPIC Minecraft HOMEBowo Part 1: CRAZY Adventures!!Video Information This video, titled ‘More minecraft :D’, was uploaded by HOMEBowo 1 on 2024-03-18 11:28:00. It has garnered 18 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 02:33:52 or 9232 seconds. #minecraft #gaming Read More

  • Insane TNT Run in Minecraft

    Insane TNT Run in MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft TNT 🧨 Runing #minecraft’, was uploaded by FAHD GAMING on 2024-03-02 11:13:28. It has garnered 2294 views and 32 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:12 or 12 seconds. Minecraft TNT 🧨 Runing #minecraft minecraft, minecraft 100 days, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft house, minecraft song, minecraft legends, minecraft 1.20, minecraft jj and mikey, minecraft civilization, minecraft videos, minecraft aphmau, minecraft animation, minecraft april fools 2023, minecraft asmr, minecraft armor trims, minecraft automatic farm, minecraft ancient city, minecraft ambience, minecraft animation movie, minecraft allay, a minecraft parody, a minecraft house, a minecraft… Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Bookshelf Builds by RonalddVideo Information This video, titled ‘Librero para Minecraft #construccionesminecraft’, was uploaded by Ronaldd on 2024-03-28 21:47:26. It has garnered 6069 views and 415 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:11 or 11 seconds. Read More

  • Danny D discovers hidden wonders in Minecraft Modded – part 1

    Danny D discovers hidden wonders in Minecraft Modded - part 1Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft – Modded Playthrough (No Commentary) – part 1: early exploration’, was uploaded by Danny D on 2024-02-18 01:44:12. It has garnered 61 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 01:57:43 or 7063 seconds. In this video, I start a new modded Minecraft world, explore the immediate area, and build (part of) a small base. I just got back in a Minecraft mood, so I set up my 200+ mods and waited for a day when I could try them out again! Most of these I’ve played with previously, but many of… Read More

  • Unleash Dinosaur Mayhem in Minecraft! #mod #mcpe

    Unleash Dinosaur Mayhem in Minecraft! #mod #mcpeVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft dinosaur mod mcpe #minecraft #mod #mods #mcpe #dinosaur’, was uploaded by Natan$ on 2024-03-19 02:45:41. It has garnered 462 views and 9 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:16 or 16 seconds. Read More

  • Insane Minecraft DemonSlayer Sword Review & New Abilities!

    Insane Minecraft DemonSlayer Sword Review & New Abilities!Video Information This video, titled ‘รีวิวแอดออน “ดาบพิฆาตอสูรสุดเจ๋ง มีปราณสุดเท่” ใน Minecraft มือถือ?🔥 (DemonSlayer) | Minecraft Addon’, was uploaded by Koontang GamerZ on 2024-03-02 12:34:41. It has garnered 5180 views and 159 likes. The duration of the video is 00:13:30 or 810 seconds. Review of the Demon Slayer add-on. You can customize your own character in Minecraft mobile..very cool!! I’m back for an Addon review after a long absence. Hope everyone will like it. #Minecraft #Minecraft #MinecraftMobile ————————————————– —————– Please press Like & Subcribe as well. So you won’t miss any new clips from us =w= Demon Slayer Addon download link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EaBQPNHBxE&t=0s&ab_channel=Frogdog… Read More


    INSANE DUELS & BEDWARS MADNESS LIVE WITH MANGOVideo Information This video, titled ‘Playing Bedwars And Dueling Viewers LIVE’, was uploaded by Mango on 2024-03-17 15:41:35. It has garnered 253 views and 32 likes. The duration of the video is 02:29:43 or 8983 seconds. JOIN THE DISCORD! – https://discord.gg/Hujy8vMPGG #minecraft #hypixel #Bedwars Read More