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Yo guys what is going on it is Royal here today back for another episode of the faction series here on the brand new season of Madia factions of course if you guys want to come check out the server please consider using my custom IP royal. mia.com whenever you guys use

That IP it does directly support me in the channel and if you guys want to help yourselves out as well as help me out even further you guys can hop on any realm on Madia and do/ redeem Royal using that code does directly support me even further and it gives you guys free

Money and free gold to start off here on factions now anyways guys if you are not caught up to date with the series so far the first episode We join a random solo on the server and we’re going to try and get rich that way because my faction uh

Breached you know the faction that we’ve been playing with for like the last I don’t even know how many Maps I’m going to say at least the last six Maps apparently they are not playing this map okay they have all split off into a bunch of different PVP factions I guess

They’re not making a base or anything like that so I had nowhere to go at all So currently in this solo faction we have about five cactus farms I finished printing in the last cactus farm that we were making at the end of the last video

This is the fono if we F warp I believe it’s CAC 4 I printed in this full entire thing and we are now down to $24 million cuz we also bought a stack of ig’s in the last video so in today’s episode I’m not going to lie this is lowkey going to

Be kind of a Rags to Riches type series because we are broke I’m not going to lie to you but in today’s episode we are going to be grinding some Expos we might even hit some voyages if we do oh wait slash fund Voyages of Blackbeard loot

Does get unlocked in about 2 days or maybe like one and a half days at the time I’m recording this and then Davey Jones tier on the 26th so we might have to hop into some of that but for this episode we are going to be doing some uh

Expos because Expos are a great way to grind without like having to PVP other players it’s straight PVE it’s straight grindy you just like put your head down and you grind you get money you get items that sell for a ton of cash so that’s what we’re going to be doing in

Today’s episode but I hopped on the other day and Dylan told me that we have got a box in the richest faction on the server all right if we F top we have a box in quackers now we just went up against quackers in the last season I

Think quackers got third I don’t think they were ever raid uh breached my old faction got second and then the other comp faction got number one I literally already forgot their name I’m not even going to lie but guys I have no clue if quackers is going to be the best faction

This map but they’re the richest faction on the server and I didn’t ask them Dylan just told me he was like yo we got a box in there and I was like all right bet I am down so we are currently a part of the faction quackers we can f leave

This little alt faction F join quackers to go over to our box I lied no we can’t bro quackers is full I literally just checked like 5 minutes ago and they were 6 out of 10 now they are 9 out of 10 what the hell happened okay I guess I

Lied um we are going to be going to the Box later in today’s episode I guess for right now we’re going to go ahead and grind Expeditions so let’s head over to the slash Expeditions we already have a set going on over here it’s nothing super crazy do have a parent mask for

The speed three now if we do/ Expedition boat we are currently on this island and this is the worst Island to grind on of all time okay the reason for that is because the mobs here absolutely blow like they are so annoying to fight there is one super easy mob but there’s one

Super hard one as well you guys will see right here all right it’s going to spawn in oh we actually got a full spawn of all of the easy mobs bro the squids this is what you want to see bro super easy to kill sometimes they jump on top of

Your head like that and IND you but that’s fine bro as long as it’s not the spiders with skeletons on top of them but right there we got 69,000 from that chest not a great amount of money here you don’t get a ton of like super good

Loot either but at the next island is really whenever you start to make money wait hold on are we fighting the boss right the boss either just spawned or it’s about to spawn let’s go fight this thing so that way we can potentially level up oh it’s about to spawn in 36

Seconds that is actually pretty lucky but we are going to be putting hours into Expeditions in today’s episode I’m going to be grinding out so much money hopefully we get a a lot of good items as well and then we’re going to be investing it straight into the box into

Spawners and hopefully make a ton of progress in today’s episode this boss does do a lot of damage especially if you’re on like it’s rotten Decay or whatever the hell that is but it usually only takes like one wave 600 XP right there and we only need to kill that boss

Two more times to level up most likely one because it takes 7 minutes and 30 seconds to respawn and then you just come over here and kill these mobs so at level 80 is whenever we will unlock the next Island which is the actual good Island that’s my favorite island because

Again whenever you hit level 100 that Island there’s PVP enabled and yeah I don’t really have any teammates to go there with and I’m not going to cap a lot of people are probably running tracers at that island so yeah i’ just rather never go there I’m going to be

Honest unless I find like a super good faction that wants to let me grind there and not kill me but I’ve really never grinded at that island ever in my entire life but I know every single chest at that island is like a couple million dollars and that right now would make so

Much money if you just grind it out and yeah these are the annoying mobs by the way the spiders literally the worst thing of all time they do so much damage and they are actually hard to hit but yeah for right now I’m going to take a

Cut until we hit Level 80 and then in the next clip we will go to the new island check out the loot there and probably join the main faction quackers just to give you guys a Showcase of our box to see what we have so far we’re not

Doing terrible but we are not doing great we’re going to change that in today’s video I’m going to set a goal for an amount of IGS in today’s video that hopefully we could hit I’m going to say like hopefully 750 IGS if not 1K by the end of today’s episode if we could

Do that that would be huge so let me kill off all these squids bro all these mobs I’ll bring you guys back in one second all right guys we are back and we actually ended up hitting level 80 quite some time ago but I did get off and take

A little bit of a break but now we are back on and tell me why they have dropped a brand new hype box bro I think it’s like a Valentine’s hype box type thing and whenever the hype boxes drop you guys know what that means for me we

Are hopping straight into some hype box battles we are going to do these four at a time four at a time is just usually the ones that I win the most if I go higher I swear to God I end up losing and if I lose we only lose four crates

So it’s not that big of a deal but let’s go ahead start this thing up bro I need some loot I saw that you can win Shillings level 100s out of these that would be amazing to win right now especially because we are so poor I have

A shilling oh wait what the hell did we just win I think that’s a sunen that’s worth $280 a full lover set is worth 300 okay we’re down 70 bucks butth yeah we do have a Shillings cave pet on our alt but it’s literally like level 20 by now

Only $170 we’re going to lose we’re we’re getting cooked we’re down $120 bro there’s no way I feel like my items are literally better as well that’s the crazy thing okay how much is this $ 250 280 bro we literally lost every single round are you kidding I

Feel like the Hellraiser is better than The Cage pet bro it’s only level one oh my God see we got rinsed right here bro that that was nuts that was nuts and we didn’t even win anything that we wanted super bad anyway it’s whatever let’s head into the enter chest four more

Right here please can we we need to win like the next however many battles we do we need to win them I can’t lie your boy needs some Loot and we we need loot bat a Shillings k bro please I saw everybody winning so many of those a battery pet

Is not is not good enough dude we’re literally losing every single round granted that one was only by $5 so highly highly winnable we just need to pull something please not a chef mask that won’t cut it and that this isn’t going to cut it either they pulled it

The Shillings cave level 100 bro 310 bucks um we need to pull something massive and they need to pull actual trash like we have and oh my God the hyper chard how much was that Ninjago okay we’re still down but we just brought it back I did not know a hybrid

Shard would be that much bro please please win this please bro pull something crazy pull something crazy hyper chard yes we won oh my God we actually just clutched that out no way bro we got the Shillings level 100 two hybrid shards that has to sell for like

A decent amount of money right I am most hyped about the Shillings cave that was an insane clutch to win that dude now we’re going to do three because we have three left so we’ll do three and three two more hype box battles right here if

We can win another Shillings pet I would not be complaining at all and okay heroic black scroll that was worth 200 bucks it was more than than that one but again these are only three crate battles so we kind of need to pull something ASAP uh they’re going to get a full

Rover set wow we got a full colossal we’re still in the lead right we’re still in the lead by like 60 bucks so just pull something solid right here and we do win I will take the full Rover armor set actually that is not bad and a

Cage P okay with an Ace Ace isn’t the greatest but a win is a win I wonder how much money this Shillings level 100 actually generates though in comparison to our other one if we Battle Royal God n i mean he has an extra 27 mil right

There that is not bad anyways EC I’m just going to open these up because if we do a hype box battle we’re going to lose cuz we just won two in a row so let’s be smart here open up these last two can we get another Shillings cave

Pet that would be massive bro please and we’re not going to get it here maybe a Hellraiser another smoke balloon that is tragic that is tragic let’s see what we win out of this one it’s looking like a Speedster probably okay oh a sunk no way

Dude no way it went past the sunken bro I do not need another Ninjago man I don’t even really derp dive like that bro this is not good final crate right here for the entire video and then we are going back to X Expeditions um yeah we didn’t really want the lightsaber oh

Bro the full lover set would have been nice okay it’s fine got another hell Razer that still is not bad at all I wonder if I can bring the Shillings cave pet to the Expeditions they usually don’t allow pets but this one doesn’t really give you a boost it just

Generates you money so I feel like you should be allowed and oh my God they allow you to bring it that is a w bro no way the reason why the Shillings is so good dude is you don’t even have to worry about getting raided bro this is

Literally just like a couple spawners in a grinder that can’t be raided I don’t really know how much money it generates but it generates money I know that anyways slap Expedition boat we did end up hitting level 80 bro this is the best island in the game right here bro

Hopefully we start making money at this new island how the hell do I get off this boat hopefully we finally start to make some real money we’re going to go check there’s already people here oh bro it’s freaking Blackwood no way and I just realized you can actually put a

Balloon on your Expedition sword I did not know that oh my God bro look how much easier these mobs are oh bless up dude this one is a little annoying but at least it doesn’t really do a whole lot of damage and there is a part where

You can get a ton of hits off on it like that there we go it just like turns into combo mode and you can get a bunch of hits off on it and just kill it but I want to see how much money we’re getting per chest here what the hell is

Blackwood doing bro is he about to rob my loot okay bang and then click this chest $572,000 from one chest is nuts I cannot lie to you bro that is amazing all we have to do plus the shilling’s cave pet bro we can sit here grind it out we’re

Going to be making millions upon Millions invest it all into the box all into spawners and just go crazy also keep in mind we do have five cactus arms currently being afked and we just got another alt or uh Dylan got another alt so we can make a 61 bro another 520k

From that chest nah this is going to be op bro I’m going to be making millions could you guys just imagine the final PVP Island I wish they there wasn’t PVP there bro like just let me go there without you know having to worry about people running tracers and aim assisting

And dying dude just let me grind another 644k bro what is the minimum you can win is the minimum 500k cuz if it just goes up from that that’s nuts I was assuming it was going to be like 300,000 minimum which is still really good but we’re

Already at $30 million bro I have barely been here that guy’s smoked This Guy’s in a corner he’s cooked like bang we just killed that horde we have two chests to claim right here it’s going to cash me out for a quick Millie that was 490k plus

715k a quick million right there okay guys um yeah I want to stay here and I want to grind for a couple of hours so I’m going to take a cut we are just going to stack up on bread Stack Up on loot I mean I know you can win at least

I hope you can win some star of the world loot boxes as well cuz those are worth like 20 million per but they are a pretty rare chance to actually get to drop from these chests I always forget how to actually check the Expedition loot oh no we found it um right click

This glass pane to show all of the possible rewards from Island 5 let’s take a look colossal armor pieces seasonal eggs mystery items Rover pieces start of the world crate pet callers oh my God bro pet callers sell for a disgusting amount of money and then the

Rest is uh it’s pretty mid I’m going to be honest with you but right here 150k to $900,000 per chest is very solid and yeah that’s basically everything so I’m going to take a cut we’re going to grind for a couple of hours I will see you

Guys in 1 second all right guys we are back and I’m not going to lie it is a couple days later um I kind of took a little bit of a break just a small little mini rest from recording a ton because I felt like I was going crazy

Before I took that little break anyways I’m fully refreshed um we have been grinding Expeditions a little bit haven’t done too much grinding I was actually already claiming my rewards and then I realized like yo you actually get extremely good stuff out of these like I got cursed Rune pouches I’m saving like

All of my pouches in here to make God sets and stuff but if we F who quackers bro they are literally full right now it’s kind of prime time on the server literally like a thousand players online so yeah I don’t know whenever we’re going to get in but we did get these

Cursed Rune pouches I did pull an equalizer 4 like I said I already started opening these and I was like I might as well maybe record some of them just in case we get anything super good and as soon as I start recording we get trash equalizer 3 is not horrible and

This is really good rates it’s not maxed but I mean it’s almost Max and yeah never mind we got rinsed okay good looks but we do have have $549 million so we have made a ton of money from Expeditions and voyages are also out now

So we might hit some of those in today’s episode as well I haven’t taken a look at the loot tables but if you can pull some stuff that I can sell for even more money it might be better than Expeditions right now but yeah I do want

To get into the faction um start building a god Set and show you guys our box I said our goal was like 1,000 IGS for this episode but like I said I did take a couple days of a break and my box member Dylan apparently ICF a ton of

Spawners and he just got super lucky and I think we’re at like around 2,000 IGS right now so that is very very solid I do have $549 million I could spend which granted probably won’t get us that many IGS if we just take a look yeah we can’t

Even afford two stacks of IGS right now bro IGS are super super expensive but we do have 115 mob spawners I think some of these actually despawned I’m not that these literally expire today so yeah let’s go ahead uh start claiming these and we will try to start opening them

I’ll just trash one of them so that way we have an inventory slot here we’re we’re not super rich so uh we’ll just open all of these like I said kind of ragster riches here every single spawner is going to count I think we just got

Our first IG right there and bang these are basically the only good spawners we got here so didn’t do really too well I mean three Ghasts um five IGS and nine magmas six creepers if I wanted to I could just sell these spawners I think

The gas and magmas go for like 2 million each but obviously I am trying to buy spawners but if you guys don’t want to buy spawners Expeditions you still get a ton of mob spawners from it like I said I haven’t even really grinded it a whole

Well listen I’m going to take another cut we are either going to get into the faction eventually and I’m going to build a Gods set and we’re going to do a little bit of PVP in today’s episode or we’re going to go hit some voyages if we

Cannot get rotated in so let me take a cut I’ll figure out what we’re doing I’ll see you guys in one second finally guys we have made it into the faction quackers I I actually don’t know okay well actually I can see it on the scoreboard we are still F top number one

Oh my God by double the amount of value okay this is an interesting faction name right here not going to lie all right we don’t have a lot of faction points but I think that’s just PVP points right yeah yeah yeah yeah we’re we’re not a PVP faction wow this faction right here

Which I think is mainly like the main like leaders and stuff of breached are ftop or F PVP points whatever the hell it’s called bro PVP top number one but anyways um our box is nothing special I just set all of this up for all of our

Like Expo Loot and stuff we have a bunch of black Scrolls set some runes up there um opened up some pets things like that so I just set this up and we also have these from the Expeditions as well two star item um okay a Grappler and then

Open this okay two Grapplers and then a mystery admin item we got a sord of trident I think that was literally like the worst things you could have got actually I think you could have got a bow which would have been a little bit worse but not any great luck out of

Those anyways yeah our box is definitely nothing special here it is pretty scuffed if I do say so myself it looks like uh Dylan just sold the box cuz there’s only 54 million in here and if I fly over here apparently Dylan just lost

A CF for 500 IGS so if we chunk info we have like literally 2,000 basically on the dot uh 34 magmas 24 gas let me go into my um Ender Chest we’ll just place down these spawners right here really quick um bang uh throw those there and

Then do we have oh yeah we do have Magus place right there bang There we go now I was going to spend my money and buy IGS and place them in the grinder but uh Dylan told me to go ahead and I F it so

If we SL shop actually can I even afford two stacks um if we can we’re going back to X oh my God this is literally my entire balance oh that’s kind of scary dude I’m not going okay well we just just bought it there was no confirmation

Or anything but we’re going to try an ICF these two stacks of IGS for another two stacks of IGS see if we can double up our profit or lose everything that we just worked for so I believe we have to go into the gold shop to get yep an item

Flip credit right here and then I think we just claim it and then warp desert is literally where everybody on the server does their trade so I’m going to see if we can find an ICF for these two stacks of IGS it’s not a lot of IG so I’m not

Sure if we will but yeah we’ll see if we can double up on profit wait wait bro Dylan just told me he’s IC F in for he’s icing his set for precious ig’s let’s in see Dylan hopefully he wins this because uh we did just lose five he’s ghosting

Okay take a look at the ICF history oh my bro see these guys are doing like a ridiculous amount of IGS I just can’t afford those right now I have two stacks not sure if anyone’s really going to take that deal but yeah there’s really supposed to be a pattern in these um

Like icfs and stuff oh what the hell bro these guys ICF like I don’t even know how many IGS this is it’s like three all around okay that’s like nothing maybe somebody will take my ICF for two stacks oh these guys just did one right here

Okay yeah yeah see this is something we could do but we do have to kind of read the board so we just went on a hot you know head streak over here and then it went three in a row for Tails it’s got to be heads again right it’s got to be

Oh this guy right here bro Inc this guy was doing ICF oh my what the why does this man have this many IGS in his inventory bro go place that down in a base Bud okay bang we have it whoa whoa whoa whoa I want heads I’m not going to

Lie message stops I want heads not going to lie wait wait whoa whoa Dylan just spammed me we’re rich I don’t know if we want okay bro I guess we’re just going to do the tals okay bro Dylan stop spamming me dog he said we’re rich so

I’m just going to ICF it he gave me Tails again bro it is what it is we’ll just take it pray to God we win this I’m going to check out the ICF history in a second because Dylan is literally spamming me bro right after I see if we

Get cooked I wanted heads and I messaged him that and then he just sent the same thing yes we won oh my God it was meant to be ICF history wait wait what did Dylan win hold up hold up Dylan ooh Oh my he ICF this guy wait bro I cut my

Losses here bro let me m him he’s trying to ICF me again said I will do six for four wait nah no no no no no no no I take my wins whenever I can get get them dude I’m out of there bro we just came

Up double the profit that is what I like to see and actually more because Dylan just went crazy as well he said eight stacks for four bro this guy’s down horrendous wait message Dylan Dylan’s telling me to do it bro okay yeah bro eight for four is kind of crazy so IC

Bro how do you send an ICF because I I want heads dude where is he you have to be within 10 blocks if we lose this we are still up because Dylan just won 15 Stacks so I mean yeah you just kind of do this bro for okay he did six Stacks H

We’re still going to take it it’s still a good good deal here let’s see if we win this I went heads this time I didn’t check ICF history but if we could win this I am absolutely done okay the only reason why I’m doing it I would have

Taken the profit and ran but Dylan came up on 15 stacks and we got cooked GG’s bro yeah we’re still up in profit against that guy um like I said Dylan literally just ICF him for 15 Stacks chunk info I don’t think he’s done placing him down but we are getting

Right back up there but now we are super super poor so I do want to make a sets that way we can PVP and boom we are almost at 3K off of that what the hell that’s actually crazy dude we are right back up there and Dylan said that other

Dude is drained I think he lost a fat ICF will be ICF history honestly icing is pretty fun bro but uh yeah I don’t like gambling anyways guys I’m going to take a cut right here I do want to make myself a Rover set I’m not sure if I’m

Going to finish the set in today’s video because I might also want to hit some voyages cuz I am literally insanely poor now and wait a minute dude slash Outpost real quick um the faction with the raid Outpost is literally F open so let’s go ahead and sell our cactus farms I’m

Going to f leave F join we are F open was that their name bang we are in okay so we’re going to TV to Dylan we’re going to sell all these cactus farms I have no clue how much money is in there cuz I have not checked it in a grip um

Bank we’re here oh my 2 million per chest okay wait these ones on the ends over here don’t have as much but that is still a lot of money you cannot use a sell one in this area wait what do you mean okay wait wait we can actually sell

Them manually if you come over here like this oh okay bang we’ll just do it like that um we can’t actually use any sell ones because I I don’t know bro the fact perms are are crazy but we can just sell them manually it’ll just take a little

Bit longer obviously cuz we have to stop at each chest but yeah instead of like 2.6 million we just got 3.4 million right there so it’s honestly going to take forever to sell all of these Farms let me take another cut well I wasn’t actually able to sell the entire Farm

Because we lost rating Outpost but I did get like 160 mil we’re going to hop into a voyage right now I have to gift 45 million bro that definitely hurts the pockets gift advate um wait yeah that’s that’s just it right hopefully that was the right guy because $45 million is

Kind of a lot to me but it’s a skip 10 Voyage so what the hell bro how are we in a box there’s no way they’re going to be able to place this here right but yeah we paid 45 mil because hopefully we make some profit out of this Voyage as

Long as we don’t die or lose a room it’s going to be guaranteed profit I don’t really know what we’re going to take um because DAV Jones is out so I don’t know what loot is good but I have not done voyages in a very very long time so I’m

Kind of hoping we don’t get cooked I haven’t gotten Shivers in forever oh bro I’m going to have to lock in for this but whenever people are running voyages I can just run these whenever they’re available get the profit dip out and whenever nobody’s running voyages we

Just go back to Expeditions as well as afking all of our farms and we will have a steady income of cash coming in all the time and after 10 minutes they finally place down the portal Jesus Christ man all right first voyage pack um first room we got is the uh oh yeah

Shooting range absolutely light work I should be allowed to freeload in this Voyage because I did pay to get in which means I am pain to get carried basically luckily this room is pretty fun so I will help a little bit watch this is a snip right here bang oh I missed it’s

Looking like we may be a little washed here boys I’m not going to lie to you I haven’t hit a shot yeah GG’s bro GG’s yeah I’m cutting the clip um guys I wasn’t recording but uh yeah we just threw the voyage I’m not going to lie um

We got death run and literally everybody got kicked out of the voyage besides me and Tyler and Tyler literally died on death run so I just I just took whatever the hell I got $11 million we just got taxed we we just got t wait are Rover leggings good they’re not good Rover

Leggings are 10 mil okay yeah GG’s bro GG’s I just lost $45 million all right Guys Tyler is a scammer so fortunately I think this video is already long enough anyway so we’re going to end this episode off right here in the next one I

Am going to be making a god Set we’re going to be doing some PVP and some more voyages in that episode as well but for right now dude that is it so if you guys did enjoy drop a like sub if you guys are new if you want to hop on and come

Check out these voyages yourself be sure you are hopping on with my custom IP and yeah I will catch you guys in the next episode of factions

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    Rescuing My Sister... Or Am I? | Minecraft Gameplay My First Impressions on a Minecraft Video Introduction Heyyy! So, I stumbled upon this super intriguing Minecraft video titled “妹妹! 哥哥來救你了【我…殺了妹妹!!!】是夢?還是現實? |抑念 我的世界 麥塊【全字幕】minecraft 游戏解说 巴哈姆特地圖” and let me tell you, it was a wild ride from start to finish! Initial Thoughts At first, I was like, “What in the blocky world is going on here?” The title alone had me questioning reality – are we in a dream or is this real life? The suspense was killing me! Video Details 剪輯:抑念 字幕:AI加抑念校稿 封面:抑念 遊戲:Minecraft 剪輯軟體:Shotcut 字幕軟體:剪映 封面軟體:Canva、威力導演 人物動作軟體:Mineimator Impressions As the video unfolded, I was on the edge… Read More

  • The Ultimate Bedrock Builder

    The Ultimate Bedrock Builder My First Impressions on the “el mejor albañil de bedrock” Minecraft Video OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube, looking for some epic Minecraft content, and I stumbled upon this video titled “el mejor albañil de bedrock” 👷‍♂️. Let me tell you, it was a wild ride from start to finish! Initial Thoughts At first, I was like, what even is an “albañil de bedrock”? But then I realized it must be some fancy way of saying a master builder in Minecraft. The thumbnail had me intrigued with the builder holding a pickaxe and looking all serious. I was… Read More

  • Java Snapshot 24w07a: Crafting New Fun in Minecraft!

    Java Snapshot 24w07a: Crafting New Fun in Minecraft! In the latest snapshot, Minecraft’s alive, New features to explore, let’s take a dive. Bogs are now in the game, a swampy delight, Changes aplenty, in the day and the night. Subscribe to GX3_333, for updates so clear, Minecraft news in rhymes, no need to fear. Stay tuned for more, in the world of blocks, Let’s play together, in our Minecraft talks. Read More

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    Amir's Epic Minecraft Shenanigans Exploring the World of Minecraft Badmash Step into the enchanting world of Minecraft Badmash, where adventure and magic await at every turn. Join the YouTube gang as they embark on thrilling escapades, showcasing the best of Minecraft’s diverse landscapes and challenges. Unveiling the Magic of Minecraft Experience the mesmerizing allure of Minecraft as the YouTube gang delves into the game’s mystical realms. From epic adventures to intricate map explorations, each video promises a unique and captivating journey through the world of Minecraft. Subscribe for More Excitement If you’re a fan of Minecraft’s enchanting universe, don’t miss out on the… Read More

  • Ruins to Bee Hives: Minecraft Survival Adventure

    Ruins to Bee Hives: Minecraft Survival Adventure In the world of Minecraft, a fort in ruins, A bee house with automatic beekeeping tunes. Our favorite news reporter, with rhymes that ignite, Crafting updates with a grin and a spin, so bright. Conquering the challenges, leisurely pioneering survival, In normal mode, creating a stylish world revival. For those who don’t know much, and children too, Enjoying the game, with each update anew. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch, The narrator describes each move, never a glitch. Lion was good, but looks like a squirrel in sight, Yellow like an onion, building in Minecraft’s light. Learning to make… Read More

  • The Pertarian [Vanilla] [SMP]

    The Pertarian  [Vanilla] [SMP]The Pertarian started as a small group of friends, on a small server but we wanted to branch out this update, and invite more people.if you would like to apply join our discordhttps://discord.gg/C4dWfZqJWe are on 1.20.4Using SimpleVoiceChat (optional)Basic datapacks for vanilla enjoyment, if your interested join the discord and apply we hope to see more people soon 🙂 Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Where tf is Water and Earth Charge?!”

    Looks like Minecraft needs to add some Avatar: The Last Airbender elements to their game! Water and Earth charges coming soon. Read More

  • “Everyone’s failing at Minecraft hot tubs” 🔥😂 #minecraft #meme

    "Everyone's failing at Minecraft hot tubs" 🔥😂 #minecraft #meme When everyone tried to recreate this meme in Minecraft, they ended up building a blocky version of their disappointment instead. #minecraftfail #blockyhumor Read More

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    Surviving 100 Days in Solo Leveling World Challenge! Minecraft Solo Leveling: Surviving 100 Days in Sung Jin Woo’s World! Embark on an epic journey in the world of Minecraft as you attempt to survive for 100 days in the shoes of Sung Jin Woo. Utilizing the solo leveling Minecraft mod, players start from the E rank and progress through dungeons to strengthen themselves, aiming to reach the coveted S rank. If you’re intrigued by this challenge, the mod link is provided below for you to experience it in your own Minecraft world. Challenges and Progression Starting with the awakening phase, players dive into their first task of… Read More

  • Crafting a Sofa in Minecraft

    Crafting a Sofa in Minecraft My First Impressions on “JAK ZBUDOWAĆ KANAPĘ W Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #viral” OMG guys, so I was scrolling through YouTube and I came across this super viral Minecraft video called “JAK ZBUDOWAĆ KANAPĘ W Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #viral” and I was like, what even is this? But then I was like, okay let’s give it a shot, haha! First Thoughts: At first, I was like, why are they building a couch in Minecraft? Like, can’t you just sit on a regular couch in real life? But then I was like, wait, this is actually kinda cool! The video had… Read More

  • Insane New Hit Master 3D Gameplay 🤯 #viral #trending

    Insane New Hit Master 3D Gameplay 🤯 #viral #trendingVideo Information This video, titled ‘Hit Master 3D || Gameplay ,,#viral #gaming #trending #ytshorts #youtubeshorts #shorts #how’, was uploaded by TotalGaming on 2024-02-04 22:10:00. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. shorts spider-man skibidi toilet tiktok minecraft sonic granny healing spider-man 3d sound dj alu ki pudi bts cake decorating cat voice Read More

  • RTGame: Insane Minecraft Adventure!

    RTGame: Insane Minecraft Adventure!Video Information This video, titled ‘RTGame Streams: Minecraft Lets Play [13]’, was uploaded by RTGame Stream Archive on 2024-04-06 12:40:07. It has garnered 16959 views and 500 likes. The duration of the video is 04:12:23 or 15143 seconds. This video was streamed by RTGame, originally titled “Let’s Play Minecraft -!nobackseating”, and was broadcasted at April 4th 2024 ~Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/rtgame ~Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/RTGame ~Merch Shop: https://freshmerch.fm/collections/rtgame ~Twitter: https://twitter.com/RTGameCrowd ~Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rtgamecrowd ~Discord: https://discord.gg/rtgame ~~~~~~~~Extra Things~~~~~~~~ RTGame streams on his Twitch channel on Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm, Saturday & Sunday at 3pm. All times are based in Ireland. This channel is… Read More

  • SNEAK PEAK: Unbelievable Elevator in Minecraft

    SNEAK PEAK: Unbelievable Elevator in MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘(WIP) Most Realistic Elevator In Minecraft’, was uploaded by Professorvatcraft on 2024-01-04 15:02:11. It has garnered 9462 views and 189 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:30 or 30 seconds. This is a 2 floors version. I’m currently working on a multi-floor version. If you are interested in helping. You can comment down below or you can dm me on my other social medias. Thanks for watching and hope you have a good day 😀 Read More

  • INSANE: Shark LICKS Friend in Minecraft!

    INSANE: Shark LICKS Friend in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘I Scared My Friend with EL LICK in Minecraft’, was uploaded by Shark on 2024-04-14 20:16:27. It has garnered 37125 views and 2065 likes. The duration of the video is 00:14:23 or 863 seconds. I Scared My Friend with EL LICK in Minecraft! Today we’re using the super scary EL LICK to fool my friend in Minecraft! BECOME A MEMBER TODAY! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQVwQQvz8O_0aeFDBVcdhpg/join Merch – https://www.09sharkboy.com Subscribe! – http://bit.ly/1GtTBWj Join My Discord – https://discord.gg/shark My Socials Twitter – @09sharkboy Snapchat – TheLifeOfShark Instagram – @09sharkboy Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SharkMerch Additional music provided by Epidemic Sound Click here… Read More

  • Shocking Truth: DiamondSlushie Factory Revealed as Chinese Sweatshop

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  • Ultimate Battle: Bone Demon vs Warden! | Minecraft Mob Fight

    Ultimate Battle: Bone Demon vs Warden! | Minecraft Mob FightVideo Information This video, titled ‘Skrier the bone demon vs Warden Plus | Minecraft Bedrock | Mob Battle’, was uploaded by Minecraft Bedrock Edition Battles on 2024-04-12 05:39:45. It has garnered 1510 views and 50 likes. The duration of the video is 00:12:05 or 725 seconds. Always watch my mob battles full until the end, trust me your missing out the cool action scenes Addons Used/Credits to the Creators Enderis mobs Addon: https://discord.com/invite/RZX9XNEB Warden Plus Addon: https://youtu.be/qsgA_8YfK_0?si=cccxZCvrXvzWWYmn If you like the video please, Don’t Forget to Leave a Like and Subscribe to the Channel. It really helps me make more… Read More

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    Mind-Blowing Minecraft Cabinet Design!! 😱🔥 #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Cabinet Design #minecraft #shorts’, was uploaded by GGnxtz on 2024-01-11 11:26:09. It has garnered 2478 views and 83 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. #Minecraft #MinecraftBuilds #MinecraftTutorial How To Build Minecraft Build Hacks, Minecraft Build Ideas, Simple Minecraft Builds, Easy Minecraft Builds. If you enjoy my Video’s/Short’s please make sure to like,comment,share and subscribe. Thanks! Read More

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    Insane 3D Snake Run Race with Zylona Games #101Video Information This video, titled ‘Snake run race 3d #101 #snakerun #cartoon #minecraft #viraltiktok #skibiditoilet’, was uploaded by Zylona Games on 2024-01-04 13:23:04. It has garnered 20 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. Snake run race 3d #101 #snakerun #cartoon #animation #minecraft #viraltiktok #skibiditoilet snake run race android snake run race gameplay snake run race ios snake run race max level snake run race 3d snake run race ad snake run race apk snake run race app snake run race app store snake run race mod apk snake run race part 1 snake… Read More

  • Nephthys Network

    Nephthys NetworkServidor survival para Minecraft Java y Bedrock 1.16.x Video: https://youtu.be/gAFXnxTkfu8 Características del server Survival pvp Duelos 1vs1 Clanes Meteoritos Piedras de protección Pase de batalla exclusivo del server Mascotas Tumbas para recuperar tus cosas Eventos de en el chat cada 20 min. Crea tus propios warps Nuevos encantamientos Mobs mejorados, más dificultad mc.nephthys.es Read More

  • Raw Charms – Vanilla Public SMP 1.20.4 – Active Community – No Limits – 30 Slots

    Server Information: Server IP: mc.twotimesacharm.com:25566 About TTAC: TTAC is a vanilla server with a friendly community and active players. We promote cooperation and reward players for bringing friends. Join us on our growing server! Server Features: Friendly Staff World Backups 24/7 Support No Lag Dedicated Server Discord Server Rules: Permanent Ban: No Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, Racism, Lag Machines, Threats, X-Ray, Bullying, Inappropriate Chat Allowed: PVP, Teaming, Farming, Griefing, Mob Farming, Redstone Machines, Building, Chunk Loading, Stealing, Raiding Additional Information: Spawn Protection: 100 Blocks Worlds Backed up Daily Read More

  • F

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20.4 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20.4 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More

  • &lAetherMC

    &lAetherMCWe are a custom survival server with a lot of custom plugins, u can fight custom bosses with our custom gear. Level up your skills to become the strongest on this server. I dare you ~owner Read More

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    Minecraft Memes - They're as useless as a dirt block“They’re as useless as a shovel made out of diamond… wait, never mind, that’s actually pretty useful in Minecraft.” Read More

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    Ouch! The Only One Saying "Ow" #shorts In the world of Minecraft, where blocks are the key, I bring you the news, with a rhyming spree. Updates and features, all in a rhyme, Keeping it fun, every single time. From new mobs to biomes, and everything in between, I’ll keep you informed, with a rhyming sheen. So join me in the world of Minecraft delight, As we explore together, day and night. So follow along, as we journey through, The world of Minecraft, with a rhyming view. And remember to like, subscribe, and share, For more Minecraft news, with a rhyming flair. Read More

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    Outsmarting Death Ball in ROBLOX Minecraft: A World of Creativity and Adventure Exploring the vast world of Minecraft is an adventure like no other. With endless possibilities and opportunities for creativity, players are immersed in a virtual realm where they can build, explore, and survive. Building Blocks of Minecraft In Minecraft, players are given the freedom to create their own worlds using various building blocks. From simple houses to intricate castles, the only limit is your imagination. With a wide range of materials to choose from, including wood, stone, and even lava, players can design unique structures that reflect their creativity. Surviving the Night… Read More

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    Wudo: Epic Speedrunner vs Hunter Showdown!Video Information This video, titled ‘SUPERHERO Speedrunner VS Hunter in Minecraft’, was uploaded by Wudo on 2024-02-23 13:00:32. It has garnered 82991 views and 958 likes. The duration of the video is 00:34:57 or 2097 seconds. SUPERHERO Speedrunner VS Hunter in Minecraft Today, we’re playing Speedrunner VS Hunter! This this isn’t just an ordinary game, this time we have superpowers! Woah, cool! These will come in really handy! This video was inspired by Maizen, Mikey and JJ, Milo and Chip! SUPER HERO Speedrunner VS Hunter in Minecraft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1ATXMEVY3w Using Secret Blueprints To Cheat In Build Challenge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35Vy7EmASGk Custom Hearts Speedrunner… Read More

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    Mysterious Minecraft 63: Curse UnleashedVideo Information This video, titled ‘Cursed Minecraft 63’, was uploaded by Recoil Mojo on 2024-03-23 14:00:11. It has garnered 13 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:47 or 47 seconds. Dive into the heart-stopping, laughter-filled, and utterly unpredictable world of the Cursed Walking Minecraft Mod Pack v1.20.1 through our thrilling series of YouTube Shorts! From battling relentless zombie hordes under the ominous glow of a Blood Moon to the unexpected comedy of aggressive bisons hijacking diamonds, each short packs a punch of adventure, survival, and a sprinkle of humor. 🔥 Survival Against All Odds: Witness the… Read More


    ULTIMATE MINECRAFT SOLO STREAM! JOIN NOW 🔥🎮 #TurniPalsVideo Information This video, titled ‘English Minecraft : 👍 Good stream | Playing Solo | Streaming with Turnip’, was uploaded by MEDEIROS MEDEIROS on 2024-01-12 06:45:10. It has garnered 1 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:17:48 or 1068 seconds. let’s play Minecraft: https://profile.turnip.gg/1TdKKQfZd1HcbpX57 Thank you for watching my Minecraft stream. And for all the support you are showing! 🔥, If you liked my stream, please like and subscribe. It motivates me a lot. 🙂 And share my channel with your game friends. 🙂 See you on my next stream!!!, Become a star streamer – https://get.turnip.gg/become-star-streamer… Read More

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