Wild Furry Unleashes Chaos in Minecraft

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Hello hello wait am I is it working you’re live okay now I’m live hello hello my name is zcraft one how are you doing today I am I don’t know I’m streaming on This Server again because I don’t know it’s it’s frankly easy and fun to stream on we could also go to

Hypixel if you guys want but uh basically today I’m on yeah for MC again bro it’s been a long time since like what is this your name is boring add some color yeah okay stream seems quiet so far did I ping Discord let me see yes I did hello hello how are

You I don’t know hello Minecraft won’t authenticate ha me damn that’s that’s actually kind of sad I don’t know all right let’s see where am I I’m on top of a building because I thought this would be a good place to start I don’t know why I didn’t I don’t

Know why I thought it was a good place to start I just did yeah and I am good yeah basically today I don’t know I just want to use a stream to talk about some things and also just I don’t know create a little chaos wherever I go I

Usually do that anyways uh but uh yeah basically I want to talk about this one thing in particular like when the next time I’m going to spend a 100 days in Minecraft if you don’t know I did a 100 day video with chains mod and parasites mod I don’t know a lot of

People have been asking about those mods and I don’t know I’m I’m going to do a second I’m going to do a second two another 100 days in that and I’m also probably going to I don’t know make it a mod pack for you guys cuz oh there’s

People hello but uh is that music too loud or is it just my end it’s always so hard to tell I don’t know but yeah basically I am going to be uh Whata calling it uh yeah spending another 100 days on there going to add some new mods going to make new

Challenges and yeah probably going to turn into a mod package when I finish so you know some people can have it because why not now it’s not going to be like a like a crazy mod pack because one I don’t know how to make mod packs that

Are actually cool it’s just going to be a pack of mods I don’t know maybe I’ll upload it to forge or my link tree I know I’ll put I’ll put it somewhere like I’ll put it somewhere and let me move my mic sorry if you heard noise but uh oh

The music was fine all right all right it just I’m not sure at the point like what like cuz I want my I want to be heard as well cave sounds be like nice all right yeah one thing I want to do is I want

You guys to give me some mods I don’t know what I don’t know just just if you find a mod that’s I don’t know will either help me preferably help me that’s you know or a mod that’s not so helpful you know for the next 100 days because

Obviously I want to survive those 100 days days and uh I don’t know I haven’t set the goal like I kind of have a goal in mind but you’ll have to wait for that basically I don’t know I want to kind of want to see you play the Black Plague mod there’s a

Black plague mod how does that even work oh and that was that guy like is it just a virus like I don’t know I haven’t really seen that much of a virus mod I mean the parasite and change one that’s technically a virus but also kind of a

I don’t even know how to describe it but I don’t know I’ve never seen like a virus virus mod I I think I have but most of them have not been uh I don’t think most of them I don’t know there are do these mods but I never played

Them hello hello yeah basically yeah I want you guys to send me some mods if if you know a funny mod that’ll either kill me or help me that would be helpful you know I want your guys input especially since some people want kind of said they

Wanted to get involved with that stuff so uh yeah what if you get what if you eat chains goo um I don’t I mean I I think you can’t I don’t know I I I haven’t touched the mod in a long time like last time I really touched it was

Uh yeah last time I touched it was actually the 100 day video I think or like the stream that we did with it um at the moment though uh we I don’t know I I don’t know I’m just pretty much going to be leaving off where I started and I left

Off why did I say started I can’t talk today I’m going to be le leaving off where I left off and yeah we’re just going to go from there I got a new goal set planned and yeah just I don’t know if you have mods that you think if you

Want to bully me or help me that that’ll be fine all right with that out of the way I don’t know I do not know what else to do n I’m just I don’t know I think I know what I do I guess we’re just going to continue building the city because why

Not that or El I don’t know something chaotic will happen I don’t know oh yeah I have to do that oh no my statue oh I mean I want that to happen but it’s like damn that was fast I got to get some more copper and I think I actually know where

I can get some really cheap I don’t know let’s see let’s go to the mall warp I’m going to lose my uh thing there looking for a specific item use oh Q s copper um Qs find Copper nearby shops containing copper price 20 cents each that why are

People selling them for oh wait selling 400 7576 price $5 okay okay some people have just driven up the price like crazy man but uh how do I go to them ct6 CC okay I don’t know I don’t know how to find things this might not be a good idea maybe I

Should just go mine ab1 okay but where’s a c would this like be B no that’s a yeah I don’t think this is a good idea because I’m not going to find anything here like I’m not going to find it I’m just saying that now I’m not going to find it

Yeah yeah let’s just go mining hello Oreo yeah we’re just going to go mining because yeah I don’t think I’m going to find any wait what why is there something called why can I just do that you don’t have access to that command yeah I thought I can’t hear anything XD can you

Not why is there something and I can hear things I just checked on the stream so you might hear a I don’t know I know I just need to get more copper right I have to build up I have to build up a RI ripoff version of Statue liberty so I

Need copper and preferably I don’t know a lot more furnaces cuz this is going to take a while and what do you know there’s copper Bo hello There I just need to oh there’s a bunny oh yeah I forgot I have op F out I can just do this for light nice there we go good enough copper is not rare yeah I know I know it’s not I know it’s not rare that I know it’s not

Rare like I just have to find I just have to get a bunch of it cuz I like like I said I want to build I just want to be able to rip off the Statue liberty for the city all right I don’t know why think find yeah I

Know also my boyfriend is staying over so he’s you might hear people in the background hello you’re cute no bro all right I don’t know just got to collect copper that that’s what I got you collect copper that that’s pretty much all you got to do is there a way to

Buy oh thank you thank you for the $2 that’s actually really nice nice thank you and um I don’t know do you have a job Farm wait what what what’s a job Farm if you mean like uh wait what what’s oh a mob farm um no I do not have a mob farm

Personally but a bunch of people do I don’t know you have to ask them I think there’s public there are they’re public mob Farms right are there public mob Farms you’re the expert on This Server hello are there public mob Farms yes okay there are public mob Farms but I

Don’t know where they are just check player warps or something I don’t know which one is it is it like a you get like from well than that’s F over yeah a cute moment of Zach and his boyfriend yes me just trying to call to him cuz he’s wearing headphones too I

Don’t know what he was doing I don’t know good for you all right ah more copper that’s just weird the way it’s mining it looks I’m using a a lantern and uh yeah that may be the model that may be something else I don’t know all I know

Is I’m getting some copper I like the character in the bottom left thank you actually drew that a while back I I said I was going to draw more over break I didn’t I’ve been addicted to uh modded Minecraft I’ve playing around with something I don’t know imersive engineering nuclearcraft I don’t know

It’s fun it’s also very boring like I would stream it for you guys but the problem is it is a very boring and grinding thing like unless you’re doing something really fun it’s just long you’re sorry I’m late playing Cult of the land before oh um okay uh okay then uh good for

You uh I have not played with the create I have not played with the create mod I’ve done uh I I I like uh the mod pack I’m using is basically just like a you know you start from the uh Industrial Revolution to like space and I’m in the nuclear AG I’m trying to make a bomb okay maybe I’ll stream when I maybe I’ll stream that

World when I do that when I blow up though when I blow up something because uh yeah that’ll be fun blowing this is not natural right oh wait a minute that’s a tower ow I was like what is that that’s not natural yeah that just the the [ __ ]

Giant tower that we have yeah I don’t know we have a giant Tower in this city it’s a it’s um it’s usefulness I’m not exactly sure but uh it it’s part of this city and yeah yeah if you if you just um I got a CO bunch of copper right now

With Fortune nice I don’t know I I I if you want to donate copper you I don’t know I put a a chest out how much do I even have now that’s a question almost three stacks that’s not bad but scene is I don’t know how I’m

Going to Big up big I’m going to make it all right so that could be a problem I don’t know know how much I’ll need but we’re I I said I was going to make it as a joke I mean we we built four [ __ ]

Churches in our in our city and I’ll be damned if I don’t make a Statue of Liberty ripoff it’ll be a fox of course and also how deep am I have not played this version of Minecraft for a while been on 1.2 for a while

Let’s see where am I lots of lava lots of redstone that scared me almost like I’m in a dark cave and somebody a woed at me or yeah like how did I even hear that I’m underground very deep underground it looks like I’m not the first person to explore down here I

Know oh God and now people are wooing actually that that didn’t affect me that time cuz I it was this the first time this the first Time oh all right I think I should try and start digging my way back up maybe I shouldn’t have jumped down this deep ow yeah cuz there’s not much copper down here it’s mostly like uh other ores or something releases in 4 day oh you guys

Are still talking about Cult of lamb I don’t know maybe we’ll check that game out again I don’t know there’s a Skelly after me wait what am I doing I could just go do slome I forgot this isn’t normal Minecraft this is a server one so I could do that

And okay that’s another thing we have to do we have to build I need to build a house oh and look hello Jeffrey how are you hello dude hello Jeffrey how are you he doesn’t answer me that that that’s why that’s why we do not feed Jeffrey guys that’s why we don’t feed

Him he he doesn’t say hello back I’m just trying to be nice I’m just trying to be nice you know say hello like I’m a nice guy sometimes I don’t know that that can be very debatable I mean it depends on what I’m doing cuz I know in one of my most

Recent videos I literally made a how the grin St Christmas ripoff yeah God damn it and I just realized now I need coal just Dro in case sake hi cuz I was going to walk my dog nice going to walk I I don’t know where

You live but right now I would not want to be outside personally it is uh it is really wet and there’s a lot of snow and it’s cold and I’m pretty sure it’s raining as well like we got a blizzard last night and right after the blizzard we got rain yeah right

No it’s not also why is there glass down here I need to get some coal where the [ __ ] is coal Friday nights oh yeah that game why are people talking about that game now hello hello hello bruh okay there’s no coal in this cave I no I I need to get some coal

I I like I can work on my house and the statue at the same time I just need to at least get the copper burning so that way I can at least you know know do something in the background so I need to get back in that

Cave I saw a bunch of coal down there but I didn’t go for it cuz I was stupid is this a cave Entrance no it is not I should just go back the way I came or nah I’m just going to go back the way I came very good very nice I don’t know if you need W I have but I may or may not be clearing a forest for

Space at least replant cuz look at the view we have like this view it’s it’s nice like you know like the Mountain Forest it’s a nice view like all I’m saying is don’t don’t uh you know um don’t clear it I’d say re replant at least and wait what was that oh

Hello thank you now where is that cave entrance ah here it is like I know I saw coal near the entrance like we don’t need much coal we just need there it is and damn do I wish I still had ban Miner like in that one my mod pack

World it just makes life so much easier in my opinion it really does because like the or veins are like twice the side well some of them are like like for iron I don’t even need to make an iron farm in that world it literally is just double

The iron per vein or triple sometimes oh my oh my world every time I I ENT the nether I catch on by randomly I mean that does happen like I don’t know whenever you go to the nether there there’s a high chance of you catching

Fire it it is a high chance and you know you got to take that risk bro it reminds me of a really old song that just makes me feel old we are never going back to the nether wait was that dant TDM wait was that Dan who’s saying that we are never

Ever ever going back to the nether like I swear was that DanTM who made who made that that parody I don’t know God I’m old I hate ads sorry I mean I have to I put them on like the lowest as possible but I do

Have to have I I don’t know maybe I’ll turn them off again right now though I don’t know I think I’ll just I don’t know bro hello hello hello we got some more copper and that should I mean obviously it’s not going to be enough but I will

Go back home now let’s go back home and for now my home is hello Jeffrey um yeah I do not know why I’ve just always named stowman Jeffrey need more yeah I’m going to need a lot more smelting abilities what server is that o

It is furry MC if you want to join the link is in the well it’s not the link it’s just the IP yes thank you n it’s just furry MC too furry MC nice server somewhat gay yes I know oh somebody people are actually donating cop that’s nice than okay that’s actually that’s

Actually okay we’re going to build a [ __ ] St okay so it turns out we probably are going to build that damn statue I mean it’s not going to look good I mean I mean you after I’m done with it you guys are free to are free to

Do with I don’t know yeah it’s it problem is I’m not the best builder and I’m just going to be looking like a I don’t know a poorly designed Fox like there’s some things I can build there’s some things I can’t I don’t care I’m still going to build it

Like it’s going to be the trademark of our city it’s going to be the trademark I mean not the trademark but like it’s just the first thing you see when you come I don’t know it’s just I know person personally I don’t know I just I

Just don’t think it was a good idea to put it on that Iceberg over there cuz I don’t know we we kind of are contributing to global warming okay bye also you should make blast furnaces and smokers all right how do you make a black hold on let

Me do I have it already in my little no I do not and I do not have ji I know I’ll need some iron I need a furce I don’t think I need a smoker like smoker is just for cooking like food and stuff like I I don’t need yeah I don’t

Need a I don’t need a smoker but for a spast furnace that that could be useful cuz that’s faster like I don’t know it it really depends I guess and I I don’t know what depends on what I don’t know why I just keep saying that I’m just going to put

This guy’s hat on me again yeah I’m going to put my home back on bottom chests what the [ __ ] is a bottom chest oh there’s a golden carrot in there nice I don’t know oh God I have no idea how this is going to look at all cuz now we’re actually get we’re

Actually getting copper Zach is an average F that no one understands mom and dead nor is always giving him bro it took me a second but Bro don’t ask me why I type this it’s all right I won’t ask like honestly I I it’s probably better not to ask in a lot of in a lot of situations it it it’s probably best not to ask like let’s be honest the first thing I hear when I

Join is I don’t know I I was reading chat okay I was reading chat so don’t blame me all right don’t don’t blame me for that one I blame chat if I smelll the gold carrot do I get edible gold um I’m not sure that’s how it works

Although that would be an interesting mechanic I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know somebody gave me a golden kit thank you smelting a golden carrot to get a c wait wait wait wait wait what I know let me think about it so you smelt a golden

Carrot would you get a a gold bar and carrot back or why am I thinking about this it’s so dumb why am I what people are just leaving golden carrots everywhere like Zack take your poor dog on a walk I don’t know I kind of just I don’t

Know does anybody actually do that in Minecraft like I’m going to be honest I’m the type of person who gets a dog and puts it in a dog house and that’s about it that’s about it that’s what that’s about all I do I mean it’s safe I mean yeah

You can take it with you but there’s a higher chance that dog will die and then it’ll become sad and then you’ll all zachie is getting sh um sure I don’t know does that I don’t Know perhaps I should make a bridge from here to there but for now I’ll just use dirt like we’ll let the copper do its thing and yeah yeah somebody’s living over here I don’t know who’s living over here I forgot oh it’s Oreo I do not know why he

Chooses so to live so far away weird I I’m going to get some wood we’ll build a house or something Have you tried to get a fox of I mean I’ve done that in a lot of my other like in single player worlds I’ve done that a lot for this world I haven’t

Exactly I don’t know I might I might I us usually when I do that I get a bunch of them and I guess I make a little house for them like it’s like you know it’s a it’s a house where you know it just has a whole hole in the floor for

All of them like they have their own habitat it’s like a zoo like I don’t know it’s like you know trying to think i’ I’ve done it on Old streams like if you went to really back old streams all the way back to when I ran an SMP not

The changed one the halfwits basically then I don’t know yeah Fox oh well auto correct is weird ain’t that the Frog thing what wait I I’ve lost track what’s going on I’ve lost track of what’s going on what was I talking about foxes you know something the first thing I hear

It I didn’t even say it in a while and it wasn’t me who said it first people must be on drugs to name the mountain chicken wait what wait what what I’m confused what’s going on in what’s a mountain chicken is this in game or is it something that’s not in

Game well there’s a mountain cow I don’t know I I don’t see no chickens though there’s a mountain cow up here probably replant some of those more Let Me Explain okay Zach what is your favorite animal and please don’t say fox well obviously that’s obvious but besides foxes like cats I guess I

Like cats they’re cute I don’t know my own my own cats I don’t know they’re very fun although somewhat evil as well because they’ll they eat they will yeah they don’t they don’t obey much rules but honestly they’re they’re still pretty cool but yeah a cat they will not do a

Thing you say ever say although I have found ways to trick my cats cuz like one of my cats she apparently likes to chase shadows and I did not know cats did that yarn asked if anyone heard of mountain chickens and I said that oh okay how did that’s interesting to

Toa’s okay I’ll pause that all right let’s go check on the copper let’s go [ __ ] check on the copper spoiler Zach is fun to watch thank you okay that’s copper that’s a lot of copper and people are saying they’re eating Shuler wait no skull skulks I’m not exactly sure if that’s

That I’m not like I I’m not a doctor but I don’t think that’s exactly healthy I’m not going to lie I mean AD just got free advertised yes uh I for I keep forgetting to do that for streams it’s fine oh [ __ ] that was a bad One all right there we go oh no we we’ll just start on it like let’s see what do I got here lots of copper okay I’ll I’ll put these into blocks and then we’ll get started But know I don’t know I’ll just uh I know I I’ll start placing things down we can think about what what exactly the plan is I have thought about bro yeah that’s uh I don’t I don’t recommend That all right now the first thing I need to decide is is this going to be the base for it cuz uh I don’t know like obviously let’s see let’s see let’s see let me pull put up a picture of the Statue what does it look like that’s you of Li

Okay so it has a much a lot larger base than the one I’m using I don’t know okay okay okay here’s what we’ll do here’s what we’ll do we will uh I don’t know I think this base is fine for now I mean obviously it’s not going to be it’s

Going to be big but not big big because I don’t know I’m not really I don’t know I I don’t want to make monstrosity and it’s already going to be monstrosity so maybe I’ll just do this first you know put another layer down you know we’ll

Make it look like uh you know how stat Liberty is uh wearing it are they wearing a dress they’re wearing something all right remind me what you’re building Z do you know that if you let click and drag cross slots you will spread them me

Right oh yeah I think I yeah yeah I think I yeah than you he’s building a fox statue uh yeah oh God this is going to go so poorly that’s who’s going to turn green that’s a point it’s a stat it’s a ripoff version of the Statue of Liberty that’s

The point let me look at the Statue again it’s draped in something I don’t know well I I think I need to make the base a bit bigger if I if I want to stay with consistency and like make it even I have to make it a tad bit

Bigger okay just do this I don’t know we’ll we’ll build the ice around it we’ll build the ice around it we’ll make it look nicer of course we’re going to do that don’t worry like for anyone who complains about that I don’t know if anybody will but I might be a

Bit yeah we’re going to need a lot more copper I’m just going to be honest this is not not going to be a I don’t know what okay I don’t know it would work if it was facing I want it to face I don’t know should I have it facing okay this might

Actually be the best way for it to face or this way I don’t know which way should we make it face should we do West Wait no that’s not West where is it what what am I looking at where is the D wait that’s North or east I know what about cut

Copper cut copper what’s cut cut is that a thing I don’t know I know he can make he can make four times more okay hold on let me see let me see I think I got like a would it work with Like a Stone cutter turrets Point okay that way we’ll

Build it that way am I one day the statue is z one and one day the statue is flusy wait what one day the statue is X one one day later statue why would I make it why did I make a bro oops all right let’s see I want to see something

Oh oh that is that’s actually pretty nice but should we build it out of that I don’t know okay we’re definitely building out of this this is going to save us so many time this is going to save us so so much time all right it’s going to save us

Time and we’re doing it and I my chest is full of junk what you building it with cut copper cuz it gives me a whole bunch for just one copper block and I and I don’t want to because copper is changing color that’s the point of it though it’s supposed to change

Color it’s supposed to change color guys that’s point we we want it to resemble the actual statue but you know like a a version of it that’s uh I don’t know a bit ripoff fishy I don’t know how to I do not know okay we got a I’ll take this thing

With me okay we’re going to take this stone cutter with me cut copper yeah I mean it’s um work I don’t know I sub thank you yeah subscribe if you want I don’t know videos every Saturday streams whenever and shorts occasionally I don’t know I don’t really like videos are the

Really only thing I got schedules for all right so should I just redo the space entirely then I I’m going to redo this base I’m going to get all this copper that was my pickaxe hold on also Zach I can help out but I can’t really play at the moment all right you

Probably need a furnace too furnace for what I mean I got I don’t know I don’t know all right let’s just get some Oreo you have committed war crimes who hasn’t I mean I I do that all the time it’s not a big deal let’s see what was the last one I

Committed let’s see um I don’t know I don’t know it depend I mean technically that’s your would that video count as a war no it wouldn’t be War crime that was just stealing [ __ ] that was just stealing Christmas for a joke let’s see another time I uh

PCO how much money do I even have though that’s what I want to know balance 20 I don’t know I don’t think i’ I’d be using up all my money I think Oro has 18 unpolished diid Zack um okay I don’t I don’t really see how that’s supposed to help us but uh

Nice hello yeah like we’re building this thing out of copper not diorite or granite or what night you’re right you’re right I don’t have to make it solid but I do have to make the base for it first so I don’t know I don’t know exactly what I’m going

To do for it said base we have to give it a proper base we have to give it a proper base I don’t know could build it out of and then I think I have an idea Place stone cutter down temporarily excuse me exposed cut copper all right nice oh he still up

Would you defeat the Ender Dragon with mods and add more that add more numbers wait what would you defeat the Ender Dragon with Polish it first wait play this song healing on the okay that was that’s that’s nice I don’t know okay so we’re g to have it face

This way GNA have it face this way I don’t know I guess that’s our you know the the the ships that arrive to our uh City coming through here you know get got to be careful of the ice though there’s a lot of icebergs uh but they

Come through here and the first first thing they see is they’re coming up to port and no no no not that oh God yeah it’s global warming it’s [ __ ] global warming guys this City’s going to this city is built on ice and it’s going to melt I don’t know all

Right might expand it a bit maybe to here maybe uh how do this is Zach I’m finally catching you on stream let’s go th this P can see okay thank you all right how I going I do This and then it would no that would be a bit small no that’d be thin that’ be thin no no no nuking the city no nuking the city that that’s not allowed that’s not allowed if you do that uh you’ll end up in I know we don’t really have a justice

System in place in the moment I don’t know we we do this maybe I don’t know how big this is going to be okay so uh maybe you can leave the inside without filling it like that’s yeah that’s a good idea that’s good idea we’ll get some

Back I don’t know like I think this is going to be the base and God I am regretting this decision for the stream because I this is going to be awful no not n nuke oh yeah at the city I misread it but uh let’s see okay

Someone is requested TP I don’t know why but uh sure why not hello there how are you oh thank you okay so uh I don’t know let’s see what I can do here what is the IP for This Server it is in the description I put it in the

Description you know check it out it’s a nice server all right look at the Statue okay so uh I don’t know how would it well obviously this is this is going to be like a bit of a flatter version of The Statue I guess I don’t know like maybe I don’t

Know this is going to this is going to look weird you’re going to tell it’s a fox from the tail and the zun any Mod download for the version of the server that allowed just CR this um I don’t know I I am not using any of

The mods the server uses that’s a problem you’ll probably have to take up with the staff I don’t know they they’re nice they’re nice they’re nice don’t be afraid to talk to them they’re nice yeah basically I we’ll have yeah this could this could this could work yeah

Basically I think I know what I’m going for so we’re going to build it up I I’ll build it y high or something and then we will We we’ll add a tail we add a head ears you know we’ll add a a torch and a I know like this is going to look

Awesome this is going to look this is going to look bad but it doesn’t matter oh god oh sh didn’t mean to put that in there okay interior maybe filled with some stuff I don’t know I’m probably going to need a bit of scaffolding as well I should probably grab that cuz I

Don’t want that despawning yeah I’m going to need some scaffolding before I yeah I’m going to need to get up here once it gets taller look South I can see the statue building from my little Enclave oh so you’re the person that lives down there I don’t know why you

Why you don’t want to I don’t know you and Oreo you don’t live in the city Z F1 why does yours work but not mine I don’t know let me I know are you talking about the server mods or the mod that I’m using cuz this

Is a client side mod like this this has nothing to do with the server I don’t know like right now all I have installed is uh optify and OptiFine and uh lesan creatures more ladders or some scaffolding am the guard dog of the village good for you thank

You we uh I guess we needed that I don’t know I don’t know well I guess this will be the out crop for the tail I don’t know just I don’t know what we’re supposed to do with textures cuz obviously textures aren’t going to work exactly okay okay why would that not be

Working let’s let me try and okay tail will be that wide this is going to look awful I don’t know they I’ll work on the tail first like I can at least make it look like a tail like that I can do I don’t know we’ll uh

I don’t know how should we make should we make it like it’s curling or I I’ll make it I’ll make it so it’s like curved down a bit yeah I’m going to need some form of scaffolding or something cuz this is I know that now I

Know you know I’m not liking this let me get rid of it for now I should at least build I don’t know at least I’m going to build another part first because the thing is I’m afraid I know I’m afid yeah I’m just I I’m going to focus on just building some

Other features first I’ll leave it like this I also need get that copper and I’m going to need some ladders hello I’m currently I’m currently coding some random game on Roblox okay good for you I know howo my fellow beans hello I mean I’m I just do it for the

Memes still like when that was like so big that do you currently sell stone bricks I don’t think you’re talking to me but I’m going to go this way and I’m going to make a lot of ladders put this back down yeah we’re going to need a we’re going to need a lot

More I realize that now yeah this might not be the entire Focus right now because yeah this going to take a long time but I will make a bunch of ladders now because I need ladders and I see a screenshot that says cop players breaking the rules report

Them I will do that so what’s going on right now um the easiest explanation is I’m trying to make a fox Statue of Liberty there it is right now it’s uh you know you know I’m going to I’m going to make it different you know like I

Thought we could just have the base like together like you know it’s wearing a dress or something should we do it like that I don’t know should we just make it like legs like I don’t know like if we do this yeah I like I’m honestly liking this a bit better

Maybe now legs will be like this so we would have to fill in this Area I’m trying to think like what it yeah I think I like this I I’ll make it maybe yay high like that okay I have to move the T tail a bit to adjust Al move Tail a bit to adjust for this I can do that

Though we’ll be sending this to the FBI for investigation nice nice That’s not the first time I’ve received that hello you should make the base smooth Stone yeah that’s a good idea we should make the base Stone I know we’ll make the base Stone that’s what we’ll do you know

Save us on copper I don’t know I don’t um the FBI doesn’t care I mean that’s true I mean in reality the the FBI probably does not okay okay this is where we’ll make it like the interior this part will be uh I don’t know Hollow because we got to

Okay so we have to replace the base we have to replace the base like that’s where we’re going to replace the base with stone he has Lees here okay actually you know let’s put a little um okay I’m going to have to try and make it look digigrade or something that’ll

Be very hard but uh you know what we’ll uh chip away over here maybe can I join your changed RP server I don’t have a changed RP server I don’t I do not have that unless somebody else does but yeah I do not have that tail will be about here

Why are people talking about hello Hi how are you the FBI is willing take bit why are we talking about the FBI like if if the FBI was watching this I mean I mean I guess props of them for putting up with this weirdness I don’t know yeah we’re definitely going to have

To build a different base we’re definitely going to have to build a different base change to that’s not an RP that’s a 100 day thing now I was talking about that bit earlier for anyone who wasn’t there uh yeah basically I am doing another 100 days video in change

Parasite and uh you know it’ll be fun but the thing is for the twist I don’t know I might do something every 10 days and I also want you people to send me mods that are bad like curse Forge mods 1.8.2 they could be good too if you want

To help me I mean I’m not going to use every single one because I still want the game to run but I yeah I only change I don’t know I’m not sure I believe that okay now with prop portions I’m not exactly sure how this going to work yet

Because um let’s see so this this is the that’s the legs they end about uh let’s see I know we’re going to have to do math like the legs end here the tail is pretty much going to be like on that part like where would I we got to figure

Out when we’d put the arms and head that’s going to be what shows it’s a fox along cuz a tail I don’t know I mean yeah will look like a Tail yeah this this I do not know why I wanted to build this we could have done so much more so much different things today but yeah was like hey you know what me would send you a list of the hardest Mig oh no uh like I’m using the same like I’m

Only adding a few like I’m adding a few mods like a few that are my personal choice because uh yeah if you’re flying through the desert in a plane of a your bat wait what not that no no not not that not that type of man all right

Um can we put the head here like if I was going to let me look I I’ll put a layer down here like that we’ll go down I know oh God I’m not answering that but I hate it I hate it so much but I also [ __ ] love

It do you have all the copy you need for that um no I do not I don’t know this is going to all right all right all right so we’re going to have to make arms I don’t know we’ll do uh arms like this okay what okay how does the arms

Look on stit like we want at least one arm raised okay I know what I’m going to do I’m going to know what I’m going to do one’s going to go down one’s going to go up that’s what we’re doing first time I’m watching your stream how you doing

I’m doing good how the Berry Farm going it’s going uh it’s going great okay this one will go down and this one will go up and I don’t know we’ll give him a torch we’ll probably have to move the arm a bit so that way it could we’re

Have to give it a little uh I need more copper yeah we’re this thing looks ridiculous right now but basically here’s my plan we’re going to put this arm up we’re going to move it a bit to the this way so that way we can make room for the head this

One will come down I’ll just be flat and uh hey Zach have a good day thank you you have a good day too yeah basically that will be flat that’ll be flat and uh yeah that that’s the way it’s going to go no I’m not Shopify helps you sell at every stage of

Your business sell it online okay when your character moves in to side to side you talk you talk it looks like it’s trying to square up yeah that’s a a good balance right there all right we are currently on a c we are currently out of

Copper so I need to get some more copper and okay someone request a TP okay hello how are you oh I I actually have a lot of food but uh okay Jesus Christ okay we should make like Town food bin maybe because right

Now I have a lot I have a two stacks of bread and a stack of eight like I don’t know where where could we put like a Town Market town like a town food bin and why is this still here and why is this still

Here like if you want to put a toilet there at least at least I don’t know put leot hello yeah I don’t know yes at least put walls a door you know what I mean I oh God I don’t know I I’m just going to make a food bin like you know where

You can put food let me just get another chest like you know in there that’s where you’ll put your food I love your persona e one thank you I’ll keep that actually up why do I have a blue bed thank you all right need another sign got three signs that’s fine that’ll

Work I’ll put a food t a town food bin all right we don’t exactly have a town center and hello just wearing my head um um let’s see I’ll put it here I don’t know just food bin wa no Community Food bin I don’t know there

That’s you can get food here right I’ll put a fish in there see I contribute my own thing in there too I’m not just contributing what people gave me like I I honestly have a lot of golden carrots I also have some golden apples for some reason hey zachie Halloween or

Christmas I mean Chris I mean Halloween this year kind of sucked I mean weather storms and tornado bro I already have that dude didn’t watch the video I have made a severe and continuous laps in my judgment bro what’s this one again that’s a church all right I need to get more

Copper that’s what I need to do I need to get more copper copper copper copper lastly I think I might take a break from uh take a break from building that thing I don’t know think I think I will like I don’t know I’ll build a

House or something cuz I don’t have a house I’ll get some wood I I’ll pick a place cuz right now I’ve just been taking up residency in the miles taals Church oh no I’m using one 18.2 next character is taller than the normal model yes all

Right so do you get a concussion every time you walk into the door that is a good question I do not exactly know I no let’s see well maybe I should build over here somewhere over there I don’t know I want I want a nice view I’m going to get back

To my game buing have fun with stuff all right you too I almost got blown up someone was blown up let’s see let’s see let’s see see let’s see there’s another [ __ ] toilet I know maybe I’ll build my house here nice little uh Cliff side get out

Of my get out of my residency I claim this this is mine yeah I uh claim this area I don’t know I’m sorry this is a no a wooone I’m going to have to ask you to to dial it down I mean it’s better than getting than having to pay I

Guess cuz I know some people they’ll charge you some places they’ll charge you guys you got to be careful and by be careful I mean you got to disobey that law legalize of let’s see let’s see I’m just going to carve out this this low

Area oh I like the game Yoshi oh know it’s not hello yeah we need to we need to [ __ ] Legalize It guys like it it’s time to start charging I don’t know how much do they charge for it like 250 this is a no no this this city does

Allow it this city does allow like I make the rules here I mean at this point I’m I I don’t think this town has any leadership the closest would be me but overall it doesn’t overall it’s really is just kind of chaos chaos rain me is yeah it’s at this point just

Chaos yeah yes I notice that okay that’s a lot of dirt I got rid of it don’t need snow and I forgot I don’t have that mod that pretty much just gives me a trash can bro Z one B to start elections in a furry server I love Anarchy that was the

Word I was looking for I don’t know I mean I I’m not sure how that would work but uh yes sure what not I don’t know maybe we’ll make this the outline for my house at least for now we do this for now Are you Zach’s Friend that’ll work I am is BF that’s true wait what the okay I I have all right so many potatoes ban boys are scary yes we are very scary o yes I got I got new mat dress I will wear it someday I don’t know I’ve been too

Lazy I know there’s really two things going on in this city right now one I’m building a house which really is only matters to me but I’m also building something that will matter to all of us and that is Statue of fox fox that of fox liy all right that’s what we’re call

It let me see something I’m going to need more wood that’s what I need more wood I not know why it was hold on I’m going to get three and a half pieces of bread uh good for you give me a second all right I will give you a second

Second I mean eventually we could make a bit more bridges like I don’t know build a bridge from here to here and then to there oh wait that would run right into it you know we anywhere in this area syville is taxing on my phone all the glass is too much for

It what’s syville again is that just another city yeah why is it called why is it called syville all right yeah yeah I’m going to build a uh I don’t know what I’m doing I just getting more what More all right oops did not mean to do that oh well it doesn’t matter I’m going to probably turn that one into wood anyways I mean planks you have your bread good bread is good I mean let’s be honest here bread really is good bread is bread is

Good bread is great I don’t know bread is [ __ ] everything I know I like I like how our city technically does have a small Skyline I mean just the the stone tower the stone monol and the abandoned Hotel the abandoned joke Hotel I don’t know yeah hey

Yo heyo what I was talking about bread we need a town hall that is a good idea most likely I know right now like people like I know in the first stream we did with with this all we all we did was make churches that’s the thing we did we we

We just made churches because that was clearly the best thing we needed like it’s not about food it’s not about our how we keep the town funded it’s not about I don’t know staying warm in the winter and it’s literally and it’s a tundra like it what we need is churches

And one of the [ __ ] churches has no roof Church of the Moth Man who’s the Moth Man again uh do we just worship the guy that’s named Moth on the server cuz I know there is a guy that on the server that is named math should we

Just dedicate it to I don’t even know who he is make a statue of bread I I mean i’ I’d like to finish our current statue first and I’m currently stalling so I I got bored of that I don’t know next stream I do it pro it won’t be this

Server but when we do eventually come back to the server I like stream after the next one like yeah we we’ll we’ll finish the we’ll finish statue oh maybe we’ll finish it this time maybe we will it just depends if I actually try and do that this is a a big

Houseo oop boop boop boop boop work with that boop boop bread from hay TS yes bread is good bra is great God that seems so old now and I am orange cat I saw you in a few animations Z made I made animations what I don’t

Know build a tree big tree I mean we already have a few Big Trees like there’s one over there is that yeah that’s a big tree let’s go check on things let’s go check on things I haven’t checked on things how things are going over here let me

See we got a giant Christmas tree very nice although a lot of the ground around here is being turned into P podel that’s the wrong block hello how you I don’t know yeah hello Jeffrey I don’t know I do not know anymore let’s see oh there’s some copper thank you why are

You yelling am I yelling oh never mind I I’m blind all right okay yeah this town this this town’s going places this town is this town is [ __ ] going places we got everything you need in this town we got churches we got a statue that’s in the works we got got Tower

We got um very nice hotel accommodation like you know it’s it’s a lot bigger on the inside guys it’s bigger on the inside amazing houses yes we have amazing houses that like this town has it all this town has it all this town has it all guys information I don’t know they

There’s not much information I mean if you if you stumble across this town I don’t know you uh yeah I don’t exactly know yeah you I mean our chances of survival here have gone up like they have gone up by a lot cuz we actually have food we actually have places

Shelter cuz we’re in a we’re in a tundra we need place to Tundra we need place to take shelter 10 out of 10 City yeah yeah you that’s exactly all right 10 out of 10 would recommend 10 out of 10 would I don’t know let I don’t know if you guys want just

Build a wall of just like just build a review wall like a review wall somewhere in the city we we’ll we’ll put that near the entrance to the city well there’s no entrance the city that let’s say the dock is the entrance to it cuz you know

People get off their boats they they come to immigrate to our city and you know we we’ll just have a a a billboard full of a bunch of signs that give reviews Z guess what foxes like myself can rule the fox world oh Fox like you yes fox fox is technically new roll

Yes uh yeah I don’t know we can build a wall of reviews like that wall of reviews like you know give it a 5 out of 10 10 out of 10 9 out of 10 and if you put a one out of 10 you you’ll be in

Prison like we of course we endorse free speech in a first city but you know it’s just if you make us look bad you’re you’re not going to last long oh and it’s snowing I don’t know what I’m talking about I literally have no idea what I’m doing

At this point anymore I mean I’m I’m gathering wood I’m planting some trees and I’m building yes cat colony there is no cat I mean if anything we’re multi-species and ow all right oh no my house is going to get full of snow lanterns work right yeah I don’t think they work I

Think it’s torches I’ll just put one torch down then there you go oh great Oh no like That we at least need I at least need to put a roof over this like I I can worry about like Ro for the first floor I don’t know maybe I’ll make two stories oh maybe the lanterns do work excuse me excuse me I have the same thing to say I love F

Nice okay I need to make a it’s fine I don’t need any logs right now I just heard a creeper go boom it’s mein time yes um I think I used to thank God for world prot thank God for no map my stop griefing I think I used

To old friend that I no longer talk to I don’t know don’t know what happened to her yeah this um I don’t know craft house [ __ ] but you do know Philippines yeah yes that’s a country a country in Asia island nation let’s see where am I what’s this I don’t

Know dude ow I’m going to die hold on where’s my food creepers just angry deformed pics yeah that is true that is true I mean creepers they are just angry they are nobody likes creepers sadly maybe that’s why creepers that’s maybe that’s why creepers maybe that’s why uh creepers

Are like I don’t know so mean because I don’t know nobody likes them so they’re mean then again they’d be causing their own troubles in a way like you think about it that way I don’t know oh that’s an interesting uh stance there and there’s Thunder and a snowstorm very

Nice creepers also look like they have oh yeah honestly I think I think the thing is creepers are like they take their anger out on us because you know they’re not doing so well yeah creepers in general they are not doing the best right there I don’t know

Creepers maybe we need to what creep no not right now Herobrine that is a good name right there I’m not going to lie that’s a really good name Herobrine her yeah a lot better than her I don’t know I remember when that used to be like huge like herob I used to [ __ ]

Love herrien it’s not really the same anymore like he used it went from like everybody fearing him to everybody loving him to everybody fearing him again to everybody loving him to him becoming a legend that’s pretty much what it felt like for me like everybody loved him everybody feared him but eventually it

Just kind of you know like like like even Minecraft went along with it they’re like oh we got rid of Herobrine they put that in the update logs like that’s thing I always thought when I was playing in a single player world that I’d run into them in one way or another

Like if I was mining I turn around and go like oh God or you know like that one video although then again that video could be faked it’s so old we who knows like that video where it’s like the first sighting or something that really old video like who knows at this

Point and even if it even if it is fake who cares it started it started something that literally was se s uh thank you yeah basically it just starts something like that it really did it really did your bur is kind of dead that’s the point that’s the point it it

Is dead now but I remember I was talking about like how you know it literally was the definition you couldn’t go to you couldn’t talk about Minecraft without it a long time ago and yeah it definitely was uh yeah it’s cool very nostalgic and oh thank

You yeah the old days of Minecraft are gone the old days of Minecraft gone like I think it’s just like a lot of a larger older YouTubers are actually been quitting or retiring or something like like do you know if you drawn a skeleton into powder snow or turn into a stray I

Actually did not know that that’s cool I’m going go play Minecraft so I have to go all right all you can’t you can’t even play Minecraft and watch a Minecraft stream at the same time I I think I’ve done that before I know like let’s see what is I

I’m trying to find something I I just hit a uh sometimes this happens when I just can’t I just run out of things to say completely out of don’t say the gate don’t say the gate porn out loud worst mistake my wait what wait what is that okay I want to

Ask be do you know the muffin man I thought everybody knew the muffin man I don’t now I do not know anymore uh what is this how to claim land I don’t need that right now I always have that on me I guess I’ll go I’m going to go back over here let’s

See this looks so bad so it’ll look cool though it’ll look cool when we’re done like trust me on that don’t trust me on that it will look Cool all right so that’ll be the arm and we’ll uh make the wait but just it’ll be fine it’ll be fine maybe I’ll just make that another Zach I have bad news to tell you what is the bad news there’s is it that it looks bad Minecraft screed up the value screwed up

The value of what Super Value DET now D here end game why would they makeing netherite useless that makes no sense and I know like when they added that they pretty much made Diamond useless even though I don’t know Diamond’s still my go-to I I still like diamond more Diamond I

Like it’s about time that I M A Diamond and God I’m old yeah I have no I have no idea where I’m going with anything anymore oh yeah yeah my brain just died there what’s that under you’re leaving the time zone good for you I think I don’t know I sleep to

A banana I mean is copper will come more green if you don’t use I don’t care that’s the point of it that’s the point that’s the point it’s it you know that that’s what happened with the Statue of Liberty it’s going to turn green that that’s what that’s the whole goal of

This you know right now it’s uh half finished statue but in the end there’ll be a fully finished green and orange statue and finally a fully finished or green statue that’s the point that’s what we’re trying to do here I wish to share my lootings with you uh thank you

I oh no I’m running out of things to do cuz I I I honestly do not want to keep building that right now br let us look around for a bit I do not know we’ll wander into something see if we can find anything damn server’s kind of server is

Uh why is server numbers dropping hello there oh um my inventory is uh kind of full right now H God what is that my inventory is very full let me at least put copper away fire PEX and IV butter gold armor wait somebody dead Minecraft yeah I know I think I’m probably going

To end the stream here because honestly I have no idea what to do anymore I yeah we could keep building the statue we could be building the house could do something good I don’t know I I don’t know I yeah I think this is where I’m going to

End it here for now you can build a mob farm I mean there’s a bunch of those already so I don’t think I need to build one like I don’t know there’s yeah there’s a bunch of mob Farms already so I don’t think I necessarily need to build

One but yeah I’m going to end the stream here because I don’t know I’ve run out of things to do or talk about but yeah again like I said earlier if you know you know any fun or torturous mods to give MEC all I got to remember put an ad

Blocker for my next stream goodbye bro have a nice day

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    Why Do You Love Minecraft? || BANOOKIESTUDIO Challenge My First Impressions on the Minecraft Video by Banookie Studio Introduction OMG, so like, I stumbled upon this Minecraft video by Banookie Studio and I was like, “Yaaas, let’s see what this is all about!” The Video Details 💬 Pourquoi aimes-tu Minecraft ? || 🎥 PRODUCTION : BANOOKIESTUDIO 🎙️[DEFI 48h] 🎬 Aujourd’hui je vais vous expliquer comment aimer Minecraft ! 🔥 INFO 🔥 Highlights 📷 𝗣𝗼𝘃 Lunary ⏱️ 𝗗𝘂𝗿𝗲𝗲 03:06 Timecode 00:04 – Intro 00:37 – Présentation 01:01 – Partie 1 01:36 – Partie 2 02:46 – Outro Links 📘 𝗗𝗶𝘀𝗰𝗼𝗿𝗱 dsc.gg/banookierp 🐦 𝗧𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗰𝗵 twitch.tv/banookierp 💵 𝗦𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗻𝗶𝗿 banookierp-shop.myshopify.com/ My… Read More

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    The MLG Cobweb Technique: Minecraft Clutch Moves My First Impressions on “Mastering the MLG Cobweb Technique: The Ultimate Guide to Clutch Moves in Minecraft” OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube, looking for some epic Minecraft videos to watch, and I stumbled upon this gem called “Mastering the MLG Cobweb Technique: The Ultimate Guide to Clutch Moves in Minecraft.” I was like, “What even is this? MLG Cobweb Technique? Clutch Moves? Count me in, sis!” Initial Thoughts First off, the title got me hooked. MLG Cobweb Technique sounds like some next-level stuff, and I was ready to learn all the secrets. The description had me intrigued…. Read More

  • SoulCraft Vanilla – No Whitelist – HermitCraft – Rewards

    Welcome to Soulcraft! Get ready to embark on an epic adventure like never before! With its mature community, hermitcraft-style gameplay, and exciting rewards, Soulcraft is the ultimate destination for all Minecraft enthusiasts. Join us now and experience the thrill of exploration, the joy of building, and the camaraderie of an active community. It’s like unwrapping a brand new toy every time you log in! Don’t miss out on the fun – come be a part of the excitement at Soulcraft today! 🚀 Join us on Discord Read More

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    Shadow Spell Successor: Megumi's Shikigami Quest In the world of Minecraft, spells return, Megumi Fushiguro, the shadow spell, we yearn. Taming shikigami, a challenge to face, In this magical realm, a new pace. Join me, Babu, your news reporter in rhyme, Bringing you updates, every single time. From the Jujutsu Craft spell combat module, To Chinese culture, a cultural treasure trove. Like and subscribe, show your support, For more Minecraft news of all sorts. Let’s dive into the verse, with beats that sing, In every line, let the truth take wing. Read More

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    Ultimate Nether Portal Guide Minecraft Noble Nether Portal Tutorial Introduction In a recent Minecraft video by TheySix, viewers were treated to a tutorial on creating an aesthetic and customizable Noble Nether Portal theme. The video showcases three different variants of the Nether portal, allowing players to choose the style that best suits their preferences. Build Details The Nether portal build is designed to be simple, easy, and visually appealing. It is emphasized that the build performance is non-intrusive, making it suitable for all players. The tutorial is fully automatic, guiding players through the process effortlessly. The Nether portal theme is compatible with various… Read More

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    Outrageous Minecraft Sketches Minecraft SILLY Sketches Review Welcome to my Minecraft Adventure! Episode 3: Moar Farm / Wooly Debate / An Open Letter of Complaint Hey there, fellow Minecrafters! So, I stumbled upon this super SILLY video called “Moar Farm” and let me tell you, it had me cracking up from the start. Here’s a rundown of my thoughts: Moar Farm Madness The intro was like blink and you’ll miss it, but it got me hyped for what was to come. The whole farm situation had me thinking about my own Minecraft farm and the chaos that often ensues. Minecraft Munchies Topical… Read More

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    Unbelievable 12-Hour Minecraft Story Mode Marathon!Video Information This video, titled ‘minecraft story mode (maybe not 1 shot its 12 hours long cmon but lots of it)’, was uploaded by David Baron on 2024-04-11 01:48:48. It has garnered 3914 views and 216 likes. The duration of the video is 07:29:02 or 26942 seconds. FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/davidbarontv JOIN THE COMMUNITY: https://discord.gg/TWbZCYqF8S BIRD APP: https://www.twitter.com/ogdavidbaron Read More

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    Nerd DESTROYS Universe in Minecraft! #funny #gamingVideo Information This video, titled ‘WHAT A NERD!!! #gaming #funny #funnymoments #funnyshorts #minecraft #minecraftshorts #funnymemes’, was uploaded by SpaceRain on 2024-03-17 18:30:51. It has garnered 431 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. In this short I play Minecraft Hardcore Mode. I hope everyone likes and enjoys this video as much as I enjoyed making it. If you did like this video, please consider following/Subscribing. It would really help me out a lot and help grow my channel. If you wish to contact me, please Email me at [email protected] Thank you and have… Read More

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    Insane Survival Build in Minecraft PE Ep. 14 ft. TechnoGamerzVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial’, was uploaded by Anil Gamers on 2024-01-09 04:00:32. It has garnered 102 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:44 or 164 seconds. Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial About : Hi Guess welcome back to the chenal aaj ham he minecraft ki survival series me jisme aaj ham banane wale Laptop Build. Your Queries: minecraft minecraft survival minecraft shorts minecraft challenge minecraft builds minecraft but minecraft mod minecraft survival series island minecraft mods top 5 minecraft builds minecraft pe/mobile… Read More

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  • Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai’s Close Call

    Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai's Close CallVideo Information This video, titled ‘Por poco hermano ☠️ #minecraft #games #chile #memes #minecrafthardcormode #twitch #clips’, was uploaded by kidd sai on 2024-03-29 20:50:41. It has garnered 182 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. 🛑Enjoy the video! Don’t forget to Subscribe and Leave Like!🛑 Read the full description for more info: ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Texture Pack: Trailers Vision By DiamonIsntHere Sens: 1600dpi 28% Fov: 90 View Bobbing: off Shaders: off ▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Recording program: OBS Studio Editing program: Adobe After Effects Editor: @Bl00Dvfx ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ My other networks: 💜Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kiddsaimon 🪩Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kiddsaimon… Read More

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    Minecraft TNT EXPLOSIONS GONE WILD! 😱🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘ESTO PASA CUANDO ENTRAS A UN SERVER DE MINECRAFT #minecraft #tnt #gaming #minecraftbuilding’, was uploaded by LuisGamemode on 2024-01-08 22:14:13. It has garnered 3081 views and 162 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:37 or 37 seconds. Read More

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  • MythiCube

    MythiCubeWe’re a brand new server, looking to build a family! Experienced Staff, Actively Seeking Helpers, Testers, and Players Alike! Features: – Towny – BattlePass – Custom Items, Enchants & MythicMobs – Skills, Jobs & Quests – Starter Kits – RTP & Warps (Pending: Player Submissions Welcome!) – /Back on Death – Homes & TP – /Shop – Auctions/Economy Discord: https://discord.gg/CEvV2fjwWb IP: play.mythicube.com play.mythicube.com Read More

  • WhyNot SMP Semi-Vanilla 1.20 14+ WHITELIST

    Welcome to WhyNot SMP! This is a vanilla (or perhaps semi-vanilla) Minecraft server aimed at bringing players together from around the world to make new friends. Our server values peaceful gameplay and prohibits griefing. Rules will be provided in our Discord server. The server will open this week on the 5th and will run 24/7 with occasional maintenance. Although based in Australia, we strive to create an enjoyable experience for players worldwide. The server is open to those aged 14 and above, and anyone not following rules or causing issues will be removed. Join our Discord to get started! We… Read More


    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.16.5 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.16.5 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: mc.anarhix.ru:25992 (GL HF) Read More

  • Lavaque MC

    Lavaque MC Brand New SMP server for everyone to play. seanson one ends 28/05/2024 Features: Ranks, Economy, Player Vaults, MarketPlace, Spawn area, Auction House, Land Claiming and much more Join now to rise to the top and become the richest of LavaqueMC Read More

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    Unbelievable New Minecraft RPG Server! Dungeon, Classes, & More 😱Video Information This video, titled ‘NUEVO SERVER SURVIVAL RPG 🔥 Dungeon, Clases y Más…✅Minecraft Java No Premium 1.20.X / 1.16.5 / 1.8’, was uploaded by CarloScore Minecraft on 2024-03-05 22:22:04. It has garnered 2387 views and 66 likes. The duration of the video is 00:08:14 or 494 seconds. NEW SERVER WITH SURVIVAL RPG For Java and Bedrock No Premium and Premium for version 1.8 to the most updated 1.20.X 🌎 IP in the Description and Comments⤵ 🔥Similar Videos🔥 https://youtu.be/46xKIa9vZJ4 https://youtu.be/EkBT5KEAMdI ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————- 🔽NEW SURVIVAL RPG SERVER “GoldRPG”🔽 ✅Java IP: goldrpg.net ✅Bedrock IP: Port: 19133 ✔Versions: 1.20. X /… Read More

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    Skibidi Battle Royale: Original vs Minecraft vs Scientist vs MultiverseVideo Information This video, titled ‘SKIBIDI TOILET #56 ORGINAL VS MINECRAFT VS SCIENTIST VS MULTIVERSE BATTLE’, was uploaded by skibidi battle tv on 2024-02-24 19:00:23. It has garnered 741 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:40 or 100 seconds. If you like my video, click like and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss more great videos! Credit to @DafuqBoom the original Skibidi Toilet and Cameraman idea! CREDITS :- Thanks Show some love to all of them please YOU BEST !!!!!!!! MINECRAFT https://www.youtube.com/@SuplerH4W @SuplerH4W Scientist https://www.youtube.com/@Tumzo_skibidi/videos @Tumzo_skibidi Multiverse https://www.youtube.com/@skibiditm/videos @skibiditm @CODIS All my video features… Read More

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    INSANE Minecraft Survival Giveaway in Gleytz!!Video Information This video, titled ‘Sorteo #minecraft #minecraftsurvival #shorts #youtubeshorts #argnetina #mexico #chile #eeuu #panama’, was uploaded by Gleytz on 2024-02-20 02:26:47. It has garnered 194 views and 9 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:59 or 59 seconds. #minecraftpvp #rangos #sorteo #youtubeshorts #shorts #minecraftsurvival #minelatino #free #chance #argentina #goat #mexico #chile #elsalvador #panama #venezuela #colombia #bocajuniors #miami #eeuu #finlandia #noruega #vitenam #rusia #indonesia #free #tiktok #twtitch #facebook #instagram #galaxy #samsung #iphone #plata #dolar #gobierno #seguridad #cr7 #whatsapp #steam #lunarclient #minecraftpremium #anydesk #minecraftbedrock #fortnite #mrsavage #mongraal #fncs #cashcup #mechakeys #google #opera #nitro #discord #house #love IP: mc.minelatino.com / play.minelatino.com… Read More

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