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E Oh Beond behind us not C active to time a future before us that we will Define all alone Andar tonight trse the universe tonight Tonight Hello everybody Welcome greetings hi hello howdy hey how are you hi there hello I am a I am a delight I’m delighted to be here with you uh and I hope that you are delighted to be here with me and I hope that we’re delighted to be everywhere with each

Other uh we are hopefully doing some hell divers too it was agreed upon earlier today no one else is around but hey I believe you know they show up they get here uh but uh we’ll figure it out all the same and I will

Be drunk no uh here hi Mr brass how you doing you’re delighted that I’m delighted great farmer 82 TV thank you for coming by hello hi Desi uh also I saw uh see if I can fight it um mustache manboy gave me quite the well wish of

Hope my day has been EX wizard I don’t know if my day is qualified as Exquisite per se but it’s been an all right day I it will take all right like you know what I mean it’s it’s fine uh pizza’s good good to see you mid how’s it going

MC stuck hello hi polish Warrior um doc than the 500 bits what is Irish and sits outside all the time patio furniture nice um hope my day is full of democracy it is yes uh and I’m just you know chilling very managed democracy though uh not a

Whole lot’s been going on I did get uh the the a couple good Tik toks have gone up under uh Zen TV so if you happen to be around that area drop a follow and uh go take a look at them um Okay Ross says 5 to

10 so how’s the doggy doggy is fine she’s doing okay uh it’s been a little rainy here and I don’t know like I love the rain uh I I love I I I enjoy moisture yeah I mean I like and and that sounds weird but genuinely like

I grew up in a desert right so it’s like the rain means a lot to me and kind of a weird like sort of the thing uh rain good not no rain bad I’ve se but I hate that to say it but rain also like you get those kind of dull over

Past days and everything’s a little bit darker and and and it really does make it harder to have like a pey mood with it you know what I mean um uh I will I will decline that trade Trisha I you you can keep your snow I will keep my

Rain um what do you call a priest who went to law school father-in-law nice uh but at any rate so it’s you know like it’s kind of been a little D doish I don’t know if that’s the word um just a little subdued little little less

Spring in the step um rain makes corn corn makes whiskey whiskey makes you a bit tipsy what a what a cycle what a [ __ ] cycle hi Karina how you doing hi KiKi hi Desi Uh you grew up in a forest you love rain puttering through the leaves but is best enjoyed quietly with book ah man when when it’s raining if but I guess that’s the other thing is if raining like I like a rain that’s like give me rain like in Utah growing up during the

Summer you’d get the occasional kind of like the 10-minute heavy you know like the the the the almost Micro Burst but not that intense but still like just the five or 10 minutes blow in dump and leave but in general growing up it was

Pretty rare to get a full uh like a just a good rain where you’re sitting there and you can hear it on the the roof coming down and you can go do something else and it’s a rainy environment but you’re tucked inside nice and cozy like

I love that but that is very uh that is very rare from where I came from uh it usually Utah was very drizzly if it was going to rain at all um so do I like snow uh I I grew up with way too much snow in my life so I you

Know it is what it is but it’s fine hi hary how you doing took a friend’s wife to a spy store where you both spent money and then she took you out to lunch overall enjoyable time the friend’s wife took you out to lunch that just sounds like

You’re dating the friend’s wife but I mean if everyone’s on board go for it have a good time uh today is the last day we’re in the last 20 some odd hours of the sponsorship um 18 hours for Call Of Dragons so if you want to rush in and you haven’t XM Point

Cood uh gets in if you get to you know level three then you’ve helped out the stream and I appreciate it um level three level 10 and level 12 are your Milestones 10’s very doable 12 probably not in the given time but uh for those

Of you who are you know in there and just need that last push or whatever like now’s your chance I would love it if you help out but also understand you got things to do you got things to do nope it’s call of uh dragons call of dragons hus um at any

Rate these [ __ ] guys you know all right se’s not talking to me SEI was not deafened but he was muted but he’s like like you slipped today and now your booty is in pain other than that been a pretty good day I’m sorry to hear about your booty could we get some

Some hearts in chat for Ham’s booty friend’s wife likes me of all his past girlfriends we dated almost 40 years ago and have stayed friends since cool I love I love the people can say friends you know like that’s that’s the reality that’s that’s what’s real

Happy St Patrick Day to all of you who uh celebrate St Patrick’s Day I neither celebrate nor not celebrate St Patrick’s Day I have no affiliation to St Patrick’s Day it’s you know like I uh it’s just kind of it’s just kind of although that said I am having corn beef

For dinner tonight so you know can we add base to one of these with this group well there’s only four slots so I mean possibly tomorrow is stardo day I uh is that is that like the is the upd the big update for stardo coming out tomorrow is that what you mean booty

Love Drunk lethal did we ever get the POS it has not been rescheduled we’ll uh we’ll we’ll get the reschedule when we get the reschedule you know uh so I was working with some mods today and I had uh some chat interactions and stuff and I was uh

Having to type in chat and now I’ve had like several people messaged me like are you okay cuz I was just sending messages to chat to verify and do things um but yes I am fine you’ve never had corn beef it’s pretty good me I like it um oh I was like suddenly

Sounds uh anyway I was about to say like but then I forgot what I was about contr system this time I last time it was a little bit disappointing but I had the fat side down so this time I made sure the fat side is up but I didn’t I I was

Late getting it in so it’s not going to be cooked as long and I hopefully that it’s like not a problem um I mean it should be cooked well enough to like you know be safe my dad did yell at me because uh he was like well just look at

The with the uh thermometer uh a meat thermometer and and make sure and I was like I don’t have a meat thermometer my dad was like you you what like like I basically according to him I B like in reaction it was like basically like yeah no I don’t

Wear shoes like he it was basically the same thing like I he didn’t know that was the what’s up JP the gang is back to defend democracy so I don’t you know maybe I need to get a meat thermometer I I always thought my meat was pretty hot

But I what do I maybe I just need proof so I’m not sure um cowgirl and the rest of the Brad’s family say hi hello everybody in Brads oh my God a potato wait why are we pitching Jed wait are we pitch what what I don’t even know what that means um

I have Irish in me somewhere I mean today is the perfect day for the do you want some Irish Inu joke uh how you doing well I am will hey Jen how are you doing hello sorry we’re just wait we’re just chill like the meeting time was 9 minutes ago

And so far SEI is in voice but has not said anything and Ross said that he will be 5 to 10 minutes late and Max said uh that he’s finishing taking the dogos out so we’re just here but that’s all right files are updating good good up oh yeah yeah I was

Saying uh just trying to put together uh some Minecraft stuff to kind of have us to do but uh speaking of stardew coming out soon I have been in a very big Dar of games to play for myself uh I used to for a while I was doing just the gigs

And the Cyber uh cyber Punk and I guess I can get back into that but uh I just I I I haven’t had any like i’ I’ve been in that sit down and look at the computer and look at my steam library and be like and I I I haven’t found my

New uh Target my new vent for that um I I I haven’t found a where where it next go what about the new stuff I literally looked at the new stuff for da the diver and went when like I I looked at it the other day

Uh and I was like is there an official DLC what are the updates and stuff and it was like there was this whole dredge thing and I don’t and I just Mr Anonymous thank you for the 42 months though it has been a Qui uh side the

Last uh several days on notifications so that’s slightly concerning but hopefully it picks up towards the end of the month death Must Die interesting is it not good I mean I don’t know I haven’t played it but it just it didn’t grab me from what I was seeing of it

Right and just let the rest of the week go away the feeling not knowing what to play is so real but I do have uh forbidden West coming out in 4 days so other than the fact that it’s going to come out and be bug ridden and incapable of doing anything and and

Unplayable on launch day I’m very excited for that I’m not familiar with Travelers Rest game you haven’t been in a gaming mood at all yeah Horizon forbidden West it’s the uh next edition of horizon zero do today is one of those days where you just yelled at people I

Mean you had a good time SU sigm I also got the bill from my uh uh CPA for last year’s taxes and I I think I mentioned but my CPA pulled some Shenanigans and managed to get me a refund this year by cashing in instead of capitalizing the uh updates I made to

This place when I bought it uh instead of capitalizing it we just cash in all at once and uh so that got me a bit of a return and he’s asking for me to give him all of that return because that’s about almost his bill so did I already

Try Star Wars Jedi Survivor oh did we try it we I I think can I legitimately say we 100% did it I think we 100% did it I don’t know of anything that we left behind yeah I think we 100 pered it I classify as I mean we if if there

Was something that uh we didn’t 100% it was something very esoteric cuz we went and picked up everything and and all that what’s up orata por enchiladas uhy that sounds pretty good I I’m still an hour and a half out from my from my

Food so I’m going to get to uh uh eat just before uh recording with uh Sparkles and Pete so I’m either going to uh hry oros right defense democracy is it still raining in Austin it was when I came in here a few minutes ago how you doing

Tweety am I going to try the super marus Sim I don’t like I don’t know is it is it what people are watching is it what the cool kids are doing I want to be cool I want to be one of the cool kids I just

Don’t know what the cool kids do cuz I’m not actually cool what who said that hey what’s up buddy hello how are you doing okay no internet issues today so far oh I pray democracy wins amen May democracy win for us for us how’d the session go last

Night uh I mean we finished out kind of the Run then you know then say was like look I’m only here for them and and you’re kind of and and so he left and I was just left to just try and bring democracy myself and I died on my first

I was on stream for five hours before that and I was like I got to die I got to die yeah pass out I feel that I feel that but of course I am only here for you Z oh tell me more what where did this

Relate ship come from why am I left out what happened to me I mean you’re not left out you’re you’re here you know it’s like I feel like I’m getting cucked no no no no no no no no like you’re you’re part of it it’s just you know there’s that extra spark somewhere

Right uh-huh but you’re still but you’re still getting all the all the love it all the love it you’re still here you’re still you’re still part of it turns out shy was the guy I didn’t have to worry about right he’s we were just friends we were

Just friends the entire time oh yeah yeah yeah know is that a new record broken sort sorry I’m also invested in the fishing that’s going on oh dear I I’ve thought about looking at that again but I I spent my setup time today on other things that are unannounced projects but

Uh that one’s kind of on the back of the my back of the mind cuz the I desperately need some way for people to spend Channel points in my with with in a in a way that doesn’t that doesn’t interrupt me cuz every thing I’ve ever

Come out was like Hey do this do that or something like that and it’s like you know I used to have like make me juggle and then it turned out that I just have a stream of me juggling the entire time and I’m like guys I got to play the G

But my uh people stacked 74 dabs up on me and that was when I turned dabs off and that’s when I turn yeah this is Chad this is why we can’t have nice things turned off why does it say out of stock well you see there’s a reason for everything

I I have literally people that just just straight up have millions of points and I’m like I don’t know where they get these points from to spend them so much I think I do a lot of gambling streams when I play games yeah I can understand it I mean

That’s all Zero Sum though right unless you can have like if you if if I could do like a roulette where there’s a a zero in the board to maybe sometime drain some of those points out rather than just redistribute now we’re talking you know exactly it’s all redistribute yeah

Distribution zero sub hey what’s up buddy buddy bring it in you’re the first one here I’ll walk in all right I’m moving faster now that’s good Allied Destroyer has I was getting I was getting my stream and the game set up but stream is done so now I’m moving faster on getting game

Joined Oh no you’re fine hey that’s just code for faster all right how are you hypon I’m happy you know faster no no that’s okay we’ll wait I guess good day hell diver hello in the parking lot I don’t I don’t like that you did that while still looking at Max

The entire time so your character’s head was like not even f it was like yeah yeah yeah here you go to turn to it’s just it’s just like yeah yeah yeah you know I’m just looking at someone else like was like oh I’m I’m paying attention to another yeah it’s like

Localization and confusion what does this mean there you go but I I I’m looking away I know I I can’t even make my carrot I’m not even that good all right I’m full up on food I have nothing distracting me I’m ready to fight for democracy don’t worry we’re still

Waiting for weenie butt he’s right over there all right 95 resistance to Arc damage hey Dutch what’s up I care about Arc now do the robots go Pew I’m shooting you with an ark no I think it’s why do they sound like that like versus yourself like oh if you

Get hit by your own electricity or something like that yeah it was it was still let’s see it was still great seeing I think Max or Ross just get zodded with one Arc just flew them across the uh map just and I was like oh that look like that one

Hurt one of my favorite sounds just I still can’t believe this is only a four player game I want them to put in like larger raids but I understand why because net code for this is ridiculous already making sure everyone’s all yeah there’s a there’s a lot to synchronize

There that’s got to be tough I thought when I was first hearing about the game that it was slight PVP where you would like you had to complete an objective but it was more like so it’d be like two teams on the same map and whoever completes the objective with you’re not

Trying to beat the enemy team you’re just trying to do the objective better of [ __ ] so he doesn’t pick he [ __ ] picked the land mine at that he picked the land M what do you think it’s my signature ability if I didn’t it would be weird my signature ability we all

Have signature moves and mine just happens to be the landmine your just landmine Zenus killing teammates what I I kill anyone last time but uh the Tik Tok yeah you couldn’t our internet killed us yeah yeah yeah the Tik Tok of me smashing SE go

Level se’s the vet hey I I have I have a total of four Tik toks now and sey is the key principal character in two of them I think I’m doing this wrong I actually so I just I uploaded a video today and one of the comments is my

Favorite character is sey you weren’t in that one that was a that you weren’t even in that one though like it it was a time you weren’t I’m pretty sure you’re in 90% of my [ __ ] shorts as well cuz the [ __ ] L dude I love being the best

Side character that’s what I love my main character as a main now I in the video where you had to we did Tiny and then you had to dip cuz you were tired everyone was like where’d sey go I’m sorry I got tired I was very asleep

Funny it is one of my top clips of just watching you as you run from that uh uh coil head Jesus I’m Jesus I uh that was that was a day oh hey action Break shotgun there’s bad guys here watch out just landed oh just kill bug

Mission oh stung grenade kind of busted oh hell what in God oh what the [ __ ] where did you come from he just came from behind he was underneath me I saw it’s like he pitched you up I’m putting down my Gatling it it’s not exactly the landmines but it’s still I think I

Killed you no I ow ow ow okay okay so should we like strategically use our reinforcements or just use them when you die use them when you feel like it okay I just want to get my friends A vibe based thing you know ah you were saying yeah it’s about The

Vibes it’s about the Vib we VI on top of that thing oh God oh God please Vive Vive onto it where is he I can’t oh well that’s the wrong one but it was one of them as long as a Big Boy’s dead big boy is definitely not dead

Uh where is he he’s over to the West do we want I don’t even know if this is oh oh oh that I think this is a this is just a kill so okay I was like here you look like you needed some help I was thrown into the into the

Wolves or well the bugs lead them into the middle oh they just [ __ ] what did you do oh no oh God oh God that was certainly a play you made oh my god well I warned Max heard it at least I knew what he was out of the way I was

Reinforcing my thing doesn’t go that far calling in [Laughter] reinforc get some get some any big boys oh I was not aiming for you oh hey what up get down boy what what happened what what what did I get hit by what the [ __ ] still have hey friends can you die

Please oh no it’s not shoo bug they really want me up here I meant the bug friend I I might I suggest The High Ground I’m throw the reinforcement in the Minefield good luck oh I threw it to the right there’s like no mines left oh there’s definitely a mine left right

Next to Max someone’s machine gun Max just got blown across by mine well that was overly close your life yeah that’s the one that had no ammo oh damn it I got some other gun it is my gun my sh I I don’t know why what the hell just

Blew oh you stepped on your own mind you Dingus all all my limbs are broken all mys are a little hurt we’ve almost gotten enough BS okayy they will never destroy our way of life you get on top of the rock democracy us just man up here it’s easy

Enough try it won’t let me oh I just came oh my God I came over from right here where I met sorry you save me I just turn and look and there’s just a giant Mech next me I’m like oh okay I guess that that side’s clear got

It up here is a lot sa this was definitely the play guys all you know what’s the killing the rest ofri that could be part of it paying attention to load up heal up heal up anybody want to enjoy the power I used my I would love to enjoy the power

Cuz I am out of ammo don’t blow your a killed by weeny butt what the killed by impact I I was literally about to say don’t blow yourself up by turning to the left not blow myself up I was killed by but I didn’t even how did I

Kill you I don’t even know man I don’t know what I did I was shooting at bugs you a bug you a bug I’m just killing bugs is that you the only person who’ have a problem with me shooting them is a bug throwing Gren you know that’s very Sound

Logic I I think I can poke some holes on that been inj I win I died B guy right here on the left hey Z don’t die uh [Applause] sir good luck didn’t die good luck everybody that’s not good I’m going to blow up these mines

Before we [ __ ] re oh you can’t shoot them never mind you guys think they have like little bug Banks and they go to like bu podcast so it’s like bug podcast they have like they actually use like little bug checkbooks I’m going to go and leave I

Shouldn’t care too much about the bugs I’m not going to humanize the bugs more because that means we won’t be able to get the oil I mean concept that’s what I want to know like how they’re like humanoid to to the point to where they they can do podcast

Am I going to am I joke in my end though because like there’s a there’s a mission where you have to get these uh you have to destroy these thank you to get sub to codan I appreciate it Tweety thank you the 1,000 bits Mr Anonymous get sub to

Lucas Wonder so it’s like all showing all this like stuff that the super Earth is doing it’s bad oh glad you’re doing good Dutch what if we found like a coupon book on the ground so do they have like bug Walmart and Bug targets I’m not sure I died that Round

Guys in fact I’m almost positive I [Laughter] didn’t we finds their IBG phone the there’s one call like missed call just for Mom but it’s in like very badly WR like the font’s bad it’s still like English is horrible it’s just the font that’s different not the language

It looks almost like it’s like the fake Japanese [ __ ] is wrong with you thought do in wingdings oh God that’s even worse I mean we got to give it up for all of our complaining uh uh Ross destroyed us in kills with those mines yeah he did that

My turret also actually went off too hey I’m the only one that took over a th000 friendly fire damage I didn’t die mask is in the it’s in the shop again I unlocked card I like my mask if it’s nice oh yeah I’m not used to is it the Super Store

Rotate okay I don’t play a lot of games with rotating stores understandable your is it is it the legion air helmet just kind of looks like he’s wearing a VR helmet yeah it does I like mine is good I’m never changing 0 point or. liberated o where are we

Now I do like that what what are the planets that are on our major order right now I think I think it’s this one isn’t it we we we just we literally just secured the one we were just on I think we were just on a of prime and now it’s secured

UMES on it wants us in hm right uh oh yeah we’re standing by okay we have no major order right now cool so we just got to kill two B Titans for at least my personal order which means I should get my freaking which means you should stop playing with us

Schmucks and go get someone who can actually kill a bile Titan oh no you’ll get there as we go up in levels we’ll get there worry not my boy Mission coordinat it’s less worry and more anxiety but yeah anxieties worries they all you have Ross on the team sir yeah that’s part of

The problem yeah that might be Ross that’s where the concern is yep we have identified an anxiety Source what’s up ker Pride how you doing what oh [ __ ] I pushed the I right click sorry everybody out just making sure these eject works okay good making sure the servos are uh tighten serving yeah

There we go the servos are serving all right apparently I’m supposed to try the Granada launcher mhm oh I didn’t realize I bought armor increases your armor one piece of everything is he is he wearing light armor what why are you guys laughing at me I look

Okay is he wearing light armor look at that guy wait what are we doing right now do our thing apparently my armor is bad you look like a pilot thank it’s not a compliment why is a pilot going onto the battlefield without a ship recoil and CR Your what is this man wearing well what am I supposed to wear [Laughter] guys are making me self-conscious yes it’s working he C look at him cave look at him he changed he cave uh I like I like the pilot outfit yeah they look better

Before a cockpit so it was par uh it was light armor and this armor is better I want that one cosmetically well the last up until the last update it was that way oh was just let’s go it’s my favorite ones more bug kill okay yeah guard dog Rover there is a break

Action shotgun lying here next to these guys and since they’re dead it seems like that’s a bad gun hey holy [ __ ] they’ve arrived okay yeah no they’re here Max are you okay I have been [ __ ] we didn’t even get our stuff yet I didn’t get to get my stuff

Inbounded yeah that’s how kill bugs are where’s my [ __ ] gun is it still there yeah it is [ __ ] bug get off of me I killed it thank you I’m trying to do something you might want to throw down your minds in the middle cuz we can just avoid the

Middle oh that’s a big boy how big of a boy oh oh I’m sorry I just shot the hell out of you yeah I didn’t realize I had a grenade launcher and I might have just sent a bunch of grenades over towards uh what is it what the hell is this Blazer

Thing it’s my uh guard dog your guard dog’s not guarding very well oh it’s doing great actually it’s uh seven eight kills nine kill it’s not guarding Zen well yeah ah there it is and that’s the kicker my mind are going down well don’t stand where the I wasn’t it looked at

Me if you picked up the spear pick up the spear backpack because that’s where the ammo is cuz that’s what you need oh no it’s right here there oh there’s the SP can I take it I’m Ying it go for it have fun there’s a backpack right hereo

You won’t be able to use it on anything that is not gigantic noted strike on the right so if there are any uh if there are any Chargers coming through that’s your job now you mean I could have avoided the hit if I was in light [Laughter]

Armor who just F I’m on a 20 kill streak 21 jeez how do you tell your kill streaks uh it just starts showing up at the bottom as like let’s go with number it’s above three oh neat oh no that’s bad for me then your puppy’s dangerous yeah but he’s getting

Money but he’s he’s doing me so much work I didn’t mean to jump ow I’m going to just stand in front you know that that’ll help you might want to back up I’ll stand back now I’m going to stand I’m going to stand back that was not an accurate strike

What the hell was that requ oral strike I’m helping hey man how you doing oh I forgot I had those grenades yeah oh God shocks I’m out of ammo sergeant said I’m not allowed to throw them normally this ain’t normal these are bugs resupply coming down right here oh everybody’s up there I

Should you can get back up you got to come down here with the danger yeah if you want to the danger Walter White wasn’t the good guy relo I liked that show so he was for me I related so much just like how I relate to Rick laser just lasered me what the

[ __ ] [ __ ] second you’re [ __ ] thing but how many people have I killed that are not us huh I don’t know you shouldn’t have to worry because unless you’re a bu you’ll see I can’t get up there like you guys can’t get up there it’s making me

Sad oh my God okay so yeah okay now now I kind of see he’s kind of he’s kind of aim they’re right here where I’m not I’m not a big grenade launcher fan just yet maybe it’s a gasas maybe it’s a uh education situation not yet no not yet

You can tell by the way we haven’t finished we to move you can kind of tell by the way the mission is you can tell by the way what the what the [ __ ] what the f what the [ __ ] how do you [ __ ] up that badly oh my God I’m covering my face

You I don’t know what did I do you you called in an air strike on the rock that we were all standing on no yes strike why would I do that I saw the [ __ ] beam of why would you air strike us I literally saw the of lights so

Funny so what the [ __ ] man oh front row seat that’s so amazing I I don’t know what you guys are talking about I’ve been shot it’s up to you guys if you want to reinforce that I’ll bring them back I think I took out the the bad guy the bad guy’s been

Killed where are you in the [ __ ] ship [ __ ] you damn it sey you might want to sey sey there’s an orbital strike on the P what the [ __ ] was not me I [ __ ] have that tgy there’s an orbital strike I’m just out here like where my

Hug at where my hug listen we can hug inside let’s go it’s time to go lookie tosser 30 months the ultra sub thank you so much my tosser friend I that was actually in the game I just I climb up and I I did it was one of those like non-comprehension

But noted right like I climbed up onto the rock after finally getting up to trying for 5 minutes and I get up and I’m like what is the beam a boom Oh that’s what that is so I miss through it I also I also then in hindsight recall called Ross running

Past me off the rock going I’m going somewhere else and he skattles down and I’m like oh well I finally got up on the Rock oh I see why you going somewhere else how did you forget to say something this is great guys what the

[ __ ] good work now I know how the now I guys guys I know how the laser you were getting a little bit burned a little I mean check it out though see ah pretty good kills pretty good hey look I have one death and it wasn’t to a bug welcome aboard

You don’t know that yet I oh I know that’s ominous as hell Ross is an enemy of democracy you don’t know that yet all right what is the best thing for me to get engaging oral thr make my orbital strateg the laser cannon looks fun oh no I have all that yeah we’ve

Seen laser can oral gas strike isn’t that like against anything gas sucks I no I just isn’t that like illegal are you not supposed to Convention againsts yeah getting the question again don’t question it I got bigger guns oh I like the Napal air strike though that’s pretty cool

Wait I’m buying [ __ ] why you already go in what the [ __ ] I’m upgrading so I can be badass hell kill Ross before he kills me you’re our badass I have the landmines you’re my bad ass know in a world of bad eye you know you’re not the only one who can buy

[ __ ] uh mines you know that right you’re going to do it oh man we’re going to kill so many bugs with our minds high five dude oh hello chalupa hey hey hey what hey hey hey are we alive yeah I’m done by now okay no I just kept seeing waiting for host

And I got scared for a second that it was I’m just afraid he’s afraid of democracy see when your ISB is giving you ptsv I hate to be the one to point this out but I think we might be playing with a Kami yeah what one of us here’s a

Traitor hey my my stuff my stuff has reasons all right can y’all make how long does your uh Str not strategems but your stems last huh I don’t know man you get a little defensive and I wasn’t even thinking it was you yeah my stems last long now I’m starting to think it’s

You I’m very happy that your stem lasts long but if it goes over in 4 hours then you should talk to someone you should definitely call a doctor I Am the Doctor you got to call then exactly Ghostbusters God damn it right what was I getting rid of for

This do I need another gun I’ll take this yeah no there we go looks like Jesus Jesus all right so we’re going to land we’re going to want to take out our objective we’re right where we’re landing and then soldiers we’re heading to the West we’re going for our tactical

Objective West and then we make our way North by Northeast that’s the plan I need you to sound like joran Bon strangle when you give us the I don’t know who that is but I can sound like if you let me how the [ __ ] do you not know who joran Bon

Strangle is I am joran Bon strangle I don’t know I wow is he the I think the age Gap is showing Soldier listen I’m 28 and have been for several years what the [ __ ] all right directly to the north head to the gas call my [ __ ] first man I

Got to get my gun there are big bugs already we have bios spewers the [ __ ] is that oh they’re right behind me oh [ __ ] oh yeah we got gas we got gas we got the nursing spe my gun my gun okay I got it oh my God you

The the big the big tick ones are going to spew at you you don’t want that yeah well I’m I’m just giving you a little info little little little info ready to liate I’m think crushed oh my God they filling my mouth with Starburst at the worst

Time you took your hands off democracy during this no my mouth was just full as soon as we dropped I filled my mouth oh that was a waste are we going west you said no our T our Target’s right here we’re at it it’s this building we need to establish Communications oh okay

Oh I got you thank you oh I was killed by a SP I lost my machine gun I mean you can find it and pick it back up that’s EXA yeah it’s exactly yep God move oh my God I [ __ ] hate if I happen to find it definitely

Will now we can see Sor for that this game literally is near ruined for because of how much [ __ ] slows and stops you it is I have so much fun until that happens is there like nowhere that’s [ __ ] safe right now Jesus not not particularly no what oh well I got spewed oh

Okay I immediately landed and got spewed like I didn’t wow good luck Max I threw down a reinforcement we’ll be there shortly oh I got the bug nice I got a I got a spewer with my pod I’m in danger oh my goodness I’m pushing stop moving how’ you like the taste

Of I’m heading towards you Max and Zen ow ow I’m here sweet Liberty come on come on there we go that’s one sweet Liberty I’m helping I see where I spawning at Ma what my he stop moving get out of the way all right all right there we go here somewhere there it

Is okay did we establish communication we haven’t yet okay or have we have we done whatever the hell it is we’re supposed to do here let’s drop a hell bomb that’s what you got what you’re supposed to do at least and blow two buildings over here so activate that hell

Bomb and we can get the [ __ ] on out of here that was a bit messy guys we’re getting it done all right the the the the the spewers are going yeah I’m not a big fan of the bile guys they’re they’re oofy poofy also we didn’t we had to destroy the mushroom

That was all of the uh the gas all the gas so we couldn’t see at the very beginning stri I see more who called in an orbital strike me but hang right wait that’s my St war no way SC to the hell bomb oh we didn’t get all the

Buildings oh he’s bad reload he’s bad he’s dead nice calling a hell bomb I’ll drop an extra one real quick don’t worry about it Ian I could try and help somewhere so we’re on their home planets right yeah sure so they build they build little

Houses no no no no no no these are ours we’ve these are all our colonies Oh I thought we stopped doing that I thought we learned our lesson no oh that’s funny no we moved it off Planet Call reinforcement really want oh no they really want the weenie uhoh don’t go over there

Okay get your gun right there if you wanted it is oh [ __ ] what where no don’t got him don’t get shot please thanks oh reload I’m looking for wherever the spewer is it’s over here it’s so hard to see in the fog what does it look like or is it the

Monster I haven’t seen one either but I’m running in the general direction oh you can’t drive the forklift Lame Game nah they better update it they better up you I want to stab I think they are going to be like little Rovers eventually supposed to be at least yeah

Having a vehicle of any type would be kind of nice yeah I guess so we’re just not forklift certified oh no no no um speak for yourself to be that’s how you fight for democracy that’s step one get forp certified what did you just call in a machine

Gun uh all right so we need to Head West to our secondary objective that’s to the West assuming we got assuming we got the one that we were we’ll take care of that in the middle of this too since we got it oh yeah fire tornado I don’t know

What that is oh god oh is that what I’m fire it’s fire in a tornado form don’t like that my best it’s to the north okay cool and I’ll just finish this out we can get the hell out of here cuz that I don’t want

To I don’t want to talku to a fire for tornado you know damn it oh there’s also one directly to the West oh great I think I see one is there the spinning thing I’m going to throw a cluster bomb at one well don’t throw a cluster bomb at the tornado what’s that

Going to do stop the tornado that’s not how it works it’s a natural phenomenon they don’t care about pain phenomenom these Pelicans make yeah fire tornado is still coming you guys are right we figured it out hey I double checked though I’m going to let’s get there’s a

Lot of them around yeah what the [ __ ] there’s a lot they’re getting closer too it’s fire tornado season it’s fire tornado season we going fire tornado hunting you think there’s fire tornado there one right in front of us yeah sure is oh wow oh no that’s not

Fun I’m a it seems to be lighting things on fire much like a tornado right hold on wait hold on I don’t think you know what a tornado is hold up hey I’ve lived in Tennessee for all of my life when I was a kid at least for all my life back when

I doesn’t even make sense no I took care of this don’t worry about it we’re out yeah you got it uh we got something Southwest oh we also have loot some supplies over here you need some I mean on the map it shows us a hang on back where at oh nice

Stal strike incoming well what’s going on over here in this place where there’s a fire tornado last reload that was so so reload I hate it when the orbital strike takes forever to come through and you’re just like come on man there ain’t nothing left there sometimes it’s fairly

Quick other times it’s like no that’s it it’s time for my Napal strike oh God God speed soldiers you just barely avoided that bile spewer you’re right landmines why that that I wasn’t going to do burrito you know I’m looking around I’m seeing all this uh uh fire and tornado

Situation going on and it it occurs to me that said you know what we need fire no I said a naal strike yeah yeah yeah yeah you did naal not not fire naal not fire not fire naal not just fire big boy oh yep where

Oh 30 seconds until I can uh strike it from the guys oh we got boys behind us too oh [ __ ] there’s a nest right here that’s what ow covering behind I’m a fire I’m a fire I’m fire fire fire fire I’m fire I’m fire they don’t like reloading there’s a fire

Tornado I’m oh my God there’s tornadoes everywhere myself my dude stopped I understand I’m out of ammo but I will reload outside of a fire tornado I was like oh what’s this grenade launcher that’s inside this fire tornado I’ll pick it up oh my decision was for what’s wrong sunny tomorrow oh oh

Staying alive staying alive I’m not really worried about weather conditions right now hey can somebody throw an actual bomb inside of there please real quick yeah sure yeah oh no I can’t I’m of we got a couple thanks for nice we need to head a Direction

Oh I almost died when you’re on fire I so almost died but then didn’t stop dropping dive stop drop and die big boy so Ross is doing okay Max is Max is Max is fine what what the [ __ ] was that Ross is doing okay I guess Max is fine what the [ __ ]

I it listen the joke was more that Ross was screaming and I’m like so he’s fine that was the joke so he f i just ma Max there’s a cluster bomb coming here he seems focused on you so I’m going to throw this orbal strike on

You uh Ross just stay near that and it should help oh this is extra you didn’t stay near it I’m leading it back yeah there you go oh oh buddy I’m going to go on a funny Direction just don’t worry about what are the diamonds on the map are they just loot

Caches or resources or samples or something like that just something of note yeah this one currently over here is samples and some loot a little bit of pickups some some XP seems to have died like it just kind of laid down and died which honestly what a way to go you

Know should I res you over here I don’t I don’t know we have a we have another Nest to the north I think I can call on a better gun do that requesting air support hell diver oh God it’s coming at me that was less effective than I wanted to be requesting support

Got to get out of here oh I just [ __ ] killed myself don’t do that I shot the his ass and it exploded in front of my face for Prestige sure time to go you saved me Max where did my gun go [ __ ] break his shell there it is he’s gone ooh flow

O piece of candy we got to run through here to get to here and then we’ll I’ll take care of that oh they’re chasing me oh oh no you’re running through a bug Nest right now I’ll come back to you no I got it

I’m fine I forgot I had a gun oh my goodness it just Zen heal yourself please I’m fine oh you have nothing you can’t heal yourself I mean oh this is extraction yeah this is extract okay where we’re supposed to be it’s Northwest oh no we’re not I was like

Okay we’re good but we haven’t actually done the thing we’re supposed to do no we are nowhere I just saw Ross just it kill himself no maybe no yeah I will not stay over here cuz there are bombs on the floor at least oh I thre Ross’s reinforce in that yeah not the

Best not the best just just the sad head shaking not the best going to be honest could be better n it could be a little bit better you know but you know gentle hell diving there’s there’s room for improvement is all we’re saying I’m a gentle hell

Diving teacher can this blow up please one moment please hey that’s what I was having trouble with was blowing that up there we go yeah sometimes it Banks your grenade off the side and it’s just like nope you’re not in the right place you didn’t play ski ball

Enough every time I come over here there’s pukers we’ll kill them shoot them in their face especially when they’re screaming at you that’s the best time to shoot them in the face what there’s mines everywhere Ross what why would there be mines everywhere remember not the best I

Haven’t even used mine yet I’m strategically waiting it’s not strategy enough if it’s on cool down that’s the only time not to use it I need a friend I’m on my way uhoh I have a friendship pod oh that’s a that’s not the kind of friend I was looking for that’s not the

Kind of friend I was looking for oh not you you have to die not the friend I want not the friend I wanted that’s a dead man calling in reinforcement there’s an entire Patrol over there too oh my God he’s so tired he’s so tired he’s been running for days I’m

Back welcome back sending in an eagle oh [ __ ] that’s not good freemax that’s it I’m good I’m alive but watch oh okay okay all right oh [ __ ] come on this is the one I really got to remember come on there we go oh my it bounced off the

Rocks that’s not where I wanted it at All don’t worry guys mines are coming in God damn it I just oh [ __ ] I just put my gun in there you guys doing great over there you’re taking it you’re doing good we’re we’re fine we’re just anybody want a guard dog so you can

L and the bugs okay all right all right Z be very careful yeah yeah yeah I know you’re out to get me killed what do you mean might I haven’t even used mine Max has just been throwing him nonstop as he just did we ever get the

Friendship area opened God damn it threw it on the Friendship area oh my God Ross it’s so funny to watch guarding it it’s so funny God damn it all right we did it see I’m over here objective gaming ow Friendly Fire Friendly Fire wait there’s just there’s just can

Guys I’ll come over here I’ll hang out material well uh I’m barely alive and nearly dead but where’s sey oh God okay there we go that’s honestly sweet release sweet sweet release I exploded oh really yeah surprising en enjoy it again huh going to go there you just dropped

Me in that too Max my bad my heart was in the right place yeah was it yeah I was trying to kill Ross oh okay just making sure all right where the [ __ ] is sey are you up at uh objective Ross yeah I just did the last

Objective I mean the second to last objective I don’t want to talk about it no you’re doing great Budd keep it up honestly oh I’m sorry oh fire tornadoes again good they’ll never good I was worried they forgot about us mhm I wanted it to be rainy I’m going to resupply over here

Yeah well I just died so I’m good this a bug Outpost anybody need a grenade launcher for this bug Outpost if you want to me I’m shooting inside of those no don’t like that guy and and Max for you have a guard dog thank you oh that fire tornado is getting real

Close yeah it’s getting a little close guys it’s interested in the light he’s like hey man you need a light why do I have the big guy oh God oh God God you’re by yourself Soldier we’re coming howy hi big guy oh that’s what the guard dog is this thing’s [ __ ]

Awesome I just [ __ ] explod he’s dead I’m alive I just exploded I’m alive okay this thing isn’t ended what do we need to do to fix it is there a grenade spot yeah I got it yeah blow up the holes oh big bio boo okay that hurts does this thing Auto

Shoot or do I have to shoot it what guard dog oh no you pick it up as a backpack oh yeah does he like Auto shoot for me yeah it auto shoots all right all right area secure no problem to the north just don’t stand in the way or

Don’t let other people stand in the way that’s more their fault skill issue is it learned my Sentry just got me a 14 kill streak Hey ow stop throwing your friends at me all right maybe I just need to stop trying to avoid things that will kill my

Friends and just start bringing in things that will kill my friends and then that’s how you play hell diver because we’re diving together we’re we’re I’m appar is on for a reason I’m going about this in a completely wrong uh way I guess we well being of your team no I

Kill 20 bugs for one teammate there’s so many freaking tornadoes Tornadus is there even anything in here some mines in this area this I think oh my God I just just kill him just kill him just kill him if Ross respawns just shoot him my arm’s

Broken but other than that I’m sure you feel fine I’m pretty good oh you know what friends I think it’s time I think it’s time for my bombs with this treasure with this Sac treasure tornado God the treasure all right I activate this terminal yeah yeah

Activate the why did you throw the bombs here I said I was going to do it Max these are very rically placed good job I’m dead that’s a tornado I stopped it is there anything else I can do on the terminal uh it’ll tell you C2 that’s all it says uh go to

C2 oh activate it you have to like a I got it you got to you got to you know what never mind okay got it where’s that at damn oh and then activate it again what the hell I don’t think I’m worth a respawn call oral stri

Reinforcing oh now we have to yeah no you’re worth the reinforce cuz now we have to let the people through we got to help the science team they fly now they fly now requ nice hit do that some more oh kill it until it’s dead no they’re going to kill me until

I’m dead no that’s a big point right next team out I don’t know if I was supposed to do that no you are okay they can die they’re disposable there is a landine joining the I’m not sure where my samples and gun are but I think

They’re over here the map yeah if you scroll in you’ll find more you’ll be able to see it better usually a little bit yellow where your last gun you had was uh keep letting the science team out we got to let 20 of them out oh okay

Just keep hitting the button yeah just keep hitting the button on that one and the other two that are around I think there are two other doors oh this one’s already done they refresh okay I threw a big bomb but I think it’s far away from us

Great come on friends yeah come on there’s a big bright light over here but there’s no actual like stop walking run run you freaking Hasty little science people got three more coming calling down fortification get all right any more I’m letting some out refresh all right I got three more

Coming I’m waiting to see if I got anything then we got to let two more you’re silly anyone want to stem me cuz I am [ __ ] coughing out blood like a [ __ ] does resupply bring Sims yes yeah I just called I Max yeah if you walk up to and and press

E thank you I just got an achievement thank you all right I just let out I just let out the last ones if they survive yeah I’ve got three coming out too reloading I can’t even blow up things some supplies over here needed supplies over here done your hey hey hey

No no no no no no no that’s the end of the science Team all right no no no no no get get the hell out of here no no no no no no no no stop we just lost 25 requisites yeah because we got the 20 that we needed we

Didn’t need more okay oh I see okay well go back to extract and get the hell out of here I got a wife and kids I got to get back to unlike these people bio in front of us you will never destroy our way of life you’ll never destroy our way of

Life oh jelly thank you oh what the where’s our way of life oh it’s right we should be heading east to extract right or no South yeah South to why can’t I walk around okay I see the blue light in the distance fire in the

Hole I’m only going over here so I can uh get this here air this bug bug thing done hi Harvey exraction is available I’m coming discover he’s F okay yeah I believe I’m in a Mech he doesn’t need us he doesn’t even like to play with us

That’s why he’s always off like I’m just doing these other objectives you guys go that way well if you want to do the objectives you you can join me if you want to I I would beat third Wheeling as a second wheel huh what what wheel am I you’re

Here whatever wheel you want to be Tri that no one uses you’re whe exasperating I’m the I’m the spare in the trunk no that serves a purpose oh my god oh bro oh oh he didn’t have it he’s so good he’s got it so a bug thing activated right under me and right

As I was shooting a bug hole what the bug popped up underneath me and exploded how did you die I’m right next to you you shouldn’t have died you called in an air strike and you didn’t say anything I threw it over there so far that’s so far it was meant

To be far away from us yet I’m still going for it I don’t care minutes I’ll die I I’ll reinforce you at the shuttle you can’t reinforce me there’s no reinforcements left we got 1 minute and 20 seconds okay cool down there’s also a lot of fire tornadoes here I

Did we got to stop these tornadoes Max don’t don’t don’t come near me holy [ __ ] M thank you you think land mines land mines oh my God all right don’t go in the middle we have to go in the that’s where they I already activated the thing we’re fine we’re fine at

Me 40 seconds on that reinforcements minutes I’m going to get this done if it’s the last thing I do it will be it will be the last thing might be the last thing you [ __ ] do get I’m getting a machine gun waiting on a resupply Hi

Lacy all right I’m safe in my little corner I am safe my little corner rein how many landmines are there holy crap yep y oh [ __ ] oh yeah it’s going to be a safe Evac no bugs are getting there I think we did great man whoa nice heavy bug next

Eric thank you Ross couldn’t be bothered I got you I saw it was up Ms have been launched all right now ready delivery just avoid the middle zene trust me guys I did throw a bomb it is far away actually majority of them are gone I’m good now okay stop it stop stop

It get in there whatever is the biggest die and I’ll be out of here no I thought that killed me why you shoot why you shooting my [ __ ] bombs because I chose to what the hell hurt me oh did you shoot me okay I shot you uhoh there’s a

Bug guys it’s getting a little Dusty how’s it going over there sey I’m doing great okay the Shadows here in 45 seconds you can make it back yeah yeah I’ll make it and we will We hey we won’t save you any snacks if uh if they run out I’m Waring I don’t need

No snacks don’t worry about that say that now and then you’re going to get on the ship be like man I want a snake Doritos man can one of you guys give me one of your pretzels you’re in visual side I’ll make it no I got [ __ ] no I was doing so

Well what is that red line coming out of the sky nothing you should stand under [Laughter] it just a gift for me to you all good I understand re I got a gift for the squad thank you you R going to be bothered what the hell is happening why

Did you throw the anti person you know what it’s that was a good okay where did my sample I got to pick out my common sample L divers oh my god oh wow why I was just making sure I got inside man oh my God complete you died you [ __ ] died

I didn’t even touch it # just Ross things they’re they’re they’re proximity Is it’s [ __ ] who would have guessed it there no bugs in the Evac Zone it was clear we made sure it was clear we sure did I got all the bug out all the bug outposts I could though I

You did great you did great oh thank you oh we still got three I don’t care I kill s citizens cuz it’s funny wow yeah yeah you failed to [ __ ] [Laughter] extract level up a no denied I could have be a murderous Corporal I don’t know what the next thing after death Captain

Is running into the ship as landmines spew all around me Max with the off to the side to the side finger guns you got to throw them down more man they always I’m never using that [ __ ] again well done sey thank you the enticed pres I got while yeah I got I

Got pretty good accuracy and and a lot of kills oh not not compared to sey though think he was off doing you with 10 deaths huh the half of our [ __ ] resupplies are you things why are we pointing this out like what are we gain from pointing this out

Team I feel like we’re I feel like you’re causing a little bit of tension on the team like what’s going on I now have all of them all of the strategems most of them I didn’t get because they were just boring but what if I use the incendiary mines

I’m trying to see if there’s Anything grenade launcher Laser cannon you get the the the mech suit would you un like that it’s like level 20 uh level 20 yeah that’s the last one level what how do I get a rocket Sentry 15ers continues to rise show your support by tuning in to every match because

Patriotism nothing says patriotism like sports I mean that’s actually any way coordinates hell’s Prime engaging orbital thrusters hi rip think of the seven months I don’t know if any I don’t know what’s worth grabbing so for right now I won’t I’ll keep saving oh for strategems and [ __ ] I’m

Just wider variety the better yeah that’s kind of how I did it too so we start down here outside of this B Zone we sweep to the east head up north what about here oh I was going to say we could make a penis with our little dots we hm are we raising

The raising the stakes uh absolutely we are what is what does that mean how do I tell that is that on the briefing cuz we’re on hard are we raising that up yeah that’s what I meant it’s like are we getting more uh are we getting challenging can I I mean

As long as you keep giving me your [ __ ] I’ll do whatever I was it the Bulldog that you gave me or whatever yeah the the guard dog yeah the guard dog that [ __ ] thing shreded dude I love that RS give me another one I’ll have one but it’s like I have

4,000 bullets shot and a high accuracy but just no kills cuz all my guns are like I will say eventually get the flamethrower which is dangerous but it’s kind of s tier on bugs I really think I really think Ross should be the flamethrower the you know like that

Seems this seems like a great idea to me get a flamethrower and just be that guy that one that couldn’t go wrong wouldn’t and couldn’t all right we head to the East are were there still bugs or Roby okay you guys are all R westg have fun West you sexy [ __ ] I thank

You I’m going I’m going a resupply here too what the [ __ ] oh why call we just landed what the [ __ ] are you resupplying my ammo stalks why you won’t be able to pick up more you’re full you’re full my shotgun or the machine gun comes with half a half a

Clip oh my God that’s why you don’t use the machine gun stri once again we’re heading you guys West but oh sorry just stuff over here oh we’re going east anag yes let’s Go actually didn’t pass my exams my Dad paid to put me on the team I can see that your dad works at automatons there’s a there’s a there’s a SP here I think I see uh Straight Ahead like I think you’re about to hit it well this is just a regular Outpost

What is what is this be what the that was me what am I supposed to do here like I feel like I go to the point of interest but then I don’t know what what it wants me to do you wanted your guard dog back you could have asked I

Didn’t even know you could do that Jesus Christ where the [ __ ] did this all come like [ __ ] behind me I was going to throw the grenade in the thing uhoh yeah that was what I was going to do threw it at me there’s a bug Outpost right here so I

Can’t see a damn thing cuz of the gash oh I’m so [ __ ] dead yep I landed in a very bad spot where is it where is it where is it it’s got to be here please land help me help me technology oh no soers yeah so the soccers came up I noticed that

Myself see [ __ ] invisible things get out of here there’s a bunch of samples over I yeated a reinforcement is that it wow my landmines just got me a 17 God damn it reinfor there’s a lot behind you buddy y I’m doing what I can really cannot see a damn thing right now I’m trying to find where to the sport maybe may maybe maybe don’t if don’t throw me into the bugs now you can see

Look man I throw the reinforce it’s up to you to choose where you go oh I don’t really have that like I have a limited Range man oh ster stalkers are truly the worst man but the reinforce liter on one of them yeah it’s don’t worry about

It oh [ __ ] oh God hi guys what’s up hey guys this is where I am sorry about that enemy all right where’s my we have a charger coming inal War you are hey can I can you guys help me [ __ ] hell man not you not you oh my

God let me take a [ __ ] GRE there we go there we go there we go there we go there we go me asking before this hey we’re going to go back bigger I was like that’s optimistic I’m very optimistic my gun should be right around here there it is how

How oh do this not work what what are you doing here it’s even a little clear which is yeah wait why this thing’s just oh oh oh okay oh now it’s oh I don’t think that one’s mine that one’s did you K yeah what happened re

What do you think happened I don’t know man I’ll take a guess you went uh oh and I side uh I think Ross Got You Killed again start with an reload reloading sometimes you make me feel like you’re not happy with me no what is this funny SES is

Funny we haven’t done our main objective which is still to the east that was mine oh I almost made it oh we got to go up here we got to go here reinforcing calling in oral stri how you doing fire tornadoes by the way yeah orbital strike watch out oh is

This a podcast Tower no more podcast all right let’s get out of here illegal broadcasts are illegal here yeah no more podcasts we got rid of those all right so we head north I’ll take care of this walking in to get rid of this ah all right cleaning

Out reinfor all it takes is one look to the left so those just designed to where it’s like you could very easily just shoot your own Mech yes I see that was a Nerf bro it wasn’t even a Nerf they put that in from the beginning oh

Oh that was an intentional design flaw put in this feels like a bad area only if you want it to requesting a support air strike on the center pull it back in okay I kind of want the eagle hits to be stronger than they are I understand

That I’m like all right bring it in and then I see a lot of sparkies and explosions and then the bugs just kind of keep coming you’re like what but I’ll take the orbital rail Cannon because that just one shot kills anything ATM so if anything big pops up I’m like

Orbital rail Cannon I’ll deal with the rest of it later you muted holy crap I’ve been talking and being like wow yes yeah I was oh my God I haven’t like looked over at disc shot you so I just thought you were sad no I’ve been talking and goofing and joking

This whole time I’m sure they were really funny jokes it was the normal Silence from them so like I didn’t even realiz noral just just the usual ignore like that’s where I was like ow my I was going like like affirmative look out for my like my blue light look out

Like I thought you got like no one was being too kind like you know I didn’t messed up in a while and no one was saying anything so it was kind of good too mess up in a while was going well it was going well friendship oh we do have a resupply I’m

Going to call it friendship wait that’s sey I’m on it friendship L late bud I guess that [ __ ] res yeah that resupply acquired oh not the fire tornadoes I can’t get the I can’t get the you’re right you’re just right to me wrong I wasn’t trying to reject you I

Was just max got the hog all right that’s for me shooting you here he needs though sey has moved on past us he has once again decided that we are not worth not worth being here oh that’s your point oh you have a marker down over there I was looking at

Marker I was like man he’s just like [ __ ] you guys you’re like a broken foot I’m out of here he’s right next to us I like walk past Max he’s like oh yeah [ __ ] Z he’s gone talking about well you know reading Maps is hard don’t go

Too close in there I will I’m coming I don’t know if anything’s supposed to blow up there but it is don’t cross the streams with you brother I gladly oh please he please you thank you me oh wait I swapped guns that’s not good what the where’s electric coming from

All that sorry guys I got a little excited that was pretty shocking you mute again yeah your mute s wrong you should turn it the other way should mute real quick okay oh yeah here we are this isn’t good I’m going to call in my thing all right everybody watch out it’s not

Mines do this thing even do anything to him I’m not convinced it hits things it’s hitting it’s hitting things I got 10 kills no not you I’m not talking about you wow I know but I’m just saying I’m talking about my zoder thing oh I might have killed a teammate wait you

Died it’s possible I killed a teammate what did you put down orbital something interes I I did say I was doing it yeah but like we got to close the bugle holes we really do yeah oh my God we why did we do the thing all right I got that one on the

Last time I tried to close a bug hole man sey blew me up wait yeah you were standing in front of a grenade take multiple grenades to close yes a whole you need to use your grenade or launcher or if a strategy is perfectly aimed inside of the hole all right I’m

Be happy now yes very yay thank you for the 100 uh XP to the next one or well the SSD okay I guess North by Northwest or South by Southwest I don’t fly Southwest yeah neither do I I like Southwest said no one ever I

Do Alaska is nice I like Flying Alaska I like Alaska too usually don’t go places where Alaska needs to fly I think the only time I ever flew them was when I went to Hawaii yeah I’m not a fan of Delta oh oh no I don’t think anybody is I don’t think

Delta likes Delta Delta is consist consistently rated the best of all of them true the story mind there is one people for Ratings doesn’t ever leave the airport that’s what it stands for got him got him it’s that big green glowy Barrel that’s neat touch it nothing it was it was nothing

And now I’m in danger oh I’m sorry hey hey guys don’t hurt me right now I’m doing thing they’re Crossing streams ow they’re they’re getting the kills in though g a hug I didn’t I didn’t you are please work I thought I saw that I that before I do the

DDR no the orb it was supposed to land on the ball I didn’t want to crush the ball all right guys the where are we going president get down Mr President I’m borrowing this ammo where do we have to go Communications relay Jesus that’s far um this is fine I

Won’t have my primary for a while all right I am actually leaving you guys forever now yeah you can’t leave me I’m right behind you you are kind of faster than me how are you doing that I know W key with the shift this weird feeling we’re not going

To the purple marker yes we are oh we are yeah I was just going up the hill Oh when did I have this purple marker find me again all voice act at Swift Bridge what do we find what’s up Brat s uhoh I got the well now I’m teing oh oh you are look at me shoot I can’t B what the [ __ ] Jean we got to get out of here all right the carry is now uh out of commission I can’t even hug um oh God can shoot let’s go the

Hell oh [ __ ] check this [ __ ] out ego on my position danger close you are you are just hug running oh oh no danger close still kept the hug run oh that is a lot of enemies oh [ __ ] all right all right all right wait wait wait where is it there you

Go the throw was underhanded tiny reload you like get hit while doing it no I dropped the thing and I think I fell at the same time oh I’m running out of ammo oh fire tornado that’s fire that’s fire in your goddamn laser beam the most powerful when I am teing reload

Reload or are we supposed to go uh purple purple marker purple marker Jesus Christ okay oh but there’s something over here to the side all right I’m dealing with this real quick o a rare sample you don’t see that very often rarely my funny meme didn’t last for too

Long my funny oh that’s a that’s a tornado that’s a lot of tornadoes I say I apologize for that which I’ve done I’ll be fine believe in me Zen believe I mean I’m right here with you so lead me to Victory oh well don’t don’t run in here

With me well no I believe it you can do it we’re almost there Max I’ve stopped trying to shoot their horny face and now I just shoot their legs little sparkly butts okay I delivered it nice watch behind you sigy X I’m going to call in a cluster Bomb by you wh

Why you know want all right with that attitude I won’t you’re welcome near me not by me it’s the same word is there a bug holes still open here yep I don’t know where it is oh there it is there it is found it right as you were like yeah I’m solving the

Problem my right leg was broken but I’m okay now because I took no Ross I threw it the opposite way I didn’t even move well well you piece of [ __ ] oh we’re going out of the Zone I dropped two rare samples and Max did too we got to go that way

Anyway I threw it away from you I got a bunch of skull pop enough I got a bunch of skull popups I was doing awesome skull popups and then you popped your skull up he got him comedians hilarity ensued oh my hell diver can’t hell

Run is there a way to get better stamina cuz my stamina sucks no but there we already have better stamina regen so if you stand for a couple of seconds oh okay so no we just suck it all right we getting that encrypted a little too heavy sometimes where where are we

Ddring yeah those were mine that’s where Ross killed me did you grab mine as well yep sinking up to the main frame everything seems quiet and peaceful for now are you doing what I think you’re doing I think I did but not intentionally wait wait before you do

Okay that’s what I meant to do you [ __ ] you absolute [ __ ] buffoon it’s over there the bugs can’t come from that way now head to the extraction do the extracts I think extract is Southwest yep through this might as well sneaky sneaky one orbital please thank

You I’m doing my orbital strike as well go get them boys I’m going to move in the opposite direction nice hit go did I get him no no nope of course what the heck is this area what does it scream danger to Me how’s the running going sey going pretty good good oh got me in the leg that’s broken I got a bug nness oh it’s always got to be the large one if the ammo if if your shots are ring off they’re not doing any good no I know I’m aiming for

The mouth I see the blood splatter every now and again gotta like the soft little underbelly I dodged behind him and shot him in the ass you’re right no you’re right my teammates are dead Fu right we need to close these I played two knes the bugs are about to get

It I’m out of hecking grenades said I can throw a strat down there with this sacred treasure I SU I I threw an air strike by The Nest I threw an air strike by The Nest said it twice he said it twice you I was running out like I was literally

Out of the pit he just threw it along the edge of the thing I I threw it into one of the uh like into the circle re oh that’s a lot of enemies I died why are there so many bad guys here I blew up like three of the [ __ ] Nest

There’s too many bad guys please help me oh jeez my only hope yep oh did not know they could rip off my gun two Chargers on you rips off your gun you know fun fact well time to just get the hell I’m going for that Nest oh Max

That’s that’s a lot that’s a lot you got a lot going on down there [ __ ] oh that’s that’s more than a lot oh my God why can’t I move bro how did that not [ __ ] can end it dropping an orbital in the middle got it yeah I couldn’t get out of there oh

[ __ ] oh [ __ ] yeah it’s taken care of but at what cost at the cost of Li the cost of this World War Z [ __ ] that’s going on oh I’m out of here I’m going to extract yeah I’m going with you I think the bugs are hot is that bug

Bug I think we should kill him I’m already dead I feel bad I’ll resupply you down and shoot youfor not me I don’t think we have a choice I know call reinforc all right hi s text well ucking extraction [ __ ] I almost just [ __ ] died ni how you

Doing sorry it takes a little bit of focus in that particular moment in that particular time you know it is a fire Planet it doesn’t seem to be that way right I thought those were bug holes we’re here we’re here yay okay oh [ __ ] damn it yeah I thought I was trying

It’s doing something at least I didn’t miss oops I like the really dramatic button pushes call your call it’s the most important thing that’s ever happened come on all right so where are they going to come from them everywhere okay well I’m going to pick a gate and throw down my

Thing I’m going to hang out up here still have two Eagle cluster Bombs good night Yuri Siri and I unmuted for that sorry hey there’s so don’t go over there sey that’s bad over there the look like you have you have bugs on you did you get ants in your pants oh God oh God oh God get it out light democracy has

Land so far no bugs it’s kind of kind of nice oh no here they why did you say that strike down and I think it’s kind of close to the middle we’re far away from it but it should I holy [ __ ] dude I meant to toss it farther I meant to toss

It farther okay and that’s why I was giv I’m warning people now well I thank you for that all right I threw something down back up wow the crusher just d destroys my uh turret yeah he doesn’t like those his job is to get rid of

Those his job seems to be to get rid of me well I’m getting rid of him right in his bug hole you pardon that’s where I shot him back it up sey back it up oh where the [ __ ] you coming from oh he he going where I dropped the thing that

Works but I just reloaded why your mag suddenly empty after a minute of reloading are we here yet are they here yet 30 90 seconds Jes one more rang around the roller coaster calling down a support weapon big boy on your max yeah I’m shooting him you oh my

God the just vibrates when you close ow okay he Dead the game said concussion simulator oh [ __ ] I hit the bug with it now it’s moving in an eag eagle boom boomsy I’m throwing mines they’re far away from the center [ __ ] life they are Tactical I have a tactical cat coming into my

Office Z clear clear clear reloading incoming on The Zing sequence ini standing watch where you’re standing oh there’s Ross’s bombs I did not watch where I was standing I got that wasn’t my bombs y over there wait if we wait if we survive 30 seconds we can get sick oh

[ __ ] get out there’s 15 seconds go on I was like yeah no yeah nice a couple uh there’s too many bugs like get on the ship get out of there to it’s time to go a long time to leave yeah I’m thinking we extract sey will always be remembered the 500

Bits I’m dead did you get squished by the ship no like I I ran right under the like um booster for the ship yeah oh watch where you’re standing I did not watch where I was standing at all I was watching where I was standing trying to

Make sure I didn’t get hit by a mine and I looked down and then fire then fire flames upon me hey but I leveled up congratulations I did not level up you’d think that we’d at least be like 1 one million liberated but NOP didn’t even didn’t even move the old

Dial we didn’t even help I feel like we still accomplished things yeah we’re this isn’t this isn’t place to Own what did I do nice kills everybody I don’t know why 2,000 shots hit that’s crazy I don’t know why I’m so bad I H the most kills this time let’s go I shoot all my like I shot well over a thou thousand more bullets

Jes I do have a lot of friendly fire damage because I shot Ross Point Blank yeah that’s fair yeah that’ll all right boys I got to run to my next thing thank you for democracy love your faces we’ll catch you again next time good luck on your

All right speed I’ll try and set something up soon for lethal company on my end all right guys uh we’re going to launch into um create I also need to go pull my dinner out and rush and race and hope that I can somehow put it together in a

Way that I can munch on something real quick but uh other than that we’ll be right back don’t go anywhere we’ve got create arcade engineering with Captain Sparkles Pizza Hut up Next [Applause] Forever Beond behind us not captive to time our future before us that we will Define Andar Tonight trse the universe tonight Tonight all alone andar tonight TR un tonight [Applause] Tonight Forever All right I am ready whatever they are it’s a little chewy but A+ on flavor nailed that hello hello how was the diving for heck we brought democracy to pretty much ourselves did you liberate Malon Creek uh wherever we were it was 0.00 Z liberated let’s go

How are they going to get people to start focusing more on the robots um I don’t know experience tables or loot tables or something yeah give us some huge weapon drops from the automatons I haven’t actually played in a while I’m I’m partly to blame hello

Peter Pete says nothing to us he says hey in the chat are we having a microphone thing we’ll give him his microphone time hey hey software just love to sometimes reset all my things diers no no just sometimes when I open an audio program it’ll just kind of reset

Everything yeah I always just dread when I wake up in the morning and I enter the office and the PC is on the login screen and I’m like oh what have you done to me this time do you leave your PC on in the office when you’re not there I generally

Do because I’m terrible my stuff’s always it’s the better way to do it oh my stuff is always on yeah I always leave my stuff on too let me update this um I just need to change my game and then I’m good to go one moment M uh all right I’m

Set can’t tell if you’re quiet or if you’re not speaking into the microphone this is me speaking into a microphone okay you are quieter all of my levels got slightly adjusted so nothing’s quite what it was yeah I’m going have to crank you to 200% bothersome sound kind of fine for me I

Don’t know I I 200 pered him okay um let’s rock hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of create Arcane engineering as we get into the final three quests um you can grab a server and get into the final three quests yourself with our server hosting sponsor

Apex hosting use our codes in the description of the stream with a YouTube video where you’re watching in order to get 25% off your first month give it a try play some games with your friends have a good time and thanks to them for sponsoring how’s it going every you said

Final three quests very convincingly like this game has not thrown us a giant curveball before is a good point I might be jumping the gun the final three visible quest lines that we can see optimistic uh who wants to click on the stack Pete do get down there Z I mean

Pete did the first one you might as well I will say that uh after your entity spewers crashed the everything and I had to come in and spend a while cleaning it up and then rebuilding it so that you weren’t spewing entities down uh I am glad the server is up and

Running entity Speers yeah remember he had the he had the uh Cobble generators that were literally just dumping out or the I I checked I had checked that the um the the S we already had like within 30 minutes of the end of the last episode we already had more than we

Needed okay I think we’re all a little too scared of entities are we oh oh this is cool looking okay look at this so anyway we we could have just sorry we could have shut off the the whole thing but um anyway I should have hey everybody grab a color looke like

This design is sick there star blocks barely oh it’s like skull but different star this is such a sick design all right okay is this sponging yeah which one which one is this is the first question this is tactical sponge fishing yeah yeah yeah yeah so we start with a sponge here’s sponge

Is there a Depot with spongy poos oh wait no there’s just wait wet sponges dry Essence is this just I got automatically mined or does it replenish when we get to the end of it I who’s to say all right we need a water bucket

Now feel like we can invent this we have a bucket going we have a mechanical pump we are very limited our mechanic pumps it only gives us four total so that might be that might be a thing to admire I don’t see a spout in here hang on

Though let’s let me see if this is working if so we need to sneeze a bit Yeah okay um it gave us a feather since there’s you know more than one of us we’re going to have a couple come out as well maybe there here’s

One um okay so how do we get the how are we growing rice oh do we have phos oh this is nice oh this is yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah where’s the stress coming in here’s a spout but where’s our I don’t see any stress rotation I mean

I’m darn near positive he giving it to us just got to figure out water wheels no someone’s like it’s right over there you dummy I’m sure were we giving stress on the last two yeah yeah yeah remember they had a there’s oh it’s right where it’s right over there you dummy here it

Is okay but like I didn’t think that this was a anyway yes but um let’s see so are we uh are we chill to do the did you all oh you D the magic feather cool sorry I was a little distracted by Cara coming in and telling me that we

Have rodent problem fine yeah I mean just just just let the snakes out for a couple days and it’ll be fine right the problem is we’d have to let them out in uh craw space above a room fun put you have to put them on the roof

And then uh has what happened to me having a rodent problem you said it so casually yeah I you try to be casual you know rats are kind of they’re kind of everywhere you can’t really avoid them I guess so I’ve never had it it is yeah it’s F

Some R in my garage did they eat your car should go check no seriously seriously I was I was actually sorry it’s super distracting uh from our objective here but just uh someone I know yesterday I was talking to them their car has been there was in the shop

For like three months they’re trying to figure out what the freak is going on they give it back to him it still has lights he’s like this not fixed gives it back to another dealership they finally figure out a rat has like chewed through a bunch of stuff and eaten through some

Intake which set off a sensor and basically just the car didn’t know what to do so it was like kind of a not terribly difficult fix but they just couldn’t diagnose it for months wa so the rat wasn’t like still in the car when he brought it in for service it was

Just it Sho through it I think it was living in there did they find it I don’t know I think it I think it like I don’t know maybe it came out and then it kept going back in like it knew the way back or something are rats generally quiet when

They like get into things like if you’re you know doing car scry around but you know if it’s in a car then it’s it would be hard to hear I’m just imagining like the rat hopping out while it’s at the repair shop and then nestling into a little

Home in the repair shop and then hopping back in the car whenever the car comes cartoon shenanigan yeah basically all right we got a water serious when you were asking me okay yeah I was it’s it’s a real thing it’s very real thing no my car is not in my garage thankfully

Um oh yeah it would be terrible if your car was in your garage Well yeah if I have rats I guess um we’re growing yeah sorry nice nice job getting the water bucket so okay do we only need the the current wet sponges or is it a sponge cycle that we’re doing

I have no idea yet but I’m wondering is there any just right clicking on we just right click on the wet sponge apparently oh are we doing a deployer on the wet sponge is that what it is hold on so what the freck a fertility oh okay so we’re doing yeah

We’re doing a sponge cycle so you wet it you right click it and then it might give you fish then it becomes dry again and then you have to like cycle it through wait what did you just fish from that I just fished from yes I did

Okay so how do we wet the sponge oh you just oh so all we got to do is conveyor belt this actually should be pretty straightforward I think we do a loop a conveyor belt loop that takes the sponges under the water spout and then we deployer them grab the fish and

Then like recycle the whole thing does the the question is is does the sponge automatically wet under the spout it seems to I mean it shows the the thing so I’m assuming if we conveyor belt under it yeah um let’s see I’m going to I’ll start

Doing a little Loop ski here I’m just going to grab a few belts and stuff do we any gear boxes we do have gear boxes would it be wasteful of the gear boxes to use four of them to make a conveyor belt loop um no you should only need two but oh

Really how many gear boxes do we have we have eight I mean you get different rotation on each side so if you put down wood then in the middle then you’ve got rotation I mean technically you just need to feed rotation into it then you can do the rest off the three

Right in theory yes that is accurate indeed yes yes yes yes yes um Okay so do this and then H that I’m so hungry then the I have my dinner right here and then I know my brain is currently going at 2 miles an hour so you just right click on a sponge

The fish with it if a sponge is theoretically just submerged in water indefinitely wouldn’t you just be able to fish unlimited times good question um no AB absorb yeah they absorb they remove Source blocks well if you just put it next to an infinite water source wouldn’t it

Always replenish itself no they they remove surrounding Source blocks not just the source block they’re placed in like when you want to clear out uh say if you’re you’re doing like an underwater build Minecraft Survival you it’s like easy to use sponges to clear out the water cuz they just remove I

Know how a sponge works but like if you put the water after the sponge already placed then I guess I wouldn’t actually make it wet then or that would still be a dry sponge okay never mind yeah I don’t know if it would work that way or not but um any

Anyway what nothing absolutely nothing what what did I do wait did I is it me did I do something bad no everyone’s fine I why why is it that you okay I’m sorry that I have vocalized somehow what well you didn’t do anything I was wondering what you were laughing

At um so I could do that and then see this is why I like always usually end up using multiple gear boxes cuz I do that and then and then it goes the other way but I don’t know like I’m probably not being efficient about that and stuff cuz probably being dumb but

Like you know freck why are you doing that to me what are you doing water you water you doing I don’t know man it was hanging in the air for a while and neither of you caught it we’re doing it that’s your guys thing oh yeah so

Pete once you right click it and it turns into dry then it removes the source blocks around it huh okay and that’s a create feature that this said or no that’s just that’s normal Minecraft I don’t not the the right click definitely isn’t normal Minecraft

Not being able to right click it oh oh the right click on the sponge yeah that’s not normal Minecraft but yeah I think it does a I think it turns it to a regular sponge and then basically does a block update as if it’s the sponge was placed and so it prevents you

From so we could put some deployers over here do we have any accumulators by any chance in that box do cool two of those and two nullifiers so let’s see deployer deployers oh Z do you have the deployers on hand I have some deployers yes all right you want to put one down

And then we can just see like does it do it until it’s dry or do we need to do multiple ones well the problem is more going to be the placing right I don’t think it does it just on a something on a belt oh that is let’s see that’s

Probably true I mean it needs to be spinning first it needs to be spinning first where we it’s not a viol test cuz it’s not spitting oh it’s also very true so come on little guy you can work on your own where’s the do you have a

Belt you want to just belt that uh yeah there are more belts I I only took some of them so but it doesn’t know what it wants to do with it okay uh so we got to place it all yeah the deployer needs to place it and

Then a deployer needs to poke it yeah okay and then once dry are we going to do a smart Observer I have no idea we do have Smart observers in the chest yeah once the smart observer’s there then you turn on a saw or something break

It or or I guess you could put the pickaxe in a in another deployer I mean you’ve got three deployers now you’re running out of Faces yeah we don’t have any saws in here so all right um saw that one coming I see what you did there buddy just trying to fill the air I just so the tunnel there and then we do deployer I think we are just going to have to do smart

Observer pickaxe pulse repeater pulse extender bit of redstone um I think we probably are just going to have to do it that way so where would be the pl oh okay so put it on the Belt there so I guess I don’t actually need that that’ll go into the

Deployer uh Zan do you mind handing me a deployer here you go uh here in case you need you can have half of them um do that do that so that is part of problem you do something like do this okay so that will throw the wet

Sponge down I’m curious actually if this thing places it and then pokes okay it doesn’t poke is it a punch deployer in order to how do you poke the thing how do you poke the thing oh oh no it did oh it did oh so actually yo one

Deployer can place and poke um so that’s actually easier um so it’ll place and it’ll poke and then once we then we determine okay this SP is dry and then it’ll break and then it’ll be able to place the next one down you know mhm which I guess we could just like

Obstruct the block there yeah so that it doesn’t place a second sponge and then here so let’s do this right do that and then what don’t worry oh did you want to do the closer one no I was is it poking or does it only poke when that

One oh okay it only pokes when that’s not there dang it no get off oh freck oh no you’ve placed a block are you sure that it didn’t it wasn’t maybe maybe okay maybe we do this one first maybe that is the way let’s see uh did I break that

Oops Pete’s growing plants you guys got that going I’m just looking at what we got over here yeah okay so that goes there and now will it poke it again Frick H okay so if we want to just have one deploy it has to be in the second slot

If we want it to double duty so that means we may want to lock this deployer once this block is placed and then yeah no no no we don’t want to lock it on just uh also let me move this back closer we can have it be faster if we just

Bring this back a bit oh God I’m just I’m just trying to cut down on the time for it to do a loop so I’m just bringing the uh bringing it back here he’s throwing it back we’re doing what Now we’re throwing it back we’re throwing it back my kind of Sunday night with the boys yes sir sir yes sir so if we do that gos up there oops definitely needed to do that differently you That goes pretty did that go too fast oh it’s uh too fast okay let me step it down that’s fine that’s fine it’s all good we have a controller we can control okay okay so that does that um I mean I guess we can just have it so

That there is a sponge that gets placed and then isn’t really put these let’s see what happens when I feed multiple in that happens nothing but then if we break this then it okay it does work through the block you just saw it so we can we

Can just put a block on that first we can just have the thing okay all right Rick so in Thea wet one goes down there and then poke poke poke yeah okay it is working cool cool cool so can you now the question also is can we let’s turn this

Backwards can you just have the spout pouring onto the block uh I mean I wouldn’t think so I assume not because it’s like not going to treat it as a create operations I’m pretty sure that the spout detects the spout will get the the sponge will get wetted by the spout over

Here yeah okay never mind I’m just I’m just being me um okay so smart Observer smart Observer we put that down there and then we want to detect I guess we could detect either one doesn’t really matter and then so we want it so that actually you’d want it to where you

Detect the the wet sponge because that’s going to send the Redstone signal which is what’s easiest to lock something is with the Redstone signal otherwise yeah I was like do we need to do an inverter or not an inverter if we if we do wet then then it’s no inverter okay so now

We just need the deployer uh over here I guess all right and then give it the old uh pix are these the UN un breakable hopefully good and then how do wait I can’t I don’t remember is it in the Poke oh wait do the yes poke poke

Mode he doesn’t give you how rude um he doesn’t give us Redstone links we’ve got to do it by hand oh that’s annoying why is this big guy here uh I was going to put a small Cog on top of it uh also we could do it differently if

We wanted to I’m not I’m not married to the idea if you would prefer I was just thinking we we if we just bring Redstone and put it right there then we can get the Redstone signal to this just straight off the smart obser I believe

That is super true um we totally do it that way instead here let me do this this this so you can just SP that and we can wire it on the other side yeah yeah yeah that goes there I don’t no that’s not going to

Connect I think we got to do it into the into the pulse repeater well we don’t want it we don’t want a pulse repeater because we don’t want it to pulse we want a steady signal that is so true um so in that case we will have to do

It does give us regular repeaters so we can just use a reg Okay cool so regular pater in I don’t know if we need a comparator off the smart or not I think that should work that way why is he not running though why is this not so it’s detecting

For that and then well it doesn’t have red signal that’s not part of it it’s just oh this had this got this picked up something this picked up pick up oh my God what an idiot it’s fine I hate the so much for this not do you have all the funnels oh there’s

Some okay so we need yeah yeah yeah yeah give it breaking this give it a moment okay so then here’s the pickaxe and then here’s the repeater nice okay so now let let me see let me throw another sponge on there I’ll just throw all the sponges we’ve got and see what

Happens and that stopped it oh the issue is that when the new sponge comes in it’s not in an empty poke pokey so we may have to just do another deployer doing poke pokies oh we’d have to either prevent a new sponge from entering this deployer until

This one is done or we just add a third deployer yeah I think third deployer is easier yep all right and we need to revise our belting I don’t think we need to revise it our belting so that we can you know pick up the item as it drops off

Is there any way to boost your gain like you are so so quiet um just just throwing it out there your your your normal voice is registering like5 negative 15 unless you get really close well I turned it up a little bit okay what was I looking at

Just trying to help the people be able to hear you better all right let’s see about this boom okay so there that goes okay good good good good good good good good and then yeah okay perfect that works um Can Wait what happened there oh it’ll be it’ll be fine stopped

It’ll be fine okay there you go um is it chill if we speed this up a little bit if we do a uh big Cog small Cog here I don’t care what wait I mean can’t you just turn up that way it’ll be faster on the uh on the

Mining wait that oh that’s not that’s not how that works um one moment let me freak need to do balls is there a reason we just can’t speed up the whole thing oh was just thinking we could do this pretty easy and then this thing

Could go way faster there we go okay but that’s not an answer um yeah I mean totally if you want to speed the whole thing up more the I think the issue was that this thing might break it the the big cogs will break at a certain point I don’t

Know what the threshold is that’s all they break at 256 which is Max but we I was just saying we have a literal speed controller so rather than doing all the step-ups we could just have it run but we’re already here so let’s continue whatever you want okay so uh

Our fish are flying on Theo okay we’re feeding fish into the deployer oops that’s not what we want so we need our vaculator on um filtered to the different kinds of fish well it’s not a vac accumulator because it’s they’re not ever being entities out in the world

They’re getting deployed onto the belt so huh oh wait no you’re you’re right you’re you’re right you’re right you’re right okay so the accumulator do we have filters H hopefully the filters are already built in okay yeah they the filters already built in uh we filtered to Arcane omelet

Sheets okay there there um and then is it Cod uh yeah Cod do you have Cod to pop in there real quick I do have Cod there you are now the question becomes we have loaded this with a salmon there we go yeah we probably need to bring it a little

Closer let’s see yeah where do we want to where would it be best to bring this I have no idea I mean we clearly we need the items out of it so we need to be able to access it yeah okay maybe maybe there that should be good stupid Arcane forces

Sorry what does not want to be broken Moss man it’s always the freaking Moss I don’t know how vators work but it’s however it is no no no it was on it was on the wrong uh setting I think we’re good now you had it on deny

Instead of allow it was by default I didn’t switch it I’m sorry pick them up pick them up okay perfect there we go we’ve got our sponge cycle working twerking um yeah it looks like it’s it’s permanently in process we got enough sponges that it keeps going pretty sick now we

Need have you got kelp Pete uh I do have some kelp yeah I’ve just been breaking the ones that have been growing right here oh I guess that makes a lot of sense uh how are we supposed to dry going oh mechanical crafting is the idea yes so we smoke the

Kelp so we need to grow kelp and smoke it all right um I will uh let’s see I mean is do we think it’s chill to set up the mechanical Crafters here or should we wait until we know where other stuff is ending up uh I don’t

Think we’re going to need too much more room we could probably set up the mechanical Crafters like over here and be fine um okay see just for what I’m doing uh I’m getting the rice hooked up right now so I just move them over to what would be a

Circular growth for them and then I’m going to do a little spinny rotation with the mechanical Harvesters to get those harvesting could we add kelp to that because we need kelp collected as well uh I guess we a I’m not sure how kelp would work quickly with this because

Kelp needs to be in Source blocks and this is going to be determined or this is going to be harvesting like above the source see what I mean so I don’t know how we would mix mechanical Harvesters in with like kelp in this I mean I thought I would have

Thought that kelp just needs to be one block lower than the rice and then it all kind of works out but but I could be wrong well right but with the rotation of the mechanical Harvesters can those rotate underwater can they sure I mean they they can do whatever they want that way

But uh I don’t think it but it doesn’t need to oh I guess yeah you’re right it does need to be underwater because of getting put into the source okay I see what your problem is yeah and that was just a weird thing cuz the rice itself

Harvests above the water yeah you got it okay are you putting your water source next to mine mhm oh you I know it was presumptuous put our water sources next to each other what if we hydrated together who what if we refilled our water from the same tap

Together okay now it’s just getting weird s is getting a little LW my bad always was do we have more grass filters or funnels thank you okay so going to walk the have that going on to a belt here onto a belt yeah I wish I knew exactly where the

Chest hadn’t it like it left a hologram so I didn’t have to ask hey did anyone pick up this CU I don’t know if we had it or not what are you looking for I don’t even know I just wanted to see like what we were all

Given uh yeah I get I get what you mean so you can just ask somebody hey can you give me some of this thing rather than do do we ever have this yeah or even if we had it in the first place um what’s the block that’s needed in the

Middle of a rotating Harvester to actually rotate stuff go bearing bearing mechano bearing is the bottom left second bottom left ah I see hey I needed one okay balls to you balls to do there we go cuz one won’t do all right let’s see okay we do more

Shaft and do more belts have we more belts uh yes yeah there’s 19 in the top chest do you have glue Pete I did take the glue I will give it to you while I’m doing okay yeah like we can we can probably just make another one but this works as

Well okay there’s that for you thank you okay what freaked up what freaked up you got a freaking puffer fish you idiot so my assumption is there is a way for the St to end up on the Belt we cannot have that whoa I cannot have that okay think’s going she’s a speedy

Girl um now let’s set this to place my anchor destroyed and then also I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to get stuff off don’t forget we need to do the item transfer Stuffs the P’s oh we’re limited on gear boxes aren’t we slightly slightly I wish I could do this

Without needing to elevate anything I mean you could pull off of mine with a belt would I be able to yeah if you put a belt there and then I don’t know how You’ oh yours goes up right uh does it uh yeah you’re the the the problem is

Is the shaft goes into the bottom anyway so that doesn’t work cuz you can’t feed it from the side so you actually need to be one down on yours and then have a gearbox or a conversion up like I did be honest puffer fish into Sushi seems

Dangerous oh then that works out great then yeah that’s yeah I I don’t think I don’t think there’s a whole lot of content gained by uh you know hey do you have a glue now you pass me the now you pass me the forces protect this block stupid Arcane forces and their

Stupid block protection where are the Arcane forces when I’m feeling lonely at night oh they’re not there but they’re here now that I don’t want them it’s hilarious escalated in the way whoa sorry I let my feelings out I’ll keep quiet next time whoa don’t agree I’m not agreeing I’m just saying

Yeah uh Zen is this should keep my feelings in is this bad probably for um what I’m gonna no I already figured out I already figured out that it’s bad and I’m going to fix it now okay this is It’s better this way it’s going to be

Better this way I almost was going to generate entities and then I realized that that would have been a transgression that would have been bad I do appreciate the way you phrase that in a way as if I’m some unreasonable arbitrary rule Creator um no you are merely uh relaying the

Wishes of the server uh did you grab all the chests by any chance I did as a matter of fact I was just like hey I need a chest here’s all of them and spouts I don’t have a spout we only have the one spout wait really we only have one spout

I mean unless Pete has spout it’s a slight issue don’t have a spout that is a small problem given that we the uh we need a spout to make the dry Keystone so I don’t know how they would expect us to only need one spout

Could be a way not make it does not make a great deal of sense with Keystone mechanical Harvest Harvest downward in front of them only in front Not underneath Y what does look like oh uh uh one spout they can’t do that to us I think they just did there might be others

Around something that we’re not considering Pete you don’t have a spout on you do you nope problem is is once this fills up then that also so larger you can pump the water into the world from the PIP yeah no I simply refuse this is the optimum way to do

It I shall not wait okay we have copper casings hold on hold on on hold on can we make another spout you’d need a blacksmithing table that is just balls oh we don’t have sealed mechanisms either what the freak I’m making um you know the solution here is let the resources pile

Up and then what have you done we have to double D there is no world in which you acquired a tropical fish there just is no world in which you have done absolutely are and is there is no world in which you have done that you absolute

Buffoon I encased this thing I encased this there’s no way a fish ended up on the Belt you’re out of your mind there it is you are out of your mind so do nullifiers have uh can can we do no fires have a filter yeah just like just filter it to be not

Can you make it there’s not a filter that I see no but can you make the brass funnel be like not sponge not without a filter oh there’s no way to invert a funnel that is a ficky Dicky so what we need to do is to I mean

To fix that you basically need to redo the design so that the um placing block is like the Chute goes over the top of it and or it the belt goes over the top and drops a shoot and then there there’s no belt underneath for the block to the

Pokey block to fall into and then I it just in order to fix that it’s going to take rebuilding how that works otherwise you’re sooner or later you’re going to have something get through I’m thinking I’m thinking I’m thinking so maybe maybe maybe maybe we have I’ve got it to

Eject using brass funnels still have it not a problem this is my cross to bear okay sounds good sounds good um all righty so I’m just trying to figure out how to do this thing without having to use another gearbox I’m trying to be sparing on the old gear boxes here

But this needs to be flippy dippi which is very annoying Arcane forces again uh yeah yeah those Arcane forces are just very get you is the Arcane forces really I hope the ending of The Pack Is Us being able to kill off the Arcane forces that’s the finale that’s the grand

Fale this one need to extend out even further just so that that is my avoidance of yep that’s how I avoid using a gearbox yes sir will that work though will it blend not next to each other that’s my problem maybe I can shorten the other one or lengthen this one that could

Work you have any belts oh there’s some got one I have three if you need anymore I get one he except that doesn’t do what I needed to does it this doesn’t move oh go didn’t do it yet God damn it my mustard I wasted all the mustard I’m so sorry my

Mustard I’ll get you for this how do I do okay and now with all of that done um two belts coming out they should go into the thing oh wait is this going to clog the belt though um and this one into you know I’m realizing that I need to do this

Differently and then this one nullify I’ll put a chest just to make sure it’s not my big concern at the moment is I don’t know if that means it’ll because I can’t deny it there if it’ll still send it out don’t like that do you have a funnel or

Two um I do here you go press funnel on the ground don’t even know where the hell you are okay right right here right here there you go I got it okay going for a ride okaybye hope you find your dad okay then this goes like

So I just need to figure out how to power the S Beach technically move that back move that back and have this go underneath which is weird but still doable there you go sorry I I’m having to do a little bit of uh revisions so yeah so

Yeah okay how do I make this moveie what kind of revisions are you doing I just um I realized I was going to have a backup situation my um I was going to get a bit clogged and backed up and so I need to do chests

As a buffer rather than just trying to go straight into the um mechanical Crafters never good to get clogged and backed up it is not false in fact like I last couple days for varying reasons just wasn’t able to get my uh morning salads in let me tell

You that’s that could have gone a lot of directions man that was not comfortable oh I see my ears pered up yeah that was that was really not like you don’t want to get clogged and backed up in fact the last few days I haven’t

Been able to get my dot dot dot morning dot dot dot like just I was lacking my morning salads and yeah yeah your morning salads they’re highly recommended good um anyway no don’t reick them up you fool you fool can you convert me to be a morning

Salad person what are these salads like what what do they have in them it is uh kale remain lettuce chicken Tomatoes some little uh you know parm crisps and uh you know the key the key is a good squeeze of lime I feel like that makes all the difference I was

Waiting for if there was going to be a dressing or a vinegarette but you’re going for lime okay well no there is a dressing uh there’s just like you know Caesar dressing I think or random something we need to something we need to address but all I’m saying is that

Uh there’s your filter that’s that’s done yay let’s go oh that is so epic what a play um okay so now I was going to do do I want to do a mechanical arm here or H about a mechanical Army God you know I could actually just

Do this probably easier and even better by just having another belt to the other side of this thing that’ be even easier easier better sounds amazing amazing do we have a lot of I missed the jump in into into mine and Crouch oh I would like to I would like

To experience this jump in and Crouch yeah I needed that can I get out okay I can get out of course you can get out thought I was going to be trapped there forever do you have a shoot on you I do all right so this needs to funnel out to a belt

Where does the dried kelp need to end up is that over at you Sparkles yeah everything goes in the mechanical crafter um kelp is either top or bottom layer uh I have all of the uh the mechanical Crafters connected as they should be so you can just run it into

One of the top or one of the bottom looks like dried kelp to the top H are we running really low on shafts I have 38 oh okay I’ve got few those sure thank you thank you actually need to be one higher than that that’s the wrong way I wish you wouldn’t do

That m okay now I need this here and this here that there that that boop boop missed it by one also the wrong way why would you do a thing like that can’t cool no problem might as well just come from over here then what am I doing oh my god I’m an

Idiot I’ve been I’ve been building blocks and jumping around and trying to hop up and and we can fly and I’m an idiot oh yeah yeah yeah yeah that flying is very helpful yeah um I am getting a lot of of poopy for my creation here and it’s very sad because I’m trying

Who the people oh doing this with the people again what have you done what is this box tell me what do you mean the Box what’s the Box what’s in the box The Orange Box what’s in the box what’s in the box what’s your creation what have you

Done walk me through it well I just it basically am trying because I we have minimal gear boxes I’m trying to just save using them so I’m doing weird Contraptions of gears and belts in order to transfer rotation places and ways that I need to do Mak sense to me yeah

And I bet you everybody who’s complaining probably has unlimited gearboxes to work with like Check Your Privilege I don’t know they might actually so thank you you’re doing I appreciate you okay so this should actually be working now which is good shut it all right so

Fire there so you’re going to take out or is that one too low that might be one too low you going to go in oh I have a long ways to go where’s the do we have a silky um the silky that I’m aware of is in the deployer let me borrow

That okay well here comes the moment of the truth the Moment of Truth let us see if it work yeah that’s looking good that’s looking pretty good right there yes sir fire interestingly the silky is not an eternal but I really don’t think that durability is something we’re supposed

To have to worry about so I think that that’s potentially yeah I I don’t know the other ones in the last stage were Eternal either and it just kind of worked all right spare some shafts boys what spare some shafts you want some shafts oh look good shafting yes

Oh guys I will return momentarily from he crumpy yes did he give you any shafts no he did not give me any shafts I don’t have many but there’s that that’s half of what I have sorry sorry sorry uh and I will put it your plad man it’s fine on a on a

Belt there you go no you needed your shafts and I need to go use mine Jesus Christ that’s my dad there are things wrong with that man so if I do that there yeah we uh we might end up having to redo a lot unfortunately what do you

Mean I mean we’re might end up having to redo a lot because we are spread out and don’t have the resource the shafting resources to like we don’t have the resources to connect everything I’m going to be so honest with you the Temptation I have to just

Game mode in a couple stacks of chefs from how arbitrary that sounds oh man but part maybe that’s part of the challenge though and our struggle is we use too much of the box I don’t know about that one man I’ve got my opinions I mean that’s the efficiency portion

Right how lacking are we in the shaft Department I have seven more I have four I have 15 shafts and I I mean it might be that we can make it out it just might not be um because I’ve got to get some Shenanigans going on here with

Belts which I’m also out of those uh I have one more belt there’s four more in the chesty dokie no problem this is fine and then um yeah we’ll need to so I wonder if the idea is that the each of these stages get progressively more annoying and how few resources are given

And you have to consider much more and and yeah that might be a thing which is concerning I pray to God no that sounds so strange um okay so we got are we going to would it help if we moved the chest deposit to this side maybe that might

Conserve a bit I don’t know what chest deposit is where the where the rice is depositing if we moved it to the closer side uh I mean possibly but I feel any of the distance that I would end up saving would probably I mean how many shafts would that be it

Could save like eight shafts or so eight nine or so that’s really a problem not balls would you do this to me how could you I will move it over if we run out of chfs hoping that belts will be our Saving Grace and being able to pull what’s far away

Closer cuz we don’t have in case do we like what are we working with that might be helpful here freaking nothing why is it giving us 64 iron Windows that’s like I don’t know just you know for just for Giggles yeah wait hold up we’re generating wait oh no you can’t you

Can’t because it’s yeah no it doesn’t it’s not how it do that’s not how it do we were thinking of uh standard create recipes when standard create recipes are not what happens here nope anyone got a buil or two that is going the correct direction okay so let’s see we may be

Able to deconstruct part of this at a certain point so for the sushi we need never mind I can do it here so do you have any bels on you um I have a one are we so I think we need two stacks of each kind of

Fish um which I guess is going to take a little bit of time but after receiving two stacks of each kind of fish we would be able to deconstruct the entirety of the sponge thing um and reallocate it but we have more larges need more larges moving it over moving it

Over well that’s annoying that’s also annoying what is this guy oh I don’t need him anymore we do have one more vaculator so another thing we if we need you know save a few blocks worth of space anywhere along the way we could just have an item drop on the ground and then

Get picked up by the V accumulator you know could do that could could save a little bit let’s see that would have to be okay so the rice goes on the bottom need that there all right drag or the kelp is done cool okay wait wait wait no Pete we got

This we freaking got this what do we have yeah yeah yeah oh 100% we got this man okay check it easy easy two belts two belts oh hell hell yeah hell yeah two Els um it’ll just need to alternate rotation but other than that we’ll be

Good and then I have one more gear box here sure okay flip it the other way here don’t worry you won’t have to remake all your stuff goodness me if you have um do we have two small cogs I have small cogs there we Go I need like three shafts um I got four here you go there’s some okay oh you’re in the way Pete sorry and then this right here and then this right here and now it should be going the cor I’ll deposit directly into a millstone can it do what now no yeah it

Can POS that that that’s not a yes it can wait what that’s an entity thing which is um that’s perfectly fine everything’s great uh you do need it to go the other way though right now that’s inserting what’s happening the so the arrows the this this darker spot right

There shows what direction it’s going you originally had it like that so it’s trying to pull into I’ve never said okay yeah so got it all right I guess I would need a gear box but um we could uh we can say how about we save this here and then use the

Gearbox the vertical gearbox here oh wait just kidding I apparently have a vertical gearbox in my inventory I must have accidentally picked up he says he turns everything Sparkles around so now it’s his rep Harvesters going backwards I can fix this I will adapt for you I mean

Die are you’re going to just do the okay well I guess so that’s why I had built all this to you know not make him do that with the belt no instead of just tying the belt on sorry he asked for the vertical gearbox and I had the vertical

Gear box so I just put it on sorry I’m claustrophobic uh fire I assume hopefully this is why are gathering hold up does this not work all right there it goes we’re doing it and then yeah shoot shoot below that and we should be good right then we would just need that to

Lead into the yeah it’s already already there oh this is all set for the rice yep as long as the rice is oh wait we need to we need to extract the the you grab it uh filtered brass funnel out of there for the thing yeah yeah forgot

Um no you said filter breast funnel what would the solution be for that yeah just feel free to put your put the thing filtered into into there oh the right not the rice the r the other thing so basically uh whatever that the yeah so it’ll grab it and throw

It in there and pull it off it’s a little dangerous having it on the corner but hopefully it’s all mov slow I can relocate it should be fine oh all right yeah work um well is working are we about nice we’ve made a sushi we did it let’s

Go okay so um the only thing is that because we are using the one spout over at the sponges right now um but the thing is once we have the stack of sushi then it’s like Ultra quick right then we can swap it over no problem yeah so I

Think God willing I think that’s it yeah nice we did it sweet I think the fish are probably going to run out first couldn’t you have the thing going into a nullifier rather than a chest and not have to worry about it filling up I mean

I don’t know that is very very true thing that you could in fact do yes um definitely yeah are you did you put it there for a reason or you just no no no I was just I was like here I have this okay got it that is not the okay there we

Go you think this breaks everything it might as far as I’m going to take it so then all we got to do now is see she under conveyor belt and the spout and the dry Essence and then oh I want this off we got a keystone that’s where the problem is

Uh yeah sushi sushi gets made put gets stored in this chest once we have enough then we literally just pull the spout a pump and run off this dry Essence right here and pour it over all the sushi right oh I guess it doesn’t need to be

Automated okay um we are going to add I’m going to add a buffer here really quick uh cuz I just realized that I did a bit of a dumb H we need a we need a buffer for the rice there we go there we are cuz otherwise it was going to back

Up the belt right right um cool every time I was like I’ll put this up here where I never hit it and um do we have a buffer on the kelp or is it not needed not needed okay um I mean cuz once my fish are used up it might pretty much

All of these become entity generators when we fill up like the because uh as the rice if the rice over fills then this just starts throwing things out and it’s not going anywhere if the CP overfills then it doesn’t it’s just floating in the water not getting

Harvested like there’s it just it just is what it is kind of thing you know like we just we just let it run into until it cries and then reboot and on our way got it un I mean but do you I guess I do have two funnels so if you

Want to throw a well whoa whoa whoa wait why you oh okay that would be dou that works too that works too oh yeah I can do it right there do you have a chest uh yeah here just buffer right there no not buffer right there that’s

The worst that’s not the right place to buffer given oh given that we given that we’re trying to smoke that kelp and that’s blocking the smoke oh that’s such a good idea to not buffer there you know it’s one of the little things uh it’s a

Great idea uh it he’s breaking the chest with a little punishment at the end yep burn fire okay uh I got punished for your and if but if we put it uh here and then this here that totally works that works indeed yeah yes yes yes

Yes that’s uh yep bigart big smart that way we don’t you know block the smoke no I I’m I’m liking I’m liking your idea with that one I am liking your idea all right anything else that we see no I mean I feel like we’re feel

Like we’re good not bad you know I mean we got to get a little creative in certain spots but not bad for an hour and a little bit of change and putting together putting get it all together so um we’re 13 Sushi we’re almost a quarter of the way there sick pretty

Good love me some sushi you guys ready to head out or yes sir okay sure well we want to thank our sponsor for this series Apex hosting providing the server we’ve been playing on if you would like to get a server of your own to play with your friends and

Whether it’s trying mod packs whether it’s trying vanilla adventure maps whatever it is be sure to check out the link in our description you can save 25% off on your first month and that will go to help support us so we appre appreciate that and thank you to them

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Video please hit that like button and uh consider subscribing to turning on notifications telling a friend phoning a family or using any lifelines whatever to you know help get the word out we appreciate that anything for you guys before we go doesn’t have to be your family just any family just just call

Anyone’s family just be like hey did you know uh look up the phone book yep let them know they most of the a lot of people watching won’t know what a phone book is but let’s not dwell on that oh no anyway uh bye guys farewell when did phone books stop being

Circulated that’s there’s no way yeah I guess I haven’t received one in a few year I I actually did get them as recent as like a few years ago being tossed at my front door I was like why really yeah yeah yeah but it has it was probably pre-o

And then maybe they were like yeah okay we’ll stop now do phone books only include landlines I don’t know actually there’s no way it would give you cell phone information right that would just be prob some people in chat are saying they’ve actually got them recently I

Mean I’m sure that in various places they probably still exist but I would also say that there are people watching who have no idea what that is I wouldn’t doubt it for me I’m like wait landline still exist but then you know businesses but uh oie doy well I’m

Sorry the kelp so slow that is the hangup it is how Minecraft be working I guess it doesn’t look like h I wonder if I put a harvester on that one end piece if that would uh one end piece like literally the interior Harvester because it’s ignoring those those four on the inside

Right I think those might just like not get hit I’ve always had that issue well that’s what I’m saying but if I put a harvester on that mechanical bearing some in some way I don’t actually wait oh like like the Harvester is the thing that’s spinning instead of on the on the

Yeah I don’t know no like also I didn’t realize I think those always just don’t work I thought I made mine bigger but uh Pete as I look at Pete’s I realized Pete had a lot more ground so really I just underbuilt but oh I thought maybe I thought maybe

You were limited on the amount of Harvesters or something like that no just limited on my vision my brain it’s a problem it’s not all about size man in this case it was uh but with giving a little bit of time running should be fine I yeah we’re we’re letting it run

Over like it’s going to be fine it will be fine so um cool all well I’ll talk to you later okay byebye all right see you on Tuesday what a what a mess I mean we put it together we got there but what a mess

Um give me like 5 minutes to just Chomp on a little bit of my dinner and try and get it down cuz you know I’ve just had it here getting cold cold decks to be um and then we might go let’s see we’ll uh I’ll throw a pole up and we’ll figure it Out Beond behind us not captive to time a future before us that we will Define all alone no wrong star tonight R Travers the universe tonight Tonight Of Parise Forever Oh Beond be find us not captive to time of Future you look like a Bch r trse the universe tonight tonight all Alight the universe tonight [Applause] tonight Na of paradise forever Yeah As Consed by the we know The we in the Tlight you and me baby when theing on the [Applause] We are future bloodline last I saw beat saber was in pretty good lead is that still the case is that where it ended I didn’t see the Ending a stream under night on you guys are going for the old eat and beat Huh [Applause] You and me baby when the writing the Stream Okay well if that be the case and it do seem to be uh that we’re going on beat saer then the YouTube side unfortunately that is the end for you guys uh I cannot do beat saer with YouTube up uh you are welcome to join us over the twitch side

Twitch.tv/ x33n and uh would love to have you all come on by and be a part of it but if not thank you for being here and sorry for the wait to the end but you know feel sometimes right but I do appreciate you all you are beautiful and

Love your faces and good night U

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    Making 200M/Day in Hypixel Skyblock! Minecraft Adventures: Exploring Hypixel Skyblock Embark on a thrilling journey through the world of Minecraft with Hypixel Skyblock, a popular game mode that has captivated players worldwide. Dive into the exciting realm of Hypixel Skyblock and discover the secrets that await! Unleashing the Potential of Hypixel Skyblock With the Hypixel Skyblock IP at www.hypixel.net, players can immerse themselves in a unique gaming experience that combines the creativity of Minecraft with the challenges of a skyblock survival mode. From building your own island to mastering the art of bazar flipping, there are endless possibilities to explore. Mastering the Art of… Read More

  • Sandy Creeper Cap: Minecraft Art Galore!

    Sandy Creeper Cap: Minecraft Art Galore! In the world of Minecraft, sand art takes flight, Creating pixel pictures, a true delight. With torches and sand, the art comes alive, A satisfying process, let your creativity thrive. German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Dalmatian too, Dog hats on creepers, a unique view. Subscribe and share, spread the joy, In the world of Minecraft, let your talents deploy. Join the channel, follow along, For more sand art creations, where nothing goes wrong. Minecraft memes and satisfying art, In every video, let the creativity start. So leap into the verse, with rhymes so fine, Crafting Minecraft news, a true gold… Read More

  • Ultimate Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark Snapshot

    Ultimate Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark Snapshot My First Impressions on Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark Experimental Snapshot 1 My First Impressions on Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark Experimental Snapshot 1 OMG, So I was like totally checking out this new Minecraft video and it was like mind-blowing! Here’s my take on it: Snapshot Highlights: Cheesing The Warden – LOL, who knew you could cheese a mob in Minecraft? The Deep Dark Biome – It’s like a whole new spooky world to explore! Silk Touch Sculk Blocks – So cool how you can mine these special blocks! Darkness Effect – Scary but exciting at the same time! Favorite… Read More

  • Crafting a Sofa in Minecraft

    Crafting a Sofa in Minecraft My First Impressions on “JAK ZBUDOWAĆ KANAPĘ W Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #viral” OMG guys, so I was scrolling through YouTube and I came across this super viral Minecraft video called “JAK ZBUDOWAĆ KANAPĘ W Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #viral” and I was like, what even is this? But then I was like, okay let’s give it a shot, haha! First Thoughts: At first, I was like, why are they building a couch in Minecraft? Like, can’t you just sit on a regular couch in real life? But then I was like, wait, this is actually kinda cool! The video had… Read More


    TRAPPING FRIENDS IN DEADLY LAVA PRISON! - Minecraft Octopus Island My First Impressions on Minecraft Video My First Impressions on Minecraft Video 🔥ARKADAŞLARIMI ÖLÜMCÜL LAV HAPİSHANESİNE HAPSETTİM! – Minecraft Ahtapot Adası🔥 So, like, I was scrolling through YouTube, looking for some cool Minecraft videos to watch, and I stumbled upon this one titled “ARKADAŞLARIMI ÖLÜMCÜL LAV HAPİSHANESİNE HAPSETTİM! – Minecraft Ahtapot Adası.” I mean, what a mouthful, am I right? And then I saw the channel links for Adem and Ahmet, like, who are these guys? Are they the ones getting trapped in the deadly lava prison or are they the masterminds behind it all? The mystery is killing… Read More

  • Breaking Minecraft’s Rules

    Breaking Minecraft's Rules The Evolution of Minecraft Rules As the Minecraft community continues to thrive, servers like the HOURY SMP are constantly evolving to keep players engaged and excited. The server has seen a decline in activity recently, prompting the owner to make some bold changes to revive the gameplay experience. Inspiration from Popular SMPs The HOURY SMP draws inspiration from well-known servers like The LIFESTEAL SMP, DREAM SMP, and STRENGTH SMP. With a mix of plugins and datapacks, players on this server experience unique features such as gaining hearts every hour and automatic restocking. These additions enhance the survival multiplayer experience… Read More


    WAR BEGINS, OCTOPUS ISLAND'S END? - Minecraft My Minecraft Adventure My First Impressions on the Minecraft Video Introduction OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube, looking for some funny Minecraft videos to watch, and I stumbled upon this epic one titled “SAVAŞ BAŞLADI, AHTAPOT ADASININ SONU? – Minecraft”. Like, what even is that title? It got me super intrigued, so I had to click on it! Video Details Ademin Kanalı: https://youtu.be/G2jRplZYybM?si=Owi5Acam_ZsiJQ6J Ahmetin Kanalı: https://youtu.be/Jl85KSZwQ7k?si=iMGc6DTE2zxl6vLu My Reaction First of all, the thumbnail had me like 😱. It was so intense with all the action going on! Then, the video started with some crazy Minecraft gameplay that I… Read More

  • Mickey’s Minecraft Mayhem: Terminator Time!

    Mickey's Minecraft Mayhem: Terminator Time! In a park, Mickey Mouse felt a bit bored, But a portal appeared, oh what a reward! He jumped right in, to a Minecraft land, Where dangers lurked, oh it was grand. Meeting new friends, facing the night, Mickey got creative, built a robot so bright. Armed to the teeth, with guns and missiles, Defending the village, against all thistles. Impressing the locals, with his engineering feat, Mickey showed them, how to beat the heat. Leaving behind, his creation so grand, Mickey’s adventure, left a mark in the sand. Friendship and innovation, the lessons he taught, In a world… Read More

  • Minecraft Meme: The Hottest Blocky Banter

    Minecraft Meme: The Hottest Blocky Banter “Why did the creeper break up with his girlfriend? She couldn’t handle his explosive personality!” #minecraftmemes #relationshipproblems 😂🎮 Read More

  • Crafting a Fridge in Minecraft

    Crafting a Fridge in Minecraft My First Impressions on “JAK ZBUDOWAĆ LODÓWKĘ W Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #viral” Introduction: OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube and came across this Minecraft video titled “JAK ZBUDOWAĆ LODÓWKĘ W Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #viral” and I was like, what even is this? But I clicked on it anyway because why not, right? The Video: Okay, so the video starts with this dude named Wojan trying to build a fridge in Minecraft. Like, who even thinks of building a fridge in a game about mining and crafting? But hey, it’s kinda cool to see how creative people can get… Read More

  • Unbelievable MUST HAVE Mob Armor Add-On | Prowl8413

    Unbelievable MUST HAVE Mob Armor Add-On | Prowl8413Video Information This video, titled ‘MUST SEE Add-On! Great Value! Mob Armor | Minecraft Marketplace’, was uploaded by Prowl8413 on 2024-04-15 12:00:21. It has garnered 2572 views and 196 likes. The duration of the video is 00:20:33 or 1233 seconds. Add-ons are starting to appear in the marketplace now, and some of them are really good! Looking for a great quality Minecraft server, at a great price? I recommend using Sparkedhost! All Prowl servers are hosted on Sparkedhost! Link: https://ad.sparkedhost.marketing/campaign/prowl Code: Prowl All the links! Visit my website at https://prowl8413.live Become a member to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/@prowllive/join Follow… Read More

  • Mastering Minecraft 1.20 Advancements LIVE

    Mastering Minecraft 1.20 Advancements LIVEVideo Information This video, titled ‘🔴 Getting ALL 1.20 Minecraft Advancments with @PandaForceGaming LIVE’, was uploaded by Cush on 2024-01-17 02:07:15. It has garnered 103 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 02:48:03 or 10083 seconds. My friend Jordan and I will be attempting to unlock EVERY advancement in Minecraft 1.20! Neither of us have played 1.20, so this is going to be an up-hill battle. Drop a like if you enjoyed the stream, and subscribe to the channel to help support me! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Join my Discord server and follow my socials for… Read More

  • INSANE Minecraft Jumpscare Prank! 😱 #shorts

    INSANE Minecraft Jumpscare Prank! 😱 #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft : Jumpscare Painting Prank! #shorts #minecraftshorts’, was uploaded by ARONTEX GAMING on 2024-03-29 11:06:44. It has garnered 10453 views and 263 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:29 or 29 seconds. Minecraft : Jumpscare Painting Prank! #shorts #minecraftshorts IGNORE TAGS minecraft,minecraft secret chest,laptop secret chest in minecraft,minecraft laptop,minecraft tutorial,minecraft mod,minecraft tips,minecraft hidden chest,minecraft secret chest tutorial,minecraft but,minecraft shorts,minecraft challenge,minecraft build hacks,laptop minecraft,minecraft hacks,minecraft build,best secret base in minecraft,minecraft tricks,minecraft secrets,minecraft manhunt,minecraft build tutorial,minecraft 1.18 secret,minecraft shorts,minecraft,shorts minecraft,minecraft animation,minecraft but,shorts,minecraft memes,minecraft funny,minecraft tiktok,minecraft challenge,minecraft build hacks,build hacks minecraft,minecraft parody,minecraft sad story,minecraft challenges,minecraft ai,minecraft mod,minecraft… Read More

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    Unbelievable: Surived 200 Days in Hardcore Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘I Survived 200 Days in Amplified World on Minecraft Hardcore (Hindi)’, was uploaded by Gabbar Gaming on 2024-01-17 07:30:11. It has garnered 822 views and 20 likes. The duration of the video is 00:24:39 or 1479 seconds. I Survived 200 Days in Amplified World on Minecraft Hardcore (Hindi) stampylongnose minecraft, minecraft music, minecraft lets play, minecraft fail, hunger games minecraft, minecraft videos, minecraft stampylongnose, chimneyswift11, minecraft house, minecraft 1.8, minecraft captainsparklez, minecraft harlem shake, ihascupquake minecraft oasis, revenge minecraft, minecraft texture pack, roosterteeth minecraft, seananners minecraft, minecraft servers, paulsoaresjr, stampylonghead, minecraft antvenom, minecraft xbox, minecraft… Read More

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    Mind-Blowing Minecraft Myths Revealed! 😱🌟 #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft myth 😅⭐ [Part-2] #minecraft #minecraftguide #shortfeed #minecraftfacts #mincraftlogic’, was uploaded by GYG SHORTS on 2024-01-08 02:30:23. It has garnered 1683 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. Read More

  • “Unbelievable New Mob Found in All the Mods!” #minecraft

    "Unbelievable New Mob Found in All the Mods!" #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘All the Mods Ep 6. “Devil with a Blue Dress” #minecraft’, was uploaded by Leafy McTreeface on 2024-02-26 16:00:21. It has garnered 55 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 00:16:04 or 964 seconds. The focus for today is on Occultism! A Magic Ritual mod where you can summon demons to do your bidding and make an amazing storage system! Leafy’s Discord: https://discord.gg/AxR9pkRxcT #minecraft #modded #moddedminecraft #ATM #livestream #live #streaming #stream #streamer #gamer #gaming #funny #leafy #allthemods9 #playthough #letsplay #gameplay Become and Official Member of the Garden! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNeqUlA4JmvHSQ6i3MHarmw/join Read More

  • 🔥 EPIC Minecraft Stream – Chill, Chat, PVP/SURVIVAL 🎮

    🔥 EPIC Minecraft Stream - Chill, Chat, PVP/SURVIVAL 🎮Video Information This video, titled ‘🔴│LIVE│ – Minecraft Stream CZ/SK !! Chillec, Pokec, PVP / SURVIVAL 🔴’, was uploaded by StenPlayz on 2024-01-13 04:25:57. It has garnered 12 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:07:53 or 473 seconds. So Hi, to those who don’t know me, my name is Stan, I play under the nickname StenSk, I also had a StenSk channel that I renamed to the TRAPDOGZ channel, but it doesn’t stop me from constantly streaming and playing at the same time, that is, who is new, I will be very happy if you subscribe…. Read More

  • Minecraft Finale: The CRAZIEST Gamer Reacts! 🤯 #minecraftshorts

    Minecraft Finale: The CRAZIEST Gamer Reacts! 🤯 #minecraftshortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Playing minecraft for the last time 🙁 #mimecraftshorts #minecraft #viral #subscribe’, was uploaded by GAMER R8 on 2024-01-03 05:12:07. It has garnered 4175 views and 121 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:42 or 42 seconds. Read More

  • Revisiting Childhood Memories in Minecraft’s Past

    Revisiting Childhood Memories in Minecraft's PastVideo Information This video, titled ‘I want to go back (Nostalgic Minecraft Mix)’, was uploaded by CharScar on 2024-02-03 15:07:31. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Hope you enjoy the mix! I do not own any of this music. All credit goes to the amazing composer C418 … Read More

  • Ram Nation

    Ram NationFun 1.8 kitpvp server, simple server with FFA and 1vs1. Roleplay and parkour in beta Skywars will be added. 1v1 your friend with Differend Kits! Play in events to be featured in videos! Have Fun! Up to 500 players! Rams69.aternos.me Read More

  • The oasis SMP Vanilla smp Anarchy 1.20.4 No Whitelist

    Vanilla Minecraft Server If you’re looking for a true vanilla server without claims or plugins, look no further! Join our active small community where you can enjoy everything Minecraft has to offer and interact with other players. The server has a peak of 4-5 players during business hours (around 6PM EST). With a mix of past artifacts and a young environment, you can easily catch up by joining now. The only rule is no cheating or hacking. Server Details: IP: jamysmp.dedimc.io Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/2dBJAH24Na Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Whattttttt!?!?!?

    Minecraft Memes - Whattttttt!?!?!?Looks like this meme really hit the jackpot with a score of 21! Must be some high-quality pixelated comedy. Read More

  • Crafty Castle: Minecraft’s Mighty Fort

    Crafty Castle: Minecraft's Mighty Fort In the realm of Minecraft, a fortress grand, Inspired by Olaf’s Tower, in Vyborg’s land. With history deep and legends bold, A symbol of strength, stories untold. I craft in blocks, each detail precise, Capturing the essence, a building paradise. With your support, my channel grows, Like and subscribe, as the story flows. Join me on Discord, Twitter, and more, For updates and news, I have in store. Music from games, a peaceful place, Setting the mood, with every grace. So come along, on this building ride, In Minecraft world, where dreams abide. Fortress in Minecraft, a tale to… Read More

  • Spicy Minecraft Memes for Gamers

    Spicy Minecraft Memes for Gamers Why did the creeper go to therapy? Because it had too much TNTsion! #minecraftmemes #dadjokes Read More

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    Boost Your FPS with Shulkercraft Mods Boost Your Minecraft Experience with These FPS-Boosting Mods Are you tired of lag and low FPS in your Minecraft gameplay? Look no further! These mods are here to save the day and enhance your gaming experience. From Optifine to Sodium, these mods will not only increase your FPS but also improve render distance and overall performance. Optifine: Enhancing Your Vanilla FPS If you’re looking to boost your FPS and enhance your graphics, Optifine is the go-to mod for many Minecraft players. With Optifine, you can customize your settings, improve performance, and enjoy a smoother gameplay experience. Sodium: Taking FPS… Read More

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    Mountain Makeover: Minecraft Base Build My Epic Minecraft Base Transformation Adventure! Introduction So, like, I stumbled upon this totally rad Minecraft video about transforming a mountain into a base and I was like, “OMG, I have to watch this!” Frame At first, I was like, “Wait, what’s happening here?” But then I saw the mountain slowly turning into this epic base and I was shook! Jumps care There were some crazy jumps and I was like, “Don’t fall, don’t fall!” But the builder was a pro and made it look easy. Interior The interior design was on point! I was getting major inspo for… Read More

  • EPIC Minecraft HOMEBowo Part 1: CRAZY Adventures!!

    EPIC Minecraft HOMEBowo Part 1: CRAZY Adventures!!Video Information This video, titled ‘More minecraft :D’, was uploaded by HOMEBowo 1 on 2024-03-18 11:28:00. It has garnered 18 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 02:33:52 or 9232 seconds. #minecraft #gaming Read More

  • Insane TNT Run in Minecraft

    Insane TNT Run in MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft TNT 🧨 Runing #minecraft’, was uploaded by FAHD GAMING on 2024-03-02 11:13:28. It has garnered 2294 views and 32 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:12 or 12 seconds. Minecraft TNT 🧨 Runing #minecraft minecraft, minecraft 100 days, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft house, minecraft song, minecraft legends, minecraft 1.20, minecraft jj and mikey, minecraft civilization, minecraft videos, minecraft aphmau, minecraft animation, minecraft april fools 2023, minecraft asmr, minecraft armor trims, minecraft automatic farm, minecraft ancient city, minecraft ambience, minecraft animation movie, minecraft allay, a minecraft parody, a minecraft house, a minecraft… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Bookshelf Builds by Ronaldd

    Insane Minecraft Bookshelf Builds by RonalddVideo Information This video, titled ‘Librero para Minecraft #construccionesminecraft’, was uploaded by Ronaldd on 2024-03-28 21:47:26. It has garnered 6069 views and 415 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:11 or 11 seconds. Read More

  • Danny D discovers hidden wonders in Minecraft Modded – part 1

    Danny D discovers hidden wonders in Minecraft Modded - part 1Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft – Modded Playthrough (No Commentary) – part 1: early exploration’, was uploaded by Danny D on 2024-02-18 01:44:12. It has garnered 61 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 01:57:43 or 7063 seconds. In this video, I start a new modded Minecraft world, explore the immediate area, and build (part of) a small base. I just got back in a Minecraft mood, so I set up my 200+ mods and waited for a day when I could try them out again! Most of these I’ve played with previously, but many of… Read More

  • Unleash Dinosaur Mayhem in Minecraft! #mod #mcpe

    Unleash Dinosaur Mayhem in Minecraft! #mod #mcpeVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft dinosaur mod mcpe #minecraft #mod #mods #mcpe #dinosaur’, was uploaded by Natan$ on 2024-03-19 02:45:41. It has garnered 462 views and 9 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:16 or 16 seconds. Read More

  • Insane Minecraft DemonSlayer Sword Review & New Abilities!

    Insane Minecraft DemonSlayer Sword Review & New Abilities!Video Information This video, titled ‘รีวิวแอดออน “ดาบพิฆาตอสูรสุดเจ๋ง มีปราณสุดเท่” ใน Minecraft มือถือ?🔥 (DemonSlayer) | Minecraft Addon’, was uploaded by Koontang GamerZ on 2024-03-02 12:34:41. It has garnered 5180 views and 159 likes. The duration of the video is 00:13:30 or 810 seconds. Review of the Demon Slayer add-on. You can customize your own character in Minecraft mobile..very cool!! I’m back for an Addon review after a long absence. Hope everyone will like it. #Minecraft #Minecraft #MinecraftMobile ————————————————– —————– Please press Like & Subcribe as well. So you won’t miss any new clips from us =w= Demon Slayer Addon download link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EaBQPNHBxE&t=0s&ab_channel=Frogdog… Read More


    INSANE DUELS & BEDWARS MADNESS LIVE WITH MANGOVideo Information This video, titled ‘Playing Bedwars And Dueling Viewers LIVE’, was uploaded by Mango on 2024-03-17 15:41:35. It has garnered 253 views and 32 likes. The duration of the video is 02:29:43 or 8983 seconds. JOIN THE DISCORD! – https://discord.gg/Hujy8vMPGG #minecraft #hypixel #Bedwars Read More

  • Win a Minecraft Mod on Spidermonkeyvr Server!

    Win a Minecraft Mod on Spidermonkeyvr Server!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft server give away for mod’, was uploaded by Spidermonkeyvr on 2024-01-07 21:34:34. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Read More

  • 🔥 EPIC Minecraft Herobrine Encounter! #GoneWild

    🔥 EPIC Minecraft Herobrine Encounter! #GoneWildVideo Information This video, titled ‘Herobrine #minecraft😍😍😍😍 shorts video #music’, was uploaded by #Minecraft444 on 2024-02-18 02:39:57. It has garnered 2759 views and 221 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:13 or 13 seconds. Read More

  • DuckMC

    DuckMCWelkom op de Minecraftservers.org pagina van DuckMC Network. DuckMC is een minecraft server die zich focust op, Training, PVP en andere Minigames. De server is 24/7 online en is te bespelen in 1.9x t/m 1.16x Dus waar wacht je nog op? Speel alleen of met je vrienden op play.duckmc.eu! Populaire games die onze server heeft zijn: The Bridge, Bedwars, Duckhunt, Parkour en nog een heel groot aanbod van Arcade Games. play.DuckMC.eu Read More

  • Artic SMP – smp

    What is Artic MC? Artic MC is a free-to-play Minecraft server inspired by the Lifesteal SMP. As a big fan, I was heavily inspired to create my own server. This server also has plugins that allow you to do what you want, such as blowing up houses, becoming the strongest player of the SMP, raiding bases, and much more. Mods: – Minimaps – Voice Chat – Gravestone And many more! Join now and experience the excitement! Discord: https://discord.gg/fZwRxygaqf Read More