Dylan Dubs goes INSANE in Minecraft?! 🤯

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here kind of working trying to finish the uh Greenhouse trying and get all that finished like 9:00 a.m. like it was late when we finally turned the world off and quit streaming waiting for my YouTube to realize that I’m streaming um isn’t YouTube like a 15sec delay it’s like 10 ah I think twitch’s only like five or six second delay yeah I think there’s a way to decrease the delay too just I don’t know how so there we are back on Minecraft the [ __ ] huh back on Minecraft 12 hours later so we only have one cow but we have many sheep in here that’s pretty eventful I need to go ahead put this up one more and see what I can do from there cuz I don’t really like how these are like if I knew we were going to have a bunch of people always playing this I would start you know maybe I would start opening a mountain that I wish I didn’t make this thing a part of it but you know what not all of us can be smart you got be K me sorry all right so do you attach it to the corner of the house too that what I meant to do but I de yeah well we were tired so oh see anyways the basement is set up ready for the enchantment room the [ __ ] how hello thanks for jumping into the stream how you doing today the [ __ ] h man give me pinned what does that mean well hi mister what does having some mean oh okay that’s what that means oh yeah pinned yeah okay well thanks means I’ll have at least at least one constant viewer yay need dark oak again so I travel like traffic I forgot there’s a just a hole in the window in the think did an Enderman spawn and like did an Enderman spawn and take that block I don’t I never seen an Enderman go over there I also didn’t think they could take glass blocks I don’t I guess I’ll take this person’s iron tools because they never join back so we have so many people join for to man he was killed by n whatever 15 times now was absolutely mined I mean I don’t blame him for not coming back after that that was some bull crap uh let’s see I needed what do we figure up like 50ish Sands or another I’ll grab another yeah like 70 sand I know it was 70 for like the roof but I’ve already finished that part be so I think it was like 50 for the what I have left bro there’s so many flowers over here oh [ __ ] all right like we need to go find the stronghold at some point so we can get the Ender Dragon egg what oh I got cows down I’ll grab them sick I have weed you want me to I have a bunch of weed on me but like need to find a good way to bring them up I need that one to slant down but this is against a house I I’m still kind of surprised will hasn’t join I there’s a CH by not far from us watch no that he said that he’s going to join immediately like we’ve had what six total players in here like six unique players probably seven probably seven different ones I think we’ve had this I think it was the same po I kept wanting to join and everything like brilliant uh Sleepless nyt and oh unhinged heaven heaven H I don’t understand no one’s Jo My Stream yet ow I need more dark oak I need to I need to go somewhere where is that dark oak imediately unfollow me in my last stream it says I supposed to have five but I have four so oh well it’s whatever I just keep streaming on YouTube because that’s what I can do right now twitch hates me apparently Ian might as well stream on YouTube because that’s where your following is I don’t have much of a following so I want to use twitch CU I can listen to music true that’s the reason music otherwise copyrighted so I just need to figure out a twitch method to yeah to not be otherwise we have to listen to like non-copyrighted music and who wants to listen to non-copyrighted [ __ ] 2012 [ __ ] like 2012 [ __ ] didn’t have as much we do where was that [ __ ] thing at dude it’s about to turn night I got my stack of sand going okay we’re refreshed what are we missing finish the enchantment table stuff just leather I have a lot of paper I think we have enough I have three leather oh make them in the books yeah do that real quick there any not in there okay get rid of these put them in there all right where is this is let’s sleep and then I’m going to try to find a dark oak forest somewhere where did I find that again I have no idea I here you stayed here the entire time was it there what over there I’ve been working on things like this might have been over there trophies was it yes it was beyond that because yes I found out yes okay that way that way we go I don’t fall damage exactly and I did here working on that this is basically what I do when I play Minecraft is I will stay in one spot work on my house and then I go Adventure I have my here where is Mob Loop going in here you took all the bones we’ve been using the bones for the bone meal to everything ah it’s been pretty helpful to use that’s why I’m waiting for that I’m going turn the books we have in the bookshelves real quick we need eight more yes cuz that was there do we have 11 oh I was out of I ran out of wood not yet keep in mind this is early usually we’ll talk about you know no through traffic just yet no Ryan popping up with uh old I could take down that Pillager Tower this is going to be a very interesting day if we get old snotty man lure too because there’s a whole another story we’re waiting for I know did you you might have passed out before he had before he said the new uh lore about the uh saled moderator no no no not that one the uh the new story that has that we haven’t heard yet the rizzler guy yeah the sigma rizzler and I can’t remember what the other one was like anyone who wasn’t here last night probably thinks we schizophrenic I don’t even know if the C is on stream I don’t know if he can be heard actually yeah I don’t know y why Dante and Virgil’s mother kind of hot bro can you that’s the first thing that you say when you unmute bro come on bro and we got to play some Minecraft bro we got a cherry blossom like right next to the house yeah all he can you say something real quick I want to see if we can hear you in stream I can hear everybody else but you oh yeah I know we can hear you in game can we hear you did you ever share it through PlayStation settings that’s the one thing yeah like voice chat settings share your voice Dr four stacks of this don’t care okay ow ow all right uh how much more leather do we need I have eight leather right now we only need one more piece of leather and we can make the full enchantment table so I’m going to breed the cows real quick and kill one hope I get leather oh no the one man left the chat unless I’m breaking one leather pants nope no Lea I got three beef though from that cow I’ll take that let me get more wheat from the rooftop Farm even though this isn’t the rooftop it’s just the second floor that hasn’t been finished yet what do you want me to do up there the roof oh yeah cuz you said you had an idea for the roof yeah the S man happen a Lami L that’s what happens when you have go away two leather let’s go we can make we can finish the enchantment table finally cuz we need one extra book for the uh oh wait I just realized we had I have two extra books left in my inventory I forgot about this but yeah we have enough leather oh and we have the diamonds so I’m take two diamonds take the did you make an enchantment table not yet no take three obsidian that’s the one thing I haven’t done yet because of the uh I have a book so I can make enchantment table leather isue yeah I found a big oak tree yikes since it is just us in the world we can go ahead and sleep at whatever time I have a bed on me always have a bed on me just so we can just sleep through the night TI of the night time yeah even when I I mean if find playing on myself I always have a bed on me so it’s just musle memory yeah I mean might as well I don’t usually make houses in survival worlds it’s just not my thing I’m good at building that’s don’t really care he’s more of a creative Builder type not all the time I can build in survival just takes a while yeah like I just build with usually I build houses out of wood and glass and things like that okay now we should have plenty what kind of build I want to go for cuz there’s no reason why not get resources and keep building so need to take a look at that one all right so the wheat farm is fully okay looking good get this in here when did this happen what happened the wheat farm got finished um me I don’t know when okay we definitely need like a melon trade with a farmer villager a melon Trader what one that trades for melons for emeralds is that even one yeah you can get melons or pumpkins or be root or like any of the crops I think I don’t remember foring one Emerald for like 36 melons either I’m forgetting about a villager or I’ve just never seen that villager in my life well you’re not most of the time you’re not farming melons the more common ones are potatoes and carrots I only know the farmer has those three TRS and then beetroot and then pumpkin and melons are like the least comp I think the only one that it doesn’t pray for outside of like sweet berries is uh wheat it doesn’t buy wheat I think it bu bread I want to see if that would actually give me a lot more than I did worked a little bit trying not to use all my iron axe but I should probably just use it all on this I have two stacks of dark oak now not heading back yet still mining or cutting down some trees for more I’m trying to get some more saplings somebody hours who still wait what we said we had uh dark oaking but you don’t know where they went or something like that last night probably because somebody just misplaced them or something that’s what I remember like pumpkin tray melon glass before I finish this side I knew there was something there I have one piece of glass left did I fill in this hole over here I did there you go now we have 10 soit for all this to go make sure to sleep whenever you want five stacks of glass is was one glass too much now we just have one glass Tre oh Trent oh imagine singular glass also carrots I plant those [ __ ] it’s going in here with this stuff all right I’m going to my bed oh what the he dropped another Trident damn I mean we did find out that trions AR there in this version as they are Java but God damn a lot of that you’re welcome absolutely grinding to get that out okay now most of it is actually destroyed the he thought I hated it it was more or less just in the way now it’s gone I just want to make sure it looks better it’s really what I was doing because I hit it yes that is true I and we left the floating the floating free blocks of dirt just cuz they must stay did I forget three blocks no there’s a three block floating island that spawn naturally and I didn’t destroy it because I didn’t need to and because I wanted it to stay there I don’t even I don’t even know I don’t have anything though all I just have to run back I I could get more but my ax is on life support so uh no the wills come in to say that somebody’s mom was hot and then muted back up again yep it’s a very will thing to do what a piece of poo poo I got 11 dark oak SA coins I should have got one more just so we can have three of them to place but you know what we can plant the four or the two no it is three then no there two only two you place two big trees and then when we get another sapling we got a little bit more kill this St so many there we go Dylan guess what our first big project of the world is done yep the greenhouse green house is officially done and that was most expensive project because it spelt so much coal yeah it’s not with so much do good news I want to building out of concrete I just need a bunch of sand and gravel and then whatever die I need to make honestly I might make a compost real quick just to start making uh bone meal out of these extra melons that I have just [Music] my should be dead yeah we’re dead where should I put the in the greenhous I have a met [ __ ] ton of melons bro what three blocks I am so confused about the floating island thing oh I see yeah I haven’t even seen that I do need to do a little bit more ter farming on this the which is going to be painful wait can I do this I don’t think this actually do that I think that and then I’m start spaming melons into B so now we have a source of a good source of bone mil got five apples put that in I think automates this too by just using Hoppers we need more chests yep more chest this is L chest more to that that’s this many forgot where that was already balls how much did I have eight that runs a Synergy I think 11 bone Mill is good for now another Trident for both of us it’s pretty legendary put it right in here all right which one do I want to finish growing first this is the obvious the most useful because we can start making golden carrots if we make a gold Farm [Music] well that was sad when I just exactly stacked that 11 bone me I’m the Carr portion of the farm now so [ __ ] it I mean melons are you should make redstone dust into red die that’ be good just use be Roots at this point be Roots make red die Redstone should that’s what I’m saying it is not I just don’t see why you would use your Redstone to make red die that’s Redstone has righted in the name now that it’s a dust I feel like I should be able to do it that’s just me but no all right I’ve gotten rid of both most of my melons I should probably not hold that Holy CRA which Farm I do now I guess I’ll do be be gr slow what even is this chest there’s so much [ __ ] in here def tell apparently also has the lowest seed drop rate that man just better than the entire game that’s still mind blowing to me that just said you know what I’m going to go ahead and speed run this entire game for these random streamers like who just does that it’s just I’m just spe in the game then goodbye okay like the [ __ ] what the actual hell man I need to plant these St for that oh is it done all right also I might just start using wheat seeds too oh I can actually plant three of these large trees mint absolutely mint right boom Wish You Can Craft or like bone meal single with dark oak sapling just to make it like one of these normal trees just dark oak D I’m going to get to be able to I’m just trying to speed up the process of this arms now uh when it turns night time do you want to keep let it turn and see if we can get any zombie villagers don’t even have potions yet no but I can go into The Nether a here these Mel aren’t useful anymore cuz I don’t figure I’m going to be building a second Greenhouse I really should put a torch back here there I’ll put one up there there we go little bit more lifely there we go looks better pick it a lights out here going to take it’s going to take a while to get this Farm finished or get all the farm I should move this should move this like two over what am I [Music] on I know another good black leaves no one thing I’m surprised we haven’t found is like an actual spawner yet I found multiple like which typ uh Spider and SK o skeleton would be nice to have spider is not too bad go for some builds it was open I could look in the Stream oh yeah so you like you can find the skeleton and the spider spawn yeah I don’t know where the [ __ ] the spider spaw would be or a skeleton make like a XP looking nice and bright look nice and what the hell all right let’s see okay I didn’t know spiders could die to fall damage they do that they very much do that what [ __ ] damn I’m at one HP one heart technically that’s two HP but still cuz a [ __ ] zombie came up out of nowhere from behind it started broking my ass so we need to put a torch right here yeah need the there I’m not going to go mess with those creers still just trying to see if we can get like a zombie cuz we can go trap it in the house here move this give it a name off of the house might actually put it a little more over here F this area out do that first actually [Music] otherwise we’re going to have to do plan B go over to the ice bikes and get some blue ice make a blue ice Highway [Music] what’s this creep extending for the pen okay man I I’m feeding for 1919 R right now specifically that one yeah that a or something yes there’s also dad’s R here I feel you should know Dad’s R here yeah oh I found a villager a zombie I found three what what huh all right can you make some boats real quick I can make I want to keep them like trapped I know one can fit two so we just need a second boat I want get rid of this remember I had to I had to move okay I [ __ ] what happened this creeper blew up and killed all three zombie villagers wow [ __ ] I’ll keep one boat in there so I can just easily block them in made an anvil I remember now that sucks I had found three of them together they were following me and a [ __ ] creeper bro fa be on me why let’s see maybe I can get luy find a couple more but I doubt it [ __ ] creepers are just your worst enemy uh that’s a Pillager Tower that would took you a while what took a while the skeleton Arrow to hit me I don’t know what that was could have been a bit of third Ser lag yeah during other sa so probably it always happens during the othero saves it’s kind of rude I don’t know why you up having to get used to these [ __ ] creeper ranges this is [ __ ] I don’t know why they changed that they blow up so far away from now it had like a cartographer a glitcher and like a librarian something like that this would have been amazing I but then you can you can have change them because they’re zombies you can still you bring them back life for to change their job we could made three Librarians if want I really hope that SD card reader bro works it should the way how I think it should but I don’t know if the PlayStation will like it yeah so I want to try to edit stuff on my phone from PlayStation thought that would take me a lot L hi that be said smash smash that man wanted something for me I don’t know I don’t know what that man wanted for me I will done I’m mute yo white yo I still have you prank yesterday oh yeah that’s probably loud terraforming is my favorite thing to [ __ ] do in this game and I love it all right so no zombie villagers for the night but that’s okay because well we had zombie [ __ ] creeper that’s what happens speaking creeper second one watch out nice oh I almost fell [ __ ] zombie with a chain helmet drop it damn it damn it bro that would have been sick another chain mail helmet we’re trying to get boots and pants now we’re get close what do you think of this terraformation bro I me all look pretty D look pretty good definitely look a lot better when the grass finally grows yep that’s my imagination right there now I just going to move the pen a little bit further I’m going to keep these guys in the fences because I have enough fences to he I’m going I do like how you kind of left part of the mountain there I’m trying to keep it there just to keep it a buck the same way um right we’re not far from spawn by the way okay hi Mr will I never say that again I’m sorry don’t be racist I am a building welcome to F C [Music] says shut up shut up okay Factor fact hm I can’t figure out they [Music] there [Music] be bear Andy now you have the piece of Rain r over here I need to grab myself that there’s my [ __ ] sucks because of Advan wouldn’t work so it’s dumb but it makes sense at the same time cuz it’s an addition to the game that was not supposed to exist it’s all I just thinking let put on 121 so we’re still playing 120 that cost money I could yeah you can in the future yeah really finally trophies for sure I already had the G 100% so it’s just all to whatever yall need to do um that was for ease 50 m yeah we trapped the skeleton in a boat I would went up with all my gravel I had and just had oh Ryan returned Ryan’s back Ryan is back have you heard the story of the ex friend no I have not o loot what loot are you talking about loot what are you Looting a random corpse from the explosion but there’s really just random loot that somebody died to a creeper why are there so many chests now oh everything’s organized do you have that Lea uh I put it in the mob chest whereever that is it’s like the rare chest the ex- friend one time got salty because his friend was flying a plane and he wasn’t then he blocked him on Xbox Live no this man has been just performing Mass content to us and it’s been amazing the pillar pillar of the Gods Zeus would like to have a word with you oh the old SN man says to save me bro that friend of yours is a dick all right hold up let me get let me get ready for the lore I’m go near the lore again what you doing bear I have returned you heard the story of the friend all right the ex-friend one time got salty because his friend was fing plan he wasn’t then he blocked him on Xbox Live the old snotty man says to me bro that friend of yours is a dick it’s amazing will also hasn’t heard the rest of the lore yet oh yeah he don’t worry will there’s going to be a forbidden Library in this world that would be all the snotty man lore the snotty man lore it’s just funny that’s all it is bro it’s not like out of pocket of [ __ ] but it’s just funny bro I’ll say it’s out of pocket to an extent but it’s just funny that what I did night giant balls you have five viewers right now I do y shout out to the viewers give big shout out to I don’t know how many I have because it doesn’t stay on my screen oh yeah currently in your chat to see yeah new snotty man l the snotty man lore is aod oh yeah that’s useful spiders only efficiency three for 30 levels it’s been watching me just running around looking at chat yeah cuz we’re waiting for the updated it’s not even [Music] oh balls need to get out of here this not how big the P be wait what’s the max efficiency is efficiency five oh hello out of my ass gas get out of my ass look he split [Music] [ __ ] Greg what do you think of the green house there’s a creeper a spider the spider took fall damage oh no the game actually cans back gay Mexican we don’t know if he’s Mexican we’re going to be calling him Mex that’s all we have at this point of information also has been awfully quiet since the new s man Lord drops guy he’s Colombian get you’re [ __ ] we quit hitting on the defense 17y olds and we wouldn’t call you Mexican [ __ ] [Laughter] columia this guy is so weird man I don’t know what the [ __ ] he wants from me want your dick want the logs to look better have Push I’m just roughing bro then the ex trying what I’ve done before got upset oh yeah yeah yeah ow there we go I want to lift these up one Farmland I don’t know that oh somebody was trying was playing with us and was trying to figure out how to farm and they were using the shovel instead the they are beta gamers all right so I have this now yeah will if you want to find that yeah he he literally said I love know I’m better time out bro prob be like you’re in timeout yo dating set for game man bro go to [Music] grind oops it is [ __ ] ironic that he says I will learn English just for you that’s a mitch man one month bro your bored us stop I don’t feel like dying to [ __ ] LS to stay in the house yeah stay in the house anybody that’s risk dying it’s me I don’t even know where you are right now oh you’re in the stable I’m getting attached by mobs this for the inside I guess we can sleep since be the [ __ ] it missed oh [ __ ] lag yeah all right go sleep then did he steal a bed no made your own bet just going to let you steal like anybody’s bed God damn it hold on yall stay in bed I’m going to steal this bed quick may not rest now moner okay fine the [ __ ] up telling MS not rest now there are Ms nearby just mobs bro there we go oh sorry all right what’s next is this higher than I thought it was this might be higher than I think it was probably I like it though it’s cool it looks cool I’m trying to make it look like end up separating the pig the cows though I will I’m pretty sure that’s going to be pretty easy cuz I’ll put it one thing on the other side and that side it’ll be pretty easy to do yeah I need to leave start the inhume chicken farm when we get lava oh yeah where we get infinite chicken so there we [Music] go also when we have Dylan figure out where those uh coordinates were for those spawners we got to be set for those for the XP start getting XP [ __ ] like that or we make noral mob grinder we could but it’s kind of lame me though still waiting for the next noty man lowart bro for the sequel oh dude this is like season what four at this point of the show so [ __ ] movie series bro we’re making a whole oh yeah will we’re going to have you animate a whole series for us no yeah tell me you don’t want to animate snotty Man versus the wise man versus Optimus Prime and his Bumble dick he’s like what the [ __ ] did I just hear hey what’s the song that plays over all the uh anime Recaps and [ __ ] like that or like movie Recaps I would have no idea [ __ ] the [ __ ] should make ladders Tupac [ __ ] about Tupac bro this man is trying way too hard to get on your dick yeah apparently he’s only 17 damn his dick ain’t that good movie recap song yeah 17 you’re hitting on a miner you weirdo get [ __ ] how do you make got let me through this God damn it Bobby I found where the fish live where the fish huh I found where the fish live mhm okay autism I miss having the ability hold Tor my hand one year no you see that’s called grooming and that is illegal can’t be doing that man ow the progressive box is going to get you [ __ ] Progressive box the progressive Box is doing to alive TI existence he must run away before he catches you the progressive box will [ __ ] rape you I don’t know if we can s Rap on YouTube no you can byebye byebye stream oh well it’s another one I’m pretty sure I passed the other ones [ __ ] then again no Shams have been taken me down after certifying I’m a [ __ ] because I am an actual b line [ __ ] and YouTube can’t take down what he truly is no I’m quite L he truly is forline [ __ ] no he yeah like it’s not even a [ __ ] joke YouTube he is not kidding he is 100% not 100% [ __ ] I’m Bor there you are why the [ __ ] is there a random airspace hole the [ __ ] I start making time to start ating [ __ ] wish mod the only the best ones get great mod we don’t get crate mod we’re not the best upside downstair [ __ ] you sucks that they patch the [ __ ] uh XP glitch though that was probably the best thing to actually be using of course you have to remove something that’s fun in the game game developers only care about [ __ ] money now it’s disgusting people having fun it’s disgusting pettiness all right so two things need to happen first of all we need nighttime will so we can get zombie villagers okay well I’m not in the cave so shut the [ __ ] [Music] up BR [ __ ] I find damn iron no that’s looking pretty good that’s looking pretty good I might need to extend this by one that’s a baby zombie I just heard no that’s not looking good it was at this moment that the king knew true fear for the first time water cave haven’t found these in a while finds a baby drown no can that even happen I am back what do you mean bro are you back in Black are you back for the pedophile charges oh there’s the other cave right under the actual [ __ ] water cave and it is packed full with I’m going to die factful of I’m going to die please why give me back hey what’s the optimal of iron why mountains or caves old diamond levels [Music] y5 well how the [ __ ] did I do that I need dang IR oh I see I’m [ __ ] oh so that’s why we haven’t heard Dakota walked away for a little while it’s missed quite a bit don’t worry we’re just messing with somebody well I say messing with him but he’s actually so I can you shut the damn up no can you shut the up shut the up shut the up okay shut the up no no get back in the wait he wants to oh my [ __ ] god that was a lot of damn mobs normal all I think yeah the hard quick what how is that still open you’re going to need it for a zombie villager I’m going to lose it we’re not trying to turn them into zombie vill trying to get zombie villagers too much gravel I wish I had a tunnel Bo how many add or trophies are you trying to get all of them from this one world all the ones that I’m missing how the trophies for the other G you can still find lavies I’m at least happy there’s no trophies for Education Edition I don’t want to go play baby mode if I can make a nuke I won’t consider baby mode can I make you can make uranium I think we’re halfway there hold up what is this [ __ ] saying I [ __ ] hate AI why are you so stupid [Music] like how freak you damn did I just find the devil sword Sparta or some [ __ ] is that why I got that creepy ass [Music] audio that’s a trapo that’s a tank that’s a tank no I I actually have an idea for this I’m making message restricted what that’s not a good sign who got message restricted the Hispanic hispan what the [ __ ] R back I forgot he existed here he gone for that long he said can you play a can you play a song they can play a song of how much you’re going to go back to yeah that’s uh oh I know that is bad I know part of it like play toe car is like can you touch but when you finish it it’s a s play a song can you play a song I have been Google translating every single one of his [ __ ] messages oh computer computer is simply just better all it is W Chompers the Chompers I at Red sandwiches again cuz they from the F video uploaded R sandwich I think my stable is done stay in the Box get out of the box that’s DB Youk bro he’s 17 stop hitting on him I don’t know if he’s talking about the tell him Dakota same with Dakota 17 Willie 17 yes 17 bro I’m laying on my bed I feel sexy as [ __ ] how do you know if he’s not 17 you don’t know him are are you looking into his personal information2 no one is 22 wait are you sleeping I just went to bed yeah nobody in here is 22 we’re all 17 my [ __ ] I’m take a I’m about to remove this guy and block him from the channel what does that say [Music] [ __ ] that’s what it says up dude you’re being a like major creep con [ __ ] 17y old you [ __ ] creepy [ __ ] I have a potato from a zombie where did that go Oh in there go find some of that all right I’m going to search the ship mic oh no it wasn’t that bad bad but you probably have to turn people up yeah so all right my eyes my eyes all right this is going to be the farm chest all the way up here all right all right why am I trying to sleep we need zombie villagers that one okay a lot of the things I’ve been collecting have been going in I remember on hard mode on Java oh hold up not a single one oh my helmet broke I know wa what was say something about hard mode on Java oh yeah spiders spiders can have random effects on them such as invisibility strength and speed oh my God I every M could have that dude that would be absurdly cool baby zombie with strength and speed speed and invisibility that’ be absurd then you can only see their black eyes I don’t see a single one oh that guy has an enchanted Bill kind of want that did not get it but we did get that behind you how did that not die did he not die I hit him with two full bow and arrow shots and I hit him with a crit of an iron sword was it the 360 that got didn’t let it happen I guess not all right I know last time I found a zomb oh witch you Splash that was poison poison you don’t have that yet you got to remember redstone’s duration explosive is uh is powder wait powder powder is more St Y is level up yeah so to make it splash I believe it’s something else splashable with gun okay that’s right cuz it would go somewhere zombie villagers so you see I’m going to make some more torches so I can bright up this area of the forest we might need a block Mr uh p over there oh another witch there we go almost daytime all right what’s next more yeah I know that’s what I’m waiting on I’m at the edge of my seat right now not nope [Applause] oh know what makes [Music] damn we only have eight Diamonds oh we had 10 but I us couple of them to make why does it do not not work what not work just the game the G dies oh dark oak forgot about this I have my pants are good actually I don’t need to make another helmet right here pumin can go my shield is going to break soon so I’m grabbing Shield oh right getting all this dark oak wood for other projects as well as the roof which I might not do we should go get a couple of uh BL rods huh I just like to join you with that I don’t really have the greatest [ __ ] just have iron stuff I’ll deploy the wood and I’ll uh I’ll get in there all right careful it’s going to lag for a second let me Crouch real quick just in case actually I might stay here for the saplings maybe they’ll stay hopefully it don’t despawn why are there two portals now also lava I mean we can always come in here and get lava mhm take oh me K [Applause] this lag yes I don’t have any arrows let me kill the zombified pigin for his gold armor but then we have to deal with all the zombified piglins I’m spamming it’s so laggy [Applause] dude this is so laggy are you kidding me that man has somebody’s [ __ ] loot yeah look there’s Fortress right over here wow this is a good [Music] spawn I’m going block all this off I’m get some more netherite oh this this is so laggy okay it’s a little bit better okay game is so [ __ ] laggy I can’t even hit him bro bck fix your shitty game man Dam it I’m trying to hit it I’m trying to hit I promise you oh [ __ ] you know at least it’s down there and not in fire oh I might be down there not much there’s none actually there’s only fire there might be like two items that done on fire and I hope it’s neither one of my diamond items what what Diamond did he have okay I I just oh I took all your XP [ __ ] I’m fine with the XP being on we uh diamond pickaxe is still there diamond pickaxe and Diamond Sword I think that might be a sword yeah that’s a sword okay you have both your diamond gears all right that’s the only Diamond gear I care about bet okay apparently gas are dangerous as F apparently to you lag go away rest my armor looks like my other Shield got destroyed was there a Strider dying lag go away like said like I said it looks like my other Shield might have got destroyed all I have is my really broken one oh [ __ ] where’ all this lava come from like a handful of my other stone tools that I just had on me I can deal with not having the stone tools those are cheap diamond horse armor in Saddle another saddle two diamonds nice did you Happ and pick up a full shield off no I made my full shield before I done anything apparently I have all the iron on me too and I didn’t even notice bro did he put that away put it away yeah back cuz uh that’s kind of dangerous look BL oh [ __ ] you can’t tell me better some [ __ ] got a BL red GG right oh you got a out yeah but it didn’t drop skull that’s all right I just need a pee did you go to a different Fortress no I’m in the same Fortress Yeah I’m going to go pee real quick I I’m I’m clicking hello I’m spam clicking oh yes lag more dude Bedrock is so ass can we go back to PS4 edition dude oh wait I can’t because my console is [ __ ] I [ __ ] hate Bedrock Edition so much it’s so laggy for no reason really really really so someone if I die here I’m literally just going to get off bro this is so dumb I’m so tired of dying to some [ __ ] people that don’t take care of this world now I need to find all my [ __ ] it’s lost 37 levels that’s great defitely wasn’t playing for 10 hours stra do that are you [ __ ] kidding me e what are you [ __ ] doing what bro I need your help I have nothing [ __ ] the man drop a sword oh my oh [ __ ] what that right here too I’m going to take a back bre [ __ ] this [ __ ] oh then man this game oh I survived God damn it all right oh cool oh right somebody put lava on the other side of the [ __ ] portal for all right let’s try this again I created you a pickaxe and a stone sword so and I’m immediately going back in for our stuff it’s crazy how I died I was like 10 years away from that with his skon and it just murdered me now all [ __ ] with skeleton bro they’re apparently the most deadliest creature in this game who would have [ __ ] thought huh apparently damn I can’t even find the [ __ ] Pathway to get back to our [ __ ] oh my God I can’t fight you that’s a waste of time hey if you can get to me I know where it is who the [ __ ] did this what the this we good I don’t know where you’re going okay you’re over here yeah it’s straight that way come follow me ignore this dude just literally run away I know where your stuff is I have no food so like I said I know where my stuff is where on my gear go right data um the [ __ ] all right I got all my [ __ ] back I got my stuff I think but like half of it disappeared what did you have iron I had a a full gear of iron and it’s I don’t have any of it at least I got the two diamonds but kind of wish I had everything else is this your bow no cuz I died over here okay well I don’t know whose bow this is I’m just going to how do you know where I am out watch out are you [ __ ] kidding me I’m going to die cuz the lag your shitty ass server is going to get me killed this is so cool I love this I love dying to shitty server mechanics uh here I already have food this just takes 10 years to heal watch out [ __ ] BL bro what the he has my iron who does the what wait where is he there he is blaz Rock us oh no there he is oh my God all my gear holy okay that’s my shield I trying to need that there we go I’m healing all right uh take yes it’s very bad all right I forgot you’re tall you can’t jump over one block [ __ ] do I do this [Music] got three Blaze routs so far I don’t know how many we need I don’t know either okay really so we can start making potions [ __ ] it’s good to have the blast powder I know but oh yeah you need blast powder for a tool [ __ ] stupid I forgot I hav [ __ ] made potions you haven’t played this game I have not this idiotic ver hey should we stop dying no [ __ ] it I don’t want to be here anymore let’s get the [ __ ] out of here I have a BL spawner on me I’m just going to try to do as much as I [Music] can we have shs what’s the problem why yall getting [ __ ] on cuz they won’t engage at the proper time cuz the server lag if you could shut your mouth that would be amazing thank you yeah go this way again I’ve entire bre like it’s a great spawn and everything like a phenomenal spawn really is God damn got to heal oh right cool where you at upstairs can M wait I can mine you yeah oh literally legendary literally legendary cuz right down here it’s a blast wait it’s literally on this other por that we didn’t go to cuz we were busy getting our [ __ ] back yeah so you know what I you know what I think we do we do this kind of like block them in here make sure nothing else comes in farm this we can handle the farming part I have seven bra Rod so far I’m going my blod you can hold on to 10 blaze [Music] rods damn I think it’s worth to have this open instead to close this off okay so yeah like have a little spot we can Retreat into I need it I promise you I have no sword but I have an axe but we are here here you want a St sword I have two eat it I H not a good time to be in your inventory I’m going to die holy wow I R into that guy Dam I have 58 cooked beef holy [ __ ] nice all right I gave you a stone swords now you have a sword I have three of them damn they hit so hard and better it takes 10 years to heal I want to get like that this pretty good XP this is but like just going to be dangerous X yeah yeah I feel like we bring in dude we need to make this area right here like iron nether base make this little safe area we come out over here we F but make everything out of like Cobble Stone so I can’t get bring it some wood that up right here now the question is if we built a portal here where would we where would it bring us out to no idea oh [ __ ] 14 15 I’m pretty good I say let’s leave when we have at least half a stack but if we’re still good I say let’s make it back I can make a diamond sword right now I have a diamond SW I should probably make one all we need is just a little bit more actually we probably have all the bels we need to get it crafted and then place somewhere I think we should place in the Attic again the B you already made it yeah it’s made it’s all set up it’s got level 30 enchantments where did you put it basement where we were talking about last night right you got to remember I don’t [ __ ] remember [ __ ] yeah I have terrible memory can I eat like that’s a weird bug so if you’re looking at the spawner you cannot eat like dead ass does not let you where f Tak a little while between spawns also grab [Music] NE I got level 15 I might go fishing might as well start getting some books we need grind 19 b 14 whatever doing it honestly I’ll go as soon as all three of my stone swords break yeah I’ll break my stone sword and I’ll leave and then you do that I guess I don’t know Bo are to break though yeah mine my helmet is pretty weak I said I have I have the iron so I can make more boots we all have good iron talk about like I have the iron still wow isn’t that all of our iron yes cuz I was going to make tools I went to put it back up and I probably got 88 put it back I should probably get some Soul Sand and stuff too know where that uh area is it’s actually just I believe over there like said Soul Sand Nether wart we can find some 21 one 2,000 200,000 chance level 16 like I said we definitely definitely need to go like make the skeleton spawner start using Nethers do that though we need to bake like Cobblestone tunnels are you doing that so they can’t play up yes and not only that we we can spam jump and get easy crits there we go going be a little claustrophobic I don’t know if this means that they have less chance to spawn because how tight of the space it is remember that being a thing but don’t remember it being a thing so that was really fast TR right there I hope you all like clear this area out Edge out or what TR like connect it off I just want to make a nice and square just like that 25 should we get half a stack and then leave saying either half a stack stack depending on how our food looks I think half a stack is like what 64 let’s get 33 cuz in that 64 [Music] oh got have a shovel to work to us here you need another tool that work Stone ax three more away from uh Half Stack and then we leave what I’m saying grab 33 cuz then we can make full stack of blaze powder for our BR stand 33 oh yeah I wonder if that Village has a Bru I’m just blind right but like at the same time it doesn’t matter might as well get it like said we need to find nether wart too I have three which we can actually let grow it actually is one of the fastest growing quote unquote crops in the game so it should be all right I think I broke your thing broke my boots I think I could have I don’t even know anymore oh yeah you broke my boots oopsy I’m going to go over here uh do you have like wood on you so I can make a new set of boots I have the crafting table on me you also have the iron now too [Music] there sleeping through this night to the world is cu since we’re both in nether that’s what it says when some when you sleep through the night when how many you got 30 all right three more get some Soul Sand start a Nether wart Farm over world the nether sounds are so weird also apparently one of the sounds we hear is a Geer counter yeah highly hey 31 oh that’s that’s all of them all right where can go I’m out oh look at that man chill oh no oh no oh no I’m dead I’m dead yep Goodbye Oh be careful oh the half a heart bro I’m Stand Down healing I’m stand down here in healing all right so they spawned right here but they can’t get through here anymore come up here I don’t see any one right there let me watch out can’t jump over three block tall so or one block tall look right here this with Skeleton Trap I can just hit them [ __ ] Christ why are they so strong dude they’re too strong they’re actually way too strong in this game yeah oh my God please I [ __ ] hate this game so much um yeah they have iron gear [ __ ] this game is so annoyingly hard it’s not even funny all right I just got instantly dead that like I was at probably eight health eight health like hearts and I just got instantly one ta yeah I don’t want toer that blaze it it to burn all all right uh your other stuff’s over here oh it dropped the skull too oh it did here give me that sick yeah yeah yeah here [ __ ] okay we’re dead I C okay no we’re dead all right uh what are you missing right now I know my inventory was already pretty full I was just worried about killing the thing that had your armor um why does the nether sound like Origins I don’t know what I’m missing besides all of the XP that I just got well [ __ ] can’t jump over they can’t jump over one block in a three block area I’m just getting out bro I’m not worried about this get out I’ll be right behind looking for another Wither Skeleton we have one skull one skull closer to our goal stop lagging dumbass nether I really hate the nether in this game mode also I’m about to finish camouflage I really do think that okay just lag that what that this game is just hard as [ __ ] for the nether for no reason I just have to leave that I’m going to die if I don’t all right uh then hit for two heart set full iron things balanced dumb they a weer for 10 seconds all right did you did you grab uh sand or yes I grabbed 19 [ __ ] that’s the wrong block [Applause] didn’t like please don’t I won’t die but I didn’t die the [ __ ] I’m wearing golden armor why are the piglins attacking me I’m missing sticks that’s what that’s fine though I really don’t care [ __ ] it I blocked off the portal you’re stuck in the portal oh cool ow did it fou you sir he a piglin was already on the other side [ __ ] shot me soon as I came through interesting Christ Ash that was probably the worst idea ever to even play that in here apparently but now we can make a blaze that’s what it’s called I’m putting the this skull above the door put the Brun Stone right there these water bottles I’m out of food I need I’m going to make some bread with the there you go the entire thing full of it can you make macro cream out of this you can although I don’t know really what the thing is I should get rid of that for I should make arrows let get some more we have gravel somewhere I will where did you will go here why is Will not talk CU I told him to M being stupid which either way it doesn’t matter if he’s muted or not he doesn’t even talk I hate this how much I forgot what I was doing there we go get more [Applause] St good [Applause] there we go 50 arrows good amount so set us in the basement I’m going to go down there oh I have no levels guess I’ll make myself another iron P sword iron sword use that for the time being oh no I said I was going to do fish actually not bad IDE do I love fishing sorry will it oh the little one I need seven more beot seed I’ll finish the shut up we be doing things bu he not trying not to die in the [ __ ] NE bro multiple [ __ ] days in the nether just trying not to die I’m going to go ahead get [ __ ] ton of food for of us for XP I’m so upset that I lost 37 levels I’ll reg grind it I’ll reg grind it to do it to prob let see how do you make a grind Stone uh I think normal Stone four sticks of like uh the size of CH I think it’s a slab though so you might be able to use the stone cutter I think we have some Stone then around one slab two planks two planks oh yeah regular D we have six yeah it’s just randomly there there Walker joined I did not place that there I pressed tab but God this game is so stupid make my gold nuggets the gold ingots oh I lost my torches too I probably have those I’m still confused about that message right now which one so Micosoft have actually taken care to be cool I don’t know what that means I don’t know it’s try a cipher Cipher clear my inventory some hey there’s some Magnum blast down at this Lake ni so if you want to sit that there for an entire day you can get a free trophy [Music] I’ll probably I’ll start that one soon all right let’s see I’m probably going to do I’m going put the grindstone downstairs that near the enchantment table actually I know exactly what I can do now I’m going make this area right here instead of having like a massive basement Planks on the one I left logs right there iof didn’t do anything good about this game planks yeah planks is all the only contest I got out of that entire thing is oh so Minecrafts really have taken care of to be cool like what it’s not desable zero Tes makes no sense all right make some more chests specific downstairs like actually do you want to move uh some storage into the basement yeah that’ll probably be cleaner all right I’m fishing right now cuz we also need to start getting lapis and [ __ ] like that AR I think doing sideways chests is going to be the best way cuz the only way we’re going to be able to get should I start turning some of the floor into slabs so we can have triple stack of chest the basement I guess probably on the edes anything in my [ __ ] gets griefed whenever I don’t play this entire world just die can the one condition we have when we let somebody join is that they will not grief still if it does happen this world is dying otherwise we will dox them give me a fair warning I will actually destroy this [ __ ] world a couple flying TNT [ __ ] de I think the only do was like preferably griefing in clothes is that one nyt k but he was just speed running the entire game okay I don’t know do we count nyt is griefing I mean we had to respond the Ender Dragon anyway I mean yeah I mean he he got one part of the problem out of the way just him do again none of us don’t need to beat him we just need to respawn him access that chest yeah I need a favor of y’all I need some Eyes of Ender why you gonna try and find the [ __ ] stronghold that already got finished that and since I’m hearing a dragon is dead I kind of want something oh the egg no the EG other than that oh he wants the elytra exactly I need for himself I might get y’all some I where are you at will somewhere beyond the sea like right over here you just can’t see me so what kind of things go over to the uh Cherry biome Village I’m somewhere where the [ __ ] did you go you dick well you got some eyes vender for me oh proba we got gold you can go barter with the piglins the end pears all right I Go part of the [ __ ] piglins I think there’s an Enderman come to z300 uh no I don’t think I will you [ __ ] will we have the portal fine I’ll be over there whenever I’m geared up this entire time you haven’t been geared up nope I’ve been working on my base I why you’re complaining wanted n times so bad don’t make armor that’s your problem that probably means he hasn’t even been mining yet either [ __ ] there we go got me some golden boots on I want to get a crazy fishing r on this I don’t know if I can [Music] Walker left the game I don’t even know where Sleep Walker was so I think that was like aste or something I didn’t say who were I don’t know where they were I don’t even no either but Sleep Walker was the one that kept joining and leaving yeah the undesirable hen or something I don’t even know what the [ __ ] the name was UN ver 10 un 10 510 54 x Nam is that its finest let Ethan into the world could have the onest other to you know what while I’m not here I’m [ __ ] covering my [ __ ] up cover my [ __ ] up just wrapping around and some [ __ ] I can actually stay in the greenhouse doing [ __ ] for a a God damn it I broke one of my pumpkins plants oh man good thing is though is when you break a stem you get double seeds sometimes all these in there four more now maybe I got another one may me that was fast finish hello where is I will find it top chest no no middle chest on the wall next to the furnes not much gold have 15 go get I have 19 okay a pretty stack of gold I haven’t minded any all right where’s your portal uh you see the little wooden pillar little cave there go in there oh he’s off to die please don’t be a goddamn Wasteland it’s not too bad it’s kind of like kind of weird oh yeah and I covered the portal because I kept getting attacked trying to go in and out so oh yep here’s a lag laggy in here Jesus Christ I don’t know why it lags this bad it’s so bad only really going between the it somewhat clears out but not really you got the ne I have NE in this bottom chest I don’t know I’m trying to figure that for out are these all zombified Pigman H there’s the actual hose I need that has a barter hole oh yeah oh yeah it’s probably the spe run yeah that speed running was going pretty fast on that [ __ ] I’m going to die are you I accidentally hit him while trying to mine got to be slow man and there’s a gas a gas gas trying to touch me all right I’ll fish a little bit later those in there what I seeing if that sound about let Ethan I don’t even know if he can hear you I haven’t bared with a [ __ ] piglin until now and you were gaslighting I did not know I don’t know what I I should figure that out before you talk oh sharp three that could be good something I haven’t done I have no reason to must I got three end pears that was [ __ ] hit hey well that’s three Ender pears remember the Portal’s already done all you need to do is find it I’m going to go ahead and get some more mobs this night [ __ ] I don’t even know if Ethan’s in the chat still pears y’ got normal no we haven’t really seen any Enderman and that was the early game that we’ve seen them yeah now we have like our F we have our Greenhouse set up so like we have things that we can just work through the nights now matter only worried about sleeping to the night at the beginning but also I’m going to go see if I can happen to find zombie villagers I’m just going to leave this [ __ ] with you so will where did you go to build your base 300 I don’t know what biome that is the planes I got double leather pieces from Full Lea zombie godamn it there we go are you level 11 there anend oh not endar what crate mod [ __ ] am I trying to remember BL burners looking for what blaze powder stop lagging piece of [ __ ] I love the biome color P I don’t think Ethan’s in chat yeah I guess not s that argue about your grammar and how you speak in chat I don’t even have anybody in my chat room I have like two other people I think they could are still watching I’m I know I’m in your chat I’m over here I got I was going to kill another Enderman but first of all Will’s gone so it doesn’t matter but also when you find that [ __ ] baby baby dog I killed baby want talk about me dog no Bab hurt but when he screams like a little [ __ ] that’s when you know he’s talking about a baby zombie cuz they’re terrifying all right I think I’m going to leave the chests that are up here currently like that have stuff I’m going leave that here I have no helmet anymore which trying to suck you [ __ ] I was trying to sleep did you find the shle yet no I haven’t even left for yeah said I don’t know if stop trying to touch me while I sleep I don’t consent can I hit I [ __ ] hate these servers the only want to connect to you guys then go somewhere light up your area you [ __ ] absolute [ __ ] [ __ ] brain dead is it [ __ ] help I would go barter [ __ ] Pigman bro is spamming the sleep button you want me to sleep so bad can you not knock me off the [ __ ] cliff I haven’t [ __ ] set up I’m the [ __ ] Joker it’s already almost daytime yep ain’t no point I was trying to get my XP back cuz I died four times in another because with stones and SK hit like a [ __ ] tiny freight train they hit way too hard though for real I right there well they no no do it stupid as [ __ ] SK is get your Forge to work ain’t Forge being stupid L trying to make me sign in again to Minecraft and just being stupid as [ __ ] you should have like heard the [ __ ] I was dealing with was trying to sign into twitch oh I know I was here it was actually annoying dude mobs will spawn on top of the [ __ ] three block platform in the sky hilarious yeah cuz it’s not lit it’s amazing I think it might be just me and you in the chat now huh might be just me and you in the chat I’m going travel back to the top of this [ __ ] Hill May another S three dakot like I haven’t heard from Dakota all right so I’m going Z the in The Zed how the [ __ ] do I say Zed I’m American I should be saying Z dude my sword is only offering me bane of aods I got sh three on mine I’m try to go for that dude it’s offering my iron sword Unbreaking I might stream for only four hours tonight uh is effic is just putting efficiency my pickaxe worth getting eventually three that’s pretty good if you have a diamond oh yeah you do I think it’s worth oh my God they switched the boat recipe when did they do that recently probably a few months yeah I think about it quite a while ago because I switch to better recip not the shitty one all right I just used all the leather we had to make books like blocks away from Spawn like I guess I’ll go through your old I have no idea what thing it was do you think your headphones are charged all right SI how long ago did you find it I pretty deep in the Stream probably like six hours it’s whenever this naughty man [ __ ] was happening let’s see five hours in you were terraforming what the mountain yeah I was start forming that for a while this is going to suck if I fall powder let’s see you mining at hey goats [ __ ] y’all 6 hours in a when did you find it Holy Mountain I should have built there I see that in the distance will you are a [ __ ] you are hoe you are a [ __ ] was it when you were in the really big cave that’s not far from the house no that might have been the skeleton one the spider one was on like the side of mountain the skeleton one yeah it’s probably summer there it is yeah just go to those tance I guess I don’t know where the [ __ ] that is 300 negative dude it’s like it’s literally only a couple hundred blocks away it’s is really deep yeah I know it’s in De territory let’s see it’s 300 something negative 300 something like 299 and3 something I should enchant this fishing rod so I can get some more it’s like directly down that Ravine right there did they know uh you want to go with me real quick and kind of start turning it into an XP farm I don’t know that a another a shell nice we those for your time a bed for me what I forgot to gra a bed I’m going to put an extra chest right here now right here this where extra books are going to [Music] go that’s a beauty of annihilation don’t play Beauty I would stream on Twitch if it streamed on the right Gmail but not doing it I keep checking weird little tiny one block [Music] holes bad thing to be those stream Black Ops 3 custom map holy moly [ __ ] r d of cringe [ __ ] it popped down to one oh no this sucks I’m gonna die of hypothermia I got out you know if you have leather boots on you can to climb up those those power blocks lazy not out of La yes is I’m going to [ __ ] you that’s okay there it is I really hope it don’t pop before I find otherwise it’s going to be a see the stream for that long where should I put the Soul Sand going the [ __ ] nether growing I don’t know I don’t know maybe in the cave actually [ __ ] it throw it in the basement okay weed in the basement exactly boys I’ve have gone over a thous blocks in Z Direction well that’s not good we’re going to bust this hole right we’re going to bustle right we done a bust busting makes me feel good [ __ ] shut up I’m bored as hell hey an emerald expose on the surface no you [ __ ] the [ __ ] happened [ __ ] biome froze my [ __ ] water you didn’t break it and it had the audacity to not [ __ ] let me have my water bat like it froze it I broke it it didn’t [ __ ] make water again Dam I was slightly too Sol to that that suck wow W oh no the [ __ ] dude no it [ __ ] popped trying to find the stronghold my last one [ __ ] popped that’s it I’m still going this direction f now the question is do I shrink the room by one [ __ ] with me play plus damn thing you got PlayStation Plus that’s wild yeah yep boys I’m over 2,000 blocks and I haven’t found a hole are we making this all Cobblestone down there I’m walking on the [ __ ] snow oh it’s this all going to sorry this is all going to be Sal or try to be I think I’m going to I don’t know if I’m going to put the Salan in the floor if I’m going to put it on top of the Cobblestone or you can make a like grow house where you can put it in the walls have to knock out the walls again I don’t want to go back I think you your headset might be charged enough E Yeah hold up let me put my headset back I’m tired of it I cannot tell what saying I don’t want to go back to the damn do it beginning do it do it it’s been charging a lot longer than it was yesterday I should Tak more than three cuz Bedrock is ass what do you think uh instead of doing you’re going to get need turn up e there we go that should be done where did my shovel go I guess I broke it I have shovel what I’m going do get rid of all that where is it game come on show me the hole I all right so this is going to be the next wall we don’t need like a huge nether War area I need at least six more logs I’m about to start tweaking yeah already are tweaking what are you talking about you’re already on the tweak sesh I hate that the [ __ ] balls can pop so wait you have so you’ve popped all your balls yeah oh if you see zombie villager I still need those no I kill br all right and let’s go ahead how about go back to Devil May Cry this Minecraft version is pissing me off when does it not it’s better what not [ __ ] do not [ __ ] me gers [ __ ] you wait you Bund no it grows really fast though what you also don’t need water for NE wart NOP it would be crazy if you can have lava for it getting [ __ ] man com back Jesus horror sounds much better I a jet pack wait I just realized I accidentally made the basement that means the house is symmetrical too wait I know the house symetrical that’s because that oh it’s not symmetrical it’s completely off by one block Armstrong will fist you I don’t really care that The basement’s Off Center because it’s like it doesn’t matter that mucher fisted Y no skeleton we got boned what are you talking about it’s because of the wall pattern I did but like I said I don’t really care only time we’re coming down here is to mess with [ __ ] for sure oh like oh yeah NE world really F boys I find it dumb there can’t be an eclipse in Minecraft you going have a lunar one where the Earth has cover in the moon that’s all the time are you stupid yes [Applause] I’m [ __ ] lose my mind all right I think our little three this is do really good you have stuffing you have stuff this is our basement we got our you know our dark magic over here we got our fill those chest up I’m going to make more of those chests we need that storage I promise you yeah uh and then we have our you know our grow house down here what the [ __ ] is this okay that that true you’re being boned all right let’s go see if we can find a zombie villager actually I think it’s about to turn daytime so yeah I found a zombie villager what I found a nitwit too but I found a a farmer villager wait is that a nitwit or is that an unemployed one if it’s greenish if it’s green clothing yeah NT that’s not bad pretty sure nitwits I don’t even think you can breed nitwits you can’t do [ __ ] with nitwits so it’s not worth getting the nitwit but it is worth getting uh farmer the farmer though yeah here I’m letting it into the house that’s a normal that’s a normal bro but it has green clothing that is not green if you don’t think it’s uh I think that’s the normal one super good I come out the final look yeah that’s that’s normal here bring it over to the boat there we go yeah that’s normal I mean they’re kind of like in our living room or like in our main area but you know unless that’s how Village is supposed also you want to name our I guess let’s not name the N but let’s name the farmer all calling him n what do you want to name him cuz he’ll keep his name when he’s uh cured like we need to have a good name for our farmer right here also will how do you make a weakness potions which we don’t have the gold to do anymore fermented spider eye you might as well need dream at that point named a Minecraft wait you hear me fermented spider eye and it needs to be a splash potion I know it needs to be a flash potion how do you make fermented spider eye fermented look at up sugar mushroom and uh Spider ey sugar which mushroom brown or red Brown oh we don’t have that you can find one place on the ground what do you mean it’ll sprad FR it will grow more that’s why me my spread I know where one to be I’ll be right back you can find in the ne too I’ll make sure this I just there but I don’t want to let you not because that is a green lookie villagers what the [ __ ] how far are you will thousand blocks okay yeah don’t it won’t be worth like I said if this here well I’m going start a share screen real quick you want to nope not looking at it I’m running back bro I’m L running back justtin tell me if it’s worth putting a [ __ ] name tag on this one real quick so I can run away from there for a moment just don’t run away from it I will be there in like five [ __ ] seconds or five I want to take I want to go mess with my [ __ ] grow house well actually I can go mess with my gr house my gr house is here my green house uh how many stages are there to Nether Nether wart um is it four like everything else big bigger than big that’s what I can put it as so it’s base one two and then big big is three it could be four but I’m pretty sure it’s not four I mean you could also just keep on waiting and waiting St until eventually it’s like H yeah it’s not growing anymore yeah and then it can physically tell and then it can break it God damn it powdered snow okay now hey Dylan I guess that means we can get started on our next big project what is that if we cure these villagers vill sex villager sex yes no I mean uh we need like a villager trading Hall hey a villager Outpost another one at like 100 netive in the snow biome oh yeah then yeah we can see that from our house we yes we’ve known it’s been there but jumping a little bit well guess what I haven’t been in this Dam world for long I’m just telling you from literally going upstairs we can see it I you don’t have to jump to see it Dylan I know get right over the edge of the mountain hey what’s your why 15 I me X not y 223 223 Z 416 I’m almost there have to [ __ ] up before I bust a nut in your ass what the [ __ ] all right fous spider I made wait hold on what color are you you’re blue I think I think Dakota’s green and Will’s orange how far did you have to [ __ ] go to get that mushroom like 400 blocks let the mushroom destroying them although it’s like basically a straight shot so it’s kind of not far away yeah look out your back door is waving how [ __ ] you emote do I even have emote bound is well literally from right here I can see the snowy T over there and the [ __ ] pillar yeah from this very spot let me check out this dumb ass that my little [ __ ] boy is green it’s nitwit so it’s not worth keeping brown pants that’s a nitwit [ __ ] I turn away I no [ __ ] you have the worst be any boy I’m going take down your gravel pillar hey so I can leave Minecraft Youtuber unattended right yeah Minecraft YouTube yeah actually don’t don’t do it don’t I mean there’s no children around so so we should be fine Okay cool so that is the final stage got it don’t leave the Minecraft you untended he will touch children I don’t know how far I can go away so I’m going to my Greenhouse now you can go forever away that’s their name taged and in a boat yeah the boat counts cuz I know they can despawn in a boat what happens skeleton ahead I found a nice ocean I just need some fireworks and a you know why I like for me to spider eyes so can you sleep underwater yes at Le in Java cuz I’m about to go stay underwat for a full day just go ahead and stay crouched I think you have tole crouched in a lake or something no it’s you have to hold it oh on PS4 edition is plus you can just wear boots not exactly boots don’t work you still burn why Minecraft Minecraft yeah that’s what we got I thought that worked when I was doing that but no nope it’s Minecraft it don’t work it’s dumb all right finally my entire Greenhouse is fully plotted this greenhouse took so long to build I think it was probably like 10 Minecraft days pretty sure that was like 10 Minecraft days right there probably but still it’s only like a couple of hours real time that was like 3 hours know how long [ __ ] IR how many days do you think it’s been in this world probably 50 if this was Java you’d be able to know wait can I just make the water bottles have fermented spite for I think I have to make them yeah make it awkward let me my nope I got these growing like I already harvested one that’s how we got more this is very close we’re just wait this one’s close these are all BAS wait I want I wonder if this torch is keeping them from growing I don’t think so it shouldn’t matter they grow no matter what it just takes a while yeah hey trust me I already have a [ __ ] Nether world Farm on the server how do you already have one because I made one all right uh it’s not big but it takes a while I just need more nether I guess I’m going to go sit under water yeah it’s that Lake down there by the left that’s where it is uh just make sure the [ __ ] villager doesn’t despawn cuz he shouldn’t it very well shouldn’t but you know it’s it’s happened before I will have to say it that’s all you need to know this is keep in mind that villager is forever going to be named Minecraft Youtuber now it’s funny now the question is do we want to keep him a f cuz we can still change his profession right yeah regardless if not just get multiple farmers and you can make them [ __ ] and give birth true the upsetting truth how far down do I have to go oh I can get sharp to right now on my sword too bad I can’t use glow I don’t know if I will though because uh I kind of want to get level 30 right away was that maxed hold on that wasn’t I’m going to kill myself no I need is there no way I can say Crouch under water you have to hold Crouch you have to hold it it’s kind of dumb but it makes sense I guess I don’t know kill me I guess WR that’s all it is that’s all you need to know CU it’s bettered all right so I need show gas of a fireball and how the [ __ ] do iot now it’s fish can you find a normal assmore yeah jungle a jungle just in a jungle bro I’m in an underwater cave come on trophies load before I destroy you this is going to be annoying I was hoping i’ would be able to I mean I guess a cond help this challenge bro for expansion pack one I L just need kill the Wither and create a fully power Beacon D which we already have one wither and I need all the battle [ __ ] collect CH breath and a glass bottle using elyra to fly through a one by one Gap while moving faster than 40 m met per second the need how the [ __ ] have I not oh cool there’s Dr fully explor adjac item fres and a 3X3 sorry was there a creeper in this cave spawn defe Elder I not done that nice we could have looked at the stream looked at the stream this is back door [ __ ] it let’s go see if I can mine this iron and Lapis while I’m underwater nope this is going to take forever do I go ahead and use my diamond tools then to try and do it all right let’s get Diamond Tool oh yeah I might as well I should have brought respiration set spawn point like a helmet might as well just steal one we’re just waiting for this another work to do it thing we also need more gold d that mind nice I st cying about it I have to fight drowned while in water and while I’m under here I’m collecting lapis and [ __ ] in this cave God damn it not another Dr we can’t sleep either there to the underwater and I don’t think well out of home here surpris Co it was a [ __ ] dud trying give me that copper tell us like positive numbers uh you can see I mean you can try and see if you can get another zombie villager it isn’t a nit oh hey I got one right here how far like 300 blocks away Z 300 he’s right here come on come on I know you can smell the Minecraft children over here come on you’re not on a boat do you feel stupid as [ __ ] also your boyfriend right there he’s dying many Dum how many are you keeping just the one yeah because he’s doing what I found fair enough also got be careful not to go into a water pocket otherwise it might count as me not being under water anymore do achievements oh [ __ ] I yeah can’t rest anyways cuz you’re in water and the I’m going to go to I’m sorry why is there a skeleton under here cuz they can live under there well cool I guess I’m not getting like a free trophy on top ofing item from a chest mineart I wrong one anyway wait is it can you walk on magma with frost Walker I know there’s a way to [ __ ] do it it could be I never really tried that one but I think Frost Walker is kind of rare all right there’s more deep play Iron I can go mine this R to so many of those boots I never got cross walker I don’t know Frost Walker might be one of the ones you can’t get from the enchantment table cuz you can’t get mending from the enchantment table we can get it from books what do you mean like if you enchant the book yes town I need to go down to the mines I’m coming to your B he’s in a boat just sitting there so I’m about 90 sure that I just yep all right I’ve got all the lapas from this area get some iron let’s go this IR I’m at z300 so iron takes so much longer to mine I thought you were positive 300 all you said was 300 a zombie fler but I’m like hundreds above thousands I’m on the hill I’m at y level zero what the [ __ ] why’ you go so far down I’m underwater yep to there negative it’s 300 for Z zero all you said was 300 so that’s all the cont I got 300 300 times oh cool but it does break your armor though I just found two liberians but they’re so far away nope you can’t smell three villagers right there I mean you could try and bring them back dude that I’m so far away just oh there’s your base I see it right next to a cherry blossom place to the Cherry Blossom I’ve been me and Dyan have been staying together with this whole time they’re [ __ ] that’s all it is yeah [ __ ] dilling so hard last night you didn’t have to factor C me that [Music] hard yeah he did apparently oh cool regular zombie how long you become ground pretty quickly give me that howy crackhead you there’s a spider on your ass this one lame ass base I haven’t done much you need to do more lame ass I don’t here so they are mining [ __ ] or whatever okay adios probably daytime yeah but I have to stay under here for a full [ __ ] 20 minutes like [ __ ] that I can’t like you know before I go down like toggle Crouch wait what actually you missed I don’t know where you were going nothing thing mov really slow what if I just change my my [ __ ] did take the egg from my chest and just [ __ ] yeah that’s not a chest was like holding the [ __ ] Crouch button hurts right so I’m going to switch it to like Circle or some [ __ ] for now gotcha those used to not hurt I know I love that the you now you’re missing now I can just hold Circle doing this just have a lot yeah I had three stacks that’s all we have oh stop running yeah I need some food before I go anyway so I’m going just stay here for a little [Music] bit BR got [ __ ] all right there doubled let’s go ahead and just hold that button ow [ __ ] I’m play on my phone it pulls me out the [ __ ] chest so you going to stay there or yeah no I’m potato farming real quick I need oh you’re just literally you’re not even that far away nope I thought you were a little bit further away I might like get off [ __ ] P [ __ ] I’ve just staying away for like 22 hours I I have no brain left I am brain [Music] dead I’m I am not fine no Dylan here I’m sending you something to stimulate brain cells hey so how you planning move this guy over there I don’t know grab a [ __ ] ball sag and Ball s and then ball set then I don’t know ball set some ball sack ball sack ball sack ball sack right yes and in case of ball sack I’m coming over there with helmets I want to see if he can pick up helmets I think he can wear helmet I want to see if we can cuz if we can we’re pretty much a okay keep on going [ __ ] captured I’m building my base with no plan usually I have a plan on how I want to do base Frick he will probably pick it up by choice if puts it on there you have leather cap and some food it do not C but I do not care he has to pick up by choice not just I probably wait until this night which is probably in like 5 minutes and then I’ll try to get him over there there’s only a few things that are going to be annoying to get them up such as all the Torches that are about to break but should be able to relight it in that time okay you might want to eat my ass too much who’s a Minecraft Youtuber are they normal diamonds like not D site ow ow ow okay I want to save those and put them somewhere was so touch it’ll be cool oh balls I might go over there for iron and coal mountains are so good for coal and iron and emeralds I guess I might go over there I’m go over there said just send some to me oh it’s absolute wolf are you [ __ ] wa almost my how the [ __ ] did that happen I was trying to make him put on the goddamn cap yeah it doesn’t work that’s why I give up I’m a goddamn onion Mason I’m a godamn onion Mason oh my God damn bro all of my controlls are screwed the [ __ ] up right now my Crouch is [ __ ] left trigger and my eat is [ __ ] Circle I did that on purpose so I could just hold it with one hand and not [ __ ] worry about it let just to sit in one place I can’t sit in one place because it’s a [ __ ] cave zombies keep spawning and turning into drowns and skeletons and [ __ ] keep spawning up there just keep bro put yourself in like I don’t know like a little box oh [ __ ] yeah you right I forgot about that dumb ass man I don’t have blocks oh dumb you should be able to make like a flesh block I don’t want to leave the zombies so because it will still despawn you can use for name tag if you want no I’ll just sit here till you get [Music] it you can’t say that bro [ __ ] [ __ ] say what explosion suicidal man that’s just [ __ ] red then he of course laughs because he doesn’t [ __ ] care titties go no the [ __ ] yourself absolutely will no CU you can’t cuz I get no maidens what’s the point of going and [ __ ] yourself was it just ice up here seems like it’s just mostly ice my giant balls inbound ah oh boys I would drop kick a child for Dr Pepper what that Minecraft Youtuber by the water tell me how that makes sense sleep with the fishes unlocked right as I finally make a [ __ ] box now how the [ __ ] do I get out of this cave might just sit here AFK or something and then just end stream cuz there’s not going to be much happening in that time so we can do something holy [ __ ] I did it be byas [ __ ] thing I don’t know now that’s want kind want the chomp chomp on that ass Bo up in the corner I need to go fix my controls P snow is so crazy it’s annoying crazy I was crazy once lock me in a lock me in a room a rubber room a rubber room with rats and rats me crazy crazy I was crazy once they locked me in a room a rubber room a rubber room with rats and rats make me crazy crazy I was crazy once they locked me in a room a rubber room rubber room with rats rats make me crazy let me open the [ __ ] door by pressing Circle hi Minecraft Youtuber so glad I did that hi popular Minecraft YouTuber dream yeah uh oh will just remind me of ice cream I should get like for ice cream should be crazy huh make myself that the trampoline I have it in another world yeah trampoline is actually in I believe pack H is it eight I don’t think it’s no I don’t remember what it is no it’s in one of my worlds but you have to bounce on a slime block which I have one of my worlds I have all the way up to a sky base level like all the way just max height and uh it just launches you up it’s amazing well did you raid that uh oh he’s probably not here there’s a Ru portal over here you get the gold from itad I’m me go check my Nether wart Farm I got to say that nyt guy kind of did grief in this kind of world cuz he’s just speed the [ __ ] game he probably got all the XP for it probably which sucks so that’s the only amount of XP that you can do so he has like 69 levels on him I wonder if play friend the fog so bad I the laptop that’ll handle it all right the only good thing about Bedrock is that on PC any computer can run it seriously I watched a video on a guy buying like a $2 CPU or whatever and uh the man could run this game at 60 with ease literally no starter is no problems rendering he put it up to like 128 Max chunk distance and it wasn’t lagging that’s how optimize bedrock in terms of performance it is insane I think the max is 32 chunks on here or 28 chunks on PS5 here um I think on PC is like 64 anyway I’m back on back to die inside oh it’s speak going a d every single furnace has Max of everything wait you like get some like gold or whatever coal I got tons of coal for that little trip that I went out for I get off boring to me try to get that villager all the way over here how much time is there left quite a bit I know just night yeah we’re playing with the boys and we’re streaming cuz you’re AFK for like an hour that is true like you were gone for a while it’s a problem with me when I play a game for too long D we’ve got no more uh SN man l l he hasn’t appeared I’m purposely dying oh I don’t have a boat that means this guy will hit me I don’t have a either mother [ __ ] man I really don’t want to [ __ ] do this [ __ ] Golden Apple I’m [ __ ] done with this stupid ass Game Y keep on spamming keep on spamming also what did you do with that uh Brown mushroom I put it in the farming chest and I already made a fermented fire spider eye I don’t know where I put it it’s somewhere in the chest all right it’s in the bottom chest cool I yeah I just didn’t know where I put him no yeah we know where that is now can I use my shield game engage the shields God I hate this [ __ ] game today I really just don’t want to play it quick Che yeah I don’t want to do that [ __ ] yeah I think I’ve broken all of these [ __ ] early I’m about to take a food break that [ __ ] is [ __ ] stupid damn where’ all the iron go damn it I’m separating that oh sorry you got SL by a zombie villager from where will all right let me put I got more lapis so where you put the lapis down the enchantment spot yes cuz I’m B smart I mean keep in mind if depending on how far away you were from us you’re probably outside of our render distance meaning you time doesn’t get there until you go back to it if you never re enter a chunk you died in your stuff will never despawn we figured that out by will literally going thousands of blocks away yeah literally with the Electra just die to an invisible tree also those coordinates I just put uh skeletal spawn yeah that’s the skeleton spawner I should have screenshotted it but I guess I just was too distracted go over there and I’m M down to it as long as world doesn’t die cuz his area is shitty lit up it’s only lit up in like his own wait is that another that’s another zombie villager is that a nitwit or an unemployed that’s a nitwit wait actually I don’t know that one looks different are you down there yeah I’m down here no that’s another net yeah and you have no purpose daytime too oh man actually oh look the two of them please help oh [ __ ] I’m dead behind you [ __ ] the [ __ ] what where’ the other one go all right I stayed away from your stuff so you should be able to get your stuff I’m so tired of dying this stupid game because the game doesn’t allow me to Shield I killed it I killed one of them there’s one left so dumb man I’m not I’m not aggravating it though it’s so so weak man I’m at [ __ ] spawn where do you think I’m at wait why are you at spawn oh cuz you slept in the bed that wasn’t yeah all right yeah I think this Ravine will lead me there really hate this Texas server [ __ ] oh did most of it fall down here no not down here most of it’s up there and in the water I came down here to see if I can get to the skeleton spawner here level seven sick well hopefully our levels won’t be a problem too much longer I’m also grabbing more iron cuz running a little low might as [Music] well I’m going to take a food break this just annoying me where’s my boots at oh I don’t think I had boots yeah I don’t have boots I’m going make boots and get off go eat you come back or you G oh I might come back I don’t know I’ll probably stay in the party probably going to be an hour reboot for me I get burnt down my Minecraft so fast cuz I just don’t have a refreshed brain I did everything in the game that I wanted it’s one Reasons I’m constantly coming up with different projects all right I’m Ling off

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    Ultimate Guide: AI Minecraft Thumbnails on Mobile Exploring Minecraft: A World of Creativity and Adventure Minecraft, a game loved by millions worldwide, offers a unique blend of creativity and adventure. From building intricate structures to exploring vast landscapes, players are constantly engaged in a world of endless possibilities. The Power of AI in Minecraft Thumbnails With the rise of technology, creating eye-catching thumbnails for Minecraft content has become easier than ever. Platforms like Ideogram.ai offer AI-powered tools that can help creators design captivating images with ease. By incorporating the game’s logo and a theme that resonates with players, these thumbnails can attract a wider audience and… Read More

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    Building Our First Farm in Minecraft Hardcore! Minecraft Hardcore World Gameplay #7: Building Our First Farm In the latest episode of Minecraft Hardcore World Gameplay, the player embarks on the exciting task of creating a mob farm. This essential structure will help ensure their survival in the challenging world of Minecraft. Let’s dive into the details of this thrilling adventure! Constructing the Mob Farm The player carefully selects a location for the mob farm, strategically placing it to maximize efficiency. With meticulous planning and resource management, they begin building the farm block by block. As the structure takes shape, the player demonstrates their creativity and skill… Read More

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    EPIC Minecraft Modded SMP: Steam Engines vs Dragons!Video Information This video, titled ‘Steam Engines, Dragons Battles, and Black Ice! (Minecraft Modded SMP: Fields of Fantasy EP. 10)’, was uploaded by Eunoia_Playz on 2024-07-14 19:00:32. It has garnered 467 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:47:42 or 2862 seconds. Once more, it’s good to see you all again. I genuinely apologize for the 15-ish minutes of straight explaining and catching up; I haven’t been able to record a proper episode for the series. Alas, DO NOT WORRY, this series isn’t going anywhere, and I have episodes that should be more consistent (for a while… Read More

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    Deadly Encounter: My Terrifying Encounter with MonstersVideo Information This video, titled ‘SCARY MONSTERS NE MILKE MAAR DIYA 😱’, was uploaded by MINE KRISH on 2024-02-23 08:35:04. It has garnered 2993 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:12:36 or 756 seconds. minecraft horror minecraft horror maps minecraft horror mods minecraft horror modpack minecraft horror games minecraft horror seeds minecraft horror maps 2 player minecraft horror texture pack minecraft horror shaders minecraft horror skins minecraft horror maps multiplayer minecraft horror maps 1.19 minecraft horror adventure maps minecraft horror adventure maps multiplayer minecraft horror addons minecraft horror art minecraft horror ambience mod minecraft horror apk… Read More

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    Unbelievable Random Fov Challenge in Minecraft Bedwars!Video Information This video, titled ‘Random Fov Challenge! | Minecraft Bedwars’, was uploaded by Dirtrider79MC on 2024-07-09 02:09:51. It has garnered 54 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:14:47 or 887 seconds. Hey guys! This challenge was really fun and i think this was the longest ive ever edited a video XD .·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙click here*̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ . ༓~texture pack(s) ~༓ pastelic v3 rose gold: Pastelic Collection [128x] Pastel PvP Texture Packs Release (FPS Friendly) ♡ pastelic v1 purple: Pastelic Collection [128x] Pastel PvP Texture Packs Release (FPS Friendly) ♡ ୨⎯ s o c i a l m e… Read More

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    DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN GERMA! + URA DO KONCAVideo Information This video, titled ‘1€= +10 MIN, 6€= +1 URA DO KONCA EVENT! (FS22, GTA 5, ETS2, RL, MINECRAFT, VALORANT, CS:GO2) [SLO]#7’, was uploaded by GERMA on 2024-07-18 07:01:52. It has garnered 2683 views and 243 likes. The duration of the video is 11:50:58 or 42658 seconds. #paradajzuci #mislimnate #roadto20k #farmingsimulator22 #farming #farmingsimulator22mods #farmingsimulator22multiplyer #multiplayer ================================= ============================================== THANKS EVERYONE FOR AMAZING SUPPORT! PLEASE LIKE👍 AND THE BELL 🔔 ⬇️DON’T FORGET TO⬇️ ╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ ================================================= =================== THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE DONATIONS, DONATIONS ARE NOT OBLIGATORY, THEY ARE VOLUNTARY, BUT ALL MONEY FROM DONATIONS GOES BACK TO YOUTUBE AND VIDEOS… Read More

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    Insane Island Showdown: 100 Players in Minecraft Hunger Games!Video Information This video, titled ‘100 Players Simulate an Island HUNGER GAMES in Minecraft…’, was uploaded by Knapp on 2024-04-26 16:00:07. It has garnered 276937 views and 6047 likes. The duration of the video is 00:58:45 or 3525 seconds. Today I Made 100 players simulate an ISLAND HUNGER GAMES, who will come out on top? only time will tell! EVENTS ►https://discord.gg/P2yXFe8EVM HOSTED BY ►https://discord.gg/phytor ————————————————————- 🐤 Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Knappidk_ 💬 My Personal Discord ► https://discord.gg/q3Qu6MxVTC 🎬 Edited by ► @KnappYT Team mates ► @zeldub @Nakasleep @dobov2 @alpgg_ @yesluc ————————————————————- Massive thank you to Wepwawet Hosting for sponsoring me and my… Read More

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    Stinky SMP Welcome to Stinky SMP! Hello! Join us on this 1.20.1 Minecraft server with fair moderation, extreme longevity (no resets since May 2022), and inclusivity for all playstyles. Features: Great Performance: Minimal lag with vanilla+ modpack and high-performance server hardware. Safezone-Borderlands System: Choose between a safe area or a resource-rich but dangerous zone. Origins Mod: Explore 61 custom origins and suggest your own for a unique gameplay experience. Join us: Planet Minecraft: Visit us here Server Invite: Join our Discord Read More

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    Insane Gold Farm Build in Hardcore Minecraft 1.20Video Information This video, titled ‘I BUILD MOST EFFICIENT GOLD FARM IN HARDCORE MINECRAFT 1.20’, was uploaded by CherryON on 2024-01-12 11:36:43. It has garnered 10189 views and 238 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:40 or 40 seconds. #cherryongaming #minecraft #minecraft100days #minecraftshorts #minecrafthardmode #minecraftpe #minecraftmemes \ FIND ME ON // 📧BUSINESS QUERIES MAIL : [email protected] 🟣INSTAGRAM ► @aa.k.a.s.hh https://www.instagram.com/aa.k.a.s.hh 🟣DISCORD ► @CherryON Gaming https://discord.gg/dSuuqpNnF9 …………………………………………………. \ EPIC VIDEOS LINKS // ENDER DRAGON ► https://youtu.be/lcXYUIWlIPw?si=y3yq61tbCex7eENX WARDEN ► https://youtu.be/sNWyRAfTQCQ?si=QFTRbe6xVLFt9kbl PARK THEMED BASE ► https://youtu.be/dVVgf0UpXPg?si=eNAF6CBX2FK03x4n (Unique Design!) HARDCORE STARTING ► https://youtu.be/uHQPipz6UbY?si=GCM_g2ygt1NJ6gvR (FULL of Fun) Iron Farm ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCZ-fc4e27E (Unique Design!) ……………………………………………………. Read More

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