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All right I should be live hello hello chat oh hello hello hello everyone I’m here too hi oh yeah why is my chat not appearing on the side it should be like appearing on the side and stuff M why is it not doing that today we’re doing a Minecraft event are

You playing fortnite is wait is this like fortnite is it I don’t think so all right one second the chat up I’m setting on my stream now aha I’ve got it there we go uh game with camera we’ll do camera only for now um what you guys think of my Drip by

The way event drip why does it stink so yeah I need to see what stinks I’ll be right back yo for your information hold on I should probably put it on my name just in case uh wait no that sounds weird okay whatever back I’m live A6 oh I’m live

I’m live too okay good bro someone was heating up popcorn and it smelled like a dog I was it I was hesitant to just say it out loud like hey I’m live wait I can have small chat I think no I can’t oh that has my address on it it

Let’s get that out of frame no leave it in leave it in all we have the chat there that should be good oh it stinks oh my God they burn the popcorn guys don’t leave the stream oh who have we got here I don’t know frame now I don’t know

Who that is I don’t know who that is I don’t know who that is oh choos um oh it stin so bad I’m sorry oh my god there Cloud Pierce oh my Guys uh oh oh my God I actually stink so bad there we go okay now I need to make a broadcast Oh Oh I thought he was flying I don’t know how he’s jumping higher than me uh what now we wait until it starts and then I think there’s a two-hour gra

Period and then we kill but I actually have an idea for the stream me too and socks as well so you you’ll see you’ll see Hi H here as well did anybody read the rules because I clear I didn’t I’m going into it blind uh you

Can’t use full bright that’s all I know that’s that’s all I gathered so what would happen if I did per chance I don’t know ah it should be fine I’m too lazy to search up Red Dot Emoji so I’m just going to directly steal it from your title oh thanks bro

No problem man I’m always here why do I not hold on I’m on aversion and I don’t have up to find oh yeah oh I don’t have up toine okay it’s a great fit though oh what’s the uh server version by the way any any version 1.20.1 works that’s what I’m

Using what the hell got it use Fireballs MH private gaming change the the thumbnail to me oh my God it’s real BS Barnacle barle oh my God when I’m Bor inside joke YX latx LX LX come back this guy oh my God he e go for the

Roof right hi hi bro no way it’s me y what’s wrong with my skin wait what who are we missing on our team like everyone nobody I think or are we I think we’re missing two or one people two or one people okay what two people on there you go select broadcast

Announcements team fire a6d that’s me he’s here Chief yeah he’s here yeah I mean they’re here I don’t know sucks you’re here y I’m here suggy save will socks are you getting on there uh yeah you have to get it on like now mhm I have to get off fabric though

No so suck the rapu where’s the IP who El here wait Yuri is in our team uh I don’t know know about it then if he’s on our team yeah can use him as a cross reference oh hey guys sorry I forgot I went live my my chat just filled up you like

My I forgot I clicked the go live button my bad scaming streaming yay going do not scam but sure this is [Laughter] all there we go all right launching Minecraft wow I don’t even have music going yet water on the hill the yeah Yu is on our team

Perfect we should just ask every because he knows everything yeah that’s exactly why I said let’s go we’re we’re winning see I don’t recognize anyone I don’t recognize any of these names neither yeah whatever I mean the TR the truth is that the other day when we were

Recording I was like oh this person has two million Subs oh I’ve never heard about them yeah it’s a bunch of shots YouTubers I’ve never make shots so that’s why in this Event okay socks are you on socks I’m talking to my chat get on the server sucks good joit oh my God socks oh my God socks big fan socks slash s break the drip oh I don’t think I think he’s still talking to his chat yeah oh sucks Chad

Doing think he’s he socks chat’s doing good I’m touching CL his bomb all right so what do you think hold on um I think it’s great thanks bro oh that’s that’s the really high quality camera that’s not the one I want there we go that’s the one I want low

F imagine if ninja got a low tape of face who’s this oh it’s Barnacle hi Barnacle who’s this who’s this who’s this the person who was in a VCR with all night all night last night I was up till 2: in the morning last night I woke up an hour

Ago I look up like a normal person cuz I’m a normal person you slept into oh clown Pier you slept in and like 400 p.m. this week no I woke up at 10: in the morning and then yesterday literally being like Oh I just woke up

My time what time is it there 4 P p.m. no my time what yeah 4 p.m. your time no I haven’t woken up like past two in like month MH well you see I’m I’m actually like what’s the guy’s name from like American Psycho Patrick baitman yeah you see I’m

Actually like Patrick baitman and I have a schedule and stuff so like I wake up at the same time I simply am not there exactly there you have it so all we got was Fireballs I can drone I want to drone to yeah I’ve been healed by Yuri oh no I’m being healed

Too there’s the entirety of Angel team in the water socks socks come here come here come here where yeah follow me following let’s go touch them what what let’s go interrupt the thing I died let’s go Yay yo we going to stop let’s ruin their their stream no no thumbnail group photo for you guys whoops oh I missed no we’re going to win this all right whatever actually I got to win like a couple extra Subs as well we’re going to win couple Subs

Where where are we meant to go what what oh okay shck sock socks where are you wait where are we going I I thought there was going to be like a big like hello and welcome to the event no there just isn’t where are you guys behind you

Here bro follow okay why are there people here from our team 16 okay what okay yeah I don’t know what we’re doing bow in the way me me and socks are going to get as much wood as possible and build a YouTube URLs in this guy yeah we’re

Going to put https colot vixio and socks follow bro I’ve been doing that every event for like the last two years yeah so that’s so that’s all you’re doing for like the next three hours well that’s that’s our plan I don’t know what you want to do y boys we’ve been

Who’s in the call oh yo on Team bro what the [ __ ] you mean yo okay so basically basically basically basically we were thinking of TNT mine cutting TNT mine cutting cuz if a Fireballs set off like that’s so cooked yeah better that’s actually really overpowered oh my God this Fireball man

What what’s your idea go okay so what’s the goal the goal is to kill everyone okay oh someone’s stolen all of bloody wheat anyway stop guys I’m lost I was at the lava Pole now I’m lost if you die are you I was about to

Say are you dead but are you no there’s like a there’s a grace period for the next two hours where where right where about are you guys in a forest ah I don’t know honestly I think it’s worth spreading out early boys cuz we don’t want to all be in the same cave

And [ __ ] realistically yeah that’s whyde like rashford what spreading out you know whoa whoa gentlemen gentlemen simmer down simmer down my goodness wait does anyone have any um yo any what happened what happened [ __ ] you wait we can use this to get trees Fireballs oh who is this Andre is going to that

Guy okay no he can’t that’s usess that’s useless hi hey Gavin what are you what we me with grass a what are you meant to do oh actually the wood burns when he use the fire I’ll give you [ __ ] even genon doesn’t know no I do I oh actually I

Just woke up um wait that’s Gavin hi hey Gavin there Gavin how’s it going I’m I’m good I I wasn’t expected to be here but I I woke up hi snag wood um how do we get food oh here uh maybe check the Sheep yeah there you

Go I’m I’m working towards getting iron I saw I saw like a Geo of iron or something whatever it is like an iron deposit over here oh soon going to be able not I mean soon not going to be able Village I found a village um just saying I think I think

Never is disabled you think what’s disabled I think the never is disabled yeah look I can’t Sprint just m um oh yeah I forgot we can dig down that’s a thing oh yeah right bro this whole village has been looted yeah if you go over the um if you

Go over the hills um I’m just literally just mining down um quite close to the pills oh sh I’m at the edge Ed why is my music stopped iswi right low no [ __ ] that’s that’s what I was saying what a silly rule I was just thinking that cuz like oh yeah my viewers aren’t going to be able to see a single thing down there yeah especially

With OBS compression it’s just Pitch Black in caves yeah uh I I have f up to 500 that’s allowed in speed run so surely it’s allowed in the EV I’m sure i’ be fine thought I saw pigs early here over here Earlier I may have died to a skeleton boys I’ll keep invent on we chilling wait keep it keeping t on yeah wait so it’s actually wait just damage reset just damage reset hold on I just got an idea mining with a fireball I did see Ms a baby though easy bro good

Thinking good thinking who needs to eat when I could just die exactly that’s actually yeah but where do you respawn back on the yeah yeah that’s not that bad I don’t want to run back from there all right make a full because as I ask for full bright I

Literally I mean i l enabled it who’s this Chief get in bro get in bro okay no we can’t see [ __ ] thanks bro I’m going this way cuz I haven’t this way okay I’m sorry but I’m keeping my full bright on when I’m just in caves

Like just mining down and we can’t see anything wait why AR we allowed full bright what I competitive Advantage for vision I guess or something bro mine doesn’t turn off what are these yours doesn’t turn off too many carrots is a kid I permanently see well well I’m dead anyway cuz vixio here

Is just taking me on a trip of the ocean BR I’m reading my chat where are we going I’m reading my chat bro okay come where are you taking me say something offensive into the mic yeah I’m not doing that Goods Goods Goods not even

For got him got him boys okay right this should be a cave here no oh my god I’ve just found some more diamonds just dig straight down honestly just dig straight down kidding me I’ve just got eight eight diamonds boys that’s what I’m doing wait huge e

Table we boiling now boys we boiling table e table eat table um e table I have no clue where you guys are damage reset if we need if we need to quit meeting y diamonds nice nice That’s pretty high I have an iron pickaxe I

Don’t how does the Y level go so yo do you want to meet up on spawn I’m already I’m leaving spawn dude oh no there’s somebody there’s somebody coming I’m just going to put di right in front of the [ __ ] diamond so they don’t see don’t worry I’m on my way I’m

On my way does anyone want to be about spawn just because I’m just got 11 diamonds found some food sources be little mon I’ve literally just been with um looks like gav I’m mining down into these guys okay I got an iron pickaxe and diamonds there

We go I’ll gra I’ll grab some lapis while I’m while I’m down mines actually yeah what’s good team you got stuff okay I have 10 diamonds perfect nice and advanc advancements aren’t on so they can’t see that we have them I made I made five Diamond hoes that’s big would prefer the Juke

Boxes yeah the Juke Box hello I’m going to make my way up to the surface and come find the lads oh more diamond no way nice let’s go I’m rich more than in real life socks when you want to do it socks socks socks socks socks so so socks socks hello yeah

Been what the hell man more what the [ __ ] are diamonds boosted I have no idea I don’t know because I’ve just got more yo I found none what the [ __ ] I think some people are just incredibly lucky with him skill it’s skill finding diamonds for sure I’ve got I’ve got 18

Diamonds so GG you’re x-raying all right no worries uh how right ni pardon you want to do it now I’m ready oh the yeah yeah the thing yeah yeah yeah just death reset right oh we’re doing it in spawn yeah yeah we got to make sure everyone

Sees it I see I see right I’m going to make my way to spawn thing I’m I’m down in the depths with a6d right now yeah is bricked up so does so does actually death reset actually work or not yeah it does yeah it does it does okay sound I’m

About a Mumbo on her jumbo found some Redstone all right I’m might spawn oh my thanks thanks forgot there was a grace period why are these sideways where where about all you guys these are sideways oh my God that looks weird anyway BR [ __ ] Dam how are you finding so many

Diamonds boys I’m not going to lie there’s nothing anywhere yeah I haven’t found anything yet boys what’s your what’s your cords uh- 400 yours is what what- 200 400 oh that’s part of the map now y um yeah I know there’s just the best mining strategy just blow the whole game

Out scks if you have your stick in your hand you can’t break [ __ ] oh oh I found I found a way around it all right what oh my God I’m on one half I found diamonds it’s pretty hype diamonds please I need I need to Resource collect if I want to build a

Thing in the sky yeah you can just get dirt it’s fine I’m already building it that’s true dirt’s probably the best option Cobblestone I have two tags already’s like really straining to read though no yeah right I’m making my way to minus 400 now I died um I’ve lost

Staircase yeah I lost mine too a I’m just going to relocated the staircase I think oh there you go I found I found the staircase I found the staircase hold on well I’ve partly found someone in my chat is edging to my [Laughter] stream thank you monke for becoming a member bro yo

After the edging com oh yeah I just realized I can’t becomes a member I can’t read it [ __ ] um oh lais bro one guy’s been asking me to scream the whole time I don’t want to scream I’m just going to I’m just going to death reset cuz like I’m not climbing out of

Here plus I’m like out of hunger so can someone so can you tell me if it looks good from down there so far wait are you guys wait are you guys building on top of Spawn yep oh my god oh that’s beautiful except they aren’t aligned yet and the P’s are upside down

Wait how what do you mean the P’s upside down it’s right now it’s HF BB but the B’s are like up two blocks oh I just real I just remembered how I have to do it I’ll come I’ll come is it like that HT yeah yeah yeah

Yeah and then you got to move the the P’s the other yeah yeah yeah yeah like this no you’ve just made the B longer wait what it’s it’s a b not a p if I’m looking at it from Spawn uh I see the H and the T but it’s it’s

Htbb so it was right the first time then no it wasn’t no no no you moved down you moved the blocks down so now they’re all aligned except the the fourth lad isn’t I’m dumb hell are you trying to like that no uh uh yeah actually that’s good that’s good

I’m probably going to death reset soon forcefully but I will okay I need um who’s this oh it’s will hey y what’s up you making you’ll see on what are you making oh you’re using jungle planks y yo socks yo socks a bit cash oh nice one two three there you go

No I’m good I’m good I don’t need them I’m throwing anyway I don’t need any like materials that are nice no fair enough uh I need oh this is the village you guys were talking about yeah uh I need who’s that who’s the black guy under my thing I can’t save that

Man camera setting who’s that the the The Hobbit team is making like a villager enchantment room like for books they’re making like book rooms for villagers wait really yes we’re not playing the same game no we’re we’re not okay hold on wait can we M that [ __ ] can

We mine it yeah yeah yeah we could blow up we could blow up villagers let’s do that Sur we just do that we don’t want to develop ourselves we just want to bring everyone back to nothing we want overall zero progress it’s got to be even against everybody

Let’s go let’s burn this let’s burn this Village to the ground no I back that you know so since there’s a grace period they can’t hurt us so we could literally just walk into their base and use their enchantment room yeah CS leave the cords uh yeah yeah yeah hold

On let me just run right into their base I’ve literally just run right into that Village and just start to SL everyone yeah yeah I’m in here too there we go they’re saying you’re not allowed to kill claimed villagers uh the r on fire nice Pudo I watched that

Happen yeah uh let’s just uh want check if the URL is good a6d I’m you’ll have to check it which one uh just go to up yo dude this is a z not an s that looks like something else from from the ground wait wait wait looks like that

Looks like something else man I’m not going to lie let me take a look oh God what is going on ggps SL slash where the [ __ ] are the dots wait I’m putting the do now https HT HTTP col’s s HTT H it’s cuz you messed me up you

Messed me up silly bro you put a z that’s why I mess you up why’ you yo that’s mean bro vix you’ve done this like four times whoa whoa whoa whoa that like four times do this no VI um who’s who’s over there who’s in check check shirt who’s in a checker

Shirt is that good is that good okay we’re good okay that’s much better that’s much better that was about to end very badly was about to get us banned on aut I was going to build um something else by accident my bad my bad I didn’t though just blow up everything they own

Nice oh yeah because the the fireball thing destroys things so you can just break everything they own oh my God they’re Mak size wait no wait no wait no no no there’s uh there’s rules against griefing isn’t there actually no no there isn’t cuz they they expect us to act maturely but

They have like really high expectations for us cuz I’m a Minecraft so no just accidentally hit right click while you have your fireball shooter out and it’s weird I’m doing it man I don’t carees clown Pierce is that your personal diamond storage oh I accidentally right clicked

Man sorry y my bad G my bad G you want to spot me 20 oh yeah apparently H trying trying to team clown Pierce if you kill me I’ll give you uh 20 Subs business man I won’t I can’t afford that I have poor spending habits so man

Same I feel about so bad same I have four not not the spinning habit so are we are we going to build a base on top of the https that would be funny we should do [Laughter] that the fun thing is that we are the

Only ones being able to break uh to like to throw explosions from there so basically if we build a base from fireable them out so do you have wood for me cuz I’m running out dude that’s what I was saying yo you should just build mad high and just Fireball them

Off like just we no we’re Sky basing boys we’re Sky basing we’re Sky basing that’s what we’re doing Sky Bas boys bro and then just Spam Fireballs like play so ratty I’m getting all the dirt oh I see why your perspective would be messed up yeah it’s really hard to

Yeah I see that youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com Oh yes the workplace youtube.com what I’m so confused what three four five you’re going five font size here yo are you writing italics or you just uh he’s going bald he’s going proxim NOA is he going to underline that’s the question you

Know so do you have wood for me uh not for you I have some for my link though do you have Oak planks oh that is a tea uh no I don’t I don’t who’s coming up do they have Oak planks I all I have is oh cool uh what

Did you say I don’t have o plants man do you have wood they have like blocks any blocks I’ve got jungle W if that help why did I have to pick such a long name dude give me give me bro it’s bad that I’m streaming on Twitch because if what you

Just off the whole thing bro how’ you do that what so inexpensive okay I got to say you’re slash or very weird what’s wrong with my slash wait it’s like vix vix you’re so dumb what it’s HTTP not htpp HTP oh Yeahs I just realized I had to type it [Laughter]

Outs God this isly I no you’re wrecking wrong one that’s the P yes that’s the correct P this is a te oh F facial awareness is hurting me I always thought it was a p bro stop it stop it stop it I am writing okay there we go I fixed it trying at

Least [ __ ] y hey I can write no it’s fine it’s guys guys my guys my anymore oh no oh no oh no no no no no no okay hold on hold on um okay so the bend is there okay shoot okay I’m out of blocks I’m trying to think of how to do

An s from this perspective um oh I’m out of block so it’s AC cross but okay it would be here so this is PVP yeah PP in like 96 minutes but for now we’re getting stacked up all I need blocks so yeah nobody can get ESS too so

Basically we’re just winning if we’re just stay up and we just Fireball them out yeah I’ll be back SS yeah but getn we’re just stalling wait wait hold up hold them now hold them up they’re actually going to take small amounts of oh my God I put

Htps oh my slash is on the wrong way as well everything else is right though okay I’m going to take a screen how mine how’s mine bro you good is good how did you end up doing your ass did that happen fig genuine question here are you dyslexic I am yeah

That makes sense that makes more sense make fun of everyone else’s spelling no I can spell can you look can you because what I’ve seen in the last five minutes says it says something else what so it would be slash so the slash is yeah okay okay I got it

I got it okay guys I have an idea I’m going to if people go up to our base if we want to kill them we got to put some dirt on the floor instead of water instead of where there’s the ocean or do our Bay somewhere else where there’s ground so

They can’t like just survive when they fall I can do that after I just need to finish my link I’m kind of getting loads and loads of wood out so I I think the easiest way is to actually do our base above the desert that is just right behind you

Yeah we could do that after yo do we do we have the coordinates of the enchantment table then like we know where it is and stuff no [ __ ] we should probably try and make one all right this should be enough socks what’s your y level

158 so I’ll spend around 100 and I’ll be left with nothing okay yeah I need more oh my God it’s a pig and a cow my inventure is almost full of dirt uh Sky basing is be op though yeah that’s definitely the pl what is in the sky is that https is that

Htps trolling okay so we’re trolling all right no worries guys htsp htsp okay clear F HPS did you break the wrong s yeah I I don’t know what I did hgs SPS oh yeah so we’re in Copper boys is that what we’re telling me we’re in Co so

We’re in CA okay no guys there’s ice below there’s uh unmatchable who oh yeah there’s a person below us yeah I mean they’re above me since I’m literally mining dirt blow SP but I don’t know what they’re doing is someone just left 18 iron down here I’m

Coming back up that’s probably mine oh mine bro bro I I want it back I want it back oh I just made 30 jungle buttons what the hell you know what just because of uh you know that I was trying to make ladas and like make sticks and stuff oh my inventory is

Full boys I think is how oh they’re fireballing it they’re fireballing it why are we make that’s our team that’s our team okay okay wait wait no but it’ll still light on Fire won’t it that’s our team though why are they that that was my BCI clicked it

When I spawned I just realized we made the out of wood it’s fine yeah we’re the only ones who can do that fireball we’re the only ones who can Fireball they can’t it’s only our team that has the fireable thing because we’re the team fire why is there so many buttons here

Right okay that’s how this event Works those are the buttons that I made that’s class good job so three the bottom up and then some okay looking how vix did a lowercase te cuz I don’t know how to make him you [ __ ] rats keep stealing my iron yo

These guys are bastards bro holy [ __ ] h t y [ __ ] these guys be okay this this get rid of this go up another https [ __ ] wait no it has wings so oh yo you did it where’s that in the sky don’t worry about it it’s just me and the boys YouTube

Https YouTube is it a plane uh does that look like a t yeah yeah that’s good wait it’s two slashes are you serious oh my God I ran off hunger mid jump yeah https call SL slash yeah I need to fix this one as well by the way your slashes are the

Wrong way I fix I just fixed made these ladders is genuinely insane I’m not going to lie oh they are aren’t they are backward wait a6d mine’s right mine’s right my slashes are backward oh yeah you fixed it yeah you uh the one after gum is not though gum yeah I’ll fix that

Gum I just there we go I fixed the flashes all right not dude why do I have to make such a long name oh I only have five blocks left shoot I have some all right whatever boys boys water’s coming up huh water’s coming up yeah oh they are they

Have full diamond wait bro where are they they’re they’re coming up the tower that we used then just [ __ ] Fireball then yeah Fireball Fireball Fireball oh [ __ ] you’re right get off my tower that’s me you idiot oh my bad hold on hold on I got six

Seconds three two one hold on hold on watch out I’m dead [ __ ] yes I got them I got them I got them since there’s no PVP they’re not taking any damage that’s dumb they’ll take fall damage yeah but they’re not getting knock backed because of the because there’s no damage

Oh oh my god did I build it right can check H did you build what right I finished oh yeah a60 Pudo someone hold on oh I’m already halfway up manrow good y who this guy guy is up that’s Arrow okay shoot can I sacrifice your ass

Wait [ __ ] I’m out of blocks now yeah I’m about to run out y I ran out my link my link broke though socks you should have given me oh my God mine is beautiful mine is mine’s broken we got to put torches on it like for night me who’s coming up

Who’s coming up who’s that do you have blocks like generally I won’t KN you have oh I do man I do oh wait there’s some down there’s some over here don’t you dare don’t you dare not off generally I just I just need to put an S and I’m

Done drop it up here give me a second I have like nine stack a of dirt uh what do you need bo bo uh I just realized something we still don’t have a single bit of food that’s fine that’s fine we’ll just um death reset mhm yeah but at one point we can’t

Mhm ttps boom done bro X spr okay now we can actually go get stacked wait I can’t yet I’m still building my user I’ll do some for you cuz I have Spruce yeah oh my God why’ you do it lowercase that’s like the worst way to do

It because uh it’s easier to read no I’m changing it hold on I just thought something don’t change it don’t change it you did the T if we play beds at our bed right yeah yeah wait I’ve got enough enough wool for a bed do not change any of my

Te and somewhere we need food shall I make a bed up up at the top of the https yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 100 okay one’s up here man I’m going to go touch it you’re going to go touch the bed yeah Dam I might wet the bed don’t wet the sky

Fishes no what a sky basad oh I just slipped off oh I I’ll secure in a minute make sure that no falls off you two I I I I I’m just on board of is’s boat I just saw I just saw di dim Dam D

Pass by and I just went on his on their boat that’s class they saw me now what is this event it’s supposed to be PP I think okay you’re going to have to do the E I can’t be bothered thanks for the ride okay I found

Fish sorry sorry there you go man there you go oh the f Happ all right oh okay I have 26 torches for my thing giving free diamonds z z you dropped your pickax mate no I have new one oh you got one I’m dripped out I’m actually dripped out incredibly drippy mate incredibly

Drippy watch out no I’m joking I might be stupid yes yes yes who we shooting at a tree SP unfortunately no no it does not gentle stupid there is no butt what what are you building let me show you let me show you jump off here you

Go HDD BS okay one two 3 four youtube.com/ not makus there you go oh yeah y actually is it easier to read I don’t know it says YouTube so fast I have 14 stacks of dirt I didn’t me to do that but I have 14 stacks of

Dirt is Chief good give me a second wait who’s coming off here me are you sure yes who’s the guy next to you below you next to me yeah just below you oh water I got it don’t worry he’s quick I need to die ASAP yeah no he’s going

Up 5 Seconds 5 Seconds wait I can do another one don’t worry about it they’re just giving me diamond all I’m back up oh what the bed didn’t work how the bed didn’t work the bed didn’t work no oh okay at Le we know yeah it’s a good thing that we know

Yay oh my God the sky is falling oh I have I have no blocks to get up now oh no he’s he’s claimed it he’s claimed it huh he B me he me he bot me he’s going to beat the sign wait where where is he he’s he’s up at

Top oh my God I I forgot you doing he’s trying to box me out I forgot I place a ladders like this this is pain he’s ruining it I know he’s ruining it why who I I shut up I shut up I shut up is this MX arrow is ruining it no you’re

Breaking my [ __ ] well he was on there stop breaking my sign MX I can just break his blocks don’t break my sign cuz now I have to go through the painful process of trying to see what’s missing all right a lot oh bollock I’m stuck who’s shooting into the

Sign that was me I tried getting them off what the hell that was me no it was from the bottom stop oh that’s fine that’s fine yeah I made sure I didn’t hit it man give me some blocks there we go [ __ ] one block off oh I literally don’t even have an

Axe bro dude that’s me oh sorry bad my bad almost jumped off Swing Swing Swing slash slash uh you two do we actually have to build up to go up there fortunately yeah but we just need to finish that and then we can sky base after guys if we make

Ladders it’ll be easier yeah I try to of blocks I’m getting droned by a drone [ __ ] MX makes this really difficult cuz he’s going to try and break blocks beneath me while I’m trying to type someone someone got a Notch Apple I think it’s cuz we knocked them off the

First time I mean oh so now he’s mad and breaking our stuff I guess skip turn is typing and said baguette oh baguette baget baguette get it cuz a60 is French give bag okay I might get free food I get free food by being French those really playing the French

Game all where is this guy 2 three 1 2 3 1 2 three it’s all made of Threes he fell wait he no one read the rules stealing from different Kingdom dripping is not allow oh oh wow thanks yeah 30 iron stolen bro and now they say

That [ __ ] bro what I have four yellow bagets what if I’m stealing their hearts look like clown pi oh the reason he said that is cuz he’s flying around us https double slash slash I don’t think that’s that means the mods are like chill with what we’re

Doing here see you oh my God my be do you have letters can I have some blocks like literally like six blocks or something to to fix my B I’m trying to come up trying um not very successful at Le so far but I’m trying um does that look

Good oh it’s just a DOT oh wait it is supposed to be do dot a three two three not then three at the bottom three I three right above it there we go I’m done all right 860 where are you one up yeah okay so I did I’m

Coming up wait why are you coming up cuz I didn’t write my link oh wait oh yeah they’re flying around us the H YouTube yeah they’re chill with what we’re doing then then we can do our sky base away from here like like bridging from here to the to the ground skip turns

Here can I have some blocks like a BL thank you okay one two three four five one two three four five shoot Ain no way they’re building up get out I knocked them off hold on to do T’s you do FS huh I know that’s an F you can you can

Go look at how how we did it yeah that’s what it looks like from the bottom okay I guess that looks okay basically it’s just like mirrored from here so forward slash would be so it’s like a Mir like that huh what okay never mind mirror is a6d my

Days oh bollocks I don’t know what pseudo is trying to do here he’s like I think he’s trying to communicate with me but I’m not sure what pseudo what pseudo the host or skip turn he’s just he’s chilling with me he doesn’t seem mad he’s just watching me

Happy birthday lightning which way do I do I don’t understand I accidentally misclicked yeah you’ll have to be like pointing into me I think he’s trying to watch my thought process behind spell r60 you could do a capital one but that that works now that work

Works it’s fine it’s fine uh can we have some more blocks so here and just do a z more more blocks please more blocks please hold on is that correct it is oh PSE sudo’s pseudo skip turn’s gone oh my God I thought it fell no I see skip I

See oh my God I see the sky base okay so here is the Colin and so easy how am I going to make a k Chief let’s bully this guy guys I might change my channel name well do you know who it is this is this is sharpness Bro [ __ ]

Who he’s like he’s like a tier two sword player he’s like very good at sword oh okay um let’s bully him wait you can freeze us wait that’s so cooked what we just can’t move boys I’ve got another bed I’ve got two beds now oh goodness I need to find a couple

More diamonds all right I’ve got the sky base ready T now they cat clutch especially cuz it’s leaves as well shoot than who’s who’s building out from the that’s me that’s me that’s me it’s for our sky base oh got you got you oh I’ve run out of

Wood all right well whatever I can check on how my thing looks oh it looks really good I’m good at this oh never mind my is huge on YouTube I might fix that c up behind me it’s daytime what hey red who’s putting theirs that’s ASD oh you’re putting your Twitch

Writing what you’re putting your Twitch yeah did I not write it properly no I just wasn’t reading it properly I I didn’t see I didn’t see the T I thought you were just writing witch I was like what are you writing twitch dot oh there some guys here in

Full diamond it’s ice yeah but we have yeah we have we have three links all right we got we’ve got three links on them we’ got three links they got nothing on us is that how you do a v no there’s people in VC to I’m going to get okay

Whatever I’ll do it I’ll do it very wide okay oh you know what would really help P sudo what are you doing anything in are you doing anything important right now um if fine important um like no I’m not I I don’t know um just something something are you doing

Anything useful slash useful no yeah like in you know that would help us uh I’m getting lots and lots of blocks hey okay um I was going to say you could stand at the bottom and screen share yeah so that that way we can see like the signs while we’re building them

Yeah sure let me just uh s this out man amongus okay a six so I got a oh my God I’m so hunched over apparently I’m locked in building the sign I I’m all hunched over and stuff I’ve got my stream going in a moment all right

Bet I’ll take a look in a second oh yeah perfect that’s enough to finish everything okay why is your e so big SS H why is your e so big wait oh that was you um I don’t know I’m going to fix that though oh I should have

Done um uh a60 you’re a the wrong way around oh no is it yeah oh right you’re [Laughter] right wait is the six is the six the good way no no it’s the wrong way around I just turned around I just turned everything A90 bro say 90 yeah I just

Start turning everything around you’re right okay if it helps if it helps look at the way you’re supposed to look at the sign from the ground and then put whatever you’re trying to type and it shows you how you’re supposed to write it [Laughter] A6 dude go get some armor you think I’m

Trying to take this event seriously um vix ah why does why does your say https youtube.com hot vi Pi it says it’s an man it says Hot N well either way it’s true so it does say hot Fu no no it it says not it says not it’s just it’s a tall letter

It’s a to it’s a tool L okay a6d I’m going to go B the good thing with a no is that you can’t tell me it’s the wrong way around hey what is shus doing here oh oink oh my bad uh hold

On [ __ ] how do I do an F oh [ __ ] okay uh a stick with two sticks coming off of it yeah know it was like how do I do it the right way was the my question uh you just look up I got it yeah I have nothing bro which one’s mine probably

Not the dirt one let’s go I did it I did it let’s go y HT T P [Applause] S I almost fell good job this is the E okay so you’re screen sharing yep I’m screen sharing man all right let me take a look okay so I’m up here um I shrink

That down I can sink the bottom of the E actually I reckon you could change no no actually no change the um you know how you got an you know how You’ done like the um space between the E like two top bits and E when you just make that like a solid

Bit if you get what I mean again so right you know next to the be how you’ve got like a little kind of block space between getting more dirt need yeah just make just make that to like that’s what I was thinking yeah that that looks

Better now how’s that that looks I can’t see it’s night time actually wait what am I thinking ah yeah that looks much I can see it now it highlights it yeah that looks good that looks good okay um now I’m going to light up the entire

Thing mine’s going to be the only one highlighted unless you guys do yours I’m too lazy to do that yeah h t t p s I’m just getting slash slash you oh you I’m going to backlight these actually uh b e dot C oh um oh yeah we have mobs spawning up here

Oh he he jumped oh oh my God I just saw him jump yeah that that means he’s going to shoot you dude please please okay oh this is supposed to be a lowercase house right here I’m fing my inventory with dirt again this guy’s giving me leather I

Said food uh P sudo how’s it look I have 64 bags by the way I don’t get why https is uh capitalized but you know it works cuz it’s Capital oh no it’s all lowercase you’re right it’s fine it’ll be fine it’ll be fine it’ll be fine don’t worry about it it’s not

Like anyone’s going to try to click on the link anyways true s let me let me let me just right click on the link now I can do an a I’m trying I’m trying to okay don’t don’t take example on my a my a is way

Too large yeah I’m going I got a diamond yay yay Prett I’ve been begging people for stuff and Sh game me a DI um why do I there’s a hey as6 how’s it going man I just I just see you underneath the uh water I don’t know what you’re

Talking about don’t come down here there are two holes on two separate entrances you’re going to see that is you’re going to laugh I I see it I see it my guy is full on mining hello why can’t you oh bu it to this is a pretty good

Base uh nah there’s way too many points of entance all right there we go I don’t know I don’t know oh uh are you still down there person person person person [Laughter] [ __ ] oh yeah I am um it looks good um yeah what does it look like um no my is open

A yeah I want to see I see how it looks this guy looked at my sign and run away what the hell his problem there you go thank you oh my invent is full already wow I don’t know who that is they didn’t even spell the name right that oh maybe this person

Be okay should we make our base no we have 60 Minutes socks up hello am I invisible to this guy hello hello hello hello hello oh [ __ ] my axe broke how does how does it look now uh looks fine okay yeah that’ll that’ll do for a pee I guess hold on God

Everyone’s so mean wait wait wait wait wait you know next to the a why did you switch all of a sudden in gaps that’s not like yeah I know you’re not aligned at all yeah there you go that’s the PE um then break one hole in the middle and then um hold on

Oh my God I thought I got hit looking at your stream the [ __ ] am I being hit by oh it’s a trident man that makes sense never mind I’m dead uh right y A6 yeah I was checking if my stream was only 1080p60 only because that happens way too often

That’s five should what the [ __ ] is three did you make a bridge to go make the base in the desert in the desert yeah that was me in desert the desert the desert how the [ __ ] do you say it Des desert there you go in French we say

Deser but we also have desert which is this oh my God this drown is absolutely goated oh God sucks this I put vixio aside and someone who was streaming looked at it and walked nice okay I’m I’m overthinking this I’m just going to make it a capital

P even though it’s not oh what’s going on down here uh it’ll still it’ll still come up it doesn’t matter what’s going on down here I’m going up I’m coming down I’m going up oh by the way boys if you want cooked fish quickly you know

Just use a fire fire bowl who’s in pink oh that’s smart I’ve just thought about it and I was like oh my God why am I doing a dumb thing I have 64 baguettes what yeah you heard me right I have 64 yellow bagett yes they’re actually giving me food oh my God

Oh my God actually go in yeah cooked fish you can get it in a oh no mind it’s not cooked fish but it’s still C oh when you die you keep your stuff but you lose your levels yeah aha okay I should be done but I

Need to light it up I can’t steal that stuff can I oh I don’t have any logs I can’t make the the charcoal wait we’re not allowed to steal stuff are we cuz I’m in a base no you can’t yeah I’ll get out and I’ll block them at the same time

Is that our B the freaking five block wide dirt thingy yeah yo mine looks sick I love that that does yeah okay I just got to get torches now okay right I’m going to get on top of the base now and just yeah I’m going to get actually I’m going

To get a stack of fish and then I’ll be fine this one guy in my chat is so pressed that I’m not like preparing for battle he’s like dude what are you doing like seriously the good thing is that my chat is actually used to that yeah I don’t

Stream lot my chat’s they just see talking villagers yeah I see what you mean yeah H it’s actually looking decent thank you yeah no we’re just throwing we’re being funny for this whole thing and then we’re the end so who’s got the highest people watching then uh definitely not me definitely not

Me I I have 20 people watching me right now I probably have 20 as well or something like that oh I have 25 I have 53 I think cracked that I don’t know how how many chief he got I Chief in a w actually who’s this it’s

Me you dick I probably would have 40 if I was doing it on YouTube yeah I’m live on um YouTube right now excuse me God zombies have no manners man how do you join you don’t you don’t it’s you don’t all right how do I join back mcraft Channel block

I’m I made it higher so that we can’t SP ourselves oh oh my God that is goated hi hi hi hi wait wait what were we calling it what we calling this base uh I I like the name the the bro you better not come but in all caps

The you better no there a dolphin can I get dolphin’s Grace so then you can just say I mean the oh you can’t even see wait guys we could so easily win if we just like make lava and then just cat our base in lava n cuz we have infinite fire

Resistance got a bit reinforce yay walls oh we do have fire resistance yeah we have infinite fire resistance oh so we can just put lava everywhere yeah we can just put lava everywhere and we we would win wasn’t there a place where we could see lava yeah yeah there was a

Big why don’t we just go there and pick up some tons of I think that’s what we were expected to build like I think that lava lake was made for us oh [ __ ] oh [Laughter] well right I’m going to grab a bucket yeah but no one’s speaking my

Dead uh where is it does anybody know uh know uh the LA Lake yeah uh it’s north of Spawn yeah okay so this way yo gentlemen do we have anyg you’re going you’re going Northwest it’s north like straight North you have full diamond AR don’t even get me started bro

Hold on just going to make it y boys boys boys do we have sugarcane gentlemen do we have suar what do we need for I do I do I do I do books books books make and wait wait hold up oh yeah I’ve got oh yeah I’ve got sp

Sp suppin wait who said they had sugarcane I just gave it too okay nice nice nice how much was it one you oh [ __ ] only one I don’t I don’t see I don’t see the sugar can of inventory it’s green I I might be BL it’s green Goods

Goods I only see Kel man I only see Kel that’s I think that’s what I dropped I have spare diamond boots for someone I accidentally made two PS I’ll right I’m going to go grab some lava then yeah do you know what that big like lava lake

Is oh it’s north [ __ ] I’m South damn it all right no wores oh wait is that right there missed it is wait is it not North is that sky base yo they’re Jud I found one that’s West but someone’s watered there we go oh someone’s trying to build up someone’s got lava wait

Where know we’re playing fortnite from what I see okay so I got to say that from what I see on the map cuz they provided a map a few days ago it’s literally Southwest so I’m literally not the right way at all why put torches on my side as well

Why did you only put it on yours uh CU mine gets back lit and looks cool and yours doesn’t so people find my link more favorable okay who’s putting spru logs in the who’s making charcoal me why to backl all of our links use the

Coal you can make torches of coal oh my God he’s making charcoal by using the coal to smelt it to make torches oh my God oh my God return on investment man return on investment you’re not real you’re not real who’s building up I am real I’m as

Real as it gets vix we should probably get saplings up there Bing yeah one up there well someone else did well I did yeah why are your Co oh my God someone’s obsidian over oh I found the lava thing but it’s all obsidian yeah water probably that did that someone’s

Obsidian it all that sucks problem with vix is is it’s all uppercases oh oh it’s it’s obsidian it’s not all obsidian oh yeah right you’re right you’re right oh [ __ ] just the surface is Obsidian yeah my my inventory was full and it just threw a lava bucket in the

Lava socks do you have saplings oh wait the tree grew tree tree we need Tree Farm tree we’re playing Sky Block I we need at least how many buckets of lava do we need a lot yeah honestly just get as many as possible yo you the guy with the

Gravitation mod yeah me and not vix are the guys with the gravitation mod wow a lot of crazy CS guys I’m stuck under the lava do you have no oh I really want to bring like a grass block up here hey chief I’m coming hello that would take a while I’m

Coming you can’t see me but I’m in the lava right now oh did you I’m very smelting someone’s lava cast in yeah I saw that yeah but that that that benefits us no yeah they want all right one sec I’m going to I’m going to get some dirt for

Our thing okay nice nice like i’mna I’m gonna I’m gonna do something that seems useless but it’s not I promise hey chief hello I think I just blew someone hello my good sir I’m going to bring a grass block to our base that we have luscious grass smooth [Laughter]

Entrance what is going on here what’s the goal of the stream other than being goofy so basically we’re bringing we put a bunch of our YouTube links up there that’s the whole stream we put our YouTube links up there so that other big streamers will see it and then their

Viewers will come to us and we become big streamers and then the cycle continues crazy toooo we’ll see it who’s this guy building like cobone thing I don’t know where’s the exit s swim lwi up there you yeah there’s lava stupid that’s going to take long oh

Here here yeah there you are I’m staying down here cuz people kept stealing my [ __ ] so where the [ __ ] hello everything you’ve done so far seems useless okay well get this who’s going to be remembered the guy who built the giant Link in the sky or the guy who

Actually won the event probably the guy who won did you the obsidian go through Chief under they’re muted I did I’m stuck how in the lava thing I’m below the obsidian it’s just like in in when you’re stuck below I there’s a there’s a line where you can get

Out oh my God wait I’m going to do something in high level now I’m just going to place a bit of lava here just so about people hello Vic stop fireballing us we’re [ __ ] trolling that’s not me who is it’s your [ __ ] teammate they’re on the vixio side I see

The [ __ ] Fireballs is it s I’m not even on the side I’m in sky base who’s is it socks I don’t know who it is I can’t see can you can you tell socks to hop off my dick please holy [ __ ] I don’t know who it is I actually don’t know who’s shooting

You we’re trying to we’re trying to peacefully lava yeah they’re shooting me there was just a fireball I can go check but I’m like mining check he’s on like the I’m mining the tree right now so we’re trying to grief spawn the entir spawn I don’t know he’s like

Really [ __ ] I don’t think it socks socks is down socks is at the bottom who’s fireing who’s lava casting off our thing dude it’s [ __ ] me let me troll holy [ __ ] we’re trying to Lava cast spawn yeah we’re lava casting spawn we’re not lava your thing chill out all

Right don’t even touchers bro you don’t want to know what happen if yeah we’re not touching you okay that would be very weird if you did we’re not touching you we’re going do you see the direction we’re going we’re going towards stop Fireball my God who’s doing that bro that’s definitely youill dead Ass no like like for real though like for real I actually I can’t see you [ __ ] up the lava wait that’s so smart lava casting off the side is such a smart idea cuz we’re the only people with uh fire resistance all right I’m moving back

So oh thank you for the 70 NTS what is that what currency is that huh um that’s $1 yo thanks thank you sucks to join back hi hi welcome back oh it’s so painfully slow though I know I put one over there just because the lava cast thing is someone else

Doing they try to Lava cast spawn and they’re not going to touch app time to put I have time to put a bottle on my space bar go take a piss and come back hold on okay BRB does any have bones no what is he good oh there’s Phantoms he said there’s Phantoms

Oh I hear them as well oh do hear them there you go I swear it doesn’t work though that’s how I dad respawn did it work for you that’s cuz it was broken that’s cuz it was broken oh there he is oh he’s coming up what the [ __ ] is going on

Okay I’m here in front of my PC hi welcome back I put my phone on the space bar don’t push it don’t stop stop stop stop it’ll burn no you’re not doing what I think you’re dream dream dream he’s going to cutch it is not growing fast enough yo stop placing blood

Oh you placed easier if I just had silk touch H who’s over there oh oh oh oh oh thanks I got three lava buckets yeah telling clown P to shush that’s crazy CL yeah What is there lava on This Server no oh they actually I have a casting spawn like it’s touching the spawn oh that’s that’s going to be fun oh that’s why they’re doing that that’s just yeah they said they want go most fish have never seen lava I might I might just

Uh die for me guys I found okay I found their base but like Yuri’s Yuri’s down there and I don’t want to go in it if Yuri’s in it CU I might get in trouble a6d do you have I I don’t think I get in trouble for going

Into their base would I bones no you don’t if you go in but you can’t steal no I don’t have bones yeah but I I don’t have like an efficient way of getting in without hurting myself just mine in that’s what I did I mined in and place

VI up store on the wall so everyone everyone have to look at it what what what what what what do I get on oh you get get you can get a really really cool embroidered hoodie exactly he’s wearing it right now actually right now out of here can I get a mug yeah

Keep it there because I I need to get back up was expecting me to be wearing it right now I’m not n you are you are you are I’m not I’m wearing you are say that you are no please we have no way of knowing who’s who from up there it’s fine anyone

With more armor than us cuz we have no AR I mean to be fair you not6 are you not on OptiFine uh no but I have lava mod the can you zoom yeah oh okay well that’s how you tell no I can see the the people I I

Just see the the the armor use your ladder to get down dude who do you think I am dream I’m Cluny dude use your use your singular ladder to block clutch on a one block no I’m going to die also it’s Farmland down there I’m not going to be able to drop down

There you good bro this is great at the game what the hell have you just done I was like oh [ __ ] I can’t reach those two singular blocks I’m just going to hit a like shoot a fireball at them and then it broke my blocks oh my God you it’s not even that

Hard I can do it yeah but I don’t spend 14 hours a day grinding out Minecraft to figure out how to land on a one block meow meow meow meow meow meow Owowowowowow the guy from Roblox oh my God they’re really getting the to be fair it’s not that slow getting up um oh they are covering the spawn I’m going to land on their crops hey guys wait I want to go to their base as well again that’s so long but at least

They can’t go up this way edging the kn wait sudo do you actually respawn on the in the bed cuz I didn’t last time um no I didn’t bollocks I’ll puff that sucks oh they boxed me in they’re boxing me in to the wall oh my God there’s a fza [ __ ] chicken right

There there a fza chicken there it was it had like full armor it was on a chicken as well I’m coming in as well socks just put my link and they all looked at it out of curiosity oh shoot how do I get out of here I can’t get out actually I can

Drown myself no I can’t it’s not deep hold on all right I have it I have it my clipboard oh they’re covering the spone wow yeah they really are oh Vex are you in here oh wait B I’ll stay I’ll stay hold on but how how are we going to

Respond if they cover the phone uh we’ll just spawn blocks I think oh my God oh my God I just stole and they didn’t notice I think vex vex vex look Vex look Vex look what are you where are you guys are you at the their yeah we’re inside their

Base and we’re just just putting they so they for Vick’s merch our channels everything where where where in their base wait is it the Cobblestone thing no it’s underground it’s underground oh all we have to get out now oh oh do we have to yeah they said could you guys

Dip don’t worry I took half stack of wait wasn’t Yuri meant to be in team yeah I think so he switched socks socks socks I took half a stack of iron and like stacks of Cobble you’re if you’re watching that was a joke I’m not I didn’t actually steal anything I

Did oh my God the lava cast is crazy someone Place lava someone Place lava someone Place lava I want to get up oh I’ll Place uh Place lava here go on um that’s going take ages to get to there you go I’ll build up just I’ll build up actually no

I don’t need to it’s fine I’ll go up no it’s coming down now no but it’s going to go down at the same speed that it’s going up you know like the Gap is getting smaller or bigger right what is going on the Gap is getting smaller

Okay I should probably make armor they messed up their their thing it’s not becoming bigger what are they trying to do it’s because I fireb it earlier yeah me too I’ll do one right now actually hopefully that hits why is it the first thing that

Comes oh my God what the [ __ ] who was that wait did I did one too [ __ ] minutes trying to go up lava again it is really slow actually my link looks so clean okay don’t to glaze yourself I’m proud of that all right I’m going

Up see you in an hour their lava cast is so broken I do stuff on this YouTube event just don’t bro wait do we manage to get hold of any paper boys or no I could oh you should have told me I could have sto

Them yeah we kind of need some but I got a stack of iron though BR I have time to put an ad while I go up the lav cast um I have like four TNT mine cards by the way there we go I thought I did have an

Ax what must have away stop clicking aggressively it makes the furnace go faster huh huh someone in my chat said stop clicking aggressively I said it makes the furnace smell faster are Shields allowed yeah I have a shield who needs iron IR just exploded what the [ __ ] waito do

You haveo do you have water do you have water uh I don’t know I was going to say we can make an infinite one I only have uh let me let me let me grab some water give me a second wait a60 do you have some water yeah no only lava oh I’ll

Grab some I’ll grab some water for you now okay and I’ll and I’ll use my water to go up cuz it’s quicker and it’ll be temporary jump down Now I’ve got I’ve got two waters oh you got two come back wait come use the water water come back come back come back is oh my God the water it’s faster who knows there’s no sugarcane anywhere this is so annoying dude I literally only need paper and I can make

Us an eat table this is big guys we need this we need this barbecue bacon burger abak Abak dude that was our brain [Laughter] rod no place youra sudo place your water my lavaur you [ __ ] up one of my lavaur there you go there’s lava here yeah but it’s the one to go up fact vixio doesn’t read his chat yeah cuz all you’re saying is Haba the

Dog that’s literally all sh up on different languages I can’t read enough tree oh treee bro we’re so dumb we ought to Hype YouTubers play Bedrock hell no hell no hey guys H hey guys welcome back to another YouTube video where I build a Minecraft sky nice home the Kingdom’s

Event did you eat a treat hell no did you eat a treat hell no so if I check back and it says you a treat down wait I think I’m lava casting wrong you’re lava casting I’m lava casting wrong I don’t know how to Lava cast

Those those C so dead I’m making our base bigger we’re actually so dead when it starts I wish you ran out of fire resistance wow thanks while I’m standing in lava while lava gting oh yeah that covering SW actually yeah I oh my God it’s starting to intrude the

Island I don’t see it give me a second oh my God HS well I fixed it it’s fixed they saw one definitely not lava lava casting this right are going to be stuck when it’s going to be two blocks high that’s true that’s funny

Though I wonder what i g do wait no what am I doing the B is bigger wait actually isn’t when the greatest period ends everyone’s just going to die they’re respawning so it doesn’t matter barnacles looking at me lava cast oh oh oh oh B oh Marley stealing just keep fireing Yeah did I wreck it uh a little bit did I like it and number one did that make it oh my God I mess up is going on over there what there we goink oh no no wait I’m I’m about to doink again doink

Go what are you doing oh we got we got a netherite upgrade by the way check your inventory oh nice oh my God thanks for the two Walker particle stole my lava source BR what a dick that’s it I’m going down there that’s it kill bonac you can’t even place here

Bro what is Hello dink shoo bur he’s burning we’re shooting it at the lava Coast try to I’m I’m literally killing Barnacle right now we could we can place we can be in lava and they c yeah no no yeah exactly I’m trying to kill Barnacle right now A they put water over

It what’s going on they not got laa they not got take VC they say VC VC after they stole my [ __ ] oh oh proxy’s dying that’s dup Trooper by the way hold on I have an idea proxy is dup Trooper Discord no bro wants to negotiate for my

Lava bucket hell no I don’t negotiate I’m C of hitting them every single time with um with my uh Fireball wait wait wait wait wait do you see the do you see the sky base coming to you Northwest norw PSE sudo oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah who who

Is it that’s me I think wait with leaves oh no we dir oh okay I’m shooting it wait they’re going to grief us now yeah they’re going to oh they better not grief the links dude the links are funny all right they went back they went back I think it

Was like threatening us sud can you place water down that that’s not threatening there’s still half an hour it’s water water yeah I’ll put it I’ll put it over over there to the r we need we need to stop the guys trying to come I’m trying to make the

Cleanest placed water’s placed I see I see it uh I FW the lava like 50 blocks above the lava cast my lava just got stolen bro who’s bridging over to us when did I get a smithing template bro someone’s bre ring over uh guys here should probably look up oh my

God oh no wait what’s happening they’re they’re making a giant La they’re they’re going up with the lava cast it’s fine if they don’t go for us it’s fine yeah who is that who’s that wait who’s what where with the leaves above us on with the

Leaves I don’t see it oh my God it’s [ __ ] flaming oh my God he’s a child yeah he’s I can make netherite I think I’m GNA kill someone with this lava oh my God bro all right just break yeah just is going to definitely die

Just make holes in it and stuff we can’t let anyone get here bro let me pick up the water as well oh you picked it up it’s fine I’m so confused what’s happening this is like a w period hasn’t even ended in hold on what happened I need a I need a

Shield you saw the lava that I put they’re so [ __ ] wait what happened look at the lava look at the lava I could which one did you put that oh my God I saw here this one oh you put that one there’s no blocks at the top there’s

Nothing wait I wonder where they were coming from as well uh they stole my lava source so now I have to go back and get one oh uh it’s this way yeah Southwest might you get a kill like that as well that’ be crazy yeah the thing is how would he be

Building down does he have a water booket that’s question yeah probably or oh oh no they have the levitation thing where they click it and they levitate for a bit oh yeah yeah I’m pretty sure it was flaming it wasn’t fair oh they have levation

Oh yeah but it’s like for a second oh they’re coming up the Green’s coming upo down here down here they’re coming up oh [ __ ] oh my God they’re going to grief us now cuz we grief them yeah it’s over what happened what happened they’re coming up they’re coming up to Griefers wait

Griefing yeah I’m getting spidered so I yeah but we griefing we were griefing that thing to be honest oh yeah true true true oh my God it’s BS yeah it’s them too dude keep by like going up briefings against the rules they can’t oh they Su signs yeah what’s he gonna do

What’s he G to do I’ll follow him I’ll follow him what’s he goingon to do he can’t do anything if he if he touches the links then that’s griefing it’s against the rules and he touched him what do he do he’s breaking them break he’s breaking them I’m breaking theying

Say that their team’s griefing oh my God he’s like actually going for it though [ __ ] they’re both on that like yeah they just griefed it [ __ ] I’m having a [ __ ] griefing battle with this kid no my link all right he’s dead he’s dead my link dude all right they’re both they both my

Channel they both fell so are you no we’re not Civil War I have blocks I can fix it wait wait what were you guys griefing the lava cast you were doing that too well I’m not part of that why is my link getting broken yes you was I wasn’t

Touching the lava cast I was just watching it I started making my own lava cast and then Barnes took my lava oh my God I can’t [ __ ] spell I don’t remember boys I have just done an absolute Master Class I’ve just scammed someone for a book I I I offered them 10

Diamonds I didn’t have 10 diamonds and then they threw out the book and I just ran so I have’t boys yep okay no worries who’s going up Barnes is going up Oho they’re going up again hello okay my sign’s fine they didn’t touch my they’re going up again socks why I don’t

Know cuz we griefed them you guys griefed them you was there as well what do you mean I was there doesn’t mean I touched anything yes you did bro what did I touch the lava cast I didn’t touch the lava cast sud are you going to

Help I am trying to Bro oh my God these guys oh my God this this do want do you want water there’s some water coming down for you oh my [ __ ] wait why did you shoot me no I didn’t shoot you you just went this way

Bro Bar’s griefing it right now no one’s doing anything which one is he griefing all of them what why cuz I told you how many times okay but I didn’t grief anything the BL okay I’m not telling you to do anything why are they talking about oh [ __ ] so much of it gone

Yeah oh yeah it’s [ __ ] it’s over yeah yeah and I [ __ ] just fell as well socks he literally was there you was I was there that doesn’t mean I touched anything I was just looking at you guys goofing around no you wasn’t was literally doing [ __ ] I don’t know I

Don’t you’re not like talking to them they didn’t touch mine it’s just Barnacle touching vexas he’s just wrecking VI’s because I wasn’t even the one doing it wait what he just doesn’t like me he’s only touching vexas he’s breaking VI’s what’s going on in my stream then we’re fine then no my problem

Guys there’s an angel up here there’s an angel up here yeah we’re [ __ ] we should just go to the sky base and just stay there now because it’s 26 minutes wow vix you’re going to be like that why am I the only one getting touched when AC you plac the lava you

Plac the lava that ruined everything and they they’re going for me for some reason ah [ __ ] you oh okay why do I have no pickaxe yeah we’re [ __ ] okay my stream seems to be coming back now yeah he fell you [ __ ] loser [Laughter] Yeah [ __ ] you there we go God chill out bro should we go try and fix it flaming just like is constantly meat riding on me so he’s so he has to be next to me at all times oh he flew away he thought I was going to do something and he fell

Okay I’m going to I’m going to start breaking the tower which is going up um I might need some help there because is a a massive [ __ ] I’m going myself someone Place water 6 can you place water yeah mine is mine is the only one that got griefed and I probably did the

Least amount of damage I’m I’m I’m up here coming down man water’s coming down oh I see I see oh yeah I see it bro it’s not my fault the B just doesn’t like me in general so it go for me that’s bias my be funny for real for real guys

Can you help us um destroy the tower which is coming up just because um so they can’t do water I’m going to go fix my sign why don’t we just lava cast the tower oh you’re right oh no A6 A6 there’s a lot of wood that’s why I was breaking down a bit

That’s why I was breaking down a bit as long as it to burn anyways as long as it don’t touch eyes it’s fine yeah and then I got to you just got to flatten it a bit I don’t know why I expected that to hurt me yeah um look above never

Mind no look above us V what what the [ __ ] leaves leaves leaves you mean leaves oh my God they’re bridging above us oh wow there’s leaves there it’s it’s um whatever team flaming is on it’s their team flaming MC uh Angel oh yeah yeah they the ones

Who can play can someone can someone play some water because I fell yeah uh where where um literally right next to the base just put it on base yeah yeah yeah hold on I got you boss on my way oh they didn’t do that much damage actually and water

Dropping down in three two one and there you go ah um Samy you’re the best Uber driver in the world um very good yes car where the [ __ ] are the leaves coming from it’s Angel team whatever it’s so far away forward slash yay bonds is in the is in VC Fe I’m

Going to go uh inment and say yo stop yeah yeah what’s up man what’s going on how say I’m pretty good how are things with you H doing doing pretty good uh how how how’s Canada going how’s what how was C to go in oh pretty good uh

Wait can you do me a favor P sudo depends can you make multiple of these where are you guys uh no I don’t have any more diamonds I’m I’m on my side I don’t either oh well I’m on the sign right now I’m on like on the very far edge of I’m going

To go to I’m going to go to VC give me a second I want to see to fight hold on I’ll go in vc3 yeah Discord where’s V you guys the you guys G us you guys why did only my sign wait wait wait wait why did you

Ste hold up hold up hold up hold a second hold second is let me talk let me get a word in let me get a word in I think [Laughter] Please what the is that child here Marley Marley chill Marley Marley let us do this for a bit because we only have 20 minutes then come back get more resources and stuff help your team bro um go on bonds what’s up we already have enough I’m just Wai for my teammate

To get to me no it’d be lcky easier if I’m just the only one up here though Marley like nothing against you bro nothing against you I’m M right now oh thanks app Go De what’s up I [ __ ] fell again all right anyways okay I think that we should just have a

Tru you guys can have your funny thing stop [ __ ] with our stop stop shooting Fireballs wait wait why did wait why did no it wasn’t it was not me with me for no reason bro only my link got griefed no one else’s no one else’s got my link my link almost got

Griefed almost but it didn’t only go in one line well you could have jumped we’ll come back up come my te part it’s part of the Le thing what is A6 doing I see what are you doing oh go down and you’ll see oh my God I actually can’t I

Actually can’t I actually can’t there was a child in that VC bro bro hello did I just go into um bro was that a child should I go into vc2 and make like funny noises like the SpongeBob laugh thing it’s you I don’t know you decide if you

Want to do that oh they’re all going to vc3 oh come right here oh what I thought you me VC to I’m good then oh my God we are not winning this event bro 19 minutes of grace period hello is that pseudo yeah yeah it is going back up BR we are not

Winning no we’re not I mean maybe there’s a chance but we have no armor we got no armor but wait does the fireball actually become does the fireball become stronger when GRE is off does it knock back the fireball is already pretty strong does it knock back

Though uh yeah oh okay cuz right now it’s not no sorry it’s it’s not a knock back it’s basically like a gas Fireball oh that sucks some Hobbits are stealing hello yo what’s up oh our base is kind of stacked actually I know right I’m I’m curently

Just farming uh trees for days at this point yeah we we should get as many blocks as possible so we can build like forever and then we’re stacked what I reckon we should do is probably um do a lot more with kind of build upwards to like build height yeah that’s

Why we need blocks I mean I’ve got loads of blocks at the moment I don’t want to go vc1 because I have to change my widget show speaking only wait what’s wrong with my oh I just realized that’s good boys I’ve got loads and loads of

Block shall we build up to build height oh my god there another one there’s another one bro they’re on our meat constantly bro Jesus Christ oh that’s going to hit that’s going to hit oh why is Angel flaming is going going up uh flaming has been weird for a bit bro it’s cuz

Flaming they’re almost up with the [ __ ] leaves oh wait I’ll shoot I think that’ll Miss though yeah did it why are they ruining our links like the [ __ ] what who shot the link that me that’s me that’s my link what ever oh [ __ ] they clutched they’re ruining the appearance

Oh my my God I see it get off that meat bro like I don’t understand what’s he doing he’s breaking it what have we done to to Orange is it you on the on the dirt ah he’s down he’s down I’m on De oh my God [ __ ] you

To I don’t know what what we to Flaming you’re griefing ging our Bridge your bridge is going over our links your bridge is griefing our links H brid is bre your copyright TPS uh boys we have we’ve got so many uh so many blocks at a moment someone from many enemies

The balls to say fair crazy boys I’m going to start I’m going to start buing up to highight limit no why why are we doing it now we should do it when it PP starts yeah oh what is happening flaming is going back up again why

Bro I think it’s done bro I need she so I can like Shar him bro oh no let him go to the bridge let him go to the bridge I mean he’s kind of covered your link yeah he’s covering the link from the top it’s just a little bit though

It’s fine yeah but it ruins the appearance of them wait is he about to Lava cast the entire okay if he does fair play what the entire length thing yeah wait is that is that a bridge going up no it’s just a straight Bridge oh I’ll go around your link okay see

We’re friends now cool cool someone’s cominging with lava that’s a60 what is happening over there someone’s building like I got to say Fireballs are not as useful as I thought there would be yeah cuz they gas Fireballs but they’re still good so we are [ __ ] I’ll I’ll build some water when

I’m up here in like five minutes our lava casts are going to start touching pardon huh like uh mine in the hobbits the LA casts are going to start touching where the [ __ ] is it the link I see yeah I can’t tell if the lava’s done or not I think [ __ ] lava

Castle like from like a castle weird they don’t know how to Lava cast properly oh yeah what is happening but it’s stupid Trooper they should he shouldn’t have to do it oh shoot no I’m being stupid a I picked up the lava and didn’t put water down yeah what are they building

They’re building like a massive fic symbol bro very inappropriate oh my God I’m hungry I want food uh just saying if we build our base up here they can’t nobody can actually see it boys do we want to go against the possible strongest team right at the end

Probably I mean technically we get second place boys there someone build over toward from where from where above us above above above it huh no that’s FL he’s going around yeah he’s no it it’s not he’s just going around to do something else I think he’s

Build the bridge it’s cool I mean we I could blow him we that’s our base who’s that up there Diamond that’s our guy our guy yeah bro we are so [ __ ] n flaming is all right he’s not going to do anything if he is he’s dead cuz he has no armor

And he can’t PP he’s a shorts YouTuber imagine being a imagine being a Minecraft Shorts YouTu broy I could never bro if he places lava something here one sec no theing get it what is happening where is Flaming going I don’t actually know I’m C watching

It oh my yo Jo how’s it going man hello oh the host is here hello is this is that the person talking this person y can I have some free stuff please yeah same I need a lot of food and a lot of blocks I I want to thank you about the

Baguette because I’ve only been eating this for the past hour I have nothing actually it’s what I gave you during mind changer and I kept it in my saved inventory slot for like the past like seven mon can I have some food can I have some food cuz I don’t play

Minecraft that often some can I have some armor as well I have no armor please armor have netherite armor please I’m I’mma Be honest I didn’t learn what this event was till three hours ago and I made the entire event core in two hours so now I’m just I’m

Just figuring things out we going on and we don’t know what that is wait how’s he got oh that’s great we’re in the same boat what is that he’s got enchanted golden coat I was told I was told by duper Trooper y’all are just fooling around like them so that that’s why I’m

Here I’m just chilling oh no we’re trying the [ __ ] that scared the [ __ ] out of me what I just heard a big burp and I was like huh and that someone did just Bild me food huh I don’t want to come up you streaming yeah oh

Okay I was very confused where why would someone randomly buy you food without any context huh you want come I don’t even know you had a twitch channel oh my God very cool I’m coming up yeah I set this event up like it was just going to be like a 10 person thing

Between family and friends like I I had no idea who was participating yeah look it is wait we are all family yeah just just International let’s go sud sudo let’s go sudo come on I hope this leads like a base wait does bord shrink is there a border that shrinks I don’t

Know yeah is there a border is there anything wait did you pick up D water nah it’s fine keep going all why is it not going over the edge it probably is yeah it’s fine all right build up up up up up up up up why is the

M I think the the guy left it’s a28 oh8 512 by 512 about that’s tiny that’s why everyone’s in up I mean to be honest for 3 hours it’s not like we would have time to go more push him down yeah that’s kind of

Funny I’ll do it I’m joking I mean I I was told that it wasn’t intentionally you tried you tried bye-bye what why are you doing I don’t know you about I’m at the base I don’t [ __ ] know what’s happening in six minutes it’s saying next next phase pH of that’s that’s when

You can kill people oh and so so we died vience that was so close Phantoms I heard it that was so close voo was gaslighting yourself I don’t know what you’re talking about there are no Phantoms I I heard it think you’re see is there a coming

Block that like kills them no you’re just I think you’re just hearing things no no I really heard it I’m 100% sure socks if they spawn if they spawn with you huh okay so all they’re trying to do is cover the entire spawn with lava cast got the quarter of it I

To tell you thing and you don’t mess with their thing yeah I’ll never do that CU it’s funny yeah cuz I I I just undid all their lava casting yeah huh huh huhuh what the hell why did you why did you remove the water because you you told me to

That’s oh yeah they’re oh my God I hear I hear the Phantoms wait it’s it’s fine if I replace the W hey who’s fireballing my [ __ ] who uh 1 [Laughter] 2 one two three what huh you only just made it why can’t I place a block here what the [ __ ] oh God oh daytime I heard a [ __ ] Phantom again yeah iard them too who’s SK uh why why why why are you blocking why you blocking them oh because spawns right here yeah that’s what I’m planning on doing okay oh [ __ ] that lava cast is massive

Yeah you know what else is mass I mean whoa people people streaming yeah I forgot about that sorry my bad yeah and I make shots so don’t say that inappropriate he’s a kid he’s a kid Creator nah I’m joking I’m joking you can go uh can someone can someone place

Down some water I make cookies guys so the see that’s exactly the reason why I made this two blocks tall the the the I’m joining the sky base now can someone CH down some water please oh wait I got a great idea um yes sudo I dropped it down right behind

You ah you Legend of course monkey monkey do you want some diamonds your oh God I I thought you threw them off the edge yo what’s the coordinates for the base then we chilling in the sky I can see that oh is in this this

Little area over here oh my God oh my God bread I mean I mean baguette Big B where it go wait what is that what is that oh oh I’m in the bread that’s what it was oh what the hell [ __ ] oh guys your next pH is in two

Minutes that’s a huge bread across the map there we Go I’m inside of it the dream of the French the French Dream hi Chief oh Chief gentle he aot more Tope Out Boys Boys Boys Boys Boys there’s a e table lapis give lapis lapis give lapis thank you wait how the [ __ ] is there a massive bread here there’s a super cool

Animation that takes place at the next phase because I totally had time to make that oh GG and totally did that believe it trust I I didn’t actually make anything B yo will I I managed to get myself three TNT mine carts oh nice man that’s shoter all I’m going go PE good

Coms good coms good coms good that’s what they do during police raids they tell each other you know I’m gonna go pee all right CRI bathroom let me just go inside there hey why is there a massive bread here how they even get here uh so so if you believe in the French

Enough okay even the French died while pissing oh wait you can go through it bro are you serious [ __ ] I died what the hell I’m going to die now IM death bro I’m going to die what happened to the I might I might not just fighting people look sorry I’m testing stuff bro can I actually get tpd who VI not vixio bro I I knew someone killed

Me all right thank you oh so wait so you’re dead forever no oh so where are you I might as well Michael killed me because I was switching VCS oh my god oh [ __ ] all right hold on I’m coming to the sky base hold on we

Got to remove the water as soon as possible then yeah but we need sock to get up first yeah where’s Pudo bro Michael’s acting like hard to kill me one way oh God I actually see people now thing is if we die we die now you know

Yeah no you don’t I’m alive yeah that’s cuz you died during like right before phase I think no I died after the phase oh wait so you can respawn whoever wins is uh whichever team has the most kills kills Mage has won because they killed

Me while I was switching back to this VC oh wait I’m GNA go kill people I thought oh this is chill we should read the rules next time yeah we next time we should probably read the rules guys I’m don’t worry guys I didn’t read the rules either and I made the

Event I’m kind of peeved that I don’t have my lava cast anymore oh wait I [ __ ] up respawn is no but keep inventories off now oh about I just like I’ll make like a general information post because people don’t want to read understandably that’s so they can hit

The rules were in like in between 20 other messages which were like maybe the events is happening at this time or maybe not I don’t know I got to say I was too lazy that’s it w I killed the mood let’s go you got a kill no I killed the mood I

Mean technically yeah I got a kill sure no I’m getting 31 what I’m going up here as well make sure you guys kill Michael guys I thought you really good at uh SkyWars I was switching VCS and then Michael came up behind me and killed me and now he’s flaunting fire what oh

Fair’s G boys I died all right good luck also don’t don’t shoot Fireballs at duper and Barnes lava cast because they’re trying to see how long they can do that probably won’t get targeted there yeah they’ll probably get targeted but they have lava all over it so they’ll be

Fine wow dc2 is really for your information for your information you cannot MLG with lava I tried it doesn’t work yeah I know you can’t you kind of land on the side um shoot how do I that’s okay that doesn’t have enough knock back we are not winning bro no one’s

Like going for kills yeah what if we just Camp spawn don’t you d can’t we just Camp spawn I mean we could we could but there’s people there with full diamond [ __ ] a netherite plate and you can’t attack in spawn as well otherwise I would have

Died I wonder where everyone is I wonder how long this leads on for 56 minutes I think yeah where the [ __ ] am I going water doesn’t close in that’s kind of dooo yeah I I’m I’m running along that LE that massive Leaf part what’s with the massive bread oh don’t worry about

That don’t worry about it oh my God someone’s oh my God how and why oh it’s it’s an item oh they’re not coming up it’s fine giant bread sock hi hi I don’t have anything Michael killed me K you I was tabbing yeah and I went to

Piss yeah and you fell yeah and I survived no you didn’t you died I why can’t I attack you what the hell go guys guys there’s a load of angels wait wait if we can kill our own team members does that count as a kill oh socks come back come back bro

Come back that counts [ __ ] I’m dead I’m dead oh [ __ ] Bry ask oh you already said no help help help where are you okay I slowed them down bro I can read your live chat bro but it’s not something I need to reply to that’s why I’m not

Replying he not asking anything he just saying stuff okay that’s immediate danger out the way then bro I don’t even know who to go for cuz everyone has Diamond I have iron yeah did you break the LA the Water Source there’s coming oh [ __ ] what the you

Di um was it supposed to happen I’m breaking it now why is harbit killing me we have a truce what the [ __ ] okay well you know what happened I shot it I turned my head but with the pinks and since since it seems like it’s a US

Server it sh you as6 A6 AR I know where the Bas is they’re in the sky if we go over to them yeah we can just sh shoot it from blow I’m so confused what’s happening everyone has full diamond bro boys uh we may be cooked I think it’s over

Bro yeah I know Hobbit’s probably wi with three kills bro I just need diamond armor and not to go down the good thing is that from here we can already know where did your base is where is that base well we just follow the thing can I

Just say we’ve got less members than every single other Kingdom yep yeah okay a A6 it’s over here if if you look at this guy now yeah I see it wait are they still build in lava C yep wreck it um water they got water they’ve got

Water oh [ __ ] oh never mind water I know do we just shoot it from before from below I’m shooting it as well I’m shooting it as well I say start get start get up there if we can bro stop shooting the lava cast bro it’s started bro it’s started

Bro I think we we can shoot them now sock VC yeah they’re going to tell me to tell you guys to stop bro he’s going to say it was me as well he’s literally snitching on his own team okay we’re nearly up to uh flaming

Base A6 you ready get your get your ax out and stuff uh yeah I have a stone ax wait wait hold up hold up hold up hold up hold up what there’s so many people why is there a mage what the [ __ ] are they getting are they already getting

Assaulted they are they are already getting fot I see F [ __ ] they’re going to hear the ladders there’s a mage stop stop stop stop why the [ __ ] is there an Angel going up and they didn’t fight us what the [ __ ] is going on you’re telling me not to snitch we’re the only people who can

Fireball bro just bro just say you don’t know what’s happening then I’m I’m down here I’m with them we’re just meing don’t shoot them oh my Gody I don’t even know what’s happening right now I’m literally just on our base on my own and I can’t see anyone why are they

Friendly I don’t know but if I go down like I can’t see anyone but if I go down I’ll die oh my God I shot a fireball a I’m dead oh but they didn’t get the kill they didn’t get the kill nice yeah [ __ ] it I’m

Going oh yep I just got jumped attacked by a complete random yeah Diamond chest plate I just found a diamond chest plate how does it start with me that’s mine man that’s mine I got it how many people is here can we fix spawn camping oh no no

Yeah cuz it intrudes yeah but you can’t attack in spawn no the lava intrudes yeah but you can’t so the lava cast the lava reaches the spawn oh this is scuffed this just kind of scuffed I’m getting followed by Angels everyone’s friends now no they’re not

They trying to kill me cuz you can’t kill oh my God green is try Harding bro yeah fixed I don’t know they fixed something well can you kill each other now did they did they cut the mountain in half let me see they cut the cast half what is

Happening no they didn’t I’m G I’m actually just going to go and visit bars at this point because I’ve got nothing else to yeah that’s what I’m doing I’m just chilling up here with proxy I don’t know where Barnes is but I’m chilling with proxy up at the top of the cast

Yeah I’m on way oh it’s going to take AES to go up to I mean at least our links are safe yeah our links look good that’s is screeny there we go um let me take a look at my stream hey Jen been neglecting his stream yeah they’re behind me I didn’t

See I was chilling in my boat they were just behind me uh viex anyway after hearing all the fighting coms I’m gonna eat some bread oh did you guys die no IED off I did I did because [ __ ] reasons essentially I’m alive but I don’t know what’s happening I could so easily kill

Proxy but I’m not going to because he’s chill I will oh heyo you will you better not bro it’s dup Trooper proxy is duper Trooper yeah so yeah exactly duper Trooper exactly exactly what’s wrong with dup Trooper exactly what what what do you mean exactly it’s duper Trooper bro is that a

Bad thing though D Trooper okay guys I found a cheat code that may not involve wait you said kill Michael you said kill Michael no yeah kill Michael kill Michael I want the kill I want the kill I want the Kill by yeah’s I mean we could actually win if we just

Like click people yeah people people are starting to snatch they’re saying the the lava cast somebody’s trying to kill me they’re going up the lava okay they want me to get rid of the spawn lava Fu no no yeah cuz like no no no no it’s like intruding on the actual spawn point

But that’s the point I can just move the why they out why the [ __ ] did they even log out how did you L I just I don’t know I I instinctively logged out I never left the game so fast so used to combat logging kill the man oh we can’t place oh yeah

Okay oh wow yeah you guys have covered half of Spawn already oh what have they done what did they just do oh [ __ ] this is this is genuinely just this is chaos best event I’ve ever been in bro just trying to get rid of lava cast in the most stupid way

Possible oh the beauty bet I have cuz it has a 2hour Grace spirit for some reason and then the event ends up being scuffed should we just not that sced bro I’m going to the middle okay vix vix try to kill me I can’t even place just to see if if

It counts just for fies yeah but I don’t know how uh I can’t even hit you come here maybe okay further further yeah how do we know if it counts though well we just got to be in the lead to kill me seven times and we’ll know all right come

Back count killing your own teamm how how do you know exactly seven Hobbit players okay now we have like three kills in now I wish we could see how many we have like on the side I think somebody’s coming at you oh they would have be killed as well hey

Get the kill get the kill oh [ __ ] they had like saturation carrot or something okay I actually don’t think that counts but we never know oh the [ __ ] is Yuri just done oh Yuri wants to kill me I’ll fight Yuri oh he knocked back the fireball oh he’s fighting kill me before he

Dies kill me quick quick quick oh [ __ ] he got my kill he got the kill of me oh oh my God he can teleport that is so broken bro being being able to teleport is crazy I don’t think he can’t I don’t think you can Barn oh wait no bar you

Already yo being able to teleport is crazy why are you placing wood oh I’m placing wood [ __ ] what where the [ __ ] I die bro why know if that counted oh I got an idea hold on I’m literally just getting teamed on by the owner okay what an

Event I’m done now cuz this is so scuffed the spawns covered again bro yeah all right I’m good

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