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basically looking for a maybe not a city I don’t know what to call it guys hold when are you going to make the hi Anarchy Peace restorers On Top e all right chat I’m basically looking for a civilization map it’s uh doesn’t seem to be working right now but we looking hopefully we do find one though hopefully we do find one hey why is it only for Java Edition Bru what is this can I join yeah anybody can join and R key peace restored on top hi Jam what’s up Mr crabes now course civilization no there basically a whole bunch of java stuff bruh it’s all for Java what bro I might have to switch to Java chat that’ be sad balls civilization whoa what those are like seeds wait here Anarchy civilization and Ary civilization civilization civil war Civil War what if it what if a what if Minecraft like what swe to gosh if Minecraft has Maps like this Lost Civilization bro I have to have Minecraft tokens just to get this this looks like the best map right now one z z days one zero days 100 days we should do 100 days 100 days of Civilization by 4K Studios look at this one right here chat this map looks so perfect for it though wait too expensive too expensive yes yes it is we’re basically brokies right now well I’m not a I’m basically not but yes that one we should do this one okay try to get I’m try to get um mine coins the first one the first one yeah I know the first one right here but I don’t got any m coins chat basically my mine coins were spent this might take long it’s basically how much $310 okay and then it’s basically $1 us 199 wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute hold on hold on chat hold on $2 yeah I know to buy this mini tokens hold on chat hold on all all right chat I basically just got permission to get this ROP so we’re good hey basically I’m to work again oh my gosh give me one big minute chat okay hold on guys basically be AFK for a minute here big AFK e e e all right chat I’m back we can basically get it let’s go let’s get it let’s hop in the F okay $199 us for sure W yeah W2 my NE W2 my nephew wait a minute but if I buy this oh wait no I could okay bro hurry up dang bro don’t arrest me like that hold on three something right yeah oh cards number damn wa no [Music] f e e bro everybody group into one civilization muted all right chat we basically got it this is going to be crazy though I’m going to put mods on it I’m going to go on my other my other world and yeah LOL yeah oh finally we can all we can all finally play on a civilization map this one cost a this one cost like $2 basically going to have to owe my nephew $2 back but um yeah if anybody kills me I’m not holding back if anybody kills you you’re not in one civilization and there is some people in more civilization B I can make a video on this my content all right chat in 61 minut be right back we should do kingdoms we should do kingdoms thinking about like I don’t know what type of challenges I’m going to do on it basically you know what yeah I’ll do some kingdoms on there so who living with me so need y need to figure that out okay yall want to go I want to go check me Parker challenge L me anybody else or no anybody else oh who’s basically all up in chat right now okay we got KJ we got we got pretty much everybody in here okay three parkour challenge should do that your user zy the boom boom why does m Turing on off hello there to the live stream we need a big Kingdom whoa what the hell guys I’m also a good Builder a good Builder let’s go check we’re going to check the world out right now before I set up this uh World on my Mobile account but yeah I’m not my name is punom 1212 so your name is pun 1212 all right I’m evil am dang I’m good name of the World Civilization bro what I am good he in the bathroom right now he be right back mkl you on my kingdom or no what if I spam l B I’ll be right back guys whim you’re a kingdom hour can I spam m l no oh sad here he he he hey he he I am Michael Jackson oh we got the world CH we got the world let’s see all right guys let’s go check out the civilization World hopefully it is uh W better than what I actually paid for what was spelled backwards Minecraft is spelled backwards what if Minecraft was spelled backwards then I’d be um craft mine that would be weird oh that would be if the word far whoa can I not like unlocker anyways all right about to go see man I was right hopefully this world isn’t a scam got like two people up in here right now yep that that’s the last thing we want is the world to be a scam because I’m basically going to beg for my money back can I also check out map no world it’s crazy you seen the world it’s crazy we could have create actually I would I would have created a world then again creating world’s like kind of kind of Kos is it it bit is a what there is different B own big is it big I think so hope so we need planes we need planes I got you guys with that I can create some mods yes it’s massive smile it’s massive holy moly we’re basically in a City right now Island don’t here we’re going to go on creative mode I’m going to put everybody on creative mode real quick here basically stuck I’m in I’m in a party chat this guy left me see all get hit no oh invite us invite me invite you guys why can’t I fly and me okay inviting everybody basically everybody and boom 20 something invites I guess holy moly so it’s Zeus that killed Emy in first world it’s Zeus that killed you in first world oh okay um invite again I forgot last six set set players 25 I don’t know why I said that Snicker but remove the S unknown command what what do you mean unknown command set max players set X players uh n g g but at the ER 40 maybe 40 hopefully tick what your name he he say you all right all right chat we’re F to go check out these islands what can you join PS Party oh okay I teleported me can I join the PS party I got you what’s up God champ we basically got the world for you you know been working on it bought it you know thought about it thought about it invite you got you guys hey whoa where is the world Chad I don’t oh wait why is it raining chat we we got scammed didn’t we cool is it oh no it’s not generated it takes time to load timer it takes time to load it’s probably because like a lot of people just hold on how many people just joined put coords c d was able to join hey oh the map is not loading in okay okay w w w www.uk him up like a got we got what we paid for there we go civilization World basically oh can I have commands don’t destroy the world M all right don’t destroy it don’t destroy it yeah this strike and it’s probably a all right so here’s the mods that I’m going to give you guys hopefully hopefully you guys will be okay I hopefully Nest is able to join this time he said he has a PC now TR a strike Accord trying to strike accorded problem in ch oh let’s Lo let’s Lo this world up let’s Lo this world up it’s big it’s basically big for everybody to go across um whoa make all of us operator all of you guys operate I don’t trust that I don’t want you guys like to destroying the world timer bro invite me don’t want you Destro bro invite you I got you what destroy it later yes no Banning yes but no Banning has operator commands invite me in stoic invite you you’re sto it oh why are you doing this why are you doing this to the world you’re banned no I’m playing anyways heyo whoa I’m in you’re in okay that’s good that’s good I’m not crossplatform BR can we start it as you’re not cross evil already yeah can you invite please hold on guys I’m on PS4 like you bro W broke the stuff in spawn invite me EMA checkout and portal can you invite me explode spawn t y were you at [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] www.uk him up why you trolling like a be spawn ain’t you tired Trina strike Accord and it’s probably a miner can you invite please trying to strike accorded problem Miner I’m back M10 by the way I don’t understand lyrics it just sound good can you invite please g g g TP fun in 12122 evil g g g g timer you’re muted oh yeah okay okay can you Inon TP The Uncommon evil timer random random guy what whoa timer are you goofy timer am I goofy no somebody just destroyed this with TNT that’s was can I join there is no way we playing this world timer is a goof there’s no way we’re playing this invite me in stoic 145 9431 to strike accorded Pro in make another one with the world template you [Music] still did you blow this up or like can you invite me please first Zeus did okay okay first me timer I swear wasn’t you was you you basically did say that you blew up a a building earlier don’t know what anybody’s blowing up buildings um invite me in stoic invite me in Doo 145 9431 to1 it was me invite invite it was you yeah JM did it JM goof add you Nick I got you just drop your Minecraft username man want my username yes wait I basically do bro listen to Emy you kicked him this a city map it a city map no it is not it is not a city map there’s basically there was basically something when I joined hold on hold on t hold on hold on there it is and make a new one with the oh my gosh they’re about to destroy this I am in the end help you’re in the end did you get to the end Center so look look look look guys guys we have rised Island Jungle Island me too evil can’t read that Desert Island City Island Frozen Island Center Island Mountain Island Mushroom Island chat we basically got Islands here it’s basically a whole island when I pressed this it was taking so long to Bro help got you add me I you I got you I got you t y go to the three one hello I got you chat I got you chat Frozen hello there can you invite please I need help put am me in Creative so I can get out om this guy has to be goofy Bic like so much going on kill it random guy who am I adding again whoa drop your username oh no they didn’t they never dropped evil High follow me fire up what’s your Minecraft username again yes Nick what is your Minecraft username the dragon totally not having a panic attack bro you’re not playing that all right there is literally netherite at the spawn eler ghost fan LOL you’re eler ghost fan okay random guy is eler ghost fan oh my goodness I passed your name like five times all right I put it you put it you put your put your username it don’t he let me join I’m basically going to TP everybody to me real quick here TP everybody look in Chad C everybody is this everybody in here everybody’s clicking the go to the world all right guys when I teleport you here I want you guys to stand in a line real quick basically just like going alls side all to the right I want you guys to go all to the right here when I teleport you here hold let me see who’s here we got Chris we got the uncommon I’m going teleport you right here then eler ghost fan here Master holy moly hot Cheeto girl to where to me how Che girl to me all right all right try to see invite turbinal cone invite turbinal cone all right got you got you definitely stoic here to me want you guys to all stand stand in a line when I TP you is it possible to TP all at the once that it like a a command guys look at what I said all right yo yo what’s good command to TP well well I’m I’m going to let you guys join I promise promise I guess I can’t teach it’s a command it’s a command and I was about to say in roblo it’s command block that we need basically not okay [Music] um here give us up give up I’m not going to give anybody up nobody’s getting up I guess I can’t join Nick knock you got to wait put in your username again here let me get that let me get that username so I can add you basically don’t want to be mean but TP at s do TP okay SL DP it is in the message above this one it is then message above this one I basically don’t get to see all the messages is it all together no it’s not all together YouTube Banned Me from typing gammer dicks I think what TP [Music] okay invite me timer uh oh invite you got you got you Arrow Fox there you go yes what I that’s all that’s all people not really everybody okay did you see the message did I see the message I seen it on top but yeah no no I didn’t I did not see the I did not see your Gamertag invite Arrow Fox yeah English English only oh YouTube must have banned me YouTube must have banned you Noah what the heck what the heck is going on man r this basically got pretty much everybody I got so many people that I have at it there even is Arrow Fox right now invite me l so many people bro I got so many people Ed I don’t even know where all of my what what theck it’s Jack prude it’s actually I forgot about that okay let’s see let’s see see did you see your name in the in here though look what no no you don’t see your name in here oh that’s why it’s full it’s basically full I am wood 28 you’re Woody girl 28 any message with my gammer Dagon it want T go through 30 set right I’m I put Max right max players p l a y maybe then I can join you’re basically I’m basically putting this right and it says unknown command set max players I basically can’t set max players to 25 right now can I that’s why there’s like 20 people up in here I need to do it on my phone why does everybody have speed can you join yes you can all right you need to put a space I need to put space 25 okay here boom I basically just did it does it work now let’s see let’s see there you go I can invite people now I invite more people than ever there you go why couldn’t I see your name why couldn’t I see your username want go through R okay but yes guys we finally have a map that we can uh all PVP on finally what the hell why do I have jump boost this is weird I speed boost too this is even even good this is so cool right now otimus for something I hate this so badly foxy Fanboy something okay basically need to place upstairs sorry time it’s all good I want does this effect come off if I drink milk I’m basically not cared invite me invite you invite you I got you anybody else could join the world um me add you something BBG something BBG that was your username it says PlayStation friends are off well PlayStation friends on as a friend offine all my PlayStation friends are offline right now and then it says crossplay friends are offline but then again I go up here and then it shows like a lot of people you’re in okay I have a lot of people up here so I don’t I don’t know who else wants to be added you’re in add me as a friend how do I okay put your username in it one more time here and then if you can’t I’mma drop down I’mma drop down my Discord everyone I’mma drop down to my Discord real quick here oh made me leave Discord but yeah I’m going drop down my Discord and hopefully you guys will what I do you want to add me I won’t I will I will add you basically at 92 members boom URL drop down the disc put go into the Discord server drop your name down and I’ll add you somebody from what what what language is this that’s cool it’s cool we have somebody from a different region watching us right now I’ll try to look for your I’ll try to look for your username is it down in general chat no oh Nick knock okay it’s Nick knock Nick knock hi hi hold on oh hi hi I meant to say hi I meant to say hi okay boom what’s your username foxy Fanboy oh and then we have some other people that’s saying hi too it’s a lot it’s a lot going on foxy Fanboy I have uh mighty rage that tried to add me 15 minutes ago I’m sorry if I didn’t get that about 81 friends on Playstation right now Bo boom boom there you guys go if you guys wanted to join you guys are basically able to join and this world is messed the flip up thanks I was basically trying to get I was basically trying to look at this world please do not destroy this right here just anything you can destroy everything else in the city I don’t care about everything else in the city but right now actually I pretty much do care about the city because shows a city island on here but you guys can destroy everything else in the city but the only thing that you cannot destroy is this the command blocks are under here so I don’t know why am I lagging I’m not lagging I’m basically having speed problems everything but this I’m not I’m not moving normal so I’m I’m good now okay so we have rise jungle we’re going to go look at Jungle Island boom yeah foxy Fanboy wants to be invited too so basically these two there you guys go whoa let’s see about this island though so it says what question is will we spawn on one of these islands in Portal location and it basically has a book and a chest for the end portal so I guess anybody whoever wants that could get it so yeah we’re basically going to check out this island and how big it is my render distance is not getting pretty much everything in two basically 10 people on the world so I’ll basically make it where you guys can craft your own well basically make the world but you guys will have to craft your own guns um basically probably craft the own plane which the plane mod I’m still looking for so that will take some time but for now I’ll just let you guys play with some guns until we actually get the whole thing until I actually get the whole thing ready so I can make sure that you guys don’t lag and stuff like that um hopefully there won’t be no problem by the time my biggest plan was to actually find the world like this make it like something this will basically be like a a server event you know but instead it’s uh on Bedrock condition usually all of them are on PlayStation not really not really PlayStation but usually all of them are on Java Edition so yeah set the ground too hard netherite man so cool well hope it’s loading basically waiting for all of it to load basically you guys might have to put your render distance on a very low see what we can do here every chunk is loading but um yeah this will be cool hopefully we’ll get some YouTubers up in here too you guys want to play with random YouTubers see who wants to compete in this this will be so cool cuz you guys will get to have some stuff we basically have a vote we have a vote on what map you guys want to play on what map looks pretty cool right now this map is huge by the way I am a small YouTuber you’re a small YouTuber that’s cool basically I’m a small YouTuber too you know hey keep keep growing your channel I have four z z Subs come one V one me you have a 400 Subs come one V one you I am not good at One V ones actually you know I’ll One V one you what you got what you got what you got I would be on you yeah hopefully hopefully you’re able to come in too you know we’ll have a vote on what map that we want to do on or want to play on basically bro whoever gave jump boost bruh what the hell this is a beautiful map oh help me TP to fun com in 1212 to One V one okay I’m probably going to get dogged on by now let me get some enchant I seen you had an enchantment on your sword too let me get that enchantment real quick here let me get that one big good enchantment I I so that would be good flame flame one what was it what was it Infinity I’m going grab Infinity I’m going grab a bow too for oh wait no that’s for a bow what the hell put fire aspect on it Infinity a bit that way I can have Infinity bows infinite boost that’s like a very rare thing to get the Infinity all right and then I guess all good can I join PS Party can you join a PS party I’m not even in a PS party but yeah or oh no I am what the hell thought I left that one right here invite me to the PS Party Frozen Frozen stand says what’s up to me yo oh what the ABS okay before you start before you start that before you start before you start that who that’s cheating that’s cheating why am I about to put myself on game mode Survival on my quick here about to fall in here yeah your friend can join friend can join for sure for sure okay all right well I tried to add you but it didn’t let me add you uh here why is it everybody else that got to send me an ad like first here headphones all right there there you go just for today here non friends d what are we do prison world are we going to do prison world I’m lagging I lost all my stuff you lost all your stuff you have bad internet help me I basically don’t have bad internet it’s just that I have like a lot of people in my world help you how could I help you whaty can you make a new world with th zombie mod and abandoned sit stoic no nice II was I kicked he was kicked how did you get kicked what oh I was kicked plss there like 11 people in the world oh people are getting kicked that storm was see all right neest was kicked here just try to rejoin back here random guy was kicked so that’s El the ghost fan it has to laggy make a new with th zombie mod and abandoned city map let do life still with gun we’re going to test out the mods with guns I hopefully hopefully everybody gave me their um actual user they’re actual um here we’re going to test out the guns though create a copy of the world just in case and zombie can you make it worse not laggy can I make it where it’s less laggy sure I could try to find like a less laggy mod oh my goodness no more lag please no more lag please I got you I’m at 5 FPS you’re at 5 FPS oh my goodness too many people in the world I will turn I’ll turn that on you have a stick drift I don’t know okay chat I’m creating the world chat I’m creating the world on my Mobile account the map good but do do water FPS Doo water FPS yeah it’s basically everybody’s in here so yeah I’m about to put in the gun mod on here but let’s see okay sto it basically got to get add wait wait did I just okay I add still excited everybody current playing stream pose a man basically at this guy’s account he has account okay give me op give you op why should I do play Life still I don’t know why everybody’s up new waiting for my Mobile [Music] account all right chat I’m I’m going to do it I’m going to do it I’m about to get the G mod and we’re going to put it in here oh what wait why can’t I add any mods on here this is doooo oh that’s true hey hey welcome to the live stream help help whoa what could I help with can you invite me can I invite you I got what as the whoa do life still do life still everybody wants life still also my username is Su K EMA kidnap you whoa hold on somebody’s going to kidnap me can I have up oh do life still please get that one guy okay yes wait okay why does next get cuz he I know him for the longest it’s called life a steel life EST they going to be a PC McDonald s best gamer chair best set up but the bad thing is qua will be there queso will be there can you add me to destroy your world he uh chat oh wait oh wait un okay now can I put mods in here I’m going to go see you so Ima kidnap you to Bon yes I can put mods in the world okay benen I the pack anyways okay I I don’t know why all right chat all right chat we got the gun mod we got the gun mod we got the gun mod let’s go we’re going on to the other world basically I did ask for everybody to give me their mic soft account just in case so they can get added to oh the ghost fan you have an you have a you have that too Greek gamer evil demon basically everybody else I just made sure to add them on their men on their account so you basically might have to hop on to your other ones I join men you’re joining all right all right chat we’re going to test it out invite pun 1212 men map is able to join I’m waiting got to do something else no NE doesn’t have a Microsoft account no no it’s the world whoa read oh I forgot to put uh experimental modes on hold on chat hold on haha ha whoa invite pun 1212 invite Who Am iting real quick oh you do Nest do you think your PC would crash Nest speaking about PC guys I’m going to hook up my keyboard and mouse to my to my PlayStation for once new don’t invite him can I join too invite pun 1212 I Emoji red heart man I hate you random guy why more like random gay ever heard of a joke I you are Dragon bowy he plus I never said I liked men I know you’re one how do you know I was man where did he go I have your rip hey babe XX it says a guy look at your name idwa your home at to ‘ll see it faster your government files say a lot about you it’s me3 2975 465 and the government is after you guys what is he doing can anyone tell me IM my an LOL just kidding random numbers what’s up y’all IM Maya angel I have your R huh oh no the hell you don’t LOL 75785 8750 that ain’t my I what if he is telling truth fake on numbers no nah fake on numbers he just plowing playing W W plus angel I wouldn’t he leak your if the numbers are fake ug grammar I died Le nothing all right I’m back I want to go make me a delicious sandwich this sandwich is so good want stuu bee want stuu bee whoa yeah you don’t really like mods oh n all right chat hold on I got to turn on these experimental mods and then boom fake fake dude what’s your gamer dag fake fake fake fake not fake basically I never fake it fake it’s fake what is fake not fake I want to play MC with someone fakey not fame not fake I don’t get what’s fake chat what’s fake oh you think I’m one of those live streamers that go live and be like he everybody come Join This Server for 5,000 years and then the video reset Auntie have her I chat it works off of my mobile workout it works LEL civilization won’t and it works let’s go if you want a game with me do I want a game with you who I’m a Roblox gamer you’re Roblox gamer I have Angel’s IP [ __ ] he does not believe in me invite me I’m stoic I’m obsessed with Roblox hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on give me one minute give me one minute boom Sammy no one gave me their um would give me the thing so I can’t how could I how invite you to the world if you don’t give me your Microsoft name look at it actually works guys look at this oh gosh yeah I play Roblox sad wait no it’s not a real it’s a real world I just got your cover files you have zero idea of what my literally you can’t join if you need your Microsoft account but you just what first Zeus i g look look look I gave you invite he not showing it are you guys able to this guys this is my favorite one right here you ain’t got no files of me stop I have Microsoft accounts what’s your gam dag boom it gives like little tiny explosions for that Emoji skull bro we can finally do the snipers work is my biggest question cuz we usually get we don’t get stuck no more wait it’s not cuz I’m in creative mode though yo we usually get stuck when snipers this is like the biggest thing though right here when running with it it’s like all up in your face invite me yeah probably turn off probably probably like invite you I got you I got you what’s your username what’s your username I’m stoic you’re stoic of course of course stoic is scared of me that’s why he isn’t inviting I’m not scared what are you talking about you guys need to give me your Microsoft username don’t got on D I don’t understand how my PlayStation account I I do have the world I don’t understand how I have a PlayStation account and I basically have a Microsoft well actually I have it on my phone but um are you do you guys have Minecraft on your phone or something like that first Zeus it’s showing me that you have a Microsoft account though I just gave you like thousands of just invite me just invite you what’s your here St it’s not showing me your Microsoft account Angel hello there my girlfriend’s in chat what the flip you ain’t you ain’t got no files me stop me whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what the [ __ ] is going on in chat literally you zero IDE was my IP didn’t even know my girlfriend was inside just invite I’m going to tell you I’m going to tell you again stoic your Microsoft account doesn’t show which one your GF got got you know who yes angel I know who you are you have the same profile picture on your Instagram on your Snapchat and not maybe not on your Snapchat I know oh yo like or should I say Maya Tim r deam 1 2 three l invite me invite you stoic I keep on telling you stoic I keep on telling you stoic you don’t have a Microsoft account stoic I don’t see your username online stoic yes D you don’t need my microwave axe I don’t need your microwave I I don’t want your microwave okay what gun mod is this called L it’s called BattleCraft just invite I don’t know how to invite you if I don’t have your Microsoft account yeah how the you know you know uh yeah unfriend him yeah he doesn’t he did say he was going to do I have a world I don’t know why no I don’t know why people that’s my question too why can’t nobody join why can’t can I invite people off of my PlayStation account that’s the question invite I did make sure multiplayer here let me see let me see let me see let me see there’s only one guy that was able to join that’s kind of sad hold on hold on let me see yeah this is going to be fun dude what’s your gam D tell me this is going to be fun friends of friends I said I put friends of friends can join look for my ACC and invite T we’re not friends with friends that means your friends can join you also like as you joined in your friend again you’re bored oh you have a Nerf world let’s let’s see it you okay we might just have to run a normal SMP yo what’s good I wonder if it works now I don’t see I could just do nothing but stare at the walls all day long you could just do nothing but stare at the walls all day long Dam in my bedroom I what y sto it it’s multiplayer though why is STO what the hell stoic oh he’s basically mad because he can’t join but then again he’s saying I have another girlfriend which I don’t have another girlfriend that’s it’s not true man dude I sent you the friend request you sent me the friend request I got you yeah can I find a gun mod on Marketplace you know what I I hope so I think they got rid of the gun mods though that sucks that really sucks sucks though invite te me range weapons I want to get that gun mod so bad MN n jnn want to join my realm do I want to join your realm sure let’s see let’s see your Minecraft world buddy let’s see your Minecraft world yeah yeah everybody I thought you what you just basically typed in chat do I want to join your room and I just said yes I’ll join you invite me in stoic invite you your stoic okay stoic we all know this Dam bro older did you guys already defeat the Ender Dragon invite me bro stoic it might not get invited bro she keep on spamming the stop spamming chat stop spamming it Wait a Minute Jam I thought I was already in VC with you what the [ __ ] wait what hey Frozen stand how’s it going do I want to help you build your house who’s this is uh this cool I’mma go find some netherite real quick here anybody anybody want to come with me okay an extra pickax here come here Bas have PTSD so you have PT what do you have PTSD from that’s not me that’s another guy not you sorry you had to leave stream earlier it’s all right I inv VT me yeah stoic wants a big ass invite here you don’t have to he keeps on spamming yeah yeah I I’m not going to be mean to him but yeah go go ahead and invite him well there oh [Applause] yeah I’m not the one asking for invite I’m not the one asking for invite let’s see how many times you ask for an invite it’s multiple times I’m not going to lie it’s MK L holy moly okay what the flip you spawn next to the nether fortress I just got a blaze farm y’all can add me if you want to watch my live yeah MK am I able to join who angel angel oh gosh I’m going to go get you a pet armadel okay yeah invite me please invite you I got you there sorry no angel it’s all good Angel it’s all good put gun mod on put the gun mod on m m k l o wants to be Mel M micho micho wants to be invited I think that’s what it Angel but where do I add you I’m going to live a stream cuzin bored you’re going to live stream cuz you’re boy oh my gosh b278 2 2837 wants to join here I’m sorry if I didn’t get the read your name tag I have Microsoft what’s your tag name okay no yo can you invite me or can somebody else invite Emoji skull and crossbones um LOL wait what’s the can I get the r code here so I can give everybody the the code basically don’t have 10 people on right now so go my dick yeah please just look look look look look it’s only like a certain amount of it’s only like a certain amount of people I promise that’s not that bad whoa so dick dick so dick dick dium yeah show the realm code okay boom you guys are going to get the rum code they removed the gun mode from Marketplace they removed the gun mode from Marketplace oh my gosh so dick so dick so dick dick so dick sug whoa hold so dick dick dick dick dick sug ma dick sug on Ma dickg W Emoji exploding head Sigma what in the cheesy crackers is going on with the spam here chill out how many dick dude Emoji skull Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Emoji skull and crossbones i l do all dick is an animal by the way LOL Emoji exploding head I’m not cussing add me again dude it’s C Lotus 2276 472 it’s C Lotus 2276 472 I’m alive I’m back UK are you up do I need what no I’m good actually yes I do I do need Jesus in my life bro I can’t I can never say no to Jesus armor I do need them Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma no guy Chapman no guy CH no yeah Sigma Sigma did you Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma did I did I mute the right guy yes I did invite me basically I time him up all right so basically I could pay attention a little bit now dick is an animal Emoji giraffe all right why do they have such a long name cot oh no add me again y let see lots let’s see lots okay about to say hold on that is a that that is a random ammo um here invite me please please please please okay okay drop the drop it zotus zotus it’s itus 2276 472 you put the code in chat wait do it again see Oria yeah wait or here here give it give it to me in the Discord give it to me in the Discord and I’ll put it in chat and then delete the chat after that I just found some kind of white fox and then also also um um Zeus you can also what you can also do is that you could set max players because you have cheats on by the way just to let you know that CB zp area R is that the chat no that’s not the chat that’s not the um it’s not really 10 it’s called a snow fox idiot it’s not it’s not really Zeus Zeus the max said Max 6 [Music] it’s not that’s not the actual that’s not the actual Max of how many people can join okay it’s too crazy three people go join dang okay invite me we got like all right but basically have to go I am also going to join don’t forget me you’re also going to I’m not going to forget you don’t worry I promise are are you going to are you going to put it down in chat so will join like three people literally you sent it to me okay all right chat invite me you sent it to the Discord okay okay okay Zeus has sucky armor I have full Enchanted NE it has armor with rarest armor trim combined with diamonds it’s C Lotus 2276 472 I didn’t 2276 472 it’s C Lotus 2276 472 all right do don’t don’t change the code yet don’t change the code don’t don’t change it don’t change it don’t change it all right chat give per five y all right chat that that’s the max that’s the max people that could join right now literally three people I know a lot I know a lot lot of people want to join though oh four people could join right now bro I almost jumped off I almost jumped off for a big ass minute okay okay my bad I’m cussing I’m sorry y’all B Mar join okay we’re waiting for more don’t change it don’t change it don’t change it don’t change it don’t change it don’t not change it I better make that okay I made it we’re good we’re good we’re good chat yeah whoa okay all right chat uh yay I made it in don’t teleport them to us uh just teleport them to somebody else I basically don’t want you to like walk out in front real quick here we’re going to need some beds I think it was like 16 something 15 to 16 all right am I good at finding this sometimes here in there not really do you have any wood on you oh dang it was three or four people though oh no it was three people it wasn’t it wasn’t four people though it wasn’t four people delete code we’re going to need do you have any beds do you have a bed on you or like any wool not on you yeah we need a wool we need wool where where are where are you at I’m right hereo Frozen stand don’t don’t you like end the like the original was like eight people watching let’s go I put it I put it there for you I put it there for keep it keep it as a pet keep it as a pet yeah yeah I’m still in here switch Hitler invited me hey I join the voice chat yeah Final Fantasy welcome back I’m pretty sure that switch Hitler guys do you have any bed do you have a bed on you how many how much W do you have on I’m back why would you blow it up that way no you blow it up down here I don’t know what I got the hell here take your take your take your M has anyone Tak my stuff blow it up down here come here come here come here come here come here come here come here did you lose all your stuff somebody’s been in your base already UK donated no I didn’t lose all my stuff yeah I’m just asking if anyone did somebody did donate to me that’ be cool this this is my diamond sword no no I don’t have a diamond SW my chickens have somebody was just somebody was just in your base behind me somebody was in there is it4 hold on what’s the something there’s too much going on here all right hello there Nick knock UK donated $5 why you dropping Redstone $5 nice all right chat it’s cotus 2 your sword must have burned bro Karma a bit should have known better bro you really cry about a diamond sword here you can make yourself a what is it thanks all right before we before we do that I need to make sure that I’m at the right level why is there so many people now I don’t know no one take down my tra cuz I’m I I put this up earlier burn burn cow oh okay that’s why that’s why I get instant cooked food dig around we got to go a little bit deeper did you get any wood by the way is there Friendly Fire okay good Jester invited me to fortnite I’m basically not playing that game oh my goodness I’m in the nether bro what is there not a negative level for NE right who is and BBG 227 you said what what oh that’s the people from my live stream they’re not weird no keep it on Peaceful no it’s not lagging if it did it would be from like players why does this guy sound like I show speed can I invite you join that did anybody take my crops nobody here sounds like IU speed why are you so far away the code should work guys who did that who did that who changed it tonight is everyone at like the mob spotter okay I’m getting I’m going inside going inside where I think I know what you’re about to do but okay where are we going inside of you can you invite me are you about to do what I think you’re about to do oh hello yeah I knew it hello master you said come come in here and I just said go inside where ooh who made this who made this where the monster I’m I’m good on hard mode I got die I got a fire aspect sword that’s why boom boom baby zombie baby zombie everyone be aware okay for like oak wood or like Birchwood okay Oak oh I got you I got you bro yeah it’s so fire bro it’s it’s good if anyone has like extra resources or like any type of iron I take it for you bro stop is the reward of gunpowder still available okay sorry come on get on the blanket oh crap crap Flip Flip Flip Flip great can someone uhoh where am I I can’t move I can’t move I can’t move help me help me can somebody teleport me back to my base or where run run run uh whoever’s the owner of the world can you like teleport me back to you cuz I died I died who’s the owner of the world I want to talk to you [Laughter] what they leave why did timer leave the world I’ll be right back to [Music] that timer can I call you on Discord yo hey buddy timer I will host the server soon by onam Ming 2 he ask eyes yes I am the glog loab the schw D Gib Gab for I’m alive chat I’m alive basically going to go somewhere where everybody else can join um yeah timer yo what’s up chat I will host soon you will host soon that’s cool bro that’s cool everybody can play basically all I wanted though basically wanted to create a world where everybody can play on it you know that’s that’s this pretty much all I want to chat life a steel life as steel nice nice add gun mode that need invite add gun mode I I got you I’m creating world right now added I basically won’t be able to bet guns oh life still one guy one guy V2 I was talking to timer time team BC not even in VC sure guns on life steel what I basically don’t mind going to life F still and if you’re able to invite me my username is gammer dag is Koopa plays uh dark on dude cups plays trying to invite him on my you play all right in a world right everybody said they wanted to be invited I’m going to invite everybody dumb auto correct the auto correct damn might I think Mighty drop wants to be invited the uncomon 12 turbin uh basically not go to who else wanted to be invited SE slaugh wants to be invited for real for real um foxy Fanboy right yes I do Reid uh leo9 Baby G I want invite first dude dark on dude basically wanted to be invited there’s just a lot of people that wanted to be invited and this is that’s what I wanted man to create a world where everybody can join have fun you know I was basically thinking events would work out but I I don’t think the events would work out basically there Crouch funny Crouch basically you know um there got more got more see hot Cheeto girl join and then I’m going to basically do this also can all build KFC together we can all build KFC yeah for sure for sure KFC wait wait a minute hold on Buddy for say yeah to that I better 50% no I’m play oh yeah um everybody gets 50% hello there hi see boom everybody’s able to play able to join um before I do that let’s do this can you invite me as well can I invite you as well yeah man yeah can I join and get up can you join and get op there will basically be no op but it’ll be like just be a world not I wonder what happens if I give everybody up I might make a video timer join VC timer join VC I don’t want to join VC man I basically don’t want to join that right now if it’s Jam can I join as well yeah timer do join VC oh never mind never mind you’re dark on dude I’ll join you I’ll join you there’s basically a lot of things that going on wait hold on um dark on dude join my Discord oh oh you’re on it you’re on it on it okay there you go there you go what’s up dark on dude oh there hey for forless the the guy that’s going to kidnapp me one day what we doing um know what invite you I got you invite sure for you’re on YouTube what’s me on YouTube man nice there you go yeah like just join and play I wish you could live on Xbox it will make it a lot better you wish I could live stream on Xbox no I wish I could oh what you got like Xbox series s or something like that or you get the newest Xbox Xbox one can you send Duty Taylor you said what you send out some invites can I send out some invites I got everybody I’ll invite everybody hey who’s this for half the screen I have for half the screen for a little bit I just had your stream going I’m lagging so badly oh my gosh you guys seeing this is is everybody else lagging is everybody else lagging in chat right now chat you guys lagging no you’re floating you’re floating guys a [Music] box I need don’t hit it’s that hit he hit me it’s making me lag I am laggy too you’re laggy too oh gosh how many people join the world I’m not laging you’re not lagging I’m lagging there’s only six people there’s only six people can I invite you I got you dark on I’m basically lagging right now just give me big minute five five people join n six thanks six people joined but five people are in dude dude I’m lagging like hell right now six people now hell on hold on hold on hold on chat I might have to restream hold on let me let me restart that I’m watching live can I do that L yet

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    Creeper Showdown: Pro vs Noob! Level 999 Creeper: “I’ve been training for years, I’m basically a Creeper ninja.” Level 3 Creeper: “I may be low level, but I’ve got heart…and a short fuse.” Level 999 Creeper: “Well, this is awkward. I guess I’ll just explode now.” Level 3 Creeper: “Looks like I leveled up…literally.” #minecraft #meme #memes Read More

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    Crafting a Sneaky Red Bed in Minecraft Exploring Minecraft Building Ideas Minecraft, a game loved by millions worldwide, offers endless possibilities for creativity and construction. From simple houses to intricate castles, players can let their imagination run wild in this virtual world. One popular building idea that players often explore is creating unique beds, such as the red bed. Building a Red Bed in Minecraft To build a red bed in Minecraft, players will need three blocks of wool and three wooden planks. The wool can be dyed red using red dye, which can be obtained from red flowers like poppies. Once the materials are gathered,… Read More

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    INSANE: Surviving 1,000 Days in Minecraft - Shuckle ShackVideo Information This video, titled ‘I Survived 1,000 Days in Survival Minecraft [FULL MOVIE]’, was uploaded by Shuckle Shack on 2024-06-04 13:19:11. It has garnered 13195 views and 562 likes. The duration of the video is 02:18:29 or 8309 seconds. I Survived 1000 Days in Minecraft 1.20! [FULL MINECRAFT MOVIE] If you haven’t, check out another of one my videos here: https://youtu.be/Dbdn6BSaSYQ?si=qTP1OtHCWKeHLGZS This Minecraft series was inspired by people like GoodTimesWithScar, BdoubleO100, Fwhip, Grian, MogSwamp, and more. In this let’s play series I spent hundreds of hours building a massive castle with a villager trading hall, a medieval town with… Read More

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    From Human to Caine's Sister in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘From HUMAN to CAINE’s SISTER in Minecraft!’, was uploaded by PrincessHana on 2024-01-28 23:00:26. It has garnered 1087285 views and 12246 likes. The duration of the video is 00:21:01 or 1261 seconds. 🌼 Subscribe to the channel my daisies!! 🌼 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Dx5CzIpfctGNYsn2rVwXw?sub_confirmation=1 What’s up my doki doki daisies!? I’m Princess Hana and welcome to my video! Today, PrincessHana finds Caine’s magic cane, and accidentally turns herself into his sister! As she transforms, she becomes more and more like a girl Caine. Will she ever turn back to normal? Watch until the end to find out! ADC… Read More

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    "Unbelievable MC RTX 4090 in Realistic Nabi Gaming! 😲🔥" #minecraftmodsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Realistic MC RTX 4090 😍😍🤤 #minecraft #minecraftmods’, was uploaded by Nabi Gaming on 2024-04-19 19:24:26. It has garnered 18 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:23 or 23 seconds. MINECRAFT WITH ULTRA REALISTIC GRAPHICS Minecraft REAListic Graphics Minecraft REAL LIFE Extreme Graphics Minecraft in hardcore Incredible Minecraft Graphics Ultra REALISTIC MINECRAFT How to Build a Snowy Cottage How to Build a Starter House Minecraft Minecraft Blacksmith house Minecraft Snowy Cabin MINECRAFT WINTER CABIN MINECRAFT WINTER HOUSE Realistic MC RTX 4090 Minecraft best shaders Minecraft Shader Comparison Minecraft Ray Tracing Minecraft REAL… Read More

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    Insane Gold Farm Build in Hardcore Minecraft 1.20Video Information This video, titled ‘I BUILD MOST EFFICIENT GOLD FARM IN HARDCORE MINECRAFT 1.20’, was uploaded by CherryON on 2024-01-12 11:36:43. It has garnered 10189 views and 238 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:40 or 40 seconds. #cherryongaming #minecraft #minecraft100days #minecraftshorts #minecrafthardmode #minecraftpe #minecraftmemes \ FIND ME ON // 📧BUSINESS QUERIES MAIL : [email protected] 🟣INSTAGRAM ► @aa.k.a.s.hh https://www.instagram.com/aa.k.a.s.hh 🟣DISCORD ► @CherryON Gaming https://discord.gg/dSuuqpNnF9 …………………………………………………. \ EPIC VIDEOS LINKS // ENDER DRAGON ► https://youtu.be/lcXYUIWlIPw?si=y3yq61tbCex7eENX WARDEN ► https://youtu.be/sNWyRAfTQCQ?si=QFTRbe6xVLFt9kbl PARK THEMED BASE ► https://youtu.be/dVVgf0UpXPg?si=eNAF6CBX2FK03x4n (Unique Design!) HARDCORE STARTING ► https://youtu.be/uHQPipz6UbY?si=GCM_g2ygt1NJ6gvR (FULL of Fun) Iron Farm ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCZ-fc4e27E (Unique Design!) ……………………………………………………. Read More

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  • mcfox

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