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You have great suggestions and it’s time to let them shine so i coded your ideas into minecraft let’s see how they turned out 80 of the people watching this video are not currently subscribed and that means that you could very well be one of them so if you enjoyed today’s video

Please consider subscribing it would really help my channel out alright back to the video alright my friends we’re gonna kick things off in style with one of my own ideas have you ever wondered why you can obtain wool just by using shears in the form of a block

Especially when well if you kill a cow and you get leather you get it in the form of an item not a block even though both of them are materials i think you can see exactly where i’m going with this let’s add a leather block to minecraft

That’s right a block made entirely out of leather and not just that you can dye it any color that you would like as you would expect with dies i mean you know at surface value it seems a little bit like a cursed item but i mean imagine the building possibilities

This gives us virtually unlimited colors in minecraft i can mix any colors i would like and get i mean everything i mean this would be awesome and the more i think about it i mean i started this out kind of as a joke but i kind of really want this idea in

Minecraft but alas this is an idea that will probably never see the light of day unlike this next idea for this next idea unfortunately i could not find the original comment but andre suggested an enderman head block like the observer that activates when you look at it you know that

Is not a bad idea and okay there we go endermen are frightening but they’re also really interesting when it comes to mechanics if you look at an intermittent they don’t like it what if we could turn that into a redstone mechanic oh for me you shouldn’t have by the way merry

Christmas i’m recording this on christmas eve and we’ve got an ender observer this is a block that activates whenever you look at it and that is something that i think could be very useful in the redstone world of minecraft this guy’s having the time of his life Yeah this is this is actually really cool a little annoying but very cool a little overpowered but very i mean very interesting i mean this is actually really cool i think you know something oh okay well something like this i imagine would definitely take time to you know implement correctly

This is a very interesting mechanic and i completely understand why it’s not already in the game but still this is very cool and great practice for pvp i’m no redstone genius but i mean this is just one example of some really cool stuff you could do apart from the you know

Weird-looking door facial recognition that’s right i can get in and look at my bad redstone here’s another fun idea minecart retrieval because buttons just aren’t good enough i’m sure there’s a lot of really cool ideas for this but i’m just not a redstone genius so i have no

Idea let me know in the comments how this could be useful to minecraft this next idea comes from quackless who suggested stomping when you fall the damage you would normally take goes to a mob or animal that you fall on i really like the way that you guys think

I mean new enchantments are always really cool and stomping could be interesting time to go land on some stuff okay so in theory if i jump on this sheep it should take a little bit of damage that’s actually kind of cool i’m sorry chicken hey okay you know this is actually

Really cool i could definitely see this being in minecraft i think it’s really useful if you’re being ambushed by a mob because as you could see you can get the drop on them that’s really cool that is a very good idea obi-wan could nobody asked i love the

Name by the way so much i think woolly mammoths in ice biomes would be really cool that is not a bad idea not a bad idea at all as you could see the ice planes and ice spike biomes are very lonely they are very barren but they don’t have to be

We can add more mobs to bring more life to these biomes and make them more interesting when you actually go around them i mean sure we’ve got polar bears so they got just saw one over there a little a little spooky but what about a woolly mammoth

A big gigantic mammoth of a mob this is a beast man oh goodness imagine just being in survival mode you’ve got your measly little leather armor on you know you’re trying to watch out for powdered snow and then you just see that that is absolutely amazing and you can

Get close you know you could be curious but you got to be careful not to hit them because when you do that oh it’s angry it doesn’t like it but fortunately it you know it’s a it’s a big guy it doesn’t really walk too fast i don’t really know what else

This guy could do so let me know in the comments how you think something like a woolly mammoth could be added because it definitely should be added this is an amazing mob and oh no oh i’ve got a couple of ideas in mind for how we could implement the woolly mammoth into minecraft

The only downside they all have to do with making it a pet and taming it but i mean it seems a little you know unrealistic given the size of the mammoth but that’s okay i would love to see the fact that we could saddle it imagine being able to

Use it to navigate the lands of tundras with powdered snow that way you can actually avoid it with a different way instead of having to have leather armor that could be really cool but also maybe the ravager could be terrified of a woolly mammoth so if you happen to

Have one near a village the ravager will not go near it just a couple of different ways it could be implemented and also i want to see what the smallest mob in minecraft looks like next to the woolly mammoth i mean look at that that is absolutely crazy matthew’s idea was dog beds

So that they can respond when they die or if they get lost when the sun comes up and you have just fought in a valiant battle against zombies and of course lost not only your villager friends but even the sad ones the pets your loved ones your best friends it’s a

Very sad event when that happens so it would be great to be able to respawn them using a pet bed something as simple as a pet bed would definitely make us have a lot less sad moments in minecraft and honestly it would just be an amazing tool to have in general if

You’ve got a pet place down a pet bed that pet will link onto it like a villager does to a profession block and that bed will then be theirs and anytime they’re lost or if they die right click it and they’ll respond okay i admit in this case it just spawns a

Dog i mean it literally just every time mr temple statue suggested an idea for an enchantment called throwing when you enchant throwing to your tools or weapons you can throw them and deal damage to things you know that is not a bad idea at all in fact

I think it would be really cool if you could throw items in general perhaps this could be the one and only enchantment that can actually go on any item in minecraft let’s say for example you are in the middle of battle and your friend just lost their sword or axe it would be

Really cool to be able to just throw him a new one i mean that is a very interesting mechanic now the idea is that it would deal damage whenever you actually throw it but still even the idea of being able to just throw an item to

An ally i mean that could be really cool and who knows maybe even in single player it could be a really useful mechanic nope nope abort abort mission as a side note i mean imagine if they could also throw their axes that would be terrifying oh

Well oh how’s it going i know what you’re thinking and yes i just realized that we have the q button to basically do this we we didn’t even have to add this into the game because all we did was make it harder to get rid of an item

Oh this is so bad okay for this last idea i lost the comment i have no idea who said it but i know a lot of people say it we need to add some sort of phantom repellent or way to get rid of phantoms okay i’m on it and now it is

Nighttime and you know what oh uh you know what that means everyone’s favorite mob that was added in the ma vote phantoms they are annoying and pretty much the most hated mob in all of minecraft but what if we could make them better or at least make them not nearly as bad

Oh they’re frightening let me go inside indoors sorry about this sure we could sleep but the villagers make it hard to do that and they take the bed so what if instead you could make a phantom repellent potion now i think it would be cool to be able to make repellents of

Any mob in general so this is kind of one example of a bigger idea but essentially when you have repellent the mob wouldn’t attack you in this case you could see they’re not really worried about me unlike the spider so you can just continue to mind your business and enjoy the show because

Phantoms when they’re not attacking you i mean they’re pretty cool look at that he just wanted to come say hello and then they noped out because that’s what the repellent does this is actually really cool idea and it would be very useful well my friends that is going to do it

For today’s video let me know which idea was your favorite i absolutely love doing these types of videos it’s been a while since we last did a your ideas video in minecraft and it just so happens that these are some really really cool ideas though i think i might be a little

Biased my idea is my favorite leather blocks i mean come on this is just really really cool the fact that you could basically make any color you could ever want in minecraft that could be incredibly useful but again let me know which idea was your favorite down in the comments below

Wow you made it to the end of yet again another video you’re on a roll at this point and it’s for that reason that you are my favorite so hey look listen if this plan that i had for this week went according to plan it’s christmas or any holiday that you

Celebrate on the 25th of december and if it is merry christmas or happy holidays however you prefer it either way i hope you have a fantastic day and thank you so much for giving me your time to watch this video if you really enjoyed it i prepared two

Videos for you that i think you’re gonna like if you click to the right you can see how i gave amethyst or an update for minecraft or to the left to watch my compilation of 50 of my greatest ideas from 2020 all in one feature packed video just for you

But that’s gonna do it for today my name has been system z and you have been awesome thanks for watching

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You have great ideas, so I decided to add them to Minecraft.
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Minecraft, but I added your ideas into Minecraft. Earlier this week I gave Amethyst Ore an Update for Minecraft, after I gave Copper Ore an Update for Minecraft. Check those videos out if you haven’t, along with 50 things that should be in Minecraft!

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