I Made a Machine with EVERY BLOCK in Minecraft

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There are a ton of items in minecraft i remember the days when the inventory system looked a lot simpler than this it was basically wood a little bit of stone stuff some cobblestone and things and then wool and that that was basically it now we have hundreds upon hundreds upon

Hundreds of various different things that are available to us so i thought it’d be fun to try and build a redstone contraption that makes use of all of them i don’t know how this is going to go honestly as i look through that inventory system there i started to get

More and more fearful anyway the type of redstone contraption that we’re going to be building is known as a rube goldberg machine now these exist in real life they’re essentially a chain of events that leads to a specific outcome and we’re going to run through just a whole

Bunch of different things the first item that i want to concentrate on is stone and i thought the best way to do that was to make use of a stone generator so we’re going to be generating stone that’s going to activate the next part of the circuit but also the stone

Generator makes use of a bunch of different items too like lava water pistons there’s going to be redstone involved and i also looking at this decided that actually i shouldn’t just build out of glass i should throw some other blocks into the picks and i gotta say

I think this build may end up being very very ugly like incredibly ugly it’s almost laughable how awful this thing looks anyway we’ve got we’ve got stone being generated now and that should reach this end point fairly soon yeah there we go so that’s as far as it

Reaches so i guess we should chuck and observe it in here and then i think i also want to try and explode the stone because then we get cobblestone and we can use that as an item in our system but i think the way that we get the tnt

To activate should be slightly different to how we would normally get tnt to activate so i’ve built up this sand launcher right here which i imagine will go through a tripwire and power some tnt this redstone contraption is already ridiculously stupid and we’re on like the first few builds let’s see what

Happens here then stone is being generated signal has been sent sanders been dropped tnt has been powered is it going to blow up yes it is and it also blew up the tripwires and the string that’s not the end of the world though because this is kind of a

Single use system we now have a piece of cobblestone which can go into a water stream now i have made a few modifications to this system so hopefully this tnt no longer blows up this tripwire but i’ve also added in the water streams and things that are going

To take our cobblestone across like this then up like this and then into the next part of the design so the next item that i want to make use of is sponge so obviously we have dry sponge and then we also have wet sponge so we’re going to

Push this dry sponge across it’s then going to clear that water it’s going to convert it into wet sponge so that means that we’ve made use of both of those items this water is then going to gradually trickle down and i guess we can detect that making use of an

Observer which can then lead us onto the next part of the circuitry if you can’t tell i absolutely love building root goldberg machines they’re so much fun especially when they actually work which this one now does up to this point right here so let’s take a look in here so we’ve got sponge

Okay is there anything creative we can really do with lapis not particularly that i can think of we’ve got all the different slabs and things what other blocks can we kind of interact with well now we’re not directly interacting with the wool but i like the idea of having a

Piston feed tape that actually cycles these wall blocks around and then you can see we have a block of glass in there too so if i just power this thing you can see that the wall cycles around gradually makes its way around and then eventually this glass block will go in

Front of this repeater right here it will unpower briefly and push that redstone block across and that will activate the next part of the circuit and i actually got a little bit carried away and started building the next part of the circuit because i suddenly remembered this feature and i didn’t

Want to forget it and that is the fact that you can send redstone signals through leaves by pushing a wood block into them let’s check it out that observer has just powered so that means that we can chain all of these together and basically create like a snaking

Redstone circuit of all the different leaf blocks let’s see if this actually functions so here goes powering that is so cool that is so strange but so cool okay what comes next what could be our next stage i needed to make use of red sand and

Also gravel so we’ve got a little setup right here i’m also making use of cobwebs and slime blocks for the first time so we’re covering a couple of bases in that area now and this thing is gradually starting to get bigger which is cool it makes total sense that i

Would just make use of the slabs to get a vertical redstone system but now i need to think of a cool way to bring the redstone downwards i mean we could have things go up and down because there’s a bunch more slabs and stairs that i need to use

Maybe an anvil or potentially make use of an item dropped out of a dropper going through trapdoors so this this is the system that i’ve created if i power this our gravel gets pushed across everything gets powered and the item gradually makes its way through there

And then that can land on a pressure plate we can send the signal back up and basically loop things around a little bit here i’ve jumped ahead a little bit because i’m having too much fun once again i’ve used up all the stairs we’ve built up an anvil dropper that then runs

Through this tripwire hook here and that sends a signal into the next circuit which is the melon and pumpkin crusher so if i just grab myself a jack-o’-lantern i’m assuming jack-o-lanterns also get crushed by pistons but we should see if i just chuck something like this at the end

What we need to do is we need to invert this redstone torch so you see that redstone torch is currently off when the anvil travels through the tripwire hook all of those will get crushed and now our redstone torch is on so we have sent

The signal on to the next part of the circuitry and i’ve just given the full system its first test in ages and amazingly it all seems to be working everything is all fully connected which i gotta say is a huge surprise because i totally did not expect all of this to be

Working together anyway next up we have got the ice segments oh it needs to be a wooden pressure plate doesn’t it that’s like original minecrafter redstone information i can’t believe i forgot that right the next set of blocks in the menu is the concrete ones and i feel like because these are

One of the few blocks in minecraft that we can actually convert it would be wrong with me not to do that so this system here will put out water it will convert all of these from being concrete powder into concrete so that means that we’ve knocked both of

Those off the list but also these observers are going to detect that we then have this massive and gate down at the bottom here so this redstone torch will turn on once all of these are converted now let’s just quickly check that that actually works so water comes out

And that might just be one of the more satisfying circuits inside this gigantic redstone contraption here now actually continuing down the list one of the other blocks that can convert in minecraft are the coral blocks because if they’re outside of water i think they die so maybe we could remove the water from

Around corals and then have them die and detect that a little bit like what we’ve done here honestly i have no clue i’ve never really i don’t even think i’ve placed a coral block before so let’s see what happens coral goes down we wait okay well that’s that’s definitely promising if it’s

Surrounded by water is it okay yeah it seems to be living and it’s died okay um that means that in theory we might actually have a redstone contraption here it seems like it should function so i’ve got a dispenser back here with an empty bucket in it it’ll

Pick up the water all of these corals will die retracting all of these redstone blocks which will activate our redstone torch and then send a redstone signal up through here so what i’m doing now is i’m making use of all the different colors of glass because i feel

Like that’s important to do and this is a good use for it and then i think that actually takes us to the end of the building block section i have used all of these blocks inside this build so far oh apart from soul sand and magma

Those were ones that i left out because i wanted to make use of those inside water elevators and things hmm i guess i could do that back here i was planning on going across like this but i could probably do a few more out the back and then send the redstone

Signal across in fact forget sending redstone signals why don’t we send minecarts i mean i might as well move into this section of the inventory here and it is so satisfying watching minecarts in waterstreams so that’s going to drop down i guess we can actually do a magma water stream here

Hmm yeah what do we do from there i guess we could have magma and then a flowing water stream and then eventually it goes over a detector rail or something i’m just in the editing bay right now how many times have i gone hmm in this video it might be a record for

Me this works absolutely perfectly this works absolutely perfectly minecart goes up and then drops down and ends up on this redstone block so now we can start shifting things about and that is exactly what i’m doing i’m really pushing through here so our minecart lands on our powered rail track

Which is incredibly bright and psychedelic it will activate both of these pistons converting this path block into dirt and this farmland into that which will allow redstone signal to pass through it that’s then going to travel down through here and into these pistons which are going to be breaking our

Bamboo which i can’t remember if you place that on sand yes you can so we’re going to build up a bamboo stalk here that will be broken by the piston we’re also going to make a mega sugar cane i guess we can do that and i mean what other things are there i

Guess we could do scaffolding basically i want to break all the things that will fall if i oh if i push that that’s not actually going to break is it i guess there’s only one way to find out yes it is going to break it so that’s

That part done now we’re getting honey blocks involved we’ve got a few crafting benches too honestly i kind of hadn’t expected quite how mammoth this project was going to be you know how it goes you come up with an idea and you’re like yeah that’ll be great every item in minecraft how

Difficult could that be and then you start building it and you know you get eight maybe nine hours in and you start realizing maybe should have thought that one through a little bit better anyway next up we need to do the silverfish blocks which i think we can do in

Interesting ways so as i’m sure most of you know if you injure a silverfish or a silverfish takes damage then local silverfish that are inside their blocks will pop out so we can place those those silverfish blocks or infested blocks around here and then the silverfish can pop out and once again we

Can detect that making use of observers or potentially we could even use weighted pressure plates uh i actually prefer the idea of an observer and that observer is then going to shoot an item into this furnace which will then smelt out the item and we can detect the item

That’s been smelted making use of hoppers this is such a long chain i actually wonder how long it will take for everything to happen like how long is this chain in terms of time duration is this guy going to try and make his way to the water

I mean maybe if we use a villager you see what i i need to make use of all the pressure plates and all the different types of doors maybe if we use a pillager and a villager let’s quickly try out with a husk so villager comes in almost

He kind of decided to run and then stopped running and decided he wanted to go back oh that that works oh that totally works this is the funniest thing in the world if i punch this guy he freaks out and decides he wants to get away from me and

Then he sees that ask and he he’s like wow he doesn’t know what to do oh no oh no no oh no stop oh i just sell the whole machine and i have no backups i have to reset everything thankfully because the minecart is quite slow i

Managed to get in there and stop too much from happening but yeah i mean you know concrete and i’d say probably about a quarter has gone through either way i managed to fix all of that up and now we have an output from this door line running into our

Shulker box circuit so all of these dispensers are going to dispense out the shulker boxes and then that will run into the next part of the circuitry which i guess we have to do something with jukeboxes that’s one thing i still need to do the mushroom blocks and all the walls

Oh my goodness there’s so many blocks in minecraft there’s so many blocks but i definitely can see the light at the end of the tunnel so that’s a positive i’ve just knocked a bunch of them off right here just getting them just the non-functioning ones just getting ready

To stand on top of them i feel a bit bad because the beacons in there but i mean there’s not really much i can do redstone wise with a beacon so that’s all that and now i’m going to start work on the walls which i think i’m just

Going to push them around now this might seem a tiny bit cheaty but there’s a few redstone components that i literally can’t do anything with like buttons and things inputs so i’m just kind of dotting them around throughout the redstone contraption and finally after many many hours

This thing is now all completed and i think we can all agree it looks rather spectacular but i am genuinely curious to see if this actually works first time okay i will eat my hat if this works first time all right so flicking the lever that is going across generating

Stone we have now detected the stone that has sent a signal through to our sand pusher which will then activate our tnt which drops down and hopefully this piece of tnt blows up the cobblestone which it has that cobblestone is now dropped into the water and it has gone

Up into the item elevator cool okay and that is gonna make its way through into this system right here which should push across the sponge removing this piece of water which will then go into the piston feed tape it’s taking his time it’s taking his time there it is

Sponges in water’s removed piston feed tape is now spinning and when that glass goes across this repeater that is then going to send the signal through into our little leaf snake right here which has now pushed the sand into the cobweb oh okay i have a little bit of time to breathe here

I am sweating so much my palms are are basically pouring out water right now okay this is this is serious so when this piece of sand lands on the pressure plate it will then activate this circuit tree so we’ll get gravel moving down landing on pressure plates and things

But then most importantly is this diamond up at the top here is going to drop through the trap doors and it’s going to end up on that pressure plate here it comes there it is it’s landed on the pressure plate it’s sent the redstone signal up it’s gone

Through the anvil all of our melons and pumpkins have just been broken and the concrete has been converted sorry i forgot what happened next and also all of our coral has died and our minecart has been sent off through the water system it’s so difficult to keep up with

What’s happening concrete got converted corals got converted and then also we sent off a minecart that minecart is now here so that is now going to travel through this part of the system so we’re going to get these pads and these farmland blocks being converted into dirt which will make them solid blocks

And that’s going to break all of these and that sends the redstone signal through into the silverfish they have just died and that means that we now have an item in our furnace that is currently being smelted when this is fully smelted up our villager is going

To be dispensed out he’s going to run away from the husk okay okay okay shulker boxes have happened the note blocks have played and everything has activated all at once walls got pushed and everything compost has moved the whole lot and our doors have opened we have opened up a two by

Two iron door set there it is all of that to open a pair of doors and i couldn’t be more out of breath oh i started getting so stressed by the end of that i am oh sweating like an athlete all right well that was fun hope you enjoyed um

Don’t know what to say now that was all a bit dramatic wasn’t it thanks for watching i guess i hope you enjoyed that that was that was cool that was cool that felt like a proper old school minecraft build it’s been ages since i’ve built a rube goldberg machine they’re so much fun

Aren’t they they are a lot of fun i might do more of them to be honest with you that was a really satisfying experience i might do one in real life i don’t know what i’m gonna do

This video, titled ‘I Made a Machine with EVERY BLOCK in Minecraft’, was uploaded by Mumbo Jumbo on 2020-05-28 19:15:00. It has garnered 2404795 views and 115880 likes. The duration of the video is 00:17:02 or 1022 seconds.

Mumbo redstone machine that makes use of EVERY SINGLE BLOCK in the game. Including infested stone, all of the farm-able blocks, shulker boxes, cobwebs… you name it, it’s in there! This incredibly complicated redstone machine, that functions as a giant Minecraft rube goldberg machine serves a very important purpose.. to open a 2×2 Minecraft door.

Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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    AGGs CreateCraftPublic Create server Hosted on highend hardware Forge 1.20.1-47.2.0 Create version 1.20.1-0.5.1.e play.agamersgrind.com:27004 Read More

  • Pandamium’s Snapshot Server – Vanilla SMP – Snapshots 1.21 – LGBTQ+ Friendly – Discord

    Welcome to Pandamium’s Snapshot Server! Pandamium’s snapshot server is an experimental, vanilla, SMP server that updates to every new snapshot with all experiments enabled. Play with brand new features and learn more about the game with friends! Snapshot Features: Experiment with new crafters, Trial Chambers, the breeze, vaults, and more! Enjoy 20 new paintings, 3 new music discs, and other exciting content Experience a diamond-based trading economy and multiple towns to join Join our community for watch parties and discussions about upcoming features Server Information: IP: snapshot.pandamium.eu Version: 1.21 (Latest Snapshot: 1.21.1) Discord: Join our Discord Website: Visit our website… Read More

  • Freebuild server

    just another minecraft serverjust another mc server that you can contact mr john doemann from. he will always expect you here even though he lives outside of your life, watchout and lookout. Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Minecraft TikTok meme: Peak-edition discovery!

    Minecraft Memes - Minecraft TikTok meme: Peak-edition discovery!So I guess you could say this meme really reached new heights with a score of 112! Read More

  • Chill Showcase: Dragon Mounts 1.20.1 Forge

    Chill Showcase: Dragon Mounts 1.20.1 Forge In the world of Minecraft, where dragons roam free, Dragon Mounts Legacy is the mod to see. Fire, water, aether, and more to behold, Breeding and taming, a story untold. Hatch the eggs, in conditions just right, To bring forth a dragon, a majestic sight. Ride them high, through the skies they’ll soar, With a saddle on their back, you’ll want more. Fire dragons, immune to the flames, Water dragons, swimming in games. Aether dragons, soaring up high, Forest dragons, hidden in leaves they lie. Nether dragons, with a cool blue glow, Ghost dragons, in darkness they show. Ice… Read More


    SHREK IQ TEST: CAN YOU COUNT TO 10? “Taking the Shrek IQ test in Minecraft is like trying to figure out if you’re as smart as an ogre who lives in a swamp. Good luck with that!” Read More

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    Ultimate Guide: Split-Screen Minecraft Gameplay How to Play Minecraft with Split Screen If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy Minecraft locally with your friends, playing with split screen can be a great way to do so. In this tutorial, Levito explains the step-by-step process to set up split screen in Minecraft. Let’s dive into the details! Deactivating Antivirus and Downloading Necessary Files The first step in setting up split screen in Minecraft is to deactivate your antivirus temporarily. This is necessary to avoid any interference during the installation process. Next, you’ll need to download a file containing all the necessary components for split screen play…. Read More

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    Crafting Chaos: Minecraft Survival EP 01 Welcome to a New Minecraft Adventure! Exploring the 1.21 Update In this exciting Minecraft Survival Series, our protagonist embarks on a new journey in a world filled with the latest 1.21 update. Equipped with determination, they set out to create content that will not only entertain but also strengthen their survival skills. From crafting armor to building a home, every step is crucial to their success in this challenging environment. Episode 1: A Promising Start As the video begins, our host, P J, introduces us to the thrilling world of Minecraft Survival Series. With each episode promising new adventures… Read More

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    Jeffy Minecraft: 3 Hours of Sleep-Inducing Gameplay!Video Information This video, titled ‘*3 HOURS* OF JEFFY MINECRAFT VIDEOS TO FALL ASLEEP!’, was uploaded by Jeffy Minecraft Fandom! on 2024-05-05 23:00:07. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Welcome To Jeffy Minecraft Fandom! We post daily Jeffy Minecraft videos, to keep our viewers entertained. Minecraft is a sandbox … Read More

  • Ultimate Pink Cottage Build Challenge!

    Ultimate Pink Cottage Build Challenge!Video Information [Music] I figured out how to or what to build okay I looked on Pinterest and for a cute little starter house I found a cute house for inspiration okay so this is the house okay but I’m not going to use these materials I’m obviously going to go pink like more pink my plan is I want to use this amethyst block for some of the walls so I want this for some of the walls I want some pink wood and then the roof outline I think I want to do what’s around here first of… Read More

  • EPIC Minecraft Expectation Vs Reality Showdown!!

    EPIC Minecraft Expectation Vs Reality Showdown!!Video Information La idea es compartir te vas a divertir te quieres venir a mi casa quiero invitar a jugar a mi casa todas mis amigas y amigos quiero saltar bailar y lo que tengo compartir contigo contigo Chipi chipi chapa chapa Rubi Rubi raba mágico mi rbi rbi chi chipi chapa chapa rbi rbi da This video, titled ‘Minecraft Expectation Vs Reality #minecraft #shorts @camman18’, was uploaded by ItsNetwork on 2024-04-29 10:30:08. It has garnered 2226 views and 95 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:30 or 30 seconds. In the vast expanse of Minecraft, players are thrust… Read More

  • Bista’s Mind-Blowing Minecraft Miracle Trick!

    Bista's Mind-Blowing Minecraft Miracle Trick!Video Information This video, titled ‘miracle modern day #minecraft #viral #gaming #jayshreeram #trending #technogamerz #yessmartypie #sho’, was uploaded by Bista on 2023-12-19 05:08:15. It has garnered 2450 views and 50 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:24 or 24 seconds. Read More

  • “Discover the First Vault spoiler in Vault Hunters 3” #spiderwolf27 #cheating #minecraft

    "Discover the First Vault spoiler in Vault Hunters 3" #spiderwolf27 #cheating #minecraftVideo Information [Music] yes we both joined okay yeah I’m not seeing anything it’s coming all good it’s night it’s night it’s night it’s night okay sleep sleep I can hear something coming okay you protect me I’m going to do [Music] uh okay let me take a [Music] look hey hermitcraft just spawned from the coconut not oh are you okay mrit come back I cheated a little bit so but I wanted to do this live on stream uh because I don’t want to Pro keep in the way of progression uh we made we made an error… Read More

  • Deadly jungle quest: B. Alance’s demise?! EP. 2

    Deadly jungle quest: B. Alance's demise?! EP. 2Video Information okay line I know what I know what I’m watching oh I should probably do that what did you just say Rick and Morty Rick and Morty Rick Rick Rick RI is watching RI RI uh no I’m not watching that there go dude my favorite you just went live no is it py tank I mean PewDiePie um okay the first thing you said py tang py tang that movie that you talk about all the time but you’ve never seen you’re a fake I have seen it first of all oh you haven’t no I’m a… Read More

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    TheValentino_71's Mind-Blowing Trick! #twitchVideo Information Me convierto en un caballo y lo demuestro haciendo un truco de [Música] magia yo lo silenci lo escuch This video, titled ‘Que trucazo no? #twitch #vodeosgraciosos #shortvideo #short #minecraft’, was uploaded by TheValentino_71 on 2024-01-03 00:07:11. It has garnered 2 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:22 or 22 seconds. Read More

I Made a Machine with EVERY BLOCK in Minecraft