If You Find This, BETTER TO JUST QUIT MINECRAFT! Minecraft Creepypasta

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This video, titled ‘If You Find This, BETTER TO JUST QUIT MINECRAFT! Minecraft Creepypasta’, was uploaded by RayGloom Creepypasta on 2023-07-28 07:00:01.
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It’s truly a terrible thing to encounter!
WARNING! Jumpscares are often in these videos! You have been warned!

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I really enjoy making creepypasta videos with horror, jumpscenes, and other fun scary elements! This includes videos with giant alex, minecraft creepypasta seeds, creepypasta herobrine, and other Minecraft Creepypasta stories! I may also do Minecraft creepypasta roleplays or tutorials on my creepypastas or how to build some creepypasta builds/maps. Also, should I try Minecraft 100 days, creepypasta style? Maybe even Minecraft in Ohio?

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Enjoy! This is done in Minecraft!

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What People Are Saying?

49 responses to “If You Find This, BETTER TO JUST QUIT MINECRAFT! Minecraft Creepypasta”

  1. UNKNOWN Avatar

    Wow the ending was super jumpscare I almost drop it my phone when I'm wearing headset
    That girl is really so loud
    Raygloom creepypasta channel is
    An most outstanding videos ever had 😊

  2. Brayden Myers Avatar

    another idea. If your doors start to disappear quit the game.

  3. Brayden Myers Avatar

    Oh, I have a creepypasta idea. It’s called if your house starts destroying itself delete Minecraft.

  4. mihalis kasiotis Avatar


  5. mihalis kasiotis Avatar


  6. Vimoplayz Avatar

    Bro when they saw that cant sleep entity was the player the one screaming or is it the entity thats making that sound?

  7. rio gonda Avatar

    Creepypasta idea: if theres a yandere in your sever, leave the world quickly

  8. KingSchmidt Avatar

    the only thing I asketh of thy is to stop destroying my ears in the beginning of the vid

  9. DÆV3 Avatar

    49:05 Scared the soul out of me 💀

  10. Attempted Avatar

    Which way does it murder you? in game, or in real life

  11. PIWOC Avatar


  12. The Terrible Gamer Avatar

    Creepypasta idea: if your torches turn into soul torches delete your world!

  13. SuperJayJay Avatar

    Omg that jump scare nearly made me jump out of my skin, well played Ray, you got me good with that one haha 😂🤣

  14. Noodle Box Avatar

    No i got no chance on loseing everything

  15. Ikdro Avatar

    I’m guessing the map they downloaded was a horror map

  16. Jeremy Kimble Avatar

    bro that is stupid of them to not get any weapons to protect themselves from that thing and me personaly if i were them i would get a weapon and clonk that thing right up

  17. Mr Mars Avatar

    30:10 what is the song name?

  18. William Bruce Avatar

    Creepypasta idea: if mobs, you, your friends and blocks disappear and reappear in places it not supposed to be, delete the server or world now!

  19. Cole Tiller Avatar

    Hey raygloom big fan I just woting to let you know that you're face is handsome

  20. Tara Leigh Avatar

    Creepypasta idea: if you can't move in a cave DISTROY YOUR PC NOW

  21. Anna Stamatova Avatar

    At 17:10 the other player disappeared and teleported at the house😮

  22. Anyuxo420 Avatar

    that skin is actually from a minecraft mod "the weeping angel"

  23. JERIC LONGHAS Avatar

    Creepypasta idea:normal mobs(like pigs and cows and stuff) became hostile Report this to mojang!

  24. Charmy Marie Castillano Avatar

    If they can't make a bed why won't they just keep them in their inventory and when is night time

  25. Rvee Buduhan Avatar

    Bionic never fears of creepypastas if he sees it he rather avoid it with no weapon or he fight it with weapon

  26. Gabe Furstenrecht Avatar

    Idea: sleep! The opposite of can’t sleep and will force you to sleep but if you don’t you get in eternal sleep! And can’t sleep vs sleep! If can’t sleep and sleep are in the same world together! Use their fighting to leave the game and delete the world

  27. Gabe Furstenrecht Avatar

    Idea: if you see a random player give a glitchy item to you and leave, give it to someone else!
    Rules: You will be stuck with the item until some other players picks it up and unable to give it directly back to you! If you pick it up the hunt brgins and strange things happen around you! If you don’t get rid of it for 5 in game days it will chase and attack you and if you give it to someone while being attacked it’s too late and it will give it back to you! If someone dies to the thing hunting you, your account is deleted and a random minecraft player gets it! The item is using to cover of being too op! Don’t trust it and give it to someone else or your account is at risk! It’ll not choose a player to give the glitched item or
    The item show itself if server is too popular and only the affected person can see the creature so be warned!

  28. Kerija V Avatar


  29. Agava’s World Avatar


  30. Wallshaveeyescodm Avatar


  31. Mrs.Angelyna DIVA Avatar

    Creepypasta idea: it you see a blood moon delete your world!

  32. Devon The OrangeBoi MSM Avatar

    Creepypasta Idea: If random items start appearing in your chests, DELETE YOUR WORLD NOW!

  33. Saiufy Avatar

    49:05 BRO WHY DID YOU DO THAT 😭 u made ,y heart not get jumped no it jumped from my body lol but 50:09 u didnt get me 😒

  34. Fred Gaming TV Avatar
  35. Marta Kielich Avatar

    Its a female version of cant sleep

  36. Scott Vander Veen Avatar

    Idea:if you don’t have insomnia but phantoms come out,delete your realm/server!

  37. Pitutoy Avatar

    request: the clown horror map

  38. TB DJ Avatar

    Creepypasta idea (pls no famous youtuber ever respond me): If a house suddenly appears in your world, DELETE YOUR WORLD!

  39. MrInMan Avatar

    I had a bad dream about Minecraft shutting down 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  40. ender_archer Avatar

    😐 my friend has been seeing things in Minecraft too he's see something in the dark 😑 😑

  41. Stromydoor 536 Bangla gaming Avatar

    Creepypasta idea 'you'

  42. Spaceguy20 Avatar

    Creepypasta idea: If trees start disappearing, GET A NEW DEVICE

  43. Gamr_gp_Multicraft Avatar

    If you just quited Minecraft you can just Play Multicraft

  44. Gamr_gp_Multicraft Avatar

    That was cool form the start that really got me

  45. Shees Umer Avatar

    49:04 I swear to god my soul almost came out I swear

  46. screech Avatar

    I don't understand why you play Minecraft like that

  47. Jenette Mae Torayno Avatar

    fuck shitbitch scary

  48. TW15T3D5H4D0W Avatar

    Ho-kay, should NOT have watched this one late at night! 😵😵😵