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Hello this is stampy and welcome to another episode of can you beat my time this is the show where i go and do a round of the um the glide mini game on the uh on the playstation and you need to see whether you can beat my time so

Uh today we are doing the the the kraken map which is uh uh one of my favorite maps from my first time playing it and uh yeah let’s uh let’s see how well i’m gonna do here i’ve once again kind of learned a little bit of a route and i

Don’t know why i’m waiting for the timer to go it’s only me i can just start whatever i want but yeah i i’ve learned the route a little bit so i’ve just been doing kind of what i always do is i just look online and i just kind of do what

You’re doing right now i just search on youtube and i find the people that are really really good at the game and i kind of see the the general routes that they’re trying to to go and then i kind of blend them to together or sometimes change it a little bit because sometimes

They just do crazy things that i’ve got absolutely no chance of being able to pull off and i’m like yeah maybe maybe i’ll skip that bit because i don’t know what the the chances are of me actually being able to to pull that up so i got a pretty a

Pretty general route it’s a tricky one so with the the last map we did which was the um the dragon one it was generally not too hard but then there was one like super duper crazy shortcut which i was able to to just about pull off probably not as

Good as i could have but uh yeah in the very last second i don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen the last episode of this go and watch it because that episode was epic so yeah but the the most of that course was pretty easy then

There was one crazy difficult part this one just seems to be kind of consistently more difficult but there’s not like the equivalent of how difficult the the other one was like it’s just generally a relatively difficult course to try and do so what i’m doing on this

Run is i’m not kind of doing the um the the route that i think’s the the best route i just want to get a good safe time in because oh which i don’t think i’m going to be able to do seeing as i just smashed it smashed into a giant tentacle but yeah

So what what i’m going to do is i’m going to try and set an okay time and then that way at least i have a time on the board i have something to beat something to work towards and if you don’t know the way this works basically

In the in this video i’m going to take the the best time that i’m able to to do and i’m going to challenge you to beat it you need to to all go and try and race through the same course if you wanted to be fair you could only give

Yourself the amount of time that i had in this video and we can see who is going to be the glide champion me or you so that’s one minute 43 i will write that down in front of me hopefully that uh that time won’t come in very important because i am planning to

Hopefully completely smash that record so for this next one let me go and turn a try and talk through the the route uh some of the shortcuts i take and kind of uh the general way i think is a a pretty way to consistently get an okay time so

At the start uh you go down to the the right kind of through this boat here and try to go as low down as possible across here to build up speed and then go down even steeper to get under here and then there’s a little cave here you can get

Through and sometimes you lose a lot of speed and it’s hard to reach this one but that one was okay and then what you want to do is not that but yeah you want to get high enough so you can get through this cave here and then you can

Go down quite steep and beat up uh build up a lot of speed here and then same again you want to go quite up high and then you want to go down relatively steep here and kind of make your way through there and then i find when going

On this boost looking up means you go up way quicker because in the past i’d kind of stay looking down trying to be like no don’t go too high but you kind of get pushed up anyway so i look up there here i just try and stay relatively close to

The the left wall not too close because i’m going to smash it build up some speed and then here’s kind of one of the the first big shortcuts about here you go turn to the left and you go down here there’s a pretty secret shortcut and there’s another really tricky shortcut

Here which i’m probably gonna fail on and oh that was okay so yeah you made your way through there in an ideal world i would have gone to the the right which i think is slightly quicker that wasn’t there the best i could have done that

But overall uh not too bad and this is definitely a much better time than i got on the the last one and that’s the main tricky section so that uh shortcut you do the sharp turn then go through the water and then through the other gap

That’s kind of one of the the trickiest sections of this entire place i think i should have skipped that section to the right but i kind of just wanted to to get a pretty safe time here because that that run went pretty well overall for only my second attempt let’s see what

Time i get one minute and 35 seconds so an immediate improvement of almost 10 seconds from the first run and that was kind of like and that was kind of half the final run i want to do like half of it was good half of it was kind of what i wanted to

Do but then there’s a bunch of other bits where i kind of i kind of panicked and went in the wrong direction i got too scared and didn’t commit to where i was supposed to go so i’m sure i’m going to be able to to do better than that so

Let’s let’s go and be a little bit riskier here we have a decent time on the the board let’s try and push things a little bit further and go a little bit closer to the walls and not back out on any of these shortcuts so i’m going to

Go really fast down here no no that’s the problem that’s the problem when you go and try and go too far so you really want to go down as low as possible because the more you go down the more you build up speed but if

You go down too low then you have a chance of just smashing into the floor like i did there and it’s quite quite tricky because you do get some real big speed when you go through that section and it can be a little bit difficult to handle and up smash straight into that

Branch that is one of the bits i really struggle with that bit to get high enough but to stay under the the branch is really tricky to be able to to do it i got uh yeah i haven’t been able to pull it off properly once yet in this

Video so let me kind of show you how you want to do you want to go up here and you want to go high but not hit it and there we go i will be able to make it through here but i lost a lot of speed

There because i had to go up again so i could definitely uh try and get a better time there i’m kind of marking areas that i can improve i think i went too high on this section last time this is probably too low i kind of want somewhere in between those two sections

And that was a pretty slow overall going up here so i’ve probably lost a bit of time here but if i can do the rest good i’m on track to to maybe cutting off a one or two seconds from this time and i’m doing this section pretty fast i’m

Going down even lower than i did last time to get right down to the ground i got the the boost here so i don’t need to worry about hitting the the ground there then this is the crazy shortcut where you make your way through here and

Then let’s see if i can do this shortcut better than last time so you want to go to the the right and there we go go through here then that cuts out a pretty decent uh chunk of time even though it doesn’t seem like that bigger of a

Shortcut so overall this is probably looking to to be the the best time yet so uh let’s uh let’s not try and be too risky for this final section actually let’s do now this is supposed to be the risky one so i’m gonna try and go to the

The right here and go through this section i always find this bit scary and i lost a lot of speed there because i turned too sharp but overall i think that would have been quicker than if i went kind of the the standard route and now it’s straight on to the finish line

Oh don’t smash the finish line and one three one point two oh one three one point two oh this is good i’m kind of just gradually getting better like normally when i do these i’ll have one good run then i have a rubbish run then

I’ll do my best run then i’ll do an awful run now i’m kind of gradually getting a little bit better which is uh the direction i want to be going in like you never want to be continually practicing and gradually getting worse there’s still obviously room for

Improvement but yeah if i can kind of keep gradually getting better than better than that hopefully i’ll be able to get into the the 120s which would be absolutely amazing and hopefully a pretty tricky time for all of you to be remember don’t be rooting me on here because i’m

Setting a target for for you to beat so the the better i do the more difficult it’s going to be for for you uh when you come to to try and beat my time and a lot of people have been beating my times as well by the way i have been seeing a

Lot of the the screenshots some people have been smashing my times like i got a tweet from someone who’s like yeah i beat your time and he said it’s me and it was literally the world record and i’m like okay yeah you be everyone’s

Time let alone be in my time or in 4j studios they tweeted me as well i tweeted saying can you beat my time and they tweeted yes and 4j studios made the game made the maps and you know what if they couldn’t beat my time i would be

Worried for them seeing as they as they actually ended up making the the game you would expect them to to be better than me so this has been a really nice run so far can i make it through this gap i don’t know no that would have been the perfect run oh

I should have focused on what i was doing instead of what i was saying if you want to make this a really fair challenge when you’re doing it start just talking to yourself as you go and you’ll see how much more difficult it is when you’re just non-stop chattering to your

Yourself as you play i know that’s the excuse i always use but it’s a it’s a valid excuse i know i have no excuse for that one though that was just me going bad but that was the beginning of a really good run that was probably the the best start i’ve had yet

Like even including the the time i had practicing before i started recording that start i just had before i mucked up was really good but at least i mucked up on a difficult section like sometimes i just make a stupid mistake and i’ll be you know basically be a corridor i need

To go in a straight line and i’ll just hit the floor or the ceiling or something and i’d be like why why did i make a mistake then like at least i made a mistake on a part which is pretty tricky uh because then i don’t feel so

Bad so the way i do this is i play in solo like this so i can kind of keep restarting when i fail and try and beat my time that way and then i go online and then i go online see uh who else is playing and see whether i can beat them

And of course when i do online if i make a mistake i need to live with it you know i can’t i can’t just reset the game i need to carry on and wait for everyone else to to finish so it’s kind of just adds more more pressure i think compared

To doing it when you’re by yourself like this and i think that was just about the the perfect route i could have had four for that section there i was a little bit slow on this but i still haven’t quite mastered how to to get out those air pads quicker so you

Can start making your way down but uh the the part where i went through that giant uh kraken uh or octopus i don’t know if that was the actual kraken there but uh that was pretty effective there so now’s the the rather sharp turn and a tip for this turn here if you’re

Struggling uh like i am obviously if you’re struggling then turn earlier than you think that’s kind of the way i’ve learned to be able to do that shortcut relatively consistently is turn before you think you need to turn uh because otherwise you end up turning too late

Which is what i kept doing before and uh that’s kind of made me made me hit it more times than i failed of course in the time i’m telling you about this i did smash into the the wall but you don’t actually lose a crazy amount of

Time when you hit a wall you can actually sometimes go faster when you hit a wall compared to when you don’t because it allows you to go a faster route sometimes and no i hit the floor i don’t know if that would have been a better time but

Oh that was bad that was bad that was me just trying to to push it that bit further but that’s sometimes what you need to do sometimes it’s better to you know rather than playing it safe and getting an okay time sometimes it’s better to go all out to get a really

Good time because you only need to set your best time once like once you’ve set the time like that’s going to live there forever it doesn’t matter if every time you attempt it you can get it you only need to be able to get it once so if you

Really want a fast time you do kind of have to get a bit more risky it just takes a really long time to to kind of keep playing it again and again but that was good that was a really good exit i was able to keep my speed up okay and i

Got really high so i can get my uh speed up quite high uh quite fast going down here as well because i can have a steeper angle to to go down so this is i pretty shouldn’t jinx it but this has been a very good start here’s the the

Shortcut here i need to to make my way through and this is the trickiest part by far this is the trickiest part of the whole run making my way through that gap and oh steady steady keep going no i smashed into every wall possible there right so what i’m gonna do

Is i’m gonna try and get one more run to the end whether i beat my current times or not i’m going to get one more run to the the end doing it here on solo and then i’m going to take it online and it’d be good to set my best time online

There’s just something more satisfying about that when i’m able to do that so let’s try and get one more at least a half decent run where i can at least make it to the end of the the course and then once i’ve got that down i’ll say

Right that’s going to be the the target pool for now and then we’ll go online and just see if i can win because i’m trying to set a good time when i play against people but also i just want to see where i’m going to be better than

The random people i run into that might be playing this right now so let’s go and boost up pi you can see how much i’ve been struggling with with this section here that one was okay you can do that faster if you go so you just

Kind of skim over that sand you can really keep your your speed there and i did that okay but could have been better this part with the octopus that’s just about how i’d like to do it and let’s see if i can make my way out of here

There we go that was a pretty good exit for for this section i’m definitely getting better at that and now you can see just how fast i’m going you can see on the the top right you can see the the speed i’m going like 25 like meters a

Second i think that is at the moment and that is pretty fast uh going down that section there once again trying to stay quite low to the floor quite close to the walls and whoa that was scary nearly smashed into a wall there let’s see can

I make the the short cut oh okay i hit a wall but i’m still going so that did slow me down that is gonna hurt my time but at least i’m able to continue the rider just about make my way to that boost pad i think

This isn’t going to be an amazing time because of those mistakes but if i can do this final section really well there’s a chance i might be at least able to to get kind of close to the the target times i set before so let’s go

This shortcut here i think i lost a little bit too much speed there let’s be really careful to to not hit the the floor again there like i did before and then let’s go into the the end and oh no i haven’t beat my time 1 22 40 uh 130 to

40 sorry so not the uh not the world record might well not my personal best story so that is at the moment still one minute 31 seconds and uh and two milliseconds so uh yeah as i said i’m going to go online now i’m going to play

Against some other people and we’ll see whether i’m going to be able to get a better time and beat the people i end up going up against okay i’ve got into an online game now we’ve got a few people to to join us uh looks like we are going

To be playing on the the kraken map and we are so i have three more attempts three more attempts no restarts no jumping back to checkpoints i just have to i just need to do well i have a i have no other option so how many people

Do we have we have one two three four five six uh oh nope we have eight i think joining us now maybe nine including me so yeah pretty a pretty packed game and uh more people joining by the second so yeah i’m gonna have my my work cut out to be able

To to win here and i always assume that people are gonna be better than me in these these glide maps just because i play glide so rarely like i play the battle mini game you know relatively frequently but i’ve pretty much only been playing glide properly when i’ve

Been kind of doing these can you beat my time challenges so it’s not like i’ve been training for for ages to kind of get better at this i’ve just kind of been you know only playing when i’ve been recording these videos but i just feel like the chances are the people

Playing this like haven’t just randomly decided to play now but they’re probably playing it pretty regularly but i don’t know i’ve got into the the lead at the beginning so maybe my my practice i put on just before is going to help me out also these maps that i’m playing these

Aren’t the free ones you only get the the cabin map for for free and not everyone has these maps so maybe these people haven’t played on this map i always remember that and a lot of people pointed out in the the last episode that

I did is that um they might be able to beat my time but they don’t have the the map so they can’t beat my time so sorry to anyone that doesn’t have these uh these maps but if you just search online if the host has the maps you can still

Play them so even if you haven’t bought the maps i know it’s kind of not the same as just being able to play it whenever you want if you search then there’s a good chance eventually you are going to run into someone who has the

The maps and then you will be able to to play them that way but you know what i’m going to do this as a bit of a safety run so i’m not going to go for that little shortcut to the the right there but for my first ever go online like

This this is a this has been a surprisingly good run i don’t think it’s uh it’s personal best beating but 134.5 that is nothing to to laugh at that’s the the second best time i have had all day under pressure other people were flying behind me uh there was

Someone eight seconds behind me and the last ones are about to finish now so i’m proud of that that is going to be a good time to hopefully uh be able to to win this so now all i need to do is to go all out and try and improve my time

Overall so i’m going to quickly cut ahead until we’re ready to begin round number two right round number two is just about to begin i think i know where i messed up in the last round like i think it was pretty good like i’m happy

With the the time that i’ve got for my my first go but i think there are a few key places where i went really slow compared to what i could have so even though i was able to mainly go the route i wanted to to go it’s all just about

Optimizing just getting that that last little extra bit of speed that you can if you uh don’t make any mistakes so that’s going to be my my goal for this one and i think that beginning section that seemed to be quicker than my last go this is another bit where i lost some

Speed and now once again that that could have been much faster than it was so not the the best start but this is probably about equal uh with the the last run and uh this section here that was a big part where i lost speed i kind of went all

The way around the the outside of the octopus just because i kind of came in from the the wrong angle so hopefully this beginning section will now be faster than it was in the the last run so if i can kind of stay safe and not smash into any walls i should be

Hopefully able to at least beat the the time that i set on the the last run this section here was a pretty close as well i was right down next to the the ground there trying to maximize my speed as much as i can now this is the big tricky

One this is the make or breaker no i crashed into the wall i went to go and reset as well but i can’t reset i have to to live with my choice ah that could have been a really good run but uh that’s that’s the tricky bit that shortcut it looks simple the

Problem is is it looks like quite a big opening because they use like a bunch of half slabs and like fences and stuff like the opening looks wider than it is but it’s so hard to kind of get like a perfect angle to dodge through all of

Those things like a lot of the times you kind of just clip the the very back of it or something and yeah that’s a pretty a pretty sad way for that uh run to go but you know what i beat my time that was better than my time last time wasn’t it

Despite actually failing the time i saved on the the rest of the track actually was able to allow me to get a better time that is ridiculous so that is my new best for for for round two out of these three rounds so i’m gonna have

One final attempt in this uh in this video uh to be able to beat that time so yeah let’s go straight into round number three final round time this is my last chance to to set a score so if i get a worse time then we’re going to be going

Back to my uh one minute 31 is my best time but i am not hoping for that to happen i am hoping to i want to get under one minute 30. that that is kind of my my personal goal i’d love to to get one minute 29 one minute 20 well i

Mean heck i’d love to get under one minute but that’s not going to happen so let’s go as fast as we can and whoa that was some real speed i got through there but then i kind of ended up really slowing down and no don’t hit the bush

Okay this probably isn’t going to be an incredible time but at least i didn’t die at least i was able to to keep going so this might not be an ultimate disaster as long as i’m able to do the rest really well i just i just know in

The back of my head this whole run that it’s not going to be as good as it could have been but let’s still kind of carry on and make it as good as it can be and let’s just go all out uh and uh yeah

Just make sure to see if i can at least be able to to kind of finish this round ahead of the other players in the game even if this might not be my best goal but who knows i crashed in the the last round and was still able to get a really

Good score so it’s not it’s not completely game over but now it is now it is completely game over i just much i don’t even know where i am anymore let’s try and dodge those those air pockets if we can and build up some speed going down here i don’t know if

This was a bad idea i don’t know where i am this is like a completely different route that i had been going before at all that’s where the water is okay that was that shortcut to the the right there oh no no someone’s ahead of me someone’s

Ahead of me right let’s let’s get the the race to begin then this is quite good actually because a lot of the the other times i was kind of quite far ahead of the the others now we have a proper race on our hands but i’m just

Messing it up in every direction now poppy has taken there the lead but i’m gonna be hot on a trail so now i’m forgetting anything to do with times and setting your best time or anything i am just looking to try and chase down poppy

There’s not a huge amount of time to to do it though because we are getting quite close to the end let’s try and do this shortcut to try and cut this corner here that was able to allow me to to catch up a little bit and oh no

I ended up smashing even the end there i’m not even going to be in second place it went from me absolutely dominating to me now gradually falling behind everyone so we are not going to have the the the fairy tale ending that we uh we had in

The last episode i’m afraid but still overall i’m pretty happy with her some of the the times i was able to set and you all have your target now you all have the time that you need to beat so a reminder it is one minute 31 seconds .20

That is the the time that i want you all to to attempt to be able to beat it of course as always let me know whether you can let me know if you can’t and yes see if you’ll be able to beat me and then uh

Next week we’ll have a video uh doing the the final map that’s been released at the moment which is yeti and i’m going to set a time for all of you on that one there as well so even though i didn’t win the the final round i was

Still able to to win that uh online overall so yeah that’s the the end of this episode here i want to thank you all very much for watching and i will see you all in the next one bye

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Welcome to a video on the glide mini-game. I am playing on the Playstation 4 version of Minecraft. This episode is on the Kraken map. Can you beat my time?

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    10 Matching Skins for Minecraft - Ultimate Style UpgradeVideo Information This video, titled ’10 Matching Skins Minecraft (BOY & GIRL)’, was uploaded by amyls. on 2022-01-30 18:29:53. It has garnered 20423 views and 366 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:39 or 39 seconds. # My NameMC – 𝙈𝙖𝙩𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙘𝙧𝙖𝙛𝙩 𝙨𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙨 Set 1 A : B : Set 2 A : B : Set 3 A : B : Set 4 A : B : Set 5 A : B : Set 6 A : B : Set 7 A : B :… Read More

  • Allybox

    AllyboxJust a survival and chill server :), join and play we us………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Read More

  • Mario’s Mischievous Minecraft Adventure

    Mario's Mischievous Minecraft Adventure Minecraft Survival in Bình Dương: A Unique Experience Exploring the world of Minecraft survival in Bình Dương is an adventure like no other. With its unique landscapes and challenges, players are in for an exciting and engaging experience. Discovering Hidden Treasures As players navigate through the terrain of Bình Dương, they will come across hidden treasures and surprises. From secret underground caves to rare resources, there is always something new to uncover. Exploring the Rich Environment The diverse environment of Bình Dương offers a wide range of biomes, each with its own distinct features. From lush forests to expansive… Read More

  • Leveling Up: Music-Free Gaming

    Leveling Up: Music-Free Gaming Minecraft Progress Minecraft Progress: Embracing Change Music Free Gaming is a family-friendly channel that primarily focuses on Minecraft gameplay. The channel’s creator is dedicated to creating a positive and enjoyable gaming environment for viewers. To support the channel, viewers can provide tips and subscribe on Ko-fi, check out the creator’s wishlist on Throne, or purchase merchandise from the official store. Additionally, viewers can stay connected through the channel’s website and Discord server. Channel Rules Be excellent to each other No swearing No politics Respect the mods No self-promotion English only The channel has established clear rules to maintain a… Read More


    STEVE TRANSFORMS INTO DEADLIEST TRAIN-EATING SPIDER ROBOT in MINECRAFT!Video Information Nah Enggak ada siapa nih malah nyolong dia guys loh loh Apa tuh download kius jangan download Ius jangan dipakai kocak tuh tuh kan nyuri dia kocak Apakah dipakai download Ius artinya jangan dipakai loh mampus Oh my God menjadi eater Steve eater namanya ya Uh Apakah ini temannya dari bus eater kalian komen Di bawah guys Ya tuh kan Kabur Kabur kabur ke bawah kabur laba-laba nyaman guys nyaman nice aman guys aman tidak bisa turun laba-laba itu ya jadi dia naik dan apakah dilihat Oh tidak aman-aman guys aman aman jadi dia pulang Apakah dia bakal… Read More

  • How to Master the New Xbox Minecraft Invisible Glitch

    How to Master the New Xbox Minecraft Invisible GlitchVideo Information What is up everybody it is saints fan from 360 nation and today i’m gonna be bringing you guys this nice little glitch that uh one of my friends actually found on minecraft and it’s really easy to do but basically what happens is uh you become invisible and you can just Mess with people and you know i’m probably gonna do some trolling videos uh with this especially and obviously as you see the two things you need are a boat and a bed now you want to get into the boat and then jump right into… Read More

  • Can I Become Captain America in Minecraft?

    Can I Become Captain America in Minecraft?Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft: HARDCORE GAMES #10 – VIREI O CAPITÃO AMERICA ?!’, was uploaded by BoxGamerBR on 2016-01-05 13:00:00. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. READ THE DESCRIPTION !! Hey adventurers, this was a super epic game, so give it a like, mlk! tmj together IP: … Read More

  • Virally Trending: Learn how to build a home in Minecraft #shorts

    Virally Trending: Learn how to build a home in Minecraft #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft game How to make a home #shorts #youtubeshorts #minecraft #gaming #viral #trending’, was uploaded by Shivam Singh HR10 on 2023-11-07 07:30:05. It has garnered 3 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:29 or 29 seconds. Minecraft game How to make a home #shorts #youtubeshorts #minecraft #gaming #viral #trending @minezzz @CarryMinati @ManojDey @minecraft @BigSchoolMinecraft @MrBeastGaming @TotalGaming093 @MRINDIANHACKER @CrazyXYZ #minecraft, #minecraftmod, #minecraftanimation, #minecraftmyanmar, #minecraftchallenge, #minecraftbut, #minecraftroleplay, #minecraftbuilding, #minecraftsmp, #minecrafttagalog, #minecraftmanhunt, #minecrafthindi, #minecraft_khmer, #minecraftpe #gameplay, #games, #gamerhood, #gamechanger, #gamesforkids, #gamerfleet, #gameofthrones, #gameguardian, #gamedev, #gametheory, #gamegrumps, #gamer, #gamerminecraftkurdish, #gameplay_adventure #indianfestival #festival #diwali #festivalseason #festivevibes #festivals… Read More

  • Unlocking Secret Minecraft Code: Obfuscation Demystified

    Unlocking Secret Minecraft Code: Obfuscation DemystifiedVideo Information Hey so we’re going to take a look today at how to start reading obfuscated code and how to understand it so you can study it so we’re going to use the minecraft.jar as our example because the minecraft community has a very strong modding community around it so here you See I’m I’m playing a little bit of Minecraft originally I wanted to go in and mod the rate that seeds are dropped when you use the hoe tool there but I kind of decided to do something a little bit more advanced we’re going to try… Read More

  • Unleash the Power of Mob Pets in Cyclone!

    Unleash the Power of Mob Pets in Cyclone!Video Information This video, titled ‘Mob Pets – Trailer’, was uploaded by Cyclone on 2020-10-20 17:15:58. It has garnered 1617669 views and 20064 likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:19 or 79 seconds. Find it on the store: Take the witch’s magical wand and turn MOBS into your own PETS! In Mob Pets, you can make friends with over 50 reimagined Minecraft mobs, fight alongside them, and watch them grow to love you. + 57 cute mobs to befriend + A rich island world to explore + Unique player buffs, extra pet skins & more Read More

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  • 🎁🎁🎁 Crazy Gift Tapping Game in Minecraft!

    🎁🎁🎁 Crazy Gift Tapping Game in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘Gifts Game Tapping🎁🎁🎁| MInecraft Animation #shorts’, was uploaded by MineCZ on 2023-05-02 09:00:11. It has garnered 14349314 views and 293960 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:16 or 16 seconds. 🔥 Please Click ” SUBSCRIBE ” Like ” and ” Share ” for more videos. ❤ If you want to watch more monster school animation click here, My Monster School Playlist: Gifts Game Tapping🎁🎁🎁| MInecraft Animation #shorts #monsterschool #minecraftanimation #minecraft Read More

  • Coffey MineCraft

    Coffey MineCraftFun PVE, no Grief, survival server. Visit the web site at: (Build in process) Come join the fun! And some fun with Dogs. -Coffey Read More

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    Welcome to Ultra MC A primarily MineColonies 1.19.2 multiplayer server that utilizes mods such as Create, IE, Applied Energistics, dynamic trees, and more. We encourage roleplay and are looking for active playing members! Join UltraMC today to start your journey! Join our Discord server Read More

  • Middle School Kit

    At Kit SMP, we are aiming to provide a nice mix of oldschool and modern Minecraft servers.You won’t find crates/lootboxes, SkyBlock, hubs, tons of rules, etc. here.Just good old survival Minecraft, with some nice plugins to make the server more fun.We are just getting started to expect a few bugs. We hope to see you! Read More

  • Hot Minecraft Memes

    Hot Minecraft Memes I would love to write something funny about this meme, but unfortunately I can’t understand the title! It’s like trying to decode a secret message from a group of aliens. Maybe I’ll just stick to cat memes for now. Read More

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  • Ultimate Minecraft Pyramid Showdown

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    ULTIMATE MINECRAFT VILLAGE! Golden Games UHC Ep3Video Information Welcome back oh i did it too soon dang it oops where the gravel just like floats on top of it there’s so much gravel right here why would you want to go this way uh we may as well get the yeah get the gravel to get flint yeah we’re gonna get it for Arrows you guys are doing nothing but oh here’s lobster hey plant i do need um i need to go get chicken chicken yeah we need a lot of feathers there’s lava that way where i put the torch okay i’m not i’m… Read More

  • Ultimate Minecraft 1.19 Warden Prep Survival

    Ultimate Minecraft 1.19 Warden Prep SurvivalVideo Information This video, titled ‘SURVIE HARDCORE : Minecraft History – 1.19- Préparation pour le Warden !’, was uploaded by Bahason on 2023-11-19 19:59:48. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. For more Minecraft content, subscribe and join me on: – Twitch: – Discord … Read More

  • Ultimate Mod Upgrades for Mice – You Won’t Believe the Results!

    Ultimate Mod Upgrades for Mice - You Won't Believe the Results!Video Information Welcome to the mischief I’m Valen this is better with mods today we’re going to be covering the hibachi crucible turntable and the filtered hopper I may also add in a few other choice items as well but what we’re going to really be needing to progress with better with Mods is going to be stoked items and this is not stoked that’s just fire stoked is blue flames and that will allow you to gain access to a stoked crucible as well as the possible stoked kiln which as you see here a standard kill need you… Read More

  • Unbelievable NASA Mob in Modded Minecraft! Part 3

    Unbelievable NASA Mob in Modded Minecraft! Part 3Video Information Pink no a fine red comment below what carpet color you want red okay red did we get it did we holy we got all the carpet all the carpet did we go every color yeah oh nice we might be dying but we got crap loads of carpet well and chicks It’s time dude it’s good ah right the next one last piece at asked where the player has to craft specific items were we done there okay so I think I can go back and move on to the next one now Stone Age now that… Read More

  • Insane Hololive Minecraft Sea Project – Sponsored by Mom Kaela!

    Insane Hololive Minecraft Sea Project - Sponsored by Mom Kaela!Video Information If you see that kind of thing just don’t get close you’ll die okay I really love Dolphins but well what no no no be free be baby what the there’s an Enderman in my house I don’t know what to do do I kill it do I just let it stay there Introd did he leave wait hold on take your time got a fun day of building ahead of us I’ll tweet later okay it’s dead did you get to ask KY yet Kyla do you have sponges KY I’m by Jeep what is jeep jeep… Read More

  • Insane OP String Farm in Minecraft 1.20-2023 – Must See!

    Insane OP String Farm in Minecraft 1.20-2023 - Must See!Video Information Whether you need string for a bow a fishing rod or more wool this string Farm is for you these are the items you’ll need feel free to pause this video to go and collect them first break a 2X two hole and place two double chest inside them as shown here now break the Four blocks behind the chest and place four Hoppers connecting into the double chests and place the two glass blocks on top of the chests place your three blocks on either side as shown here continue placing the blocks like this making sure… Read More

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  • Alterra

    AlterraAlterra where you can play casually or competitively, according to your liking. Adventurers, Survivalist and Builders; who doesn’t need creative mode to create such magnificent builds. Enjoy as much you can without worrying about server reset and build till your heart’s content. Read More

  • Bosscraft SMP whitelist 18+

    Welcome to Our 18+ SMP Community Our 18+ SMP community is chill and relaxed, with a vanilla feel and some small plugins. There’s no land claim and the server is set at version 1.20.2. It started on May 1, 2023 and will never reset. Play Your Way We welcome all types of players, whether you’re into redstone, exploring, or building. Our server has a hermitcraft-Esque feel, with diamonds as the currency and a bustling shopping district at spawn. Join Our Ambitious Community We love big, ambitious projects, so you’ll encounter some impressive builds around the world. Java players can also… Read More

  • 5 Sneaky Living Room Minecraft Hacks

    5 Sneaky Living Room Minecraft Hacks Minecraft: 5 Military Build Hacks to Transform Your World Are you ready to take your Minecraft world to the next level? In this video, the creator showcases 5 Military Build Hacks that will allow you to create a realistic military area within your Minecraft world. From fighter jets to military jeeps and rockets, these builds will add an exciting new dimension to your gameplay. Let’s dive into the details of each build and how you can incorporate them into your world. Bookshelf The bookshelf is an essential part of any military base, providing a place for soldiers to relax… Read More