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so something dude you’re accent hold on what do you say d e r r o wait what wait a okay yeah f i in one in one okay r m a okay craft got it c r a f t this this will get it trust okay no you have to do it in one word yeah yeah and then switch mod packs to mods and then first yeah yeah you just press install and then create a new profile file and just name it anything um anything you want bro okay and then go to Advanced and then the forge Version Y lighthart what’s good Forge version is uh good to see you on stream today 47230 got it okay so doing good how are you are we doing 1.20 yeah yeah no you this is this is the profile for this mod specifically right yeah just name anything it doesn’t really matter you told me you told me to do like a weird like version of of though like a realistic Minecraft there you go I’m just all right hold on be right back oh my gosh my cats you guys are crazy get down what’s up laser today we’re playing modded Minecraft I hope that’s chill with you guys IP is in chit you can’t connect bro is it oh it’s a different one yeah because the one with my friends yeah yeah here we go okay okay decent decent star not the best decent oh are you guys in Rampage is like he said he’ll be back but I am in okay don’t I mean you can leave the IP like they need a Max frame okay nice nice nice okay what’s up Puna we are playing this modded Minecraft today hello hello hello behind you bro yo yo hello so I I barely know how to play the game I know to how to collect rocks and like sculpt [ __ ] yeah so what do we make first what what what do we craft first okay firstly we need to find you know the small copper ores so we can smelt a saw as fast as possible okay we have sheep we are Big W I’m getting a knife just collect the small rocks and bigs okay this is like the best start to ever have uh what What’s the mod called again terra terra firra terra firac [Music] craft yeah oh we got some food as well I found some copper on the ground yeah yeah we need copper or is it copper or G iron what is it is it actual copper or does it smelt into something else uh it’s small hematite yeah then that’s not copper that’s just iron oh okay we need something that literally says that it will like smelt into copper okay can I we need to make a knife and kill that sheep okay we will have to but like if there’s only two we need to like H them because we will need so many wo later is it a female sheep please be a no that’s a male sheep [ __ ] we can kill one of the sheep yeah make a knife and kill one of them okay I’m going to make a knife where how do I get sticks again you just collect the sticks from the ground CH what’s up dude sticks from the ground oh I see I mean there’s few here Chestnut twig can I use a chestnut twig yeah yeah okay okay kill one of the one of the I’m playing modded Minecraft this is like Minecraft but like in real life this is like extremely your real life intense Minecraft like you have to like I’ll show you guys wait can I use the Twigs to add sticks or no yeah yeah you can you can that’s that’s that’s see okay watch this guys watch this watch this so you go in this menu and then you do that and you get a knife head which you can grab and then you put it in the inventory and then you use a twig and then you get a Stone knife and you in the group chat Isn’t that cool so it’s like it’s like literal like real life survival crafting eyes oh no this sheep this sheep’s going to [ __ ] kill me I bet oh watch out because I got him I got him I got him nice nice nice I got six mutton did you get the roow height also oh yeah wait yeah I have the raw make yeah we need to make wool from the Raw Hide okay we got to get uh uh Rampage we need to get Rampage I’m getting in here a second hold on hold on we need to find small rugs that’s melt into copper so we can have tools my man discovered hot water yeah o we have a nice River here oh this sheep is going to hit me also don’t for don’t forget to drink and eat okay bro come on die sheep just okay I got him I got him leave leave like bro leave the Sheep alive we have to HT them later oh never mind I killed killed him sorry I uh collect draw yeah collect draw and like you need to find the small roades that get into C so is it a realm no it’s not a realm but it’s a server that you can join if you if you have the uh the curse Forge mod life pH go here I’ll um yes I’ll keep an eye on your Twitch hi W Jess w W Jess oh hi stream is that okay you sure all right you want to play with us it’s like a it’s like a we it’s like a a real lifecraft mod remember real lifecraft real lifecraft W J okay we need nine more [ __ ] small native C how’s everybody doing hello chimp hello hello elart hello laser and then who else are we got in here ar oh yeah obviously yeah see you you joining page I am I am it’s just downloading some stuff yeah it does look weird you told me to leave the Sheep alone yeah yeah okay I hit him a couple times cuz I forgot my knife is almost broken okay I got some the progression must be so hard look at that the progression must be hard in this version it’s extremely hard okay so on my like single I’m not single I’m doing great thank you for asking on the server my friends if it took like two real life days to fin the ramp AR are the best of the game and know I can change my mind that’s funny that’s awesome it’s it’s true it’s true the loud anyways crew well we’re all his crew be honest there be no stream without without the amazing we just bors being friend literally yeah we’re just we’re just all you guys are actors yeah actors actors Jess is paying everybody to watch the stream Jess is paying us to be friends with you yeah she she has a paperwork in the background hey L put on a white chef hat and white dress um cuz you’re cooking or what I found do I maybe it’s cuz I woke just woke up kind of yeah is the is the red panda your mascot now is that like low anyway’s mascot yeah red panda kind of is my mascot because this is the only onesie that I had yeah it’s meant to be maybe maybe not maybe you look like the man from Ratatouille okay oh yeah I do look like the guy from Ratatouille his name is l Linguini linguini which is a pasta dish I’m pretty sure yeah it is we’re is hilarious where where is everybody I’m like stranded I’m like lost in here I’m still downloading I’m going back to hey are you are you guys Ram you’re not even in here bro I’m downloading I can’t speed it up oh true loud is a real red panda in human disguise yes yes I am oh Ginger Panda I get it I get it now um it’s going to be night time bro yeah well I got to make like an axe head monsters only spawn in caves I forgot how to make it’s like that really tough to kill can kpp Stone axe head and then you put one twig in there and you get a stone Axe and then you use the stone Axe and then you chop down a tree like this do you have two small native coppers for me holy moly let me see if I have coppers for you please does a tree fall no it just uh I only have hematite h titis no he’s just a furry confirm yeah his Discord name is furry lover I can set this up for you so you can play she says no why laser wants to join hold on let me let me let me join I got I’m just finishing my download he says he’s in how do you join here send uh sabii can you send the IP yeah I mean you need to put in the mod pack and everything also you need server I see we could do we could host U on a turnos Poss possibly yeah I was thinking of uh servers to do that on I mean I could host like a vanila SMP but I thought like we could have this as for us for streaming yeah and then uh if you know one day I can just host the normal vanilla SMP server how do I change my brightness in options and then video settings and brightness where video settings oh brightness default I’ll just make it like a little bit more there we go wait it say custom music yeah it does it’s really cooles you got someone new in the you got someone new in the chat comrad skilled hi I’m new how are you doing by the way I like that sound doing great how are you man thanks for joining only 62 Subs left until a th yes crazy I don’t know apparently according to Fox I have to do one chip challenge but I really don’t want to do that bro you you did the PO so I did the poll it’s my fault I probably have to do it that’s good to hear comrade thank you bro I am going crazy I need two more C Ram where are you this is definitely a a preset are you are you you have the IP why is Place Block B huh because that’s the that’s part of the mod pack you need to like okay it’s not it’s not the you know building block it’s just a special kind of place I think it’s like straw no it’s Drive frag Mite I don’t even know what that is what’s what’s a what’s a frag Mite I’m not being sarcastic have you ever stolen A Child by mistake um no I’ve never stolen A Child by mistake nor nor do I want to steal a child by mistake if I stole a child by mistake I would be really really sad with myself I found a turkey you can join yeah uh wait did you put the thing in the chat the IP h no do you want me to people can only join if they have the mod pack well laser do you have the mod pack do you just want to make this an SMP yeah yeah the the mod pack you you need curse Forge and it’s called um what’s it called music is like kind terra terra terra firac craft is what it’s called I’m in here hello okay I’m gonna I’m G to find you buddy um I’m going to show you hi buddy how to play show him the the basics where I try to find food the basics as in how to craft things yeah have to get tools okay dude what do I do Ram yeah so I pick up that rock right there pick up that rock okay and then right click on that rock all right no right right click it in the air so that you’re not hitting the ground you see it you see this the screen The Napping screen wow no you have to you need to win your hand what I I’m I’m right clicking in the oh you need two in your hand you need you need two in your hand actually pick up pick up that one okay okay okay now do it this midi flute is really hitting it for me do you see it oh my yeah okay so make a make a knife shape bro make a knife shape a knife shape yep make a knife shape and by make you okay make it so there’s only like two lines in there and then take one off in the corner and then you have a stone Knife Head I mess you can you can see the shapes if you open your inventory there’s a book and going there’s a book there’s a book in your inventory introduction almost every time we go into the store my mom just leaves me behind in a toy section because she knows I’mma stay there dud that is so funny this music is you yeah you should probably turn it down a little bit very interesting please I’m begging for the gods give me two pieces of copper okay where’s that extra Rock cuz I forgot Rock CU I forgot okay there we go so it was like hello oh I forgot already what it looked like shoot uh Barry Allen what’s up dude Barry Allen are you the real Flash that that is my question for you are you the real flash bang bang bang Stone ax head got it Barry Allen chat let’s go yes let’s go I’ve never met the Flash before yes I am I knew it hello Stephanie today if anybody’s wondering we’re playing modded Minecraft this is like Minecraft but like like real life scenario survival I don’t know how else to explain it all right so I got my stone ax head should I just read the read it myself now how do we make a shelter shelter you don’t you don’t make a shelter but I have logs to make the shelter yeah I mean it’s not worth building out of wood because Wood’s hard to get so’s not that hard to get I mean we need to dug like a hole in the ground also if we light a campire it will catch on fire so you know oh if we light a campfire to cast on fire okay I’m just I just need like two more Copper from somewhere and then I’ll go home my mom lets me buy some stuff that I like because she usually doesn’t when I ask her because she forgets wberry say for twigs or something sticks yeah yeah here I I got a bunch for you okay oh I found one I got some Twigs yeah oh you’re the goat thank you bro also don’t forget to drink and eat I have uh I have curse I have downloaded the mod I just need IP no Dairy that’s weird what’s here put the IP in chat Sabie cuz he has the mod he has the mod I okay I’ll do it then I’ll do it time to break this tree down I will put it in chat and I will pin it if you going to make an SMB down I’m going to be the major the major yeah the major how the [ __ ] do you call oh going be like the the police I I I found a black bear napping in the boots you found a black bear yeah okay okay there guys go hostile creatures can literally one shot you so don’t chest now we saie you want to get your chair it’s a fire fire is an important technological advancement you will need a fire starter in order to use simply uh crafting a fire starter can be done with two sticks okay so how do we get sticks uh you just you from the ground oh you just put it in your crafting and it will turn to us see look wait we can make a fire to craft a fire to craft a fireplace you you throw three sticks and one L onto the ground and then and then light it with the Fire Stalker under it wait so to make a campfire you use logs like Chestnut logs yeah you you you you throw with Q One Log and three to the ground and then you light it under one log and three sticks wait so you literally just toss them with Q yeah yeah and then you’re joking me yeah no with right cck you light it uh oh my gosh that actually works and then and then you place logs into it to keep it fueled and then you place logs into it where do you place logs in the middle you just shift click and it will like place it fire oh I see and then I wait can I put my mutton in here yes I can yes yes you can you can cook it and I’m cooking and cooking extends the shelf life by one month because stuff will go rotten on the I cooking four fuel slots logs okay guys it’s called it’s called Uh Terra FMA craft and curse Forge go in curse Forge and get it it’s a mod W cooking yeah it’s a mod um not my pack I don’t know what the difference is but does does he need to do the weird like version update thing I me or no depends on the curse for because some of us have to do it but like why why did why did I have to do it because it set you like that for you but like for my friends it’s set like normally godamn I got copper I’m coming home finally okay so how do create a fire pit again I’m becoming Remy from Ratatouille literally the the suit is controlling me three sticks and just light it okay can someone write a fort in chat because I’m like I’m I’m [ __ ] far away expires on 6:39 July oh there’s a fire we are please just um I got it I got like seven okay I got salt salt food also you have to watch for your nutritions and all that oh I know okay um the cooking me is getting out don’t kill the Sheep please I will literally all right so three sticks and a log here we go yeah and then Fire Starter just right click and then you know wait I mean a thatch what is a thatch what the hell is a thatch wait what do I do yeah a thatch do I place it or do I throw it on the ground I have a pure meat diet throw them on the ground and then you just right click hold with the fire starter the terrain is catching on fire I don’t yeah what did you expect oh right click hold okay there you go yeah yeah it’s not working I’m trying every Terra firac craft oh okay saie you have to set the mod packs to mods only not a mod pack you have to set the mod pack to mods and then what was the weird version thing you told me to go into uh you have to uh change the forge to 47 20 30 or 2 30 you have to change the forge to yeah Forge to 27 to 30 2730 or what is it 230 okay I’m making torches uh don’t they will run out how do you do a torch you just Place one stick into the fireplace but torches will burn out so Ah that’s kind of cool though wait yeah okay I’m still so far away you throw oh you throw it in okay I see oh pression guys I wonder if oh nice I got a torch um I love how you all just figuring out how to make torch and I’m speed running the game you’re literally speedr running the game I’m very how do I make a sword or something a what a sword ah oh you don’t you just make a Jin we don’t have iron yet liil bro lil bro you don’t have iron yet lil bro damn this is actually but okay let’s see introduction pits of fire uh or’s metal let’s just do introduction okay and then Rock napping oh my God that’s how you make that that’s how you make that I fired H and then like shovels uh Javelin that’s how you make a javelin oh my gosh it looks crazy you can throw it also okay this Javelin is really weird to look I have to like turn my head you have to just uh knock out three corners and that’s why am I like forgetting how to do it why is it telling me how to make a pot before I can make a hold on hold on guys I’m really bad at this oh okay those three corners okay two three I need to do a pottery to make one two three like that uh I will do the PO and I will teach you while I’m just coming home got a javelin I have a javelin and I’m now going to kill Rampage okay ready no no no no no no no I’m King I’m might be on Soul joking I’m joking okayy not each other so how I’m trying to get a reaction out of chat how does I’m more than a [ __ ] thousand blocks away still holy crap Agnes what’s good is there so where what section did you look at to figure that out or uh figure the um how to make the javelin oh yeah yeah it’s an introduction bro oh it is yes sir okay for buttery you need clay which I am bringing to you right now I just need to travel a thousand blocks that’s kind of a weird shape it’s too okay I got you just knock out the three corners what do I do with the shovel you dig anything just dig stuff that’s it and then I need TG or something okay I made I made jav nice which version did curis fors you get would it be can you tell me Sabie again 42 42 42.2 30 right yeah 42.2 30 laser 130 at the end I think I hope that works I’m going to just write in the chat he’s going to write it in the chat for you guys I’m G get some food I’m go hunting yo the Steppy sounds what’s all that noise what’s that like where are water noise what is going on where is everyone guys hear that water noise over here why is it why is it so watery what do you mean over here over here because you’re stepping onto mod why is over here darling hello oh my God I see a red panda come here oh my God we got to kill it be J that we got you got to get food bro give me give me your oh my God my inventory is full I see the Sheep I see the Sheep don’t kill the Sheep give me the meat so I can salt it why I want I food you can salt the meat yes it will like prolong the Shelf like what do I do okay can I cook this for you uh don’t cook it I mean you can cook it yummy sheep let me start my fire come here come here come here so why why is it that when I jump on the on the mud the mud sound is like has latency it’s like I jump on the mud I know it’s weird it’s weird bro so the meat first and then cook it you know how to restart the fire yes you just use the fire St Just sh shift and okay back up all right and then do I cook the meat first you you salt it first you salt it how do you salt it dude you just place the salt into your crafting with the meat where’s the salt and then it and it has better yeah yeah it it it prolongs its life okay uh uh uh so but come here come here little cubs come here little cubs come here here little boy Rampage little boy Rampage I’m cooking I’m cooking nuh no uhuh I’m the chef I’m the chef I’m the chef okay come here an give 16 play and you okay so go to the pottery section and see what you can make okay I’m going to go to the pottery section with a small vessel we can smelt the ores with The Jug you can bring water with you and we need to make oh we need water napping we need a saw and a pickaxe I can make a jug I’m going to make a jug for water okay you make you make three jugs and R I’ll make three jugel Rampage you make three V damn jugs are difficult what am I making again uh vessels you make three vessels three what three vessels out of okay CL oh did I I up not really I think I messed it up okay small vessels napping clay small you make two so weird and then load Corners right yeah yeah so I’m making two of these yeah yeah yeah got it and then you bring it here okay then what Vel heavy wait that’s not just make it first oh wait I I did it hold on then bring it here all right I got two vest Souls nice nice just bring it bring it okay one jug un un fry fired jug wait do I have to oh I have to fire it yeah we have make that just make the jug so you place it inside this with a V put in your hand and V yeah yeah just V oh I okay this is so weird and then I’m going to place it and then when I look at your bed the only thing I see is breakfast that is crazy so with the knife yes the cats with the knife collect some straws like cut down the vegetation bro how come you never freaking clean yourself after you and then you get straws got it should I use all of the knife yeah yeah just use it it’s easy to make homeboy cat does not clean himself got 26 draw just okay that’s enough okay so you right n fo nil Fox fill it fill it right click all the way yeah all the way it’s eight it’s going to be uhh don’t don’t give me the J you be play playing Minecraft without me is wild what we’re playing modded Minecraft there’s a difference budy did you place it everything did you place eight straws inside I did I did y okay then you place eight logs on top of wait did you put the jug in there eight you press press V and then place every jug in wait do I put my straw no no place every jug in first oh wait somebody has the other jug yeah yeah yeah yeah I got it okay okay so now put eight straws on top of it okay eight eight St 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and then the logs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and then use the fire starter it and then let it burn shift right to and then once it’s done it’s going to be like you know melted it will be hard and play Get Down Harry Potter bro and then after we got the can in my inventory okay you’re so dumb n you’re talking to us bro no I’m talking to the I’mma Be sus now Daddy okay okay so thank you for that did you collect mud right yeah I I have hella mud okay okay combine it with the straws and then place okay show it to Rampage also because he never seen this oh yeah o you you have already you done it already give it to Rampage let here here here let the boy take the straw and give him the mud give him and I did give him the mud wait no never mind there you go combine it in your invent all right what the hell is this mod bro this is like freaking try hard craft wet wet low mud brick yeah yeah and then the bricks you have to place it to dry do I place it in here I mean place it no no they minding there like place it here clearing yeah just right click place it yeah and then if once it dries we can make a we can make building blocks out of these oh my Lord that’s how we build a house then why why don’t we do it with wood is it because the wood catches on fire is that what you said yeah like if you place the fire place inside the house which R because we will use it for cooking is there like better building materials that look nice or no I mean this is the best start of material because at winter it keeps the heat inside and at the summer it keeps the heat out okay bro you’re preparing us for real life apocalypse yeah he’s Sai is preparing us for real life okay the orange cat is just chilling literally oh no my fire went out wait how do I put here you just put don’t Rampage don’t um I thought I forgot bro just fire start put more put more logs in in the yeah how how many logs do you guys have I’m going to show you a bunch okay give me a bunch of logs then do you want me to give you all my logs I mean I will show you what to do with them okay this is enough okay so you right click shift right click you make this and then with your hand you click and then you can place the logs inside what do you what what did you do with the it so it’s like a container it’s a container yeah yeah but don’t place it next how did you how did you make the loog pile sh shift click and then you just open it with nothing in your hand just don’t place it near the fire bro okay so so this is you can store logs and we can make charcoal you can’t store any you can barely store logs in there there’s like nothing I mean yeah but like it’s better you cannot put the logs in the chest so yeah this is how we store the logs I have a bunch of me meat where’s the salt how do you find Salt what’s up uhor I don’t know how to pronounce that place to sleep you put the meat on the floor and it salt wait what no you find the salt on the uh floor on the floor got it yeah yeah yeah it’s like it looks like snow but you know Al don’t forget to drink oh yeah oh yeah how do how do I make a no you just come to the water right cck we’re we’re we’re making the uh the what’s it called the jugs we’re making the jugs right now is for to car like L ‘s girlfriend get out of here bro not you not you girlfriend okay how do I um how do I store the food I know you don’t bro in your inventory you don’t store in the I know where you live bro on Earth yeah I live on earth I’m going to make some large vess where’s Mias yeah where’s Mias L’s girlfriend Jess will beat you up literally hey what are you up to Mr duck L’s girlfriend says bet question mark oh my gosh okay you fa to die do like we did with this okay so bet oh she says bet she’s gonna beat you up do I’ll do it says I’m a man that is so silly yeah oh one yeah it’s it’s too large you can only do one what what are you guys putting in there what is that so these are large vessels lar vessels and with a vessel you can place food inside and you can lock it so it will preserve it longer what do you do with a hammer awesome a hammer you can you you will we will use them later we can forge and chisel blocks with Forge and chisel oh my gosh this is crazy I need logs I need logs Man X what’s good violence is not key no it’s not you need to we need more LS though this is barely nothing wait what what did you just do buddy yeah what I what I do I huh nope you just normally click it bro don’t sh click yeah I still don’t have enough logs yeah there’s more in here oh my gosh there’s more here hello W moderator and W stream thank youart mental boom got it I got it I got it bro make yourself useful loud yeah what do I do get logs fine I’ll get logs I don’t get logs I’m making myself useful uh why is this music like hurt my ears turn it down no I like the paint all right so laser lus is in the game okay Rampage you’re it broke mine okay the jugs are done as well the chunk look at the chunk guys look at chunk that laser oh there he is there there’s the boy hello I need some I need some help from Pig here is your CH come here L wait here’s your CH it with water yeah we’ll make laser jug the laser you want a jug got jug whoa yeah you can like whoa that sound you hear that bro yeah my ears are like loving that sound my ears are loving that sound okay you’re the brains of this operation okay come here like I’m the brains yeah you I mean you’re you’re you’re GL whatever I mean I mean compared to him so you’re saying he’s the bronze and I’m the brain I’m the bronze I didn’t say that I I didn’t say that you didn’t say that well I didn’t get to pick my role so I’ll embrace it I guess how do you know if the if the if the bricks are done yeah it will change color Okay Rampage here here’s the vessel how I feel now dying decaying decomposition and rotting kissy face heart what is going on what are you saying okay what is this mod it’s called um I keep forgetting what the mod is called put doors inside uh ter Terra FMA craft Terra firac craft is what it’s called do I do that in my inventory yeah just right click the vessel and put the 10 pieces inside I gave you right click 10 pieces okay okay it’s it should say like yeah a vessel and carries the stuff yeah and then you put it inside broke it will melt the copper inside oh but once it’s done you have to be really fast I give you this and this do should I put those in there as well no you once it this is done you immediately take it out right click it and then put the molds inside it put the molds inside the pot once it’s like done or do I put the molten copper stuff into the mold no so you’re going to pick up the The Vessel yeah then you’re going to right click the vessel then it will say Place mold here then you place inside the mold let it fill up and then you place inside the other mold got it I’ll give it a shot oh it will just okay make the saw you you have the saw mode right yeah how how I know when it’s done is that when the fire is out yeah when the fire is gone you just immediately take it out got it um I need there’s wood here wood here hello okay uh the music is playing who what I do hey so how do we how do you know if the bricks are done it will change color right it’ll it’ll change color okay and oh by the way laser there’s apparently a book in your inventory you can read yeah I told them I told them okay okay so Rampage on this Duty you will have to watch this closely okay I have so much food my inventory is full oh good thank you though so you’re you’re on this once it’s done you immediately take it out because if it if you let it cool down too much it will solidify have to it’ll solidify this is how realistic this game is if you wait to take it out the the mold will solidify yeah it will if you wait like 10 seconds it will solidify so after I’m on I’m on the the 4 get some more wood please this is like nothing let me f my CH up what is this mod this is a what is this called called again this mod I keep forgetting terra terra firra terra terra firra that’s the mod we’re playing right now no it’s raining uhoh is that okay yeah that’s fine okay cool go fetch me some wood boy go fetch me fetch me some wood boy you too boy boy boy boy boy fch me some wood boy wait so you’re the manager he’s the manager I am I have to be he’s the manager are you watching the fire yeah I am I am watching very closely up paracraft that’s a long ass name you’re not wrong you’re not wrong dude yeah t e r r a f i r m a yeah it’s kind of an interesting name honestly yeah wait do do planks catch on fire is it just the logs everything will catch on fire that’s made out of food everything that that’s made of wood will cast on fire that’s great that’s why you are making mud briak because houses are made out of wood why don’t those catch on fire [Laughter] huh you are the you wait what did he say I wasn’t paying attention I Wasing at this fire this is why he is on the brains of the operation no I’m just a good employee that’s all this is I know how to take orders asked me this man said houses AR made of food houses are huh huh ever heard of bricks C wait we have 950 Subs you’re joking we have 950 wait what we have 950 Subs are you sure manx let me go to the live count are you capping no J cing not cing no joke 50 more to go more people let’s go [ __ ] social blade still shows 94 says 9 I just updated it’s 951 now it is ecstasy says I got you thank you bro yo ecstasy thank you we appreciate you man ecstasy ecstasy at vola www Andy yes I got a lot of AES in here big dubs R watch the [ __ ] play bro watch now you ain’t you ain’t bro how okay how long is this going to take though yeah yeah okay I haven’t like counted it so long this is only for one mold we we’re we’re uh we’re doomed you are just melting the coer for one lightning we we only melting like one mold wor of copper because that’s all life found um is it like a minute I get to I found mushrooms oh mind theyed react to this H you need to like insta react to this yeah okay I’ve made Vessels rain yes it takes too long I don’t [ __ ] care yes manx what’s up bro this is almost as boring as being a cashier this is almost as boring as being a cashier almost place the food inside these vessels the the wood no the food oh oops I sing a song Grand P it will speed up the process here I I’ll put the food in there I’ll put the food in there okay so you put the food inside and then you press seal and it will like prolong the life how did you make those I swear the lighting light lighting is haunting me lightning light okay Mr laser Li can you get some for us please excuse me so you just put every food you have so we don’t waste food in our inventory and then seal the jar bro I’m sure someday soon Mr lad will stream Roblox yeah I’ll stream Roblox eventually probably you can place it inside wait let me this fire is sure fiery so you you guys wait this these were the four things that you guys did yes you place the food inside and you press seal and it f prong the life you can check out like if you hover your mouse and then check out the expiration date and then seal it and check it out again oh yeah oh my gosh yeah so keep keep that [ __ ] sealed only take out food when you’re like hungry and need some okay I’ll just put this back in there can you cook the raw gr and make it salty [ __ ] I got it I got it I got it the SW the SW the SW yeah yeah oh my gosh faint red 100 m megabytes of copper megabyte yeah me good job bro just place the blade inside and give it to me do I just press Q yes give it to me thank you give me I need too hot to open vessel orange you have to let it cool down I need a I need a stick you need a stick yes I’ll give you one what’s your mod pack did you make it no we did not make it this is called TerraFirmaCraft this is one mod yeah it’s just it’s a singular mod n Tail box is I love money I love money too brother money money money is cool I won’t lie okay we have a crafting bench everyone you can buy stuff with my how did you make a crafting bench dude with the with the so I sold W okay we have a chest hello chest what’s up Ivy more than halfway there oh my gosh a literal chest chest oh you actually made a chest yes nice dude like oh my gosh dude I am making us Advance bro like you’re you’re advancing us bro I you cannot put the tools in there unfortunately yeah the tools when you hover over it says very heavy very large you cannot put very large objects into the chest got it also get the Moss and the okay this is a bush I’m going to plant it here do not destroy this this will give us fruit dude I just thought like how fast man would progress if they had like a guide book in technology how fast it would take I got wood ash what do you do with wood ash you make like [ __ ] something from it I’m doing good thank you for asking okay don’t light the fire again you don’t have to let’s go just chilling playing some Minecraft okay I need someone to get wood the other one should make some I I like wood I like I like to get wood yeah get some wood L get some more bricks I know how to do that I’m good at that okay so I need a get some more bricks yeah yeah we need like hell bricks okay hold on let me check on the twitch okay okay I’m you see these right uh do I come here bro what’s up okay I’ll I’ll do the the what the Yeah mud these are food you can eat that no way yeah you can but uh huh like cereal it’s right bro yeah cereal cereal what about cereal it’s cereal your your cereal put it into the jar Rampage put your food into the jar bro you are cookie crisps and then seal the jar yes all right so I’m Cookie Crisp you are Cookie Crisp I don’t know if that’s a compliment but I’ll take it as a compliment you’re crispy thank you so much crisp is a w cereal okay W cereal W cereal also uh blocks even Cobblestone can fall so be aware pun you dude you’re crazy bro I think I’m only one who get called the the word six times a day d i Dam D yeah my reaction oh bro just eat food it’s it’s in the oh I need water it’s it’s it’s in here just seal so just seal them back yo where’s laser oh they’re laser here just like seal them back once to take out the food does anybody here watch anime dude I watch anime for sure what’s your favorite oh we got to do a poll we got to do a poll no just just have them say their answer in the chat I’m curious it could be so many things it could be so many things you’re right what’s your favorite anime what’s y’all’s favorite anime for the anime Watchers in okay all alltime favorite or current favorite all time all time favorite oh all time favorite yeah alltime favorite Full Metal Alchemist oh okay that’s a good choice that was like my first anime I ever watched really good choice curent I really like Overlord and high no [ __ ] the [ __ ] that bro I’m uh I’m going to go eat and hop on Minecraft you got it I don’t watch anim I one piece attack Onan was was all until the full metal is so good guys I watched anime is for a bit and my fave was Attack on Titan I’ve heard so many good things about Attack on Titan I’ve never seen is a masterp it’s good but it gets boring to the sword episode at the third at the third episode at the thir season season I mean season oh third season yeah I mean also uh don’t keep food in don’t keep food in the chest because rats will [ __ ] E it rats will eat the food one punch man is great legit legit rats will come and eat the food that’s why we see yeah one punchman is crazy bro the the animation on that you see this this is already DED this oh it’s dried yeah you see it changed you can break that one and then make one mud brick from that all right all right I got I got a brick L bricks just don’t place it because that will be the base of the house what’s going to be not the base of the house what’s going to be the the on top of it uh wood wood so yeah it’s going to be it’s going to be an enclosed so the smoke won’t reach the wood but yeah oh wow okay when are we getting into the caves that’s my question oh the caves the caves okay the caves are a real [ __ ] mess so uh oh we need okay we need copper because no gotta go have a good stream dude thank you appreciate that have a good day dude Mr Rampage I will send you on a 12 Day Quest 12 days yes a 12 Day Quest come to me am I ever going to see you guys again no okay you see this in my hand it looks like a small rope you pick it up you hover over and it says smells into copper check it out it says melt into copper yeah we need as many as you can find how many megabytes of copper do we need we need as many as you can find okay 100 is one mold how do I make a pickaxe uh you don’t wait what you don’t we need to get copper so we can melt the pickax yeah I think so that’s why you going to go out into the V my boy and collect some okay can I have some food first no huh no okay all right I’m going now I’m GNA do I’m gonna do a pole I’m going to do a pole [ __ ] I’m going to do you can just uh get food on the way you can just like eat the plants and Sh like that eat the plants how do i e the plants you just break the food plants I showed you and then oh R the cereal y got it I mean I mean it is grain grain is cereal Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum cereal you can this is not sugar which is fine with me okay can you make bread out of cereal no can you make bread you can make cereal out of bread okay go collect okay guys I’m with the oh the water has movement yeah it it has a stream on a journey with you guess am I trying to find like a Cave opening here or sa I can read the Chatum I have a second monitor sa oh I found y the red p is hunting me let me get let me get one more rock bro it’s over for you little bro uh oh so for you get one more rock uhoh uh oh oh [ __ ] this is another this oh easy he got my ch I’m the one who knocks behave yourself behave I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die round flesh I’m G to die I’m going to die behave yourself okay fine I’ll I’ll behave myself Sabie give me my Javelin back I if I die this is going to be a what do you mean you don’t have it I let you don’t have my Javelin what I don’t have it what do you mean you don’t have it you just hit me with I think you yeah I think you picked it up I have my own all Mal I did not pick it up malite did you not okay mine here you can make one [ __ ] you it’s like two rocks I’m looking for a small Malik it’s here bro oh oops wait did I you’re you’re looking for something that smelts into copper is it on the is it on the surface or in the cage yes is it is it like small RS but it’s like colorful okay cuz I’m in a cave right now what’s up manx yeah you need to be on the surface got it does anyone have wool whoa loud I do not have wool I’m on a journey here let me make ah why is this fall do you have sticks I I can’t I can’t climb on the dirt I collected yes the dirt wait wait like huh wait so I’m stuck just what do you mean oh bro get me a stupid bro the chunk is being so so cute what’s your favorite movie of all time um probably H Terminator probably catch me if you can with with uh Leonardo Dicaprio and um and uh what’s his face what’s his face I know who you’re talking about um who played Woody in Toy Story Tom yeah Tom Hanks Tom Hanks how much you know what my favorite movie all time is Mr Lou uh let me guess let me guess is it is it live action yeah is it does it have does it have I haven’t changed my answer in years does it have Leo cap in it does not have Leo cap does Tom I do like Leo cap uh does not H doesn’t have any mainstream actors other than one person does that have Jake J all no is it a horror no it’s not a horor is it is it a a drama yes it’s a drama It’s a drama is it about it does have one like a tier a tier actor is it about fighting nope I’m stuck in the caves you’re in the caves yeah bro just get out of the caves tryan um give me a hint um the only H I’m thinking of will give it away um is it it has an actor from the Invincible show in it Whiplash yeah dude oh freck that was that was too easy I know oh yeah I remember you saying Whiplash too I’m silly oh it’s okay it’s okay who has watch or movie was cat me well it’s either that or count ofman Crystal CA movie or um oh with Leo cap probably Jango with Leo oh yeah that’s a good one that’s a good choice yeah cuz he he was crazy in that one yeah he was yeah he was a whole whole character in that I kind of like when did I change my profile picture when freaking elhart sent me that bomb uh fan art what was that called shter Island that that was very interesting yeah I I’m scared to watch that one because I don’t like no it’s not it’s not scary it’s just kind of like it’s like a Myster isn’t that the one where the kids like you know yeah yeah I was like I was that’s that’s a spoiler that’s basically like the whole movie premise the whole movie premise maybe you’re thinking of of a different movie huh you hav’t I’m proba think no I’ve never seen it okay so yeah WL for making a fan art I know I’ve never finished the first movie oh of Very Potter I’m guessing oh this this this uh this music is crazy I found one one four four four four good job bro keep I’m doing it I’m doing it I’m doing it he just L you are carrying the team right now because these two just at the team bro you and me are the actually we should probably wait is there a wh list for your server no everyone you should probably put a white list just in case cuz if somebody has our server IP that is not like a low anyway watch but I don’t know who to allow because I think a turnos has a wh list it I it does but I don’t know who to allow because me everybody in the server right now then people who want to join later that’s what I’m thinking at least oh my God it’s a [ __ ] bear you guys found a bear don’t don’t you will die die you will die goodbye goodby I can’t run wait this is not realistic I’m actually getting away oh bro I thought I was locid Clark for a second hold on okay I made it thank goodness is jiis kaisen good it is good I thought it was a bit cliche in the first season but it is a good like solid like action I was watching it for season two is Peak so if you if you want to watch Peak then you got then then yeah it’s really good it only gets better better jistic it only gets better it just goes up and up and up L think about the fact that when I saw you change your pfp my jaw dropped to the damn floor no but it’s hella good though it’s like so Good by the way Rampage if you find I don’t know where I am if you find any sheep or llamas just kill them because we need the wool I found a l baby llama does that count yeah yeah kill it yeah I mean I do llama but it was a small one yeah yeah um yeah for the record for the record you got uh I guess I’m going back to where you guys are I don’t know what to do what should I do what do we need what do we need to get done you need copper more bricks and you need to go out to find Copper as well okay more bricks and then get Co got it I mean I’m mining right now so just do you you won’t have I’ll say you won’t have a bad time watching jjk jjk is just it’s just good it’s it’s very entertaining and the soundtrack’s great animations Peak um okay okay everyone line is you two you can go and but season two is smaller Ro way better into my op if you hover the it says I got a pumpkin okay give me do you have I have a funny story about a bear when I was visiting my uncle my uncle had just got back from the grocery store and a bear broke into his car and ate most of the food that he got from shopping oh my gosh that’s crazy that’s also a little funny too you’re right that that is kind of silly I’m glad you guys are okay you know The Bear Went for the food and not you I mean if you don’t that’s kind of scary Ivy yeah it is pretty pretty damn scary but wow that’s really unfortunate a cursed finger yeah yeah it’s all about um it’s all about cursed energy is something oh God you can make tools out of gold horns okay B like the Magic in the universe you get to harness it and do crazy [ __ ] with it it improves your endurance improves your like Health you can have like superum abilities with it yeah thing about jjk is they’re very like it goes into very a lot of detail about like the specifics of how it functions like how the characters use the abilities stuff it’s very detailed how do you eat a finger and why yeah I was I was kind of thinking that like how do you eat a finger you just swallow it which is really weird I got to find you guys hold on do you want do you you have how many coer do you have uh I need to find the cords again silly chat chat silly Rampage how how many how many do you have I got like six okay V need exactly [Music] 64 yeah this is the problem of letting people from chatting like they don’t know the mod P like yeah but they’re still the book oh okay the [ __ ] bricks are I only have oh yeah I have exactly six also this the server is safe because whenever uh Sabie leaves the server shuts down right so it’s like it’s not a big deal theic Su success child slavery bro talk to all the big corporations about that Jesus the key to success is child slavery my apologies don’t ban me I was just joking my real bro yeah corporate greed in that’s show uh yeah I don’t know all right guys I’m back with stuff all right I got I got I got your uh your stuff you asked do you know what a cursed finger test like wait oh taste like no what what does a cursed finger taste like tast terrible okay come here if it’s tuna’s finger oh ram ram ram knows Ram knows it’s a jjk refence oh the thing you taught me okay can I put some stuff in here yeah don’t put the food in here I will slap you oh who the [ __ ] put the pumpkin in here me I put a pumpkin in there put it the this one so it doesn’t Dro oh can you make pumpkin pie you can eat the pumpkin you can eat the pumpkin I got a small I got iron can you make pumpkin pie yeah we don’t need yeah you can but we don’t need iron now be we only can smell copper right rzy what’s good brother all right so I’m going to do the trick right it was uh we’re playing before right we’re playing a mod on Minecraft called um why why did you take a new there called what’s it called but this one is better ter TerraFirmaCraft TerraFirmaCraft is what called up and then I wood it up with these yes L heart knows El heart knows dude that is so basy okay and then I make a fire starter and then I light on fire bam we’re doing it guys how do I get copper loud um you just just look for it on the ground what’s up Johan how’s it going how you doing what’s up Rizzy I’m going to start this fire and then I’m going to get some torches ‘s get to onek Fellers Ellers yes Ellers let’s get to 1K Ellers caught me not working the field he’s very angry yeah L now I have to go my master to the field and get some C me not working in the field anymore and he’s very angry go back to the field get some bronze or whatever copper we got to get copper 954 let’s go this would this uh would make a great video hey you got a v to download yeah however I think you when you download the VOD it does have bit rate so yeah that’s a thing but it’s okay and and since I since I’m streaming like like people can just watch rewatch The Stream like I don’t know yeah yeah but like it doesn’t show up in the videos it shows up in live it does show up in Live Well you can do like a highlights video yeah I could do highlight it shows up in lives not you deal I think with with OBS you can record and stream at the same time yeah yeah you can you can even though I know that’s a lot of data but still you can always just cut it up and throw the rest away when you’re done all right I’m going to go looking for copper if you if you forget to record you always have the B twitch a backup yeah the the twitch VOD is going to be pretty low quality honestly yeah that’s just for backup that’s just we forget to press record on the OBS yeah which I didn’t so I’m just going to leave it at that it’s fine how many this is okay unique barns what’s up can we put custom music into the game h Huh you put custom music into the game he says can you is that a thing you can do yes hey so how do you make these dry faster can you put a fire in the middle like does that work no it just dries it in your own it’s own oh my God he’s making a house yeah I am we’re we’re not homeless guys guys look look at this house so far house we have a home we have we have we have some oh my gosh look at this oh yeah this is so roomy so far live in the note I saw some lives though but it was a lot of swearing oh I’m sorry I I’ll try not to swear so that you can you can watch this one we will definitely not swear we definitely not swear live from here on out yes we will not swear promise yeah he did bedwar live that’s questionable do not yeah do not watch bedw Wars live because we get a little angry buddy some of them we get angry some of them we don’t depends on what which which mood we’re in or whatever is happening in the game but it’s pretty heated use the book in your inventory you can find all the this is very chill technoblade gamer what’s good brother you can join you can join download the mod on curse 4 just called terrafirma craft and make sure you download the singular mod don’t download mod packs just the one mod oh I found clay and it’s um downloaded on the current version of curis so it’s like 30 I think okay have anyone seen the horses around here horses yes my I haven’t I only saw a bear uh whoa find the horses but do I kill it or what is that copper no so I’m the hunter trying to find Copper guys no I trust you the most to wait do I what do I mold this with a pickaxe pickaxe yeah I give you the pickaxe okay you give me like J hun hores okay you hunt you hunt if we need uh uh we need the bed to set the spawn point oh I see something oh there’s a back of [ __ ] wolves okay don’t go vves there’s there’s wolves you held your word was saying that you go live again you did indeed yeah I did yeah well we were kind of planning on doing modded Minecraft for a while so yeah oh my gosh is that a bear probably it look that literally jump scared me what the hell is that yeah guys I found a bear oh my gosh he’s sleeping he’s making sleeping noises yeah don’t wake him up what if I kill him with my Javelin kill him you don’t kill him see you Manx have a good rest of your day evening night wherever you are in the world [ __ ] the be one kid kill you dude did you [ __ ] with the bear yeah I’m okay I’m okay okay of course that literally scared the crap out of me because he just came up and jump scared me I was like what did you expect it’s a bear I was like right next to him and I didn’t think he would wake up and then I moved a little bit and then he just came out of nowhere I got aack by bear randomly bro he will eat you he won’t eat honey bro oh look at all these deers yeah hunt hunt hunt kill them kill them okay I’ll kill them oh it’s pick up uh I missed Vel copper pickaxe head just use your jein to hit them just them it’s in the mold is there anything else I need to do after I have it in the mold I got to get these put the mold into your inventory and then it will give you the got him head okay ra V venison nice yeah yeah we need like we need don’t kill Bambi in the family yeah don’t kill Bambi in his family okay I I certainly will do that thank you bro the hunter from Bambi I’m the literal hunter from Bambi yes we need large hide large hide make make the [ __ ] small bad you swore you can’t swear I I already swore like four times brother brother I never I won’t SAR brother fine whatever all right what were you saying about large hide if you need one large height to make one bed and that’s bed you cannot sleep on it just sets your spawn point bro oh that’s annoying it’s cuz it’s too comfortable to or too uncomfortable to sleep on yeah do you know how this mod is called and where you can play it online yeah so it’s called TerraFirmaCraft and you go what you do is you have to get curse Forge and it’s on curse Forge and you can play with us from there make a you okay so make two touch with straw okay one touch is four straw and then you place them and you put a large hide on it large hide on top yeah you just right click it found a cave can I find Copper in the cave no it it spawns above ground okay I have the mold but it’s not giving me the actual like bronze head or whatever what do you mean do you have or copper oh I got got I got it I got it okay sick okay watch with the caves because it will like collapse on you and you will die the caves collapse on you that’s crazy yes you have to make support beam I don’t have a hide on me though you have to make support beams for the caves that’s crazy yeah I’m trying to find a large animal like a horse we need one large height for one bed should I get more clay or uh bricks I mean you can just make them into make them into light you know how do you make clay bricks again yo Invictus what’s up dude like you know like an break oh how do you get the materials for that yeah welcome back man welcome back wait do I need Rin and ve fruit vegetable meter to live oh I think I found copper okay collected okay the the more small small native copper is what it’s called yeah yeah we need those okay so like the nutrition tab the more filled up the more HP you get so guys right now I’m just trying to find Copper I got if if you were wondering I’m just walking around trying to find Copper just looking for is it the you’re looking for the little stuff right pick up the copper yeah yeah I mean you can find like three or four types of copper that like melt I have small native copper is that what we want yeah like that and anything else that melts into Co what melts into copper like like hematite I’m not going to [ __ ] pronounce the names of them okay if it’s shiny and it’s not a rock just pick it up and bring it over wolf wolves wolves wolves can I tame them no watch out you can’t tame the Wolves you can but you will get eaten you can tame it but he’ll eat you is what you’re trying to say yes you need to like isolate one of them from the back ah I’m getting hit I’m getting hurt oh [ __ ] it’s okay we got wolves incoming we got wolves yeah just run ow bro why do you have to anger all of the animals in the forest I’m going to die what do you mean you will die huh no I died it’s okay it’s okay okay I got skill where’s all my stuff here we go did you all die on base yeah we did we did w oh my God you guys on the base kill me ow ow ow dude infinite health yeah literal infinite health I’m not even joking no just just the Jin does so little damage oh my god do you have to use a knife right is a knife better to use with that I know better it got like one more damage than the knife I die over here okay that was crazy try to kill one wolf like you got infinite respawns at all ah some native gold nice where is this boy yeah oh I see a horse yeah kill it kill it kill it please please okay combat more horses let’s go there we go there we go okay did you get the large hide I got two I got two medium hide and one uh yeah medium height only I love how I became friends with like almost everybody in the chat literally oh Maas dude what’s up we need to find we need to either kill that bear or find a cow and kill the cow going to cook some of this meat meat also salt the meat I don’t have any salt we don’t have any salt yeah saie gave me some salt so you salt it before and then what does that do like make it taste better no it makes it taste better and also it prolongs its life by one month I think that’s pretty cool okay so fire got a another pumpkin Fire Starter I’m going to eat it I’m going to eat this pumpkin oh never mind you have to slice it up with the knif I I don’t know if I like this better than regular m this this is very like grindy and like it is very grindy yeah but like once you get the hang of stuff another wolf incoming wolf incoming on me on us really right here oh gosh run run run run kill him kill him kill oh no that’s not even a wolf dude this guy has infinite health this is not realistic this is not realistic you should be three hits Max oh have you ever fought with the hyena real life um no but I when did you start your channel and how did you become or come up with this idea uh well first of all I think I started the channel maybe like a few years ago and I just did like videos and then a while later I was motivated to make to make shorts and then and then I wanted to like do shorts with like my face and so I wanted the webcam and then I started streaming because it’s fun it’s very fun and I like talking to all you guys oh good answer 956 is crazy oh my gosh we’re getting close we’re getting close 44 W to the subs yes 956 dude is really good all right I got to stop messing around I got to start finding some copper yeah or like oh [ __ ] how do you call it a cow we need to kill one cow to have a bed yeah but I killed sheep so we have that yeah but we need to I need to get yeah we need a large though we need large hi our house is like by spawn so why would we need to reset our spawn like there I mean once we have to move like oh if we have to move yeah true yeah yeah we can live here but we have to like go so far to find some like this is basically Louis and Clark the simulator L and Clark simulator that’s silly yeah red let’s go every day closer yes every day is getting way closer the uh the road to 1K is is going to be like a slow one because it’s 1K you know like yeah it’s it’s it’s a huge milestone for me is someone home no I’m finding some uh copper R rum food is no our our food’s going to expire in the thing no it’s not it’s not it’s not what’s what’s what’s the cord um the cords are I’ll say [Music] I’m in the spooky Forest oh God I’m so far away okay guys look at the chunk chunk look at the chunk I’m referring to Benjamin Benedict W Benedict in chat W Benedict bye techno have a great day SL evening yes melons I found melons yeah yeah we can eat them we can bring them home hello my boy so Oho someone’s sping you I came is this a good thing oh come here bro little bro what is that peacock yeah it is no it’s not it’s a is there an end fight in this mod I don’t know is there end in this mod yes there is an end oh my gosh that’s insane is nether or there is everything there’s nether there’s everything by the way so this is just harder Minecraft it’s really hard Minecraft yes yeah really difficult Minecraft bearing grifts can you so do we have to fight monsters yeah these for me God I don’t even have enough in my inventory bro I mean it’s there’s some like here this is too much food for me to cook don’t know what to do uh salt sure uh yeah salt as much I don’t have enough salt yeah salt as much as you can W Benjamin chunky oh that should literally just be his name straight up Benjamin chunky the chunk do we need onions says laser he says yes yeah it’s co bro this is too much food that’s a good thing yeah no not from me I I have to take care of all of it too much too much responsibility for me can’t take it can’t take it anymore all the food in my hands dude freaking copper is so hard to find yeah try to like look into forests and can I make a dump chest that these are dump chest that we have if you have a saw if you have a saw you can like get the uh I have a saw put the Oak in the in your and and then the saw and your crafting thing yeah yeah or like any wood and then you got planks that you can craft from no I’m just going to make a bunch of these Rock deposits you should make like uh more uh like containers for the food because lad what are you going to do to celebrate 1K so apparently apparently I have to do one chip challenge at some point when I hit 1K uh which is going to suck but I don’t know what else I don’t know what else to do I could probably do like a like a Muk a mukbang I think would be really funny a mukbang would be hilarious got a bunch you can edit it in a really funny way yeah I can cuz I I eat a lot or I can eat a lot [Music] actually I’m not big chungus you’re that’s rud to say you’re big chongus you’re big chungus okay get I’m big chongus after eating all this food Ram is big chungus I got all the meat what do you expect one chip challenge sounds hella funny do one chip challenge on stream yes I I’ll do it I’ll make sure everybody like who wants to see it will be there so oh this is a huge Ravine by the way oh jeez all right start this back up because I’m bad you’re a bad d man I can only cook one thing at a time though yes because it’s a small as fire like can you can you make a bigger fire is that where you’re implying uh we can no like an oven can we make like an oven make a grill we can make a grill but we need iron a grill yeah oh my gosh we can literally make a grill that’s so cool I can make something else this is too much food we don’t need food we have so much food we food no we don’t how do I make how do I make another vessel uh check the book how do I make one for storing okay it’s a large vessel uh isn’t it called jug no it’s large vessel oh small vessel and then I only see small vessel molds jug how do you make the ones where you put oh pick k no um I don’t know water I get it dude this copper is does not want me to find it what are the cords I just sent it how do you look at F FN F3 is that what it is F3 F3 got it uh 309 3,218 -39 oh so just this way you look with to with the road 1K thank you we’re almost there maybe a couple more days this is grindy M said he loves your pfp oh yeah yeah uh guess who made it [Music] I think two streams yeah part of the community s PB this is the second time you’ve come across my feed so I might as well follow and watch for a bit yeah thank you big ups dude thank you so much thank you stay as long as you want that’s one minute or 10 minutes or an hour I would love a sub that would be crazy that road it wasn’t Saab um we got a wolf incoming guys oh my goodness yeah yeah uh uh oh come here come here come here little doggy doggy doggy bring it to me what is that is that a rat it’s a rat what the hell just happened it’s a rat yeah the rat field steal you the food so that’s why we keep it into the the rat will steal the food yeah from the chest got him can I have my Javelin yes come back dude how is this rat not dead just leave the rat alone he won’t he won’t drop anything thank you sir oh that and a fellow Ginger wait wait wait do we have uh sheep someone anyone so sa here let me tell you how to spell sa’s name that’s how you spell it thank you thank you is that that’s how you spell it oh this is just a seed okay do we have some raw some raw some UNS do we have so much raw cooked me it’s crazy give me some of the raw meat I’m I’m going to Salt it here’s some of it do you want more I need roll I need roll oh raw okay yes I don’t have much raw left laser says can you kill me no you got to eat dude here oh I have more actually hold on yes there’s only a little bit more dude things with different expiration dates are different yes and then come down here give you the can you yeah and then I was going to make more large vessels but I don’t have any wood for that oh wait this is those are large vessels in there but they they’re just Woods here hello Woods here like yeah take them out from here I’m on a food Duty wait is this salted yeah I don’t want use salted sorry no it’s all good it’s all good I’ll eat this wood ash of who has the fire started oh I think we got a new sub Fire Starter person can you fire these hello uh all the all the ks yes okay will you make videos uh to SL shorts or just lives no I I make shorts so you know I I try to do like maybe one or two a day yo what’s up what’s up what what happened what go we’re again there 958 dude oh my gosh soon soon soon very soon we need some more mod like yeah let’s go this expires that’s sick that is so sick almost there bro I know oh look at that is it going to show up on yep saw just subbed on YouTube thank you sod okay I think all the food’s cooked now finally did it by the way the reason why the alert box doesn’t work um for most of the subs is because the people who sub need to have their settings to um allow sub uh subscriptions to be public that’s the only way that they can make the alert box work otherwise the alert box won’t show up if you if you sub um just wanted to throw that out there cooking got the pickax loud got the most supportive chat like for real I know like probably the most supportive chat like on YouTube entirely I’m not even joking where is that W you’re not even at charity stream got the support I know can you get some some bricks yeah yeah I’ll make hella bricks dude hella bricks what why are these rocks in here bro did they just show up out of nowhere no like some place oh that’s me that’s me oh okay just mind the okay don’t mind the dark just mind the like normal mud yeah waiting for these kill to be done D this progression takes a long time yeah holy smokes yeah yeah this progression is no joke I know I can’t wait either it’s going to be so much fun is red panda your spirit animal loud I guess yeah I guess now I guess now is red and you’re red I think it used to be a seagull seagull I think yeah it used to be a seagull but you know very random but it was cool we have we have enough wood to make one bed that we can sleep in oh one bed can you get some wood please yep thank you make another one of these and then one of these Dam it’s like watching ASMR yeah you like the the mud placements do you like ASMR then here you go this is the the stream for you hold on this is the wrong one oops there you go oh oh yeah yeah go around my ears oh yeah that is ASMR that is insane that is actually [Music] [Laughter] [Music] insane I don’t know if that’s painful or or not uh it’s like kind of both kind of both all right bro you need to make a m actually I need a mukbang I need to do a mukbang I was say something else I say something else oh no I messed it up I messed up the carve l l carve there we go we got to get this composer on the real Minecraft soundra for real I know it’s legit pretty good not going to lie got to give them something that doesn’t sound like a sound font midi flute it’d be good to go midi flute give them a nice sound bank or something if Minecraft doesn’t work Lou to do ASMR I I agree with that I can do it w gameplay thank you I’m glad I’m being entertaining right now this is a chill stream for sure very chill stream am I being entertaining J she she nods her head she thinks I’m not being entertaining enough I mean you don’t have to be like incredbly entertaining you can just kind of you know I mean last live was that last side was insanely absolutely insane so you [Applause] know okay one of them one of’s done let’s go okay now we need to get more um of this wheat look at the fireplace boy fireplace how did you make that how did you make that that’s awesome I made it out of clay we can make so let me take te you how to make soup okay let me get let me what soup should I make do we have some fish okay well okay we don’t have fish I’m going to make out of what happen on we going to make some chicken noodle soup without the noodle my favorite bro chicken noodle soup without the noodle actually we have to make BS first so how many people are in bed right now just chilling watching the stream I don’t know I considerable map probably I hope I hope you’re not on the toilet I’m just kidding why not I’m I’m just kidding please please watch please watch My Stream on the toilet that’d be awesome Rampage can you do the thing what what thing oh yeah I I have uh I don’t have a lot of straw left though yeah I have there’s in the chest check the chest uh okay this is enough four four eight start this is one where I can just let it cook I don’t have to like keep watch that one you only have to watch the Ming one like the ORS come here children I’m cooking some soup for yall [ __ ] asses nice it’s not torches real like soup thank you bro you’re the cook hold on bro yeah oh wait he scaring away the ingredients I’ll buy a Samsung fridge and look at your streams on the fridge how does that sound that sounds insane wait 247 if that happens if that ever happens I I I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know that I would be a little too stunned to have words what climate are we in we are in temp laser how’s the laser doing he got prickled death by raw gross that’s pretty gross should have but I want to give you some I can give you the that’s my next goal gross bro that sounds like a great goal I’m going to taste test it be bad nuh you won’t taste test it I don’t I don’t even want it bro oh gosh are these barrels of water here I have a question for you guys I’m gonna go in a pole real quick don’t unseal the barrel that I see s looks great saie can I have some you can after you do the thing with this what is that unfired spindle head what do I do with this fire it up my yes yes my boy is there anything else I should put in there uh uh uh uh uh no but we need more clay we need more straw no we don’t firing it up firing it up here we go you should definitely play some lowly at this point I don’t know what you’re playing right now I don’t have audio on I’m not playing anything oh you should put something most well f I ammo yeah it’s it’s 100% yes yeah definitely okay cool yeah I’ll go on YouTube real quick okay uh play some uh it’s called azuro it’s on Spotify as now yeah but it’s my favorite so we should play them okay it’s called second chance you should you know T some okay oh my gosh guys sorry rap what is your actual favorite that Ao No One hold on guys I I like Second Chance the most yeah that’s a good one but like that’s my my professional opinion you’re a professional I am a professional hold on I got to do a good one right now oh this is the best you guys like this do you guys like the is it too loud let me know if it’s too loud should I sub on my second account it’s not cheating you don’t have to if it’s if it’s too much you don’t have to but is it is want to go ahead pretty cool it’s perfect okay I like this okay cool someone needs to collect too relaxing good we need CL hello just let me know um if it’s too loud or not what’s up goat can someone go collect clay please loud it was get it what if it’s too loud or not oh I just now got that okay that’s amazing is it too loud get it I expect a lot of those in the future can I tell you what the most satisfying sound effect in all of Minecraft is what rain hitting on the roof inside a building ooh nothing beats that that is the most ASMR sound effect of all m oh yeah it makes you feel incredibly like cozy I don’t know it’s just good I agree [Music] sh I found I found a drowning bear in chat oh my gosh crazy Z’s down to business bro every day is closer to the 1 million yeah what are you doing for your 1 million special l in okay in a year what will we do for the 1 million special you have a lot of time to think about it probably I have a lot of time to think about it so I’ll have an answer when I get there my second account here’s the sub oh oh hell yeah thank you come come here boy you’re cool very nice eat eat the soup yes yummy soup and bro got laser want the soup or what yall ate it both of y’all ate the soup I didn’t get it’s all gone it’s all gone now no it’s all right it’s all right I I liked it worth it course you did bro right right right right right good huh huh huh do you want your bull back no that’s yours you bro bu that [ __ ] no bro I thought you wanted a momento come on what do you mean the let ask them if I should do cinnamon roll mukbang right now what do you mean how you just put random stuff in there should I I’m gonna make a soup okay so you no no so no yes it literally anything what you need okay so you need two meat of the same type and one vegetable I know I look so Sil water and then you need water inside from this bucket and then you have to make fire for 1 million fan Meetup would be so nice even I’ll buy a ticket to America to get there oh my gosh imagine that in the future got another sub gamer boy 716 thank you wow you know life’s all about the journey right the journey is more important thano stop being so philosophical just make the soup it’s not philosophical just make the soup BR making soup be like life is about the journey just make the souit bro I’m making it God damn bro okay okay we need [Music] wood I don’t you’re not wrong I can’t deny that but God damn all right here we go soup is on the way one person says no maybe should I do cinnamon roll mukbang what what I mean cinnamon roll oh I don’t know W the chunk literally he’s a fat Fanta car bro place this oh bro is actually making a [ __ ] fish and potato soup bro fish potato soup M what you don’t you don’t like that you’re not a pescatarian or whatever they’re called huh huh bro use words that I can’t understand neither godam God God it’s a no it should be it everybody’s like skeptical about it oh it’s hello is the bed outside it’s getting wet that’s oh that’s my uh not very bed being there with the whole team would be so crazy I know come here boy you will I know that would actually so much fun guys we got to fly Sai after America that’ll happen eventually maybe he is large laser has large hide oh you have a large hide giving autographs I know that would be so insane all you guys like all you guys would be the would be the ogs at that point all of you guys would be my really close friends I’ll be taking autographs from all you guys get them viewers big up fans what’s wo yarn what I do this put it into the into this and Sue it sue it some people are like I don’t know if you should eat a cinn roll right now I don’t know do it put it inside all of them what and then keep right clicking with your hand you’re weaving it bro what yes this is how we make cloth w yes three clothes we make like clothes armor yes and the bed good job little boy do I just do this to hold it yes oh my God bro you’re building a whole L Village okay okay what do I do now you take it out if you’re done and then keep going I don’t know if it’s done or it is oh it is you shift right it just a bit oh okay got just a bit buggy why aren’t these bricks drying is it because it’s raining yeah it’s raining it slows it down oh no bro is said oh no oh no soup I’m going to eat soup I haven’t eaten soup why does eating the freaking hay decrease my health maybe it’s rotten or something because it’s raw like it’s just eat the cooked food bro just eat the cooked food bro just do it you have so much oh my gosh am I doing good manager yes thank you get raise no doing this all right 30 more minutes or maybe until three all right I’m going to get three of these thank you so much yes you need you give me Co this is going to be Godly okay make more I don’t have any W okay that’s good done all right put the rest in [Music] here oh do we have a large oh my goodness yes it’s already on the okay oh my soup’s finished yeah ow oh why is this music already [Music] sleep okay have a great food and W Jess literally soup is gone yes have a great food I agree how dare you what do you mean how dare you I need another I need to make sou yeah make soups from things that will like expire soon bone Apple teeth these expire in 3 months 3 months makes from that like less than one L’s lips looks like he has lipstick on do they a little pink Jess agrees 7 months oh my God a long time in here someone put raw food in the jar I mean that’s good like you I say uh BL oh this is salted and preser pro wow just pretty guys look at this chapstick Oh wrong wrong camera guys look at this chapstick put it on okay I got to put it on why is bro doing why is bro a makeup Guru hello thank you foro 1K Subs you have to let just do your makeup 1K Subs she’ll do my makeup yep all right it’s confirmed you’re doing my makeup you have to do the one chip makeup I can just give you some eyeliner Jess doesn’t know how to do makeup because she’s naturally beautiful W that’s true that’s true that was a w compliment n that’s like yeah why is the bed outside why did you place the hay outside I don’t know man I don’t know I don’t know man I BR becoming a true Disney princess I know thank you I made I made B from your hard work do you want actual chap STI now um the world no that’s good feel was great yeah sou done yes is the music Good Guys is the music like good volume now that you’ve listened to it for a minute he I ate all of it you want more I can make more I mean I don’t know bro these bricks need to D with I says yes make another one of these oh oh my ears is as good as a stream awesome okay cool that’s good to hear that is good to hear okay what what thank you look at his face uh what should I do what should I do should I find Copper yes all right should I’ll go on a little copper run need so much yeah I know but it’s like kind of chill though map we can we need wool to make map and we made fornite stream you actually make a map out of wool let’s do a poll let’s do a poll okay should play well we’ll see we should we play fortnite with yes fortnite stream that’s pretty out there for you I’m I’m not going to do fortnite because I I I I SW I swear to Jesus that I will never play fortnite again let’s see 967 yeah oh my goodness is laser going to go oh no he said he will change the thing 80% yes okay Rampage I will show you the most daring thing we ever done yet why is I’m eating cooked food and it’s lowering my health is it or are you just it’s lowering my health I’m not mental boom I going to go explore for a bit also my render distance feels very W s’s duck skin I know let me put it up to [Music] 20 that doesn’t really help oh maybe because the server render distance is low yeah I don’t know it’s it’s un all right okay we’re going to need a [ __ ] T of I think why are you jumping around I thought you what’s your what’s your um hi how’s it going how are you what’s up Keegan lacky and also if I if I butcher your name I am very sorry I probably butchered everybody’s name I like butchering you like butchering I like butchering this the soup is done by the way yeah go make go cook please what up what up okay can I go on like an expedition or what what are we doing here manager okay we need uh Ro and I’m going to show you something this is going to be crucial for smelting iron so we going to make a charcoal bit so we’re going to need a [ __ ] t food and I’m going to need some more rcks to cover it up okay so should I just get wood uh I don’t know how much we have but yeah I’m going to collect in the meanwhile all right I’ll get some [Music] wood like like a lot of wood a lot of wood all right copper run we need uh we need like a lot of food we need nine times 16 nine diamonds what nine Diamond nine * 16 oh wow nine time what what’s that what for the for the how much need oh my gosh that’s a lot yeah but spe it because uh fire firing The Crucible with uh wood isn’t going to get it poen up so we need to make okay we need to make charcoal or just find coal in like mines but like mines are risky at point but if you want you can go [Music] Min there we go need another twig man I’m not going to chat I’m just going to update on how many subscribers loud has yeah that’ be sick you’re my you’re my updater cuz I I I I’m not looking at YouTube right now D oh hello what’s up I’m collecting your [Music] wood you need yeah you colle miss I like how there’s no like Hostile Mobs yeah they are IND the caves and like they can kill you fast I’m sure I’m killing this pig got him BR you need to go you need to go loud before he figures it out what he looks before what H you should put a counter I just see that on like the corner of my eye that’s hilarious what what what happened what happened uh something in the woods h i saw I saw like an animal in the woods I coer hello coer boy why did you I’m trying to I’m trying to find some huh okay I got one two 32 more huh nine is a lot bro we have we have an imposter at home hello we have an impostor we have a red P at home there’s two of you now um excuse me an excuse me hold on I got to see this I got to see this I got to see this I got the GL Mari what 17 bro you don’t but it looks good on the camera yeah yeah I’m almost I’m almost done with the wood so close I got a lot [Music] [Music] I’m imagining a 1K I’m an idiot H my hope will never die my hope will never die dude that’s oh my hope will never die yeah that one yeah that’s a throwback not going to lie throw it back okay bro that actually hurt that actually hurt okay where the freak is laser oh my gosh I see I see this man what the [ __ ] Rampage what is thisit we have like he looks nothing like me wait how do I he looks exactly like he looks nothing like me oh wait never mind he’s exactly like me yo Rampage we got two two steps of 16 at home okay okay okay bro impostor you’re an impostor impostor you’re an [Music] impostor hold on okay I’m here I’m here okay uh bundle them up in here like all of them yes he’s your twin secret brother I know shift right click and then you shift right click again and it will fill it up yeah yeah and just do it and then I will show you bro is dying of hunger or something I got to make sure they’re full CU let me change back oh my gosh I might have like exactly enough what is this what are you guys making uh just wait stand back a bit wait this one doesn’t have full it does okay you stand back yeah stand back like literally stand back you don’t have to oh my gosh whoa what does that do the noise it it will make charcoal for us what the heck it will it once it stops smoking we can break it open and collect the charcoal well that’s progression right there and once we have a crucible and the charcoal pit we can smell what is this is this a Lo hours iron you can tools you have stone now or copper yes yeah that’s why I sent you to collect I I was I’ve been trying to find it this whole time we had some before excuses bro man dis I swear to God these don’t dry how do you make a large chest so that’s a question bro did you really ask that yeah please two chests how you make a chest you be planks it’s the same as regular Minecraft yeah you get planks from solving of wood there’s the SS inside the building ah W stream okay watermelon cat what’s up my day is going quite well how was yours do I right click it no you need to craft it in your inventory do I break it with this copper saw I said you need to craft it in your inventory I don’t get it sorry bro what do you mean you don’t get color uh craft the planks in the my yeah and the saw oh do I put it in this oh I agree we should do like an SMP or um Ram was talking about doing like a UHC match so like a UHC tournament so like a a vanilla survival like um fight to the death for all the the people from the stream oh God who Victor is a Victor we can do that as a that tradition thing please bro find CER we need more tools all right we’re going to do fortnite in like a few a few minutes yes first you come here yeah I’m going to send you caving mine coal and get copper mine coal and get copper got it Coal’s going to be like really really black so you know oh [ __ ] I sent him with the only pickaxe we have we cannot break the [ __ ] St no I’m I’m too scared I can’t do it I can’t do it I’m sorry you mean I can’t do it I can’t do it to scar I can’t die in the cave bro I can’t die this manart oh bye Hart have a good one y loud in chat my but I have to leave because tomorrow uh I have school and I look like a damn zombie yes yes go get some sleep I’ll see you later W Chatters I know W have a good rest of your day night morning afternoon well night they sleeping but [Music] oh heart is real [Music] W okay I’m going to okay come with me I’m going to teach you an important lesson both of you we need to okay come this where are somebody has the pickaxe yeah I have okay I have good I are you here let me follow I want to see what you guys are doing are you guys yes you need to follow are you guys going caving no but I need food I need what’s the what’s the mission here so we need to find Stone and I need some ham Stone yes I need food please oh we have food in the the jar right yes I am going home though [ __ ] that I’m going to go fish I need like are there villagers in this you is there’s no villagers in this okay you want like stone stone no just come all right I’ll call you I just need to eat this fish so I can SP in [Music] see I also need to go to bed I look like a zombie too all right have a good one sleep good what’s up Golden smile I came back to say hi but uh I got to go to bed cuz school tomorrow it sounds good sounds good what’s up see oh hi Goldie com skilled what’s up challenge Masters how you doing dude [Music] what is this W come home for a sec this is the side what is laser skin that supposed to be sa okay oh my gosh oh my gosh bro is Sabie skin but a maid a duck maid bro what the hell what the heck dude so bro laser is a is your I saw on stre bro that’s crazy dude this is TerraFirmaCraft by the way oh my God bro is literally a maid duck [Music] made that’s that is that is amazing I would have never expected that oh my gosh Dolomite is this doite is this laser says he’s dying right now bro okay this is a good rock come here okay okay okay let me show you something oh my gosh technoblade gamer has laser Laser’s the real bedw war housewife now technoblade gamer put skulls in chat okay so we need pure rock to make a grinder to make bread cooked horse meat e only the only way you can get don’t mind if I do if you mine like everything around it and then mine the block under it so it will drop the pure block if it’s not buggy of course like this one are you taking a request M kind of funny this like have a have a nice day good night good night uh comrade have a good one dude I didn’t pick up anything am I ly you Pi I oh Creeper Creeper Creeper oh creeper in game creeper in game yeah oh the skeleton oh my god do they look do they look weird no but they look scary if you’re going to die scary yeah is it fortnite time I think it’s I think it’s fortnite time dude Oher we are [ __ ] we are no actually we can do this just throw the throw the jab one right that do enough damage easy oh my God nice good job guys like I ain’t taking this off bro bro when we play bedwars laser will be the will be the um the cheerleader the housewife yeah yeah the housewife the person who does the bad oh watch out V but you want to play now we’re going to do some fortnite action my half of my HP is G and I don’t have food uh do you want some my suit Ram do you want to play fortnite with us uh possibly but I gotta wow oh see laser it was nice playing Oh by laser by laser hold on guys I I’m going to put on fortnite that’s L okay we have we have stone [Music] here we’re making some progress here why is this buggy oh uh loose that that that side no we need like raw that okay oh we got fortnite dude the fact that it took us as long to get a pickaxe is crazy and we only still have one soul wait are you playing with Jess yes do you want to um oh okay okay yeah I mean I I can hop on in a minute but I’m G to try to finish this thing with Z really quick dude I mean you can go out just stay alone here you sure what are you trying to find I mean I’m not going to play fortnite no Matter What also I don’t have it downloaded so just play play a couple matches loud and see how how how it fa how it goes okay yeah okay I want to see how it looks on stream probably does not look as good as Minecraft not anym are you on are you on your computer nice wait just go to group chat for just okay we got the chry three oh pick up the cherries boy pick the Cherry I’m trying I’m trying no looks fine you it looks good it oh they heal yes they the more nutritious food you eat the more you heal oh I got you oh God oh God we have to go there here uh RAM yeah do you want to play uh H yeah sure I’ll hop on okay cool all right good luck go back to base so I don’t so I don’t saie does not play fortnite yeah I don’t and I also 3200 okay saie does not like it how old do you guys think I am optional to answer and good luck I think you are I got thewhere between the age of zero and 100 what if they are 101 R like Tech blade thinks 12 I think you’re 15 14 okay technoblade already died so stop using the name technoblade whatever their name is it’s getting night time oh oh I might be poopy here bro but they they don’t spawn on the surface so you sure oh the cave uh Jess is getting on Discord yeah you should just call the group chat okay yum hello helloo hello yo yo yo hell hello I’m almost I’m almost back home it’s like a long way so 300 3,000 I need like two more rocks so I can make a grinder so we can make bread oh NE oh 3200 bro we need to play some [ __ ] Formula One for I’ve been watching um IRL Formula 1 actually oh have you seen the Miami GP I I haven’t yet just like just like the just like any like I’m 14 but I’m 6 foot nice tall what was that okay 3,200 is this way R don’t look in chat please don’t look in chat yeah please don’t bro how do I not look in chat sure didn’t hello hello hello there we [Music] go hello hello all right welcome to your first night on the job this is this is the second night hello hello hello oh loud how tall are you I am 6’2 huh no you’re not I am in fact 6’2 no you’re not like 411 that’s fine I’m 411 guys I’m 411 d That’s so that is that is this is fact I mean at your age that’s that’s pretty short but okay you mean your age he ain’t 12 bro yeah oh I forgot to put uh the fortnite on the twitch hold on for n $ fortnite card $19 fortnite card card that’s it and yes I am giving them away where’s um trying to get back to the base but bro I just came from there we met I get lost easily oh my God you’re oh my God how did I load in faster than you did really yeah I don’t know you guys can play one game if you want cuz I gotta get back to this I’m in a marsh no way where did you go hello I don’t know dude it says uh it says um3 yeah it’s across this Marsh let’s drop uh restored reels okay all right you get see louds fortnite skills bro what season of fortnite is this no I’m not actually 411 I’m I’m 6’2 I’m 6’2 I am 6’2 shut up no you’re not yes I am is he 6’1 no I’m 6’2 I think he’s just six but barely toally how tall are you Sai I’m 5 down why make a pole make a poll about my height whoa wait there’s a farm here or something yeah that’s my farm don’t touch me oh okay okay I’m I’m back here then nice I’m feeling lonely me and I’m Ling in my bed we should do a poll is this entertaining content is fortnite entertaining content well the stream right now says we’re playing Minecraft so people might be confused when they hop in they’re like this is not modded Minecraft what is this fortnite mod maybe that’s a joke you’re playing modded Minecraft right now yeah yeah yeah modded Minecraft yeah one what the most popular mod all times oh he has enough items oh sorry pixelon stop hacking stop hacking stop stop hacking ignore that oh ignore that are you lagging me yeah no okay good you know a game called Clash Royale Mr L I do know Clash Royale who doesn’t who doesn’t know Clash Royale the most silliest game ever I I love it when the guy goes with ice goes stop hacking I’m playing my stop hacking sound everybody’s going crazy about it stop hacking stop hacking stop hacking yo this Minecraft mod is crazy I know dude this Minecraft mod is insane it literally resembles fortnite like perfectly it’s like a it’s like a fortnite uh Minecraft replica it’s in saying sorry oh I need that I need that dude 971 that’s pretty we’re at 971 you’re joking yeah I’m not holy yeah this is fortnite guys this definitely fortnite or definitely Minecraft actually sorry my bad it’s definitely Minecraft oh it’s still Minecraft still Minecraft yeah it’s it’s Minecraft don’t don’t deny everybody watching it’s it’s literally Minecraft wait hold on I got to change something OBS I got to change my viewer still Minecraft guys guys it’s still Minecraft there we go I know it’s fortnite I got 3K Plus hours in it voy we need to voy everybody watching this is literally for uh Minecraft sorry this is this is literally Minecraft literally oh we had the same idea there okay void’s true gamer 3K hours in fortnite and around the ropes I don’t think I have I don’t think I have more than like six hour 600 hours on a game we’re getting shot up oh either be SI or Desy wait which was the fortnite season game couldn’t even tell you so honestly because that that oh like the pirate season and I played the season before that I’m down oh dude how bro bruh Rampage where are you I I’m updating 10% though oh there was no way 6.42 gigs o o oof oof oof oof yeah guys this is literally fortnite I want to play fortnite so bad do you want to play you can play with us you want we could do trios or something no or uh quads my bad what oh there’s only two okay whatever you guys like the Minecraft stream yeah oh I can’t I don’t have a game PC okay stop hacking wow good night good night good night wow wow 24K on TF2 holy 24K what crap hours that’s lies 4,000 hours on so thank you for chatting that did somebody say 24,000 hours on TF2 I have 32,000 hours on CS go oh I I bought it when it came out but I I haven’t played for like five years now I sold all my skins i’ got like 30 71,000 on TF2 maybe you’re right maybe I think the highest of anybody on TF would probably be 20 don’t you think like that’s a long time I I thought I played a lot of games but then I kind of quit and went on to the game development side rather than playing the games yeah so maybe SE maybe 20K is actually not that much but it sounds like a lot I I don’t know I don’t know a lot of people who have more than 10K hours on game yeah pretty impressive it’s pretty impressive yeah I mean if you like play let’s say I don’t know like 8 hours a day every day it’s a lot I mean yeah but for the true Gamers I bet this is regular day just a regular day regular day regular day uhoh we got people inking inking in fortnite is crazy people are people are inking I mean mod they’re coming for ink ink which color dude is it red green yellow uh gray uh magenta magenta magenta Inc for new viewers this is uh Minecraft by the way this is modded Minecraft just want to let you know just wanted to convey that oh [ __ ] I thought that was you dude you know just just so you know the fact that you have any viewers from switching games is actually big big most people when they switch games they lose like 80% of their viewers but you’re only losing like 50% at most which means they like you as a person I know which is great oh I hear someone splashing me too oh my God he’s right out there oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh what just happened I don’t know that was just Instinct I’m right here did I just toss him away yeah I don’t know where he went oh are you still playing uh Chris Chris Forge so yeah I’m still on give me that I mean I have nothing here take this right bro is doing hard work I have to if I don’t Advance there no one true oh my gosh somebody’s up here are you on the roof somebody’s on the Roof oh don’t go on the roof I like to play with my usern letters and they’re random letters how do you remember your own username that’s pretty impressive 15 random letters sounds kind of hard to remember probably don’t even remember probably just use your email or something L but wow you don’t remember it I wouldn’t be able to either to be honest okay hurry I don’t want to die thank you the Xbox remembers exactly bro bro is making his own word on vocabulary thank you yeah I got more vo void wants to play with you loud so whenever you know okay want to do that or not whatever just know that because I’m reading chat right now you do quads only game where you can see Peter Griffin shooting killing yeah I know yep yeah this Minecraft mod is a little better than fortnite honestly yeah it is pretty good reminds me of fortnite a lot yeah reminds me of fortnite a little bit yeah I agree W mod W mod oh what’s up the [ __ ] I wonder my space on my computer is doing okay hold on nothing at all I got space I downloaded like a so you know contact player what’s that um loud it’s like a it’s like a VST sample library but you have to like download the sample separately okay I downloaded this like 4.5 gab oh wow sample pack of syn and they all are like terrible what yeah cuz I mean contact like some some of them are good some of them are bad that sucks dude I was like super excited I was like okay this a lot of gigabytes I’m going to get some cool stuff to mess around with like there’s only like a couple things that are good I’m like yeah eh gross so I I have to I almost have to uninstall at this point cuz I’m trying to like save space like balls that’s like kind of considerable amount of space Oh when I said 24K I meant 2.4 sorry for the mistake oh 2.4k in uh TF2 yeah that makes sense to me that makes sense to me 24K 24K karat gold or whatever 24 Karat magic and air Rampage can you can you stream your your monitor for one second then show me what that link shows you uh link you sent me yeah just show me what to try I’m oh it’s a 24,000 hours is insane I know I can’t actually buy it it’s yeah I want to see what it says because it says like it’s free for me yeah hold on this is what the link looks like when I open it hacking no they’re hacking why are they running so fast this package free they’re not oh they were just sitting there but it’s EA play right Crown is crazy yeah um I don’t don’t think I have EA play that’s like one of those um problem is I want to get I want to get um uh 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time is usually when I stream and I try to stream every single day it’s awesome this or new f one that’s why yeah bro next game you should do a challenge use only gray weapons it’s impossible why they keep releasing I cannot do that that is insane use only gray weapons I bet I bet you could win if you have like a shotgun or something oh shots bro like you need a subscription for EA play if you don’t have the game already what do you think of for uh uh he’s down I played I played for of four but I never know the game it’s it’s not RAC enough I don’t know it’s it’s it’s all right I I really like the car customization but like the oh no watch out run run run those games seem like I I grew up on playing for Speed Most F underground I do have but I I usually don’t share it but dude Grand traca 7 looks crazy oh I haven’t played mod yet I think it’s only on the PlayStation right yeah I don’t have I have an Xbox 3 60 but I don’t use that oh that close cheeseburger proba want to get like f one or something I got a friend who has a setup and does F1 at work I got a couple friends if you like think about getting F1 you should get the 22 so we can C but and if so where can I find it um yeah you can join our our game once uh I might I might just get for I don’t want to once we die I think too much or grand I think that’s PlayStation ex it yeah I mean I only like form formula 122 because it’s scope and I can play with friends right but like alone it’s kind of H be popular popular but I’m sure I’m sure we’ll get one soon considering how things are going with the channel the last Channel we get a Discord soon yeah people are asking Discord yeah like I’m sure you could probably uh we got obviously but you could do like Dino moderation I need your help with that have like actual mods sorry I think I just killed you be pretty whome I considering the chat it won be what the [ __ ] is going on from behind too that’s come behind the car come behind the car no it’s no dude you’re getting flanked bro you need to like get out of there from every angle bro oh [ __ ] yeah lad would probably have to add you as a friend voy you to play with him oh [ __ ] I get epics friend what’s up Levi you use only gray weapons next game bro you’re asking to die bro you know what’s crazy he switched from Minecraft to fortnite and the everyone in the chat just switched up like these are guys I do not know yeah bro yeah they’re ganging up on me uh healing please like what the hell yeah remember guys this is modded Minecraft yeah modded Minecraft by the way yeah BR still looking for the C I’m looking for the copper yeah bro how bro how to go to the multiv yeah oh we we died from some snipers up there one time that yeah that was a that was a painful game playing some moded Minecraft today what was that night I don’t know I think there’s people up there probably I got to grab your card oh oh same people oh [ __ ] that’s okay Rin everybody in the chat honestly flank who just unsubed I’m going to find you give you a nice fist bump whyp kill him with kindness let now how all right all right all right what the [ __ ] is this fire dude holy moly godamn American faite mental boom exactly hopefully yeah how are you not dead it’s crazy oh somebody shooting me from up there BR getting back shots hello all the time bro oh my gosh eh [ __ ] off bro dude uh hell divers 2 did a real campaign in real life did a community campaign real life they legitim did it was the review bombs was crazy yeah I think it’s still mixed on Steam probably yeah I feel bad for aad but yeah same they did a real life campaign against Sony yeah I mean the players did not them yeah the players shot how are you guys doing by the way you guys seem like you’re you’re in the game yeah in game we’re [ __ ] up you know what I mean s yeah they are in the game make me sound stupid oh my God you are holy moly holy moly holy moly ho moly ho moly ho moly modded Minecraft be like welcome to fortnite welcome to fortnite [Music] hly holy moly holy moly holy moly so you have a soundboard you should probably have that I do stop hacking what that do you have a holy moly button I should stop hacking and then there’s this WOW stop hacking and then there was huh stop hacking that one did you hear that one wa wait I’m I’m listening to them yeah so was that was that you was that like a short video of you yeah may I friend you in fortnite loud I think so for pitch we might just do a closed um game though honestly cuz I I don’t know how long we’re going to be playing for probably not very long long right here do one game with me it is 300 p.m. though yeah it is 3 p.m. and I have to leave in a little soon it is midnight it is midnight for Sabie if you want to play one more you can play I have it’s the same [ __ ] is it yeah she’s dead bro we need to play some hell divers but you get me before that’s fine oh they’re flying yeah L could do hell diver stream but he has to do it with us solo hell divers is just yeah but over is kind of L right now because they reverted their decision yeah well I saw but still F you can’t you can’t be super mad at the the Beast yeah I can the Beast is the Beast yeah I can well maybe if they didn’t RT their decision they I’m taking like the all right all right fa I’m not going to judge you on that thank you technoblade bro he dead already bro say technoblade gamer technoblade is dead already all right you doing one more game lad or is this it oh maybe one or two more yeah okay wello I accepted your invite from the Epic Launcher it’s going to open fortnite probably for me GG yeah it is we’re going to do a close game because I’m I’m going to leave kind of soon so I don’t want to also I heard swear oh my bad my bad for swearing bro sorry we apologize I apologize yeah we are bad Mouse we’re bad Sailors I live for dinner sorry no you’re good boy all right we’re in this all right modded Minecraft modded Minecraft GG’s oh it’s Tak a minute hold on moly there we go wait is Forest cutscene no okay Forest cutscene another Forest cut scene Skip Skip Skip Skip all right let’s go you and CRA are my favorite streamer CU you actually thank you I appreciate that you’re you’re awesome boy I appreciate that bro I think next stream actually GNA I love your cat in the corner of your bed I know he’s just licking himself so silly silly boy silly little munchkin Ben is very silly fun flavor car sup gang what’s up pink death oh you subbed thanks for the sub I appreciate you you are the best country he dressed up in American flag clothing I got you nice all right like J slap bro it’s about to um my load the game is about to take forever it’s okay bro it’s okay as he puts it bro rarded spelling oh no I’m in I’m in let’s go to fencing Dr I you did a 99 drop drop drop drop what what did J J I know he did what did he do I I know the meme I know the meme I just don’t know I don’t know what he did wasn’t he born in 99 or what if he was born in 99 that would be so funny is that the joke that’s probably the joke it’s yeah I know it’s a j slap meme but who actually knows what he did 99 that’s the question we we need the inside tips there’s what there’s two teams I’m in the main house all I’m going to try to get to you cuz you know give me a chest give me a chest oh what it going to be what you going to be what you going to be an amazing shotgun nice all right um oh I got the bad gun oh there’s a team in here is there you he the sppy steps I see I see one I see one oh he’s good he’s good at the G he’s dead yeah but I got I got him low wait someone’s already rebooting that’s crazy wait no maybe that’s that s oh guys we I have Splurge babe I can’t get in quick oh my God wait someone’s shooting at me we got a help her two people okay great okay hold on get in here get in here eliminated oh we dropped um bro oh what what are you doing Splurge yes I said Splurge bab bab B do you have another Med kit no okay I can find one though drop that oh I have a banana may I oh Lord that’s a good that’s nice I’ll take that wait golden golden Freddy not golden Freddy but something something golden oh sorry good sweetie all right we’re in circle we’re in circle oh I remember this okay what is going on oh yeah dude people people are so annoying with that I bet oh okay we got people incoming we do people are inking inking inking inking right here never mind false alarm okay what bro I need to watch your stream for contacts after oh it’s a chicken I get it I get it hello oh can I drive this no I can’t I’m gone for 2 minutes and he’s singing FNAF I don’t trust it since last game more minis oh sure I that ah don’t be on the floor use the Commodore dude what okay hold on yeah we missed the train it’s over what’s this oh nothing nice water bending uh yeah dude that is that stuff is literally extremely overpowered so op literally heals you in water yeah we got car inking inking inking watch out watch out watch out watch out watch out bro bro nice oh [ __ ] we’re actually getting shot at hold on water B time bro just got lasered there’s another one right there actually a caran king actually caran King behind you behind you behind you what we l you okay oh [ __ ] bomb I’ll heal you hold on just stay still oh [ __ ] [ __ ] dude whoever did that wait my Rec is bad it’s up to you now is it I guess not what’s the okay I got the reboot card sorry there’s a tornado near me love you man in case I won’t be able to say it one day okay I love you too I hope the T tornado doesn’t sleep sweep you up time to reboot you is that golden what the hell is that golden Freddy Wie bow Caster good for you why is there another team here get out you’re joking yeah they’re over here get out get out of here they’re coming oh [ __ ] yeah they are wa oh nice okay yo reboot oh that was fast you’re in you’re in you’re in there’s a bunch of loot by the way somewhere thank you I see where it is I’ll be back in a minute oh [ __ ] they can’t get me they’re all dead it’s kind of crazy how good you are with the water bending water bending is is op I don’t know why they added it it’s too good yo sniper where oh I see him get lasered get lasered Dead uh more shots at me not be allowed okay how come you’re all the way over here cuz I was getting [Music] loot where though right here where all the special yummy loot is there another person yeah they on the I see him sorry good bro wants my butthole sorry Ohad yep wow yeah we got uh this what I think it is I’m not oh my God that’s um that’s literally Star Wars yes how are you guys enjoying the Minecraft stream so far yeah how’s the Minecraft stream there’s a water bending here for anybody wants to snipe some pools C oh we got a squad over here got one down dead dead someone’s rebooting or no really no lame it’s a weird noise you sure you don’t want you sure you don’t want the water bending dude it’s like it’s like ice I mean bro I’m literally killing everybody oh my God I should probably grab it honestly you probably should it’s op as well sorry sorry for uh what what is this what does that one streamer say uh wait what’s his name again shoot I keep forgetting gamer sketch sketch oh sketch what’s up brother start for cursing oh never mind can we hire this person potentially no I can’t okay whoa whoa whoa oh my gosh scared me guess who can’t go to sleep hi chat and high loud Hi liart how are you try going I mean do we have any tips and tricks of how how to go to sleep um focus on relaxing and not sleeping focus on relaxing and not sleeping CU sleeping is just relaxing stop jumping no but you’re like your Consciousness just like Fades away into dreams I do not want to keep you up lightheart oh what are you up to very very bad very bad very very bad very bad all right we’re in the middle we’re in the middle of this so should we go back to like a building or something like you know what I mean into a building yeah uh more shots more shots nice nice is there another member of the team there just two people oh look at that what is that gun all around a drum gun oh oh dude does anybody want that it’s kind of op you probably should take it l yeah we should probably find a house to chill out or something like or like let’s get the higher ground maybe like over here o that is going to be op Higher Ground is always better 971 Subs o we 971 nice nice 30 more shooting Northwest is this going to be in the circle wait where oh I can you actually snipe all the way over there yeah but you know at this range it’s kind of hard um oh watch out he’s sniping back oh we got water sniper water sniper we water sniper water sniper on the roof uh which roof over here yes I think so we’re dead nice oh oh water sniper yeah damn it can’t see them oh yeah I see the water sniper 36 24 I’m flanking 24 again H dude I’m going to die I got him for 122 so do you have a kit anybody have I do I’ll throw it at you okay all three of them are over here I can’t be taking that much damage that’s not good on the roof on the roof water sniper on the roof behind us behind us I think wait no no yeah I don’t want to contest that actually it’s not worth it there’s another team over here bro just make sure they’re not trying to approach us here here we should be good but yeah the water bending is crazy watch out yeah 971 is crazy W gameplay thank you um got him for almost dead maybe really one of them one of them I’m just scaring them why is one of them like flanking hold on one of them is over here doing a wide flank all right I’ll counter that both of them are doing wide plank all three of them are doing a wide flank oh they’re shooting back cover cover cover we have we have a circle advantage just keep pressuring them also watch out for flanks don’t get to focus on one one group people we should be good for now yeah we should I know right 29 more yeah crazy I’m seeing things oh yeah shots yeah uh roof roof roof yeah good is the next Circle got one of their teammates down or they’re dead actually they’re dead yeah they they have to reboot got one for for 61 green health gone we got to go wait what why take this as water water water oh are you [ __ ] kidding me can someone revive me real quick yeah I have Med kit so I should be fine I can get you I’m in the circle wa get in the circle get in the circle thank you yeah thank you we need Higher Ground quick yeah we do let’s get up to this mountain here all right up to this tree oh there’s two more people left or one more person left actually one more person left okay not even joking oh yeah one’s on the roof here oh oh [ __ ] wait wait dude on me on me on me right here right here right here I don’t see right here on the Bush on the bush in the bush yeah on on the ground oh I see on my P watch that water gunning can you do a double Revive on me hold it hold the revive hold the revive cross me oh I hit him a little bit oh [ __ ] oh nice nice That’s How We Do It nice good job bro that was all you oh my god nice good Rive sick that’s how we play fortnite that is how we play fortnite water bending is op GG’s wow all right I think stream end honestly yeah dude that’s a good end for sure really good ending guys thank you so much for watching thank you elart thank you Maas thank you everybody um thank you for watching that last bit of Minecraft um I hope you sleep good heart all right I’ll see you guys probably tomorrow and uh Rampage forite thank you for playing bro course you all right bye-bye bye

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Playing some MODDED MINECRAFT today! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as we figure out what the hell we’re doing! #minecraft #moddedminecraft #chatting


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    HexPeace Notch vs Herobrine: Epic Minecraft BattleVideo Information This video, titled ‘Notch vs Herobrine – Minecraft Fight Animation #animation #minecraft #herobrine #shorts’, was uploaded by HexPeace on 2024-02-16 18:13:05. It has garnered 229 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:48 or 48 seconds. minecraft,minecraft but,minecraft shorts,minecraft mod,shorts minecraft,minecraft speedrun,minecraft challenge,minecraft facts,minecraft seed,camman18 minecraft,minecraft but challenge,minecraft update,minecraft 1.20,minecraft how to,minecraft but i cant touch grass,minecraft rarest,minecraft but you cant touch the color,minecraft manhunt,minecraft tips,minecraft animation,minecraft funny,minecraft fun facts,minecraft survival minecraft shorts,minecraft,shorts minecraft,shorts,minecraft but,minecraft animation,minecraft memes,minecraft tiktok,minecraft mod,minecraft challenge,minecraft speedrun,minecraft funny,funny minecraft shorts,minecraft short,minecraft meme shorts,minecraft facts,minecraft meme,youtube shorts,camman18 shorts,minecraft speedrunner,minecraft manhunt,minecraft seed,camman18 minecraft,minecraft… Read More

  • Discover Hidden Minecraft 2b2t Dupes – Epic Stash Raid!

    Discover Hidden Minecraft 2b2t Dupes - Epic Stash Raid!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft 2b2t Update 1.20. Stash Hunting. Found Raided Dupe Stash’, was uploaded by Dunners Duke on 2024-04-18 10:02:14. It has garnered 231 views and 5 likes. The duration of the video is 01:29:35 or 5375 seconds. 2b2t (2builders2tools) Welcome to 2b2t, the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. Established in December 2010, 2b2t has become a legendary realm where chaos reigns supreme. With no rules, and no boundaries, Hack cheat steal, players are free to explore, build, and survive in a world where the only limit is their imagination. Prepare yourself for a journey like no… Read More

  • ULTIMATE Minecraft Guardian Fights!

    ULTIMATE Minecraft Guardian Fights!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft – Guardian Battles!’, was uploaded by KINGERiv on 2024-03-15 01:24:38. It has garnered 215 views and 16 likes. The duration of the video is 04:38:29 or 16709 seconds. Come join me in my 5500+ Day Survival World Farmtopia. Bedrock version on PC. World Tour is on my page in a previous Live Stream. Split Stream with Tiktok! Support the stream: Read More

  • Unbelievable QT20 Server Discovery! Nether Update & Rare Blazerods Hunt

    Unbelievable QT20 Server Discovery! Nether Update & Rare Blazerods HuntVideo Information This video, titled ‘New Minecraft Server with QT20 Village and Nether Progress. Still on the hunt for Blazerods’, was uploaded by QT20 on 2024-04-07 22:50:35. It has garnered 1 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 01:12:14 or 4334 seconds. Minecraft — Watch live at Read More


    UNBELIEVABLE! ONE BLOCK END PORTAL REVEALED! ๐Ÿ’ฅVideo Information This video, titled ‘MENGUNGKAP MISTERI END PORTAL DI ONE BLOCK – MINECRAFT JAVA EDITION – LIVE’, was uploaded by JeeeInHere on 2024-07-11 19:32:30. It has garnered 265 views and 23 likes. The duration of the video is 01:59:56 or 7196 seconds. TODAY WE WILL FIND THE MYSTERY OF END PORTAL IN ONE BLOCK DOES END PORTAL EXIST??? DONATIONS TO FEED THE WOLVES STARTING FROM 1K ๐Ÿ™‚ : tiktok : discord #Minecraft #MinecraftOneBlock #Minecrfatjava #MCPE #Windahbasudara #shaders #RTX #MinecraftSurvival #windahbasudara #Minecraft #MCPE #Minecraft1.20 ElestialHD ElestialHD Minecraft #akuzeru #mediashareon #live #minecraf tag: LIVE MINECRAFT LIVE MINECRAFT SURVIVAL WINDAH… Read More

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    ULTIMATE INTELLECT HACK in Minecraft!! ๐Ÿ”ฅ +5 IntellectVideo Information This video, titled ‘+5 Intellect is +5 Intellect #minecraft #twitch #streamer #mcyt #twitchclips #shorts #gaming’, was uploaded by Pyroscythe on 2024-01-05 05:45:27. It has garnered 2674 views and 78 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:48 or 48 seconds. Heres some twitch clips of mine where I had some funny moments with my chat. Share it around if you liked it! Read More

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    Insane Mini Mansion Build in Minecraft!! #shorts #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Fantasy House in Minecraft #minecraft #shorts #minecraft_builds’, was uploaded by Aki Shirai on 2024-05-05 16:00:39. It has garnered 2225 views and 50 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:42 or 42 seconds. Dive into the enchanting world of Minecraft with my latest creation โ€“ a cozy fantasy house that’s sure to steal your heart! In this captivating video, I’ll guide you through the construction of this charming abode, complete with two towers, a quaint balcony, and a striking red roof that adds a pop of color to the landscape. Join me as we explore… Read More

  • EPIC Spider-Man Build Battle – PRO vs NOOB – Maizen Parody

    EPIC Spider-Man Build Battle - PRO vs NOOB - Maizen ParodyVideo Information This video, titled ‘SPIDER-MAN BUILD BATTLE In Minecraft – NOOB VS PRO CHALLENGE – Maizen Mizen Mazien Parody’, was uploaded by Maizen Builders on 2024-03-05 09:00:14. It has garnered 16911 views and 148 likes. The duration of the video is 00:29:01 or 1741 seconds. In this exciting video, watch as JJ and Mikey team up to bring everyone’s favorite web-slinging superhero to life in Minecraft. Follow along as they meticulously construct every detail of Spider-Man’s iconic costume, from his red and blue spandex suit to his trusty web shooters. With creative building techniques and a whole lot of… Read More

  • FTB NeoTech Modded – Brand New Server

    Welcome to our Modded Minecraft Server! We have a friendly community, no banned items, no tp cooldowns, and ranks available! What to expect in this modpack: Advanced Technology: Utilize cutting-edge tech mods for powerful tools and machinery. Automation: Automate resource processing and base operations for maximum efficiency. Innovative Building: Create complex structures and systems with a variety of advanced building options. Resource Management: Efficiently manage resources with enhanced storage and processing solutions. Diverse Mod Integration: Enjoy a seamless blend of technology-focused mods for a rich gameplay experience. Join our Discord: Connect to our server at: Download the modpack… Read More

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    Minecraft Memes - Spooky Woods Scare in MinecraftLooks like this Minecraft player went from mining for diamonds to mining for a change of pants! Read More

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    Fortify Your Craft: Minecraft House Defense! In the world of Minecraft, where creativity thrives, We’re building a house that truly survives. With walls of obsidian, strong and tall, And traps that will make any enemy fall. From crafting armor to protect our skin, To setting up defenses that will make them grin. We’re ready for any threat that may come our way, In this game of survival, we’re here to play. So join us on this journey, full of fun and delight, As we build the ultimate house, shining bright. Subscribe for Part 2, coming your way, And enjoy the adventure, every step of the… Read More

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    Mine Rhyme Time! ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ˜‚ #meme #minecraft Why did the creeper break up with his girlfriend? Because she couldn’t handle his explosive personality! #minecraftmemes #fun2rhyme Read More

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    Building the World Trade Center in Minecraft The Minecraft World Trade Center Mod Introduction In the vast world of Minecraft, where creativity knows no bounds, a new mod has emerged that brings a touch of reality to the virtual realm. The World Trade Center Mod, created for Minecraft 1.21 on Minecraft Forge and Minecraft Fabric, allows players to experience a unique addition to their gameplay. Features of the Mod The World Trade Center Mod introduces a detailed replica of the iconic Twin Towers to the Minecraft universe. Players can explore the intricately designed buildings, complete with floors, windows, and other architectural elements. The mod aims to… Read More

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    Craft 3D Minecraft Model on Mobile Creating 3D Minecraft Models on Mobile: A Tutorial Are you a Minecraft enthusiast looking to take your creativity to the next level? With the help of mobile apps like Prisma 3D, Skinseed, Animate it, and RIG, you can now easily create stunning 3D models right from your smartphone or tablet. Let’s dive into the world of Minecraft modeling and animation! Prisma 3D: Crafting Your Creations Prisma 3D is a powerful tool that allows you to design intricate 3D models with ease. Simply download the app from the Google Play Store and unleash your imagination. From building detailed structures to… Read More

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  • HollowRift SMP

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    Poly-Craft Minecraft Server Welcome to Poly-Craft, a semi-vanilla survival server for mature players. Join our tight-knit community and enjoy features like Waystone, Double Shulker Shells, and more! Features: Waystone Double Shulker Shells Invis. Item Frames Katters and Qraftys structure packs Master Stonecutter recipes More Food data pack Chest/Shulker previews /trigger gotospawn Treefeller Graves Apply to join: Application Form Server IP: Join our Discord: Discord Chat Read More

  • Survival 141

    Survival 141This is a basic survival server with gameplay as close to a vanilla experience as possible.Basic server rulesNo GriefingNo SpammingNo AdvertisingNo Cursing/No Constant CursingNo Asking for OP, Ranks, or ItemsRespect all PlayersObey Staff There the LawNo Racist or Sexist Remarks.No Mods/HacksNo Full Caps MessagesNo Builds Near Spawn Read More

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