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I’m gonna give you guys a nice little minute to catch your breath here and alright so this is a real big UHC going on haven’t played one of these in a while in the last few times I played we had people donating for charity giving

Us items as we were going which makes it a little bit easier this is like standard so got a mind for all that gold get golden apples I don’t think I’m gonna deal with trying to kill a blaze to get a blaze rod and be able to make

Potions or anything and also potions are super nerfed apparently cuz there’s some custom stuff going on so yeah man I don’t think I’m gonna do very well here but I did practice my diamond pickaxe free nether portal creation so I might try to movie trap another portal and

Kind of make that like my first thing that I go for we’ll see how it goes I there is a grace period I don’t know how long it is also this is gonna be broken up into episodes even though it’s here on CaptainSparklez 2 and it’s not gonna

Be live streamed there it isn’t being live streamed right now it okay come on waiting for the world to appear in front huh I’m in I’m in the sky right now Oh draw oh okay I didn’t realize that’s how it starts on this I hasn’t happened before

Okay so I’m gonna snag some trees trying to get maybe some cows for food things like that please don’t drop pigs actually probably good deal let’s let’s get some trees get some pigs get some food and then we head underground and we we see we can do did just messed up

Punching that wood right there anyway so every episode is like 20 minutes maybe something like that and this is pre-recorded but it is the 10th anniversary of Minecraft on the airing date of this episode so happy happy days something we’ll see if it’s happy I might just die in the first episode the

Lava or a skeleton something really embarrassing and everything’s gonna suck so that’s very possible someone has already disconnected that’s unfortunate for them why why why is there there’s just a creeper right there just just chillin just hanging out just you know right off the bat just right there cool that kind

Of like snuck up on me wouldn’t have expected that to be a case um if we can find apples also be really really good let’s get it what what are you doing game um let’s get a crafting table going what oh my god zine just got blown up the creeper [Laughter]

Z nude ri peas the first to go bro this thing started to 45 minutes late and [Applause] he’s done with it like two minutes I’m so sorry zine I’m so sorry my dude alright well go with that actually yeah let me uh snag myself a bit of um I’ll

Even make myself uh a shovel just so I can get through this dirt real quick kind of nervous I don’t really want to encounter people and they also didn’t say exactly how long the grace period is but anyhoo everything drops out what do you mean everything drops apples wait

What there’s like some kind of special thing well I give you kill a mob it drops an apple I actually had no idea that that was a thing so okay we got a creeper incoming god dang it why are you here why are you here what are you doing

What are you actually doing you son of a can just do this okay i we’re in 1.8 because there’s no none of the pvp stuff going on actually so i can just spam this do it oh god I’m totally gonna screw that up I’m totally gonna mess that up when it

Comes to um fighting someone I’m gonna forget that there’s no pvp cooldown and they’re gonna be all about it and so it’s just basically spam spam your sword right it’s just back to the usual stuff alright cool I just want to get a little bit of food it can’t help to regen me

But at least it’ll prevent me from losing health so yes dude I’m so sorry I’m so sorry about that I wouldn’t normally do that but you know I just need all the food I can get okay so that creeper over there is gonna be obnoxious and prevent me from getting

What is barrier due oh there’s a barrier right just blocks all right so do I want a sprint and stuff Oh creepers done no more creepers aw man that’s good dude I can totally see how that could have happened is it it’s like who who would have been thinking if there’s just gonna

Be a creeper right there anyway all right let me stock up dude we’re getting coal that’s good for the sake of torches I also did I turn I was supposed to have a resource pack that helps with brightness down below other people definitely up their gamma and stuff but

I guess not someone was like aw be easier if you just download this resource pack that’ll make everything work just fine it’ll be like the gamma and I okay does it show oh it does show people’s hearts some people have lost hearts already okay so let me just snag

A sword real quick I’m gonna go mine just a little bit more wood and so what I guess like mobs get Apple drops or something like that is that what’s going on so I’m trying to see yeah that doesn’t drop an apple it must be like hostile mobs drop an apple or something

I’m assuming anyway all right let me just snag a little bit more wood and then we’ll are gonna bury our heads for a little bit all right sounds good to me and then once am under ground then I can start focusing on like smelting some food things like that question is I

Don’t know if anyone’s gonna have the strat of rushing nether portal and booby trapping it so I don’t know how risky that’s gonna be I’ll so you know what I should probably focus on just a little bit more food as well let me let me snag that real quick I

Just don’t like I don’t know how much wood I should go down there with I don’t want to have to go back surface all the time um get gold obviously that’s kind of like ideal I don’t they didn’t say anything about strip mining but in past

Youh sees that I’ve been in it’s kind of been like you’re not allowed to strip mine you can mind until you find a cave and like if you hear something and want to get to another cave like that’s fine to do but you’re not allowed to just be like okay

I’m gonna strip mine now so I don’t know if that’s I should actually ask in Jeb because it may I mean their rules might be different might be okay cool it’s not allowed okay so we are right we I’m so sorry bunny rabbit like do them so well now you’re just frickin

Ring-around-the-rosy you you know how to escape oh my god dude it’s some serious defense mechanisms I didn’t even get anything from you okay you can poke hole for blocks all right cool I’m about that let me just get a few more i someone else might have already gone and made

The nether portal all I need for nether portal is one bucket and I will need to have some water for it so I don’t know if it’s worth like just coming back surface and getting it that way we’ll see okay so you’re you’re it’s lame that

You tend to oh that’s a baby I’m not gonna bother with it dude I’ll spare that thing it will be better off that way increase my good karma that is not a cave it’d be cool if there was a cave nearby okay let me see a bunch of

Rabbits little babies – sorry I’m separating family here I’m a horrible person but you know you got to do what you gotta do sometimes okay I think this should be fine this is all just so that I don’t have to worry about my hunger going down to the point where I run into

Problems otherwise it’s not gonna give me any regen so okey umm decent amount of wood 22 yeah I think I think we’re pretty good for servicing I mean I suppose it might even be good to just spend daylight up here because then once mob starts spawning up here that’s like

A good time to head back down so I can kind of take advantage of daylight do that sort of stuff I know it’ll be good plus lots of sheep laughs at all get much use out of any wool their beds or things like that but everyone Razer was saying in advance

He’s the one that organized this thing he’s like everyone should at least get one episode sorry zine my biggest hazard is gonna be the [ __ ] I’m gonna have to pee at some point so see temple in a Plains biome gang okay well that’s fancy oh my god a bunch

Of house just spawn I gotta go for those and then I’m gonna be able to make plenty of torches not have to worry about wood everything should be oh this is good this is real real good real good for the food’s honor of anyone’s like had issues and then come look this is

Epic like an above-ground sea temple that’d be kind of wild actually wait cuz that that has monstrous amounts of gold in it gold blocks he’ll be able to make a god Apple bread that’s that’s actually super Opie and unfair he’s gonna win he’s gonna be able to make a god Apple

For no effort because I don’t think Guardians spawn above ground it’s hard to explain check out my episode on YouTube dude shameless plug dude to come come watch my video it’s it’s instead I got above-ground odd underground underwater temples that aren’t actually underwater so it’s pretty cool I just

Realized it could have a mob spawn in here alright it’s time to head underground let’s do this up right here and also I’m gonna seal this so nobody like walks in and wrecks my world behind me okay we all do these like that okay cool this is good now this will be kind

Of like the home base zone you know and now we make a little furnace up in here we got that cold going dude alright let’s get this rolling and boom and boom and I guess we’ll get a little bit of food smelting we might I don’t know what it ha ha that huh

Oh so uh that’s that’s it that’s a thing here apparently that it does in fact a thing that is a thing that what do you know that’s that’s um pretty it’s pretty cool sweet dude sweet okay so let’s let’s uh Wow let’s let’s go down from

There just get out of there no pvp till after episode 1 just moves in after episode 1 well let’s get some torches up in here I suppose it’s not like we’re really running a shortage on would you just do this although I had some torches I should have installed thee should have

Just gone into options txt and done the gamma thing but why would I be smart and do that you know not really strict planning on starting life on a farm doing any of that arrows are good so let’s chill with that do I care about wool probably forgetting

Something useful about it so I’ll keep it and down we go boys down we go okay fingers crossed that we don’t end up having bad things happen I’d love to find some higher in though be really cool be all about finding that iron and I’m also not gonna worry about making

This a there we go I’m uh I’m pretty stoked on the whole thing where I can just smell – everything instantaneously I’m about that that’s cool so iron armor obviously you should be kind of a starting goal let’s see that can get us a sword so let’s do that in the vent

Oh wait the check the furnace dude goes I don’t even have to put coal in it so that’s just superb I love it I love it iron sword get you up in chow iron pickaxe EIT iron sword iron pickaxe will kind of will kind of get that rockin and rollin

Might as well and keep it going from there that other people like have that iron armor kind of already ready to go I just hope that I get lucky with my finds here and they did say like no strip mining below 32 so I could strip mine

Here if I wanted to try to get more iron but you know let’s just keep on going down maybe I’ll get lucky find a find a pretty sick cave something like that you never know so let’s just see what we get down here just I’m nervous I’m a little

Nervous I also don’t know why so many people are disconnecting repeatedly Elise Parker came back there would have been no 100 yeah there’s not even offhand here this is pre combat update so sword blocking exists I don’t know if anyone gets that reference but I forgot

About that not being a thing for like years so don’t worry I always remember what minecraft updates there are and what happens in them he got plenty more coal if needed you make an enchantment table yeah the only thing is like do we want to focus on getting bookshelves

That hold that whole deal I’m not sure a some more coal cool I love coal is it Christmas time already I think it is well you know what at least I know I’m not gonna be the first one to die so if there’s any consolation and whatever happens next

Xeno went out earlier than me and everything it’s okay for that reason sorry bud I don’t know if he’s played at UHC before so it’s okay it’s excusable um actually you know what what we can do is we can call this it’s now it’s now become getting episode 1 all right

So zine has raised the bar it’s we can all forget about episode 3 that doesn’t exist anymore it’s now called getting episode 1 okay so you just light up you let now I guess I do need oh I have to like just hold coal in my inventory this is the sickest though boom

Iron boom we just crushed it out here we get some of that so that’s that’s the new meme it’s called yet in episode 1 good times alright let’s say if for safety here dude even though I’d love to have some spares just so that I can let’s see who

We got we are four point five hell I mean the majority of people still okay whose shovels at 3 Yanks quick smelt is number one appreciate it hey that’s what we want up in here boys that is what we want yo okay but I actually need an apple so it’s gold on

Its own it’s cool and all but really I I’m not gonna bother smelting it until later because I need an apple so what’s our elevation fourteen ki-suh we’re at the four twelve which means I’m not actually allowed to just keep going cuz dang it’s what do we do I don’t hear

Anything either turn my volume get that get that serious sound here things a little bit better like I’m sorry if now it’s too loud but it’s okay you’ll be you know with me we’ll just both be like listening for things 23 I guess go I don’t want to

Destroy the torches just in case and I can seal up the passageway but I don’t know what every one of my own now 36 I guess I’m allowed to strip-mine here hey what do you know that’ll work I just want to try to find a cave is all

I could go surface and see if I could find a cave that way but I swear I never have any luck when it comes to that for I make boots or wait for spare pickaxe maybe you just straight line like this I can run into iron and stuff so it might

Not be the worst thing and then hopefully I run into a cave at some point that I can take down I might also be taking it too seriously maybes like you’re allowed to keep mining until you yeah you can’t mind a sound that might have been like the caveat is late if you

Hear something you can go to it but you’re actually not allowed to just keep going just to try to find a cave mmm I’ll play it safe and I want people being like he treated he stripped behind the ground and he wouldn’t know what if

He didn’t not that I have any chance of actually winning here everyone this is season 20 apparently of UHC so like a bunch of the people here even though they opened it up a lot more so there’s tons of people participating cuz you know that 10-year minecraft anniversary

Kind of deal going on I think a lot of the people 20 seasons probably a little bit expert at this probably have got that nether portal set up that’s my worry is that someone’s already got the portal going so anyway let’s light her up just do this gold boom level 10 if I

Could make an enchantment table would be pretty cool but it’s a smelt not work what are you talking about not working okay where we at whoops 29 sorry let me just raise myself up by a couple guess I could just cobble pickaxe this but come on dude I’m gonna

Be going forever and I’m never gonna find a frickin cave ah it’s frustrating I don’t think it’s ever taken me this long didn’t just find a cave before so no ideal got a couple more minutes left in the fur and a half left in the first episode ladies and gentlemen 31 ups I’m

Cheatin just gave me the world’s biggest advantage right there with what I’ve done I’m so sorry I’m so sorry seriously though what the heck bro why can’t they find the cave need a mini-map up in here so I can find a cave and other people

You know the cool thing is that you can see a name and be like oh are they gonna be a easy target so if I like see shovels name I can be like all right I’ll just hopefully sneak up on that and it’ll be r.i.p no or you’d be like oh

You’ve ten hearts so probably just don’t engage so yeah why is this so difficult oh I am a not running into anything except crappy and de site granite and stuff that I that need not exist ever welcome to the 32 block high strip mining podcast everyone I hope you’re

Enjoying or finding tons of caves tons of blocks everything is great I’m gonna actually ask just for clarification so if we get down to y12 and have it into any caves do we have to go back up and again Episode one has ended okay so I’ll see you in the next episode

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Welcome to Cube UHC Season 20!
In UHC mode, health does not automatically regenerate – players must use a golden apple, golden head or instant health potion.
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