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hi everyone I just came out of Kane’s house now I want to find some of my friends to invite them for a walk together I really hope I can find someone here near the circus maybe I’ll even go inside and look for someone near Kane’s magic flas wait what is that it seems like I see a very strange white ghost right in front of me apparently it’s heading towards McDonald’s and I have no idea what to do although no it seems I was wrong and the ghost is flying towards ratha and Jax’s houses I really hope they aren’t there right now otherwise the ghost might cause them some inconvenience I need to make sure as soon as possible that no one is in the houses or at least warn my friends if they are actually there it would be great if I can get there before the ghost but it’s unlikely since it’s already somewhere near the houses I’ve never seen anything like this in our amazing digital circus but right now hey Jax have you seen anything unusual here just now hi pomy honestly I have no idea what you’re talking about since I was just watching TV the thing is right now there’s a real ghost flying around our amazing digital circus I want to admit that I’m incredibly afraid of ghosts I really hope I never see one with my own I think we definitely need to check this tunnel between your house and ratha’s house wait what tunnel has ratha been coming here and spying on me all this time actually that’s not important right now so hurry up and follow me because we still need to search every corner here at least it seems like no one’s here and I’m incredibly glad about that we definitely need to tell all our friends about this ghost that’s actually a very good idea and now let’s finally go up a bit higher and try to look for the ghost in these rooms too I’m incredibly afraid of meeting it but we still have to try to find it oh no don’t go up to the top top floor under any circumstances hey Jax stop immediately and describe the ghost you saw I just saw the ghost you were talking about there so I’m getting out of here right now are you completely out of your mind I absolutely can’t explain this to you in simple words well guys it looks like I’m completely alone here I didn’t even suspect that Jax was so cowardly that he would be scared of some harmless ghost it seems like I’ve stopped being afraid of this ghost as far as I understand I have no other choice but to continue searching alone oh it seems that only now I started to understand what scared him so much while I was working out on these exercise machines a very strange ghost flew into my house and threw some potion at me after that I started to look like a real monster do you have any idea how I can help you it seems that I have absolutely no ideas except to go outside right now and look for Kane or CMO do you happen to know where this very scary ghost is right now the last time I saw it was when it threw the potion at me and broke my window on the second floor this version seems quite logical because the window is actually broken let’s finally get outside because I’m tired of being in the house by the way I think it would be much more sensible to go to Kane’s house and ask him for help right now that’s a very good idea because I think he is unlikely to refuse to help us because he’s our best friend Jax was very scared of you and ran to his house actually I’m a bit upset because although I started to look significantly worse after the strange potion he was so scared of me as if he had seen an abstraction most likely he just mistook you for the ghost let’s hurry up and go to Kane’s house and go down to his lab wait what is that right next to Kane’s house did he really try to move his lab into the open air as far as I remember it was Jack who wanted to build his lab here and even stole the alchemy table from kao’s Lab that looks quite ambitious I hope that soon he can at least build a roof here so that everything doesn’t get flooded by the next rain I also hope so because I’m already tired of going down to Kane’s house every time nevertheless for now we have absolutely no other choice so let’s go down there as soon as possible let me try to find something while you go out into the hallway and make sure no one sees us doing this I guess I’ll head to the secret room and check if Kane is there right now apparently my fears were completely unfounded so I’ll go back because ragi should have found the right potion by now thank you so much for making sure no one came in here I found the right potion so I’m going to use it as soon as possible do it right now and then we’ll come up with a way to get rid of that very strange ghost together can’t you see that I already look like before nevertheless I want to thank you once again for helping me now let’s immediately go and look for C because we definitely need to tell him about the appearance of this ghost you know actually I think I’ll go back home because I didn’t finish my workout since the ghost interrupted me well all right I’ll go to the circus alone today is a very strange day because everyone keeps leaving me all alone at least I’m very glad I have you my dear digital viewers by the way I really hope Kane is at his circus right now because otherwise I have no idea where to look for him I hope he can find some way to explain to me where this strange White Ghost came from in our amazing digital circus wow there’s a burger right in the middle of the road and I can guess that the ghost left it here let’s quickly go into the circus and tell Kane everything that happened today hey Kane what are you doing here right right now hi pomy quickly tell me what’s happened to you right now a strange ghost is flying around our amazing digital circus and you happen to know where the ghost is right now I have no idea but I can tell you that the ghost is very aggressive because it threw some strange potion at ragi don’t worry about it because right now we’ll grab some gear and go search for that cheeky ghost by the way it’s quite possible that this is all just a prank by koffa I’ve already grabbed my favorite staff so we can go find this strange ghost to teach it a lesson for what it did in that case let’s run somewhere quickly tell me where you last saw this ghost I last saw the ghost when it was quickly flying to ratha’s house when I got there to find out what happened the ghost had already disappeared do you know how ratha is feeling after the encounter with the ghost don’t worry about that because she’s fine now since I helped her become beautiful again that’s really great now let’s continue our search I really hope we can find the ghost somewhere near our friend’s houses otherwise it will keep flying around our amazing digital circus just look at this window in ratha’s house that the ghost almost broke right in front of my eyes but it seems I heard some strange sounds from Jax’s house so let’s quickly go up to the top floor and see what’s going on there right now hey pomy please stay downstairs on the staircase because right now I’m going to try to deal with this nasty ghost let me through and let me see how you fight the ghost I can’t let you get too close otherwise I might accidentally hit you with my staff it seems I’ve already dealt with it show me where the ghost is right now there’s nothing surprising here because the ghost was in this shower stall it’s really great I’m incredibly grateful to you for being able to deal with this ghost and defeat it by the way if you have any other problems be sure to call me for help I hope we won’t have any more problems today right now I’m going to Jax’s house to invite that coward to walk with me guys something very strange happened today in our amazing digital circus I heard some weird noises right from this cave that’s why I want to go there now and check what’s going on I need to do this as carefully as possible because otherwise I might get noticed it seems I absolutely don’t understand what Kane and JX are doing there together I told you that she would definitely notice us even in such a hidden Place hey guys calm down immediately and explain to me what’s going on here actually you were never supposed to know about this cave this is our secret meeting place with Jax why are there so many different potions on the walls actually you shouldn’t be worried about that at all this is our cave with Kane not yours all right guys if you really want that then I’ll leave guys right now I’m going to climb to the top of cfo’s Lighthouse and try to find him there to tell him everything that happened here I hope he helps me understand this situation because I absolutely don’t understand what the guys were doing in this cave right now I’m climbing to the top and we’ll try to find him in his personal lab he seemed to tell me something about Brewing some new potions today I hope he didn’t lie to me and maybe he’ll even let me test some new potion at least I hope he’s at home hey hi kofo I urgently need to tell you something hi pomy tell me quickly what happened to you you might not believe it but I met Kan and Jax in the cave near your Lighthouse please tell me more specifically which cave you met them in I immediately noticed a huge number of potions scattered all over the place you just described my secret cave I need to go there immediately and find out what our friends are up to hey gummy crocodile get down from the lighthouse house roof immediately well it looks like the gummy crocodile doesn’t want to come down then I need to get to the cave as soon as possible and try to save my friends otherwise CMO will definitely punish them maybe I made a big mistake when I told CMO about what’s happening in this cave but I had no idea it was his cave and certainly didn’t think he would get so angry at my friends for spending time there wait I think I hear some strange explosions coming from the cave where all my friends should be I need to show you Kane’s new room quickly and run to the cave by the way guys don’t forget to subscribe be to our Channel and like our videos now I’m finally going to run into the cave and check what happened I hope nothing bad happened to my friends and they are all okay I don’t think kmo did anything really terrible to them oh no guys look at this my friends are lying unconscious right in the middle of this cave they can’t hear me at all so I’ll probably take one of the potions hanging here and try to help them with it I’m not 100% sure this will work but it looks like I have no other choice let’s try using this on Cane first oh no guys looks like this was a disappearing potion and Cane vanished right before my eyes hey pomy explain to me immediately what happened here and why I lost Consciousness he told me he wanted to teach you a lesson for spending time in this cave so what are we going to do now do you have any ideas on how you can help me there are still a lot of different potions here so I’ll try to use one of them right now oh no guys not this it was really a stupid idea after what happened to Kane when I threw a potion from this cave at him right now I definitely need to find where my friends could have teleported to I think I’ll go to the CC cus first and try to look for them somewhere on the second floor if I can’t find them there I think I’ll go to hey what’s this well pomy I hope you enjoyed the prank on our friends as much as I did explain to me immediately why they disappeared when I tried to help them I replaced all the potions in the cave with teleportation Potions you’re very lucky because I’ll tell you where your friends are now maybe you could at least tell me in advance where they are now okay I’ll tell you that they’re currently in the secret room in Kane’s house wait are you sure they’re okay after the teleportation I’m 100% sure that all the potions I left in the cave are completely harmless I just wanted to teach them a little lesson hey look at that it seems ragi is coming towards us right now I scared ragi a lot yesterday so I’d better not be seen by her hey ratha what are you doing here hi pomy do you happen to know where all our friends suddenly disappeared to since this morning I haven’t been able to find anyone except you I’ll be able to help them very soon I think it’s safer for you to go home for now I actually came outside to take a walk with someone we will definitely walk with you a little later but make sure to come get me when everything is sorted out all right guys I hope right now I can find Kane and Jax without any major problems I really hope kmo didn’t lie to me and my friends are actually here I can’t even imagine where else I could find them let’s check the lab first and see if they’re there it looks like I’ll have to check the other rooms too they might be in the secret room behind this hatch but I don’t have a shrinking potion to check this Theory so let’s go into the last remaining room together and check if my friends are here hey look at that they’re really here it looks like they’ve lost Consciousness again and now I need to to find some way to help them as soon as possible I think I can find a restoration potion without much trouble in the continuation of the secret room there’s always some kind of chest here and I need to check what’s inside let’s look in there quickly and find out what awaits me inside it looks like I was absolutely right and now I can help my friends with the restoration potion let’s hurry back to the cage and use this potion on them I really hope this works and my friends recover after such a tough day wow it actually worked explain to me immediately where we are please get us out of here as soon as possible I’m starting to feel clust phobic I’ll just open this door and now you can get out of the cage without any problems please tell us what happened because the last thing I remember is talking to you in some cave guys the thing is you entered cmo’s secret cave without asking for his permission I think I’ll definitely deal with him for deciding to suddenly dictate his rules let’s all calm down and just go for a walk together no way because I’m going to get back at him right now for what he did Kane please stop because I think there’s no need for this I’ve already grab my staff so there’s no way you’ll stop me hey Jax explain to me immediately what you’re holding in your hands gummy Croc Iles gave me this bottle in return for my help if you want I have a couple more bottles thank you for the offer but I’ll pass what did you do to help the gummy crocodiles that they decided to reward you for it I just told them where kfmo keeps his most secret potions so they could pull off a little Heist wow that’s really interesting I didn’t think gummy crocodiles were so generous we need to go to ratha’s house right now because I promised her we’d invite her to walk with us that’s a great idea because we really did plan to walk with her home so she wouldn’t be in danger in return I promised her that we’d invite her for a walk today I think that as soon as she comes out to us we can invite her to a picnic we haven’t done anything like that for a long time so I think she’ll definitely agree hey everyone and as you may have noticed today I’ve come to visit JX to your incredible surprise he is somehow not here and that’s why I’m going to check outside right now hey just look at this it seems that Jax is filming the princess bathing in our Lake hey Jax explain to me immediately what you are doing here I just wanted to take a closer look at the princess bathing and use the video camera lens for that was that really the only option to watch the princess bathing as you can see my answer is yes anyway I need to go to my very important business right now immediately explain where you are going right now I need to check my carrot Warehouse just look at this gigantic video camera wait it seems that princess Lou somehow managed to notice me this is really awful because right now she might think that I’ve been filming her all this time hey princess I think you just misunderstood everything so please stop attacking me because apparently the princess is so eager to punish me for what I didn’t do that she even took scissors in her hands I need to get away from her as soon as possible to ask someone for help without any hindrance hey guys just look at this it seems that there is a plane standing right in the middle of the road for some reason hey princess stop hitting me immediately because we have much more serious things to deal with than a silly Chase we need to find out as soon as possible what happened to Kane and how exactly we can help him right now hey Kay if you can hear me even a little please tell us how you managed to lose control Kane is lying here unconscious guys don’t forget to like this video to support our friend hey hello CUO finally I found you princess Lou I’m going to show you something incredibly interesting explain to me immediately why you are taking the princess I will definitely explain it to you a little later okay guys it seems that I am left here completely alone now I have to come up with something myself to help Cain right now I’m going to enter kao’s Lighthouse and check his lab on the top floor before he comes back home I think that’s where I can find some kind of restoration potion without any problems right now I’m going to climb up this gigantic staircase and hope that kmo is still walking with the princess I’m very curious about what he decided to show her hey guys just look at this it seems that I really managed to get a restoration potion from the chest without any problems hey ratha what are you even doing here hello pomy you can’t even imagine how delicious this cake is I’m more than sure that this cake is poisoned with some potion I think you’re exaggerating a bit because I’ve been eating this cake for five whole minutes it’s incredibly sad that ratha didn’t listen to me and continued to eat this very strange cake I think it was easy to guess it was some kind of trap just look at this it seems that a gummy crocodile is doing something near the crashed plane I need to get back here as soon as possible so that he doesn’t have time to harm anyone recently the gummy crocodiles have been behaving very boldly so I don’t even know what Antics to expect from them hey gummy crocodile explain to me immediately what’s going on here stop immediately and stop trying to steal cane with your fishing rod it seems that you leave me no choice but to use this restoration potion on Cane as soon as possible I just hope the potion is not expired gummy crocodile get out of here immediately did that sign in the gummy crocodile really try to drag me onto their yacht with a fishing rod please calm down because the gummy crocodile is clearly not at fault for just having such a character in that case I’m very curious who you think is to blame by the way do you happen to know where princess Lou is right now let’s step away from here first because the gummy crocodile started shooting at us with a bow as for the princess calmo took her with him just a few minutes ago there’s another gummy crocodile here it seems that he’s trying to fix your plane it looks like you were right and he somehow managed to repair the main rotor and now he’s flying This Plane without any problems I sometimes am really Amazed by the hidden talents of these gummy crocodiles so pomy can you tell me where cfmo and Princess Lou are right now as far as I understood from his conversation he was going to show her something incredibly interesting in your house when I saw you lying unconscious let’s go there as soon as possible and check if they are still there you are absolutely right that’s why we definitely need to hurry because something bad might happen to the princess don’t worry about that I’m more than sure that in such a short period of time kofo wouldn’t have had a chance to harm the princess right now we’ll go down to your house and I’m more than sure we’ll find her safe and sound and the worst thing he could have done to her is put her in a cage in myet secret room let’s head there as soon as possible and check my theory let’s really go into your secret room and see what’s happening there right now hey cough mod actually I don’t have to report my actions to you at all wait didn’t the gummy crocodiles even manage to delay you a bit so today’s antics of the gummy crocodiles are your doing I just gave them some gold coins that I stole from the cash register at McDonald’s get to your dark room immediately while we finally rescue the princess finally I can open this iron great without further questions so the princess can feel free it’s really great that we arrived on time and nothing bad happened to the to the princess I think we can easily give her a tour of our amazing digital circus I really want to give her this tour because a lot of new things have appeared in our amazing digital circus just look at this it seems she wants a little snack I’ll get a bag of chips from the vending machine just for her I’ll be waiting for you upstairs guys you have no idea how happy I am that we can finally give a tour to princess Lou let’s go to some very interesting place as soon as possible hey princess where did you even get that thing don’t worry about that pomy I personally gave her this saber so she could defend herself if the gummy crocodiles suddenly attack her and now I’ll worry less about the princess when I have to leave her alone in the circus it seems that someone activated the magic flask in my circus I have no idea who could have activated the magic flask Kane told everyone that it should not be used when he is not in the circus omne is absolutely right because I strictly forbade all our friends from approaching the magic flask this could end really terribly princess please be incredibly careful because you are really fragile I would be very sad if you got hurt it seems we are almost there and it’s time to find out who activated the magic flask oh no not this it seems I absolutely don’t understand what we are going to do with him now it seems the princess is trying to defeat him with the saber you gave her unfortunately the gummy crocodile is several times bigger than the princess I think the only good idea is to push the gummy crocodile back into the flask please help me with this PNE actually this clearly won’t take much time so I think you should already activate the magic flask mechanism kane hey just look at this the gummy crocodile is now back to his normal size it seems we’ve done a a lot of useful work today hey princess the gummy crocodile won’t harm you anymore you’ll definitely have the chance to teach him a lesson when you return to the Candy Kingdom together guys as you may have already noticed ratha and I have decided to swim in our Lake I really love swimming here with you because the weather is great today it’s really wonderful but why haven’t our friends joined us yet I also invited Jax to join us but I don’t know when he’ll arrive what’s that hey guys what are you doing here you need to come underwater with me right now to see this tell us immediately what you saw there better yet explain why you were spying on us I wasn’t spying on you just look down and you’ll understand what is this I’ve never noticed anything like this in our amazing digital circus before quickly go down and take a closer look wow this is truly incredible do you happen to know what this room is for it’s a special hidden cell to lock kfmo in when he misbehaves I hope we never end up in this cell ourselves this place really scares me we’ve seen everything here so maybe we should head out you can go back to the surface I’ll stay here because I have some unfinished business I really don’t like this place it feels like it has some sort of negative energy hey what are you doing here Kane explain to me how you end it up here this is an absolutely secret place and no one except me and Jax should know about its existence please don’t be mad at us we’re already leaving I hope you understand me well and won’t tell anyone about this place looks like we won’t be able to swim in our Lake today the guys have turned it into a real construction site guys be sure to like this video and definitely write in the comments your guesses about what exactly the guys are planning to build in that very secret space looks like we’ll have to entertain ourselves today actually maybe that’s even better just look how fun it is to jump on this trampoline it is really fun but maybe we should still go to McDonald’s to grab a bite wow that’s a great idea in that case let’s head there as soon as possible I hope we can find something to eat there because Jax isn’t at his workplace wait I don’t understand why there’s only carrots on these tables it looks like we’ll have to share this burger between the two of us today honestly I wouldn’t recommend eating it because who knows how long it’s been here in that case I’ll try to find something fresher in the fridge hey what’s going on here kmo explain why you’re on the roof of McDonald’s hey guys do you happen to know where Kane and Jax are right now actually we don’t know because we haven’t seen them today honestly I can tell from your faces that you’re lying to me tell me immediately where they are or it will only get worse wait it looks like someone is breaking the wall of McDonald’s right behind you gummy crocodile have you gone completely crazy look at this it seems like he’s here to steal all the carrots he’s also planning to steal all the money from the register we need to stop him as soon as possible before he escapes to his yacht look at this it seems he’s stolen so much money from the register that it’s falling out of his pockets as he runs don’t worry about it guys I’ll throw a shrinking potion at him right now that’s really good because now that he’s tiny we can handle him without any problems I think I’d better take him to my lighthouse to teach him a proper lesson for stealing I’ll take out my fishing rod right now and use it to lead the gummy crocodile to my lighthouse look at this reatha I actually think it looks pretty cute the Tiny Gummy crocodile flying around is really funny now that we’ve dealt with the gummy crocodile I think we should return the carrots to McDonald’s if Jax notices they’re missing he’ll be incredibly upset you’re absolutely right so let’s get back to McDonald’s as soon soon as possible it looks like kmo has almost led the gummy crocodile to his lighthouse honestly guys I never suspected the gummy crocodile would suddenly decide to steal the carrots today it’s actually become routine and the only difference is that sometimes he steals carrots and other times he takes money from the register now let’s finally go into McDonald’s and put all the carrots back in place just look at this one of the walls is damaged because of the gummy crocodile we need to fix it before Jax returns to his workplace of course let’s fix it as soon as possible because I’m sure he’ll be back very soon I’ll just grab the necessary blocks and this wall will look brand new in no time I really hope you have some construction skills so it will be unnoticeable that something happened here just look at how well I’m doing it really looks like nothing happened here except the barrel of carrots is missing but right now let’s go outside to check how the wall looks from the outside look at that it seems like Jax is running towards us right now I think we need to run away as quickly as possible return the money you stole from my register immediately you just misunderstood everything hey guys why are you yelling at each other Kane can you believe it the girls just robbed McDonald it was actually the gummy crocodile who stole it we just picked up what fell out of his pocket wait did the gummy crocodile really Rob my McDonald’s again this is really bad and we definitely need to teach him a lesson there’s no need for that because kmo has already taught him a lesson unfortunately it looks like my McDonald’s is operating at a loss today I think I’ll stay here and help Jack sort out his problems you girls can go wherever you want and have fun in the meantime tomney maybe we can go to our amusement park and have some fun there it’s a wonderful idea so let’s head there as soon as possible by the way why did we suddenly stop riding our roller coasters actually it’s broken right now and Kane has been forgetting to fix it for a long time we need to remind him about it and soon we can finally ride the carts again I think if our viewers give this video a lot of likes Kane will definitely agree to help us I think he won’t be able to refuse our beloved digital viewers so guys make sure to be active I think we can walk around these roller coasters a bit more just please be very careful ratha I hope you remember that something is broken here so always watch your step ratha have you lost your mind I just asked you to be at least a little careful I can’t believe this guys it looks like she did it on purpose let’s quickly see what happened to her down there oh no not this it looks like she really lost Consciousness from falling from such a great height I need to come up with a way to help her as soon as possible I think I need to find a healing potion or at least ask Kan for a first aid kit hey calmo I need your help immediately it seems I heard some screams while I was walking around the circus we were just walking here and at one point it looks like ratha tripped over something and fell straight down of course Let’s help her as quickly as possible because she’s our friend in that case do you have any ideas on how we can help her actually I always carry a healing potion that I can try to use on her I think you shouldn’t waste any time and do it right now wait I need to aim a bit there and now she should recover very quickly it looks like you hit her with the potion and now we just need to wait a bit look at that guys thank you so much for helping me because I have no idea what I could have tripped over up there shortly before I met you I found out where Jax and Kane have been all day stop immediately because Kane told us you’re not allowed to go there I don’t care at all so I’ll be there in a minute oh no guys it looks like we didn’t do what Kane told us to do now kmo knows about the secret cell where Kane wanted to put him in that case I think we should go after him right now to help our friends that’s a great idea so let’s go back to where we were at the beginning of the episode we can’t just leave our friends in trouble guys just look at what appeared in our amazing digital circus some very strange giant safe has appeared out of nowhere unfortunately without Kane’s help I definitely can’t open it guys just look at this it seems like some very strange thing is flying around the tree I hope it won’t harm me and I can pass by it without any problems I’ll definitely ask Kane about this too when I finally meet him right now I want to go to Jax’s house to invite him for a walk with me and discuss everything that’s going on I hope he’s at home at least and not wandering somewhere as usual I hope he already knows something about this strange thing that was flying around the tree and can explain to me what it is now I apparently need to go down to his basement and try to find him there hey JX what are you doing Jax I’m telling you she will definitely come to us at the most inopportune moment pomy don’t you accidentally want to get out of here because ragi and I are actually very busy here it doesn’t matter anymore because she ran back home actually I came here to ask you if you know anything about some very strange green Spirits unfortunately I haven’t seen it yet if you don’t mind let’s go now to where you last saw it and you can show me everything then let’s go to the circus wait just look at this it seems to have flown much closer to us I think it’s trying to show us something this is really very interesting so let’s try to follow it maybe it wants to tell us some very important information apparently it can can understand us and now it really wants to show us something don’t you really notice that right now there’s a whole pile of dynamite near your house wait I absolutely don’t understand how it could have appeared there are you involved in all this how could I have placed Dynamite near your house if I spent the whole day with ragath just look at this lever have you completely lost your mind the dynamite could have been activated we need to get out of here as soon as possible before something terrible happens to my house I absolutely don’t understand who could have done this it seems that this strange green Spirit really wanted to help us and somehow knew that your house was in Danger let’s see if it warns you again immediately stop trying to set my house on fire it disappeared right after fulfilling its purpose I can assume that kfo is somehow involved in this maybe it’s another one of his silly experiments most likely you are definitely right we need to figure out what’s going on today in our amazing digital circus I asked you to stop trying to set my house on fire I just still hope the green spirit will return let’s go to Kane’s circus and ask him about this I think that’s much safer than setting your house on fire so let’s go right near the entrance to the circus a GI safe with a golden door appeared that information doesn’t surprise me because I was already there today tell me right now how you managed to find out it’s much simpler than you think because the safe door matches the door to my carrot storage exactly honestly I thought Kane would take better care of his safe security wait right before my eyes the safe’s door reappears you shouldn’t worry about it because you probably just noticed another bug in our amazing digital circus wait it seems like I just saw kmo behind one of those trees but now he’s out of my sight you probably just imagined it so let’s go into the circus and ask Kane what’s happening today maybe he’ll be in a good mood and open the safe for us you are absolutely right hey Kane we actually have a lot of questions for you if you didn’t notice I just got into the shower to take a bath wait did you hear that explosion outside it seems I wasn’t mistaken last time and kmo is flying around somewhere outside right now explain the purpose of your visit or I’ll go back to the circus and continue my bath don’t you want to tell us what’s inside that giant safe my new bus is there if you really want I can give you a ride in it guys I really want to ride this bus get out of here immediately before I have to use force and shoot you with my bow this time I completely agree with Jack wait it looks like he threw some kind of potion right at Jack this is really very bad because now anything could happen to him guys something is definitely happening to me don’t worry I’m sure you’ll be fine you just need to hang on a little longer and you’ll be safe and sound immediately explain to me why my method didn’t work I’m sorry but I can’t even guess what kind of potion kmo threw at Jack’s apparently I’ll have to open this safe so we can use my bus don’t you want to explain how you even manage to fit this bus inside it’s all the magic of the amazing digital circus honestly I actually like your new bus I also really like it in all aspects except that I don’t quite fit in it I think that’s not a big deal since we don’t have to travel too far we’re almost at your house we can move very quickly around our amazing digital circus hey Kane right now kmo is trying to hit us with his staff actually we’ve already arrived so get out of the bus immediately before kfmo hits you let’s quickly go down to your house before he manages to hit us by the way this morning I saw a whole pile of dynamite near your house I hope you’ve already dealt with all that and your house is no longer in danger I managed to remove all the dynamite from there didn’t I ever tell you that placing Dynamite indoors can be incredibly dangerous there’s a lot of electronics here so it can easily self ignite now let’s go to your secret room and see what’s going on there hey ja what are you doing here immediately explain what happened to me and why I suddenly ended up in Kane’s secret room don’t worry about it because right now I’m opening the door so you can get out of that cage hey JX get out quickly because why else would Kane open the door for you wow I didn’t even notice so thank you very much for the tip since everything’s fine let’s get out of here quickly I think we definitely need to come up with a way to properly punish Cal mod by the way om have you noticed the strange green Spirit of course I saw it because it’s the one that told me there was a pile of dynamite near my house something incredibly strange is happening in our amazing digital circus today when Jax and I discussed it we came to the exact same conclusion by the way Jax what are you doing in Kane’s lab anyway I’m just very upset that kfmo decided to throw his potion at me so I want to restore some justice and accidentally throw a potion right at you pomy are you completely out of your mind Jax I hope you at least understand what you’ve done guys I’m feeling worse and worse by the second hey ratha what are you doing here on your scooter I came here because I heard some screams and wanted to check what’s going on with you I hope you’re okay because soon the potion should start to affect you as I’m slowly losing Consciousness I don’t understand where I am it seems this is one of Jax’s secret carrot storages I’ll take a few barrels of carrots and hope Jax doesn’t notice the theft however I absolutely don’t understand why I teleported to this place I need to get upstairs immediately and return to my friends to figure out what happened to me I can’t even imagine what kind of potion Jax threw at me that after using it I ended up in our amusement park look at this ragi is standing near the circus so I must run to her immediately to find out what happened to me the most incredible things are happening in our amazing digital circus today I hope I still have time to find out who is behind all this hey JX why did you bring me here today what did you want to show me here I have prepared something for you that you will definitely like maybe you could at least give me a hint of what I should expect I’d rather not tell you because then I’d definitely spoil the surprise that I’ve been preparing for so long I really hope our viewers don’t get dizzy as we climb up this gigantic slide everything will definitely be fine and you don’t need to worry about it it seems like you’ve prepared something truly Grand if you don’t even want to give me any hints of what to expect honestly you’re absolutely right it seems like we’ve almost reached the top is this the gift you’ve been telling me about all this time hey kmo explain to us immediately what you’re doing here why are you asking if you invited me here yourself have you really gone so mad that you decided to prepare such an absurd oh it seems like I accidentally pushed him down do you even realize what you’ve done wait did Jax really convince you to do all this actually I tricked you a bit I just heard your voices as you were climbing up and decided to prank you a little and immediately help Kane to come to his senses I will definitely help him but I need your help for that we need to go behind Kane’s circus where the restoration potion is located well in that case let’s quickly go down we need to check how Jax is doing now seems like he lost Consciousness from the fall when I knocked him down as Kane never told you not to push your friends from a great height didn’t expect to push him so hard that he’d fall down besides he unfortunately wasn’t prepared for a fall from such a height guys it seems like we need to come up with something to help our two friends right now in that case I think we should stop wasting time you are absolutely right kmo let’s go behind the circus immediately where according to you we can find the restoration potion I’ll show you as soon as we get there there is one of my very old caches that I prepared for just such an occasion wait let’s take this Golden Apple growing on this tree just in case we can of course take it with us but under no circumstances eat it it is still completely unright since you warned me about it I definitely won’t eat it guys don’t forget to like our videos and subscribe to our Channel hey what is that kofo I have absolutely nothing to do with the appearance of this gigantic abstraction in that case let’s try to briefly hide in this golden room in the rock it seems this abstraction is not reacting to my attempts to scare it away from us get in here quickly and close the door behind you I took your advice but do you have any ideas on how we can get out of here now Actually I don’t even know who among our friends could have turned into this abstraction this morning I was testing a new potion on ratha are you completely out of your mind let me out of here immediately before you start testing some potion on me come on we’ll definitely be able to get out of here together through this whole in the wall that I’ll dig I anticipated this development so in secret I dug a small tunnel here hey look at that the abstraction is climb the tree for some reason it seems our old plan is no longer relevant let’s go to Kane’s circus right now and come up with something on the spot guys please don’t worry about this giant abstraction right now we’ll definitely come up with a way to defeat it and bring ratha back to our amazing digital circus it looks like we’ve arrived and it’s time to come up with a plan right now I can try to change the code of this abstraction in that case you should get to work as soon as possible however I even see familiar symbols so I’ll try to change them right now it seems that all that’s left is to press the enter button hey look at this it seems like you really did it explain to me immediately why you threw that potion at me this morning I told you right away that I didn’t agree to participate in your experiments if you really didn’t like the effect of my new potion then I’ll head home right now and come up with something new stop immediately because now it’s time to teach you a good lesson hey why did you throw the potion at me if I didn’t even have time to react immediately eat the golden apple you have in your hands to try to counteract the effect of this potion this really the only way not to disappear from The Amazing digital circus it seems I absolutely don’t understand what happened to me at least thanks to this you didn’t disappear here from here forever by the way do you happen to know where Jax and Kane are right now it seems I completely forgot that our friends are lying unconscious in our amusement park right now did CMO as usual decide to pull a stupid prank that ended in tragedy everything happened exactly as you said I remembered that I hid several restoration potions right in McDonald’s let’s go there right now to get my old stash it seems we are really lucky that you are so resourceful besides that we’re also lucky that I have exactly two potions for our friends in my bag in that case let’s go inside as soon as possible and you can finally show me where your potion stash is actually I’m a little surprised that Jax didn’t manage to find my stash all this time because it’s in the most obvious wait did you really make your stash in the soda machine apparently he gets it from somewhere else right now take one of these potions to help Jax come to his senses I kept the other potion to help Kane I hope these potions aren’t expired and will really help our friends recover let’s hurry to help them as soon as possible can you tell me where Kane is right now so I can go help him immediately he’s lying unconscious at the very top of the slide in the center of the amusement park while ragi is helping Kane I’ll go to where Jack’s lost Consciousness when I accidentally knocked him down I hope this potion will really help him recover so I’ll use it right now it seems my fears were confirmed and the potion ragi gave me turned out to be expired hey what happened to me I only remember climbing the slide with you pomy by the way why do you suddenly look so bad all of this happened because you chose such an unusual place to prepare a surprise for me it was kmo who put me to sleep with a potion and for some reason dragged me to the highest point of the amusement park at least we managed to save our friends I already noticed that something’s wrong with PNE because she looks incredibly silly I can fix it right now with my staff wow Kane thank you so much for this absolutely no need to thank me guys look at this I finally look the same as always let’s go right now and flood cmo’s Lighthouse as revenge for all his Mischief today actually I think that’s a really good idea Tomy could you walk me home after all today’s Adventures I suddenly feel dizzy of course I’ll help you and while we’re on our way to your house our friends will definitely come up with a plan to properly punish kofo I hope you managed to prank kofo really well it’s a shame I’ll miss something fun but I don’t feel very well it will definitely be better for me to lie down and get some sleep if you really feel bad then of course it’s the best option imaginable while you rest I’ll go with my friends to kao’s Lighthouse he definitely deserves a little prank for what he did today just please be extremely careful so he can’t harm you in any way I don’t think we’ll have any problems with it today Jax and I prepared a very cool surprise for you where is Jax now he should be somewhere around here probably right above yes I just decided to explore the circus a bit today I’m so glad you decided to join us yes just mentioned it I’m about to give it to you by the way something seems to be happening outside I don’t see anything it’s completely calm there look at the beautiful weather the plan works what are you doing why are you trying to tie me up with this room you just decided to prank you no I won’t give in to you easily you won’t catch me in anyway you all seem very suspicious today don’t come near me oh my God why did you throw that potion at me you understand that I might disappear right now if anything I’m not involved Jack’s decided to throw the potion now you definitely won’t escape from us why are you doing this it’s not funny at all hey you why am I in the cage with the gummy crocodile we decided to move you here so you could sit in it for a while have you completely lost your mind why would you just leave me here we couldn’t think of anything better than just locking you in a cage wait I think I understand I knew it you’re trying to prank me again ja didn’t you notice this isn’t our friend sorry I really didn’t notice that hey you let me out of here I don’t want to be here I’m really scared of him wait don’t leave me here alone it seems your friend has betrayed you maybe we can somehow make a deal and find Common Ground if you meet all my conditions I’ll let you go okay I’m ready for anything just let me out quickly before the Bandit crocodile comes back don’t rush me or I’ll change my mind and besides I don’t have any tools with me check the chest hooray there’s a magic pickaxe hey gummy crocodile let me out of here please I don’t want to sit here oh no it looks like he’s really angry gummy crocodile help me break this grid I don’t want to be here that clown locked me up on purpose so I couldn’t get out it would be really good if you helped me because I don’t want any trouble thank you so much for deciding to help me now I need to go about my business I don’t really have anything to do and I don’t know what to do stop pushing me I don’t like it I understand that you’re upset because we came to your home sorry it won’t happen again I need to urgently tell Kane about everything I hope he’s at his circus right now because this story is really unusual just look the gummy crocodile decided to catch a lot of seafood again I’ll need to ask him for a couple of shrimp later because I really love them I am very angry at that clown now I can definitely handle it because he doesn’t even suspect anything and anyway he said I should help him but honestly I’m not going to fulfill his conditions because he didn’t help me get out of of this cage the gummy crocodile let me out I’ll need to make a trap for this clown so he falls into it kfmo you will really regret this prank now by the way he completely removed the defense line now we can pass without fear of falling into the lava stop shouting so loudly you’re disturbing me while I’m eating cake you can have some cake too you completely lost your mind why didn’t you free me from that cage I just wanted to create a little Advent very lucky that the gummy crocodile was kind if you’re interested I put that pickaxe there okay that’s not important come with me I want to show you something wow you prepared another surprise for me I’m very happy I’m not going to obey you because you just admitted that you were guilty of everything and you set up this whole prank on purpose actually it’s strange that that rabbit didn’t suspect anything as far as I know he has a very good sense of smell and should have detected my don’t try to distract me look there’s a secret room here so you suggest I go down there alone of course there will be a lot of potions waiting for I knew that rabbit stole all my potions again thank you so much now you definitely won’t see anything because you fell into my trap I doubt you’ll ever get out finally my plan works get out of here this is for your bad behavior sit there and think about what you’ve done omy what’s going on here I decided to teach kmo a lesson today for pranking me that’s really bad news now you all need to be very careful because he can use this let’s forget about him for now we’ll let him out some other time but not today I wouldn’t keep him there for too long because he might get very angry and turned into an abstraction by the way I need your help there’s a big carrot storage behind my circus and I want to move some to my place did you happen to ask Jax for permission he said I could take carrots anytime so I don’t see the point in finding him and asking for permission it would be very bad if he gets angry with us bubble High we haven’t seen each other in a long time bubble I’m So Glad You Came From The Candy Kingdom you’ll need to pass on the intelligence data later I would never have guessed he was a scout wait look he threw some potion at us yes that’s the potion I gave him to protect himself what effect does it have could you tell me I already forgot if you want we can test it now but I’ll try it on myself just hope I don’t turn into an abstraction Kane bubble just disappeared right before my eyes guys look what’s happened to you you now look like a monster it seems this is a potion that takes away Beauty looks like I’ll have to walk around looking ugly for a while you’ve been planning to do that for a long time write it down somewhere on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket so you don’t forget now I need to think about how to get my appearance back because I don’t want to stay this ugly I’m starting to feel very insecure because I’m losing my superpowers let’s deal with that later wait someone blocked the passage are you sure this cave isn’t abandoned most likely Jax did this on purpose it’s a special defense made entirely of carrots I’ll remove it quickly you’re doing well by the way I see someone there it’s Jack now we know about all your supplies guys please don’t touch anything here I’ve been collecting these carrots for a long time I don’t want to part with them it’s okay I’m not mad at you anymore he’s very strange and scared today open it quickly it has a lock on this side I always forget about that sorry for almost panicking Jack stop don’t run there otherwise you might release kmo and we’ll have big problems don’t do it stop chasing me I don’t like being followed all day I apologize to you why are you still running after me if you don’t stop I’ll swim away from you don’t even think about going back to the secret room calmo is in there right now and if you release him you’ll have huge problems Kane please stop him he seems to have gone mad I don’t understand why he’s doing this he just went down into that room now he definitely has no chance to get out of there we need to check what’s going on oh my God I heard some bang look that clown is flying up to his Beacon we need to get down there immediately and see what’s happened to our friend it looks like he’s in trouble then let’s not waste any time and check it out I’ll probably have to go first guys don’t forget to like And subscribe to to our channel it’s true without the support of our viewers we would have lost a long time ago go quickly and see what happened and I’ll come down right after you I think this rabbit will never grow up I hope he’s okay it’s very empty here oh my God kmo you just flew to your be that was my prank I sent my double home and you thought it was me you learned to use your clones and where’s our friend I teleported him into the void so he might have big problems guys it seems that something very strange happened today in our amazing digital circus it seems like something is definitely wrong with Kane’s house I need to go down and ask him what happened here as soon as possible I really hope he is in his lab right now hey hi Kane hi pomy and as you might have already noticed today bubble is visiting me that’s great but what happened to your house apparently I have no idea what you’re talking about I think we should go outside right now I’ve never seen anything like what happened to your house before I’m really curious about what you mean because everything was fine this morning by the way I have a beauty potion with me that I made especially for you wow thank you so much for this Kane I’ve actually been dreaming of becoming very beautiful for a long time dream will come true as soon as you use this potion just look at this it seems like something definitely happened to your eye although I have suspicions about who it might have been I think it was calmo because last night he wanted to make some potion in my lab and I refused him apparently that’s really the case in that case we can’t delay and right now bubble and I will go to his lighthouse to explain that there was no need to ruin my house well guys I’ll go visit ratha right now to show her the beauty potion Kane gave me after I use this potion I’ll become as beautiful as she is I really hope she’s home right now I’m going to her house to check I think she’ll be incredibly surprised when I show her this beauty potion hey hi ratha what are you doing here hi pomy right now I’m arranging these beautiful flowers in this room what is that potion in your hands this is a beauty potion that Kane gave me right now I’m going to use it to become as beautiful as you wow that’s really great in that case I think you should definitely use it right now so let’s go outside first because it’s really cramped in your house it seems like Jax is spying on us right now hey Jax are you crazy or something please don’t be mad at me I was just really curious about what you were doing now I’m going to use this potion and become incredibly beautiful is that really some kind of beauty potion you’re absolutely right and I’m going to use it on myself oh no not this it looks like the potion bottle accidentally slipped from my hand actually I’m a bit anxious because I have no idea what’s going to happen to me now maybe you will indeed oh no not this it seems that it worked completely the opposite way this is exactly what I feared my entire life hey Jax get down from there right now I absolutely won’t get down from here because that ragi down there is really scary stop fooling around I’ll get down but I’ll run away right now because I don’t want to hang out with such a scary friend hey ratha don’t worry too much about this we’ll definitely figure out something to get you back to your old self after you threw that potion at me I look even worse than you I think we need to find a potion with the opposite effect we can go to cfo’s Lighthouse right now and look for something suitable there that sounds like a really good idea so let’s head there as soon as possible guys make sure to like this video And subscribe to our Channel if you also want ratha to look like she used to by the way pomy how did you even managed to accidentally drop that potion from your hands it seems that I just got too excited and and accidentally dropped the potion while looking at you by the way Kane recently came here to teach kmo a lesson I’m not surprised this happened it seems that as usual calmo did something naughty and Kane got really angry with him hey I think I heard some kind of explosion upstairs let’s hurry up and go check what it was we need to climb this ladder immediately to find out what caused such a loud explosion hey calmo what are you doing here and why did you put this web here I recently drove Kane away and now I’m not expecting any guests in my house we urgently need a potion to help rtha get her old appearance back well all right since you came here without Cain I’m actually willing to help you can you give us some kind of potion right now of course I’ll find something necessary in my chest by the way were you the one who did something to kan’s house did you really think I would ruin kan’s house over some nonsense in that case I have even more questions about who could have done this well are you going to throw the potion at ragi soon I’m about to do it right now ratha you need to be prepared do it as soon as possible because I want to become very beautiful again it looks like we actually succeeded by the way please tell me what happened to Kane’s house I think we can head there right now to see it with our own eyes although even from here I can see that something really did happen there suddenly his house started looking very strange let’s get down quickly and go there to take a closer look maybe we can notice some new details and figure out who did this honestly I have a suspicion that it could be the gummy crocodiles they often like to pull stunts like this to prank someone in the amazing digital circus it seems that Kane still hasn’t fixed what happened his house looks exactly the same as before hey guys it looks like there’s a scary copy of me on Kane’s house right now and it seems to be doing something to his other eye kfmo is trying to drive her away to stop her from doing that hey scary pomy get out of here immediately I just threw her into the void to stop her from harming Kane’s house wait what will happen to her after you threw her into the void she’ll stay in the void until someone decides to retrieve her from there sorry guys but since you no longer need my help I must head to the void right now it seems that I absolutely don’t understand why he went there apparently really has some very important business there fortunately it doesn’t concern us at all guys just look at this if we had come a minute later the scary pomy would have managed to ruin another eye in Kane’s house that’s really incredibly strange because I absolutely don’t understand the motives of your scary copy for doing this well guys now that everything is over we can go for a walk I think we should find JX who ran off in an unknown Direction and invite him to walk with us you’re absolutely right so let’s go to his house I absolutely don’t understand why he suddenly didn’t want to walk with you I can understand him because he was just scared of me when and I looked much worse than now of course it’s a Pity that he’s such a coward however right now we’ll go to his house to invite him to walk with us I hope he actually returned home after we left here I absolutely don’t understand why he ruined your houses because it looks absolutely ugly it seems that now everything looks much better hey what is this right at the entrance to his house I just barricaded the entrance here so you couldn’t get inside and scare me stop it right now I’ve already regained my old look oh it seems I didn’t notice that in that case I’ll open the passage for you right now so you can come inside actually we came here to invite you to walk with us you know it seems that you still scare me a bit so I’ll leave you inside and I’ll go outside hey explain to us immediately where you are going right now I’m going to Kane’s house to talk to him about your strange Behavior honestly I think Jax is behaving too suspiciously today I think we should come up with some plan to teach him a lesson for this in that case do you have any ideas I stole some potion from Kane’s lab I think we can dig a pit for him and then use it on him take this potion because you’re the one who has to do it guys it seems that right now we’re going to set a trap for our friend actually I’m incredibly f up with them already just look at what they’ve done to my lighthouse they decided to prank me and blow up dynamite right near this wall since they’ve become so Brazen it would be completely irresponsible to hide my potions in my lab I prepared a small Niche here where I can safely hide my potion I can finally go about my business hey guys judging by everything kmo thinks that no one will be able to find his secret stash I’m incredibly lucky to be in the right place at the right time and right now I’m going to take the the potion from his stash let’s quickly look in this chest and see what he hid he really didn’t lie and hid the potion here right now I’m going to use it on myself to find out what effect it has it seems that I’m starting to feel my body shrinking little by little it’s incredibly interesting what’s happening to me right now but I hope at least I don’t turn into an abstraction guys just look at this I now look like a small plush toy it seems I even have a plan on how I can use this to my advantage right now I’m going to pne’s house and pretend to be a real plush toy to spy on her guys just look at the new toy I got it’s a real copy of me except it’s plush by the way Kane gave it to me last night wait guys what is this other toy standing here honestly I don’t remember how it even got here actually it seems incredibly suspicious to me it seems like it just moved a bit well let’s chalk it up to the nightmares I had last night right now I’m going to my jacuzzi to relax a bit before another day in our amazing digital circus I have a lot of important things planned for today first I’m going to visit Kane to thank him for such a wonderful gift hey what is this it seems I don’t understand how Jax’s little toy could end up on the second floor of my house hey what does this all mean and why are you here toy did you really just now figure out that it was me all this time hey come here right now because I’m going to teach you a lesson for pretending to be a soft toy and spying on you actually I found a very interesting potion that allowed me to change my appearance I decided to prank You by pretending to be a soft toy in your house explain to me where you got this potion from actually it’s time for us to say goodbye right now I’m heading to McDonald’s because my shift is about to start how are you even going to make burgers if you’re so small and clumsy if you really ly decided to have a snack you can try this wonderful cocktail in the blender right now I will definitely not try this because it’s simply dangerous for my health well in that case I’m going to prank the gummy crocodiles with how I look now guys just look at this it seems that one of the gummy crocodiles is riding a motorboat hey gummy crocodile Jax is coming to prank you right now I need to stop Jax immediately so that no one else becomes a victim of his silly pranks hey Jax stop right now the gummy crocodiles have been warned and they won’t trust your appearance I don’t care because right now I’m going to sneak into the hole to steal potions from the gummy crocodiles and use them to restore my former appearance I’m going to look into this safe because I already know that’s where they keep all their potions guys it seems I definitely don’t understand what’s going on here because Jack decided to rob the gummy crocodiles they will definitely be very angry with us py let’s run from here quickly it looks like we’re in big trouble actually if it weren’t for you and your strange pranks everything would be fine with us nevertheless they are already attacking us as as soon as we escape from the gummy crocodiles I’ll go to Kane to tell him what you’ve done today let’s just run away from them first because for some reason they keep shooting their caramel arrows at us from their gummy bows I’ll go to the circus with you to see Kane just please don’t tell him what I’ve done today unfortunately I can’t not tell him because you’ve behaved very badly today come on I’ll find a way to turn you into a toy too then we can prank our friends together by the way let’s try using Kane’s magic flask right now to get some interesting effect stop immediately Kane will be very angry with us if he sees that we Act ated the magic flask without his permission hey Jax get out of the magic flask immediately Anything could happen to you right now explain to me immediately why you decided to become so huge guys just look at me now I’m really the biggest in the whole amazing digital circus do you have any ideas pomy I really don’t know what we can do because he’s incredibly huge it seems that right now we definitely need to ask someone for help go to ratha’s house immediately and call her here of course I’ll go to ratha’s house as soon as possible and call her here guys honestly I don’t understand how ratha can help us shrink Jacks however however Kane clearly knows more about this than I do so I’ll go to her house at his request I hope she’s home right now otherwise while I’m looking for her Jax will have time to destroy Kane’s entire circus I hope she has some ideas on how we can shrink Jax hey ratha I urgently need your help actually I’m not up for it right now because I was about to do a major Cleanup in my basement I don’t understand why you need to clean here if it’s already very clean don’t you see this huge layer of dust on everything here what did you want from me and what kind of help do you need this morning Jax pranked me by looking like a plush toy and right now he has grown several times in that case he’s really lucky he didn’t prank me because if he had tried I would have definitely taught him a lesson well let’s go upstairs as quickly as possible we need to come up with a way to urgently shrink Jack it seems we’re incredibly lucky because I have a shrinking potion in my dresser on the second floor that can solve this problem I recently stole it from kao’s Lab when he was giving me a tour guys don’t forget to like this video And subscribe to our Channel I’ve already found the shrinking potion and now we can finally head to the circus in that case please give it to me so I can throw it at Jack thanks now we really need to hurry by the way look at these caramel arrows that I kept after the gummy crocodiles tried to attack us wow it seems these arrows are really sweet we’re incredibly lucky we managed to escape from them because after Jack stole the potion from their safe they were incredibly angry with us they’re probably tired from chasing us and are now resting in the hold of their yacht hey look at this it seems Jax somehow managed to get out of the circus hey Jax have you lost your mind mind explain to us immediately what happened here Kane tried to shrink me with his staff I didn’t like it at all and I tried to push him but I completely misjudged my strength what are we going to do now we don’t have a restoration potion with us we’ll definitely figure something out but right now I think it’s time to shrink Jack oh no not this I really enjoyed being a real giant compared to you come here immediately and explain why you tried to prank pomy this morning while my friends are dealing with each other I definitely need to come up with a way to help Kane regain Consciousness as soon as possible I think we should start by heading to kao’s Lighthouse p today I have prepared some incredible gifts for you do you want to receive them right now I’m incredibly curious to know what you have prepared for me just look at this most beautiful ring in the entire amazing digital circus wow besides that I also prepared these perfumes for you thank you so much for these gifts and I also found this cake in my fridge it has only been in my fridge for 2 months why did you decide to give me a spoiled cake I’ll head to the kitchen right now and make you a new cake wait Jax just look at this why has a giant fish appeared in our Lake I have no idea what that means let’s go outside right now and take a closer look it’s really incredible how this fish ended up in our amazing digital circus I’ve never seen anything like it before just look at how amazing this clown fish looks I really like it too so I suggest we catch it with a fishing rod and cook it over a campfire are you out of your mind we absolutely won’t do that because I think it’s some kind of New Creation by Kake well then wait for me here I’ll head to the McDonald’s kitchen right now to make you a new cake in that case come back as soon as possible because I’m very hungry guys don’t forget to like this video And subscribe to our channel in the meantime I’ll wait for Jax to come back with a very delicious fresh cake I think I have a lot of free time until he returns so right now I’ll try to swim in the lake with this fish hey fish can you hear me guys look at this it seems to be turning and swimming towards me it looks like it can hear my voice but can’t talk because it’s a fish just look at how cool this fish is what is this kmo what are you doing here actually this is my fish I’m taking it back home right now oh no not this don’t take this cute fish away I’ve almost made friends with it I’m going home right now to cook it over a campfire oh no guys not not this it seems like I can’t do anything about it I absolutely don’t believe him that it’s really his fish right now I’m going to Kane’s circus so he can help me figure this out for some reason I’m more than sure that it was indeed Kane’s fish and he was just conducting some experiments with growth potions in that case it would be incredibly awful if this fish fell into the wrong hands that’s why I urgently need to tell C everything besides I’m incredibly curious to find out how he managed to enlarge a regular fish to such gigantic proportions as far as I understand he’s on the second floor of his circus right now so I’m heading to the stairs to go upstairs I really hope he’s actually there and I won’t have to come back empty-handed guys it seems my assumptions were wrong hey hi Kane I’m tired of looking for you hi pomy I take it you’ve already seen my giant fish in our Lake to be honest we really did see it but then suddenly CMO flew in and took this fish with him to his lighthouse I can’t believe he really did that do you at least know where my fish is now I already told you that he took it to his lighthouse in that case we need to sort this out as soon as possible unfortunately I have some matters to attend to in my circus so I’ll give you a very interesting potion and you will go save my fish on your own I really hope you succeed so take this potion I promise I won’t let you down and I’ll save your fish in that case you can head there right now unfortunately I’ll have to break this window to get to cmo’s Lighthouse as quickly as possible I really hope that while I was running to Kane’s circus kmo didn’t have time to do anything bad to the clownish Kane had a potion that will allow me to stop him if he has already started executing his plans and really began cooking this fish guys just look at at this I’ve already sneaked up on kfmo unnoticed right now I’m going to approach him to stop him wait what is this CMO explain to me immediately what is going on here I already told you that this is my fish and that’s why I decided to cook it so I can have a delicious meal tonight you can’t cook it over the fire because it’s alive and it doesn’t belong to you it belongs to K I’ve never eaten such big fish before so I really want to try it you won’t succeed because right now I’m going to throw this disappearance potion at it hey what are you doing stop immediately won’t belong to any of us now she has simply disappeared from our amazing digital circus that’s definitely better than you continuing to cook that fish over an open fire come here right now I’m going to teach you a lesson for what you did it seems I made kfo incredibly angry that’s why we need to run to the circus as quickly as possible so Kane can protect me I’ll tell him everything you tried to do to that fish and he’ll be the one angry at you in that case I’ll tell him that you made his fish disappear from The Amazing digital circus hey Kane I need your help urgently guys what happened and where is my giant fish Hy threw a disappearance potion at your fish and now it’s gone from the circus forever he was going to cook your fish over a campfire and eat it tonight hey kmo are you out of your mind come here immediately I’m going to teach you a lesson apparently C got very angry at kfmo for trying to cook his fish it seems this was some kind of experiment and Kane decided to add a new NPC to our amazing digital circus he definitely spent a lot of time creating this fish so he was incredibly upset to lose it there’s no other way I can expl explain why he got so mad at him for this right now I need to get to the top of the lighthouse as quickly as possible and see what happened I hope the guys aren’t too hurt and are actually okay I think I hear some explosions it seems my friends started fighting each other with staffs I need to hurry to find out what happened to them hey guys what did you do here the fact that we got hurt is entirely Kane’s fault and no one else’s hey pomy as you might have noticed we were indeed fighting with staffs we’re in very bad shape right now so I need you to take a healing potion from his lab and throw it at us okay in that case I’ll go to the lab right now please hurry it’s very uncomfortable lying on my stomach and I can’t turn over right now I’m taking two healing potions from his potion chest guys get ready because I’m going to throw these potions at you now soon you’ll recover and be all right wow it seems to really have worked I’m fed up with you today so I have to say goodbye until the next episode actually kmo has been acting incredibly strange today I absolutely don’t like his behavior lately so what are we going to do now where is your giant fish it seems it really has disappeared from the amazing digital circus but don’t worry about it I can easily create another one by the way this morning Jack stole a ring from my treasure chest have you seen him anywhere by chance did he really steal that ring from you and then give it to me unfortunately it seems that’s exactly what happened could you return it to me I made it for ragath of course I’ll give it back to you I’ll go home right now to teach Jack’s a lesson in that case I wish you good luck I really don’t understand how he could act so deceitfully because in any other situation Cain would have blamed me for the theft I definitely need to teach him a lesson for this guys it seems that I accidentally ended up in some very strange cave there are so many targets hanging on the walls here I definitely need to check what’s in this chest unfortunately there’s absolutely nothing here so right now I’ll head to Kane’s circus to tell them everything that’s happening here just look at the beautiful room he recently built for himself as far as I understand he should be inside right now wow guys just look at this it seems that Kane never told me he got a stuffed toy that looks like Jacks hey pomy why did you enter my room without permission and even better explain why you brought a stuffed toy with you when I came here it was already here and apparently it’s trying to do something on the computer in that case let’s see what exactly it’s doing oh no no no my code is open on the computer right now Kane immediately explain to me what all this means I really hope nothing happens to you right now hey Jax was it you all this time explain immediately why you decided to delete Kane from our amazing digital circus without Cain the amazing digital circus will turn into a real mess Jack stop IM immediately we must teach you a lesson for what you did oh no I have to run now I still have a lot of important things to do today guys it looks like Jax is planning to play a few more pranks on us today apparently I’ll have to team up with kmo to somehow oppose him unfortunately I didn’t see which way he ran so I’ll have to look for him it would be even better to try to bring Kane back to our amazing digital circus however unfortunately I absolutely don’t know how to use a computer and I doubt I can do it myself hey kfmo I’ve been looking for you for a few minutes if you’re looking for me to try to bring came back I can try to do it right now in that case try to do it as soon as possible unfortunately all the files are deleted here so I’ll just try to press random key combinations and maybe it will work hey kmo immediately explain to me how you did that I told you I just hit the keyboard with my fist and it worked thank you so much for bringing me back to the amazing digital circus do you happen to know where JX is right now unfortunately I couldn’t track him but it seems he was running towards calm Mo’s lighthouse in that case I’ll head there right now you try looking for him somewhere else that’s a really great idea but right now we’re being attacked by a gummy crocodile you’re absolutely right and that’s why you need to run away from here as quickly as possible I’ll try to distract it and you run home and check if Jax is doing anything there if you need me again be sure to look for me in my circus that’s a really good idea so right now I’m heading home I hope Jax hasn’t had time to set up any pranks there otherwise I don’t even know what I’ll do in such a situation I might even have to go back to the circus and ask Cain for help wait guys what is this it seems I didn’t make it in time and Jax is already in my house hey Jax get over here and explain why you decided to prank us all today didn’t you like my pranks and even better explain to me how you ended up in my house right now I’m going to take a dip in your jacuzzi and you won’t be able to stop me why do you think I won’t be able to stop you get out of my house immediately or I’ll call someone for help or throw a disappearance potion at you I’m telling you you can’t do anything and I’m already in your jacuzzi I think it’s time for you to leave so please do it as quickly as possible in that case I’ll have to leave through the window I’m going back to the circus and I’ll tell Kane everything that doesn’t scare me at all because I paid the gummy crocodile to take care of him oh no guys if that’s really true I can’t believe it right now I’m running home and if you want you can invite me to walk together hey pomy tell me immediately if you managed to find JX if so where is he now of course I found him and right now he’s trying to hide in his house guys you’ll never catch me so you can stop right now by the way pomy to deal with the gummy crocodile I even had to lock it up because this time it was very persistent for some reason this is really cool now let’s deal with Jack we’ve cornered him so now we can handle him with without any problem to ensure he doesn’t try to prank us again today explain to me immediately what potion you threw at him I actually intended to throw a completely different potion at him do you at least have any idea what we should do now I think we don’t need to do anything because he definitely deserved to disappear what are you talking about he’s our best friend hey just look at this it seems he simply teleported let’s hurry and follow him to see if it was just your imagination did you even see which direction he ran unfortunately no but I saw him fly away right before my eyes I have absolutely no idea how that’s even possible I think we need to go search for Rel right now what is this it seems there’s a giant Bridge right behind me let’s run there as quickly as possible because that’s actually the exit from our amazing digital circus if you want you can cross this bridge right now and leave this place forever but wait how is that even possible wait could it be that this whole time it wasn’t Kane py I hope you really enjoyed all the pranks we decided to pull together with Jax guys I absolutely can’t believe what’s happening I think kmo is trying to trick me into going onto this bridge besides that I’m going to throw this potion at you so you forget everything that happened here what will happen to me now hey guys where am I this place looks incredibly similar to Jax’s carrot storage oh no I absolutely can’t believe it because there are stuffed toys of jacks everywhere they don’t react to me at all so I’ll try to take a few barrels of carrots from here this should definitely provoke some reaction oh no guys look at this it seems the toys got very angry with me and threw some potions at themselves come on PNE calm down and stop running it’s just a little prank hurry up and give us some feedback on our work I hope you really enjoyed everything I love the prank because I played the main role wait guys was this really just your silly prank at some point I started thinking I was dreaming nope we just managed to make a new transformation potion that turned Jax into a small stuffed toy but now that it’s all over I officially invite you to my housewarming party because I built a new room right in the circus let’s go there quickly I’ve wanted to see what’s inside for a long time I hope this isn’t another silly prank because I didn’t like it at all hey guys just look at my my new computer by the way PNE this is where I put Jax and when he was pressing random buttons I pretended that he managed to delete me from the amazing digital circus I really hope you enjoyed that part of the prank is this whole series really just a big joke as shocking as it may be that’s exactly the case unfortunately I need to go back home because I still need to prepare a few potions hey guys if we don’t have any more plans for today maybe we can all go on a picnic together that’s a great idea because after a hard day I wouldn’t mind a couple of tasty Burgers well guys It’s Time to Say Goodbye right now I think I’ll have a great time with my friends and just relax

JAX – Minecraft on 2024-06-25 21:00:14. It has garnered 2827 views and 27 likes. The duration of the video is 01:06:27 or 3987 seconds.

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    Custom Minecraft World Features: – Nearly 100 New Biomes and 100+ Structures provided by Terralith, Incendium, NullScape and Structory. – World reset on May 5th, 2024. – In-game voice chat available (not required). – BlueMap Webmap. – Premium Pets, Ranks, and Particle Trails. – /sit and /lay commands available. – Cross-platform with Bedrock for playing with Console and Mobile Gamers. – Fast leaf decay, no need for leaf crushers in wood farms. – Grief Prevention with player action logging and rollback ability. – No chat reports, ensuring privacy and freedom from bans due to mass reporting. – Ability to put… Read More

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    Well, at least all those hours spent in your survival world have given you some meme-worthy content! Maybe it’s time for a break and some fresh air outside of Minecraft? Read More

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    Survived 100 Days: Desert-Only Minecraft Adventure! In the desert world, I took my stand, Surviving 100 days, with shovel in hand. Building my shelter, under the hot sun, Mining for diamonds, oh what fun! Facing creepers and zombies, with skill and might, Crafting new tools, in the dead of night. Exploring the desert, for treasures untold, In this harsh world, my story unfolds. So if you enjoyed this epic tale, Leave a comment, like, and set sail. For more adventures in Minecraft land, Stay tuned, for I have more plans! Read More


    100 ZOMBIES VS 3 NETHERIE GOLEMS: ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! When you realize the zombies are actually just trying to get the Netherite Golem to do their taxes for them in Minecraft. #taxseason #zombieaccountants Read More

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    Jackbhaiya's Hilarious Mye Moye Moment Gamerfleet’s Minecraft Adventures: A Journey of Laughter and Fun The World of Gamerfleet Gamerfleet, a popular gaming group, has been entertaining audiences with their hilarious Minecraft gameplay. From funny moments to epic adventures, they have created a unique gaming experience that keeps viewers coming back for more. Jackbhaiya’s Moye Moye One of the standout features of Gamerfleet’s content is the "Moye Moye" moments, where the players engage in fun and lighthearted interactions. These moments add a touch of humor and camaraderie to their gameplay, making it a joy to watch. Meeting Modi Ji In a surprising turn of events,… Read More

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    🏠 Minecraft Madness: Drawing Houses in Willow Woods - ART STREAM #26Video Information This video, titled ‘lets draw minecraft houses again! – ART STREAM #26 (5/22/24)’, was uploaded by Willow Woods on 2024-06-12 19:00:18. It has garnered 480 views and 50 likes. The duration of the video is 03:32:56 or 12776 seconds. during this stream, i drew another minecraft house for practice! STREAMS (7 PM EST, TUES, WED AND THURS): https://www.twitch.tv/fourleafisland ART TUMBLR: https://fourleafisland.tumblr.com/ ART TWITTER: https://twitter.com/fourleafisland ART INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/fourleafisland/ ART BSKY: https://bsky.app/profile/fourleafisland.bsky.social SHOP/OTHER LINKS: https://fourleafisland.carrd.co/ WEBCOMIC: https://www.webtoons.com/en/canvas/laikas-comet/list?title_no=857623 Read More

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    Ultimate Minecraft Challenge: Do Not Call Billy from Saw at 3:00!Video Information This video, titled ‘Don’t call BILLY from SAW in 3:00! JJ and Mikey in minecraft! Challenge from Maizen!’, was uploaded by New JJ and MIkey on 2024-03-20 00:00:06. It has garnered 2357 views and 17 likes. The duration of the video is 00:08:39 or 519 seconds. Don’t call BILLY from SAW in 3:00! JJ and Mikey in minecraft! Challenge from Maizen! This video is an unofficial work and is neither created nor approved by Maizen Sisters. Original Maizen Channel – @maizenofficial Read More

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    "Minecraft's Ultimate Sand Castle - INSANE BUILD!!" #minecraft #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Realistic Sand Castle Design Build #minecraft #shorts’, was uploaded by Foxline on 2024-04-30 15:00:42. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Minecraft Realistic Sand Castle Design Build #minecraft #shorts #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #fy #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage … Read More

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    Build Banter & BeyondWhat is our purpose? To create a community that can Build together, Banter with each other, & explore Beyond Minecrafts normal limits. With the goal of hopefully never resetting the world, instead, once we feel bored or want a change, we will move the spawn point far away. This gives people the chance to reset themselves by leaving their past gear, ores, etc. in their last area. If or when the spawn gets moved, people do not need to reset themselves; they can freely use their old base or bring stuff with them to the new area. Whats different? No… Read More

  • Harmony Falls SMP PVE Proximity Voice-Chat No Resets 1.20+ Java

    Are you looking for a friendly and exciting Minecraft server to join? Harmony Falls Server Details: Version: Java 1.20.1 (Updating to 1.21 soon!) IP: join.harmonyfallssmp.world Discord: https://discord.gg/UD59PE897s About Harmony Falls: Proximity Voice Chat: Optional feature allowing you to talk to nearby players. Towny & Economy: Build towns, establish relations, trade, or wage war with other players. PvE & PvP: Engage in battles against mobs or challenge others in arenas. Bosses/Dungeons: New bosses added regularly. Pets: Venture with companion animals like bears, griffins, and dragons. RPG Elements: Level up skills, choose paths, and go on quests. Events: Join tournaments, competitions, and… Read More

  • Chaos SMP: Lifesteal | 1.21 Update

    Chaos SMP: Lifesteal | 1.21 UpdateWelcome to Chaos SMP | Ip: | Version:Java 1.21Welcome to Chaos SMP, a semi-vanilla Minecraft server where community and fun are at the heart of everything we do! Our small, close-knit community and active staff team are excited to welcome you to join us.We strive to keep gameplay as close to vanilla as possible while offering a unique experience with our Lifesteal plugin for PvP enthusiasts. Our server encourages players to create or join teams and aim to be the best of the best, whether that’s through engaging in lore, PvP, or simply building.No Netherite armourPluginsLootable gravesLifestealTreefellerBetterteamsSimple voice chat Join… Read More

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