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I’m a witch in case you didn’t know and the reason why I’m which is today we’re playing minecraft what we help witches and we’re basically you gotta be checking out a bunch of cool spells and we’re gonna be learning them as well we got flying brooms we got weird

Rituals and we got a jelly I know if you hit that like button jelly anyway let’s see how we do oh please don’t die Raven oh oh oh oh wait that fighting oh my god Josh met you all the way from my rainbow I choose it I didn’t have to do that

Guys guys yeah get up get away from my raver is not about our pets wait what was your pet even wasn’t we is or witches yay wait jelly why is your witch time following you sit down okay it’s literally it off yes oh really doing a

Lot this day okay guys can we just focus on doing some witch stuff yeah I’m ready to reach it out we got our hats on guys our pets don’t really listen to us but that’s you know wait wait before we get started a witch stuff we have to go pray

Our altar okay grey balls here so basically all of the magic we’re gonna do today this altar will like eat the flowers around it it’s great how do you pray to it I mean wishes you have this Crouch much time so we just killed jelly we sacrifice our youngest you have to

Twerk on I sacrifice the shortest of us to miss battle that’s real magic now create Peter well I will kill you with the ritual we’ve got many losing focus now I’m sorry let’s focus on being witches okay okay we’re gonna make some cool potions first recipe wait let me

Just get some supplies quick okay okay so this is the process so this is like a little Mandrake oh my God look it’s like cecily look oily and then gunpowder huh was I supposed to do that already you guys some cauldron right now it’s not gonna work if you two both doing gunpowder

What really you know what that’s that looks about right okay throw in the last thing but I don’t think it’s gonna work Josh we’re terrible wait for me till I got what – oh there we go way to next round stop touching it wait so now Mikey so we

Fur the stuff in it right guys can shop oh wait no I’ve got it you got it splashes witches brew okay I want to try I want to try so water water Mandrake gunpowder gumbo you right-click with the boundary powder Mandrake dude that’s going very well nice jump

And then gonna turn into red mama no you need you need to help let me just grab another okay and now it turns into catch up it’s a catch up it’s gonna be the magical effect it’s not grab it anyway grab it anyway I don’t have one of those

I paying the same you guys can grab it okay here’s a little balls there you go I wonder what I made rice it’s broken hang on oh there we go is it my guys try it out one person or time yes okay Matt Mandrake great Mandrake I just right-click anyway but

Written & gunpowder gunpowder now Julie yes and then then we need a horn for you okay the water still looks normal I get it up yet that in put the horn in there a hellhound horn put it okay oh here we go yes oh wait cranny you might gonna get

Another one from that oh oh okay jelly oh do it alright jelly let me have some of that dude okay go take it and test it over here so now we made our own potion what he did Wichita State what all right I’m gonna fur the first one so what does all I

Even do guys I don’t know whoa oh my god what’s y’all jelly just throw it all the way greats like a little mini hell area that doesn’t sound nice guys sounds lovely what is it some spells could be nice that means that we can probably make a

Whole bunch of other cool like okay I think this is ready for the last component you gotta aim better Josh take one out take one out telly last wishes broom okay okay what does this one do oh this is ice what I guess this one’s

Gonna make a little I say let’s blow it up in the hell oh oh my god hey dude look I’m walking all slow now Jimmy really I knew that was gonna happen man I’ve been iced I don’t all I need to do is add a little bit of help pretty cool Oh

Jump in the water till you’re in game talk too slow hey guy you’re safe now I’m sorry guys okay so we just you said to come we literally basically gave one of them I’ll just make okay good job jelly hold the Mandrake in there nice nice you gotta aim better and then the

Gunpowder and daddy ain’t cobweb the hallway and I was gonna turn into a brand new thing I think you wanna take one out okay there we go I got one all right your phobia Oh oh no I don’t like that jelly good job tariffs the Nobita

Did you just say – okay let’s see what this one does okay I’ll throw it at the same time okay what I died – my own potion guys that’s funny man that’s funny last one there we go okay which one should we do first I vote for the disrobing one all right

Well good nice right now roping Oh what happened all right I don’t know what that one does I think I think your armor off like we don’t know Helen Yama we only have a witch’s hat on oh okay Attila t volatility volatility Wait wait wait wait I’m gonna blow up what does it say to you gee guys okay I I thought for a second that we were gonna blow up oh my god we blew up ain’t the volatility made us explode be careful I love recursively plum that was funny I

Meant she gonna die oh my really cool spells for how about we go ahead and do some rituals boys all right sounds good I’m gonna drop some of my stuff in here though cuz let’s go do some rituals I guess wait oh well guys we should get what is reading first yeah you

Right-click it okay something weird this way will suit counter a new friend oh I doubt that hey it’s me I’ll real real friend anyway that future is gonna be weird is that come over here then something wicked was coming my way guys everybody bring some chalk yes I

Did well we’re gonna need that because do you see these things right here well that’s that’s chalk balls our ritual thank you for explaining that Jill you’d have to do some drawings boys okay oh is that what this is for yeah what is this building over here so why are you

Actually like you’re the one that yeah you act like you know all of this jelly I don’t know anything but there’s a bonus all of this crap joking let’s just grab this one right okay okay I’m just gonna grab the agrees from this I thought hey we’ll do a wild first and we

Have our Book of Shadows look this up oh look at find what they see so we gotta look under see we can find it I found it I found it oh I found it – oh yeah seven for several animals in the wild I love

Animals if you look at the at the circle you can see underneath the inventory huh it needs to look like that basically I think I think that white oh oh like that ready Zach middle is yellow okay so I think I just put them okay look it’s

Like floating around it oh my god right click right click again oh okay it’s working what’s gonna happen Beauty scarce it’s cooling the wild uh well not nothing happening oh my god applying for a wolf and what cat kitty cat hello cat uh what are you doing here

That is not a cat guys it’s like a it’s like a leftward in it uh and also what I actually think jelly alright I was making a joke that it was a cat yeah all right we’re all wrong then well sure all right well folks reports that I

Think we shall try one of the other ones I want to try this one guys which one’s the conjurer which okay I just took all the items I said I wanted to do wait let me swing need to figure out what it is though come on Jill oh

Okay so it’s white purple white really okay white purple wait so we need to change the writing any to change the white to the purple okay yeah yeah yeah Is that correct yeah yeah that’s the thing okay yeah looks awesome okay you guys ready yep yeah it’s all up to you jelly I’m gonna put him in come on jelly one oh that’s an amorous now floating that’s two okay four okay and here we go debate the ritual right click oh okay

This is kind of scary actually what’s it do I don’t know what is actually gonna happen who’s gonna summon a wish right I don’t know I guess we’ll figure out oh my god is it friendly oh we gotta get rid of it do you still have the dagger wait guys I

Have a potion to kill it with we can come over here bro you have another help come here weird she come in come in come in which come on this come in I don’t want to damage okay Oh Josh but evil witch you are evil and you wanna win you

Should go away evil witch we don’t like out of the fire great well push it back in okay wait oh actually I might die make sure the circle doesn’t set on fire yeah that’s true yeah I just really saw oh my good oh god it kill Josh it kill Josh that’s

It that’s it by repeating this which shop anyway guys let’s go check out the next one I’m excited I gotta choose I hope we don’t die frenzy bro sounds cool I think this one sounds really cool yeah we got we got a bunch of things in

There let’s have a look in the book okay let me see if I can find it oh that looks easy what was it called again white why don’t you roll right okay che muchacha is vanilla trees with magic all right I think it’s them two white

Cream oh yeah we got it we got it we got a okay back to play I got the white sock ready I can do this come on boys work hard you’re taking a little loan Craner come on yeah sorry you’re ruining the circle I think I was

Doing it to get rid of this we need to get rid of this quick before ruins the magic I think you were breaking the block how do we get rid of oh guys are you serious you guys sought to be richest with let’s just what are we

Doing what did you do jelly oh no seriously you keep messing up my ritual are you guys kidding yeah jelly is the one doing this not stop doing it wait stop it okay leave it but the icing doesn’t work now I’m blaming you guys here we go here we go ink sex

Myzel eggs oh no you started jogging you put the wrong ingredients and then what wait guys oh my god what crazy looking which okay actually added trees and turns them into not almost really confused this is some weird this is elbow wood Elderwood see look at that we got one more to go

It’s the lack of the rising tweak the rising tweak wait what does he require transforming Monday’s sticks and hay bale yeah make a tweak Oh purple white white all right so the altar ring needs to be purple okay okay I’ll help all right turning it purple guys okay miss clicking is really annoying

Yeah you guys that’s it is that okay ah okay yellow yeah this is gonna be so sick dude I can’t wait for this oh wait I can’t wait too late it was a little quick sorry what’s gonna happen huh anything oh wow wait only under broom can I get one wait a minute

How does it my boy what Oh guys Ellie’s riding on a broom how’d it go up got a press back to get one too we need to get one too Josh you swing it back here so we can try it so fast dude look at that

Get off my brain oh my god Elaine that is same – oh look at him zooming by jelly my turn my turn all right coming in oh it was a jump ball oh look at me boys don’t come back ever again why are you guys being lame when it’s my

Turn you guys act like I’m really cool when I assume by I mean we are okay me too three two one that good crater right yes we let’s do some special walks oh yeah we’re gonna actually do real teleportation oh look the small evil ritual things yes right here is a warping cold

Guy yes Oh I suggest you get in at Krannert no wait that’s not okay okay let me just grab something’s happening Jilly what we’re gonna do dimensionals move out the way power seats working it’s Ricky and then you throw the dimensional Sandi okay and then I think you just type time to hmm

Maybe you have to stand in it Oh oh my god I guess I are typing yeah yeah I have to you just have to have your feet inside a thing but there was another one too right yeah no no no I think there’s one set up

At the village so what oh no no no village cranium village all the way over the village guys wait do it now hello village well we’re at the village basically oh you can’t because there’s nothing in there crane it there’s no days this thing doesn’t listen to anything

There’s no dimensional sad in there yes we should why are none of these things working because there’s no stuff in there crap okay alright see you later guys oh oh okay bye jelly okay being a witch was absolutely awesome but you know what else is awesome one of these two videos

That are on the screen right now and you can keep on watching my videos if you want to but you have to click one of the Bell that’s the only rule and if you don’t do it I’ll turn you into a toad did you do it yet good job

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    Unbelievable 3D Minecraft Sakura Logos BuildVideo Information [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] N Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] n This video, titled ‘PinkFong | 3D Minecraft Pixel Art Build’, was uploaded by Sakura Logos on 2023-11-12 15:00:24. It has garnered 1967 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:03:17 or 197 seconds. Hello, everyone! It’s me, and I’m back with another exciting Minecraft adventure. Today, I’m taking on a delicious challenge as I create an epic 3D pixel art build of none other than the iconic PinkFong logo. That’s right,… Read More

  • Hades Labyrinth

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  • (Server) Happy Holidays! 30% Off

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20.1 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20.1 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More

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