Mind-blowing: 47 Mobs Minecraft Will NEVER Add!

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This is every cool mob that Minecraft needs to add in its next update say hello to the T-Rex the very hostile cousin of the sniffer in order to find one of these Terrors you have to travel deep underground to the prehistoric caves where you can find vast new

Structures and even glowing ore but be careful because its teeth are sharper than netherite though if you’re up for the challenge then you can grab your smashing club and with well-timed strikes you can stun the Beast and feed him some salad do this enough and you’ll

Have a tamed Dino that will defend you and you make for a sweet ride or you can make him dance and who wouldn’t want that I guess these guys don’t say hello to skull zombies originating from an added skull Temple this guy’s little mission is to spread his virus well

Everywhere it infects all kinds of mob from cows to ravagers to even your local old man Greg just be careful though because as you can see it can get really out of hand just like this nuclear explosion what caused this well it’s the totally new and improved creeper Tron

3000 this nuclear creeper is a threat to anyone in its vicinity which is why it likes to remain alone deep down in its nuclear waste ocean caves if a lucky player manages to take one of these bad boys down you can be one of the lucky

Few who can craft your very own nuclear TNT giving pranks on Friends a whole new meaning hey what are you do you are the worst oh come on don’t be a chicken uh uh no offense I’m guessing you’re a mutant chicken this feathery monstrosity is surprisingly deadly unlike other

Chickens it can fly it will allowing any player that takes it down to craft their very own feather elytras no more need for fireworks now you can fly in any direction you want on your own allowing me uh I mean uh anyone to live out their

Fantasy of being a superhero it’s a bird it’s a plane oh wait no it’s just a loser what is that thing that’s a warden worm if you think wardens are strong you clearly haven’t fought against one of these they originate in their very own desert themed ancient cities and not

Only do they have their very own unique Sonic Boom attacks but they can also Burrow under the ground when you least expect it but little does it realize it’s dealing with super bonss upon its death it drops skull fragments now allowing any player to finally make Warden Armor does something smell funny

To you oh wait are you doing a mob video yes can I be in it uh no cuz I’d rather talk about this entire rat colony they may seem scary but these cheese loving Critters are actually a lot more useful than you’d think not only are they adorable but after

Crafting the right recipes you can easily make any of these rats into your very own dedicated worker tasking them in a variety of jobs from a builder to a farmer to even a king or whatever that thing is don’t be afraid to reward them with cheese because with their help any

Daunting task you may have up ahead can at least have the company of your very own rat Army oh my goodness speaking of armies it seems that the bee Colony has a new Fierce competitor the killer wasps unlike these these harmful insects attack on site and their Stingers hurt a

Lot more with each Sting the Wasps send out a pheromone that calls to the other wasps turning your 1V one into a crowd V none but if you are lucky enough to take one down you can get what’s called a pheromone and once placed you can have

Your very own neutral wasp that will protect you from any dangers okay okay maybe not any dangers because this place is probably too dangerous for any wasp welcome to the magnetic caves the home of the magnetic gollem he’s the sworn protector of these new and unique caves

And even sends out magnetic drones to scout areas and spot any nearby threats if you can sneak past these drones and the main Golem himself then what awaits you are unique and new types of magnetic ores each has their very own powers that they can grant players even the ability

To walk sideways but once actually collected any person can craft various amounts of Machinery even an elevator if you thought Redstone was a challenge you clearly haven’t been inside this cave Ah that’s better now for a snack what was that crows these terrible creatures love to steal food right out

Of your hands but worst of all ah what a peaceful day they raid crops why is it always me the feathery felons love food almost as much as they love antagonizing old men luckily for Greg here though throwing together a scarecrow will well scare those crows

But if you toss them some seeds they’ll change their tune and actually help you grabbing items and stuffing them in your chests here you go pal finally time for a snack wait oh no it’s the mush brothers fly away fly away no these two boys hate on anyone that takes their

Precious mushrooms and with a chance to spawn when one is picked it’s best to come prepared oh yeah you better run uh you tell him brother if you do manage to kill one of them though they’ll drop plenty of soup and if you’re lucky a mushroom egg just

Be careful because sometimes if you attack them they’ll get buffer you killed my brother ow I hate mushrooms oh hey s you were showcasing those mush Bros earlier and uh look I’m not really in the mood right now okay bye oh cool cool yeah that’s cool just walk away yesh let’s

Focus on something more enjoyable like Chester here this chest with legs is the best travel companion you could ask for the extra inventory space really helps out on Long adventures and he’ll warn you if there’s ever any danger nearby what in the is that a zombie in a trench

Coat what do I do where do I go wait it’s just a zombie why am I running there were three baby zombies in there what you guys couldn’t get a ticket to the movies ow stop that’s it I’m using my secret weapon the skunk you’ve really done it this time

Zomos oh oh no I got to get out of here oh gross oh when threatened the skunk sprays its gas everywhere this stuff can even attach to blocks and if it’s touched it’ll leave you nauseous though if you wanted to you could bottle it up for some use against other players and

Even oh no I’m so sorry little buddy I didn’t mean to hit you well that’s the diamond armadillo unlike the regular armadillo you can find him deep underground hiding out in the Sandy ruins deep below the surface not only does he give your dog diamond armor but

Its drops also have variants for your cats too now come on who wouldn’t want to see their pets even more protected well they’ll need that extra armor if they’re ever going to encounter the melon Goliath spawning in melon patches these ferocious beasts fight by swinging their heavy Vines and shooting melon

Seeds it’s weakest to swords and fire just make sure to kill it quick or you’ll be overrun by melon Raptors ferocious little demons that live to eat ouch finally uprooting this Titan will net you the best prize of all a melon Minun I know what to do with

This now do you ever look at the Ender Dragon and go I want more of those well here you go dragons are now added everywhere with a different type tied down to its own biome each has their own special attack that they’ll rain down on players

But if you bribe them with the right amount of fish they will become nothing short of your best friend allowing you to fly out and travel throughout your world way easier now who told me I didn’t know how to train a dragon what no oh that creature that

Just killed my amazing dragon is a new type of Creeper now instead of one boring old green one each biome also has a different type they have their own unique explosions and spread around their respected biomes be careful though because if you run into a cave creeper you’ll realize that there isn’t any

Knockback a little too late but none of that matters I finally cracked the code SH follow me okay now you have to promise to keep this a secret okay all right all villagers are actually reptilian monsters from below the surface they’ve been spreading throughout Minecraft for years now and

Are almost ready to take over the world don’t believe me look look over there they love to make trades and they live in houses just like hey and they can attack too although they’re not as destructive as this the fire ant unlike spiders they also set everything on fire jeez where’s

A water ant when you need one I was just joking what looks like water ants consistently give off water particles which can be pretty handy to have around your house H I love water don’t you oh sorry not cool well who says Enderman can’t love water look man

You just got to believe in yourself you think yeah go on swim you beautiful creature oh well he might not be able to swim but that didn’t stop those guys these ocean Endermen evolve to love the deaths so much in fact that they’ll attack any creature in their territory killing them

Can give you the rare bubble Pearl too it’s an ender pearl that floats in a straight line that’s not all though there are many more Enderman variants to find as well like the dark oak Enderman that blinds you before attacking or the snowy Enderman that’ll freeze you in

Place just don’t attack the flower Enderman he won’t fight back or anything I just think he’s too cute to harm like him your new favorite Thief if you aren’t careful this little devil will sneak into your house and take some of your delicious belongings but if you

Give it an egg right next to any water source it’ll wash it off before becoming your pet giving you the most dangerous little crime pal allowing you to sneak into your friend’s base and steal anything you want sh sh uh hi uh you you don’t see us do you

Uh yes I literally see you oh well well in that case run through that nether portal and to my sheap vehicle you’ll never catch me alive whatever ah what the is that a bone serpent these dangerous snake skeletons Slither throughout the nether lakes and our new enemy that’ll leap out

At a player any chance they can but if you’re smart enough to take down one of them then you can pick up one of their teeth and use it to craft a potion of lava Vision now you can see everything ha people say Staring at the Sun is hot

Though I think it’s time to cool off Ah that’s better wait why are you staring at me like that is there something be wao it looks like you just found a rare buffer fish that’s right with a capital B this is by far the strongest fish in

The ocean and can be your best mode of transportation if you’re lucky enough to catch it just uh don’t challenge it to an arm wrestle that’s when things really get ugly oh wait why did I spawn back in the end oh it’s the show you guys the new

Insane upgrade to the Ender Dragon if you thought a dragon with one head was a challenge imagine one with three triple the fun but triple the danger not only is this Dragon a lot more powerful but in order to slay the Beast you now have to fight off more of its smaller winged

Fighters making your goal to beat the game that much more challenging and rewarding because now when you take the Ender Dragon’s egg it can actually hatch giving you your very own mini Ender Dragon pet a how cute reminds me of the LA and their Troublesome double the Vigor these green Spirits love to

Strengthen and heal wandering mobs ah stop healing this will render any mob unkillable unless you manage to take out the Vigor because if that happens then all their Undead minions will fall down with them so if you see this little green fairy be careful and take them out

First but there is no being careful with this guy around say hello to the Forsaken a deadly creature that lives in the Deep Hollows the only way he can enter your world as if he’s summoned by his undying followers so try not to get on their bad side you’re on my bad side

Oh jeez they’ll start chanting and before you know it the nightmare has arrived with its pouncing grabbing Chomps and Sonic shout it’ll probably be your toughest battle yet but if you do kill it then you’re able to craft the shadow Shadow cloak and Hood with this

Equip you can build up your Shadow meter allowing your character to enter Shadow mode woohoo just make sure that you aren’t flying when you exit it yesh with enemies like these I’m going need backup so I think it’d be really cool to have like a fox right but

Wearing a tiny suit of armor with a sword and just like that once armored up this fox can help you fight just about any mob though it is weak to creepers that’s only temporary because he can be upgraded even more equip your new friend with netherite and he’ll take on the

Whole world for you but what happens when the animals aren’t on your side this happens these animals have been trapped in farms for too long and now they’re finally fighting back join cluck Norris cow PG and gigahorse as they St Stand Together against the tyranny of villagers everywhere roaming in groups from biome

To biome these mobs only goal is to free the rest of their kind no villager nor player will stand in their way uh look guys I don’t have any livestock I’m on your side likely story pal oh minoshroom thank goodness you’re here you can save

Me oh oh so I’m not good enough to Showcase but I’m good enough to save you um yes You’ showcased your last mob Bonks oh yeah F away boys wait no I’m sorry can’t a guy catch a break around here crazy Carl what are you oh amethyst Wait no that’s an amethyst

Golum oh no that is the guardian of amethyst geodes he’s got a mean punch and an even meaner spin just make sure to watch out for his Spike attack too o it’s best to carry a pickaxe around with you because there’s a slight chance that you can

Pick it on the head to tame it giving you a way better protector than any iron golem just don’t say that in front of them uh-oh okay hey don’t cry man we can upgrade you to be way cooler than some stupid amethyst Golem here let’s get

Some gold and a furnace and then uh bam the golden furnace Golem why don’t you uh try out your new mods nice now it can burn mobs near and far with him around Villages all around your world can feel safe and secure another job well done

Though I couldn’t do a better job than Minecraft’s new woodpecker this little guy can help you with loads of things like cleaning your copper stripping your wood and even ringing your bass’s bell okay you can stop now please stop but just be careful giving these guys flint

And steel because if you do all of your hard work will be gone thanks do you hear something what’s this down here huh down deep inside this creepy laboratory resides The Harbinger wake it up to meet the scarier and much more threatening version of the Wither not only does it

Have the withers’s attacks but it packs a punch with its own arsenal of ranged explosions laser beams and much more around the room are different types of fuel sources and once they’re charged by your foe you can set them off hurting him then upon his defeat not only does

He drop a fancy netherite block and cool new music disc but you can also obtain the Wither missile giving you a new way to attack any enemies or just your friends don’t you dare H works perfectly now have you ever looked at a barrel and thought wow I

Really want to hide in that thing well this new zombie is is living that dream not only do they come up from the water but when they step out on land the sun doesn’t burn them thanks to the Barrel’s full protection and the best part the barrel they’re carrying around is full

Of different types of treasure so when you take it down you might be surprised at the items that await you but you know what’s even better than barrels Shuler boxes say hello to the new and improved shulkers someone’s been working out not only do they make the N cities much more

Dangerous but they have brand new attacks to make your fight that much harder thankfully though when you outsmart him you can now make a double shulker box giving you even more space to carry items around oh no I wasn’t paying attention why am I in a pizzeria

What’s going on Freddy Fazbear you got added into Minecraft I think I lost him not only does Freddy hunt you down but he guards this Pizzeria with his life from any living creature but no worries because if you find yourself accidentally trapped here you can use the camera system to your advantage to

Avoid the evil animatronic and well if you want to face your conflicts with the boom then try your best because Freddy is stronger than five wardens put together however if you kill him you can collect his head giving you 30 Hearts total and every mob in the game will

Fear you even some of your friends I hate though I did just lie because the Emu ain’t scared of nothing especially anything with a bow it hates skeletons and pillagers both with a passion and actively hunts them at every opportunity it’s great at it too because these guys

Are known to dodge any projectile at incredible speeds just don’t let it catch you holding a weapon or it’ll see you as a threat too oh no reload ah reload uh ow brains what what happened last thing I remember I was ew yeah get out of here

I’m trying to ah gross gross leave me alone these flies are nothing but an annoyance they love to bother and bite Undead mobs ow and they can be found hovering around food chests if they manage to sneak inside your house get out of here not you though you can stay

You little cutie this here is is the changeling often found roaming around the flower forests it loves the company of any player it can find wonder why it’s called a changeling though I’m sure it’s a horrible monster apparently it attacks unsuspecting players with its spiky tentacles and sharp teeth that is unless

You can run really fast Let’s Escape through this portal and explore the nether instead here we can find a brand new structure known as the reinforce nether fortress and inside of its core you’ll find the ignited revenants uh but be warned cuz he’s extremely powerful though if you’re smart like me you can

Go around the Fortress and find loads of valuable loot throughout the chest scattered around here some even holding elytras with your upgraded gear take down the Revenant that’ll give you the golden core with this each and every piglin in your vicinity is going to rush

To your Aid and defend you for life ha thanks little guy oh no it looks like I was in the nether for too long an infection is spread all throughout Minecraft taking over all its structures and even this poor Village uh uh-oh this is a fungal infected villager

His job is to roam through Minecraft and spread all his infections throughout the world claiming multiple biomes caves and creatures only for it to grow even worse and worse it’s a normal day of Minecraft ah ah you got to be kidding me the infection can’t mutate what it can’t

Reach though and these capuchin monkeys are great aims found in groups if one of them is in danger the rest are going to come to their aid all right men Ready Aim Fire throwing Cobblestone at each and every threat in sight you can even tame them with bananas to get these

Sharpshooters on your side but even they won’t be able to help you against this the nightmare stalker an extremely dangerous creature that Waits until your third night until spawning in as his name implies he stalks you or any player learning your weaknesses and waiting for the perfect time to strike the only time

You’ll know when he’s following you is if you see his two glowing eyes and if you think you can hide you’re wrong because he can see anyone as far as 70 blocks away when fighting this Beast will let out a loud Screech which causes blindness to any one around you might

Want to take it down fast because the longer you let him live the stronger he will become uh anyways subscribe

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Thank you for watching: 47 New Mobs Minecraft Will NEVER Add! Today we discuss AWESOME mobs Minecraft wont add! Make sure to let me know which one your favorite is! #minecraft

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    Unbelievable 3D Minecraft Sakura Logos BuildVideo Information [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] N Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] n This video, titled ‘PinkFong | 3D Minecraft Pixel Art Build’, was uploaded by Sakura Logos on 2023-11-12 15:00:24. It has garnered 1967 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:03:17 or 197 seconds. Hello, everyone! It’s me, and I’m back with another exciting Minecraft adventure. Today, I’m taking on a delicious challenge as I create an epic 3D pixel art build of none other than the iconic PinkFong logo. That’s right,… Read More

  • Hades Labyrinth

    Hades LabyrinthTHE FUTURE OF PRISON HAS ARRIVED Hades Labyrinth is a new type of prison server. Building upon the basic prison server model, we have enhanced gameplay through the addition of original and custom features. On top of that, we hope to build a robust and energetic community in which players are rewarded in equal proportion to their spent time and effort! Casual and hardcore players alike will find a welcome spot on Hades Labyrinth. hadeslabyrinth.com Read More

  • (Server) Happy Holidays! 30% Off https://mcserveriguess.craftingstore.net/

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20.1 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20.1 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: play.santosiguess.com (GL HF) Read More

  • Blocky Adventures: Crafting Creativity in Minecraft

    Blocky Adventures: Crafting Creativity in Minecraft Welcome to the world of Minecraft, where creativity reigns, Embark on epic adventures, where the blocky realm entertains. Hidden caves to explore, mobs to battle with might, Craft incredible structures, in the day or the night. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, This video’s packed with tips, so you won’t have a doubt. Grab your pickaxe and let the journey begin, Unleash your creativity, let the blocky empire win. Like, share, and subscribe for more block-busting fun, Join the gaming community, and let the adventure run. Minecraft is the game where virtual worlds come alive, So… Read More

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    Ultimate 3D RPG Minecraft Skins: Figura Mod Showcase The Figura Mod Showcase: Elevating Your Minecraft Experience with 3D Skins Hello, gamers! Are you ready to take your Minecraft experience to the next level? Look no further than the Figura mod showcase. This innovative mod allows you to create and use 3D Minecraft skins, perfect for immersive role-playing experiences with your friends. Let’s dive into the exciting features and possibilities that Figura has to offer. Easy-to-Use GUI and Skin Creation The Figura mod comes with an intuitive GUI integrated into the game menu, making it easy for players to choose and upload their 3D skins. If you’re new… Read More

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    Unleash the Ultimate Fire Spell in Wizard Training!Video Information This video, titled ‘Ars Magica 2: Wizard Training – Season 2 – Episode 23 – Fire Spell’, was uploaded by CupCodeGamers on 2014-10-27 12:00:06. It has garnered 481 views and 5 likes. The duration of the video is 00:31:22 or 1882 seconds. ——– Starring ——– Jason as Magius96 Get Minecraft at http://www.mojang.com ——————————– Intro & Credits Background Music ——————————– “Savage Grace” by Purple Planet www.purple-planet.com ———————————————————— Special thanks ———————————————————— Notch……………………………….Creating Minecraft DinnerBone………………………All our Skeleton deaths PaulSoaresJr……………………….Taught us everything ———————————————————— Contact Us ———————————————————— Twitter: @CupCodeGamers www.YouTube.com/CupCodeGamers Game footage recorded with permission from Mojang via EULA https://minecraft.net/terms Need a YouTube… Read More

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  • Insane One Block Farming | Minecraft Skyblock EP 3

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    UNBELIEVABLE! NEW DIMENSION DISCOVERY in Minecraft - YAWcraft, Ep.37Video Information Hello everyone what’s that welcome back y’all craft it’s a dog it’s a glorious day here in the our craft it’s nice it’s very much like paradise don’t you think hey I don’t have a square jaw why’s my jaw so square hey when you’re done whatever you’re Doing down there yes sir I’ve I have a couple of things I’d like you to look at okay but you’re going to want to make sure you’re well-equipped oh well I don’t know I’m just saying always be prepared be like a Boy Scout when you come up here… Read More

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  • Dynamic Network

    Dynamic NetworkMassive minigame network for cracked users! Amongus, Skyblock, Factions, Prisons Join now and invite your friends! KEY AND RANK GIVEAWAYS IN DISCORD! dc.dynamicnw.xyz mc.dynamicnw.xyz Read More

  • (Server) Happy Holidays! 30% Off https://mcserveriguess.craftingstore.net/

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20.1 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20.1 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: play.garnetmc.com (GL HF) Read More

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