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Hmm ah england but this is ireland what [Applause] London london london london paris london london london Free Whiffy you’re right mate you need any help what i said you need any help mate sorry i don’t speak your language oh you must be hungry here Oh how long is this going to take ah not long at all Just a minute oh come on there we have it oh thank you that’ll be very quick uh that seems expensive welcome to london mate the london eye Sorry we’re closed oh It looks just like a curtain yes uh hello where are you do you know what time it is No you’re late get here now yes the hot dog is out of the bun understood what do you need hello i’m a helicopter stop saying that We’re here but we have a problem there are no parachutes what have fun goodbye minecon

This video, titled ‘MINECON 2015 Opening Ceremony Animation – YouTube Edit’, was uploaded by Element Animation on 2015-07-05 11:47:55.
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The opening ceremony video from Minecon 2015! This video has been edited to look better on YouTube.
To see the original (ULTRA-WIDE) version, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRYsAi289ZA

A big thank you to our build team who built all of the sets in this video:

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28 responses to “MINECON 2015 Opening Ceremony Animation – YouTube Edit”

  1. piopau"sean" Avatar

    the villager was riding british airways the whole time

  2. Alex Pujols Avatar

    British Airways Airbus A340?

  3. Liz Zavier Avatar

    I see mikaku

  4. BlessTheHɑrtsFTWToddWorldFTL Productions, Inc. Avatar

    The hut dug is out of the bun XD

  5. Ursy R Avatar

    So who are the voice actors in this?

  6. dalek BBC fan 🇬🇧 Avatar

    Who voices the taxi driver?

  7. Privateiceman Avatar

    can't stop watching this

  8. Miguel Sanchez Avatar

    1. a female exists
    2. a taxi would been faster (those teleport (and dont need parachutes)

  9. CoolDude17 Avatar

    Villagers: London x4
    Villager: Paris
    Villagers: [punish villager by putting rope and duct tape] London x3

  10. Official_ToyChica Avatar

    London, London, London, London, Paris 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. G. Spamtom! Avatar

    Jhonn Vilgk :0

  12. villager no. 37 Avatar
  13. cameraman Avatar

    Hello there might you should play some more. play some Minecraft

  14. BakeBakePi Avatar

    The cars bouncing because of the square wheels is so funny lol

  15. Minh vuong Avatar

    I remember this

  16. Isaac Blanco Avatar

    I felt bad for that one villager. He said Paris instead of London. The other villagers looked at him like, "Really?"

  17. Fengying826 Avatar

    2:57 is 007's theme?

  18. Yojirou Avatar

    The costumes were cool

  19. Element Animation korea Avatar

    England England England England Paris (kidnap) England England England!!

  20. Yojirou Avatar

    Great channel

  21. Rubles Mae Naish Avatar

    So cute little villagings ❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Villager farm Avatar

    Village in London?

  23. Vicki Lamb  Avatar

    is it just me or did anyone else notice Hatsune Miku in the line for the ferris wheel!?!

  24. Christopher Berdebes Avatar

    1:57 When the video finally starts downloading

  25. France Avatar

    "London, London, London, London!, Paree!'

  26. ArcticScarab913 Avatar

    Villager has a Sony Xperia