Minecraft Deep Cave Exploration Longplay (No commentary, peaceful mining 1.18)

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This video, titled ‘Minecraft Deep Cave Exploration Longplay (No commentary, peaceful mining 1.18)’, was uploaded by zelly on 2021-12-24 16:27:41.
It has garnered 25410 views and 426 likes. The duration of the video is 01:25:13 or 5113 seconds.

No talking minecraft 1.18 caves and cliffs longplay sesh. This is my first video where we just peacefully gather resources, mine and build in the new amazing underground biomes!

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I’m new so if you have any advice, let me know in the comments!

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19 responses to “Minecraft Deep Cave Exploration Longplay (No commentary, peaceful mining 1.18)”

  1. Umberto VintagePassion Avatar

    Your mc is modded, the hunger and life bars are always full

  2. alonso Avatar

    i put totk – prolougue over this…


  3. xx Avatar

    This is so relaxing omg, I always come back to this video when I can’t sleep at night !! You should do more cave long plays cos they’re soo satisfying

  4. Subify Avatar

    Why very underrated?

  5. NoobRobloxPL Avatar

    congrats 100 subs!

  6. Crazy Matthew 65068 Avatar

    I took a screenshot for one of my unnerving images
    I will post it on my community posts
    I will give you credit and I will link the video
    Hope you don't mind!

  7. whitekaat Avatar

    The fact u don’t have shaders is soo good bc I been trying to find a video with n shaders ❤

  8. TMNT Lover Avatar

    I love this video! Were you playing on peaceful?

  9. Anne Avatar

    This is so peaceful! I love it, keep it up.

  10. Wraith Ranger From Beyond Avatar

    I come from the first person days of Doom 2, Duke Nukem, Hexen and Unreal Tournament. I watch game footage of those semi often but when Minecraft first came out, much as I was intrigued at the end of year one, I never thought I'd have found myself watching first person footage of it even though intrigue went to love for the game within a matter of a month back then.

    Exploring the surface always brings beautiful landscapes into view and the underground caverns deep and wide are beautiful as of late just as much.

    I have a friend who is all about mods and that's fine but in the end, the free roaming simplicity at the heart of basic Minecraft always wins out for me.

  11. JD Avatar

    Why are minecraft caves so huge now 🤯

  12. Better Without Me Avatar

    This is the kind of video that i can watch all day.

  13. ElBenJOTA Avatar

    Can you lend me your video to use on my channel?

  14. Majestic Avatar

    whats seed?

  15. mangoclient Avatar

    is it weird that this helped me study? thanks for the video C:

  16. Tim Ohara Avatar

    I love watching minecraft progression that why i love the game

  17. Memento Pervenire Avatar

    idk why but just sitting and relaxing while you watch someone else play is very relaxing, I’ve had a few nights like that and I got so sleepy and relaxed during those moments.
    These videos are nice, keep it up.

  18. Storm Trooper Avatar

    Keep it up 👍🏻