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This whole thing was streamed live on twitch so if you want to be part of that chat that’s that’s up there the whole video then then go watch me live over there maybe hey maybe i’m live right now anyways go follow do first link and just

Go follow it also this is a channel so subscribe here please please i’m begging please only a small person um so pretty much what we’re doing today if you don’t remember uh a couple a couple months ago me and twy shorts did a manhunt and he he he he

Took the win on that but you know this time there’s a bit of a bit of a twist and i’ve you know i’ve been getting better you know since then i beat preston plays 10-year veteran in a 1v1 you know a lot of stuff so it really should be

Easy this second time around so let’s just let’s just flip and jump right into it also tell me if the audio levels are good because i’ve no idea how hello hi oh wow today is really the day right yeah all right so what the day for you to lose again no the day

For me to win um wait talk yeah okay okay that’s good yeah okay so normal minecraft manhunt but that that that little thing you might notice on top of that mountain it looks a bit looks a bit odd maybe it looks a bit looks a bit different that is a bedrock little

It’s a bedrock thing with arnold inside you know i’ll i can show you real quick this this is arnold right arnold will give me 10 emeralds 14 ender pearls for 10 emeralds right so that’s what arnold gives me so so so hopefully uh i can get to arnold

To get my ender pearls uh instead of having to sit and do nothing forever so anyways um the one other rule if you look that way oh you really did not just pull that on me no you uh i was not aware of that rule oh god oh no you’re joking

I’m a parkour pro you don’t understand yeah you’d be pressing that parkour challenge or i don’t even remember did he win i won oh okay well beginner’s luck you’re not gonna win this time oh i want to go collect some food maybe stop kill a sheep while you’re out yeah

I need to get wood i need to get wood yeah you should really do that right now i think i think you could stop i think you’d be fine if you stopped right now oh oh oh no no no get over here go oh my god yes let’s go i don’t know if

None of these houses have chests i don’t see him oh god it’s always so intense all right that was necessary just first okay oh i think we’re good for now i don’t see him though jesus alright i think i think we can turn off the oh god he’s

Already at stone age we need to hurry jesus i hate manhunts why don’t i keep doing this my heart’s all beating i can’t even talk about there’s a lot to talk about okay okay jesus okay i need to make a oh god he has you know let’s just let’s just focus on

The game for a little bit then i can get into what i need to talk about because there’s a lot to cover in little time but um you know once i get uh i get a little bit of a should make a hoe if there’s hate yes

He really tried how was he so low was it from me hitting him he just he just exploded all right i need food i need food because he’s gonna come back he literally just exploded he’s like all right i’m gonna sneak up on him not saying anything boom

All right now i’m chilling okay now i can get into the i feel like the music is a bit too loud or maybe i’m just i turned it down a bit what did i just my game just cr okay i know i’m chilling all right

Um so pretty much last week who was here for my stream last week the um joining random people’s realms uh if you were there for that i’ve actually been canceled guys by vods channel they’ve turned against me the vods channel has officially turned against me guys and um

I mean there’s a there’s a war bruin in those comments about about me slaughtering animals so oh so you know it’s been it’s been something i have so many tools now all right i got bread he’s somewhere over there oh shoot game rule do daylight cycle true all right it was a bit

Do i deserve it maybe was that was it funny though undeniably yes so maybe i’ll do one of those later um oh sunday the day after my stream stand up oh god day after my stream the day after my stream uh i hear something in the kitchen you know seems like

It seems like nothing just seems like like some water or something maybe the faucet is on or something i don’t know i feel like i hear something but i ignore it right um okay i’m gonna i’m just gonna start running i feel like this village is crap

Do i get all the food i’m just gonna get all the food so uh i don’t go in the kitchen even though i hear something i should kill big guy i need to not die to big guy though that would be embarrassing and so i need ten emeralds too so i need

To keep an eye out for emeralds i should try to kill big guy though like there’s like no chests here um oh god i feel like he could be the problem is this mountain i will not see him coming at all A couple more of those kitchen kitchen true so um i went in the or no my The kitchen will have to wait I was at a bad spot i was at a bad spot there was it Aura oh god he’s got a choir hardware I’m about to get it too though God if this guy one shots me by the way if he hits me i’m literally dead oh god but that was him please be five four okay that’s decent four is the second most i start killing animals That’s a shield what do you think of my shield oh i’m so close with that egg with that oh my god you have hardware what are you gonna do with that iron of yours in your inventory i have no iron no iron at all that’s good oh i just gained some ground

I can craft i just need to be able to cry Where is he i don’t have enough Oh yeah it’s proximity voice chat by the way guys so if i talk he can’t hear me he isn’t the best he doesn’t have food though he can’t have as much food i needed that Oh my my hamster Hi buddy hi We should stand here No where are you going nowhere wait that that make them go for you thanks for letting me eat no no no no no no where are you going i don’t know anytime where are you going no you don’t think i’m good i’m good i’m good I definitely have enough blocks to draw on you definitely oh here take my flowers no he has to be low he doesn’t have food he has to be low where are you going yes [Applause] oh god it’s so intense i need armor okay jeez i just hate the beginning

Because stone axes are two shots oh my god okay he’s set behind though he is set behind oh geez he is set behind and we are set ahead all right Jesus oh my god i hate manhunts oh my god because literally if i die my stream is just ruined it’s not just the like it’s just everything i just can’t die oh my god oh jesus all right we’re doing good we’re doing good let me calm down okay we’re running now

And we have food the only reason i won that was because i had food i honestly choked i am in a constant state of distress during these because for him it’s like oh i die i respawn if i die it’s over see in a dream manhunt it’s like all

Right if i die off the bat yeah we’ll just film a new one you know what i’m saying but here it’s live it is literal live but we’re chilling Anyways what mod is that what mod is what we’re playing minecraft oh yeah so i thought i heard something in the kitchen like maybe the faucet or something uh i ignored it then my dad calls me to the kitchen this was sunday by the way hopping back into the story um and

Vast amounts of waters are gushing from the ceiling so i’m like that’s odd my dad’s like that’s odd it wasn’t raining or anything it was just it was just vast amounts of waters gushing from the ceiling like gushing like like it was like loud and we’re like welp now what

And that went on for like three minutes we had like we got like a bucket and like uh towels and stuff all right i should go mining because i need armor um how did he get iron he must have just mined it um armor would be good though when it becomes a knight

Um i’ll look for a cave but um anyways where was i going with this oh it’s a cave oh yeah so we didn’t know what it was we thought it was like a pipe burst or something but it was like from the ceiling right so we went in the attic

Oh my god oh this is the perfect cave there’s literally let’s go who remembers how long it took me to find a cave last time um so anyways it turned out it was the air conditioner because apparently air conditions of water and the problem with texas that it’s like a hundred degrees

Every single day oh that’s a lot of mobs and so the air conditioner just runs literally the entire day for like 12 hours straight and during the night but not as not as cold during the night but um so yeah the air conditioner just like broke or something and so okay why is

There so many mobs jesus all right more iron right here how do you make a blast furnace someone always tells me that i always forget does anyone remember Blast furnace anyone re-iron but yeah so then uh the air conditioner broke we had to like just some random stuff always happens in my house so annoying okay there’s so many mobs though what is that is it because it’s a server like oh my god dude smooth stone slabs

That takes all right that’s not worth crafting i’ll just use furnaces oh god jesus okay what is this cave All right how much i have 18 iron oh my god let me out okay geez right here this is some good stuff all right i need like 30. just give me like 30 and i’m chilling i’m 22. it’s not bad i just hate this because he could be anywhere at any time

And there’s like no more achievements besides like diamonds that i would know about Okay he’s got monster hunter okay it’s night time that’s good but i don’t even know that could mean he’s in a cave or that could mean he’s just above ground all right 26 give me four more iron and then i just need some cobble oh opinions on stone

Uh it’s kind of honestly people used to always say cobblestone was ugly but i think normal stone is more ugly like i’d way rather have a cobblestone house than a stone house like a regular stone like above ground it just looks weird like if you build a house out of it Opinions on granite okay if you know the names of those then you’re just i literally play minecraft for a living and i don’t know like is this granite is that granite is is that granite how am i supposed to know which one is granite this one orange white or gray orange stop

All right it’s 20 i don’t think that’s enough okay i just all right screw it it’s enough give me some coal now it isn’t enough though because it’s just it’s not enough i’m doing the calculations 24 and then three for um three for an axe three for a pickaxe

That just skirts me by Here we go come on three no but i have two left over oh god please lead me up okay we’re good all right which way am i going this way now i’m going this way and this way all right okay now how much i don’t have 20 cobble i can get i can

Get more on the way now i need to smelt but i want to build a tower while i smell it so i don’t get ambushed but i want at least four furnaces four times eight that’s like 45 okay i need 45 kabul or something 32 as if

Dude i’m gonna need a new food food eventually all right there’s there’s some more cobble then i need to go to the nether get blaze rods come back to the overworld go back to spawn get emeralds and then trade for the uh for the ender pearls all without dying by someone who’s

Trying to slaughter me who can die infinite times but i i killed him a couple times which was good that was so intense jesus um what else has happened oh yeah so i realized i had tick-tock dms that i never opened i don’t know who amesi is i

Don’t know i think she’s a tick-tock or something she’s like a she’s like one of like the dream smp people she she dm’d me on tick tock like uh like in february and i didn’t reply because i didn’t i forgot about tick tock dm’s existing so that’s i feel like

I feel like now it’s too late to reply right like like i guess she just got left on red but that’s a rip like i can’t i can’t reply too much or like four months late i yo i still thought it was april kind of is when you think about it

I feel like you can’t reply four months later like at that point you just gotta sorry i was taking a shower that would be funny true i didn’t think about the funny factor god he could be anywhere it’s like oh i don’t see him now

But he also could be like in front of me and doing an ambush it’d literally be anything all right let me just go over here boom boom okay how much cold do i have i have three coal awesome so glad i got a lot of coal

All right keep an eye out he’s gonna be this way folks keep an official eye out keep an official eye out honestly i kind of want to do like not that what am i doing oh god i saw a b his his skin is the

Same color as a b that is not lit i’m gonna do this because he’s definitely gonna come from this way if he does come um one two three four five six seven eight one call one two three four five six seven eight one call okay this will be fine

Then i’ll just put some with some birch wood all right oh shoot this is not supposed to have that all right we’re smelting this is good we’re gonna have full iron um should have okay we don’t need a bunch of these tools i can refresh my pickaxe though that’s nice

Even though i’m about to make a new one good to have a backup um all right i’m gonna need more food eventually i should probably make a flint and steel if i uh i have enough oh other thing i actually need your guys’s help on this like dora

Preston yo me and preston might do another stream what should we do keep in mind preston sucks at minecraft so i think like a manhunt like it wouldn’t even be close so like what could like an absolute noob do you know what i’m saying just keep that in mind

Dude i also might be going to his office and filming something in real life but the trek i think he does i think he is in texas is where he is public problem is texas is a really big texas is really big so you think oh you guys are both in texas

But texas is really big like i think driving from one side to the other is like it’s like literally like 12 hours or like 15 hours or something but yeah all right we got the uh not today thank you okay so he’s you might be caving which i don’t really like

That means he’s gonna have armor too meaning i didn’t really get ahead but look we’re doing we’re doing good oh do we make a sword or we do me or no clinton’s deal we’ll make flint and steel all right we literally have just enough i

Kind of wish i got more but there were so many mobs there if i died to mobs that would be hall of fame embarrassment so i wonder when the first first bit of okay i guess i should i almost didn’t put on my jesus um for the bits

I wonder when the next uh minecraft snapshots are going to come out though last time they came out super quick the wild update ones but oh yeah this is 1.19 by the way but unless i find a mangrove swamp or an ancient city it doesn’t really matter

If you’re cam’s biggest sub biggest fan give me a sub yo that’s facts what’s gonna be the next update i don’t know what should it be honestly you know i thought about the other day you know what the the number one change they should make i should literally make a video on this

Minecarts could be so cool but they’re so bad like like literally mine carts should be faster than an elytra like you literally have to like build infrastructure have like iron gold redstone all to build mine carts and they’re like barely faster than sprint jumping and like you can just like chest bow

Like if they just did that for an update just made them like faster than a lighter like the best transportation in the game like why is ice boat like five times faster than a literal minecart with like you need a bunch of iron for like it’s so stupid

All right i need to find a lava pool now that’s probably it oh it could be anywhere i need to make a show well uh uh still don’t have bundles what i wonder what one point uh when will they are they can do a minecraft live i feel like they announce

It at minecraft live every time but i don’t know when there’s gonna be a minecraft live is there anything they’re supposed to add is the alley has been added how’s the mob vote end update maybe i think they should just remove a bunch of stuff they’re scared to remove stuff

Because people will be like oh i miss but like why haven’t they removed phantoms like there’s a million things they should have just removed and i think they should have uh removed elytra but that’s a hashtag unpopular opinion desert update oh here’s my other thing they should just add like a

24 with no flint i’m the most unlucky flinter of all 30 with no flint it’s one and eight then i get back to back that’s awesome i swarm the most unlucky flinder all right i need to find a lava pool now last time he killed me with a bed in the nether

I need to stay away from him in the nether dude he only hasn’t i guess i only have an iron pick he hasn’t made iron armor yet though unless i missed it which is good oh god that could mean he’s getting diamonds though that’s actually probably what that means

Which is bad because that means he’ll have better stuff than me and i’m gonna have to out pvp him like a god luckily i’m a god you do Chew Um Where’s the second realm video i’ll probably do that in a bit i’ll probably have to do like a whole new thing but pick the shot and achievements i’ve been looking at the achievements but he hasn’t made iron on which is good are you the best crafter of all time i’m god oh I hate i hate it’s never easy it’s never oh my oh he’s in the ai who saw that he was literally like strafing jesus God i hate this he could he could be right next to me right now and we would have no idea all right steak is good though his bread is kind of trash but it is what it is did he not see the village it was like i

Went to the village and he stopped following me which was kind of a mistake because he let me get the village food all right speak of the devil lordy lou can i get a lordy lou in chat i don’t even know what that means i swear just people in the

South say it lordy lou i need to pick that up yo that lag that’s crazy Okay oh yeah also his compass doesn’t work when he’s within 10 blocks of me which could come in handy because um all right i was gonna get more iron but there’s like none right here like if i’m in a wall but ten blocks away from like like five blocks

Away from him in a wall it won’t track me but with it within 10 blocks his compass doesn’t work which could come in handy Jesus i don’t want to do it again yeah we’re doing baby water buckets i’m too much of a coward oh yeah i think he’s true i feel like he’s got to be tracking me he still hasn’t made iron armor though i don’t get it maybe

He knows that i can or did he earlier suit up no he hasn’t i live in the south i’ve never heard someone say that well you got to be more social it’s it’s old people and it’s yeah old southern people or something else only to find a lava pool doo doo all right

Am is just for did you just call me am yo yeah well i kick it with old people sometimes oh blacksmith okay that’s that’s a well you know what it’s okay though okay all right i’m so scared of dying to an iron golem okay make sure he doesn’t come kill me

This is good iron though i think i should make another bucket Oh maybe i should make powdered i should get a powdered snow bucket for the uh for the nether Dude Cam do you have a thing for grandmas i read them hey did i throw away my hoe that gum it oh actual op thing tip for you guys minecraft tim hoes are actually so good now in 1.19 if you find a deep dark biome which is super which is super common you

Literally just spam hoe everything and if you have mending you should get infinite xp it’s so op because skulk drops fxp and it insta mines with a hoe it’s actually so satisfying too it’s like that one game oh i don’t like being right here next to this ledge because you could just ambush

Me he still doesn’t have armor though that makes me feel good but it also makes me feel like he crafted armor and he’s gonna put it on at the last second that’s definitely what he’s doing actually he crafted a bunch of armor and he’s gonna like come up to me naked and

Then put it all on but now i know his now i know his secrets and he doesn’t intimidate me no mo Dude all right i think that’s everything coming night again okay keep on trucking in search of a lava pool then we go to the nether and then it’s a whole another journey I saw him no you didn’t i’m gonna lose my 16 months freak i don’t i think you have like seven days or something to or three or something you’re chilling or wait i guess i won’t stream in those three days so you’re chilling though the stream just started dude

That’s lava but not a lava pool Oh lava do you impression should do death swap i think preston like he doesn’t really play minecraft like that though like like i think i’d beat him at everything but you know what okay dude feeling good about this last time he was on me but oh shoot it couldn’t mean so many things I just don’t know what he’s doing right now because he’s not getting achievements which is ominous oh okay lava pool he also could come from the sides too which i should be taking into account where’s your texas accent pam you are not intimidated you are more rich and famous than him true

He fell off he did do do All right don’t mess this up and do it quick something like that right easy see you in the nether don’t worry guys he would have known anyway because i’m going into the portal all right let me not oh i hate soul sand i hate soul sand so much

Oh god i knew it he just suited up oh there’s gonna be such a hard this is actually gonna be such a hard one though because it’s um because it’s a soul sand valley there’s gonna be so many wither skeletons oh i already don’t like where this is going come

How do i on down oh god okay guys keep an eye on the chat because i’m gonna have to focus on the game tell me if he um tell me if he enters the nether oh god but i’m not even reading actual chat as much

Alright this is good if it’s in here is this this is still soul sand valley that’s really bad drop drop drop drop god dang it is that a spawner okay let’s go oh god okay right here i should be oh god i don’t like this all right we got

Oh i do not like this where this is all right this is good you now have a little safe area except for the roof just completely exposed okay we got two we need seven ow ow actually they can’t get up right you can’t get up right

Okay i don’t know i don’t have enough wood for those shenanigans come on it’s dropping like none come on oh my god stop sniping me okay i don’t like that he’s in the nether no he he said he he put his bed you [ __ ] he’s not in the nether sweet dreams just

Means you slept it’s it’s like into the portal or something um we need to go deeper it’s we need to go deeper so we need to go deeper is another one are you guys even minecraft pros are you guys even minecraft pros he’s in the aether no way

All right i think we’re chilling now that i have this little setup going What if i go out of the nether the same second he goes in oh my god that would be 200 iq i did forget powdered now come on i swear i’m not getting dream luck hey i can literally do this i just have to go back once i get these i got so

Lucky with the nether honestly i literally just need 10 10 emeralds to um maybe i’ll trade for them because it you can only mine one at once that’s like the veins they only spawn in oh i don’t like that all right i hit it once spawn hurry up

Is arnold yo how do you remember his name even i didn’t i really just had arnold and you wrote that down or something oh shoot what that moment when you have your how is it not dropping jesus oh my god there’s three just dropped none i’m i’m about to be out of

Stake too i don’t like this all right and i just wasted my water that was so dumb why i hate everything finally one draw okay jesus i’m out of stake it’s fine How do they now oh they were never spawning okay i need two more Let’s go one more and we’re out one more and we are literally out i should not die on my way out come on please now it’s taking forever and it spawns one awesome please just drop He has a bad that’s true Family zack thanks for the gifted the hog man i mean he wanted it the most Spawn i swear to spawn 10 and literally where that tiny gap oh my god this spawns three that’s fine it is fine folks i got one all right then of course i get two right there all right we’re out we are officially out of here Oh god he’s got the hot stuff advancement he might be coming to the nether uh guys remember my whole my portal i think it’s up here All right let’s hope he doesn’t uh oh god is he camping arnold oh god what if he’s that what if that’s what he’s been doing okay well hopefully he’s not camping right outside here Okay i think we think we’re decent at least all right he’s probably camping arnold all right we need to go back to spawn okay We’re making good time it’s been 45 minutes and we haven’t even died yet what else okay i’m gonna get i don’t need a i get a lava bucket i feel like i should probably get a lava bucket i feel like that could come in handy during pvp scenarios i know he has one

Um so when you go back to arnold get the ender pearls then go to um dude then then go to the end um who is arnold there’s a villager at spawn that will give me uh the ender pearls i need to go to the end for for ten emeralds so we need an

Emerald so i keep forgetting that keep your eye out for emeralds folks i’m pretty much directly east is where i need to be going that also could be where he’s he’s probably camping at arnold is my guess He’s in the nether yo you guys are addicted to he’s in the nether I don’t i would want him to be in the nether now i’m chilling Oh god he got lava though oh god arnold arnold’s unkillable though he’s indestructible so you can’t kill arnold but you might he might make arnold hard to get to Now he’s in the nether we are literally one step ahead oh no you’re gonna find me now we are one step ahead we got such a good spawn there and why would you say that cause no guys it was funny okay no why do you guys tell me to say that

Don’t worry he thinks i’m in the nether hey there we go family family zach with the gifted sub for my mod wow what a good what a good samaritan i don’t even know what samaritan means people just say it and i’ll say it too Well he probably i think he would have known i wasn’t in another because he’d click his thing and it would say no one in this dimension so he would have figured it out pretty quickly yeah he actually probably would have figured it out instantly once he clicked his net his compass in there

Now we literally okay i don’t want to get my lava bucket because i want to accidentally mlg lava which is possible i’ve done it in a video before so like if i wanted to i would do it but okay emeralds we’re not in a next next mountain bomb when you look for emeralds

101 bits thanks i should get snowballs oh i should have got beds okay is this where the village is it’s on top of this thing right i should get beds for the dragon fight right is this where it is do you guys remember i think it was right up here

Yes villages further it was like on one of these plateaus i’m not sure which one though you win do the iron golem mlg it’s so hard damn the village wasn’t real yes it was i remember seeing it i remember do the voice at this point i don’t know what the

What’s the rarest of that voice what’s the rarest or the or the minecraft butt voice oh my god was it was that entertain are you guys entertained now yeah now you’re now you’re entertained that’s right oh who said it was further that’s why they call me that’s why they call me the directioneer

What they call me oh yeah oh yeah directioneer moment what was i doing here oh yeah getting beds all right i need to throw out more crap i don’t need i i think i actually don’t need a home huh my inventory is actually looking pretty snazzy time to waste money for

Entertainment grin yeah nice what a what a smart thing to do lordy lou i’m god lordy lou i hate where this is though there’s no way he’s still in the nether oh yeah we definitely want to see him and he’s getting him get i wonder if he

Spawned at my portal oh god he could be i was just a donkey okay oh and that was just a bell everything looks like him everywhere i go i see his face i see the duck i just hate like yellow everything just bright yellow there’s so much there’s no

Bright pink in this game but there’s so much bright yellow everywhere oh isn’t there brewing stands in here oh i should have got another wart i get i feel like i got all those houses right all right i take my pills this morning i skipped them just for today

And and the day before and hopefully i can go to that beginning village too i only got four oh i got five beds that’s actually pretty good five beds but i need snow balls which i can’t get here but on the mountain with uh what’s his face arnold on arnold’s

Mountain i can get snowballs he could be behind me because he could have came through my portal he’s probably going to arnold though because if he knows that i got blaze rods and i’m out of the nether he knows exactly where i’m going so he’s he’s probably going to arnold too

I can’t believe that spawn Thanks for the gifted buddy please not please what is this saying no please not doritos chip again what is that even what are you guys thoughts on pringles i need to i’m still waiting for society to wake up to pringles hasn’t happened yet same with regular cheetos regular

Cheetos are trash have i ever said that because that needs to be stated more just regular cheetos no flamin hot no cheeto puff just regular cheetos are uh f tier maybe not f tier but they’re like a bottom tier of the famous chips like you know those um chip containers that come

With like a bunch of small packets of different things the last thing in there is always regular cheetos unless you’re a psychopath it is saturday night and you’re watching a cam man 18 stream so nice shirt yo am i dripping or what shot the double bubble you know you guys know i’m dripping

Pizza pringles are top-tier snack i mean i’ve never tried pizza but like just the pringle itself is so much worse than just and every other chip you cycle through the same five fifths no name no yo why s why have more if you just if you got yo

Is this jealousy i’m sensing you want the double bubble shirt and you don’t have it i think that’s uh you guys should i literally have just like 13 pairs of the same black shorts oh god this chair also leans back a lot look how to deal with that too on top of the

Swivel okay i am in a manhunt right now so i should probably get back on track dude dude cam you’re probably a multi-millionaire billionaire you’re dressed like an eighth grader bruh that’s the guy who likes peeps oh wait let me the guy who likes peeps peeps are good only once a year though

Yo i hate who said that in chat run he’s behind you you really made me look i hate you peeps like the thing you get on on easter oh oh my god that’s so lucky okay we have uh what a nine to go We need ten of those for ender pearls okay come on come on that’s awesome keep your eyes peeled peeled folks what in the texas is peeps look up peeps i don’t know if it’d come up who remembers oh my god if you remember this show you’re a real one who remembers

Peep in the big wide world if you remember peep in the big wide world you’re an actual real one let’s go francesca yes like the yellow little chicken guy the yellow circle who was friends with the red circle who’s friends with the blue oval

What a god to your show honey i need to pick that back up do do do my favorite episodes were they’d like explore the world and it’d be like giant like there was one where they went on top of this giant tree and they’re like whoa the world is big

I could be what could that could can um gold break emeralds this could give me a god apple does anyone know if gold can break emeralds like a gold pickaxe because what if this gives me a fortune gold pickaxe You awesome literal crap literal iron nugget chest i pretty much gave me one iron i feel like i shouldn’t use my steak when i’m running because i should use it when i’m fighting oh my shield is honestly getting low i need to smelt more or actually i have uh

I think i should actually go with a tactical or iron smelt real quick just because um if i need to like recraft some stuff one iron nugget away that’s annoying just a quick four iron smelt you know you guys know how it is gold can’t break emerald yeah

You know there’s no optifine for one point uh for 1.18 or 19 there’s no optifine yet it’s so annoying coming night again i haven’t seen him in so long what if he comes back wait i don’t think he’s got diamonds which is good so at worst we’re evenly matched

At worst we’re evenly matched or i guess i don’t have an iron sword but could come in handy kind of depends forgot about the no water logging leaves i hate that’s like the worst thing they ever added are the water logging leaves you can’t like i couldn’t mlg right there look

It’s trash literal trash garbage rare structure in minecraft thanks for asking yeah oh i was literally saying this earlier then i was getting attacked my idea for an update would literally oh this is literally just so i could make so many videos too but i think i thought

This before i was a youtuber too like wouldn’t it be cool if they made like literally like a hundred like mini structures but made them all like super rare like imagine if they had like 100 like smallish structures like as rare as the woodland mansion but there’s like small little things

So like you just randomly find like a structure you’ve never found before occasionally like structures are so cool like there’s no point in exploring once you’ve like like there’s no point in exploring past like the beginning because like you’ll never find a woodland mansion unless you have a map

Then everything else is like pretty common if they make a bunch of rare structures that are kind of like mini it would bring nice variety exactly right idea me i mean i surprise myself every time like because then you could just explore another one another one hashtag dj khaled

Oh shoot we should be getting close to spawn i remember the exact coordinates but it should be close to zero zero oh god where is he i hate this he has to be out frederick there’s literally no ways protection three boots that’s worth it right it only sacrificed him to be one armor

Point there’s gold what can i make with two gold i don’t know pro three though is worth it right three i’ll keep these because they’ll break quickly but mending acts yeah but it’s gold he could be anywhere i’m pretty sure he’s at arnold though I’m gonna get as much cow as i can oh that one just ran in circles uh-oh i’m low-key starting to forest fire but that’s okay why behind you i literally hate you guys oh my god why is you no way it was me all along you [ __ ] you literal get in the fire

Like they have something against burning to death all right bill come on oh okay nice okay that’s actually really good oh i still need emeralds oh god i think spawn is this way a bit wide to the left oh he’s this way this is the left where’s the left which left over here

Left this is left facing this way this is left wait you’re kidding he’s not there or he is there in front of you is he he’s here one if he’s here two if he’s there one if he’s there and three if there’s no one three oh so he’s nowhere

Wait i said three if he’s nowhere right wait though right so so he was never anywhere don’t listen to kazor was that consort i thought i swore that was amaya oh no it was kazur oh yeah i definitely don’t trust kazork what am i what was i

Doing i thought it was amaya yeah if it was kazurk i would have known yeah that’s the troll mod by the way chat for those who don’t know l troll does that have anything i want l troll you just got eld oh god i should be close

I can’t have anything i want right okay i’m gonna get i think it was like negative 300 400 wait so is it this way wait where is the okay let me get some um i need emerald still and i need uh snowballs i don’t think i need two gold nuggets

Or that or that or that or the or the or that all right or do i need 30 gravel i need more just regular blocks honestly all right a pretty good amount of snowballs all right there we go the problem is they take up inventory space oh okay that’s the village that means

Right over there is is uh whatever his name is arnold right over there that i think that’s yeah that’s arnold’s mountain but i’m gonna get the beds i’m gonna get the beds from the village mount arnold arnold’s the villager who who will give me uh ender pearls for 10 emeralds

I don’t spend 10 hours in the nether dude that’s mount arnold uh i need ender hopefully i get emeralds from here oh i could trade maybe there’s any tradable thing i need more beds though i think like nine beds would be good oh god he’s gonna oh god he’s gonna place his like

Uh thing he’s gonna sleep right outside the portal room and i’m gonna have to fight him oh god he’s gonna try to end bed me oh the end of fight is gonna be so hard i already only beat it like half the time and now i’m gonna have a duck

Trying to explode me all right that’s like eight or nine that’s nine all right that’s enough beds um now i just need nine emeralds maybe if it turns day i’ll try to trade but i feel like the mountain biome they should be pretty common up here come on what

No way oh god how hard is 10 emeralds gonna be i already have one or yeah come on Oh emerald oh emerald oh no oh no All right let me mine out of here i need blocks anyway so mining out is good either stick trade i could i could trade for them if it’s hard to find i feel like i just got unlucky though yeah the higher i go the more common

I need i need a bubble though i’m low on blocks who’s that guy behind you nice one buddy nice one use x-ray i don’t think that’s allowed are emeralds supposed to be the least spawned ore uh yeah but in mountain biomes they’re pretty common and then i can trade for them if worst

Comes to worst i feel like i should be digging out pretty soon here though oh god i might need to make another iron pick okay how is this how is this mountain so thick all right i’ll dig out stream is lag in oh look guys i found 10 emeralds yo

That would be cheating don’t be a creeper okay nice emerald incoming emerald incoming emerald incoming How maybe the frozen one doesn’t have that many all right i might trade i think i can trade wheat and i have a bunch of wheat or is he he she has to be super close there’s got to be some on this cliff side oh this isn’t very high is the problem

Oh god he’s definitely out arnold problem is the higher you go the more emeralds and that’s like the highest or what if he’s been mining emeralds that would actually be 200 iq i he’s got to be there and crouching i feel like that’s definitely where he is i’m so paranoid okay oh no What is that what is that is that a wandering traitor is that a stray a stray another kid they could spawn on mountains oh wait can those have and they have emeralds guys can the can can the can the pillager outposts have emeralds can the pillager outposts have emeralds

They can’t god dang it yes guys someone just look it up look up pillager outpost uh minecraft wiki and then check the loop am i gonna okay no i can’t on shift yes they can yes no mod some mod look it up some mod look it up no okay okay

I know where he is he doesn’t know where i am yet i’m gonna try to get emeralds from this mountain he probably has mined all the emeralds up there too oh wait it was kazorku said no okay i think i i think it’s yes everyone’s saying yes and the kazork was the one

Who said no the troll mod which i hope he doesn’t see me oh god he is tracking me though oh he’s actually gonna know where i am because the compass is gonna change so quickly i’m literally looking at the minecraft i don’t know what to trust anymore okay

He’s gonna know where i am but that’s okay i forgot he had a compass and it like changes direction super quickly it’s not on the wiki oh is there so many people oh my god oh yeah he was on that mountain by the way you guys could see him right it was

I couldn’t opt to find zune but starter raid is that how you guys think i’m supposed to get emeralds oh god there’s definitely no emeralds here hillary’s drop emeralds do they i don’t think they do he’s been here unless this is really weird generation i feel like he’s been here

Let’s see if this is looted oh let’s go bottle oh enchanting thank god i went here all right i think i i think i trade for the emeralds do do i think i trade for the emeralds because i should be able to trade wheat and i have a bunch of hay bales

Oh god deal with that all right we’re good dude i kind of want to just go try to sneak up on him but it’s not worth it raid no doing a raid is not worth it for emeralds but i can just trade for them i literally just need nine

This has been a waste of time okay man thanks for the info fine it looks like he’s just sitting there waiting for me because he’s scared that i’m gonna take the emeralds and leave so he’s not uh doing anything that’s fine and get more cows too 23 steak that’s pretty good because i’m going to be using some of my uh whatever’s on the all right emerald right here guaranteed guaranteed emerald no way i swear they were so common literal guaranteed literal guaranteed all right i’m going to the village screw this dude away that actually would have been 200

Iq He’s definitely up there looking at me oh some time before night we have good stuff before the dragon fight question is can we get the pearls we’re gonna have to fight him unless i can just go trade and dip no but then he’s just gonna chase me i’m gonna have to

Fight him soon there any other thing i can do to get prepared what else could i get i think that’s it i shouldn’t find the farmer here hopefully he didn’t die by a that’s not a farmer how do you make a composter does anyone know i might have to craft one

Anyone know how to craft a composter i feel like there’s usually naturally one seven slabs nice good job chatters you were useful what a rarity i’m throwing away my stone pickaxe because i’m gonna craft another one All right we trade i said wheat trade i said wheat trade i said they can have a wheat trade right you [ __ ] wheat trade they can have a wheat trade right oh god i don’t even know how you would look that up i swear they can have a wheat trade thank god okay

I need um 20 wheat i need a bunch of wii i need not i need 10 in total just don’t run out do not run out boom ten what a deal okay he knows i got emeralds he knows i got emeralds all right all right i’m done with the wheat

Done with that i’m done with everything all right now all right we’re about to go fight guys i’m gonna make a spare pickaxe just in case and a spare axe just in case i already have my spare boots my stone one no that’s my um all right all right let’s go

We got our 10 emeralds we do this we do this for arnold oh and it’s becoming night i’m gonna i’m gonna use my steak maybe because um all right i’m gonna accidentally throw this ender pearl guaranteed but oh wow hello where do you think you’re going no um hi hi oh that hurt

Why what okay see ya get back here oh my god i don’t have blocks um i don’t think you’re ready to trade yet i now i am are you sure you don’t need some more blaze rods first yeah i’m sure okay okay i thought i dropped some person

Jesus oh my god that does no damage because i’m so tanky get back here no i’m good how are you so fast i’m a parkour pro oh my gosh no arnold no no arnold’s not ready for you arnold thanks arnold oh my god he hit me with that stop oh my god Uh Jesus How does that feel like nothing you just hit my shield what are you talking about How does that feel yes Oh my god lettuce let’s go he has his bed set somewhere though i don’t know we’re close to over Oh absolutely out pvp he definitely has like iron stashes though that’s what he had last time this way is to the stronghold i’m just glad he didn’t get diamonds i i honestly just got such a lucky nether spawn i got such a good another spawn that’s really what set me ahead

Earnest stuff oh i’m so dumb there’s no he definitely thinks every other time we’ve played i’ve burned his stuff so he definitely thinks i’m gonna burn his stuff so i feel like he’s not gonna go back there but if he does that’s my bad that’s actually true

What happened to my music oh did it oh there it is What the is this i can literally win this wow Stream tweet true i do need a tweet for today maybe once i win then i’ll just talk a bunch of trash on twitter so it won’t be hard jesus this terrain oh there’s a ruined portal i don’t need it feel this way don’t let me not die for no reason by

Trying to do this jump well time to die for no reason now make it a little easier on me there we go dude i’m pretty sure he has iron reserves because he was mining for a long time so he probably is back at it this terrain though is crazy

I’m gonna miss arnold yeah hey he he i was so slow i’m literally so slow at crafting and like stuff i’m so slow at inventory stuff i should like how do you even practice inventory stuff you just sit in creative mode going boom boom boom

Yo i need to practice that like i’m a pretty slow crafter truth be told as much as i hate to admit it yeah i never use my hotbar keybinds or very occasionally i do i use like one and two but other than that how many blocks out okay we’ll probably have about

300 more blocks i would say you’re all mine no craft it’s true much as i hate to admit it it’s true Hydrate 100k you’re gonna die from dehydration comes with the game i actually drank how have i not had to pee yet i’ve been too scared to have to pee i drank so much water before this stream and i peed like three times what’s your favorite anime uh probably cory in the house

Trap him what end trap could i do the problem is like end traps are kind of hard because it clears out all the blocks on that little obsidian pad before you uh respawn imagine i died like a creeper or something that’d be so annoying Dang we solve a long way or i actually don’t know but all right one broke we have a lot extra though so we should be good because we killed that enderman and we got extra blaze rods marvel or dc honestly it’s hard now it used to not be hard but then dc’s

Stopped sucking so much they still kind of suck like every time they try to do the dc avengers all those movies always suck like justice league every justice league movie sucks i hate to say it but the batman movie was good the joker movie was good

So if they just stick with just gotham city maybe they can be good but whenever they do the stupid i think dc has a higher ceiling but marvel is like you know what you’re gonna get okay we’re close you know what you’re gonna get with a marvel movie and

It’s always gonna be pretty good dude dc tv shows are better maybe i’ve never watched any of them definitely like the best like the good the good dc superhero movies are like barely superhero movies all right right here right where this creeper is gonna explode before i dig down i’m gonna kill all

These mobs though do i go for the yolo dig straight down i have to you have to do it but what if he digs above me alright yolo why don’t you dig straight down on that block and just falls to his death on top of me that’d be funny

All right let’s just hope there’s not like a giant lava pit right here that’d be so annoying dude get your pearls out copper i still i want them to remove copper for how much of a disgrace it is it makes like makes telescopes and uh lightning rods how many times are you

Like wow lightning rod that’s what i need right now and also telescope is just optifine but whatever does it make anything else copper blocks awesome same with amethyst amethyst is at least like cool how you get it like there’s little clumps but copper it’s just like

Could be so cool the ore looks epic the best part about it better mine into this oh we’re not even a deep slate yet dude oh i thought that was a that sounded like a creeper jesus i like the idea of rubies they were gonna i should do another video on that

Oh yeah oh my god i’m getting so lucky oh god he heard that didn’t he i can’t go in yet though getting literally so lucky all right i need more blocks but i scared him by doing that but one stack is not enough dude mine end stone it takes a long time to

Mine end stone is that spawn it’s a manhunt if i die it’s game over why are you guys saying hi to bed guys if i die i lose there’s no well maybe i should hide my bed it’s over if i die the whole point i for gore okay

I didn’t take that into account oh only 35 would then don’t die well that’s the plan he knows i haven’t entered the end actually now that i think about it because it would give an achievement does it give an achievement it must right when you enter the end like it has to

I hear a block break all right quick prediction i got time do we beat the ender dragon yes or no you have two minutes i’ll mine more blocks predict i’m really i’m really might lose the manhunt because i want to do a prediction what if i just die to the

Ender dragon though that’s like honestly a pretty decent chance shoot my axe okay i haven’t i have a backup axe that’s kind of scary that my axe is low but whatever what is my i the portal how am i supposed to hide the portal he has a compass guys he got a dog

Who put 10k on no icing the tea that person came out of nowhere with all the channel points go in so he can’t track you it’ll just show the portal all right i have enough all right good luck put a bit of banter seal the whole good idea

He’s going to try to bed me that’s like his only chip i need to not bed myself i just almost did that best case scenario he breaks that piece of cobblestone and falls to his death cause he’s gonna be like oh this is where he dug down

All right let me plug this back up i don’t know why i made a staircase that was stupid all right oh god these are high this isn’t best end but it’s okay all these are so high down to the good meat boom oh they’re all so high oh

Just a tip don’t die thank you come on you’ve gotta be i’m going over on every okay there we go i hit that i can definitely hit this one come on oh not even close actually all right i gotta just start going up these towers go up this one first because it’s tall Oh god i’m i need to conserve my snowballs oh Okay how is that not going away yet jesus how is this still there i thought it’d last like 10 seconds go away go off good idea away god to your dragon talking to my music i’m gonna get my ender pearl because if i uh if i start falling let’s go the aim

Come on this one’s definitely possible come on oh god he’s in the end guys go up here go up go up he can’t he can’t does he have a water bucket the question is does he have a water bucket because if he has a water bucket he can

Get to me he can’t have that many blocks he just died is that full iron why is my aim so bad now why is my aim so bad now this the last one i think that’s it i’m sitting up now where’d he go oh god he has a dog

He’s gonna try to bed me i know he is he’s gonna try to bed me i need to bet him first i guess oh god does he have a oh if i had a bow yes dragon yes yes no his dog is dead let’s go he went right above the perch what a

[ __ ] oh let’s go the dragon’s on my side all right what was i doing i was doing something i made this for a reason not that is he doing it again what is he doing why was i crafting it was something with cobble it was something with cobble bow i don’t

Why is he going there no get him dragon get him please that’s what you get i need to go burn his stuff i need to go burn his stuff i need to go burn his stuff because he’s definitely trying to he definitely put a bed in the he

Definitely put a bed in the end room oh all of his stuff i should have got that food but whatever this is okay i need to replace this but i can’t die how he died that was actually 200 iq let’s go ow okay i was making a slab that’s what i was doing

[Applause] oh wait what he goes up no i need to break all this stuff he perches up there because of all these blocks get away from me this is the weirdest dragon fight i’ve ever had so you want to give me my stuff back the stuff i burned yeah that stuff jesus

Hey what are you doing buddy you think you can beat me with all my stuff don’t worry don’t worry uh i have my trusty one piece oh what is this dragon doing wait a second stop okay we have half its health down so i definitely didn’t just like get attacked by enderman

You’re screwed you don’t have beds i can tell it’s overflowing guys it is over form i win Do Why was he so scared That was god to your acting what is he leonardo da vinci Guys like my tweet it’s the least you could do it’s it’s an announcement also i’ll follow back to repeats i’m actually so sad i can’t believe it i actually can’t believe it i didn’t think he had a bed i’m so dumb i literally had it in my hands

I literally had it in my hands i literally had it in my hands all right i’m following you guys back there’s no way he killed me oh my god last time he killed me with another bed this time he kills me with an end bed

He was at half health oh i’m so mad so mad i’m actually so mad all right i’m i’m uh today for the raid and i’ll um and you’ll get channel points i’m rating someone this is literally the worst day of my life all right captain sparkles he’s doing uh minecraft but there’s a

Random loot wow like me don’t spam please don’t be cringe don’t be cringe if you’re cringe i’m banning you in my chat just say oh my god raid and then be quiet and subscribe to him All right jesus i’ll be back back next week i’m gonna do a preston stream soon i’m actually so sad i can’t believe it i need to get the 420 raiders guys we’re three away from 420 guys i’m actually

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    Waffles0 vs. Baconn - Epic Minecraft XP RaceVideo Information Experience is unlike anything else in Minecraft it can’t be traded and the more you get the harder it is to get it but the biggest difference is that if you die it all disappears oh my God and that death just reset all of my progress because this is A server where every player has 3 days to get the highest experience level they can luckily eight levels isn’t a big deal but it shows that someone’s entire progress could be reset with one de which is why I’m going to get the best gear on the… Read More

  • Shark Attack! Minecraft Roleplay – Jaws Movie 2

    Shark Attack! Minecraft Roleplay - Jaws Movie 2Video Information You well I gotta make my way to Jimmy Russell’s house guys can’t believe the old fart passed away he was the town’s best fisherman all I’m gonna move in a little closer I have no fear citizens I’ve murdered the rat I know why there’s always rat snakes and owls in this town weirdly Enough well I wonder what the lawyer wants talk about maybe he left me something all that be so cool I liked his boat well it’s destroyed now think he has it second fishing boat the lobster boat how’s it going man hello… Read More

  • EPIC FNAF Minecraft Mashup!

    EPIC FNAF Minecraft Mashup!Video Information That was Minecraft Steve I recognized them blue pants greetings tonight we will be spending five nights in a scary place but not just any scary place we will be spending five nights at Steve’s that’s right boys we are playing HW wanted Minecraft Steve has opened up his very own restaurant franchise except I’ve Heard it is quite haunted will I last five nights find down so as you can see even the inside is just Minecraft the floors are Minecraft the chairs are Minecraft everything is Minecraft I’m actually scared I don’t want to do this… Read More

  • INSANE Minecraft Modern House Build!! 😱

    INSANE Minecraft Modern House Build!! 😱Video Information [Música] in for This video, titled ‘Minecraft: Simple Modern House 🏠 #build #tutorial #timelapse’, was uploaded by DUCK_BRO on 2023-11-18 10:33:57. It has garnered 75 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. Read More

  • Ultimate Buddy Destruction – Monster School Animation

    Ultimate Buddy Destruction - Monster School AnimationVideo Information Right class, today we are going to play… Baby needs a new pair of shoes. Show me your wallet, show me the money! Wither skeleton. Get that fool! You stupid. No I’m not. What’s 9 plus 10? 21. You stupid. Why are you running? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?! Only… It’s only game… Why you have to be mad? YEET! Mother Trucker DuDe… That hurt like a butt cheek on a stick… Watch your profanity. Where is Wither skeleton? Wait a minute… Who are you? I’m Buddy nice to meet ya. I know what we are going to do… Read More

  • Hot Minecraft YLYL v6 Meme

    Hot Minecraft YLYL v6 Meme I’m sorry, I cannot fulfill that request. Read More


    EPIC MINECRAFT ADVENTURE: SPELLBOUND CAVES WITH CRAZYG0AT! 😱Video Information Right probably so my gosh get a get the newsletter studies office Oh black fur this is a good start Oh ass but what whoops Wow here we are I don’t know what’s happening the new sound without ins happening it was idea of it but nurse what is this i don’t even doubt This is i don’t know a texting Jordan it’s so weird playing this map on a computer that’s like working yeah how did good computer it’s still waiting just like the last couple times I’ve played this with Jordan isolated on my other one… Read More

  • Insane Halloween Mod! New Mobs & Candy

    Insane Halloween Mod! New Mobs & CandyVideo Information De la nada qué bonito no sigo efe así que voy a seguir quiero dulces y dulces para mí pero me voy es algo muy chico éste así que hay que pedir más 33 hola [Música] para mí niño si en verdad quieren vivir de veras escapar de aquí antes de que te tape Porque soy pero si era un vídeo no era real que estoy real chico estoy aquí delante de ti y tienen por favor hola chicos y chicas como están estamos haciendo la review de un nuevo micra 1.12 punto 2 funciona conforme chicos y… Read More

  • EPIC Minecraft Speedrun: HACKER vs Hunters 😱🔪

    EPIC Minecraft Speedrun: HACKER vs Hunters 😱🔪Video Information En el día de hoy me transformaré hacker y me tendré que pasar minecraft tengo a mi disposición los comandos y los hacks más poderosos de todo minecraft con estos poderes super opep podría acabar con todos los cazadores y pasarme minecraft en tiempo récord recuerda que si quieres más vídeos de este estilo no Olvides suscribirte comenta torta de jamón y ahora sí vamos con el vídeo perfecto ya que estamos aquí con estos cuatro cazadores quiero decirles chicos que contra este póker no la tener ni pesca la oportunidad sobre todo de los dioses a los… Read More


    ULTIMATE SONIC BUILD! MUST SEE!!! #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft: THE BEST SONIC BUILD IN MINECRAFT #shorts’, was uploaded by ChrisMC on 2022-06-27 12:00:14. It has garnered 26212740 views and 871979 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. Minecraft: THE BEST SONIC BUILD IN MINECRAFT FOLLOW MY SOCIALS: 🔥 All my socials: https://solo.to/ChrisMC PLAYLISTS: ⛰️ ►Minecraft Shorts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZGGs8P3dtk&list=PLxSLmzU1g8RwbPofoBOpW4juzcnp4SSBQ ►Minecraft TikToks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA2n3V133x0&list=PLxSLmzU1g8Rzmb01gaTAup1rw6lkqKr1r KEYWORDS AND RELATED INFORMATION: 💨 stampy_is_king creates Shorts, TikToks, and Long Form Videos related to Minecraft Challenge, Minecraft But, Minecraft Memes, Blockbuster Mod, Minecraft Funny, Minecraft Stories, Minecraft INSANE Moments, plus other topics. The best Minecraft memes in Shorts,… Read More

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  • EPIC Minecraft Modern House Tour!!

    EPIC Minecraft Modern House Tour!!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Luxury Modern House Tour.’, was uploaded by Kadichur Gaming on 2023-11-08 06:31:08. It has garnered 53 views and 8 likes. The duration of the video is 00:03:53 or 233 seconds. #minecraft #minecraftbuilds #modernhouse #minecrafttiktokhacks #minecraftshorts #tour #housetour Good morning everyone, and welcome to today’s highly anticipated video! I am thrilled to present to you an exclusive Minecraft Luxury Modern House Tour. Get ready to be blown away by this stunning creation that combines elegance, style, and innovation. As we step inside this virtual paradise, the first thing that catches our eye is the luxurious… Read More

  • Insane Giveaway in Fakepixel! Join Now for BMX Gaming Madness #minecraft

    Insane Giveaway in Fakepixel! Join Now for BMX Gaming Madness #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘3m Giveaway in Fakepixel Join DC #minecraft’, was uploaded by BMX Rowdy Gaming on 2023-11-26 04:31:23. It has garnered 30 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:13 or 13 seconds. @BMXRowdyGamingOfficial @PSD1 https://fakepixel.fun/ #shorts #minecraft #bmxrowdy #trending #trendingshorts #trendingvideo #video . . . . . Links 🔗🔗🖇:- . . . . . Discord link:- https://discord.gg/nRfeZtBYZX . . . . . Follow on Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/bmxrowdy_gaming/ . . . . . Subscribe The Channel and like The video plz.😘😘🥰😍🙂🙃 Title ;- Minecraft Trap Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind in Seconds #shorts #minecraft… Read More

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    Unbelievable 3D Minecraft Sakura Logos BuildVideo Information [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] N Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] n This video, titled ‘PinkFong | 3D Minecraft Pixel Art Build’, was uploaded by Sakura Logos on 2023-11-12 15:00:24. It has garnered 1967 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:03:17 or 197 seconds. Hello, everyone! It’s me, and I’m back with another exciting Minecraft adventure. Today, I’m taking on a delicious challenge as I create an epic 3D pixel art build of none other than the iconic PinkFong logo. That’s right,… Read More

  • Hades Labyrinth

    Hades LabyrinthTHE FUTURE OF PRISON HAS ARRIVED Hades Labyrinth is a new type of prison server. Building upon the basic prison server model, we have enhanced gameplay through the addition of original and custom features. On top of that, we hope to build a robust and energetic community in which players are rewarded in equal proportion to their spent time and effort! Casual and hardcore players alike will find a welcome spot on Hades Labyrinth. hadeslabyrinth.com Read More

  • (Server) Happy Holidays! 30% Off https://mcserveriguess.craftingstore.net/

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20.1 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20.1 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: play.santosiguess.com (GL HF) Read More

  • Blocky Adventures: Crafting Creativity in Minecraft

    Blocky Adventures: Crafting Creativity in Minecraft Welcome to the world of Minecraft, where creativity reigns, Embark on epic adventures, where the blocky realm entertains. Hidden caves to explore, mobs to battle with might, Craft incredible structures, in the day or the night. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, This video’s packed with tips, so you won’t have a doubt. Grab your pickaxe and let the journey begin, Unleash your creativity, let the blocky empire win. Like, share, and subscribe for more block-busting fun, Join the gaming community, and let the adventure run. Minecraft is the game where virtual worlds come alive, So… Read More

  • Ultimate 3D RPG Minecraft Skins: Figura Mod Showcase

    Ultimate 3D RPG Minecraft Skins: Figura Mod Showcase The Figura Mod Showcase: Elevating Your Minecraft Experience with 3D Skins Hello, gamers! Are you ready to take your Minecraft experience to the next level? Look no further than the Figura mod showcase. This innovative mod allows you to create and use 3D Minecraft skins, perfect for immersive role-playing experiences with your friends. Let’s dive into the exciting features and possibilities that Figura has to offer. Easy-to-Use GUI and Skin Creation The Figura mod comes with an intuitive GUI integrated into the game menu, making it easy for players to choose and upload their 3D skins. If you’re new… Read More

  • Unleash the Ultimate Fire Spell in Wizard Training!

    Unleash the Ultimate Fire Spell in Wizard Training!Video Information This video, titled ‘Ars Magica 2: Wizard Training – Season 2 – Episode 23 – Fire Spell’, was uploaded by CupCodeGamers on 2014-10-27 12:00:06. It has garnered 481 views and 5 likes. The duration of the video is 00:31:22 or 1882 seconds. ——– Starring ——– Jason as Magius96 Get Minecraft at http://www.mojang.com ——————————– Intro & Credits Background Music ——————————– “Savage Grace” by Purple Planet www.purple-planet.com ———————————————————— Special thanks ———————————————————— Notch……………………………….Creating Minecraft DinnerBone………………………All our Skeleton deaths PaulSoaresJr……………………….Taught us everything ———————————————————— Contact Us ———————————————————— Twitter: @CupCodeGamers www.YouTube.com/CupCodeGamers Game footage recorded with permission from Mojang via EULA https://minecraft.net/terms Need a YouTube… Read More

  • Ultimate Worldwide Gaming Showcase! #shorts

    Ultimate Worldwide Gaming Showcase! #shortsVideo Information O This video, titled ‘بهترین گیم های جهان باز!! #shorts #gta #minecraft #rdr2 #gaming’, was uploaded by Major Ghost on 2023-11-10 07:28:29. It has garnered 2418 views and 47 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:12 or 12 seconds. Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Mob Transformations! #31Video Information Oh This video, titled ‘Minecraft mobs transformation!⚡✨ #31 #minecraft #shorts #minecraftshorts #minecraftlogic’, was uploaded by Smoothie pie on 2023-11-23 03:30:30. It has garnered 162 views and 17 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:43 or 43 seconds. Like and subscribe for more amazing Minecraft videos and short comment which type of videos you want next time! Minecraft Minecraft shorts Minecraft videos Minecraft world Minecraft survival Minecraft creative Minecraft hardcore Minecraft logics Minecraft facts Minecraft unknown facts Minecraft horror facts Minecraft funny videos Minecraft memes Minecraft graphics Minecraft shaders Minecraft texture Minecraft RTX Minecraft SMP Minecraft moments Minecraft… Read More

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    EPIC Iron Man Pixel Art in Minecraft!Video Information More me This video, titled ‘Satisfying Minecraft Pixel Art. Iron Man! #minecraft #pixelart #recommended #avengers’, was uploaded by Minecraft Pixel Arts on 2023-11-07 12:45:37. It has garnered 6862 views and 300 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:30 or 30 seconds. Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios and originally released in 2009. The game was created by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language. Following several early private testing versions, it was first made public in May 2009 before being fully released in November 2011, with Notch stepping down and Jens “Jeb” Bergensten… Read More

  • Insane One Block Farming | Minecraft Skyblock EP 3

    Insane One Block Farming | Minecraft Skyblock EP 3Video Information Hey friends back you sleaze here and today i’m joined by jeezum crow weed we are back at it again with Minecraft but it’s one block but we’ve kind of grown it to be multiple blocks now but we do have one fancy block right here which is the block almighty because the block all Mine it’s the block of the gods my god we entered these three last time and we pause so we’re now in the snow we decided that we needed to do something with all these trees because they’re kind of annoying so what… Read More


    UNBELIEVABLE! NEW DIMENSION DISCOVERY in Minecraft - YAWcraft, Ep.37Video Information Hello everyone what’s that welcome back y’all craft it’s a dog it’s a glorious day here in the our craft it’s nice it’s very much like paradise don’t you think hey I don’t have a square jaw why’s my jaw so square hey when you’re done whatever you’re Doing down there yes sir I’ve I have a couple of things I’d like you to look at okay but you’re going to want to make sure you’re well-equipped oh well I don’t know I’m just saying always be prepared be like a Boy Scout when you come up here… Read More

  • VTuber Sora Akira’s Crazy Adventure in Minecraft! Don’t Miss Out on the Fun!

    VTuber Sora Akira's Crazy Adventure in Minecraft! Don't Miss Out on the Fun!Video Information [Musik] dor kaget enggak Astaga ini aku banyak noise-nya karena di tempat aku hujan guys setelah setelah beberapa minggu tidak hujan akhirnya setelah Jakarta 1 bulan menjadi padang ini Padang Sahara ya padang gurun sahara akhirnya hujan juga terima kasih Tuhan siapa yang di tempatnya hujan guys Apakah tempat kalian hujan apakah tempat Kalian hujan tempat aku hujan dan syukurnya suhunya sudah menurun ya dari kemarin kemarin malam sor malam stevenen stevenen Stepen malam Tiger fatza malam juga emer ya Emir emer Halo Emir Halo semuanya Selamat datang di suore Akira channel bersama host tercinta kalian Sara akhi… Read More

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