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This is not good okay um I’m chosen architect and this is my modded Adventure now I have obtained this right here this Chuck E cheese token it is an extremely rare drop rate from rats and uh yes this is the portal it opens a portal to

Ratlantis now this is like it says a very rare drop but if you haven’t obtained one through a rat uh which I’ve been farming this since we picked up rats with the DG me so it’s been farming for quite a while several several hours and it finally dropped a token you can

Actually make these tokens from these mysterious token chunks and those can also come from mysterious token fragments which come from these tiny coins that you could potentially buy so you could Farm it that way with an auto trader and work your way up but you can also get these mysterious token chunks

From the Black Death and also the Rat King which we actually haven’t gotten into spawning the Rat King which is something that I kind of want to do and notice these have a chance of dropping these tokens and I believe you can farm this boss inside of a jar from the

Drmies so this is something that is farmable if that’s something you want and you want a ton of these rat tails which would be kind of useful cuz they’re used in a lot of these recipes including the accelerators yes for the accelerators uh to increase tick rates

And all that fun stuff so let’s dive a little bit more now that we have this rad token let’s dive more into the rats this is what Lottery the lottery what Lottery are you serious only Lottery that matters oh my God smell that air yes because like I said it’s a very very

Low Drop chance I still don’t know how I ended up getting one now let’s first start off when we go when we start with bosses let’s start off with the Rat King how exactly do we even make the Rat King well we’re going to need this ball of

Filth from the rats mod and well if you remember all of our garbage piles well we can buy them from here or we can actually use the trash can in order to do this so let’s see let’s make ourself a trash can uh which we do have one but

Let’s goad and make one for this purpose and then I have a cobble Jin Now by default we have to rightclick onto the trash bin right if you remember we have to send it things like Cobble uh any like sort of block can be right clicked

And it ends up farming these blocks so how about I use a modular router with an activator module to do this I think that would be pretty straightforward right pretty easy to handle I think we can do this so let’s go ahead and make an activator module

And then we can have this click uh and it needs to be upgraded so how about we make it go pretty fast with some speed upgrades that seems pretty fair and uh yeah let’s go and do this so we’re going to have a activator module and then

We’re going to have a cobble genin that is going to be feeding the items and I think what I can do here is just place the Cobble Jin underneath and that’s going to fill with Cobblestone that it can use um and so the Cobble Jin’s down

There and we just want it to right click as fast as it can right click so on the activator module we’ll set it to right click on the back and we’ll have right click and it should be able to just right click the item um and I don’t

Think you have to sneak or anything so as soon as we put that there it’s going to start generating it yep and generating it quite fast so there we go now we have all these garbage piles and we just need to take those garbage piles and we need to craft them into these

Blocks and then these blocks get crafted up so it is quite the compressing process so it might take a little bit of time but yeah it is kind of funny to watch this just generate so I ended up setting up an advanced collector and I set the white list to the garbage pile

So it can pick them up it’s just storing them directly into the barrel I wonder if we can use a time in the bottle on this oh my gosh yes oh my gosh it’s too good oh wow okay um I think that’s going up quite

Fast oh boy it ended up it ended up closing it so fast the trash can’s even like n this is too much man holy smokes okay um that’s a lot I don’t know if this is enough in order to fully complete this but uh let’s go and toss

All all of this in and let’s see if we have enough so this is all the compressed of these blocks it’s still not enough because we need nine of these filth in order to create this that is hilarious though the fact that even like two three or four times is fast enough I

Think it was running out of Cobble and closing oh gosh so perfect now with just that short amount of time with the uh the time in the bottle we now have a ball of Filth that we can use and I just want to use this to spawn a rat king so

Let’s go ahead and grab our rat bag cuz I think we can convert one of our current rats into this boss um and where do I want to fight this well we could find it possibly here I don’t see any reason why not to by the way when I

Place down all of the rats they all get placed down and we just need one we just need one rat so there we go I can now pick up all of the rats that I don’t want here and punch all of them that end up going

On my shoulder cuz we really just need one rat and we hit this with a ball of Filth right or can we not use this on a normal rat transforms a rat into a rat king well maybe we have to find a wild rat there’s only one place I know that

Spawns wild rats almost every time and that’s this area here’s a wild rat and what’s going to happen if we do we have to click on it oh my goodness this is so weird there’s rats coming from every corner oh no it’s shooting rat arrows at me that’s

Hilarious yes okay I actually love that all right I’m I’m afraid though that we’ll be able to take this rat pile out very quickly oh my gosh that was a very quick battle there’s the rats they drop all these items these are poisoned rats that have the plague very dangerous

Normally okay and that was what all those balls of Filth would give you um a a mysterious token and you also get plague Essence and some other materials and you also get that tingled rat’s tail and man just like like I’ve said before just don’t don’t look up what a rat king

Is it’s very gross now that’s just one of many bosses but the true thing is this cheese token the chunky cheese token oh boy um and I kind of want to spawn the portal up here because when you right click the portal initiates and we should get a portal

Right here that will take us to ratlantis it’s kind of cool ah I just I just want to stare at this particle effect and there it goes so with this token which you can Farm like I had just mentioned oh that’s so cool so with this

Token you can Farm away to get whoa into rat lanta and yes this is the portal and the portal by the way without shaders looks a little bit like this where you have like cheese and you have like little mouse faces um but the shaders kind of disable that but I personally

Love the shaders and in this Dimension the shaders are also very cool so let me prep myself and I think what I want to do uh yeah I think we should be good I have a couple of mob Yonkers which should allow allow me to potentially

Grab things if I want but I guess we should just go in and visit we always have a way back but this is going to be access to a new oh I just went back home this should be access to a new cheesy Dimension and it is very yellow here as

You can see very yellow oh goodness as this is a cheia dimension so as expected things will be very yellow we have all of these towers marbled cheese and these little places to explore what is going on here is that a pirate is there a rat that is a a pirate

Rat I’m not even joking that is a pirate that is a rat in a boat with a KN oh my gosh with a C there’s a whole bunch of them there’s a whole bunch they’re pirate rats that’s hilarious do we get anything from killing these that is funny we do have

Some increased swim speed so it drops wood okay I’m I am laughing and the fish are rats look at the fish I’ve never like really explored too much in this Dimension I think last time was like all the mod six and then it was very little I did of

Exploring the fact that these rats can I pick these up in a mob Yer oh I can it’s a pirate rat that’s funny and they’re like What’s the pirate rat do when it’s like out of its environment that’s what I want to know what are you you’re just a a wild

Rat so there’s just wild rats everywhere the pirate rat is attacking me oh he’s getting attacked by his own crew there’s just so many of them okay so this like I said is just one little piece of the puzzle here I wonder what all there is out here to explore

Though okay now this seems like a pretty cool structure I’m not sure what this is it might actually just be like a jungle temple or it could be a rat’s building there’s just bone there are plagued rats in here should I be going down underground to explore I have no idea um let’s

See should I use night vision yes okay so there’s like nothing nothing down here huh this actually might just be a stru structure that spawns in here oh wow it is so I should not have used night vision should not okay let’s try and find some other

Stuff he’s like spinning right round now this is definitely rat lanon right here just a giant statue of a rat with golden lapis what even I wonder if there’s like hidden things in this by the way is there like hidden things in the skull probably not right I’m just going

To end up tearing this entire thing down oh there is there’s just it’s full of gold blocks oh interesting interesting indeed now this structure has got to be something I just didn’t go down far enough it’s huge this thing is massive so oh there’s silver fish so it

Doesn’t it doesn’t want you breaking these blocks cuz it did spawn in silverfish there is a redstone puzzle somewhere in this I’m not quite sure what that puzzle is oh there’s a doorway oh there is more there’s a a switch there watch me end up going through this and I get

Wrecked cuz I am setting off triggers hopefully things don’t explode oh it’s a full it’s a full-on puzzle it’d be really cool if there’s some sort of boss at the like bottom of this oh what wait there’s create in here no this structure has got to be because it’s a

Jungle this is definitely one of the Young’s this is definitely one of the Young’s dungeons oh yes with create unless unless the rat mod just like included create in here there’s no way this is pretty cool though wait there is a there’s a dangerous rat yeah that has to be the

Case I wonder if there’s like more to learn about this building I just I’ve got to get out of here I want to discover more about the rats oh boy I was just exploring the ship and I don’t know what this is I can’t even see what it’s called

This is a rat lanan spirit that is after me and has ignited me on fire and I we got a rat lanon what no way that thing drops an automation head that is so cool is this is this like a special boat or is this like a vanilla boat I’ve actually never

Seen one on land like like this there’s a berry treasure map is this something to do with this mod though I never know oh the Sun is setting I didn’t even know the sun would set in this Dimension apparently though right under here somewhere along with all of these

Guys there’s apparently some Buri treasure okay I’m definitely in trouble because it is now night time and these Spirits are just nonstop they’re dropping these Spirit Flames though and these are used to make the Avatar of rat lanus we’re going to need all of these things I think oh that’s what’s shooting

At me it’s this thing this is a rat lanan robot no no no do you drop anything good okay you dropped the Nuggets oh are we going to need to mine in this Dimension or some specific ore or we just get the Nuggets through those guys guys this is another big rat this

Is a feral rat lanton Get Wrecked what is even going on right now it it being dark there’s now more things that are popping out of out of everywhere every direction ooh these are flowers I managed to find something so cool what is this there is straight up a runway in

The middle of the ocean and an air raid siren oh what have I done first of all what have I done oh my gosh okay nope was not ready for this this is a boss battle I don’t have any no I don’t have any way of handling

You and I’m being attacked from all sides okay can I can I go up oh no way no Way okay almost come on holy smokes I was not ready for that um I think I took him out though an aviator cap there’s a Navy eater cap okay we end up getting the bird okay so bird plane wings or no bip plane wings I don’t know

Why I’m saying bird fling what did I just summon unintentionally this is black marble cheese marble cheese oh my gosh all these rat puns it’s too much it says Death Or Glory defeat the rat Baron that was the rat Baron oh my gosh yeah apparently

Apparently this is used to make a b a biplane mount for your rat oh my but it’s also used in making this skull of rat lanus like there’s like an ultimate is like a thing that we need to get this would be a pretty cool to think I think

We can actually make that thing but apparently there’s also a Flying Dutch rat ship that has a Flying Dutch rat in it that’s got to be in this Dimension and just like that it was just a little further north there is a ship floating in the air oh

Goodness I bet this would be so much better to fight at night oh they’re so bright a ghost pirate well you’re getting wrecked oh there’s all kinds of goodies on this ship we’ve got to grab everything here that’s in the Ghost Ship oh okay I love how the loot is just

Transparent oh we’re getting hit with a ghost there’s so much goodies yes yes yes yes we’ll take it ghost pirate hat what I really hope there’s an actual ghost pirate that we fight though it showed that there was oh we got an adventurers kit okay there’s looks to be more loot

Tucked away behind the wall wow this is like our first Adventure where we have tons of loot okay right back here apparently there are some chests what is this what the that is a okay that is an officer’s hat that is a Mythic what we happen to get a Mythic

Level okay I will take all of this okay now how do we summon how do we summon the ghost does it have to be night I mean that would make sense right or do we ring the bell oh we only manifests at night so we have to wait for time to

Pass oh okay that’ll be kind of interesting now I will admit looking for these might be a great way to farm Mythic gear because I also ended up finding a myth helmet here two Mythic helmets in uh in this one little space that is actually kind of nice so it is

Now daytime I’m on my way back to the ship and I just noticed that on the cells there’s like a little rat like a little rat on this on the little thing there okay let’s ring the doorbell oh boy that’s actually kind of cool is that it

Oh okay all right buddy all right dude it it hits so much like we’re actually taking damage surprisingly I’m going to go up here you going to meet me up here you’re going we’re going to do this you going to play or you scared I think he’s scared hey

Oh I love this okay and we we don’t deal a whole lot of damage not like all of the other enemies this one’s taking quite the hits right make sure our magnets on for when we kill this guy he’s throwing things at me it looks like Trident that is hilarious Flying Dutch

Rat here we go and little little little little I love that okay we got the ship Will from The Flying Dutch rat this is one of the things that we need apparently to make the full set of ratanas gear wow that looks like it’d be so expensive so much exploring would

Have to be done doing the same things now how do we get the brain because I understand that how to get the technology and we have the golden rat skulls but how do we get the neor rat lanon where does this guy spawn okay so it seems like it’s something you have to

Spawn in so the way that it it’s apparently done is you throw a vial of Consciousness on a feral rat lanon okay so we need to find a feral rat lanon in the first place which we’ve already killed a few of them uh but we also need to kill more of those Spirits

Because I think to make that vial of Consciousness we need more of these rat lanan Spirit Flames um and then we also need the petal glove which is this the flowers we found and then we need a feral claw which I don’t know if we have

A feral claw yet which comes from those rat lants H so killing these these things should be relatively simple and that is going to continue to drop those materials hopefully and then it’s a 33% chance for us to get from a feral a claw these guys by the way are the feral rat

Lants okay oh we got two Claws from that go nice so we have the claws under basically done now we’ve just need to find more of those spirits and take those guys on now there’s a whole bunch of these and so I’m going to yoink a couple of These Guys these feral ones

They ended up just spawning all over the place like in a pack right here that way we can easily set this up once we get more of these guys so let’s go ahead and head back home real quick and that way we can craft all of these things

Together hopefully this will end up working okay so now that we’re back it does look like time is maybe synced we should be able to craft this we do need need the rat glove so I do have a ton of those that makes the rat glove pedal

Okay and then we need all of the flames and that makes us the vial of Consciousness and basically we just need to use this on a rat Lan which a v yeah we should just be able to use this on one of the feral ones and I think we can

Do it in our base here that’s going to be kind kind of interesting I don’t know if I should be worried here or not but there we go neor rat lanon oh I cannot see this is not good okay um it’s here where are you oh okay this is where dispel would

Be really handy okay where did no don’t don’t don’t attack my rats no no no no no don’t you do it is it trying to attack it’s giving me levitation this is a really dangerous rat right here it’s flying away from me I can’t even get to it what no no you do

Not you stop it right now okay so I’m not flying by the way I am gliding with my elytra it is striking me down with lightning right now this is where I said this could be very a very dangerous rat where did it go where did it

Go oh it is way up in the air I don’t want it to despawn oh shoot this is ridiculous how am I supposed to attack you no okay losing track of you I wonder I it’s like literally it’s raising up great view from up here can I reach I’m trying to shift

Click to pick it up I cannot this is not good and will it I’m floating can I match its energy oh I yed it I straight up yed it okay can I match its energy down here let’s see oh now you’re done zo you’re

Done yes I trapped you in a tree oh and we end up getting the brain but man I am bad at math oh no poor Neo poor Neo ret lanan bad at math I mean it’s understandable most people are now there is still one other thing that

We need to do we need to basically take some more of these rat gloves and there is another boss sort of that we need to fight I think we take some of the raw marbled here uh actually no we need to make the core emeralds and we need to

Make a gem of rat lanis and then surround this with the marbled cheese and that will give us an automation core rat lanan automation core and then we need to take one of these heads the uh automation heads and we need to basically build an iron golem let’s do

This I’m kind of interested in how this is going to work um so let’s go ahead for for just right now and let’s claim this area so it doesn’t break our portal but I want to try and spawn this right on this platform and so what we need is

The the marble cheese the core and we build an iron golem basically and then we put the head on it and then we have this thing yeah and it is it is actually Dam oh it can break blocks don’t go that way no no no don’t go that way that’ll

Break the portal this thing has some health holy smokes okay that’s something else we ended up taking out man or rat versus machine I mean I guess you could have used a machine versus and that gets us the Arcane technology oh man any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic that is

Very true who knows that’s kind of why I call ours a magic mod right it’s a technically a tech mod but it’s it’s so Advanced that it looks like it is Magic goodness so what do we do with all these things I that’s the thing what do we put

These things together for so there’s the armor and each piece of the armor right all of the individual pieces together um end up allowing you to have this really cool rat set of gear but also it’s used to make this really powerful rat upgrade

Making a rat deal a ton of damage have a ton of health and is just ridiculous this one right here summons portals and attacks targets and it can allow you to have basically a very very powerful very very powerful rat but you can also make this the Avatar of rat lanus and this

Essentially is is going to allow you to have an upgrade combiner uh or you can use it to make that really powerful rat upgrade but the upgrade combiner is probably the most powerful thing as you can now take two upgrades and combine them into one and you know how you’re

Limited on slots with your rats well no longer will that be because you can just combine them all together and now you have this really really powerful Set uh do we have enough stuff to actually craft all of these things I would have to dump all of the stuff that we just

Gained into here oh would also I hate to inform you but we have lost a rat in this oh Endeavor and rip rip our our cheese making rat poor fella you will be missed now I think I have everything to be able to craft this we need the skull of

Ratlantis which we have everything for that and then we need this which requires a rat glove and we have everything needed for this including the rat toas which I’m pretty sure spawn in some of those buildings we didn’t even realize we killed some same with the

Ratfish and there we go we now have the item that allows us to make the combiner we are going to need some marbled cheese and looks like some chiseled cheese all of this like random cheese all the cheese lore happening right now there’s two chiseled and oh it’s also missing

Something else just regular marble cheese okay um cheese wait cheese marble cheese we should have some of that right oh yeah we just combine this and smelt it I mean honestly if all we needed to do was smelt a single item for this thing then that should be pretty good

Right or maybe I’m wrong um it looks like you have to make slabs out of the marble that’s an interesting concept boy it rains a lot does it cause the rain because we’ve gone to this dimension okay there’s the slabs it look like we actually probably had this there we go

Now we have the chiseled marble cheese that’s all mouthful and then we have the upgrade combiner maximum power and I have no idea what this looks like but I do want to put it into our cheesy area over here how about right here and this is the combiner honestly I would prefer

It a little bit lower would probably look pretty good let’s put it right here look at that I mean it’s pretty cool huh that is actually pretty sick that’s interesting I’m not quite sure though how to go about this but my gosh that is expensive you’re going to have to farm

The feral for quite a while and then get the upgrade woo yeah but I’m assuming this makes rats insanely powerful I also noticed there’s an upgrade separator that just basically uses the saw which which is the exact same thing okay and does this have an interesting look to it

It has a saw that hovers over that is funny I’m guessing that yeah once you’ve combined some stuff if you want to remove the combination you just put them in here like if you had some that were combined together I mean all in all today was pretty epic that was a

Adventure that I was not ready for I don’t think like that was pretty fun I couldn’t imagine though trying this without really powerful gear you would get smoked by some of these things especially the one that just flies away from you like without any ranged Weaponry what are you even supposed to

Do oh my goodness so guys if you enjoyed today’s episode be sure to click that subscribe button if you haven’t already and give this video a huge thumbs up guys I had a lot of fun today and I hope you did too and now it’s time to thank

The amazing supporter of today’s episode and that amazing thans is going to go out to if I can spell than right it’s going to go out to tinks thank you for your amazing support by the way over on the Discord becoming a Discord premium member and supporting one of the

Best ways possible guys I thank you so so very much for your amazing support throughout this series and I hope you had a blast ah just like I have and guys as always thanks for watching bye

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    Ultimate Beginner Farm Build | Minecraft JavaVideo Information Hey everyone it’s Bri and welcome back to another Minecraft episode today we need to make Farms I need to make my farms and I want to go find some caves let’s get started honestly I think I can make some armor right now I found a good Amount of iron on the way over to this place so let’s make a chest set some pants boots helmet and then also let’s make a iron sword and maybe an iron pickaxe oh you know what you know what I need wood I need a shield that’s just a… Read More

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    Shocking Reveals in Extreme MINECRAFT Experimento HardcoreVideo Information Ah Sí salió el trailer de experimento Hardcore güey para los que no lo han visto vamos a verlo me gustó mucho está padre esto empieza el 18 miren miren miren ahí salimos ahí sale el cerdo o sea yo voy a hacer la cámara más pequeña esto es el 18 Okay capitulos es Obliga Qué es obligatorio que entres todos los días a la serie de tanizen Es pregunta o es como un fact tienes que practicar pvp sí experimento fueron satisfactorios en todos los sentidos no fueron sobresali Ah este pues yo creo que no se… Read More

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    INSANE Minecraft 1.20 House Build! MUST SEE!!Video Information I’m a Scatman Remember everybody This video, titled ‘build house Minecraft 1.20 subscribe my channel’, was uploaded by Nothing on 2023-06-26 06:52:55. It has garnered 246 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:00 or 60 seconds. full video: https://youtu.be/yUzXBK09uJw subscribe my channel #minecraft #minecraftbuild #minecraftbuilding #minecrafthouse #minecraftplayer #build #buildhouse #building #house Read More

  • EPIC Kaido vs Dizzy in MINECRAFT BEDWARS

    EPIC Kaido vs Dizzy in MINECRAFT BEDWARSVideo Information This video, titled ‘Kaido (One Piece) – MINECRAFT BEDWARS PVP ANIME TEXTURE PACK 1.8.9’, was uploaded by Dizzy on 2023-11-21 18:30:02. It has garnered 51 views and 9 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:58 or 178 seconds. ♡ ☾ Pack: ! Kaido Download: https://rekonise.com/kaido-iil02 Music: https://youtu.be/LK7eHoocQlE?si=qErce3IiaO-sra1T #anime #Minecraft #wano #kaido #onepiece #trending hypixel bedwars, anime texture pack, anime pack, mai sakurajima pack, zero two pack, naruto texture pack, waifu texture pack, minecraft texture pack, minecraft, bunny girl sempai texture pack, texture pack,best minecraft texture pack,top 10 minecraft texture packs,minecraft texture pack anime texture packs 1.8.9, custom… Read More

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  • Shocking twist: Minecraft with deadly light!

    Shocking twist: Minecraft with deadly light!Video Information So everybody knows that my favorite part about minecraft is the daytime well today i’m playing a minecraft mod where the light kills me this can’t go well what is going on tfg squad my name is brandon and welcome back to minecraft so a couple months ago i played a Minecraft mod where the darkness killed me well today i’m basically doing the opposite anytime i go outside during the daytime i just start dying automatically so i haven’t started the mod yet before we get started i want to thank core for sponsoring today’s video so… Read More

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  • PlesioCraft SMP Vanilla

    PlesioCraft SMP VanillaPlesiocraft is a community focused server that features many exciting build projects. The diamond based economy is a key part of the server, ranging from shops and services to real estate sales and auctions. Whether you like building or you want to run a business, there is certainly a place for you! The server is strongly moderated keeping the community safe from harm. We are looking for valuable members to come and join us in our adventure. The world is 9 months old with a rich history. (It was reset for 1.16.) Some vanilla tweak data packs have been added… Read More

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  • GhostDelta

    GhostDeltaHey! Welcome to GhostDelta! Currently we support from 1.14.4 to 1.16.1! This is a Minecraft server started by me and my friends! We currently have a Towny like survival up and Skyblock. At the moment we have Prison and another type of towny survival in progress. We hope you enjoy your stay here! play.ghostdelta.net Read More

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