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e all right bestie love you um it’s started by the way uh hey hi Lander hi Sparks H Cho hang on I’ll do that okay all right hey green baby yeah it’s super late I’m pulling an Anthony oh man guys today was kind of crazy mixed up day um I don’t even know what to do um oh man all right so apparently fortnite didn’t fully download earlier today I don’t know they I guess they had like another update on top of the bigger update that they had and I opened up my stuff for wait why am I hearing myself okay my bad anyway um I so I downloaded the first part but then I wasn’t notified that there was another part I had to download so that’s that’s what happened with that I wanted to play Minecraft for just a little bit check up on my farm and whatnot and then um and then get into fortnite if you guys don’t mind I’ll do some fashion shows and I’m sorry I’m late guys um my meeting got cancelled and then I fell asleep I was super tired cuz earlier this morning the first thing I did was um was work like I I literally got on uh fortnite creative and started editing my hideand-seek map um which I’m still working on fixing that cuz yeah I didn’t publish the new um I didn’t publish the new update yet but I’m still working on fixing it and we will have an update for it uh soon sooner or later most likely tomorrow I’ll be able to release that what is the sound that I I’m hearing what is huh oh gosh is that fortnite it is fortnite okay it finished downloading let me skip that oh man I don’t know if you guys can hear that yeah you guys can’t hear it you can’t hear the U fortnite going on in my background I want to minimize that uh so apparently fortnite has finished downloading and I can work on that or can do that right after Minecraft um so we’re just going to check in right quick Cece’s currently playing Minecraft she’s on the ATP realm so no one can join right now but yes thank you so much Lander for the pin comment uh pin message all right um M let me hit where’s where’s my controller at actually oh man uh I hope I don’t have the same issue that I usually have with the with the controller I’m trying to open up the DS4 Windows thing but I guess it doesn’t work on the outside of the folder I’m going to have to go into the folder so let me see my download section the window scroll down click on that okay it should open now here we go and it detects the controller good oh Chino actually could we start using Code ATP I’d rather everybody let just promote code ATP for me I really appreciate that you know I got to show my love and and support from my bestie cuz he brought me up he’s pretty much like my sponsor he’s the one who got me into into streaming and a lot of you come from his stream originally and it’s just easier for me if everyone uses code ATP it’s easier to put in so let’s do code ATP from now on nobody use my Creator code I’d prefer that nobody use my Creator code besides it’s too long to put in it’s just too much who wants to put on all those letters it’s just so timec consuming can I help you get out of the cave uh which cave is it where are you um I guess for the first few minutes of my stream I could I could do that how far is it oh what are you kidding me could not connect outdated client real has updated yeah how funny is that Minecraft and for fortnite have an update in the same day that’s crazy fortnite wins fortnite wins I’m sorry I’m not going to be able to get you out of the cave because um Minecraft on my computer apparently has an update that I have not downloaded and they’re not being easy about this either like I wish I would just simply put a download button you know so I know to download it I know how to download instead of having to go to the store to like search for an update button this is kind of ridiculous um I’m on the page for Minecraft for windows open in that purchases no I’m not looking to purchase anything I just want to update my stuff can you guys just update my stuff automatically like that would be great installation oh come on now H plastic texture pack anybody know how to um how to download the update for Minecraft hey happy musy hi papitas hi foxy boy hi Jersy is a new mob and new items yeah I have yet to learn um much about the the new mob I know that uh Damas was telling me about ear earlier I was in demas’s stream and he was telling me that the uh new update came out um I had the update for my phone but apparently not for my computer so H what to do what to do why won’t they like put an automatic download button somewhere you know what I mean I wish they would do that hold on let me try to get a hold of that link that whatever they had sent me to before dang guess we can’t do Minecraft yeah sucks sucks sucks sucks but at least um fortnite’s available now it’s just that I don’t know how to download the Minecraft update they’re not making it easy for me they’re really not open and up purchases I don’t want to do that is there a way I cannot like I can up update this can somebody guide me how do I update let me just need to stream more than two hours wait what oh you streamed 2 hours of Roblox today but no one spoke in my chat even though some people oh well congratulations on streaming two hours that’s good U I was asleep earlier that’s why I’m so late yes a is going to stream um waiting for him to do that too I don’t know what he’s streaming today today’s a Thursday guys Thursday is my Friday on honestly there’s less to do on Fridays it feels more like a weekend um I still haven’t sent my link around or posted my link to anyone that I’m streaming right now and that’s a lot there a lot on my screen to deal with I still don’t know what I’m I’m supposed to do for for MInecraft so you know what I’m just going to leave Minecraft I’ll try to figure it out later maybe my genius friend deas will be able to help me out with that later um for now I’m just going to have to just leave that and open up fortnite uh where is the fortnite oh you know what I should label this differently I should label this differently because it’s getting confusing for me close uh rename fortnite game play that okay you guys can see that good yeah they got that Metallica stuff out y you know what I was upset about earlier today earlier today you guys see this do you see this guy what was his name again on that’s wait what oh no no this guy okay puer Master Robert okay you see his hair you see how they have his hair is all braided and stuff and he’s got a beard you know that version of him is cool and all but I was kind of looking forward to seeing the skin the way it looks in the video have you guys seen the video I’m G just show a little bit of the video no not yeah this one right here you see him right here you guys see where my mouse is right now I was looking forward to seeing this version of him in the item shop why is this version of him not in the item shop what’s going on with that everybody else looks the way that they’re supposed to but he him I don’t know they I guess maybe they just made a last minute choice not to include him with unbraided hair go to the main stage game mode they should have done that I was I mean do you mean is it is it possible like is it possible to get that version of him when you play the game not that I wanted or anything I just wanted to see it he’s in the battle pass really that version of him is in the battle pass that’s what thing I didn’t see let me look through the battle pass and find out I don’t see him in the battle pass wait is he in here no Quest rewards it’s a little disappointing in the festival pass where can I find the festival will pass that uh go on to Festival okay okay where do I see it I’m on Festival it’s under epic click on that and Festival pass will show up Festival pass right here oh there he is there he is okay hold up let me see him okay nice okay so they did include him they just put him in the in the item shop not bad okay interesting he just reminds me of someone just reminds me of someone I just find it mesmerizing anyway I think I like that version I like both versions of him but it’s cool all these characters are cool it’s nice oh wait let me see the rest of what they got here I do plan on like playing the festival at some point they move funny it’s so funny that it’s like it’s like they just took Guitar Hero and Rockman and they just put it in fortnite and that’s that’s that the resurrection of Guitar Hero and rock band right there you know that’s what festival is I don’t know if you guys ever played that back in the day when they had the guitar controllers you know what I’m talking about what’s going on here is that a dude in a dress okay what else what else they got here oh they have auras oh that’s what that is okay that’s cool so I could win him I might I don’t know we’ll see I I kind of like them I’m not I’m not a big Metalica fan I know my dad was but um yeah oh yes guys thank you like the stream And subscribe uh we you know what we’re going to do some uh we’re going to do fashion shows let me leave it on this page for a moment but yeah let let everybody know I’m doing um fashion shows and uh right now let me just go ahead and set up my um my my title and correct my thumbnail okay [Music] okay where is the edit button that’s right I have to go to Studio I always forget content live edit button okay fortnite creative gaming live uh I’ll be right back guys guys by the way my bestie is live from what I can see he’s live right now so go check him out I didn’t know that he had started yet but yeah go check him out while you’re waiting on me okay thanks guys my bestie ATP Anthony the player go ahead put in the search bar Anthony the player if you don’t know who he is that’s my best friend all right be right back guys e all right see I still haven’t changed my title but I’m I’m almost there creative Games Live oh gosh come on now I’m just having a hard time with the title first okay here we go title paste okay thumbnail change and where is it join fashion shows thumbnail the playlist for cc thesaurus streams show more okay no on altered content and we’re going to leave it at that game is fortnite save all right it’s almost done saving that all right so um I can’t remember who I said was going to host with me today I’m going be honest but we’re going to have a we’re going to have quite a few fashion shows I slept a little earlier today I’ve got a little bit more energy I’m hungry but you know it’s going to be a calm stream it’s going to be calm we’re still going to have fun and I’m getting on CC please let me host first if we have enough people yeah totally lender yeah yeah I’ll let you I’ll let you host with me and yes Anthony is live if you guys haven’t checked him out go ahead definitely check him out hi date Sigma I zesty zebra uh Lander tesy and Chino yes Lander tesy and let me like write that down as well ler tesy and Chino are first in line to host fashion show with me okay so wait what did I just see on my screen was that you was that you Lander yeah that was youer okay accepting request for look at that um do you hear that you guys hear the music in the [Music] background I think I’m going to need something a little calmer it’s a cool track and all but um but yeah I need uh I need something a little calmer let’s get Lobby let’s try to feel good oh wait I could get in trouble for that never mind let me go back to the lobby let’s get something a little calmer okay awesome perfect thank you sorry if this annoys you guys but liil whip was my original favorite we’re going to play it for a little bit go first okay we’ll have tesy go first then tesy better joining he loses his spot uhoh why is that tesy left why did he leave doesn’t he want to host he’s not in stream right so I don’t he’s not should I message him yeah he doesn’t have like Discord or oh yeah that’s right me whisper streaming fashion show oh he wants to join now let’s see say he okay there he is um let me like send a notification to a couple other people y Tony’s um can’t be on right now because he’s at his sister’s house he can’t be on the mic mean uh he can’t join like I don’t think he’s gonna be able to get on and be in stream oh okay he said that don’t Discord oh gotcha all right that’s all right um let me see cuz everybody else will find out a couple people earlier today earlier today were contacting me and I wasn’t able to respond I had a lot going on around me and I was doing things so all right um let’s see said in chat something in chat oh wait change title I thought I already changed the title did it not take no no no no it it’s you’re good now it’s good oh okay tzy asked if he can do the hosting tomorrow okay I could I can put him in for tomorrow instead of today then yeah can can I do it tomorrow it’s way too late Yeah tomorrow’s fine sorry it’s late guys no it’s okay it’s okay and by the way tomorrow I’m graduate seven really congratulations seventh grade wow I didn’t even know you were that old sorry sorry poopy I’m gradu preschool oh silly no I am I am I’m graduating from preschool you know you know I have a beard I have a beard that I’m in preschool like I got help back 10 100 years all right so I got to put in this custom key okay see you guys see you tesy peace all right so I should put it on private or public uh Public public wait kick tesy first because he’s uh still in here oh okay see you tesy okay you said Put it on public or private public public okay so I put on public right and I set the the key up and the key is not going to tell you guys until after it gives me the button right and hit ready you guys ready up sorry bro Chino that’s a nice skin looks cute from here [Music] here we go we got the start match button now okay so everyone can start um coming in and the code is bestie an all lowercase bestie CeCe hello I had nothing to do all day and now I do oh hey py yeah come join the fashion show don’t forget guys I am giving away stuff um at the end of the at the end of the month on the first of the new month is when I spin the wheel let me go ahead and pull up the wheel so you guys can see what I’m talking about what’s the theme oh yeah what is the theme H let me look at my list let me look at my list U Fashion Show Theme let’s here we go let’s do Savage versus military you guys think we should do Savage versus military while you guys are deciding on that um I’ll tell you guys I the military yeah I’m I you could you could do the military side then I could do the Savage side um what do you mean by Savage Savage like uh they have tattered clothes um they look they look War like like you know they look like they’re going to war but they’re not professionally War do you know what I mean yeah yeah uh let me see tattered clothes ready for battle kind of characters kind of skins uh let me see if I can find one on I don’t have a whole lot in my locker but I still want to try it out you know this is Savage he’s a buff stick this is Savage right here see how he’s not professional he’s not professionally dressed for for a military you know he’s he’s Savage he’s got the knives he’s got that uh yeah he’s like got that aggressive look about him and he’s got his chest out you know um another skin that’s Savage um you’re almost looking for a prime kind of look like you know like this he’s not military he’s Savage like yeah and this guy that makesense this guy is also if you look at his face let me see yeah this skin right here that’s loading on the screen The Relic skin he’s Savage you see him look at look in his eyes oh my gosh he looks like my ex GH that’s Savage Oh Raphael he’s also Savage see and then military is anything with um military would be anything with camouflage of any color you see how the pants on this one is camouflage that’s military see what I mean they’re wearing dog tags totally military this one over here is military as well oops this one it’s loading sorry my stuff takes a long time to load see the dog tags and the pants are uh yeah so you guys get the gist but what I was saying about the spin the wheel we’re going to be adding people to the spin the wheel if you win the fashion show um there’s three places to win so there’s three chances to win pretty much in the fashion show and um at the end of the month on the first of every month really we are spinning it five times and everyone who wins gets 1K v-bucks so just give me the heads up on that for people who um have not uh been to the stream lately and don’t know about it and oh I’m sorry I forgot to look at the chat again I’m soorry so so so sorry guys I’m just like really slow at this whole looking at the chat thing um let me scroll up a [Music] bit uhuh yes uh jar at some point you know you can take the place of tesy um Lander’s going to stream sorry Lander’s going to host with me first and um then after yeah after Lander then gyrex is goingon to wait no gyx is last of thanless Chino can go and then gyrex um I got to give me a moment to type that up so we got Lander Chino gyx okay Savage versus milit let’s see I want to pin you thank you so much lender all right and let’s take a look and see what we have for mhm we got five people queued up so far we can we get another five people into the queue for this Fashion Show to start Savage versus military it’s pretty easy see look at look at what Chino is wearing he’s totally Savage he looks like he’s ready for war he’s got the tattered clothing on he’s not wearing military stuff that’s that’s Savage and what Lander is wearing he’s wearing camouflage you know you want to you want to get the stuff that’s military that has the uh the military stuff has the camouflage of any color and it has dog tags things like that you just got to look like you were you know professionally militarily trained I a military apparently is that even a [Music] word oh let me see let me see if I can point out some more skins that are Savage in military uh this you know what I’m be honest with you I think Solid Snake is both military and Savage um he looks professional but I know I don’t think he was hired by the government I think he’s part of his own Little Agency um a different agency I can’t really remember his whole story but he’s kind of both uh let’s see like I said this one’s Savage this one’s Savage [Music] uh this would be Savage if the sh is off and they look like they’re ready to fight that’s Savage this is Savage she doesn’t look like she’s ready to fight she just looks like she’ been through the jungle or whatever yeah I could consider this Savage too of course of course any of the Ninja Turtles a Savage what’s a Savage emote let’s see what kind of what do we have a Savage emote would be like um like the howling at the moon emote is one anything that looks makes you look really vicious or ready to fight like uh let me see what I have what I have um h this is a Savage emote so’s this one you know if you look like you’re ready to fight somebody that’s what you’re looking for this is a Savage emote that’s a Savage emote Hulk is a Savage emote by the way sorry Hulk is a Savage um the Hulk is Hulk’s Roar is a Savage emote Hulk in general is a Savage skin I don’t know what that would be you just got to look really mean if you’re going to be Savage side Peter he’s he’s pretty buff yeah I’d say the the buff the buff skins um if they have like a Savage look to them like you know if they got tattered clothing and they’re they look ripped that could be considered Savage but if they’ve got like a really Fierce stance to them that’s definitely Savage you know this is a Savage emote with the military like peoples you just want to like get something that looks professional I guess as far as the emotes like this emote the proper emotes something that looks like you’ve got common sense that you’ve got what’s the word uh that you’re a civil person military is kind of like yeah m if it’s a tattered Spider-Man maybe a Savage maybe you could count that as Savage here’s a Savage emote oh the knife em yeah yeah that’s Savage if you have an emote with a knife in it for sure but it wait if you’re if you got cookie knives that’s more that’s not as Savage if it’s cookie knives it’s not as Savage is that’s something you like military people you know um let me see yeah knife sharpener Savage any of the Ninja Turtle stuff is Savage this is [Laughter] Savage if it’s something that makes you look like a wild animal yeah for sure that’s Savage military is pretty much anything that a Savage wouldn’t do because they’re trained professionals also make sure you got your your um when you get your stories and your sprays ready right when it comes to Savage anything with a grenade in it no sorry anything when it comes to military anything with a grenade and it is military yeah if you have any kind of Technology like a guitar in your spray that’s that would be military Savages don’t have that stuff Savages won’t hold um Savages don’t hold uh guitars they don’t help any kind of technology so if you’re doing an emote that that has a technology uh you definitely don’t want to do an emote with technology if you’re a Savage only got four people beating four people competing I see you want to compete well there’s not too many people would a default skin be considered Savage no default skin are more military yeah from what I’ve seen let me go to um my locker I think what’s the first default skin I ever had let me look I think this is this is not a default skin is it I can’t tell this is a default skin right here right war paint this is definitely military that’s military yeah this girl’s Savage um Knights that are not wearing tattered clothing those could be military because you know back in times of kings and queens Knights were the military so that’s considered military yeah this rat Splinter he’s totally Savage if you got a cat skin that’s Savage I think any animal skin any furry skin is a Savage too Optimus Prime pretty much any robot could be Savage as well unless it’s a military robot military robots like uh Iron Man for example he could be considered military at least the US was trying to get him you know trying to get him on their side rats live in the sewer and Rob you for your food yeah that’s Savage she’s not Savage she’s an engineer if you’ve got this version of her it’s Savage cuz she’s wearing those tattered clothes but you if you have that version of her that looks professional then it’s it’s not military because she’s still not military it’s just a normal skin you got to look the part if you’re going to be Savage wear the tatter clothes oh we just we just started I’m telling everybody like what’s Savage compared to military cuz the theme is Savage versus military zest zebra you wrong about what yeah people people you guys can join up using the code the code is bestie I was wrong about what when did I say rats are a part of the military I didn’t say rats are a part of the military when did I say that Master Splinter is Savage Master Spinner for sure is Savage now I have heard that the military is going to be using rats uh to help detect bombs and that part is true but Master Splinter is definitely not military he’s he’s Savage the military don’t want him yeah you didn’t know about that huh the military is considering using rats they’re doing experiments to use rats to detect bombs so they send the rats out and the Rats either they sniff the bombs out or they run over the bombs and they explode and so the military it’s like oh rats you know they’re replaceable some crazy rats they don’t know what they’re getting into they just send them out to explode the bombs they’re the first line of [Laughter] defense rats will be the new first line of defense and then they’ll send out the men where can I sign up for the job zesty zebra you can’t do that you’re a zebra next thing you know W World War II the first thing you see are rats yeah I would not be surprised I read an article all about it in fact they made us read this for for school um it was like one of the articles that you were allowed to write about and I had to instruct the kids on how to write their essays so yeah two more players yeah can we get two more players for this fashion show and then we’ll get started yep drop a like And subscribe also if you don’t know who ATP is go to your search bar type in Anthony the player that’s my bestie he’s currently streaming like And subscribe to him too I’d appreciate that thanks currently he’s doing not sure what he’s doing is this box fights I can’t tell he’s do he basically is doing all the stuff that I don’t do he’s doing Zone War oh he’s doing Zone Wars thank you thank you later got uh I’m chill in the L live streams kids kept swearing in ant’s party oh at least they’re not swearing in his stream like they literally can’t say anything in his stream so that’s good don’t want to lose it during his stream because I might say something that’ll get me banned or block yeah yeah whatever’s going on over there just let it go but I still think that you should watch anony stream because you know he he’s uh he’s my bestie he deserves that love and support since when was I zebra I mean your name is literally zesty zebra that implies that you’re a zebra all right you you guys I’m going to go ahead and hit start match it’s okay that we only got um eight contestants you guys just better have a really good uh combo because I gave you more than enough time I’m looking to be impressed and I told you guys all the kind of stuff that you could use oh no why am I playing this chick no no no no wait wait a second oh no I was supposed to be Savage my bad I was so busy showing you guys what to do I forgot to set myself up looks like I’m going be hopping into that um what do you call that thing Booth yeah the booth thank you thank you for filling me in on on the my uh what do you call it oh yeah there’s a booth inside there too so I’ll still I’ll still run after the portal but um for the most part I’ll still run for the portal and I’ll go into this booth right here hello ooh you’re definitely Savage ha I love me some Shredder I really do I like Shredder I love Ninja Turtles in general I identify his rat to change it quickly so it looks like a rat the code is besti I started up I don’t know if he’ll be able to get in but this should be a pretty quick like a fairly quick um round because we only have eight people in the match okay who’s hosting with me Lander is it yeah or was it gyrex I that that is me which one is you is last okay gyx is last okay is this Lander you’re Lander yeah that’s okay letting you in know there you go going to go in here real quick and I’m supposed to be Savage so let me go ahead and get my Savage costume on why won’t it let me scroll down oh here we go okay Savage Savage who do I want to be that Savage Savage dinosaurs are Savage okay for sure I’m ready all right you guys since everyone had more than enough time to put together their um I want to say blah blah blah but I want to confuse everybody to put together their combos everyone should be here we got you and me that’s two 3 4 5 6 s eight are missing there’s two people missing where are they are they downstairs I think so guys are you down here I’m GNA give you guys a chance I’ll give you guys a chance to come up um I’ll grade whoever’s up here first and if you’re not up here by the time um I’m done with them then I’m going to press the button and it’s going to eliminate everyone downstairs okay let’s get oh wait is this all all Savages or military yeah I mean Savages they go to war and Military goes to war but it’s just like the difference is the professionalism I guess he wants to be H he’s not military that’s for sure okay so I guess everyone up here is Savage and nobody picked military That’s crazy cuz there’s a whole lot of military skins military looking skins in fortnite it’s crazy that you guys didn’t pick any but okay I’ll ra this for a Savage over here yeah you definitely look Savage I love the the thing you got on your head what is it the skull you’ve got on your head that’s awesome the axes are definitely a nice touch for Savage and the back bling oo wait that back bling if I’m being honest it’s more military because like I said it looks like a shield that a knight would carry but I’ll let you pass I’ll let you pass it’s good all right one of you Savages can go to the other side all right Savage Oh my gosh that back bling when you think about Savages I know where that back bling comes from that back bling is from uh the Scot out of War right he’s pretty Savage he’s really hardcore um and the oh gosh the pickaxe that’s crazy I would hate to get hit by that definitely Savage very nice isn’t this um this is that new skin from the battle pass right definitely Savage very nice yeah are we doing same set are we doing same set uh same set’s okay as long as their performance is good I’m going to pass it you know all right let’s see we got a sword now that sword I’m going be honest with you this sword it’s just it’s military the guns back bling it’s military I can pass you as military I can pass you as military but not as Savage so make sure you got um make sure you got your stuff together as far as military I hope I hope that that you meant to be military because the sword and that back bling is totally military all right pass you okay so we got Peabody he’s from the b battle pass a stop sign technically a Savage wouldn’t have that no back Bling No back bling and there’s no back bling I’m sorry I have to eliminate you you have to have a back bling guys I’m sorry you got to have a back bling you got to have a matching pickaxe if you’re going to be Savage cuz you definitely weren’t military I could tell that all right so if there’s anybody else downstairs anybody else uh now is your last chance very last chance to come through because I’m going to press this button in 10 seconds 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and an additional 5 seconds while I press the button activates everyone downstairs is dead if there is anybody sorry guys moving forward CeCe look mitchu what is that lender tells you she got raided oh I got raided by who I didn’t see anything CCE if I do Nick a30 emote that means I’m saying that you think you’re the king I’m the oh lonard tells he she okay hold on where did I get raided at I’m sorry Mitchy raid thank you so much I’m sorry I’m still a new streamer um Mitchie I’m I’m sorry I’m still a new streamer and I don’t look at the chat very often but I am going to look at it more often thank you so much for the raid really appreciate it uh let me see did I miss anything else everybody um take a look in the chat MIT on on Q I think that’s what it says Mitch on Q everybody go to um Mitch’s uh like click on his name and like subscribe if you can subscribe to Mitchie on Q uh shout out to Mian Q thank you so much he has 400k that’s awesome uh how do I let me see I’m trying to click on it so I can go and I’m sorry I’m taking so long guys I’m still new to this I’m trying to click on his name so I can go um subscribe without leaving my page go to channel okay it opens up a new thingy subscribe to Mitchy on Q thanks again Mitchie all righty uh let’s see where was I oh yeah why do I hear myself it’s okay it’s very low so it doesn’t bother me too much okay I’m back oh I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to shoot you I was just clicking back on so sorry okay where was I all right so we got some Savages on the stage we got Shredder and we got the new guy show me what you got ooh ooh yeah that’s good that’s good that’s definitely Savage what do you think about Savages like do CA and stuff go on that’s professional that’s like that’s more professional this gu’s a Savage ah sorry gyrex sorry gyrex if you’re going to be a Savage you got to act the part you know act like a Savage do something a Savage would do oh yeah that’s definitely Savage all right and we got another one come on through come on through this is the last one right aren’t you savage okay that’s just an entrance that’s okay what you got oh okay and the music goes with it too okay nice it’s a combo too that’s very good very good all right moving on all right let me see your Savage WS guys it’s gold it’s gold but it looks tattered if I’m if I’m being honest it looks tattered in some areas but gold in some you know what it’s a pass it’s good it’s good you can um I don’t want to shoot by accident here we go okay all right it’s okay it’s okay uh here we go what oh my goodness is there a demon living in your bike oh gosh H yeah yeah it it looks tattered it’s Savage enough we’ll pass him okay let me see what you got guy though you can’t kill him oh no it’s not Savage why we only have uh three three people left that’s it all right let me see your B let me see your um oops I went through the wrong door let me see your blah blah blah forgot the rap glider oh glider that’s what it is yeah yep thank you Lander sorry I can’t speak English today guys all right I mean I could technically um make myself Savage you know but I’m not wearing the right back bling for uh to win that so H okay it’s tattered it’s Savage and let’s see you come [Music] through H oh yeah the spikes on the top totally Savage very nice very nice all right tell me your Savage stories actually can I get everybody oops I’m sorry everybody come over here on this side since we have uh so little people it’s only three people left oh man oh man what why’ you shoot that come come over here yeah right here good all right guys draw out your Savage stories please you don’t have anything you have to have something please draw draw draw draw and when sit down in your chair when you’re ready to present yes this is the first fashion show of the stream Daniel feel free to join up for the next one for sure for sure I need more people to show up for the next one k uh not q c uh not Q MIT on M M on okay I’ll get it right next time I’m sorry Mian sorry I’m so late um let me see great I came early this time yeah technically yeah because my stream is late but you uh show up in the first the first fashion show of the stream so oh man I need to stretch my leg okay is everyone ready I got this person this person is ready show me your story tell me about your Savage stories what have you been through in the jungle you fought and defeated the Predator I don’t know um he didn’t mention anything to me but if he wants to do a fashion show with me for sure I’m okay with that ooh yeah that jungle music it’s it’s a good um it’s it’s it’s a good addition to your story very nice very nice okay you’re good you f you pass okay him oh yeah he won for sure take the w w that’s good you’re Savage you the all right what you got let me see what you got Terminator totally Savage look at his back blings crazy okay oh he put the llama in the grave he put the llama in the grave oh he cooked him too he cooked the Llama okay so sounds like you got some Savage culinary skills right I thought so very nice very nice you need that for survival you know all right so everybody here wins an entry into the wheel if you’re just coming into stream everybody who wins either first second or third place gets an entry in the wheel that gets spun on the first of every month it gets spun five times and uh oops let me turn off this thing it gets spun five times and everybody gets everybody that wins gets 1K v-bucks yes that is 1,000 v-bucks okay so in third place for the The Savage fashion show in third place we got the new guy the new guy from the battle pass okay in second place we’ve got Terminator and in third place we’ve got the dino skull girl very nice very Savage the most Savage I’ve seen the back bling not too much but still it is fitting it goes all right so let me um everybody who what Whatchamacallit everybody who is currently on the stage can you come to my stream chat and place your uh fortnite name comment your fortnite name in the Stream chat so that I can put you on the wheel m where’s my Wheel here it is all right I think you know mine already yeah oh py that’s you oh you’re the new guy awesome okay py have an angel Chino second thank you very much and then Zess zebras Z zra made first oh congratulations all right so you guys can see I subscribed to mitchi Mitch Anka guys if you haven’t already go to Mitch Anka subscribe he rided thank you so much Mitchie all right are we ready to get started on the next one yeah we’ll go back to Lobby y everybody um go back to Lobby everybody back to Lobby thank you this is getting a little easier maybe because we didn’t have too many people to deal with this time but [Music] all right I hope more people join for this fashion show coming up remember if you join the fashion show and you win you get an entry onto the wheel that’s spun every month is the wheel for gift and every time you win a fashion show you get more chances for the gift right oh gift gift yes I would be gifting you 1K v-bucks um so so yes um well when I say gifting I would gift you something from the item shop that comes up to 1K yep five people get gifted 1K v-bucks we will spin it five times monolo wants to join yes sir the people that I invite to actually be in my party or people I know I know that they’re going to be you know quiet and not overwhelming in my stream and they’ll they’ll be talk when needed um okay so let’s go ahead and get a new code a new custom key right yep host pardon say that again Chino’s host Chino’s host got you okay all righty got my code I’m going to hit ready everybody ready up and then I’ll tell you the code once ready this time we’re going to do deadly versus harmless let’s do theme deadly versus harmless guys pretty sure you guys know deadly looks like they’re going to rip somebody’s head off and then harmless looks like soft and cute and I wouldn’t hurt a fly um the theme is deadly versus harmless and the code is Chino all lower lowercase life Cod Chino yeah so every round I try to get somebody um to host with me um see the people in my party are like my friends and then uh Chino is also one of my friends he’s a a trusted mod but he’s he’s hosting this one with me Mr G hi Mr G CCE w all right so if you guys want to host later just let me know can host alongside me and we thank you so much lender for the pin comment we got eight people in the queue so far let’s get a couple more it’s me Daniel oh hi Daniel oh so you’re it’s Daniel you just changed your account py says music versus Wasteland we got a lot of wastland stuff going on right now for battle pass it’s a little too easy for people to get away with and music because of the festival at some point we might do that at some point mono the skin that you’re playing right now oh my gosh remember when that one came out she’s a little loopy she looks a little crazy look at the way she’s moving on screen oh she’s scary she reminds me of Billy eyh though with those eyes the boss oh Damas deas I thought she said the boss hey jamas hey jamas hey how are you yep I ended up streaming very very late just to get it out of the way just so it counts that I I at least streamed today um you know what I forgot to do I keep on forgetting to do this I keep on forgetting to share my link for my stream how do I do that oh goodness live is this the one okay 1 hour ago share copy let me go ahead and promote it in a couple servers here right quick it’s Daniel I’m Daniel no I’m not that guy oh gotcha gotcha okay so Daniel where did you get the Mr G where do the Mr G name come from if your name is Daniel I’m curious let me go to ATP server here selfpromo [Music] paste oh Landry you posted it for me thank you I appreciate that go over here to DJ server well go let me close this and open back Anthony’s stream on my phone if you guys didn’t know my bestie Anthony the player is also doing fashion shows he’s doing his fashion shows at uh at his map though okay give you guys the heads up on that I don’t know what theme he’s doing all right so we got eight players again I’m going to go ahead and start match going to bed it’s getting late okay good night Mr G Mr G Daniel why is the code you because it’s easy because you’re hosting I wish I could host my show on YouTube alongside you and Anthony but unfortunately I’m stuck on Twitch a yeah you need a PC to do it on YouTube if you don’t have all if you don’t meet all their requirements but you know what um I can’t remember who it was I saw doing it it’s a younger streamer but they were able to stream from their phone using another streaming platform and they were on YouTube it was showing up on YouTube I don’t know how they did it though if I figure it out I’ll let you know deas how have I been by the way oh I’ve been okay I mean I was tired you know earlier I started my day off with um editing Maps I was trying to to get my um my hideand-seek neighborhood mapped together was trying to get it um what’s the word in order cuz right now it’s uh kind of a mess and it just needed some work so I was trying to work on that I also submitted an update for the maze map my newest oops my newest maze map that’s out cuz I had a couple errors in there let me get Chino in here they finally approved it they were giving me a hard time look at Chino nice entrance I’m lagging a bit I was streaming Minecraft with a friend and we were doing one block and I got 100 views while me and my friend were arguing [Laughter] is it the conversation that dra that um that brings people in I’m wondering when people argue people just love others just love to hear the argument or if you’re talking about something sus they like to be nosy they like to listen in yeah you can on the phone but you have to at least 25 Subs but I’m not that kind of Bot B like that oh I see oh yeah I saw you make maps this fashion show one is really well done probably the best out there oh thank you thank you Daniel I appreciate you saying that all right so I saw like eight people in the queue right so that’s one two three four five six and I’m guessing two more people are downstairs I’ll give you guys a chance I’m going to go through these two um these two sides and then the others um better be up here by by the time I see someone downstairs uh they’re probably coming up now all right uh what was the theme I was doing again I I’m always having a brain fart guys again I’m sorry deadly versus harmless that’s right that’s right okay so we get the deadly on the this side over here we good oop sorry deadly on that side and we got the harmless on this side all right I’m sorry I didn’t explain what [Music] um oh my gosh I’m sorry I didn’t explain what the deadly and what the harmless would look like but I think you guys really you know you know I think you guys are on point so let’s get started all right so what do we got here he’s big he’s fluffy he’s cute he’s comes with spaghetti back bling everybody loves spaghetti oh my gosh totally inviting and he’s got a colorful pickaxe too totally lovable he is harmless he wouldn’t hurt a fly and that’s a good pass that’s a good pass right there I didn’t see the person that came through in here but I’m going to go ahead and hit this button next person can come through it’s a banana how could you possibly get her from a banana unless you slip on its peel like the back bling a it’s one of those um squeaky it’s one of those squeaky pickaxes couldn’t hurt a fly a little mouse couldn’t hurt a fly oh my gosh that’s so cute wait is this petable it’s not petable is it no it’s not pable but still cute harmless very nice oh that’s totally deadly sharp teeth dripping nasty tongue looking like a demon with that back bling I could totally get hurt on that pickaxe wait what is that pickaxe made of what is that whatever it look whatever it is it doesn’t look sanitary it looks like it could kill me I could probably die of of shock from whatever bacter infests my infest my system if I get hit by that you know okay so the next two let’s get the next two I’m pretty sure you’re not harmless you might be a little girl but oh my gosh what’s up with that back bling hold up I almost thought I almost thought that that back bling had blood on it almost those are some uh pretty sick colors though and the spikes definitely definitely not harmless um let me see here yeah you look like you’re going to hurt somebody for sure you’re deadly you pass all right what you got what’s wrong oh he’s crying see he wouldn’t hurt a fly he wouldn’t hurt a fly he has he’s got a shark on his back but it’s a soft animal so he’s nice he’s a nice banana and everybody loves ice cream you know everybody loves a little whipped cream he’s good he’s a good guy and the the pickaxe too they’re pom poms wouldn’t hurt a fly you pass all right is there anyone else downstairs if there’s anyone else downstairs you have 10 seconds to come up before I press this button and it kills everyone 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 all right I’m pressing the button giving you an additional 5 Seconds to come up like I said once this button pressed everybody who’s downstairs dies okay we’re moving on to the next round I’ll take a look at the chat as well now we were arguing about who would do the mining and the expanding ah okay so you were playing Minecraft it’s pretty self-explanatory the theme so you good good no worries oh yeah thank you thank you thank you thank you guys for understanding thank you for understanding the assignment and coming through with the greatest skins for these themes I’m proud of you guys actually I’m really proud of of you nice entrance if you guys have a nice traversal coming to the stage no matter what it is this it’s [Laughter] fine all right he’s definitely deadly I’m going to let you um grade that side actually he’s definitely deadly yeah you you can go ahead and pass him if you want and then oh oh he’s harmless look he want your wiow hug let me give you a hug come here who doesn’t want to hug from a nice banana he’s harmless he passes Chino you don’t want to grade this guy I can’t even remember are we doing are who’s doing which side honestly we didn’t even go over that tashana wirick W Weck I don’t know how to I’m just gonna call you Tas is that okay I like that name tashe hello tashe Tash Queen W with the Minecraft yeah totally W look at this [Music] banana oh oh oh oh oh oh I like that I like that okay he’s totally harmless he’s just a dancing banana careful you might slip pass I like it though oh that’s scary he’s got some zombie like features going on look at his mouth’s just dripping it’s so scary I wonder where that skin came from come on through nice entrance hey fluffy guy what you got oh she’s going to kill someone oh wow oh oh that’s cute I mean if he grows if he grows vegetables I don’t see why we shouldn’t pass him you know he’s all about Earth he’s cool he’s nice he’s cute let’s pass put he if you if you threw a tomato in his face and he still didn’t attack you he’s harmless all right so let’s see what you guys got I’m I’m going to grade the harmless side ice cream everybody loves ice cream guys everybody loves ice cream that’s the perfect way to make a friend get them some ice cream this definitely looks friendly you guys are so friendly love it oh this lady she might kill me I don’t know should I grade her let’s see yeah you’re holding a gun you’re deadly and the colors are nicely matching yeah that’s a pass for sure oh there’s a banana over here hey hey banana banana he a fishy he’s got fishies and yellow and it looks nice and sunny and bright and it looks friendly it’s a total pass anybody else okay that’s everyone you guys are doing great you’re really good at fashion shows you guys good at fashion shows you guys o o uh whose mic is that I can hear myself um okay it’s gone now don’t know who it was but okay all right I’m going to Great oh gosh why am I hearing myself guys who’s whose mic is that Lander is that your mic okay let me try this again um oh a look at it so so cute wouldn’t Hur a fly total pass pass pass pass what you got oh so pink so fluffy so sparkly definitely a pass wouldn’t hurt a fly so harmless a look at that you know what is that thing called again opa I I can’t remember Opa yeah he’s big he’s fluffy he could probably fight but he won’t you know he’s very uh he’s very passive he’s not he’s not that aggressive I like him I like him deadly cat is going to scratch you for sure o yeah she looks like she’s going to hurt me if she comes down here go ahead and pass her before she gets mad all right guys now I want the you couldn’t hurt a fly I want you guys to tell me a story about when you were nice to somebody and for the uh the people who are deadly that are going to kill me if I just look look them in the eyes um tell me about what you did to a nice person that looked at you the wrong way a nice person that looked at you the wrong [Laughter] way all right so it looks like the fluffy guy is ready hey Mr Fluffy what you got he’s hopping like a bunny looks like he’s about to give some gifts to a puppy dog a he saw a puppy and he hugged it a that’s so nice here I’ll take that hug so nice very very nice all right you’re good come on over here and where the nice people at are you still working on this or are you ready you’re working on are you you ready not ready okay all right when you’re ready sit down in your chair oh let me see these um okay so let’s see what’s going on here oh apparently there was a girl oh man so a girl liked you and you threw a bomb in her face yo this one this reminds me of something have you guys ever heard of the He-man women Haters Club from The Little Rascals he’s totally one of those He-Man Woman Haters if a girl likes him and tries to kiss him or blow him a kiss or something like that just tries to be nice to him he throws a bomb in their face okay that’s a pass welcome to the He-Man Woman hers Club all right what you got Mr deadly oh he’s a zombie oh man he looks like he’s going to attack this beautiful young woman oh no he’s biting her oh gosh it’s horrible it’s gruesome where’s the blood where’s the blood oh she’s in the grave oh man that was gruesome that was a very gruesome story it’s it’s a pass pass for sure pass for sure right over here welcome to the He-Man Woman Haters Club right over here you know what He-Man Woman Haters Club come to the squore to the square right [Laughter] here he’s good he’s good you come over here it’s good to go hey if you’re in the human woman hairs Club can you stay in this Square over here if you’re a nice guy can you stay in this Square over here nice guy guys come here and He-Man Woman hairs Club comes here unless you guys are trying to swap okay hold on you over here how about that you just come over here can you listen please hello you over here oh God okay I understand that this person is ready but I’m trying to get you guys to stay in one spot cuz I don’t want you to get him away thanks okay okay you ready let’s see what you got nice friendly banana he woke up in the morning he’s having a good day he’s walking down the street oh he comes across a kitty he comes across a kitty a homeless Kitty on the Street he gives the kitty a hug and he brings it home very nice very nice I love that story he looks like he wakes up every morning loving his life all right let’s come over here oh wait sorry not there not there you come over here over here here you go okay all right what do we have over here is this banana ready the harmless banana takes a picture with a beautiful woman a look he’s so nice he gives her [Music] flowers that’s so sweet a he’s harmless come on over so we got those who love women over here and those who hate women are over here all right you have anything careful Chino don’t look her in the eye she might kill you oh she saw a biker chick and she decided to bash her over the skull oh man that’s what I’m seeing that’s what I’m seeing that this story is about to be like yeah oh man terrible terrible but I did ask you to um h write a basically tell me a story about something bad so yes uh come on over here okay so we got the woman abusers over here and we got the woman lovers over here cgw stream thank you Lander thank you for the encouragement all right so let me think what are we going to do for you guys my phone will I in oh remember okay lender that’s really relable okay time to make a banana butl okay we’re going to put a couple of you up against each other we’re going to put the deadly versus harmless up against each other so go ahead um the harmless ones I want you to pick a deadly partner and then I want you to guys to pair up one here one here and one here pick a deadly partner and team up here here or here go on don’t be shy harmless ones pick a deadly partner okay good all right okay so I want to see a scene I want you guys to make up a scene if you can make me laugh or make me say oh then uh then you win this round then you both could pass okay so I’ll give you guys two seconds to make up a scene about the day you guys met each other so we’ve got we everybody’s got a deadly partner everyone’s got uh a harmless partner here if you guys can make up a scene a scene about the day you guys met and became friends it looks like these two are not getting along it’s funny this one’s like I want to bat you over the skull but he’s like no don’t do that I want to be nice to you and for this one the team the team that wins my heart on this story they automatically both of them pass and then the other two have to compete so I’m going to give you guys 30 seconds more 30 seconds more to figure out your stories I won’t peek oh what was that are you ready okay so the this team is ready all right ready I’m watching I’m listening oh he’s giving out money like Mr Beast over there looks like he’s spinning a happy message Happy message sign he’s giving out money uh-huh he’s taking a stroll one day I’m pretty sure this girl wants to bash him over the head he might have looked at her the wrong way she don’t like you she does not like you oh no you made him cry oh no she definitely doesn’t like you but do you guys ever become friends oh looks like she feels bad he’s hurt he’s hurt he’s down he needs some milk looks like she still hates you oh I guess the Friendship Never blossomed all right you guys hold still right [Laughter] here all righty let’s see are you guys ready oh oh he’s a bad guy and a he’s got his his uh he’s got his baddy truck he was riding up right the banana needed a ride he’s like please please give me a ride he’s like no I don’t want to give you a ride and it makes him cry oh do you guys become friends no no friends Al he drives up again does he offer him the ride he still wants to fight nope no friends all right let’s see what you guys have he walking down the street he’s texting he comes across a monster what you guys got going on you’re giving a puppy a hug Oh no you’re not going to bash that puppy’s brains in no please don’t do it oh no the poor puppy [Music] no then he sets it on fire that is sad everybody’s story is sad there’s no friendship oh my gosh the puppy’s a burning dumpster fire now oh gosh I was kind of looking for somebody to like become friends somehow nobody became friends okay so none of you won that round but it was interesting okay everybody uh with your teammate run back over here come back over here we’re going to have to compete a different way since none of you uh harmless people were able to make a friend with make friends with the deadly um we’re going to have to compete with a race I hope you guys have some deadly traversals and some what do you call it I hope you guys have deadly traversals and yes traversals like this the harmless ones very nice okay stand behind this blue line everyone stand behind the blue line please hello kirishima hi kirishima thank you for joining the stream really appreciate it hopefully you can join up in the in the next um fashion show I’d like to see what you got if you’re interested let’s see here okay so stand on the line uh stand behind the line me everyone stand behind the line okay I’m going to start with this side first okay when I shoot my gun you’re going to do your traversal all the way to me and the first one to reach me passes oh the first one to reach me and do a either deadly or harmless depending on your skin uh your theme do a deadly or harmless harmless um spray once you reach me and uh and then you win okay okay so at the shot of my gun you’re going to ride over here on your deadly or harmless traversal you’re going to do aay and the first one to get over here P this blue line and and do a spray that is fist your theme wins ready set and I’m just doing this side first Ready Set Go uh oh what happened a you’re so cute as a little kitty you know what to do Chino we need more good people in the world you’re a good banana you passed very good very good stay here okay stay here with the kitty oh he’s grooming the kitty that’s cute all right next is you guys’ turn Okay first one to cross this line and do their spray wins it on my gunfire Ready set go do your traversals he looks like he’s about to trip look at [Laughter] this oh goodness I don’t know Chino what do you think of this you think he’s the winner I don’t know I’m GNA let Chino decide on this one I mean the banana the banana definitely did one but I’m not entirely sure if it fit I don’t know Chino you decide who who to um knock [Laughter] out you want to try again oh okay I guess not look at that nice guys don’t finish last all righty you guys ready they’re they got their traversals one’s looking deadly one’s looking like a friendly mall cop all right you guys got your sprays ready too ready set on my gunfire go ooh well this definitely looks deadly and what is is this Nick a30s thingy thingy is that Nick a3’s thing it is okay he is a nice guy I’ll let Chino decide we’ve got two nice guys finishing and they’re not last oh okay I guess we we had to sorry paky we had to choose a deadly all right we’ve got our three winners let’s go whose ball is that did it not open it did open okay come on through come on through all right all right Chino do you want to pick who comes in uh third second and first a kitty a that’s cute Oh you mean we didn’t do um emojis yeah it’s okay A maybe you can choose them based off of emojis but in the meantime what I want to do um while Chino is picking who comes third second and first I’m going to go ahead and put people’s names on the wheel if you haven’t already please come to the chat um the Ser sorry the stream chat and put your name um if you’re on this stage so that I can go ahead and put you in the wheel okay spin the wheel here we go this page here all right so I know Chino is hosting with me so I’m going to copy and paste his name again Lander’s on stage Lander which one are you what land are you the banana oh gosh you’re so good at this Lander knows his stuff copy paste I’m the deadly one you are wow Daniel that was pretty deadly like just looking at you I thought I was going to get a disease and die I’m talking about your skin no offense to you oh gosh what happened yeah Lander’s too good too good okay who else is on stage guys who else is on stage I had um what I get I got Lander I got Daniel and then who was the other banana papitas wow good one papitas no no it’s all good I know I love this skin yeah it’s a really rare ones very nice all right very nice guys very nice I like this one all right GG’s congratulations to all the winners for this round I’m going to go ahead and go back to Lobby everybody go back to Lobby um give me one moment though I have [Music] to I have to go get my charger I’ll be right back h e e e e all righty I’m back thank you so much for your patience guys I got my charger okay me get put my wheel down all right let me look at the chat M uhuh uhuh uhhuh uhhuh JX you still here yeah JX are you here yeah JX it’s your turn may you see see host by yourself more people can play you but only four people watching that’s okay hey if you guys uh maybe you guys can invite somebody who knows if if you want if you want to invite people to host in the fashion show let them know that they get entries and to the wheel there’s a good chance of uh of you guys winning CeCe if I die I’m going to get on my switch okay invited Mr G but he has to go because of school okay how about I invite some people let me invite oh mostly everybody is at Anthony’s fashion show hey guys what if we joined Anthony’s fashion show [Music] when is next fashion show comes up let’s go in as Anonymous N I won’t go in his Anonymous I just don’t want him to look at my screen and know that it’s me if I if I happen to like you know be winning you know cuz I don’t want his choice to be biased you know all right so I don’t know when he’s going to be done with his uh with his but let’s go on to the next one let’s go and do wait okay that’s how I do it nobody wants to host with me right now right who’s hosting the first person to tell me that they’re hosting with me is going to be the host with me you don’t have to host with me I I could who’s that talking I’m sorry I don’t have the thing on the I don’t have the mon view oh hi monol Loco okay monol Loco okay monol Loa is going to host with me I have a suggestion for one one side or maybe we could just do that one how about this guys get me your best liquids liquid uh skins everybody get a liquid skin on doesn’t matter which liquid it could be water it could be milk it could be juice everybody get on a liquid I want to be zesty again put on something drippy it’s an interesting theme yeah let’s just do liquids straight liquids guys do I have any liquids oh I’ve got I got Poseidon he’s liquid what else do I have yeah that’s the only liquid I have is Poseidon uh I guess I’m going to be grape soda Poseidon let me see what kind of liquid back blings I have I don’t know I can find some other liquid um cheese is solid it’s not [Music] liquid same skin as yesterday does Chrome count Chrome if it looks liquidy like I can I can imagine if you’re going to be a chrome one but if you like look slightly liquidy like even just a little bit of liquidy while you’re Chrome I think of you as capric son y’all know what I’m talking about those Capri and commercials from back in the day ooh is ice cream is ice cream liquid when it’s melting it is this one looks a little bit melty but I don’t know I don’t know for sure I don’t know maybe it’s not liquid enough this brain is holding some liquid there’s water that’s a liquid in the element thingy I’m going go with technically the ice cream on my back is not melting it’s still in its solid form so I’ll have to pass on this one cuz I don’t see the drippy stuff do you guys I don’t see it dripping I’m going to go with this liquid here a liquid glider anything that drips you know if it’s melting let’s see if it’s melting like ice cream you know or if it has water it’s a liquid you know anything that looks flowy like water like I don’t have any water ones I’m pretty sure you guys do look at this you see that liquid flowing off of there that’s a good one I like that one it’s my favorite there’s also this one it’s melting um and guys if you don’t have a glider maybe you’ve got a contrail and that could work too look see this is liquidy um this is liquid paints right here there’s some water in this one you could do either contrail or glider whichever one chapter 2 Season one’s wi gliders I don’t actually know about the chapters and season stuff what is the code oh my bad I completely forgot uh the code everybody queue up the code is Loco all lowercase letters Loco does gas count hear me out gas liquid turns into gas it’s got to be in liquid form there’s solids there’s liquids and there’s gas is we’re looking for the actual liquid if the gas turns into the liquid in the middle like in middle of whatever you’re doing then it counts uh let me see like my emote it catches me color sorry it matches me color try to do an emote with liquids in it so let me go back to Locker here and I’m just going to put on um a contrail okay now let’s look at the emotes that we could possibly use anything with water in it really um I don’t have a lot of them that might be water no that one’s wind you got barely any contrail yeah they haven’t been playing very long there’s some water in this one [Music] H here’s some water in this one anything liquid look all these have liquid on them all the Ninja Turtles ones have liquid it matches my color you got barely do bubbles count you know what technically bubble solution is a liquid so yeah bubbles do count look there’s liquid involved in crying for sure do you like listening to music I do like listening to music but only certain types of music it has to have a positive message if it’s going to have lyrics for me ooh That Boba yeah that’s liquid enough for me all right we got six people in queue if you haven’t already queued up please go ahead and queue up the theme is liquid I’m going to go ahead and post the pin comment sorry guys U sorry thank you ler think I’m ready if you guys are ready spam the number one ooh I see you monol loco all right I’m going to start match here we go I might be cooked I started fortnite not too long ago a you mean you don’t have anything to to match the theme no liquids just do your best if you’re if you’re I don’t know if you can find a little bit of moisture in any in any skin or emote that you’ve got I will try to find it like I don’t know if you if you’re a skin with a with a really slobbery tongue or something like that I’ll try to find the moisture in that you know I’ll try to find the liquid in there just be the best liquid you can you could do emotes that make you look like that make you look flowy you know my bad I meant to run and I ducked here you go mon Loco okay how many do we have like six 1 two 3 four five six okay we’re ready both sides have liquids okay let’s do this ah ah I see another Poseidon definitely a liquid pickaxe this pickaxe H it is solid but in this heat I’m sure it’ll melt I’ll pass you oops I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were still grading here how about this put them over there and then call one out there you go all right definitely liquid oo nice pickaxe what’s in there oh it’s got fishies that’s so cute I like that and then your back bling definitely drippy all right what you got over here oh okay definitely liquid on both the back bling and the pickaxe I love your fish that’s cute it’s totally a pass is that everyone all right we’re good to go if anyone else is downstairs probably not I’m just going to go ahead and press this button now last chance to come up and there we go okay moving on all right let’s see your drippy emotes ooh that definitely looks like a flowy entrance very nice very nice he’s going to have to come to the right side very good very good okay what you got definitely has some water in it you’re good you’re good oh and you had the cry too that was awesome that was awesome good he’s got a bubble car very nice very nice nice bubbles definitely count as liquid solution what you got oh I passed you by accident I’m so sorry um you know what I’m going to come up that’s the last person right I’m going to come up to you you got to show me your um emote I’m sorry which one are you was it this it was you show me your emote real quick I’m sorry hey can you show me your emote real quick please show me your emote hello hello hello hello hello hello why is this still floating did it I don’t know why this is oh it’s got water okay good good all right now let me see your wrap very nice wrap awesome it’s liquid it’s good if it’s liquid it’s good it’s it’s water good it’s water it’s liquid it’s good what you got oh I didn’t see it but okay I trust your judgment monoloco is there anything anyone else here everyone’s good H okay I got to remember let me take a note cuz some of these still need to be fixed let me just take a quick little note on my Simply Fashion Show map some of the guns are still floating okay so it’s that corner in that corner that we know for sure Actually I don’t even know all of them might that’s so strange because they weren’t floating for me when I was doing the whatchamacallit these are floating um let me see if this one does it the other ones look fine these would have floated if they if they were going to float they would have floated by now wouldn’t they so it’s just one two three and it’s on the right wall from what I can tell okay I’m I’m coming through sorry okay let me see your drippy floaty watery um ooh it’s a fit oh it’s a whale in some black water okay that counts it counts definitely water yep okay very nice very nice very nice okay good all right that’s everyone okay now for you guys’ stories okay I want you actually you know what maybe we shouldn’t do stories maybe this time we should just do a little mini game you guys want to do a little mini game yeah okay if you want to do a little mini game come to the middle right here do you do fashion shows every day for the most part yes uh tomorrow tomorrow I’ll be doing fashion shows and next next let me see on Saturday and Sunday I will not be streaming because I have events to go to um so yeah Friday I would be doing but Saturday and Sunday I won’t and then I’ll pick back up again on Monday okay so everybody here has a water emote but what I’m looking for right now is for you to tell me what element does water hate most tell me in a spray ready set at the shot of my gun go who is that fire fire yeah okay okay so we got two the two people who put fire come over here yep yep okay so you come over here all right so you two can uh compete now only one of you is going to make it through the this part let’s see let’s do traversals you guys have uh traversals actually you know what how about you just run and then you do the best water emote and whoever has the most water in their emote wins okay you’re going to come over here come behind this line right here all right you’re going to run to me you’re going to pass this line you’re going to emote right here and whoever’s emote has the most water in it wins for or the most liquid in it ready on the shot of my gun go ooh it’s raining it’s pouring the old men is snoring there’s a lot of water in there what do you have what do you have show me what you got oh that’s a lot of tears to cry that’s a lot of tears to cry unfortunately it’s not contstant like this one so this one wins I’m so sorry I’m sorry but you know what um how about we have four winners this time around I could put all four of you on the wheel who would like that everybody gets on the wheel this time all four of you go ahead come to the chat the stream chat and put your fortnite name so I know it’s you Anthony sent me here do you do fashion shows every day oh yeah yeah Anthony yeah thank you Dylan thanks for stopping by by I really appreciate that um I did green spray for grass for Pokémon [Laughter] related so you mean like the grass grass type Pokemon well they would like water because you know they’re green they’re plants they like water that helps them grow it’s Daniel Daniel one awesome Daniel awesome all righty um um did did Anthony say that he was going to do fashion show with me let me see spin the wheel let me finish putting everyone’s name right quick okay so I’ve got Daniel and then who else uh order weak to grash Pokemon oh they are are they also weak to fire Pokémon or is it the other way around I’m the one with a water pickaxe with the fishes oh okay I’m orange I’m going get off and get on my switch now okay oh Lander you you want to gotcha gotcha all right let me copy your name paste you again okay and then who else um who else won okay so if I have your name on the wheel already I got Lander I’ve got Daniel stand over here Lander and Daniel stand over here if you’re if you’re not already here Lander Daniel stand over here and I let me put monol Loco too because he’s hosting with me mon all right um Lander monolo and Daniel stand right here Lander monolo and Daniel stand right here and I’m sorry I didn’t see the notifications who did it say these people were who’s this one oh your Chino right and papitas Chino and papitas okay I delete to get on switch okay uh let me go ahead and put you guys Chino PR 600 and Papas oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to shoot you all right um wait where is it exit ready right let’s go on through everybody come through today you guys are all winners everybody’s a winner yay everybody do your your um your most liquid emote and I’ll just do this [Music] all right I’m hungry your chat is on screen yeah it’s okay I’m sorry I don’t mean to shoot you guys return to Lobby how about we do a couple of um hide and seeks you guys want to do hide-and-seek comment um HS everybody put spam HS if you want to do hide-and-seek yeah I can’t I can’t resist I have to have something to eat so we got one person saying HS that’s hide and seek that’s Lander anybody else want to play hide-and-seek Chino wants to play hide-and seek seek hide like stream chat mon Locus says hide-and-seek yes like the stream chat I want to play seeking hired okay all right so we we’ll do some hide-and-seek which hide-and-seek map should we do or should we do Prop Hunt whichever just let me know which one CeCe says I’m not I’m not good at Simon says but someday I will have my own Simon Says map I promise I’ll make I’ll make one in fact when I start back on Monday I’m probably going to be working on those uh on those Maps just building a hide-and-seek map with um little mini games for the hide and seek make it fun make it something different that no one’s seen before can we do arcade and then neighborhood yeah I’m still working on the neighborhood guys I haven’t I haven’t submitted the update yet I could actually use some testers for that neighborhood one if you want if you guys want to help me edit and test it on stream that would be great since we don’t have a whole lot of people you know we don’t have a whole lot of people and it’s not really a really big active stream right now what if we just went into creative and you guys help me test my test and perfect the hideand-seek neighborhood map hey Sparks why not do Anthony’s Simon Says map cuz I’m not good at it I’m really not good at it and I’d hate to like get stuck somewhere and you guys just like be bored because I just can’t I’m I’m not good at doing stuff in that map I’ll get sick too easily I not sick I’ll get stuck too easily how you bad at hide and seek just hide not hide-and-seek Simon says I’m bad at Simon says I’m sorry CCE you want to do hide and seek will you play in his Maps uh I rarely I rarely join the what do you call it I rarely join the um the Simon says when Anthony does it cuz I’m I’m really bad at it I’m just being honest I’m really bad at it there’s sometimes when I can pay attention and I and you know I’ll survive and then there’s other times where I I just have so many brain farts I can’t even get through the first I can’t even get through the first the first round the first attempt you know I always mess up I’ve always got something on my mind and just I’m too tired to pay attention really um C she’s still doing the fashion shows with an if if Anthony um sends me an invite or if he wants me to invite him I don’t know if Anthony’s listening but just like request on me if we’re going to do if we’re going to do a fashion show together um for now though let’s get us set up on oh wait who agrees to help me to help me with the um the the editing of the fashion not a fashion oh goodness hide-and-seek neighborhood I have to edit and submit a an update for hide-and-seek neighborhood and I could use testers so that yes we are going to be playing the game while we’re while I’m editing and testing hideand-seek in Creative yeah that’s what it is when I edit the hideand-seek and Crea creative we will be playing it at the same time while we’re testing I’ll do it until we do fashion shows and if you guys want to go do Anthony Simon says you guys can do that too that’s totally fine with me because I don’t mind if I’m if I’m like editing some if I’m editing something in creative and you guys um get a little bored it’s it’s okay if you guys want to go do the Simon says that’s totally fine with Anthony so if you want to do Simon Says head over to Anthony the player stream and if you want to help out with testing and you don’t mind waiting while I edit a couple things so that we can test it all the way through then we’ll join join up on Creative all right let’s ready up Anthony said just you two in the lobby when yall do the fashion shows okay so when he when he’s ready he can send me an invite I’m not sure which map we’re going to be doing but that that’ll be okay with just me and Anthony in the lobby um when he’s when he hosts I can understand that it does get a little overwhelming when we see multiple people on the screen or you know a lot to talk to a lot of people to talk to U I’m going to go ahead and hit start match oh wait did I do the whole code thing do I need to do the code thing I don’t know it’s readying up it’s fine got to start it it’s creative anybody should be able to join right I didn’t have to do code no I didn’t I didn’t do a code that’s why I was a little confused like but I don’t have to do code you can’t do code for something like that right creative anybody could get in [Music] mm that’s funny code for Creative I forgot to change my skin I look like a hot mess that one’s the maze uh let me open up the hide-and-seek neighborhood one for twin CeCe yeah twin Where Have You Been thank thank you for the pin comment lender we’ll go ahead and pin that thank you uh what happened how come it’s not pinning my computer’s going a little slow I think let me try this one more time oh man it takes forever for it to come up did I do it that time I think I did okay here we go okay okay so uh I don’t remember what was going on last I was in here however um I think there was a team’s issue that’s probably it there was a team’s issue okay so I’m going to become the host by pressing this button and then I want one of you um you know what twin twin you’re going to come over here and you’re going to stand right here because the portal is going to appear and it’s going and I’m going to let you in with that button okay so I’m going to press start and then everybody else can go into hiding but try not to hide in someplace too difficult because we’re testing remember right I become the host right now it’s just set to 20 seconds for testing purposes testing to make sure I’m able to let you in come on in grab your [Music] gun okay now before I go about killing you guys um lender I need to see that you’re able to press this button are you able to press this button okay good you are able to press the button and you were able to get guns and stuff of course right and you’re able to change the sky good okay now are you able to press this button perfect okay now I need everybody to come forward everybody who is out there hiding um what is up with this map why does it look so dark it’s so strange [Music] um hi all right how many people do we actually have um in the hiders let me see can you come over here real quick everybody come over here we have four hiders okay oh Lander are you able to touch this button you don’t have to press it just let me know if you can actually touch it if it says give up yes okay good all right so we have one two three four people come on over here we’re just going to knock you out real quick oh that reminds me hold on am I able to hurt you and are you able to hurt me oh Anthony’s requesting okay let’s let’s knock them out real quick thank you for your sacrifice thank you for your sacrifice thank you papitas for your sacrifice there was one more of you where are you here we go all right does it cancel does it it ends game it says Victory good all right so then actually this works and I should be able to submit it let’s go back to Lobby cuz Anthony is requesting everyone go back to Lobby I think that’s really the only test I need to do before I could publish it so later on after I’m done with Anthony I’m going to publish that map and we should be able to play it by tomorrow it’s still good yeah I added some new hiding Spaces by the way all right I’m going to join Anthony’s Party Guys hi bestie can you hear me Taylor Bessie can you hear me hello want this yes Anthony can you hear me yeah Hi how are you I think I won’t be able to okay I can’t actually you can’t hear me I thought I said 50 v-bucks too guys can Anthony hear me enjoy your gift’s see I cannot hear you yet I’m put this what’s going on with the map actually I’m not entirely sure like I know that there’s some more changes that I need to make to that map maybe Anthony has me muted I don’t know um yeah you’re currently talking to your but uh you have me muted can you guys hear me no I don’t got you mut I got my mic turned down oh okay so if you got your mic turned down that it’s you how are you not able to hear me mic is turned down it’s always turned down okay but how are you not able to hear me but my stream can came back to me imagine what you mean by that oh I love that font oh that one oh that that one is nice back up post code in an chat quick okay what’s the them one I like that one oh yeah how many pass I was going to do this my last last fashion show see might do another one but uh that’s my my last fashion show uh yeah hold on I got to put the code I don’t know if this a map hold on hold on Chad the code is pull 22 by the way pull 22 pull 22 want to do this fast show p 22 is the code um that map is not right I can barely hear Anthony you can hear him in his stream give me one second I will fix it what’s anybody know what the theme is wait see p 22 the theme is okay he doesn’t know if well if he fixes if he fixes it so he can hear me my my mic I’m make my stuff bestie talk to me in game iname in g yeah but can you hear me in game cuz I’m about to just mute here just mention that can you hear me in game hello yeah I I can hear you now okay what was the reason why you couldn’t hear me so you’re not even listening I have been listening but I didn’t hear you saying a reason why you why you couldn’t hear me I did I did I said I have my mic down like my my voice chat is all the way down well I’ve been said I’ve been said turn me up like come on I just said just hold on I’m doing I’m inserting stuff into my stuff come on now listen all right all right all right anyway what the me you doing I don’t know change your skin though I can’t hear my background well I’m going to change my skin according to what theme we’re doing so I don’t know pick a theme okay pick one [Music] thinking so I don’t know what you guys did earlier today on your fashion show but we did deadly versus harmless that was good we did Savage versus military already and that was also good mid mid it was fun I liked it we did happy I like that one uh everybody search up uh Simply Fashion and the code is P22 you want to do join bro how do we go from like 10 people in my Lobby till like 6 um chat everybody just que up maybe do you do you want to do a single a single um theme or do you want it to be versus up to you um let’s do scary scariest monsters you want to do scariest monsters scary Ry monsters no scary monsters are scary all monsters res you uh Rock how about food Monsters Versus Food rock rock I don’t think I have any Rock skins like like this uh Hey Oh Oh you mean like I mean that’s a that’s too easy to get away with because the whole theme for the battle pass right now is is rock and and wastelands everybody’s going to start using the battle pass stuff because it’s all rock themed all right all right all all all right what are monsters scary monsters all right scary mon Monsters Versus Food races is is CP themes uh I’m sorry what no no I’m just kidding you’ll never catch me in my stream doing theme races no thank you just kidding uh the theme is scary monster pool 22 okay um we did liquids to oh yeah that’s right Daniel we did do liquids yeah scary monster you just got to have a scary back bling pickaxe scary monster uh you need your vehicle your and yeah that’s 22 thank you Lander thank you all right let me see what I have as far as scary I don’t need to call Drax scary scary monster but Batista that’s draxx notia sure but it’s all it’sa yeah Bautista as draxx yeah I know I know let’s see I guess the the scariest thing I have is this dog scary just because the he’s actually kind of cute because he was made for The Medallion yeah I have intimidating skins but I don’t have anything scary uh thank you scary here here I give you something scary you would have a you have a huge collection your collection is way bigger than mine probably like a 100 times bigger than mine why is that my back not like playing lobby let me think if I saw something or saw one of these skins in real life would I think they were scary the rapx skin uh what are you g to do after this what am I going to do after this um I hadn’t thought about it okay yeah that’s definitely scary oh I’m scared oh that’s so scary can the rap just match their skin yeah I think it’s okay if the rap matches the skin wait wa wait wait CH if you ready say ready in my stream something this is too hard okay hi deas yeah you’re right I should sleep deas I should go back to sleep I was sleeping before like 3 hours ago I was sleeping or was it 4 hours ago 4 hours ago I was sleeping um yeah you know let’s do something the monsters versus something else to make it a little easier scar monster well what if we took a vote um vote yeah if monsters a CH about monsters versus water creatures no no good huh there’s two people in my chat that has the Ste everybody spam me in the chat if you have everything good like if you’re ready to go there’s three people in my chat well four actually everybody keep spamming me if you got ever like you guys whoever is in my chat if you have if you have uh yourself set for Monster it’s been me as well actually seven what map this map is called Simply Fashion we’re doing my best friend’s map is right here we’re doing Simply Fashion uh if you can’t join you just got to join through my game and but the code is P22 just got to go right here and the code is right there man you just got to type it in people stream this 11 so it’s pretty much easy to just like put everything in It’s gotta be make sure to put it on public no public then GG’s sorry Lander yeah mine’s not very good either yeah uh yeah you pick Steam and you you’re definitely scary I mean we could put it up against somebody like monsters versus something else this is I don’t have any scary skins which is why I was looking for you to pick something else to to go against it okay if we doing something against the scary then you have to take on the other side then because all the people that scary we have to go to my side then okay uh all right okay so then scary oh oh okay so scary monsters versus children what the put on your youngest skins guys do you need a cupcake yes I’ll take a cupcake please thank you whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill back up back up back up back up whoa whoa whoa someone clip that and send it to my [Laughter] Discord I’m gonna be I’m going to be little ANG right and it’s it’s night time and I’m trying to go to sleep right so I’m going to get my NightLight back bling this is a nightlight guy guys look at that this isra thank youca and if I was going to hit a monster with the nearest thing I could find in my room um get away here here’s a toy this looks like a toy you guys if you’re going to do children do some a pickaxe that looks like a toy no this theme is crazy it’s just like the words children or just kids children like ice cream too so you could hold ice cream pretty much pick a toy pick something that doesn’t look like it’s going to really hurt anybody um this one doesn’t look like it’s going to hurt it’s a blowup Hammer that’s what it looks like oh no this is this is bad don’t take this out of context but yeah we have a Miss cupcake over here SE of the source though she chose the theme uh both she chose actually both of the theme so yeah it’s monsters versus children look this whole theme is monsters in how about mon yeah monsters versus children you guys got to be a scary monster and then going to have the children on the side so keep in just keep in mind what would a child have in their room make sure your pickaxe and your back bling matches that for me I’ve got a nightlight I got a nightlight and I got a toy hammer all right B CH you got to have like a kid I don’t know man and yeah like kid them be a kid I don’t know a what a teen yeah the youngest skin that you’ve got it works about this on what about the toy like I don’t know like if you look like you’ve already gone through puberty like full full-blown puberty you’re done like you you’ve got a beard and stuff it’s a no don’t put on any skin with a beard oh so this girl is a girl she little whip is not a kid what about this that’s a girl like yeah that’s a little girl yeah she’s young enough all right like this I don’t know man a good rap um would be anything like having to do with what kids like kids like ice cream kids like let me see what else we got anything that looks colorful that like would look like would make your um would make your quad Crasher look like a toy like a toy car so stuff that would make your quad Crasher look like a toy car don’t do anything holiday related please I write my name pastel colors ice cream rainbows anything that just looks super toy like all right um all let me mute you right quick because I got more people in my stream and it’s custom I so I’m just like let just give them a little run all right you’re going to give them what all right just a little rundown unless you gonna just stay quiet for just a minute first I’ll stay quiet for a minute all right Chad all you need is a glider you need a pickax you need a back bling you need your kid like skin or a scary monster I did show you my Venom skin this little girl right here I’m not going to judge the children stuff you have a back bling that like what a kid would like like they could love music they could love ice cream they could have backpack or whatever it is they could have food as their pickaxe um or a lollipop look at that uh make sure you have your scary emot or just K like emot whatever it is uh you need your vehicle WAP must match with your skin or just something that’s um I don’t know CS rainbows that’s what a k would like and you need a story all right uh I don’t know what else do we need CE what do when it comes when it what do children need children need ice cream they need love they need attention um yeah ice cream’s totally good I’m thinking about ice cream getting some ice cream from the freezer right now that’s why I got ice cream on my mind all the time um children children’s pickaxes need to have be they need to look like toys your back Bing looks needs to look like a toy as well um if you guys are in my stream you can see that I have a nightlight on my back and I have a toy hammer kids like pizza so I’ve got a pizza glider I mean I have a the pizza pck glider if you have the normal Pizza glider you can use that too um contrails count in my um no no for like if you guys don’t have a good glider a contrail is good too that’s why in my um in my fashion show I have it says it says gliders and fashion it says contrails and and gliders so that counts if you don’t have one try the other um when it comes to wraps kids like colorful stuff anything that makes your to your your quad Crasher look like a toy car go for it all right everybody spam a w in the chat if ready uh we’re going to start like in a minute you could join mid game but like if we judge everybody in the skin round make sure to not even join man because we’ll be already in the next thing I know you probably just type yo can you just go back now we just got judge afterwards like you got judge come late we already in the next round can’t go back all right there’s I look forward to seeing your Lander so make sure to uh change your stuff we’re going to give you an extra minute so make sure to change everything you need we already mentioned what you need you need a back bling gler emojis let me tell them about the emotes Daniel says I think I just cooked a really good story I look forward to seeing I look forward to seeing your stuff Daniel and Lander now as far as emotes you want to you want to pull out your toys okay if you’re a kid pull out all your toys if you’re scary if you’re a scary monster pull out your scariest like I don’t know if you got a roar or just any scary emotes that you got do that um kids like they like drawing they like crayons um they like let’s see what else all right CH we’re going to start chat just join my they’re silly you know they pull little jokes if you got a Boop that’s good o if you’re a monster you could do something like this well just run through did he get time out yeah had to man Blanca yo I didn’t know you guys had lanca what’s his name Frankenstein oh nice man nice nice nice nice very good one man Frankenstein when did Franken Frankenstein came out like probably around Halloween where’s which one’s Frankenstein which one where’s Frankenstein in the middle oh the front actually oh what is that sound it’s so scary that’s the I oh I recognize that sound it could be like got to look like a kid I guess you have like toys food things that you want to get like you know after school just like that or you want to go to sleep stuff like that uh oh my gosh you’re so scary man should be easy go on please you don’t have children uh go you let it rip all right so you’re doing the monsters and I’m doing the children I’m doing both actually okay then we can both we can do it together no I said I’m doing both you sit you sit in a chair all right you’re you’re children you got to just watch right a that’s not very faira okay Papa crch and give your gun what why no sir it’s already pass bedtime no I want to stay up like why don’t you let me stay uptime story no I don’t want no bedtime story can’t I judge the children’s are there there’s children’s right are there any children’s oh look at this baby cat there’s children here can I stay up and play dad yo guys I don’t know if you see this on my stream no wait wait please don’t tell her don’t tell her don’t tell her don’t tell her give me your guns now or else man it’s going to be a tasty night no let me stay up let me stay up I’m not tired I promise just [Laughter] kidding sit right there a man good night any monsters man Yi they watch this all right watch this all right we got the scary got hey huh what what happened I was just going to the kitchen for some milk or else I’m don’t ever do that again all right s your butt over here your butt over here now dad I don’t want to go to sleep I’mma grab you from the ne come here I want to stay up [Music] tonight you’re going to let me hell [Laughter] post I just told you I just got the whip out oh come on have a heart father what you said have a heart father come on give me a break let me stay up tonight look I’m almost in my [Music] teens please you’re done come on yo man you’re so so whack you’re so whack take out man I’mma text Mom I’mma tell her you’re bullying me I’m catching up voice were oh my gosh I’m I’m taking notes on that too I’mma tell her what you said look at this it’s a kitty I’mma tell her what you said come over here come over here help me judge this guy come on young this guy’s not even a kid of course it is it’s a kitten no no this rig oh I love you too I was the an I told you the little what you mean how is it Rigg this a kitten it’s I had ice cream before and it has a nightlight and let me see your let me see your um your pickaxe real quick oh yeah look at it it’s a toy yo that’s one of those um you tell me the whip I couldn’t do that one because little whip is not a child the skin has to be a child but anything that’s a kitten a a kitten is a baby cat it it’s not it’s a baby cat look at the size of it it’s a kitten this cat is pretty young you could just tell it doesn’t have any it doesn’t have gray f or nothing like that out you pass ready oops accident yeah scary monsters eyes looking brother and sister okay so we got a teenager over here but he likes ice cream for sure I like I like let me see that back bling okay cool your sweater on you your sweater looks like over like like it doesn’t fit you and that makes you look even more like a kid and those jeans yeah definitely makes you look like a kid slow I’m sorry look I like to give little comments okay we got what are you this is a monster dad there’s a monster in my bedroom oh it’s a monster okay turn around and close your eyes okay beat him up I’m throw to get Kit is canonically Mel’s son which makes him a child that’s true that’s true happy masy good logic join the next round I don’t I’m do F but um all right thank thanks for getting rid of the monster dad dad there’s a murderer in my bedroom oh my gosh J yo that pickax is insane that is actually really scary the pickaxe oh my gosh yeah what is it that was scary it looks like aapri sun to me Capri Sun yeah look like Capri Sun and hot dog oh gosh dad he’s going he’s trying to murder you what is your pickaxe it’s a lollipop you’re a monster with a lollipop you’re s eat the lollipop eat the lolop you’re sus you’re sop eat the lollipop son no you really want me to do that on stream Dad yes slurp it right get to your get to get your judging now okay okay oh I’m waiting on you no no we good oh yo everybody else is a monster over here I think they’re trying they’re trying to scare me out of my bed Dad okay okay we got to lock in now we got to lock in all right oh Street Fighter you out here playing Street Fighter dad what do you think about this son I like Blanca Blanca’s cool oh look he got that little shahar’s little um pickaxe little shahar’s pickaxe what do you think what do you think um I don’t know about this this back bling I don’t know about the back I don’t you know what it’s a skull and he’s supposed to be a Monster yeah yeah it fits it was it was fun playing Street Fighter with you Dad thanks it’s scary like almost everybody dad there’s there okay I’m so I’m so serious there’s another monster in my bedroom this is crazy n this is ice cream come over here just my that is not ice cream it’s ice cre dad last I checked ice cream the Kool-Aid ice cream didn’t have teeth the Kool-Aid Man the Kool-Aid Man Ain never stuck out his tongue in commercials hey you never seen one that one commercial he’s like Dad he’s drooling he’s got saliva I don’t I don’t think that’s the Kool-Aid Man dad a good oh oh you look nice you don’t look scary at all yeah yeah I don’t I don’t like this but you also don’t look like a child yeah I’m sorry aging crazy to be honest that skin is so mid I would never pass it unless it’s really a good combo Just DE just a bu sorry crash hey thanks for coming over to play oh what I really like the toy pickaxe you got going on and you got wow one of those one of those monkeys one of those uh tambourine monkeys or whatever the symbol monkeys that’s totally toy like very nice very nice pass oh thank you Dad there’s an alien in my bedroom and I’m not talking about the nice aliens I’m talking about that one from the scary movie where the thing bursts out of your chest it’s scary come here it’s scary dad be like I got so you you want me to be nice to the monster okay you scare him like this no no no no no scare him like this all right uh uh I think he likes that he actually likes that okay do this or like uh uh no I’m just a child you want to see my toys I’ve got toys no you can do that you like my toys pretty scary I’m just playing with my toys is this Dad you got me a dog oh my gosh you got me a dog Dad thank you so much Dad oh my gosh I’m so happy I’m so happy what what now dab on him what else I got what else I got over here thank you Dad thank a I love I love the new puppy you got me thank you Dad thank you give me hug dad you’re please come yo these guys over here look creepy one yeah that’s definitely a monster dad you got me another dog pretty creepy hi puppy hi hello hi you got me another dog you got me twin doggies I think I’m going to create like a dog show a dog show yeah you got me two dogs I’m going to train them how to like I’m train them to dance it’ll be cool come here come here come here I I won’t I won’t break you I promise don’t worry I don’t set puppies on fire like the last person in the other stream what I’m not the last person in the other stream the puppy I’m one of them foxy boy a puppy no in one of my streams when we did um when we did deadly versus harm harmless somebody set a um a puppy’s on fire somebody set a puppy on fire in my stream it’s terrible what do you think about this guy that I mean he’s not scary but his face is I feel bad for him I would hate it if he showed up in my bedroom how about that he’s a true monster hey what didn’t I meet you I Met You in deadly versus harmless didn’t I let’s see no what’s his name uh I don’t know what oh it’s it’s not him somebody wore a similar skin or did something similar um sure you just got to give me a good Emil all right that’s everybody and there’s nobody else downstairs nobody else downstairs I’m G to press this button he’s stuck can’t can’t really he can’t really like participate oh I’m going to press this button it’s going to kill everyone downstairs sorry guys all right Everybody Must Go to the right side and then split the split the line everybody’s a scary monster so make sure to just go to the right side if you are a kid make sure you do your your kitty emotes show me your toys I’m totally interested in seeing your toys cuz I’m another kid that’s creepy yeah that’s totally scary you guys are doing good doing good hey if you’re a kid and you’ve got the skipping emote go ahead and do a skip on on your way to me that I told you that wasn’t the Kool-Aid man oh my gosh that’s creepy that was scary his mouth is open very very wide oh yeah that’s the widest I’ve ever seen yeah I’ve never seen something like that that was the biggest mouth I’ve ever seen in this game I matches back I’m not scared by that same I I’m not scared by that so I’ll give you one more chance man you got to do one more thing and de one more he looks like an action figure can I play with him dad whoa that’s definitely not scary good em oh Lotus Drew I’ve been waiting for Lotus Drew to win a match got to do a little better yeah L Doo boy he don’t say that hey there’s another kid who came to play with me hi hi hi hi kid what you got you got toys for me to play with kind of pickax is that though that is a a kid like oh my gosh Dad can we go to the park I want to go to the park Dad look this there’s kids at the park Dad see that em see that em oh wait I got something to ride too where is it I was going to eliminate you for a second where my traversals this is my this is my ride this is my toy this is definitely a pass very nice nice toy all right continue hey there’s another kid what kind of toys do you have oh looks like you’re playing Dance Dance Revolution children you playing Just Dance are you playing uh what’s it called what are all those G Dance games that I play Beat saber and you have any other do you have any toys can I see toys m mad you want me have dances do you have any toys do toys do toys okay hug is good enough you’re cute I’ll pass you I’m elimin I want to see what kind of glider you got oh no dad no no dad no I’m telling Mom go ahead she respond to you she in my bed if you know what I mean oh gosh to that I don’t need know that Dad where what am I looking for I’m looking for Where’s My Cry scary here we go I’m morning Blanca this an alien it’s not too SC but I I don’t see it’s the eyes it’s the eyes that get me the eyes that make me want to avoid her yeah yeah me too like if you get closer like snakes are very scary just the eye she’s alien you get bit by a snake you die in like a couple seconds I mean actually I don’t know how long it takes to die after you get bit by a snake I think it depends on the level of like what kind of Venom it is you know I actually seen I’ve read something that a woman was going through a jungle well she was trying to get somewhere and she got a snake at her two dayso really ate her whole body how big is a snake I’m not sure lender says nobody did children we’ve got a couple children like maybe two or three because the children was last minute but I think it’s okay your teeth you do that again e just like oh Frankenstein I saw this movie wait hold stay right there stay right there uh do do your emote again stay right there I’m watching I’m watching a movie this is a good movie Dad thanks for watching the movies with me and spending time with me thanks you’re welcome yo isn’t it crazy at my dad my dad is a monster and yet I’m afraid of monsters let me pass this guy oh pass yeah yeah he was good uh switch sides hey another kid’s come over to play what you got yes you got some dances oh you got a little walk out you have any toys you can I see your toys do you have toys wait wait wa wait I have toys I don’t know like if you go up give toys like that look kind of scary do you have any toys show me your toys I’ll pass it why not the stories just vibing you’re gonna if you’re if you’re a child your story is going to be about a monster you encountered and if you’re a monster your story has to be about scaring children I might think of something later if that’s a little too difficult for you guys children what yeah like I said Monsters Ink you know just yeah um do something else do something else okay you’re a kid that likes rock I I get it okay trying to grab my throat whoa that’s not scary that’s not scary either but that’s definitely something a monster would do well I’m I’m I’m a I’m a villain you know I’m a villain I’m a I’m everything yeah but I’m not scared okay H do that to me do that to me he’s a monster oh my gosh he’s choking me dad help help Dad you’re okay you’re smiling now I’m not bro where’s my cry I keep losing it your heart is a llama uh uh you tell me son yeah I’m lost no sir no I’m sorry I’m sorry my dog Dad I can’t believe you killed my dog boy oh my gosh all right where are the uh children what is this is this it looks like sprinkles are this is this oh it’s ice cream okay okay very matches very well matches nice uh what’s going on side nice this doesn’t match that’s weird colors hey is this the only thing you had I mean it kind of it kind of looks like this is all he had okay it’s but it’s but no it’s but oh you live like somewhere that yeah I gotta let I I got to let the kids pass though cuz we got more monsters than kids we need the best chance possible where’s the other kids every monster well there like three monsters more ice cream good top three of my I see is that everyone y for some reason all the guns are still floating I fixed that appar I fixed it and just somehow it’s still not working hey maybe click the button for me for time yep hang on my earbud died what went through oh you C both of them oh my God a CP it looks like a stip h oh nice oh that’s creepy what happened what did I miss that’s cool I don’t like that one creepy but cool look that’s creepy for sure Y is this no just kid you have kid that’s the stuff of nightmares right there yeah come over yeah let him yeah yeah uh what you got you can pass I already seen it do you have a glider you have a kid glider how dare you see was our how dare he wait what oh yeah cuz he killed my my dog this beat is B is bananas uh uh what do you think Banas what do you think Dad what do you think he likes bananas bananas I’ll pass on this one pass you going to pass you press you want me to press the pass button I mean he has banana his back thing I’ll let it go I’ll let him pass I want to see what his story is hey Ice Cream yay all kids love ice cream a though that that’s supposed to be scary to you it wasn’t it wasn’t too scary BP huh this this guy’s that’s a fail both he’s not both he’s a kid think this is in my chat he’s kid you can only be one and this thing is not like it’s not it’s not a kid glider he’s both by the way you since when did we say you could be both I’ll let you judge you can choose not to pass him or fail him since you said he’s both apparently you let that happen that’s what he said he’s like he asked the question is it kid and scary or just one I’ll let you judge I’ll let you judge go ahead you can choose whether to P pass him or what he did it wasn’t me GG’s man the skin doesn’t look scary so hey I would just pass on that one yeah oh ready to your chair looking out I’m on the left side I’m my hold on he’s sneaking into a kid’s room he’s passing the toys on the ground oh he’s about to ski the little girl oh my go oh my gosh that’s so scary no it’s not Christmas no that’s a toy on the floor it’s literally a toy on the floor yeah toy toy toy yeah these are all their toys the kids’ toys that’s good that’s good okay you can stand right here you passed this part you can stand right here good you good you good can we actually view all the stories together let’s view all the stories together let’s stay here okay what’s his story okay whatever is going on here he’s pretty evil he’s a part of a a scary team is a part of a scary team mid it is kind of mid how about yeah we’ll come back to you just stay here now what do you guys story you can scare kids or you could just scare a human whatever you want to do just go for it it’s got to be good okay she’s walking up no you can’t do that why does it look like you’re eliminating the bad people I I can’t tell this is also a little mid I’m going to have you stay here yeah yeah yeah you just pickax you didn’t do like a second you got to do a second not Pi yeah yeah yeah how about you come over here with this guy cuz you guys are in the same Bo yeah go over there go do your spray over here or just here just get closer so no you don’t have to do a spray I just want you guys to stay over here just you two because you guys are both both mid you’re in the same you’re in the same come stay right here both of you you’re in the same boat do his spray let let him do his spray just come back come back all right this guy is the scariest guy I’ve seen with bigou Zess Zer says it’s monster zc yep it is all right no don’t pick he scared somebody and eliminated them oh I guess he ate them no he didn’t ate him it looks like it look he’s drooling and he’s so nasty looking oh gosh this is that skin he showed up to my he showed up to my yeah he said rest in peace yep he’s dead he definitely ate him um this is the guy he this one showed up to my fashion show for deadly and um I remember I said that he he looks so scary like with those teeth and stuff I feel like just looking at him I’m going to catch a disease I might go into analectic shock or something for already he came to my stream he’s scary he’s a monster he goes again why you using the same skin it’s cold or maybe it was just I don’t actually I don’t know for sure whether I don’t think it was I don’t know this is probably someone else but but they they used this skin they used this skin and it was really scary very very deadly I don’t think he’s your prob probably not probably not it was probably someone else I can’t remember who CC Hi how are you doing you seem very happy Hey Jake Jake surprised to see your work awake right now I’m I’m awake I have energy um he’s a kid he lost a video game kid he lost kid he lost to Peter Griffin in fortnite give him a break he passes he passes so mad no it wasn’t he lost to Peter Griffin in fortnite people use the same skins it’s not like like original you’re not being like I mean it’s new to me different what’s going on here okay money anyways he got paid Rob to take out a robots oh yeah yeah I see the money uhhuh we got stop pickaxing the wall it’s a little mid finish like your story yeah I’m have to kill this dude it’s not scary yeah let’s let’s we’ll come back to you we’re going to we’re going to use you for something we we’ll come back to you okay so this kid he’s more like a teenager he’s all about bananas apparently he’s all about bananas what’s going on with you maybe he’s AFK we could come back to him on oh no I guess he’s all about bananas um what you got Jake says hi Anthony hey okay he’s not doing anything either we come back to him or we disqualify him is not a kid though he just animal he’s a teenager with an overgrown sweater it’s just all I mean everything he has on him is bananas it makes me think that maybe this was actually just a originally a banana skin and he just replaced the skin with this teenager it’s just it’s just not it’s not saying kid it’s not he didn’t have any toys I’m sorry a kid would not get a mission I want toys b a spy or detector whatever he’s a nice monster yeah oh no he thinks that she’s a monster he fell in love with herh a monster falling out with a monster she is scary down yeah yeah she disguises a monster looks like in you know in the horns and the mustache apparently he likes beards on his women that’s not bad it’s okay I’ll come back to it what do you have here what do you got oh my gosh he killed a puppy I like this it looks like you puppy killer cool hey if it’s not your turn you’re interrupting please go over there yeah bro yo um yeah he’s really nasty when he opens his mouth just the story okay so the story of the demagorgon one of the kids in um stranger things raised the demogorgan like it was a dog and that dog ate somebody else’s dog you know what I mean yeah explain your story better um repeat what you said I said the story of the demogorgan that’s what he is in stranger things one of the kids raised a demogorgan like it was a dog and that and then he ate someone’s dog oh does you know about that yeah I watched it what do you think pass or no I think it’s good he’s really scary yeah you’re you’re you’re good he ate the dog pretty much cuz that’s killing it that’s killing it okay everybody that I that I passed can you guys come to the middle this is the square of of passing okay if you pass you should be standing right here for me if you pass you should be standing here the demigorgon you need to be here uh where’s the demigorgon yeah demigorgon come here right here only if you passed um Anthony did you pass did you pass uh him I think he’s a pass I think yeah I think he’s good just the emo it’s not giving scary just like being romantic to another scary oh you’re right you’re right all right then that’s a fail then mad like how is that how about that how about this we let him compete let’s you come over here you can compete with these two over here okay we got to go spray come over there we got to we got to see who’s going to make it out of this one um okay so everybody who’s right here I want you all to stand aside over here as the audience because we’re trying to figure out look all of you stand over here we’re trying to figure out out of these three who’s going to make it to the next round all right guys okay spray your scariest spray one scarest spray whoever is the scariest uh wins this round the other two get the other two die that’s pretty scary that’s ugly too yeah that’s that’s scary too wait that’s a baseball logo I don’t know about you but if I was walking down the street and I saw all three of these I’d be more scared of the middle one than anything yeah that’s what I said yeah this one look like a clown it just looked funny yeah a little scared too yeah all right so she’s the only one that passes sorry guys sorry py sorry whip SOA yeah yeah G’s P all right you over here okay so let you guys already know only three of you can make it to the next round let’s do pairs let’s do pairs I know my I know my winners can we I said let let’s do pairs so let’s pair them up pairs mhm yeah let’s pair them up because only only three of them are going to make it out so we’re going to pair them up and we’re going to put them against each other everybody pick a partner okay one one team goes here one TEAM stands here and one TEAM stands here pair up and get into a spot one team goes here one team goes here and one team goes here Mak sense what’s up it’s okay I understand you’re you’re a kid and the monsters are scary but you know what you could do you can probably create a really good story about about your experience with that monster you can do this you’ve got this I know they’re really scary um H all right you come over here is over there actually you know what he’s the only kid left automatically he wins no he doesn’t yeah he’s the only kid left we have to have one kid winner I mean I guess but there at overall he’s not the winner no not the number one winner he’s just one one of the winners just one of them I guess but yeah we can’t make him compete because you know it’s scary for him and he’s the only kid here everyone else is monsters okay you know what you stand over there he can automatically just pass to the next round you know that right why not he’s the only kid left we have to have one kid winner at least one kid winner F we did together we didn’t do that I’ve been doing that sides no we don’t I’ve been doing that we did it together uh can we can we do that can we do that for this one but he can’t automatic he can’t automatically okay okay you want him to compete I understand so how about this I’m going to put you up against you just got to wait where’s where’s the other um he doesn’t have one come over here this guy come on you guys have a good chance of winning something together come on you can come over here I know he’s scary just stand right here be nice be nice they don’t like each other all right all right come on C come on okay stop draging already come on all right so what do you want to do we got two team or three teams oh you know what I could do I can go up to each team and ask them uh a question and if they answer correctly with a spray yeah if they answer correctly with a spray then then they pass right the first one to answer correctly with the spray wins wins around right sound good uh that do got delay so just remember that none of them well so then everybody if I shoot my gun into the air then that’s the go so just pay attention to the stream a team no no they’re going they’re going up against each other that’s why I had them pair up okay uh here I’ll do one and I’ll do one to show you you guys ready you guys ready for the question if you’re ready for the question Crouch because I I I already know my top three no Daniel you don’t have to do another story you don’t have to do another story I’m going to ask you a question okay you’re both monsters and uh only one of you is really scary Anthony is this one of your top three no okay tell me who your top actually no tell me who your top two monsters are they’re in right side the this guy that one’s definitely scary yeah that one’s definitely scary the black one is the scariest for me and then the demigorgon is also very scary um have not done I mean you know what I have a better idea just it’s just kind of repeating the okay the scariest skins how about we have the scariest skins stand over over here right and then the other skins the child skin and the other two not so scary skins they compete what do you think are you listening well you said really you was just telling people I said what if we have your top three scariest skins stand over here and then we’ll have the other ones that are not as scary stand over here and then we’ll have them compete to see which ones have the best performance let me see a pickax yeah if I’m being honest that that one’s definitely not scary but the girl I mean the girl’s not scary buty it’s just my top three so uhhuh the demogorgan is scarier than she is um yeah but I’ve seen I I’ve seen his combo oh not maybe combo before I have an idea because you think that this skin is scary but I think that this one’s scarier so let’s find out who’s actually scarier let’s come over here those two the demigorgon and the girl come over here we’re going to have you compete because you’re not huh come here to St no we want to away so that so that we know what we’re what we’re grading okay well come on let’s get this done come over here yeah I’m I’m bringing this you come over here oh my fault oh my gosh it’s bad come over here that’s creepy that was creepy yo I’m crying Anthony that’s enough for me right there that’s scary yeah just lemate this dude I’m sorry that Chi just automatic me off okay go over there over boy all right you’re you’re not scary enough but I’m G to have you two compete okay I really just want to Anthony if I’m being honest if I’m being honest since she’s not she’s not that scary it’s I should just be eliminated just eliminate her I’m sorry sorry t TL scary enough all right all right so okay now you’re doing better EMES now that was H Anthony are you sure that you don’t want to have one kid winner I mean I guess you want to give some entries and just eliminate after him you know I feel like all right what’s your name I’m gonna give you an entry that’s Lander yeah he literally said I don’t got skins I didn’t know it was Lander I don’t I don’t pay attention to this stuff I’ll give you an entry Lander i’ be knowing people’s skins you know I mean I Haven I’ve only been streaming a week so streaming fashion shows for one week well I’m not saying I just know my I would never want to see this on the dance floor look at that that was crazy yo do that emote again T do that emote again that’s tury it’s crazy did this com before L can I see you guys all three of you do the scariest thing [Laughter] look that didn’t come with the skin did it no Okay can all three of you do the scariest the scariest emote possible for your skin I didn’t I he was in my top three either way but uh it I’m I’m going to give all three of these scary skins all three of these scary Skins are going to get an entry but I want to see you guys the scariest oh man that’s terrible the Roars are really scary that is not [Laughter] scary okay um guys if you’re one of these scary skins come to my server not server come to my stream chat come to my stream chat and uh put your name typ in the chat who you are uh is Daniel and code who’s code in the chat I don’t know you’re in C chat but just come to my chat and type in the chat Anthony did you end stream no did it end itself I don’t know why my stuff is like oh never mind I fixed it I fix iter and Ament I’ll give okay Daniel’s the alien nice nice Daniel that was hilarious you said tury was the demorgan look at look what he’s doing now t look oh goodness what he’s got pumpkin a a jack’ lantern in his mouth that’s crazy and who’s the last one uh code XI I don’t know you got a YouTube account my none of them are told you I clicked my story who’s my number one’s it’s my number one un like hisory uhod X I’ll give you top who’s your winner Cy how who’s my winner yeah you can choose the winner [Music] um I don’t want to be biased oh sorry I don’t want to be biased since Lander all the time but if I had to choose the scariest skin here oh it’s it’s between the demigorgon and um and bootleg Kool-Aid Man bootle the scary Kool-Aid man I don’t know you called him Kool-Aid guy before you should you should let win because that you know he did yeah yeah tur is both scary and [Laughter] funny there’s your one all right was [Laughter] hilarious wait the last person I still didn’t get their name though code XI the the code XI can you come to my stream and and type in the chat please code XI come to myam and type if you’re in my chat if you’re in her chat type in her chat yeah you got to come to my stream and do it just Crouch right here just Crouch you’re this person right here just Crouch you got no YouTube you can’t type no YouTube no YouTube account just just Crouch how are you going to if you was to win how would you in in my chat uh Zoom flash shout out to you man uh he’s in which chat he’s in my chat go to her chat Zoom Flash and be like yo I won what I came top three or I I don’t know what place he came second or first or third um I’m going to let you choose that I’m just looking to give people entries on my wheel no matter what place you came in first second third you still win all land and uh man you get second which is called the best at cce’s fashion shows yeah totally ler Lander wins a lot what Lander wins a lot of my fashion shows yeah thanks for coming to my stream tury yes I put you in the in the uh spin the wheel yeah tury one in cz’s list you’re number one and number one is Daniel at Lander tury and Daniel I’m still waiting on the other person um C this music so yeah I should turn it down in the next update huh yes please all right yeah Daniel you gotta go to my my stream I put you in my list by the way I don’t know if you know me but um I’m sure you do if you don’t uh you got first in my list uh second was cold and tury got third with Lander I she’s in the Stream right now uh do you want me to do you want me to post my link uh sure but they won’t they won’t be able to click it unless they’re on P but sure she’s in the chat right now zom flash just type her just type her name on YouTube unless you want to click this link if you’re on a PC um I’ll type I’ll put the link all right everyone back to Lobby I might end the um yeah let’s let that be the last one I’m gonna I’m tired I I think I want to go back to sleep left yeah Linder what’s the next thing we’re doing no we’re not doing no more fashion shows again yeah it’s time for bed guys I’m going to be streaming tomorrow he’s going to stream tomorrow um I’m guessing I don’t know um but uh you see me early tomorrow maybe I don’t know what she’s gonna stream but she usually stream before me so just out caurus hey came from Anthony bestie can you hear me yeah don’t our skins remind you of the day we met yeah tell me tell me to uh wear the skin scared that dude yeah and I had a skin similar to this with the changing emission colors and the pink and black hair with a cat theme the one that I usually wear yeah I’m not going to do more games D just come here tomorrow can I friend you yeah you front of me man you see like sometimes but foxy boy says he was the puppy how dare he kill me yeah Dad why did you kill my dogy boy it’s time for you to go to bed all right forget your dog he must rest kiss oh my gosh terrible and um yeah tell that dog to enjoy life oh wa how can he you killed him I know it was just a pupp now I’m dancing on his grave terrible hey Gino so do I got 20 lot likes man can it be your dog again thanks maybe might be late tomorrow but aiming for early I’m ending stream we could do a borus tomorrow uh love you guys I’d like to do BU Rush with you tomorrow too all right use codp yes guys use cod ATP in item shop thank you for joining me for stream have a good night guys bye okay I love you bye [Music]

This video, titled ‘🔴Fortnite Creative Games Live😉’, was uploaded by SisiTheSaurus on 2024-06-14 07:41:59. It has garnered 141 views and 12 likes. The duration of the video is 03:39:31 or 13171 seconds.

Hey guys! Welcome to my Stream! I most like to stream Fortnite and Minecraft. On Minecraft, I play ATP Realm and on Fortnite, I do Map Building in Creative & UEFN, as well as Fashion Shows, Mini Games, Hide & Seek and Prop Hunts with AnthonyThePlayer & viewers! In my streams you can win rounds on any of my Fortnite Creative games and earn entries to the Spin The Wheel. Prizes like VBucks and BATTLE PASS will be given monthly to spin the wheel winners!

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  • Zxron_ goes INSANE in PvP! 🔥

    Zxron_ goes INSANE in PvP! 🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘My Eyes 💫 | Minecraft CPVP Edit’, was uploaded by Zxron_ on 2024-05-23 17:40:07. It has garnered 19 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:25 or 25 seconds. First video! Any thoughts? 🤔 Drop a comment… Song: My Eyes – Travis Scott Credit for audio: @drakeneditz DISCLAIMER: I don’t own this song in this video, All credits goes to the rightful owner. Server: Instagram: @Zx_ron Discord: Styson_op Tags: Im a Minecraft PVPer and use Lunar Client cause you can Boost your FPS with Lunar Client. i know how to butterfly… Read More

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    Lucasd10's Insane Bedwars Grind LIVE! Subscribe now!Video Information This video, titled ‘🔴GRIDNING MINECRAFT HYPIXEL BEDWARS & CHATTING W VIEWERS LIVE! (pls subscribe!)🔴’, was uploaded by Lucasd10 on 2024-05-30 05:18:36. It has garnered 2477 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 02:26:24 or 8784 seconds. 🔴Today I Am Playing Minecraft LIVE. Don’t Forget To Like, Comment, Subscribe, And Turn On Post Notifications To Never Miss A Livestream Or Upload!🔴 ────────────────────────────────── 🤑DONATE TO ME HERE💲➔ Feel Free to Donate, It Is Optional But It Can Help Me In Many Ways. I Can Buy New Gaming/Streaming Equipment, Things In Games, And It Gives Me A… Read More


    JOIN MY MINECRAFT SERVER NOW!!!Video Information This video, titled ‘【Minecraft】I Joined A Server, Let’s Attempt to Socialize’, was uploaded by Chris Talus Ch. on 2024-07-05 21:45:04. It has garnered 36 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 03:30:54 or 12654 seconds. friends doko? — Background Music: Sparkle City by Xotikó tou Dásous ( — Meet Chris Talus, The VTubing Carbuncle Prince of the Crystal Kingdom! 💎My Twitter: ✨Join the Crystal Kingdom: 💎Live: #CTalusLIVE ✨Art: #CreaTalus 💎Clips: #ClipTalus ✨Memes: #JesTalus 💎Model: — Rubylight Socials: — STREAM RULES: This stream is 13+ because YouTube is, I also just… Read More