Telling the Dream SMP some TERRIBLE Pick Up Lines (ft dream, karljacobs, badboyhalo) (part 4)

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Telling the dream smp some terrible pickup lines part four hey bad hi so are you a beaver what because god damn language but i didn’t language i just said my grades carl hey how’s it going what’s up so i can’t turn water into wine but can i turn you into mine oh

My god i’m sorry Oh lord hello hi so uh is your name google my name is dream really because you’re all i’ve been searching for What i’m sorry what the hell is wrong with you wait no no dreams stop please don’t kill me you are dead

This video, titled ‘Telling the Dream SMP some TERRIBLE Pick Up Lines (ft dream, karljacobs, badboyhalo) (part 4)’, was uploaded by Lucidy on 2022-01-11 20:48:03.
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This is the best pick up line of All Time

I am doing a Minecraft video featuring the Dream SMP! (not to be confused with Minecraft Manhunt) and it was HILARIOUS! This is a Minecraft video featuring Dream, Sapnap, Tommyinnit AND GeorgeNotFound! I DID THIS IN 1.17 IN 2021! WOW! MINECRAFT! KEYWORDS!

This video was uploaded to TikTok and many people reuploaded it on here so I thought since it’s MY video, I might as well hop on!

This is a Minecraft role-play type video! I am somehow also managing to be very funny throughout! Just like this video! Haha! Funny! I am just writing stuff for this #minecraft #short #dreamsmp

(This video IS A SKIT and I am not affiliated with the DSMP)

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35 responses to “Telling the Dream SMP some TERRIBLE Pick Up Lines (ft dream, karljacobs, badboyhalo) (part 4)”

  1. Sukaina Avatar

    Bad: unnecessary big gasp
    Lan -guage 😑

    Lucidy: but u didn’t-

    Bad: LANGUAGE!

    Lucidy: I just said-

    Bad: LANGUAGE!!!!

    🤣🤣🤣 bad is so funny

  2. kittydogo Avatar

    My guy turned into packman

  3. kittydogo Avatar


  4. XxAlyssa_playzxX Avatar

    Dream: YOU ARE DEAD!
    lucidy: Internet noise

  5. NianYu Avatar

    Karl jacobs?!😮

  6. legendaryion gaming Avatar

    I didn't know that bad actually cared about language

  7. Yasso Fouad Avatar


  8. Nicole Diaz Avatar


  9. Squid Avatar

    It sounds like all of these is just her getting clips of their voices

  10. Squid Avatar

    Why does it sound fake

  11. Kai Avatar

    W riszzz

  12. Georgios Fysikas Avatar

    Its not the Dream smp

  13. Vapori-Chan Avatar

    Karl be like

    ✨😭😩HeY wHaTs Up😭✨😩

    Then be like


  14. Tiger queens donut Avatar

    Bbh, if you are reading this, I think that your feeling about swears is really cute❤❤❤

  15. KLMJ Avatar

    So fake

  16. MrToffees Avatar


  17. Brannon here Avatar

    I thought dream died😂 but it was techno

  18. Abby♡ Avatar

    The language got me 😂

  19. Kahlyn Avatar

    Karl: *turns into pacman*
    Lucidy: 🧍‍♀️

  20. CloudiiVision Avatar


  21. Robloxstar Avatar
  22. Yasin williams Avatar


  23. ساره زهران Avatar

    Xddd I been serching for you dream* kills her

  24. Jurico Nebrao Avatar

    I think this is fake but ok😅😅😅

  25. Lorna Mera Avatar

    Ay dream

  26. Blake Kenyon Avatar


  27. Kasen Singenes Avatar


  28. reagan pedragosa Avatar

    Badboy is not bad he’s a goodboy😂

  29. Lynn Vela Avatar

    Are you do a b** I'm a girl and I am little and imo anime Canon

  30. Riverine Estate Avatar

    gosh these jokes make me CRINGE SO BAD

  31. MARIBEL AALA Avatar

    Perfect just perfect😂

  32. Geoffrey Avatar

    I will use the one you used for Carl on my crush.wish me luck

  33. Simona Sidabra Avatar

    Hello dream

  34. GamerRounak Avatar

    Bad: Awkwardly screaming
    Karl:The slow processor
    Dream:The Killer