Terrifying Encounter with Witch in Minecraft Ep. 1

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Okay guys um get comfortable and welcome to another episode and many of you guys are probably wondering by now but what happened to your video or your world let me tell you another crashing of the stuff has appeared again and if you don’t remember if you don’t recognize

But the background you can notice notice it’s my world so that’s pretty cool as you see the backgrounds my world those are screenshots i recently had from my world that window before i was done but anyways that’s that’s about it of my world before it crashed bunch of

Pictures now but let’s find because all bad things pick a new beginning what’s uh what I meant by that is they don’t notify the top my HTC kravis update quite a lot um I kind of thought to myself who really cares who wants show I think it’s more about the frame rate so

Hopefully um well I’m going for I pretty much wanna not that big of a house on the surface but I want a surface and a lower house like on the bottom that cuts in with the cave so hopefully that won’t leave big another and i’m going to try

To load up a flat world today that’s not that next to hilly biome but i don’t want a hilly pond because i want to flat terrain my regular one for spinal so i’ll be back when i get one see ya ok back at last and this is it really

Helped at all yes i’m just you have to deal with this little thing let’s explore whatever this is I can you know what is that yeah ouch ouch No ouch what have you out dying stupid thing don’t pay for that ah well that dude you just came up to your

House bounce little turd yeah dying ah nope done run don’t run oh crap I don’t want oh crap he’s following me look I don’t die don’t die no I’m sorry no ya don’t stop don’t throw that at me don’t throw that me oh honey oh god what is

This looks good oh you know what this is ah a witch I was killed by a witch using magic stop throwing I’m already dead oh my god oh he’s back and he’s staring at me [ __ ] I’m shouldn’t leave that living to himself I’m guessing based on luck

We’ll have our house here but with our grumpy neighbor but I’m gonna put my house somewhere look better I’m gonna trample my house over here no don’t go nice yeah so that’s about I guess that’s about it for that working out a grumpy pretty grumpy a neighbor right now oh no

We got that bad frame rate let’s turn bobbing on just cuz I like Paulie I nope camp all in the bed frame right never mind i guess not mmm-hmm okay then let’s just go back to the world i guess i’m trying to find terrain ahead but i guess

With that grumpy neighbor I guess we’ll stick with this photo with our grumpy neighbor that’s fine i guess it’s gonna be a little hard come stuck in a huge swamp by him I don’t tell I can’t tell right now at all because of a tiny render distance with my crappy computer

Actually um if you didn’t tell from my last videos my FPS isn’t this bad so i’ll be back and figure out what the problems see ya ok I’m back and live a little bit better stabilization it’s not fluctuating as much as it was with FPS

So it’s for good on that so I guess we’re going to stay off with 47 FPS I see ya what most people do on their first day of minecraft is they usually dig up into what it make it house I don’t think I would want to do that how

Are you gonna clog some supplies and make a whole new ground for them I guess I guess what is this let’s give me forget it Oakland ok that’s why you’re all my tech specs Eloqua that’s better yes my touch of fact if they didn’t notice um it’s a not that much of a

Difference just a couple things are changed just the things that I thought could be improved because the default tech spec was my favorite I used to play a lot back in alpha trees so I didn’t really have any problem I have no problem with the default there’s just

Some things that let me off and starting this new series Juan me from making text facts that might look a little busy but then I figured out who cares they’re gonna get what they get that’s what I say I guess I might cut out some of this stuff like

A bunch of people do out there it’s cuz super hard to commentary I’ve known that from lots of experience what it was there some random night oh oh oh right there I guess I lose I guess we have a random light spot today it’s just um

It’s not good if you didn’t notice I my oak woods are different as well they don’t that weird dots on the center yes whatever you want to call them chips or something I don’t know but let’s just get started make it some tools um yeah I’m just gonna guess you guys already

Know the basics of Minecraft so I’m not gonna be showing you guys any how to build items unless it’s one of those rare items that not a lot of people build think i saw a cave over here so i’m not mistaken might be mistaken kind of getting second thought art now oh no

I think I see went over there yea or no it’s right here no that’s okay let’s not go that way creepy music okay let’s how about this I have no idea okay no nope I swear I thought I saw ya at cave system over here somewhere but i

Guess not maybe this summer further over there I don’t know looks like the sun’s already tipping off right now so we can make little bit more supplies bringing some coal I know but we really need a yeah case it’s a right now to suppliers office necessary equipment of course

There we go so yeah we have no coal right now that’s a bad thing and a little risky to go down there so what I’ll tell you to do so what I’d say we’re gonna build a first with our crafting bench and smoke some logs marcin would not wooden planks cuz that

Does not work I saw only click through more just so give me another pickaxe probably didn’t get here doesn’t [ __ ] this yes like that can already might as well now let’s go find that crafting bench meet earlier might as well just dig some

Up wit that give us 8 16 20 24 that’s uh that’s enough for now I guess let’s go to our crafting majority okay let’s um make a furnace go you just flop that right there get some of those and put our planks in there now we’ll do is

We’ll get a stick and build are selfless don’t pick ax I really do not like the one tools they’re just too slow gonna get rid of it good riddens go where you got a piece of charcoal get the second one right now into our crafting bench and make yourself some torches after you

Didn’t notice that my torch is a look a little different that’s custom from what I did um let’s see if I could turn whoops what’s to the first see if we could deal with bobbing yet that’s fine let me just check what I’m doing it drops it pretty low you know I’ll just

Keep it off we’ve been good without it so far I will my specs up good a little bit more where I guess well um yeah okay yeah the last of that we could just wait for our last one to get it over with okay and perfect timing

Soup so let’s just click the crafting bench and our that so now i’m guessing we’re not shake em nothing you could put a torch right there you can use our dirt to cover it up there we go um I think we should drain down a little bit more

Looks like we’re already hitting a surface area I don’t know how that’s possible but I guess we are it’s a little bit down button okay and I guess this is fine let’s see if this hit send in surface which I doubt a lot so that’s

Three and so I guess I’ll go seven by seven yeah that’s what is 467 slap the torch 23 so and then our last time I’ll should be right down here if I mistaken yes it’s just sloppy north georgetown it seems like um we have a little friend of ours

Up next to us I don’t know how that’s possible but guessing a friend called spider let’s try stock us to the top if I move over here you can hear him crawl above me that’s just one of the things india tix with them i trapped you should

Have to be you should be visible to the spider in order to him beautifully um spiders don’t have that sick since like you they can’t smell your blood there’s Harry and they hop around a lot but you actually it’s not true I know a couple of streets of spiders actually I’m do

This movie called the cursed spider on trapped yourself hides itself in the little purse like wedding that it makes itself so when I bird or something comes out next to it it surprises it from its little person web person like that and tries to kill you this looks like a

Little bit um to go for my comfort so you didn’t go ahead and raise the roof and we’re high so anyways I guess we get up the park torsion furnace down and make a two more pickaxes I guess okay put one down there put on keyboard my

Inventory i wish i was able to know it’s another sign for soon they get up there at surface level but in the meantime I guess we get a work our underground house or whatever you would like to call it I’m planning on using stone tools most of them most of my

Career in this series they’re super easy to acquire and it is pretty much free to use go out in the woods and dig down and you could pretty much already make yourself a stone tool but not that slope if you’re trying to be in fishing at a

Time then I was a just iron because it takes some more time to get the diamond tools so if you’re just trying to get fishing with your time i would suggest at the iron tools so if a trial look spiffy i guess we gotta make the dirt

And all this stone but if not Dario Alex 50 employed and put your rooms and I guess so we didn’t want there he’s going to move my furnace here take that give this land and i’ll put actually right opposite sides right there all right it’s fine I guess and I’m guessing this

Film will be where we sleep thank you for now i guess i’ll just make a little take a five by five to see yes 5 3 4 5 3 no biggie then we’re done the five by five see you still have our zombie friends along with us and then

That’s it for my sleeping quarters that’s fine here are they okay oh yes I’m good okay let’s call it to me out you’re gonna make one item drill this fall out of nowhere why not make the rest that’s ops not something you’d want to do this guy was pretty good part I’m

Really i’ll make sure i do not like making digging up ahead long so let’s just make us as well that there are stone pickaxe okay take quick look and we have some back grapples vines together I they’ll ever seen gravel come on Ike wanted to like a diamond as it’s

More rare to find gravel and Olivia clusters then diamonds in soy you come in to say it’s harder to find gravel not in big cluster that is to find Daniels you guess I swear I did something yes much you should we go check still night time so you could spend a

Little more time down here so let’s just start it already I guess then um be careful I’m good think about mining straight down like in out two by two area I’m not too sure if that’ll actually do it for me I just actually suggest i don’t know what’s this compact

Our stuff for now hey it’s working isn’t there a new whole block I thought babies like that have no idea no I get to find out later mmm putting steal that report sit amet branch mine some mobs we’re gonna actually uh my goodness and that’s the cute

Let’s just wear this spider all right morning time again oh I just clicked it a bow nice good thing we already of that already we have another spider I don’t know if it’s against mirror with me I would not like to find out to hit not

Too bad but we’re going to find some food pretty soon looks like wearing low um it’s gonna take a long time to find it I guess nothing much to say but it’s going to take a while so think I’m going to cut it out for now and so I find it

So until then I see you later okay I’m back I’ve just got 13 pork reports pork chops i guess if we want to call them at from about over there just venturing off to go actually a long time because I guess we’re next in ocean biome so it

Did take a quite a while to go get some animal life so yes so let’s just head down back to the mine if you guys don’t mind goes over 1 so we can reach down stairs a little bit faster there we go let’s just slap another torch down right

There get our coal let’s start smelling that and before we do anything help them into them let’s try and on some other leaves supplies from the surface area that we can’t usually get down there which would probably be about the wood and stuff so I’m going to go Mickey and actually

Quick okay again and then we of X I’m chin up and drop up and use our stone sort of some supplies that we have just created I’m going to be doing the strategy we hop on top of one of the logs or to reach Muslim okay that’s one

Got one more to go okay too hard number steak and I think we might be able to reach all of them are you sure this is actually pretty nice all both the what the mushrooms are located hell yeah sometimes that’s a good thing some participants fun songs oh I’m glad

That slime glitch isn’t here I don’t know exactly how much slimes you got so we got 16 it’s a good amount let’s just go through our health before we take any any more serious damage that that would be nice I when I guess be a chicken we

Get them slaughter food and we have an apple to hold us over nothing and while we are up here I don’t want to be wasting me Val the time get those chickens as well again there we go let’s just get this one more chicken there we

Go good thing we are past the dev update so now I’m gonna worry about breeding the animals to save them in order to keep up food supplies stay beautiful so here was our pork chops that we were covered and let’s just put in that I’m guessing we’re going to need a chest for

Now so what I really need to worry about now is a some cotton and we need that for a for our bed so you get to start sleeping past the night so I don’t know how much time exactly we have left so let’s just go out and find some sheep

With our oh I guess we can go and kill our grumpy neighbor now hopefully that let me just for fuel our food I was not the son I didn’t give me any farms I was hoping for alright that’s fine I guess let’s just go finish off our grumpy

Neighbor for now I guess yeah that’s fine so let’s go get rid of our neighbor keep throwing balls at us cutting our skins messing up thrown sprite balls at us making this drunk goodness hungover let’s just stop along now mm-hmm you thinking are you able to use silk touch

On snow in order to get it I have no idea about that right now anyways stress which dr lost surveyed your home oh wow not that cool the witch go stupid witch that killed me I do have any bones I know you’re not so that option is away

Very curious about that which I can’t see her going anywhere right now thinking that we just encountered her so that’s another question I have but I guess we go looking for this and what wool or Cod from sheep for now I guess I don’t want to just see some pumpkins

Right now I think it’s the exit gets rid of the pump yes it is in fact there we go we have a table crop you can make a pumpkin pie now a lot of dogs and no sheep I need a sheep seriously before we get lost again

Like we have dozens and dozens of time another episode sorry John if my commentary seems a little dry I hope I can improve on the slave on in the series it’s just a really late right now and I need to get this video in for the day ends can you stop this commitment

For the partnership for the video about every two days or so so yeah let’s just get this inner knee not too not too exotic on the animal life variety all I’m seeing now is um such dogs oh and we have another in my own echo oh here help

Your dog there you go presses the freedom to there you go passenger freedom um I think we’re heading into a extreme Hills biome and yes we are yeah when the Sun is going down we might need to head home for now yes we wanted to head home um I don’t think it’s really

Much else to do for all but i’m probably gonna you know dig two down oh wait no I’ll just go like that I will meet you guys back when it’s daytime I cuz I’m just gonna go home and pretty much wait until daytime so see you later okay I’m

Back and we have the thing right there or whatever we want to call that tells us display Oh marker yeah that’s what it’s called oh yes I know these are cow at that up there like sheep for a second she do she was 10 this nice little hey very good i was a

Creeper how special let’s just stay away from the creeper i guess and the pan towards more for the cows cows we need some sheep oh that’s one thing visible it does not feel like giving us yet chhipa new grass so it was plenty grass here they’ll see a lot of trees they

Have popular tree biomes not in extreme Hills bottom though this might be a little problem us being this bomb hmm that is I don’t feel like going straight to this mountain so I’m going to try and climb way up at the top from the side

And then I’m going to just walk up rope around yesterday there we go um it’s actually a better idea then going straight through it yeah much better idea a lot easier that’s what I probably need to deal with if you want you drew that was not something I would really be

In the mood for me into this much trouble now okay see ya on the smell okay note that much not that much I think if we’re playing out our steps now gonna make that jump yes I can okay yellow flowers it’s not a good sign that’s the flats of color if you’re

Around oh let me just show Oh fell for good reason so smooth iron oh please don’t tell me just gave it to I’m gonna do two piece design that’s fine I’m not really in the mood for kids born now we have a mission I do not feel like

Bending that mission just yet so there we go we have some sheep it’s a good thing and in all this sheep at least give me one and we’re good um that is three pieces of wool just to get that one I guess we can start walking back

Now I’m again I feel really much I can say about walking back so i’ll see you guys were back home okay guys we’re back home um so yeah I did not take that long to get home I guess very good for now till dirt so I could just lay that up

For there till we done get our chicken let’s craft our table or are no our bed for now and there we go others are bed don’t do not bad yet doing pretty good I think for now I’m not too sure if we were going to want to branch this place off for

Should I your hope place yet i’m still in the mood for one of those flattering biomes i think we could build off that extreme house buying we just encountered recently but i’m not too sure we have a good amount of wood right now so yes let’s just get some doors for our house

Right now so let’s point it there right there and that’s about did for that so i think i’m gonna stop the video here um thank you guys for in advance for continuing my series hope you guys aren’t too bummed about my world crash it actually did not crash it got

Corrupted it on the bottom it said file corrupt cannot load on the bottom you know in fact it’s a file corrupt dash cannot load so i guess we’re not gonna be able to plan that house anymore sad enough so anyways hope you guys enjoyed this subscribe if you want anymore

Please leave a comment like this video right down below right now does take like two seconds especially if you’re wanting more content like you would very much motivate me so anyways thank you guys advanced and as always enjoy the music

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Thank you all who have joined in with me this far!

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    Creepin' & Craftin' - Hot Minecraft Memes When you accidentally hit your friend’s Minecraft dog and suddenly hear the sound of betrayal and sadness coming from their character. #minecraftmemes #doglovers #gamerproblems Read More

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    Skye906's Heartless SMP S2: Episode 2 - Curse Welcome to Heartless SMP S2 | Episode 2 – Curses Welcome to Heartless SMP, a unique Minecraft survival multiplayer server where players are given a random number of lives between 3 and 5. Once a player is on their last life, they become hostile to everyone, adding an intense and thrilling dynamic to the game. The ultimate goal is to be the last player standing, making every decision and encounter crucial to survival. The Bogeyman System In addition to the lives system, Heartless SMP also incorporates the bogeyman system. Once a player is killed, they are cured, adding an… Read More

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    Merry Craftmas with Jonni Jean! Christmas in Minecraft! The holiday season is in full swing, and Jonni is getting her SMP in the holiday spirit! From caroling around the Minecraft server to building a Minecraft Christmas Tree, she’s got a lot done on this merry night! Let’s dive into the festive fun and see what Jonni has been up to. 🎄 Caroling and Building a Christmas Tree Jonni is spreading holiday cheer by caroling around the Minecraft server. With her festive spirit, she’s also working on building a Minecraft Christmas Tree. The community is sure to be delighted by the festive decorations. 🏠 SMP… Read More

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    Royalty and Fangs: Aphmau's Vampire AdventureVideo Information At night on this Minecraft server aphmau becomes a royal vampire and it’s up to me to find the best players to turn into my loyal vampire guard who’s job is to protect the Royal vampire but not everyone thinks vampires are good and it’s up to me to prove them wrong can I Change their minds before it’s too late okay this should be a little bit um should be fine Pierce what there’s Diamonds oh man I’ve only got a stone pickaxe do you have an iron pickaxe uh V2 I only got Stone oh whoa… Read More


    INSANE MINECRAFT EXPLODING CHUNKS!! 😱 #shortsVideo Information Minecraft Ну чанки подо мной взрываются интересно успели это быть дерево но Мне желательно не останавливаться а не то я просто взорвусь давай ломай его скорее я не успеваю уходим по идее подо мной взрываются только чанки я сейчас не должен Фух пол сердечка осталось я вижу деревню Мне нужно быстро взять себе хотя Бы немного еды Давай давай быстрее так вроде получилось Я не взорвался вся деревня разрушилась но мне повезло тут осталось ещё немного сена О вон пост мне кажется если я заберусь На самый верх то я не взорвусь Так где же этот вход Я… Read More

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    Kolpir - INSANE 1.18 Minecraft Hardcore | Ep. 18Video Information This video, titled ‘ULTRA HARDCORE Minecraft 1.18 | Episodul 18’, was uploaded by Kolpir on 2022-03-01 12:30:13. It has garnered 35752 views and 2635 likes. The duration of the video is 00:26:02 or 1562 seconds. ❤️ Join the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCthbpaHxfKbOhF0E6ql_OQw/join 🎮 Cheap games on G2A: https://www.g2a.com/n/kolpir 📧 For business inquiries: [email protected] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🔥 Discount on any product from PC Garage with Voucher code: DDS2HMK9 https://www.pcgarage.ro ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kolpirx/ TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8mJWNBY/ Discord: https://discord.gg/F4tJV7D Shader: https://bitslablab.com/bslshaders/ Playlist UHC: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3bM-5jpFjSPPdGVu_iLzr3dHxCV9hCEv Seed Harta: UHC ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Music provided by Youtube audiolibrary. Download: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music All music in this video is by C418 from the… Read More

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    Minecraft Polyworld 1.18.1: The Ultimate Reset Revealed!Video Information That was weird I I I think we’re live but YouTube didn’t actually refresh the page that was weird hello everyone and welcome back to more Minecraft poly World hello welcome back to the stream uh last time we left off here in the new chunks in this new Biome uh this biome is kind of lame actually like it’s similar to the glaciers in INF death plus that I implemented the other week but it’s worse somehow like I guess because it’s like flatter and a bit more boring like it doesn’t have the eyce spikes or… Read More

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    EPIC Jenny Mod Minecraft 1.12.2 NOW LIVE! 😱🔥Video Information [Música] queréis Descargar y tener bien y mod Pues con un link en la descripción de este vídeo Vais a poder hacerlo oyendo mi canal principal Jesús sc This video, titled ‘🌹Jenny Mod Minecraft 1.12.2 Actualizado💋🌼’, was uploaded by Jsc Yt on 2022-10-26 17:41:20. It has garnered 6451 views and 357 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. New #minecraft #short where we will see Jenny mod for minecraft java 1.12.2 in 2022. I have left you a tutorial on how to download and install Jenny mod in minecraft 1.12 on my main channel…. Read More